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Digi-Morph Activate!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ~*Ratiosu*~, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: OK, I will delete mine.


    "Gee...Sapphire's got some anger issues. Ophanimon, what happened to her? I thought you guys were getting along so well, too."

    Ophanimon sighed. "I tried to tell her I wasn't supposed to speak of the legend of how to defeat Myotismon. There is no way to, I am forbidden."

    Rika sighed and plopped down on the floor. "I will never get this place."

    Joelle sat down next to her. "Right there with ya, girlfriend."

    Rika raised an eyebrow. "Too much American Dragon, Joelle. You gotta stop."

    Joelle sighed. "But I've got such an obsession."

    "It doesn't matter. Stop watching it. At least for a day."

    "Oh all right."

    Rika stood up and walked over to Talon, who was speaking with someone. She seemed not nice to Rika, but then again, Rika didn't think anyone was nice. She stared at the girl with a glint in her eyes. "So...who are you, and what are you doing here? You don't seem like one of the Digidestined; if you were you would have a Digimon."

    Talon stared amazingly at her.

    "Oh please forgive me for not introducing myself. I am Kardot, Konya's brother."

    "Konya?" Rika glared at Talon. "That's your name, isn't it? I don't like pretenders."

    Kardot seemed to be a little hurt at this. "Konya is rather paranoid about his true identity. I got the message from a Lucemon, and..." Kardot continued her speech, and when she finished, Rika rolled her eyes.

    "It's so obvious. Talon, can't you see? She's...not..." Rika hoped he could understand.

    OOC: FUN! *laughs insanely*
  2. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    "So, I'm okay, right?"

    Andrew flexed his arms, feeling stiff. The transformations he had to go through were draining his power, keeping him from moving as much. He laid in a bed, he had been there since he and Clopesmon had De-Digivolved. The dragon Digimon glared at the bed with his one eye.

    "You're fine," the dragon muttered. "Now get out of the bed, we need to do work. We should research the XD-vice in the library, and try to find out about that hidden Digimon."

    Andrew nodded, climbing out of the bed with sore feet. The drain of XD Digivolving didn't affect the dragon, but it always left a lasting impression on Andrew. The Digidestined cracked his knuckles, and began to head for the library, Clopesmon floating behind him.

    "Now let's see," he muttered, scanning the books of the shelves. "Where should we start?"

    "Search for ancient legends," his Digimon replied, flying up to grab a book from the shelf, tossing it down. Andrew checked the title, seeing a picture of his Digivice. "I'll look this way."

    The captain nodded, before turning to a table to sit down and rest. He hated weakness, but showing it in a time of rest was not always a bad thing. It would better prepare him for the battle ahead. He proped the book on the table, and began to read.

    Rika headed over to the library, almost knowing that he would be there. He found him, sitting on a chair, reading a book. "I'll catch up with you all later," she said, before turning to him, heading to where he was sitting. "Hey," she said, taking a seat next to him.

    "Hi," Andrew replied, not looking up from the book. "What're you doing here, I didn't think book study was something you'd enjoy?"

    "Silly," she replied. "I came to see you."

    "Really?" he asked, setting the book down. "About what did you need to see me about?"
  3. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: I'm supposed to answer that, right? ^^;


    Rika smiled at Andrew. "I...needed to see you about...this..."

    Rika took Andrew's face in between her hands and kissed him. Really long. After she did that she smiled, waved, and ran to read something else in the library.

    Gabumon stared with his mouth open. "Did she just..."

    "Gee, I didn't know she had the nerve," said Seraphimon who was looking over from a bookcase.

    OOC: I'm so devious :D
  4. Kageryuu

    Kageryuu Soul Trainer

    OOC: I'm going to make Seth jealous...

    Seth sat in the library reading a book about crests until Rika came in, talked to Andrew, and kissed him for a long time. HIs fingers became wringed and bent as a sign of him being jealous and wanting to strangle someone. But he calmed himself down as well as he could so he just ran outside to take in some air.

    Seth sat down and said to himself out loud, "Why am I so stupid? Why do I always like a girl that doesn't like me?" he banged his head on a tree and waited.

    OOC: I'm tired and need to study for a test, so I made it short.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2006
  5. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    Andrew's face was grabbed, before Rika leaned in, kissing him deeply. Andrew did not resist, he was in shock. When she stopped, pulling away from him, she grinned before leaving to get a book.

    Andrew collapsed, falling off the chair twitching. What was that? he asked himself, reaching back and pulling himself into an upright position, back on the chair. He had exactly two seconds before he was attacked by Gatomon, who pounced on his head, knocking him to the floor again.

    "Ooh!" she squealed, bouncing on his chest violently. "Rika kissed Andrew! Rika kissed Andrew! Andrew and Rika, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

    "Stop that!" Andrew shouted, pulling the cat off of him, and raising her to eye level. "Why're you trying to kill me?"

    "You kissed Rika!" she shouted again, before Andrew clamped its mouth shut.

    "Keep it down!" Andrew hissed, swerving around to check if anyone was there. He thought he saw Seth, but ignored it as his brain began to overload from what just happened. "Now, why'd she go and do that?" he asked the cat, after she had calmed down.

    "Becuase she loves you!" Gatomon screamed in delight, as Andrew paniced again.

    "WHAT?" he shouted, ignoring his own caution. "Rika's in love with me?"

    "You are an idiot, aren't you?" she asked giggling. "Silly, she's been crazy about you ever since you saved her in the Velgemon form! You didn't notice?"

    Andrew didn't answer, and just stared at the Digimon in disbelief. His face looked like it was made of stone. "You...didn't...notice?" she asked him again, as the Digidestined set her down.

    "When I saved her," he muttered, sitting down, "I thought something had changed. I wasn't sure what it was, so I took care of her."

    "Her declaring it in front of VenomMyotismon wasn't enough for you?" Gatomon asked in disbelief. "Are you that thick-headed?"

    He thought back, trying to remember something. Meeting her, saving her more times than he could count, sharing his food. Why hadn't he seen this coming? It was obvious to everyone, except for him.

    "Yeah, I think I am," he muttered. "What do I do now, this isn't exactly something I'm good at dealing with?"

    "What's going on?" Clopesmon asked, flying over to where he was standing with the cat.

    "Check it out, Rika-"

    "Nothing Clopesmon!" Andrew butted in, grabbing the cat's mouth again.
  6. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: Is that my Gatomon? *ish confused*


    Rika ran outside just to run around and squeal with delight. "I have a BOYFRIEND!!" she yelled. Then she saw Seth heading out and him banging his head against a tree. She walked over.

    "What's the matter?" she asked. Seth immediately seemed embarrased, and was visible by him blushing. Gatomon ran out and saw Rika in that predicament.

    "RIKA LOVES ANDREW!" she shouted out again just for the record.

    "Shut up Gatomon. What's the matter Seth?"

    OOC: *huggles Seth* Ish oo sad? Oh yesh oo is. I make Seth happy... and I just noticed something! We both have nearly the same username!
  7. Kageryuu

    Kageryuu Soul Trainer

    OOC: I can't believe you just noticed it, I might change my name soon.

    Seth saw RIka in front of him, he just ran away from her immediately, and so, by himself, he sat down and took a nap under a tree.

    Lopmon, still in the library, was reading a book about the legendary angels. She realized that her mega form was a legendary angel, she wanted to tell Seth, but he was gone. She walked over to Seraphimon and asked, "Seraphimon, have you seen Seth, he's disappeared."

    "I haven't seen him, Lopmon, I think he ran out," Seraphimon replied.

    "Thanks, I'll go look for him," Lopmon said as she ran outside to look for Seth.

    OOC: I'm going to be here less often since I've been modded at four forums.
  8. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: Wow...4...cool.


    Rika sighed. "Does he love me?" she asked Gatomon. Gatomon shrugged.

    "I guess. Probably. That's why he was jealous when you kissed that Andrew kid."

    "Man, now I feel like a big jerk."

    "Well, he knew you loved Andrew. He knew he didn't have a chance at you. Therefore he got what was coming to him. Some people are so unobservant."

    "Yeah, I guess." Rika felt really bad about hurting Seth's feelings...
  9. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    OOC: Prepare for the most uber evil thing that was ever inspired by upcoming events in an AAML....

    BIC: As Rika and Andrew shared their first kiss, a small glint could be seen from a nearby bookshelf. Between two books, one entitled "Midnight Madness, the wild affairs of Lilithmon and Lucemon by Leviamon" and the other "Angels, angels, angels, what about the Dragons? by Magnadramon", a small camera lense could be seen. Attached to a high defintion, ultrasonic, super focus Digital Camera. Which was being held in a very familiar pair of torn bat wings. The biggest evil grin conceived by Digimon kind spread across DemiDevimon's face.

    "OOOH! This is going to be really good! Sieg may have me on a death sentence for revealing his little real world fling, but he never said anything about this!" the bat flew off laughing, trying to find a high definition TV screen.....

    Meanwhile, Sieg and Tila were sitting around, just casually flicking through books.

    "Y'know you could tell them that you know the legend," Tila asked looking over to Sieg. He shrugged.

    "I could, but, well that would ruin the whole 'Sapphire throwing a paddy' effect,"

    "You're evil, you know that?"

    "If I didn;'t, would I be here?" they both smiled, and satback against the book shelf. Despite their reasonably cool exteriors, they were feeling incredibly awkward right now. If what Sieg had told Tila was true, then were they ready? They knew they liked each other, but did she really love him enough to go through this? If this didn't work, how did she know it wouldnt kill Sieg? For the first time in a long time, Tila had to look at herself. Did she really love Sieg?

    OOC: This is for dramatical effect. Hopeshipping will be here till the end of the RPG.
  10. KaiserMyuu

    KaiserMyuu Hug a penguin!

    OOC: What a prettyful soap opera! *sniff, sniff, sniffle*

    BIC: Talon leaned against the shelf, resting. The entire group had gone their own separate way, to their own love lives. If this was how the entire journey would be like, he'd be depressed. Oh well, at least there would be others who would join his situation...maybe.

    "Have you heard of corrupted spirits?" Kardot said suddenly, going way, way, waaaaaaay off-topic. Maybe it was because nobody was in earshot.

    "Uh, you mean when Seig went BurningGreymon on us all? Or when Andrew went all 'RAWR' on us? Or Rika's sudden obsession with going dark mode on us and whooping us? Then yeah. Why?"

    "Just wondering," Kardot said, looking back at the library wall.

    Talon overheard a bat-like voice giggling within the library. When DemiDevimon flew in, he cried out to Talon.

    "Hey, Psycho Butt!" he yelled out, flying off somewhere else.

    "Hey," Talon waved back, slowly.

    Another one out of earshot. Kardot shot out another question. "Did you ever want to get back at others for what they did to you?"

    "Well, there is that time when Uncle Mor-"

    "Besides that. I mean, is there anyone here you want redemption on?"

    "Uh...well...not really."

    Kardot nodded, and turned back to the shelf.

    Why all these odd questions all of a sudden?

    "Are you okay, Kardot?"

    "Fine, just fine," she confirmed. "Don't worry about me..."

    Talon got up, and began shuffling away, frowning. "I'm heading out," he said, opening the door.

    "Don't get yourself killed," Kardot muttered under her breath. When Talon left, she smiled to herself. "Just yet. I want to see to that myself..."

    Talon, outside, leaned against the wall, sighing. He was in a subtle conflict--who should he trust? People around him were going insane, firing off randomly, having random tantrums. He hoped he wouldn't have to go through this sort of traumatizing event. He didn't want to get caught in the hole...

    Yet, whenever a person began talking about something that talked about Talon in any way, he wanted to sock them in the jaw of theirs. Hit their knockout button. He was getting annoyed by his partner calling him "Nutcase" all the time, and he wanted to lash out at Tentomon whenever he said something like that. Whenever Base said some sort of snide remark, Talon wanted to bash Base against the wall. Whenever a person asked him if he was doing all right, he wanted to respond by grabbing their arm and pulling it back until it went 'CRACK!'

    These were scary thoughts. Not his thoughts. Kage thoughts.

    He didn't know what caused it, and there was nothing to do about it but cope with it. Sleep on it.

    He casually hung outside, waiting for some sort of odd thing to happen.
  11. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    OOC: Maybe Talon searching for Sapphire would improve shippings?

    And for the record Ratiosu, I'm an Admin on 1 Forum (My friend's), Moderator at 1 Forum and Super Moderator at 1 Forum. In total, my rank is WAY higher...

    XKaze, you guys had a Soap Opera without me...

    Sowwy for not posting lately, 'cause...

    I TOOK MY JAB! *hyper*


    Sapphire quickly picked up an advertisement and saw something that she was interested in. She read it aloud quickly, finding out details.

    "Join the Annual Digimon Twilight Babe Competition. The winner shall receive 1000 Digidollars and shall take part in the Annual Digimon Babe Competition," Sapphire muttered, "SWEET!"

    "Oh, here's something," Sapphire muttered, reading something else aloud, "Join the Annual Digimon Twilight Hunk Competition. The winner shall receive 1000 Digidollars and shall take part in the Annual Digimon Hunk Competition,"


    "EXECUTE! BEAST SPIRIT EVOLUTION!" Sapphire cried, spirit evolving. An elegant bird Digimon struck a pose, her yellow, pink and blue wings shining beautifully.

    "Zephyrmon!" The Digimon cried, the advert in her hand. She took off to the skies and quickly ferried Seth back to the castle. She then rushed Talon in and de-digivolved.

    "Sapphire, I'm terri-" Ophanimon tried apologizing, but was cut off by Sapphire again.


    OOC: We shall see the best of this...


    Please, we should let this competition go smoothly and a few days later, fight off Myotismon...

    This would be nice... XD!
  12. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: XDD Sapphire you have some very crazy ideas ^_^


    Rika heard Sapphire's scream and all and rushed over to the Digimon. "What the heck is it that you have to interrupt us like this?" she asked.

    DemiDevimon smiled. "Especially when I was about to show Sieg and Tila my little friend."

    After hearing Sapphire's explanation, Rika put her hand on her hip and looked skeptically at Sapphire. "OK, whatever. I don't think I'm the most pretty person in the world but if you scream at me like that, OK."

    OOC: I gotta get my dress ready....XD

    And Nylf...you're so evil XD but DemiDevimon is so cute ^^
  13. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    Andrew heard, but chose to remain in the background. Something like this was the last thing he needed. At home, this was all I could hear, he thought. Plus, now I'm confused about Rika. "Sounds lame," he said aloud.

    "Why?" Clopesmon asked. "Afraid Sieg will beat you?"

    "NO!" he said, perhaps a little bit too loudly. Everyone stared at him, including Rika, who was blushing at him. He felt his face grow hot.

    "Come one Andrew, you gotta compete!" Gatomon wailed, shouting wildly. "Rika's gonna!"

    "Did something happen between you and Rika?" Sieg asked, raising an eyebrow.

    "Uh..well," Andrew tried to find an excuse. "All right, I guess I'm in! Sieg, can I talk to you for a second?"

    "Why?" he asked.

    "Just follow me," he muttered back, dragging Sieg away from the crowd of people. After releasing the leader, Andrew led him back to the library. "I really need to talk to you about something."

    "What about?"

    "Well, it's kind of complicated," he muttered. "Can I ask you something about you and Tila?"

    "That depends," Sieg replied, taking a seat. "What do you mean by that?"

    "Well, it's about Rika," Andrew muttered back. "She-kinda-"

    "She's in love with you, isn't she?" Sieg asked calmly.

    Andrew nodded, sitting down on a chair next to him. "I just don't know what to do about it. Back home, girls would flock towards me, but I never did anything. I was always too busy, and I didn't have anyone like this. But now Rika's in love with me, and I don't know what to do. I've never really done that-love I mean. How do you do it?"
  14. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: XDD Andrew's so clueless...


    Rika sighed. "I guess I'll compete. Not that I really think I can win. But I'll try anyway. Besides, we need some time off from our serious work and stuff, and trying to save the world and all. So...yeah. But we don't have anything different to wear!"

    Gatomon hopped up beside her. "HI!" she yelled for no particular reason.

    "Hi," Rika raised an eyebrow as she responded.
  15. Kageryuu

    Kageryuu Soul Trainer

    OOC: Do we need the spirits of light?

    Seth heard Sapphire screaming, and went over to her. "I am not going to join some ******* beauty competition, Sapphire!" He raised his finger right over Sapphire's mouth when she about to speak, and said "I don't care what ******* reason you have for making us compete, but I won't join!" Seth walked away, and ordered Lopmon to stay.

    OOC: When are we going to get Digieggs? Seth has an attitude problem now.
  16. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    OoC: Yeah, surprisingly, Andrew is based off myself, right down to the ignorance of love. But he has less ego than the real me. Yes, that should scare you.


    "Andrew, I really don't know too much about it," Sieg answered. "But you should just go with your gut, and ignore all advice from outside. Isn't that what you always do?"

    Andrew sighed. "You're right Commander, I'll tell how I feel at the end of this contest thing. I don't know my answer yet, but the time should give me that." Sieg nodded, and left him be, leaving to do whatever it was that Sieg normally did.

    Andrew stood up, and walked towards the room that he had been allowed to borrow. He opened to door to a simple bed with a counter beside it, with a closet next to it on the wall. A mirror was also in there, probably there because of the contest. It hung on the wall, showing the things that passed before its gaze.

    "Stupid contest, why do I have to enter this sort of thing again?" he asked himself, before looking at himself in the reflecting glass. His body was all right, despite the repeated damage done to it. Some cuts and bruises on his arms, but everything else was fine.

    He removed the jacket he was wearing, and took another look, taking off his shirt as well. His muscles had been growing since he had come to the Digital World. Good, I don't want to lose my strength when I return to school, he thought, flexing an arm. The muscle grew.

    He remembered the problems that came with his appearence. The girls that flocked to him, trying to get into his pants, but he had refused them. He had no time for love, or time for romance. But now in the Digital World, did he?

    His hair, untamed even after all this time, still stuck up everywhere, pointing everywhere it could. His body had bruises everywhere, came with the task he had been given. Some cuts were on his arms and chest, but his back had massive bruises.

    "If I'm lucky, they won't count off for these wounds," he thought, sitting his muscular frame on the bed. He still had his pants on, so he removed those, down to the boxers he had been wearing. His legs were red with sores, from all the speed that Aresmon and Lathamon were able to use.

    He felt warm, and dozed off into sleep.
  17. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    "All right Seth, since you won't join, FINE! We need to money if we WANT to EAT GOOD FOOD! Rather than some fish everyday..." Sapphire said, knowing that he would never take part.

    "Oh, nevermind. I guess we shall not compete than... And boy, Andrew fell asleep already, Rika, go check on him," Sapphire ordered. Both girls giggled and Rika hurriedly rushed into Andrew's bedroom in the Castle. The angels had specially prepared a bedroom for each of them, and Rika had gone to barge into Andrew's bedroom. He appeared to be the only Digidestined who went to sleep.

  18. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    When Andrew slept, he really slept.

    The Digidestined who fought almost daily against anything related to weakness was spent, almost all of his power gone from fighting non-stop. Even in the real world, he had never gone so long without proper rest.

    And in that sleep, he dreamed again. Forsaking covers, for he wasn't such a wuss he would ignore the fact that he didn't need them, he laid on the bed on nothing but his boxers. He remembered the day before he came to the Digital World.

    "Come on out."

    Andrew's voice broke the giggling that he heard from behind the curtain, as he opened it to expose Rachel, a girl from his flight. He sighed. "What do you want Rach?" he asked.

    She giggled instead, pointing to the fact that Andrew was missing his shirt. His broad muscles bulged, causing the girl to erupt into laughter as his entire body turned red from annoyance.

    "Tell me captain," she whispered. "When are you finally going to admit you want me?"

    "Never, now get lost," Andrew replied. "You know I don't have time for this."

    She laughed, before running from the choir room. Andrew sighed, she was too dumb to understand that there was work to be done, and he was the only one that bothered to do it. "Why are all girls like that?" he muttered, shaking his head before returning to the computer.

    His door was opening, but he continued to sleep.
  19. Nylf

    Nylf Well-Known Member

    OOC: Sorry for lateness, had exhaustion, eye strain and a cold. Now I've just got the cold.

    Sieg nearly lept out of his skin. Beauty contest? You had more hope of making him enter Armageddomon's mouth with ketchup on his back and eau de digital delicasy aftershave on. He sighed when he heard her utter the words 'fine, I guess we shall not compete then'. He let his head droop a bit. All this was tiring him out. At least, as far as he could tell it was this that was tiring him out. Right?

    Tila lent over to check if he was OK. He looked fine, but she wasn't sure. She carefully took his hat off, and pushed back his hair. She felt his forehead...

    Meanwhile, DemiDevimon had found the TV screen, so now he had to set up the extra features. He spliced in multiple angle shots, zoomed in the camera, and then edited in that song from the Titanic movie. He was all set. He cracked his wings, and hit play....

    Sieg's forehead was on fire. He had a fever...

    OOC: Pure evil. Now then, Sieg has a fever, and DemiDevimon's turned on the video in clear sight of EVERYONE. Go crazy.
  20. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: I'm grounded -_-; but my brother's letting me on anyway. YES! EVIL! AND THE TAPE! I'll have some serious fun with this.


    Rika ran to check on Andrew. He seemed to be sleeping, and that was OK. She ran back to the main room or whatever. She froze when she saw the TV. "Oh....crap...." she whined. That's when she saw DemiDevimon flying away absurdly and laughing.

    Rika turned to Gatomon. "Do it."

    Gatomon nodded. She de-digivolved into Salamon and then digi-morphed to Renamon. Renamon leapt up and tackled DemiDevimon, slamming him against the far wall.

    "You're dead, bat."

    OOC: No one answered whether that Gatomon was mine or not...

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