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Digimon: Civil War (RPG Thread)


Knight of RPGs
(That picture of the Wyrmflame... incredible. Not exactly how I imagined it... but still a very good picture. Thank you for that, Kamotz.

And now, the obligatory power-up to the strongest form... ZeedMillenniumon is upon us!)

Osiris felt his stolen energy surge back into him, readying him to ascend back. He shone with blinding light as he began to Digivolve...

"Through all who have passed on, I aspire for a brighter future! Rising back to the peak of the spirit, all hope for the future burns alive! Towards our Future! Warp Digivolution!" he chanted, words burning with hope and light.

His fragile Rookie form dissolved into a shining mass of data, reforming into his jackal-headed, black furred Mega level, Anubismon. The bronze rings appeared around his wrists as he spread his wings wide and cried out.


Gog-Magog's towering new form was colossal, a beast unlike any other. It's twin heads each dwarfed even the largest Mega Level Digimon, and that said nothing for its immense, Fractal Code chained body. It raised huge arms, each of the limbs ending in vicious talons.

This was ZeedMillenniumon. This was the end of the world.

But one hope remained. The shining spirit of the future burned within the Avengers, following Ajax's use of the Wyrmflame, an embodiment of that future, to strike at the god.

Now Osiris had one last form to achieve, and that power still remained in his grasp.

"Wrapped in the armour of the God of Death, I seek the brighter future for this world! Rise up, departed, and aid those still living! Forge them a brighter world through your spirits! Ancient Evolution!"

Once more, darkness tore through his body, encasing him in the cold armour of AncientSphinxmon. He emerged from the Digivolution, spreading his wings wide and hovering above the remaining land, facing Gog-Magog with a defiant stare, the very gaze of death.

The spirits of the departed flowed through him, empowering him for this, the final battle.

One apocalyptic battle had to be fought. The battle to stop Gog-Magog once and for all...


Kairi and Karmas felt a rush of energy as they turned from Renamon and Muchomon into Kuzuhamon and Korikkakumon.

"We're back to our Mega forms," commented Karmas, "Now let's help Ajax show that monster who is the boss around here!"

"Yeah," said Kairi. "Reverse Izuna!"

"Frozen Arrowheads!"

The two attack burst from their weapons and slammed into the massive form of ZeedMilleniummon. Unfortunately, their attacks still didn't do much damage, but the pair felt full of energy and thought that they could do this all day.


God of Monsters
Gog-Magog laughed darkly, it possessed an intelligence that neither Gog nor Magog alone possessed. "You hope for naught," he laughed. "You draw your strength from the memories of your fallen comrades, from the hope of the rest of your people. I will turn their memories to poison. I will turn your hope into agony." He whispered a terrible word, one that shook the very boundaries of the Digital World. Darkness spewed from his open maw and began to creep together. The darkness took shapes, creating the visages of their once-beloved allies.

Valra, Ragna, Rai, Karasu, Oberon, Apollo, Artemis, Jager, and Tharor. The nine monstrosities, corruptions of memories, turned and raced into battle against the Avengers. And as the Avengers fought these terrible dopplegangers, Gog-Magog laughed, a dark sound that wrapped across the Digital World and froze the hearts of every living being. While they kept the Avengers distracted, Gog-Magog was free to wreak havoc, to burn the world to ash and cinders, to grind the world to dust, and to throw it into the wind...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
(Curses! Beaten by just a few seconds! Let's pretend that everything above the line is before Kamotz's post, okay? xP)

Strom let out a triumphant roar as he returned to his Spinomon form. He formed alongside his fellow Avengers upon Ajax's rallying cry and let out a growl as he looked up at ZeedMilleniumon.

Strom felt a new feeling. He surged with energy. What's more, he looked down at his left claw and the gashes on his hand from the Wyrmflame were glowing. "What's going on with me?" he wondered. "I better not explore whatever this feeling is now. We can't afford mistakes at this point/"

He clutched his left fist and enveloped the seeping light. Strom then took a power stance and roared at ZeedMilleniumon. With all his might, he fired his attack. "BLUE PROMINANCE!"

Strom's attack hit the entity.

Gapsar, who had recently transformed to Gaiomon from his rookie stage, also happily obliged in attacking this new creature. "Gaia Reactor!"

He fired the massive amounts of concentrated energy into ZeedMilleniumon right beside Strom's attack.


Strom's eyes widened as he saw his various fallen comrades charging at them. Rai fired various missiles at him, which he was forced to block with his metal back.

"Grraaagh! How are we supposed to fight them?!"
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Knight of RPGs
(That's it! I'm going to rip Gog-Magog to shreds NOW! It's gone WAY TOO FAR THIS TIME!)

Osiris ascended, ready to battle against the dark god with all his strength.

"DRAGON THROWER!" he heard.

A terrible feeling rushed through him, half hope, half terror.

A jet of searing crimson light engulfed him, blocked by his Obsidian Digizoid armour, but the attack scared him.

He turned to see an impossibility.

Ragna was there, X-Evolved, talons spread wide. His armour had become coal black and his eyes blood red. He opened his mouth and let out a terrible roar as a twisted Wyrmflame appeared in his hand, white flames now black, soft blue runes now harsh crimson red.

But the runes twisted and changed, becoming one new, terrifying word.


Never had Osiris felt so terrified as when he faced this dark apparation, this shade of his fallen friend.

"R-Ragna?" he gasped, voice burdened with terror.

"You failed me," the dark Ragna hissed "you failed the future, Osiris. You couldn't fight. You cowered and hid, too scared to face the terrors. Now I shall punish you! Draconis Flame!"

The runes on his twisted Wyrmflame seared with burning aura as he hurled himself forwards and slashed at Osiris, the parody of the noble sword cutting into the AncientSphinxmon's form as twin energy blades, both midnight black, sparked into the breach...

Valra was there, twisted and darkened. Her armour was entirely black, just like Ragna's, and her eyes burned with the same crimson as his. Her Royal Meister blades were as black as the starless night and she snarled as she viciously slashed them into Osiris, assisted by Ragna, whose Wyrmflame tore into his former comrade's flesh with merciless hate...

(I hate Gog-Magog. But still, corrupting Ragna and Valra was an interesting experience.)


God of Monsters
Hyperion lay prostrate, beaten, and barely alive. He had been thrown and knocked far away from the battle, but he saw the plight of his comrades. He saw their struggles, their fears. He saw their hopes and dreams dashed and shattered as Gog-Magog recreated fallen friends...recreated Hyperion himself as he had once been. The thought filled the knight with a white-hot rage. He struggled to raise himself, to push himself up on his hands, but his strength failed him and he fell once more.

Then he heard the whisper, a voice so tantalizing and smooth.

"Hyperion Omega," it whispered. "I know what it is you seek. You seek the power to save your friends, to right wrongs, to avenge yourself. I can give you that power, oh Royal Knight."

"Who are you?" Hyperion choked out, coughing with the effort it took to speak.

"I am merely an observer," said the voice. "Or at least I was until those monsters took their breaths. Now, I only want what is best for the Digital World. And you, Hyperion, can be my instrument. I can give you the power you need to end this, but you must give me something else in return."

"What do you want?" Hyperion asked desperately.

"I want Megidramon," said the voice. "Or more specifically, I want his power, the Digital Hazard that Imego stole from him."


"The why is not important," said the voice. "All that matters is whether or not you will accept my offer."

"I do," Hyperion declared. "I accept."

"Swear it," urged the voice.

"I swear," Hyperion promised. "In exchange for the power to end this, I shall deliver to you Megidramon's Digital Hazard. I swear on all that I am."

"Good," whispered the voice. "Then rise and the power shall be yours." There was no light of evolution, no holy choirs singing, and no declarations of intent of power. Hyperion simply felt the power burn into his very heart and soul. He felt a terrible might sweep through him.

He stood.


The battle was drawing out too much for Ajax's liking. The doppelgangers of their old comrades were a terrifying force, as strong as they were in life, but these had no qualms about harming their one-time friends. Were it not for the inclusion of Jager and Tharor, Ajax would have suspected Gog-Magog of recreating and reviving their allies altogether, but Jager and Tharor, who weren't truly dead, disproved that theory.

And Ajax fought all the harder because of it.

Suddenly the doppelgangers fell away, returned to clouds of darkness, and vanished altogether. It seemed that Gog-Magog had grown bored with simply watching from the sidelines. He reached out with his hand and let loose a tremendous blast of energy. It cracked the earth, but the Avengers managed to evade it.

All at once the Avengers attacked, hurling their greatest moves and powers against Gog-Magog. Crimson Light, Celestial Blade, Blue Prominence, Gaia Reactor, Dark Roar, Digitalize of Souls, Reverse Inazuma, Frozen Arrowheads...the attacks cracked against him, searing his filthy flesh and cutting through him. He let out a howl of pain, and for a moment victory seemed within their grasp.

But then Gog-Magog began to laugh again.

"You impress me, little Digimon," he chuckled. "Your powers are great indeed, but mine are greater. There is no force in the Digital World that can resist me. I am your dark god, greater than the Sovereign, greater than Fanglongmon. I am become death, destroyer of worlds. I am the Great Destroyer, little Avengers, and you...you are dust."

"Hey!" an angry voice called out. It was Hyperion. He stood, rejuvenated, restored...and evolved. The light and power of the X-Antibody shone from his new armor. The ancient Runes on the Transcendent Sword glowed brightly and wildly. The great knight's white cape floated in the wind. "That's my line." Hyperion lunged forward. He hurled himself through the air, his sword bled power as he flew, carving a path of light through the air and straight towards Gog-Magog.

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds. I am the Great Destroyer, you arrogant son of bit*h, and you...you are nothing!


The great weapon stabbed into the core of Gog-Magog. It sent a searing ray of light straight through the heart of the beast. The chain of fractal code cracked and dissipated, and Gog-Magog collapsed in upon himself. He folded upon himself infinitely, massing into a glowing white sphere of energy. The sphere the exploded and a searing white light washed across the Digital World. The light began to heal the world, rebuilding land and structures, and mending wounds.

Hyperion remained, basking in the burning white-hot glow as the last vestiges of his X-Evolution faded from his form. He shuddered at the thought of his own power, and where he knew it came from. He feared it. But for a moment, he pushed the fear aside. He turned to the Avengers as the sun rose behind him, setting a dawn on a brand new day and a brand new future.

And the world breathed a sigh of relief...


Knight of RPGs
(Sorry if I shouldn't do this, but I want to do one last thing before saying goodbye to Civil War.

And just so everyone knows, I was right about the prophecy. I did say about All Delete, and what just happened? Hyperion used All Delete.)

The sun began to rise and Osiris sighed, releasing his Ancient Evolution and becoming Anubismon once more.

It was finally over.

He stood there, letting the brilliant sunlight wash across his body as his wings spread out behind him.

All the loss, all the grief, it finally seemed to be resolved. All those who had fallen... now their hopes were finally true.

Once more, Ragna's last words... the true Ragna's last words struck him.

"Towards our Future."

And now, Osiris knew, that future was finally upon them. The darkness was over. The light had returned.

Did that leave no place for him? He was a being of darkness.

No. He would always remain. The world needed them still, not as warriors, but as leaders. So many had died, many great leaders had fallen against Imego.

As he looked out over the ocean, the scale of the world struck him.

It was majestic, beautiful.

It was theirs to enjoy once more. Peace was finally restored. The death, the pain, it was over.

He stepped forwards and felt something sear his feet.

He looked down to see the Wyrmflame, white fire burning on the sword.

He bent down and picked it up. There was one last thing to do. The spirits of the dead were avenged.

Now all that was needed, was for them to be remembered.

He spun the Wyrmflame in his grip, pointing it down before impaling the blade in the earth and starting to painstakingly etch words into the stone, taking great care.

Once the three words were carved, he stabbed Wyrmflame into the stone above them, the white flames burning on the blade, as they always would.

He took flight and looked down at the words, smiling as he thought of all they meant.

Towards our Future.

And as Osiris looked to his comrades, to Strom, Karmas, Kairi, Ajax and Hyperion, he realised the future looked the brightest he had ever seen it.

He turned to the sun and saw a draconic silhouette move over it, accompanied by the slim form of a TigerVespamon.

But as he looked again, they were gone.

Osiris smiled once more.

(Well, it finally ended. Thank you, Kamotz. I'll be waiting for Dark Reign!)


Kairi and Karmas gave deep sighs of relief as they realised that Gog-Magog was gone, destroyed by Hyperion.

"It's over," said Kairi, "It's really over."

"I know," said Karmas as he turned towards his fellow comrades, "And I know that if it wasn't for our teamwork, none of this would have happened."

As he said this Karmas thought about all the teammates that had been lost, and as he did, the Korikkakumon could have sworn that he saw them. But he told himself that he was just imagining things.

"Now that this is all done, Kairi and me are going to go and find a nice place to settle down and maybe, just maybe, have a family," said Karmas. "So Goodbye everybody."

(The end, it feels so good to know that I contributed to this. Thanks Kamotz and I can't wait for Dark Reign.)


God of Monsters
And so the Digital World could at long least let out its collective held breath. The war was over. The engineers of the Dramon Uprising were no more, destroyed by the very ambition they had cultivated. The rebel leaders were gone as well; it was time for a new generation to pave the way, to hope for a better, lasting peace. Hyperion watched the bustle and movement from high up on a mountain. Already the former Avengers were working as leaders, directing Digimon from all nations towards a better future. It would be difficult: the wounds were deep; chasms divided the Dramon from the rest of the world. But hands were already being extended in friendship, and the world was ever so slowly pulling itself back from the brink of Armageddon.

"Towards our future"...those had been Ragna's last words. But as Hyperion pondered their meaning, he couldn't help but feel a pit of dread in his stomach. The future shone brightly, but only for the moment.

"Do you have it?" the voice whispered.

"I do," Hyperion answered bitterly. "Though I know I shouldn't give this to you."

"You gave me your word, Hyperion Omega," said the voice. "You gave me your word, knight.

"And my word is my bond," Hyperion growled. "I know. But it doesn't make this any easier."

Hyperion revealed a smooth red sphere. Its surface depicted three triangles arranged in the mark of the Digital Hazard. He closed his eyes and willed the Hazard to the voice. Moments later, a figure shifted into view. It was terrible, pure evil, and Hyperion cursed himself for helping such a being.

"Take this, and leave us in peace," Hyperion demanded.

"Oh, I shall," said GranDracmon. He turned and began to walk away. He stopped and looked over his shoulder at the white knight. "For now." And then he was gone.

Hyperion looked back over the rising settlements. He saw the Avengers down below. Onaga and Valkur waved at him, and Ajax gave him a nod: a show of friendship. Hyperion's blood ran cold. What had he just done? Dread settled over him, and without a word, Hyperion turned and walked towards the setting sun.

"Towards our future," Ragna had said. Hyperion saw the world around him, and saw what the future held. The future was more beautiful than the setting sun; more glorious than the choirs of heaven. The future was oh-so bright.

For now...

The End.
Follow the sequel in Digimon: Dark Reign. Coming soon.