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Digimon: Chronicles of Light and Shadow begins


Divine Beauty
OOC:Finished a little earlier than I expected, but lets get this party started!

BIC: A heated struggle erupted into the mountains; screeches and bugled war crys could be heard far from their source. A blue dragon digimon named Cometmon was being purseud, her yellow eyes flashed with worry, every beat of her delicate bronze wings was strained. There was a white rose on her shoulder, a crescent mark on the tip of her tail, and the emblems of Hope and Love on each wing.

Her purseur, Darkmoonshinemon, was also a dragon digimon, but purple. Her empty crimson eyes narrowed, her black wings flapped effortlessly as she gained on her prey. A black rose was visible on her shoulder, and a black crescent on her tail.

"Ebony Flame!" Darkmoon roared, and breathed pitch black fire. Cometmon looked back for a moment, then quickly flew forwards again, pushing her wings to their limit. If that fire catches me, I'm finished! Cometmon thought. The fire inched closer, and closer still. As it came within range, Cometmon lowered her altitude quickly, the flame just above her. Strangely enough, frost began to form on Cometmon's wings.

She sank lower, her wings unable to support her. She tumbled to the ground, exhausted. Darkmoon, at full strength, landed; an evil grin was spread across her face.

"This should finish you off, you pathetic fool," she said, a hint of triumph in her voice. As she prepared for a final attack, a dagger was thrown into the ground in front of her.

"Fist of the Beast King!" A voice roared. A fiery, lion head shaped attack hit Darkmoonshinemon square in the face, sending her flying into a nearby mountain. A tall lion on two legs atalked onto the scene, we wore blue torn blue trousers and a black earring. His stern eyes quickly spotted Cometmon, unconscious on the ground. He pulled the dagger out of the ground and sheathed it, and then lifted the human-sized dragon in his arms.

"Are you all right, Light of Runemon?" he asked in a deep, gruff voice. Cometmon opened her eyes slightly, and nodded weakly. "Good. We should go before that Shadow wakes up," he said, pointing to Darkmoon, who was unconscious under a pile of rocks. Cometmon smiled weakly, recognizing her saviour.

"Thanks Leomon,"she said quietly. Leomon only smiled strangely and walked off, Cometmon in his arms.


A teenage girl stood in a small clearing of a forest. Flaming red hair flowed down to her shoulders. She had a gold outfitm her shirt collar and sleeve cuffs were black, as well as her shoes. Her eyes were closed, a wooden sword in her hand. She appeared hard on something. Her eyelids snapped open, revealing lively bright green eyes.

She erupted into a series of stances with the sword, moving through each with beautiful grace. She had trained for years in the Martial Arts, her instuctors saying she had the grace of the tiger and the wisdom of the wolf. She abrubtly stopped, the blade of her sword on an invisible neck.

Then, catching her off guard, was an explosion and a flash of light, directly in the center of the clearing. The girl's trained eyes watched the spot where the light had hit, and when the smoke cleared, saw a strange object. It was some sort of handheld computer, with a sealed top. It was gold with a black bottom, and there was a mousepad just below a circular screen in the center of it.

She watched it for a long while, detirmining whether it was safe to approach the object. She walked towards it slowly and cautiously. She picked it up, and examined the object. Out of nowhere, there was another flash of light, and the girl dissapeared. She felt as though she were falling through nothingness. The last thing she saw was the hard ground, approaching quickly. She hit it with a thud, and all went dark. The next thing she knew, she was laying on a layer of blankets, a cool, wet cloth on her forehead. To her annoyance, shewas being poked repeatedly.

"Cometmon, stop that," said a deep, gruff voice. "Sorry Leomon, I just wanted to see if she was alive," replied another voice, whom the girl guessed was Cometmon. The girl's eyes snapped open, and Cometmon jumped back, startled. She sat up, and quickly took in her surroundings. She was sitting on a blanket in at the far end of a cave. A fire was crackling in the center. Leomon was sitting near the fire, his stern eyes fixed upon her. Panic threatened to engulf her.

"Where am I? How'd I get here? Who, what are --" Leomon raised a hand, and she fell silent. "Welcome to the Digital World, young human. I am Leomon. The inhabitants of this world are called digimon, or digital monsters. You were brought here because Cometmon needs your help. It was she who sent for you," Leomon calmly explained. "What's your name?" Cometmon cut in.

"My name's Alex. But everyone calls me Fox," the girl replied.

((Go ahead and post, you guys. All the lights will be at their rookie stage, and keep in mind that they all know Leomon and will be coming to his home, which is the cave))


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OOC: I'm going to start with Kessymon at Mega, as this starts with him parting ways with Hadesdramon.

"So this is it bro," the large feathered dragon said, standing awkardly, as it's long body and short legs were not suited to the ground.

"I guess so, the keys are now sealed, an your power is draining fast, you'd better find the warrior," a huge black dragon, though smaller than the feathered one, replied, his six crimson wings held high.

"Yeah, thanks for not losing it for once,"

"Meh, miracles happen even to Shadows y'know. Let's hope Sieg is the chosen, he's a good kid, if a little weird,"

"Yeah, but he's got what we need, and if he isn't I'm complining!" the bird dragon, who I will now tell you goes by Phoenixdramon, laughed, as he shrank greatly, becoming a small bird with similar flame colours, but being much more bird like in appearance. He's known as Kessymon, though most call him Nixe.

"Well that's it. I can already fell my power waning as well now you're no longer Mega. Still, at least I stay big!" the dragon, called Hadesdramon, laughed.

"We've really got to stop these family moments, well bye, till next we meet brother," Kessymon laughed, before leaving his brother, for Huanlongmon only knows how long.


The boy shook himself off. Another day, another load of (censored). He put on his signature hat, both feathers, one red and yellow the other black, neatly held on. He pulled on his tracksuit, and slipped on his white trainers. But then who knew, maybe that day would be differant? And it was. It most certainly was. He picked up Crimson, his wooden sword, and just as he was about to leave, a beam of light shot through the window.


"Well this is the place," Kessymon said, staring into the cave. Two digimon and a human were already there, one digimon a large two legged lion with a large sword, the other a blue dragon with the crests of Love and Hope on her wings, he knew she was Cometmon, and they were acquanted, and the human was a girl with red hair, clear green eyes and an outfit in similar colours to his coat of feathers.

"Hey warrior, or should I call you by your name?" Kessymon questioned the lion, not caring slightly for Cometmon or the girl.

"Leomon would be preferred Kessymon," he replied.

"Please it's Nixe, and I have released my D-Port to find one who's qualities match my keys, though whether I was meant to do that or pick one myself I don't know,"

"Ever the care free type, though where is your Shadow form?"

"Oh Hadesdramon? He's fine, I haven't seen him since we parted ways,"

"You 'parted ways'? Like allies?"

"Well he wasn't angry at that time, so we managed to have a brotherly moment, so?"

"Nothing, I guess the Shadows aren't as bad as they say,"

"WHAT, Darkmoonshinemon was trying to kill me and you say they aren't as bad? Have you lost it?" Cometmon exclaimed.

"Fine, maybe it varies, you and Kessymon are nothing alike, so undountedly the Shadows must vary,"

"Yeah, yeah, but I have a rough idea who I want to have chosen. His name's Sieg, a good kid, I met him on one of my trips to reality when me and Hadesdramon went 'overboard' to sugar coat it,"


Sieg stared at th light, as he saw a small handheld materialise. It was green and bluish purple, with plenty of black to help it stand out. It sported numerous buttons, and two slots on the top. He reached out to grab it, common sense not being a strong suit, and before he knew it he was in a cave.

"WHAT THE (CENSORED!)!" he yelled, not caring that there was anyone else.

"Hey Sieg, remember me?" Kessymon asked.

"Not entirely," Sieg answered, looking at the Leomon and weird Dragon he'd never seen before.

"Well I guess you knew me as Phoenixdramon, but this is my rookie level, Kessymon!" the bird said, as Sieg sat down.

"Oh hey Nixe! Where's Hadesdramon?" Leomon chose that time to get involved.

"We'll get to that momentarily, when the other chosen arrive..."

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Andrew was bored.

The teen had just finished training his flight in PT, he made those guys work hard. Push ups, sit up, the whole works. He was tired, but satisfied. He was wearing his PT uniform, a tight shirt with shorts. It was time to change.

Of course, he was always the last one out of the ROTC room. He had a high posistion for a junior, being a captain after all. So he worked hard everyday, making sure everything went on time.

He removed his shorts, and located his pants. He could hear giggling, but dismissed it as unimportant. He put on his blue pants, and took off his shirt. There was massive laughing from one of the closed doors in the room, promting Andrew to look into it.

He opened the door to reveal one of the girls in his flight, Robin. She was still in her uniform, and was staring at Andrew's muscular chest. She stood up, she didn't even reach his neck.

"What are you doing here?" Andrew asked impatiantly, he knew exactly why she was there. He knew he was good looking, but everyone took it too far sometimes.

"I was waiting for you to change," she said slyly, winking at him. "I heard you were good looking."

"So have I, but I expect you to have more bearing in the future," Andrew sighed, this was getting way too out of hand. "Go home, I have work to do."

The girl giggled again, then slipped out her phone number before running out the open door to the hallways. Andrew sighed, he wished this would stop.

He returned to the computer, and resumed typing up an order for ribbons, or awards. After the printer spat out the paper, he headed over to the back room to grab the right amounts he would need.

As he reached up for the Service Ribbons, his hands fell upon a strange device. It felt weird, so he picked it up and lowered it to his view. He couldn't see it that well, so he made sure he was alone, before getting his glasses out and taking a look.

It was a small device, with two slots at the top. At first, Andrew thought it was someone's cell phone, but it was too weird looking to be one.

Light was coming from the central screen, revealing the name of the divice.


"What is this thing?" Andrew asked, grabbing his shirt and jacket, pulling them on. He had a white shirt, instead of his grey ROTC one, and a red cotton jacket.

Blinding light issued from the D-Port, before he was transported into nothing.


Andrew felt weird, something was strapped to his head. He could see two other people, his mind fled to his glasses, which were still on his head. He reached up for them to put them away.

He wasn't wearing them, instead, a pair of goggles was fixed to his head. "What's going on?" Andrew asked, feeling the goggles on his head.
"Another day gone by..."

Zerinya yawned. She was sitting on a bench in the middle of a park. It was her favorite thing to do after school, just hanging around until she got tired of it. She had already finished her homework, so she entertained herself by reading the latest chapter in her favorite book.

After a while, she checked her watch. "Whoops, it's that late? I'd better get going." She sat up, wiped some dirt of her white shirt and blue jeans, picked up her bookbag, then headed to the entrance of the park.

"It's a good thing I finished my work at school, otherwise, I would be carrying around a two-ton bag!" the girl giggled at her little remark, while buying a bottle of water and some snacks from a vendor. "Ah, what's the use, if no one's around to laugh with you, Zerin?" she sighed.

Suddenly, there was a explosion and a flash of light-near Zerinya's house! "What the?" With her red eyes full of dismay, she raced to where the explosion occured.
When Zerinya reached her house, she noticed a crater in the middle of her driveway. In the middle of it was a strange looking device. It was light purple, with white grips. It seemed to have an opening at the top, but it was sealed off.

"Curiosity killed the cat..." She muttered, but she walked over to where the device was, and picked it up. There was another flash of light, then total darkness.
"Hey! Are you awake yet?"

Zerinya woke up to an annoying jabbing in her side. She stood straight up, only to fall down again in surprise.

Standing in front of her was a strange purple furred dinosaur with wings and a red gem on it's forehead. It's golden eyes seemed to look right into her mind. "Good, you are awake."

"Who? Wha? What are you?" The girl stammered, quickly brushing her red bangs out of her eyes. "And where am I?" She stood back up and looked around, taking note of the other humans and creatures inside of what appears to be a cave.

"I'm Dorumon, a Digimon, but you can call me Beowulf. And you're..." the creature paused for effect. "In the Digital World! Isn't that great?" it started to dance around Zerinya happily, then offered it's paw to her. "And you are?"

Zerinya stared at the Digimon. Digital World? She looked at the other humans, completey confused. "Well, uh..." She felt akward. "I'm Zerinya, but you can call me Zerin." She took the monster's paw and shook.
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Andrew was just wondering how a pair of goggles were replacing his glasses when a voice spoke to him.

"Get up, you're embaressing me," said the voice. It sounded a lot like his, professional and military.

Andrew got to his feet to answer the person, when he came face to face with a creature that confirmed one thing for him, that he wasn't in Texas anymore.

The being in question was a dragon, about four feet tall. Its skin was black, with a green eye in the center where two should have been. It was large and oval in shape. Its mouth was like a dragon's, but bigger and more profound. Short shapr teeth were snapping as it spoke.

"What's up with you?" the creature asked, looking him over with his one eye. "Haven't you ever seen a Digimon before?"

His claws were bigger in size to his body structure, bigger than Andrew's hands. He had twin black wings that he was using to hover in place, swinging a short tail in midair.

"I'm Clopesmon, your partner," he said, informing Andrew of the situation.

"What's going on, where am I?" the captain asked, before looking around properly. He was in a cave with three other humans, who were surrounded by Digimon of their own. One had a small bird, another boy. Another had a furry dinosaur running aound it, while a third was next to two Digimon, a small blue dragon and a standing lion.

"You're in the Digital World, dummy," Clopesmon muttered, spreading his claws. "Don't you know anything?"

"Not really," Andrew answered, looking at the strange thing in his hands, called the D-Port. It was red, with blue sides and a black top, where two slots were. "Guess it has something to do with this, right?" he asked, holding up his D-Port.

"Right," Clopesmon said. "Follow me." Clopesmon led him up to where the lion was standing. "This is Leomon," Clopesmon said.

Andrew took notice of the girl that was standing up there. She was nice to look at.

"Definatly not in Texas," Andrew muttered, feeling for the goggles on his head. He tucked them away, he was starting to prefer his glasses.


Divine Beauty
It has begun...

All this has happened so fast... An hour ago I was a normal teenager, now I'm in a strange new world with a talking dragon and a two legged lion Fox thought, and saw a half-dozen humans and digimon walk in, the three humans looking about as confused as she was. "It has begun..."Leomon said.

"I think there's a pair of us still missing though," said Cometmon, who looked delighted by all the company that was being brought in. A few of the digimon she knew, Kessymon for example, though she had only seen him in his mega form. Leomon, how ever, didn't seem so happy. While he was pleased that many of the humans and digimon made it here safely, he just didin't like company as much as Cometmon did. Fox noticed that there were a few bandages wrapped on Cometmon's wings.

"What happened to your wings, er, Cometmon, is it?" Fox asked. Cometmon looked nervously around, and then replied in a slight whisper.

"There is a legitement reason I brought you here. A few of the digimon in this cave, are being hunted by digimon that are their polar opposite. All the digimon in this cave, except Leomon, are half of a much stronger group of digimon, called the Key Bearors. We are the Lights os the Key Bearors. Our polar opposites are the Shadows. Mine tried to kill me less than an hour ago," replied Cometmon. Her expression softened. "But enough of that, she said, raising her voice slightly. Fox knew Cometmon didn't want her to worry.

"Go get yourself aquanted. Make some friends," Cometmon continued.

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Andrew's hands were stuck in his pockets, no one needed to see the lame goggles he had been wearing. He now took light at what was going on.

Clopesmon was flying around him, the teen guessed he was trying to judge him for something. He instead looked around at what the others were doing.

One, a girl near him, who had been called Fox by her Digimon, was rather interesting to look at. But due to his emotional drainage, Andrew noticed little about her save her appearance. She looked a little younger than he was, but seemed a bit mature.

Another, a boy, was talking with a bird. He was carrying a wooden sword that was similar to the one he used at Saber Team. All of them were carrying devices like the one he had, except his was a different color. "Personalized devices, nice touch," Andrew muttered.

Then there was the third one, a girl with the furry dinosaur. she didn't seem very tough, but Andrew had learned from personal experience that looks weren't everything. Although, in his case, they probably were to his school. What he wouldn't give for one non-harrased day.

"Did you say something?" the creature that called itself Clopesmon asked, he seemed to hae finished inspecting Andrew.

"Oh, no," Andrew muttered, he stood apart from the others. There was also that standing lion that called itself Leomon, it seemed to be judging him too.

Andrew walked up to the beast, wanting a fuller explanation of what had happened. He understood that, due to circumstances beyond his control, they had forced him to come here. What he didn't understand was why.

"Leomon," Andrew muttered, looking the beast square in the eye. "What am I doing here?"

"You are here to restore the Key Bearers," Leomon answered, he thought he had explained it quite well before.

"I understood that," the teen answered. "What am I doing here?"

"I would think that was obvious from the moment you entered the Digital World," Leomon answered, looking at him again as though he was missing something. "Where is the headgear you were given upon arrival?"

"What are you talking about?" Andrew asked, what did goggles have to do with anything?


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Hadesdramon watched from overhead. He was glad it was Sieg who had been chosen. He didn't want a (censored) elementalist as his destined. He spread his six wings and flew off, brushing past most the other shadows without a second thought. He may be weakened but he's still strong enough to grind them to dust. And if he wasn't Coatldramon and Titandramon were always there. Sure his famous fusion was ArchPhoenixmon, but he preferred his less well known ChaosPalidindramon DNA. Much more comfortable.

Sieg looked around, then new boy instantly caused his back to rise like a cats. The new girl on the other hand frankly was a book with a false cover. Her Digimon Sieg actually knew, as it was Dorumon, a Royal Knight rookie. The new boy once more had an unknown Digimon, but Sieg had a feeling that this was a very differant world to the one he'd read about, so he stopped caring.

"Listen genius," he buntly said to the new boy, "I saw you came in with the goggles, that means your the leader. Am I the only one here who knows what's going on?" he complained. He didn't really know, but it was clear he knew more than the rest of them.

OOC: Hadesdramon and Phoenixdramon were originally part of two Trio DNA's, that resulted in Palidindramon and ChaosPalidindramon. They won't appear, but they'll often make referances.
“So, Miss Zerin, I guess we’re partners now, huh?”

Zerinya was surprised at Dorumon’s, AKA Beowulf’s, words. “Partners? What do you mean?”

“Well,” The digimon replied. “You see, I called for you because we’re having a little…problem. Leomon can tell you all about it.” He then looked at his paw, which his human partner was still holding. “Uh, you can let go now.”

“Whoops, sorry.” After shaking ‘hands’ with Beowulf, Zerinya decided to look around and see what the other humans were up to.

One human, another girl, was talking to a blue dragon and a lion-or, what appeared to be a lion, except it had a human body. Zerinya immediately decided to try and stay on the lion’s good side. The dragon, however, was very cool, at least to her. The girl, although young, seemed to be mature.

Another human, a boy, was standing around with his hands in his pockets. His Digimon, a dragon with one big, green eye, freaked Zerinya out. She hoped it wouldn’t be too harsh…But the boy seemed like a nice guy.

“Am I the only one here who knows what's going on?" The girl looked up when she heard someone spoke. The speaker was another boy, with a wooden sword. Zerinya stared at him, then turned away. Is he crazy? she thought. I’m sure he’s just as confused at the rest of us! She admired his partner, though.

“Miss Zerin, come on! Don’t you want to make some new friends?” Her Digimon partner was poking her in the sides again. “Is there something wrong?” He inquired, looking at her with his golden eyes.

Already the girl was liking her partner. He seemed to be the only one who understood her. “Yes, I will, as soon as I understand what in the world is going on first!” She then turned and looked at the lion, whom she guessed was Leomon. She was afraid, but she needed to know.
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Andrew didn't understand a lot, he had never heard of the Digital World before. But then again, Clopesmon seemed to be exactly like him, so maybe it was all right. He didn't have a lot of friends, mostly stalkers, girls with nothing better to do than try and peek at him changing like Robin.

The other boy, the one with the sword, had told him about the geeky things he was hiding in his pocket. He might have been trained as a leader, but that did not make sense. "Why did my glasses change?" he said aloud before he could stop himself. His glasses were his secret shame, he had burned his eyes from working too much.

He moved far enough away from the others to get a better look at them. Pulling them from his pocket, he saw that they were very much like his glasses. They were bigger of course, than his glasses. Instead of having two lenses there was just one, like his snowboarding goggles. They were clear though, unlike his snowboarding goggles, which were orange. They were rimmed with green, his favorite color, even though he never wore it.

Andrew tucked them back into his pocket, and dug his hands in to hide them. The others would just think he was a geek if he kept wearing them. But the sword boy had told him they made him a leader, but for once he didn't know what to do about it.

Andrew was a captain of the ROTC in the Texas 31'st Wing in Arlington, not a leader in the Digital World. He had the responsibility of keeping the new recruits in top shape, and to drill. He had been trained to lead every team in the wing, but he couldn't lead strangers in an unfamiliar world.

The girl with the strange dinosaur was walking up to the strange lion that had spoken with Andrew a few moments ago. "I need some answers."

"It's a good idea to ge all information possible," Clopesmon said, breaking the silence he was upholding. He was in thought at this arangement. His Digidestined was to lead the group, was he even up to it?

"Excuse me," Andrew said, walking up to the lion, as was the girl. "But could you tell me what is going on? Why do goggles make someone a leader, and what are we supposed to do?"


OOC: Sorry, didn't know it had begun. And isn't Courage the leader's element? I have the Courage key, so I should...*gets all confused*


Rika sighed as she kicked aside a tin can, watching it smash into a fence. She laughed, seeing as how something so small could be quite powerful. A passing dog ate the can as its owner tried to make it barf it back up. She turned on her heel and walked away.

It hit her. Not any solid object, a thought. It was there...she searched deep down in her mind for what had happened. She found it there, in the corner of her mind...

Meanwhile, Sevomon was running from his shadow form, ShadowGarudamon. At least, Rika's Digimon's shadow form, which he thought of as his. <Why can't you leave me alone! Please!>

<No! Why would I do that? Courage....makes a Destined strong. And makes someone the strongest...the leader. Friendship, a useless trait for me, but lets the Destined give to others and share.>

<So? Why are you after me?>

<Because I want the keys, you incompetent fool!>

<You'll never get them!>

<Are you so sure?>

At the real world, Rika heard Sevomon's cry. She searched for the voice, looking everywhere and making herself look like a maniac. She took out her cellphone, wanting to call her mom and assure her that she was coming home, but it had turned into something that looked like a really big pocket knife holder. Her eyes grew wide and all of a sudden she wasn't there anymore. She wasn't on Earth.

Looking down, she spotted a small gray mouse-like thing. She picked it up, since it was the size of a computer mouse, and inspected it. When it moved, she screamed. "What the heck..."

The mouse beeped in response, like some robots on TV did. It crawled up onto her shoulder and closed its eyes in pleasure. Rika shrugged and went up to a couple more humans, wanting to find out what was going on.

"Hi! I'm Rika, and I don't know what this mouse thing is but I was hoping you would know. You guys seem to know a lot more than I do about this place."

OOC: Hope I was OK. Cybermon is just hanging in her/his baby stage, so he'll digivolve later. Didn't see the OOC on the first post....sorry. Endimon will come very soon though, I promise. I decided to call her Endigoumon, after thinking of a minor change.

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OoC: X Kazemon, it's because I begged like a dog for them, and the fact that I designed the D-Port. Sorry about the confusion. Plus, the RPG is called The Chronicles of Light and Darkness, and since my character has those Keys, it sort of made sense to me.


"Afraid not," Andrew muttered to the girl that had just arrived. Now there were five humans, including him, in the cavern. Along with them were these creatures called Digimon. Clopesmon, his was looking at the new metal one that had come with the girl.

"We're all as confused as you are, trust me," Andrew muttered, " except for that other guy over there." he pointed a thumb at the boy with the sword. "But that's about it."

Clopesmon nodded, his eye blinked as he lowered his head. He was untrusting of the other Lights in the room, as he felt that he alone held the power to restore order. He was of course wrong, even he knew that. But he had been stradled with the boy with the goggles, so it was going to be up to Andrew to lead this band of Digidestined.

But could Andrew even lead this group? The goggles in his pockets were causing doubts in the dragon's mind as to the skills the boy possessed. Many have fought for those goggles in the past groups, why one would actually have doubts about owning them was something that Clopesmon had never heard of.

The teen himself, on the other hand, was wondering about the strange logic of the world. Why would goggles signify him as a leader? All they had done for him was require an excuse to his mother as to where his glasses were, so why would they be important.

The teen was too wrapped in his own thoughts to pay much attention to anything else, so he wandered off to the other parts of the cave, leaning against the wall to think.


OOC: -_- you're the leader (at least the semi-leader) in my RP too...*begs like a dog*


Rika sighed as she looked around. Nothing really seemed familiar to her, and she didn't know anyplace where she could find a map or whatever. She turned to the small metal mouse and took out the...thing. "Ya know what this is? And trust me, if you get all high and mighty on me and making all the decisions, I won't like you. I'm not going to be following you bunch of slackers like a bruised puppy, if ya know what I mean. So don't think you're all the leader and all."

The metal mouse flashed and hopped off of her shoulder. The...thing...flashed and showed the new creature, a small green wolf with a metal helmet on. It said "CyberKoromon" and she raised an eyebrow.

"Um, what happened?" she asked.

"I'm CyberKoromon and I'm a Digimon! That's short for Digital Monster, and I can help you! We're in the Digital World, and that's a place located in every computer and stuff in the world. I just digivolved, which means I went under a transformation and now I'm stronger!"

Rika coughed out of randomness. Then she picked up CyberKoromon and hugged it. "I guess you're kind of cute. Anyway, can you lead us around? I don't know what everyone's doing crowded around, but I wanna go back to the real world."

"Oh but we can't do that! We need to protect Sevomon! You have the keys of Courage and Friendship. Whoever holds Courage is the leader, and that means you are!"

Rika nodded slowly, raising an eyebrow. "See? I'm the leader. I don't care if you have some stupid emblem or whatever to make you the leader, I'm the leader."

OOC: Rika has some MAJOR ego issues, as you see in DM Activate. Don't worry, you're still the leader, Rika will just boast about how she is.


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OOC: And Sieg will simply watch from the sidelines. I'm very variable. Of course leader is a preferred position.

Sieg looked on, two girls confused, one in denial about her position, one boy completely clueless, and...wait a minute that means that the groups full. They each apparantly will have two crests if Kessymon had told him right, and there were only ten crests. Great, this was almost as bad as his German class.

"Whats on you're mind Sieg?" Kessymon asked, kicking Sieg in the shin to get attention.

"It just hit me, there's three female Digidestined, and two male Digidestined. Isn't the ratio usually more masculine?"

"And...you're point is? Lighten up! You're a teenage boy who is going o be journeying with three girls, all about your age, for a long time! If this doesn't scream oppurtunity then I will, OPPURTUNITY!!!!" Kessymon said, clearly showing his free spirit by not caring the least for anyone else in the vicinity by blowing their eardrums out of the side of their head. Sieg rubbed his ears and grinned.

"Yeah, I guess you're right, though seriously, why am I the only one with any background info?"

"Because the other Lights and Darknesses don't tear holes in time and space when they fight!" Kessymon laughed, while Sieg gulped. Oh great, he had to get the two who could wipe out existance.

OOC: This was more to introduce Kessymon's character. He's a nutter isn't he?
Zerinya, who had been talking to Leomon, turned when she heard another voice.

It was another girl, a little bit younger than Zerinya. Her Digimon, a strange wolf with a helmet, was explaining that she was the leader.

Beowulf snorted and walked right up to the girl. “Listen you, I’m not sure about you, but if you think you can do whatever you want, you’re wrong!”

Zerinya coughed politely. “Beowulf, control yourself.” She then looked at the newcomer. “Right now, I’m not sure who’s leader. The only things I do know is where we are, and what Digimon are.” She took out the strange device that had crash-landed in front of her house. “According to Leomon, these things are called D-Ports. I think we need them for something.”

Beowulf glared at the girl, then turned to the one-eyed dragon. “Hey, what’s up? You seem down about something.” He turned to the bird Digimon. “You be quiet! Geez, do you have to deafen us?”

Zerinya sighed. “This is not going well…” She turned to the girl, whom she had overheard from the blue dragon that her name was Fox. “Do you have any idea what to do?”

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"I am not down," Clopesmon answered the dinosaur, though he did return to ground level to speak with him. "I am considering my position. According to Leomon, the boy that I am chosen to work with is the leader of this band of Digidestined. I wonder if he is capable of doing so."

"Why do you talk as though he isn't there?" Beowulf asked, looking up at Clopesmon's human, the teen named Andrew.

"Because he's too involved with his own thoughts to pay attention," Clopesmon answered, gesturing up at the boy, who did indeed look as though he had no idea what was gong on.

He was deep in thought, wondering about the rules of the game he was now to play. There were five of them, he understood that. Three girls a bit younger than him, one other boy with the sword, and himself. He considered if he even knew how to properly lead them in the unknown world.

There was the girl, Rika he thought the name was, who was easily the youngest out of the group. She thought that she was the leader, but what gave him the right to lead ahead of her?

He stood up, and walked up to Leomon, hoping that the lion Digimon could provide him with answers. "Leomon?"

"Yes?" he answered, turning to face the human. "What is it?"

"I would like to know why I am to lead this group," he said simply.

"That is because your mission is to unlock the Key Bearers, which will be fused from the Light Digimon that you have met here, and their Darkness counterparts," Leomon explained. "You have the Keys of Light and Darkness, which means that you were best suited to become the leader this time, though normally the leader carries the emblem of Courage."

"Thank you for explaining that to me," Andrew answered, bowing his head in appreciation, but instead of returning to the wall where Clopesmon and the dinosaur were standing, he headed off to an unoccupied space. He wasn't a very good people person.
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Sieg looked over to leader boy as he now termed him. He guessed though he won't be the leader, not that he minded it was actually relieved, he had a role to play. He looked round. The Digidestined were about as social as a rabid dog. Time to start making a team out of these loners.

"Yoh leader boy, lighten up!" he yelled, speaking to Andrew, Kessymon right behind him.

"Listen, I'll be honest, I only know slightly more than you do. All i know is we each have two crests, that each of our Digimon are half of one of these five really famous Digimon called the Key bearers, and there's five other Digimon out there who are the other half, and most of them want to kill our Digimon. Oh, I'm Siegfried, though most call me Sieg!" he laughed, putting a hand forwards.

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Andrew looked down on the other teen that was offering him his hand. He took his hand out of the pocket with the goggles in them, and shook the hand.

"Name's Andrew," the teen muttered. "I guess I'm the leader."

"Of course you are!" proclaimed the bird following Sieg around. "You've got the goggles don't you?"

"Yes, but-" Andrew tried to talk, but was cut off.

"That means you're the leader!" squacked the bird.

"All right, all right!" Andrew exclaimed in annoyance, the bird knew how to grind his gears. "Calm down, would you?"

Sieg laughed, at least his Digimon had some sense of humor, as opposed to everyone else. Between the egotist girl, the shy ones, and this leader, he was happy there would be a few laughs.

"So, we're here to collect Keys huh?" Andrew asked, placing his hand back in his pocket, digging the goggles deep. "Sounds like fun."

"Should be, with all the action we'll get," Clopesmon said from behind Sieg, flying over to join them.

"Well, I suppose there are some perks," Andrew muttered, looking over at the girl with the furry dinosaur. She seemed nice, not like all the stalkers he had at his school. "It's nice not being stalked constantly by hot girls."

"I'm not understanding what's wrong with that picture," Sieg answered.

"It's really not as nice as you might think," Andrew answered, looking over at the girl again.
OOC: Note that some of Zerinya's history is mentioned here. >.>

While waiting for the girl to answer, Zerinya closed her eyes and tried to imagine what was going on back home.

In her mind, she could see her house, with the crater still in her driveway. She saw two girls, one with long black hair, another with short red hair, walking up to the house. She could see them look at the crater, then running inside. Looking in every room, calling the school and police, panicking…Then she saw the younger one, the one with the red hair, walk up to a shrine. There was a picture of a man and a woman in it. In her mind, she could hear these words…

“Mom, Dad, please watch over Zerinya.”

Zerinya shook her head to destroy the image. She couldn’t stand the thought of her sisters being all alone. Oh, how she wanted to be back!

“Miss Zerin?” Beowulf tugged on her sleeve. “Are you okay?” He looked very concerned.

“I’m fine, Beowulf.” She answered. “I was just thinking of home.” She had the feeling she was being watched, so she looked up and noticed that one of the boys was looking at her. She quickly looked down again.

“Oh…” The Digimon said. He decided to change the topic. “So, did you have any friends back home?”

Zerinya scoffed. “If you can call those who pretend to be so they can use you to help them with their homework ‘friends’.” She looked away. “Other than you and my sisters, I don’t have any friends.”

Beowulf wilted after hearing that. He didn’t know how lonely she had been. He brightened up when an idea came to him. “Well, why not start with the other humans here? I’m sure they’ll be willing to be your friends.”

“Maybe…” Zerinya looked up at the others.


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"Right, one down, 3 to go!" Sieg thought. He turned to Kessymon.

"Right bird boy, we have the leader signed up, time to start helping the others form a team, now, shall it be dino girl, dragon girl or denial girl?"

"Dino girl, she seems to be the one who needs friends most. Your crest ain't friendship, but like that matters! That, and denial girl creeps me out a little."

"Y'know that's the reason Hadesdramon is constantly at your throat right?"

"(censored) straight!"

"You're a nutter, y'know that?"

"I know it, and I love it!"

"Fine, yo dino girl! How's life, the name's Sieg what's yours?"