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Digimon Chronicles: The Battle for Parallel Worlds!

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by DVB, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    The Story So Far...

    Across the multiverse, several worlds laided in statis. Gray, dull and static, the worlds were in a protective state. Parallelmon looked around at the area. Besides the time-stopped area, there were several rips in space-time where it was. There were still a few Tamers and Digi-Destined in hiding. No matter, he would find them eventually. After all, few digimon swore their loyalty to his and his allies' cause. Besides the holes to the Human World, there were holes to other Digital Worlds. Parallelmon sat for a moment. This Digital World was different than most of them were, where the word Tamer first came into play.

    Parallelmon realized he should get going before he vanished.

    He reappeared in the strange dimensional area. "Quartzmon, once again, I must say, you need to redesign this area, he stated. The other digimon present rolled their eyes. As an experiment, they had to spend years in this place without their powers so they would grow accustomed to one another's traits and eliminate the need to destroy one another.

    Strangely enough, it worked.

    Quartzmon remained quiet. It created this realm so they could plot their plans. They were all gathered for an unknown purpose. Parallelmon was the one who got this interesting idea and brought them all here. While they loathed to admit it, they were somewhat grateful to the world-hopping digimon.

    DarknessBagramon, Quartzmon, Apocalymon, ZeedMillenniummon, and Daemon all turned to see Parallelmon holding the seventh member of their little alliance, Arkadimon. It was sleeping like an infant, in its Fresh mode.

    "These last battles have been victories, although it will take awhile to be able to change the Digital Worlds back to how we see fit as well as all the Human Worlds," DarknessBagramon stated.

    "I found a solution. Each time I went to a parallel dimension, I caught a glimpse... a glimpse of a special human world... Imagine it like the root of this... all of this. Not just this world, but of several other multiverses. We could rule over so much more than our wildest imaginations..." Parallelmon proposed. The other digimon were stunned, but one by one, they showed their satisfaction with the idea.

    "However, accessing it seems to be impossible for the time being. Whatever force is guarding it dwarves all of our powers combine. We will need to await for circumstance to give us a window of some sort..." Parallelmon stated.

    "In the meanwhile, we will carve out the territories. Arkadimon and myself will be scouting around while Quartzmon will defend the base. Everyone else, find a territory and do as you please. Be ready to defend yourselves," Parallelmon stated before he vanished.

    Meanwhile, in the Tamer Digital World...

    Across the bleak landscape, a few Digignomes stared at a large hole in the middle of nowhere. They were largely ignored since the largest threat to their world was the D-Reaper, a factor that none of the Digimon that were ravaging the other Digital Worlds.

    They were mysterious beings, the Digignomes...

    All had with them Digieggs... six of them. They were unable to find a suitable seventh one...

    The large hole was created by the D-Reaper's influence or rather ECHELON, the supposed 'parent' program. The Digignomes began making the hole glow as they attempted to trace back the faint signal. However, a large massive tear occured because the space was so unstable and combined with their talent, a gate to a new world was made....

    The Heart World...

    Seeing the place was untouched and the signal was weak, the hope was still there and they tossed it a Crest along with a digiegg inside. However, one Digignome looked at the lone remaining Crest before they saw somethng fly in the distance headed to them.

    It was a Kuramon. Apparently, something knocked the creature tumbling and flying.

    The Digignomes watched it tumble toward them before something got stuck to it...

    The Last Crest!

    They saw the little Kuramon take the crest and it disappeared into the real world... the Digignome saw the portal remain open before they disappeared from the area...


    Name (Player)- Digimon-Crest
    Diego Vendirx (DVB)- Keramon and Crest of Reliability
    Leonardo Silverstone (Monster Guy)- Elecmon and Crest of Love
    Rosaline Butler (wayjun)- Dorumon and Crest of Courage
    Halt Du Lac (deltakurumiru)- Commandramon and Crest of Friendship
    Karai Horoshi (bronislav84)- Agumon and Crest of Sincerity
    Alexander Thistlewood (Krazy95)- Ryudamon and Crest of Hope
    Erika Judy (SpyroxPikachu)- Gabumon and Crest of Knowledge


    Diego Vendrix and Keramon
    Digidestined of Reliability
    College Dormroom- Atlanta, GA
    7:00 PM

    Diego had been dancing for the past half hour. Why? Well, the fact of the matter was simple. He had his own Digimon. Better yet, his own digivice and even his own Crest! While this made him ecstatic, it also worried him. He saw the Tamers saga and enjoyed it. However, he also realized the seriousness of the danger. He hoped his glasses would be enough when the wild digimon start coming.

    Well, if they start coming.

    He didn't think he would have to face against something like the D-Reaper. That seemed to be very frightening.

    However, there was also his Kuramon.

    It seemed like a misbehaved child though also innocent and naive. Remembering what the wiki said, Diego hoped to try and get rid of the whole 'human's destruction instinct being condensed into it' out of his digimon.

    So far it seem to be working, letting the digimon play on his Minecraft game and also instructed him not to eat the data. He did look upset, so Diego began wondering what to let the guy eat, while still pondering the situation.

    Kuramon popped out of the computer again before going to Diego's arms and shaking. Both had a bad feeling of what was going to happen.
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone and Pafumon (Elecmon's Fresh form)
    Digidestined of Love
    The Silverstone House, New York City, New York

    Leo lay comfortably on his bed. With his homework for the night finally finished, he now had some free time before it was time to go to bed. So, he turned on the Wii U he had gotten for Christmas, and spent his time watching My Little Pony videos on the web browser. He would've used the computer, but his sister Lilly was using it, as per usual... But that was fine, his Wii U had a fabulous web browser anyway.

    He went to Youtube, a pulled up a video. Lately, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic had become one of his favorite shows, despite it being aimed at little girls. According to the internet, there were tons of teenage boys who liked the show, they called themselves Bronies. Sadly, he was the only boy in school he knew who would admit to being a fan of the show offline, but whatever. It was there loss, and there was nothing wrong with liking a cartoon about ponies. Besides the adorable animation style, one of the things he liked about the show was the awesome music.

    ♪My name is Pinkie Pie (Hello!)
    And I am here to say (How ya doin'?)
    I'm gonna make you smile
    And I will brighten up your day
    It doesn't matter now (What's up?)
    If you are sad or blue (Howdy!)
    Cuz cheering up my friends
    Is just what Pinkie's here to do!
    Cuz I love to make you smile, smile, smile!
    Yes I do!
    It fills my heart with sunshine all the while!
    Yes it does!

    Cuz all I really need's a smile, smile, smile
    From these happy friends of mine!
    I'd like to see you grin. (Awesome!)
    I'd love to see you beam. (Rock on!)
    The corners of your mouth turned up
    is always Pinkie's dream. (Hoof-bump!)
    But if you're kind of worried,
    And your face has made a frown,
    I'll work real hard and do my best
    To turn that sad frown upside down!
    Cuz I love to make you grin, grin, grin!
    Yes I do!
    Bust it out from ear to ear!
    Let it begin!

    Just give me a joyful grin, grin, grin!
    And ya feel me with good cheer!
    It's true some days are dark and lonely.
    And maybe you feel sad?
    But Pinkie will be there to,
    Show you that it isn't that bad!

    There is one thing that makes me happy,
    And makes my whole life worthwhile!
    And that's when I talk to my friends and get them to smile!
    I really am so happy
    Your smile fills me with glee.
    I give a smile, I get a smile
    And that's so special to me.
    Cuz I love to see you beam, beam, beam!
    Yes I do!
    Tell me what more can I say to make you see,
    That I do!?
    It makes me happy when you beam, beam, beam!
    Yes it always makes my day!

    Come on everypony
    Smile, smile, smile!
    Fill my heart up with sunshine,
    All I really need's a smile, smile, smile!
    From these happy friends of mine!

    Come on everypony
    Smile, smile, smile!
    Fill my heart up with sunshine,
    All I really need's a smile, smile, smile!
    From these happy friends of mine!

    Yes the perfect gift for me! (Come on everypony, smile, smile, smile)
    Is a smile as wide as a mile! (Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine)
    To make me happy as can be! (All I really need's a smile, smile, smile from these happy friend of-)
    Come on and Smile!
    Come on and Smile!♪

    As Leo sang along to the song that had practically become his theme song, he decided to check his E-Mail. In his Inbox, he got a weird message from an address he never heard of before. So, he did what anyone else would do, he clicked it.

    Just as he did, the power went out, and the whole house went dark.

    "Well, that was weird..."

    For a moment, everything was pitch black. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Then, Leo's TV turned on, but nothing else. There was nothing on it but static. Suddenly, something started to crawl out of it. Leo jumped out of his bed, and stood straight up from the shock of it. "GAH!" The sight of thing coming out of the TV was like something out of a horror movie.

    Thankfully, it wasn't an evil demon that wanted to kill him that emerged from the TV, but instead... what appeared to be an egg. With some kind of necklace wrapped around it. The lights came back on soon afterward.

    Before Leo had time to examine the egg, a crack started to appear on it. It was hatching right there in the middle of Leo's bedroom. What emerged from the egg was some type of blue puffball with little ear things on top of it's head. The necklace that was wrapped around the egg, was now wrapped around it.

    Leo didn't care what it was, or how it got here. All he knew, was that it was the cutest thing ever! He immediately ran up to it to give it a bug hug. He spoke to it in a baby voice. "Your so cute! Yes you are! Yes you are!"

    Once he let go of the poor creature, to allow it to breathe, something else happened. A device magically appeared in his hand. It was about the size of his cell phone. It was red, and had black and blue grips. Leo had watched enough TV to know where he had seen this device before. "Hey, a digivice!" He smiled when the realization that he was carrying a real life Digimon in his arms hit him. He adjusted the goggles he wore on top of his head. The main guy in the Digimon anime always wore goggles on top of his head. That was where he got the idea to wear them himself from.

    He took the necklace his new Baby Digimon was wearing off of it, and took a look at it. Now with Digimon planted in his mind, he knew exactly what it was, a Crest. And judging by the heart shaped symbol depicted on it, he had gotten the best one (In his opinion) the Crest of Love. Leo's smile got even wider, and he jumped up from the excitement. "Aw man, this is great! I got the best one. True Love is the most powerful force there is hehe! At least, that's what all the Fairy Tales say." Leo put his Digimon down on his bed, and looked at it. The Digimon returned his gaze with one of his own. "Now, the only thing I can't figure out, is what you are. But don't worry, your only a baby. I'm sure you'll tell me what you are once you digivolve further. Now that I got my own Digimon, I wonder what's gonna happen next... Eh, whatever happens, it'll probably be something AWESOME!" he pumped his fist in the air.

    Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Lilly's annoyed voice soon followed. "Hey could you keep it down in there?! I'm trying to do my homework! I lost all my hard work because of that stupid power outtage!"

    "Oh... Sorry about that." Leo whispered politely.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
  3. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    ((OOC: Discussion thread, pretty please? That is, if you have not applied for one already. Spellcheck does not like any words that have anything to do with Digimon.))
    Rosaline Butler and Dodomon (DORUmon’s Fresh Stage)
    Digidestined of Courage
    Bedroom – Belvedere, CA
    3:30 PM

    “AAAUUGGGHHH!” Rosa yelled, surprised at the multi-hued ovular thing that had appeared to materialize from her computer screen. The object was shaking and pressing all manner of buttons, creating a mess of characters on her screen. In the moments preceding the appearance of the Digiegg, the light (it was an overcast day) in her bedroom had been experiencing what may only be compared to a sudden influx of energy in a normally sedate person, immediately followed by a drastic drop. It seemed to be an isolated incident, for most of the lights in the house were not on.

    A few seconds later, a small device popped out from the screen. It was black, copper, and strange red that resembled dried blood. Those colors were arranged in an intricate flame pattern on the back, which Rosa could clearly see as the machine had landed face down. Unfortunately, the motion of the Digivice being expelled from the computer screen created enough force so that the first object that had appeared rolled onto Rosa’s lap. “What!? What the – oh my god, it’s a Digiegg!” She had finally figured out what the unknown object was – something that she had always wished for. She started to emit an odd, high-pitched squee while rocking her chair back and forth.

    “Rosaline! What is going on?” her mother called, worried that she might have done something stupid yet again.

    “It’s nothing! I just clicked on a link that I shouldn’t have! Y’know, one of those links!” Rosa yelled back. Her mother was apparently satisfied with that response, as she inquired no further. It was true – Rosaline had clicked on a suspicious email from an unknown sender, but since her computer was old and failing and she rather wanted a new one, she thought it was okay to get a virus on it.

    Rosa wrapped her arms around the Digiegg, trying to cuddle it while trying to be delicate with it. She really wanted to run around like a madman, and flaunt the Digiegg, but because of the off chance of her dropping it, she merely held it. The digital egg shook, reminding the to-be Tamer that the eggs almost always hatched directly after attainment by the Tamer, so she stopped hugging it. Because she thought that it might off of her lap if she let the egg hatch there, she placed the egg on her wood floor. What happened next is partly the egg’s fault, partly Rosa’ fault, but mostly the fact that round-ish-things-roll-if-let-alone-on-slightly-tilted-wood-floor’s fault. The egg’s oscillating caused it to fall over and roll under Rosa’s bed before she could attempt to stop it.

    Testing the limits of her flexibility, Rosa reached under the bed, searching for the Digiegg. It had apparently managed to wedge itself in a place where two of her storage boxes lay perpendicularly. She extended her arm beyond what was comfortable for her, but acquiring a Digimon was well worth nearly any sacrifice. Unbeknownst to her, while she had been reaching for the egg, an egg it was no longer. A Dodomon, slightly furrier than others of its kind, had hatched from the egg and was looking around in the cramped, dusty darkness that was the underneath of Rosa’s bed. It was rather confused – it was supposed to have awakened in the light, not the darkness. A hand was near it, and it figured that the hand belonged to whoever had put it in the darkness; therefore, it reasoned, without thinking, that biting the hand would certainly get it somewhere. It bit the hand.

    The owner of the hand was ecstatic to have her hand bitten by a Digimon – her Digimon. The pain that followed was not wished for, but it was the price of Taming a Digimon. She did not make a sound because she did not wish to alarm her Digimon, but it was oh so tempting. Dragging the Dodomon from under the bed was an arduous task, but she was rewarded her hand back with an attached Dodomon for her efforts.

    The small, furry Digimon released her Tamer’s hand, but kept on glaring at her.

    “Yes! Digimon! Mine! I'll get the Digivice to prove that you're mine, 'kay?” Rosa was excited, but not too stupefied to go and walk over to retrieve her Digivice. Once Rosa touched the Device, Dodomon acquired a look of satisfaction, and procured a necklace.

    The petite, beast-like, dragon Digimon was none too pleased that her Tamer had reacted as if owning a Digimon was paradise on Earth. It wanted to talk to Rosa without being hindered by the complication of being unable to talk. It then sighted her cat. Rosa's cat was not pleased that there was a new animal that was hogging all of her owner's attention, and this new animal looked and smelled odd, so it started to hiss. Dodomon growled back at it, thinking it a game. Her cat responded by jumping a few fair feet in the air, and then landing back down on her bed. Dodomon, wishing to imitate it, started to bounce up and down.

    "No! Stop! Just stop!" Rosa said, worried that her parents might notice if Dodomon's jumping up and down created enough noise. Dodomon stopped bouncing, but Rosa's cat did not cease hissing for the strange new animal had not gone away.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2013
  4. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    (Lol Mon you're not the only one with a WiiU. :p)

    Karai Horoshi and Koromon
    Digidestined of Sincerity
    Karai's Apartment - Brooklyn, NY

    I had come home from another unsuccessful job search about four hours ago, finding dinner laid out and a note to not have boys over. Like I had any friends left from school. They'd all went to college and I only ever 'saw' them on Facebook.

    I thought about the egg that came out of my computer a couple of hours after that. Why me? I wasn't even that high level in the game and only been playing a couple of weeks. Sure I'd unlocked WarGreymon, but he wasn't even that high level. Whoever it was that sent me Botamon could have chosen a multitude of other players. Why choose me out of all of them? It made no sense to me at all, and asking Koromon about it didn't help.

    Of course that's when I'd figured out that this one was female, which I'd never heard of ever existing. About an hour after hatching she had Divivolved to Koromon and could speak, not that she could tell me anything useful since she had just been born recently. Now she was just sleeping soundly on my bed. We had developed an understanding: I didn't bother her, and she didn't bother me. I was more interested in playing the game I had on my laptop screen rather than with the real Digimon next to me. That suited her just fine though, since I did actually promise to take care of her and feed her.

    And then I heard a yawn. Koromon was up. "Human, where's your Digivice?"

    "Oh, so you know about Digivices but not why I was chosen to take care of you?" I inquired of the round ball that had flopped out of my bed and jumped on my lap. I picked up my Digivice from the table next to my laptop and showed it to her.

    "I told you before, I don't remember anything other than what we're programmed with to start. That we're to meet our human and try to get along." She yawned again and looked on as I led my character around town.

    "Speaking of which, I'm Karai. Karai Horoshi." I told her as I closed my laptop. Obviously I would get no gaming done tongiht.

    "I'm Koromon now, but you obviously know that."

    "Uh, yea."

    Having closed the laptop, I was thoroughly bored. "Ah, I know. Let's play Nintendo Land." I said, reaching to turn on my WiiU which I bought with the money from my last job before the store closed.

    "Do I look like I have hands? You play, I'll watch." Said Koromon as I proceeded to play Nintendo Land, choosing the Zelda minigame.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2013
  5. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt du Lac and Missimon (Commandramon's In-training form)
    Digidestined of Friendship
    du Lac Residence-Cape Cod, MA
    4:45 pm, EST

    "You idiot!" Halt shouted angerly at his TV screen. As fun as his favorite game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, was, it can get very stressful when online via Ad-Hoc party. Mostly because, once you get to G-rank, all people want to hunt with you are Fatalis, and that often involves rookies being slack jawed at them. Halt was hunting a Black Fatalis with three others, and one of them got killed by a fireball. That was clearly cherographed, HELLO! Halt growled, and resumed shoting at the monster from a nearby castle wall. The Fatalis slithered around more, and, in one of the more rage inducing moments Halt has felt, he suddenly snap-and-dragged the remaining help, and the hunt ended in failure. "YOU IDIOTS! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN HUNTING WITH ME?! GET THE HELL OFF MY TEAM!" Halt roared in anger, and shut off the PS3, pissed off.

    "Hey, keep it down, I'm getting some sleep!" hissed an annnoyed voice from the corner. Halt looked over from the beige couch to see a little digimon sitting in the dog bed. "Seriously, you sound worse than...than...."

    "THe commentary isn't appreiatted, Missimon" Halt grumbled in responce to the small...friend? Aqauintince? Digimon. As amazing as it was to see a Digimon, the novelty wore off quickly once the bugger hatched from his egg. For one, he often got angry at Halt for playing video games, one of Halt's favorite past times. Speaking of whom, Halt shut off the TV, and opened his laptop to go online and play a game there. "Maybe League of Legends, it's been awhile I played" Halt murmured to himself. Missimon sighed, and darted about before ramming into a wall. He started cursing at it, and smashed more into it. Halt sighed more, and looked down at the crest that came with the egg. "Friendship...why me?" Halt thought with dread.
  6. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Alexander Thistlewood and Kyokyomon
    Digidestined of Hope
    Thistlewood Acres, Woodlands of ME
    Dusk (Evening/Night Border)

    "Heh, well.... another day of work done and gone, hey Kyokyomon?" Alexander grinned and sat back a little, admiring the newly painted walls of his room. Kyokyomon grinned and hopped about, grinning. "Boy, is it ever!" he said loudly, almost knocking himself over from excitedness. Alex smiled and crashed back onto his mobile phone, and started playing Angry Birds casually. While doing so, he observed the Crest he had received. He was a little confused to say the least when, while on his computer, the device shut down, the power surged out, and after it turned on, his computer looked a little worse for wear, streaming data by an almighty amount. Moments later, he found why when a Digi-Egg appeared before him, hatching into a little Fufumon. He also found himself looking at a Digivice, and the Crest of Hope. Finding it all odd, Xander had managed to convince himself he was hallucinating, that was, until the next morning.

    He smiled at the Crest before him. "Digidestined of Hope... Kinda makes sense, I guess..." He looked at Kyokyomon, who had himself evolved from his Fresh to In-Training only a metter of hours ago. He was still adjusting, even more jittery and on-edge than the norm. As Xander observed Kyokyomon fly into the wall before yelling out in shock, he laughed, and put his phone down. Walking over to the surprised Digimon, he patted his head and grinned. "Chill, hey?" Kyokyomon looked back and nodded. "Sure..."

    Xander grinned again, before frowning. Looks like I've got something odd coming up... Digidestined always do....
  7. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Erika Judy and Punimon (Gabumon’s Fresh Form)
    Digidestined of Knowledge
    Erika’s bedroom - London, England.
    2:00 AM

    “No shush, it looks fine, dear!” Said Erika in a whisper, trying to fix the scarf she was wrapping around the Digimon’s form. It had appeared to her in an egg around midnight, popping out of the computer like some sort of odd sci-fi game. The Punimon huffed in response. Erika had figured out that it didn’t seem to be able to speak yet, she patted it’s little red head spikes and smiled.

    She was honestly surprised that the commotion she had started hadn’t woken up either of her fathers, they were seriously just a room across from her. She shrugged it off and glanced back at her blog.

    “Oh god, that’s porn. Scroll down, scroll down!” She said in a low whisper, trying not to sound entirely shocked as she scrolled down the dashboard of her blog. The Punimon hopped up on her desk and looked at the screen, Erika pushed her face away slightly.

    “No, no, no.” Said Erika, “Maybe when you can speak, I’ll let you watch, but god only knows what we’ll even see here.” She continued watching her dashboard again, seeing some pretty Supernatural art come up on the screen; she pressed a button allowing her to post it to her blog. She was quick, which was probably what made her popular. She glanced back at the door once more, subconsciously checking if her dad’s had come to check on her.

    “Alright so, um.” Erika started trying to figure out what this thing was. “You came out of my computer as an egg, with this.” She showed the small creature the odd necklace once again, “Wrapped around it. What... are you...exactly?” She asked. The creature rolled it’s eyes and huffed.

    “Right, don’t answer that.” Said Erika. Smiling at how frustrated the creature was getting over not being able to speak. She continued with her late night blogging.
  8. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix and Keramon
    Digidestined of Reliability
    College Dormroom- Atlanta, GA
    8:00 PM

    Diego saw that Keramon had involved into his In-Training mode, Tsumemon. Apparently, Diego's lessons to make the digimon good seem to have been working so far, acting more like a curious child than anything as well as trying not to claw anything. As Diego began cooking dinner, some frozen potstickers, he got a big surprise.

    His Digivice began reacting. He noticed that he could plug it into his computer which he did. It seemed out of instinct more than anything. As he did, data began emerging. From what Diego could tell, it was geographical and plugging in the coordinates, he got six other locations.

    "These must be where the others are. I wonder why now?" Diego mumbled out loud before the TV turned on, courtesy of Tsumemon clicking the remote. Diego leaned over.

    "And Hour 1 of the strange phenomenon continues. Astronomers across the globe have been detecting strange anomalies. In addition, strange messeges and interferences all across the Internet have been occuring. While little data is known at the moment, citizens are asked to keep an eye out as we investigate further," the news anchorman said.

    Diego and Tsumemon looked at one another. Diego looked at the screen as he opened Skype and then the Digivices seem to be linking up until all seven Digidestined were in communication.

    "I take it all seven of us Digidestined are here?" Diego wrote.
  9. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone and Kyaromon
    Digidestined of Love
    The Silverstone House, New York City, New York

    After the excitement of getting a Digimon had passed, there really wasn't much to do. So he decided to play some Nintendoland on his Wii U until something exciting happened.

    As he was playing Pikmin Adventure, something exciting did happen. Within the hour, his blue puffball started to glow and change. When it was finished a new Digimon was standing in his place, It turned into something that resembled a small, round bunny rabbit with a long tail. The new Digimon in front of him was now able to talk.

    "Sup bro! I'm Kyaromon!" The Digimon exclaimed as he bounced up and down using his tail.

    Leo paused his game. "Yay! You can talk! Hey little fella, I'm Leo."

    "Well, duh! Of course I can talk!" Kyaromon started bouncing around the room. "Nice place ya' got here." Suddenly, his attention was captured by what was on the TV screen. "Oooh, what's that?!"

    "It's a Video Game" Leo answered as he unpaused the game, then had his Mii throw Pikmin at an enemy on screen.

    Kyaromon seemed entertained by this for about five seconds before something else got his attention. He bounced over to the window. He saw the bright lights of the New York skyscrapers at night, "Oooh, pretty lights! What's that?"

    Leo paused his game once again, got off the bed, and went to the Digimon's side. "That's New York City. Yeah, it does look nice at night with all the lights." Suddenly, his Digivice started beeping. The boy reached over to pick it up. "Ooh, I have to find a way to change the ringtone on that. Because that beeping is bound to get annoying."

    "Well? Aren't cha' gonna answer it?" Kyaromon blurted out. "It might be important."

    Leo pressed a button on the device, and a 3D holographic map of the world came up. Seven blinking yellow dots were visible on different parts of the map. "Hm, that must be where the other Digidestined are..."

    Not long after, a guys voice came out of the device. "I take it all seven of us Digidestined are here?"

    Leo spoke into his Digivice, and answered. "Well, I don't know who the others are, but I'm here." He said in a cheerful tone. Not even caring that he was talking to six complete strangers on the other end. After all, they all had Digivices, Crests, and Digimon too, that was how it worked. They had all been brought together by Digimon, they may as well talk. "Leo Silverstone. Keeper of the Crest of Love, the awesomest crest ever, at your service!"

    Kyaromon bounced up next to his partner. "Love?! Ha, are you kidding?! You got stuck with the sissy crest!" the Digimon shouted before busting into a fit of giggles.

    Leo gave Kyaromon a death glare, and mouthed the word "hush", before continuing "And that's Kyaromon..." He said in a deadpan voice.

    Once the Digimon stopped laughing, Leo continued in his usual cheery tone. "Soooo, what's happenin'? And who might all of you be?"
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  10. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Karai Horoshi and Koromon
    Digidestined of Sincerity
    Karai's Apartment - Brooklyn, NY
    Later that evening

    I played Nintendo Land some more, moving through the stages of Zelda. Since I replayed some of them for better scores, I got some more coins. Running over to the Plaza I upgraded it a little. Koromon had been watching intently while I played.

    "So Karai, where did you stash that Crest of yours?" She asked me after I completed the coin toss minigame to see how many upgrade boxes I would get in the Plaza. I ended up with 6 out of 8 successful, which is not bad.

    I put the Gamepad down and went back to my laptop. The Crest was next to where the Digivice was. I picked it up and showed it to Koromon. "Satisfied?"

    "Yes, quite." I put the Crest back down. "Looks like the Sincerity crest if I remember my crests right. Do you like to tell the truth even if it hurts people sometimes?"

    "You can read me like a book, you know that Koromon?" I said as I was about to go back to playing but the Digivice started ringing.

    "Yes, yes I can. We'll get along swimmingly I think." She said as she noticed the ringing on the Digivice. "You should probably get that."

    "I know. Sheesh."

    I pressed the ringing icon on the screen and out of the Digivice a 3D map hologram popped up in the air with dots on it all over the world. I noticed that it had a micro USB port, which I plugged into my laptop. As soon as I did that Skype popped up, telling me I had six contact requests. Oddly, they auto confirmed. Weeeeeeiiiiirrrrrdddddd. The Digivice was doing some weird things with my laptop. The web page for Google Maps opened, and the dots matched up to seven locations. One was right nearby, in Manhattan.

    And I was thrown into a chat with six other people. First one person was typing, then it turned into a video chat. I didn't even have time to laugh at the boy who got the Love Crest. I had a game to get back to.

    "Okay seriously, what the heck is going on here? Who are you people? And is it just Google Maps being faulty, or does one of you live one borough over?" I half spoke, half shouted into the microphone on my laptop. "By the way before I forget, hi, I'm Karai."
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  11. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt du Lac and Missimon
    Digidestined of Friendship
    du Lac Residence, Cape Cod, MA
    8 pm

    Halt sighed, and put his computer to his side and breathed out a breath of tiredness. He'd spent the entire day playing games online, and was on the bottom score board the entire time. "Damn, I need more practice" he muttered. "Bottom of ten games..."

    "Maybe that's because you're AFK almost every match!" snapped Missimon from the ceiling, spinning around at high speeds for no dang reason. He was too energetic.

    "Seriously, Missimon, calm down. You're going to cause damage, and if my family sees it..." Halt says, trying to calm down the energetic bundle.

    "Aw, come on. If the bed was messy, you would be having a heart attack making sure it was clean, but now that I'm in here, all you do is complain! Relax and unwind, or just do stuff" it snapped back. Halt sighed. It had a point. A messy bed and open window never looked good, especciely with tight gripped parents. Halt flexed his jaw out and around, trying to relax it. Periods of talking often hurt it. Suddenly, the digivice, with it's gold grips, splases of red, and silver body started beeping like a fire alarm. Halt rushed off the couch and slid along the ground to it's position under the cabinet, where he kept his secret...items.

    Halt managed to fish it out, and suddenly it started ringing louder. A map burst out of the screen, and the dots along it. Hmm...they must be the other digidestined...Halt rushed back to the laptop, and with his USB cord, plugged the digivice in. Skype forced itself open, and auto accepted six other contacts. It was a video chat with the group going on, and it seemed only three others had talked so far. "Name's Halt du Lac" he said stoicly, when Missimon flew down and rammed him.

    "Let me handle this, private" snipped Missimon. Halt snarled, and forced the digimon out of the way.

    "That was Missimon" Halt nodded, and held Missimon off as it tried to invade the screen. "Oh, and I'm the Digidestined of Friendship."
  12. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Erika Judy and Tsunomon
    Digidestined of Knowledge
    Erika’s bedroom - London, England.
    3:00 AM

    Erika covered her mouth with her hand as her room lit up with an odd white light, her Digimon had evolved into a totally different looking creature, it was a little ball with a large horn coming out of it’s small furry head. Erika looked at it, it was surely getting cuter, maybe her accessorising had helped!

    “H-” It began to speak only to get shushed by Erika.

    “Hey, it’s rad you can talk but um... do you think maybe you could whisper? I don’t want my dad’s to know I’m awake.” Asked Erika in a whisper, the Digimon smirked and nodded.

    “Well, I’m Tsunomon. And to answer your dull question, I’m a digimon. That crest you have there proves you were chosen.” Answered the girl Digimon in a matter-of-fact way.

    “Chosen? Chosen for what, exactly?” Asked Erika. Tsunomon did a small makeshift shrug, somewhat unsure herself.

    “Not positive, I was only an egg being sent to you. So don’t get all snotty with me.” Replied Tsunomon with a smirk. Erika grinned.

    “I think we’re going to get along just fine, Tsunomon. I’m Erika, nice to meet you.” Said Erika in a whisper, the Digimon smiled at her new master and looked at the Digivice.

    “Hey, look!” She said in a sotto voice. Erika looked at the device, watching at it connected to her laptop and gave her coordinates of 6 other places. She watched as a USB stick flung out, surprising her. She rolled her eyes and plugged it into her computer, connecting with a busy chat of 4 other people, and two that hadn’t done anything yet. They were all introducing themselves, three on voice. Erika smirked.

    She typed, rather than go on video or speak; mostly due to her parents being asleep.

    Erik: Hey! Digidestined of..uh, knowledge reporting in.

    She thought for a few moments, these people would probably think she was a guy with her nickname. She shrugged it off and watched the chat come to life.
  13. Corrosion

    Corrosion Hello Kitty =/= Cat

    ((OOC: What does Skype look like?))
    Rosaline Butler and Dodomon/Dorimon
    Digidestined of Courage
    Bedroom – Belvedere, CA
    Later in the afternoon

    “No! Stop!” Rosaline shouted, alarmed that her Digimon and her cat were not getting along well. Dodomon looked back at her and stopped bouncing. Rosa’s cat, sensing an opening, rushed out of the room. The Digimon looked at Rosa, disappointed that she had let her cat out.

    Bright white light soon being to emit from Dodomon’s body, signaling her imminent Digivolution, and her form experienced…minimal changes. She had acquired legs. “Rosa!” she yelled and then used her stubby legs to careen towards the door. Her balance was not perfect and she repeatedly tripped, allowing for Rosaline to catch her before she escaped from her Tamer’s room. “Hey! Come on; let me chase your cat!” Dorimon protested, struggling in Rosa’s arms. For good measure, she snapped and made as if to bite Rosa on the face.

    “You can talk! I mean, of course you can, you’re-,“ Rosa was interrupted by the incessant beeping of her Digivice. It had started quietly beeping before, but, as everyone in the room was distracted by the Digimon-related events, it had been ignored.

    “Plug it in, you dummy!” Dorimon said, irritated that neither of them had noticed the beeping before it had gotten out of hand.

    “Plug it into what?” Rosa asked, and then saw the USB port on the Digivice. She reached for the Digivice, which she had put down while trying to calm her cat down, and plugged it into her computer. An authentication message appeared on the screen, and Rosa had to enter her password while Dorimon was jumping on her feet. Several new windows popped up after a few seconds, and Skype began loading on one of them after a while. “You darn old computer! Load, darn it!” Rosa was becoming inpatient. A Google Earth map was on another tab, and the third tab was merely empty. The Google Earth showed six other locations; all of them were on the East Coast, and one of them was in London. ’…Why do the other Digidestined have to live so far away?’ she wondered.

    “Lift me up!” Dorimon demanded, and Rosa complied.

    Once Skype had finished loading, a few lines of text appeared near the screen that recapped what people had said before. There was only one person who had yet to respond. “What? They implemented a new feature? Better not be like Youtube’s caption system,” Rosa commented, forgetting that she was connected to the voice-chat already. “Oh, I’m Rosaline. You can call me Rosa!” she said, after she remembered that she was connected to the voice chat. “On second thought, I’m going to switch to typing. It would be bad if my parents heard.”

    “Rosa! Introduce me!” Dorimon said, impatient to meet the other Digimon. “Never mind; I’ll tell them myself,” she said, “I’m Dorimon, and that is Rosa. We have the Crest of Courage!”

    ’Crest of Courage? That means that I’m the Hero! The Hero always has the Crest of Courage!’ Rosa was excited for she had the Crest that she would have wished for. She then noticed that she had turned off the voice-chat function before Dorimon had talked. “Dorimon, the voice-chat option is kinda not on right now.”

    “Rosa! Tell me that before I talk!” the Digimon said, irritated with Rosa. “Type in what I just said!”

    “But I’m Rosa!” Rosa said, unhelpfully. “Alright, I’ll type in a modified version.” She entered, after choosing a handle of “Rosa”, a few words of introduction.

    Rosa: I’m the Digidestined of Courage, and my partner Digimon is Dorimon! Where’s the last person?
  14. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    (Ooc: Sorry for taking so long - I've got some personal issues going on at the moment, so I've not been motivated to do much. Will be back to usual soon though.)

    Alexander Thistlewood and Kyokyomon/Ryudamon
    Digidestined of Hope
    Thistlewood Acres, Woodlands of ME

    As Alexander sat, shuffling a pack of cards casually, he noticed that Kyokyomon was acting... strangely. He seemed on edge, then suddenly calm again. "Hey, you okay there, little guy?", he asked the Digimon. In response, Kyokyomon nodded. "Yepyep!" He said, grinning. As he did, he started to shiver, then started emitting a bright white light. Xander grinned. "You're Digivolving...." As he said this, he noticed Kyokyomon change form.

    And oh boy, Xander was shocked.

    In front of him, was a very different Digimon indeed.

    Instead of a yellow snake-like Digimon, with spiky tufts and purple and red patterning at the end, was a heavily armoured dinosaur-like Digimon. With heavy black plate armor, tipped with purple spikes, and a golden.... spiked band??? Xander wasn't sure... on it's head, with a red gem-like thing just above it, the new Digimon reminded him of a samurai somewhat.... It grinned at him, now much larger than Kyokyomon. "Hey, Xander... I Digivolved!" He grinned at Xander, who nodded and grinned back. "I'm Ryudamon now, not Kyokyomon."

    "Alright then, Ky- n, Ryudamon..." As Xander smiled, he saw his Digivice vibrating and connecting to something. He then saw his Skype account flash up. "What the..." He stared over, picking the Digivice up, and noticed a line of text.

    I take it all seven of us Digidestined are here?

    Xander grinned, noticing other replies, both via text and video chat.

    "What is it?" Ryudamon asked with a grin.

    "It's the other Digidestined." Xander smiled, and opened video connection.

    "Howdy. I'm Alexander, and this is my Digimon-" Ryudamon butted in, "HEY!" Xander frowned, making Ryudamon inch away a little. "Sorry, he's a little... loud... Anyway, like I said, Alexander, Xander for short. I'm the Digidestined of Hope."
  15. DVB

    DVB Philosopher Knight

    Diego Vendrix and Keramon
    Digidestined of Reliability
    College Dormroom- Atlanta, GA
    8:10 PM

    Diego saw everyone talk with one another using Skype to introduce themselves as well as talking about which Digidestined had which Attribute. Diego looked at his. "I am the Digidestined of Reliability. My partner Digimon is Keramon," Diego stated to them. Once everyone talked, the Digivices began to glow as they all synched with one another. Diego saw that there was a loading bar. While he did, he saw his an email from his brother. Apparently, it was a nice little gift; a digital drawing of Diego as an anime character and drawn as Simon the Digger from Gurren Lagann.

    Apparently, the Digivice seem to pick it up and downloaded it. Diego looked confused before the labtop glowed, especially the built-in webcam. Diego looked at it and felt himself losing tourch with his senses. He then woke up and saw that Tsumemon was beside him and Digivolved into Keramon. Diego himself looked at himself. He... he...

    He looked like his character that his brother's friend made him! Not only that, as he squinted, he saw everyone else turned from real-life people and they become animated, looking like they were drawn anime style. Diego found the drawing style to that of those like the artist of Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Diego saw how he looked like now. He resembled Simon in the 2nd part of the show; he was wearing grey, low-rise jeans, a black neck brace, a matching black haramaki, and a long, navy blue trench coat with gold studs. However, instead of the Team Dai-Gurren symbol on his back, he had the symbol from the Crest of Reliability on it. He also had Simon's goggles on the top of his head. He felt a bit awkward and awesome.

    He saw that he was in the internet, resembling from the Digimon movie and everyone was in their outfits and Digimon. They saw in front a blank screen.

    "Well, I'm Diego Vendrix, the Digidestined of Reliability"

    "And I'm Keramon," Keramon spoke, much to the surprise of his partner.
  16. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Leonardo "Leo" Silverstone and Kyaromon > Elecmon
    Digidestined of Love
    The Silverstone House, Manhattan, NYC > Digital World

    After everyone introduced themselves, one of the girl's asked who lived in the next borough. Leo looked at the map, while it wasn't very detailed, he saw two dots over the New York area. "Oh, that's probably me!" Leo answered. "I'm in Manhattan." Once everyone talked, the Digivices began to glow, Leo noticed a loading bar on the Digivice's screen. Hm...loading? Loading what? Leo looked confused, before he saw his Wii U was glowing. Weird, it's never done that before... Leo walked over it to see what was happening, when suddenly, everything went black.

    When he woke up, he looked around, and saw he was no longer in his bedroom. "Ugh...what happened?" He stood up, and saw his Digimon beside him, only he had digivolved again. Now, he was something that resembled a red rabbit with blue stripes. Leo knew it was an Elecmon, and he also knew those things Digivolved into form. He got a little nervous when he realized this. It wasn't that he disliked the species, he thought it was a cool Digimon, also found it funny that it shared his name. But from what he remembered of the TV show, Leomon always died in every season. It was like a curse. He hoped this wouldn't happen here, or he'd be as upset as Jeri was when her Leomon died...

    Shaking that unpleasant thought out of his head, Leo took in his surroundings. He saw that he was dressed like a monk from Final Fantasy, only with a red and black color scheme instead of purple and orange. He had a thin red vest which was open and had no shirt under it, matching red pants, black sandals on his feet, a black sash tied around his waist, black wristbands, and a black headband tied around his head. The red heart shaped Crest of Love was emblazoned on the headband in the middle of his forehead. Leo admired his new clothes. "Heh, this looks awesome!"

    He also saw his fellow Digidestined dressed in interesting outfits as well. There was also a blank screen in front of them.

    Leo raised his arm. "Hey, I'm Leo. The one with the Love Crest." He said with a grin, and made a V sign with his fingers.

    "I'm Elecmon." The Digimon said, trying to hold back giggles. He still found the fact his tamer had the Crest of Love really funny.

    "Kay, now that we got out of the way, does anyone know where we are?" He asked while putting his hands on his hips.
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  17. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Erika Judy and Tsunomon > Gabumon
    Digidestined of Knowledge
    Erika’s Bedroom, London, England > The Digital World
    3:10 AM

    Erika watched as everyone chatted, remaining in the chat but not really saying much. She had never really been one for chats, or human interaction in general at that. Mostly because she rather... disliked the kids of her age group; unless they showed her that they weren’t idiots of course. Tsunomon looked at her master, she shook a little at the mildly unwelcome scarf on her head and sighed.

    Suddenly, something began to glow on Erika’s desk. She glanced over to her left, noticing the small digidevice... loading something..? What could it possibly be loading? She didn’t have long to comprehend what was happening, as her laptop began to glow rather brightly before sucking her and Tsunomon into it.

    Erika’s world went back as she was sucked into the very object that she usually sat at, her and her Digimon spiralled through endless amounts of cyberspace before finally letting them out in an odd place, it surely wasn’t Erika’s bedroom anymore. She looked beside her, seeing her Digimon, except, bigger. Her digimon was now blue, with darker blue stripes covering her body. She had a large yellow horn atop her head and a yellow underbelly. Along with pink claws, and large white teeth. She was rather cute actually, still brandishing the red scarf that Erika had given her, but around her neck instead.

    Erika looked down at herself, she was different too.

    “Oh, no way...” She said quietly to herself. She had the appearance of Ray Narvaez Jr. in his RTStuck gear. It was one of her favorite alternate universe fics of all time! She looked down at herself once more, she had a pink t-shirt with the symbol of Knowledge printed on the chest, with a darker pink hood around her neck, and capri pink pants the went past her knee; meeting up with a pair of brown boots. She also had two wrist bands, also of the colour pink on her arms. She lifted her hands to her face, feeling that she also had that adorable pink eye mask. She grinned, this was going to be rather... interesting.

    She looked around and saw six other people, as well as a blank screen. All in odd outfits, just like her.

    “Well, I’m Erika. I was the one called Erik on chat, with the Crest of Knowledge.” She smiled nervously, glancing over at her Digimon.

    “And I’m Gabumon. Charmed to meet you all.” Continued her Digimon, smiling at the rest of the Digimon. Erika looked around, still wondering where they were.
  18. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Karai Horoshi and Koromon
    Digidestined of Sincerity
    Karai's Apartment - Brooklyn, NY
    A little later that evening

    Everybody introduced each other, some by text and some by voice. Not really sure why my Digivice chose to put me in a voice chat. I would have preferred the text version. I was still really confused about who everybody was. The names just didn't mean anything to me, especially since most were screennames and not actual people names.

    Looks like it was Leo who lives in Manhattan. Just had to be the kid with the Love crest, and it wasn't even a girl which got me wondering what kind of boy would be chosen to have that crest. I chuckled at that a little in my head while my face remained more or less the same.

    Unlike the other Digimon, Koromon had chosen to stay out of the conversation. A little antisocial, but that wasn't really a problem was it? Was it? She was still young, only hatched today, and already had a sour disposition. At least when we did interact she was nice to me. I wondered what kind of Agumon she would Digivolve to.

    We had just finished introductions when my Digvice started to whistle like on the shows. Something was happening on it's screen. It was still connected to my laptop and on the screen it said Loading with a progress bar. I only barely had time to grab my Crest when my laptop screen glowed and there was a flash of light.

    I think I passed out, because when I woke up I was lying on my back in what wasn't my apartment anymore. It reminded me of a visual representation of the Internet, with data streams everywhere. The background was white like in that one Digimon movie, colored white. I could just make out a floating screen in my field of vision before I felt like I had to get up to a standing position.

    As I did that I realized my clothes had changed, and how. I had won a contest in DMO for designing a costume, and they allowed licensed works so of course I had submitted KOS-MOS v3 as my entry. I never thought I would get chosen though, since I never win anything. They were paying a license fee to Monolith Soft to sell timed versions of the costume, and I had received a permanent one without a time limit. As I looked down at myself, I saw that I was wearing the same clothes as my DMO character, complete with blue wig down to below my behind and almost down to my knees. The Digivice probably linked in to the DMO character database and put me in something I was familiar with. I had her revealing costume on and as I looked around the place we had landed, I felt my chest bounce and move as I turned around. More than usual. I didn't know whether to feel embarrassed or turned on by myself, but the others seemed to look like characters too. I loved her costume, but was it appropriate for me to wear in a real life situation? It was very form fitting and revealing, and considering I had a bigger chest size than her in her v3 form I looked way better than my character ever did. The last thing I did was feel myself with my hands all over, making sure it was indeed me in there. I probably looked like a grade A dork doing that, but did I care? Nope. If somebody decides to change my clothes, I have to make sure it's still me wearing them. I noticed I was still holding my crest in my left hand all this time, reflexively, but there was also a Sincerity icon floating around in the blue 'liquid' that was in my leg protector. My Digivice was in my right hand, and I put it together with the crest in my left. Obviously I wasn't KOS-MOS and it was just a costume. I still felt like 3 inches taller in her shoes, as if I wasn't tall already.

    Meanwhile it seemed going to this place made Digimon become the Rookie stage, and I no longer had a Koromon but an Agumon. Slightly less tanned and with what could almost be described as a woman's chest if it wasn't so tiny, but it was possible to tell she was female now.

    I decided to speak to the others, still embarrassed to all heck at what I was wearing. Sure I liked revealing outfits, but this was a bit less than I usually wore. "Hi everybody, as I said in the chat, I'm Karai Horoshi and this is Agumon. I have the Sincerity crest." I waved at the group and then pointed to Agumon, who crossed her arms and huffed at the others. Not very friendly, is she?

    "If I had to guess, I'd say we're in a virtual representation of the Internet. Doesn't look like the Digital World from any of the seasons. But what do I know?" I then walked over to examine the floating white screen, but stayed within earshot of more incoming introductions.
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  19. Delta Hunter

    Delta Hunter The G-Rank MH

    Halt du Lac and Missimon/ Commandramon
    Digidestined of Friendship
    du Lac Residence/ Digital World
    It's the digital world, time isn't the same

    The others began to introduce themselves. Alexander, Diego, Karai, Eric, Leonardo, and Rosaline, and then him. That's seven members...odd. "Hmm....there's only seven of us..." he murmured. "Which means we might be missing someone else."

    "Come on, you're being a drunk" Missimon snipped, chuckle to itself. Halt ggrumbled, and punched the digimon in the face, sending it spiriling into the air madly. "Hey! Watch the face!" it snapped.

    "Shut it!" Halt snaps at the digimon. Missimon hisses back, when suddenly the digivice went haywire, or something along those lines. A loading bar appeared, and began to download from Halt's laptop. It was one of his downloaded mangas, and suddenly it began to glow brightly. "Teleport time!" Halt said with a smile, and rushed again for his hidden stash. He grabbed the tag and chrest. He rushed to the digivice, and grabbed it. He teleported with it and the other digidestined, Missimon joining in the portal warp as well.

    Halt landed heavily, or at least he thought he did. He woke up lying on his back at least. He groaned and moved, and looked himself over, feeling like a covering was over his body. He gasped. His body was covered in a form of armor, or felt it. It was pitch black, with the crest of friendship stamped in the certain of the chest plate. The gauntlits and were a shade blacker than the rest of the armor. The leggings were just as black, and had white stripes along the outside of the legs. He staggered up, and the dragon wings along the back sprang open, the webbing a dull grey. The armor wasn't real steel, ir felt like cosplay plastic. "Huh...it's nice..." he murmured, looking himself over.

    "Bravo team, we got a patch of weaklings in Sector Ninteen" came a garbled radio voice. I look over, and see a small mechcanical dragon in military garb with a M-16 in his hands. He squited around, and hissed.

    "...okay then. Name's Halt du Lac, Digidestined of Friendship. THis is Commandramon" he introduced.
  20. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    Alexander Thistlewood and Ryudamon
    Digidestined of Hope
    Thistlewood Acres, Woodlands of ME
    Digital World Time

    Xander had let everyone be introduced, and start talking. While doing so, he sketched his Halo Spartan absent-mindedly. He smiled, and put it down as the conversation sped up. It was interesting to start to learn about the other Digidestined more, albeit only slightly. Ryudamon had stayed back, shining his armor happily, and staring at his sharp head-crest in wonder. Rather abruptly, a couple of the lines seemed to go static. "Wh-what?" Xander stared, confused.

    "It's time we go." Ryudamon said, smiling. He bounced up and down excitedly. "Time to meet the crew!"

    Xander stared back, still unsure. "W-wait, you're saying we're off... to the digital world!? And the others have?" Xander paled, and grabbed his Digivice and Crest. He panicked, shivering a little. "This is insane, we're going to-!" Ryudamon had panicked seeing Xander freak out, and jumped at him. His weight sufficiently knocked Xander backwards, and unconscious. Ryudamon stared down, and noticed the Digivice flashing, scanning the computer, and then the page left on the desk.

    Xander woke up abruptly. He bolted upwards, and looked fearful. He wasn't in his room."Wh-wh-wha-no!" He stuttered out. "I'm in the Digital World..." He stared down at himself, and yelped. Xander wasn't chilling in his hand-made wolf-fur, leather and cotton clothing.

    Instead, he donned a suit that fitted him perfectly. He could feel it was a basic military material top and trousers underneath, and a neck cover, all with a gelsuit reinforcement. But it was what was covering the clothing and gelsuit that made him grin. He was wearing a dark red multilayer alloy armored tee, thin, but very strong. The same donned for his lower half. He was fully kitted in this armor. A deep, dark red, with black markings on it, and yellow highlights. His lower arms were exposed, but his hands had fingerless gloves of the same materials and armor, and e found he had no helmet on. Instead it was strapped onto his belt, the visor tinted with a golden color and in the same colours of the rest og his armor. On the left chestplate was the Crest of Hope, shining brightly.

    "Waaaait... this is my Spartan armor.... I'm wearing MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor... Haha!" Xander grinned, and moved about, finding it far easier than he'd imagine to walk about. Then again, with the armor fitting his body perfectly, he wasn't surprised. He stretched, seeing Ryudamon standing nearby. He then noticed the others, and ran over to them.

    "Hey, all...." He started, but froze. "I-I'm Alexander, or Xander, f-for short." He smiled nervously. "I'm the Digidestined of Hope... and this is Ryudamon." The armored Digimon smiled, and waved, bouncing excitedly.

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