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Digimon: Civil War - the *Reboot* (Signups)


God of Monsters
@ Inestimate: the primary issue I'm having is that this would be the second Rosemon character (and third plant-type characterized we're counting NPCs) among the Realmless, and I'd prefer a bit more diversity.

Secondly, and probably more important, is that I, getting the feeling from the signup that there was a misunderstanding as to how long the Realmpact has been in place. Her history talks of "after the Realmpact settled in" but by the start of the RPG the Realmpact has been around for 1000 years. All of the Realms were established 1000 years ago. So there's no "the Metal Empire came into the picture" as you put it. They've all been established for hundreds of years and the Empire has been the primary power for almost that long.
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Don't ask questions.
I'm planning to sign up with Jimmy Inferno (FlaWizardmon), maybe Mist (Mummymon), and a new sign up. Just posting to let you know to be expecting these guys.


God of Monsters
@ Inestimate: I like the change. Looks good.


@ Everyone Else: the next part of the RPG involves a prison break. This is probably a great place to either introduce new characters (for those signing up).
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The Reforged Soul
I honestly wouldn't blame the Realmless if they decided NOT to recruit this character. I'm not even sure where I dug him up from.


Name: Kovu Escara

Species: Jagerloweemon

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance: A heavily scarred Jagerloweemon. The red gems are shattered and the gold filigree of his armor is faded. Left eye is cloudy white with a scar running diagonally from right to left. A dented and damaged chrome digizoid shock collar is around his neck with a few chain links hanging off. His good right eye is a contrasting bright green with the rest of his body. Has an exile's mark embedded on his back.

Personality: A creature molded in the hell pits of the Unhallowed Syndicate. He is often bestiel and savage, any personality Kovu still retains is deeply buried. In his worst moments, he’s comparable to a intelligent, but wild beast. His rational side subsides as his fight-or-flee instincts take over.

He is very sensitive to the moods of those around him as he can sense ill-intent or danger and become agitated or aggressive. If someone were to show patience and no fear in approaching him, Kovu would be confused and wary at first, since he's never known anything but pain and suffering. With time, Kovu's feral surges might calm enough to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty.

During his calmer and more lucid moments, the Jagerloweemon keeps to himself or close to anyone he feels safe with. He has a simplistic view of the world as he's been stripped of free will and the concept of choice. At times he exhibits a child-like wonder and curiosity as he rediscovers the world outside his former hell. On more rare occasions, Kovu does have a playful side in a roughhousing way, since he was only a child when separated from his clan.

Due to his upbringing, the Realmpact and Realm alliances have little meaning to him. He 'latched' himself to the Realmless due to the ‘Pack’ mentality of his species, when faced with the confusing notion of freedom.

When Kovu speaks, his voice is low and gravelly. His speech is quite rough and broken up with single words or phrases as he’s not accustomed to using it.

Unfortunately, Kovu is unpredictable sometimes. During his conditioning for the Gladiator Matches, his handlers used the Chrome Digizoid collar around his neck to send a severe and painful shock through his body to trigger a forced evolution to the Madleomon line. In this state, he loses control of himself and goes into a berserker frenzy. Away from the Syndicate, the controls to trigger the shock are gone, but the collar itself is damaged. Removing the collar is both difficult and dangerous, because there’s no telling what might set off the defective shock collar, triggering an evolution, and Kovu would have to trust the individual to make the attempt. Any form of severe and unexpected pain could potentially cause him to go berserk.

Should he be pushed into a berserker frenzy unexpectedly, he could posed a potential danger to both enemy and ally. Perhaps deletion would be a more merciful fate.

History: A young Elecmon, originally from the Unbowed Clans, was born from a particularly notorious and vicious clan. They were sent into exile from the Unbowed lands unanimously by the most influential clans after an incident dubbed the Kinslayer Conflict. In exile, the Kinslayer clan accidently stumbled into the borders of the Unhallowed Syndicate. Captured by locals, the exiled clan was sorted and auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Kovu, being young and malleable, was sent to the Syndicate's profitable fighting pits. A chrome digizoid shock collar was fitted around his neck to force him to fight. His handlers stripped him of his free will and became more beastly and savage in nature. When he might have evolved to a noble Leomon, the darkness that swallowed his life imprinted on his data, becoming Loweemon. He was pressed into the Syndicate's highly favored Death Matches, where his handlers would trigger his shock collar and send him to the brink of sanity to cause a slide evolution to MadLeomon.

From the blood baths of the Death Matches, Kovu's data should have become permanently stuck in the Madleomon line. However, he evolved to Jagerloweemon instead as he hadn't been overcome by the madness completely.

Kovu hung on to one shred of sanity by refusing to forget his name. During lulls between battle and abusive training, he would muttered his name in a silent mantra until it was the only word he could remember how to speak. Perhaps this would lead to his only chance of redemption.

While his handlers were moving their prize fighter between arenas, a fight broke out among rivals. In the madness, Kovu's containment was breached and he was freed. During the conflict, both rivals killed each other and left no one to reclaim the loose gladiator.

Lost and confused, Kovu wandered through barren terrain until confronted with a Metal Empire patrol. Backed into a corner, Kovu lost it and evolved to Armed MadLeomon and slaughtered the patrol in a gory fight. Soon, the Empire sent a special containment team to capture Kovu to determine his usefulness to the Empire. Until then, he was placed in a heavily fortified cell at the Ironclad Prison.

Higher forms: Rhihmon (Normal form) , Armed MadLeomon (Berserker form)
Lower forms: Loweemon --> Elecmon --> Zurumon

Other: Rhihimon is the natural progression of evolution for Kovu's line. However, he has only ever been pushed into madness to his berserker form, Armed Madleomon, at the Mega level. As a berserker, he doesn't register pain and can continue fighting until his form finally gives out, runs out of opponents, or his data simply disintegrates from too much damage.
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God of Monsters
@ Solsabre: I like the character, I'm just wondering how we'd really go about interacting with that kind of character. There's a lot of potential for character development, but a lot of it seems more self-contained. The interaction with the rest of the cast seems limited. That's what really gets me hesitant.


The Reforged Soul
Understood, I wasn't really sure what to expect myself as far as how the other characters might (aside from my personal characters) react to him. I can think of a few minor changes or added detail to make it more reasonable, but the it is likely to be limited initially. I'll make the changes and pm you some of the different actions/interactions I can recommend to the other players.


God of Monsters
@ Solsabre: I'm going to go ahead and accept Kovu. To everyone else: this character is going to be our test as well as Solsabre's. It'll really test our ability to write cross-player interactions. We have all (myself probably most of all) mostly kept to a few interactions between players and stuck with interacting among our own characters. This is my test/challenge to you. Go out and interact with other players. It's what keeps RPGs going.


A Trickster and his Not-Cat
So... I don't know if this is all right (in terms lf personality and history) so I wouldn't mind edits. I was just in the mood to play someone a bit more destructive.

Name: Valentina Araw
Species: Plutomon
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Appearance: The normal Plutomon, she wears a yellow bracelets on her wrists, her left one from her friend Sunshine, her right one from her other friend Ray.

Personality: A Digimon that's brutally honest, she has a tendency to be sarcastic and make inappropriately timed comments, sometimes for her own amusement. She gives off an insane aura, sometimes making those around her feel like she's mentally unstable, which she is. Well, somewhat. Her instability borders on schizophrenic levels, with a few voices speaking in her head, her laughing being rather maniacal and the occasional imaginary enemy. Thankfully, most of time she knows when she's imagining it or not. She's less likely to tell the difference if she's angry or exhausted. She's as smart as she is strong, often using rather sneaky tactics and every advantage she has to her disposal, including allies and the enviroment.

Despite this, she's a protector at heart, and she has dedicated herself to just that cause, to protect the defenseless. It's just that her mental instability, and having learned a few tricks from being born in the Syndicate, has made her well...not exactly the best role model for the cause. She does have a very strong sense of justice and "fairness", for lack of a better word. She won't fight anyone who can't fight for themself and will not hurt a child. She won't mind completely mutilating enemies though.

She's often indifferent to others, and their opinions of her, just giving off a smile that is usually creepy. Part of the reason she does this as a sort of test, as she has learned the truly kind won't care for appearances, and only care of what's within. If one manages to not mind her demeanor, her smile turns more genuine and less sinister. She hates undeserved control, she thinks one should earn it and convince others to follow them, not force them. She won't mind being ordered, or serving, but if you force her, or make her think that you're controlling others like slaves, pray to your god that they'll spare you 'cause she surely won't.

She has a tendency to tease those around her, including her friends, but she won't intentionally hurt your feelings. If she gives you a nickname related to light, or stars, it means she considers you a true friend (which is a bit ironic given her affinity for darkness). She considers her true friends very important, and would often imitate the qualities she likes best from them. In fact, she's rather soft, kind and patient with her true friends, more than willing to try her best to meet their expectations.

In short, an insane and cunning warrior with a strong sense of justice and a soft side to those she cares about.

History: A Pagumon born in the Syndicate, she quickly learned the ways of trickery and soon evolved into a Gazimon. But she found she didn't like how most of the 'mons in Syndicate tried to control those around them, especially her. She knew they were using her better nature, and it was clear she was a more virtuous than the others with her evolution to Dobermon. So she decided to leave all the selfishness in the Syndicate and venture out into the wide world.

Her first encounter with Digimon of another Realm promptly ended with her in a battered state, as she encountered one of the Metal Empire's patrols. With her smarts, she managed to escape with her life but then collapsed from her wounds. She woke up and found herself under the care of a Seasarmon named Sonnet at the edge of the Unbowed Clans' territory. Sonnet was with a small group of Realmless, and she ended up travelling with her for the next few years. During this time, she evolved into a Cerberumon, became close friends with Sonnet and nicknamed her Sunshine, and she got her first bracelet from her. She was very much like normal Digimon, no maniacal laughing or voices in her head, and she enjoyed her time with Sunshine and her small group of Realmless, feeling like she was doing some good.

Then, one day, an Imperial patrol they attacked had called for back up, in the form of D-Brigade troops. All of her friends were slaughtered that day. In rage and sheer desperation, she evolved into Werewolf Mode. It wasn't enough to beat them all, but it was enough, with her smarts, to get away. She couldn't believe what had happened. She couldn't believe her friends and Sunshine had died. As a coping mechanism, she started talking to herself, as if her friends were still there. Soon, she went somewhat mad as wandered without reason, attacking the occasional Imperialists she encountered as she did.

Then she met another group of Realmless, except these ones were stronger than the ones that were with Sunshine. Their leader was a BlackWereGarurumon named Murray, and apparently they had heard of the trouble she had caused with the Metal Empire. She intially didn't want to join but relented once she was reminded of what the Metal Empire was doing. For the next few years, she helped them against the Empire, getting close to Murray, nicknaming him Ray, and getting her second bracelet from him. Her mind was still off, talking to herself and stuff, but it was like living the times with Sunshine again.

Unfortunately for her, it ended and once again, by the D-Brigade, this time with even more troops than when Sumshine's group was killed. They were killed and his was when she cracked. No matter how much she tried to do her best to be kind like Sunshine, and forgiving like Ray, it didn't work. She decided she would fight fire with fire. She evolved into Plutomon. Though she escaped in the end, she still wiped quite a good chunk of the forces who killed her friends.

With her purpose decided, she wandered and did whatever she could to give the Empire hell. She destroyed settlements, slaughtered patrols and destroyed areas they wanted to take over to delay their plans on settling there, only to destroy those settlements. She then found herself in neutral territory and was giving the Empire a very hard time in taking the territory by warning others and fighting them herself. But then, in miscalculation, she decided to try freeing prisoners but she had no idea the prison was none other than Ironclad. She ended up getting captured and imprisoned there, soon to be executed. Not that she's going to let them.

Higher Form/s: N/A
Lower Form/s: Cerberumon Werewolf Mode (main Ultimate form) -> Cerberumon (Slide) -> Dobermon -> Gazimon -> Pagumon
Other: Her bracelets adjust to her form..


God of Monsters
Special Annoucnement:

I will be reopening signups! We've reached a point in the story where:

A.) we're at a good point to introduce new characters.
B.) several of the players seemed to have dropped off.


Several of you haven't been on for a number of days/weeks/months. If you see this in a reasonable timeframe and would like to continue, let me know. Otherwise I will be writing your characters out of the story to make things less cluttered.

For anyone looking to sign up, let me know and I'll give you the details of where we are in the story and how best to introduce your character(s).


Phantom Thief
I've been skimming over the thread trying to see what's happened so far in the story.

Just need to know where about my character could join in (assuming during the prison break?) so I can work out a good history.

Probably going to use a Vademon, thinking about a second but I'm not sure what yet.


God of Monsters
UPDATE: I'm re-opening sign ups after the hiatus. If you're interested, let me know. We've reached a very good jumping-on point.


God of Monsters
UPDATE ver 2.0: I'm re-opening sign ups for both Digimon: Civil War and Digimon: Unholy Crusade. If you're interested, let me know. We've reached a very good jumping-on point.


The Reforged Soul
Hey I was wondering if I could replace Kovu with a different character. He hasn't really done much in the story so far and I have an idea for an older female Sleipmon from the Unbowed lands that will be easier to interact with.


God of Monsters
Yeah that's fine. We're at the prison so we have an opportunity to drop/add characters as needed.


The Reforged Soul
If it's not too late, I'd like to switching characters. Instead of Kovu Escara, I'd like play Ryia here if she is accepted.

Name: Ryia Rohirrim

Species: Sleipmon

Gender: Female

Age: 52

Appearance: Older, more weathered appearance, purple mane contains streaks of gray.

Personality: The renown Iron Mare and matriarch leader of the Thundering Herd. Ryia possesses an indomitable and enduring will to face any challenge and hardship head on. Even in the face of loss, she holds her head high unyielding with a determined look which promises retribution. She prefers a straightforward approach, speaks her mind freely, and detests cowardice. However, she isn't without patience and wisdom to refuse a reasonable retreat. Harsh lessons early on taught her to abide her time and to grow stronger for another day and better opportunity. The mare relishes combat with a worthy opponent whether for mock battle or in a matter-of-life-or-death. Even in the face of superior numbers or firepower, Ryia holds her ground with an unrelenting stance.

She does have a temper with a very long fuse, but piss her off enough you can expect payback in excess. Since the loss of her herd and years of imprisonment at Ironclad, a streak of bitterness colors her actions as she vows to avenge her herd and to bring down the Metal Empire. Ryia distrusts anyone from the Metal Empire, even those that have claimed to defected.

The Iron Mare has yet to slow down in her later years, still full of energy and presence. Her youthful beauty aged gracefully with her and even the gray in her mane fails to detract from it, but rather enhance her features. Coupled with it, Ryia remains a feisty and frisky mare with a strong appreciation for young blood and flirts without shame to tease.

Ryia has a strong sense of community to which she'll involve herself closely with each of the herds members. She takes it upon her to ensure the herd's young grow strong and sturdy. For she believes the herd was only as strong as its weakest member. Affectionately refers to anyone younger than her as 'her children' or 'her brood'.

Stout and resilient in spirit, Ryia didn't walk away from Ironclad without scars. Living free in the open Unbowed Lands and then forced to dwell in Ironclad's lower levels for three years marked the mare with severe claustrophobia. A condition she will deny with every fiber of her being.

History: During a quieter time in the Unbowed lands, Ryia lived in the serene flower fields bordering between the forest and desert as a content and unassuming Bakumon child. She spent her days making flower garlands and collecting herbs for her mother, the herd healer. However, those few peaceful days quickly turned to bloodshed and strife as a territorial war broke out among the Unbowed Clans.

The constant warfare forged Ryia into a fierce warrior of rugged beauty and grace. Her herd was devastated and scattered in the aftermath of defeat to a more powerful Clan. Dauntless, Ryia, a mere champion, rounded up the surviving youngsters to form a new, but small, herd.

The early years were hard with many losses and the herd constantly forced to seek safer lands elsewhere. Rival clans denied them access to lush terrain forcing them to meander harsh arid desert. However, they endured. Ryia pushed her herd mates relentlessly onward to grow in strength and territory. Small victories came with resilience and an unshakable will.

One spring, a larger herd, lead by a Vajramon, came down on the her herd in a territorial dispute. Ryia, a Tylinmon, refused to be cowed by the unusually massive Vajramon, however, her herd was laden with a large brood of youngsters born that year, leaving the herd vulnerable. Directing her swiftest runners to escort the children to safety, Ryia rallied the rest of her group to guard their rear flank as they retreated. Out numbered, the they charged their aggressor head on, Ryia in the heart of the formation and engaged the Vajramon leader. The Tyilinmon held her own for sometime, but the Vajramon cunningly gained the upper hand. She was struck down to the ground, battered and bleeding.

Refusing to surrender, Ryia gave a mighty warcry and a surge of energy engulfed her. Emerging from the light stood a resplendent red Sleipmon. Clad in red digizoid, the newly evolved mare withstood the Vajramon's and his subordinates' attacks with ease. Defeating Vajramon to deletion, Ryia stood victorious and absorbed the remaining members of the attacking herd into her own.

With time the herd grew in numbers and strength, Ryia led the Thundering herd onward to greater victories and earning her name title: the Iron Mare. Ryia never cared for dominance over the entirety of the Unbowed Clans and never pursued for a position among the Alphas. She wished only freedom and prosperity for the Thundering herd-so named for you could hear the pounding of their hooves approaching from miles away.

In a time of prosperity and peaceful grazing in the herd's lush grasslands, a strange force approached from the north. Identifying the approaching force from the Metal Empire, Ryia met them at the front of the Thundering herd to discern their intent. The unit's commander relayed that under the Metal Emporer's decreed and under the authority of the Realmpact, the Thundering herd was to be disbanded and its members conscripted into the Empire's ground forces. Any refusal to cooperate would be met with consequences. Ryia sneered and scoffed at the notion of submitting to the Empire. With a mighty cry, the Iron Mare rallied the Thundering herd to defend the group and home. However, she hesitated. The thought of her actions, even in self-defense, conflicted with the ingrained instincts to obey the Realmpact. Before she could shake off the confusion, the Empire's force fell upon the herd in overwhelming might. The herd's formation broken and chaotic, Ryia did the only thing she could; stand as an impenetrable wall between the attacking forces and her retreating herd. However, even her red digizoid eventually crumbled from the superior numbers and firepower of the Metal Empire.

The infamous Iron Mare fell, legs broke and armor shattered. Ryia clung to life in a pool of her own blood and watched helpless as her herd was hunted down and slaughtered. Struggling to stand on her remaining legs, the sleipmon barely holding her head up in defiance. Without warning, Ryia was knocked unconscious to be dragged away and imprisoned at Ironclad under false charges of conspiring to undermine the Metal Empire's authority decreed by the Realmpact.

Within the dark dungeons of Ironclad, the mare did not surrender to despair. For three years, she abide her time, letting her physical wounds heal and steeling her resolve. For she knew a day would come, when someone would finally successfully stand up to the Empire and Ryia vowed to avenge her herd. That day finally arrived. The walls shuttered and explosions echoed in the distant above her head. The next moment, her cell and others down the hall opened and their collars fell off with a soft beep. Wasting no time, Ryia charged from the prison halls to the outside, feeling the warm sun upon her armor for the first time in 3 years.

Searching out their rescuers, Ryia chuckled with great amusement that the leader of these 'realmless' was one of Brion Leonhardt's young cubs, Goliath. Respecting Goliath for his audacity and accomplishing what she could not, Ryia accepted the Bancholeomon's leadership, whether he wanted her there or not. She would not be deterred from bringing down the Empire.

Higher Form/s: None
Lower Form/s: Tyilinmon → Unimon → Bakumon → Gummymon
Other: Loves red flowers
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Knight of RPGs
Name: Adirael Armaros
Species: Beelzemon X
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Appearance: Adirael is mostly a normal Beelzemon X, but where his mask, talons and wing membranes would be red, they are instead bone white. He retains the white mask and gains fully white wings in his Blast Mode.

Personality: While Adirael was born into the Unhallowed Syndicate, his manner is one of composure and gentleness. He speaks softly and politely in a rich accent, and gives the air of being cultured. Philosophical and introspective, Adirael is not much given to passionate speeches or hearty declarations, preferring to express himself through quiet insight and, where required, quick and lethal applications of violence. Deceit is an uncouth tool in his eyes, necessary in some circumstances, but one he prefers to avoid where possible. His manner and honesty are an oddity for the realm in which he was born, and indeed his very nature is more that of a scholar and philosopher than a hedonist or criminal enforcer. He often associated with the religious elements of the Syndicate, seeking purpose in their rituals while fully aware of how hollow they were when spoken by the priests. Now he is disdainful of his former realm, seeing it as a rotting edifice bound by worship of wealth and empty hedonism. Unsure of his place in the world, Adirael fights the Metal Empire because he distrusts the nature of their rise to power, sensing that something is amiss and resolving to uncover what.

While Adirael has not associated with many since leaving the Syndicate, those who can become his friend will find a steadfast ally, for if there is one contract Adirael will never break, it is that of friendship. He values those close to him greatly, even if he can struggle to show his appreciation after growing used to the coldness of the Syndicate.

History: Born into an influential family within the Unhallowed Syndicate, Adirael was raised surrounded by the wealth and opulence of the realm. Quiet and introspective, he did not stand out as a leader, so was assigned a role as an enforcer for the Syndicate's dealings for a time. He was sent to collect on debts owed to the Syndicate and ensure the obedience of those who sought to pay off their debts through service. While he performed this to the Syndicate's satisfaction, his true passion was for the religion the Syndicate had long practised as part of its operations. While the faith might once have been sincere, it was hollow by Adirael's time, continued out of a sense of custom and tradition. Regardless, he began to talk with the priests, discussing tenets and points of scripture with them. He found that many of them genuinely believed that the Syndicate would make Eon a better place if only the world beyond the Realm would accept their way, but Adirael could not see how. For some time he grew disillusioned with the Realm, for he felt that the scripture he had been reading had been meant for more than a decoration for the worship of wealth. He loved his family deeply, but he felt he could not even share his doubts with them, in fear that the Demon Council might take notice of one who rejected the Syndicate's entire ethos.

His growing detachment from the Syndicate's ideals led Adirael to become Realmless, and he finally departed in secret when he realised he simply did not belong. He wandered the world, concealing himself beneath a white cloak in case agents of the Syndicate tracked him down, and tried to find somewhere he could make a home. However, as he travelled, he saw more and more of the world be consumed by the gleaming cities of the Metal Empire, and the more he heard of their expansion the more he felt something was amiss. Even if the machines said that it was all in accordance with the Realmpact, Adirael saw the dominion of the Empire and found himself reminded of the hollow words of the Syndicate's faith, once meaningful, now empty and used to gild a lust for power. It was plain to him that the Realmpact was being used as a pretense, even if he did not understand fully the true ambition of the Empire. Here was a cause to which he could devote himself, and so he did, fighting the Empire where he could, trying to protect those assaulted by the Crack Team and the D-Brigade. But no matter how powerful he was, he was still just one Digimon. While helping some unfortunate souls escape the wrath of the D-Brigade, Adirael was shot down and captured. Bound and restrained, he was imprisoned within the dungeon of Ironclad, declared a traitor against the Realmpact by the Metal Empire.

He was held for the better part of a year, but one day, the prison was breached. Explosions rocked the structure, and the collar which bound his powers was deactivated and fell from his neck. With his cell door opened, Adirael made his escape, following the band of Realmless who had performed a daring raid on the prison. He found them led by a fierce BanchoLeomon, one he had heard rumors of during his travels. Though he did not know Goliath or those who followed him, Adirael had seen their prowess and knew that if he were to leave and try to fight alone, he would only meet the same fate as before. Still seeing fighting the Empire as his purpose, he resolved to join Goliath and his Realmless in their fight.

Higher Form(s): Beelzemon Blast Mode
Lower Form(s) Matadormon, Sangloupmon, Dracmon
Other: N/A