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Digimon: Civil War (RPG Thread)


God of Monsters
Goliath finished sharpening the Dan Kon katana he always carried and ritualistically drapped the gakuran jacket across his shoulders. He stared out over the calm ocean waters as a single Whamon broke the surface and cruised up onto the beach. That Whamon was to serve as their transportation into the Dramon Empire. Arahon and Artemis had dismissed his plan as a foolish, suicidal endeavor. But he believed in its success; he believed it could be done.

That is why he himself would accompany the strike force.

He stood before the assembled warriors of his strike force; Jager the MetalGarurumon, Tharor the WarGreymon, Ajax the MedievalGallantmon, Ragna the Dynasmon, Osiris the Anubismon, Karmas the Zudomon, Karasu the Ravemon, Rai the Rapidmon, Strom the Spinomon, and Gapsar the MasterTyrannomon. Goliath looked upon them with the utmost pride. They were his warriors, his trusted few; he had chosen them for their numerous talents and accomplishments.

Goliath believed in their greatness.

But even so, Goliath knew the risks he was taking with these individuals. Some of them were quite young and rather untested. Goliath knew he needed at least one individual he could depend on no matter the circumstances; he needed someone that--should the worst happen--could take over in his stead; he needed someone capable of leading the operation in his place if he fell.

For this, he chose his most trusted ally and confidant: Oberon the BlackWarGreymon. The "Black Dragon Soldier," as he was so often called, was intensity incarnate. Oberon struck fear into the hearts of every Dramon; he had the specialized weapons of Tharor, but none of the former's mercy or compassion. He was a capable leader and put the wellbeing of others before himself every time.

"This the team?" Oberon asked. Goliath nodded. "Good," said Oberon. "Let's go kill us some Dramon..."


The strike team climbed inside the massive Whamon and he shuttled them through the waves towards the Dramon Empire's capital city. The city itself was by no means unimpressive. The Three Great Dramon had completed an architectural and engineering marvel.

The new Dramon Empire capital surpassed even the old capital of the Harmonious Republic in both scope and grandeur. The new city was only sparsely fortified; it was too far inland to be at serious risk for a land assault. Only the city docks were more heavily patrolled by lower-level soldiers and guards. The city outskirts were rather suburban; small dwellings and establishments had quickly sprung up with the establishment of the Empire. The further one went into the city, the more densely populated the city became, until finally, one reached the Great Palace at the center. It was medieval in its appearance. It was surrounded by imposing walls, and decorated with tall towers. The center of the palace was domed, underneath which was the throne room of the Three Great Dramon.

But in order to reach this palace, the rebel strike team would need to traverse the city's complex sewer system, and while this was indeed an unpleasant notion, it had to be done. The Whamon that carried the strike team beached itself just beyond the edges of the capital, by the pipe where the sewage discharged into the ocean. Luckily for the rebels, the sewage was treated during its path through the sewer systems, and waste products were almost immediately removed, meaning that the only thing carried through the sewers was water.

"Looks like our stop," Jager muttered. When the Whamon opened its mouth, he was the first to leap out; he had enjoyed the smell least. "Glad I don't have to go to the sewers."

"Yeah, but you don't get to take it to the Great Dramon either," Tharor reminded. "Don't worry, I'll hit them extra hard just for you."

"Fantastic," Jager said sarcastically.

"Listen up!" roared Goliath. "This is it. Jager, take Rai, Osiris, and Strom to the cliffs overlooking the city and set up whatever fortifications and cover you might need. Everyone else is with me. Gapsar, it will be your job to signal Jager's artillery to begin the attack; you'll have to digivolve and fire off an arrow into the sky. Artillery, keep your eyes open for that arrow."

"Let's do it," said Jager. He motioned to Rai, Osiris, and Strom and led them up away from the beach to the heavily wooded mountains that served as a land barrier for the capital city. It would have been very difficult to move a large force through the mountains, but the four-man team was able to traverse the terrain with ease. Even Strom, who was by far the largest of the four, was dwarfed by the giant trees and was able to maneuver through them.

Goliath led the remainder of the team into the sewer system. Tharor turned and offered the giant Whamon a wave of thanks, and the great whale turned and headed out for deeper waters, where he would wait for the rebels to return so he could ferry them back to the islands. He prepared to send a digital message to Poseidon and the rest of the Coalition, but he felt something moving just beyond his line of sight. The Whamon continued to bounce soundwaves forward, trying to make out what it was through echolocation.

Suddenly the forms of the "Seadramon Unit" came into focus. Led by a single GigaSeadramon and consisting of other Seadramon digivolution lines, the Seadramon Unit was the only threat to the Oceanic Coalition's naval superiority.

The Whamon quickly turned to flee; he couldn't even hope to survive against the power the Seadramon Unit presented. But before he could get very far, he was promptly obliterated by an energy torpedo fired by the lone GigaSeadramon.

"Should we stop the rebels?" asked one of the Seadramon.

"No," answered the GigaSeadramon. "We'll follow High Admiral Imego's orders and keep this incident to ourselves. Should any of the rebels flee back this way, we'll be waiting for them..."


"Set up any defenses you'll need," Jager ordered. "Find any sort of cover that you can; and remember, there are many of them and a very few of us, so we can easily lose ourselves in the forest for a few moments to recover our bearings. Rai and I have the most extensive arsenals, but after I go all out, I need a few moments for my weaponry to reload before I can attack again. Osiris, Strom; you two will attack when I reload. When I'm set to go again, pull back and recover some of your strength. Rai, I'm counting on you to provide a steady stream of fire."

Jager turned without another word and silently waited for Gapsar's fiery arrow to signal their attack...


Hardly a word was spoken as the rebel strike team navigated through the sewers: silence permeated their ranks and tension was high. Goliath and Oberon stood ahead of the group, leading them wordlessly towards their greatest and most important mission.

Ajax stood behind them, as silent as the others. He hated working team missions; he preferred to act on his own, where he wasn't responsible for the wellbeing of anyone but himself; he could live with failure that way.

Tharor walked closely behind Ajax, and the knight wondered for a moment, what the WarGreymon was thinking. Tharor had a boldly passionate and honorable code; Ajax was certain that assassination wasn't looked at too kindly by this code, and yet Tharor had fallen in line without complaint.

What Ajax didn't know, was that Tharor's code demanded as much honor from his enemies as it did from Tharor himself. When his opponents no longer acted in honorable ways, the code that drove Tharor onward demanded that he take action against them.

Goliath suddenly raised on fist, motioning for the team to stop. He pointed to a ladder that led up from the sewer and to the street level. This was it.

"We're here," he announced in a whisper. "Gapsar, digivolve and fire a burning arrow up through the holes in the grate. We'll wait for the artillery bombardment to commence before heading up through it and getting into the castle..."


As Goliath prepared his team to signal the attack, Jager watched the city skyline expectedly, waiting for the fiery arrow to fly...

NOTE: The "arrow of fire" is Gaiomon's "Rinkageki" attack. More info here.
Gapsar nodded and Saluted, "Yes Sir!" he replied in the quietest tone, which, frankly, wasn't too quiet but, it would do. The tension was building as the strain of unleashing the power was put of Gapsar's face, he looked at his claws the data around them peeled off with a glowing light revealing humanoid hands underneath. Cloaked in the glow he let off small roar as the data unwrapped around him an a cyclone glowing fragments, his feet became larger and his body, even bulkier than before. For a second, there seemed to be a unsettling calm, as Gapsar floated there, all of his body a 3-D Grid, surrounded by the dankness of the sewer. Then, just as quickly as the calm had passed the floating bits of Data slammed onto Gapsar as armor, protecting his body, now looking like that of a famous Dragon-Man digimon. Two Swords Materialized in the air above him, changing from a mess of 1s and 0s to the powerful Kiku Rin.

The Master Tyrannomon had become the Skilled Samurai WarGreymon. Gapsar had become Gaiomon.

Gapsar looked in awe at his new form for a second, but quickly shook his hand and snapped back to the mission at hand. He grasped one of the swords and a light danced out of it's tip, fashioning a bow and arrow faster than even a Longbowman could fire. Gapsar aimed for the opening in the grate, he knew that if this missed, the whole mission could be jeopardized, the tension in the atmosphere as he got his aim set, beads of sweat dripped down the dragon man's face, and his eye twitched a bit. Finally Gapsar let go, "Rinkageki!" he roared, the Arrow zoomed through the hole, and Gapsar finally exhaled, and smiled. He wasn't worried about how much time he had left as a Mega at all, no, he just smirked as the Gaiomon wondered what the Dramon above were thinking...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom growled, using all of his might to tear down a tree trunk to use for cover. "That should provide decent cover..." he muttered, looking at the trunk which stood taller than him even width-wise.

He peered over the trunk and made sure he had an unobstructed field of fire. All that was really in the way was heavy foliage. He begun to build up blue plasma in his throat. Just then, a blazing arrow shot overhead. He grunted, causing blue steam to seep out of his nostrils, and then grinned. "Let the game begin..."


God of Monsters
Jager watched as Gapsar's fiery arrow burned through the sky. "Now!" he roared. He immediately slid into his Z'dGarurumon form and fired a trio of cannon blasts towards the city docks. Several more cannon shots hit various tall structures throughout the city; Jager thought to send the Dramon into a state of panic where they wouldn't know where the attack was focused on; he wanted their attentions drawn first away from the palace, and then to him and his artillery unit.

"Full Metal Blaze!" he cried out. Dozens of rockets jetted from his metallic body and flew high into the air, arcing and then raining down on a large section of the capital. Buildings burned and collapsed under the force of Jager's attack.

"Osiris; Strom, you're up," Jager called. "Keep the Dramon off their feet and away from the palace..."


Goliath listened as Jager and the others commenced their attack. The ground above them shook with every explosion. Finally, the bestial commander knew they could wait no longer. With a nod, he ordered Tharor and Oberon to move; the two WarGreymon spun, turning into two spinning tornadoes of claw. They launched up and drilled through the street overhead. Goliath and the rest of the team followed through the holes they formed.

The strike team didn't miss a beat. Led by the twin tornadoes, the easily penetrated the walls of the palace, and because of the commotion caused by the artillery unit, there were very few guards remaining in their way.

And the few that remained were swiftly cut down.

"We're coming up on the throne room," Tharor called out. The rush from the anticipated battle pushed the strike team forward and they charged as one. "If you're not at Mega level now, you better digivolve quickly!"

Goliath slammed his shoulders into the enormous wooden double doors that led to the throne room. The entranceway was built to a height and width that would accommodate the size of the Three Great Dramon and some of the larger dragons of the Empire like Machinedramon, Breakdramon, and Dorugoramon. The doors swung open and the strike force leaped into the room, ready to attack.

"Leaders of the Dramon Empire, your time has come to pay for-" Goliath suddenly cut himself short when he noticed how empty and dark the throne room was. The Three Great Dramon were nowhere to be found.

"What's going on?" Tharor wondered.

The doors behind the team suddenly slammed shut and a cascade of data rained down on them, sealing them shut and making escape from the room impossible.

"It's a trap," Ajax said in manner-of-fact tone. "They knew we were coming."

"Indeed we did," spoke a voice from somewhere in the darkness. "I arranged for the Three Great Dramon to leave so I could meet you here myself."

"Imego," Tharor growled, remembering the Imperialdramon's voice from several other encounters and battles. There were few Dramon that he hated as much as he hated Imego; no other Dramon acted in such a selfish and dishonorable manner. "Show yourself so I can tear you apart."

"As tempting as that may be," said Imego. "I highly doubt your ability to match my power." Imego snapped his fingers and light suddenly returned to the empty throne room. Imego stood before the strike team, radiating power. In his new Paladin form, he had complete confidence in his ability to lay waste to whatever challenge came before him. The sight of his transcended form was truly awe-inspiring.

"How did you know?" Goliath demanded.

"We have a spy in your ranks, Goliath," Imego laughed. "And that individual sent us word of your plan."

"So we'll kill you instead," Goliath snarled. "Rebels, prepare yourselves!"

"I have a better idea," said Imego. From hidden corners of the throne room came several other dragons; elite members of the Dramon Empire's "Dragon Knights." An UlforceVeedramon, an Examon, a Slayerdramon, a Darkdramon, an OwRyumon, and a Dorugoramon. Each was a force to be reckoned with, but together they were perhaps the most powerful and dangerous small unit of the Dramon Empire.

And Imego, clad in his new shining-white form, was their merciless leader.

"Knights," he ordered as the dragons stood at attention. "Kill them." The knights surged forward with weapons ready and poised to kill.

Goliath leaped over the incoming knights and drew his sword, fully intent on bringing the fight to Imego himself. Ajax and Oberon joined together to take on Examon, hoping to use specialized weaponry and attacks to take down the powerful dragon. Tharor hurled himself at the Slayerdramon, with the full intention of tearing it in half to get to Imego.

The remaining knights were quick to engage the rebel strike force...
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No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom latched himself onto the tree in front of him and oukked himself up. Now, with a clear vantage point on the city, he opened up his mouth.

"Blue Prominance!" A massive blue beam shot from his mouth and obliterated a small building, who's ruins caught ablaze.

He hopped down from off of the log with a heavy thud and stepped back. "Now for anyone dumb enough to be standing outside..."

Strom got down on all fours and pointed his spines forwards. "Trajectory... should be good... now. Sonic Slash Rain!!!"

A multitude of razor sharp spikes shot out from his back at a constant rate and into the air. These blades then continued to rain down upon the city of Dramon.

"Take your time, Jager; I could keep this up for hours!" he said with a grin.


Don't ask questions.
Rai, intent on keeping up with the other Digimon, proved an excellent attacker. Numerous rockets burst from the barrels of his cannons with every shot.



Karasu chuckled to himself as the Dragon Knights hurtled toward them. He eyed the UlForceVeedramon suspiciously. With a smirk, he muttered, "So...this is the famed UlForceVeedramon...supposedly one of the fastest Digimon ever...heh...we'll see about that..."

With that, Karasu launched himself into the air and hurled himself straight at the blue Dramon. Karasu's eyes narrowed as he zeroed in on his target. In one swift movement, Karasu had unsheathed his blade, the Moushugeki, and slashed it toward UlForceVeedramon's chest.

In the blink of an eye, Karasu was directly behind the blue Digimon, sword in hand. "You're not so fast."

"Neither...are you..." panted the UlForceVeedramon angrily.

Karasu's eyes widened. What did he mean? Suddenly, the crow Digimon felt a sharp pain in his stomach and looked down to see a deep sword wound.

"H-how did you-"

"Heh..." scoffed the blue Mega, raising his hand to reveal a beam sword on his wrist, "I'll show you who the fastest Digimon REALLY is..."

"Bring it on..."
Blades Clashed as Gapsar the Gaiomon with the Kiku Rin and The DORUGoramon with his Dorudiin. The DoruGoramon was the Epitome of Destruction in the Digital World, would be one of the Greatest challenges for the Samurai, and he knew it. The DORUGoramon, however tried to be casual despite the heat of battle, obviously having done a sword fight before and not phased by its stresses. Gapsar on the other hand seemed to be taking them all in just to keep up with the Dragon and not get an arm chopped off.
"Ah, a Gaiomon! It's an honor to finally fight one, yet you seem to be confused on which side of the war you're fighting on." The DORUGoramon's voice was calm, like a flowing brook.
"Don't...gasp...Feed me your lies Dragon!" Gapsar Boomed, in a tense and struggled voice.
"Come now," The Beastial Dragon smirked, "How can you call me a Dragon, without calling yourself one..."
Gapsar Stopped, the Creature was right, they were similar, both were Dragon-Men, and both were skilled users of A Blade.
"DORUDINN!" the Knight yelled,
Gapsar had just enough time to see a blade slam his armor, sending the samurai dragon flying into a wall. Gapsar coughed from the dust as he looked up to see DORUGoramon towering above him.
"Look," The Dragon smirked, "We're two of a same! Join me and the Dramon Empire, and you'll be on the winning side! Glory will be yours!"
Gapsar just spit on the DORUGoramon's feet, and Grunted, "I will never be a part of your Holocaust." The Samurai Dragon felt that at this point he was going to die anyway, so he might as well use the last of his strength to push a final offensive on the Knight.

The DORUGoramon, never noticed the small light beaming out from the Gaiomon's Kiku Rin, never saw the Bow and Arrow being fashoned the whole time.

"Heh," Gapsar laughed out, the DORUGoramon raised its Eyebrow in disgust and Question. "Rinkageki" the Gaiomon roared, the Arrow gave the DORUGoramon enough surprise that Gapsar could slash furiously with his Blade, yet still, the DORUGoramon blocked the slashes. Even though it was just berely, finally, Gapsar knew he had to use his last resort move...
"GAIA" the Samurai started, the opposing Beast Dragon's eye's widened..."REACTOR!" Gapsar roared, the Air became increasingly warm for a split second, until finally there was a Tremendous Explosion, that shook the large throne room. Yet, did not scorch the whole Throne room, having more Vertical Reach then horizontal. Blasting through the Roof with a fiery pillar of flame.


Karmas stared at the Darkdramon. That was who would be his prey.As he ran forward the Zudomon glowed bright white.

"Zudomon DIGIVOLVE INTO Vikemon!"

The behemoth stared at the Darkdramon, his face twisted in anger.

"Viking Axe!"

Karmas swung one of is axes at the Darkdramon, who swiftly blocked it with his arm guard.

"Demon Stab," said the Darkdramon.

Karmas felt something go right through his left arm and and fell to the ground, the agony of the wound immense.


Don't ask questions.
Karasu vanished in the blink of an eye, appearing to have disintegrated from the face of the earth. However, his reappearance was just as swift as his departure, but this time, he was above UlForceVeedramon, poised to strike.


With that, the Raven King Sword, Karasu's deadly blade hurtled downward, straight at his opponent's unguarded head. However, UlForceVeedramon was not without experience. With a speed that matched that of Karasu's, the blue Dramon dodged the blade narrowly, and then let loose a tremendous blast of energy from the beam saber on his arm.

"Feel the power of the Ray of Victory!" exclaimed UlForceVeedramon triumphantly. The blast blew Karasu high into the ceiling, crashing through the roof.

"Hehehe..." UlForceVeedramon cackled, peering up through the ceiling's hole at the now visible sky, hoping to see the carcass of Karasu come hurtling down from above. He got his wish. Well, most of it. Karasu was, in fact, alive, and his anger had been refueled. The blue Dramon's attack had nearly hit his beloved treasure...the one given to him by Jijimon...he would pay!



Knight of RPGs
Ragna quickly found himself staring down the OwRyumon.

"A Rebel dragon?" the Dragon Knight said in amazement "this will be a good fight. Yes, indeed."

"Dragon Thrower!" Ragna cried, thrusting his palm forwards and launching a blast of red energy towards OwRyumon. The dragon hurled himself out of the way before slicing one of his swords into Ragna. The Dynasmon grabbed the sword and managed to tear a chunk of metal out of it before being knocked away by the OwRyumon's tail.

"Just give in," OwRyumon "your death will be... Well, I don't know. I haven't died. Maybe you can come back and tell me. When the Dramon Empire rules this world."

"Never!" Ragna cried, throwing a punch towards the Dragon Knight. OwRyumon slashed one of his swords into the Dynasmon, cutting into his arm. Ragna couldn't stop himself from crying out in pain as the blade cut deep.

"Farewell, brave warrior," OwRyumon said simply "you will be remembered as a good warrior, but misguided. Eiseiryuuoujin!" His two swords flowed together, forming a much larger blade. OwRyumon slashed down towards Ragna.

"You're the misguided one!" Ragna yelled "DNA Disintergrator!" Too late OwRyumon realised how close he was to Ragna. The Dynasmon thrust his arms forward, sending a maelstorm of red energy hurtling into OwRyumon. The Dragon Knight flew back into the wall, shards of metal breaking off of his blade and wings.

"I'm sorry," Ragna said "but you have to die. Thats what I do. Breath Of Wyvern!" He charged a sphere of blue light in his mouth and OwRyumon's eyes opened wide with shock. Then Ragna released the attack and was blinded in a blaze of energy. The energy dragon flew into OwRyumon and crushed the Dragon Knight into the wall, deleting the Digimon. Ragna felt data surge into him from OwRyumon and his tiredness retreated as energy flowed into him.

"Too much!" he screamed. The energy was more than he could handle. He felt his body shifting and changing.

"Dynasmon Mode Change to...!" he screamed "DYNASMON X!" He had changed. Four wings cut the air behind him and his armor had sharp edges protruding from it. His claws had extended and his body was more skeletal.

"Go to hell, Dramon!" Ragna cried as he shot towards the UlforceVeedramon, his claws extended and energy rushing through him...


God of Monsters
Tharor's Dramon Destroyers crashed hard against the fiery sword of the Slayerdramon. Sparks rained out from the clashing of metal and showered both fighters, but the two dragon men paid the sparks no heed as they set the air ablaze. With a roar, Tharor hurled the Slayerdramon away and into the wall behind it. The WarGreymon charged it with claws drawn back and poised for the kill, but Slayerdramon leaped up and took to the air, and Tharor crashed into the wall. Tharor glared at the dragon knight and shot up after it.

"Dragon Crusher!" he called out as he felt power build within his gauntlets. He surged forward and swung his claws, intent on a killing blow.

"Sky Dragon Slash!" said the Slayerdramon as he swung his sword down to intercept Tharor's charge.

Claw met sword, and a concussive blast of heat and force ripped out from the impact point. Tharor was thrown back to the ground. He recovered his senses in time to dodge the Slayerdramon's downward strike; he flipped backward and put some distance between himself and his opponent.

"Rising Dragon Wave!" cried Slayerdramon. A powerful wave of dragonic energy ripped from the dragon's swinging sword and roared towards Tharor. But Tharor quickly brought together his Brave Shield and effectively blocked the energy wave. Slayerdramon wasn't pleased by this, and charged Tharor, swinging his sword wildly. Tharor could do little else but maneuver the Brave Shield to block the viciously powerful sword slashes...


Ajax leapt back to avoid the stabbing lance of Examon and swung his own weapon, the diabolic Dunas, to cleave through the dragon's head. But Examon's wings reacted to the situation and pulled together to protect him; Ajax's weapon struck the Chrome Digizoid wings and rebounded off them. Examon retaliated, swinging his lance and catching Ajax on the side. Ajax was tossed through the air and landed roughly on the stone floor.

"Damn," Ajax hissed, pushing through the pain as he rolled to his feet. He glanced up to find Examon charging towards him, already in the midst of his Dragonic Impact charge attack. "Rage of Wyvern!" Ajax yelled, swinging his pole axe and sending a dragon-headed blast of energy towards Examon.

But without even losing stride, Examon's wings closed around him and Ajax's attack fizzled out. Ajax could only brace himself in preparation for the incoming attack. Examon struck him hard, but Ajax absorbed some of the impact with his weapon's shaft and allowed himself to be carried through the air by the charging dragon knight. Ajax then rolled on top of the flying dragon and vaulted over him. He landed on the ground and raised his pole axe. The Examon stopped his flight and spun around to face Ajax again.

"Final Crest!" he shouted; a bolt of energy exploded from the weapon's head and crashed into Examon, whose defenses raised just an instant too slow. The attack plowed into Examon and sent him crashing across the throne room.

Examon rose to his feet and roared his fury. But Ajax just laughed under his breath and twirled the Dunas skillfully. Examon charged Ajax in a rage, but was struck by a twisting black tornado and knocked down. Oberon's claws glinted in the dim light, and the BlackWarGreymon surged forward. He raked his claws across Examon's midsection. Examon's wings attempted to protect him, but Oberon's claws allowed him to cut right through the dragon's defenses.

Ajax nodded to Oberon, and the two prepared to face the Examon together, as a united front.

"King Lion!" Goliath roared. His katana burst into flames and he charged Imego. When he was close, he leapt into the air and slashed downwards with all the power he could muster, attempting to break straight through the paladin's defenses and cut him in two.

But Goliath's attack was terminated abruptly. Imego simply rasied his own sword and casually stopped the strike. Goliath's eyes widened in shock as the true scope of Imego's new power became apparent.

"Omni Sword," Imego said calmly with their swords still locked. He slashed his sword, drawing it against Goliath's own. The sheer power unleashed by the attack broke Goliath's katana into a thousand tiny pieces and completely atomized his gakuran. In fact, if it were not for the gakuran's defensive properties, Goliath himself would have undoubtedly been consumed by the power and killed.

Goliath was hurled across the room by the enormous cascade of energy. Imego, sure of his victory paid no more attention to the rebel commander, and instead turned to attack the rest of the rebel strike force. But Goliath wasn't finished.

"Flash Bancho Punch!" he roared. He exploded forward and landed a powerful punch to Imego's face. The dragon paladin stumbled back, and Goliath launched another punch, only for Imego to catch his fist easily with his left hand. He squeezed Goliath's fist, and Goliath crumpled to his knees in pain.

"Interesting," Imego mused. "Even after I defeated you with a single attack, you believed you could best me...why? Where do you get the nerve to believe such a thing?" Imego didn't let Goliath reply, for before he could, the dragon paladin kicked him in the chest and sent him flying through the air and crashing through the wall behind him.

Ajax and Oberon saw Goliath's plight.

"Go help," Oberon ordered Ajax. "I'll deal with this one and be there in a minute." Ajax nodded once and sprinted off towards Imego. Examon moved to stop him, but Oberon slammed into the red dragon, allowing Ajax to run to their commander's aid.

"Rage of Wyvern!" Ajax yelled as he ran. He launched his dragon-shaped energy blast towards Imego, who simply braced himself and took the entire attack with just the slightest flinch. The great dragon looked around for Ajax, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"Final Crest!"

Imego glanced up and behind him to see Ajax fly through the air and fire off the bolt of power from his weapon. But Imego wasn't very concerned: he simply raised his hand and caught the bolt as it flew towards him. He held it at bay until it fizzled out. Ajax stared at Imego in disbelief, but readied his weapon and charged.

Ajax attacked with a flurry of strikes, spinning and slashing in rapid succession, trying to overcome--or find a break in--Imego's defenses. But Imego's defenses held, and he blocked every one of Ajax's strikes. So the knight decided to try something else; he swung his pole axe in a horizontal thrusting motion towards Imego's head. But the draconic paladin easily intercepted the strike, catching the pole axe's head with his sword. Then, before Ajax had the chance to realize what had transpired, Imego grabbed him by his armor and hurled him through the air. Ajax hit the ground hard and skidded to a stop as his armor sent sparks flying.

Imego glanced down to the Dunas where Ajax had dropped it, then casually kicked it over to its owner. The great paladin then spread his wings, lifted into the air, and charged Ajax; he flew just above the ground with his sword drawn for a killing stroke.

But Ajax ducked underneath the strike, and unleashed his Final Crest attack from point blank range into Imego's chest. Imego took the full attack, the force of which sent him backwards through the air. However, Imego merely had to spread his silver wings to stop his flight, and aside from a few scuff marks on his armor, he was relatively unharmed.

He was, however, quite angry. Imego charged Ajax in a rage and brought his sword crashing down on the knight. Ajax attempted to block the strike with the shaft of his weapon, but Imego's blade clove right through it. Ajax leapt back in shock, but had no time to contemplate what happened, as Imego was upon him once again. Feuled by instinct and training, Ajax used the two halves of his weapon to parry and block Imego's blows. Ajax was suddenly struck by such a blow that--even blocked--he was lifted off his feet and hurled through the air. Imego continued his relentless assault and rushed Ajax once again, but this time Ajax was ready.

As Imego neared, Ajax hurled the back half of his weapon. The spear point lodged in Imego's left shoulder, and the paladin reeled back in pain, ceasing his attack abruptly. He savagely ripped the spear from his shoulder and tossed it to the ground. Then, when he went to turn his rage on Ajax, Imego caught a face-full of his Rage of Wyvern attack and was knocked across the room.

Ajax stood hunched, breathing heavily, as the smoke and dust settled. Imego's power was immense; Ajax had never faced an opponent who could survive so many direct attacks without even trying to defend himself. When the smoke cleared, Ajax was shocked to find Imego still standing, looking no the worse for wear. The white-armored dragon began his slow advance.

"This is insane," Ajax growled. "How is he still standing?" Ajax tossed the other half of his broken weapon away and prepared himself. "Slide Evolution...Gallantmon X!" Ajax was suddenly surrounded by a field of glowing 1's and 0's. They swirled around him and through him, causing his armor to change: it became sharper and more angular--more powerful as well. The 1's and 0's formed around his hands, creating the mighty Aegis shield, and the handle for his beam lance Gram. Ajax brought shield and lance to bear, and the lance's blade hummed to life as a glowing cone of blue energy.

Imego wasn't impressed and charged forward. Ajax answered his charge, and Omni Sword met Aegis Shield. Ajax struggled against Imego's overwhelming strength; Imego had more physical power than Ajax could hope to muster. But he didn't have the skill.

Ajax adjusted his stance, shifting his balance and causing Imego to stumble forward. In the same instant, Ajax slashed his lance against Imego's side. Imego faltered for a moment, and Ajax attacked. He attacked relentlessly, stabbing and slashing with the Gram lance. He scored several good hits, surprising Imego with his ability to penetrate his guard.

But Imego wasn't willing to let that stand. He swung the Omni Sword with all his might and it crashed against Ajax's shield. The force of the blow knocked Ajax backwards and Imego brought his sword up to attack again.

"Lightning Joust!" Ajax cried out. The Gram blade suddenly extended to several times its length and struck Imego's wrist, causing the white dragon to lose his grip on the Omni Sword. "Victory Saber!" Ajax attacked. He stabbed and slashed with his lance, scoring several deep hits to Imego's less armored areas.

Ajax leapt to attack his unarmed opponent again, but Imego swiftly grabbed both of Ajax's arms and pinned them to his side before ramming his head into Ajax's head. He then kneed Ajax in the midsection.

"Imperial Claw!" Imego shouted as he tore into Ajax with the glowing claws on his armor. He didn't distinguish between light and heavy armor: Imego's attacks were powerful enough to cause damage no matter what stood in their way. "Imperial Kick!" A sudden kick knocked the wind out of Ajax and he tumbled through the air.

Imego raised his right hand, and the Omni Sword flew into his grasp.

"Fine," Ajax hissed as he winced in pain. "You asked for it." Ajax deactivated his beam lance and placed the Aegis shield in front of him pointed towards Imego. Power began to build within the glowing crystalline center of the shield, and the entire shield shook violently as the power built to critical mass. "Shield of the Just!" Ajax howled.

An enormous wave of holy energy seared from the Aegis shield and crashed into the advancing Imego with terrific force. Imego strained against the sheer power of Ajax's attack, he struggled to keep his footing as the beam halted his advance. The power threatened to overwhelm Imego, and finally knocked him from his feet. No longer restrained by Imego, the power carried him through the air and slammed him against the wall. The attack continued, battering Imego through several other walls before finally ending with a massive explosion that rocked the entire palace.

Ajax let his shield slump to the ground and he leaned against it, breathing heavily. He had put every ounce of power into that attack, hoping that it would at least put Imego down for the count. Ajax's hopes were dashed as Imego climbed back through the holes he had punched in the walls as the attack carried him.

"My turn," Imego said with a smirk. He raised the Omni Sword and pointed it towards Ajax as power built around the sword's point, forming a glowing sphere of white and purple. "Positron Laser!" Imego shouted. A great beam of energy ripped from the sword's point and crashed towards Ajax, who just managed to raise his shield in time to block the attack. The force of the beam lifted Ajax off his feet and carried him through the air. Only his quick thinking and repositioning of his shield so that the beam pushed him out of its path saved him from being splattered all over the walls...


The Examon made one final attempt to drive his lance into Oberon, but the BlackWarGreymon slashed his claws and cut the weapon into several pieces. The red dragon fell back in surprise, and Oberon exploded forward.

"Black Tornado-Dragon Crusher!" he roared. He rotated at a tremendous velocity and tore towards Examon. His claws shred through the dragon's wings as they attempted to protect him, and then Oberon impaled the red dragon with his claws. The dragon seized up before finally dissipating in a storm of data particles.

Oberon glanced around and saw Ajax receive the Positron Laser attack from Imego. He noticed how worn and beaten the Gallantmon looked, and knew he had reached his limit.

"Terra Force!" Tharor called out. The mass of fiery energy crashed into Slayerdramon and knocked him through the air and into the nearest wall. The chrome-armored dragon was then buried by several tons of rubble and debris.

"Tharor," Oberon called out. "Leave him; I need your help."

Tharor glanced over to the pile of rubble for a moment to make sure that Slayerdramon didn't rise. When he was satisfied that the dragon was down, Tharor flew to Oberon's side, and the two WarGreymon rushed towards Imego. Oberon reached him first and stabbed with his claws, but Imego's fingers slipped between the claws and he caught the strike with the barest effort. He raised his sword to deliver a killing blow, but Tharor arrived just in time to hold the weapon at bay by crossing his claws against it. Imego snarled and lashed out with two split-second kicks that sent both WarGreymon flying.

Oberon and Tharor recovered quickly, however, and prepared to attack again; they surged forward, attacking with simultaneous Dragon Crushers. Their claws struck Imego hard, but caused less damage than they hoped for; Imego's new power gave him the ability to withstand even their specialized killing techniques. They'd have to find a new tactic.

Terra Force and Terra Destroyer fired simultaneously, and the twin fireballs completely engulfed Imego in an inferno of burning energies. But as the fires died down, the two WarGreymon were shocked to find Imego still standing; charred, but relatively unhurt.

"Great Tornado!" Tharor called out; he tore through the air towards Imego, but the great paladin simply slashed his sword at the oncoming tornado and the collision of energies sent Tharor flying through the air.

"Damn," Oberon cursed. He charged forward. Imego was unconcerned.

The mouth of the dragon head on Imego's chest opened, and the positron cannon emerged. Power began to build within the cannon and quickly reached peak levels.

"Giga Crusher!" Imego roared. Power exploded from the cannon searing a line of fire through the air. Oberon just barely managed to bring up his Brave Shield to block the attack, but even that hardly served to slow it down. It slammed into Oberon's shield and forced the BlackWarGreymon back. Suddenly, the power overcame the limits of the Brave Shield. The shield shattered and Imego's attack plowed into Oberon. He was engulfed by the energy of the attack and sent flying through the walls of the palace.

Imego laughed loudly, reveling in his victory. Oberon and Goliath were both incapacitated, Ajax was completely drained, and Tharor alone was no match for Imego's new level of power. The "Ultimate Paladin" of the Dramon Empire slowly advanced towards his prey...


Jager waited until his armaments had fully reloaded before calling Osiris and Strom back. He strode forward and braced himself to prepare for the recoil. He set his sights throughout the capital city. It was by chance that he chose to glance at the dome of the imperial palace, but he did, and peered through the holes that had been blown in the dome. Jager's vision zoomed in and he caught sight of Imego decimating the rebel team.

He realized that the mission had been botched.

"Something's wrong," he announced. "They're in trouble; they need help!" Jager fired several cannon blasts throughout the rest of the city in one final attempt to confuse the Dramon Army. He then slid into his faster MetalGarurumon form and launched himself into the sky. He raced towards the palace and hoped he wasn't too late.
Gapsar, leaned against his Sword, now dug into the Tiles of the Throne Room, as the smoke from the Explosion cleared. At least he was better off than the DORUGoramon, who, while still keeping form, was crushed under, Debris and Rubble that had fallen from the roof. Gapsar's power was draining, the Gaia Reactor attack, he had let too much power loose. His, mind, was like whirlpool in the net ocean, just spinning and blurred.

Yet, with the Sword in his hand, the Gaiomon raised it above the DORUGoramon under the rock.
"NO!" the DORUmon mega screeched, as the Kiku Rin plunged into the Beast Beast Dragon's head. Gapsar laughed a bit, as his mind faded away more and more, he was be knocked out, and become dead meat for the remaining Dragon Knights. Yet, the young Dragon Man looked up and saw something that egged him, General Imego, Advancing to kill Tharor,
"No!" The Samurai murmured, he tried making a Bow and Arrow to strike the Paladin Admiral, but to no avail, he was too weak to fashion one. However, if there was one thing Gapsar learned from the Sovereignty it's that you always, always protect your higher ups. So, using the last of his Strength, Gapsar threw one of his Kiku Rin at Imego, then, the blackness Closed in, and the Gaiomon De-Digivolved back to Tuskmon, and fainted.

He might as well have dead considering what he did...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom ceased his Sonic Slash Rain attack and glanced over to Jager, who flew off. He then hopped back up onto the fallen tree trunk. The Spinomon looked over at the grand, fiery city and growled. "I wonder if that traitor, Ranney, is in there..." he muttered quietly... for a Spinomon.

Strom stood tall, not worried about return fire since the city and defences were probably in chaos, and watched as Jager flew towards the palace. He then turned and looked at Osiris and Rai.

"Uhh... should we follow him? It's not exactly going to be easy for three digimon incapable of-" he cut himself off as he noticed that both the Anubismon and the Rapidmon were capable of flight. "Okay- it's not exactly going to be easy for ME to get into the city. I don't think that you two have the might to fly me in..." he said, rather self-consciously. "The defences may be weakened, but I'm still a sitting duck outside of those massive walls for any dramon still on the parapets."

He sat on the log and watched. "He didn't exactly say for us to follow, though..."


Knight of RPGs
Ragna stopped his wild charge and looked at Imego with horror. The powerful dragon had single handedly defeated four of the Rebellions most powerful warriors.

"Karasu will have to handle UlforceVeedramon alone," he said "Imego needs distracting. Maybe this will work. Breath Of Wyvern!" He felt energy well up inside him, more than he had ever used. Then he released the energy dragon, this time a much bigger one. Imego stopped and turned. The Breath Of Wyvern impacted and Ragna waited to hear the sound of a wall breaking, or maybe the crack of broken bones. Instead his attack parted, revealing the smiling paladin.

"Pathetic," Imego laughed "absolutely pathetic. This is power, foolish Dynasmon. Positron Laser!" He ponted his right arm at Ragna and sent a lance of energy hurtling into the Dynasmon. Ragna impacted with a wall heavily and broke through it. Imego stepped into the dead center of the room and slowly turned.

"Who to finish first?" he said "to be honest, I expected more from the Rebels. But, powerful soldiers are a rarity outside the empire. And I see two dragons standing with you. How sad."

"Shut it shiny," Ragna growled, emerging through the wall "you might be stronger than us. You might have just knocked me through a wall. But never, ever, call warriors fighting for freedom sad."

"Be silent!" Imego roared.

"I'm not one of your Sky Force," Ragna said "I don't answer to you, or any other stinking Dramon. Not even the Three Great Dramon, who you tidily packed out of the way. But why Imego? Personal loyalty?"

"Shut up!" Imego roared, lunging forwards and preparing to impale Ragna with the Omni Sword.

And that was when the dome broke, revealing Jager, Osiris and Rai.

"Amemit!" Osiris yelled, thrusting out his hand. A golden outline of some creature burst out of him and slammed into Imego, holding the paladin with his back to Ragna.

"Dragon's Gust !" Ragna yelled, hurling himself forwards and slashing his now glowing claws across Imego's back. The paladin screamed in rage.

"How dare you attack me!" he screamed "I am the High Admiral of the Dramon Empire! You are nothing! Hyper Prominence!" Energy lanced from Imego's body, hurling Ragna back through the wall and destroying Amemit. Everythign was getting worse for the attack team...


Don't ask questions.
Rai pointed his cannon at the white Imperialdramon. "Locked," Rai muttered under his breath, "And loaded. Eat this, you stupid bleached Dramon! RAPID FIRE!!!"

Hundreds of missiles rocketed at Imego within seconds. One by one, each missile met its target, completely concealing the entire battlefield in a dense smog. As the smoke and debris cleared, Rai stared on in horror. Imego remained untouched by the projectiles. With his Omni Sword he had deflected each one with ease. "Man, this guy gets on my nerves..." Rai mumbled.


Karasu's killer claws struck UlForceVeedramon with a lethal blow, tearing apart his data within a matter of movements. With one final slash through the chest, Karasu's opponent vanished in a thick cloud of data.

Turning his head to the next battle, Karasu perceived the other Rebels fearlessly fighting to defeat Imego. In the blink of an eye, Karasu was beside the startled, young Rapidmon.

"Heh. What took ya so long?" Rai inquired, preparing another barrage of missiles.

"I had a little...obstacle...to overcome," Karasu replied, "Are you ready?"

"I'm always ready."

"Then let's go!"

With that, the two Digimon hurled themselves with lightning speed toward the Imperialdramon, prepared to do or die. However, Imego anticipated their movements and, with just one movement of the arm, had dispatched them with ease. The two Digimon crashed into the wall.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom sighed as he watched the others fly off. "Terrific, thanks," he grumbled.

Without a second thought, he started charging down the mountain towards the front gate. As soon as he clumsily sprinted to a relatively close proximity to the gate, he got down on all fours, tucked his head in and began crawling in a turtle-like fashion. He hoped that any ranged attacks firing down on him would harmlessly hit his spikes.

"If a Pteramon was here, he would gladly lift me over the wall, but nooooo, I get stuck with a bunch of weak, self-serving, glory-seeking rebels. Here I am risking my long neck to help them, when they wouldn't do the same for me. Why do you do these things, Strom?" he softly growled to himself as he approached the gate.

He opened up his mouth from his defensive stance and aimed towards the gate. "Blue Prominence!" he roared. He fired a blue beam from his mouth which impacted the gate, blowing a firey hole through it.

"At this point, there's really no good tactic, so might as well take a page from those gung ho rebels and..." Strom stood up and burst through the small hole in the gate, taking some pieces of charred wood with him. He looked up to wear the dome was and started running as fast as he could in that direction. The Spinomon stormed down the street and found himself faced with a platoon of Commandramon.

"Halt!" one of them ordered, obviously scared out of his wits.

Strom grunted and lunged over them, not wanting to kill any. He heard a sigh of relief from behind him and continued to charge the palace. The Spinomon walked through a very conveniant hole in the wall, walked down the hall a bit and walked through another large hole, into the throne room.

He saw most of the rebels either unconscious or badly wounded. Strom was one of the only ones still standing. He looked around at the carnage, folded his arms, and sighed. "This is what happens when you go charging in!!"

He eyed Imego and growled. "Blue Prominence!" Again he fired a massive beam of blue, superheated plasma. Imego merely grinned and vertically brought down his sword. He effortlessly parted the beam, which harmlessly ricocheted to his sides.

Strom recoiled and started scratching his chin in thought. "Hmm, that didn't work. My Sonic Slash Rain is no match for his armour either... There's gotta be some other way..."

Strom was either too calm for his own good, slightly nuts, or not the smartest tool in the shed, because he continued standing in that thinking pose, oblivious to what Imego might be doing.


Knight of RPGs
Ragna stepped through the wall for the second time. He quickly noticed Strom standing still with Imego approaching the Spinomon.

"Strom, move!" he yelled "Dragon's Gust!" he hurled himself forwards and slashed his claws towards Imego. The paladin moved slightly and caught he Dynasmon's wrist. Ragna tried to slash with the other hand, but Imego simply hurled him away.

"You are pathetic," the Imperialdramon hissed "you aren't even worthy of joining this glorious empire. My glorious empire." Ragna stopped struggling to his feet for a second.

"Your empire?" he quesioned "what about the Three Great Dramon? Unless..." Then it hit him.

"All of this, the Paladin Mode, getting them out of the way," Ragna said "its just to give you a chance to become leader of the Dramon Empire, isn't it?"

"Do you know what those three fat, lasy fools are like?" Imego hissed angrily "they sit in the lap of luxury, while me and Daehak slave away to keep them safe. If they are so powerful, why don't they fight?"

"Theres a reason they have an army, you know," Osiris said. Imego ignored him.

"But if I ruled," he spoke "the Dramon Empire could be so much more..."

"I've heard enough," Ragna said "Breath Of Wyvern!" He put all of his energy into the attack, trying to finish Imego as best he could. The giant energy dragon soared into the paladin. Imego pressed against it, slowly pushing the attack away. But he was open...

"Amulet Of The Ancients!" Osiris cried. A crystal being appeared in front of him and fired a ray of intense light into Imego's back. The paladin screamerd in rage and pain as the attack managed to hit a weak spot in his armor.

"No more restraint!" Imego screamed, lunging at Osiris and grabbing the Anubismon. He rapidly flew up before dropping Osiris.

"Giga Crusher!" the enraged paladin screamed. The dragon head on his chest opened, revealing a twisting sphere of energy. A blast of sheer power lanced from Imego into Osiris, hurling the Anubismon into the floor and through it. A look of worry appeared
on Imego's face.

"Osiris!" Ragna called. Osiris slowly opened his eyes. His chest was burnt from the attack and his skin was cut in places, but apart from that he was relatively unhurt. He looked around.

Then he saw the four statues.

"The Digimon Sovereigns," he whispered in awe "they have the Digimon Sovereigns right here."

"And you won't be alive long enough to free them!" Imego snarled, shooting through the ceiling like a meteor "Positron Laser!" He pointed his arm at Osiris and charged a blast of energy that would kill the Anubismon. Suddenly he was hit by Ragna, throwing off his aim. The Positron Laser impacted with a wall.

"Osiris, get the others and go!" Ragna ordered "this isn't working! You have to get out now, I'll hold Imego off!"

"Not a chance!" Osiris yelled back "we have to take him down! I'll leave when Imego is dead on the floor and the Sovereigns are free!"

"So be it!" Ragna said "we aren't leaving till the missions done!"

"You're not leaving period!" Imego snarled "Hyper Prominence!" Energy lanced from every gunport on his body, hurling Ragna into the wall and crushing Osiris against the stone Zhuqiaomon.

"This is the end of the line!" Imego announced, drawing his Omni Sword to finish it...


The Darkdramon stared at Karmas before he went to stab him again. But the Vikemon managed to role out of the way.

"Arctic Blizzard!" roared Karmas.

The Darkdramon looked in astonishment as as the blizzard hammered his body.

"Take that you piece of scum!" spat out Karmas as he kept the blizzard up until he could do no more.

"Please that was nothing," said the Darkdramon, striking down Karmas as he did so.

The Darkdramon closed his eyes and started to charge his 'Dark Roar' attack when he felt something large slice right through his partially frozen mid section. He looked up and saw a panting Karmas holding both his axes, even though he was wounded.

"VIKING AXE!" roared Karmas as he brought down his axes and cut through the Darkdramon's head.

As the body deteriorated into data Karmas turned his attention towards Imego, who was being combated by a couple of the rebels.

"Arctic Blizzard!" yelled Karmas as he sent a blizzard Imego's way.

However Imego wasn't affected by it in any way. But the attack did gain his attention.

"Positron Laser," said Imego as he lifted one of his arms.

A beam of energy shot out and slammed into Karmas, sending him into and through a wall. The wall fell down onto Karmas and buried him, forcing him to de-digivolve into Zudomon.


Don't ask questions.
Rai stumbled up. Turning his head partially to either side, he perceived that most of his fellow Rebels had already been defeated or were on the verge. Reaching over, cautiously, so as not to attract Imego's attention, Rai gave Karasu a shove, causing the bird Digimon to awaken.

"Give it up, Karasu," Rai muttered through gritted teeth, "I know you're not unconscious."

"You saw through my disguise?" Karasu said, standing up, "Rats. I thought that if I just pretended to be out of the fight, maybe I'd get to take a nap...oh, well..."

"Save it for later! I've got a plan!"

"This should be good," Karasu replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

"Strom! You big, fat, lazy dinosaur! Get over here!" Rai exclaimed, calling for the Spinomon's attention. However, as he did so, Imego's attention was turned toward the two tired Digimon.

"Way to go," Karasu muttered lazily.

"Gah! I didn't mean to do that!" Rai shouted, "Strom, get over here! I've got a plan!"


Knight of RPGs
(Uh, Imego should be down in the prison room, fighting Ragna and Osiris. But I guess he could have already beaten them.)
Ragna struggled into conciousness. Hs whole body ached from the heavy impact with the wall and the following fall to the floor.

"Osiris?" he called, looking around. Then he saw the Anubismon. Osiris was lying on the ground in front of the Zhuqiaomon statue. His body was cut and burnt, and Ragna was pretty sure that arms didn't bend that way.

"Oh great," Ragna muttered, stealing a nervous glance towards the ceiling to make sure that Imego wasn't coming back. Luckily, the paladin seemed occupied. The Dynasmon moved over to Osiris.

"Come on," Ragna said "we have a promise to keep." Osiris' eyes opened and he looked at Ragna.

"Who said I was breaking that promise?" he replied. Ragna smiled.

"I can't fight any more," he said "Imego is just too strong, even for Tharor and Oberon together."

"Never, never, never give up," Osiris said "we can beat him."

"Maybe you could..." Ragna spoke. Then he realised how.

"Osiris, if I give you my energy, you might Digivolve," Ragna said "then you could take him on."

"Try it," Osiris said. Ragna breathed deeply and a stream of energy flew from his hands into Osiris. The Anubismon stood, his injuries healing as the data repaired him.

"Do it!" Ragna yelled "I can't give you much more!" Osiris felt more energy than Ragna could possibly give him flow through his system.

"Anubismon!" he cried as a pillar of rainbow light shot down from above and surrounded him. Osiris watched as the Digi-Core he had taken from the temple all that time ago appeared before him. The Digi-Core glowed black before flowing into his body.

"Ancient Evolution!" Osiris screamed "AncientSphinxmon!" The pillar of light shattered like glass, revealing Osiris. He was now a black and gold armored sphinx with golden wings rising above his body. His eyes were ruby red and his face was silver. Ragna groaned and collapsed, his body glowing and splitting into two Digimon, one like a black demon, the other like a cat with wings sprouting from its arms. Osiris didn't notice them. His eyes were on Imego.

"Time to end this!" he cried, launching hismelf into the air...