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Digimon: Civil War (RPG Thread)


Karmas was closing in on Daehak when a Megadramon swooped down and grabbed hims by the arms. The Zudomon thrashed around in the Dramon's grip, but it was no use. Megadramon's grip was too strong.

"Let go of me!" roared Karmas as he thrashed about.

"Fine," said the Megadramon in a gravelly voice.

Karmas was about to ask what the Dramon meant, when he realised exactly what Megadramon meant. As the digimon let go of Karmas the Zudomon roared a couple of words.

"Ice Lord Bump!"

A blast of ice was sent out of Karmas' hands, and headed straight down. The ice hit the ground and started to build up, forming a very wide and tall platform. Karmas landed on the platform and smiled as he swung his hammer.

"Hammer Boomerang!"

Megadramon stared as the hammer slammed into his stomach. The hammer returned to Karmas, who threw it again. But this time Megadramon was ready for the hammer. He held out his arm and fully opened his hand.

"Darkside Attack!" Megadramon yelled out.

Several missiles shot out of his hand and headed for the hammer. Just before they hit the hammer the missiles split into two groups, one group heading towards the hammer, the other group heading towards Karmas.

"Crap," muttered Karmas as the missiles exploded.

The force of the explosion pushed the Zudomon off the icy platform, making him plummet to the ground. Karmas grunted with pain as branches slapped against his bare flesh. He landed with a bone jarring THUD, groaning in pain.

“Let's play some more!" cackled the Megadramon as he swooped down towards Karmas.

Karmas looked up at the Megadramon before glowing white.

"Zudomon DIGIVOLVE INTO Vikemon!"

The white furred behemoth burst out of a ball of energy.

"Let's get ready to play."


God of Monsters
Tharor locked swords with the OwRyumon and the two struggled for dominance. Tharor and the dragon hurled themselves through the sky in a flurry of sword strikes and bodily blows. Within moments, the two spiraled back to the ground together with a crash. They remained swordlocked.

Then with a roar, the OwRyumon swiped his twin swords and forced Tharor back. He then fired a mighty golden beam from his armor, forcing Tharor to call up the Victory Shield to defend himself. The OwRyumon attacked again, slashing his swords in rapid succession so that Tharor had no choice but to remain on the defensive.

"Victory Charge!" Tharor shouted. He suddenly rebounded the OwRyumon's attack, throwing the bladed dragon off balance. Then Tharor sprang forward with the Dramon Breaker at the ready. He swung his sword hard, crashing it against the OwRyumon's swords. The blow was so strong, that the OwRyumon was knocked back several dozen meters.

The bladed dragon recovered quickly, however, and turned to face Tharor once more. But he turned to find himself staring down the metaphorical "barrel of a loaded gun"

Tharor held the Dramon Breaker sword in front of himself with his two hands. The sword pointed out towards the OwRyumon, and a great ball of power was forming before it. At the Dramon Breaker's point, a mighty force was gathering; a sphere of orange and red grew quickly and pulsated with power.

"Trident Gaia!" he roared, releasing the attack. The sphere of energy moved with frightening speed and crashed into the OwRyumon with terrific force. The bladed dragon was swallowed by the attack and crushed into the ground.

Across the sky, Jager and the Dorugoramon waged their own private war. Jager had been quick to miniaturize the Z'd Cannon and stow it in his body, giving himself more maneuverability and agility. He rocketed through the sky at tremendous speeds thanks to the many jets placed throughout his body, and while he was indeed faster in his MetalGarurumon form, he was still more than fast enough to out-fly the bulky Dorugoramon.

"Brave Metal!" the beast dragon roared. A massive spiked metal ball exploded from his mouth and flew across the sky, but Jager dodged the attack and let loose with an icy jettison of breath.

Jager's Blow Back Breath quickly closed in on the Dorugoramon, but the dragon simply flapped his wings once and avoided the attack with ease. The beast dragon was quick to attempt to force Jager into close combat by calling upon his Dorudiin sword, but Jager fired his jets and moved out of range.

"Blade Storm!" the Dorugoramon shouted. He unleased a hail of energy blades from his flapping wings, and Jager was hard pressed to avoid them. Jager raced along the ground as the blades dropped from the sky, and as soon as the attack stopped, he spun around and launched a massive blast of power from the Z'd Cannon. However, the Dorugoramon dodged the cannon blast and dropped low to fly across the ground.

Jager soon found himself on the receiving end of a slash from the Dorudiin sword before the Dorugoramon launched a Brave Metal attack right into his chest. Jager was carried across the ground by the metal ball before being thrown into the ground.

The Dorugoramon, confident in his victory, slowly made his way towards his downed opponent.

But Jager was far from defeated, and with the smoke and dust kicked up from his impact on the ground, he had all the time in the world to prepare.

Several deafening explosions alerted the Dorugoramon to the fact that his opponent was not as defeated as he had once thought. The beast dragon looked up to see a storm of missiles streaking down towards him. But he was so focused on the incoming missiles that he failed to notice that Jager had quickly closed the distance between them.

"Blow Back Breath!" A gout of icy energy burst from Jager's mouth and struck the Dorugoramon's legs, freezing him in place. Jager then continued his run past him and fired the Z'd Cannon just as the missiles rained down from the sky and collided with the Dorugoramon.

The great beast dragon tried to rise to his feet, but he was suddenly struck by the falling OwRyumon, knocked back to the ground. Above them, Tharor once again collected the energy needed for his Trident Gaia attack. When the energy reached critical mass, Tharor released it, and the great ball of fire dropped from the sky like a meteor and collided with the two Dragon Knights...


Tala Rune fell back under Ruatemn the UlforceVeedramon's assault. As fast as she was, she still couldn't land a decent hit on the blue-armored knight. Her powerful Laser Javelin attack simply took too long to charge and fire, and her Lightning Arrow, while indeed faster, wasn't strong enough to overcome Ruatemn's shield and armor. That left only her Feral Sword attack, which was much to slow to even bother with.

Ruatemn came at Tala like a meteor, only a thousand times more deadly. He flew past her three times in under a second, each time he slashed her with his sword. Tala knew she couldn't keep up with his speed, she couldn't outmaneuver him; he was simply far too powerful.

But she hoped that she was smarter.

Ruatemn paused in his attack, hovering just above the ground to savor his apparent victory. Tala noted that this was the third time he had done that; he liked to play mind games; to let her know that he could kill her at any time. This was Tala's only time to act; in the instant before he began his attack again.

Tala grabbed the golden shield on her left arm as Ruatemn zipped forward, and hurled it out in front of her.

"Punishing Storm!" she called out. The shield created a massive tornado where it fell, and the force of the tornado sucked Ruatemn out of the air and pulled him into it. The mighty blue knight was now at the mercy of the winds. The tornado suddenly surged and tossed Ruatemn from its core and into the ground with a crash.

This gave Tala all the time she needed to draw her crossbow and prepare her attack. She took careful aim and charged her bow to full power. The dazed UlforceVeedramon didn't even realize she was preparing to attack him.

"Laser Javelin!" Tala cried out as the massive bolt of power ripped from her crossbow. The bolt streaked through the sky and ripped right into Ruatemn's side. The resulting explosion threw him across the ground and he skidded to a stop several meters away.

Tala wasted no time; she closed the distance between them in an instant and drew back her sword for a killing blow, but her blade was suddenly stopped when Ruatemn sprang up and grabbed her sword arm.

"Not so fast," he taunted. "Ray of Victory!" Ruatemn's chest armor began to glow as he held tight to Tala's arms. Power suddenly ripped from his core and crashed point-blank into Tala's frame. She was catapulted through the air, and Ruatemn intercepted her as she flew to deliver a crushing kick that sent Tala crashing into the ground...


Daehak surged against Beta's attack and finally, with a mighty roar, he broke its hold. He then spun around and slashed the claws of his trident arm through its mass, dissipating the attack. He then turned his cannons on Strom and the unconscious Beta, and power began to build within them.

But just as he prepared to fire, Braon returned. He exploded from within the Dramon Army and crashed his enlarged fist into Daehak's face. The force of the blow threw off Daehak's aim and his attack flew harmlessly over Strom and Beta's heads. But Daehak wasn't done. His launched an attack with his booster claw, grabbing Braon and crushing him into the ground.

Braon, however, was more prepared this time. He slammed his enlarged fist into the ground, opening up several large fissures that were too weak to support Daehak's weight. The mighty red dragon toppled over, and Braon managed to pry himself from Daehak's grasp.

But Daehak was far from finished, and he swung the trident arm with terrific force. He caught Braon square in the chest and knocked him to the ground. The mighty Chaosdramon stood over Braon with dark satisfaction as he prepared to annihilate him completely.

"Sol Blaster!"

Suddenly a tremendous ball of fire streaked from the mountaintop and crashed into Daehak. Even with his thick armor, the flames caused significant damage to the mighty Dramon General, and he stumbled back in pain.

"Crescent Haken!" A bright white streak flashed down from the mountain, zooming over the fighting armies towards Daehak himself. He was suddenly struck by a mighty weapon and sent crashing to the ground.

Above him, Apollo the Apollomon and Artemis the Dianamon waited for him to rise. When he did, the twin Digimon unleashed a barrage of fire and ice arrows that tore into Daehak and forced him back.

Faced with such overwhelming odds, Daehak had no choice; he couldn't fight against the two Olympians on his own; only the Three Great Dramon themselves had that kind of power. That left Daehak with only one option.

"Retreat!" he ordered with a roar. "Fall back!"

Many of the Rebels moved to chase after the Dramon Army, but Apollo raised his hand, stopping them, and they understood; they had lost much that day, and their time was better spent relocating their base to a more suitable locale. If they did decide to chase down the Dramon Army, they would only find themselves at a disadvantage; the Dramon could always call in more troops; the rebellion could not.


Arahon drove his fist hard into Imego's stomach and the Imperialdramon doubled over. Imego formed his Splendor Blade from his arm claw and slashed at Arahon, but the Alphamon blocked the strike with his Grade Alpha sword. Sparks of power flew from between the two weapons, but Arahon surged his power into his sword and pushed Imego away.

Imego raised his right arm and started charging his positron cannon. "Positron Laser!" he called out. But Arahon was too quick. He moved in close, inside the weapon's range and then grabbed the cannon by its middle. Arahon then pushed Imego's arm, causing the positron cannon to blast off into the distance and annihilate an unlucky Cyberdramon. Imego pushed against Arahon and tried to fire again, but Arahon used the same tactic; he maneuvered the cannon to his other side and used Imego's own weapon to attack the Dramon Army.

With an angry snarl, Imego stabbed at Arahon with the claws on his free left arm (since Arahon still had a firm grasp on his right), but Arahon wedged his sword between the claws and blocked the strike.

"Giga Crusher!" Imego roared. The dragon head on his chest opened, and a positron cannon extended from his chest; power began to gather in the weapon, causing it to glow a fierce white. Arahon could feel the heat radiating from the charging attack, and had no doubt that at point-blank range, the attack would do serious damage.

But he wasn't about to let that happen. Arahon smashed his fist into the positron cannon and drove it back into Imego's chest before slamming the dragon-head armor closed. Imego cried out in shock and surprise as he was kicked away and his attack went off in his own chest. The explosion, while far smaller than hoped for, was powerful enough to send Imego spiraling through the air and crashing to the ground.

Imego struggled to his feet and painfully raised the positron cannon on his arm to the sky. Beaten and broken as he was, it took far longer to charge the weapon than he had anticipated.

"Holy Sword Grade Alpha!" Arahon called out as he hurled his sword through the air. The blade struck with pinpoint accuracy, lodging itself in Imego's positron cannon and causing the charged energy to detonate prematurely. The explosion knocked Imego off his feet and threw him through the air.

With his armor cracked and broken, Imego was truly a pitiful sight, and yet true to his oath to destroy the enemies of the Dramon Empire, he refused to give up. He stood up and roared loudly, a roar that shook the very battlefield. Imego spread his wings wide and took to the sky, fully intent on driving himself into Arahon.

But the black-armored knight would have none of that. He placed his hand out in front of him as a green sphere formed before him. "Digitalize of Soul!" Multiple beams of green energy burst from Arahon's hands and tore into Imego, chipping away armor and pummeling him with unrestrained force.

Imego fell back under Arahon's assault; completely overwhelmed by the black knight's superior power. His greatest attacks had been rendered completely useless, and he was clearly no match for Arahon's superior fighting skills. Off in the distance, he saw that Daehak was on the receiving end of Artemis and Apollo's beating, and watched as Daehak called for retreat.

"Retreat!" Imego called out, solidifying the cry. He began to glow as he changed forms; his body shifted from humanoid to purely draconic, and he took off into the sky without so much as a glance back to the battlefield. He had failed.


Ajax continued to hack his way through the hordes of Dramon. His original goal of reaching Daehak was impossible now; the dragon armies were just too thick; he'd never reach the great red monster now.

But it looked like Tala could use his help. He sprinted over to where Ruatemn had her at his mercy, and Ajax struck. He fired his Rage of Wyvern with pinpoint accuracy. Normally, he'd have no problem hitting a Dramon with that attack. But Ruatemn was no normal Dramon. He was a knight.

Ruatemn turned just in time and let loose with his Ray of Victory. The two attacks collided and a massive explosion was the result. But while Ruatemn scanned the ground and prepared for Ajax's attack to come from the ground, he was unprepared for Ajax's next move.

Ajax leaped high into the air and fired his Final Crest. The bolt of power streaked down and slammed into Ruatemn with tremendous force, knocking the dragon knight through the air. But he recovered quickly and settled himself down to face his two opponents. Ajax cursed silently; that was his special dragon-slayer combo; it never failed him before.

"Not bad," Ruatemn grimaced. "On anyone else that would have been fatal, but you're not fast enough to take me out." A cry for retreat went up throughout the Dramon ranks as both Daehak and Imego fell back, and Ruatemn sighed in frustration as he spread his wings of blue and violet.

"You got lucky today, rebels," he said with a smirk. "I look forward to our next meeting," he said with a sneer towards Tala...


A cheer went up through the ranks of the Rebels as the remaining Dramon took off and retreated. Tharor and Jager allowed their two beast dragon opponents to leave; they had to live with the knowledge of their defeat. That was better than killing them.

"We didn't expect either of you to join the fight," Arahon said to Apollo and Artemis. "I ordered Goliath to evacuate you from the area."

"We knew you would need our assistance, Arahon," said Artemis. "And we couldn't allow you all to fight and die for us."

"But if you two were injured or worse, then we'd be done for."

"Yes, but if you were all destroyed, then we'd be done for as well," Artemis said coolly. "As it is, we achieved the best outcome possible."

"Indeed," said Apollo, finally speaking. "Arahon, you and Braon take to reorganizing our forces. We need to move away from this place to where the Dramon haven't yet found us. When you're done come meet with Artemis and myself. We have a new assignment for you, Braon, and Goliath..."


Knight of RPGs
Beta finally woke up and looked at the surrondings. He quickly took in three things: Strom was standing next to him, the Dramons, including Daehak were running away and Apollo and Artemis were standing nearby. Beta quickly bowed as Apollo briefly glanced towards him. Then he realised that something was wrong. Instead of the black armour he had worn as Alphamon he now had orange scaly feet that ended in claws. His arms were coated in black metal, but only had three fingers. Black armored wings rose above his back and an orange tail swept into his line of sight. It took him a shocked moment to realise that the tail was his own.

"What happened to me?" he asked, half hoping it was a dream and that the battle was actually still going on.

"You de-Digivolved," Arahon explained "I had the same problem once. Our Champion form is a Dramon."

"WHAT!" Beta yelled "I'm a Dramon!"

"Its temporary," Arahon assured him "you will become Grademon again soon. You wouldn't even be like this if you hadn't tried to kill Daehak on your own."

"You're lucky to be alive," Ajax said, walking up "that stunt with the attack. And the Cannondramon... that was my attack so I'd rather you didn't use it."

"Why did the Dramons retreat?" Beta asked "did I kill Daehak?" He hoped that he had. Then he would be a hero.

"Unfortunately you didn't," Arahon said "however from what I saw you managed to keep him busy long enough for the rest of us to achieve a significant body count. Once Apollo and Artemis showed up they had no choice but to retreat."

"You still managed to achieve a good result," Apollo said. Beta was amazed. Apollo was one of the Rebels leaders, but he was talking to a low down recruit.

"Thanks to you Daehak was kept away from our troops. If he hadn't been occupied then he could have killed hundreds of troops. Plus, you took out the Cannondramon as well, so the Gargomon unit could regroup and cause havoc with the enemy lines."

"Thank you sir," Beta said. He started to walk away, then thought better of it and leapt into the air to fly back to his quarters.


Don't ask questions.
The data of deceased Digimon was still thick in the air as Shirou sheathed his sword. They had succeeded in driving off the Dramon army, but had they really won? A good portion of the dead had been his fellow rebels, but now they were just clouds of data, waiting to be reborn in Primary Village, the place where all Digimon are born.

Shirou briefly examined his armor. He had escaped with only a few cuts and bruises this time, but the next time would be a lot more difficult. After this short examination, he glanced over his shoulder at Strom and Beta, but, to his surprise, he saw only Strom standing there. However, nearby the huge Mega level stood another Digimon. A Dramon. It was a Reptiledramon (Also known as a Raptordramon).

He was just about to pull out his tremendously large sword when he realized that the Reptiledramon was bowing to two other Digimon, Apollo and Artemis.

W-what? he thought, Why is that Dramon bowing to our leaders?!

Then it hit him. What if that was Beta? He had reached his Mega level during the fight, and Shirou had often heard that DeDigivolving was common after reaching such a high level. Perhaps that was what happened to him.

He scowled at the thought of working alongside a Dramon. Beta had better Digivolve soon, because he wasn't about to fight beside any Dramon. Ever.

With that, Shirou left the battlefield, heading toward their most recent hideout, which they would soon be leaving. Shirou had grown attached to it in his short time there, but all good things must come to an end. Especially when there are hordes of angry Dramon itching to slaughter you.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
From all around the battlefield, cheers and congratulations could be heard coming from the rebel survivors. He could see bullet tracers being fired vertically in the air from the celebratory fire of the Gargomon. Several metres away from him, he saw Apollo and Artemis. Nearby was Braon and Arahon- all the digimon nearby were bowing to the two. That is, all except Strom.

"Strom, why aren't you bowing?" he heard a voice say from beside him.

The Spinomon looked down to see a bowing Knightmon looking at him out of the corner of his eye. Strom let out a raspy chuckle.

"I could ask you the opposite question," joked the Spinomon, causing the digimon to glare at him. "Why would I bow? I volunteered here and my home is the Paleozoic Sovereignty."

Suddenly a voice spoke up from the other side of his head. "Well, they did save your scaly hide, for one thing." Strom almost jumped in his place and he jerked his head over to see Braon hovering right beside him, grinning.

"Commander Braon... uhh... it's just... I find it humiliating. I've never even bowed to Lord Aegyptu back when I was still with them," he explained sheepishly.

Braon smiled. "Oh, it's not that bad!" he said, giving him a hard, friendly slap on the back. To Strom's shock and embarrassment, Braon's hit was so hard that it forced the dinosaur digimon into a kneeling position. "...See?"

Strom bit his tongue in an attempt not to snarl before a superior officer. Nevertheless, he stood up. Braon grinned. Then everyone stood up from their bowing positions.

"I'll tell you what you can do," the Justimon said. "Help me rally the troops. You dinosaur digimon have loud voices that carry, don't you?"

The Spinomon nodded. "Yes sir." Justimon nodded and then went over to start discussing organizational matters with Arahon. Strom inhaled deeply before letting out a booming call. "ALL GROUND FORCES RALLY ON COMMANDERS BRAON AND ARAHON! GREYMON CORPS TO THE RIGHT, GARGOMON UNIT TO THE LEFT, FRONTLINE INFANTRY TO THE CENTRE!!! AERIAL FORCES AND THE DEMO TASK FORCE RALLY BEHIND GROUND FORCES!!! BRING ALL WOUNDED TO THE FRONT FOR TREATMENT!!"

Strom took another deep breath and watched the troops begin to rally. Everyone around the Spinomon didn't seem incredibly pleased by the exceptionally loud roar. Braon ceased cringing from the yell and walked over to him. "...Nice work."

The Spinomon noticed a few digimon walking or flying back to back to their mountain home instead of forming ranks, but he decided to let them go. They had a tough, relatively unsuccessful battle and Strom was no officer. To be frank, he felt most of his comrades thought lowly of him for his past in the Paleozoic Sovereignty. Though, that could just be him not being trusting of anyone. He had good reason to be suspicious, however. He scratched the large scar on his chest and formed ranks amidst the ground troops.
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Don't ask questions.
Shirou started. That was one loud voice. He swerved around to see Strom roaring loudly, in an attempt to call the soldiers to order. Reluctantly, he turned around and rejoined the rebels who were waiting below him.

Standing between Vahn and Strom, Shirou waited for their leaders to speak.


Klaw the MirageGaogamon looked down from his perch in the tree branches. Below him, the rebels were assembling in front of Apollo and Artemis. He gracefully hopped down from where he stood, and landed behind a certain Knightmon.

He crossed his arms as he listened to the Apollomon and Dianamon's announcement.

Bah, let's just get to fighting some more Dramon already! Sheesh, he thought, half-listening to his leaders.


probably elsewhere
Vahn didn't give a hay to what was being said by his superiors (most if not all of them were there), or the gathering of survivors. All he knew is, they won. At least temporarily. And well, he never was the listening type. More of the one giving the orders. Of course, this attitude would likely get in trouble--yet this Kyuukimon always finds a way to get around...

He grabbed the cloth tied around his belt and used it to wipe off the soot and other junk off his blades. "Bah, I didn't even get to show 'em much." He murmured to himself. "If only I was offensive I could've... mumble mumble..."

Then something gave a chill down Vahn's spine. It came from just looking at his belt once more as he was about to put the kerchief back. It took a few seconds to realize he had lost something: something he holds really close.

"Blast!" He cried with a stomp of foot. "Where did my badge go?!" Now he smacked his head, and proceeded to look for where he battled from the high area. It was likely he lost it there, in the woods. But would the group let him just let him leave on short notice? Fat chance. "........... Idiot." He scratched his head. "Getting so worked up over that little thing. I'll just get another one after this cursed war..." The Kyuukimon looked at the sky again as the data kept floating. "... Huh, I wonder how the Celestial Sphere's gonna let me back..."


Don't ask questions.
(This is only to keep us going; seeing as how we haven't had a poster in a while)

Klaw listened silently as Apollo and Artemis began calling out orders. They were to move out soon, as far away from this place as possible, and fast. Heh. Fast. If they needed something done fast, then Klaw was their guy. However, he was new to this group of rebels, and no one knew of his speed quite yet.

"Ha," he muttered under his breath, "Daehak didn't seem so tough. He fled as soon as he was in a dire situation, and Imego left soon after. I wasn't even a part of that battle. They put me on a defense squad. Jeez...I didn't get to see any of the action."

Shirou overheard the MirageGaogamon, and swerved around, saying, "Yeah, well, you didn't fight him and his cronies head-on, like we did."



God of Monsters
Apollo and Artemis met with their three Commanders; Arahon the Alphamon, Braon the Justimon, and Goliath the BanchoLeomon. The two Rebel Leaders had relocated the Rebellion's soldiers to a chain of islands within the territorial borders of the Oceanic Coalition. For the moment, the Rebellion was secure; under the protection of Poseidon the Neptunmon and his coalition, the Rebellion was safe to recuperate and collect their forces. But Apollo was not so satisfied with waiting.

"How dare they?!" the fiery Olympian snarled. "Those dragon scum think they can attack us in our home! The arrogance of those beasts!"

"Calm down, Apollo," said Artemis. "We managed to turn them back, that loss of morale alone will be a crushing blow for the Empire's troops, and the morale boost for ours is a great boon. They were fools to attack us on our own soil."

"We need to focus on regrouping and reorganizing," said Arahon. "We need to gather and prepare our forces. We took some heavy losses; we need to reorganize units, supplement troops, and procure a new headquarters."

"I'm sick of sitting around and waiting!" snarled Goliath. The bestial warrior slammed his fist against the wall angrily. "We should take the fight to them. Raze their cities and make them run in terror."

"Indeed," said Apollo. "We need to strike back now."

"Apollo, listen to yourself," Artemis admonished. "We just went over how foolish it was for the Dramon Empire to attack us where we had knowledge of the terrain and now you want to go and return the stupidity?"

"The Dramon Empire cannot continue to believe that they can simply trample over us," said Apollo. "We need to hit them with something so devastating, that they can never recover."

"Lord Apollo, if such a strike was possible, we would have done so already," said Braon. "Lady Artemis and Arahon are right; we need to focus on recovery, not far-off notions and impossibilities."

"If we sent a strike force to destroy the Three Great Dramon, the entire command structure of the Empire would be crushed and the Empire would destroy itself," growled Goliath.

"Do you have any idea of the logistics that would go into such a strike?" demanded Arahon. "We would need to train and outfit a small army in order to get anywhere near the Empire's capital."

"Not if we already had such a unit," countered Goliath.

"What are you thinking?" asked Apollo, clearly intrigued. Of all the three Commanders, it was Goliath's methods that appealed to Apollo most.

"We take some of our most qualified and specialized warriors," explained Goliath. "We get them into the heart of the Dramon Empire and they infiltrate the palace of the Three Great Dramon and slay them with a blitz assassination."

"A what?" Artemis demanded. "What kind of idiot plan is that?"

"It just might work," said Apollo. "They would never expect a move like that. If we chose our most experienced and powerful warriors, then we could pull this off."

"I'll lead them, my lord," said Goliath with a bow. "I'll have a team assembled within the hour."

"Apollo, I must object-" began Braon.

"No," said Apollo with a raised hand. "You have your orders, Commander Braon. Reinforce the defenses and assign new guards. Arahon, you must go to the other neutral kingdoms and try to garner their support."

"Artemis, you can't agree with this," Braon objected.

"I don't," she admitted. "But Apollo and Goliath are right; we can't keep waiting for the Dramon Empire to attack, eventually we need to take the offensive: to strike them where it hurts most."


"Leave it, Braon," Arahon urged. "I don't like it, but Artemis is right."

"Good," said Apollo. "Get to it, you three."

The three Commanders left; Braon to reorganize the defenses and units, Arahon to prepare to meet with the other kingdoms, and Goliath to organize a strike force to take down the Three Great Dramon...


Goliath stood before his assembled team: Ajax the "Ultimate Dragon Slayer," Jager and Tharor of the Anti-Dramon Unit, Ragna the Dynasmon, Karmas the Zudomon, Osiris the Anubismon, Karasu the Ravemon, Rai the Rapidmon, Strom the Spinomon, and Gaspar the MasterTyrannomon.

"I've assembled you here for a reason of utmost importance," said Goliath. "I've been ordered to bring an elite team of warriors into the heart of the Dramon Empire on an assassination mission."

"Assassination?" asked Ajax. "Who are we assassinating exactly?"

"The Three Great Dramon," Goliath answered matter-of-factly. "Poseidon has already promised us transportation to the Empire's capital by water instead of over land as would be expected. From there we'll infiltrate through the sewer system; Jager, Rai, Osiris, and Strom will hold back and be our artillery backup. We'll signal when we reach the palace of the Great Dramon and then the artillery will open fire, drawing away the attention of the Dramon Army. From there, the rest of us will attack the Great Dramon; we'll do as much damage as we can in a period of five minutes. When that time is up, our artillery support will stop their attack and head to the palace where we'll fall back into the sewer system and escape back to the ocean."

"What if five minutes isn't enough?" asked Tharor.

"We need to show the Dramon that we won't just wait for them to attack us," answered Goliath. "We need to show them that we're a force to be reckoned with, that we can fight and hurt them just as they can hurt us."

"We need to show the Three Great Dramon that they aren't invincible," Jager explained. Goliath nodded in agreement.

"Good," said Goliath. "You've got twelve hours to make your preparations. This will be a battle among battles, and everyone will need to reach the highest level of power that they can: no holding back." The BanchoLeomon looked them in the eye. "You're dismissed. Get some rest..."


**Capital City of the Dramon Empire**

Imego stormed out of the grand hall of the Imperial Palace. The Three Great Dramon had spent the last six hours scolding him and blaming him for the failing attack on the rebellion. But Imego refused to take the blame for that fiasco, and the Great Dramon had then chosen to humiliate him by lecturing and berating him in front of his entire Sky Force.

The dragon knight walked briskly through the hallways of the palace, and everyone stepped out of his way; they all knew not to bother him when he was in that sort of mood. But a single figure waited for him at the end of the walkway. Ruatemn the UlforceVeedramon joined Imego.

"They didn't spare any remarks," Ruatemn said with a smirk. "But you weren't executed so they still have some use for you."

"Use for me?" Imego snarled. "I refuse to be the mere pawn of those over-gluttonous worms; without me they would be nothing! It was I who led the initial purge of the Harmonious Republic while they sat in their palace getting fat with power. If I had the power they do, I'd-"

Imego suddenly trailed off.

"Lord, what is it?" Ruatemn asked.

"I just had a brilliant idea," Imego said with a smirk. "Don't follow me."

Imego left Ruatemn wondering, and he made his way down into the depths of the Imperial Palace. He walked through the dungeons, where prisoners, dissenters, and deserters were kept; Imego sought the true prisoners of the Dramon Empire. He made his way deeper into the palace core, down a winding set of stairways to a great stone door. Imego stood before the door for a moment, admiring the intricate seals that kept out all but the most influential of beings. Imego placed a hand on the great door, and it slowly opened according to his will.

Four statues stood on the other side of the door, each one chained to the walls and floor and ceiling with powerful, unbreakable chains. Imego glanced over the statues; he eyed them with the greatest distaste.

The frozen faces of the Four Sovereigns stared back blankly.

Imego walked past the frozen visages of Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon, and Baihumon; he stopped before the stone form of Azulongmon, the great blue dragon. Imego placed his hand over the statue's face, and it took a mere bending of his will to awaken the sleeping dragon once more.

"Greetings, Seiryu," Imego hissed. Azulongmon groaned in pain as the stone surrounding him dissipated and he regained some of his life energies.

"Imego," the great dragon acknowledged. "You miserable fiend. Have you and your kind not humiliated me enough?"

"Are you not a dragon as well?" Imego taunted. "Of the four Sovereign, you were the only one we offered amnesty; we offered you a place in the Dramon Empire."

"You sought to disrupt the balance of the Digital World," cried Seiryu. "The role we Sovereign had in maintaining the balance is critical to the existence of the Digital World. Without us, the world will fall into ruin!"

"The Three Great Dramon are more than capable of maintaining whatever you Sovereign did and then some," Imego boasted.

"The Three Great Dramon have no idea of the powers they trifle with!"

Imego regarded Seiryu in silence for a moment before speaking, "Oh...how true. I will be the one to bring true order to the Digital World. I will surpass even the Three Great Dramon themselves. And you will help me, mighty Sovereign."

"Help you?" Seiryu asked. "You have-"

"Shut up!" Imego snarled. He reached out and grabbed one of the twelve digi-cores that circled the blue dragon. Seiryu howled in pain, but a simple wave of Imego's hand returned him to his stony state.

In his hands, Imego felt the holy power flowing from the glowing blue-white core. With that power he could finally begin...


**Dramon Empire: Imperial Forge**

A single Flamedramon pounded a hammer against a golden object, forging it into a holy ring of power. Thousands of sparks flew with each beat of the hammer, and each beat sounded of thunder. The object, previously a golden Digi-Egg of Destiny had slowly become a holy ring, an object of great power.

"How apt," Imego mused as he held the core taken from Azulongmon. "The golden elemental of Destiny will be what finally brings me to ultimate power."

A final strike of the hammer signaled the completion of the Flamedramon's work. He held the burning ring aloft and bowed before Imego. Without hesitation, Imego took the still-burning ring and slipped it over his hand and around his wrist. The burning metal seared to his armor, creating a perfect seal. Then he placed the glowing blue-white core in a specially placed recess in the ring. The ring began to glow a blinding white, spreading throughout the entire forge.

"Mode Change...Paladin Mode!"

Imego reveled in the power at his fingertips as his change took place. The ring on his arm had reformatted into a mighty white sword, and Imego himself was clad in white armor befitting his new station of power. Imego held his sword aloft and marveled at his new power.

"My Lord Imego," Ruatemn said, announcing his arrival. "We've just received word from our spy within the rebellion of a plot to assassinate the Three Great Dramon."

"Is that so?" Imego mused.

"Should we warn Lord Daehak?" asked Ruatemn.

"No," Imego answered. "Allow the rebels their attempts; allow them to draw off Daehak's forces. I wish to test my new power. Move the Three Great Dramon from the capital, tell them there might be an attempt on their life and that I am taking care of it."

"Yes, my Lord."

"Oh, and Ruatemn," said Imego.


"Assemble the Dragon Knights..."


Knight of RPGs
Ragna stood on the top of a rock on the island closest to the mainland. He looked out over at the land and he could pick out the grim figures of sentinel towers, placed in case of a sea attack.

"Dramon scum," he muttered "I'm coming." He clenched one of his mighty fists and crushed a rock gripped in his palm effortlessly.

"Something on your mind?" a voice asked. Ragna turned to acknowledge the question and saw Osiris.

"I heard some reports that a Valkyrimon made to Braon after the battle," he replied "she said that she had fought an UlforceVeedramon called Ruatemn. Back before the war I was the leader of a group of mercenaries and I had an UlforceVeedramon as my second in command. When the war started, he joined the Dramon Empire and tried to force me into joining. He left me with these." He showed the Anubismon his scratched bracer.

"Whats the problem then?" Osiris asked.

"If I do have to fight Ruatemn and it does turn out that he was my second in command, I'm wondering if I'd have the guts to actually kill him," Ragna explained "and I'm part dragon anyway. I have that chance to become a part of the Dramon Empire. Someday, I might have to make that choice again. And I might not refuse."

"I've heard that Dynasmon are stubborn," Osiris said reluctantly "but I think that if thats true, you won't betray the rebellion. As for Ruatemn, just do what your heart tells you. Its never let me down." Ragna growled slightly, unsatisfied with the answer, and leapt into the air, flying back to the collection of tents that was the temporary camp.


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"Alright!" exclaimed Rai the Rapidmon, dashing past Karasu the Ravemon as they headed back to prepare for departure, "Finally, a mission worthy of my awesomeness! Hahahaha..."

Karasu sighed. "It's just a stupid assassination mission..." he murmured, stretching his wings, "I don't see why I have to go...I've got better things to do..."

"Yeah? Like what, Lazy-Bird?!" Rai interrupted, smirking.

"Like sleeping...or cloud-counting..." Karasu replied, looking up at the sky, "Besides, I'm no good at this kind of thing...Why can't they send someone more...energetic? You know, like that Grademon, or something..."

"Ha! You're afraid to be upstaged by me, aren't you?!" Rai mocked, hurrying past the Bird Mega, "Admit it! I'm faster, stronger AND handsomer than you!"


"Aaawww, come on, Karasu!" Rai shouted, disappearing in the blink of an eye, "Hurry up! You're so slow!"

Karasu shot an angry glance at Rai, who was now nearly one hundred yards away. With a flap of his wings, Karasu disappeared from sight and reappeared next to the Rapidmon. "How's that for speed?"

"Heh," Rai muttered, "Not bad...now let's see if you can do better!"

With that, the two Digimon leapt into the skies, beginning their fourth race that day...
Gaspar watched as he clutched his claws into a fist. Then, turned to the glistening Ocean. The digital waters sparkled in the sun, and the sand silently drifted off with the waves. The waves seemed to increase in velocity steadily, as if to keep in pace with the growing tension among those who would be going off to assassinate the Three Great Dramon.

"Am I up to this?" Gapsar thought to himself, he was a species that had always blurred the border between Dinosaur and Dragon. "Am I on the right side? Should I really be working for the Dramon, and not the rebels?" He remembered the Master Tyrannomon he knew back at the Sovereignty" They became Darkdramon. Yet, these thoughts soon dissipated with the memory of the Dramon attack on that desert village. Gruesome screams filled his mind. "No." Gaspar murmured to himself, "I'm not one of them.", Gaspar knew, he could never be a Dramon, could he?

"Argh, I need to shake off these thoughts." He said, there was a bit of frustration in the Dinosaur's voice. "Besides, this is Paradise. I should just sleep this whole thing off. After all, I got 12 hours before my mission, I need a break" Gaspar smiled as he let the Sands become his Mattress, and the soothing ocean sounds be his lullaby.


Knight of RPGs
Ragna looked down at the islands.

"That stupid Anubismon," he growled "he doesn't get it. I lost everything becuase of this damn war and those damn Dramon. What did he lose? Nothing. Instead he got even more powerful. He doesn't know the meaning of the word loss."

"I can hear you, you know," Osiris said. Ragna nearly fell out of the sky.

"What!" he exclaimed, looking sideways. Sure enough, Osiris was hovering next to him.

"I can fly," Osiris said, rolling his eyes "loss. Stupid Digimon. What you love is never lost. You keep it with you, in your heart, and one day your friends and loved ones will return."

"Oh shut up," Ragna said "if you want to be helpful, lets have a practice fight. I haven't had a good fight for ages. All I got in that last battle was a headache from seeing so many Commandramon."

"Fine," Osiris countered. The two stood opposite each other in the air.

"Amulet Of The Ancients!" Osiris yelled, beginnign the fight. A a crystal figure appeared in front of him and a colossal yellow blast of light fired towards Ragna. The Dynasmon hurled himself upwards before extending a palm towards Osiris quickly.

"Dragon Thrower!" he cried. The red crystal set into his palm glowed before a jet of red light shot from it and impacted with Osiris, gradually pushing the Anubismon back. Ragna cut off his attack before twisitng round and extending both palms towards Osiris.

"DNA Disintergrator!" he screamed, feeling energy pulse through his body. Two blasts of red light launched themselves from his palms before twisting together into a DNA helix shape. The DNA Disintergrator impacted with Osiris, hurling the Anubismon into the ground like a piece of paper caught in a hurricane. Ragna slowly descended. He prepared to launch a final attack to get Osiris to surrender. Blue energy built up in his mouth as he prepared his Breath Of Wyvern...
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Just as Ragna prepared his final burst of power, a golden blur shot out from the sky and crashed into the larger Mega level Digimon, sending them both flying a few yards backward. As the Rapidmon and the Dynasmon skidded to a stop, Karasu the Ravemon landed gracefully beside Osiris and helped him up.

"Owowowowowow..." moaned Rai, rubbing his sore head, "That was a dirty trick, Karasu! Isn't there something in the Digital Book of Aerial Racing against flying through storm clouds to zap your opponent?!"

"No," Karasu replied, "And I should know. I practically wrote that book."

Rai turned to Ragna angrily. "And you," he shouted, pointing accusingly at the Dynasmon, "You dared to get in the way of my beautiful landing!"

"Beautiful landing?" Karasu smirked.

"Stay out of this, Bird-Brain!" Rai exclaimed, turning back and facing the Ravemon once again.

"Oooh, ouch."


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Strom sat in the sand watching the fight take place overhead, his scaly tail waving contently back and forth. He placed his claws behind his head and sighed. "'Assassination mission'? This plan reeks of 'suicide mission'," he non-chalantly mumbled to himself. He watched the Rapidmon get hit by an attack. "There's definately a few they wouldn't mind getting rid of..."

He stood up and started walking towards the others. "I bet Braon didn't have a say in this mission; he wouldn't have come up with a plan so foolhardy. Who would have thought one of the few people I trust would be a virus buster? Oh well. Can't argue with results."

The Spinomon approached the four as inconspicuously as he could- kind of hard for a fifteen foot dinosaur, give or take. He decided to stay out of the argument and watch, grinning in amusement.


Knight of RPGs
"Maybe you should stay out of my way when I'm trying to practice!" Ragna snarled "some people are taking this seriously. We're going to take on three of the worlds strongest Digimon, Gold-face! The Three Great Dramon are going to cook you like the rabbit you are!" He stepped away before deciding to teach Rai a lesson. He turned, blue energy building in his mouth.

"Breath Of Wyvern!" he cried, releasing his most powerful attack. A huge blast of dragon shaped energy shot into the Rapidmon, easily slamming him into the ground with an immense explosion. Rai shakily stood up, preparing to retaliate.

"Thats a lesson kid," Ragna snapped "the Three Great Dramon can hit you with something ten times stronger than that. Take this seriously or they will kill you." With that he glided away again, shaking with rage.

"Four-year olds," he snarled "we're going on the most dangerous mission they could ever give us and I'm dealing with four-year olds." He stopped in mid air and looked at the black armored figure blocking his path. Arahon glared at the Dynasmon through the eye slits in his helmet.

"What were you thinking?" the commander asked "you've just attacked one of your fellow warriors. And you refer to it as a lesson."

"With all due respect, commander," Ragna spoke "they refuse to accept the nature of the mission. Once we are doing this, we'll be alone in the field. No commanders, just us. Someone needs to keep order or we have no chance. I have past leadership experience."

"You have experience with dragon Digimon," Arahon said angrily "Digimon who can take that Breath Of Wyvern and come out laughing. Don't forget Ragna, no matter what there is a dragon inside you."

"You think I can?" Ragna asked "Arahon, I lost everything becuase of that damn empire. Everything I cherished, held close, torn away by them. Friends. Comrades...." He paused as if he couldn't bear to say the next words.

"Ragna, I fully appreciate that you have suffered losses," Arahon said "but you must restrain yourself or you will hurt someone. I'm letting you off with this one, but tread carefully." With that, Arahon descended. Ragna soared higher until everything below him was beyond sight.

"I'm coming!" he yelled, looking down towards the landmass and the Dramon Empire.


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((OOC: storymasterb, I would appreciate it if you didn't control Rai without my permission.))

Rai scowled at the Dynasmon as he was leaving. The Golden Armor Digimon was shaken, but not stirred (like the James Bond reference?). Rai puffed out his chest as he watched Dynasmon walk away.

"Yeah, you better run..." he muttered under his breath, "Cause I was about to be all over you like pink on a Koromon!"

Karasu laid a hand on his shoulder. "Forget about him, Goldilocks," the Bird said, "He's just too uptight. That's all."

Just then a sound reached Rai's sensitive ears. He turned and stared straight at Strom the Spinomon as he was approaching the group..."inconspicuously".

"Uuuhh...what're you doing?" Rai inquired, disappearing and reappearing next to the dinosaur Digimon, "If you're trying to be sneaky, you're not doing a very good job of it."


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Strom eyed the Rapidmon warily. "Not trying to be sneaky- just trying to stay out of your little scuffle. I wouldn't want to beat you guys up TOO badly before this mission," he said with a wink and grin.

The Spinomon turned to Karasu, someone who he thought he could have a legitimate, mature conversation with, and said, "When are we leaving anyways? And what happens if something goes wrong with team involved with actually taking out the three?"

He admits that these days he's not very good at striking up conversations with others.
Seemingly Faint sounds of yells, blasts, and other assorted noises were heard as Gapsar came to a start, woken up by the seemingly not so distant noise of a fight waging on. At first, the Dinosaur thought the island was under attack, and rubbed his eyes hurridly. Yet, he his vision cleared, there was no battle, and no Dramon. Gapsar let off a low growl as he shook his head, he would have gone back to sleep, but, had a sinking feeling that he would be woken up, yet again. Instead, Gapsar looked around him, to the right, the Tents that housed the Rebels, and nearby was obviously the command center on this island. In the air, two digimon, they were too high up to make out, but, one of them soon zoomed even higher into the sky. Finally, on his left side, a bunch of Digimon, four to be exact, conversing about something. A Rapidmon, in golden armor form, a Ravemon, a Spinomon, and an Anubismon. All three of them Gapsar had seen before at the Debreifing, Gapsar didn't remember the names, but he was better with faces anyway. So, with nothing better to do, the Master Tyrannomon lurched over to the group, still feeling tired. He heard from the Spinomon as he approached ,
"And what happens if something goes wrong with team involved with actually taking out the three?" Of course, when you live among the Paleozoic Sovereignty, you don't really develop a taste for manners. As was the case with Gapsar, as he interrupted with his own two bits,
"I don't think we'll be taking out anyone, personally, I believe the three great Dramon are too Strong to be taken down without a huge force hitting them. Even if we can destroy them, I'm sure we won't escape with our lives." While this was a pessimisstic outlook, to Gapsar it was the grim truth, and nodded his head as he finished.


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Strom craned his head to look at his dinosaurian comrade.

"I've seen more optimism in a bug underneath my foot... I'm only arty support anyways; even if you're right, chances of my group surviving is much greater. On to a more cheerful and important matter; are we eating before we get to leave?" he asked, hungrily licking his lips.
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