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Digi-Morph Activate!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by ~*Ratiosu*~, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: *giggles* This is fun. Yesh, I'm unbanned.


    Rika laughed. "Oh, that was good. I've got to come up with more like that. Mental note to self."

    Gatomon (who seemed to be having Digi-morph swings) pounced onto Andrew's head. "Yo, I think Seth's jealous," she said before sitting on Rika's head and curling up.

    "You better not have an accident up there," Rika warned.

    "Oops," Gatomon said, blushing.


    "Just kidding! Digimon don't pee."


    OOC: Meh, don't have much to post. Yay! 500 posts!
  2. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    "Clopesmon, if you would please," Andrew said, pointing with his other hand to Rika's head. "Think you can keep the cat occupied?" The dragon nodded its eye, grabbing Gatomon with his claws and setting her back on the ground. "Thanks buddy."

    "I'm not your special Gatomon-remover," Clopesmon muttered, before flying further away on lookout. "I'll report a scan of the various Digimon in the surrounding area for you, I'll return soon." The dragon watched as Andrew nodded, then flew off, Gatomon attached to his tail.

    "So what's the deal with him anyway?" Rika asked, now that they were away from their Digimon, and nuzzled close to him.

    "It's not that warm," Andrew chuckled, pushing her away lightly. "Just be happy with what little emotion I show. This is ironic, I could swear the first time you met me you cried pervert. And ate my food, and had me save you from a Seadramon..."

    "Yeah yeah, hero boy," Rika muttered, whacking him lightly over the head. "Do you want that ego to get any bigger?"

    "Maybe," Andrew replied. "Ya like it?"
  3. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    "Yeah, I guess." Rika looked over towards the purple clouds. "And yes, I know, I called you pervert. But that's different. I hadn't gotten to know you yet."

    "Well, you know me now."

    "Yep." Rika smiled.
  4. Power Shot

    Power Shot Reignited with Ego!

    OoC: *wrenches from the pit of no posts* I cannot let this die, we have put too much into it!


    ...Many Weeks Later...

    "Let's see where we are," Andrew muttered, flipping open the XD-vice's screen. The map showed that they had moved away from the castle, and were traversing the vast regions of the desert once more. In the distance, Andrew could see another towering castle that he was pretty sure that no one else could see.

    "What's that?" Rika asked, pointing to the black marker on the screen.

    "It seems to be where we are headed," the teen replied. "That is the place where I met with the Digital Kaizer, and he used me to unlock the DX forms. He's probably made good use of that in the time we have given him."

    "It's been about a few weeks now, I wonder why he hasn't attacked us yet," she said, lovingly keeping hold of his arm. In the time they had been moving through the desert, she had been growing closer to the tall Digidestined. Andrew was finally beginning to show emotion, something rare.

    "It's probably that he's waiting for us to let our guard down," Sieg said over his shoulder, he and Tila leading the group. Sevo, Sapphire, Joelle, and Seth were following the two couples, though Seth was glaring at Andrew in an uncomfortable way. Clopesmon hovered by his tamer's side.

    "I ain't letting that happen," Andrew retorted, flexing a muscle. "After all, we have people to save, and protect." He looked down at Rika, and smiled lightly as he said it.

    OoC: Seriously, don't let this die.
  5. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    Gatomon smiled as she put her front paws on her trainer's head. "Hi, Rika!" she said, and smiled. "What's shaking? Gee, I love the human language. It's so full of slang and stuff."

    Rika smiled and petted Gatomon's head. "Nothing really, Gatomon," she said happily. "I'm just waiting for this entire mission to be over so we can get back to our normal lives. Hey, I wonder where BlackWarGreymon went, remember, he met me in the Dark Ocean and said he would follow me."

    As if on cue, Blackwargreymon appeared out of shimmering black air. He turned one eye towards Rika, flying alongside her and Andrew. <Hello Rika, I have not seen you in a while. It seems as if you were running away from where I met you...>

    "Of course I was trying to run away from the Dark Ocean, I just got away from my bad feelings, I don't need more crowding my mind."

    Andrew eyed BlackWarGreymon viciously. "What are you trying to do? You better not hurt Rika, or you'll regret it! Clopesmon?"

    Clopesmon looked at BlackWarGreymon angrily and began to digivolve. "Clopesmon, digivolve to..."

    BlackWarGreymon glowed black, stopping Clopesmons' evolution. <I'm not here to hurt your precious human. She is my friend, correct, Rika?> asked Blackwargreymon.

    Rika nodded. "Yeah."

    Blackwargreymon flew to Rika's side, looking a bit uncomfortable about being near Andrew. <What is wrong with your male friend?>

    "He's just a little uncomfortable about you being here, since he thinks you're an evil Digimon," Rika said, blushing. "But I don't think you are. You're my friend."

    Andrew lowered his eyes at Blackwargreymon. "I still don't like you..."

    Blackwargreymon picked up human emotions pretty quickly. <I don't like you either, Vorcadian yughjut.>

    "What?" Rika asked.

    <Vorcadian yughjut. It is an animal in the northwest region of the Digital World that was formed from virus data. It spits blood through its eyes and vomits out of its rear end.>

    "Ew..." Rika said, even though she thought that was pretty neat.

    OOC: Blackwargreymon's a pervert ^_^;

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