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Digimon: Civil War (RPG Thread)


God of Monsters
After the downfall of the four Harmonious Sovereigns and the rise of the Three Great Dramon, those who remained loyal to the Sovereigns were hunted down and slaughtered. The Dramon Empire put most of the citizens of the Harmonious Republic into chains of slavery and servitude; still others were exiled to wild and dangerous lands. In the new, draconic world of the Three Great Dramon, there was no room for non-dragons.

But there were those not so content with the rule of the Three Great Dramon, and from that discontent, under the rule of Apollo the Apollomon and Artemis the Dianamon, the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic were formed. Under their leadership, the rebellion began to take shape; organizing itself into fighting clusters and teams whose sole purpose was to reclaim their world from the Dramon Empire. However, this task is far more difficult than the rebels ever thought it would be, for the Dramon Empire works constantly to crush the rebellion and wipe the rebels from the face of the Digital World.

It is here in the deepest jungles of the Digital World that we find the rebels now. Nestled high in the mountains of the deepest jungles of the Digital World was the once-abandoned fortress that now serves to house the small group of rebel fighters known to all as the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic. The mountainous fortress made a suitable refuge for the rebels, allowing them to see all around them for miles in any direction. The mountain also gave them the automatic high ground should the Dramon Empire ever attempt to attack, and if things turned dire, the rebels could retreat into the programming layer of the mountain and scatter throughout the jungle, leaving nothing but an empty fortress for the Dramon to find.
However, all good things come to an end, and eventually things get found, no matter how well you hide them...


The two Rapidmon stood guard silently on the first mountainside that served as the gateway to the chain of mountains that acted as the base of operations for the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic. A thick fog had rolled in from the north, whiting out everything beyond twenty feet from where the two guards stood.

Suddenly one of the guards stiffened, the RADAR instruments in his large ears were picking something up...something was coming. Then, without a moment’s notice, a terrifying form burst through the fog and crushed the Rapidmon into the ground. The massive, beastial Dorugoramon grabbed the helpless Digimon and casually ripped him in half.

The other Rapidmon, still in shock over this terrifying turn of events was slow to act, but his senses quickly returned and he fired a warning flare-missile up into the air. The shot let out a deafening explosion, meant to alert the rest of the rebellion that danger was coming. But then he too was torn to shreds by the attacking beast dragon. The great grey dragon roared loudly and others emerged from the fog, flying silently through the air. The first to arrive was a cobalt-armored UlforceVeedramon, a trio of Darkdramon followed close behind him. From the sky descended other powerful dragons; an Examon, several OwRyumon, and a pair of Slayerdramon. The small force of dragons made quick work of whoever remained at the one gateway outpost before a single, black-armored figure dropped from the sky.

It was their mighty Imperialdramon leader, the High Admiral Imego. He commanded the sky forces of the Dramon Empire with skill and power the likes of which few had ever seen, and all within the Empire knew to bow their heads in respect.

"Their stronghold is somewhere within these mountains," Imego roared, his voice cut through the thick fog. "We will find them and destroy them here. For the honor of the Dramon Empire!"

A cry went out from the small force of dragons, and that cry was then answered on thousand times over by the much larger contingent of Dramon Empire soldiers that was swiftly flying through the skies towards them. The Dramon Empire Sky Force, consisted of various dragon digimon; AeroVeedramon, Megadramon, Gigadramon, Wingdramon, and Airdramon.

Below the terrifying fleet of dragons marched the Dramon Empire Army, led by their menacing Chaosdramon leader, the Supreme General Daehak. His forces consisted of a vast army of dragons; Machinedramon, Breakdramon, and Cannondramon; Cyberdramon, Tankdramon, and Volcdramon; Veedramon and Sealsdramon. This great army, numbering over two thousand, thundered through the thick jungle vegetation, tearing down trees and carving a long, barren path through the basin.

Imego lifted up into the sky and his mighty warriors followed. By both land and sky, the Dramon Empire ripped through the mountainous region. What once had been a stealthy infiltration became a full on invasion with the sole purpose of completely neutralizing the rebellion...


The warning flare-missile exploded, alerting the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic of the incoming danger. Several times in the last month, they had beaten back the occasional Dramon Empire scouting party that got too close to their headquarters, but as the horrifying sounds of armies marching reached their ears, those of the rebellion knew that war was upon them.

"All hands to your stations!" the black-armored Alphamon shouted. His name was Arahon Alpha, one of the three Rebel Commanders who served under Apollo and Artemis. His was the greatest tactical mind in the rebellion, which made him the ideal commander of the rebellion’s forces. "Where's the Gargomon unit?"

Braon the Justimon, another one of the three Commanders was quick to answer. "They're still prepping on the mountain's south face. They should be ready soon." The Gargomon unit was the rebellion's powerful missile defense system. It consisted of all evolutions of the Gargomon and BlackGargomon lines.

"Find Cardinal and the Demolition Task Force," Arahon ordered. "Have them commence their attack; target the aerial troops first; the ground forces will take longer to reach us and we need to break their aerial formation before that happens. Prepare all our flyers; we need everyone who can fly up in the air."

"Greymon Corps is ready, Arahon," Braon announced. "They're set to attack at your word."

Arahon nodded; the Greymon Corps currently consisted of about two dozen individuals, about an even number of Greymon, GeoGreymon, MetalGreymon, and RizeGreymon led by a ShineGreymon. They were a powerful and cohesive unit of fighters, able to take on much larger forces without much difficulty at all.

"Good, take the Greymon Corps and our ground-based units," Arahon commanded. "You'll have to engage Daehak and his artillery directly to keep them from obliterating us."

"That won't be easy," a rough voice stated. Sitting higher up the mountain on a small outcropping of rock was Ajax the MedievalGallantmon. "Daehak put all the lower-leveled Digimon between us and his artillery troops."

"What a coward," another voice spoke up. Tharor the WarGreymon stepped out of the fortress to stand beside Arahon and Braon. "He sends his unwitting pawns to delay us while he attempts to destroy us from afar. If he had any real honor he'd fight us directly."

"If the Dramon Empire had any real honor, we wouldn't be in this situation," said Jager the MetalGarurumon as he dropped from the sky. "But regardless of honor, we cannot allow Daehak and his artillery freedom to unload on us as they want."

"So what do we do?" Braon asked.

"What would you do?" Arahon asked Ajax. "You’re the 'Ultimate Dragon Slayer' what's your idea for this battle?"

"We need to carve a straight path to Daehak," Ajax answered. "Focus all our firepower in a small area and get our strongest and fastest warriors through his fodder soldiers to engage Daehak and the rest of the Megas. They won't advance without his commands, and he can't give them if he's busy keeping us from breaking his red hide open. Daehak's foot soldiers will instinctually turn around and try to defend him, which is when we send in the rest of our ground forces."

Arahon nodded. "And for Imego and his Sky Force?"

"Same concept," Ajax answered after a moment. He then turned to Jager. "How fast can you fly?" he asked.

"How much room are you giving me to accelerate?"

"You've got from here to Imego and his Megas: what speeds can you hit if you floor it?" Ajax answered.

"Mach 1, Mach 2...maybe," Jager answered. "Why?"

Arahon caught on to Ajax’s plan. "We'll open up with attacks directed right towards Imego to clear a path to him: big, flashy attacks. Then, while their eyes struggle to adjust, you fly through at top speed," Arahon said. "When you get in range, let loose with everything you've got; that'll buy the rest of us flyers time to reach you and engage Imego and his Megas. Then the Gargomon unit can take down the rest of the Sky Force."

"They made a mistake coming here on our own turf," Ajax said. "They've never attacked us so openly; we must be doing something right to get the Three Great Dramon so worked up."


"Concentrate all attacks in a line towards that Chaosdramon," Braon the Justimon ordered. "We'll clear a path towards him." Among Braon's forces were Tala Rune the Valkyrimon, Strom the Spinomon, Beta the Grademon, Karmas the Zudomon, and Shirou the Knightmon.

Then, without warning Ajax began the attack. He leaped down from his perch on the fortress's exterior and landed hard on the mountainside. He slid down the mountain quickly, leaping expertly to avoid rocks and trees that sprung up in his way. Ajax's mad charge ignited the fire that sent the rebels into their attack.

Ajax reached the bottom of the mountain first, and as he closed in on the Dramon Army, he brought his mightly pole axe to bear. He swiftly poured his energy into the weapon, and when he was finally within mere inches of the charging Dramon Army, he released his attack.

"Rage of Wyvern!" he called out. He swung his weapon in an upwards arc and a ferocious dragon-shaped energy blast ripped from it and coursed along the ground, tearing a long gash in the army's ranks. And Ajax refused to slow his charge; he tore into the Dramon's ranks; hacking and slashing with his deadly weapon.

"Attack! Charge!" Braon roared. From somewhere behind Ajax, the rest of the rebel ground forces unleashed their assault, targeting the same line that Ajax had cut in the Dramon's ranks, before charging in after him...


"Get ready," Arahon called out to the assembled flight-capable Digimon under his command. This included Jager and Tharor, Lilian the Lilymon, and Phoenix the Garudamon. Cardinal the Meramon and his Demolition Task Force also accompanied the Alphamon's warriors to keep the flying Dramon from getting too comfortable with fighting only a two-dimensional battle.

"Now!" Arahon ordered. The Digimon assembled unleashed a dazzling display of attacks, focused on Imego and his Mega level elites. Arahon then turned to Tharor and nodded once.

"Terra Force!" Tharor roared out. The tremendous sphere of concentrated energy formed between his hands, and Tharor hurled it into the Dramon with everything he had. The attack struck their ranks, and sent fire spewing across them.

It was then that Jager sprung into action. He fired himself through the air, pushing him to the limits of his ability to accelerate. He ripped right through the fiery blasts of his compatriots and as he emerged on the other side, he let loose with his Ice Wolf Bite. Dozens of missiles jettisoned and crashed into the Mega level Dramon and Jager pushed his speed to the limit as he blew right past them. The sonic boom that followed in his wake knocked the flying Digimon for a loop.

But as they turned their attention towards Jager, Arahon Alpha and the rest of the flight-capable rebels quickly cut their way through the Sky Force's ranks.

"For the Harmonious Republic!" Tharor roared loudly.

This finally caught Imego's attention, and as the Imperialdramon turned, he got a face full of fist courtesy of Arahon as the rest of the rebels crashed into his soldiers...


Don't ask questions.
It was the moment Shirou had waited a long time for. His first real battle with the Dramon Empire's troops. He was determined to save his dear friend, Hali the Thunderballmon, but first, he had to destroy the Dramon Empire.

"Berserk Sword!" he exclaimed, channeling his full power into the blade of his huge sword. He swung the sword devastatingly towards the onslaught of Dramon before him. With one powerful swing, he felled three Veedramon. He had no choice. They were in his way.

Just before slaughtering a small Sealsdramon, he glanced around him at his companions. They seemed to be making good progress. Dramon were falling before them like dominoes. Shirou turned his head towards the target: Daehak the Chaosdramon.

With a single swipe of his blade, he sliced through a startled and bewildered Cyberdramon like it was butter. Now only four Digimon stood between him and Daehak: a Cannondramon, a Machinedramon, and two Tankdramon. The Cannondramon was huge, bigger than anything Shirou had ever seen, and its cannons were large and menacing. Shirou could tell that it was an experienced fighter, but Shirou wasn't intimidated, because he was too.

His eyes met those of Daehak's, and, for a moment, it seemed as though the Chaosdramon was getting nervous. Shirou understood why. It was pretty obvious. Daehak's forces were being slaughtered like turkeys on Thanksgiving. Not that Shirou knew what Thanksgiving was, but you get my point.

He had used his size and strength to bulldoze his way through Daehak's troops, basically flattening the weaker soldiers as he charged. Nothing was going to stop him from defeating the Dramon Empire. Nothing!

This is for you, Hali, Shirou thought, lunging towards the Dramon that guarded Daehak, I will free you!
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Knight of RPGs
Beta hung back for a second. He felt his anger rise as he observed Chaosdramon, his greatest enemy.

"Calm down," he said to himself. He leapt into the enemy lines and was instantly surronded by a group of Veedramon. The slow dragons couldn't get a hit on him, but if they did it would hurt.

"Grade Slash!" he yelled, swinging one of his swords. A Veedramon burst into chunks of data. After a few more Grade Slashes the Veedramon group were all destroyed.

"Miracle Missle!" A barrage of missles shot over the rebel forces and slammed into the Dramon troops. Beta nodded and smiled briefly. The Gargomon unit was doing its job. The Grademon leapt over some of the enemy before raising his swords.

"Scissor Blast!" he yelled, slicing his swords in an X pattern. A golden X of energy flew down into the Dramon ranks. Beta quickly ran to where Shirou was slicing through a bunch of Breakdramon and Slayerdramon who were guarding Daehak.

"Grade Slash!" he yelled, slicing through a Slayerdramon who was about to decapitate the Knightmon. The Slayerdramon shrieked briefly before falling apart. Shirou finished off a Breakdramon and turned to face Daehak. The Chaosdramon reared above them, roaring its fury.

"Chaos Cruncher!" it yelled, bringing one of its claws down towards Shirou. Beta quickly grabbed the Knightmon and pulled him out of the way.

"Scissor Blast!" he cried, slicing his swords towards Daehak. The golden X burst apart when it hit the dragons Red-Digizoid armour.

"You can't beat me that easily you worm!" Daehak bellowed "Hyper Cannons!" The cannons on his back angled to face the two Digimon and fired with a blast of incredible energy. Beta watched as certain destruction rushed towards him...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
OOC: Ahh, I love military strategy. I'm gonna have fun with this thing.


Strom the Spinomon roared as the rebels charged forwards, following Braon's lead.

Adrenaline pumping through him, he rushed towards the Dramon ranks. He snarled as he ran, focused on one thing, getting to Daehak. He sprinted forwards towards the ranks of a bunch of Sealsdramon. Strom then stopped his charge dead in his tracks.

He got down on all fours and pointed his metal spikes on his back towards the rows of Sealsdramon who were aiming their guns at him.

"Sonic Slash Rain!" he snarled. An endless barrage of metal blades shot out from his back and towards the ranks. Strom was very careful not to hit his fellow comrades in arms. He kept up the fire for about thirty seconds until he stopped to regain power. He looked forwards and saw that there was an empty semicircle where the ranks of Sealsdramon were.

"Okay... Charge." Strom stormed forwards into the fray. He didn't have to worry about being hit from behind because his heavily defended spikes took care of that. This way he could focus on moving forwards. The Spinomon continued his charge using every weapon at his disposal: His feet, his claws, his jagged teeth, and his sharp dorsal spikes, all except for his 'Blue Prominance' attack, which we was saving for a trump card against Daehak.

He dug his teeth into an ExVeemon before throwing it aside and looking to his side. Strom saw his target, Daehak, the Chaosdramon, aiming his charging cannons at a daunted Grademon who Strom knew as Beta. Without thinking twice, Strom stomped his way towards his fellow rebel soldier as fast as he could. The Spinomon tackled him to the ground just as the cannons fired an incredible blast. The beams past just over them; the top of one of Strom's spikes was melted in the process.

Strom snarled at Daehak, who began charging the cannons again. "Can I take him?" he asked himself.
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Musical Mayhem

~Simple and Clean~
Pheonix's claws slashed through anything that got in the way of her silent flight. Her red feathered wings soared through the air, feathers ruffling with wind. This was where Pheonix felt the safest, the most at home. Besides with her flock of course. But she couldn't lead them until she'd proven herself.

Pheonix's claws hit something solid. She pulled and found that nothing happened to whatever it was. She'd hit a tree. With an angry squak, she detangled herself only to find herself in the death grasp of an AeroVeedramon. He smiled happily, "Hey there sexy, what's a babe like you doing flying around with these losers,"

Several angry words flew to Pheonix's lips, all flying out at once, "Assonine, smelly, stupid, dumb I hate, your mom, WING BLADE!" The fiery form of a bird launched into the Aeroveedramon's body, and Pheonix slapped her wings against her body, allowing herself to freefall. She didn't look back to see what had become of the AeroVeedramon.

She snapped her wings open right before hitting the ground, allowing her large talons to hit the ground just enough to push herself back into the air with the power and grace that almost manifested around the flying Garudamon princess. A few powerful flaps had her back in the air fighting alongside her breathern, using her claws, talons, and fiery attitude as her choice weapons.


Coming Ta Town
Cardinal was in the cave, in the side of the mountain, with all the other Meramon. Laughing and playing Poker, with his friend, Fever, and his sister, Scarlett. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a rocket soaring up past the mouth of the cave, like a shooting star going backwards. In a split-second, Cardinal jumped out of his folding chair. Fever and Scarlett looked up at him, knowing what was about to happen. The rocket exploded in the sky, signaling an attack. The laughter ceased. Everyone looked up at Cardinal, their leader.

"Let's go! Come on!"

The Meramon filed out into the snow that had started falling close to the mountain's peak. From far off, the group of flaming Digimon made the mountain look like a candle being lit. They made their way to the mountaintop, where a large ledge had been carefully carved out, for this very purpose. The Wingdramon and Airdramon were coming up fast. A warm hand touched Cardinal's shoulder.

"We just got word from Braon," said Scarlett, "attack the aerial Digimon first."

"Right," Cardinal replied. Then he shouted, "Troops! Assemble, quickly! Fever, take the forward position."

The Meramon uniformly moved into the correct places, creating a crescent-moon shape. The Dragons had started to attack.

"Burning Fist!"

In unison, the Meramon thrusted their hands into the air, which ignited, and flung wayward bits of fire into the air as they were engulfed in flames. Then on Cardinal's command, they simultaneously unclenched their fists and let the tongues of sheer heat fly.

Two Wingdramon were hit by the wave of fire, and started to drop from the sky. The battle had begun.


Don't ask questions.
Only three of us have made it to Daehak so far, Shirou thought, struggling to defend against Cannondramon's deadly attacks, We've got to hold out until Karmas and Tala Rune make it through!

With that in mind, he focused his energy into his powerful sword, charging up for an attack. Cannondramon saw its chance, and seized it. It slammed its huge tail into Shirou's unguarded stomach, causing him to fly into a nearby tree, toppling it over.

Slowly staggering up, Shirou noticed the Commandramon again out of the corner of his eye. It was preparing to fire its cannons!

"Dynamo Cannon!"

Shirou ducked just in time, just barely avoiding certain death.

Phew, he thought, That was close.


Karmas charged into battle and slammed his hammer into a Flamedramon's head. The Dramon crumpled instantly, its place being taken by three more Flamedramon. The Dramon raised their hands and sent darts of fire into his body. The Zudomon roared as the fire burnt his skin.

"You're going to pay!" screamed out Karmas as he crushed the three Flamedramon.

He barely had time to take a breath when an ExVeemon slammed into his back. The ExVeemon picked itself up and grabbed Karmas' hammer. The Zudomon pulled back and ExVeemon was sent flying.

"No one touches my hammer!" he said as he swung his hammer into the ExVeemon.

As the ExVeemon was sent flying Karmas charged towards Daehak, the Chaosdramon, who was fighting with Beta, Shirou and Strom.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom pulled Beta to his feet before once again getting on all fours and pointing his spine towards Daehak.

"I advise you get back," he said to the Grademon. "Sonic Slash Rain!!!!"

He let out a roar and unleashed a salvo of razor sharp blades at the Chaosdramon, who was still charging his cannons. Strom looked up and gaped when he saw the blades bounce off the red chrome digizoid armour. Daehak grinned and aimed his cannons at the Spinomon.

"Hyper Infinity Cannon!!!!" he yelled. He unleashed a beam which Strom had to throw himself away with all his might to avoid- a hard task considering the wait of his spikes.

"Damnit... I don't want to use my Blue Prominance attack until the others get here. If I waste it now, it will take too long to recharge," Strom thought with a snarl. "They had better hurry, we can only hold them for so long."


Knight of RPGs
Beta dodged another Chaos Cruncher attack that Daehak had sent his way. Next to him Strom tried to get his jaws around one of Daehaks arms, but the Chaosdramon sent him flying with a punch from his claw.

"Grade Slash!" Beta yelled, aiming his swords at what he thought was a weak spot in Daehak's armour. Instead his swords shattered against what was in fact the strongest point in the Chaosdramon's armour. Beta felt a hysterical laugh build in his throat. They couldn't beat Daehak, the Digimon was as solid as rock.

"I need to beat him," Beta growled. He threw a punch into Daehak's armour. His fist rebounded off of the solid metal. Beta continued to punch the Chaosdramon until he was hit by Daehaks claw and thrown about 20 meters into solid rock.

"I am not giving up!" the Grademon bellowed, staring the Chaosdramon right in the eyes. A group of purple data spheres rolled by and Beta remembered something. The data packets were said to hold energy that could be released...

"Goodbye Daehak," Beta said, throwing a punch into one of the data packets. It burst open in a storm of data that flowed into him. Daehak aimed his cannons at Beta.

"Hyper Cannons!" he bellowed, firing a wave of energy towards the Grademon. Beta leapt aside and the blast slammed into one of the data packets. THe energy flowed into the packet and vanished. Beta quickly punched the now still data packet. Energy flowed out of it like a waterfall and Beta absorbed plenty of it. White light coated his form.

"For the republic!" he bellowed "Grademon Digivolve to... Alphamon!" When the light faded Beta had become a black armoured figure. A sword was clutched in his hand and a blue cloak covered his shoulders. Golden threads decorated the cloaks edges.

"Alpha Blade!" Beta bellowed, slashing his sword into Daehak's armour.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
"An interesting developement," Strom thought as the Grademon digivolved into an Alphamon. While Daehak was distracted by the change in Beta, Strom snuck up behind Daehak and restrained his arms. The Spinomon also began to charge up his trump card.

"Beta!!!" Strom growled. "Attack him and don't kill me while you're at it! Make sure he doesn't get out of my hold!" he said, blue plasma beginning to glow in his throat as he talked.

Strom had to use all of his might to hold back Daehak's mighty arms. "If Beta and Shirou can hinder him by weakening his front, I can fire my Blue Prominance attack at his cannon pack at point blank range. Then he'll either be deleted or be forced to fight in close quarters, where we can pummel him with ranged attacks," he thought, growling as he struggled to keep his hold. His insides were quickly heating up to past what he estimated to be 10 000 degrees.

"Almost there..."


God of Monsters
Tala Rune fired off dozens of arrows as she tore through the Dramon Army after Ajax and the others. Her sword, swift and deadly, sought out the weakest and least-armored areas of her Dramon foes and cut them to ribbons. Her burning Lightning Arrow attack struck down any Dramon beyond her sword's reach.

Tala knew her attacks would do little against the super-armored Dramon like Daehak or his Machinedramon, but she could thin the grunts; she could cut through Daehak's footsoldiers and keep them from sneaking up on any of the other rebels working to take down Daehak.

She was fast, exceptionally fast, even among the rebels; and she was sure as hell faster than any Dramon she had ever come across. Then again, Dramon weren't exactly known for their speed...or so she thought. Tala was suddenly struck by an incredibly fast object and thrown through the air. She looked around, trying to figure out what had hit her, but all she saw was a blue blur before being struck again and skidding across the ground.

The UlforceVeedramon finally stopped moving and stood over Tala. She noticed he wore the glowing insignia of the Dramon Empire's "Dragon Knights" on his right arm: a sword with a dragon head symbol etched into the blade. The UlforceVeedramon's energy sword hummed to life from the armor on his right wrist, and Tala took this as a sign for a challenge.

She slowly stood up and brought her own sword to bear. The UlforceVeedramon's form shuddered for an instant, and then he rushed forward. Tala was taken aback by the speed at which he moved; he was far faster than anything she had ever seen before. Pushing herself to the limits of her own ability, Tala leaped out of his path and rolled along the ground.

"Ulforce Saber!" the dragon knight called out. He swung his beam weapon with frightening speed, and Tala was too slow by a fraction of a second. The weapon cut across her midsection and knocked her back.

"Laser Javelin!" Tala shouted. She quickly brought her crossbow up and fired a massive bolt of power, but the UlforceVeedramon simply raised his left arm and activated his Tensegrity Shield, and Tala's attack fizzled out.

The UlforceVeedramon brought his sword to bear and attacked again, but Tala swung her weapon in a wide horizontal arc. Her Feral Sword attack sent a slash of light that froze the ground as it flew, but the speedy dragon knight easily avoided the attack and he slashed Tala across her chest before she even realized what was happening.

Tala struggled to her feet as she grasped the wound on her chest; it hurt, but it wasn't going to be fatal. She gripped her sword tightly and unslung her crossbow. Across from her, her opponent the UlforceVeedramon named Ruatemn smirked. Tala knew this wasn't going to be easy...


Ajax clove his great weapon through the armored flesh of a Volcdramon, rendering it into numerous specks of basic data. Several other of Daehak's troops charged Ajax, but he simply swung his pole axe in a wide arc and sliced through them all. A great roar caught his attention, and Ajax spun around to watch a massive Dorugoramon crash down on the battlefield to rip through the rebel forces. The great dragon ripped through two Greymon and completely pulverized a Quilinmon before launching a giant spiked metal ball from his mouth to rip across the battlefield.

A Cyberdramon raced up behind Ajax, but without even looking, Ajax skewered it with the spear end of his weapon. He had had quite enough of these dragons, it was time to end it. Ajax's cape trailed behind him as he made his mad dash towards the Dorugoramon. The great beast dragon was nearly three times his size; it was a daunting creature, yet Ajax wasn't deterred. The mighty warrior swung his weapon as he ran, slicing though whatever unfortunate Dramon got in his way.

The Dorugoramon noticed Ajax and turned to face him as he neared. It flapped its wings and lifted into the air to fly low across the ground and meet his charge. Ajax twirled his weapon skillfully, pouring his power into it as he prepared his attack. As the two Digimon neared each other, Ajax suddenly skidded to a stop and ducked under the swinging arm-blades of the Dorugoramon.

"Final Crest!" Ajax unleashed his attack point blank. The dazzling bolt of power slammed into the Dorugoramon's chest and ripped straight out its back, leaving a gaping hole in its wake. The great dragon fell backwards with a crash, even as its body dissipated into fragments of data.

Ajax turned to the rest of the Dramon Army and without warning, released his mighty Rage of Wyvern attack to tear through their ranks. He saw a Grademon and a Spinomon attempting to face down Daehak on their own. It was a foolish attempt, and Ajax hoped they knew it; Daehak was one of the most powerful Digimon in the whole Dramon Empire, even Ajax wouldn't dare to fight him alone if he had the choice.

"Having fun, Ajax?" Braon asked with a grin. The Justimon smashed through several Sealsdramon with his enlarged arm. "This seems right up your alley, no?"

"I'd rather be fighting alone," Ajax shouted over the roar of battle.

"Are you crazy?" Braon shouted with a laugh. "Even you can't take on the whole Dramon Army by yourself."

"Maybe," Ajax admitted. "But at least that way I don't have to worry about novices trying to take down Daehak and getting killed."

Braon looked over to where Beta and Strom were facing Daehak. Beta had somehow managed to digivolve, and Strom had Daehak in some sort of hold, it seemed as if the two of them might be able to pull it off.

"Doomsday Countdown!" Daehak roared. His body pulsed with power and energy lanced from every weapon on his body, hurling Strom and Beta away from him. He then spun around and batted Strom away with his booster claw and swatted Beta to the ground with his trident arm.

"Crap," he muttered. "I'll help them with Daehak. Watch my back." Ajax nodded and positioned himself behind Braon as the Justimon charged towards Daehak. Braon leaped into the air, hurling himself over the scores of Daehak's soldiers to face the great red-armored monster himself.

"Thunderclap!" he roared, slamming his enlarged arm and fist into Daehak face. Daehak reeled back from the blow, but aside from a small scuff mark, he was relatively unharmed.

"Nice try," Daehak growled. "Chaos Cruncher!" He grabbed Braon in his monstrous right hand and smashed him into the ground. "You've been a thorn in my side for far too long, Braon."

"Justice Burst!" Power bolts flew from Braon's fist and pelted Daehak head and torso relentlessly, but the mighty dragon shrugged off the attack and hurled Braon through the air, far off into the midst of his army.

"Machinedramon Unit, form on me," Daehak ordered. Almost in unison, the fifteen Machinedramon on the battlefield turned and thundered towards Daehak's location. Any Digimon in their way, whether rebel or Dramon, was trampled under their feet. "Form lines!" The fifteen chrome-plated dragons formed into groups of three and began to march forward, crushing anything that got in their way.

Chrome Digizoid claws tore into the rebel troops, and after only a few minutes, storms of their data fragments covered the entire battlefield. Then, without even a word from Daehak, the Machinedramon unit stopped their march, and aimed their cannons towards the mountains where the Rebels made their base.

"Now," Daehak ordered calmly.

"Giga Cannon!" they all called out in unison. Attacks pelted the mountainside, and explosions rocked the fortress. Fire swept through the rebels' barracks, forcing many to flee.

"Cannondramon units open fire!" Daehak roared. Without the rebel digimon to hold his attention, Daehak was quickly able to give orders to his forces. The Cannondramon under Daehak's command focused their attentions towards the rebel forces on the mountain and let loose with a hail of attacks, blasting the Gargomon Unit on the mountain.

Now reorganized, the Mega level Digimon of Daehak's army strode forward. The Machinedramon up front broke through the Rebellion's lines, and the Cannondramon in the back let loose with a storm of cannon-fire.

"Viserion, Rhaegal!" Daehak called out. Immediately, two Breakdramon came to his side. They were among the strongest Digimon in his army. "Take care of these nuisances that plague me so," he ordered, motioning to Beta and Strom.


The Megadramon and Gigadramon all opened fire, but both Jager and Tharor avoided the incoming attacks without much difficulty. The two charged into their ranks. Tharor's Dramon Destroyer gauntlets made mincemeat out of the various dragons, and Jager's icy missiles clipped their wings with ease.

With a roar, a powerful Slayerdramon charged the two rebels. The dragon knight swung its fiery, elastic sword with tremendous strength, and Tharor just barely managed to bring about his Brave Shield to block the blow. The dragon continued its attack ferociously; his sword crashing loudly against Tharor's shield. He wasn't giving the WarGreymon a moment to retaliate.

But Tharor wasn't alone. Jager sensed his plight and turned his ice-cold eyes towards the Slayerdramon. With a roar, Jager let loose with dozens of nitrous rockets, courtesy of his Ice Wolf Bite. But the Slayerdramon sensed this and pushed Tharor through the air before turning and spinning his fiery sword. The flames of the sword blocked Jager's attack, and the Slayerdramon flew forward, charging towards the MetalGarurumon.

"Great Tornado!" Tharor roared, rotating himself at incredible speeds. The Slayerdramon turned too late, and Tharor ripped into him. Chrome Digizoid armor was cut through like paper, and the Slayerdramon was sent tumbling from the sky.

But Jager wasn't through with him. As the Slayerdramon fell, Jager raced toward him on the ground, and mere moments after the dragon struck the ground, Jager was upon him, rushing him with all his fury.

"Metal Slamming Attack!" Jager smashed himself into the Slayerdramon., knocking him through the air and sent him skidding along the ground. The armored dragon knight struggled to rise to his feet, but the damage had already been done. Large gashes had been cut in his armor by Tharor's Dramon Destroyers, and Jager's attack had left a large dent in the armor on the dragon's chest.

Nevertheless, the Slayerdramon rose to his feet. But as he straightened, he was struck by Jager's Metal Wolf Claw and frozen solid. Barely a second later, Tharor dropped from the sky and shattered the frozen dragon with a single swipe of his claws.

"Piece of cake," Jager said smugly.

"Pendragon's Glory!" roared a mighty voice. Tharor and Jager looked up just in time to see the lone Examon fire a brilliant blast of power from its lance at the two of them. The two rebels managed to leap away from the blast zone, and stood together to face this new, powerful threat.

The Examon wasn't amused.

"Dragonic Impact!" it snarled, his massive wings clasped around him tightly, and he dropped from the sky with incredible speed. Power built up around his form as he flew, glowing a fierce angry red.

Tharor and Jager attacked; Tharor hurled his Terra Force at the Examon, but the energy dissipated after striking the armored wings. Jager fired off a Metal Wolf Claw, but the icy blast shattered and broke apart on the Examon's wings. The Examon struck the ground mere moments later, and a mighty explosion followed. Jager was fast enough to escape the blast radius, but Tharor was caught in the flare and was sent flying.

"Metal Wolf Claw!" Jager howled, unleashing a torrential blast of frozen might. But the Examon swung his mighty lance and surged through the attack, splintering the icy blast.

"Avalon's Gate!" he called out as he stabbed the tip of his lance into Jager's side. The lance let loose several bursts of energy that coursed through the MetalGarurumon and hurled him through the air. The Examon then turned to face Tharor once again.

"You're strong," Tharor said as he slowly rose to his feet. "So in the end, it isn't beneath me to do this...Slide Evolution...VictoryGreymon!" Tharor shone with the powerful light of digivolution as he changed into VictoryGreymon. His new form was similar to his WarGreymon form, but he appeared stronger; with a more muscled body and a powerful claymore.

The Examon seemed intrigued by this turn of events, but didn't appear too concerned. He charged forward with his lance at the ready, but Tharor blocked Examon's strike with his own sword and made a slash across his chest. The Examon's wings attempted to close and block the attack, but Tharor's "Dramon Breaker" sword pierced the armor's defenses and cut straight through the wings. The Examon cried out in surprise, which gave Tharor plenty opportunity to relieve him of his wings completely.

Then, as Examon attempted to retaliate, Tharor leaped over his head and flew through the air behind him. Examon turned to see Tharor standing behind Jager in his Z'dGarurumon form as the power coalesced in the super-ultimate Z'd cannon on his back.

"Z'd Cannon!" Jager howled as the cannon fired. A tremendously powerful packet of energy exploded from the cannon's mouth and slammed into the Examon with terrifying force. He was completely obliterated.

Tharor and Jager then turned their attention to the remaining Dramon in the sky, and with but a glance to one another, they formed a plan. Jager stepped forward and Tharor backed up to give him some space. The Z'dGarurumon closed his eyes for a moment as numbers and computations flashed across his mind. The tracking systems in his body mapped out and locked onto as many of the flying Dramon as they could handle, and Jager's eyes suddenly snapped open.

"Full Metal Blaze!" he roared. Every weapon and gunport on his body fired simultaneously, the Z'd cannon included. Bullets, rockets, missiles, and cannon blasts streaked through the sky towards their intended targets. For thirty seconds, this barrage continued, and when the firing ceased, more than four hundred Dramon of all levels had been blown from the sky.

"My turn," Tharor said with a smirk. "Dramon Breaker!" Tharor exploded into the sky, the Dramon Breaker sword held securely in his hands. He tore into the dragons; his sword cut a swath of death through their ranks. Combined with Jager's previous assault, the Dramon Sky Force had been considerably reduced.

Then Tharor spotted two incoming figures; an OwRyumon and a Dorugoramon; on their arms they each wore the glowing insigna of the Dramon Empire's "Dragon Knights": a sword with a dragon's head etched onto the blade. This wasn't going to be easy.

Tharor dropped from the sky to stand by Jager. Beside him, several clicks signified that Jager had recharged and reloaded all his weaponry; they were going to need to be at their peak if they hoped to survive this fight.

Jager snarled as he prepared to face the great Dorugoramon, and Tharor tightened his grip on the hilt of his Dramon Breaker as he stared down the OwRyumon. Then with but a glance to each other, Jager and Tharor charged...


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"Damnit..." snarled Strom, who was on his knees. He craned his long head upwards to see, well, cranes. A gigantic Breakdramon began to stomp towards him just as the ranks of hordes of Machinedramon fired towards his comrades.

"Crap, there goes our light artillery support," he thought, glancing out the corner of his eye at the smoldering mountainside. He brought his attention back towards the Breakdramon coming towards him. "I'll probably have to waste my Blue Prominance attack on this pile of scrapmetal.

Strom stood up and let out a roar at his opponent. "'Viserion'? That's a nice name... I won't have any trouble remembering it when I'm etching it on your GRAVE!" he snarled, raising his back towards the foe. "Sonic Rush Rain!!!!"

Massive metal blades shot from his back and towards the Breakdramon. He was aiming for the only truly vulnerable part on Viserion's body, the mouth. One of the blades clipped the corner of the jaw, causing him to wince. Viserion quickly pulled his back-hoe-like arms in front of his face, deflecting the rest of the blades.

"Damnit," grunted the Spinomon. "Looks like I'll have to get into close quarters combat."

Strom began to charge the daunting dragon-machine. "Destroyed Lash!!" yelled Viserion. He drove his arms and drills into the ground in front of him. The ground began to tremor and quake apart. As Strom ran, he tripped on a small fissure opening up and slammed into the ground. The Breakdramon stomped towards him and looked over him.

"Infinite Boring!" Viserion dug his drill-like nose into the upper part of Strom's back- just past the large spikes. Strom let out a cry of pain as sparks flew out from the clashing metal. With much struggle, he reached up and grabbed the Breakdramon by the neck and pulled his nose out of his back. Strom got to one knee and forced the determined machine's head back a little, still heavily struggling.

"Is that the best you go-" Strom was interrupted as one of Viserion's digger-like arms struck him across the face. His central digger uppercut the Spinomon, causing Strom to lose his hold and recoil.

"It's not... Great Press!!" Viserion yelled tackling Strom to the ground. The massive weight caused Strom to exhale and cough violently. The spikes on his back dug into the ground, making it increasingly difficult for him to get up, even without the Breakdramon crushing him. Viserion smiled and his drill-like nose began to spin.

"This is it... I have to do this." Strom thought, his body temperature rising. The Breakdramon pinned down Strom's arms and moved his drill precisely closer to the Spinomon's neck.

"Come on come on!" he thought to himself. He could feel his body heat increase quicker. A bead of sweat dropped down his head as he shrunk his head back to avoid the incoming drill. The drill was now an inch from his fleshy neck.

"Last words?" he asked Strom with a triumphant grin.

"You could have picked better ones..." he retorted through his teeth- blue, plasmatic gas leaking from his mouth. The eyes of Viserion widened. "Blue Prominance."

Strom opened his mouth and unleashed a massive blue beam of plasma. This plasmatic burst of energy shot into the lower half of Viserion's face and continuing through and out of the top half of the mechanized neck it was attached to. Before the unsuspended drill with eyes could fall and hit Strom, it and the rest of the body turned into data.

"What a waste of that attack," grunted the Spinomon, blue gas still seeping through his teeth. He looked over to see Beta quarreling with his own Breakdramon. "Now I just need to get myself out of the ground."
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Cardinal couldn't tell who was winning or losing. He was too high up to see any of his comrades, besides his fellow Meramon. They continued to shower their enemies with schorching heat, that contrasted with the piercingly cold wind. The Wingdramon were ganging up, attacking Cardinal's group at the mountain's peak. They were bombarding him and his friends with their Blaze SonicBreath attacks, sending their dangerous breath from their silvery-blue jaws.

Two Meramon were wounded by the Wingdramons' furious attacks. They barely had time to be brought back to the safe haven that was their cave. Things started to look grim. Cardinal urged his troops to forge on.

"Fever! Go to the back of the line!" He shouted over the sound of Wingdramon's battle cries. He pointed at a Meramon in the back, who he couldn't identify. "You! Take his place. Rotate positions" Fever moved back several places, giving him time to rest. The battle hammered on, fire dancing around in the night sky. Three Wingdramon were seriously injured, and Cardinal expected they had died on impact as they hit the ground. However, he could tell the other fiery Digimon were tiring. They couldn't go on much longer. Their breathing has turned heavy and forced, leaving clouds of condensation in the icy air. A particularly old Meramon fell from exhaustion.

Cardinal was pushing himself to his limits, the flames on his head on arms pulsing dangerously. He took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. For a moment, he was in his own world, a peaceful one, without war. He focused all his energy, and opened his eyes. There was a small knapsack beside him that he brought with him on all great battles. He opened it, to find a blue vial, wrapped in cloth. He opened it, and drank from it. Fever stopped to watch as the blue fluid ran through Cardinal's system, giving him an aura of cornflower-blueness. He began to digivolve.

"Meramon, digivolve to. . . BlueMeramon!"

He emerged as an identical version of himself, except for one noticable difference. The fire that always engulfed Cardinal was a royal blue. He ran to the edge of the ridge he was standing on, and jumped.

Cardinal grabbed onto a Wingdramon, shouting his attack, and hitting him in the wing with his Cold Flame. The Demon Dragon Digimon screeched and tried to break free of Cardinal's grasp.

"Cold Flame" he shouted again, repeatedly bashing Wingdramon against the cliff wall with his flaming fist. It finally gave up, and let itself fall down the mountain. Cardinal climbed back up, and re-lit his companions' fighting spirit. They continued to defeat the attacking Dramon, with an ignited passion and a fire of a different hue.

Cardinal saw the sun begin to rise.


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Shirou looked toward the onslaught of Dramon. By now, Daehak had surrounded himself with more of his soldiers. Things weren't looking good for the rebels now. Shirou took a second to take in all that he saw. Cannondramon were firing their cannons left and right, while the Breakdramon simply trampled all the other Digimon. It was horrifying.

We need to end this before we lose any more rebels, Shirou thought, We have to stop the Dramon from progressing!

With that in mind, Shirou leaped from where he stood, with his sword raised high, ready to strike with full force. He reached his target in a matter of seconds, intent on stopping their charge. However, the Cannondramon he was targeting was too much for him, and he was swept aside almost instantly.

He simply wouldn't give up, though, so he tried again. This time, he attacked from the side of the Machinedramon. With a swing and a slice, he succeeded in making a small cut in the Machinedramon's armor. Now he had the Dramon's full attention, something he wished he hadn't gotten.

The angered Machinedramon smashed its huge arm down on top of him, slowly crushing his armor. Shirou wondered if his first battle would also be his last...

No, he thought, I am not ready to die!

"Berserk Sword!" he bellowed, slicing his powerful sword upward and regaining the upper hand, "Hiyaaaaaaa!!!"

Shirou's blade sliced into the Machinedramon's metallic underbelly, slicing it open. Streams of data burst forth, blinding Shirou for a few moments. The Machinedramon that once stood before him was now gone, replaced by a cloud of data.

"Humph," Shirou muttered under his breath, "That was close. I'll have to keep a cool head if I want to survive against all these Mega-levels..."
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Beta leapt away from the Breakdramons claw as it flew down towards him. He half admired the Breakdramon, whose name was Rhaegal.

"You'll have to do better than that," he said. The Breakdramon slashed its other claw towards him and he dodged again.

"Digitalize Of Soul!" Beta yelled, slashing his sword through the air. A glowing green portal appeared and something black and huge lunged out, grabbed the Breakdramon and tore it to pieces. The data that flowed out of the chunks poured into Beta, who continued running into the group of Cannondramon.

"Alpha Blade!" he yelled, bringing his sword slashing through the nearest Cannondramons neck. The dragon barely had time to scream before it fell apart into basic data. Beta could feel himself losing energy. Soon he would De-Digivolve back into Grademon.

"Well, I'll do as much as possible till then," he muttered "time for you lot to meet my special suprise."

"Rage Of Wyvern!" he yelled. Silently he thanked himself for watching Ajax fight. He had picked up a few tricks, including this one. He slammed his sword into the ground and a wave of black energy shot through the air and threw the Cannondramon back. Without their artillery pounding down some of the Gargomon unit were able to regroup.

"Mega Barrage!" a Megagargomon yelled from the mountainside. Missles thudded into the Dramon ranks, turning order into chaos as the Dramons tryed to avoid the lethal weapons. Beta leapt forward and cut two Cannondramons throats. He needed to kill them beofre they could regroup. Suddenly he felt a wave of exhaustion flow through him. Fighting all of these Megas had taken a lot out of him. But there was still one thing he could do to help. Destroy Daehak.

"For the republic!" he yelled, charging towards the crimson red figure of Daehak. The Chaosdramon turned round in time to see Beta slice his sword through the air.

"Digitalize Of Soul!" the Alphamon yelled. A glowing green portal appeared and the black monster lunged out and grabbed Daehak. Beta felt his energy leaving him.

"Please, destroy him," he whispered as he fell to the ground, darkness engulfing his mind.


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Strom watched Beta collapse to the ground as the dark hand had a hold on Daehak. Snarling, he tried with all his might to dig his spikes out of the ground and succeeded- taking a great deal of soil with him. He turned to the Alphamon, who was collapsed on the ground several metres away.

"Now is not the best time to rest." He cautiously walked towards him and picked him up with his two claws. Wary of the portal, he walked over to a surprisingly still-standing tree and placed him at the base of it.

"With Daehak temporarily immobilized, Ajax could destroy him... where ever he is. There's nothing I can do now that I wasted my only effective armour-piercing attack. Damnit, I feel so useless. All I can really do it watch this Alphamon's back and attack anything with unarmoured flesh!" Strom looked back down at the exhausted Alphamon. "Now is really not the best time to be resting!"

He looked up to see Daehak charging up his cannons, aimed for the hand of the portal.

"Come on, plasma, recharge..."


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“Oy, behind you man!” A Kyuukimon screamed to his ally as he dodged a furious claw attack from a large Dramon. Almost immediately, the Kyuukimon strook back with a quick slice of his blade. The form of the Dramon screamed and turned to data that disentigrated a few seconds later. The Kyuukimon breathed heavily as he looked at the sky force struggling up there. Falling, going back up, then falling again. For now, the area he was at was clear. Couldn’t say the same with everywhere else.

His ears twitched as he heard the crackling of fire. And almost too suddenly, cannon blasts. The stronger force must’ve headed yet even further into the area, since Vahn was assigned on defensive guards. I am only beginning, I am only beginning… Vahn chanted in his mind, even as his heart raced. He rushed ahead of the ally before and ran past the bushes. The cries were getting more alarmingly frequent. Were the Rebels on the losing hand? It was too early to judge. Don’t stop to think. Keep fighting. That was always his philosophy. Just as it was to “Reach out for your dream, and not wait for the opportunity.” He muttered.

"Hey you pests! Quit that!" Vahn screamed, flailing his arms about, and just barely catching the attention of the two Cannondramon. He made haste, and hurried to attack the nearer Cannondramon. He leaped, and latched onto its skin with his "scythes". It simply screamed its dinosaur-ish cry, and began to shoot more in all sorts of directions. "HEEEEY! I said--STOP IT!" Vahn quickly jammed the engine area of the cannon, and smoke began to rise.

"Oh ptui, I must've triggered a distress signal. Bah whatever." Vahn jumped off the first Cannondramon and went to the second, following what he did last time. Who said you had to completely obliterate them--save the trouble and hit the weak points.


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Shirou slowly stood up, completely unaware of his surroundings. A small Veedramon took him by surprise from behind, causing him to lose his balance and fall over. However, a simple Veedramon couldn't stop Shirou. He quickly leapt back up and sliced the Veedramon in two, sending data flying in all directions.

"Jeez, I'm lucky that was just a Veedramon," Shirou muttered to himself, glancing nervously around him. To his left he saw Vahn the Kyuukimon hacking away at a Cannondramon, and to his far right was Strom and Beta. Beta was out cold, which wasn't a good thing.

Maybe I should go help Strom, Shirou thought, heading toward the spot where Strom stood near the collapsed Beta.

At that moment, a squad of Sealsdramon burst forth from behind the bushes with their guns aimed right at him! Shirou raised his enormous shield in an attempt to block the incoming attacks. The barrage of bullets bounced off the Knightmon's powerful shield, landing harmlessly on the ground. The Sealsdramon stood dumbfounded before the Knightmon.

"Uh, General Daehak said those bullets could destroy all kinds of metal," said one of the Sealsdramon, scratching his head, "How come they just bounced off this guy's shield?"

"Are you questioning the great General's knowledge of military matters?!" exclaimed a second, glaring at the first speaker.

"No, I'm questioning his knowledge of bullets."

Shirou sighed. Daehak was crueler than he had thought, sending his weakest and most expendable soldiers in front. Pathetic. He slowly raised his sword as he approached the arguing band of Sealsdramon.

"Berserk Sword!"
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Strom looked from the knocked out Beta, who was slumped against the tree he stood under, to Shirou the Knightmon who was hacking away at a horde of Sealsdramon. Much to Strom's dismay, he could see two Sealsdramon stealthfully sneaking up behind the armour-clad digimon, commando knives in hand.

Strom got down on all fours and pointed his spikes. "SHIROU! SHEILD UP!" he roared, "Sonic Slash Rain!!"

A multitude of blades bombarded Shirou and the surrounding Sealsdramon. Before it was too late, the Knightmon brought up his sheild just in time. The knife-like projectiles deleted the two Sealsdramon coming up behind Shirou, as well as a handful of others who were simply in the line of fire.

"This is the best I can do to help Shirou. If I leave Beta like this he could be killed... where the hell are the reinforcements? If Daehak breaks free, I'm dead meat.

Strom looked over and saw Shirou finish off the Sealsdramon.

The Spinomon looked around the battlefield. "What the hell happened to Braon?"