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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


God of Monsters
All around was darkness. The world was pain and fear and rage. The sky above was scorched and burnt at the edges. Lightning cut ragged paths of flame through the pitch-black clouds. The earth below was razed. Torched and cratered by anger and a hate-filled power. Across the world's surface lay the ashen remains of all who opposed this apocalypse. They hadn't even broken down into data, most stood as they died, forever petrified as ash-colored stone or crystal. The world was emblazoned with the name of he who caused this horror. The name appeared in no words or symbols. The name was the destruction. It was the ruin, the wrath, the rage, the fear, and the agony of a world screaming out for salvation that would never come...not after heaven itself had fallen to earth in a twisted and heap as hellfire licked at its shining surface. And he claimed his victory, ravaging the world and blasting into it his own image. He burned his name across the world as death and power absolute.

Dracul Samhain.


They were names spoken only in defiance or in protected places. There were those who believed that the Black King could hear his name wherever spoken, and that speaking it would bring his wrath down upon you. Only those that did not fear his Black Legions dared to even whisper it.

Ajax was not one of the fearful. He roared the name, cursed its owner's every breath, He shouted the name into the heart of darkness and swore oaths upon his very soul that he would see Dracul Samhain dead at his feet.

Such bravado had secured him the eternal fury of the Black King. Samhain would stop at nothing to see the former Avenger broken before him. He sent his Black Legions after the knight, wave upon wave of twisting darkness, all fangs and claws and teeth. They were the monsters straight from Samhain's own twisted dreams, birthed by his will and his will alone. They existed only to serve, to kill, and to die.


Each of the terrible Digimon was astoundingly powerful. Alone, they posed a significant risk to any of the hidden communities. Two together could raze entire cities. But the hundreds upon hundreds that Dracul Samhain had sent throughout the Digital World were a blight, a digital plague. A holocaust.

And Ajax liked nothing more than to drive his weapons into their dark, leathery flesh.

The Diaboromon before Ajax was a massive specimen. Were it not for its hunched and crouched position, it would have stood at almost three times his height, as opposed to twice his height like most Diaboromon. The creature lashed out with its ever-extendable arms. Ajax leapt out of the way, but he was struck in the shoulder and spun through the air. The monster dove at him, but Ajax swung the mighty Dunas pole axe and it sliced across the Diaboromon's midsection. The beast let out a roar of anger and grabbed Ajax by his face. He smashed the knight into a wall and held him there. Power began to build within the dark creature's core.

But Theron sliced his Kiku-rin scimitars through the creature's arms, nearly cutting completely through them. The same two weapons then plunged deep into the Diaboromon's torso, and then with a roar, Theron drew them across the monster's neck and removed his head.

"You're better than this, Ajax," the Gaiomon muttered. Ajax suddenly sprang forward and pushed Theron to the side. He spun the Dunas and stabbed its spear end into its chest, into the power core there. Ajax pushed the creature back and pinned it to the ground, then he removed the axe-ended half of the Dunas and clove the weapon--glowing white hot--right through the Diaboromon's skull.

"You were saying?" Ajax said with a smirk.

"Let's go," said Theron. "Those were only the scouts. The rest will be coming soon, and they won't be such pushovers." On cue, a dozen more dark figures emerged from the shadows. Ajax gripped his weapons tightly. "We can't beat them, Ajax," Theron said, urging him on.

"We can try."

"We can die," Theron pointed out. "There's nothing here worth fighting for."

"Here?" Ajax whispered. "Here is all that's left. There's nothing left for us to fight for but the charred ground we stand on."

"Then let us live to fight another day," Theron urged. "We cannot win." To prove his point, the dozen or so Diaboromon surged forward, a terrifying black tidal wave.

Ajax ignored Theron. He swung both halves of the Dunas and unleashed his Rage of Wyvern. The attack tore through the swarm, but it only the closest of the Diaboromon was even hurt by it. Half its face burned away, but it was still coming. Ajax relented. He turned and ran.

Together, the two raced down the twisted tunnels of the underground. They leaped over jutting spires of rock and twisted metal. They tumbled down steep embankments and vaulted over rivers of dirty water and molten rock.

And as they ran, more and more of the Diaboromon appeared. Now there were more than thirty blood-thirsty monsters hot on their tails, and they were gaining ground quickly. The Diaboromon suddenly surged forward and collided with Ajax and Theron. They fought hopelessly against the wave of darkness as the Diaboromon clawed and gouged at them. Ajax closed his eyes in agony and prepared for the silence of death.

But a roar filled his ears. The roar of a cannon.

Power flooded the cavern as several cannon blasts detonated. The mighty of the attacks washed over the Diaboromon, and in an instant most were completely atomized. The ones that still lived were cracked and broken. Ajax recognized that power. He spun around and glanced across to the far side of the cavern where a figure in white stood.

"Hyperion," he whispered angrily. "Hyperion, you son of a bit*h!" Ajax lunged forward only to be tackled down by one of the remaining Diaboromon. He struggled to throw the beast off his back, but Theron took care of it for him. The Gaiomon dragged Ajax forward and into the cavern's large opening.

"We need to keep going," Theron said.

"No," Ajax growled. "I'm tired of running. We make our stand here!" He spun around and readied his weapon as the remaining Diaboromon drew ever closer.

But they stopped. They stood at the edge of the cavern's opening, moving restlessly and angrily. Their only sounds were low growls of frustration. Then, they moved away, fading back into the shadows and the darkness.

"I don't understand," Theron whispered.

"I do," said Ajax solemnly. "This is where the Celestial Sphere fell to earth. That's what formed this cavern." Ajax closed his eyes as the images flashed before his mind. The shining city, plummeting through the clouds as hellfire blazed. It was a heap of twisted silver, molten gold, and broken glass.

"You were there?" Theron asked. Ajax rarely mentioned his past during the beginning of GranDracmon's reign, and he often wondered what the former Avenger had done to try and stop him.

"Yeah," Ajax whispered. "This was where hope died." Ajax's mind wandered to the fleeting image of Hyperion. Had the white knight truly been there, or had Ajax imagined the whole thing? Ajax had searched for Hyperion when Dracul Samhain first appeared, but the white knight was nowhere to be found, and no one had seen or heard from him since the Civil War. "Coward," Ajax whispered angrily. Though he wasn't sure if the comment was directed at Hyperion or himself.

Stones shifted behind them. Ajax and Theron spun around, weapons drawn in an instant. Something moved just beyond their sight...many somethings.

They were not alone...


Don't ask questions.
Two large cannon blasts erupted from above, covering the surrounding area in a flurry of smoke and debris. Two figures burst forth from the smog, both Diaboromon. They hurled themselves at the Golden-Armored Digimon, who struggled to keep them both at bay. He was beginning to wonder how many cannon-blasts these creatures could take...he had already hit them with so many...

"You crazy goblin-things! Getoffame!" Rai the Rapidmon exclaimed, extending his arms forward and blowing both enemies back to the ground. The Digimon of Destiny peered over his shoulder at the small village. Most had fled when the Diaboromon attacked, but the remaining few were cowering in fear inside their small huts. It was his duty to protect them. He had promised. And Rai always kept his promises.

"Rapid Fire!"

Multiple missiles streaked through the air, and all collided into the chest of one of the Diaboromon, destroying it completely. The other, however, was nowhere to be found...

Suddenly, Diaboromon's shadow loomed over Rai. The armored rabbit whirled around, only to find that the Diaboromon had been sliced in two by the sword of a certain Ravemon.

"Karasu!" Rai shouted. "You son of a Babamon! What took you so long?!"

Karasu sighed. "I had to finish my nap. I hadn't had forty winks yet."

Rai was about to retort, when suddenly, three more Diaboromon stepped out of the forest, their presence bringing a sense of danger...and death. Rai and Karasu remained hovering in the air, peering down at their new opponents.

"You ready, Bird-boy?"

Karasu chuckled. "To show you up? Yes."

The two Digimon flew at the Diaboromon, ready to destroy them as they did the others, but found themselves outmatched. A single Diaboromon leaped at them, grabbed them, one in each of its flailing arms, and hurled them to the ground. The other two charged the cannons in the midsections to full power, and blasted. Rai and Karasu found themselves spinning through the air. The Ravemon crashed into a tree, snapping it in two. Rai regained his footing, and slid to a stop, all the while pelting an oncoming Diaboromon with his cannons.

"EAT THIS, PESTS!!!" Rai roared. His attacks failed...horribly. The moment it pummeled Rai into the dirt, it was clear that this Diaboromon was just a tad bit stronger than the earlier two.

Meanwhile, Karasu found himself being mauled by the remaining two Diaboromon. These Digimon were no pushovers...unfortunately for them, Karasu wasn't either. He propelled himself up using his clawed hands, sending both Digimon reeling with a solid, double kick. In a split second, Karasu had vanished, and reappeared next to the Diaboromon that was attacking Rai. Karasu drew his sword, and managed to present the creature with a deep gash before grabbing Rai and rushing off.

"NO! Karasu, what are you doing?! That's my village you're leaving to get slaughtered!!!"

Karasu rocketed into the sky, still clutching Rai, who was struggling with all his might to get away. "Rai, you stupid bunny! Shut up! We'll die if we don't get away! And I don't want to die again!"

"Big deal...I'll just beat that Teth-Adam guy again and he'll let us come back to life!" Rai said, scowling.

Karasu sighed. "Somehow, I don't think that's going to work a second time..."

Finally, Karasu let Rai fly on his own. A sudden noise pricked Rai's ear. He peered down at the trees below, and found, to his dismay, that the three Diaboromon were gaining on them...and fast. "We've gotta find somewhere to hide..."

"How about there?" Karasu suggested, pointing to an old ruin. "That looks promising...it seems almost...familiar..."

"...The Celestial Sphere?"

((OOC: Yay! Second post! Oh, and Griff, feel free to have Strom meet up with them before they arrive at the Celestial Sphere.))
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Knight of RPGs
"Damn it, Nova!" Gatmuz snarled "you can't leanr the meaning of sneak past, can you?!"

The raging MirageGaogamon ripped through a Diaboromon with his Digizoid claws, barely even hurting the wretched thing. Behind him, Nova the ShineGreymon fought sword to claw against two more of the beast, wielding the double-bladed GeoGrey Sword to her full ability to prevent being killed in an instant by the filthy creatures.

"Sneak past?" she muttered, swinging the GeoGrey Sword in an oppurtunist arc and beheading one of her assailants. The creature shrieked in pain before two follow-up strikes relieved it of arms.

The damn things were almost unkillable. That was the problem.

And even the third member of their little group, who had fought gods and demons in the past, struggled with Diaboromon.

Osiris the Anubismon, Avenger and proud warrior of the former Rebellion, snarled in rage at a Diaboromon towering over him. The beast brought down its extendable arm in a vicious sweep, but Osiris took flight and evaded the blow before raising a hand.

"Pyramid Power!" he called. Crystal shone in mid air, encasing the beast in a pyramid prison.

"Amulet of the Ancients!"

A crystalline figure formed in front of the Anubismon and fired a powerful blast of energy into the trapped Diaboromon, ripping a hope in its chest. The beast shrieked in pain silently, noise blocked by the crystal encasing it.

Gatmuz leapt over his assailant and turned to face it, wolf mouth set in his chestplate opening to reveal a sphere of pulsing golden aura.

"Full Moon Blaster!" he cried, unleashed the almighty blast from his body with a terrible roar.

The golden energy burst ripped through the Diaboromon, searing through every strand of its digital flesh. The beast howled even as Gatmuz dived towards the immense hole torn by his attack and proceeded to tear what passed as a DigiCore to the wretched thing out with his claws, silencing it instantly.

Nova spun, bringing her GeoGrey Sword down in an arc that sliced into the last Diaboromon's DigiCore and killed it, finally ending that threat.

Except of course, the dozens chasing them.

"We can't fight," Gatmuz stated wearily. The effort needed to unleash his Full Moon Blaster had taken a toll on him. "We need to find shelter. Osiris, you know this place better than Nova and I. Is there any high ground, or hiding place nearby?"

"Hide?" Nova cut in, ceasing cleaning black Diaboromon blood off of her blade "hide, Gatmuz? Don't be such a coward! We can beat them!"

"That's overconfidence," Gatmuz argued "suicidal overconfidence. Our best hope is to find a safe position and hide out there until we can escape to a new area."

"Gatmuz is right," Osiris said, cutting off Nova before she could protest "we need to get to safety, Nova. There's no point in giving up our lives for no purpose."

She bit her lip and turned, raising the GeoGrey Sword as if to decapitate a Diaboromon.

Gatmuz stood, then suddenly seemed to become more alert. He stiffened.

"There's something else here," he said "Slide Evolution! ZeedGarurumon!"

With a bark, he shifted into his bipedial wolf form, weapons systems activating and targetting systems coming online, sensing the area, finding whatever was there...

There was a flash of white from nearby as cannon blasts thudded into a group of Diaboromon.

Osiris gasped. He could swear that was...

"HYPERION!" he exclaimed.

"ZEED CANNON!" Gatmuz barked, firing off a volley of shots from the cannon on his back. The blasts detonated on the cliff faces around with roars of explosives, and the white being vanished into black smoke.

"Gatmuz, stop," Osiris said. The ZeedGarurumon bowed his head.

"Slide Evolution! MirageGaogamon!" he barked, returning to his base form.

"There are still others nearby," he reported "I got more life signs. Not Diaboromon, though. From what data I got through the interference from the rock faces and the viral prescence of those damned Diaboromon, I think there's a MedievalGallantmon and a Gaiomon nearby, somewhere over there." He gestured vaguely.

"MedievalGallantmon?" Osiris murmured "Ajax! Let's move!"


"Run!" screamed out Kairi.

The Sakuyamon ran as fast as she could, trying to get away from the creatures that had been following her.

"I'm right on it," said Karmas.

Unfortunately the Vikemon wasn't exactly the fastest runner, his large body moving sluggishly as he tried to run. He finally thought that he was able to out run them, when something jumped on his back. Karmas felt pain shoot down his back as something sharp plunged into his flesh.

"Kairi, I need your help!" called out Karmas.

As Kairi turned around, she pointed her staff at the Diaboromon on Karmas' back.

"Spirit Strike!"

Four foxes emerged from the Sakuyamon's staff and headed towards Diaboromon. As the foxes pelted the digimon, Karmas grabbed hold of its arms and threw it off. After he did so, Karmas unsheathed his two axes and swung them at Diaboromon.

"Viking Axe!"

The two axes glowed with energy as they tore through Diaboromon's flesh. The digimon looked down at itself in horror, before smiling at Karmas and Kairi. The smile sent chills down their backs, and as the Diaboromon disintegrated the heard a distant cry for help. The pair ran as quickly as they could to the owner of the voice.

"Fabian!" Kairi cried out in surprise.

Standing there was a pink armoured digimon, who was currently being attacked by four Diaboromon.

"Thanks for showing up," said Fabian as he ducked one of the Diaboromon's attacks.

"Fist of Athena!"

Fabian pulled back his fist, which had Pile Bunker on it, and punched one of the Diaboromon. As he did so, a large sonic boom was released from Pile Bunker, and blew the Diaboromon away.

"Quick, we need to run," said Fabian, yanking Kairi and Karmas by the hands as he started to run.

The Diaboromon gave pursuit, not willing to give up their pray. But then they just stopped chasing the trio.

"Why have they stopped?" asked Fabian.

Karmas and Kairi didn't answer him, instead they were looking at what was behind them in surprise.

"The ruins of the Celestial Sphere," muttered Kairi, as the horrible events of her past were brought back into her mind.

"What's wring with Kairi?" asked Fabian, "She never told me anything about these 'Celestial Ruins'."

Karmas looked at Fabian with a sad look in his eye before he started, "This is where Kairi used to live, and then when the Dramon attacked the Celestial Sphere they kidnapped her and killed her husband."

"Oh," muttered Fabian.

Suddenly Kairi jumped up, her ponytails quivering.

"Oh my god," muttered Kairi, "He's here!"

"Who's here?" asked Karmas.

"Ajax!" replied the Sakuyamon.

At that name, the three digimon started to run in the direction of Ajax, hoping to see an old friend (in Karmas and Kairi's case) and make a new one (in Fabian's case).


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
A large, orange-plated dinosaur, whose spine consisted of spikes and massive blades, ran through the forest following another dinosaur. The digimon ahead of him was slightly smaller than he and had a green plated hide in addition to the large, deadly claws on his hands and feet.

“Hurry up, will you?” the green dinosaur called back, subconsciously glancing at the scars on his friend’s pale-yellow underbelly which were indirectly caused by him.

“Easy for you to say, Ranney. You don’t have a mountain of metal jutting out of your back!” the Spinomon yelled back forwards as he awkwardly manoeuvred around some trees.

“Whatever, Strom,” said Ranney the Dinorexmon while rolled his eyes. “Where are these Avengers who wouldn’t let me join, anyways?”

Strom chuckled. “They knew you would be too much trouble.”

Ranney narrowed his eyes and glared at his friend. “They just didn’t want you to be embarrassed because they knew I was the stronger dinosaur… and you didn’t answer my question!”

“How the hell should I know, Ranney? They could be anywhere! We just have to keep looking!”

“Isn’t there some way to contact them?”

“Well maybe I should yell “Avengers Assemble!” and then they’ll be beside me in the blink of an eye,” Strom said, rolling his eyes as he followed his friend.

“You’ll never get a mate if you’re sarcastic all the time, Strommy,” Ranney said, grinning.

Strom growled. “I think we have more important things to do than find me a mate, Rann.”

Immediately after finishing the sentence, Strom stopped in his tracks, snarling and cringing. Ranney turned around and tilted his head. “What’s up? Cut your tail trying to scratch your back again?”

“No!” he responded, looking down at his left hand. “This damn scar keeps reopening and it feels like it’s on fire.”

“That wasn’t from the… uhhh… interrogation, was it?” the Dinorexmon asked, looking uncomfortably at the ground.

“Nah… It’s from my old friend’s sword. I’m not sure why it still hurts though, I only cut myself on it holding it and then when handing it to Ajax to defeat Magog and Gog.”

“Maybe the sword didn’t like you,” proposed a grinning Ranney.

Strom sneered and clenched his fist. “Let’s just keep walking, okay, weakling? We don’t want those damned patrols finding us.”

The dinosaur obliged and walked in front of him, looking about intently. “It’s gonna be hard finding them, you know.”

“Maybe… but they might have the same idea as us and there might be some underground rallying point for the resistance.”

Ranney nodded. “Let’s hope…” He immediately stopped and craned his head around, sniffing intently.

“What’s up? Did you step in something?”

The green dinosaur shook his head. “I smell digimon…”

Strom halted and also began sniffing around. “So do I… And they’re not Infermon or Diaboromon.”

“Let’s go.”

The two took off, following the smell but at a wary pace. The forest began to thin. The two slowed down and started to creep through the forest. They hunched as close to ground as they could (they both stood at around fifteen feet at this point. It would take an idiot not to see them.) and moved closer. They saw a campfire lighting up the night and several huts. The duo had come across a village.

Strom squinted to take a closer look at the village. He saw something that made his eyes widen and his jaw drop. Ranney looked over and was confused by Strom’s expression.

“What’s with you, Strom?”

“… It’s impossible… How can it be?” Strom whispered to himself. He was staring at two familiar digimon who were in conversation with each other. Rai and Karasu.


“…They’re dead! I saw them die!” He swung to face Ranney, grabbed him by the neck and faced him towards the village. “What digimon do you see over there?! Are there any?!”

Ranney was confused and stunned, but he replied. “I see a Ravemon and a Rapidmon. Why?”

Strom slowly released the hold on Ranney’s neck as he stepped back in shock. After a few moments, his dumbfounded, wide-eyed expression was replaced by an ear-to-ear smile. Before Strom could run out, a pack of Diaboromon ascended on the village.

"Crap!" sputtered Ranney, holding Strom back.

"What are you doing?! We have to help them!"

"There's too many right now! We'll be swarmed!" Ranney protested.

Strom reluctantly stalled. After a minute, he saw Rai and Karasu flee with three Diaboromon on their tails.

"I'm not letting them die again, Ranney." With that, Strom stormed out and chased after the Diaboromon.

"'Again'?" asked Ranney, also speedily following them.

"Blue Prominance!"

"Ogre Flame!"

Strom and Ranney's attacks both hit the two Diaboromon on the left and right of the middle one. The two digimon fell and the two dinosaurs both lunged on their respective targets and began tearing them to pieces.

The remaining Diaboromon halted its pursuit and looked at both the Spinomon and Dinorexmon. Strom gave a nod to Ranney, who returned the gesture. In mere seconds, they both charged the Diaboromon. Ranney took the lower half in his teeth and Strom took the upper half in his. They passed by each other and ripped the Diaboromon in two.

"Now that's teamwork!" Ranney responded, grinning widely.

Strom nodded. He saw Rai and Karasu land just near a cavern. Planning to do what he did before, the Spinomon beamed and charged the duo.

KARASU! RAI! YOU’RE ALIVE! HAHAHAH!” Strom grabbed the two and brought them into a crushing hug. “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! AHAHA!”

Ranney watched in bewilderment, but slowly walked over to his friend.


A draconic digimon sat on the lee side of a sand dune, waiting patiently. The moon cast down on him, but his black special rubber armour created no glint. It was exactly what he wanted. His dark crimson wings were cloaked over his shoulders and around his quadriceps, covering any metal that might cause a light reflection. He kept his metal helmet on, but dulled it with dirt prior to arriving at the dune. The Cyberdramon was near-undetectable.

His name was Erebus and he was ready to ambush his prey. He let out a small snarl in a deep raspy tone. The Cyberdramon was previously part of the Dramon Empire, which had folded upon the Three Great Dramon and Imego’s deaths. He cared not for the empire and the empire frankly cared not for him. For the majority of the war, he was locked up in jail for disobeying several direct orders. He was almost killed on the spot, once, by Imego back when he was still a subordinate to the Three Dramon, but another officer insisted that Erebus’ fighting skills were remarkable and that it would be a waste to kill him.

The dramon keenly watched the other side of the dune, where there was a path that patrols usually walked on. He waited three minutes before seeing a patrol consisting of three Infermon approach. Erebus stalled, wanting the group to come nearer before he gave away his position The Cyberdramon was on their flank because he noticed that Infermon have trouble turning. He waited until he could hear a conversation between them.

Then he lunged up to the crest of the dune. “Desolation Claw!” He sent out two blade-like shockwaves from his arms, destroying the leading Infermon before they had a chance to react. The Cyberdramon uncloaked his wings and soared towards them from the dune. Erebus landed on a second Infermon and decapitated it with a slash of his sharp claws.

The remaining Infermon clumsily spun around but managed to attack. “Network Grenade!” The spider-like digimon fired a grenade at his foe.

Erebus grabbed it in his claw and spun around, so the pressure of it hitting him would not set it off. He turned on his foot 360 degrees and used the momentum to hurl the grenade back at its sender. The grenade flew into the Infermon’s shelled body and detonated, leaving behind only a cascade of data.

He let out a sharp grunt and walked back up the dune to check around for any other enemies before relocating. The draconic warrior saw that there was nothing else around but sand.

That is, until his hearing picked up roars and shouts from nearby. Erebus flapped his wings and became airborne. The Cyberdramon flew upwards in the night until he reached a high altitude. He saw a pack of digimon move towards a cave.

"...Not Diaboromon..." he thought to himself, carefully inspecting them.

Erebus buffeted his wings and soared downwards towards the cavern, landing just outside the entrance. He warily glanced around, making sure that it wasn't an ambush. "...Rrgh..."


Don't ask questions.
Two strong arms caught Rai and Karasu as they neared the ruin. Rai's first thought was: "Aw, Yggdrasil! Looks like we're dead again!" But when he turned his head, and found that the two massive arms had pulled he and Karasu close to the enormous reptilian body that owned them, he grinned.

"Strom! Ya big lizard! You're gonna crush my armor!"

Karasu chuckled, and then groaned. "...S-Strom...that's my...windpipe you're choking..."

When Strom finally released his embrace, the two Digimon fell to the ground. Rai leaped to his feet, exclaiming, "I swear, Strom, if you try to kill me like that again, I'll blow up your so-called 'impenetrable hide'!"

Karasu slowly stood, and said with a smile, "I bet you're wondering how Rai and I are alive, huh? Well, it's all thanks to ol' shiny-butt over there. He fought Anubis Teth-Adam, and won."

"Yeah! So don't mess with the Rai-ster!" Rai shouted. Suddenly, a far-off noise caught his sensitive ears. "There's more of 'em on the way...a lot...by the looks of it..."

"I suppose we have no choice..." Karasu muttered. "The ruins of the Celestial Sphere it is then."


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom chuckled sheepishly, ceasing to squeeze the life out of them. "Sorry guys. I got carried away. But that's awesome! Good work Rai." He raised his eyebrow and gave a friendly grin. "And I'd like to see you try, rabbit."

Ranney walked by them. "The Celestial Sphere, huh? Seems kinda like we'd just be backing outself into a corner."

"Got any better ideas? Oh, and guys? This is Ranney. He's not the sharpest claw on the foot," Strom mocked.

Ranney rolled his eyes and began to walk towards the ruins. "Let's just go before we're up to our neck in Diaboromon."

Strom nodded and followed. A few moments later... "Who were you calling a big lizard, Rai?!"
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Knight of RPGs
Nova, Gatmuz and Osiris soared over the rocky crags, looking for Ajax. Osiris was sure enough that Gatmuz had detected the leader of the Avengers and not some other MedievalGallantmon, but Nova and Gatmuz both had their doubts.

For one thing, Gatmuz doubted the quality of the data input he had recieved, given interference from the rocks and the Diaboromon's viral signature, which corrupted the signal.

Nova was just irritated not to be hacking apart Diaboromon and Infermon. She kept on slashing the air with her GeoGrey Sword in sheer boredom.

One time, she managed to accidentally strike Gatmuz with the blade and notch his armour.

'Watch it!" the MirageGaogamon snarled, turning on her.

"Hey!" she retorted "it was an accident!"

"Why are you even swinging that thing around in mid-air?!"

"I'm practicing for the Diaboromon!"

"Cool it, the both of you!" Osiris barked "we've got better things to do." With that, they soared onwards.

Suddenly, Osiris saw something. He focused on the four Digimon he could see on the ground.

"Spinomon... DinoRexmon... Ravemon... Armour Rapidmon... Strom.... Ranney, Karasu and Rai?!" he exclaimed.

Suddenly, a Diaboromon lept from a rock crag nearby, only to be knocked fromt he sky by Nova's GeoGrey Sword.

"Now this is a fight!" she roared with a bloody glint in her eyes as she charged the Diaboromon and Infermon massing on the crags to attack the village they could see. Gatmuz snarled, but charged in after her, as did Osiris.

Reasoning that his ranged abilities wouldn't help much under the circumstances, Osiris decided to call on the power he had only recently awoken, only recently learned to use.

Even then, he hated it.

"Slide Evolution!" he called, his features becoming more leonine, a black gakuran slinging itself onto his shoulders, a sharp-bladed katana appearing in his grip...


As his new form, Osiris landed, promptly slashing the hand off of a Diaboromon that charged him.

Nothing could convey the loathing he had for this form, this Digimon.

Let's just say he'd had bad times with a certain BanchoLeomon in the past.

Still, need overcame preference.

"Flash Bancho Punch!" he called, lashing out with a mighty fist and knocking an Infermon clean off the crag, the spider-like beast falling to its apparent doom far below.

Nova attempted to outfight six Diaboromon at once, but was being rapidly overwhelmed. Lashing out with the GeoGrey Sword, she decided to follow the Avenger's example.

She leapt for the sky, cutting away Diaboromon and Infermnon who leapt after her even as a storm of Fractal Code formed around her...

"Slide Evolution!" she called, her body becoming more heavily armoured and muscular, the elegant GeoGrey Sword reforming into a great claymore, the powerful Dramon Breaker blade of her new form...


As the heavily armoured and armed power of VictoryGreymon, she fell, raising the Dramon Breaker and bringing it down.


The almighty blow sliced an Infermon in two and the beast screamed before another slash destroyed it utterly. Nova twisted, blocking claws with the Dramon Breaker and swinging outwards, cutting down her assailants.

She kicked them away, fighting back-to-back alongside Gatmuz and Osiris.

"Altogether," Osiris said "you two, get into the sky and burn the skin off their bones. GO!"

"Right!" they snapped, leaping for the sky, Nova aiming the Dramon Breaker downwards, Gatmuz opening the wolf mouth set in his chest.

Golden energy formed a sphere in Gatmuz's cannon mouth, just as a sphere of roiling flame formed around the very tip of Nova's blade...



With two almighty roars, the attacks were hurled forth. Osiris threw himself into cover as the two blasts merged and imapcted, unleashing a blast so powerful it shone like the sun. The Diaboromon and Infermon could do little but scream as the powerful energies melted the flesh off of their bones, seared them to nothing, burning their skin to ash...

The artificial sun faded as the energy was dispersed. Osiris emerged from cover, looking at the handiwork of his comrades. Most of the foes were already atomized, but two or three remained, the unlucky ones at the fringe of the blast, not dead, but severly wounded, burning, ablaze with flame.

Nova and Gatmuz descended, swiftly ending the kiserable lives of the survivors with the edges of their weapons. Osiris didn't even bother to watch, he'd seen enough slaughter.

Instead, he began to leap down the crags towards his approaching allies, forgetting, in his joy at seeing them, his current form...

(Now, which BanchoLeomon can you mistake Osiris for... oh, I dunno, some no-good traitor called Goliath!)


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The quadruo continued walking and flying towards the cavern entrance. Strom was overjoyed that two of his friends were alive, the only thing that could make the situation even better was if a certain other friend of his was too...

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed something... something running towards them. He turned and when he saw what he saw, he immediately stopped dead in his tracks.

"No... No, it can't be..." Strom thought. But if Rai and Karasu were alive again, was it possible...? "NO!"

Ranney stopped and looked at Strom. "Huh? What are you-"

The BanchoLeomon neared them. Strom wouldn't let that happen. "DIE, TRAITOR! BLUE PROMINANCE!"

He fired a titanic beam of blue plasma and watched as it closed in on his target...


Don't ask questions.
Karasu, moving at near-supersonic speed, vanished. He reappeared next to the approaching BanchoLeomon, and tackled him, saving him from a very painful blast from Strom. Karasu extended his hand to the BanchoLeomon, and helped him up.

"Strom...this is no traitor. If you had waited just a moment longer, you might have recognized his scent," Karasu said, smirking. "This is, in fact, Osiris."

Rai chuckled. "Nothin' gets past you does it, Chicken-wing?"

In an instant, Karasu was next to Rai once again. "Indeed. Nothing does not." He paused for a moment, and looked over Osiris's shoulder at the two figures behind him.

"A MirageGaogamon, and a female ShineGreymon? That's odd. I've never seen a female Greymon before..."

Rai stepped forward and folded his cannons across his chest. "So, Ozzie, are you gonna introduce us to these newbies, or what?!"


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Ajax heard the commotion, he turned to face the roaring as his hands clutched the Dunas surely. What he saw made his blood run cold. BanchoLeomon...Goliath? The image filled him with an icy rage. He prepared his weapon, driven by instinct to kill the traitor, but something whispered in his ear. It was a feeling, a presence. The Avengers had given Ajax their energy in the battle against Gog-Magog, and he felt that same energy coming from the BanchoLeomon before him. His heart whispered the name in his ear. Osiris.

It couldn't be. Ajax was stunned to silence. The Avengers...they had assembled once more, in the crumbling ruins of heaven itself. It was impossible, there was no way that they all could have arrived here, yet here they were: Osiris, Kairi, Karmas, and Strom. Even Rai and Karasu were there, returned somehow from death. There were others, too. A ShineGreymon, MirageGaogamon, RhodoKnightmon, DinoRexmon, and a Cyberdramon. It was impossible...the chances of these Digimon all appearing in the same place at the same time were infinitesimally small. At that moment Ajax knew. It hadn’t been by chance.

"Hyperion," he growled. The white knight had been there. It could only have been him. The power to destroy nearly thirty Diaboromon with a single cannon blast, the pinpoint accuracy...it could only have been Hyperion. The white knight was gathering the Avengers, adding to the ranks. But why? Why would Hyperion do this after abandoning them for years?

It didn't make sense.

Ajax turned to leave, but Theron grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Ajax," he said. "Are these...?"

"Yes," Ajax muttered. "These are the Avengers."

"Then perhaps you should stay," he said.

"I am an Avenger no longer," said Ajax. "I throw that mantle away and cast it out."

"Ajax, this is fate," Theron urged. "The Avengers assembled here, now, in this world's greatest time of need. It is destiny."

"I don't believe in destiny," Ajax snapped. "Where was destiny when this darkness swept over us? Didn't we suffer through enough already?"

"Ajax," said Theron. "If there were ever those who could turn back this tide of darkness; if there were ever those who could keep the flame of hope alive in this blackest of nights, it is the Avengers. The world still needs Avengers, Ajax. The world still needs the heroes."

All those present watched with their hearts in their throats. Perhaps the new arrivals didn't understand completely, but the weight of the situation was plain. Ajax remained unmoving, simply staring into the distance.

"Fine," he half-growled. "To see GranDracmon dead I'll fight with you all once more. But I won't lead. Never again. Find someone else. I'll have no part in it."

Theron nodded, satisfied with Ajax's decision...for now. He knew the knight better than most. Ajax had a natural capacity for leadership, and an ability to rally to his cause. One way or another, Ajax would take the reins again. In the meantime, the rest of this rag-tag group would have to make do without his leadership.

"My name is Theron Savage," he introduced himself with a nod. "It's good to see that not all hope is lost. If the Avengers were brought here, then there stands to reason that there is something to be done. GranDracmon must be deposed."

Ajax saw a flash of white out of the corner of his eye, but when he turned, there was nothing. "Damn you, Hyperion," he whispered. "Damn you."


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Osiris, after almost getting atomized by Strom, remembered exactly their problem with his advanced form and decided he needed to return to normal before someone else with a reason to blow him to kingdom come decided to have a go.

"Slide Evolution!" he barked "Anubismon!"

He returned to his jackal-headed Anubismon form, folding in his wings. Nova and Gatmuz moved to his side, keeping wary eyes on these strangers.

Osiris turned to Rai, acknowledging the question.

"Please don't call me Ozzie," he said "and the ShineGreymon is Nova. The MirageGaogamon is Gatmuz. They've both proven themselves as capable warriors, even if Nova has a few... issues..."

"These are the Avengers?" Gatmuz growled softly, ever the cautious one.

"Not all," Osiris replied "there were more Avengers, and some Digimon here are not Avengers."

"Which are Avengers?" the cobalt wolf knight snarled.

"The Spinomon, Sakuyamon, Ravemon, Rapidmon, Vikemon and MedievalGallantmon."

"And is this Hyperion... the same as the Omnimon?" Nova asked quietly, keeping a firm grip on the GeoGrey Sword.

"I suppose," Osiris said "but Hyperion's been missing since the end of the Civil War. That's odd though, considering he ended it."

"Still," Gatmuz said "if they want heroes, we're all here and ready. New warriors, old Avengers... it doesn't matter. All ready and willing to fight... sounds good to me."

"Yes," Nova said "this will be good. Fighting alongside the most legendary warriors in the entire Digital World to stop a ruthless maniac from taking over the world... sounds really good to me."

"GranDracmon will learn to fear our names," Osiris said "and he has good reason! We are Avengers all, old and new warriors together! And we will fight, we will win, we shall not cower, shall not retreat! WE SHALL FIGHT FOR THE DIGITAL WORLD!"

And then, as an afterthought, he repeated those three haunting words he himself had carved in memory to those who the Civil War had destroyed "Towards our Future!"

"Towards our Future!" Gatmuz repeated.

"Towards our Future!" Nova spoke as well.
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Strom's eyes widened at his mistake. "Osiris?! Crap, sorry... It's been awhile," the Spinomon said before glancing over at Nova, and to a lesser extent, Gatmuz.

"'Towards our future'?" Ranney questioned.

"It's something that Ragna used to say, Rann," he replied, casting a look down at the scars on his left palm. Afterwards, he looked back up. "It's great to see you all again! What a coincidence!"

Erebus stood slightly away from the group, watching them with half-interest. He was considering leaving them, but he noticed that the Diaboromon didn't enter near here and he felt that he could use a brief rest.


Don't ask questions.
As several of the others were conversing, Karasu noticed a Cyberdramon off to himself. In a flash, he was upon the unsuspecting Dramon. Karasu leaned against the dragon Digimon, placing his elbow on Erebus's shoulder.

"Hello there, friend. I am Karasu," he greeted, "the Ravemon who is much faster and stronger than that Rapidmon over there."

Rai's ears twitched. "WHAT WAS THAT?!!!"

Karasu chuckled. "It was nothing. I was merely introducing myself to our new friend. This is...err...actually, I'm afraid I have yet to learn his name..."

Rai zoomed towards them, and skidded to a stop in front of the Cyberdramon. He placed his cannons on his hips, and said, "Well then, I'll call you Trevor!"

Karasu rolled his eyes. "Rai, that name does not suit this Digimon in the least. I would dub him...Charles."

"Charles?! And that suits him better HOW?!"

Karasu laughed again. He turned to the Cyberdramon and said, "Wouldn't it just be better if we asked you your name? Well, what is it?"

"He's a Dramon," Rai muttered. "Maybe the Empire brainwashed him and he doesn't remember his name..."

Karasu shot him a glare as if to say: "Say one more word, and I'll kick you in the face."


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Ajax nodded. He welcomed the strength these new Digimon would bring...others had been lost. Ragna and Valra long ago, and so many others in recent years. Still, Rai and Karasu had returned. Ajax wondered on their return for a moment, but stuffed the thought aside. It would do him no good to occupy his mind with such childish wanderings. Still, their light-hearted antics warmed his soul, if just a little.

"You all survived," he whispered. He had his doubts for a long time, ever since Samhain solidified his reign. Ajax had brought together a small force in an attempt to strike at Samhain first, but that had not gone well. Had he known that so many of his former comrades still lived...

"Well," said Theron. "What have you been up to? Is there any news you can bring us? Have you heard anything at all about Samhain that we could use?"

(OOC: keep in mind that your characters will not know that GranDracmon's name is Dracul Samhain until right about...now!)


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(Hotshot, you won the whole thread with that post.)

Osiris looked at Theron.

"Gatmuz, Nova and I have been running since GranDracmon took over," he said "I haven't heard anything about him, we've been too isolated from the world. The Diaboromon always came after me, since I'm an Avenger, so I didn't want to bring them down on the Digimon I was trying to protect..."

"We stayed away from settlements," Gatmuz summarised "there's nothing we heard out in the wilderness we can use. All we have are our own weapons and abilities to help you, and even they can't overcome legions of Diaboromon."

"It's at times like these I really want to see Ragna and Valra back with us," Osiris muttered "Ragna could always inspire us when we needed hope... kinda like Ajax. Plus, he had one hell of an X-Evolution... remember him going head-to-head with Imego's Kaiser Mode alone? And Valra... she could Ancient Evolve."

"Can't you Ancient Evolve?" Nova commented "you did say about it a few times."

"I can Ancient Evolve," Osiris said "but that much power would bring Diaboromon from miles away for a fight. I don't use it for that reason."

He sighed and sat down on a rock, resting his face in his hands.

"That's the issue," he sighed "the Avengers together took out Imego himself. But GranDracmon isn't like Imego. He won't come out and fight us, he'll leave it to those damn Diaboromon he dragged out of hell with him... though, it would be interesting to see exactly how that ******* escaped in the first place. I wouldn't object to shoving him back in the Black Level where he belongs."

"Neither would any of us," Gatmuz said, sitting beside his mentor "but we need to get to him first, and we don't know how."


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(OOC: Haha, he sure did.)

Erebus frankly didn't know how to react initially to these two odd digimon. He looked back and forth between the two until Karasu reitterated his question.

"Trevor, eh...?"

"Erebus..." he answered. He turned to look at Rai, brushing off the prejudice. "And I wasn't brainwashed... If I was, you two wouldn't be standing in front of me right now. Be grateful I can think for myself."

Ranney glanced over at Erebus. "Hey Strom, that guy has about as good people skills as you do!" he chuckled.

"Cram it, Ranney..." Strom looked slightly warily at Theron. "I assume we've all been on the run, fighting the odd patrol. Samhain being GranDracmon? The only thing I know about him is that I'm gunning for his head."
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Ajax shuddered. He remembered the power of Dracul Samhain all too well. As deadly as the Diaboromon were, Ajax was glad it was only them.

"Be glad Dracul Samhain sends just his Diaboromon," Ajax said. "He has much worse at his disposal. But you're right, he isn't like Imego. He's nothing like Imego. He's a thousand times more deadly."

"You've faced him?" Theron asked. Ajax rarely spoke about his past, he rarely spoke about the first few months of GranDracmon's reign.

"In the beginning his power base was isolated," said Ajax the presence of his former Avengers allies was a comfort, and he finally found the strength to face his own memories. "After he deposed the Great Demon Lord Alliance he erected a castle on their lands. We knew it was only a matter of time before he made his move against the rest of the Digital World, and with the relationship between the nations as strained as it was, Arahon and I doubted the world's ability to pull together so we decided to stop him before he could organize.

"I put a team together: myself, Genesis, Arahon, Braon, Boagrius, Seraphor, Ophania, and Cherubei," Ajax continued. "I was put in charge: Arahon led armies, I led teams, so we all figured I was the best for the job. The eight of us fought our way into Samhain's castle, and he was ready for us," Ajax said. "He knew every move we would make, he was ready for everything. He struck Arahon down first, before he could summon Fanglongmon's power. The three angels were next...he was so powerful, so fast. He killed Braon and Boagrius in an instant. Genesis and I tried to stop him, to hold him until Arahon recovered, but he was too strong. Genesis fell, and I was hit with such a terrible blow. More powerful than I'd ever known. I was taken prisoner, but fought my way out.

"After that I headed to the Celestial Sphere, I figured that was our best chance," said Ajax. "I tried to rally the Digimon there, but it was too little too late. I would have looked for the rest of you, but time was short and I couldn't locate everyone. I tried to find Hyperion as well; I thought that 'All Delete' might come in handy, but no one had seen or heard from him in months. In the end, none of that mattered. Dracul Samhain razed heaven itself. Those that survived were forced to hide underground as he purged the life from the world above."

"I had no idea," said Theron. "So how powerful is he really?"

"Maybe as powerful as Imego's Paladin Mode," Ajax answered, though that meant something only to those who had faced Imego in the past. "But he's...different. We fought against him as we would Imego, but Samhain is different. He's pure evil...darkness. He truly enjoys what he's done to the world. Imego wanted to rule the world. Samhain simply wants to see it in cinders."

"Shhh!" Theron hushed. "Something's coming." He spun around to face the darkness beyond the glittering broken edges of the Celestial Sphere where dozens of eyes sparkled in the darkness. "More Diaboromon."

"How many?" Ajax asked.

"At least one-hundred and fifty," Theron answered. "Probably twice that on the way. Even all of us together cannot handle half that many."

The Diaboromon began creeping forward. They stepped foot in the Celestial Sphere tentatively. GranDracmon had given them explicit orders.

"We need to get out of here," Ajax muttered. He looked to Theron. "To where we can see the sky."

"Send a signal?" Theron confirmed. Ajax nodded. Theron turned to the Avengers. "Avengers, all of you, we need to move. Follow me!"

He raced ahead of the group, leading them out of the cavern and up through a thin tunnel towards the surface. But Ajax held back. His hands gripped the Dunas tightly and he growled angrily at the creatures that stepped into heaven.

"No," he said. "You don't get to walk here, not in heaven! Never! Rage of Wyvern!" With a sweep of the great weapon, Ajax set the ruins of the Celestial Sphere ablaze, he would allow these monsters to defile it no longer. Then he turned and ran, following the Avengers with the Diaboromon nipping at his heels.

The group burst out into the surface world from a cave and stepped foot onto the blackened ground. The smoky sky rolled with thunder and lightning. The Diaboromon were right behind them. They spilled from the cave like giant ants or spiders and swarmed around the area, completely encircling the Avengers.

"It's done!" Theron called out to Ajax as the glow faded from Kiku-Rin swords. "Hold your ground Avengers!"


High in the sky, where the sun still shone, a being in glinting armor spotted the flying bolt of fire. It was time to get to work...


Knight of RPGs
Nova, Gatmuz and Osiris stood ready, weapons prepared.

Osiris quickly realised this would be largely a close quarter battle, and, swallowing his disgust, started to move into his BanchoLeomon form.

"Slide Evolution! BanchoLeomon!"

He stepped forward, raising his katana and setting himself ready, feet slightly apart, one fist free for his Flash Bancho Punch.

"Slide Evolution!" Nova called "VictoryGreymon!"

She stepped forward as the hulking, brutal form of VictoryGreymon, raising the Dramon Breaker.

Gatmuz studied the opposition and decided how to attack first.

"Slide Evolution!" he called "ZeedGarurumon!"

He hovered in the air, immediately laying out weapon fire arcs as he charged every weapon on his armoured body...

"FULL METAL BLAZE!" he howled, emptying his arsenal in a storm of munitions. The blasts exploded among the Diaboromon, causing panic as the creatures shrieked, attempting to dodge the blasts even as the weapons detonated.

Gatmuz allowed a smirk to creep onto his lips. That would scare them.

He noted his reload time and decided he couldn't risk the time it would take to ready a seconded barrage.

"Slide Evolution! MirageGaogamon!" he barked. Raising his clawed gauntlets, he stood beside Osiris and Nova, mentally preparing himself.

"Now," Osiris said, running forwards with his two friends.

The Diaboromon met their charge with powerful blows. Energy crackled forth from their bodies, and Osiris was quick to yell a warning "don't let your flesh touch those shields! That's System Faliure, and it'll De-Digivolve you!"

"Well!" Nova snarled, cleaving an unshielded Diaboromon in two with the Dramon Breaker "that's nice to know! Victory Charge!"

She swung her sword, deflecting a Web Wrecker blast fired by a Diaboromon and destroying one of the foul beasts with the redirected attack...


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Ranney eagerly craned his head around, looking at the surrounding Diaboromon. He scratched his claws in the ground, sharpening them. "You ready for this Strom? ...Strom?"

Strom stared blankly. He couldn't believe what Ajax said. Everyone... Braon... was dead. His hands were shaking and his claws were clenced his tightly that they dug far into his hand and his blood dripped off his knuckles. Braon, who was his only friend at one point, was gone.

Ranney looked at him with concern. "...Strom?"

"WHAT THE HELL IS IT, RANNEY?!" he bellowed, burning with deep rage.

"...Nothing," he whimpered, turning back to face the Diaboromon.

Strom felt his left palm searing, but not from his self-caused claw marks. He winced, feeling like it was splitting open. The Spinomon tried his best to ignore it and he focused at the task at hand. He was to draw first blood. Strom lunged at the nearest Diaboromon, sunk his teeth into its arm and flung it to the ground. He then proceeded to stomp it into nothingness.

A nearby Diaboromon lunged at him.

"Strom! Ogre Flame!" the flame hit the Diaboromon and caused it to be thrown away from Strom.

Erebus caught the flying Diaboromon in his claws and slammed it to the ground. He stood over it and glared down at it with snarl. "Desolation Claw!"

The two blades of energy cut into the Diaboromon and deleted it.

"Not bad," thought Ranney to himself as he slashed a Diaboromon away with his massive toe claws.

Meanwhile, Erebus was already working on fighting two other Diaboromon at once.

"Web Wrecker." One of the Diaboromon fired an energy bullet from his chest.

Erebus moved his head just in time to avoid being decapitated. He kicked one Diaboromon away and charged the other that attacked him. "RRRAGH! Cyber Nail!" he yelled, swiping his claws and beginning to gore the digimon.
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