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Digimon: A Memoire

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Puffs, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    Hello! This is my first digimon fic. It is about what would happen if I was a digi-destined child.

    Chapter 1

    “Finally, spring break!”

    Sometimes, you just gotta let loose, you know? That’s what I was thinking when I slammed my locker and sped down the hall.

    “Hey, I… Alright… See you later!” Geno called after me. Lucky for him, he was going to be visting his mom in California for over the next week.

    After weeks and weeks of tough homework, review, and tests, I was free to have my first high school spring to myself. I dodged the passing students as the exit came into view. “Urk!” I choked as an arm was stuck out to stop me in my tracks. I scrambled to gather my lunchbox, backpack, and glasses. I looked up to find my physics teacher, Mr. Labberty grinning down at me.

    “Your body’s resistance to come to a sudden halt caused you to trip on your own feet and fall on the floor. What would be the correct term to describe this phenomenon, Mr. Ferren?”

    Cringing and rubbed my *** painfully as I rose, I promptly said, “Um… inertia, sir. Newton’s 1st law of motion.”

    “Good! I suggest that you take it easy, so to avoid repeating the demonstration… No running in the halls,” he said as he let me pass. But I bumped into someone just walking out of his class. I fell to the ground again. “Mr. Ferren?” The voice was Mr. Labberty’s again.

    “Sigh, Newton’s 2nd law of motion, sir. Force = mass x acceleration,” I grumbled.

    “Good! Ms. Potter is taller than you, giving her more mass. The initial collision put enough force on your body to knock you to the floor again,” he said, making Shawn chuckle before she lent me her hand.

    “Hey, Alec! Gonna be at DDR Club today?” She asked me casually. I could never get over my shyness around her.

    “Uh… Of course, Shawn!” My face quickly flushed, but that didn’t last long. A soccer ball came bouncing out of nowhere and knocked me in the head. I rubbed my head again while Shawn helped me up.

    “Oops, sorry!” Exclaimed a kid.

    “Mr. Ferren.” My teacher questioned me expectantly.

    “Newton’s 3rd law, sir. The ball hitting my head had an equal and opposite reacton of knocking me down and bouncing off in another direction.” I said, sarcasticaly.

    “Excellent! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to write up a detention for indoor soccer.” He left the scene and only Shawn and I remained. A while past as I gathered my things for once more. Shawn decided to start some small talk.

    “So, uh… Been studying for that test, huh?” She said.

    I scratched my earlobe nervously. “Yeah, glad it’s over. So good luck with that upcoming tournament.”

    “Oh, I’ve decided to skip it. I’ve just have too many things going on right now.” After she said that, a small electronic on her belt began vibrating, and the screen was flashing red. It was pale blue, with three buttons, almost circular in shape.

    “Hey, that’s a weird looking cellphone.” I exclamied as I reached out to poke it. She snatched it out of my reach and began running off.

    “Sorry, I guess I can’t make it to DDR Club today! Tell Tom I’m really soryy!” She dashed around the corner and out of sight. Leaving me clueless in the dust.

    “Sigh… Well, I guess DDR will be just as fun without her. I just wish I knew why she had to disappear so much.” I hitched my pack over my shoulder and continued on with my day. Little did I know that this would be the last normal day I would ever have.

    To be continued…
  2. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    Chapter 2

    Students flowed behind her as Shawn raced for the doors. She didn’t have time to stop and chat, but at least her house wasn’t far from the school. The device on her belt starting beeping. “What? She never attacks unless I’m there… it must be an emergency,” she hopped over the neighbor’s fence, dashed through the brush and almost lept across the street. SLAM!

    Mrs. Potter took her eyes off of The Nanny as her daughter bolted towards her room, “No DDR today?” She asked as Shawn disappeared into her room.

    She quickly held her Digivice up to the computer, which opened a window showing what looked like a beachball in a dark iron suit trying to chop up a puppy. Shawn set the digivice on the processor, causing its screen to flash with sounds of battle. “Audio communication operational. Salamon, what’s your status?”

    “We have another ally who has lost control of himself somehow. Gladimon used to be very kind, but just now look,” Salamon reported while dodging his spinning blades.

    Shawn brought up another window, which displayed a picture of the opposing digimon, info, and statistics. “BlackGladimon: Champion level, virus type digimon with a special ’Sword dancer’ technique.” She closed the window to find Salamon leaping above BlackGladimon for an attack, “No wait-“

    “Puppy Howling!” Salamon shot a projectile soundwave at her foe. The digimon chuckled evily as the attack bounced off his armor. “What!?”

    “Sword Dancer!” BlackGladimon spun into the air. He struck his target and Salamon cried with pain. She fell to the ground, trying not to show her pain.

    “Salamon! We’ve never faced a Champion before, you don’t know what you’re up against.”

    Salamon shook her head and got to her feet. “We are partners, it is my duty to do as you wish. In turn, you are my only friend in a harsh digital world. It hasn’t been long since we first met… But I will do anything to make you happy! Puppy Howling!”

    She fired another attack at BlackGladimon, only to have it just brush off her target again. She fired a few more shots, but they didn't seem to have any effect. Shawn could do nothing but watch from the other side of her monitor as her digimon partner struggled to survive her companion’s will.

    ‘Salamon,’ she thought, ‘I didn’t want this… Why do you go to such lengths to please me? You’re putting my destiny before your own life… I can’t lose you… SALAMON!!!’

    Her digivice screeched as it illuminated the room. Shawn had to cover her eyes from the blinding light. The light faded and her digivice was no longer there. In its place was an oval-shaped device with an antenna, three buttons, and purple grips.

    “What’s this?” Shawn picked up the transformed digivice in curiosity. An electronic voice blurted from the screen.


    A new light flashed from the digivice. Shawn screamed as the light engulfed her body and dove into the computer monitor.

    “Goodbye, partner.” Tears leaked from Salamon’s eyes as the blades flew closer. Everything seemed as though it was in slow motion. BlackGladimon’s sword was an inch from Salamon’s head when a light exploded between them.

    “Nooo!!! That’s the light of a digivice!” BlackGladimon was blasted back into a tree, knocking it down. Salamon could only stare in amazement as the light formed into the shape of a girl. Shawn was clutching the digivice tightly, with an equally stunned face. She looked around at the scenery. Grass, trees, rocks, clear blue sky… She had entered the Digital World.

    “Salamon?” Shawn looked down to see her partner lying weakly in the grass. She looked at the strange new digivice that was responsible for her presence here.

    “Impudent human! That toy cannot stop me! Sword Dancer!” BlackGladimon had recovered, and he spun in for the kill. Shawn would be chopped to pieces. Shawn was motionless, frozen as her life flashed before her eyes.

    “I WON’T LET YOU TOUCH MY PARTNER!!!!!” Salamon had lept in the way of the attack. Shawn glanced at the digivice as it screeched. Salamon was enveloped in a beautiful, rainbow light.

    “Salamon digivolve to…”

    “Woah…” Was all Shawn could mutter as her friend took another shape.


    A small, bipedal tiger with brown claws stood before her. Her digivice beeped and a computer window popped up in front of the screen. “Mikemon: Champion level, Data type digimon. Special Attack: Cat Claws.”

    Mikemon jumped towards BlackGladimon. With a gleam in her eye, she put her claws out front and braced for impact, “Cat Claws!” Her claws flashed with a blazing green aura and stopped the rotating blades in their tracks. Mikemon smacked his arms away, and dove for his center of gravity. Mikemon slashed at BlackGladimon’s armor countless times until he looked like a wiffle ball.

    “Mikemon, you did it!” Shawn picked her up and hugged her tight. “I’m so glad you digivolved.”

    “Purify Scan!”

    A purple aura was swept away from the unconscious BlackGladimon, leaving a normal Gladimon. The aura accumulated in the palm of a digimon standing in a nearby tree, and disappeared. Shawn and Mikemon were startled by the digimon’s sudden appearance.

    Shawn sneered at the shadowed figure, “Flamon! Not you again. We can handle these dark digimon ourselves.” Flamon chuckled and lept down to the ground. He was now at eye level with Shawn.

    “So we meet again, young human,” Flamon bowed and kissed her hand, “So I see Salamon had finally digivolved? I hope it can handle a BlackKokuwamon better than last time.”

    “That was just a fluke!” She blurted. After about a month of investigating strange viruses in the Digital World from her computer, she had grown used to Flamon butting in with his silly ‘By order of the Royal Knights…’ business. She actually was starting to like the salamander.

    “Anyway, I am only fulfilling my duty by collecting this data for the Royal Knights. I have no intention to interfere with your games.”

    “That’s it! Shawn, let’s teach him what we think about his Royal Knights!” Mikemon interjected, jabbing her claws like boxing gloves.

    “I’m with you. Show us what you got, Flamon!” She held up her new digivice for battle. Flamon frowned.

    “Is… Is that a… D3?” He whispered, “I have no time for meaningless duels. I must report to my superiors,” Flamon’s body burst into flame, then dimmed to reveal nothing but thin air where he stood.

    Shawn stood there bewildered by his sudden exit, “…dumb guy.”

    “California, here I come! Spring break’s gonna be great at my mom’s house!”

    Geno was relaxing in his comfortable window seat. Everything was perfect as his Minneapolis-San Fransisco flight rode smoothly. The track team was tough this year and he finally had some time to himself… But that was quickly trashed as he glanced out the window to see a 7-foot dragonfly perched on the wing of the plane.

    To be continued…

    There's another chapter. Tell me what you think about it.
  3. Puffs

    Puffs ...NINE-THOUSAND!!!!

    Chapter 3

    ‘Oh ****, oh ****, oh ****…’ Geno’s mind was in a panic. His pleasant flight had turned into an insectoid chaos of doom. ‘This isn’t right! That bug is bigger than me! What is it doing thousands of feet above the ground? Why is it on the plane? What is going on?’ He took another look outside at the black monster grooming its eyeballs with many-jointed limbs.

    ‘Alec sure knew a lot about stuff… Hey, that gives me an idea!’ Geno reached into his backpack for my laptop, which I had let him borrow for the trip. But with the computer, he pulled out a small electronic that wasn’t there before.

    “So you’re saying there’s no way to go home?”

    “Sorry, but I’ve never seen a human in the digital world before. Don’t worry, we’ll find a way together.” Shawn and Salamon had been treading through a dense jungle since their run-in with Flamon.

    “At least it’s still daylight,” Shawn exclaimed. They had entered a clearing after what seemed like hours of wandering. Shawn let out a sigh and spread out on the grass. Salamon sat and looked up at the sky.

    “I want to thank you for helping me digivolve.” Shawn looked over at Salamon, a bit surprised at the sudden conversation.

    “Don’t worry about it. We have to work together if we’re the only ones destined to save the digi-world. Besides, we’re way to tough for an iron basketball to beat us,” she chuckled.

    Salamon tilted her head, “What’s basketball? Does it involve a touchdown?”

    “I just wanna make it back to home base,” just as Shawn said that, a Digiegg fell from the sky and made a huge impact into the ground. It turned the clearing into a crater.

    “Now that’s what I call a hole-in-one,” Salamon joked as she helped Shawn up.

    Shawn shook her head and poked the Digiegg, “Spare me the sports jokes, because we’ve got a new mystery to tackle.” The egg floated into the air, and exploded in a crazy blaze, “Is there anything in the digital world that isn’t bursting with light!?”

    Back with Geno…
    “The silver grips are cool, but… What… is this?” He turned the computer on, and the D3 glowed brightly. A window popped up and the screen expelled a young girl, a round cat creature, and an egg into Geno’s lap. With the four of them plus the computer, the seat was kind of crowded.

    “Whatever you do, keep the egg safe… and get your elbow off of me!” Nyaromon cried.

    “I was kinda hoping my first time with a girl on top of me would be a bit more comfortable.”


    “Whoever you are, I guess you don’t come from a dimension with a sense of humor.” Geno rubbed his black eye as Shawn scooted into the empty seat next to him. They were getting looks from the other passengers.

    A man in another seat grunted and went back to the movie, “Stupid teens… have no self-control.”

    “Good, I don’t think anyone saw us Realize.” Nyaromon sniffed the air and jumped into Geno’s lap to look out the window. “Shawn, we have a Code Yellow!”

    “A Code what?!” Geno was looking back and forth between the talking head on his lap, the girl who fell out of the computer, the large egg on the laptop, and the odd device in his hand. Shawn took the egg and shoved it under Geno’s arm.

    “Hold that egg while I use that laptop. If you opened a digiport on this thing, then I can probably bring up the Digimon Analyzer.” She typed some complicated code that made a window pop up in front of the Digital Gate. “Here we go! BlackYanmamon: Champion level, Virus type digimon with a Shadow Thunder Ray attack.”

    “Let me digivolve, I have to battle it!”

    “No, we’re too high up. Even if cats land on their feet, you can’t fight like that.” She turned to Geno, “And you’re involved in this, too. How did you open the Digital Gate? Why were we sucked into this world?”

    “Uh… you guys came flying out of the screen when I grabbed this little trinket,” he showed her the D-3 he had found in his backpack.

    Shawn grabbed her D-3 and compared it to his, “Another transformed digivice?”

    Suddenly there was a loud buzzing sound outside. They all looked out the window to see a gold blur zoom past. The laptop beeped.

    “I’m getting a new reading on the Analyzer… TigerVespamon? She is a Mega level Virus, her special attack is Mach Stinger Victory. This digimon also carries the fabled X-Antibody.”

    TigerVespamon zipped around BlackYanmamon with blinding speed. The dragonfly became aggrivated by the challenger’s persistence. It took off and fired an attack at TigerVespamon, but she easily blocked it.

    “This is boring. Mach Stinger…” Her legs were shoulder length, and her spears were tip-to-tip, making her look like a ‘V’ pointing at BlackYanmamon, “…Victory!!”

    She spun at full speed towards her target. The impact caused the entire sky to flash like lightning, it also broke the tipp off of the plane’s left wing. BlackYanmamon screeched before it was vaporized, leaving nothing but a black mist. TigerVespamon chuckled, “Heh heh… Simple as that.”

    But it wasn’t simple as that. The black mist accumulated and dove into TigerVespamon’s digi-core. Her eyes grew wide and fearful, she looked as though she were suffocating.

    “Oh no, what’s happening to her?” Geno couldn’t stop watching.

    TigerVespamon was in agony, “No… you’re not getting me!” She screamed into the sky, her body shone a brilliant golden glow. The dark aura dissipated, but then TigerVespamon grew smaller, until it split into two seprate beings, a young girl and a small, squishy digimon. They dropped thousands of feet toward the ground.

    “No!” Nyaromon screeched. They could do nothing but watch.

    “Pupumon digivolve to… Puroromon!” The slimy digimon turned into a small bug with two pairs of wings, “Honey Bubbles!”

    Puroromon broke her Tamer’s fall with a cushion of many golden bubbles. The three in the plane sighed with relief. The pilot spoke suddenly over the intercom.

    “This your pilot speaking. It seems a mysterious creature has damaged our aircraft. Please remain calm as we make an emergency landing in San Fransisco.”

    “Aw crap! I’m supposed to meet my mom tomorrow in San Jose, and how am I supposed to explain that I brought a girl and her monster with me?”

    “We have more things to worry about. I’ll explain when we land.”

    To be continued…

    Yay, chapter 3! So how was it? I hope you liked it, thank you for reading so far!

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