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Digimon (All Seasons) Shippings

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Tiffany, Sep 15, 2013.

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  1. Mizz Nikki

    Mizz Nikki Operations Director

    Same here. I like Takuya but I never thought he was right for Zoe. In fact, I thought he was too immature for love, you know what I mean?

    I seriously don't like know how anyone can ship Takato from Tamers with Jeri over Rika. I hated Jeri for many reasons and her and Takato, is just a big no to me. He really should have been with Rika, it pisses me off that Jeri was his love interest.
  2. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    So I thought it'd be something to discuss a little bit of here now that there's a direct sequel coming out in 2015. According to the teaser we got, it takes place while Tai is 17, which suggests that it'll be about two years (actually... no, three years, the dub had increased a year) after Zero Two--that is if they're not doing anything to Zero Two. I'm sure most shippers out there are secretly hoping the events of Zero Two's epilogue will be retconned/fixed/whatever due to the Sorato controversy. (And Ken/Yolei, which I personally don't mind, but apparently some fans hated that pairing as well.) But as of right now, we don't really know if Zero Two will still be considered canon for this sequel, or if there are changes that they're going to hand-wave. Then of course, there's the love triangle between T.K., Kari and Davis.

    Thoughts? What would you, as a shipper, would like resolved or at least expanded on, if not added?
  3. greninjamaster

    greninjamaster Well-Known Member

    Takari needs to happen in this new anime, period. You learned from 14 years, you know what we want and we want Takari canon. They were the Digimon couple that had the most hints and development. Taiora was purely dub but I can see them actually playing a love triangle route between Tai/Matt/Sora in the new one. I loved Tai/Sora and got ticked off bc Sorato came out of nowhere then I saw the original but even in the original Takari still had the most hints and evidence.

    I also shipped the two from Frontier trying to think of their names, the blonde girl and the lead guy. I think there was a scene where they did reveal they liked one another but IDK.

    I also hope they cut the epilogue or ignore it in 03. It's the most hated thing within that season of Digimon and probably the series in general. They can come up with a better epilogue now and it won't be one that came out of nowhere.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2014
  4. Xadhoom

    Xadhoom Xerbian Mutant

    It needs to do no such thing.

    Way to make factually incorrect broad statements. Parts of the fandom wants Dakari, some want Kenkari, others ship her with other humans, some extreme outliers even ship her with Dagomon and people from other seasons. I'll bet top dollar that Takari isn't the majority opinion, going by pure percentages.

    Really? After Matt & Sora have been together for three years, you view a love triangle as plausible?

    It really isn't, because despite what the (rabid shipper) fandom wants to believe, Sorato happened, and Tai's fine with that. If a (cliche) Love Triangle actually happened, I think Tai would rather back away than butt in.

    Takuya & Zoe.

    First off, it's '05'; 02 earned the appellation because it was set in the year 2002 in the Sub version, a point which the Dub invariably missed.

    Secondly, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  5. MonMonCandie

    MonMonCandie Radio - On Air!

    If the epilogue might be retconned, I think my sister might be happy. She really wanted TK and Kari to end up together and that never happened. I was more surprised with the Matt/Sora turnout, but then again, I always liked the whole Tai/Sora/Matt triangle (it might as well be my Digimon OT3). If this new series decides to make it clearer that Tai and Sora are just friends, I'd be cool with that too. I never understood why the dub decided to make Tai/Sora hints...so that pretty much confused me the most in my dub > original transition on Digimon. And people didn't like Ken/Yolei? I'll admit, I didn't really care for it, but them getting together in the end didn't surprise me... lol

    Hmm, I actually never really shipped much in Digimon, so I don't really have any hard feelings on how the ships ended in Zero Two. Though I guess I would like it if they were made clear. At the beginning of Zero Two, there was the obvious triangle between TK/Kari/Davis, but then it all but disappeared by the end of the series without any closure; at least from Davis IMO since he was crushing hard on Kari. But, so long as this new series is entertaining as it was when I first watched it, I'll probably be okay with how things turn out! Unless by then, I'll have shipper goggles on...Ugh. =P
  6. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I'll admit that it has been a good number of years since I last saw the original dub of Digimon (admittedly, it was the Filipino dub, but the script apparently stayed faithful to the original), but I seriously do not remember any Sorato hints in the original compared to the Taiora hints, outside of the one scene where Matt and Joe (seriously, why wasn't Joe considered, he had more screentime with Sora) get Sora out from her inner darkness in the cave. Apparently the hints were just too subtle for even the voice actors of Matt and Gabumon to be surprised at the decision, though they joked about it. (Copy-pasted from TV Tropes, but I'm not sure where the quotes came from--probably in one of the links on the YMMV page.)

    And this is why shounen anime typically don't have even hints of romance. It takes a backseat in many cases if it does show up, but even then, they don't really resolve it. I suppose that's what helped Digimon stand out from other shounen anime, but things still got really messed up (mainly with the dub, but I also blame the lack of communication among the original writers).
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2014
  7. Xadhoom

    Xadhoom Xerbian Mutant

    Just to revive the thread for 2015, does anybody else ship any of:

    (01) Ophanimon/Cherubimon
    (02) Dagomon/Hikari (Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?)
    (03) Mervamon/Ignitemon (Incest Yay Shipping)
    (04) Ryo/Millenniummon (Foe Yay)
    (05) Angewomon/Myotismon (Adventure-verse only) (super-evil Dimension Lord tyrants FTW)

    or are these exclusively my messes to deal with?
  8. Rika24

    Rika24 Fire Pokemon Trainer

    I used to ship a lot in Digimon, but now it's dropped to very few. here are my OTPs per series.

    Digimon Adventure 02:

    Yakari (Matt and Kari): This was a product of fanfiction, but i still love this pair since i started shipping it in i believe 2004?

    Michi (Tai and Mimi): Another fanfic favorite, they look good together too.

    Digimon Tamers:

    Rukato (Rika and Takato): Hey, they hinted at it in the series at least. i just love the tough girl/sensitive guy pairing in general lol

    Digimon Frontier:

    Takumi (Takuya and Zoe): I just always enjoyed how their personalities bounced off each other. I believe this is the closest a ship of mine has ever come to canon.

    Digimon Savers:

    Mashino (Masaru and Yoshino): i started shipping them when Yoshino decided to stay and Masaru's to keep an eye on Agumon. i like how the characters influenced each other, but mainly how Masaru's brash personality helped Yoshino to become more forceful and confident. i remember laughing at Raramon telling Yoshino how she's been hanging around Masaru too long when she broke that machine with her fist in the last episode.

    i never watched past episode 11 of Xros Wars...

    B]Crossover Ships:[/B]

    KouKari (Kouji and Kari): it just works, i'm currently writing a fic for this pairing :D
  9. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    When I was younger I shipped Davis and Kari because I though they would look cute together, but when I got older and learn more about 02 I don't reget shipping them, but I know of 02 faults to understand it. I was never a fan of TK and Kari because this seem so force and they barely even talk to each other though season 1. It made feel like I miss something in between 01 and 02.
  10. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    Taiora (Tai x Sora)
    Do I even need to begin?
    Fine, the dub went on to make a ton of ship tease between the two, but the original director wanted Sora and Matt to be a thing. Then Our War Game happened. So this is how it went, Matt had a thing for Sora, Sora had a thing for Tai, and Tai didn't have feeling for her. And then there is 02 and its epilogue. Turns out 02 was so polarizing with the writers, and it eventually caught up with the fanbase. Tamers had to happen. Heck, the only reason Davis/Daisuke existed is because the writers couldn't agree.
  11. Kataphrut

    Kataphrut Well-Known Member

    People have been pointing out the latest tri trailer contains what might be the first instance of Mimi and Matt talking. She teasingly calls him a "tsundere" in one scene and he gets all flustered. Somehow this is like the third or fourth most popular ship in the fandom.
  12. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    How about that Koushiro x Mimi? ;)
    My childhood OTP is happening. I can die happy.
    And the Takari teases from Reunion and onwards? God. Bless. Digimon. Tri.
    Guys, I am so stoked. I LOVE DIGIMON SO MUCH.
    Here's hoping the 02 kids actually show up more on the 28th. :(
  13. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    Are we reviving this thread now?

    Bandai acknowledges my OTP. Maybe Toei will, too.

    They should be, but maybe not until the next film. At least they're acknowledging them, now, so we're getting somewhere. Meanwhile, what I'm looking forward to when it comes to the 02 DigiDestined is I want to see how it is Ken and Yolei end up together in the epilogue. Like, how much did they change as teenagers in order to show interest in one-another? We're kind of starting to see it with Matt and Sora (well, we have been since Revenge of Diaboromon), so Ken and Yolei should be coming up soon.
  14. 3vr1m

    3vr1m Well-Known Member

    Another thing why I love the new Digimon Tri movies is that they actually make shipping canon. For example when Izzy blushes all the time because of Mimi. That feels like the writers listend to the fans and did a favor with this movie to them. *wink wink Pokemon*
  15. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    I'm not much of a shipper but Digimon was one of the very rare occasions where I did a lot of shipping.
    In season 1/Adventures yes I had the somewhat cliche ship of Tai and Sora. What can I say? They work well together, bounce off each other very well and it was always fun seeing them talk or hangout. Looking at it now I see Tai and Sora were just really good buddies, heck Tai treated her like one of the guys. I still ship em though XD The other one which is funny. I shipped Izzy, Joe, and yes even Matt with Mimi. I know what you're thinking. "Matt and Mimi?" I don't know. Call it a crack pairing, but when I was a kid the idea of Matt and Mimi hooking up was kinda cute. Joe and Mimi spoke for itself, and Izzy and Mimi is funny. I shipped them the least of the bunch which is hilarious after hearing about Tri. I can't wait to see Tri. I didn't exactly ship T.K. and Kari in season 1, but I always found it adorable during the Machinedramon arc when T.K. and Kari were briefly talking in the sewers after her fever passed. It was short but cute. Kari's late entry sadly robbed her of memorable interactions with the cast.

    In Season 2 I did ship T.K. and Kari. It was my primary ship. 1: for nostalgia of them being childhood friends/partners in crime fighting. 2: Their relationship really did blossom in 02. It was one of the few things I always looked forward too in 02. Seeing what T.K. and Kari moments I would get. This is probably my strongest ship in Digimon. I did however also ship Kari with Davis. Why? Just because Davis was such a underdog I couldn't help but root for him to one day score big with Kari. I also shipped T.K. and Yolei at one point, don't ask me why. But oddly enough never Davis and Yolei. I just considered them buddies on a lesser level of Tai and Sora. Speaking of which I guess I'll address the controversial ship. Matt and Sora. I never shipped them, but they were a cute couple in 02. I warmed up to them dating and it was great to see that. I just don't like that they married. Like really? They got married? For all the hints of Tai and Sora in the movie, Sora ends up marrying Matt? I'm cool with them dating but getting married? Still kinda weirds me out.

    I didn't ship anyone really in Tamers. So onto Frontier. With only one leading lady, Zoe had pretty much all shipping to herself. Of the bunch Takuya, Koji, and JP come to mind. Zoe and Takuya felt like a more aggressive Tai and Sora relationship. Much more sass but again they jelled together very well. Zoe and Koji was the popular girl with the lone wolf ship. They had moments together that were nice. Very different then her dynamic with Takuya. Then there's Zoe and JP aka Kari and Davis 2.0. At first I didn't care for this one because it just felt like JP only liked Zoe because she was beautiful. But as Frontier rolled along, the good and the bad their relationship evolved as well. It was comic relief but at times could be taken seriously as well. So I liked their ship quite a lot. I did not ship Zoe with Tommy or Kouchi. Tommy is too young, despite the two having a good dynamic and Kouchi came too late to have a strong relationship with anyone other then Koji.

    I didn't see Savers and with Xross Wars just like Tamers I didn't ship anyone really.

    And those are my Digimon ships.
  16. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Really started to like Daikari more than Takari nowadays. Even though I still love both shippings. I remember reading a lot of takari fics where Davis was bashed a lot and it made me feel sorry for him to the point I started to like Daikari more than Takari. I've rewatched some of the old digimon episodes, it reminded me of why I liked Davis/Ken so much. The episode where Wizardmon dies is still a hard scene to watch for me.
  17. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    Even in the subs, I still preferred Taiora vs Sorato. I am really not that big of a Matt fan really.

    There was no denying that Jurato was my favorite ship. Not to mention, give Jeri something good in her life. Man.

    I'm not much of a Frontier fan. Great worldbuilding but I got bored around the Royal Knights Arc. I wasn't an active shipper.

    Savers is one I can't stand.

    Ewan from Xros Wars should be shipped with that Airu(?) girl. It is a comedy of errors waiting to happen.

    Dakari annoys me and it has nothing to do with that characters. Some bloke named Dakari King Mykan made me dislike the name.
  18. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie "It is my destiny."

    I know that feeling, man, he kinda affected the ship for me as well. I wasn't part of that Takari/Dakari civil war, but I saw and read up on the aftermath. It was really stupid. He's still around, but he hasn't instigated another ship war since (he's probably afraid of getting banned from FFN again), and I hope it doesn't happen again.
  19. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    I really like the ship: TK and Tai :D
    TK seems like a closet gay for the whole series of S2 and Tai doesn't end up with Sora, who realizes he really liked and respected as a friend but didn't realize it wasn't a crush because he never put much thought into due to being boggled by having to saving the world/digital world.
  20. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    He's on deviantart now. It's shifted to him harassing bronies, a fight I never want to be in.

    As for Digimon, I'm always fond of Taiora even in the subs. Curse you 02 Epilogue and your clone children! With Tri, the tide of shipping war is going to get stormy.
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