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Digimon: Civil War


God of Monsters
Eons ago. And Eons into the future. And right now...

It fell into the spaces between times and universes - a beacon, the shimmering light of thought and sentience. It had seen so much, so many things - all things, even - on its fall; things across the vastness of the Multiverse - but it had never seen itself. Across all things, it never was. How, then, had it come to be? Had Father not shaped it of Himself and sent it through the eternities? It remembered that.

Yes. Father had shaped it, and had given it a task.

Change. Conquer. Consume.

So it would. Find a world, a place, a time. It fell into that time and place like a shooting star. Brilliant and burning - for but an instant. Then it buried itself in the deepest, darkest, oldest corners of that world; it leaked its essence into the world - and watched and waited through war and upheaval and peace. Until untold centuries later a curious sort of creature came upon it, and touched it. And it whispered.

And then it felt things moving. All the things it had seen during its fall so long ago - or had it not yet happened? - began to twist and blur and fade away. And it remembered: Father had given it a task: change, conquer, consume.

Change came first.

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Digimon: Civil War

Act 1: The Wanderers' War

He stopped and stared back, he swept the gaze of his bright blue eyes over the valley and the dense forests below. All he'd wanted to do was mourn the dead; they all deserved that much, didn't they? After so many of them had died, didn't the rest deserve a chance to say their last farewells undisturbed? Their enemies, apparently, didn't think so. Dozens of the D-Brigade's hunters hounded them in that dense forest. Only with quick thinking and luck had they managed to evade them and cover their trail long enough to escape up into the highlands.

Goliath chuckled despite himself; that the Empire was sending such a force after their most recent victory over he and his Realmless meant they were doing something right. Only five of them had survived the slaughter those few weeks ago. But since then their number had more-than tripled. Granted that meant there were only seventeen of them in all, but they were a respectable force. He tried to organize them as best he could, but they were all so different. Only he and the rest of the Five had any sort of true camaraderie, and that was often tenuous.

"We should stop and fight," said Emmara; one of the Five. She was a BanchoLilimon now - since that slaughter - and it had only served to toughen her already rough personality.

"Ulysses?" Goliath asked, turning to another of the Five. The BanchoStingmon said nothing, but then Ulysses Zen rarely did anymore. He simply clicked his teeth and snarled, extending the spikes on his arms. It was more than enough.

"I suppose Jasper and Demo would agree," Goliath muttered, looking to the other two. Of course they would; he could see the eagerness in their eyes. It burned as hot as his own inner fire. "Okay. No more running."

"Now you're speaking my language!" said a voice from above. Surrak dropped from the sky and landed in a crouch by Goliath. "What's the plan? Or do you want me to take care of this myself?"

"And have to bail your ass out again? I'd rather not," Goliath scoffed jokingly. He knew how to press the WarGreymon X's buttons; reminding him of their first meeting just three weeks before and how Surrak had gotten in over his head the first time he joined them in battle was a never-ending source of enjoyment.

"Jaeger, what are we up against?" Goliath asked, turning to the MetalGarurumon X. Jaeger was all ice and armor; as silent as Ulysses but without the brooding anger bubbling below the surface.

Jaeger's eyes narrowed, his pupils widened, and flecks of light flashed across them. "D-Brigade. Lots of them," the metal wolf rumbled. His voice was low and soft, with that same quiet intensity, but there was a hollowness to it - a cold emptiness that made his voice seem to echo off the very metal of his body. "Camouflaged. They're good. I almost missed them."

Goliath couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. It was seldom that Jaeger's systems missed anything, nevermind the enemy. "Do you think it's him?" Goliath asked. He couldn't even say the name.

"Sabboth," Jaeger said. It wasn't a question. There was a moment of silence. "Several signatures could match his. At this point --"

"There's no way to know for sure," Goliath growled. He grit his teeth and clenched his fists, his claws cutting into his palms almost hard enough to draw blood. "Take a guess."

"I don't guess."

"Probability then!" Goliath snapped. Jaeger's coolness was often infuriating. "Based on your own knowledge. On what you know of Sabboth."

"High," Jaeger answered after another moment. "But what does that matter? It changes nothing. The enemy is the same. The strategy is the same."

"No, it's not," Goliath rumbled. He bared his teeth and shook his mane. "If Sabboth is there, I'm taking his head myself."

"The plan should remain the same as it always has against the D-Brigade," Jaeger said, his voice even, but Goliath could sense the hint of discomfort with this new information. "Surrak should engage in close quarters. He is best equipped to combat them."

"Surrak is one," Goliath grumbled, his frown deepening. He didn't like being questioned by his subordinates, even when they had a valid point. "And I said we weren't running away."

"Surrak engages; it throws them into chaos. The rest of the close-combat fighters follow; they break through the D-Brigade's disarray with cohesive strategy and tactics. Long-range fighters provide support. Aerial fighters keep the skies clear and keep watch for reinforcements." Jaeger stated the strategy; one that they'd developed to fight effectively against the D-Brigade. It was sound. It worked.

Flecks of light flashed across his eyes again. "They've found our trail."

Goliath looked to his Bancho, the rest of the Five. Most seemed fine with the plan. Emmara shrugged and nodded, Demo and Jasper seemed focused more on the valley below than the brewing argument. Ulysses --

"Why are we listening to the Empire's tin-can reject?" The BanchoStingmon snapped. His feelings on Jaeger's inclusion in their ranks was no secret.

"You have a problem with Jaeger?" Surrak snarled, stepping forward, standing eye-to-eye with Ulysses. Goliath was once again confounded by depth of the camaraderie between the wolf and the dragon. Jaeger would have never spoken up on his own behalf - whether because he didn't care about what Ulysses said or because he agreed - but Surrak would never stand for it. "I didn't hear you very well. Say it again."

Their stare-down lasted for a few tense moments, and Goliath was about to step in, until Ulysses sheathed his spikes and spun around with a scoff, as if to say, "this isn't worth my time."

"Back to the matter at hand if you two are done," Goliath scolded them. He was about to continue, but Jaeger swung around towards Ulysses and raised the gatling cannon on his left arm. "No! Wait -" Jaeger fired. A dozen rounds tore through the air towards the BanchoStingmon in the blink of an eye.

Goliath felt his rage flaring; he felt a roar rise up in his throat, but any action he might have taken against the cyborg wolf was halted by a piercing howl and a screech of metal. Sparks flashed behind the stunned Ulysses as a once-invisible form materialized into view. The alien Cyberdramon was riddled with holes from Jaeger's attack. It let out one last screech before Jaeger silenced it completely.

The Realmless were stunned to silence for a moment; Ulysses' eyes were wide. A thin drop of red trailed down his arm.

"He cut it pretty close," Emmara said, smirking mischievously. She poked at the tiny gash on Ulysses' arm where Jaeger's bullet had clipped him. "But you should probably thank him."

Everything was still for a moment more; no one knew how to react. Even Goliath, so surefootedly certain of himself, was at a loss for words or actions.

Surrak, on the other hand, wasn't. His focus had never left the forest in the valley below. He hadn't even flinched when Jaeger attacked, and Goliath wondered just how the two of them had developed such unwavering trust in one another. With a roar, the WarGreymon X launched himself down the mountainside, he sent earth and stone flying in his wake. Fire left his hand before the dirt even settled. Jaeger followed a split second later.

Despite the situation, Goliath couldn't help but smirk; he'd gotten what he wanted anyway - Arcades Sabboth was his.

The BanchoLeomon let out a tremendous roar and drew his blade. He charged headlong into the D-Brigade, leading his Realmless into battle. "Get them!"
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No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Jasper Diamondmantle stood on one of the hilly peaks of the highlands, where he and his fellow Realmless were tactically positioned. He stood at the apex, positioned beside a large boulder. His burly arms were folded across his shimmering, crystalline chest as his cape flapped noisily in the mountain breeze.

His brows furrowed and the corners of his lips turned downwards with anger.

"They won't get the best of me this time," he thought to himself. "Not Jasper Diamondmantle the Imperious!"

He swung around towards the Realmless. His new 'followers'. They were a motley crew. There were a few that he knew hadn't seen battle in their lives. He could tell by the fear in their eyes and the lack of scars on their bodies. The only ones that he had a grudging respect towards were the other four who survived the battle with the D-Brigade weeks ago. He had seen them in action and they were quite capable - not enough to beat the D-Brigade in that situation, but they had been outnumbered and outmanoeuvred. The rest still needed to prove themselves to him. At the very least, he figured that they would at least serve as good distractions for the D-Brigade.

He watched as a tense situation unfolded between Ulysses and Jaeger. He didn't blame the BanchoStingmon. He didn't entirely trust Jaeger himself. The MetalGarurumon X seemed to be a good tactician, at least. However, if those tactics were designed to lead them into a trap, then Jasper had every confidence in his abilities to bludgeon his way out, preferrably using one of the cyborg's arms.

In that moment, he watched as Jaeger raised his gatling gun towards Ulysses. Jasper was prepared to rush forwards to restrain him, but then he watched the bullets tear past the insect and riddle the body of a camouflaged Cyberdramon. He relaxed his shoulders, lowering his guard somewhat. However, the D-Brigade was onto them, and they had to act now.

Surrak put Jasper's thoughts into actions by tearing down the steep slope towards the woodland valley below. He smirked. That was the kind of spirit that he could get behind.

"Okay!" Jasper announced, turning around on the peak and pointing down the hill. "Let's smash some skulls!"

He leapt into the air and landed on the face of the slope, slamming his feet and fists into the ground upon impact. "DIAMOND HEDGEHOG!" he bellowed.

Using the momentum of the impact, he somersaulted into the air and curled his jagged, crystal body into a ball. He landed back on the ground, creating a crater in the side of the slope before he started rolling down it, picking up more and more forwards momentum with every meter. His heavy body tore up the grass and rocks, creating a miniature avalanche around his body.

He tore down the mountainside after Surrak, releasing an incomprehensible, adrenaline filled battle-roar as he surged through the ranks of the D-Brigade as if he had the full force of the mountain behind him.


Valerius watched as the Realmless charged into battle. His calm blue eyes fixated on Goliath. Despite his serene outward appearance, the three-legged crow's mind was a hurricane of thoughts.

Goliath. That was the Digimon who his closest friend decided to abandon the Astral Order in order to fight with. He was the one who was with Tobias when he died.

There was an intensity in his words, his actions. He seemed so certain of his cause and what he wanted. Vale was reminded of Toby in that regard.

He couldn't help but feel envious. The Crowmon himself was full of doubt. Every single day since he arrived, he wondered what in Yggdrasil's name he was doing there. He wondered why he was with this ragtag bunch of subversives. Why did they think that they could take on the Metal Empire and succeed? Why did they stand against the Realmpact? He listened to Toby's logic and mulled over it in his mind repeatedly. Every part of his brain told him how ridiculous it was.

And yet, there he was. He listened to his heart instead of his brain and he found himself about to go into battle with the Metal Empire. He didn't have the resolve or the confidence, but what choice did he have? He couldn't return to the Astral Order without facing punishment, and if he tried to flee, the D-Brigade would hunt him down. He was in too deep and he had to make the best of his situation.

This meant that he had to fight. He had to fight to survive. If they lost here, they would be killed. At least, that's what the situation seemed to be.

He opened his beak and sighed. "Just remember your training and keep the skies clear. Let the others take care of the ground forces." Those were the thoughts that repeated in his head as he flapped his broad, ebony wings and took to the sky. He watched as the others began to charge down the steep incline towards battle.

He closed his eyes. Knowing that he couldn't afford to doubt himself in the midst of battle, he remembered his spiritual training and cleared his mind of thoughts. Serenity washed through his body and he focused only on the task at hand. He opened his sharp, avian eyes and used their enhanced sight to spot enemies at a distance. A few Cyberdramon rose up from the forests below and tried to consolidate the sky. Those were his targets.

Valerius flapped his wings with long, majestic strokes and began to soar down the mountain. He picked up speed as he traveled and angled his wings and body to glide high above the valley's forest canopies. The steel dokkosho on his wings began to rev up and oscillate. Energy began to crackle within them.

"Savage Emperor!" he thundered. A pair of beams surged from the dokkosho and tore through the sky. The twin torrents of energy slammed into two alien Cyberdramon and created explosions that thundered through the sky like fireworks.


Pelagius watched as the explosions detonated in the distant sky. He was throwing himself into a battlefield and he was terrified. While he was trained in warfare, the only actual fighting that he had ever been involved in was whenever he got dragged into one of Tor's bar fights. Needless to say, that was way different from guerrilla warfare.

Most of the Realmless seemed so grizzled and battle-hardened. They were intimidating. They were also soldiers. He and Tor were just sons of of the Deeplord and Icelord who went out looking for adventure and some semblance of justice.

However, he couldn't turn back now, especially when his best friend seemed to be chomping at the bit for some action.

The MegaSeadramon gulped as he flew down the mountainside alongside Tor. Pelly glanced over the the Zudomon with wide, sapphire eyes.

"This is crazy, Tor. Are you sure we should be doing this?" he asked him in a panicked tone, although it wasn't as if they had a choice anymore.

His friend's response was about what he expected from him.

He sighed and tried to summon all the courage that he had. "I've gotta take the skies. Will you be alright on the ground?" he asked him with lingering fears for the Zudomon's safety. "I'll keep an eye on you from the air."

Pelagius glanced forwards and began to angle his long, red, serpentine body to fly higher into the air. He knew that he had to help the other aerial Digimon to clear the skies. The cool breeze swept through his green hair as he flew up and charged towards the embattled aerospace.

He decided that hit-and-run tactics were his best bet. He had the training, but he didn't have the experience or quality of fighting that his D-Brigade opponents did. He wanted to play it safe for now. This was his first battle, after all. He just hoped that it wouldn't be his last.
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It might not have been a good thing, but Demo had been so preoccupied with the Metal Empire right below their feet that he hadn’t paid much attention to what had been going on behind him. He even ignored what was about to become in-fighting in their own team - that was how much his hatred for the metallic realm burned. It also helped that he was very eager to get another vengeance for the comrades lost.

By the time the Mamemon had finally pulled his gaze from the view below, it was because of a short scream. Still, by then, it already looked like the matter had been resolved. Barely, if at all. It was sick, but the sight of a dead Metal Empire scumbag made him smirk in morbid victory.

It made him want to make his own pile of corpses.

With a loud growl, he spotted Surrak dash on down, followed by Jeager, then Goliath, and even Jasper had started to get into the heat of it. He smirked - his own blood boiled to cause mayhem for their enemies as well. And he knew just how to start it all off!

“Emmarra! Give me a lift off!” he said with a large grin.

The BanchoLilimon folded her arms and gave him an eye. “Is that a command?” Demo’s eye twitched.

“You know what I mean!” he ranted back.

Emmarra rolled her eyes at him but smirked. “Oh, fine,” she replied as she took out her vine-covered yo-yo. With a quick motion, she wrapped it around Demo, who’s steel skin was strong enough to resist the thorns, and she pulled him into a circling motion, whirling him over her head. “Just make sure to give them hell!” she said as she sent him flying overhead.

“You bet I will!” he yelled, extending one arm to the ground. “Slide Digivolution! MetalMamemon!” he announced as the light of Digivolution enveloped him. The light died away and revealed a red Mamemon covered in head to toe in armor, along with a large gun-arm pointing straight at a crowd of D-Brigade lackeys, the tip of which was already gathering a dangerous amount of orange plasma. “ENERGY BOMB!

The ball of power was quickly sent down towards the group, who were unwittingly so focused on the charging Surrak and Jasper that the blast consumed them all. The explosion sent them flying around, knocking them into each other and breaking their formation. And to Demo’s glee, his attack had taken the head of at least one Sealsdramon who had been at the center of the group.

“Take that, D-bags!” he yelled as fireworks and metal scraps started to rain around him, pieces of enemies that were consumed in a separate attack in the air. Falling down, he realized that he wasn’t alone - a Darkdramon was going right after him.

The MetalMamemon cursed, aiming his blaster at the charging Digimon, but before he had to attack, an arrow pierced the Darkdramon’s neck. Demo blinked - he was sure he didn’t cause that one. But whoever did had his gratitude! It was one less enemy for him to bash!

From the ground, still at the cliffs, Nika let out a breath. She aimed her crossbow down, nodding to herself after bringing down the Darkdramon that was after her comrade. She grimaced a bit at having to draw blood, but she knew that hesitating would cost them dearly. It was her reason for staying on high ground, after all.

She heard a screech to the side, and she aimed her crowsbow towards the sound. She immediately saw a Sealsdramon charging up at her.

For a moment, she thought she felt her heart skip a beat, but she held her ground. She wasn’t going to run. The opponent was still too far. She wasn’t in danger…not yet, at least. “Aurvandil’s Arrow,” she whispered, the bolt of her ranged weapon glowing white before she shot it towards the charging Digimon. The projectile landed straight on the soldier’s head, straight and true.

Senecca nodded to herself. As long as no one could close to her, she had nothing to fear. “Thank you, Glimmer,” she said as her golden falcon landed on her shoulder. As long as he was around to watch her back, she had nothing to fear.


"This is crazy, Tor. Are you sure we should be doing this?"

The Zudomon looked at his companion with a large grin. It didn’t look like he was afraid at all. “What are you talking about, Pel? It’s kind of too late to back down now!” Tor raised a brow at the MegaSeadramon’s ensuing sigh. What was he expecting as an answer?

"I've gotta take the skies. Will you be alright on the ground?"

“Oh, you know me,” Tor replied, placing his hammer on his shoulder. “Unlike you, a certain someone really did have to fight for his life a couple of times.” It was true too. Not counting the many times people trying to stab or strangle him for coming onto them too strongly, his solo adventures in the cold wilderness occasionally got him into the company of some rather unpleasant Digimon. He doubted that they were as strong as the ones below, though - they were hardly part of an army - but no one would know unless someone tried.

"I'll keep an eye on you from the air."

Tor rolled his eyes but gave his friend a thumbs up as he started to gain altitude. “Keep an eye out on the hot ones for me, too, will ya?” he shouted as he waves his muscular arm. “It probably wouldn’t any good for morale, you know?” he added with a knowing wink.

He could imagine Pelagius’ sigh and shake of the head as he turned down to the enemies below. He could already see a few that were starting to climb up towards him. He bent and cracked his neck with an eager grin. “Time to have some fun,” he said as he raised a heavy foot. “Ice Lord Bump!” he bellowed as he stamped the ground, ice quickly forming from his feet and down the cliff. He had to restrain a snicker as some of the D-Brigade started to slip on his ice.

“Let’s get this party started!” he yelled out as he jumped from the cliff, landing on the ice and started sliding down towards the soldiers, his trusty hammer ready to bash some heads in.


Gabrielle focused on the forest behind them, the D-Brigade was in there, and she didn't want to be taken off guard. She didn't care for the squabbling that was going on between some of the other members, a quirk of her brainwashing. When there was even the opportunity to fight, that was all she focused on, only tuning back into their annoying 'banter' to hear that aerial digimon should take to the sky, a tactic most fantastic and original. It was this tuning in that let down her guard, she completely failed to notice the Cyberdramon that managed to sneak up on the Realmless. This would not do, she would need to fix that. But now was not the time, now was the time for battle.

The moment Goliath ordered the Realmless to battle, Gabrielle sprung into action. She felt at home, she felt as ease, something that she had been longing for recently. She took to the sky, her metal wings rhythmically beating behind her. Nearly immediately she was beset by two Cyberdramon, one normal and the other an almost mutated version.

"Hmmm, it appears that you wish to battle," she stated, looking between the two. "But you have made one small mistake. I don't wish to battle. I wish to win! Heaven's Ripper!"

She charged forward, slashing at the alien Cyberdramon with one of the arms, the dragon digimon blocking it with its lance. Her foot shot up, the bladed appendage stabbing into its chest. Sensing movement behind her, Gabrielle flipped herself, kicking the Cyberdramon in the chest, throwing it into the other flying dragon digimon.

"Soon, you shall discover what it means to go up against the Eternal Legion!" she announced, regrettably falling back into her old brainwashing and hoping that no one actually heard her. "Holy Espada!"

She raised her blades, now glowing with holy energy. Faster than the eye could see, Gabrielle threw her blades down, the crackling holy energy shooting out in the shape of a cross.


Gaius charged as fast as he could, which wasn't actually that fast for someone his age, most of his fellow Realmless outrunning him. But that didn't matter, being fast wasn't his forte anyways.

"Could you go any slower?" a sickly sweet voice asked.

The elderly digimon looked to his side, and saw a pink angel flying beside him. Namine was an odd duck, to say the least. He had gotten slightly acquainted with her when the group formed, and apparently she decided that she should follow him, much to his distaste.

"Now you listen here, young lady," he said, pointing his stick at the MarineAngemon, "You should know better than to sass your elders."

She laughed. "Little ol' me? Sassing? I would never." Namine feigned being hurt before flying off laughing.

Yep, there was definitely something off with that girl. Shaking his head, muttering about the youth these days, Gaius continued his charge. As soon as he entered the forest he was surrounded by Sealsdramon and Commandramon. Not the best of situations, but it shouldn't be too much of a hassle. One of the Sealsdramon leapt forward, brandishing a knife. Underneath his beard, Gaius smiled.

"Gentle Punch!" he said, jumping up to meet his opponent.

His fist connected with Sealsdramon's face, throwing it backwards.

"I guess fighting is like riding a bike, you never forget," he said, motioning for someone else to come after him. "Now bring it on!"

Perhaps it was the wrong thing to say, perhaps it was going to happen anyways, but the entire group took the advantage and attacked at once, piling on the old man.

"Kahuna Waves!"

Large pink hearts floated into Gaius' view, popping the moment they touched his enemies.

"Need some help from little ol' me?" asked Namine as she flew down next to Gaius, "It's alright, you can admit it."

Gaius groaned, she was the last thing he needed whilst still in battle. "You can go now, I don't need help from a greenhorn. Guard Stick!"

He waved his paw staff in the air, its head glowing brown. He struck its butt against the ground. The ground burst open, the resulting wave of earth enveloping several Commandramon, slamming them into the ground.

"Now leave me alone, so I can kick some derriere," he said, trying to dismiss Namine.


The Reforged Soul
At the rear of the Realmless, Titus sat among the cool sparse grass, his bladed legs in careful arrangement, in quiet contemplation with his eyes closed. His blue mantle draped loosing down his armor back and across the ground from his collar. The Saviorhuckmon idly listened to the heated argument between the Realmless core members. As tempted as he was to step in to help resolve the situation (or meddling as some have told him), an evitable battle was minutes on the horizon, he just knew. He exhaled a measured breath, calming his mind. An early lesson taught to him by his adoptive father, Rheagos, to always rest the body and mind in lulls of conflict.

He and Sawyer had only joined up with the Ronins a few days prior and already they were being drawn into battle. The Saviorhuckmon regretted no decision on his part. For too long he journeyed through Eon searching for an understanding of his mentor’s final wishes.

He recalled Rheagos’s dying words. Remember the Old Code.

What place did the Old Code have in a land bound by the Realmpact to uphold the harmony of the Eight Realms? Titus left his horde to find this answer, helping whatever digimon he met in the process. The quiet presence at the edge of his consciousness lured him away from their chosen route for no logical reason. Dragging a griping Sawyer with him, they happened upon Goliath and his ronin.

He knew he'd found his answer and swore his sword in service.

Titus jerked his head at the rapid-fire of multiple bullets being fire. A slain cyberdramon materialized from the very air behind the Banchostingmon before disappear. The tension broken with the near surprise attack, events quickly sped up as Titus watch the Wargreymon X take off towards the forest and the waiting D-Brigade. He rose from his interrupted meditation and unhurriedly moved forward to join the close-range combatants. Stopping only a moment, Titus glanced over his shoulder to his unusually quiet companion positioned at the edge of the group, a long pink nose and glaring eyes visible from the out of pace garbage can.

“Remain in the rear and find cover. It’ll be safest.” Titus told the Garbagemon, ever mindful of his friend.

Titus pulled his goggles over his eyes to protect them from the flying debris of the other Ronins. He leaped over a set of boulders, using the sharp edges of his bladed feet to gracefully jump and slide down the incline. The blue mantle rippled behind him, catching the air from his swift movement.

A pair of regular Cyberdramon flew through the air to meet the Saviorhuckmon, each yelling with their terrifying, “Desolation Claw!” The silver knight spun mid-leap, blocking the two attacks with his tail and left arm swords. Hitting the ground behind them, he turned around to counterattack, “Trident Blade!”


“Remain in the rear and find cover. It’ll be safest.”

“You don’t need to tell me twice,” came the responding echo within the can, moments after Titus departed.

The pink nose sticking out from under the dirty can lid slipped back completely, before the lid rose completely revealing a disgruntle scowl, narrowed blue eyes, and a banana peel for hair. He ran a grimy hand through the peel, flakes of dander falling loose. A loud explosive erupted overhead suddenly, causing Sawyer to jolt back downward into his can, holding the lid protectively over himself.

Crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrap! He muttered rapidly to himself, his heart booking it double time in the advent of battle. His arms trembled as he peak out from the can once more, carefully surveying the soon to be carnage.

Finn! How do I let you drag me into these things! Sawyer thought franticly to himself. Seeing a grouping of boulders clear of explosions and other things that hurt, he threw his custom built garbage cart into gear and sped toward cover. Coasting over the rough ground, the Garbagemon slid through a narrow gap into the circle of boulders.

The sounds of explosion and clanging of metal now a distance mumble, Sawyer breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Now, to wait till the tide…a growl rumbled behind him. Blood draining from his pale face, he turned around stiffly. Appearing behind him from thin air, six Commandramon readied their rifles each giving the garbagemon a sadistic toothy smile.

“You’ve GOT to be sh*ttin’ me!” Sawyer bellowed loudly.
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<This ship gives me life
Suranuras Suga
Some Random Valley over a Forrest

Sura watched as her brother continued on ahead while she kept some distance from them and an eye on the rear. Never let your guard down is something she definitely does often. She could faintly hear her brother telling her something but she didn't bother. She sensed something. She turned around and was about to unleash Hard Rock Damashii but at the sound of bullets and an alien screech, she stopped the gathering of fire and relaxed her stance. She couldn't help but smirk at how her Dynasmon brother reacted to the sudden attack, as well as the BanchoStingmon.

Just because we're from the Metal Empire doesn't mean we're against you, was what she wanted to say, but she'd get a better chance later. She knows it.

Looking back at the forest down the valley, the shouts of Surrak, the Blastmon, and that Mamemon who just Slide Digivolved into MetalMamemon were well heard even at the distance she was standing. She gave a huge grin. This is gonna be great. She prepared to jump but then stopped herself, feeling a gush of wind that is only felt from an aerial creature landing. She turned her head and indeed found her brother has just landed beside her.

"I take it there's something I need to know?"

"It's the D-Brigade chasing after us."

"Yeah? So? I knew that from the Cyberdramon."

"Jaeger says there's a high chance Arcade's among them."

She froze for just a moment before shaking it off. "Eh, I got nothing to worry about," she gazed back once again at the forest. "That was Goliath, wasn't it?"

Although she couldn't see him, she heard him suffle to get a better view.

"He wouldn't just do that all the time, so that means he means business. 'sides, you're watching out for me anyway."

Again, she could just feel her brother roll his eyes. Why, she couldn't understand.

"Now if that's all, I'll be goin' now."

She jumped off and went high. Once she was high enough, she joined her legs together.

"Doom Drillpress!"

She then spun around and free-falled, shaped like a drill on fire. In a second, she crashed right on top of a single Tankdramon, piercing through its head.

"Hard Rock Damashii!"

Gathering the intensity of her soul, flames formed around her fists. She pushed herself out of the deceased tank as another Tankdramon shot it in an attempt to shoot her before throwing the two fireballs at it. She skid to a stop as she watched the thing get badly burned, but it wasn't down yet. It aimed its bazookas this time, but Sura was already ahead of it.

"Heavy Metal Vulcan!"

Two beams of focused flames burst from the small barrel holes on her chest. The sudden blast caught it off guard and made it halt its attack. Sura rushed forward one punch straight to its face. The force toppled it over before it dissapeared into infintesimal bits of data. Sura smirked before quickly surveying the area.

She was in the middle of things with several other Ronin around her.

The sound of a nearby explosion made her turn 360 to find her brother landing with his palms open and steam coming from them. The last bit of a Cyberdramon faded when he finally landed. Sura's smile only got bigger, if that was even possible.

"Thanks kuya!"

She sped off and charged straight towards a battalion of Commandramon, readying their rifles to shoot, memories of the D-Brigade leader in her mind, as well as the times before it.

This is gonna be a long day, isn't it?

OOC: Note, I prefer to use Japanese nanes for OmniShoutmon except for Dokm Drillpress to differentiate the drill version and the kicking one.


God of Monsters
((OOC: I decided to post again just to try and keep momentum going. AzerWrath and Schade haven't posted yet, but hopefully this post will introduce enough tension and danger to get creative juices flowing.))


Surrak tore down the mountainside; he moved with such incredible speed that the gathering energy of his attacks trailed far behind him, rushing to catch up. But the Dragonclaw didn't slow; he powered ahead. The fire trailing in behind him wouldn't falter; it would find its way back to him - back to his hands and his enemies. Surrak crashed head-first into the ranks of the D-Brigade. A Tankdramon shattered under the force of his charge, but he barely slowed or changed course. A pair of Sealsdramon were incinerated by energy trailing in his wake. He crashed knuckle-deep into a Cyberdramon with his Dramon Killers but he kept going. He broke through to the center of the D-Brigade's ranks, the Cyberdramon still impaled, and drove it into the ground. The fire arrived an instant later, and caught a dozen D-Brigade soldiers in the conflagration.

A Darkdramon, thrown back by his attack, managed to recover quickly. It raised its lance and charged, but Surrak was more than ready. He swung his Killers out backhanded and they shred the dragon's spear as if it was little more than wet paper. Before the dramon could even register its surprise Surrak surged upward with his other set of claws, and clove the dragon in half from groin to skull.

And still the Dragonclaw wasn't done.

He gathered his fiery power into the palm of his hand and charged into another Tankdramon. He thrust his hand forward and pushed the fist-sized sphere of energy into it! The Tankdramon's data crumpled, and Surrak bore a hole clean through it before hurling the ball into D-Brigade troops behind it.

This sort of fighting was all too easy. Surrak had been born for this, bred for this; the Hordes relished in combat and violence and victory, and he'd been taught to fight for as long as he could remember. Maybe that was why it came to him so easily. Other Digimon could spend their lives never pushing beyond the Champion level - fewer still reached Ultimate. But he had stabilized in his Mega form by the time he was twenty-five. It was combat experience and sheer force of will that pushed him beyond the limits of a normal Digimon's lifetime. Mega Digimon weren't quite a rarity, but they were notable. It meant something to be Mega - to stand apart from the rest; to be leaders, and champions, and respected. Reaching that level was significant. As it was for all of them in the Realmless. They'd all fought so hard: their strength came from struggle and opposition. It was true strength.

It made the presence of so many Mega Digimon in the Empire's ranks that much more baffling. How were they able to turn them out so quickly? How were there so many of them? And how were they able to just throw them all into his claws without worry or hesitation?


Above, Jaeger dueled with a squadron of Cyberdramon. They were fast, precise flyers; but he was better. Their forte was close-quarters combat, but in the air with a full range of three-dimensional movement they were simply outclassed.

Jaeger let loose a hail of gunfire from Metal Storm, the gatling cannon on his left arm. A volley of chrome tore through two of the Cyberdramon and the rest broke formation to avoid the same fate. Jaeger wasn't deterred. He let out a howl and sent a barrage of missiles screaming after them. The air filled with explosions and jagged shards of ice.

A warning flashed across his sensors and he jettisoned to the side just as a Darkdramon's spear impaled the space he hovered but an instant earlier. The cyborg-dragon wheeled about and charged him again, but Jaeger parried its lance with his gatling cannon and pulled it in close - too close for its lance to be effective - where Jaeger delivered a crushing blow to the dragon's gut with his right fist.

The tactic stunned his opponent, who obviously assumed him to be nearly helpless in close-quarters combat. It was enough of an opening for Jaeger to land another half-dozen blows in the blink of an eye using his own cybernetic-enhanced musculature. The Darkdramon tried to back away, but Jaeger caught him and pulled him forward to deliver a series of knee-strikes to the dragon's chest. The cyborg dragon finally seemed to regain its bearings and drilled Jaeger with its own free arm before rearing back and gathering a black void of energy in its open maw.

But Jaeger was faster. He grabbed the Darkdramon by the throat and hoisted him up; then he flipped his beam cannon over his shoulder and fired a blast of energy through the dragon's mouth and out the back of its skull. He released the dragon; it sputtered helplessly for a few moments as the energy in its mouth dissipated before slowly drifting back. Jaeger wasn't taking any chances. He let loose another volley of energy beams that bore holes right through his D-Brigade opponent and put it out of his misery.


Goliath charged, swinging his blade through any opponent foolish enough to get in his way. He didn't have time for them. There was one thought, one overwhelming urge roaring through his body: kill Arcades Sabboth.

He knew the dragon's scent; he'd committed it to memory after the slaughter those weeks ago, when Sabboth had hoisted him up by his throat and made him watch as all but four of his comrades were executed. He remembered it well.

Goliath followed that scent; the smell of oil and smoke and burning metal. And blood. He found Sabboth stationed in the midst of the D-Brigade. Shouting orders and sending his troops into battle. There were a lot of them. But Goliath wouldn't concern himself with fodder. His Realmless would take care of them. On the graves of all his fallen friends and comrades he'd sworn to take Sabboth's life.

The Bancho let out an earth-shaking roar as he hurled himself over the ranks of the D-Brigade and straight into its heart. He collided with Sabboth, raking his claws against the dragon's armor, but couldn't score any decisive blow. Sabboth was too well-trained to have his guard broken that easily. Sabboth swung Goliath away, matching the Bancho's enraged strength with his own mechanized might. Goliath landed on his feet and recovered quickly; he sprinted towards the dragon, blade at the ready, and Sabboth met his charge. Their weapons clashed, and the exploding force knocked the surrounding D-Brigade soldiers off their feet.

There were no words between them; no boasts or promises of vengeance. Goliath was all rage and anger; snarls and roars of fury. And Arcades Sabboth was silent; he rarely spoke above a whispering hiss. He was the blade of the Empire that cut away all opposition from the shadows. He was not one for shouting empty rhetoric.

Sabboth landed a blow that threatened to knock Goliath's head from his shoulders. His world flipped and turned and pitched sideways as he was thrown through the air.

"You didn't learn from last time," said Sabboth, stalking over towards the Bancho. His voice was a hollow whisper, like the scrape of metal against metal. "How many more of you do we have to kill?"

Goliath roared his response, an indistinguishable howl of fury; he hurled himself back and Sabboth and they met again. They traded blows, spear and sword flashing against one another, sending sparks and bursts of energy dancing out into the forest. Sabboth whipped his tail around and knocked Goliath off his feet. But Goliath righted himself mid-flight and sent a lion-shaped burst of energy ripping from his fist and into the Darkdramon. Sabboth was thrown back and crashed into the underbrush.

"That will never happen again," Goliath swore, striding towards his downed foe. He was careful; he knew the snake-like speed with which his opponent could move. "As we speak, my Ronin are cutting your tin toys down." He readied his blade and his claws. "You should have brought more soldiers."

There was an odd sound - short, grating bursts of noise - and Goliath's stomach turned when he realized it was Sabboth's laughter.

"I did," Sabboth said, razor teeth bared in a sneer. "I brought many more."

A roar howled up through the valley, and a pillar of fire tore the trees. More than a dozen sleek shapes ripped through the sky towards the battlefield, towards the Ronin and the D-Brigade. Goliath growled as he made out the shapes.


"There are those who will take any job as long as the pay is good," Sabboth hissed. He craned his neck to watch the new arrivals reinforce his struggling troops. "And then there are those who will take whatever job offers the best chance for a fight."


「深弾幕結界 -夢幻泡影-」
Alterne was never a fighter. Fighting wasn't always her priority. She sat there upon the distant rocks, watching the battle ensue. The skirmish was none of her concern. At least, for now. She didn't want to move. Being involved was a pain. She had just joined the ranks of the Realmless, for some absurd reason. Actually, was there even a reason? Alterne herself did not know. There were no bonds yet, no friendship, no camaraderie. Hence, she saw no reason to pick up her sword.

She eyed the WarGreymon X. A force of nature, he was. Unbreakable, unstoppable, a rampage given form. She watched as he tore through the battlefield, claw, fist and barrage in wake. He had just completely annihilated a group of D-Brigade troops, walking away like nobody's business. It was would be exhilarating to watch him at work. But not to her, at least. Merciless and stronger than any other, he broke through wave after wave, his body as strong as no other, and his will stronger.

Next came the MetalGarurumon X. His name was Jaeger. One that she remembered as it would flow off the tongue rather easily. His fighting style was different. You could feel it in your bones as the metallic beast ran through the fight, leaping and gliding through the air. He was cold as his frame, as precise as any machine would allow them to be. He grappled with the Darkdramon as if playing with a toy. He gave no respite, and continued on with his relentless assault.

Next on the list was the gigantic, hulking ball of rock and crystal. He was easy to spot out, just a little to the east of the WarGreymon X. As his form would dictate, his skill would show. He rolled down the mountain like an avalanche, pressing forward with incredible speed and power. It was a miracle that none of his allies were in the way. But given the small number of Realmless... Alterne guessed it was more likely they just weren't in the vicinity. She couldn't see quite a number of them, and other than the uncanny resemblance of a smaller, metal ball with the big rolling boulder, there was not much to be said. If you push a snowball down a mountain, nature dictates that it will pick up in size and force. Crashing down at the end just like what was unfolding before her eyes.

The sides of Alterne's mouth raised a little. Just a little.

With blades on her arms, wait, no. Those are her arms. Right? All parts of her were covered in either armor or sharp blades. Even her wings. Only her mouth was spared from the conjuration of such weaponry. She seemed to be passive up until getting spotted by two Cyberdramon, which she took out with relative ease. That form of hers really reflected on her capabilities. A weapon, sharpened and deadly.

"Soon, you shall discover what it means to go up against the Eternal Legion!"

Alterne perked up slightly, nodding her head as she took this down in her head. The SlashAngemon was once from the Eternal Legion. It seemed that even Digimon from there would have some... Free will. If she could call it so. Strange, though. How did those Cyberdramon get up there? Gabrielle was some distance away from the fight. Were they coming in all directions? Well, that wouldn't be a problem. Alterne sighed to herself, picking up her sword which stood beside her, impaled into the ground. She tossed it once and another, looking onward.

The last of the Realmless she could spot would be the Valkyrimon. She was out of sight, but far from out of mind. She shot arrows to protect others below, and had just slain one of the D-Brigade that took a wrong turn and spotted her. Interesting. The BanchoLilimon was much closer to the battlefield, and Alterne couldn't spot her. She had a pretty peculiar interest in Emmarra, but she had faded out of her vision, into the fog of war. Alterne sighed, finally getting off the rock. The best vantage point would be alongside the Valkyrimon. However, that would put her in a more dangerous spot than her current one.

Not like she cares, though. Alterne walked leisurely, or should I say, strolled, towards the Valkyrimon. Sword in one hand, her dreading heart in the other, she made her way towards the area. It was fortunate, that only one Cyberdramon managed to come through towards Alterne. It and her were both of the Ultimate level, and as such, it would pose a problem to her. She could just Digivolve into Mega, but it would be a pain. That would mean that she would have to fight. Attempting to maneuver stealthily was one of her strong points, being raised by a group of thieves.

This however, would prove to be her downfall. Within arms' reach of the Valkyrimon, the number of Cyberdramon had tripled. They gave chase to her, forcing her to fight.

"Why won't people like you just leave me alone?" She sighed. One swing of her sword to give her some space... "Digivolution." Another swing, aimed for the neck of the first Cyberdramon. "Slayerdramon." She puffed, a white burst of data engulfing around her body as she brought her sword once more, down upon the first Cyberdramon's skull. "Tenryu Slash!" She howled, as it fell to the ground, bursting into shards of numerical values. With another step, she turned her backs to the other two Cyberdramon, her blade kept up and ready...

"Tenryu Slash!" She roared once more, moving with the elegance and grace of a dancer on stage, slicing clean through the two opponents left.

Towards the Valkyrimon she went, digivolving back into Grademon with a smaller burst of green light.

Aurvandil’s Arrow!

Nika’s glowing bolt shot towards one of the Cyberdramon that were rushing towards her. With a mental anguished moan of terror, Nika saw the projectile all but hit her target, or either of the other two Cyberdramons that flanked the one she had tried to pierce through the heart. Her miss seemed to have spurned the anger of all three, and they sped up towards her.

“C-concentrate, Senecca,” the Valkyrimon whispered harshly to herself. She felt her feet start to tremble, but despite that, she re-aimed her crossbow. It was for naught. Her hands and arms were also starting to shake, and she could see it start to affect her aim. “One l-last tr-“

Her train of thought was caught off by Glimmer’s alarmed shriek. Her heart froze. They would be within close-quarters in less than ten- no, five seconds. ‘No…no, no, no, no!’ her panicked mind chanted, her fear taking hold. Despite trying to run, her feet felt glued to the floor. ‘Move!’ she thought to herself, but alas, the first Cyberdramon was upon her.

It was Glimmer’s shriek once more that broke her from her trance. The golden falcon had taken upon himself to protect his master, appearing right in front of the D-Brigade commando and scratching his face with his talons. Her heart soared, and her mind thanked her precious companion, before she turned and started to run. She didn’t know how long she would have to run for them to give up chase, but she would run and fly for as long as she needed to.

She didn’t actually have to run that far or that long - the sounds of the Cyberdramon trio’s pained yells and a strong female voice drew her attention, and despite all of her senses telling her to keep running, she slowed her legs and turned her head back.

Senecca found herself in front of a familiar Grademon, whom she presumed exterminated the Cyberdramon that had been after her. “Afternoon,” she heard the Grademon say, and Nika realized why she recognized her. She was one of the Realmless, although she had been one of the few she had not been introduced to yet.

“Th-thank you,” Nika said, her voice full of sincere gratitude. “I…d-don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t appear, m-um…I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name,” the Valkyrimon said, giving her a small smile and putting a hand over her chest in relief. “I’m Senecca Wyndspirit, but you may call me Nika. And you are…?”

As soon as the Grademon offered her name, however, Glimmer’s shriek once more rang in the air, and Nika’s head immediately turned to the direction it came from. It seemed that the battle beneath them had intensified as the sky suddenly filled with the forms of armored Greymon. And they looked beyond negotiating. Her heart shook once more, but she was far enough that her arms and legs were still.

“This…may have to wait another time, but…thank you, again,” Nika said, running forward and re-aiming her crossbow. They needed to trim down the enemies down below before her allies were surrounded. She aimed at the neck of the nearest D-Brigade soldier. ‘I won’t miss this time,’ she thought, as her Aurvandil’s Arrow shot through a Tankdramon’s eye.

The stimulus of a sharp point into a Tankdramon’s vulnerable brain seemed to have equated into one’s finger pressing a large, red button with the words “Self Destruct” on it. The first second was full of an agonized but short gasp of terror and pain. The second one was filled by a blast of shrapnel and metal, sending D-Brigade soldiers around it out and about.

One of the said soldiers was sent flying right into the waiting hammer of one Tor Niflheim.

“Batter up!” he shouted as he sent the flying Commandramon right into another troop, bowling them onto their backs. Unfortunately, his shout had also called upon the attention of other soldiers, and deep as he was in enemy territory, he found himself surrounded. “Uh…I’ll be going no- woah!” he yelped as a bullets started to rain on him. He was quick to turn his back and let his shell take most of the hit as he ran back into the underbrush.

It was a good thing he was used to running through uneven terrain - he made quick work of getting hidden behind trees and shrubs to keep himself hidden. He had also had the chance to cover himself in mud and leaves to color his skin and make himself less noticeable - or at least as little as a large, dirty Zudomon could be.

Soon enough, the barrage of projectiles stopped, and he could hear the Commandramon waiting for something to happen. Well, he might be reckless, but not thatreckless. He started to crawl away, body flat against the forest floor.

Before he could get far enough though, a pink creature zoomed past his eyes. He blinked. And then he grinned. He remembered seeing a cute MarinAngemon in the group, but for some reason, he never got the chance to talk to her. Well, time to strike while the iron’s hot!

He immediately got on his feet and ran towards the direction where he saw the pink blur flew. It didn’t take him long to find the MarinAngemon following a Gigimon, who was doing a pretty good job of destroying all the soldiers before him. He knew better than to underestimate a Digimon because of his looks or age - his father was probably one of the strongest Digimon in Coalition Blue, and Tor was pretty sure he was old as the glacier itself!

Still, a little fun never hurt.

“Why, what’s a beautiful flower such as yourself doing in a dirty, bloody battlefield like this!?” he called out, just as he punched away a Sealsdramon that was about to grab onto the little thing.

Meanwhile, far away from them, a small metal ball was found kicking metal butt beside a larger, shinier ball.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Bloodthirsty roars rippled through the skies and pierced Valerius' ears. He looked around alertly as he circled around the battlefield, like an eagle stalking his prey.

His tactic was to keep himself at a distance and to fire long-ranged blasts. He could fight in close quarters if he had to, but only if he had to. He knew that it would be over if he got swarmed by ultimates or worse.

And worse showed up. His keen, blue eyes widened when he saw a squad of Mega level WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon burst from the forests and took to the skies. His mouth grew dry and he swallowed hard.

There were fourteen of them in total. The Realmless only barely outnumbered them. They were mercenaries. Battle-hardened. Bloodthirsty. Their average level was higher than that of the Realmless, despite the rebels' greater numbers.

Furthermore, they had the D-Brigade and Arcades Sabboth behind them, as well as anti-Dramon weaponry - Dramon Killers. There were a few among them that were Dramon-species... the MegaSeadramon, the Grademon, and the SaviourHuckmon, as far as he knew. Those weapons were particularly destructive against Dramon data, from what he remembered.

Valerius winced. "Why would you fight against these odds, Toby?" he whispered almost fatalistically.

He looked around at the battlefield, wondering what to do. The Realmless seemed to be holding their own against the D-Brigade up to that point, but the arrival of these mercenaries could shift the tide of battle completely. He didn't think that they could win.

As he thought, he instinctively fired a Savage Emperor attack at a Cyberdramon who decided to rush him directly. The twin beams ripped through its body and exploded.

Calmly swerving in front of the explosion, he thought about his options. He considered using his ability "Feather Black". With that move, he could change an area of a couple kilometers in diameter into the darkest night. If he did that, they would be able to make their escape.

However, there were several hotheaded rebels amongst them: Goliath, Surrak, Jasper, Demo, Ulysses... If he did that, there was no guarantee that they would even consider retreating. He could just end up making things worse for them.

Vale stalled. He wasn't used to taking the initiative. He decided to keep his Feather Black in reserve until somebody explicitly told him to use it. However, he kept the idea as a fail-safe, in case the battle turned against them irreparably.

For now, he continued trying to keep the sky clear while also strafing the small fry on the ground. He wasn't going to go up against the WarGreymon troop if he could help it, but if they decided to make him their target, he would do all that he could to resist.


Pellagius watched the WarGreymon mercenaries surge towards them. His eyes were wide and he could feel sweat trickling down his crimson scales.

He knew they had Dramon Killers, and he was also sorely aware that he was a Dramon. He was a giant, red bullseye as far as he was concerned. He felt his resolve weaken as the mercenaries advanced, tearing up the forest into a fiery inferno as they did.

"Shit," he hissed, wheeling his body around and diving towards the forest below. He continued to breath the word under his breath as he dove down to hide in the forest. His thick body tore through branches that abrased his scales. He knew that he would have decreased mobility down among all the trees. He didn't care as long as he was below the canopy.

He flew through the forest, not really sure where he was flying, just as long as it wasn't near the mercenaries. He gritted his teeth when he saw a platoon of Commandramon ahead of him taking aim at his body.

"Out of my way!" he shouted as electricity crackled in the metal horn on his head. "Thunder Javelin!"

Lightning streaked from his head and tore through the trees in front of them. The electricity tore across the ground and enveloped a few of the Commandramon.

Pellagius looked around for Tor. He didn't want his friend picking a fight with the WarGreymons either, come to think of it. He grimaced, knowing that the Zudomon would probably want to.

Before he could begin to look, a black-armoured Cyberdramon burst through the canopies and shot towards Pelly with glowing claws. He began to drive his claws into the MegaSeadramon's helmet, but he swiftly recoiled and chomped down on the Cyberdramon's arm before whipping his long tail around the dragon's waist and throwing him into a nearby tree.

"D-Damnit..." he panted with exhilieration and fear in his voice. "I'm too far in."

He turned around and began to fly through the forest in a different direction. He ended up stumbling across the SaviourHuckmon. Pelagius hailed him with a flipper and briefly tried to remember his name. He wasn't sure if it was Titus or Finn; he heard him being called both.

"H-Hey, you," he greeted, although looking around for nearby enemies. "We'd better stick close. Did you see all those WarGreymon? We're screwed if they get their claws into us..." He frowned. "Did you see a Zudomon around?"

Pelagius' eyes widened. He saw a BlackWarGreymon tearing towards them

"Crap!" he shouted. "Look out! Maelstrom!"

He reared his head back and unleashed a torrent of icy breath from his mouth. The branches and leaves of the trees froze and shattered as the frigid air and ice tore towards the BlackWarGreymon.

"Terra Destroyer!" the BlackWarGreymon snarled, summoning a swell of flames between his hands that seemed to immediately negate Pelly's own attack. The mercenary built a giant orb of flames in front of him and released it, sending it straight towards the Realmless.

"Split!" Pelly warned, shooting to the side as the flames swept past him.

The BlackWarGreymon readied his Dramon Killers and made a direct course for Pelagius.

The MegaSeadramon's eyes widened with horror, but he desperately tried to fight back by building up electricity in his horn.

The BlackWarGreymon roared and plunged his claws forwards.

A clash of metal was heard and Pelagius was shocked to find Ulysses holding his blades against the mercenary's claws.

Pelly felt momentary relief at the BanchoStingmon's intervention. However, he didn't want to be a liability, so he flew forwards, intent on helping him out without getting in his way.


Jasper, however, welcomed the reinforcements. He held a Sealsdramon by the face with one hand as he leered up at the sky with a broadening grin.

"You know what I see, Demo?" he asked the nearby MetalMamemon. "A whole lot of fodder!"

He crushed the Sealsdramon's head and slammed his feet into the ground. "KENRAN CRYSTAL VOLCANOOOOOOO!" he bellowed as he created an explosion underneath him that sent him rocketing into the sky.

Flying into the sky like a cannonball, Jasper drove his crystal body straight into one of the WarGreymon, knocking him clear out of the sky. "Gokujo Diamond Tail!" he shouted. By using his forward momentum, Jasper somersaulted forwards and smashed his weighty, gemstone tail down onto the WarGreymon's face, spiking him into the ground with a heavy crash.

Jasper unleashed a mighty laugh and allowed his body drop like a boulder. He fell straight on top of the WarGreymon that he just grounded, crushing the mercenary under his weight. "Is this all you sent, Sabboth?!" he bellowed, adrenaline pumping through his veins. "Is this all you think it takes?!"

He pounded his chest boastfully. "You'll need to send the entire D-Brigade in order to take down me, Jasper Diamondmantle!" he blustered. "Do not take us so lightly!"

Since Jaeger first spotted the D-Brigade, Jasper had been absorbing sunlight into his body. Now, he was brimming with energy and power. His narrow eyes scanned the skies, looking for the perfect opportunity.

His face lit up when he saw his chance. He saw a cluster of two BlackWarGreymon and a handful of Cyberdramon in the air, the former having taken notice of Jasper after he took down their comrade. He smirked devilishly and pointed at them, challenging them. As they began to dive towards him, claws at the ready, Jasper began one of his ultimate weapons.

"Crystal Breath!" he shouted as his body suddenly glowed like a star.

A blinding laser ripped from his crystal body and tore through the sky. The thick beam reduced the forest around him to ashes as it fired and pierced the sky like a diagonal pillar of light. The high-pressure beam swept up the two BlackWarGreymon in its folds and crushed them with scorching hot power. The blast passed through and disintegrated the squad of Cyberdramon behind them, leaving ashes, data, and the smell of melted armour in its wake.
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The Reforged Soul
Trident Blade!

His fierce battle cry howled as he spun around to retaliate with his right arm sword. He cleaved swiftly diagonally through the first Cyberdramon, scattering its data, before the dramon uttered a roar of anguish. The second Cyberdramon backed away and aimed to take to the air seconds after its comrade vanished, sparing it extra moments of life.

Too Late!

The silver knight grasped the dramon’s leg lifting them both into the air. Using the Cyberdramon’s leg for leverage, Titus swung his whole body upwards and struck with his crimson tail blade into the cyber dragon’s chest. The blow lethal, the Cyberdramon faded like the other leaving the Saviorhuckmon in freefall.

Twisting in the air, Titus directed his bladed feet the earth below. With a mighty yell, he landed with a deafening clang onto the backside of an unsuspecting Tankdramon. The tank digimon thrashed his upward body around to lose his unwanted passenger, firing his gattling guns in all directions and turning his treads in tight circles. Titus clung low onto the Tankdramon’s back tightly, the spewing bullets flying harmlessly away from him. Throwing himself forward over its head, the silver knight slashed his right blade through power connections to several ballistic weapons, rendering them useless.

“Ronin scum! You’ll pay for that!” The Tankdramon roared, charging forward to trample the Saviorhuckmon. “You’re deletion will be one more notch on my plating, when I’m done with you!”

Titus calmly dashed to meet the tank digimon, staying to the side away from its functioning weapons. At the last possible second, Titus plunged his left blade into the Tankdramon’s rolling treads and simultaneously released a “Meteor Flame!” from his jaws on the explosive munitions tucked onto the Tankramon’s front. Rapidly losing traction, the enemy Tankdramon yowled in anguish as it flipped onto its side and erupting in a blinding explosion.

A safe distance away, Titus glanced over his shoulder and replied, “Only a fool boasts before accomplishing his goal.”


A greater bombardment of white-hot, swirling energy smashed into the earth between the two combatants, deleting the flaming Tankdramon and violently hurling Titus into a nearby rock face. Blindsided, he laid there stunned, his vision swimming with black and white splotches. A dark, bipedal, reptilian form landed upon the charred landscape. A malicious gleam shone in its yellow eyes as it swaggered with sadistic intention to the prone Saviorhuckmon. Reaching to grab the dragon ronin in its deadly Dramon Killers, a soft poomff echoed from high overhead gaining the BlackWarGreymon’s attention.

An angry roar of fury tore from the dragon man’s throat as the relatively harmless excrement nailed him directly in the eyes. Furiously trying to clear them, his Dramon Killers prevented him from easily doing so, lest he stab his own eyes. The Saviorhuckmon regained his wits, while the Mega-level Greymon was preoccupied, and stumbled into the cover of the forest.

Titus limbed through the forest as quickly as he could, a jagged gash in his left thigh from the cliffside hindering his progress. Finally, he stopped and slumped against a sturdy tree to recover his breath. His arms trembled at his side from the close call and silently thanked his garbagemon friend for the distraction as he inhaled deeply to settle jittery nerves. Moments later, he heard a voice call out.

"H-Hey, you," A MegaSeadramon emerged from a thicket of trees, waving a fin. "We'd better stick close. Did you see all those WarGreymon? We're screwed if they get their claws into us..."

“Agreed. Pelagius, was it?” asked Titus, still winded. He eyed the path behind him warily. “I barely escaped from one just moments ago.”

He met the MegaSeadramon’s eyes, shaking his head, “No, I fear not, not since we first engaged the D-Brigade.”

Titus was interrupted by Pelagius’s warning and ducked to the side in time to dodge the serpent’s icy salvo. He witnessed the raging inferno engulf the icy maelstrom with ease. He crouched among the underbrush after the flaming orb passed by. He clenched his claws momentarily uncertain with how to fight the stronger opponent with his current abilities.

He could use that, but it was useless at close-range combat.

His yellow eyes widen as the BlackWarGreymon suddenly charged towards the MegaSeadramon, the same Dramon Killer poised to kill. The Banchostingmon of the Realmless sprung in time to protect Pelagius. Titus released a breathe with relief. He remained frozen where he was, until the thundering boom of Rheagos’s voice reciting the first words of the Old Code in his mind.

A knight is sworn to Valor.

Titus stood upright. His exhaustion and pain from his leg forgotten. His eyes gleamed with renewed confidence and determination. The crystal upon his chest lit with a brilliant light as his dragon spirit quicken.

"Pelagius, strike him from above!" He cried out.

The Saviorhuckmon sprinted across the torn ground to aid his allies. Energy began building within the soles of his bladed feet. With the BlackWarGreymon focused on the BanchoStingmon, Titus leapt and spun with a round-house kick to the vulnerable backside of the enemy’s legs.

Rage Streit!


Sawyer sweated. He stepped in it big time.

The closest Commandramon rush forward, planted his feet, and triggered a round of bullets from his M16. The clanging of bullets rattled across the front of his garbage can and lid, which he used as a shield, adding to the collection of dents. The rest followed suit to take aim, when a breeze wafted through the boulders, the soldiers downwind of the Garbagemon.

Sawyer grinned gleefully.

The sensitive nostrils of the front-most Commandramon twitched. A expression of dreaded realization morphed as they inhaled the noxious odor, resulting a massive gag fest among them.

“Later, bucketheads!” Sawyer hollered, throwing his cart sharply into reverse and away from the circle of boulders. The dust flying from his tires settled in time for the enraged Commandramon to give pursuit, easily following his trail from the tire tracks. Keeping eyes (and careful breathes) alert over the landscape, the troops marched through a batch of thick brush to reach a dead end at the base of a cliff. The Garbagemon was no where in sight, only his garbage can left seemly abandoned on its side.

The group leader cautiously approached the can, kicked it upright, and stuck his rifle inside with a rapid release of fire. Seconds later, he leaned over the rim to glance inside.


The Garbagemon dropped from the dense hanging vegetation further up the cliff and slammed the garbage lid on the upper body of the Commandramon. “Data Crusher!” He yelled, a black swirling vortex of energy spilled from the cracks. The Commandramon’s thrashing body blurred and vanished into the garbage can. The black hole closed with a noisy slurp.

The remaining, and no longer confounded, Commandramon fired at will. Sawyer ducked behind his can, using it as a shield. Grimacing, he tried moving, but the unrelenting onslaught of bullets kept him pin. Reaching over his back, he grasped his homemade bazooka and fired several shots of random junk around the side of the can. He didn’t hit the mark with his haphazardly aim, but it was enough to down two of the Commandramon briefly. Gritting his teeth, he immediately stood upright and took a practiced swing with his right arm outward, while being struck with multiple bullets. He released the garbage lid, like a frisbee, in a tight arch, sailing through the air, and contacting with a resounding cluck! with two Commandramon heads. He kicked over the garbage can to face the general area the D-brigade soldiers had spread out in.

With a hardened scowl, Sawyer planted one foot hard on top of the can. “Data Crusher!”

The living black vortex opened again bigger than before, swirling beyond the edges of the metal canister, and reaching out greedily with its tendrils in the open environment. The recovering Commandramon started panicking for the first time, picking themselves up and dragging their companions away. Futile, the rapidly growing black hole engulfed them, distorting their forms, until they dissolved into oblivion. The energy retreated to the confines of the garbage can. Uprighting the can, a resounding and satisfying burp echoed.

Sawyer eyed the can warily, before shrugging. He reached inside to pull out some dirty strips of cloth to bind a few of his wounds. Finally, he dragged out the motorized cart portion he’d hidden behind a few brushes. Like his can, the cart acquired a few new dents from stray bullets. He mounted the garbage can securely into its cradle and sped away from the scene. He sought a new vantage point at the edge of the battlefield, where the combatants were more sparse.

Sawyer peered around his cover, identifying each of the Ronins and their positions. In an area closer to his position, he finally spotted Titus making mincemeat out of a couple Cyberdramon and a Tankdramon. Silently cheering Titus on, the Garbagemon’s face turned to horror as the raging inferno erupted on the ground, consuming everything around it. He grabbed frantically for his bazooka, when a BlackWarGreymon appeared and advanced on the downed SaviorHuckmon.

“Get your shiny, metal arse out of there, Finn,” he said aloud, taking careful aim through his scope. “One Spicy, Hot, Tamale coming right up!”

The projectile blasted from the bazooka with a poomf, sailing through the air, and successfully smacking Titus’s attacker square in the the eyes. A crooked grin with tongue sticking out graced Sawyer’s face as the BlackWarGreymon fruitlessly tried rubbing the excrement off. He released a breath he didn’t know he was holding, when he saw the Saviorhuckmon stumble away into the woods.

“Nice shooting, Susanna,” he rubbed his bazooka lovingly. He looked back over the battlefield where the scattered Realmless were deep into the enemy ranks. Sawyer hunkered low in his new vantage point. There was no way in the stinking, reeking bowels of the Metal Empire’s sewer system he was going down there. However, that didn’t mean he wasn’t feeling vindictive.

“Mama always said, ‘Keep quiet and don’t bring attention to yourself. You’ll stay safe that way, son.’” Sawyer muttered, looking through Susanna’s scope again and adjusting the ammo setting. “Boy, she would flip a garbage lid, if she knew I was taking pot shots at the Empire’s D-Brigade.”

Satisfied with his adjustments, he raised the poop bazooka high into the air towards the greatest concentration of D-brigade soldiers.

“Time for an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet. Poop Paradise!” He yelled, as a massive blob sailed in a high arch and exploded at its highest point with a cluster bomb affect.

Rain on my parade, I sh*t on yours. He thought.
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Gabrielle calmly pulled her arm out of a now dissolving Cyberdramon's head, the blade coming out with ease when she heard the roar. That didn't sound good. She yanked her foot out the other Cyberdramon's stomach and slashed its neck as she turned around to see what was roaring.

WarGreymon. Many WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon. This was not good, but it was enough to turn this battle into a challenge. Opponent's like the WarGreymon were what she was trained to fight against, not pitiful Cyberdramon. Especially considering that there were several dramon within the Realmless, and one thing that Gabrielle had drilled into her during her training was that you can't allow the enemy to gain the advantage. And she wasn't going to let them get it, even if it killed her!

"You think you have the upper hand!" she said, defiant. "But I shall teach you the downfalls of Pride! Holy Espada!"

She raised her arms, the blades starting to glow with energy, and jetted towards a WarGreymon, gaining speed as she raced towards the ground. The dramon roared at her and charged a Terra Force, the molten orb forming between it's claws. Gabrielle braced herself but kept going strong. This was going to hurt like hell, but it would be insignificant in the long run.

"Terra Force!" roared the WarGreymon, throwing its attack forward.

Gabrielle kept going strong, she had no intention of changing course. Just before the Terra Force hit her, Gabrielle slashed downwards, releasing the energy contained within. The two attacks collided, exploding in a most marvelous explosion. Gabrielle still didn't slow down, bursting from within the explosion.

"Heaven's Ripper!"

She crashed into the WarGreymon, using every blade at her disposal to slash at her enemy. Arms, feet, wings, head, all of her blades were in use. To the mercenary's credit, the WarGreymon managed to block most of Gabrielle's slashes, but still wasn't fast enough to block all of them. In the blink of an eye she cleaved through a claw, her blade cutting through it like butter.

"In the name of the Eternal Legion I shall punish you!" she yelled, once again defaulting to her programming and once again regretting it instantly. "Holy Espada!"


Gaius was slowing wearing down the Commandramon and Sealsdramon, but he swore that every time one went down, another one was just as quick to replace its fallen comrade.

"Why don't you guys just stay down," he said, frustrated at the situation. "Gentle Punch! Gentle Punch! Gentle Punch!"

He leaped into a group of Commandramon, his fists pummeling through them, almost like a machine. Starting to take deep breaths, fighting was much harder than he remembered it being. And in his old age, pretty much everything was more of a challenge than he used to be. He looked over to see if Namine needed a hand, but instead of seeing the MarineAngemon fighting hard, he saw her talking with Zudomon.

"Of course she is," he muttered, slapping away a Sealsdramon with his staff. "Can't trust women not to be focused on fraternising instead of staying focused on fighting."

There's a reason that he used to go around fighting with Tidus and not Tita. But he couldn't focus on that right now, maybe later. Yes that sounded like a good idea, Gaius needed to make sure that Namine understood that in a battle, fighting should be your main priority.

"Guard Stick!"

Gaius brought his staff down to the ground, sending a wave of earth to envelop a Sealsdramon.


Namine stared at the Zudomon, completely confused.

How is this even remotely an appropriate time for this? Namine was confused as hell. But she never missed an opportunity to mess with someone.

"I don't know," she said, making her voice incredibly high pitched and soft. "I thought that maybe I could help the Realmless, but I just don't know. I may not be cut out for fighting on the battlefield. Thankfully, a big strong man like you has come here to help me."

It took all that Namine had not to roll her eyes so hard that she lost her vision. She didn't know why she acted the way she did around strangers, maybe it was a defense mechanism or maybe it was because she really liked messing around with people. Who knows, but it was pretty much an automatic response at this point.

"Thank you kindly for coming," she said, her eyes drifting behind the Zudomon, widening when she saw a Darkdramon headed her way. "Mr Zudomon, I think there's some big trouble headed our way and I'm going to need- oh screw it." Her voice went back to its more natural huskyness. "Get out of my way, I got business to attend to."

She flew over the Zudomon, starting to glow.

"MarineAngemon ...SLIDE DIGIVOLVE INTO... Dianamon!"

No longer a small MarineAngemon, Namine used her position above the Zudomon to use him as a leaping point.

"Arrow of Artemis!"

She grabbed one of the arrows sticking out her back, the arrow erupting with energy the moment she touched it. She place the arrow in the middle of her double headed axe and pulled back, a bowstring appearing behind the arrow. With a roar, she fired the arrow at the Tankdramon.


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Homer Suga the Dynasmon
Under Attack at a Forest within a Valley

"Thanks kuya!" Sura said before rushing towards a group of Commandramon, already blasting them to pieces.

Homer just shook his head and sighed. Despite being very sweet when she wants to be, she still gets fired up from a fight, even against former comrades. Homer sighed again. He spread his wings then took to the sky. He needed to think and clear his mind first, his thoughts would make his attacks slower. When he was at a suitable altitude, he took the chance to get better bearings and status of the battle, especially after rushing to his sister's aid.

There were very few Realmless Digimon in the skies, compared to the ground. The first he saw was Jeager, the MetalGarurumon X having just killed a Darkdramon. Next he saw the SlashAngemon Gabrielle, downing two Cyberdramon, one alien, the other more draconic. The angel's fighting spirit reminding him of his sister. The last in the air he saw was a Crowmon. He saw the Crowmon before but never caught his name. He did notice he seemed to be contemplating something as he flew. It seems he isn't the only one who wants to clear his mind. Seeing the skies were clear enough for him to do a thorough analysis, he looked to the ground.

The fight seemed to be going fine, as far as he was concerned. Both sides seemed evenly matched, with the Realmless' power matching the D-Brigade's numbers. At the height he was at, he could see several of the Realmless--his new allies--fighting with the soldiers of the D-Brigade. Particularly his sister, who was tearing through a few Tankdramon, a Blastmon whose name kept slipping from his mind, and most especially Surrak, basically being a meteorite on the battlefield. Homer shuddered internally. Surrak, in his mind, was what Sura would be if she didn't come under his and his father's care.

All right, enough analyzing. Time to put that info to good use!

Homer opened his palms then pointed them both straight to the ground. He squinted his eyes and aimed at his target.

"Dragon's--" Then he spread his arms, making a cross* with his body. "--ROAR!

The energy in his palms burst in rapid shots with machine gun speed. Loud explosions were heard when two pairs of Cyberdramon materalized on both of his sides before disintegrating into 1's and 0's. Homer smiled. A smile he didn't expect he'd do. The smile one gets when you outsmart an opponent. He didn't expect he'd like it, but he figured it would be just another way to push himself harder to see his wish through.

He aimed at the ground once more and this time really fired towards it. His hailstorm of energy shots distracted some of the D-Brigade soldiers, making them look up or halt their attacks. At least, that was what he could tell from the Tankdramon looking up before it was clobbered by his sister, as well as several Commandramon being obilterated all of a sudden. He was surprised how sharp his eye was up here. He started alternating between shooting towards the ground and shooting at airborn D-Brigade soldiers who tried to .

One minute in and there was already a decrease in aerial combatants. Taking his chance to recharge, he looked to ground and analyzed it once more. There wasn't much change in terms of how many explosions were occuring, but he noticed something. There was a Darkdramon in front of Goliath, Arcades he guessed since Goliath was there. But that wasn't what caught his attention. What caught him was the fact that Arcades looked as if he was laughing. If there was one thing he knew of the commander was that he was no psycopath, so why was he laughing?

A roar resounded through the valley, causing Homer to turn and instantly curse his luck. A troop of Dragon Man Digimon, more specifically, Wargreymon. It wasn't himself he was worried about. The Dramon Killers wouldn't harm him any more than any other weapon. It was sister he was concerned for. Though she isn't effected by the weapons, she has developed an aversion to them, meaning she won't fight as well.

He looked to where his sister was. Even from here, he could see his sister hating the gods from the fact that she just stood there frozen. Another roar made him gaze back at the Wargreymon and BlackWargreymon that were now approaching them.

Homer grunted. He'd rush to his sister's aid, but that won't knock her out of her stupor, he knew that. Even if she does move, she won't focus well. Besides, he'd waste more time getting to her. He shook his head then focused energy between his two hands. If I can't help near her...then I'll just make sure she can stop as many as she can!

He eyed his target as a large pale blue sphere formed between his hands.

"Dragon Collider!"

He then threw the sphere that was his size straight to a BlackWargreymon. The dragon seemed to have expected this as it crossed its arms to shield itself, but when the orb exploded, it was clear he did a good chunk of damage.

He could care less if the Wargreymon swarmed to him because of this, or if the other D-Brigade soldiers start to target him as well, but he shouted at the top of his lungs anyway, "SURA! You BETTER show them WHAT YOU'RE MADE OF!"


Suranuras Suga the OmniShoutmon
Under Attack at a Forest Valley

Sura gasped before dodging an attack from a Sealsdramon, snapped out of her daze by her brother's shout. That was something she didn't think he'd do. Shouting snappy encouraging words were her thing. Than again, supporting her was his thing, and that was exactly what he did when he shouted. Sura smiled as she hit the Sealsdramon earlier straight in the face, sending it flying towards a group of Commandramon.

"Heavy Metal Vulcan!"

A flurry of fiery energy shots went straight towards the group. The reptiles only had enough time to scream before being obliterated by the attack.

She looked to the sky. It seemed that she wasn't the only one who heard her brother as five more Wargreymon--three Vaccine, two Virus--were going after him as he fought against a BlackWargreymon.

Tsk. I'm gonna hate this, but there's no way I'm not gonna return a favor!

She closed her eyes then shouted, "DNA DIGIVOLUTION!"

A bright light enveloped her as she gave a roar.

"SHOUTMON--" The light surrounding her faded before she opened her eyes. "--DX!"

The distinct click of a weapon ready to fire ringed in her ears. She smirked.

She swerved around, her right arm up and shouted, "Hyper Rock Magnum!"

A hail of blazing energy tore through the dragon tank, making the mini-nuke in its cannon explode. Sura used her jetpack to back away from the blast zone. Her smile got all the more smug but she had something to do.

She crouched before activating her boosters. She reared her left arm, the arm now surrounded by flames. She gave a battle cry then roared, "Trident JusFang!"

The BlackWargreymon she targeted looked to her just as she slashed the dragon on the face. The contact made her cringe but she ignored it. The blow forced the BlackWargreymon back several feet, away from her and her brother, who just registered her precense.

Her frown changed to a smile as she said, "Thought I'd return the favor kuya."

Homer had a look of confusion before reverting back to his usual neutral face. He reared his right arm, his palm glowing. Sura got the hint and turned around. She drove her left arm into the Wargreymon that closed in on her. It roared in shock before roaring again, this time from being shot in the face by her brother. But Sura wasn't going to relent. She aimed her arm cannon at the head and shot right at the head. The force was enough for it to come off her arm. Sura gritted her teeth. Grr... At least this one's badly injured.

A shriek made them turn to their right. Homer narrowly dodged the attack while punched the attacking Wargreymon, cringing again from the contact.

"You sure you'll be okay?" Homer asked as he tried punching the Wargreymon.

The injured Wargreymon wasn't finished yet as it tried slashing Sura. Sura countered the blows as she answered, "I got you--ergh--here." She dodged a slash to the head. "Ugh... 'sides, Fridge won't let me freeze up. Hiya!"

Sura impaled the hampered Wargreymon again. But this time, killing it from the head puncture.

"One down, who-knows how many to go."

Yep. It's gonna be a really long day.


OOC: *not the "X" cross, more like a "T".


God of Monsters
The WarGreymon and BlackWarGreymon tore through the sky, dropping down to meet the Ronin in perfect formation and synchronicity. Only at the last moment did they break off to engage the Ronin one-on-one. They were good. Professional. Goliath could see that. But more than soldiers, they were killers. Trained. Hardened. Experienced. There was no hesitation or doubt in their movements.

The Ronin were nothing like them. Only a handful of them had actual combat experience. Most had only received training and studied combat. The few that had experience were mostly the former Empire soldiers that had joined them! Them and Surrak, who was less accustomed to tactics and warfare than he was to savage bouts of individualized combat.

He crashed his blade against Sabboth's lance, and the screech of meta-on-metal filled his ears. He pushed with every ounce of strength in his arms, but Sabboth wouldn't budge. The cyborg was bigger, wider, and stronger. He was likely even faster, even more resilient to injury and fatigue. By all rights he should have brought Goliath to his knees, but Goliath held the edge on a simple field: he was much angrier. It gave him the force of will to stand against Sabboth's greater physicality. He held on through every blow that should have shaken him to the core and put him down with just the hope that the opportunity would arise for him to make a successful counterattack.

Goliath opened with a vicious uppercut that could have taken the head clean off a Triceramon. But Sabboth was quick; he twitched his head to the side so that the blow just skimmed his face. It left a sear across his neck and cheek. Sabboth struck back and Goliath parried his spear, but he wasn't quick enough to evade the following blow that sent him tumbling end-over-end through the forest. He crashed hard into the earth, throwing dirt and stones up as he skidded to a stop.

He flipped himself to his feet just in time to defend against one of the WarGreymon. He paried the dragon's claws with his blade and drove his heel into its stomach before laying it flat with a vicious haymaker. Goliath's combat senses blared, and he spun around to see Sabboth charging towards him, lance thrust forward.

"Gigastick Lance!"

Goliath just barely managed to raise his weapon in time. He caught Sabboth's strike with the flat edge of his blade, but the force of the blow tore through his defenses; it shattered his sword and sent shards of metal ripping through his torso. The unchecked force of the attack slammed into his chest. He felt his skin blister and his ribs crack. The air was forced from his lungs, and Sabboth whipped him across the face with his tail. Goliath was sent spinning through the air and landed in a heap.


Surrak whipped through the narrow spaces between the trees and slashed through a pair of alien Cyberdramon. It was almost too easy for him. Dramon - especially mass-produced inexperienced fodder Dramon - were hardly a challenge. His weaponry had evolved specifically to fight them; he could shred through their armor and armaments as if they were little more than wet paper. It was hardly a challenge. It was boring. Surrak didn't fight for his beliefs as much as he fought for the sheer thrill of it. That was what it meant to be Draconic. Violence and victory.


The cry went up from somewhere within the ranks of the Ronin. For an instant Surrak thought they were calling to him, trying to either reign him back or regroup their forces once more. But there was a note of panic and fear in the call. Then he felt it, an overwhelming feeling of pressure. Like the air was thickening and growing hotter. Firemind, it screamed in his head. A challenge. Surrak glanced up as the WarGreymon tore through the sky. Tight flying. Perfect formation. He knew that pattern.

"Balefire!" he shouted, his warning carrying over the battlefield. Whatever good it might do. Of the Ronin likely only Jaeger knew of Balefire Squadron, the elite unit of a Greymon mercenary company - and only because Surrak had mentioned them in stories of his past. They were powerful, a force worth of recognition and his respect. Surrak understood them because they were cut from the same fiery cloth. And if the D-Brigade had contracted Balefire Squadron it could only mean--

"Daghatar!" Surrak roared. He took to the skies, ignoring the D-Brigade he'd been fighting just moments before, and made a beeline for the Squadron. He scanned their ranks but couldn't find a trace of who he was looking for.

Balefire noticed his approach and their formation split. Thirteen of their number veered away, diving towards battle, while the last - an enormous hulk of a WarGreymon - upped his pace and drove forward towards Surrak. The Dragonclaw met his charge and they plowed into one another. There were no blows landed, just the sky-shaking impact of a dragon-on-dragon collision.

Surrak's opponent was a giant, taller and wider than any WarGreymon he'd ever met before, and crashing into him had knocked the wind from the Dragonclaw. Only a lifetime experience of hitting hard and getting hit back kept him oriented and in the air after that collision. But the same was also true for his opponent.

Realizing that brute force would get them nowhere, Surrak and the other WarGreymon drifted back, circling one another. They paid no mind to the battle blow; everything was focused on their own conflict. Surrak raised his left arm slowly and pointed his claws towards his opponent. His opponent mirrored his moves. It was the challenge to ritual combat practiced among the Hordes: ankam. The two WarGreymon continued to circle each other, moving closer together as they did. They circled faster and faster until finally their outstretched claws scraped. There was a single spark.

And then, chaos.

The moment the spark flew their combat began in earnest. Claws crashed against one another, screeching against armor and scales. They filled the sky with fire and burning slivers of metal and roars of draconic fury.

They spiraled through the sky, trailing an inferno in their wake. Surrak’s opponent was massive and unexpectedly fast, but he was bulky; his movements were easy to read and he over-extended with each strike. Surrak was quick to take advantage. He slipped beneath a telegraphed stab and drove his elbow into the giant’s throat. His opponent seized up, and Surrak grabbed him by the back of his head and hurled him down into the trees. The Dragonclaw tore down after him and landed a huge kick to his chest.

But the huge WarGreymon recovered quickly, whipping his legs around and kicking up a torrent of fire that pushed Surrak back. Surrak jumped back, anticipating a counterstrike that never came. A fiery light erupted behind him. He glanced over his shoulder; another of Balefire Squadron hurled a fiery Terra Destroyer. Surrak spun around and threw the shield of his Dramon Destroyer gauntlets in front of him.

Cowards, he snarled under his breath. Ankam was single combat.

His shield deflected most of the blast but the rest seared past his armor and blistered his skin. It hurled him back towards the giant. He raked his claws down Surrak’s back and struck him with a hammer blow that drove him into the dirt. The BlackWarGreymon was suddenly on top of him, too. But Surrak kicked out his opponents' feet and ignited his boosters; he jetted through them, throwing them back and putting space between him and them.

Surrak drove his claws into the earth; he felt the power, felt the overwhelming strength of the world around him. And he called it forth. The power gathered between his hands; an enormous, molten ball of draconic fire.

"Terra Force!" Surrak roared. He hurled his attack; it liquefied the forest floor as it rushed over and thundered towards his two opponents. But they readied their shields and braced themselves against the attack. The two strained against the fireball, digging their claws into the earth even as the fire pushed them back. But they endured, riding out the force of the attack until it went critical and exploded.

Surrak waited for the fire and dust to settle, hoping his attack had won out over their defenses. But when the smoke cleared his two opponents were still standing, shields locked together. The metal of their wing-shields glowed red-hot, but they were otherwise unscathed. They growled low and tore towards him with a roar of "Dragon Crusher," howling from their lips. Their still-glowing wings left trails of fire burning through the air.

Surrak braced himself, drawing on the fiery power of the atmosphere once more. This time, he channeled it into his claws. He wasn't going to give them a chance to defend themselves against his attack. He shot forward to meet them, his gauntlets burning white-hot.

"Terra Force...ZERO!"

The three WarGreymon collided and sent fire spilling through the forest. Surrak was thrown back, crashing through trees and brush until he dug his fingers into the ground to stop his flight.


He glanced down at his arms; his gauntlet weapons were crushed; twisted and cracked. He snarled under his breath and ripped the smoldering hunks of metal from his arms. Across the clearing caused by the fiery explosion he could see his opponents hadn't quite fared the same; their weapons and armor were cracked, but still whole. Their claws glinted in the fiery light of the burning forest.

"Slag it all," Surrak grumbled. "Looks like it's time to get serious." He steadied himself and looked inward towards the power he hadn't used in quite some time. Even as he drew on his power he charged towards his enemies. It would be good to take them by surprise. They met his charge.

The fools.

"Slide Evolution!" Surrak's body lit with light and power. He felt solid chrome coalesce in his hands. "VictoryGreymon!"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Jasper's narrow eyes squinted and a broad grin was plastered on his face as the light from his attack began to fade. He stepped forwards onto the smouldering crater around his incandescent body. The Blastmon gazed up at the sky to admire his handy work from the beam he fired.

The sky was still bright with residual beam energy. From what he could tell, there were less Digimon now than when he fired the beam. His smirk grew. Just as he was about to let out a deep laugh, he stopped.

In the sky, he could see the faint silhouettes of two figures. Jasper focused on them and could begin to see them clearly as the light faded.

It was the two BlackWarGreymon that he had targeted. They were still alive and hovering in the sky. The two dragon mercenaries seemed to have survived by whipping out their Brave Shields at the last minute. The shields were now a warped, molten mess, beyond usable, but the BlackWarGreymons were both intact.

Jasper's eyes widened with shock and his mouth dropped open. "Huh?" he uttered.

The two BlackWarGreymon broke off from one another, flying into a tactical formation.

"Diamond Machine Gun!" he shouted, firing off jagged crystals from his body at the pair of them.

The pair were surprisingly nimble and performed advanced aerial manoeuvres. Jasped grunted as he kept up the fire. He could tell that they were highly skilled. It seemed like he underestimated them.

As he managed to perform heavy suppressive fire on the mercenaries similtaneously, he was distracted by the sounds of shuffling behind him. Immediately on his guard, Jasper lowered one of his arms and turned around.

He sneered when he saw the WarGreymon that he had first attacked slowly rising to his feet. The WarGreymon's front armour was shattered and had fragments of metal falling off. His face and chest was covered with blood, but there was a look of rage and defiance in his eyes.

"You're still alive are you?" Jasper asked him, grinning slightly. "You're a stubborn one!"

He turned around and prepared to charge in order to finish him off for good. However, this action left his back exposed. The two BlackWarGreymon capitalized on his distraction two launch two consecutive Terra Destroyer attacks.

As the WarGreymon flew away in time to avoid the attack, Jasper spun around and raised his arms to brace himself for the explosion that landed in front of him. He snarled as the blast superheated his thick body, but he dug his feet deep into the ground and raised his tail to balance himself and remain standing.

When the heat faded, he lowered his guard, but he was shocked to see a second sphere of conflagrant destruction smash into him. Unprepared for this blast, Jasper was thrown off his feet and sent smashing through a tree.

Jasper rolled into a ball, using the momentum from the blast to his advantage, and he tore across the battlefield. "Diamond Hedgehog!" he bellowed as he tore through a Tankdramon, causing the Digimon to explode behind him. He circled around, smashing through any trees or D-Brigade that got in his way, and began heading back towards the two BlackWarGreymon.

"I'm not finished with you yet!"


Valerius flew over the battlefield. Things were becoming more hectic. He was having to fly harder and more skillfully in order to avoid being attacked. He could see that the arrival of the Balefire mercenaries had began to turn the tide of the battle against them.

This wasn't good.

He tensed his beak when one of two of the WarGreymon set their sights on him. Vale narrowed his eyes and swooped down towards the ground, flying underneath them as they ripped forwards. He glanced over his shoulder to track their movements.

They seemed to be trying to force the Realmless out of the sky. It was a good strategy, since as soon as the D-Brigade could achieve air superiority, then the Realmless would be flanked from above.

Vale knew that he couldn't let that happen, but he also didn't fancy his chances against those mercenaries.

The Crowmon was pulled from his thoughts when he noticed a Tankdramon ahead of him aiming its cannons at him. Valerius narrowed his eyes and angled his wings.

"Savage Emperor!" he cawed, unleashing a torrent of power from his wings.

The two beams slammed into the Tankdramon and exploded it in a mighty explosion. The heat, ashes, and dirt swept over Valerius body as he flew through the flames. He winced and flew upwards, embers and spoke trailing from his form. This was what it was like being in a real battle.

He scanned the battlefield. They needed to do something or else they would be overwhelmed at this rate. Valerius could see the Dynasmon comrade of his in the distance. Homer, he believed his name was.

His mind worked quickly. He knew there were several Balefire mercenaries in that direction, but he had to chance it. He flapped his wings strongly and ripped through the air, forcing his way past a Darkdramon that tried to run him through.

Valerius increased his speed, despite the strain in put on his wings and shoulders. He flew over to Homer's position. "Dynasmon! Homer!" he called out to him. He fired a beam at the WarGreymon he was engaging, though it only served to distract him.

The ebony crow veered to the left and flew down to the Dynasmon's position. "Please, I need your help!" he told him with a sense of urgency in his otherwise calm voice. "We can't let the D-Brigade take control of the skies! Otherwise, we're finished!"

As the wounded WarGreymon that Homer was fighting focused on them, Valerius flapped his wings and took to the air, He veered away from the mercenary and fired another pair of beams towards two Cyberdramon that flew towards him. One dodged, and the other was grazed by the glowing beams that streaked through the skies.


"Pelagius, strike him from above!" Titus cried out.

The MegaSeadramon nodded. His serpentine body spiraled into the air before arcing back down so that he could take aim. "Lightning Javelin!"

A bolt of electricity ripped down from his horn, striking the BlackWarGreymon and pumping his body full of electricity. His happened in tandem with Titus' attack, causing pain to shoot through the dragon man's form.

There was a baleful glint in Ulysses' eyes as his opponent began to falter. He began to take advantage of the opportunity, but the BlackWarGreymon lashed out in savage anger. He struck Ulysses with the blunt part of his Dramon Killer and knocked him away.

Pelly's eyes widened when the battlehardened mercenary lunged into the air, his sights set on him.

He lunged forward with his Dramon Killers. The MegaSeadramon was just barely able to move his coils and dodge so that the stab missed. However, the BlackWarGreymon quickly followed up and drove his foot into Pelly's side, throwing him into half of a nearby tree.

Pelly let out a gasp, winded by the impact. However, he couldn't afford to hover around in pain. The BlackWarGreymon was already charging at him, ready to skewer him.

Pelagius knew that he had to act quickly. He wrapped his tail around the tree behind him and tore the trunk from the ground. The MegaSeadramon whipped his tail around and hurled the tree at the BlackWarGreymon.

The mercenary seemed to slice through it seemlessly. A bead of sweat dripped down the sea serpent's face.

Without a second thought, Pelagius turned around and began flying through the forest, snaking around the trees in an attempt to lose the BlackWarGreymon who followed him.

He flew as speedily as he could. He hoped that he could find Tor. Maybe they could team up to fight this guy.

Pelagius looked behind him and immediately flew into the sky, flying over a blazing sphere that passed beneath him. The blast narrowly missed him and ended up slamming into the mountainside with a thunderous explosion.

The MegaSeadramon sneered and opened his mouth. "Maelstrom!" he shouted, unleashing a torrent of ice from his maw towards the black dragon man. He knew it wouldn't affect him much, but he at least hoped it would slow him down briefly. Pelly darted through the air, sensing that the BlackWarGreymon was right behind him. With so few Realmless for the enemy to choose from, there wasn't many places to hide.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw a mass of orange and green within a bunch of tree. Pelagius swooped down and shouted out urgently.

"TOR!" he bellowed, flying over to the Zudomon. He weaved around the trees and darted over to him.

He stopped briefly and blinked when he saw that the Digimon was coated with mud and leaves. "How did you get so filthy?" he asked him. A roar nearby reminded Pelly of more urgent matters. "Forget it! We've got company!" he warned him, gesturing to the BlackWarGreymon who tore through the sky after him.


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Suranuras Suga
Current Form: Shoutmon DX
Under Attack at a Forest in a Valley

Sura grunted as the force of a Terra Force's explosion pushed her back. Her ZekeGreymon armor was scorched and the flames managed to get through in a few places, but she able to stand the worst of the blast. But things weren't going so good. She was used to fighting in a group, as well as by herself, but those were against inexperienced warriors, mere overzealous rebels against the Empire. But these Wargreymon were different. They lived to fight, they weren't just trained. They wished the rush of battle and pleasure of defeating a strong opponent. They weren't fighting for survival, they were fighting for thrill.

Sura parried another strike from the Wargreymon's Dramon Killers, making her visibly cringe. She knew this one knew she hated those things. The smug look on its eyes told very clearly that it was amused a non-Dramon was visibly pained by its weapons. It was hard hiding the feeling. The hatred and pain of the weapons have been ingrained into her very being. But she wasn't going to lose from that. If anything, the thought flared her determination, and she was going to make sure these Wargreymon knew that.

Another strike, this time hitting her torso. But despite the pain, she smirked. Electric Buster Xros! She struck the dragon man with her bayonets, slashing it and pushing it back. Then she fired her buster, hitting it in the head. But if it was hurt, it showed no signs of it as it roared, seemingly more energized than ever.

Sura mentally cursed this. Her analysis was right, these Megas are definite warriors and she was just lucky to have killed that last Wargreymon. But even though the Realmless are probably in a hopeless situation, she felt something in her she hasn't felt in a long time: the want to fight.

The Wargreymon in front of her charged another Terra Force.

Sura smiled. "Heh, you want me to enjoy myself Fridge?"

The Terra Force grew to full size.

Sura chuckled. "All right then." She reared her left arm, gathering energy into it. "I'll enjoy myself then! Trident JusFang!"

She charged just as the Terra Force was thrown to her. Sura didn't bother dodging. She stopped mid-air and lunged her left arm forward, striking the giant fireball. The force in question explodes, smoke spreading around the sky. A flash and then Sura bursts forth from it, covered in scorch marks. With the Wargreymon briefly surprised, Sura strikes it with her bayonets. Despite that, it recovered just in time to block it.

But Sura isn't a strategical fighter.

She charges a shot and shoots the 'mon in the face again, thanks to her bayonets being part of her buster. This pushes the Wargreymon back further but its guard wasn't down. Sura tried slashing it with her left arm but it parried it. Sura wouldn't let up though. She kept attacking and attacking and attacking. Even when two BlackWargreymon came to help the Wargreymon, she didn't care. She just struck whoever was in reach.

And she was loving it.


Homer Suga the Dynasmon
Under Attack at a Forest in a Valley

Homer grunted, trying to parry his opponent's strikes as he made another note to his growing list of what-not-to-do in battle. Despite his best efforts in strategizing and analyzing openings, for once, his inexperience was holding him back. It was obvious that he telegraphed his next attack even when he thought he wasn't. Add in the fact that he's only had one fight prior to this one and only having been accustomed to his body a few days ago, things were quickly turning downhill for him against the more experienced mercenary.

The only thing keeping him from becoming a smoldering heap was his anger. His anger for his inexperience. His anger that he can't come up with a way to trick the Greymon. His anger fuelling his attacks, which grew more and more berserk from it. But most of all, he was angry at the Wargreymon. He could see it on its face: this guy isn't even worth my time. This guy isn't even as powerful as most Megas.

Homer roared and reinvigorated his strikes, speeding them up. The frequemcy caught the Mega-leveled Greymon off guard, a few of them slashing its torso and its head. Seeing this, Homer hastened his attacks even more, but his opponent was prepared this time. Instead of blocking, it dodged Homer's attack and delivered its own on Homer's chest. The blow pushed him far back. He would've been knocked from the sky if it weren't the fact that he was used to punches to the chest, thanks to his sister.

He clutched his chest. He saw that the dragon man was preparing to truly knock him out of the sky until something shot it.

"Dynasmon! Homer!"

Homer, surprised to hear a voice call to him, looked to its source and found the Crowmon from earlier fly near him.

"Please, I need your help!" he said with urgency. "We can't let the D-Brigade take control of the skies! Otherwise, we're finished!"

The Crowmon attacked his Wargreymon foe again, not doing too much damage to it however. Homer noted two Cyberdramon were above them but he ignored them for now. His mind was thinking and trying to do it quickly.

It was true they needed to keep the skies theirs, but with most of their aerial troops far from each other (bar his sister and the Crowmon), they can't exactly coordinate a strategy to keep their hold on the skies. Guess he'll just have to hope the other Digimon will do their part. But what can he, his sister, and the Crowmon do? They were outgunned and outmatched. Homer then looked to his right. His sister was facing three Wargreymon, one normal, two black, and despite the fact that she was outnumbered, she was holding her own just fine.

Looking at her, an idea formed in his head.

He didn't have to do the killing. He just needed to weaken them so the better fighters could finish more off.

Homer flapped his wings just in time to avoid a strike from his Wargreymon opponent, just as the Crowmon flew up to handle the two Cyberdramon. Quickly, he charged his palms, silently said Dragon's Roar, then fired several shots at the two.

"I have an idea!" he shouted to the Crowmon as he got close to him. When he was beside him, he said quietly as he could, "We need to weaken as many Wargreymon as we can so the better fighters can get rid of many of them. I'll let my sister--" he briefly pointed to the Shoutmon DX that was his sister. "--know to start it."

He turned and crossed his arms just as the same dragon man threw a Terra Force at him. He hoped he protected the Crowmon from the worst of the blow, and that he heard his idea. As the smoke was starting to clear, the Wargreymon rushed towards him. Homer charged his palms again, but instead of shooting it, he closed his fist, the energy filling his arms and making them glow. The Wargreymon, who was now in front of him, prepared to strike but Homer wouldn't allow that. With draconic energy in his arms, he released a flurry of punches against its body before hitting it with a right hook.

This pushed it back, which was what Homer wanted. He flew right past the recovering draco-man and gathered energy into a ball between his hands. He narrowed his eyes, determined to pull through his self-appointed mission.

"Dragon Collider!"

He stopped mid-air right before the four and threw the sphere at the Wargreymon. The sudden attack caught it off-guard and the two BlackWargreymon looked to him. He wasn't going to let up and so, after quickly saying Dragon's Breath, fired a multitude of shots at them. This was when Sura saw him.

"What? Kuya?"

"Finish them off!" was all Homer replied, rushing off back to the Crowmon.

He knew his sister could handle herself but he wasn't so sure about the Crowmon. He didn't think the bird's speciality was combat, and he left him with his Wargreymon foe, so he was going to make sure to help him. That, and he was thankful the Crowmon was there to make him think.
Demo was annoyed. Jasper - the slowest out of all them when he wasn’t in his balled-up sphere form - had overtaken him and beat him to the two BlackWarGreymon that were charging towards him. And all because he mistakenly thought his left foot was his right and tripped. He immediately landed on the mossy floor, left behind by the larger Digimon. That momentary slip-up, that one misstep, was all it took for another enemy, whom had flanked them from behind, to take advantage.

Demo was immediately grabbed by the foot and raised into the air, leaving him dangling upside down and facing the culprit.

“Let me down!” he growled at the WarGreymon, who merely smirked at him. “Before I-“

The Mamemon was cut off by the large draconic Digimon suddenly whirling around and slamming his body into a nearby tree truck, causing the bean Digimon to gasp out in pain. The tree cracked and fell from the sheer force of the WarGreymon’s strength, and it was a testament to Demo’s body that the only thing he could feel was a dull ache on his back.

“Resilient,” he heard the WarGreymon speak. “But weak.”

That was the WarGreymon’s mistake. “Weak!?” Demo barked harshly. “I am not weak!” he declared, his fists clenching tight, the pain stemming from his back suddenly forgotten. Without any regard for himself, he smashed his startlingly glowing fists into the WarGreymon’s wrist. “Smiley Bomb!

The draconian Digimon let out a cry or pain, two potent explosives focused point blank on his arm. It also blew him away, forced to let go of the metal Digimon in his grasp, but it was only enough that he skidded on the heels of his large feet. He looked at his left arm through the pain and saw that his left forearm and hand was left bleeding and possible unusable. He turned back to see that the dual explosions caused a black smokescreen where he was before - probably with the disintegrating data of a foolhardy and suicidal Mamemon.

He hadn’t expected said Mamemon to come rushing out of the smoke, body covered in black soot and dirt marks.

One-Two Rush!” Demo shouted as he delivered a quick jab to the WarGreymon’s solar-plexus, catching him in surprise and causing him to duck down in pain. The punch was followed by a kick to his chest, causing his body to snap back up again, along with a step back. Demo let out a yell, landing on the floor and finishing his combo with an uppercut to the WarGreymon’s chin.

It was unfortunate for him that the split-second he needed for the last strike gave all the experienced mercenary the time he needed to block the attack. But blocked or otherwise, the power behind Demo’s fist was strong, making the WarGreymon skid backwards even further.

The two Digimon stood across from each other, panting. In a span of a minute, both Digimon caused each other a good deal of damage, and neither was going to back down. The WarGreymon narrowed his eyes - he wouldn’t underestimate the Mamemon again.

Demo stamped his foot on the ground. “I’ll show you who’s weak!” he yelled, his rage burning greater. “I will not be defeated again!” he announced as he charged once more, this time, fully prepared.


Nika jumped down the cliff. Glimmer was quick to follow after her. She hoped that her ally would be able to fend for herself - Nika

She had seen the Balefire Squadron coming after them. More importantly, one of them was after her. She had tried to shoot him down with one of her arrows, but he had made quick work of it with a quick and powerful swipe of his Dramon Killers.

The Valkyrimon had heard of the Balefire. They were a strong and powerful force that was known to her only because of her intensive studies of the other Realms. She wasn’t keen on finding out just how strong they are compared to the books she read on them. Besides, she already knew what would happen were she to fight against them, even on-on-one. She knew she was a liability when it came to close-quarter combat, which was their apparent specialty. She’d might as well sign her death warrant. And Nika decided that risking coming close with enemies in the forest that might kill her was better than staying out in the open with the enemy that would definitely kill her.

She dived into the forest, hoping that the trees would slow her pursuer down, but the sound of trees breaking was telling her otherwise. She thought she was doing well despite the growing panic in her heart. She crossed her arms in front of her as she ran through a bush, bursting right through.

And right into someone’s body without warning.

Nika let out a yelp of surprise as she tumbled along with the Digimon in front of her, sending both of them sprawling on the ground. Pumped with adrenaline and without even thinking about it, she quickly got up, finding herself straddling the one she bumped into, and raising her crossbow at…Titus. She recognized him after a moment. “O-oh, I’m sorry!” she said in panic, immediately standing to help him up. “I was just running, and I didn’t see-“

She was cut off by the roar and appearance of a WarGreymon bursting right through the same bush she did. Nika let out a yelp and jumped away, re-aiming her crossbow at the draconian. This was most certainly not the time for pleasantries!


Although he kept his charming smile, Tor stared at the MarinAngemon’s reaction. Her initial words were sweet. Far too sweet that they sounded fake to his ears. He’s heard tones of voice like during the rare occasions his father made the young Zudomon go with him during his various meetings with other nomad heads and city authorities. He was about to call her on it - and then she suddenly became gruff and went over his head. Tor blinked.

Now that didn’t sound fake at all.

He looked up just as the light of evolution surrounded her, revealing her svelter and more mature Dianamon form. He could feel his heart swoon - he would love to be under her any time, any day of the-

“Gugh!” he suddenly felt her foot on his face, using him as a stepping stone as she sent her attack. The force of her jump caused him to fall flat on his shelled back, just in time to see her run off in his upside-down view. Despite what happened, he let out a lecherous grin. He would love to watch her walk away from behind in a more right-side up position, that was for sure. Just for the heck of it, he let out a wolf whistle right before she disappeared.

He rolled over and got back up, just in time to hear a familiar voice call out his name. “Huh? Pel?” he turned around and saw the MegaSeadramon floating towards him. “Hey!” he let out with a grin as his friend stopped in front of him, looking at him oddly.

“How did you get so filthy?” he asked in surprise.

“Weeeell-“ Tor couldn’t even finish his sentence before he heard a loud and angry roar coming from behind his serpentine friend. “What the…?”

“Forget it! We’ve got company!” Pelagrius said. As if on cue, an intimidating BlackWarGreymon appeared before them.

“Really? An opponent? You shouldn’t have, Pelly,” Tor said, walking past Pelagrius, brandishing his hammer. “I mean it - you shouldn’t have,” he said, narrowing his eyes. He had enough combat experience to know that the scarred form of the draconic Digimon before him was really strong. He just didn’t know how strong.

Guess he would just have to find out.

“Watch my back, will ya?” Tor asked the MegaSeadramon, stopping and raises a hand in the air. “Glacier…” he started saying just as ice started to form into a thin pole in front of him. As he started to do so, the BlackWarGreymon charged at them. “Spear!” he bellowed, smashing the end of his hammer at the frozen spear of ice, sending it flying towards the dragon Digimon.


The Reforged Soul
The brown cluster bomb rained down on the lower ranks of the D-brigade, creating further confusion and disorganisation. The payload was a special variation with a thick, yet goopy consistency designed to gum up mechanical or technological devices and temporarily inhibit functionality. However, in Sawyer’s haste, he failed to spot one of the Wargreymon reinforcements fly into splatter zone.

The Wargreymon, now covered in a lovely mud brown polka-dots, halted abruptly in his flight path. His eyes lit with a hellish fire as he scanned for the source of this unspeakable humility.

“Oh, crud…” Sawyer muttered with great dread. The Garbagemon ducked into his garbage cart in a panic, scooting towards denser cover. Unfortunately in doing so, his movement gave away his location to the furious WarGreymon.

The air blurred and wavered around his clawed hands. The very atmosphere ignited with a small flare, growing rapidly into a twisting sphere of plasma. The mega-level digimon heaved the fiery orb towards the fleeing Garbagemon. Striking the ground just shy of its target, rock, earth, and flora twisted in the fiery maelstrom upon impact and hurled into all the surrounding directions. Sawyer was caught up in explosive shockwave and sent flying through the air at the mercy of the digital world’s physics.

Sawyer curled up terrified in the confines of his garbage can, churning through the air in an uncontrollable spin. A mighty clash stunned Sawyer, the momentum of his flight abruptly ceased upon impact with an unknown object. With a final thud, Sawyer rolled out disoriented onto solid ground. He desperately tried to make sense of his surroundings, but his senses were slow to recover from the jostling experience. The war cries, explosions, and clashing of weapons alerted Sawyer to the fact he deep within the battlefield.

A tall dark shadow casted itself across his blurry vision. Sawyer made a mad scramble for his misplaced bazooka, firing off a rushed shot in a mad gamble.

The figure didn’t even flinch. Instead a deathly growl emanated from his target.

“Worm…” A guttural hiss spoke. A dark brown smudge decorated the lower front of a towering Darkdramon. Horrible realization came over Sawyer as he finally recovered all his senses.

No...No….No...No! The stories spoken to him, in the deepest of the Empire’s sewers and away from prying ears, from his mother as a warning concerning the Empire’s most deadly soldier class, awoken an unbridled terror within Sawyer. Those stories, experienced first hand, were handed down the family line until he heard them as a wee Chuumon. He cowered beneath the Darkdramon frozen with a paralyzing fear on the ground.

The Gigastick Lance poised to strike down on his head.


The Saviorhuckmon struck at the unarmored legs with his charged attacked, whipping around three-sixty, in close sync with Pellagius’s Lightning Javelin. The BlackWarGreymon roared in pain anger from the cooperative attack. Titus twisted down and to the side after his successful strike. Ulysses was about join with his own attack, when the dark dragon man easily batted him away. The Mega-level Greymon then turned its undivided attention to his dramon ally, the Saviorhuckmon stumbled afterwards to give pursuit. However, Pellagius and the BlackWarGreymon took to the air leaving him and the Banchostingmon behind.

Titus gave a brief nod of his head to the Banchostingmon to go on ahead to help Pelagius or the other ronins, as he would only likely slow Ulysses down. The Saviorhuckmon was soon alone in a cluster of tightly packed trees and bushes. Roars of battle resounded through the forest on all sides. He listened intently for those closest to him, while keeping his mantle carefully wrapped around to blend his silver armor better in the wooded environment. He had no sooner began trudging off in one direction, when the thrashing of branches and leaves came from his right.

With little warning, Titus was bowled over by another digimon and landed hard on the moist ground in a tangled pile. The digimon’s weight laid across his waist, pinning him. He threw an armored arm to protect himself, when a crossbow was thrusted into his face...only to be quickly retracted, when the digimon, Valkyrimon, stammered a hasty apology, ““O-oh, I’m sorry!”

“It’s alright,” Titus gasped with painful grunt, using the Valkyrimon (Nika, he remembered) offered arm to stand and steady himself on his injured leg. He was about to say more to reassure his fellow ronin, when another WarGreymon emerged from the undergrowth with a deep holler. Titus dove into another duck-and-roll maneuver to avoid the deadly dramon claws, separating the two Ronins.

“Meteor Flame!” the Saviorhuckmon cried, firing at the WarGreymon’s feet to distract and create a smokescreen to confuse him. The enemy Greymon growled unhampered. Multiple arrow shots struck his back and armor, he turned his attention to the Valkyriemon. Picking up speed, the WarGreymon lunged forward with its Dramon Killers.

Seconds slowed down into an eternity, as the mercenary drew closer to Nika. Titus slammed into the Valkyriamon’s side, pushing her out of the WarGreymon’s path. The Saviorhuckmon’s blade extended outward to divert the Dramon Killer’s momentum off to the side. Instead, the strike only slowed, shattering Titus’s arm blade and shredding his armor like paper across his outward shoulder. A indirect hit that probably spared his life, but devastating to a dramon none the less.
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God of Monsters
Surrak hit the two Balefire mercs like a freight train. His sword crashed against the gauntlets of the WarGreymon, throwing it to the side; Surrak capitalized on the other's shock and drove his fist into its face. He rushed after the BlackWarGreymon, refusing to let them get him on the defensive again. He brought his Dramon Breaker down with herculean force; the BlackWarGreymon was able to cross his gauntlets against the blow, but the sheer pressure of the strike brought him to his knees and cracked the earth around him.

The swing broke the BlackWarGreymon's guard and Surrak struck with a vicious backhand. From the corner of his eye he saw his WarGreymon opponent rise to his feet and hurl a fiery attack his way. But Surrak countered with a Victory Charge, bracing his sword against the attack and sending it spiraling back towards its origin. The BlackWarGreymon charged him again, but Surrak ducked his wild slash and drove the pommel of his weapon into the dragon warrior's stomach. It let out a strangled gasp and Surrak slammed it with a roundhouse kick.

Surrak's massive WarGreymon opponent let out a tremendous roar and raised its arms high, gathering energy for another attack.

"Not this time," Surrak growled. He shot forward, fire trailing behind him. Both hands griped the hilt of the massive claymore sword. His Balefire opponent saw the charge and broke off his attack. "Dramon Breaker!" Surrak swung his weapon with all his might.

The clash of weapons sent a shockwave spilling through the forest; trees in the near radius splintered and lower-level Digimon were thrown off their feet. The huge WarGreymon couldn't gather his defenses in time; though he managed to bring the Brave Shield around, his guard was hastily assembled and imperfect. And against the overwhelming power of Surrak's strike that guard crumbled...his shield and gauntlets shattered, and he was thrown through the air.

Surrak roared his triumph. He turned to face the BlackWarGreymon. The Balefire mercenary leaped from the underbrush and charged towards him. Surrak prepared to face him, but a flash of blue struck the mercenary and sent him flying.

Jaeger paused, foot outstretched, for just a moment. He nodded to Surrak before taking off after the BlackWarGreymon.

Surrak turned back to the giant WarGreymon; he rose to his feet and let out a roar of challenge. His wings and gauntlets were in shambles, crumbling and falling from his body as he moved. The giant roared, shaking the last bits of broken armor from his body. A challenge to Surrak to fight on equal terms.

"Now you want an even fight?" Surrak snarled, brandishing the Dramon Breaker. His opponent said nothing more than another roar and display of draconic dominance. Surrak weighed his options, but none of them were really options. He raised his blade and slammed it into the ground.

He dashed forward, weaponless, fire trailing from his hands. The hulking Balefire WarGreymon bellowed loudly and met his charge.


Sabboth sent Goliath tumbling through the forest. The lion's left eye was swollen shut, his ribs were cracked, and his right arm hung uselessly at his side. He limped into the brush, trying to stall for a moment and regain his bearings. He leaned against a tree and took a painfully sharp breath. He strained for any sign of Sabboth, but he couldn't make out a sound over the pounding in his veins. He couldn't smell anything over the coppery scent of his own blood clogging his throat and nostrils.

"Found you," rasped a voice from his blinded side. Goliath tried to move, but his injuries made him slow. Sabboth swung his lance, splintering the tree behind him and throwing Goliath to the ground. He felt darkness creeping at the edges of his vision. "Pick him up," the Darkdramon ordered.

Goliath felt a set of hands grab him roughly and haul him to his knees. Through his one good eye he could see the WarGreymon's claws at his throat.

"Rebels. Do you hear me?" Sabboth hissed. His voice was low and soft, but piercing. He never raised it above a whisper but it carried over the battlefield. "Surrender now. Because you have failed in whatever misguided attempts you've made. Do so now and I will grant you the leniency of a merciful death. Continue fighting," he turned to Goliath. "And you will suffer." He pressed the tip of his lance into Goliath's chest and a torrent of electricity ripped through the rebel leader.

But the fighting didn't stop. Whether the Ronin were too consumed with their own struggles or because they were that resistant to the Empire's ways, Goliath didn't know. Either way, it was a small victory.

"So be it. Then he dies," Sabboth clicked. He drew back his lance.

"Goliath. Down!"

A voice cut through the cacophony of battle. Goliath recognized it, though he couldn't place from where, and through sheer force of will he threw himself to the forest floor, carrying the WarGreymon down with him. He felt something rush above him and glanced up to Sabboth. There was a flash of silver and crimson and a screech of metal-on-metal, and Sabboth was thrown back. The WarGreymon released him and leaped forward to strike the fluttering red thing, but the dragon barely made it half a step before the swirling form wheeled about and embedded an axe in its neck. The attacker pulled hard on the weapon - still caught in the dragon's throat - and sent the WarGreymon tumbling into Sabboth.

There was a shout of defiance.

"Final Crest!" Light flared from the crimson thing's weapon; a bolt of power flew from the axe head and slammed into Sabboth. It exploded and sent him sailing through the forest, wreathed in flames. Only then did the warrior's crimson mantle lower; and Goliath was able to make out his identity.

"Ajax," Goliath gasped, trying to haul himself to his feet. "The hell are you doing here?"

"That's some 'thank you'," Ajax said, helping Goliath up. "I leave home to come help you out and what do I find? You on your knees getting your ass kicked."

"He's strong," Goliath said, both as a reason for his condition and a warning to Ajax. He held himself up and glared into the darkness of the woods where Sabboth had fell. "That won't have been enough to put him down."

"Oh, I know that," Ajax said dismissively. "I was a little bit more concerned with saving your sorry ass that putting him down for the count." Ajax glanced the same way and readied his halberd. "He's arrogant and now he's angry. You shouldn't have had this much trouble with him, Goliath."

Goliath scoffed under his breath, scanning the forest for Sabboth.

"There he is," Ajax said, and Goliath could almost hear the arrogant smirk on his face. Sabboth stepped into view and let out a piercing shriek. His energy wings lit and he powered towards the two Realmless. Ajax dropped low and spun his halberd behind him. "Rage."

Ajax met Sabboth's charge, sprinting low over the ground. "Of." Power built up in the spinning weapon.

Sabboth leaped through the air and drew back his lance. "Gigastick Lance!"

With a burst of speed Ajax closed the distance between them, breaking into the cyborg dragon's attack pattern. The knight thrust his glowing halberd into Sabboth's chest. The was an instant in which time seemed to stop; where the power Ajax had gathered hadn't yet released but had effectively stopped both of them were they stood.


And then fire. There was no slow buildup or whoosh of flame; for an instant the air was empty and still, the next, the entire forest was filled with dragonfire. It splashed against earth, tree, and stone; heavy and dense and thick. Ajax threw up his crimson mantle to protect himself as the fire danced over the ground. Goliath, too, shielded himself behind the defenses of his armored jacket. Goliath staggered forward.

"Where do you think you're going?" Ajax asked, stepping through the flames.

"Sabboth," Goliath answered as if it explained everything. Ajax said nothing, he just continued to stare down the leader of the Ronin. "He has to die. I'm going to finish it."

"With what? One arm, one eye, and the hilt of your weapon?" Ajax challenged.

"Give me yours."

"No," Ajax said. There was a finality in his voice that Goliath didn't recognize. This was not the same Ajax that he left at the monastery those few years ago. "I didn't travel all this way just to watch you get yourself killed."

"Then shut your eyes!" Goliath snapped. "He killed too many to simply let him walk away!" He limped forward, scanning the burning forest wildly for any sign of Arcades Sabboth.

Ajax placed a firm hand on Goliath's chest and pushed him back. "I will drag you out of here if I have to," he said. "There are better ways to honor your dead than to join them."

"Emmara! Ulysses!" he bellowed, though it sent pain shooting through his entire body. His roar would be enough to get them moving: get the rest of the Ronin out.


The two Bancho in question heard Goliath's roar and nodded to one another. All battles had been interrupted by the enormous wave of fire that tore through the forest, and they'd sought one another out in the chaos: it was better to have someone watch your back than it was to watch it alone.

"You heard the big cat!" Emmara smirked. Ulysses nodded and zipped into the underbrush to gather the rest of the Ronin.

She, meanwhile, dashed off into the air and found Valerius. They had only moments to act before the D-Brigade and their mercenaries recovered and were back on the offensive. If they could throw them off - introduce another unexpected element into the battle - they would force the D-Brigade to fall back and reconsider. And it would give them the chance to get out while they still could.

"Valerius! Night-night time!" she called out.

The Crowmon nodded and flew down over the trees, spreading his wings wide and unleashing his "Feather Black" attack. Darkness spread from his feathers and washed over the valley. In the ensuing night all battle ceased, all sound was swallowed up.

Led by Ulysses and Valerius, the Ronin managed a retreat from the battlefield, escaping under the cover of darkness.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Almost an hour passed...

The rebels ran - or hobbled, in some cases - from the battlefield. They escaped through the valley forest under the cover of darkness which stretched for kilometers. They could barely see the ground in front of them, even though their eyes had generally adjusted to the darkness. It was a thick veil of shadows sweeping across the valley.

Valerius hoped it would be enough to throw the D-Brigade into confusion and make them reconsider following them. The Crowmon released a sigh and flapped his wings gently. He lead the rebels away, using the bells dangling from his thick mane as a means of guiding the others.

A sigh escaped from his beak. He could see the limits of Feather Black ahead of him. The light shone through the darkness - the point where the shadows ended and daylight resumed.

As far as he could tell, all of the Rebels had survived, although some had taken some heavy hits. Valerius' wings were sore and he had a few bruises, but that was a far sight better than how things could have ended up. He supposed it was lucky that the MedievalDukemon showed up to bring a few moments of confusion to the battlefield in which they could make a tactical retreat.

"Everybody prepare your eyes," he warned everybody from over his shoulder. "We're entering light again.

He was the first to pass through the darkness and into the light. He squinted his eyes beforehand so that he wasn't blinded by the sudden change in light. The brightness assaulted his vision, causing him to narrow his eyes further, but he quickly adjusted.

Valerius flew forwards and then turned around, flapping his wings to fly in place. He waited for the rest of the Realmless to emerge as well.

Jasper was one of the Digimon who brought up the rear. He had been constantly checking behind them with Jager for signs of the D-Brigade following them. Luckily for them (or luckily for the D-Brigade, in Jasper's opinion) they weren't being followed.

Jasper stepped back into the sunlight, causing his whole body to gleam dazzlingly. He looked around at the tired Realmless.

"We're not being followed!" he announced. "It's probably safe to slow down. Some of you look like you're about to collapse."

The Blastmon walked over to Goliath. "Especially you, Whiskers! You look like you tried to stop a Locomon with your face! And people call me reckless."

Jasper then turned to Ajax and folded his arms. "And you must be Goliath's friend." Before he could respond, Jasper spun around. "Hey, Demo! It's Goliath's friend!" He turned back to him with a scrutinizing leer. "So, what brings you here? Did you just feel like saving Goliath here? Or did you finally get the balls to join us? We could use the extra numbers."

Meanwhile, Valerius landed on the ground to rest his wings. He glanced over at the SlashAngemon - Gabrielle, he thought? He hopped along beside on his three legs.

"Hello," he said to her politely. "Gabrielle, correct? I don't know if we've been properly introduced - I'm Valerius Evensong. From the Astral Order. ...Are you from the Eternal Legion? Pardon me for saying so, but it must have taken some courage to join this group..."

As he did this, Pelagius hovered in the air not far off. He flew beside his friend Tor. Frankly, he felt sick to his stomach.

"I can't believe we just did that," Pelagius said to the Zudomon, the colour in his face a bit drained. "And survived..."

The MegaSeadramon let out a sigh. "I was next to useless throughout that whole battle. I didn't even digivolve to MetalSeadramon or anything. I just froze. It was pathetic..." he said, lowering his head. "Not that I could have done much against those Balefire guys anyway."

He then looked over at Tor with irritation. "And I can't believe you! You were flirting in the middle of battle! Even in a fight for life or death, all you're thinking about is ***!" he complained.

He sighed and rolled his eyes. "...Well... At least we can relax a bit now. I mean, I guess. As much as anyone can relax when being hunted by the D-Brigade."

With that, he flew forward to float on his own, still trying to relax after the intense fight. With the adrenaline wearing off, he began to feel exhausted.