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Digimon: Civil War

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Kamotz, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Titus Cloudraker (Jesmon)
    Imperial Throneroom

    Titus slammed into the floor, chunks of concrete flying from the impact. He’d laid there stunned, head spinning from the blow to his head and the air driven from his lungs. The dragon knight tried to get up, but he couldn’t concentrate. Instead, the Adamantine’s radiance and Ajax’s power burned into his mind, leaving him in feverish haze.

    “Nice try, little one," Chromium mocked. The older Jesmon gestured to Ajax. "If this one could maintain that power for more than a few minutes I'll admit - I might be worried. But the two of you," he glanced to Ryia. "Couldn't be more obvious if you tried. Your effort was valiant, however. But your meager abilities, newly learned, would never match my own. You could master the OS Generics for a thousand years, and only ever scratch the surface of what I can do.

    Titus clenched his fist, trying to push himself again. However, he froze as he stared fixated at his right wristblade.

    "Mine abilities are powered by Adamantine, by the Realmpact itself. None of our kind has ever accomplished what I have," said Chromium. "And none other ever will."

    The younger Jesmon heard the Emperor, but it only half registered at the time. Something was wrong. The zeroes and ones making up his digital structure where fluctuating wildly. Outwardly, parts of his body started to blur as though having trouble keeping together. Titus shook his head to clear his confusion, but only succeeded in making the room spin more. The only thought he could form at that moment, ‘Where did Rene and Por go to?’


    Three different colored orbs spun circles around the overly bright Program Orb in their user’s mindscape. Titus’s OS Generic programming pulsed erratically, much like a heart skipping a beat repeatedly.

    It won’t shut down! Por exclaimed in a titzy. It’ll drain his digicore completely.

    I warned him. Rene replied sternly. We were not ready to initialize the program at only 66% available capacity. Much less attempt to copy the feats of the Other one.

    We must act now. Atho rumbled. His fiery red form posed to insert a blade into the OS Generics. Before our foolish dragon kills himself and dooms us all.

    It’ll hurt him. Por followed Atho’s example, getting into position.

    And us. Rene spoke softly as he moved to complete their triangle formation. We are him and he is us.

    All for One. Por chimed.

    One for All. Atho roared.

    All three constructs thrust their sword-arms into the out-of-control program simultaneously.





    He’d managed to back onto his feet, but his whole body suddenly spasm in agony. His broken ribs flared up reminding of his state. Titus staggered clutching a silver-white claw to the crystal embedded in his chest. The dragon knight collapsed onto his side, no longer possessing the strength to stand.

    A light enfolded his body as he lost his grip on the Jesmon form. However, with his fading senses, Titus blindly reached out a claw into the air as pounding vibrations shook the ground beneath him. Ryia snagged his hand and arm, tossing the now barely conscious Saviorhackmon onto her back.

    The pair raced across the ruined ground toward the exit with the other Realmless. Ajax and the newcomer still fully engaged with the Metal Emperor.

    Titus leaned against the Sleipmon’s torso with an arm hooked her shoulder. He drifted in and out of consciousness as Ryia shouted at the other Realmless to get wounded onto Jericho’s back for transport.

    The ground shook as a swarm of filth mon emerged from the sewers to converge on Chromium. Ryia abruptly halted in surprised, before resuming her attempts to herd the Reamless along.

    "He'll kill you!" Goliath roared at the filth mon.

    “I said, get the cub out of here!” Ryia shouted at the Bancho. She finally dashed towards the exit herself, but only after making sure no other Realmless had fallen behind aside from Ajax and the Mastenmon. A dumbfounded Sawyer stood outside in the hallway, staring at the masses of filth mon being slaughter.

    Ryia grabbed the frozen Gokuwmon by his leather jacket and threw him behind Titus on her back. “I thought I told you to lead the others back to the sewers.” Ryia nickered angrily.

    Sawyer held onto the slumped Saviorhuckmon and Ryia’s purple mane, craning his over his shoulder towards the throne room door growing smaller with distance. “I told the kitty knight how to get there. But forget about that what if Blenderbutt’s palace guards finally show up?”

    “There aren’t any....” Titus muttered weakly, unsure if Ryia and Sawyer heard him.

    Why would there need to be?

    Aside from any forces in the surrounding city, why would Chromium need protection in his own palace. Not when he could directly control his own defenses and his own abilities were enhanced by the Adamantine.

    The Emperor knew exactly when they were coming and said himself that nothing occurred in his Realm without his knowledge. Why worry about keeping guards around if you always knew where every threat was. Belatedly, he thought he understood now the point Chromium was trying to convene to him on how pointless their fight was. He alone of the Realmless could see and possibly connect the dots.

    Know yourself, know your enemy. Rheagos’s words echoed in his feverish mind.

    They were both Jesmon, gifted with senses to understand their environment far beyond any other digimon. Titus was just scratching the surface and depth of his abilities. Just how far further could Chromium’s senses reach out, where they enhanced by the Adamantine as well?


    A stray thought bothered him. The whole time they were in the throne room the Adamantine’s power pounded into his mind. It coursed....It bled through the very walls of the massive throne room, like a live circuit or computer board.

    The whole layout of the throne room had bothered Titus as he had tried to gleam what he could from the room. Chromium was the Ruler of the Metal Empire, a realm of advanced technology and machine digimon. Cold, hard, calculating, and practical. Chromium had no use for frivolous opulence. No, the sheer size and layout had to serve a specific purpose aside from visual appeal. If only he had a better sense of the rest of the palace...

    However, his feverish mind couldn’t keep up the rambling train of thoughts any longer and succumbed to darkness.


    Ryia Rohirrim (Sleipmon)
    Through the Sewers

    The Sleipmon galloped through the murky waters of the tunnels, bringing up the rear. She held tight to the Saviorhackmon’s limp arm hanging over her shoulder to ensure he didn’t slip off. Straight ahead, the old warhorse spotted the Realmless climbing into Moby’s mouth as quickly as they could.

    Without slowly down, Ryia braced herself as she leapt gracefully into Moby’s cavernous, yet still cramped, mouth. Landing squishy organic surface, Ryia squeezed her eyes tight to quell the rising panic, forcing herself to breath deeply. Taking a moment to fortified herself, the Iron Mare stepped to one side that was open. She knelt down carefully onto her knees to help Sawyer ease the unconscious Titus from her back.

    Sawyer fussed over his dragon friend, while Ryia glanced about to see how the other Realmless were fairing. However, her head whipped back around at the Gokuwmon’s rising panic. “Ryia, he’s burning up!”

    Ryia reached a hand over to the delirious Saviorhackmon’s forehead. Sure enough, the silver-white knight was hot to the touch, sweating profusely. Ryia frowned. The young dragon was muttering incoherently, turning his head from side to side in a feverish state. Sawyer looked at the mare silently begging her to do something.

    The Sleipmon turned her shield towards Titus. Cold air drifted over the feverish dragon until a thick layer of frost covered him. Slowly, Titus began to relaxed before quieting down.

    “Make sure he stays calm and still,” Ryia instructed Sawyer as she rose stiffly to her hooves. Sawyer silently nodded his thanks as he rested Titus’s head against his leg and shifted the Saviorhackmon’s hood to cover his face.

    Ryia breathed a sign of relief. That was one youngster she didn’t have to worry about for now.


    Grimacing inward, Ryia made her way over to where the deathly still forms of Surrak and Jaeger laid. The birdbra-Ayas was leaning over the shattered MetalGarurumon trying to staunch some of the bleeding with a few of the others. The Iron Mare rested an armored hand on the Garudamon’s shoulder to get his attention.

    Ayas glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, “I am, by no means, a healer, Ryia.”

    “I know,” Ryia said quietly, “Just do what you can.”

    Ryia stepped away to stand . Her tired eyes drifting over each of the Realmless as each processed the failure of their mission. This wouldn’t do.

    “We lost today, yes, but we are not done.” the former herd leader spoke firmly and steady. “We know Chromium's true nature and intentions. Most importantly, and we are *all* still alive. But for now we rest.”

    "Whamon," Ryia called out to the fleshy chamber. "How quickly can you get us to one of your organization's bases for medical treatment?

    The Iron Mare lowered her tired body to the ground, as she waited for an answer. But she never took her eyes off her herd, particularly Goliath. She waited to see how the Realmless Leader dealt with the fallout of their battle.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2019
  2. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    < Goliath Leonhardt (BanchoLeomon) >
    - Argentum -

    Goliath glanced down to where Surrak and Jaeger lay deathly still. How much longer could they hold on? The flood of dissipating data from their wounds was growing steadier with every passing moment. They were powerful Digimon, that much was certain; but how much free data did they have left to spare?

    Whamon," Ryia called out to the fleshy chamber. "How quickly can you get us to one of your organization's bases for medical treatment?

    "'Base'? You think we've got 'bases?' Were you not listening to how we work?" Moby's voice echoed all around them. "Besides, we've got bigger things to worry about right now!" A high-pitched ringing sound echoed around them. "Imperial Navy is closing in. I'm doing my best to pull away, but they're gaining fast and you guys are like a huge meal sitting in my stomach slowing me down. Just -- wait -- hold on!"

    Explosions rocked the huge Whamon, knocking the Realmless from side to side.

    "Damnit, didn't even see them!" Moby growled, though what he was referring to, Goliath couldn't tell. "I'll try to lose them!" It was pure chaos, a crash of motion on all sides, shouts of pain from the Whamon, and a building pressure as he pitched and dove deeper and deeper.

    Goliath snarled and grit his teeth against the pressure as they continued to dive. Explosions still rocked the water around them, but slowly began ebbing away.

    "I've shaken them for now. The Digimon they sent can't follow me this deep," said Moby. He let out a strained grunt. "But--erhg--I'm hit--rah--and this pressure is not helping things. I'm going to have to surface sooner than later and then they'll be on top of us when I do."

    "Get us as far outside the territory as you can, Moby," Goliath said. "If you can get us out of the Mercury Sea and to the shore we can split up. We'll lead them away from you into the Black Coast and lose them in the mountains. You take Surrak and Jaeger for healing."

    "I wasn't going to say anything, but," Moby said. "You're sitting in my stomach so I couldn't help noticing." He hesitated.

    "What is it?" Goliath asked.

    "Those two are hemorrhaging data," the Whamon said. A lot of it. It's...it's actually keeping me sated..."

    "You're digesting them!?" Goliath snarled.

    "I'm not trying to!" Moby shot back, his voice echoing harshly around them. "But it's free-floating data, it's not really a matter of wanting to or not. And with the way they're bleeding-out I don't know if they'll last until I can get them to safety."

    "We have to try," Goliath said. "Keep going, Moby. As fast as you can."

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