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Digimon: Civil War (RPG Thread)


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom shut his eyes and looked at the ground. Right now he felt as if the spikes on his back were being torn from his skin.

"I... I can't justify it..." he said, shakily growling. He faultered on Ragna's last statement. "People I love? No... I don't have a mate. My best friend stabbed me in the back and gave me up to the Dramons for questioning. I have a few friends back there... but..."

He swallowed, knowing that he was beaten. "Fine... We'll go save my friends..."


Karmas stood in the background as he watched Strom get barraged by Valra, Ragna, Rai and Osiris. The poor mon had been betrayed by his friend and hated the Paleozoic Sovereignty, with good reasons, and everyone was getting up him about it.

"Poor fella," Karmas chuckled in his deep voice.

But whatever happened Karmas would fight for anyone or anything as long as it would help defeat the Dramon Empire.


God of Monsters
"Very well then, we'll be heading to the Paleozoic Sovereignty," said Arahon.

"We?" Ajax wondered.

"If the Dramon Empire truly wishes to dissuade the other nations from joining with us, they're more likely to attack the larger nations first; the Paleozoic Sovereignty is the largest of the neutral nations as it stands at this point," answered Arahon. "With Daehak's failure in taking the Royal Hive, the Empire will likely send the Army and Air Force with Imego in command."

"We might need more than just us Avengers then," said Ajax. "Aegyptu has a strong defending army, but they have very little in terms of aerial support, and it'll likely take all of us to stop just Imego."

"No," Arahon said. "If everyone goes after Imego, we'll just end up tripping over each other to get to him, and he'll take us out one by one. We need to be more coordinated if we want to stop him."

"You seem pretty eager to take him on," said Ajax. "Remember, he put down Jager, Tharor, and Goliath and took the rest of us along for the ride, and he managed to beat Valdor and the three Archangels."

"I haven't forgotten," Arahon insisted. "But he never truly overpowered Valdor, he just outmaneuvered him. We have an advantage: we know what Imego can do. I defeated him rather easily last time, and I have no doubt that he remembers. He also doesn't know about your Crimson Form, Ajax, and we can use that to our advantage."

"Just the two of us against Imego?" Ajax asked skeptically.

"No, we shouldn't risk facing him alone," Arahon answered. "We'll need one or two more volunteers." He looked to the Avengers.

"I'd love to take a shot at him," said Braon.

"No," replied Arahon. "I need you leading our forces. We'll need the Greymon Corps and the Gargomon Unit to counter the Dramon's aerial superiority over the Paleozoic Sovereignty. The rest of the Avengers will be needed to combat the Dramon elite: commanders and officers."

Onaga shot Valkur a look, but the blue-armored wolf shook his head. Onaga understood; now wasn't the time for them to face Imego. If the dragon survived the battle with Arahon and the others, then they'd get their shot, but without their DNA Digivolution perfected, they wouldn't be much help.

They'd let Arahon handle Imego for the time being.

"I'll go make preparations for the battle groups," said Braon. Onaga and Valkur nodded and followed him out.

"Okay then, Avengers," Ajax announced. Arahon smiled secretly: Ajax was fast becoming a very capable leader. He was proud. "Who wants to join Arahon and myself in battle against Imego? We'll need someone who can fly and fight in close quarters."


Don't ask questions.
Rai nudged Karasu. Karasu cast an angry glare upon the Rapidmon. Without caring, Rai lifted his arm high in the air, exclaiming, "Karasu volunteers!"


"Yup, that's right," Rai continued, "Karasu's fast, he can fly, and he can fight in close quarters: exactly what you guys need!"


"Come on, Karasu! You're the fastest Digimon here!" Rai shouted encouragingly, "You can do it!"

Karasu smiled. That was the first compliment he'd gotten from Rai...ever. "Alright, I'll do it...that is, if you'll have me..."


Knight of RPGs
"I'll help you," Ragna said unflinchingly "this time I'm going to give that paladin a bit more than bruises."

"Are you sure?" Osiris asked "after all, you saw what he did to Jager and Tharor. And you don't want to get that Omni Sword stuck in you, it bloody hurts."

"I have to help any way I can," Ragna replied "I might die, but if I do I'll be fighting to free this world. I can't think of a better place for my life to end than in battle against a worthy opponent."

"It's your call," Osiris said, shrugging.

"I'll help too," Valra said. Ragna looked at her and shook his head.

"No, Valra," he said "I don't want you to fight Imego."

"Why not?" Valra said fiercely "if you can fight him, so can I."

"You haven't seen how powerful he is," Ragna retorted "you haven't felt that power. I have, and so has Osiris. Imego is far too strong, and I don't want you to get hurt, or..." He left the last word unspoken, but everyone knew what it was.

"I'm a warrior," Valra said "I know the risk. Any of us could die in the next battle, even Arahon. If I do die, then I want to be fighting beside you, fighting Imego." Ragna looked at her, wanting to persuade her otherwise, but knowing he never would.

"Fine," he finally said, turning away so that she didn't see the tears in his eyes. He knew that she probably wouldn't survive if she fought Imego.

"I love her," he said under his breath "why was Osiris right? Why me?"

"Are you alright, dragon?" Valra asked. Ragna growled.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom glanced at Ragna, who obviously had a thing for Valra. He grinned to himself and thought he'd get a bit of payback for being embarrassed in front of all of the Avengers and commanders.

"Ragna has a cru-ush," he said rather loudly.

Very satisfied, Strom beamed and walked off to the side, where he sat down.

"The Sovereignty had better help us after this... or else I'm PERSONALLY going to take a chunk out of King Aegyptu's neck," he growled to himself.

He glanced at Ajax and sighed to himself, standing back up. He walked over to him and asked, "Ajax, I'd like to have permission to rally my brethren and set up and command a line of defence, should any of the Sovereignty's leadership faulter."
Gapsar raised his hand warily, hearing Strom and Ajax's Conversation,
"I'm willing to help Strom, being a fellow Dinosaur myself, I could be of use."
Yet, Troubles were constantly brewing tin the Master Tyrannomon's mind, after all he was cast out from the Sovergnty because he was too close to being a Dragon, what if they didn't trust him? What if they thought Gapsar was a spy? After all Gaiomon was a Dragon man Digimon, such a thing would surely bother them right?

Gapsar was going to take his comment back, yet, he still felt that certain connection to his former tribe, after all, Gapsar wasn't Master Tyrannodramon now was he? Yes, he had to help the Paleozoic Sovergnty, as no matter how much they may still resent him. That was Gapsar's home, and this Dinosaur had to defend it no matter what...


God of Monsters
Arahon nodded, "Karasu and Ragna, you're with Ajax and I against Imego," he said. He then turned to Valra, "Ragna is right, Valra, you don't know Imego's power or fighting style as we do, and that can cost you dearly. You'll have to sit this one out."

"Ajax, I'd like to have permission to rally my brethren and set up and command a line of defense, should any of the Sovereignty's leadership falter," said Strom.

Ajax looked to Arahon, who nodded in return. "Very well," said Ajax. "Gapsar will go with you. Gapsar, remember; you're not part of the Dramon Empire. You're a citizen of the Harmonious Republic. Don't be ashamed or afraid to Digivolve should the need arise."

"Braon will have his hands full commanding the Greymon Corps and the Gargomon Unit," said Arahon. "The rest of you will have to take on the Dramon Empire's commanding officers. Rai, I'd appreciate it if you gave Braon a hand with the Gargomon Unit: you can keep pace with the Rapidmon and BlackRapidmon and keep the Dramon Air Force off our backs. The MegaGargomon and BlackMegaGargomon will back you up with heavy aerial artillery fire. Onaga will be doing the same with the Greymon Corps."

"Do we know that the Dramon Empire will attack?" Valkur asked as he returned with Braon and Onaga. "We're going under that assumption, but we haven't seen any indication of their movements or troop mobilization."

"We'll go in planning that they will," Apollo said.

"If we go into the Paleozoic Sovereignty with a full force, they won't see us as any different from the Dramon Empire," Valkur objected. "Prepare our forces and have them wait outside the borders of the Sovereignty. The Avengers and Arahon will go meet with Aegyptu as a diplomatic party. If we go in with a show of force, Aegyptu will never agree to stand with us."

Arahon nodded; he hadn't thought of that point. He had been so focused on stopping Imego and the Dramon Empire that he neglected to realize that he was beginning to act like them as well.

"He's right," said Artemis. "Arahon and the Avengers will go meet with the Sovereignty. Braon will wait outside the Sovereignty's territory with the Greymon Corps and the Gargomon Unit. Should the need arise for us to engage in battle, then Braon will bring our forces in."

"Will Jager and Tharor be joining us?" Ajax asked.

"No," said Arahon. "The DNA Digivolution will take time to go into full effect. I'm not sure when they'll be ready for combat."

Ajax nodded, satisfied with the answer. "Avengers, get some rest and prepare yourselves. We've got a long day ahead of us..."


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom turned to Gapsar. "Relax, if they say anything about you being a Dramon, they'll find themselves on the recieving end of my knuckle. I know how dinosaurs can be," he said, giving the MasterTyrannomon a reassuring punch on the arm.

The Spinomon then turned and walked out of the hall to get some rest.


Of course, Strom couldn't sleep. He tried to position himself, but it didn't help. He had knots in his stomach about going back to the Sovereignty after all this time. He knew that Aegyptu and the others would give him a less than hearty welcome. Despite being in the Avengers, Strom was still technically part of the Paleozoic Sovereignty, or he at least thought so.

Perhaps his biggest worry was if his so-called 'friend' Ranney was with them or not.

All in all, it would be a very unpleasant experience and Strom would not be sleeping that night.


Knight of RPGs
Ragna sat against a rock. He was looking up at the sky.

"Thank god," he said "Valra isn't fighting." The TigerVespamon in question suddenly entered his vision, her slim body shaking with frustration.

"Why can't I fight Imego?" she said angrily.

"Becuase Arahon is right," Ragna said "you don't know how powerful Imego is."

"But..." Valra began. Her shoulders fell and she slid to her knees.

"I just don't want to have to leave you and not know what happens until after the battle," she said.

"I don't want to see you die," Ragna replied "Strom was right, Valra. I do love you. I don't know why, but I love you. There, I've said it." Valra looked stunned.

"Ragna," she said. Her heart was speeding up rapidly and her breathing became deeper.

"I love you too," she said quietly. Ragna was dumbstruck.

"But..." he began, too shocked to talk.

"I do love you," Valra said "you're a really nice guy, you care about the people who die, even the Dramons." Ragna stood and embraced her.

"I want to keep you safe," Ragna said "that's why I don't want you to fight Imego." Valra pulled back in his arms and looked into his eyes for a few seconds. Then she moved her face closer to his and kissed him.

"This could be our last night together," she said, breakign the kiss.

"Then let's spend it together," Ragna replied, kissing her. The two sat against the rock, kissing. Eventually Valra stopped.

"I just want to sleep," she said.

"Then sleep," Ragna said "we can't spend this whole night kissing." Valra laid her head agaisnt his chest and wrapped her arms around him. Ragna folded his wing around her to keep her warm while he stared at the sky.

"I love you Valra," he whispered "if we're still alive after this war, I will spend my whole life with you." Valra shifted slightly in his arms and Ragna fell silent, letting her sleep. She would need her strength, Imego or no Imego. Eventually he fell asleep himself.

And so they slept together, both aware it might be their last chance.

(Ah, love. Thank you Strom, for blurting it all otu and lettign this happen.)


Knight of RPGs
(Yes, that's precisely why I did it. Strom really messed up, but Ragna will probably have to thank him some day. And now for Ragna to see his worst fear.)
Ragna looked around. An army of Dinosaur Digimon charged against a great legion of Dramon. The sky above were filled with Dramon fliers. And at the head of the great host were Imego and Daehak. The shining paladin pointed his sword forwards.

"Charge!" he roared. The Dramon legion charged forwards, weapons readied. At the head of the Dinosaur Digimon army, a Spinomon roared and his force increased thier pace.

Ragna, following orders, charged with Karasu, Ajax and Arahon into Imego.

"Hyper Prominence!" Imego roared. The lances of energy hurled the group apart.

"Ragna!" he heard Valra cry. A second later he saw a black and yellow blur as the TigerVespamon charged past him, her energy blades ready. Imego watched her approach.

"Omni Sword," he said. The blade appeared in his hand. Imego charged towards Valra. Ragna knew what would happen next, but he couldn't take his eyes away from the nightmare before him.

"Royal-!" Valra began. Then Imego hit her, knockign the blades out of her hands. He raised his Omni Sword above her breast.

"Farewell," he said "Omni Sword," He stabbed downwards, slicing the sword through Valra. Ragna screamed as Valra screamed in agony. Her body started to fall apart into data.

"NO!" Ragna screamed.

His eyes snapped open. He was breathing heavily and sweating.

"Just a dream," he panted "just a nightmare." But in his heart he knew what he had seen.

His worst fear realized.


Don't ask questions.
Rai lay in bed snoring soundly. After a few minutes, his sensitive ears picked up a noise. Startled, the Rapidmon jumped out of bed, guns raised. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he could make out the figure of Karasu, standing before him, arms crossed.

"Put 'em down, Rai."

"Oh, it's you," Rai muttered, lowering his weapons, "Man, I wish it had been a Veedramon or something...anyway, what are you doing? I mean, why are waking me up in the middle of the night?!"

"I...wanted to thank you."

"...For what?!"

Karasu chuckled. "You gave up your one chance to face Imego...and you volunteered me to do it for you. That's why I wanted to thank you," Karasu explained, "Well, that, and I came to punch you for volunteering me."

With that, the Ravemon shoved the Rapidmon over playfully.

Rai leaped back up, smirking, "Don't mention it. After all, if I were the one facing that bleached Dramon, the fight wouldn't last long enough! I'd beat Imego too fast! Hahahaha..."

Rai's laughter drifted away as he slowly fell back onto his bed, snoring. Karasu smiled and turned away. He leaped out the window and landed in a nearby tree. Leaning against the trunk, Karasu pulled out his sacred amulet. "I won't let you down, Jijimon. I will avenge your death."


Knight of RPGs
Valra opened her eyes as she heard Ragna speaking. She felt his wet skin pressing against her body.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I had a nightmare," he said "it was about you."

"What happened?" Valra asked quietly.

"It was the battle," Ragna replied "the one we're fighting tomorrow. I was fighting Imego, he hurled me away and you charged at him. He stabbed you with his Omni Sword and killed you."

"Oh, Ragna," Valra said.

"I just can't bear the thought of losing you," Ragna said.

"You won't," Valra replied. She kissed him before going back to sleep. Ragna stayed awake, dreading what his dreams might bring.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom was getting really frustrated. It was hours and he still couldn't sleep.

"Come on, Strom. How are you supposed to fight tomorrow if you can't even stay awake while being attacked?" he said to himself.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw something moving across the room. Strom craned his head to look over at it. He saw a familiar silhouette. Strom saw a the green head and then body of a DinoRexmon come forward in the moonlight that was cascaded across the floor.

The Spinomon jolted to his feet. "RANNEY?!"

Then there was a loud piercing snore coming from the digimon who was asleep in the area right of him. He looked down and then back up. The DinoRexmon was nowhere to be scene.

Strom brought the palm of his claw down his face. "I really need sleep..."


Knight of RPGs
Ragna woke up to a bright dawn. Sunlight shone over the horizon, bouncing off of the sea.

"Valra," he said, nudging her slightly. She groaned and opened her eyes.

"It's the crack of dawn," she complained, closing her eyes again.

"All right then," Ragna replied "we'll just sit here and let Imego wipe out the Paleozoic Sovereignty." That made Valra open her eyes again.

"I completely forgot," she said hurridly.

"Don't worry," Ragna replied "let's get ready. We're about to fight the biggest battle of our lives."

"Okay," Valra replied. The two walked together to the tallest spot on the island, a tall hill.

"Now then," Ragna said "Valra. Whatever happens today, even if one of us dies, just remember, I love you and always will. So stay strong."

"But what if I can't live without you?" Valra asked.

"Live for the Rebellion," Ragna said quietly "live for everyone who needs freedom that only we can give. Live until the Three Great Dramon are overthrown and the Sovereigns restored. Live Valra. Find a reason to live."

"I love you," Valra said quietly "I love you so much if you died, then I would kill myslef just to stay with you and be by your side forever. Even when we both die, I'd stay by you as data out there."

"Don't think I'll die," Ragna said "I'll survive. Imego didn't kill me before and I have no intention of letting him kill me now." He embraced Valra, holding her close and trying to show her all of his love for her with that simple touch.

"We will live," he whispered.


God of Monsters
Arahon and the Avengers left their Whamon transportation as they stepped onto the beach. Behind them, the Greymon Corps and the Gargomon Unit began to mobilize and stand ready. Arahon led the team up from the beach and into the desert. The sand stretched out before them like an endless sea of heat.

"I hate deserts," Ajax muttered. "Maybe Aegyptu is right. Maybe the Dramon Empire won't bother them here; I certainly wouldn't want anything to do with this Sovereign-forsaken desert."

"Unfortunately for us all, the Three Great Dramon aren't as reasonable as you, Ajax," Arahon said with a chuckle.

"Sandstorm coming up!" Onaga called out. Ahead of the group, a great wall of sand raged.

"Great," Ajax muttered. "It's gonna get in my armor and everything."

"We have to pass through the perpetual sandstorm in order to reach Aegyptu's stronghold," Arahon yelled over the roaring winds and biting sands.

The sandstorm was fierce. Wind carried particles of sand that sliced and scratched unarmored skin. Sand pelted eyes and packed itself into noses and ears. It poured into seams of armor. The Avengers were blinded for several minutes, though they still continued on through the storm.

But when they emerged, they had come upon the great desert stronghold of the Paleozoic Sovereignty. The city itself was more akin to ruins than an actual city--at least on the outside. It was built into a rocky mountain that overlooked a beautiful oasis lake. The lake itself was actually an underground river that ran through the desert several hundred feet below the surface of the sands, but it had emerged and pooled, creating the oasis.

The Avengers were suddenly set upon by a pair of DinoTigermon. The great, saber-toothed Digimon circled the group. They bared their teeth and snarled.

"We have come for an audience with Lord Aegyptu," Arahon announced. "We are emissaries from the Harmonious Republic."

"The Harmonious Republic fell with the rise of the Dramon Empire," growled one of the great cats.

"The Harmonious Republic continues on so long as there are those who believe in its ideals and principles," Arahon countered. "We are emissaries of Lord Apollo and Lady Artemis and we bring a message for your lord."

The two DinoTigermon seemed satisfied with Arahon's answer and ceased their predatory circling. In stead, the flanked the Avengers and led them into the stronghold for their audience with Aegyptu.

Dinosaur Digimon appeared and watched them as they were led through the streets. Tyrannomon and Ankylomon stood silently and gazed tat the Avengers curiously. Pteramon kept a close eye on them as the flying dinosaurs circled above...


"You have come to my kingdom univited, Arahon Alpha," said Aegyptu. He was massive, even for a Spinomon; nearly twice the size of Strom, and was even larger than Daehak.

"We come on a mission of peace and camaraderie," Arahon said.

"What kind of camaraderie is it when you bring your armies to the shores of my kingdom?" Aegyptu demanded. "We've seen your warriors on the beach waiting to invade and make this kingdom your own."

"The soldiers on the beach are our armed escorts," Arahon answered calmly. "These are troubling times, where Digimon such as we must be on constant guard. The Dramon Empire would like nothing more than to kill the lot of us."

"So you implicate my people by having us harbor you," Aegyptu accused. "You seek to drag us into your conflict! We are under no threat from the Dramon Empire: they have shown us no hostility."

"They showed no hostility to the Celestial Sphere or the Royal Hive either," Ajax countered. "Now the Celestial Sphere has abandoned this plane of the Digital World and the Royal Hive lies almost in ruins. How can you continue to claim that the Dramon Empire harbors to hostility towards the neutral nations."

"Those nations were supporting you rebels," said Aegyptu.

"Only in the ideological sense," Arahon interrupted. "They offered us no other support."

"And that ideological support was enough to incite the wrath of the Three Great Dramon," Aegyptu growled. "I will hear no more of this. Leave my kingdom now."

"Are you listening to yourself?" Ajax demanded in an outburst. "You're perfectly willing to blame us for the problems of the world, when we do nothing but try to protect those who need it."

"We do not need your help," Aegyptu insisted. It was clear he would hear no further argument.

Ajax sighed in frustration. Arahon gave him a look of pity and understanding and motioned for the Avengers to leave when an Allomon raced into the great hall. It kneeled before Aegyptu.

"Lord, there is a large force coming in from the west," it reported.

"Remove your soldiers from my lands!" Aegyptu demanded, flashing his claws to Arahon.

"We stationed our soldiers on the beaches in the south," said Arahon. "Whoever is coming isn't with us."

"It's true, my Lord," said the Allomon. "The incoming force is composed entirely of Dramon Empire soldiers."

"You see what you've done!" Aegyptu roared at the Avengers. "Because you came here, the Dramon Empire believes that I have supported your efforts!"

"Can you honestly believe that the Dramon Empire managed to mobilize their Army and Air Force within the short amount of time we were in your kingdom?" Ajax asked. "They were preparing for this since they failed to take the Royal Hive."

"No," Aegyptu said in disbelief. "Why? Why would they do this? We have done nothing."

"You have the potential to cross them," said Arahon. "That's enough for them to rationalize an attack on your kingdom."

Aegyptu was silent for several moments. The dinosaur Digimon surrounding him watched him with silent anticipation. The great Spinomon finally raised his eyes and spoke with a voice that shook the sand from the stone walls of his keep.

"Warriors, to arms!" Aegyptu roared. "We go to war!"


The Army and Air Force of the Dramon Empire stepped into the great sandstorm that surrounded the stronghold of the Paleozoic Sovereignty. The dragons on the ground struggled through the sands, while the flying dragons were battered by the biting winds. Then a single white-armored figure in the sky raised his sword. Imego's "Initialize" power stopped the storm in its tracks and the sands fell to the ground.

A terrifying sight was brought to bear as the curtain of sand fell away.

Dramon soldiers marched towards the stronghold. Daehak led an army of Machinedramon, Breakdramon, Groundramon, Tankdramon, Volcdramon, Green Coredramon, Sealsdramon, Flamedramon, and Raidramon. High above him, the new Grand Marshal Gotungir, an UlforceVeedramon X, led a force of Imperialdramon Dragons, Slayerdramon, AeroVeedramon, Paildramon, Windramon, Airdramon, Blue Coredramon, ExVeemon, and Reptiledramon.

At the head of the great force of Dramon rode, the great champion; the ultimate paladin; the Lord Protector of the Dramon Empire: Imego himself. He stood on the back of a giant Black Imperialdramon as he led the great horde of Dramon towards the Paleozoic Sovereignty.

"Prepare yourselves, little lizards," he sneered. "Prepare for your doom..."


Knight of RPGs
Ragna looked in horror at the great legion of Dramon. It horrifyingly mirrored his nightmare. And at the head of the army was the centerpiece, the shining white paladin who Ragna truly feared. Imego.

"They must have emptied every single barracks in the empire to get a force that size," Ragna muttered in disbelief. But he knew what they had to do.

"Ajax," he said "are we ready?" He dreaded the answer. As he wited for it, the legion of Dramon marched steadily closer to the Sovereignty.

"Is this the end?" Valra asked "are we going to be enough?"

"We have to be," Ragna replied "we have to be."