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Digimon: Chronicles of Light and Shadow begins

Dino girl? Zerinya looked at the boy, Sieg, then glanced at Beowulf, who nodded.

“See? Those guys seem nice.” He said. “Kessymon, the bird Digimon, can be a little strange, though.”

“Thanks for the heads up.” the girl walked up to the two boys, with her partner following.

“My name is Zerinya, but you can call me Zerin.” she said. She kept her hands behind her back, since she wasn’t good with handshakes. “And my life’s been pretty good.”

“And I’m her partner, Dorumon, but you can call me Beowulf!” The Digimon started to dance around his partner again until she placed her hand on his forehead.

“Uh, you can stop now.” the girl said, slightly embarrassed.

“Okay.” When she removed her hand, Beowulf fell to the ground, then quickly scrambled back up.

Zerinya giggled, then looked at the other boy. “And you are?”


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"Who you calling strange gem nose?" Kessymon blurted out.

"Last time I checked you were the bird who goes around calling people stupid names and yelling at the top of your voice," Sieg replied.

"I ain't no bird, I'm a dude, oh wait, yeah the wings and all that, I forget sometimes, oh, and your forgiven squirrel butt"

"Anyway, who shall we extend the hand of friendship to next?"

"Anyone except denial girl, as I said she creeps me out a bit,"

"O-kay then, dragon girl it is, YO DRAGON GIRL, the name's Sieg, nice to meet you, what's your name?"

OOC: Yeah, I'm just getting to know the group. Sieg's in a good mood at the moment, so his personalities in the friendly setting.
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"Andrew," the teen said simply to Zerinya. "And this is Clopesmon." He pointed to the one-eyed dragon hovering next to him.

"So, you're the leader?" the dinosaur asked, the one called Dorumon.

"That's what I hear," Andrew answered, putting his hands back in his pockets.

"So, why aren't you wearing the goggles?" Clopesmon asked, looking at where Andrew was trying to hide them.

"Because they make me look like a dork," he shot back.

"Never know unless someone actually sees you in them," Clopesmon said wisely.

Andrew thought about that, and despite his base instincts, pulled the goggles out of his pocket. With a sigh, he strapped them on, allowing the whole cave to view his annoyance.

"They make me look like a geek, don't they?" Andrew asked Zerinya, a goofy grin on his face.
Zerinya smiled and shook her head. “ No, not at all. What I don’t understand though, is how a pair of goggles signifies leadership.”

Beowulf gave Kessymon a death glare. “I was calling you strange, bird brain!”

“Beowulf, please…” Zerinya sighed. “What are you trying to do, get into a fight?”

“I’m sorry, Miss Zerin. But I’m getting sick and tired just standing around!” the Digimon stated.

“I understand that you’re getting impatient, but please, try and wait a little while longer. Now I suggest you apologize to Kessymon. We can’t be at each other’s throats if we’re supposed to work together!”

Beowulf stared at his partner for a second, then nodded. “I understand.” He turned to Kessymon. “Listen, I’m sorry I called you strange and a bird brain.”

Whoa, at first I thought he was hyperactive. Zerinya thought. I guess I was wrong. He’s actually kind of mature. She turned her attention back to Andrew. “Well, uh..” She stammered, then muttered under her breath, “Why do I always feel awkward when I meet someone?”

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"Completely understandable, I'm very charming," Andrew said jokingly, lifting his arms. "Girls stalk me, why wouldn't you feel shy?"

"Just kidding," he said with a laugh. "I'm not too good with meeting people either, even though girls just seem to run into me."

"He is, of course, overacting," Clopesmon muttered under his breath, even though heknew what he had said was a lie.

Hmmm...this girl is different from the ones at home, Andrew thoguht. So far, she hadn't thrown herself at him, which he counted as a good thing.
Beowulf shot Kessymon another glare, but ignored him. Instead, he walked up to Zerinya and stood right beside her. No way was he going to get in trouble because of that silly bird!

“Really? Huh, that sounds like most of the girls at my school, except they dive for anyone who they think is cute.” Zerinya said, petting her partner. “I think they’re crazy.”

Beowulf looked up at her. “So, you’re not like most of the other girls at your school?”

“That’s right. Unlike them, I don’t talk about who’s the cutest guy, or worry about how I look. Instead, I worry about my grades and my plans for the future.” she sighed. “Sometimes, I think that me and my sisters are the only sane ones in that school.”

“Oh…” the Dino Digimon muttered. Then he blinked. “Sisters?”


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Alot can happen in 24 hours

((Sorry I've been gone so long people. I went up to Savannah for the day to have lunch with some reletives))

BIC: "Yo! dragon girl! Whats your name?" Sieg asked, referring to Fox. She turned away for a second. Dragon girl? There's a frist time for everything I suppose... She thought, before turning to face him.

"Well, it definetly isn't 'Dragon girl' thats for sure. My name's Fox. And thats Cometmon," she said, pointing at her partner. Cometmon grinned as if to say"thats me!"

Fox looked over at Rika. She seemed to have an ego problem. I dont really care who leads this group, as long as it isn't her... Meanwhile, Cometmon was talking to the various digimon, mostly Nixe. She appeared to enjoy attention.


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"And that's why DarkMoonShinemon is after me," Cometmon finished(OOC: I don't actually know why, so I put in the classic writer cheat).

"Nice, but mine will blow your brains out, Hadesdramon is usually after me because I constantly call him Dragon butt!" Cometmon anime fell. This guy took the (censored) out of his Shadow form. Nixe is a (censored) nutter!

"Nice to meet you Fox, I'm guessing you do sword play, Samurai Bushido or longsword buckler style?" Sieg asked Fox.

OOC: Sieg's pseudo telepathic, he reads body language. I do it to, it's quite easy.

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This girl seemed peaceful to Andrew, in any case, he was releived of the fact that none of the girls had attacked him as he often was in school. Hope they can keep their cool if we have to go swimming, he thought to himself.

Clopesmon was happy that he was now wearing the goggles, even though they were making his hair stick up even more than usual. It was nice that at least his Digidestined wouldn't be a loner, he seemed to like the girl.

Meanwhile, Andrew was in his own thoughts while he spoke with the girl. She was rather good-looking, or at least that was how Andrew's flight would see her. He himself had little emotion as it was, and love did not fall into that catagory. He normally felt nothing.

"You have a sister?" he asked Zerinya. "I have a brother, though a more annoying creature never lived on the planet."
If a dinosaur could grin, Beowulf would be grinning from ear to ear. At first, he thought that Zerinya would stay away from everyone else. Now, she seemed like she wouldn’t be lonely again.

“I have two sisters, actually.” Zerinya said. “One’s very talented. She could cook, sew, and she’s an excellent swimmer. The other’s very playful, and mischievous. Every morning she would wake me up by smacking me with a pillow.” As she remembered her family, she got more and more concerned, until she suddenly fell silent, with a distant look in her red eyes.

Beowulf, who had been listening to her stories of her home, stood straight up and looked at his partner. “Zerinya?” He nudged her hand with his snout, hoping to get a response.

The girl shook herself, then looked down at Beowulf. “Thank you, Beowulf. I guess I was out of it, huh?” She looked at Andrew. “I’m sorry if I worried you…”

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"No problem," Andrew said, this girl sounded pretty cool to him. "I know how to cook too, comes with the ROTC training I put myself through at my High School."

"Really?" she asked. "That's neat."

"Yeah, most think it's women's work, but I took a personal interest at being able to survive outside without people to help me."

But he was talking about himself again, he never did like bragging. So, to compensate for bugging the girl with his own junk, he pulled out a piece of food, a piece of chocolate.

"You hungry?" he asked, offering her the food.
Zerinya looked at the chocolate that was offered to her. “No, thank you.” She said. For some odd reason, she wasn’t hungry at all.

“Are you sure, Miss Zerin?” Beowulf asked. He sniffed at the food. “It smells good. Is it poisonous?”

“No, it’s not that, Beowulf. I just have a lot on my mind right now.” She nodded to Andrew, then walked to the entrance of the cave and leaned against the wall.

The girl stared outside. Although there wasn’t much to see, the Digital World seemed pretty amazing. While staring at the sky, she said to herself, “I wonder if I’m looking at the same sky back home…”She glanced at the other humans and Digimon, then closed her eyes. One second, I’m in front of my house, now I’m in a strange world with four strangers and several monsters. It’s hard to believe… She pinched herself. …that this isn’t a dream.

Zerinya slightly opened her eyes and looked at the sky again. “Sorry, sis…” she muttered. “Looks like you’ll need to wait a little longer for your Birthday present…”


OOC: O-O You people are fast...


CyberKoromon watched on as everyone introduced themselves. Rika just looked on like nothing was happening. She watched as Andrew put the stupid goggles on his head and whined about them making him look like a dork. Rika uttered out a nice comment *gasp* "I guess they're OK," she said as she turned away and walked to the edge of the mountain overhanging the other side. CyberKoromon did the same.

<You OK?> he asked in telepathy, sounding kinda like Al from Full Metal Alchemist. The voice echoed inside his helmet, but it didn't really bother Rika as some things did. <I saw you didn't make very good friends back there.>

"Uh, well...I've always been the first to lead in my school and stuff. Now that I'm here, in this 'Digital World', I was hoping I was the leader. I mean, Light and Darkness are good and all, but since Courage and Frinedship are supposedly the leader's elements, why aren't I the leader?"

<Well, the balance between Light and Darkness is essential to bring the keys to us and away from the ones who want to steal them. I do agree that if any other occasion was occuring, you would be the leader.>

"But why not now?"

<Well, Andrew has the skills to handle Light and Darkness.>

Rika rolled her eyes. "He looks like a fool. Ooh, look at the dork with the goggles..."

<Well, he might be able to save your KeyBearer.>


<His name is Sevomon, and he needs you! Didn't you know that? He's scared for you, that you might be hunted down for your elements and then you would be in real danger! ShadowGarudamon must be stopped!>

"Um, OK, but I don't really think I want to take that kind of responsibility."

<But Rika! Don't you like me?> CyberKoromon looked up at Rika with pleading eyes, like he wanted the last chocolate bar.

"I guess...back to my friend issues. They haven't even talked to me yet."

<Well maybe you should try to go make friends.>

"I'm not good at that."

<I bet you are.> CyberKoromon stood Rika up and pushed her towards the kid with the dinosaur, the one that had called herself Zerinya. He ran away real quick to play with the other Digimon, and Rika shyly waved her hand.

"Hi, I'm Rika..."

OOC: RIKA'S GETTING ALONG WITH PEOPLE? Look what you made me do ^_^
Zerinya had nearly dozed off when she heard someone speak to her. “Hmm? Wha?” She rubbed her eyes and looked at the speaker. It was the new girl, the one with the big ego.

Normally, Zerinya would have walked away from her, but she seemed like an okay person. “Hello, Rika. I’m Zerinya, but you can call me Zerin.” She glanced over at the girl’s Digimon. ‘Your partner’s kind of cool. What’s its name?”

Beowulf glanced at CyberKoromon. He felt insecure, since this Digimon was with the self-proclaimed leader girl. But when he looked at his partner, he was shocked.

Maybe there’s more to that girl than what she appears to be… He looked at the Digimon again, then walked up to it. “Hey.” He muttered. “You’re that girl's partner?” He nodded to the girl who Zerinya was speaking with.


Rika smiled, happy that she had actually made a friend. "Hi, Zerin. This is CyberKoromon. Your partner's kinda cool as well. What's its name?"

CyberKoromon ran around Beowulf as they engaged in a couple games. Rika smiled happily, and rubbed her neck nervously, kinda scared at making a new friend. "I haven't had many friends, and its not because I have a 'big ego'. They just...don't like me. But I guess know that we're in this world we'll be friends?"
“My partner’s Dorumon, but he prefers to be called Beowulf.” Zerinya smiled at Rika. “Of course I would be your friend here. Besides, I don’t have many friends back at my home, since I was so…different.” She looked at the ground, then looked back up. She was nervous, but she felt better while she was talking to Rika. I can’t believe I already made some friends here. She thought, glancing at Beowulf, Sieg and Andrew. Maybe being here isn’t so bad after all…

Beowulf was enjoying himself. Not only did his partner have some new friends, but he had one as well. CyberKoromon was a great Digimon to hang around with. The other Digimon…well, he wasn’t sure.


"I wouldn't really want to call CyberKoromon anything different," Rika said happily. This conversation was going quite smoothly, and Rika felt tingly. "He's perfect the way he is."

CyberKoromon smiled, and spun around. "CyberKoromon, digivolve to.... Endigoumon!" He changed into a small purple wolf with white-tipped ears, tail, and had six wings. She had a pointed T under her eye, and had big blue eyes.

Rika hugged Endigoumon, and she curled up in her arms.

OOC: So that I'm rookie with you guys.
Zerinya blinked in surprise when she saw CyberKoromon change. “Whoa…” She had never seen digivolution before.

“When a Digimon digivolves, their appearance changes, and they get much stronger.” Beowulf explained. “Oh, and before I forget again…”

“Forget again?” His human partner said, giving him a strange look.

“Hey, give me a break here. Anyway, I, along with the other Rookie Digimon in this cave-not Leomon, mind you-are being hunted.” He glanced around nervously.

“Hunted?” Zerinya knelt down and looked straight into Beowulf’s eyes. “By whom?”

Beowulf looked at the other Digimon, wishing they would come up and explain to his partner about what‘s going on. “Well, it’s sort of hard to explain…”


Endigoumon jumped up and down and started to explain. "Well see each of you guys harnesses a key...or two...and the Key Bearers are trying to run away from our Shadow Forms because they've got the keys but soon you'll have the keys and then our Shadow Forms will be after you!" she said, not half caring that was happening.

OOC: I hope that's what's happening....
OOC: I think this is what's happening...

Zerinya stared at Endigoumon. “Gee, thank you for telling me that. I feel better.” She said sarcastically.

Beowulf coughed. “Well, you almost have it right.” He turned to Zerinya. “You see, each human in this cave is need to find two keys. I, along with the other Digimon partners, are actually part of something bigger: The Key Bearers. They were very powerful Digimon, but they had to split their souls apart into a light Digimon, like me, and a Shadow Digimon. The Shadows are hunting us down, and the only way we can stop them is to find the Keys.”

Zerinya pondered about what her partner had said. “So, you were once a big, powerful Digimon that had to split his soul into two Digimon?”

“Right.” Beowulf said. “But there’s more to it than that!”

“More?” Zerinya sighed. “Great. I just hope it can actually tell me why I’m here, because I’m STILL confused.”