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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


As they Diaboromon grew closer Karmas and Kairi began to glow.

"Sakuyamon DIGIVOLVE INTO Kuzuhamon!"

"Vikemon DIGIVOLVE INTO Korikkakumon!"

Replacing the yellow armored priestess and furry behemoth were a purple armored priestess and a smaller furry man-like digimon. As the Diaboromon pounced, the three digimon were ready to fight.

"Avalanche Axes!"

"Womb Realm Mandala!"

"Spiral Slice!"

The icy beams, elemental foxes and golden ribbons (From Fabian's armour) sped towards the Diaboromon. Several of the digimon were cut down where they stood and several were destroyed as they jumped at the three digimon.

"Cable Crusher!" echoed the Diaboromon.

Their arms shot out, wrapping around the Kuzuhamon, Korikkakumon and RhodoKnightmon. They were lifted up into the air before they were violently slammed into the ground.

"You *******s," muttered Karmas as he raised his axes.

"Let's go chum," said Fabian as he raised his Pile Buster.

"Avalanche Axes!"

"Fist of Athena!"

The attacks ripped into the Diaboromon, but there were still too many. Seeing this, Kairi did a front-flip over Karmas and Fabian. She stood before the Diaboromon and raised her staff.

"You shall not pass!" she roared as she brought her staff down. "Reverse Izuna!"

Bolts of lightning burst out of the staff and into the Diaboromon. As the lightning subsided, Kairi was dismayed to see that the Diaboromon were still coming.


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Rai and Karasu hovered above the Diaboromon, one blasting them from afar, the other finishing them off. They were quite a team, until rivalry got the better of them. "Hey, Karasu! Bet'cha I can kill more than you can!"

"Stupider words have never been spoken," was Karasu's answer. He slashed a Diaboromon across shoulder, leaving a deep wound. He flapped his wings, pulling back to avoid the creature's deadly claws.

"Web Wrecker!" A blast of dark energy erupted from one of the Diaboromon's chest, nearly knocking both airborne Digimon out of the sky.

"Rapid Fire!" roared Rai, sending multiple missiles at the Diaboromon, who simply ducked and weaved through the barrage. It extended its foul arm forward, and grabbed Rai by the leg. Karasu saw the danger, and sliced the Diaboromon's arm in two.

Rai scowled and kicked the clawed hand off of his foot. "Eww...and on my Golden Armor, too..."

"Rai, try shooting them in the chest!" Karasu called. "I'll finish them off!"

Rai chuckled. "You won't need to...this'll end them! Rapid Fire!" Rai's missiles streamed forward and separated, each blasting a Diaboromon in the chest. Karasu, moving at a supersonic speed, slashed through three of them, dispersing them in a cloud of data. However, nine more soon replaced them.

"They just keep coming back!"

Rai laughed. "Kinda like you and me, huh?"
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They were everywhere. The swarm of Diaboromon was relentless. They smothered the Avengers with their numbers alone. They clawed at them and raked their talons across armor and flesh. Already Theron's armor was cracked, and Ajax's left arm was nearly useless. The Diaboromon cracked armor, chipped at weapons, and clawed at flesh.

Theron's Rinkazan slashed through the air in a wide circular arc. It cut deep into Diaboromon flesh, pushing those around him back. But they shrugged off the attack and surged forward again. The Gaiomon struck with his Gaia Reactor, and a massive explosion ripped into the air. But it only succeeded in killing one of the already-heavily damaged monsters.

"This is madness!" Theron called out as he struggled to push a Diaboromon off him. The creature's slavering jaws snapped mere inches from his face.

"Where is he?" Ajax wondered as he shoved the axe end of the Dunas into the torso of a nearby Diaboromon. The creature seemed unaffected by the wound, but Ajax promptly detonated his Final Crest and blew the monster apart. "He should be here by now!"

The black clouds suddenly parted as something punched through, and the sun shined its golden light down upon the black and charred earth, a gentle golden kiss from one lover to another. The beam cast a spotlight on the battle. And something thundered down from the sky, seemingly from the shining sun itself.

A golden meteor.

It struck the ground with terrific force. The shockwave knocked both Avenger and Diaboromon off their feet. The Diaboromon were warry of this new development, but Ajax and Theron breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's about damn time," Ajax muttered.

Caesar Magnus sent Ajax and Theron a casual nod and then exploded forward, trailing golden light in his wake. He slammed into a mass of Diaboromon, grabbing one in either hand. He fought right in their midst, beams of golden power spilled from his armor, searing through and into the monsters. His speed was fantastic, his skill tremendous, and his technique was impeccable.

"Caesar, we need to go," said Theron. "More will be coming, more than even you can handle. End this now."

"Understood," said Caesar. He lit with golden energy and shot into the air. The Diaboromon, entranced by his golden glow raced after him. They were bred to hunt and kill anything with that sort of divinity and radiance. The entire mass of monsters hurtled through the sky after him, like a terrible swarm of locusts. Caesar dropped to the ground and the Diaboromon covered him, swarming over and around him tightly, forming a giant ball of crawling evil bodies.

Ajax watched the terrified faces of those around him. He understood. It was difficult to watch a light so beautiful and bright be swallowed by darkness. But it was always darkest just before dawn. It was about to get a lot brighter.

The Diaboromon mass suddenly ignited with golden energy, and shining power blasted out in all directions, vaporizing each and every Diaboromon. The Magna Explosion died down and the energies dissipated. At the heart of the blast, Caesar Magnus let out a calm and steady breath.

A lone Diaboromon, its legs blown off, tried to crawl away. It dragged itself over the ground until a silver boot blocked its path. Ajax let out a roar as he clove the Dunas through the wounded monster's skull and energy cascaded from the axe blade, ripping the beast apart.

"Avengers," Ajax said. "Meet Caesar Magnus, a former Dramon Empire super-soldier."


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Rai rolled his eyes. This new guy was fast, strong, and had Golden Armor.

Karasu leaned over to Rai, and whispered, "Don't look now, but I think his armor's shinier than yours."

"Shut up," Rai hissed, glaring at the Magnamon. It didn't help that he was a former Dramon super-soldier. "I don't like this guy."

"Why?" Karasu inquired, snickering. "Because he's faster and stronger than you are? He might even be faster than me."

Rai shrugged. "Whatever, I'll just have to work harder..."

The Rapidmon turned and faced the forest, straining to see his village. The village he had sworn to protect, but had left in its time of need. He hoped the Diaboromon had left it unscathed...



The trio watched in awe as Caesar single-handily destroyed the swarm of Diaboromon.

"Thank go that's over," muttered Karmas as he and Kairi reverted back to Vikemon and Sakuyamon.

"That Magnamon is awesome," said Fabian.

"Fabian, stop while you're ahead," said Kairi, putting her hand on the RhodoKnightmon's shoulder.

Fabian sighed, "It's not fair."

Karmas rolled his eyes. "Hey Kairi, let's say hello to our old friends."

The Sakuyamon nodded her head before she and Karmas walked over to Osiris.

"So how have you been Osiris?" asked Karmas, "I'm sure that you must have gotten a lot done."


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Erebus dusted off his rubber armour and leered at Caesar. "So... a living super-soldier..." he scoffed to himself.

Ranney took a breather and inspected the various cuts that got through his hide. "Hey Strom! Check it out! These scratches on my chest look like a smiley face! Maybe one of those Diaboromon had a sense of humour or something." He grinned and turned to look at Strom, but saw the Spinomon standing away from the group. Ranney walked over to him. "Strom, what's up with you?"

Strom let out a growl, but decided to answer. "I'm giving my respects to Braon and the others..."

Ranney was about to talk, but he saw that his friend was deeply upset, so he decided to just walk back to the group.

Erebus took to sharpening his claws while the others began conversing.
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(OOC: Griff, hope you don't mind, but I used Ranney to deliver a line since he's an NPC. It's literally 3 words, so I don't think it'll bother you too much. Lemme know if it needs changing).

Ajax and Theron led the rest of the Avengers towards safe haven, a small settlement deep underground. The entrance was hidden beneath a large underground pool of water. A group of Digimon met them as they walked out of the hidden cave and into the large cavern.

"We'll stay here for the moment," said Theron. "We need a plan. Samhain will know that we have gathered together; he'll know there is a plot against him."

"And he'll have already prepared for whatever we might do," Ajax pointed out. "His tactical mastery is incredible. We can't just rush in there. We need to cover each and every possibility. But first we need a leader, someone who the rest of us can follow: with a level head."

"So you really won't lead?" Theron wondered.

"No," Ajax said strongly. "Leading made me soft; complacent. I lost my edge. I began wondering more about the planning of the battle than actually fighting it. I can't have that. I need to be focused, and I can't do that if I'm preoccupied with tactics and coordination. When I fight it needs to be instinctive, otherwise..." He trailed off.

"Then who?" Theron wondered.

"What about you?" asked Ranney.

"No," Theron said with a wave. "I'm still working with Caesar. After what the Empire did to him, he's still...subdued. He's an immensely powerful force, but only when he's focused. If he loses that focus, all his abilities revert to regular levels. I'm working to help him relearn all his emotions while keeping that immense power. It's a full time job."

"Then one of you," Ajax said, looking to the rest of the Avengers. His eyes settled on Osiris longest. "Someone we can trust to carefully think things through."


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(OOC: No problem. He's an NPC. after all.)

"Why not let a Dramon lead?" A voice rang out. An UlforceVeedramon stepped forwards through the crowd of digimon and lurked around the group. "We're natural born leaders."

Erebus briefly glanced over at this new digimon. "Speak for yourself..."

"I was," he replied, grinning.

"'Level-head', huh?" Ranney said. "I guess that leaves you out, Strom."

The Spinomon sighed. He wasn't in the mood for any of his friend's jokes.

"Come on, I was just kidding. You're a great tactician off and on the battle, you kinda get carried away sometimes," Ranney insisted, patting Strom's shoulder.

"Like all the Paleozoic Sovereignty do," the UlforceVeedramon said, casting a smug smile at the two dinosaurs.

Strom and Ranney shot him a glare. "Who are you?"

"Balion of the Great Dramon Empire," the Dramon said haughtily.

Strom growled and looked at the ground. "Of course. Only a Dramon could make me hate him this quickly."

Erebus let out an unamused grunt from the side. "I need no leader," he growled, folding his arms across his chest.
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Osiris stared down the new arrival, quickly gathering together thoughts on this 'Balion'.

One thing shone through: arrogance. Osiris let out a growl at this, he believed that any true commander would believe themselves on the same level as those they commanded, just the same. That bond of trust, woven across a chain of command, could strengthen a group as a whole instead of dividing them.

"Quiet, Dramon," Nova snarled. The old prejudice shone thorugh with her. Osiris slapped his hand across his face: she was going to do something reckless.

"Nova," Gatmuz growled quietly, a warning.

"No," she replied "why should this arrogant ******* stroll in here and decide to take control? Osiris is more than capable, in fact, he's the best choice! Gatmuz, he's led us into battle more than enough times, you know he's capable!"

"Nova," Osiris said, uncovering his face and glancing between Balion and his fiery ShineGreymon student "I don't aspire to lead. I'm not built for it. I can't make rallying speeches, or call out great cries to lead warriors into battle. All I have are three words I use in memory of a friend. Towards our Future."

"No, Osiris," Gatmuz said quietly "you can lead. Don't doubt yourself. Don't hide behind what you doubt in yourself. You have the gifts to lead, you just need to believe in yourself. What greater battle cry do you need? Towards our Future... do you know how those words make me feel when I hear them? They make me feel hopeful."

"Hopeful?" Osiris murmured.

"He's telling the truth," Nova said, looking at him "those words are the greatest battle cry you ever needed to inspire us. Why shouldn't it inspire these Avengers... even this sorry excuse for a Digimon in front of me..." She growled at Balion again.

"Nova, leave him," Osiris said quietly "I don't want a fight." He sighed and stepped forwards.

"Ajax, I don't know if I can lead, but I'll try. For Ragna's memory... I'll lead us all into battle. For those who died before and are dying now... I will lead this last hope agaisnt Samhain."


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Balion chuckled. "Heh heh heh... I guess you're lucky this is a democracy. Where I come from, the strong lead, not the popular."

"You must be accustomed to following orders, then, because I see neither traits in you, 'Balion', is it?" Strom retorted.

The UlforceVeedramon drew the sword on his right wrist. "Care to test that, reptile?"

Strom stepped forwards and readied his claws. "I'd be happy to, Dramon scum."

Balion lunged forwards, but his arm was caught by Erebus, who snarled and yanked him to the side. Ranney, meanwhile, held Strom back.

"Unhand me, Cyberdramon!" Balion commanded. "That's an order."

Erebus let out a long, throaty growl. "...You have no command over me. I listen to no one but myself."

The UlforceVeedramon growled as well. "You call yourself a Dramon? ...How are you still alive? If you took that tone with any ranking officer, you'd be dead where you stand."

Erebus unleashed a quick karate chop to Balion's collarbone before spinning around at breakneck speed and using his tail to buckle his counterpart's legs. Balion fell on his back with a crash. A barely distinguishable grin appeared at the corner of Erebus' mouth. "That's how I am still alive."

Strom chuckled before walking over to Osiris and placing his claw on his shoulder. "Osiris would be my pick too. If you need any tactic-related assistance, I'm ready and willing to help..."


"Someone who should be leader," wondered Fabian. "Oh, I know. I vote for Kairi!"

The Sakuyamon turned towards the RhodoKnightmon.

"Don't be stupid," said Kairi, "I can't be a leader. But I do think that Osiris would make a good leader."

"Yeah, Osiris sounds like a good choice," commented Karmas before turning towards the Anubismon. "So do you reckon you could handle it?"


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"Osiris it is then!" Rai exclaimed. "Even though I'm sure it's obvious I was the primary choice, but you all knew I didn't want to lead, right? That's why you didn't pick me! Ha! You bunch of mind-readers!"

Karasu chuckled. "Right, Rai. That's why they didn't nominate you."

Rai stopped. He just realized something. "So...we've got...three Dramon soldiers in our group..."

"Rai...please don't do something I'd regret..."

"That's AWESOME!!!" he shouted. "Enemies really CAN become friends!"

Karasu folded his winged arms across his chest and leaned against the wall of the cavern. He smiled. "Well, Rai, that's...really big of you. I think I shall help."

"We're gonna improve relations between Dramon and other Digimon?"

Karasu sighed. "No, I'm afraid we will never be able to do that on our own, but we will set the example. No more prejudice."

"Right. Let's do it!"


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Erebus looked on in surprise at Rai and Karasu. He, personally, never had any quarrel with either sides (bar-most virus types) but he was glad that he wouldn't be wrongly categorized as someone like Balion. Erebus folded his wings and nodded silently to himself.

Strom spoke up. "Actually, it's four Dramon. The Cyberdramon, Theron, Caesar, and that guy," Strom said, pointing at Balion.

"It's 'Balion Flamdring', reptile," he retorted, brushing the dirt off of his wings and armour from being tripped by Erebus.

"It's Strom, Flamdring," Strom responded, just as coldly as the reply he recieved.

"Hmph," Balion grunted.


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Rai looked confused. "Theron's a..."

"Digimon. Just like us," Karasu finished. "What's done is done. The past is gone, the present is now, the future has yet to come."

Rai nodded. He looked over at Strom and winked. "Hehe, me and Karasu are gonna get rid of prejudice, one way or another!"

Karasu chuckled. That kid...he's so loud...

Rai's eyes narrowed. He scanned the Digimon around him, until zeroing in on Erebus. In a flash, he was next to the Cyberdramon. "Hey, Trevor! How's it going?"

Karasu rolled his eyes. Uh oh...what have I gotten myself into?


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Strom looked back at Rai. "How many ways are there?"

Erebus stalled. It took him a few moments to realize that Rai was talking to him, despite being right next to him. "...Oh. It is going well..." Not being used to being in a social situations, which he hated, he struggled to think of a reply. "... Is there something you want, Rai?" he asked, looking down at the Rapidmon and thinking that he got the name right.

Ranney walked beside Strom and glanced at the Spinomon's hand. "Maybe you should ask Osiris or someone about your hand, Strom."

"I don't think so. There's not much point since I don't think anyone would know what's wrong with it."

Ranney shrugged. "Suit yourself."


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Strom looked back at Rai. "How many ways are there?"

Karasu chuckled. "You'd be surprised."

Meanwhile, Rai was busy trying to socialize with Erebus. "Could you teach me how to do that little karate chop trick you did on ol' blue-dude over there? That was beyond awesome!" Rai then proceeded to perform a couple of karate chops through the air to the best of his ability.

"That could come in handy the next time one of those Diaboromon creeps gets outta line! Whoosh! Smack!" Rai exclaimed, still chopping through the air with his large cannons.

Karasu stood up and approached Osiris. Upon reaching the Anubismon, he folded his arms across his chest and inquired, "So, Leader, what's the plan?"


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(OOC: Kamotz is sick at the moment. He'll see how he is tomorrow)

Erebus shrugged at the golden rabbit. "It may be hard to show you in precision with those awkward cannons of yours. I suppose I could give you a few pointers, but I refuse to be your personal fighting instructor, understood?"

While Strom awaited Osiris' or Ajax's orders, he looked at some of the newer members. He decided to walk over to Nova.

"Uh, hello. I don't think we've met yet. I'm Strom. What's your, uh, name?"

Meanwhile, Ranney walked over to Karmas, Kairi and Fabian. "So, you're all Avengers, huh? That musta been cool. Have any cool battle stories of ripping Dramon apart or anything?"

Balion glanced at Ranney in contempt. "If you're not careful, I'll rip you apart, dinosaur."


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"Enough," Ajax growled savagely. "All of you. Quit your damn whining. You're like a bunch of children. You! Balion!" Ajax was about to tell him to f*ck off, that they didn't need his help. But he thought better of it: he remembered the power Gotungir, another UlforceVeedramon, wielded. They could use that in the times to come. "If you want to stand with us, you'll keep that attitude and ego in check. Remember, I dropped Gotungir like a bad habit. Osiris and the others may be more diplomatic when dealing with you, but I won't hesitate to put you in the ground if I sense you're becoming more of a liability than you're worth."

"Well, now that we've got the posturing out of the way," Theron muttered. "Follow me. There's a reason why I brought you all here. This is where I was bringing Ajax before we met up with you. There's someone here that I really want you to meet." Theron led the Avengers to a small, run-down little shack of a house and let them in.

An Angemon waited for them within.

"Theron, you came," he said.

"I did, Jophiel," Theron answered. "You said you had information."

"That I did," said the Angemon. He stood from his seat and it was only then that Ajax noticed his amputated leg. It had been replaced with a cybernetic leg, as had his left forearm. He also had no wings. This Jophiel must have been tortured. "You said you were going after GranDracmon," Jophiel said. "But I know of no way to defeat him...or the monsters that guard him."

"We can deal with his Diaboromon," Ajax said harshly.

"Not the Diaboromon," Jophiel urged. "He has others. The Seven Black Hands, each one of them more deadly than a thousand Diaboromon. You will have to contend with them before you reach GranDracmon. And even then...no one knows how to defeat him."

"But he's been beaten before," said Theron. "Eons ago. We just need to figure out how whoever defeated him did it."

"There are none that know this truth," said Jophiel. "Except perhaps..."

"What is it?" Ajax demanded.

"None that know how GranDracmon was first defeated still live," said Jophiel. "Except one, a Pharaohmon named Amenhotep. He was sealed within a pyramid in a vast desert ages ago, as a guardian of some vast tome of knowledge. If there is anyone who knows, it shall be him."

"You heard the angel," Ajax said. "We've got work to do." He strode out of the hut before any of the Avengers had a chance to stop him.

"Be very careful," warned Jophiel. "GranDracmon sees and hears all. He will know what you seek and will do everything in his power to stop you. Be wary of your friend," he motioned to Ajax. "There is a great inferno raging within him. You must not let it consume him entirely or he will be lost to you."

"Thank you, Jophiel," said Theron. "May you breathe deep and seek peace." He turned to Osiris. "You're the Anubismon," he said. "We need to find a pyramid in a desert that's hundreds of miles from here. Think you're up for the task?"


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Osiris gave a veiled smile.

"You're asking me to get to a pyramid in a desert?" he chuckled "Theron, before I joined the Rebellion, I lived in a desert. I know all about that sort of place. I also know it'll have changed, given Samhain's destruction of the world."

He glanced around the group with him. He had a good grasp of their strengths already, which helped. He knew Strom was probably the strongest warrior in the group physically, but had some devastating ranged techniques. Nova and Gatmuz could alter their potency either at range or up close through their Slide Evolutions, as he could as well, even if a Slide Evolution for him meant a surge of hatred directed at himself for taking the form of the traitor who had betrayed them all before.

If only he had another Slide Evolution... something that had never been turned against him... something he could draw on without shame or rage.

The spirit of AncientSphinxmon, the power of the God of Death, pulsed within him. He saw his two altered forms side-by-side in his mind's eye and he wondered, 'why so different? Why not similar? I am bound by Death, so why shouldn't this altered form hold that power too? A lion knight of Darkness...'

Aroused by the possibility, he murmured words even he didn't understand, voice like a rasping desert wind...

Then the world seemed to become darker and his words were understandable.

"In darkest night, the mantle of the shadowed knight! When the dead arise, let the coldest light banish them from mortal sight! Guardi-Evolution! Raihimon!"

His body become cloaked in darkness as he started to transform, seeming to become his BanchoLeomon form, before plates of Obsidian Digi-Zoid coated his body, shrouding him in cold metal armour. He felt a spear fall into his right hand, as a shield fell into his left.

When the darkness fell away like a curtain, Noa and Gatmuz gaped at Osiris's new Digivolution. He was a tall, imposing warrior, clad in jet-black armour so dark no light could reflect off of the metal, instead seeming to create a void without light around Osiris. Intricate golden patterns decorated the fine armour, and sharp-edged golden wings spread behind the knight of Darkness as he spun the spear he gripped in his right hand, examining the shield in his left. His helmet was leonine, with a mane of golden metal masterfully crafted to look exactly life-like.

Rubies studded the obsidian plate, and golden claws on his boots scratched the floor. Osiris spun his spear and watched it dissolve into the air, as he released his shield and it did the exact same. However, he could still feel the presence of his equipment, ready should he need it. He clenched his fists, seeing the clawed fingers of his gauntlets and smirking benmeath his helm.

"I am Raihimon," he growled "the Guardi-King of Darkness. And I shall lead you into battle in this form, should it become necessary. However, for now, let's look at this pyramid puzzle. This 'Amenhotep' must be found and I intend to find him. A Pharoahmon... a Ghost Digimon."

"What will we do?" Gatmuz asked, examining Osiris carefully.

"Kairi will telport us to the desert," Osiris said "then I will find this damn pyramid, open it, and we'll ask this Amenhotep what exactly he knows about Dracul Samhain. Simple and effective, hopefully."

"This should be easy then," Nova muttered "unless you factor in the Diaboromon more than likely stalking the desert."

"We'll deal with that problem when it arises," Osiris said "Kairi, teleport us to the desert."
(I have permission from Kamotz to change Osiris's Slide Evolution to Raihimon. He will change back at some point, but I think Raihimon will be better for a pyramid. Long twisting corridors do not make for excellent firefight locations.)
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(OOC: Long, twisting corridors don't bode well for Strom, either. I'm not sure if I can have him realistically go inside unless Kamotz can loophole it.)

Balion snarled as Ajax left. "The only reason he destroyed Gotungir was because Gotungir lost his way and fell victim to Imego's treason and greed," he muttered to himself.

Erebus just carefully studied Ajax as he left. The Cyberdramon was put off by something about the MedievalGallantmon, something that made his distrustful and almost contemptuous of him. He also hung onto the Angemon's words very carefully.

Strom suddenly turned in shock as Osiris digivolved into a Raihimon. "... Well... that was unexpected... Not bad, Osiris. I almost wish I could have a handy power up, not that I need it," he joked.

Ranney stepped forwards and shoved Strom. "Please..."

The Spinomon ignored him. "Anyways, I've lived in and travelled the desert for most of my life. Ranney and I are at home there, perhaps you can take advantage of that."

Balion tapped his foot impatiently. "Are we going or aren't we?"