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Digimon: Civil War (RPG Thread)


Knight of RPGs
"Shut up," Ragna growled at Strom "we need morale, not some brainless dinosaur being so pesimistic. Yes, the last mission went belly-up. But that doesn't mean this one will have been leaked." Strom looked angry.

"And I know you think I'm that traitor," Ragna added "why? You don't have any justification at all. Except the usual, Ragna is part dragon excuse. Look at Arahon. He has dragon potential too, but you don't go around accusing him of being a traitor, do you?" Strom looked like he was going to answer. Ragna growled angrily and stormed away.

"Dragon Thrower!" he bellowed, decapitating an innocent tree with the jet of red light.

Suddenly he was looking at a warrior. A yellow and black armoured Digimon carrying two cone shaped energy swords. One of the swords was pointing right at Ragna's throat. The TigerVespamon loooked at Ragna through the slits in her helm.

"How dare you damage the forest," she said quietly. Ragna groaned inwardly. A female TigerVespamon, perfect.

"We're on the same side," he said.

"Just leave the forest in peace," the TigerVespamon replied "or you will answer to me, Valra."

"Fine, Valra," Ragna replied "just stop pointing the sword at my throat." Valra glared at him more fiercely.

"Do not command me," she said, stepping back and deactivating her blades. A second later, something struck.

A black and silver armoured Dramon lunged out of the forest and grabbed Valra. The Cyberdramon had gripped her in such a way the TigerVespamon couldn't use her swords to attack.

"Release me!" Valra cried. The Cyberdramon dug his claws into her armour, causing her o cry out in pain.

"Dragon Thrower!" Ragna yelled, firing the blast straight int the Cyberdramon's helmet and throwing the Dramon off of Valra.

"Royal Meister!" she cried, reactivating her swords and slashign them through the Cyberdramon. A few seconds later all that was left of the Dramon were small clouds of data.

"Good move," Ragna complimented.

"Thank you, dragon," she replied, ignoring the growl the comment earned her.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom growled and clenched his claws. "When did I say that I didn't think he was the traitor?" he said as the Dynasmon stomped off.

He grunted and indignantly turned away. "I'm smarter than most dinosaurs out there," he grumbled to himself. "I seem to be the only one that cares about making a plan that won't get us killed, captured or wounded," he thought, crushing a stone beneath his foot.

Strom sighed, "Maybe you should trust them more..." he thought. He then shook his head. "Yeah right, and end up getting betrayed again? I think not."
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God of Monsters
Anubis Teth-Adam regarded Osiris and Arahon silently for what seemed like an eternity. Perhaps he would have chosen to remain silent longer, for who can honestly say that time mattered to one as eternal as he, but Arahon could not wait. Time was of the essence.

"Please, oh High One," he implored. "They have very little time."

Anubis said nothing, but suddenly Osiris and Arahon found that they were no longer within the pyramid, but had been transported outside, to the pyramid's summit. Arahon stood at the very top of the pyramid while Osiris hovered just beside him. Anubis was nowhere to be seen. Then Anubis Teth-Adam finally appeared, towering over the pyramid. His form encompassed the entire sky.

"You dare speak to me, Anubis Teth-Adam; Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death; Judge of the Dead, with such insolence?"

"We seek not to insult you," said Arahon. "But our time is limited and our comrades are near death. We came to you because you are the only one who can delay their deaths while we search for a way to save them."

"And why should I, Anubis Teth-Adam; Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death; Judge of the Dead, spare the lives of Tharor WarGreymon and Jager MetalGarurumon?"

"They were fighters against the machinations of the Dramon Empire," Arahon answered.

"The Balance has become corrupted of late," spoke Anubis Teth-Adam. "And the corruption centers around the disturbance the Three Great Dramon have caused by overthrowing the four Sovereign."

"Tharor and Jager fought against the imbalance," Arahon urged.

"Very well," said Anubis Teth-Adam after some moments of silent consideration. "Because the imbalance caused by delaying the deaths of Tharor WarGreymon and Jager MetalGarurumon is far outweighed by the imbalance caused by the existence of the Dramon Empire, I, Anubis Teth-Adam; Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death; Judge of the Dead, will grant your request. However, you have only three days to save your comrades before I, Anubis Teth-Adam; Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death; Judge of the Dead, can afford to delay no longer."

"You have our eternal gratitude, High One," Arahon said with a bow.

"Indeed," said the ancient one. "But do not rejoice yet, for great challenges await you, Arahon Alphamon and Osiris Anubismon. I, Anubis Teth-Adam; Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death; Judge of the Dead, speak to you the Prophecy of the Broken Seal: A paladin of white shall appear from the black. His arrival will herald an era of fear and betrayal. The sword of destruction shall be raised and many lives will be lost when it falls. The great Balance shall become an Imbalance, and the two primordial monsters will be unleashed. Gog and Magog will do battle in the shadow of Har-Megiddo. Then the all-destroying sword of the Great Destroyer will be drawn, and the world will be no more."

"What is this prophecy?" Arahon demanded. "Why have none heard of this before?"

"Your audience with me, Anubis Teth-Adam; Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death; Judge of the Dead, is done," said Anubis. "Farewell, and take heed the prophecy's words."

Arahon and Osiris were suddenly expelled from the Realm Between Life and Death; a sudden blast of sand and hot air rushed over them and when it passed they found themselves once again just outside the rebel camp.

"We have our time," said Arahon. "I will tell the medical team to get to work. Osiris, tell no one about this prophecy until Apollo, Artemis, Braon, and I can decipher it." Arahon looked around and noticed that the new Avengers unit had already left. "It seems that your Avengers have left on their mission; if you wish to join them, you'd best leave quickly..."


Daehak's army tore into the jungles. The Avengers arrived before Daehak and had taken position on a cliff overlooking the jungle. From there they saw as Daehak started his forces towards their final destination; the Royal Hive.

The hive itself was nestled in the branches of the largest tree in the jungle's center. This fact alone made the tree an easy target to find, but the tree was so massive, and the hive located so high in the air that ground-based attacks and troops would find it very difficult to reach the hive. But the tree was not so unreachable, and while it was big, it could be burned down.

Ajax had no doubt that this was Daehak's plan. He watched as the Hive's soldiers charged into battle. They were quite a powerful lot; several TigerVespamon led an army consisting of HerculesKabuterimon, GranKuwagamon, MegaKabuterimon, Cannonbeemon, MetallifeKuwagamon, Okuwamon, Dinobeemon and lesser insect Digimon. Ajax noted that while the Royal Hive had the clear tactical advantage in the air, they would be slaughtered if forced from their comfort zone and made to fight on the ground. It was unlikely that most of their long-range attacks would affect the more heavily-armored Dramon artillery, so they'd have to engage in close-range combat with the likes of Breakdramon and Machinedramon.

Most wouldn't stand a chance, not when the skies were crowded with Gigadramon, Megadramon, and Airdramon.

Ajax watched as a HerculesKabuterimon and a GranKuwagamon were torn to ribbons by Daehak himself. He growled softly; Daehak would have to be taken care of if they were to have any chance of turning the battle around.

"Karmas. Gapsar...you two better Digivolve," Ajax suggested. "This is going to get ugly." He glanced over the rest of the Avengers. "Valkur, Karasu, and Rai: you're our air support. Take to the skies and give those flying lizards hell. Remember, we have Mega-level capabilities, something that none of the Dramon fliers have. You need to keep them from reaching the Hive and damaging the Hive-Tree.

"Strom and Karmas, you two are the only ones that can compete with the size advantage Daehak and his Megas have over us," Ajax continued. "You'll have to follow Onaga, Gapsar, Ragna, and I right into Daehak's face. Ragna, you're probably the only one who can match Daehak's physical power so we'll need you right in front. The rest of us will back you up as best we can, but we simply don't have your strength."

Ajax took a moment to look each of the Avengers in the eye, "Okay then, ready?"

"Aye!" Valkur shouted. "Avengers assemble!" The MagnaGarurumon launched himself into the air with Rai and Karasu following close behind.

'Good battle-cry,' Ajax thought to himself. "You heard him!"

The Avengers charged into battle...


Don't ask questions.
Rai rocketed into the sky, eager to blow every last Dramon out of the air. His missile launchers cocked in unison as he loaded his guns. In a burst of deadly missiles, Rai sent three Airdramon and a Megadramon to their fiery deaths.

"Hahahaha! This is too easy!" Rai chuckled, sending another wave of rockets at an attacking Gigadramon. The Gigadramon was flung backwards by the blast, but still lived.


Karasu took to the skies, and, in the blink of an eye, as was his custom, slashed two Airdramon to bits. He then turned to a DinoBeemon, who appeared to be having some trouble with his opponent, a Megadramon.

"Here," said Karasu, disappearing and reappearing beside the DinoBeemon, "Let me help you."

With that, Karasu tore the Megadramon to shreds with his blade. The DinoBeemon turned to him and inquired, "W-who are you?"

"I am Karasu, a proud member of the Avengers, a sub-division of the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic. We are here to help."
At the Order to Digivolve, Gapasr welled "Right!" and started the Transformation.

His green body glowed with a bright light, and morphed into a more Dark Silver Color, Gapsar's Spine forwent its previous hunched position and changed. His Posture and color now more of a Tyrannosauruses, Gapsar felt a surge of intellect go through his mind. Becoming more aware, the Dino assessed the situation.

Suddenly, a group of Airdramon fell from the sky, Artillery Shells raining down with them. Startled, Gapsar looked around to figure out what caused it, it was Maximus Tharax.

A high ranking officer, Tharax was known for his ability to pull victories out of the most inhospitable odds. Maximus was using a convoy of Cannon Beemon as AAM artillery, keeping massive Heat off the Avenger's backs. It was highly effective as protection when moving through a zone buzzing with High-Flying Dragons.

The forest was swarming with Gigadramon and Megadramon, trees were being razed and Missiles flew without abandon. In all the commotion, Gapsar got a little separated from the squad, and thus, a group of Gigadramon surrounded Gapsar,
"Let's Waste 'im!" One screamed, "Dark Side Attack!" The trio of Air Dragons yelled as three missles hurtled to Gapsar.
Reacting in the nick of time, Gapsar retaliated by roaring, "MASTER FIRE!", the Missiles blew up before they could hit Gapsar, who then proceeded to tackle two of the Gigadramon with Master Claw, Ripping and Slashing with his respectable strength Gapsar watched the Two Gigadramon explode into a flitter of light, then turned to only see death once more, a Gigadramon, pointed at Gapsars chest with his missile launcher.

Then, the dragon exploded, and a MegaKabuterimon turned and nodded at Gapsar, then returning to the fight. Gapsar saw the group of avengers going to fight Daehak rush by, Gapsar followed suit and kept up with them, wanting to give Daehak as much hurt as the next guy, and Pounded his Fist with his palm in amusement.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom roared and followed the four through the jungle. Admittedly he had a hard time maneuvering through the dense trees, himself. "This time you won't escape me, Daehak."

To his left he saw a Groundramon fighting a MetallifeKabuterimon. The landlocked dragon was about to slam his mace tail into the bug digimon, but acting quickly he grabbed the tail and pulled before it could contact. The Groundramon looked up in confusion.

"Play nice," scolded Strom. The MetallifeKabuterimon took the opportunity to fire his lasers into the digimon. The bug digimon looked up at Strom. "I owe you one... what's a dinosaur doing helping us?"

"Just call me a soldier of misfortune," Strom said with a grin.

The bug laughed. "Whatever you say. I'm Broghild, you?" he asked while firing homing lasers into an oncoming Sealsdramon.

"The name's Strom. I'm here with the others, but I'd rather not say the name of our group, since you'd burst out laughing and think we're some second rate wannabe hero team," the Spinomon said with a wink. "I'd better catch up with the others. See you around, Broghild."

Strom then ran through the jungle, ramming any enemy that was in his way. The jungle became not as dense and he heard the felling of trees. Ahead of him was a Breakdramon using its cranes and drills to knock down the trees to make a path for the other large digimon. It spotted him and started to roll towards him.

"I...HATE... Breakdramon!" he growled, beginning to charge up his attack.

Before he could fire it, he was hit by the metal crane and pinned against a tree as the Breakdramon neared its drill nose to him.


The drill was centimeters away from his throat when several lasers hit the front of the Breakdramon's face, who recoiled and loosed the pressure on Strom. With the pressure lessened, Strom was able to fire his attack.

"Blue Prominence!" he roared. A large heated plume impacted with the Breakdramon's head and he burst into data.

Strom looked over to see Broghild, the MetallifeKabuterimon land beside him. "Are we even now?"

Strom laughed and nodded. "Definately." He then went off to find the others.


Knight of RPGs
Ragna charged at Daehak, following the battle plan. Valra ran by his side, apparently she had decided to help out.

"Change of plans," Ragna said suddenly, noticing a group of four Cannondramon assembling nearby and aiming their weapons at the Royal Hive.

"Dynamo Cannon!" the group yelled, firing their devastating weapons right into the tree and tearign through the structure. Flames ripped across the tree and a roar of triumph came from Daehak. The Cannondramon started to recharge their weapons.

"Oh no you don't," Ragna said "DNA Disintergrator!" His blast caught one of the Dramons cannon packs. The weapons detonated, incinerating the Cannondramon and deleting it.

"Royal Meister!" Valra yelled, rushing past him and slicing her blades through another Cannondramon's neck, deleting the Dramon. Ragna noticed one fo the remianign Cannondrmon aiming at the TigerVespamon.

"Look out!" he cried. Valra looked back.

"Dynamo Cannon!" the Cannondramon roared, A blast of energy shot from its weapons and hit Valra, searing the Digimon. Ragna cried out as Valra collapsed.

"Breath of Wyvern!" he screamed, his rage fuelled attack deleting the Cannondramon. Ragna ran to Valra's side.

"Are you ok?" he asked urgently.

"I'll live," Valra replied "take down a few Dramon for me."

"I will," Ragna replied. Then he felt Valra's hand on hsi chest, then a surge of power rushing through his body.

"What did you do?" he asked.

"Gave you a power-up," Valra replied.

"X-Evolution!" Ragna screamed "Dynasmon X!" His body changed, becoming more skeletal and draconic. His wings split into four wings. Ragna leapt into the air, trusting the large number of Royal Hive soldiers to keep her safe.

"Dragon Thrower!" he roared. With his boosted power the attack easily penetrated the final Cannondramon's cannon pack, killign it. Ragna turned, facing Daehak. Their eyes met. Two warriors focused entirely on slaying each other.


Don't ask questions.
Rai scanned the sky for any traces of aerial Dramon. When he was certain that there were no longer any threats in his area, he gazed towards Karasu's battle area. Karasu was just finishing off the last of his opponents, a rather unlucky Megadramon, who had underestimated the Mega's power. The Dramon plummeted to the ground and crashed into an unsuspecting Veedramon below. Both Digimon vanished in a cloud of disintegrating data.

"Heh," muttered Karasu, sheathing his sword, "Looks like you CAN kill two Dramon with one sword."

"Nice one, Karasu!" Rai shouted, approaching the Ravemon and hovering beside him, "Now let's go check scout out the area to make sure no more baddies are on their way!"

"...Fine...If I must..."

With that, the two Digimon split up and circled the Royal Hive, scanning the battlefield for any reinforcements.


God of Monsters
Ajax led Onaga, Ragna, and Gapsar into battle against Daehak. They were followed closely by Strom and Karmas. Ajax clove his deadly weapon through a pair of Growlmon and offered them his silent apologies. The knight turned his eyes upon a squad of Sealsdramon and charged right into their midst. He let loose with a flurry of swings with the Dunas and the dragons fell to pieces as he ripped through them.

Gapsar and Ragna quickly broke off from the charge and headed in different directions. Ajax growled in frustration: why couldn't they follow the battle plan? He then saw why. Gapsar had been too slow in his large form to keep up with the charge, and Ragna had broken away to deal with the Cannondramon that were bombarding the Royal Hive. Ajax realized he'd have to trust his team's instincts.

"Still with me, Onaga?" he called out. Onaga's reply was a savage swing of his sword as it sliced clean through an unlucky Cyberdramon. "Let's hit Daehak before he can organize."

Ajax and Onaga charged Daehak in unison. The great red dragon noticed them a moment too late. Onaga swung the Dragon Soul Sword in tandem with Ajax and the Dunas lance. The two warriors crashed into Daehak, battering with powerful weapon strikes. Onaga fell back to prepare another attack, but Ajax continued to strike. He swung the Dunas in wide arcs, smashing the axe end against Daehak's face.

But the Supreme General wasn't so inclined to simply remain stationary while the Avengers attacked him. He swung his trident arm and caught Ajax. The knight was sent flying through the air. Daehak then turned his attention to Onaga.

"Chaos Crusher!" Daehak struck with his booster claw, intent on ripping Onaga apart. But Onaga swung his sword ands locked the blade with Daehak's claws, blocking the strike. Daehak pushed against Onaga, forcing him back. Onaga, however, pushed against Daehak's power and locked himself into a stalemate with X-Evolved Daehak's strength.

"I'm impressed, little rebel," Daehak growled. "Not many can match my strength. But I doubt you can match it for long." Daehak brought his trident arm back to spear Onaga.

But Ajax returned to the fight and caught Daehak under the chin with an upper-cut slash from the Dunas lance. The blow knocked Daehak off balance and allowed Onaga to leap back and get out of Daehak's attack range.

Ajax began to spin his lance faster and faster, gathering his power within it as it spun. He looked over and saw Onaga doing the same thing with his sword. Power gathered within the two weapons, causing them to glow brightly as they struggled to contain the coalescing energy. Ajax and Onaga stopped abruptly and pointed their weapons towards Daehak.

"Final Crest!"

"Dragonfire Crossbow!"

The two attacks--increased three times in power--ripped from Ajax and Onaga's weapons and slammed into Daehak. Burning energy engulfed him completely and set the ground around him on fire. Ajax and Onaga surveyed the results of their attack, hoping for the best.

They were quite disappointed when Daehak emerged from the flames. He was hurt, and his red armor was burned and blackened in some parts, but he was still standing. And he was angry.

"Hyper Infinity Cannon!" he snarled. Power collected in the cannons on his back and quickly reached critical mass. The cannons suddenly discharged with a resounding roar and two enormous streams of power ripped through the air.

Ajax and Onaga managed to dodge the incoming attack, but the attack continued and struck the Hive Tree. The entire tree shook from the impact and a portion of the Royal Hive broke loose and fell from the top of the tree.

"We need to get him away from the tree!" Ajax cried out. "Ragna, we need you!" Ragna had finished dispatching several of Daehak's Cannondramon artillery, and was quick to join Ajax and Onaga when called. "Ragna, we'll have to send him from the area. Summon your 'Breath of Wyvern.' It will combine with our attacks and should carry him further from the tree."

Ajax prepared his lance; he held it strongly behind him as he prepared to swing upwards and unleash his attack. Onaga held his sword aloft, pointing it towards the sky.

"Now!" Ajax ordered. "Rage of Wyvern!" He swung his weapon upwards.

"Pyro Dragons!" Onaga roared. He stabbed his weapon into the ground.

A great dragon-shaped blast of energy exploded from Ajax's swing just as nine dragon-headed flames emerged from the ground around Onaga and streaked towards Daehak. They combined with Ragna's attack, and the three dragon-shaped attacks slammed into Daehak. They grabbed him, lifted him up off the ground, and forced him across the battlefield: further away from the Hive Tree. The three moves culminated in a fiery explosion as they drove Daehak into the ground.

Daehak lay unmoving in the center of the crater formed by the attacks. He slowly rose to his feet, breathing heavily. Then again, perhaps he wasn't really breathing, as what kind of machine breathes? Perhaps it was a sporadic intake of air to cool down his overheated systems...Either way, it sounded like heavy breathing.

The great red dragon roared his rage to the skies. He leveled his cannons once again at the Hive Tree and prepared to fire.

But he was suddenly struck on the right side of the face by Onaga. Daehak stumbled to the left only for Ajax (who had slid into his Gallantmon X form) to strike him on the left side of the face and knock him back to the right.

Ajax stood with Onaga, Ragna, Gapsar, Karmas, and Strom. High above, Valkur, Rai, and Karasu continued to cut a swath of death through the ranks of the Dramon's air support. The three fliers descended from the sky to stand beside the rest of their team.

"Daehak," Ajax addressed coldly. "Might I suggest a hasty retreat? This battle is lost to you."

"Retreat?" Daehak demanded. "Retreat?! NEVER!"

"Well then," Ajax said with a smirk. He looked over his team with confidence and--in a voice strong and proud--he spoke the fated words that would forever strike fear in the hearts of all those who fell under the banner of the Dramon Empire.



No. 1 Grovyle Fan
While Daehak exchanged insults and the other digimon assembled on Ajax, Strom took it upon himself to stealthily move to the left, or Daehak's right. While he did this, the Spinomon began to superheat the metal in his body to create a burning blue plasma. "You won't escape this time..." he whispered to himself with azure steam coming out of his mouth and nostrils.

He continued to move to Daehak's blindspot, hoping to flank him. He knew that flanking attacks were always more effective than straight on ones, especially when they aren't expecting one. He took aim at the distracted Daehak, and roared, "...BLUE PROMINENCE!"

With all of his power, Strom fired his massive attack at the side of Daehak's neck, where there was little armour protection.
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Knight of RPGs
Ragna looked at their defeated foe. Daehak was a pitiful remnent of his former glory, but he still looked menacing. The Dynasmon stepped forward.

"Daehak," he said "if you won't surrender, we have to kill you. Face it. This battle is over."

"Even so, the war has just begun," Daehak replied "I shall enjoy tearing you to pieces when your pathetic rebellion fails."

"Give it up," Ragna laughed "you think we can lose? The tide has turned. We aren't afraid of you any more."

"Fear this!" Daehak roared, rearing up "Chaos Crusher!" He threw his booster claw into Ragna, who blocked the attack with his hands. Even with his boosted strength, it took all of his sheer might to hold Daehak off.

"DNA Disintergrator!" Ragna roared. Power built up between his hands and Daehak's claws before exploding out in a powerful wave that threw the two warriors back. Ragna spread his wings and stopped, while Daehak crashed to the ground. The Chaosdramon X stood, gathering energy in his cannons and aiming at the Royal Hive.

"Hyper Infinity Cannons!" he roared. Energy lanced from the cannons, shooting towards the Hive.

"No!" Ragna cried, blocking the powerful blast with his body. The stream pushed against him before eventually stopping. Ragna cried out and pressed his hands against his burnt chest, which had taken the full force of Daehak's blast. Ragna crashed to the ground, screaming in pain. Daehak stepped forwards, presumably to finish it.

"Amemit!" Osiris yelled. A golden creature burst from his hands and slammed into Daehak. The Chaosdramon X roared and tore Amemit apart...


God of Monsters
The Excalibur energy sword of Lord Seraphor the Seraphimon clashed hard against the Omni Sword as Seraphor and Imego dueled in the inner layers of the Celestial Sphere. The Seraphimon showed admirable strength and skill; he had fought Imego to a standstill.

"Why have you come here, black-hearted Imego?" Seraphor demanded. "Why have you invaded this place of the most high?"

"I'm here for the glory of the Empire," Imego snarled. "To demonstrate my power to all Digimon in the Digital World; even those of the Celestial Sphere."

"And you would take thousands of lives to do this?" Seraphor demanded. "Just to show your superiority?"

"The will of the Three Great Dramon is absolute," Imego stated. "They decreed that the Digital World belongs to them, and so shall it be!"

Seraphor frowned behind his shining helm and declared boldly, "Then by the will of the Sovereign, the true masters of the Digital World, you shall not succeed!"

The two warriors clashed again and their swords sent out sparks as they struck. Seraphor dug deep into his well of strength and pushed Imego's weapon away. He then raced towards him with power gathering between his hands.

"Seven Heavens!" Seraphor called out. His attack--seven orbs of holy light--slammed into Imego from point-blank range and sent him flying. Seraphor drew the Excalibur energy sword once again and charged Imego.

But just as he moved into striking range, Imego unleashed his Giga Crusher. The attack hit Seraphor from point-blank and completely engulfed him in burning energy. The great angel was hurled through the air and crashed into one of the holy energy barriers.

"Omni Sword!" Imego roared. He charged forward with his sword drawn back. Energies poured into the blade. Seraphor raised the Excalibur to defend himself, but the resulting backlash of energies washed over and overwhelmed the angel.

Imego raised his sword and moved in for the killing strike.

"Lightning Spear!" A great bolt of lightning sliced through the air and struck Imego. Seraphor used this delay to escape from Imego's range. Two Digimon crashed through the walls of the Celestial Sphere and landed beside Seraphor. They were Ophania the Ophanimon and Cherubei the Cherubimon.

"Be on your guard," Seraphor advised. "He's extremely powerful..."


Ajax and the whole of the Avengers confronted the murderous Daehak. Onaga had moved to Ragna's side and slung Ragna's arm over his shoulder to help him to his feet. Ajax deactivated the Gram beam-lance and faced the Aegis shield towards Daehak.

"Shield of the Just!" Ajax unleashed his attack and the great beam of energy struck Daehak's face and knocked the dragon on his back.

Daehak struggled to his feet, groaining in pain all the while. He was silent with disbelief. How could this small band of rebel fighters overcome him and his army? It shouldn't have been possible: they weren't so scary powerful that they could overcome the entire Dramon Army on their own. What made them capable of humbling him so?

"Retreat!" Daehak called out. The cry went up throughout his army and the Dramon turned and fled. Three Machinedramon covered Daehak's flank as he fled from the Avengers.

"We should go after him; finish him off," Onaga suggested.

"We don't want the Dramon Army to start fighting again," said Ajax. "Going after them will just incite them to resume their attack. Let them live with this defeat; we humbled Daehak like never before. We won't be seeing him for some time."

As the last stragglers of the Dramon Army fled, a cheer went up through the ranks of the Royal Hive soldiers. Ajax turned to them and raised his shield in triumph and another roar echoed across the ranks. The great master of the Hive, the TyrantKabuterimon Terminus Kruun emerged from the hive and flew down to meet with his commanders and the Avengers.

"You are from the Rebellion, aren't you?" the great leader asked.

"We are, Your Highness," Ajax answered. "We are the rebel unit known as the Avengers. Lord Apollo and Lady Artemis ordered us here to aid in the defense of your kingdom."

"Would this mean that you 'Avengers' would not have come to our aid if not ordered?" Terminus asked.

"That's irrelevant," Ajax answered. "We were ordered here because you were being attacked. Were you not, we would have respected your autonomy as a nation."

"I see," said Terminus. He remained silent for a few moments before continuing. "It would appear that I cannot allow my kingdom to remain uninvolved in this conflict any longer, just as Apollo and Artemis said."

"The world is dividing," said Valkur. "Soon those that don't stand with the Empire will have no choice but to stand against it or be destroyed."

"I understand this now," said Terminus. "Tell your Lords that they will have the full support of the Royal Hive from now on."

Ajax nodded his head in thanks. "Avengers, let's head back. Job well done..."


Imego's Hyper Prominence attack struck all three of the great angel and knocked them into the kernel of the Celestial Sphere. They hit the floor hard and cried out in pain. Seraphor was the first to rise to shaky feet, but quickly collapsed to his knees. The three angels, while powerful, were unable to overcome Imego's incomparable might.

"You fought valiantly," Imego said as he stalked over to them with the Omni Sword prepared for a killing stroke. "But you fought a losing battle. You cannot defeat me: my power is that of the whole Dramon Empire." He stood over the three and raised his sword high. "Now die!"

Imego swung the Omni Sword with all his might, fully intent on cutting all three angels down with a single stroke. But the Omni Sword struck a powerful barrier of energy and was stopped mere inches away from the angels.

A blindingly bright light appeared as the great Varodurumon emerged from the final core of the Celestial Sphere. The great exalted bird glowed with a holy light that scattered from its feathers all colors of the rainbow. The six-winged bird slowly descended to hover just above and in front of the three great angels that served him.

"Valdor," Imego growled.

"Imego," Valdor said. His voice was powerful: it washed over the entire kernel, echoing from the walls. "I demand that you and your soldiers leave the Celestial Sphere at once or."

Imego just smirked. "No. Hyper Prominence!" A great burst of energy erupted from Imego's entire body and streaked towards Valdor with merciless intent. But the attack stopped short of reaching Valdor. Instead it struck his powerful energy barrier and dissipated.

"Then suffer the consequences," Valdor said solemnly. "Aurora Undulation!" Holy light pulsed forward from Valdor's wings and slammed into Imego. For the first time since acquiring his new Paladin Mode, Imego felt true pain as he was hurled through the air and slammed into the ground.

But Imego refused to leave. Instead, he rose to his feet and let loose with another Giga Crusher. This attack surged towards Valdor and once again failed to bypass his seemingly impenetrable barrier created by his Purge Shine technique.

"Your attacks cannot penetrate my Purge Shine," Valdor explained. "No attack that carries evil intent can." Valdor attacked again; his Aurora Undulation streaked towards Imego, who just barely managed to raise the Omni Sword in an attempt to block it. The great white paladin struggled against the titanic onslaught of holy energies. He refused to give in. All seemed hopeless for Imego, and the entire Digital World seemed to take a hold its breath.

But suddenly, the digicode engraved on the Omni Sword began to glow, and the true power of the weapon came forth. Acting on instinct alone, Imego harnessed the "Initialize" power of the blade and with but a thought turned the Aurora Undulation back on Valdor. Because the attack carried none of Imego's intent, it was able to penetrate Valdor's barrier.

The great ruler of the Celestial Sphere cried out in pain.

Imego took the initiative. He sprung forward and swung the Omni Sword with all his might. But once again, the Purge Shine protected Valdor and repelled Imego's attack. Valdor rose to the air once again.

"You will not take this place," he vowed. "Aurora Undulation!" His attack flew towards Imego, but the paladin called upon the "Initialize" power once again and turned the attack back on its user. Valdor took the attack head on and was hurled to the ground.

The great paladin, the Lord Protector of the Dramon Empire, stood over the four holy beings. "This is Lord Protector Imego," he said, sending a message to his forces. "All Dramon Empire soldiers are to fall back from the Celestial Sphere. Our mission has been accomplished."

"I don't understand," Seraphor cried. "Why do this? Why attack if you do not intend on seeing the attack through to the end."

"So that you all know just how easily I can come back and do it again," Imego answered. "I did this so that you come to the understanding that the Dramon Empire could destroy you at any time. You exist only by the grace and will of the Three Great Dramon."

Imego spread his great white wings and tore through the walls of the Celestial Sphere. He emerged on the outside and led the Dramon Air Force from the heavenly city. They appeared as a great flock of black, pouring from the burning city of white.

"Alert all inhabitants of the Celestial Sphere," said Valdor. "We shall retreat to the Jericho Nexus and remain there for the foreseeable future."

"Retreat?" Seraphor demanded. "Lord Valdor, what madness is this? We must stay and fight! The Dramon Empire is destroying the world!"

"And I will not allow my people to suffer for it," Valdor stated.

"Then I will stay and fight alongside the Rebels of the Harmonious Republic," declared Seraphor. Ophania and Cherubei stood beside him as if to show solidarity in the decision.

"No," ordered Valdor. "I will not allow it. You are to accompany me and your people to the Jericho Nexus as per my orders."

"Allow me one last act," Seraphor asked. "Allow me to offer one last bit of aid to the Rebellion as payback for what Imego has done to us here. I swear I will not involve myself directly in any conflict."

"So be it," said Valdor. "Ophania, accompany Seraphimon. You two are then to return here immediately. Cherubei, you and I will make preparations for the exodus." Seraphor and Ophania bowed their heads in respect before taking off into the air.

"What is your plan, noble Seraphor?" Ophania asked.

"I will deliver to the rebels an instrument of great power to aid them in their struggle against Imego and his lot," he answered. "But they will need someone to instruct them in its use."

"The Valkyrimon Tala Rune has allied herself with the Rebellion," said Ophania. "She will know what to do."

"Good," said Seraphor. "Then let this be done..."


Arahon waited in the observing room as teams of Andromon and HiAndromon worked tirelessly to restore Jager and Tharor to health. However, the medical teams were unable to make any headway towards healing them, and Arahon was beginning to lose hope.

"We simply can't do anything to save them," said the HiAndromon in charge. "Their two digicores are just too damaged. I'm afraid they'll die."

"Anubis Teth-Adam promised us three days," said Arahon.

"We could have a year, but we still won't be able to heal them," said HiAndromon.

"My Lord!" a Shurimon messenger appeared before Arahon. "Lord Seraphor of the Celestial Sphere has arrived.

Arahon quickly went to meet with Seraphor, who informed him of what transpired in the Celestial Sphere, and of Valdor's decision to evacuate the population to the Jericho Nexus. Then he revealed his final gift.

"I have very little time," said Seraphor. "And I wish I could give you more than what I have. I wish I could offer you legions of angels, but the word of Valdor is law. Instead I can only offer you this." Seraphor opened his hand to reveal an item that shone like the golden sun itself. "It is an elemental Digi-Egg," he explained. "As with all Digi-Eggs it is the embodiment of an element. This one is the golden element of Miracles."

"A Digi-Egg of Miracles," said Arahon. "It is certainly a powerful item, but it takes a great deal of study and knowledge to unlock its power."

"The Valkyrimon Tala Rune is well versed in the use of holy artifacts," said Seraphor. "And as she had joined your rebellion prior to Valdor's decree, she is not subject to it."

Tala Rune strode forward and Arahon gave her a nod. He had fought beside the swift warrior before and trusted her skills, especially if Seraphor vouched for her.

"I wish I could stay longer," Seraphor stated. "But I must return to the Celestial Sphere for the exodus. I wish you all the luck in the world, my good friend."

"Aye," said Arahon. "Perhaps we will meet again."

"I certainly hope so." With that, Seraphor lifted into the air and disappeared beyond the clouds in an instant. Arahon was left with a sense of loss and nostalgia; he would certainly miss his good friend.

He then turned his attention back to Tala Rune and the Digi-Egg of Miracles. "What could we do with this?" Arahon was suddenly struck with an idea. He called to Tala and the two raced down to the medical bay.

"Can we use this?" Arahon asked, presenting the Golden Digi-Egg to HiAndromon. "Can we use this to save Tharor and Jager?"

"We might be able to," said HiAndromon with a slight glimmer of hope. "We were trying to find a way to heal their damaged digi-cores, and someone suggested forcing a permanent DNA Digivolution that would combine the two damaged digi-cores and result in a permanent merger. We dismissed this since normally DNA Digivolution is powered by the Digimon involved, but Tharor and Jager have no power left to use for digivolving, and DNA Digivolving requires an enormous donation of power."

"Could the Digi-Egg of Miracles power the DNA Digivolution?" Arahon asked hurriedly.

"It could--and then some," said HiAndromon. "But without knowing how to activate it or hook it up to Tharor and Jager, we-"

"I'll handle that," said Tala Rune as she stepped forward. Drawing on her skills learned as an Angewomon under Ophania, Tala placed both hands on the Golden Digi-Egg and it floated into the air.

"Heaven's Charm," she whispered. Holy light pulsed from her hands into the Digi-Egg and its physical form began to fall away to reveal only the glowing core. "I've done it," she said. "With your machines, you should be able to access its energy, the 'energy of Miracles.'"

HiAndromon began connecting wires and power converters to the glowing core and then connecting the wires to the broken and beaten bodies of Jager and Tharor. Almost immediately, the power flowed into them and they began to glow. They then suddenly burst into tiny fragments of data before recombining into a large "digivolution egg."

"This will take some time," said HiAndromon. "The Digi-Egg of Miracles will continue to power the DNA Digivolution. All we can do is wait and hope for the best."

"Thank the Sovereign," Arahon whispered. He turned to walk away, but Tala stopped him.

"What happened to them?" she asked, glancing to the new Digimon forming. "What could have done such damage?"

Arahon remained silent for several moments, and Tala began to doubt that he'd even offer an answer. But the great black knight suddenly looked her in the eye and spoke a single name.



Knight of RPGs
Ragna slowly pushed Onaga's arm away from him. He winced as pain flooded through him, but he stood firm. He had to see if Valra was still ok. He took flight, groaning as more pain flooded his body. He flew, ignoring the pain. Then he saw her. Valra was lying where he had left here, with a MetallifeKabuterimon and three Kabuterimon standing near her. Ragna descended and the Royal Hive troops flinched. Ragna was used to others being suprised at seeing him as an ally, so he ignored them, stepping towards Valra.

"Valra," Ragna said. She opened her eyes.

"You won," she replied.

"Did you expect anything else?" Ragna said.

"Course not," Valra replied "but your chest..."

"It's nothing," Ragna said firmly. He pressed his hand against the burn and winced slightly. A glowing blue ball with a red X inside it emerged from his body. Ragna knelt down and pressed the X-Antibody into Valra. She glowed slightly.

"That is yours," Ragna said, shifting back into his normal Dynasmon form.

"You need help," Valra said "but first... I'd like to join you."

"What?" Ragna said, shocked by her request.

"I'm so limited here," she said, gesturing at the forest "but if I joined you, I could fight the Dramon Empire across the world. I could fight by your side and bring peace."

"You'll have to ask Ajax about that," Ragna replied "he's the MedievalGallantmon with the scowl. Hard to miss, with all these bugs. And watch out for the Spinomon." Valra pushed him playfully.

"I'm not just a bug," she said "unless you'd like another reminder of my swords at your throat, dragon?"

"Don't call me that!" Ragna growled. He turned away sharply, hissing as his sharp movement sent more pain hrough his body, and walked away. Valra watched him for a bit before stepping towards Ajax, bowing to Terminus as she did so.

"Ajax," she said nervously "I would like to join your Avengrs and help fight the Dramon Empire."

"What?!" Terminus exclaimed "but, Valra..."

"My king," Valra said, turning to the TyrantKabuterimon "I know I have duties here. But I have a duty to this world as well. And now my duty means I have to do this, to take up open arms against the Dramon Empire. We have hidden in the veil of neutrality for far too long, now is the time to fight back. Ajax said as much to you."

"Your words are true," Terminus replied "Valra. I free you from your duty as a member of my Royal Guard. You may join the Rebellion, if Ajax is willing to allow you." Valra turned back to the MedievalGallantmon, breathing heavily as she waited for his answer.

Meanwhile, Ragna was stepping across the battlefield.

"Glad to see me?" Osiris said, droppign from the sky next to him. Ragna remained silent.

"How was your trip?" the Dynasmon suddenly asked.

"Sandy," Osiris replied "but me and Arahon bought Tharor and Jager some time. Three days, to be precise."

"How the heck did you manage that?" Ragna asked, astonished.

"Anubis Teth-Adam," Osiris replied. Seeing Ragna's puzzled expression, he explained about Anubis Teth-Adam and the audience with the powerful Anubismon, omitting the prophecy.

"Less than welcoming," Ragna remarked "but he just sent you back after he gave Tharor and Jager three more days to live? No. You're lying to me."

"There was something else," Osiris admitted "but Arahon ordered me to keep it secret. Any luck with that traitor?"

"No," Ragna said "and Strom's getting worse, accusing me of it. Well, not directly, just suspicions."

"Who was that TigerVespamon?" Osiris suddenly asked.

"Royal Hive soldier," Ragna said "she wants to join us."

"She?" Osiris questioned.

"Who said a girl couldn't fight?" Ragna growled. He was annoyed at Osiris for being so sexist.

"Well, there's tradition and..." Osiris began, his voice trailing away "I'm such an empty headed idiot. You have a crush on her, don't you?"

"Of course not," Ragna replied.

"You do," Osiris replied. Ragna growled angrily.

"Drop it," he said.

"You do like her!" Osiris exclaimed "Ragna has a crush, Ragna..." Ragna shoved the Anubismon into a convienant pit and took flight.

"Is it possible?" he asked himself "am I in love?"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Everyone was cheering and happily conversing. Strom, on the other hand, was leaning against the side of the crater, slightly irked at Daehak escaping him once again.

"Thank the Sovereigns no one died this time," he thought to himself, sighing deeply and placing his claws behind his head.

The dinosaur remained silently relaxing and listening. He accidentally eavesdropped on some conversations that he wished that he hadn't, but he just snarled it off.

Strom felt something on his tail; he shot open his eyes and readied his claws. It was Broghild, the MetallifeKabuterimon, who jumped back in response.

"Woah, woah. Easy! It's me!"

Strom relaxed and leaned back against the crater. "Oh... Broghild. Sorry."

"Nice to see that the 'soldier of misfortune' is still alive and well," Broghild said with a grin.

"Just call me Strom," he replied, grinning. "I got relatively lucky today, despite the cowardly Daehak fleeing from battle. Ajax shoulda let me go after him alone to finish him off."

"Don't be so sulky! My spirits couldn't be higher and my homes in one piece thanks to you guys!" he exclaimed.

"I think I've earned the right to be sulky!"

"What do you mean by that?"

Strom stalled. "...Forget it. Anyways, I'm happy to help. Just as long as the Dramon's don't gain any more power."

"You know... you Avengers are pretty cool... Think I could join?"

Strom dodged the question. "Uhhh... What do you guys do around here?"

"You're avoiding my question, Strom..."

Strom grunted. "It's not my call, okay? Ask someone else."


Knight of RPGs
"Valra," Ajax said "I accept you." Valra looked up, her face lit by sheer joy beneath her helmet.

"Thank you," she whispered. She turned away and ran to find Ragna and tell him the news. She searched the battlefield, eventually finding the Dynasmon standing at the foot of the Royal Hive itself.

"Ajax accepted me!" she exclaimed.

"Good for you," Ragna said quietly. He knelt down by the tree and bowed his head.

"What are you doing?" Valra asked.

"Remembering all of the brave souls who gave their lives to protect this place," Ragna answered "I might not know them, but they deserve to be remembered for what they have done. Through their deaths, they bring hope for freedom." Valra knelt next to him remembering all of the Digimon she saw die at the hands of the Dramon army.

"It's so sad," she said quietly "that so many must die."

"This is war," Ragna said, looking at her "not the glory of legends. Legend lies. War is the sadness of those who lose the ones they love, the screams of the wounded, the crys of the dead. All of these lives for something so basic. The Dramon Empire is nothing more than dark ambition."

"Then what gives us the motivation to fight?" Valra asked. Ragna knew the answer.

"Those we love," he replied "the true honour in war is fighting to protect those you love. We fight, and light the torch of freedom with the flame of our courage. And with that torch, the darkness is banished."

"I never thought of you as a poet, or a thinker," Valra said, suprised.

"War brings out things," Ragna said "I learned that I could think of these things. And I should tell it to that Spinomon. He must have people he wants to protect, loved ones." He took flight, deciding he needed the solitude of the sky. He knew Valra could fly, but he just needed some time away from the ground.


God of Monsters
"Avengers," Ajax said loudly, drawing their attention. "We're moving out. King Terminus, Apollo and Artemis will be in contact with you; they'll send emissaries by tomorrow to negotiate the terms of our alliance."

Ajax collected the Avengers, whose ranks now included Valra, and they began their long march through the jungle towards the ocean where they would meet their Whamon transport and return to the island that served as the Rebellion's temporary base.


Later on. Rebellion Island Base.

The Avengers were meeting with Apollo, Artemis, Arahon, and Braon to discuss the successful campaign. Apollo and Artemis were quite pleased with the Avengers and their performance and they were informed on how the Golden Digi-Egg of Miracles had been used to help Tharor and Jager.

"I would have preferred another use for such a powerful artifact," Apollo said. "We could have used it to give someone the power to fight against Imego."

"Jager and Tharor were wounded on a mission you backed," Arahon scolded. "It was your mistake and my solution. Besides, let me handle Imego: I beat him before, I'll beat him again."

"You don't know the power he has now," Ajax said, speaking up. "We were there, you'll need more power than you have, especially if he was able to beat Valdor and his three Celestials. If you want to take Imego on, you'll need help."

"And keep in mind," said Onaga. "That you're not the only one who wants a piece of him. All those who fought against him in the Dramon Capital hold a grudge." He looked to the rest of the Avengers.

"Indeed," said Valkur. "And Onaga and I swore vengeance upon him as well for what he did to Jager and Tharor."

"And if this forced DNA Digivolution is successful, I'm sure they'll have words for Imego as well," said Ajax. "In short, Arahon, if you're going to fight Imego, the Avengers are going with you."

"Don't worry," Arahon said. "I'm not so foolish as to storm out and face him on my own. I know good and well that I probably won't be able to match his power as I am now. But we'll face him again."

"Probably sooner than we'd like," Braon muttered. "If the past few days have been any indication, the Dramon Empire is conducting campaigns against the neutral nations that sprang up after the fall of the Sovereign. Allying with the Celestial Sphere was probably our best bet for overthrowing the Dramon Empire, and with them gone, we're going to need all the neutral nations with us if we want to win."

"They'll try to cow the other nations into surrender," said Artemis. "They'll try even harder now that we've turned them back from the Royal Hive."

"Where does that leave us?" Braon asked.

"Poseidon has finally decided to support us in full," Apollo stated. "Which is great news. Terminus has pledged his support: we're sending over emissaries tomorrow morning to negotiate a treaty. The Spinomon Aegyptu and the Paleozoic Sovereignty would be strong allies, but Aegyptu is the most stubborn and thick-headed fool I've ever known. He refuses to involve himself and believes that the Dramon Empire will leave his nation in peace."

"There are also the smaller settlements," Arahon pointed out. "The Chess Kingdom, the Mamemon State, and the Rose Nation are more-or-less autonomous regions within the Dramon Empire. There's also the Leomon Tribe--where Goliath came from. They're a rather small group, but they are more sympathetic to our cause."

"There's also the Wolf Clan of the North," said Valkur. "They're led by a WereGarurumon X and reside in the deepest of the northern forests and mountains where the Dramon hardly ever go. They might be willing to help."

"They'll be harder to locate," said Artemis. "It's probably best if we go to either the Leomon Tribe or the Paleozoic Sovereignty and try to garner support there. Perhaps we should let the Avengers decide. After all, it is them that we are sending."

"Should we really send them so soon after a battle?" Braon asked.

"They're one of the most effective units we have," answered Artemis. "They will of course have time to rest and recuperate, but I believe they are the greatest embodiment of our vision: Digimon of all sorts from all over the world joined together for a common purpose. I think the other nations will see this and come to understand its meaning."

"So, Avengers," said Ajax. "Where do we head to next?"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom emitted a low growl upon hearing the question, partially indicating that he was about to speak. "To dirt with the Sovereignty!!" he sharply said.

As he expected, he deservedly got surprised looks, since he was a dinosaur and a former member of the Sovereignty. "Those cowards won't help us... ever..." he said coldly.

"And how can you be sure?" Braon asked.

"I lived there, Sir. All they care about is survival. If they're at war, that will lower the chance of living, but if they're neutral, they believe that they'll have no aminosity with the Dramons," Strom answered, rather unconvincingly.

"But what if they're attacked?"

Strom didn't know. Frankly, he was conflicted with his thoughts. Did he care if his old home was attacked? Strom simply stepped back and muttered. "I don't think they're worth the trouble..."


Don't ask questions.
Rai stepped forward and faced the much larger Spinomon. He stared Strom in the face, refusing to back off. After a deep breath, Rai exclaimed, accusingly, "That's your home, Strom! Don't you care whether or not they all die?! What if the Dramon Empire gets to them first, then what'll we do?! How are you gonna live with yourself if you let every Dinosaur in that Sovereignty die because you didn't want to help them?!..."

Before Rai could continue, Karasu stepped up beside the Rapidmon and hissed in his ear, "Rai, are you trying to make him mad?..."

"Maybe I am!" Rai replied angrily, for all to hear, "This ne'er-do-well needs to learn that everyone deserves a fighting chance!...Even if they're the most stubborn, numb-skulled Dinosaur Digimon on the face of the Digital World. I say, 'To the Paleozoic Sovereignty'!"

Karasu shook his head. This wasn't going to end well...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
The Spinomon looked off to the side, humbled, but he sneered and attempted not to lose face, staring right back at the Rapidmon. "Don't tell me how to feel about MY home!! You couldn't possibly understand, you ignorant piece of scrapmetal!" he snarled.

Strom clenched his teeth and glowered. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Rai did have some good points. This was his home they were talking about; the only place where he really felt he belonged and where those who were once his friends lived. But... he felt betrayed by the Sovereignty. By not fighting. What's worse is that he thought Ranney might be there.

He thought to himself, "They don't care about me... Why should I care about them?" But then he dwelled over Rai's words. "I'm not being selfish... Am I? Am I being as bad as them by not wanting to fight in their defence? NO! I'm not! I can't be!"

The dinosaur felt many emotions rising to his throat, but he stubbornly maintained his scowl.


Knight of RPGs
Ragna, Valra and Osiris all looked at Strom, horrified by what he had said.

"These are your people you're talking about!" Ragna exclaimed angrily "how could you justify leaving them to die just becuase you think they won't help?"

"How can you refer to them as cowards?" Valra added "no matter how much courage they have, we can't leave them to die like a Commandramon fighting Ajax! They are living beings, and all life is sacred!"

"Even Dramon life?" Osiris asked.

"All life," Valra replied firmly "even Dramon life. But if they refuse to exist peacefully... then they overstep the line. But I refuse to slaughter them all, it is the Three Great Dramon I believe deserve no more mercy than a rampaging SkullGreymon."

"Back on subject," Ragna growled "Strom, surely there are people you love in the Sovereignty. People you want to save. Back at the Royal Hive, I realised something. The only just cause in war is fighting to protect those you love and care about. If you have any love for someone inside the Sovereignty, then you have a reason to save it."