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Digimon: Civil War

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Kamotz, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Titus Cloudraker (Jesmon)
    Imperial Throneroom

    Titus slammed into the floor, chunks of concrete flying from the impact. He’d laid there stunned, head spinning from the blow to his head and the air driven from his lungs. The dragon knight tried to get up, but he couldn’t concentrate. Instead, the Adamantine’s radiance and Ajax’s power burned into his mind, leaving him in feverish haze.

    “Nice try, little one," Chromium mocked. The older Jesmon gestured to Ajax. "If this one could maintain that power for more than a few minutes I'll admit - I might be worried. But the two of you," he glanced to Ryia. "Couldn't be more obvious if you tried. Your effort was valiant, however. But your meager abilities, newly learned, would never match my own. You could master the OS Generics for a thousand years, and only ever scratch the surface of what I can do.

    Titus clenched his fist, trying to push himself again. However, he froze as he stared fixated at his right wristblade.

    "Mine abilities are powered by Adamantine, by the Realmpact itself. None of our kind has ever accomplished what I have," said Chromium. "And none other ever will."

    The younger Jesmon heard the Emperor, but it only half registered at the time. Something was wrong. The zeroes and ones making up his digital structure where fluctuating wildly. Outwardly, parts of his body started to blur as though having trouble keeping together. Titus shook his head to clear his confusion, but only succeeded in making the room spin more. The only thought he could form at that moment, ‘Where did Rene and Por go to?’


    Three different colored orbs spun circles around the overly bright Program Orb in their user’s mindscape. Titus’s OS Generic programming pulsed erratically, much like a heart skipping a beat repeatedly.

    It won’t shut down! Por exclaimed in a titzy. It’ll drain his digicore completely.

    I warned him. Rene replied sternly. We were not ready to initialize the program at only 66% available capacity. Much less attempt to copy the feats of the Other one.

    We must act now. Atho rumbled. His fiery red form posed to insert a blade into the OS Generics. Before our foolish dragon kills himself and dooms us all.

    It’ll hurt him. Por followed Atho’s example, getting into position.

    And us. Rene spoke softly as he moved to complete their triangle formation. We are him and he is us.

    All for One. Por chimed.

    One for All. Atho roared.

    All three constructs thrust their sword-arms into the out-of-control program simultaneously.





    He’d managed to back onto his feet, but his whole body suddenly spasm in agony. His broken ribs flared up reminding of his state. Titus staggered clutching a silver-white claw to the crystal embedded in his chest. The dragon knight collapsed onto his side, no longer possessing the strength to stand.

    A light enfolded his body as he lost his grip on the Jesmon form. However, with his fading senses, Titus blindly reached out a claw into the air as pounding vibrations shook the ground beneath him. Ryia snagged his hand and arm, tossing the now barely conscious Saviorhackmon onto her back.

    The pair raced across the ruined ground toward the exit with the other Realmless. Ajax and the newcomer still fully engaged with the Metal Emperor.

    Titus leaned against the Sleipmon’s torso with an arm hooked her shoulder. He drifted in and out of consciousness as Ryia shouted at the other Realmless to get wounded onto Jericho’s back for transport.

    The ground shook as a swarm of filth mon emerged from the sewers to converge on Chromium. Ryia abruptly halted in surprised, before resuming her attempts to herd the Reamless along.

    "He'll kill you!" Goliath roared at the filth mon.

    “I said, get the cub out of here!” Ryia shouted at the Bancho. She finally dashed towards the exit herself, but only after making sure no other Realmless had fallen behind aside from Ajax and the Mastenmon. A dumbfounded Sawyer stood outside in the hallway, staring at the masses of filth mon being slaughter.

    Ryia grabbed the frozen Gokuwmon by his leather jacket and threw him behind Titus on her back. “I thought I told you to lead the others back to the sewers.” Ryia nickered angrily.

    Sawyer held onto the slumped Saviorhuckmon and Ryia’s purple mane, craning his over his shoulder towards the throne room door growing smaller with distance. “I told the kitty knight how to get there. But forget about that what if Blenderbutt’s palace guards finally show up?”

    “There aren’t any....” Titus muttered weakly, unsure if Ryia and Sawyer heard him.

    Why would there need to be?

    Aside from any forces in the surrounding city, why would Chromium need protection in his own palace. Not when he could directly control his own defenses and his own abilities were enhanced by the Adamantine.

    The Emperor knew exactly when they were coming and said himself that nothing occurred in his Realm without his knowledge. Why worry about keeping guards around if you always knew where every threat was. Belatedly, he thought he understood now the point Chromium was trying to convene to him on how pointless their fight was. He alone of the Realmless could see and possibly connect the dots.

    Know yourself, know your enemy. Rheagos’s words echoed in his feverish mind.

    They were both Jesmon, gifted with senses to understand their environment far beyond any other digimon. Titus was just scratching the surface and depth of his abilities. Just how far further could Chromium’s senses reach out, where they enhanced by the Adamantine as well?


    A stray thought bothered him. The whole time they were in the throne room the Adamantine’s power pounded into his mind. It coursed....It bled through the very walls of the massive throne room, like a live circuit or computer board.

    The whole layout of the throne room had bothered Titus as he had tried to gleam what he could from the room. Chromium was the Ruler of the Metal Empire, a realm of advanced technology and machine digimon. Cold, hard, calculating, and practical. Chromium had no use for frivolous opulence. No, the sheer size and layout had to serve a specific purpose aside from visual appeal. If only he had a better sense of the rest of the palace...

    However, his feverish mind couldn’t keep up the rambling train of thoughts any longer and succumbed to darkness.


    Ryia Rohirrim (Sleipmon)
    Through the Sewers

    The Sleipmon galloped through the murky waters of the tunnels, bringing up the rear. She held tight to the Saviorhackmon’s limp arm hanging over her shoulder to ensure he didn’t slip off. Straight ahead, the old warhorse spotted the Realmless climbing into Moby’s mouth as quickly as they could.

    Without slowly down, Ryia braced herself as she leapt gracefully into Moby’s cavernous, yet still cramped, mouth. Landing squishy organic surface, Ryia squeezed her eyes tight to quell the rising panic, forcing herself to breath deeply. Taking a moment to fortified herself, the Iron Mare stepped to one side that was open. She knelt down carefully onto her knees to help Sawyer ease the unconscious Titus from her back.

    Sawyer fussed over his dragon friend, while Ryia glanced about to see how the other Realmless were fairing. However, her head whipped back around at the Gokuwmon’s rising panic. “Ryia, he’s burning up!”

    Ryia reached a hand over to the delirious Saviorhackmon’s forehead. Sure enough, the silver-white knight was hot to the touch, sweating profusely. Ryia frowned. The young dragon was muttering incoherently, turning his head from side to side in a feverish state. Sawyer looked at the mare silently begging her to do something.

    The Sleipmon turned her shield towards Titus. Cold air drifted over the feverish dragon until a thick layer of frost covered him. Slowly, Titus began to relaxed before quieting down.

    “Make sure he stays calm and still,” Ryia instructed Sawyer as she rose stiffly to her hooves. Sawyer silently nodded his thanks as he rested Titus’s head against his leg and shifted the Saviorhackmon’s hood to cover his face.

    Ryia breathed a sign of relief. That was one youngster she didn’t have to worry about for now.


    Grimacing inward, Ryia made her way over to where the deathly still forms of Surrak and Jaeger laid. The birdbra-Ayas was leaning over the shattered MetalGarurumon trying to staunch some of the bleeding with a few of the others. The Iron Mare rested an armored hand on the Garudamon’s shoulder to get his attention.

    Ayas glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, “I am, by no means, a healer, Ryia.”

    “I know,” Ryia said quietly, “Just do what you can.”

    Ryia stepped away to stand . Her tired eyes drifting over each of the Realmless as each processed the failure of their mission. This wouldn’t do.

    “We lost today, yes, but we are not done.” the former herd leader spoke firmly and steady. “We know Chromium's true nature and intentions. Most importantly, and we are *all* still alive. But for now we rest.”

    "Whamon," Ryia called out to the fleshy chamber. "How quickly can you get us to one of your organization's bases for medical treatment?

    The Iron Mare lowered her tired body to the ground, as she waited for an answer. But she never took her eyes off her herd, particularly Goliath. She waited to see how the Realmless Leader dealt with the fallout of their battle.
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  2. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    < Goliath Leonhardt (BanchoLeomon) >
    - Argentum -

    Goliath glanced down to where Surrak and Jaeger lay deathly still. How much longer could they hold on? The flood of dissipating data from their wounds was growing steadier with every passing moment. They were powerful Digimon, that much was certain; but how much free data did they have left to spare?

    Whamon," Ryia called out to the fleshy chamber. "How quickly can you get us to one of your organization's bases for medical treatment?

    "'Base'? You think we've got 'bases?' Were you not listening to how we work?" Moby's voice echoed all around them. "Besides, we've got bigger things to worry about right now!" A high-pitched ringing sound echoed around them. "Imperial Navy is closing in. I'm doing my best to pull away, but they're gaining fast and you guys are like a huge meal sitting in my stomach slowing me down. Just -- wait -- hold on!"

    Explosions rocked the huge Whamon, knocking the Realmless from side to side.

    "Damnit, didn't even see them!" Moby growled, though what he was referring to, Goliath couldn't tell. "I'll try to lose them!" It was pure chaos, a crash of motion on all sides, shouts of pain from the Whamon, and a building pressure as he pitched and dove deeper and deeper.

    Goliath snarled and grit his teeth against the pressure as they continued to dive. Explosions still rocked the water around them, but slowly began ebbing away.

    "I've shaken them for now. The Digimon they sent can't follow me this deep," said Moby. He let out a strained grunt. "But--erhg--I'm hit--rah--and this pressure is not helping things. I'm going to have to surface sooner than later and then they'll be on top of us when I do."

    "Get us as far outside the territory as you can, Moby," Goliath said. "If you can get us out of the Mercury Sea and to the shore we can split up. We'll lead them away from you into the Black Coast and lose them in the mountains. You take Surrak and Jaeger for healing."

    "I wasn't going to say anything, but," Moby said. "You're sitting in my stomach so I couldn't help noticing." He hesitated.

    "What is it?" Goliath asked.

    "Those two are hemorrhaging data," the Whamon said. A lot of it. It's...it's actually keeping me sated..."

    "You're digesting them!?" Goliath snarled.

    "I'm not trying to!" Moby shot back, his voice echoing harshly around them. "But it's free-floating data, it's not really a matter of wanting to or not. And with the way they're bleeding-out I don't know if they'll last until I can get them to safety."

    "We have to try," Goliath said. "Keep going, Moby. As fast as you can."
  3. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Jericho Arcos (MetalTyranomon)
    - Moby -

    With the requirement of de-digivolving back a stage both to fit through the sewer tunnels and to make things easier on Moby, Jericho was thoroughly sore by the time the group made it back to Moby and began their escape from Argentum.

    The damage he had sustained in his mega form had been severe. He was almost certain that a metal plate or two had popped off entirely when he and Jaeger landed in the throne room. And then there had been the fight that ensued. It was harder to see the damage on his normally rusted armor, but now that he was more flesh than steel he was covered from head to toe in bruises, cuts, scrapes, and burns. A claw was missing from one foot, which he hoped would grow back. And his muscles were sore to the point of locking up. But he was alive. And some of the others had fared much worse than he had.

    True, some of them were young enough to bounce back from just about anything. But... Surrak and Jaeger would be lucky to see the morrow.

    And that did nothing to speak to the sacrifices the denizens of Argentum's sewers had paid to get them to safety. How many had Chromium slaughtered this day? How many would he seek out to vent his wrath upon in the days to come? They owed the sewer dwellers a debt that he could only pray they would be able to repay. And perhaps, he owed Sawyer a word on the matter. But that could wait for a time when they had both recovered and Jericho's mind wasn't swimming in a cloud of pain, regret, and guilt.

    Utterly exhausted, Jericho dropped to the floor and tried to give his body a chance to mend. He was one of the more intact members of their team, which meant if things went south before they completed their escape then he would be back in action first.

    A small sparking sound repeated itself to his right several times, each time followed by a defeated sigh. Jericho popped an eye open and spotted Aakio a short distance away. The dragon was just as battered as the rest of them, but he wasn't nursing his wounds. He was staring at his bracers and frowning. He flicked his wrists once more, embers of red spiraling out of one bracer and towards the other, but erupting into sparks and fizzling out the moment they came close.

    "Is it the proper time for practice?" Jericho mumbled. "Rest. You need to recover."

    Aakio shook his head. "I can heal. Or, rather, Umon can." He raised his right arm with the blue bracer. "But Umon is spent. Amon however," he raised the arm with the red bracer, "still has energy to spare. But... Amon can only destroy. I've been trying to find a way to gift Amon's energy to Umon but its not compatible at all." He clenched his fists. "I just..." he glanced at the spot where Surrak and Jaeger lay, "feel so useless."

    Before Jericho could respond, a series of tremors rocked the whamon. Enemy fire? Of course escaping wouldn't be that easy. He took a moment to listen to the exchange between Goliath and Moby and grumbled deeply. "Then rest, or you will be useless. There's nothing any of us can do at the moment. Our fates lie with Moby."

    Aakio let out a pent up breath. Then another. "I should have saved some healing. I should have recalled Umon sooner. I should have done something more."

    "Guilt will rust your heart from the inside if you dwell on mights and maybes." The tip of Jericho's tail was flicking back and forth. "Calm yourself. You saved one life at least."

    The Goldramon turned and looked again at Surrak and Jaeger, laying motionless on the soft, fleshy floor, bleeding a stream of data. And at Versa, who despite her own terrible injuries, hadn't de-digivolved to LadyDevimon. Instead, she sat by their two fallen comrades, one hand on her stomach wound, eyes locked on the two dying digimon, her face an unreadable mask hiding a storm of raging emotions underneath. Versa hadn't spoken since the battle. Hadn't moved from that spot since they returned.

    "I should have saved three." Aakio said, his voice low and serious. "Next time, I will."
  4. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Moby creaked and groaned as they swam through the crushing depths of the Mercury Sea. Every so often he would put on a burst of speed and dive deeper before slowing and letting himself rise up through the depths a bit. Goliath could only assume that this was to avoid their Imperial pursuers, for Moby said next to nothing throughout.

    "I should have saved three." Aakio said, his voice low and serious. "Next time, I will."

    "You should have had to save none," Goliath muttered to himself, though only then realized he'd spoken loud enough to hear. He cursed under his breath as more eyes turned to him. "I led you on a fool's errand. I thought we had enough strength to end this in one fell swoop. Between all of us, between everything we've seen and done -- no single Digimon could survive that...That's what I'd thought, at least."

    He wanted to hit something -- a wall or a boulder. But within the spongy confines of Moby's stomach he had to control his anger and self-loathing. And that was all-together a far more difficult task.

    He glanced down toward Surrak and Jaeger. Their bodies vibrated, barely holding together. "I was a fool and it has cost us all so dearly. We don't even have anything to show for all this. I can only beg your forgiveness."

    "What about you, Jericho?" Ajax asked. "Did you find that original footage?" He sat cross-legged at the far end of the room, massaging stiff and aching joints. He hadn't said much since they made their escape, and spent most of the voyage glaring suspiciously at the Mastemon. To Ajax's credit, she hadn't yet offered up her name.

    Versa looked like someone had punched her wound, but, for once, said nothing.

    Aakio turned to watch the proceedings, clearly mulling Goliath's words over in his mind.

    Jericho mumbled an affirmative and nodded his head towards his shoulder. "I have the data chip safely tucked away." He moved his left arm a bit. "Though, to be honest I'm not sure where it is in this form. Once I can digivolve again I'll hand it over. It has the recording we were after, as well as other things. Including a log of the Emperor's meddling with the Realmpact."

    Ayas snapped his head in alarm from where he sat in a resigned vigil between Surrak and Jaeger after attempting to help stem the data loss, right arm held close to his chest to favor his injured shoulder. "How?"

    Legs folded underneath her, Ryia's eyes were clenched tight with effort as she fought to control her breathing and not suffer another freak out. Her ears swiveled towards Jericho gave sign she was paying attention though.

    “Jericho,” Titus strained to speak above a whisper. Golden eyes flickered weakly within the confines of his hood, but came into focus with a desperate desire to know. Sawyer helped the utterly drained steel dragon to sit up better and lean against the Gokuwmon's shoulder. “He used the Adamantine to do it, didn't he?"

    Jericho let out a low growl of frustration. "I... don't know for sure. Chromium projected an image of the Realmpact from Adamantine. A real-time image, I think. I don't know how. But with the knowledge that data map provided, he was able to override a portion of the Realmpact and assign more authority to the Metal Empire. We have this in his own words, and the words of his inner circle."

    "He may have used his overwrite process..." Words trailed off as Titus's eyes started to close. Sawyer jostled his friend back to better awareness, "...with the Adamantine's power added to it."

    “If that’s true then he was right,” Goliath snarled, with barely restrained anger. “He was following the mandate of the Realmpact. But he was also the one dictating that mandate! The Realmpact isn’t just broken, it isn’t just unfair or outdated; it’s corrupted.”

    "Then we just gotta show everyone what ol' blenderbutt's up to, see if our rebel buddies can get the word circling, there's got to be at least one realm willing to help us after this." Sawyer scowled, unable to forget the sacrifice for their escape. "Hell, let's just steal a Chronicle and see if it puts a wrench in the Realmpact and the tin can's plans. There's got to be a way to destroy those damn things, right?"

    "I don't know about that," Goliath muttered. "Versa tried, at least. And who knows what would happen if you do succeed. We don't know whether they even matter anymore." He looked to Jericho. "Protecting that proof -- and showing it to the world -- is the most important thing we can do."

    "Yeah..." Sawyer said, subdued, "For the Filthmon's sake."

    Jericho growled his aggrement, since his current position made nodding impossible. "That chip isnt the only copy. I have another copy saved to my internal memoery. As does Jaeger."

    "Then what?" Versa said, uncharacteristically quietly. "If we manage the best caae scenario, clear the Boss's name, rally the realms to our cause, then what? Chromium," she spoke his name as if it were a curse, "has the Realmpact. He's harnessed a Chronicle. We could march the armies of every realm to his borders and unless we made realmless of them all he could stop them dead with a line of code. We need a way to beat him, or none of this matters."

    “I'm with Versa,” Titus said, struggling to stay awake. “Without cutting him off from the Realmpact or the Chronicle, I doubt we'll get another chance go after him directly either. He knew we were coming and allowed us come unhindered. I have a similar 'awareness' but only for my immediate surrounds.” The words left Titus exhausted. “I can't even fathom how far his range goes if it's also enhanced by the Adamantine."

    “Exactly,” said Goliath. “We have no idea how that works. We don’t know whether or not we can separate him from that power. But we’re Realmless and being Realmless has always been our greatest strength. If he’s turned the Realmpact into a weapon then we need to get the rest of the world to throw off its yoke just as we have.”

    "Then we must determine which Realm is the most willing to turn aside from the Realmpact." A haggard Ayas spoke up for the first time. "Who will be the most motivated to try."

    “None of it matters if we can’t get to shelter now,” Ajax stressed. “They all should want this, but we, can’t march across the world the way we are now; in a falling-apart Whamon with two half-dead comrades.”

    "We need to get every Realm to stand with us," said Goliath. "As long as keep the Realmpact sacred Chromium will have power over them."

    Versa allowed herself to smile, just a little. "I couldn't agree more."

    Aakio nodded. "Ajax has a point though." He looked upwards. "Sorry Moby, but it looks like we're counting on you."

    Jericho grumbled his way back into the conversation. "We need a safe place to land, hopefully one where we can treat our comrades. And in our current state, we don't have long to find one." he exhaled slowly. "What was our heading when we left Argentum?"

    "Headed towards the Black Coast," Moby answered. "It's Syndicate territory, but it's the best shot you have if you want to lose 'em."

    Medraut looked over at Adirael. "What chance do you think there is of us finding aid in the Syndicate?"

    "Help perhaps," the Beelzemon X answered. "For a price, I imagine. And Moby is right that we likely wouldn't be pursued." He paused with a glance to Versa. "Versa, you and I walked in different circles. Do you know of somewhere in the Syndicate that we could shelter that I don't?"

    Versa's hands had clenched tightly into fists since the word "Syndicate" had popped up. "For one or two of us? Hundreds. I could get from one end of the Syndicate's territory to the other without drawing any unwanted attention if I had to. But for a group this size... its more complicated. With enough money anything is possible, of course. But I'm a child of the underworld. My circles rarely had room for guests and a group of our size and prowess will undoubtedly be noticed."

    She laughed. "I could always try to see how many of you I could cram into the spare room back home, assuming the shack is still standing upright."

    “Syndicate territory along the Black Coast is heavily forested and treacherous enough that we should be able to lose whoever is perusing us,” said Aurelia. “There are enough stray viral pieces seeded through the air to disrupt their sensors. It’s why the Syndicate has remained relatively isolated from the conflict.”

    "Oh, its not our pusuers I'm worried about," Versa said. "But personal sentiments aside, I agree that the Syndicate is our best shot."

    “That area is heavily trafficked by feral Digimon,” Goliath said. “We’ll need to move quickly, but even from the Black Coast we’ve got a long way to go in order to reach Rix Maadi and the heads of the Seven Houses.”

    "I don't care where we go," Ryia muttered. "So long as it's dry ground."

    "You have our thanks." Ayas said, bowing low in gratitude to the Mastenmon "If not for your timely arrival, the battle's outcome would have been much different."

    “That’s true,” Aurelia said. “You came miserably close to failing and your comrades will likely pay for your ill-conceived plans.”

    “Indeed,” Ayas wearily conceded. “It’s obvious you are Realmless, like ourselves, to be able to stand against the Emporer. But how were you aware of our plans?”

    “I’ve been watching Chromium for an opening a long time now,” Aurelia said. “When I got wind of your idiot plan I figured it was either watch you die or help. “
  5. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Daiou ‘Sawyer’ Wukong (Gokuwmon)
    Enroute to the Black Coast


    The memory of the rallying cry burned in Sawyer’s mind. Countless numemon and other filthmon had swarmed the Metal Emperor in the full knowledge they would not live past this one moment. The masses of filthmon would remain nameless to the rest of Eon, but not to him. He had been-no-was one of them.

    Sawyer spent his childhood with many of those same filthmon. When he became a teenager, his mother finally revealed the whole truth of why their family lived in the sewers in fear for their lives. He slowly withdrew from his circle of friends afterwards, fearful he might slip the truth of his other heritage to anyone. After losing his Hakumon mother in a collasped tunnel and his Tuwarmon father already a conscripted soldier, Sawyer abandoned the sewers at the first opportunity. He continued living as a filthmon, but in the mindset that it was a shameful disguise only useful for hiding in fear.

    And he’d lived his teenage and adult years ashamed of that fact. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

    The Gokuwmon rubbed a furry arm over watery eyes. The monkey glanced with concern at the Saviorhackmon leaning heavily against his shoulder. Titus had gone still and quiet, though Sawyer was still relieved to hear his pal’s faint breathing. The dragon knight had passed out as the other Realmless carrried on with the conversation. At least Sawyer thought so, when Titus stirred slightly with a low groan. The Saviorhackmon raised a clawed hand to his forehead, which the monkey mon suspected was paining him terribly.

    “Hey, Finn, ya hanging in there, pal?” Sawyer asked with concern.

    “Hey…” Titus said weakly, unfocused golden eyes peered out from the depths of his hood. A long pause hung between them, when the Saviorhackmon continued, “...you haven’t called me that in a long time.”

    It wasn’t really a question, just the ramblings of an exhausted mon.

    “Huh, well, now that you mentioned it…” Sawyer floundered a bit, thinking back to recent events. “I don’t know.” The Gokuwmon shrugged. “You just hadn’t seen like your old self lately. Not since we left the hordes. What happened?”

    “The Firemind. I hadn’t been around it’s influence for years.” Titus sighed, letting his claw fall into his lap and shifted to move himself to sit upright.. “Though I’ve never...been sure if I’ve ever truly connected to it like a dragon should.” The dragon knight gave a low growl of frustration.

    “Eh, I wouldn’t worry about it,” Sawyer said, elbowing the steel dragon in the side. Titus hissed from the jab to his still tender side. The Gokuwmon scratched his furry head sheepishly. “Hey, at least you seem to be picking up on your Jesmon abilities pretty quickly, whatever the hell that was back in the palace.”

    “Sawyer, I was stumbling around in the dark without a clue. Even when I tried to recreate the Emporer’s movements, something went wrong. I…” Sawyer firmly gripped the dragon’s shoulder to calm him, realizing his friend was getting wound up. Exhaustion seemed to reclaim Titus as he slumped against Sawyer like before.

    “I just wish I didn’t suffer backlash everytime Ajax released his power. It would make things a bit easier.” Titus muttered after a moment, glaring weakly in the crimson knight’s direction. Sawyer glanced in confusion at the dragon knight. “All that rage….

    “If that’s the Firemind my father spoke of, then I think I’m better off without it.”

    A baffled Sawyer wisely kept his mouth shut for once. He was way out of his element on this one. Despite his recent evolutuonto Gokuwmon, Sawyer still felt he was leagues away to be of any help to Titus.
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  6. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    < Aurelia Ravencroft (Mastemon) >
    - En Route to the Black Coast -

    Despite the enormity of the things she'd learned that day, the precariously balanced life-forces of the WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon dominated her thoughts. Their situation so closely mirrored her own deaths and eventual rebirth that she couldn't help the flashes of her previous lives darting into her mind; all at once intimately familiar, yet alien. She remembered reaching out to herself, from both sides. She remembered the agony of watching the one she loved dying. And then...the sensation that those thoughts were no longer happening within her.

    No...that wasn't quite it. Those thoughts were still happening within, but her "within" had grown to encompass more than just a single self. It was multiple selves and the entirety of the space between them. Two lives existing across the entirety of time and space. It was an impossible task -- to focus on a single moment from her "before" -- no moment was singular for her in that time. Anything -- memories and emotions -- from before her rebirth was physically painful for her recall.

    Their chance to save the two Realmless Digimon was slipping away with every second, but Aurelia found herself wondering if she would be as concerned about the two of them if their situation did not so closely mirror hers.

    An Omnimon, she thought to herself. If she could duplicate the process that rebirthed her, an Omnimon would be a powerful ally. But she had no idea if that was possible - Reya and Beatrix loved one another, truly and deeply. How did those two feel about one another? Would they even want to share her fate?

    An explosion rocked the Whamon around them, and all further thought on the subject fled her mind, leaving her with only the accompanying headache and vertigo that came with recollecting her previous lives. Moby let out an agonized cry and pitched sideways.

    "Surface, Moby!" Goliath yelled. He limped to his feet and seemed to take a quick stock of everyone.

    "Dunno if I can make it!" Moby's pained voice echoed around them.

    "Get us up and get yourself out of here!" Goliath shouted. "Jericho, Jasper -- grab Surrak and Jaeger. Get ready to run."

    Aurelia felt the Whamon shudder around them, then he pitched and turned sharply, driving forward with an echoing howl and roar. She felt him lurch upward and heard a horrible grinding noise as he drove himself on. Scraping against the shallows, she realized. Around her, the other Realmless were holding themselves steady and preparing for a fight. Moby surged onward, practically thrashing through the shallows now. There was a wild shaking as explosions rocked around them. Then a high pitched shriek.

    And Moby burst into a cloud of data particles around them.

    His momentum carried them forward through the air and dropped them awkwardly onto the shoreline. Aurelia ignited her wings and whipped through the air, hands aglow and ready to fight, but she felt sluggish. Heavy. She'd barely had time to catch her breath after the fight with Chromium. She glanced around, the others were in even worse shape.

    "Hills!" Goliath shouted. She spun around and saw the dust and smoke from over two-dozen heavily-armed and armored machine Digimon rolling over the hills. A smattering of WarGrowlmon and MetalTyrannomon, backed by a contingent of UltimateBrachiomon and Cannondramon. And leading them, an imposingly-huge RustTyrannomon.

    "Vaevictus Asmadi," she heard Goliath snarl under his breath.

    "Ravagers," Aurelia spat. The Empire's most cruel and vile.

    "Jasper, Jericho -- get them out of the line of fire. Everyone else, form up on me," Goliath ordered.

    "Is that smart?" Ajax challenged. He grasped his halberd tightly. "We're sitting ducks out here."

    "We can't lose them in the forest," Goliath said, bristling. "Not without a distraction. They'll just firebomb everything and blow us to hell. We need to slow their momentum. Get them disorganized. So when we make our break they don't know which way to start shooting."

    "Can we do that?" Ajax asked. "None of us are in great shape."

    "Don't have a choice," Goliath growled, and Aurelia noticed he was barely holding himself on his feet. "Aim for Asmadi. He's a big target and a coward. If we get him on the ropes he'll close ranks."
  7. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Aakio Daisoujou (Goldramon) & Versa Victa (BeelStarmon)
    - The Black Coast -

    Versa wasn't sure what was more blinding, the sudden change from dimly lit Whamon to bright and sunny coastline or the brilliant blast of data particles that seconds ago had been Moby. She hadn't even had time to blink the vision back into her eyes when she hit the rough ground of the shore and tumbled to a stop. It was time to fight, again. The thought rushed through her head, dragging up whatever adrenaline her body had left in an attempt to get her on her feet and moving. She struggled up, but buckled and fell back to her knees as the wound in her gut screamed with pain.

    "Are you okay?" Aakio said as he hovered down to her. He had caught himself with his wings.

    "As good as I can be." Versa said. "But Moby..."

    Goliath called the group to action and Versa and Aakio turned together to see the approaching empire forces bearing down on them.

    "No time to mourn." Aakio said with a deep seated frown on his face.

    "Is there ever?" Versa said. She struggled to her feet, wincing the whole time. She couldn't fight like this. She could barely stand. But what other choice did she have? "Those metal bastards are going to pay for that."

    "I'll have to avenge the both of you if you try to fight like that." Aakio flapped his wings as he prepared to join the fight. "Hold back. Use your guns. Be ready to bolt."

    Versa shook her head. "No way I can run like this."

    She looked at Aakio as he struggled to decide his course of action. Did he stay to help her or did he join the fight? He was still mostly intact. Amon still had some fire left. It would be a waste for him to hold back now. And yet, he couldn't leave Versa. If something happened to her because he wasn't there to help her...

    "There's no helping it." Versa sighed and motioned towards Aakio. "I can't run, but you've got a nice pair of wings on you. I'll need to borrow them."

    "You like my wings?" Aakio said, try to hide his confused blush.

    "Shut up and turn around you idiot." Versa said.

    Aakio did as she asked and Versa climbed up onto his back. Her scarf wrapped itself tightly around his torso, holding her securely pressed against his back.

    "I am not prepared for this." Aakio said.

    Versa patted him gently on the cheek. "You'll be fine. Suck it up and fly before I reconsider."

    He gulped. "I'll do my best."

    "You'd better, you've got fragile cargo back here."

    "Versa, I don't think anyone would ever call you fragile."

    She snorted. "Was that supposed to be a compliment?"


    Versa smacked him on the back of the head. "Whatever, just fly. Or those guys will kill us before I die of embarrassment."

    Aakio took to the skies, trying to measure out his wing beats to adjust for Versa's presence. It wasn't too hard. He was used to lugging books and paperwork around the Astral Order, and Versa was smaller and lighter than most of those bundles. Not that he'd tell her that now. She'd probably smack him again.

    "Let's stick to the small fry. Keep them busy so the others can distract the big one." Versa's breath was so close to Aakio's ear that he could feel it.

    He shook his head, trying to stay focused. "You got it."

    Amon was ready to go. Aakio could feel the red dragon spirit stirring inside the bracer, eager to let the rest of his destructive power out. And Aakio was more than happy to oblige. Down below, a group of WarGrowlmon were approaching fast. With a flick of his wrist, Amon spiraled up and out of the red bracer, manifesting in a burst of spectral embers. He sent Amon flying like a rocket towards the ground below. The WarGrowlmon moved to dodge, but Amon changed course and struck one of them clear in the chest with an explosion that sent him skidding across the ground.

    The red dragon spirit turned again, charging up for another pass. But the enemies were wise that he was no mere projectile now and were ready to block or dodge. Until Versa's Fly Bullets came whizzing around and hit them in the back of the knees or the face or any other weak point they could find. And each time they buckled, Amon would crash into them in an an explosion of destructive energy. The attacks weren't strong enough to actually knock the WarGrowlmon out, but it certainly kept them busy.

    A beam of energy flashed past Aakio's head, close enough to singe his hair.

    "Watch it!" Versa said, elbowing him in the shoulder. "Those guys have lasers."

    "You tell me that now." he said.

    She rolled her eyes. "I thought you were the bookworm here?"

    Another energy beam flashed past, this time easily dodged. "Can't say I recall studying metal empire battle tactics, miss vigilante."

    "Less talking, more dodging." Versa said, as she went back to picking targets for her Fly Bullets.
  8. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Adirael Armaros (Beelzemon X)
    The Black Coast

    Adirael landed heavily with a jolt, despite his best efforts to glide gracefully. The Beelzemon looked back at the particles that had moments before been Moby, his claws clenching through the sand. As he stood, battered bones and frayed muscles protesting, grains ran between his fingers. More lives slipping through his hands. The Digimon from the sewers. Now Moby.

    How many more?

    Wounded as he was, weary as he was, the Beelzemon drew his shotguns as he saw the Ravagers advancing. Medraut had landed near him, the Duftmon looking just as worse for wear as him. But regardless, he too rose up and drew his rapier. As Goliath called for the Realmless, the two made their way to his position. The Ravagers were firing now, their munitions kicking up plumes of sand as they fell short. Perhaps they overestimated their range. Perhaps it was suppressive fire.

    Medraut nodded in agreement with Goliath.

    "What do you think?" the Beelzemon asked Medraut as he eyed the enemy force.

    "They're powerful but slowl, and they have no dedicated aerial forces," Medraut noted. "The WarGrowlmon can fly to some extent but they're far more restricted by the weight of their armor than any of our flyers are. Our greatest advantage is our manoeuvrability. As Goliath said, make them disorganised. I think Versa has a fair idea." He pointed to the BeelStarmon, who had mounted Aakio and begun to attack the enemy column from above. "Pull their formation out of shape and expose Vaevictus Asmadi to attack from our heaviest hitters." He indicated Goliath, Ajax and the sort.

    Adirael nodded and swept into the air, dancing far enough away that the Ravagers couldn't get a bead on him. Enemy projectiles flared around him, missiles screaming inches from blowing him out of the sky, shells from the Cannondramon almost grazing his wings. He dived between lines of fire and fired slugs into the formation, aiming for vulnerabilities as best he could at a distance and while flying fast.


    Medraut the Exiled (Duftmon)
    The Black Coast

    He watched Adirael wing into the air and begin dancing through the volleys the Ravagers hurled his way. Though the two flyers were occupying much attentions, shells and blasts still kicked up eruptions of sand along the beach, steadily creeping closer and closer. Had he made the right call? He wouldn't know until the battle was done, he supposed.

    But he had wanted to speak even before Adirael asked for his opinion. He'd been too quiet before. Goliath had led them to Argentum, true, but Medraut with his tactical experience had said nothing. He had to be better than that. Challenge the plan as Ajax had if necessary.

    Too many lives had already been lost for him to keep biting his tongue out of discomfort.

    Readying his blade, the knight looked at Ayas. "Ayas, I think you and I are best suited to the air too." For now his priority had to be occupying more of the Ravagers. There was only so much that two flyers could do and the explosions of sand and flame nearby only told him that Vaevictus did not yet feel the need to stop hurling firepower up the beach. If nothing else, the distraction would slow the advance and buy the other Realmless time to launch their own angles of attack. He wanted to have a more concrete plan, but right now he didn't have the luxury of standing there composing one.

    Unable to wait to see if Ayas followed his call, he too took to the sky. Lasers blitzed past him as he dived in, his blade shining. "Extinction Wave!" He carved arcs of light though the air as he soared, sending crescent blades raining down into the ranks of the enemy.

  9. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    < Ajax Vol (MedievalGallantmon) >
    - the Black Coast -

    Goliath was a liar.

    And worst of all, he knew it, too. "Asmadi is a coward," that's what he'd said. But those words couldn't be further from the truth. No one rose through Imperial ranks if they were a coward. No one took command of a group called the Ravagers if they were a coward. No one charged wildly into combat with weapons firing and a roar screaming from their lips if they were a coward.

    But what choice did Goliath really have? Their only chance was to tell the Realmless a lie and hope that lie would give them the courage and strength to fight. They were all on their last legs after barely surviving against Chromium.

    Ajax himself was slow. Slower than he'd ever been in his life. Two successive uses of the Crimson Mode had frayed him and left him feeling hollowed out, like a wound on his very soul. It was not what the Witchenly Sages had in mind when they'd begrudgingly given him that power.

    The Realmless were fighting with everything they had, but it just wouldn't be enough. How could it? Vaevictus Asmadi was violence incarnate. He shred through the trees as he charged, turning stones into sand and trees into sawdust. All while firing shot after shot from his cannon. He wasn't even aiming, didn't care about precision strikes. All he wanted was --

    "Move!" Ajax shouted, diving to the side. He could only hope that the others were able to catch on in time, as Vaevictus Asmadi tore through their formation. Jaws snapped shut in the space Ajax stood just moments before. Razor sharp claws whistled through the air behind them, and a thrashing tail cracked from side to side as Asmadi braked hard and skidded to a stop at the end of his charge.

    Ajax sent a tearing blast from his halberd, but it splashed over Asmadi's armor without the typical force and impact. He just didn't have the strength to muster up anything more than that. Asmadi howled and sent a cannon blast exploding over the Realmless. Ajax, Goliath, Emmara, Ulysses, and Demo were peppered by the blast and sent tumbling over the black sand. Ryia was fighting her way through the mess of enemies, but she was entirely cut off from the rest of the group. Titus, despite his Cannondramon form, simply couldn't compete with the sheer number of opposing Cannondramon and UltimateBrachiomon.

    The rest of them had taken to the air and were dodging crossfire from Asmadi's ground troops. But everyone was tired, barely able to stand. And then what once looked like random strafing and blind cannon blasts suddenly came into focus as a very meticulously-planned move to isolate them all completely and finish them off one-by-one. They'd be worn down until they could barely stand and then slaughtered.
  10. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Daiou “Sawyer” Wukong
    (Gokuwmon→ )

    Pure Chaos. Explosions sending sand in every direction.

    Sawyer crouched low over his fragile little cloud, trying to make himself as small of a target as possible and zipping between cannon blasts and artillery shells. What the hell did he think he was doing? Why did he think zipping between Ravagers and taunting them was a good idea without his lightning staff?!?

    The Gokuwmon fumbled with clumsy gestures to try and reassemble his staff after it got destroyed by the Emerpor at the palace. But his panicking mind couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand. Distracted, a WarGrowlmon’s Atomic Blaster collided with the ground directly in front of him. The monkey mon went sailing for several meters. Instinctively, Sawyer curled into a tight ball, before his body collided with the sandy ground.

    The Gokuwmon stared up at the open air dazed. Ayas flew overhead in his Phoenixmon form, periodically screeching “Life Force!” as he drained energy from an enemy to restore his flagging strength. However, his injured wing still hindered him and flew without his normal grace and skill to soar through the air. A Starlight Explosion erupted through the air, but without it’s normal brilliance and potency.

    Sawyer sat up in his odd reprieve, glancing over to his right. Ryia was in the thick of the ranks, kicking enemies with her legs, shooting her fiery arrows in rapid succession with less accuracy, battering targets with her shield, and freezing the very air around her with fine ice particles to try and interfer with electronic instruments. Her shrilling warcry almost drowned out by Asmadi’s relentless cannon blasts.

    A pained roar rose behind the ape. Sawyer jerked his head to look over his shoulder at the vaguely familiar voice. Titus, in his massive Cannondramon form, collapsed onto his side with a shuddering thud in the sand. His side armor sparked and smoke rose from the impact of multiple blasts as the Realmless Cannondramon had been overwhelmed by the opposing forces. How his pal managed to pull off the evolution in the first place had baffled Sawyer to no end at the start of this conflict. He’d had to support the Saviorhackmon after the loss of Moby. Maybe, Finn figured he’d have better luck with four legs instead.

    A weak light enveloped Titus, rapidly decreasing in size to reveal a disoriented Saviorhackmon. However, Titus didn’t move from where he laid prone. The closest enemy Cannondramon began charging up the cannon on its chest, aiming directly for the downed dragon knight.

    The Gokuwmon’s eyes widen in terror.

    No. No. NO. NO.

    The Gokuwmon scrambled to his booted feet. His leather jacket flapped around him in his mad dash to reach the vulnerable steel dragon.

    Sawyer didn’t stop to think. Didn’t hesitate or waste time to worry about the nearest Cannondramon powering up his grenade launch for another volley. His cloud materialized underneath him to speed up his movements.

    The enemy Cannondramon aimed a malicious glare at the pair as the cannon charged to it’s peak point.

    Sawyer dropped to the hot black sands, standing between his partner and the Cannondramon releasing the cannon blast.

    The Gokuwmon stared down the incoming attack, gritting his teeth so hard that a tooth chipped. But Sawyer wasn’t freezing up in fear. No, hard determined eyes stared narrowly at the incoming laser fire. He didn’t fear his impending demise.

    Not today. Not anymore. He wasn’t losing his best friend. Not the one good thing in his messed up life.

    An explosion of pure light imploded seconds before the cannon fire impacted the ground right in front of the pair. Sand flew in every direction. A large crater of warped glass, formed from the attack, laid at the epicenter. A thick plume of smoke covered the area.

    However, it wasn’t drifting bits of dissolving data that remained when the smoke cleared.

    A scorched metallic body stood in the glass crater, chest heaving hard for fresh clean air. Muscular arms were crossed in front of him, taking the brunt of the blast. The MetalEtemon stared at his metallic arms and hands, gosmacked. “****, did I really just do that?”

    Titus pushed himself up on his elbows coughing up sand and smoke, but he was still alive. “It would seem so,” Titus said with a grateful, but strained, expression, “but we have to keep movin-” the steel dragon grimaced from a wave of pain, breathing hard, “-too vulnerable while we remain still.”

    Titus attempted to stand, but nearly face planted. “Easy there, pal, I gotcha.” The MetalEtemon gripped Titus underneath the arm and helped him to his unsteady feet.

    Another barrage sailed to their location. The metal monkey leaped out of the way of danger with his powerful legs, hauling the Saviorhackmon with him. He glared back at the line of Cannondramon and Ultimatebrachimon advancing on the Realmless. The ongoing onslaught was slowly breaking the Realmless from one another. The pair had been separated from the those Realmless still on the ground. But Ryia had been tossed with a vicious sweep of Asmadi’s tail even further and was fighting her way back to face Asmadi with great difficulty.

    “Well, pal,” Sawyer said solemnly, “It’s been a hell of a run.”

    Titus jerked his head in alarm at the metallic monkey.

    The MetalEtemon then snickered mischievously. “But you might want to cover your ears first.”

    A black microphone materialzied in his free hand. Sawyer pounded his chest with a resounding clang to psyche himself up. Taking in a deep breath, Sawyer screamed into the microphone, “DARK RECITAL!”

    Awful, death metal screeching blasted across their area of the battle field, alternating between piercing high notes to horrible offkey flats assaulted the auditory sensors of those Ravagers in their immediate area..

    Ryia Rohirrim (Sleipmon)
    The Black Coast

    Ryia swore. Damn that cub to the darkest pit in Ironclad.

    Asmadi is a coward. Sure he was.

    She’d barreled ahead of the other Realmless to meet the RustTyrannomon head on if that was the case. Nope, a surprised sweep of Asmadi’s tail has sent her flying into the Ravager’s ranks, separating her from the other Realmless as he tore past her and into the Realmless's formation.

    Damn it. She was going to make Goliath eat one of her fiery bolts, when this was over. The possibility of defeat hadn’t yet crossed her mind.

    But that was as far as Ryia’s thoughts went, each moment and movement was a rapid succession to the swarm of WarGrowlmon and MetalTyrannomon that surrounded. A back kick to a red dino, body checking an UltimateBrachimon that got too close, firing a fire bolt into a MetalTyranno…

    Cannonfire, from a Cannondramon into her armored side, sent Ryia staggering and slowing her momentum. Her legs burned as if they were on fire. But the Iron Mare refused to relent. She forced her aching body and battered armor into a charge towards the Cannondramon, drawing a careful bearing on the massive dinosaur’s chest cannon with her crossbow. Her enemy let loose another volley from his back cannons at the Sleipmon. Ryia raised her shield over her head, keeping her crossbow steady. The fiery bolt sailed from the crossbow seconds before she was bombarded with the artillery fire. The impact plummeted into the Niflheimer, sending the old warhorse staggering sideways as she galloped forward.

    However, her aim proved true and struck into the Cannondramon’s chest grenade cannon, triggering an explosion in dinosaur’s armor and a cry of pain. Four MetalTyrannomon immediately ganged up on her, each charging a laserbeam from their left hand. Ryia positioned the Niflheimer in front as she charged to meet them, “Odin’s Br-”

    Suddenly an unholy racket pierced the Iron Mare’s sensitive ears, resulting in a shrill of pain from her throat. However, she didn’t halt her forward momentum and plowed over the similarly affected MetalTyrannomon in front of her. Whirling around (and her head feeling like it was about to implode), Ryia shot another dino with her bow, lash out with her hind legs at another, and bashed the final reeling MetalTyannomon to the side with her shield.

    Ryia glared angrily, nostrils flared wide, at a cheeky looking monkey and an out-of-sorts Titus.

    “Hiya, Ryia!” The flea-bitten ape sing-songed with a sh*t-eating grin.

    Titus Cloudraker
    (Saviorhackmon→ Jesmon)
    The Black Coast

    “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” Ryia shouted at the monkey, entirely too loud. Titus cringed from the warhorse’s bellowing tone. He’d managed to cover his ears before his friend’s impromptu...serenade and even his ears were ringing.

    Sawyer started to hollar back, “I said-” Laserfire sent sand flying over them. The Mare blocked the next volley with her shield.

    “Forget it, hearing is shot,” Ryia hollered back. She twisted around to offer Titus her backside, apparently realizing the Saviorhackmon could barely stand on his own. “You ride. You- jabbing an armored finger at the monkeymon- follow and keep Asmadi’s lackeys off my tail. We’ve got a rusted tin can to finish.”

    Titus straddled the Iron Mare’s backside, gripping the base of her mane tightly. Ryia dashed across the black sand, building up her speed. Sawyer sprinted behind her with long strides, huffing and puffing to keep up with the relentless warhorse. The MetalEtemon threw the occasional punch, kick, and banana peel to cut off any WarGrowlmon or MetalTyrannomon trying to stop them. With stubborn persistence, Ryia began closing the distance between them and Asmadi. However, consistent interference from the Ravagers slowed their progress.

    The steel dragon hunched low behind Ryia’s upper torso to shelter from oncoming fire that Ryia dared to ride in the face of. He growled in growing frustration at his current uselessness. What else could he do? He’d barely cobbled together the energy to evolve to Cannondramon, but that had been a useless endeavor and he didn’t think he could handle his Jesmon form right now.

    Suddenly, his chest felt burning hot, like a fire rising from within. Titus gasped at the rush of energy coursing out of nowhere with a flash of light. He glanced down at his changed steel-white claws, utterly baffled. Parts of his vision shifted into alternating zeros and ones. Titus slammed up a ramshackled mental shield, afraid to be lost in World’s OS coding again.

    Por? Rene? He called out silently.


    Are currently unavailable.

    A growling whisper said, unheard by the dragon knight.

    They shielded you from the backlash of shutting down your OS Generics forcibly, since you foolishly attempted to use it before you were capable of handling it.

    The fiery red orb snarled angrily at the futile of berating its user, when they were not yet fully connected.

    But it is what we are programmed to do. We are your safety net, even from yourself.

    Atho could not aid Titus directly, not like how Rene and Por. Titus refused to accept the Fire and Fury that coursed through his veins, the same coding that defined Atho’s nature. However, there were other ways he could aid his stubborn and foolish dragon.

    Atho pressed into Titus’s mind, pressuring him to drop his shield to allow his extrasenory perception to perform as it should. But Atho was met with resistance.

    The digital construct snarled, pulsing with agitated light, and essentially gave Titus a mental kick.

    You might lack the Fire to maximize it, but you have the discipline to utilize it.


    Titus’s mind accelerated into overdrive. He could decipher the zeroes and ones of the enemy’s weapons as they charged, when they would fire, determine the trajectory of where the volleys would hit, and how big the radius of the blast would be. The steel-white dragon sucked in a steady breath as he processed all this in less than a second. He cringed waiting for the headache from the input overload. However, something was different.

    Titus wasn’t blinded by the Adamanite or overwhelmed by the blood-red rage of Ajax’s Crimson Mode. The speed at which his mind processed the constant changing variables on the battlefield was still lightning fast, but he found himself adjusting to it. His chest burned with an encouraging and grounding pulse. Titus kept a secured grip on Ryia’s mane as he relaxed and allowed himself to sink into a trance.

    Titus yanked hard on Ryia’s purple mane, surprising the mare and driving her to the right. A blast from Asmadi’s cannon burned the ground, where they would have been if Titus hadn’t diverted Ryia at the last second. The Iron Mare glared over her shoulder in bewilderment, but saw only Titus in deep concentration. She immediately dismissed the occurrence to engage with another Ravager that chose to get in her way at that moment.

    Again, Titus yanked on her mane hard, causing her to rear back on her hind legs as a genade collided into the ground in front of them.

    “Alright, Alright!” Ryia shouted, clearly less than thrilled. “You steer. I’ll shoot.”

    Ryia continued her charge towards Asmadi with Titus cueing her through the ever changing clear path, making quicker progress to rejoin the other Realmless against the mammoth RustTyrannomon. Sawyer followed closely on the warhorse’s hooves.

    “Terror’s Cluster.”

    Ryia barely had time to raise the Nilfheimr shield, before an electromagnetic blast impacted. She dugged her six hooves into the black sand to brace against it, but the overwhelming force threw her backwards. Titus lost his grip and tumbled to the ground as well. The dragon knight staggered to his bladed feet. The weakened state of his body was temporarily forgotten due to be completely engrossed in the hyperactivity of his mind.

    Ryia rolled onto her hooves after landing on her back. She sneered, pinning her ears back. “Damn it, I’ve had enough of this.”

    The mare took off this time by herself, strafing in a wide circle around the RustTyrannomon. “Odin’s Breath!” The Iron Mare began superfreezing the ground beneath her as she galloped, forming thick sheets of ice. Dodging around Asmadi’s lunges and cannon blasts as best as she could.

    Titus quickly puzzled out Ryia’s plan to create a slippery surface for the RustTyrannomon to hopefully slide or fall, giving the other Realmless an opening to attack. Asmadi’s cannon continued it’s not so blind attempts to scatter the Realmless.

    “Sawyer!” Titus called out to the MetalEtemon stumbling out of the way of Asmadi’s swinging tail. “Throw me onto his back. I’m going to try and disable his cannon and then to help Ryia out.”

    The monkeymon rushed over to where Titus stood and grabbed his outstretched hand. With Titus’s direction and timing, Sawyer swung Titus in a circle to build momentum and then released the Jesmon into the air. Titus soared through the air and painfully collided into Asmadi’s backside. Disoriented from the spin and his increasingly frazzled state, Titus could only hope to hang on for dear life and stabbed a wrist blade into a section of Asmadi’s armore. Whether or not Asmadi noticed his new passenger, who knew.

    Ryia’s continued galloping circles around Asmadi to prave ice over the black sand. Sawyer waited until Asmadi took his attention off the MetalEtemon and focused more on the Sleipmon. With another dastardly grin, Sawyer began rapid firing banana peel after banana peel till they were too numerous to count and evenly spread out across the ice.

    Titus watched as the ever shifting variables continued to remain vastly out of their favor. They need somemore. Speed/ dodging/ and underhanded tricks were not going to be enough to take Asmadi done. No, they needed to match Asmadi’s own strength.

    “Jericho!” Titus shouted at the top of his lungs. He only hope-and prayered- that Jericho would hear him.

    Aayaash “Ayas” Aminkii
    Skies Above the Black Coast

    Ayas labored through the air. The energy he’d absorbed from two enemies had helped to renew his strength, but he’d had to remain close to the ground to do so, and that left him an easier target from enemy attacks. His sharp eyes observed a few of the others attempting to counterattack the Ravager leader, while still taking fire from the Cannondramon and UtlimateBrachimon. They would need coverfire.

    He needed to ascend.

    With a great surge, Ayas rose high into the air. The agony in his wing screamed at him. However, the Phoenixmon separated himself from his physical ailments, focusing on the sun in his flight path. The golden rays warmed his aching bones and gleamed with brilliance off his radiant feathers.

    Ayas’s back feathers felt an ever so slight shift in the wind. His tail feathers adjusted his angle of ascend. Cannonfire blew through the air beside him, singeing the tips of his long wisping tail feathers. The tribal elder didn’t slow. Instead, he flapped harder to gain more altitude, until he was far above the battlefield.

    He flared out his wings midflight, holding that position for several long seconds. A golden aura surrounded him, building up power with the sun at his back. Ayas kept his wings spread out for as long as he could to allow the power to build. Golden grains of sand drifted off his feathered body and filled the skies below him and onto a cluster of UltimateBrachimon furthest from the other Realmless.

    Finally, Ayas gave a piercing raptorial scream. “Starlight Explosion!”

    His body erupted, leading to a chain reaction of explosion following the path of golden grains to the earth below.
  11. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    < Goliath Leonhardt (BanchoLeomon) >
    - the Black Coast -

    They rallied, barely, and his lie seemed to be forgotten in the roars and howls of violence unleashed by the Ravager Corps. They were able to slowly establish a foothold on the beach, capitalizing on their superior maneuverability and individual strength.

    But they were still so tired. Daiou's evolution was giving him a burst of renewed strength, but that wouldn't last long - not only because he was unused to the form, but because the well he was drawing from was shallow to begin with. Goliath had never been accused of being a "tactical planner," but he could see the next few minutes play out in his mind. They'd stall, they'd fight, they might even take down Vaevectis Asmadi, but they'd be overwhelmed sooner or later.

    They had to find a way out -- except any attempt to retreat or escape would be cut off immediately.

    There was a scramble, Titus led a charge against Asmadi with Ryia, Daiou, and Jericho. For a moment it seemed like they were making headway, but a barrage of renewed cannonfire stopped them in their tracks. A roar echoed across the black coast, distinct from the savage, salivating roar of Asmadi. This one bellowed deeply, like the hollow howl of an empty cave. Then more cannonfire lit the coast and slammed into Ryia, sending her and Titus flying.

    Another contingent of Metal Empire Digimon marched down through the dark-green trees, and at their head, the crimson form of Nicol Bolas. A trio of Machinedramon fired cannon blasts as they marched, Gigadramon and Megadramon sped forward through the air, strafing the battlefield and bombing the forests behind the Realmless.

    "No," Goliath half-groaned, too tired to say anything more.

    "Yes," hissed a grating, metallic voice directly beside him. Goliath turned just in time to catch the backhand from Arcades Sabboth. He felt his teeth crack and went flying over the boiling sand. He attacked again, but Ajax managed to intercept and block the blow. The dragon held up for a moment, before Sabboth spun around and whipped him through the air with his tail.

    From over the next hill, the soldiers of the D-Brigade joined with the Crack Team and the Ravager Corps, in a silent march sounding only of the metallic trampling of forests under chrome digizoid feet.

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