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Digimon: Civil War - the *Reboot* (Signups)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Kamotz, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    @TheCharredDragon: Homer is approved, but I need you to watch your grammar and sentence structure. There are a lot of instances in which I had to reread sentences several times to understand what you were trying to say, and it really broke the flow of the story you were telling.
  2. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    I am interested in this but don't know how active I can be. For now, I'd like to ask a question.

    Based on the realm separations up until joining the rebellion and age being a factor, how likely are the following three to have been friends and become rebels in the first place?

    Black Agumon line (Slide to normal Agumon line). Also has been looking for a Black Gabumon or normal Gabumon line to fuse with at Mega.

    Renamon (Slide bettween Kyubimon line and Youkomon line).

    Veemon Exveemon line. Not sure how having a DNA at Ultimate would work here.
  3. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    If the three of them were from the same realms it would be more likely. Though there's quite a difference in species between some of them. I'm also hesitant to accept another Wagreymon/Metalgarurumon team because we already have one.

    Regarding DNA Digivolution, check what I wrote in the information section:


    Either way, DNA is a very rare phenomenon without human partners. When it comes to DNA-evolved ultimates (I'm assuming Paildramon) I'm fine having that as a regular evolution.
  4. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Alrighty I figured that's how you were doing DNA. I'd just have it as a regular form then.

    As for already having that pair already technically you don't. Yours is X and this would be Black, as well as Black being the standard form. Probably wouldn't Slide for a good long while. But I'll understand if ya wanna keep some variety and this would still be too similar. You're the GM so if you can't allow another one then oh well.

    It's just that these three are my favorites.
  5. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    In theory I'd like to try for as much variety as possible. That said, having a BlackWarGreymon and a WGmonX isn't really that constricting. There isn't actually a BlackGarurumon Line character either, so the similarities kind of end there.

    And like I said, my preferences are all "in theory". I don't really make a judgment call until I see a signup.
  6. bronislav84

    bronislav84 I <3 Catgirls

    Cool. I'll start brainstorming then, and either edit it into this (To avoid double posting) or make a new post.
  7. 4th character up.
    Lilina Glades

    Lilymon X



    Pretty much what you think a Lilymon X would look like.

    Lilina is an odd and quirky girl that is ninety percent naïve, spoiled princess and nine percent intuitive savant, and one percent “holy-cow-how-strong-is-she”. In usual and almost all occasions, Lilina is simple in both actions and desires. In a word - she’s very tactless in all things. She knows what she wants, she states what she wants, and she gets what she wants, regardless of the social norm, lest she starts to throw a tantrum that usually needs someone to calm her down. Of course, being easily distracted, that job can be easy depending on how much someone knows her. She has a great love for things pretty, and thus, they can be used to manipulate her quite easily.

    And then there are the rare occasions when people can see her just staring into space with a blank expression. No one knows what’s on her mind during those times, because the moment she snaps out of the peculiar trance, she jumps back to her normal bubbly and child-like self. However, it has been known that during those times, she says odd things, and it is impossible to sneak up on her - many Digimon have tried and failed spectacularly. It’s as if she were one with her very surroundings, communing with it.

    There is one other thing that people know about her. It’s that when something she cares deeply for is threatened, she’s like the force of nature itself, her X-Antibody Program lending her power that normal Digimon would not normally have. This includes, of course, nature and flowers, pretty objects, and her beloved family - her mother and her sister. Oddly enough, her ability to concentrate skyrockets, making her a capable combatant, with any injury and pain only causing her to get angrier, which in turn causes her power to increase even more. After though, she’s prone to be very sleepy and whiny.

    Born within the loving embrace of nature, Lilina used to be a normal Palmon, along with her sister, Emmarra. The two were always together despite being a few years apart by age. They did everything together to the point that when one name was mentioned, it was automatically assumed that the other was also present somehow, somewhere.

    Suffice to say, Lilina adored her older sister, and Emmarra always made sure that Lilina stayed safe no matter what. However, despite their mother’s warnings and constant scoldings, Emmarra was also adventurous, and would often roam far from home, usually with an eager and happy Lilina following. Their escapades were usually non-eventful, simply ending with two hungry Palmons, one of which would be carrying a large number of collected flowers that their mother would place in vases in their home.

    However, as they grew older, they started to roam farther and farther. And one day, the two sisters found themselves facing a rogue Kuwagamon, one of very Digimon that their mother warned them about. It wasn’t much of a match - Lilina ended up heavily wounded, despite Emmarra’s desperate actions to keep her sister safe. It had seemed like that was the end for the two, were it not for that one moment.

    Lilina ended up lying on top of a crystal barely covered by soil. It was a clear blue crystal with red pills inside, which seemed to emanate with powerful energies. Maybe it was drawn to Lilina’s desperation to survive. Maybe it was due to her frantic wish to save her sister. Or maybe it was just a miracle - a stroke of luck. But the one fact was that the crystal began to enter her injured body, enshroud her with light that drew the attention of both Emmarra and the Kuwagamon.

    Emmarra was the very first person to see Lilina in a Togemon X form, and she was the first to witness the strength that the X-Antibody blessed her little body with. The Kuwagamon, although not fully beaten, was driven away by Lilina’s new power. And after that show of power, Lilina reverted back to a smaller yet unfamiliar form. It was the form of an unconscious Palmon X, the very same one that Emmarra dragged back home to her mother.

    It took a few days for Lilina to wake up. When she did wake up, it seemed like she was her normal self. She still acted the same and was only different in appearance. And yet, there was always something odd that neither could place. It wasn’t until they both grew older that they realized that Lilina’s personality seemed to have stagnated. Although her body grew, her mind had stuck to the little girl that had once followed Emmarra everywhere. Not to mention her occasional bouts of silence that was both frightening and worrying.

    And so Emmarra grew stronger, blaming herself for her sister’s unusual condition. Lilina was always there to watch, and at times, she sparred with her sister when she had the attention to. This meant that as Emmarra grew in strength, so did Lilina. They stilled ventured from home from time to time, but never too far. On occasion, Emmarra would go alone, particularly during the times that Lilina was distracted with something else. In those times, the X-Antibody Digimon would wait diligently for her sister to come home, usually welcoming her with a hug.

    But then, one day, Emmarra didn’t come back, leaving Lilina behind. Distraught, Lilina had planned to leave and look for her sister no matter what. Were it not for her mother, who begged her to stay - both because she was worried for Lilina’s ability to fend for herself and because she did not want to lose another daughter - then Lilina might have from the Verdant Conclave as well.

    And so Lilina waited, hoping her sister would one day return, and they could return to their old games.

    Higher Form/s:
    Rosemon X

    Lower Form/s:
    Togemon X, Palmon X

    Exceptionally and unusually in tune with her surroundings, especially when surrounded by plants and trees, when she says something doesn’t feel right, people had best be on their guard.
  8. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    @ Tundra: your character is approved
  9. Superblox

    Superblox Active Member

    Excuse me, I don't want to go through all of this to check, so I'm just going to ask: Is Dorumon and it's evolution line taken yet? (And I don't mean the Dex line. If I hadn't read the rules, I'd so apply for it...)
  10. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    No one has chosen a dorumon line digimon.
  11. Superblox

    Superblox Active Member

    Hooray! I'll work on my form for a bit. Just... I'm not the best at wordy descriptions, so please don't be surprised if I have a max of only one or two paragraphs for any given section...
  12. Superblox

    Superblox Active Member

    Warning: Still WIP

    Name: Fuji Kanko

    Species: DoruGreymon

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Appearance: Fuji is similar to most of his species, except for the gem on his forehead, which is a deep blue instead of the usual blood red. He tends to wear a specialized suit of silver colored Chrome Digizoid armor that was made to change with his lower digivolved forms. The armor consists of a chestplate and leg armor. Fuji also wears a blue scarf that is tied around the base of his neck, just above his chestplate.

    Personality: Fuji is arather interesting individual, as he is a bit more on the... 'spasmodic' side than most digimon do. He can be a bit random at times, sometimes making remarks that make no sense whatsoever, but he is a good guy at heart, never wishing ill will to those he knows. Although, on the battlefield, he is a beast, charging in head-on, prepared to fight to his last breath. There is really no trying to get through to him in the middle of battle. This can leave some bad impressions on some, since this often leads to him ignoring orders.

    That being said, Fuji doesn't have many friends. He genuinely tries, but a lot of Digimon are rather terrified of him because of his... 'affinity' towards battle. This has lead to him being somewhat anti-social...


    Higher Form/s: Dorugoramon

    Lower Form/s: Dorugamon ---> Dorumon ---> Dorimon ---> Dodomon

    Other: ​
  13. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Would I be allowed to apply for another character?
  14. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Yeah. I don't have a problem with that.
  15. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    I had wwaayyy too much fun writing this.

    Name: Aayaash ‘Ayas’ Animikii
    Species: Garudamon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 54
    Appearance: Ayas’s skin has a slightly weathered appearance with multiple scars across his body. His hair has streaks of grey through it and strands of beads weaved into it on either side of his face. Leather armbands on his triceps are marked with his clan's and tribe’s symbol. Across his chest, Ayas wears a decorative sash indicating his position as a former Astral Order Judge.

    Personality: Composed, sober, prudent, decisive, respectful, and spiritual. Ayas is a deliberate thinker. He’s not rash to make decisions and thinks a situation through. Qualities that make him an impartial Judge and mediator for his tribe. However, once he decides on a course of action, he will see it though. He is respectful to those in authority and age above him, as well as to his peers.

    He carries a great love for his village and people. As a young brave, he was active in the daily workings of the community his whole life, going as far to become a Judge at the Astral Order’s capital. He adapted quite easily to the Order’s formality and ceremonial practices.

    Ayas is somewhat unorthodox for a Judge in one regard. His tribe’s way of oral tradition and a simpler lifestyle lent to him not bogging himself down with the endless bureaucratic side of the Order. For him, there is a time for contemplation and discussion; and then a time for action. His interpretations of the laws of the Realmpact are strongly influenced by his seeking enlightenment of Yggrdrasil’s will.

    An accomplished warrior in his youth, Ayas maintains his physical vigor, even outside his prime years. He isn’t to be disregard because of his age.

    In more recent years, Ayas develops a deeply sorrowful side, when his tribe becomes displaced from their ancestral cliff homes by the Metal Empire.

    History: Aayaash is a member of the Eagle Eye Clan, belonging to the Aquila Tribe. The tribe's ancestral cliff home is located on the northwestern coast of the Astral Order Realm. A deeply spiritual community, they revere Gichi-Manidoo, or Yggdrasil, the creator of Eon and claim their ancestors once served the Digimon Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon.

    As a youth, Ayas partook in ritual hunting parties to provide for the tribe. Competitions of strength and skill were often held within and between the Bird Tribes annually and Ayas distinguished himself well as a Brave and brought honor to his People. When he was older, he was chosen to hunt for and provide for the tribe's elders, considered a great honor. With his close association with the Elders, Ayas learned much about the political and daily operations of the village and was well respected by its members. At the Elders' urging, Ayas left for the Astral Order's capital, Prahv, to further his education on Eon's Laws and petition to become a Judge to serve the outlying communities, particularly near his village.

    At Prahv, Aayaash is inducted into the hall of Judges and begins his education on the specifics of the Realmpact and the cultures of the Eight Realms. Ayas adjusts well to the more modern setting of the Capital compared the simpler lifestyle of his tribe's aerie homes. The Order's practice of ceremony, tradition, and enlightenment is very similar that of his tribe's. He does flippantly dismiss the massive amounts of bureaucratic red tape and redundancy as deemed required by the Astral Order. Enlightment hardly comes to those buried in dusty books and piles of papers with no breathing of Yggdrasil's glorious creation.

    After several years of further education and instruction, Aayaash is formally accepted into the ranks of Judges. Returning home, he takes up his duties as a Judge and holds jurisdiction over the isolated communities in the northern region of the Astral Order. The Garudamon returns to Prahv yearly to report progress and get updates on the rest of the Realm. Living once again among the Aquila Tribe, he serves as a revered Advisor on the tribal council. Ayas also marries and raises several clutches, three sons and two daughters.

    A day comes many years later, marine and aerial fleets of the Metal Empire descend on the homes of the Aquila Tribe with force to secure the mineral deposits located in the surrounding countryside. Fearing a catastrophic loss of life, Ayas urges the villagers not to resist and are removed from the land. The Garudamon leaves for Prahv to begin the due process for a hearing of appeal before the Assembly of Judges. However, he is informed that the Metal Empire has not broken any quarter of the Realmpact and no action could or would be taken. Forsaken by a system that no longer works, Ayas turns to his People's spiritual beliefs for guidance of Yggsdrasil's will, instead of the Realmpact.

    Ayas set aside his Judge responsibilities in order to help his tribe settle into their new location and bargained deals with other communities and Realms for much needed supplies. Through these trade agreements, news reached the Garudamon about a group of digimon standing up to the Metal Empire. Ayas became intrigued by these events, as the Realmpact was intended to prevent such things from happening but the Metal Empire and these 'Ronin' (he learned later) proved otherwise. The rumors stopped after word reached the Astral Order concerning the defeat of the Ronins.

    When word came again that the Ronin were reforming, Ayas thought long and hard about his path and purpose, meditating long hours, seeking Yggsdrasil's guidance. One night, he dreamed he was in a massive green forest, rich with life. Overlooking the forest, a column of smoke rose above the canopy with flames lashing out and consuming the vegetation. Vague outlines of digimon of different species did battle with one another, fighting for ground. Awaking abruptly, Ayas took the dream as a sign. The former Judge left his people shortly thereafter for the Verdant Conclave to investigate the scene of his dream and seek answers to his own questions.

    He flew over the Verdant Conclave for days, only with the certainty of his faith in Yggsdrasil. Finally, he came upon the freshly burnt forest near Setessa and soared toward a gathering of digimon.

    Higher forms: Hououmon --> Ornismon (Ancient Evolution)
    Lower forms: Aquilamon --> Hawkmon --> Poromon

    Other: Aayaash's Hououmon evolution is regarded as a sacred form among his people. Individuals ascends to it mostly for ceremonial purposes or in times of dire need. His Ornismon form will come much later.

    Gichi-Manidoo is the Native American Chippewa/Ojibwe term meaning 'Great Spirit' and is used as a name for 'God' (Yggdrasil).
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2015
  16. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    @ Solsabre: interesting character. He's accepted. Though I'm wondering how/when we'll be able to introduce him.

    Edit: one thing of note. I'd prefer X-antibody Digimon to be their own thing. You either have the X-Antibody or you don't.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2015
  17. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Cool! As for introducing him, I wasn't in a hurry to bring him in before the next battle or the one after. Apart of me was wondering if the Ronins' would end up traveling through the all the Realms at some point and if they get into a tussle with the Empire inside the Astral Order and Ayas learns of the Ronin's existance that way, because rumors of the Ronins haven't reached the isolated villages where he lives.

    *shrugs* If I'm wrong in that assumption, I can think of something else later.

    As for the X-evolution, I'm fine not having it. I kinda just threw it in there. I might have made him an X-Antibody digimon, but I couldn't find any official pages of his lower forms with X versions. I figured if nothing else I could RP him receiving it as a gift from his mate (she being a X digimon) as a parting gift to help sure his safety when he left to join the Ronins.
  18. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    This RPG is still open for sign-ups. We've had a bunch of inactivity from some members so I'm bumping this and hoping to encourage some more new blood/participation. We're only a little ways into the story and we're actually at a pretty great starting point for new people to join up.
  19. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Could I tweak the end of Ayas's sign-up to put him closer to the Realmless current position so he can join up sooner?
  20. Inestimate

    Inestimate Active Member

    I'd certainly be interested in joining this, though I gotta admit the inactivity of some members is a little unnerving for me. I've had bad experiences with that in the past...

    But anyway, I'll start reading up on stuff and probably have a sign-up done before Christmas if all goes well! If anything, it'll help me wait for the family parties. Already got a few ideas here and there.


    Name: Savodia Figworth

    Species: TigerVespamon

    Gender: Female

    Age: 46

    Appearance: Besides having a green scarf instead of a red one, Savodia looks like a regular TigerVespamon.

    Personality: A pious, staunch, powerful warrior, Savodia is definitely a shining example of a Conclave fighter. Born close to the Chorus of the Conclave (being groomed to be a guard for the Chorus as well as a warrior), she grew up with an inside look on her Realm as well as being treated rather roughly by her parents in a form of tough love. Though she isn't the kind of religious follower to try and convert others, she will often firmly state her beliefs, even if it angers or bothers others. Nevertheless, Savodia cares very much about others, even more than herself no matter if they're a complete stranger or her closest friend. However, this could very well be due to some innate naivete, as she had never truly left the Conclave. She does, however, strongly dislike the Metal Empire for enforcing their way of life on the Conclave.

    Though she is filled with a sense of self-righteousness and purpose, Savodia isn't above idle chit-chat, philosophical discussion or playful pranks, but the latter is obviously saved for close friends. Her imposing figure and somewhat stoic demeanor makes her seem immune to intimidation, but this is actually not true: her lack of knowledge of the outside world is something that truly hampers her. She does not know what other Digimon are truly capable of, and as a result will tend to assume the worst of everyone, leading her to often needlessly be on the defensive. She is not afraid of using her power to intimidate others to try and get the answers she desires, and she relishes at the idea of fighting others as a way to prove her strength to herself. Being grown as a guard, Savodia is not someone who enjoys being a leader, instead preferring to be a right hand, an assistant, a hired muscle.

    As a member of the Conclave, Savodia feels like she is one of Yggdrasil's many vessels, the source of her self-righteousness and absolute hatred of the Metal Empire. Everything she does is done in Yggdrasil's name; no matter how morally shady or out of character it may seem, it makes sense to her. Savodia rarely, if ever, keeps grudges over petty things, as she often forgets and forgives. However, she is very sensitive about her home and brethren, enough to make her reply or act with pure venom if someone speaks adversely of them, often surprising people she is with.

    As mentioned earlier, Savodia cares about others more than herself. As she believes that Yggdrasil's will is within every living being that isn't an Imperial Digimon, she will readily throw herself into danger to protect others. If they're weaker than her, it's to make sure they're not hurt. If they're stronger than her, then it's to make sure she takes the hit for them to keep them at their most capable physically. Of course, in both cases she sees herself as the lesser of losses.

    Finally, Savodia is visibly very homesick, often opting to isolate herself to stare at the sky or to gently stroke trees and flowers when there's some down time. Leaving the Conclave was a very difficult choice for her and that decision has left a huge scar on her psyche that she seldom shows or reveals. She refuses to go back until the Metal Empire has been dealt with out of fear of not wanting to leave again once back there (not to mention having to explain herself).

    History: As said above, Savodia was born in very close proximity to the Chorus of the Conclave, being groomed to be a guard and a warrior. Raised by her paranoid yet powerful parents, Savodia never truly left her home's surroundings in exchange of getting the best possible training available and being taught that she was one with Yggdrasil, like the rest of the Conclave.

    Starting when she was a tiny Pupumon up to being a Puroromon, it took quite a while for her to get used to interacting with people that weren't her parents, as she was too weak to really do anything by herself. As a result, her parents simply drilled their mentality into her head: the paranoia, the religion, the code of honor, the importance of Insects to the Conclave. Thus, even as an In-Training Digimon, Savodia had a very thorough understanding of her role in the Conclave, moreso than many other Insect Digimon her age.

    As a FanBeemon, she became strong enough to learn how to actually fight. She was eclipsed by many of her peers at the beginning, having trouble keeping up during training sessions. Some of the Metal Empire's soldiers supervised these sessions, as was natural of them, and they regularly punished Savodia for not being up to their standards, whether it be by physical punishment or by making her do twice as much work as the others. While quite possibly done to discourage her or to make her an example of what they called a 'worthless' or 'lazy' trainee, these punishments actually helped her get better and better. When she realised this, she started to willingly do twice as much work as others, training by herself after everyone left if she needed to.

    Something just clicked in Savodia's mind as she trained relentlessly; what she didn't understand in practice suddenly made sense and she went from zero to hero, quickly beating other trainees handily due to her talent. Her transition from FanBeemon to Waspmon didn't confuse her in the least: it made sense, after all! If the Metal Empire controlled them, then of course it made sense for her to become a mix of Conclave and Metal Empire's species. Using her added artificial weapons, she continued to dominate other warriors, gaining somewhat of a youthful ego.

    As a CannonBeemon, Savodia finally became a Chorus Guard, diligently serving the Chorus as somewhat of a hired muscle. Even though she was a rookie guard, she impressed the veterans with her abilities, yet annoyed them with her sense of self-importance. This led to a strained relationship with them, making her become somewhat reclusive and stoic, yet egotistic and full of herself. However, one day, a couple of other guards decided to confront her and it escalated into combat, where Savodia was firmly defeated by only one of them. Taught a lesson in humility by her well-spoken superiors and remembering her parents' lessons, Savodia embraced her comrades-in-arms' view of them being less important than the people they protect (and not the opposite); they are the shield that takes the hit for the wielder. The shield is replaceable, the wielder is not.

    When the transition to TigerVespamon came, Savodia was already very close to the Chorus, being able to listen to their meetings if she so desired. This is how she learned of how dastardly the Metal Empire was, and it sickened her even if she didn't really understand what everything they said meant. It deeply disturbed Savodia to know that the Empire she had so readily accepted wasn't what she thought, so much so that after a year or two of gathering information, she decided to leave the Conclave to try and right the wrongs the Empire was doing.

    All she had to follow was a rumor she had heard of so-called 'Realmless' Digimon. Her purpose was clear now: she wouldn't be a shield for the Chorus anymore, but for Eon, for Yggdrasil's own will.

    Higher Form/s: N/A

    Lower Form/s: CannonBeemon -> Waspmon -> FanBeemon -> Puroromon -> Pupumon

    Other: N/A
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2016

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