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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
(OOC: That was pretty awesome. And I didn't have any fan moments! ...Yet.)

"HRAAAAAGH!" Nidhogg roared in pain as the gaping hole in his chest bled dark blood. "PROCESS F"

Strom took the massive green beam in the chest and he was thrown back to the ground, being shoved along the black earth. He growled as he struggled to climb to his feet. His silver chest smoldered and red blood trickled through the cracks in his armour. Strom slowly turned his head towards his comrade. "…Erebus! Get Arahon Alpha to safety!"

"Fine," he obliged. The Goldramon quickly took his attention away from Nidhogg and flew down to the Alphamon to bring him away from Nidhogg and Strom's fight.

The Examon bore his emerald eyes into the badly wounded Dexmon and he began to slowly walk forwards.

"Your power... GIVE IT TO ME!" Nidhogg roared at Strom. The Examon ignored him and continued to limp at slow, pain-induced pace. Nidhogg released another throaty bellow- as a Dexmon, he was a monster in the truest sense of the word. Emerald energy built up in his giant oral cavity. "PROCESS F!"

The mass of bright green energy surged towards Strom. He couldn't dodge it in time. The Examon planted the end of his Ambrosius firmly into the ground and held onto it. The attack engulfed Strom completely. The Examon let out a roar of agony as he held onto the lance to avoid being blown back. He could feel his armour crack further and the intense pressure quickly begin to crush him and burn away at his crimson scales.

"Gold Flame!" shouted a voice. Erebus let out a ray of golden power from his wrists that struck Nidhogg in the side of the face, causing his attack to be directed away from Strom. The dark dirt exploded up beside Strom as a result of the blast, causing it to rain down on him. The Examon panted in sheer pain but managed to slowly stagger to his feet.

“Strom, let me handle him. You’re in bad shape,” the gold dragon insisted.

“No… I will n-” Strom began, but was cut off.

“YOU’LL HANDLE NOTHING!” Nidhogg roared.

He slashed Erebus out of the sky with his massive claw and pinned the dramon to the ground, beginning to crush him. Strom snarled. He was in extreme pain, but was determined. He needed to destroy him… or be destroyed. Strom continued to slowly hobble towards Nidhogg.

"This hellfire you promised... I have yet to taste it… You disappoint me, Examon," Nidhogg said with a semi-victorious chuckle. They were all on their last legs, but Nidhogg, in his awesome power and form, was confident. "However, I will settle for devouring you whole."

Strom attempted to raise the Ambrosius to attack at a range, but he was hammered into the ground by Nidhogg’s falling fist. He roared in pain and slowly moved, propping himself up on his elbows. The Examon aimed the lance again.

Nidhogg transferred all of his power into his arm, which he slammed down on the dragon again.

“HRAAAAGH!” Strom roared, feeling his near-indestructible armour shatter. Shards dug into his wings and the sheer pressure of the Black Hand’s attack caused some bone breakage, bruising and tears in his wings. He lay limply on the dark ground, barely able to move, but he managed to keep hold of the Ambrosius lance. Nidhogg smirked, peering down at his prey before reaching his right arm down towards him.

Strom, not able to react quickly enough, was grabbed by Nidhogg's free claw and crushed in his powerful grasp. He tried to emit a roar of pain, but the pressure was so great that nothing came. The Dexmon grinned as he brought the helpless royal knight towards his gaping maw, which still leaked energy from his attacks.

Strom attempted desperately to free himself, but he was in too much pain and Nidhogg was too strong. He tried to extend his wings, but they barely budged. Strom strained himself- he put all of his energy into spreading out his wings. He just need a little bit of arm room...

"A worthy opponent and an even worthier meal."

The Black Hand brought Strom even closer to his maw, fully intent on biting his head off. The Examon snarled and he managed to use his wings to loosen Nidhogg's grasp by mere centimetres.

It was enough.

Strom got a grip on the Ambrosius and managed to manoeuvre it just enough to place the sharp tip of it into Nidhogg's palm. "Pendragon's Glory!"

Crimson light burst from the creases in Nidhogg's claw as the red lasers hit his palm The Dexmon’s grip loosened slightly more..

Nidhogg merely growled and brought Strom quickly towards his mouth- mere centimetres now- to finish him off.

"Do not fear nor struggle; your soul will be mine now."

The Examon freed his right arm and managed to pull the Ambrosius lance out from the grip.

Nidhogg roared and shoved Strom at his teeth. The dragon knight raised the Ambrosius.

The Dexmon's teeth chomped down on him.

There was a sickening "Sqluick".

Following it was a prolongued, pained gurgle.


Strom's Ambrosius was implanted in the back roof of Nidhogg's mouth. The Examon held the lance with one hand and used the other to hold the crushing jaw open with all of his might.

The Examon's grip on the lance tightened. His arms trembled. The Black Hand's dark blood trickled down the shaft of the Ambrosius and onto Strom's crimson scales.

"Our hellfire... How does it taste, Nidhogg?"


Nidhogg's eyes widened.

Erebus watched from under Nidhogg’s claw as the entire inside of the Dexmon's mouth lit up. There were several muffled explosions. Some of the shells exploded in his mouth and some went down and detonated inside his stomach. The explosions could be seen inside the gaping hole in the beast’s chest. The final shell exploded out of the top of Nidhogg's head.

Strom strainfully glided out of Nidhogg's smoking maw and landed on the dark ground. Erebus had gotten free from the Dexmon's now limp hand.

He let out a final bestial roar that was like none that Nidhogg had ever emitted. It was like Hell itself was roaring in pain.

The Dexmon collapsed like a falling tower to the ground. Strom glanced back with one emerald eye and watched in grim satisfaction as Nidhogg burst into billions of data particles while the earth beneath them shook. Erebus watched as well and nodded.

"Who says you can only die once?" Strom grinned, having to return to his Spinomon form from pure exhaustion and pain. The emerald colour dissipated from his eyes.

Erebus smirked, holding on to his Goldramon form and beginning to go back with Strom to Arahon Alpha to check on him.

"Good riddance," they both said. Strom limped and Erebus flew towards the Alphamon. Strom closed his now golden eyes as his giant feet dragged in the ground. “I did it, Quintus… Rest in peace, my friend… Now for Samhain…


Knight of RPGs
(I'll post a bit more of Osiris vs Azazel.)

As Osiris's spear fell, Azazel roared and lashed out with a hand, grabbing the point of Osiris's weapon. Though sharp edges bit into his palm and fingers, Azazel refused to release the weapon.

"Shadow Shockwave!" he roared. Black lightning tore through the spear, piercing Osiris's armour and exploding with an almighty crash of thunder. Osiris was hurled a full twenty feet by the shockwave and struck the ground with a harsh cry, shield clattering to the ground. Azazel stood, gripping the Raihimon's spear.

He stalked towards Osiris, spinning the spear slowly in his grip. He stood over the black armoured knight and prepared to impale him...

"TRIDENT GAIA!" Nova roared. Azazel was suddenly struck by the roiling conflageration and tossed to the hard earth, tearing his demonic wings and sending Osiris's spear clattering to the ground, out of the Black Hand's reach.

Nova began a fierce charge, ready to decapitate Azazel with her Dramon Breaker, but the fallen angel stood swiftly and raised his hands.

"Seven Hells!" he cried, conjuring seven black spheres of hellish flame and sending them towards Nova, who spun the Dramon Breaker in defence.

"Victory Charge!" she called, summoning the golden hexagon of aura to defend herself. However, the Seven Hells shattered her shield and tossed her back, and though weakened, they caused her terrible pain. She screamed as hellfire washed over her form.

Azazel laughed darkly as he took up Osiris's spear, clasping both hands in prayer with the spear between them, he began a dark chant...

"He sees your hearts and knows your fears, as you cry out and shed your tears. In Blackest Night, light disappears as I seal your soul with pitch-black spears!"

Four obsidian spears flashed into existence, burning with hellfire as Azazel gestured and they tore the air, striking Nova and pinning her to the ground, one spear impaled through each wrist and ankle. She screamed in hellish agony as hellfire tore into her form, reducing her to ShineGreymon once more. Azazel laughed and stalked forth, readying the spear. He stepped onto her chest and held the spear over her core, ready to stab her.

"Prepare to return to your pathetic lover," he laughed, raising the spear...

As he brought it down, Osiris tackled him at full force, knocking the angel to the ground. Azazel howled in rage, kicking out, but Osiris blocked with his shield, pushing back against Azazel's unholy strength. The angel hissed and stood, facing the guardian of darkness.

"Prepare to die," Osiris snarled. Behind him, Nova gave a scream of agony as more hellfire seared through her form.

"You shall be the one dead today," Azazel replied. They stared at each other for one eternal second, Osiris calling one word that united his spear with his hand once again. Azazel summoned the Excalibur blades and held them ready.

They charged...

Swords met spear and shield in crashing bursts of sparks, the crushing booms of thunder above adding tension to this duel of two black warriors, one serving hope, the other despair. Osiris twisted his spear to strike, but Azazel brought up an Excalibur to defend and sparks rent the air.

The fallen angel kicked away and banished one blade from existence, raising a now-empty hand and speaking a single dark utterance.


A globe of blazing shadow burst into existence and screamed through the air, exploding into Osiris and sending the noble warrior skidding back across the hellish plains as lightning rent the clouds like blades of light. The Raihimon charged once more, his form illuminated by the jagged spears of the sky as he raised his own weapon, bringing it back to impale Azazel through the core. The ShadowSeraphimon merely laughed and banished his second blade, raising both hands as thunder boomed and lightning rent the skies.

"Seven Hells!" Azazel commanded. The seven black stars tore the very shadows as their fiery passage seared the skies, crushing Osiris, tearing screams from his lips as he crashed to the earth, briefly overcome by the shadow, but already drawing the strength to rise...

Azazel ascended, soaring over Osiris as his hands clasped together once more.

"He sees your hearts and knows your fears, as you cry out and shed your tears. In Blackest Night, light disappears, as I seal your soul with pitch-black spears!"

No less than five spears burned as they appeared, Azazel gesturing and launching the first four. They stabbed through Osiris's wrists and ankles, as had happened with Nova. Azazel gripped the fifth spear unflinchingly and descended, holding it over Osiris's breast.

"I would love nothing more than to have Nidhogg rip out your core and devour it," he snarled "but he is gone, so I'll settle for impaling you instead." He raised the blazing spear...

But Tytania was suddenly upon him, vines lashed around the arm gripping the spear. She held him in a tight grip, preventing him from moving. Azazel roared in frustration and flexed his arms, but he couldn't break free.

"Thorn Whipping!" Tytania cried, sending powerful bursts of electricity to tear through Azazel. The angel screamed in rage and pain, thrashing to tear the Rosemon off of him, but he couldn't. She held him with such iron grip he couldn't even loosen the arms wrapped around his form.

Osiris let out a great cry as hellfire ripped into him, searing his form. Azazel managed to press a hand to Tytania's vines and roared.


With a boom of thunder, Tytania was hurled from Azazel's body, crushed to the earth by black lightning. The fallen angel turned away from Osiris, readying his spear as he clapsed his hands around it...

He sees your hearts..."

"NO!" Osiris roared, thrashing, bound by the spears impaled through his limbs. Azazel turned and slammed a palm onto his chest with a roar of "Shadow Shockwave!" that degenerated Osiris's speech into screams of agony.

Turning back to Tytania, Azazel took a breath and began chanting again.

"He sees your hearts and knows your fears, as you cry out and shed your tears..."

"Forbidden Temptation!" Tytania screamed. Petals and energy ripped at Azazel, but the outraged angel had had enough. Black force exploded from him and tore Tytania's attack apart, burning the black petals to nothing but dissolving data. The angel stood, incandescent with rage.

He composed himself and clasped his hands once more, beginning his chant for the third and final time...

"He sees your hearts and knows your fears, as you cry out and shed your tears. In Blackest Night, light disappears, as I seal your soul with pitch-black..."

As he began the word 'spears' an outraged ShineGreymon tackled him with the force of a freight train, flames engulfing his form. Azazel snarled as he beheld a freed Nova, the ShineGreymon still impaled with his spears. Hellfire still burned around her, but she resisted the pain, raising the GeoGrey Sword. Osiris gasped in amazement at Nova's arrival.

"You die now, Azazel," Nova snarled "I slew Belial and you shall share his fate!"

"I am mightier than Belial, ShineGreymon!" Azazel roared "and you are weary from battle!"

She hissed and charged, raising her sword. Azazel laughed and raised both hands.

"Seven Hells!" he shouted. The seven black stars struck Nova and crushed her into the ground, burning her with force...

She stood, incandescent as her wings spread, burning with power...


Her flames rent the skies, accompanied by the flashes of lightning and the booms of thunder. Flame rushed over the land, striking Azazel and engulfing him with flames of light and hope, utterly inimicial to a fallen angel such as he. He roared in agony as he was burned utterly...

But he spoke.


Power exploded from him, ripping into Nova and crushing her into a pillar of rock. She screamed as the spears impaled through her dug into the rock, pinning her once more.

But she raised her head, as did Tytania. Osiris roared and tore himself from the ground, ripping the spears from his limbs and casting them aside, roaring in pain as he fell to one knee and shrank back to his Anubismon form. A triumphant Azazel turned and hurled his spear to strike the weakened Osiris down...

The hellish spear of the Black Hands rent the air with hellfire as it approached Osiris. He raised his head to embrace the end. The world opened before him and he saw beyond the veil of mortality, seeing death, seeing Isis once more...

A tear fell from his eye as he saw it all, as his death approached with terrible slowness...

And then there was a scream and somehow there was someone before him and the spear was impaled through their form.

The world rent asunder as they turned and Osiris stared into Tytania's face. She was screaming in pain, but all was silent, her screams, Azazel's laughter, Nova's roars of horror.

He could only stare helplessly at Tytania as she started to fall, lips framing the words he couldn't hear but still felt with all his heart, all the pain and agony nothing compared to the new heartbreak ripping through him as he saw and understood why Tytania had allowed herself to be taken in his place, why she had put his life first, why she had sacrificed herself that he might live...

Sound returned with a terrible rush as his own scream rent the air, a scream of rage and pain and terrible heartbreak as Tytania struck the earth, spear impaled through her, blood staining the earth.

She reached out weakly, placing a hand on his, letting light surge from her form to his, healing and restoring him.

"O... siris," she gasped with one terrible, eternal breath. Then something in her eyes vanished from existence and she collapsed, body still intact, never able to dissolve as the spear impaled through her breast shivered.

Osiris screamed to the hellish skies, a scream of such heartfelt emotion that even the most uncaring of gods should have been brought to pity. Yet all Azazel did was laugh his triumph with a dark enjoyment...

The world had ended, so why the battle not ceased, the heavens fallen silent and all arms been dropped in horror? Why did the war rage on as the world tore asunder, as Osiris screamed to the heavens.

Names sounded in his soul, each one searing like hellfire... Isis... Fabian... Karmas... Ragna... Valra... Gatmuz... Theron... Tytania...

The names shattered his soul and loosed the long-held storm, turning sorrow to rage, grief to hate. Osiris stood and glared Azazel in the face, incandescent with anger and fury, the Oncoming Storm loosed on the world.

With a roar of hate, Osiris charged, wanting to rip Azazel apart with his bare hands, but the fallen angel merely struck Osiris to the ground. The raging Anubismon stood and spoke hellish words, twisted by hate and rage.

"The Blackest Night burns from the skies! Your Black Hand by my rage dies! I crave your wretched heart's demise! For Samhain's death, I now shall rise! Guardian Evolution! Raihimon!"

He stood as Raihimon, beginning his charge as he summoned spear and shield to strike down Azazel with all his raging might. The fallen angel summoned the Excalibur blades, but Osiris was upon him too quickly, knocking the blades aside with strikes of spear and shield. Azazel ripped the spear and shield from Osiris's grip, but the Raihimon banished them from existence before the Black Hand could turn them against him.

Now fighting with his clawed gauntlets, Osiris ripped at Azazel, eyes livid with rage and pain as he cut at Azazel's flesh. The angel struck back with ferocious blows, but he couldn't best Osiris's savage rage and soon bled from dozens of cuts. Azazel struck Osiris with his Shadow Shockwave, but Osiris kept fighting despite the ferocious burning pain.

Azazel couldn't withstand such rage forever.

Osiris gripped one of Azazel's wings, and with a ferocious effort, ripped it away from the demonic angel's body. Azazel howled as blood poured from the wound. Osiris rose over his opponent and spoke in hellish tones as he called on his final evolution.

"I purge your shadow from the skies! Hope's light grows as darkness dies! I bring your hated reign's demise! As God of Death, I now shall rise! Ancient Evolution! AncientSphinxmon!"

He became AncientSphinxmon with a terrible roar of power and rage, the storm realised. He summoned Dark Roar and Necro Eclipse, burning, ripping, tearing Azazel apart with power. The dark majesty of the angel died by Osiris's will.

Azazel lay, tattered and defeated. Osiris descended, reforming himself into Anubismon. The Black Hand took a single desperate chance.

He clasped his hands in prayer, speaking the words in desperation.

"He sees your hearts and knows your fears, as you cry out and shed your tears. In Blackest Night, light disappears, as I seal your soul with pitch-black spears!"

A single spear appeared, ripping the air as it made to imaple Osiris, but the Anubismon somehow, impossibly tore the spear from its flight, though it seared his hand, he gripped it.

"No," he snarled "let me seal your wretched soul, you bastard."

Raising the spear, he stood over Azazel and, adopting a somewhat mocking tone, began to speak.

"This black angel falls from the skies. My hatred grows as his shadow dies. I crave your Blackest Night's demise. By my love's death, this demon shall not rise."

He brought the spear up, gritting his teeth in rage as he prepared to bring it down through Azazel's core...


God of Monsters
Power and lightning exploded and Siegfried was sent flying through the air. He crashed into the ground hard, but before he could even prepare himself to strike back, Ajax and Karasu were already upon him. Siegfried was fast, but Karasu was faster. Siegfried was determined, but Ajax was more so. All around him, the Black Hands were falling. Belial and Nidhogg were destroyed, Marduk was purified, and Azazel was struck down. Lazarus, Abaddon, and he were all that remained.


No. There was still a chance. As Osiris prepared to finish off the fallen angel, Siegfried broke away from Ajax and Karasu. He charged towards Osiris and slammed into him with his shield. Siegfried tossed his weapons to the side and grabbed Azazel's head in his two hands.

"Your power will be mine," he sneered. "How long I've waited." Darkness began to flow from Azazel's form and spiraled into Siegfried. The black angel let out a long wail of agony, but it was drowned out by Siegfried's cry of ecstasy and victory. Blackness bled from his body, and the dark knight let out a roar of victory. "I summon the beast of the Black Level. Bringeth to me the heart of a devil. In this blackest night let me transform, as Chaos Knight to Chaos Form! Chaos Evolution!" The power pulsed through him, and his body changed. His armor thickened and hardened as it adopted a darker hue, ten dark wings sprouted from his back, and in his hands he grasped dark counterparts to the Blutgang sword and Gungnir lance: the Damocles sword and the Daedalus spear.

"Gallantmon Chaos Mode!" He brandished his weapons as blackness and power bled from them. "Now die!" He roared forward, trailing darkness and power in his wake. Ajax raised his lance and shield to defend himself, but a single stroke of the Damocles sword destroyed the lance, and the Daedalus spear shattered the shield. Siegfried slammed into Karasu and sent him flying. He drove his knee into Osiris's belly and slashed Nova across the chest with his blade. Siegfried turned and let loose two streams of dark power that ripped into Balion and Rai.

"This is power!" Siegfried laughed. "This is what I have been waiting for!"


Hyperion was sent flying through the air and crashed through the walls of Samhain's massive castle. He fell through the sky and slammed into the ground. As powerful as he was, Samhain was still stronger. He rose to his feet and caught sight of a flash of gold as Caesar surged against Abaddon. The massive monster pushed Caesar back and raised its terrible claws, but Hyperion blasted it with his cannon.

"Caesar, go after Samhain," Hyperion urged. "I'll deal with this abomination." Caesar seemed to hesitate for a moment as the world pieced itself together in his mind. But he saw that Hyperion's logic was sound, and he shot into the sky.

Hyperion readied his weapons as Abaddon regarded him with cold, black, shark-like eyes...


Knight of RPGs
Osiris snarled as he stood and saw Siegfried's new form. The Chaos Mode was proving a powerful weapon against the Avengers, that much was evident.

A groan from Nova diverted his attention and he saw the wounded ShineGreymon, blood pouring from the cut Siegfried had opened across her chest. Her breathing was becoming slightly laboured, but she grit her teeth and stood.

Another groan came from slightly further away. Osiris looked and gasped in amazement as he beheld the weakened form of Uriel Seraphor. He moved to the angel's side and looked him over, determining that the angel was in no condition to fight.

Nova was heavily weakened as well, which wouldn't help much. Osiris made his decisions quickly.

"Nova," he said "I want you to move Seraphor back to where we arrived. Both he and you are too weak to fight effectively and you'd be easy prey for Samhain or the Black Hands."

"What about you?" Nova asked. He looked her in the eyes and she saw his burning rage, just thrashing for release once more.

"I'm fighting," he said softly "I have to avenge Tytania. She died for me and I will ensure her sacrifice was not in vain."

"Osiris..." Nova whispered, reaching out with one hand. He turned away, towards Siegfried.

"Go," he said. She picked up Seraphor, grunting slightly with the effort. As she turned, she laid a hand on his shoulder and a nimbus of white light formed around him as Nova changed, transforming into RizeGreymon. The cyborg dinosaur growled softly, but Nova knew Osiris spoke the truth. All she hoped was that her energy could aid him.

As Nova took off and soared away, Osiris took flight and soared towards Siegfried. Words came to his lips as the rage burst into existence, all the stronger for its suppression...

"The Blackest Night burns from the skies! This Black Knight by my rage dies! I crave his wretched heart's demise! As Knight of Death, I now arise! Guardian Evolution! Raihimon!"

His armour simply became, formed from the shadows of the ashen sky. Chilling tones adorned the two words that shaped spear and shield to his grip. Osiris took no joy in the oncoming battle, as he had the others. Before, battle had been his way of bringing hope. Now all battle brought for him was misery and pain. Too many had died under his leadership for him to ever want battle again.

Osiris felt only cold in his heart, a numbing pain that stopped hope, stopped rage. He felt little emotion and he realised that it was his loss. Tytania was gone, Isis was gone, they were all gone. Friends, allies, lovers... all of them had been claimed by Death while Osiris suffered the pain of enduring in the mortal world.

But he would still fight. He would avenge Tytania now. And Ragna's words came to his lips, but never had they felt so empty.

"Towards our Future!"

He struck Siegfried with his spear, but the weapon bounced away from the Black Knight's armour and the Gallantmon Chaos Mode turned with a laugh, raising his Damocles sword. A swing of the blade ignited the air and crushed into Osiris, pushing the Raihimon back from Siegfried. Osiris drew back his spear as he charged again, but Siegfried raised the Daedalus and stabbed at Osiris with it.

The Raihimon raised his shield, but with a boom of thunder, the Obsidian Digizoid shattered into shards of metal that rained down to the ground.

The Daedalus stabbed into Osiris's shoulder, easily penetrating the plate and piercing into flesh. Osiris howled in pain as the unholy weapon seared him with power, then Siegfried withdrew the spear and kicked Osiris away with a fierce, crushing blow.

The Knight of Death struck the ground hard, nearly shattering his bones under the force of the impact. He snarled in pain as he stood, drawing back his spear and hurling it at Siegfried, who laughed as he brought the Damocles down on it. Osiris's weapon shattered like glass and the fragments rained down, coating the ground.

Osiris roared in rage and more hellish words sprung from his lips, spoken in cold tones...

"I summon the souls of those long lost! Grant to me heart and soul of frost! As this Black Knight falls from the skies! So shall I bring about Samhain's demise! Ancient Evolution! ANCIENTSPHINXMON!"

The spirits of the dead flowed into him, granting him greater power as he closed his eyes, allowing his form to shift and change, becoming the lion-like figure that was AncientSphinxmon.

Siegfried noticed the evolution and descended, smirking as he beheld Osiris's ancient power.

Osiris opened his eyes and took flight.

Dark power swirled in his heart as he roared and unleashed his Necro Eclipse, but Siegfried swung the Damocles into the blasts, reflecting them back, but Osiris took the attack without flinching, the power was his own and so he was immune to its effects.

"DARK ROAR!" the Ancient cried, unleashing a burst of darkness to crush Siegfried, but the Black Knight struck with both the Damocles and Daedalus, ripping through the blast and destroying it with ease. Then Siegfried charged Osiris, stabbing at the Ancient's flank with the Daedalus and piercing the noble being's armour, stabbing into Osiris's flesh. Osiris howled as Siegfried pulled the spear back and swung the Damocles, fracturing the Obsidian plate, then shattering it to bare Osiris's data structure, which Siegfried was quick to strike with both the Damocles and Daedalus.

Osiris screamed as hellfire rent his form, exploding within his core and shattering his armour. Ablaze, he fell from the sky to strike the ground once more. He tried to as Anubismon, but Siegfried sent a burst of incredible power which detonated through Osiris's core, reducing the leader down to his lower form of Cerberumon.

Osiris screamed one last time before he fell into blessed unconciousness...

Siegfried smirked, then resumed his fight against the other Avengers.

And on the distant hill, Nova watched in horror as Siegfried defeated Osiris with terrible ease. Beside her, Seraphor watched silently.

The RizeGreymon felt anger rise within her, but she knew that Siegfried could destroy her without so much as a glance. She couldn't win against that sort of power...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
"They're in trouble..." said Erebus with a dead calm voice. He hovered beside Strom, both observing the power of Siegfried.

"I can see why you're in such a hurry to help them," Strom muttered, his voice matted with sarcasm. "What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Erebus turned his head to stare at the Spinomon. "'Let's'? You're in Spinomon form and still weakened. I advise you do what Nova is doing." Strom immediately craned his head to see Nova in RizeGreymon form, staying nearby Uriel. "... Keep near Arahon. You'll just be a an easy target against Siegfried."

Strom glared at Erebus, but he knew he was right. He let a long growl of agreeal. Erebus nodded in appreciation and took off towards Siegfried.


Balion growled and was doubled over in midair from Siegfried's powerful attack. He glanced up at Rai. "Looks like the party's not over, bunny," he playfully remarked.

With a powerful flap of his wings, Balion took off and was beside Siegfried. This time, he replaced his usual sword and shield combination with something more aggressive. Two Ulforce Sabres burst out of the V-bracelets on his wrists. He stabbed one high, aiming for the heart, and slashed the other low, hoping to slice his gut...

His eyes widened in awe at what happened next. With lightining fast reflexes, Siegfried parried the sword plunging towards him with a quick spin of the Daedalus and blocked Balion's other beam sword with the Damocles. The ChaosGallantmon drove his foot into Balion's beltline, sending the knight flying backwards.

Siegfried then lunged after him. With incredible power, he swung the Daedalus spear around and brought it downwards. The shaft hit Balion in collar and sent him plummeting towards the earth. He hit the ground hard and let out a pained, breathless gasp. The dark warrior then hurled the spear downwards like a javelin, impaling Balion's wing and pinning it to the ground. He cried out in pain and tried to remove it.

Before he could do so, Siegfried landed feet first on Balion's blue armour, causing the blue digizoid to bend inwards to the dramon's chest. He dug is heels into Balion's forearms, pinning his further. The ChaosGallantmon raised the Damocles in an overhand stance, prepared to pierce it through Balion's digicore. He brought it down.

A powerful golden blast hit Siegfried in the back. He lost his precision and the sword pierced instead Balion's right shoulder, driving it all the way through. The UlforceVeedramon let out a roar of agony. With his left Ulforce Sabre, he slashed out the back of Siegfried's legs, causing the knight to stumble back briefly. With him, he pulled the Daedalus and the Damocles, both exitting Balion's flesh and bringing a stream of blood with it.

Erebus flew down and tackled Siegfried away from Balion before flying upwards into a loop. Pushing the Black Hand away, he completed the circuit and came to a halt beside the wounded knight.

"Are you okay?" he asked, casting a sideways glance to Balion.

Balion groaned and slowly got to his feet. He managed to strike a grin upon standing. "Never better."

Erebus turned his attention back to Siegfried. If they weren't careful, they could end up in the same state as Osiris. Erebus was not melee oriented in this form, and he was certainly unfamilar with it. He considered changing back to Justimon if he couldn't sustain combat, as a Goldramon, with Siegfried.

Balion clutched his burning shoulder. "I'll rip his head from his shoulders... Ray of Victory!"


Don't ask questions.
Like an arrow, Karasu streaked through the air at Siegfried. His feathery wings sharpened, each becoming like the knife of an assassin. Karasu charged at Siegfried, brandishing both wings, before bringing them down on his opponent. Siegfried rolled his eyes mockingly, before blocking the Ravemon's wings with his Daedalus spear. He kneed Karasu in the stomach, and sent him flying backwards with a backhanded attack.

Karasu hurtled to the ground and somersaulted back a few paces. Staggering up, his keen eyes lay fixed on Siegfried. The Gallantmon Chaos Mode chuckled to himself, and said, "Again, I say it...you are fast, Ravemon...but not fast enough."

Karasu grinned. "There is one faster."

Before Siegfried could so much as raise an eyebrow, he was tackled from behind and sent stumbling forward. There stood Rai, his armor still smoking from the speed at which he rammed into his target. Siegfried whirled around on him with his Damocles sword, which Rai narrowly avoided by stepping backwards. But Siegfried wasn't finished. He used his momentum to carry his Daedalus spear around and nearly took off Rai's head with it...had the Rapidmon not anticipated that. In a flash of gold, Rai was behind the Gallantmon Chaos Mode.

He raised his arm cannon, and growled, "Don't tick me off...I've just come out of a crazy bunny's intestines...so I'm not in the best mood right now. Rapid Fire!"

Siegfried spun around and blocked an oncoming missile with his spear. He sidestepped another, and then kicked away a third. A fourth came, which he slashed in two with his sword. Throwing his sword high into the air, he caught the last missile, and let it fall at his feet. The Damocles sword fell from the sky, blade-first, and pierced through the fallen missile. Siegfried smirked, before pulling his sword out of the ground.

Rai took a step back. This guy was no joke.
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Blood seeped from Balion's right shoulder wound down both sides of his bicep and tricep. The red gave a grim contrast to his blue flesh. Erebus raised his left arm towards Balion and the Umom along with it. His open palm began to glow a very dull blue.

Balion, however, walked away from him, towards Siegfried.

"Balion, what are you doing? I'm trying to heal you," Erebus explained.

The UlforceVeedramon Future Mode turned his head back. "Gotungir, my late mentor, told me something. 'If you can't handle pain then you have no right to be on a battlefield.' He was wrong about some things, like Dramons being superior to all others. The way Strom and Rai have both saved me... they both have my respect. All of them do. We Dramons may be stronger and faster, but we are not better..."

"Balion..." Erebus said in shock.

Balion grinned. "Gotungir was wrong about that, but he was right about his advice. I need to prove that I deserve the Future Mode."

With that, the UlforceVeedramon was off in a flash. The beam swords on his wrists hummed as he soared through the air, rivaling Rai's speed. Siegfried rushed forwards towards the Rapidmon. Balion came in from a diagonal angle behind the Gallantmon Chaos Mode- right in his blindspot. He crossed his beam swords over one another as he approached.

Balion slammed into Siegfried, uncrossing the Ulforce Sabres in an outwards fashion as they hit Siegfried's upper left arm. The Black Hand growled in pain and spun around as he was pushed by Balion, swinging the Daedalus and hitting Balion in the side of the neck. Both stumbled to the ground and, just as quickly, got back up again.

Balion and Siegfried were on each other in an instant. Siegfried brought down the Damocles towards Balion's head, but was blocked by both Ulforce Sabres. He thrust the Daedalus forward with his left hand. Balion had anticipated this and with a mighty flap of his dirt and blood-ridden wings, he flipped over Siegfried's head and landed behind him. As soon as his heel touched the dark earth, they both spun around and clashed swords again. This time they were too close together for Siegfried's Daedalus spear to do much good.

"Not bad, Dramon," Siegfried said with a slight grin as he continued pushing his Damocles against Balion's right Ulforce Sabre. "You've improved from when we last fought."

"So have you... but I didn't have to absorb my buddy's data to have a fighting chance," Balion taunted, pushing the blade of his sword forwards. "Your shinier weapons and souped up armour won't save you."

Siegfried smirked and looked down at the 'V' crest on Balion's armour. "I'm surprised I'm engaging in hand-to-hand combat with you. You don't seem like you're above pulling cheap shots."

"I'll use Ray of Victory when I've proven I don't need to use it to beat you."

"Why?" Siegfried asked, pushing Balion's own Ulforce Sabre closer to his neck.

"Because Gotungir said something else... It was about time I stopped saying that I was the best and actually tried to prove it!"

Balion swung his left Ulforce Sabre around and attempted to decapitate Siegfried. The ChaosGallantmon pushed back and leaned back his head. The tip of the beam sabre just barely knicked Siegfried's dark skin under the armour. Balion rushed forwards again with his twin swords at the ready. Siegfried swung around the Daedalus spear in a spinning manner over his head. He brought the rotating spear down on the charging UlforceVeedramon, but Balion kicked off the dirt and rolled to the left before getting on one knee and slashing his right sword behind him at leg-level.

Siegfried jumped, narrowly avoiding the swing. He turned around in mid-air and brought the Damocles sword vertically down on Balion with tremendous strength. Balion rolled onto his back and crossed his swords to avoid being cleaved. His strength just barely held as the blade of Siegfried's sword was only a couple centimetres away from his face. Siegfried smirked and rotated the angle of the sword before thrusting it forwards.

Balion's eyes widened and he moved his head just in the knick of time. Though the blade of the sword cut into the side of his face, he survived. He rolled to the side and stood himself back up. Blood leaked from his face and trickled down his neck. Siegfried drove the Daedalus forwards. Balion grabbed the spear head and, with all of his might, managed to grapple it away from Siegfried's gauntleted hands. He threw it into the dark earth.

"You're no match for me," Siegfried said, his dark aura engulfing his body. Dark power surrounded Balion and lifted him off of the ground. Balion nervously tried to fight against it. Siegfried chuckled and threw Balion far into the air before launching himself into the air as well.

Balion righted himself in the air and began to quickly fly away from the pursuing Siegfried. The ChaosGallantmon sneered and flew after him, though he was not as fast.

"Coward!" Siegfried roared.

Balion flew faster and began to pitch downwards, doing a half-loop.

"I'm not a coward..."

The blue Royal Knight had turned around and was flying as full-speed, which could barely be seen by the naked eye, towards Siegfried. He raised his Ulforce Sabres. He closed in on Siegfried in a matter on seconds, head on.

"I AM A DRAMON!" he roared.

He drove each of Ulforce Sabres forwards...

Siegfried thrust the Damocles...

Two roars of pain erupted.

Balion's two, azure swords impaled each of Siegfried's shoulders.

Siegfried's sword impaled Balion through the chest. The ChaosGallantmon growled in pain.

Balion's body trembled and grew weaker. He slowly lifted his head to stare into Siegfried's eyes with his own red ones.

"...Ray of..."

He paused.


His 'V' crest shone. Intense azure power exploded in the dark sky. Siegfried was thrown back from the blast. Their swords left each other's bodies. Balion hovered in the air for a few seconds before plummeting to the ground.

He landed in the dirt. The Ulforce Sabres retracted into his V-bracelets and he lay there, limp.
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Lazarus laughed his madness, a twisting black and red sound. Kairi was alone, and as strong as she was, her power could not match his own. His was one who bent reality, who twisted songs and warped the winds. But Kairi wasn't finished yet. She made one last desperate charge. The Valkyrimon closed the distance between her and Lazarus and slashed wildly with her sword only for Lazarus to dance nimbly back.

"Final Spell," he laughed. Power roared and slammed into Kairi, sending the Valkyrimon flying through the air. She reverted to her Sakuyamon form. "This was fun, girly," Lazarus laughed. "But you're getting a little stale. It's time to end this."

"I couldn't agree more," Kairi groaned. But she opened her hand and revealed a single item. A keychain...of a Vikemon. Kairi's power began to glow, and the keychain grew. Lazarus's spell broke. Karmas was back.

The Vikemon roared angrily, his vision red. He charged forward, and though Lazarus raised a shield of magical energy, it only barely held the angry Digimon back. Karmas slammed his mighty weapon against the field cracking its surface. Then, with a roar light surrounded him and exploded. Where Vikemon once raged, AncientMegatheriummon now stood.

The massive Ancient slammed his great horns into Lazarus's shield and the magic shattered on impact. Karmas and Kairi stood together against the rage of the Black Hand, and for the first time a glimmer of fear flashed across Lazarus's face.

"Is this all?" Lazarus taunted, fighting through his worry. "Is this all you can muster against me? You will fall, little heroes. Fall!" Karmas would hear none of it, however, and he charged forward. Lazarus leapt nimbly to the side like a matador and slashed his swords across Karmas's flank. "Final Spell!" Lazarus shouted. Power exploded from his hands and ripped through Karmas.

"No!" Kairi howled, rushing to his side. "You can't leave me. Not now."

The AncientMegatheriummon wheezed out his last few words, "My love...Kairi. To you I will my power; all I have...is yours." His power flowed into her with his death, and Kairi let out a cry of pure tortured agony. As the ancient light engulfed her, Kairi allowed a single tear to slip down her cheek.

"Ancient Evolution!" she cried out. "AncientKazemon!" The newly-evolved Ancient stood silently, allowing the full might of her evolution to fill her. Lazarus was taken aback by this turn of events, but seemed unconcerned.

"If that's all you've got, then you're in trouble," Lazarus sneered. He launched his Final Spell, but Kairi simply swung her rapier and broke his attack in two. "Uh-oh," Lazarus whispered.

"Yes," Kairi said. "Uh-oh."


"You cannot win," Siegfried declared as he stood over Balion. "My power is the chaos; the primordial energies that birthed the multiverse, energies that were old before the world was young. Yours is a power yet to be, of a future that will never come to pass, not so long as the Black King wills it."

"Enough!" Ajax snarled as he struggled to his feet. "I've had it with you, with your self-righteous bull-sh*t, with all your stupid, world-conquering ideas. I'll hear no more of it. For too long have I allowed this blood-red rage to crawl through my heart; I've rejected the strength that comes with the crimson light of courage...but I reject it no more. For all those lost to the Blackest Night, I embrace that crimson power once more."

Crimson power ripped through Ajax and the full might of the Crimson Mode embraced him once again. The holy Gungnir spear and the sacred Blutgang sword appeared in his hands. The crimson armor of courage materialized and banished the rage in Ajax's heart.

"Siegfried, let us end this!"


Hyperion roared, slashing with his sword to parry Abaddon's Exile Spear. The bone-armored Black Hand was deadly to the extreme, but Hyperion still managed to hold the upper hand. His conviction and his faith in Yggdrasil strengthened each blow he dealt, and dulled the pain dealt to him. Abaddon's Exile Spear raked across his chest, but Hyperion answered in kind with a slash from his Transcendent Sword. He was relentless, and followed the slash with a massive blast of power via his Supreme Cannon.

Abaddon fell, crushed into the ground by the force of the blast. His bone-like armor was cracked, his horns bent, and his wings broken. So total was Hyperion's power, so total was his conviction, and faith in his beliefs...and in himself. He was the unrelenting storm, the hurricane of overwhelming power, and for the most part the world stood in its calm eye, unaware of the grand vastness and scope of its fury and might.

"He called you his destroyer, his black meteor, the hand that swept away all opposition," Hyperion whispered to the fallen Black Hand. "But know this, Abaddon Worldbreaker, there has ever been only one destroyer...and you were never he."

The Supreme Cannon fired once more, and Abaddon's body was ripped from the face of the world.


Samhain let out a roar as Caesar drove his glowing fist into him. The golden knight battered him, smashed him through stone and walls, drove him into the earth, and hurled him into the sky. Caesar turned all the unleashed holy power of the golden armor upon Samhain, and the Black King could do nothing to hold it back; not without Ragnarok. The gold knight could counter his every attack, knew each move before he could make it. All around, the Black Hands fell. First Belial, then Nidhogg, Marduk, Azazel, and now Abaddon. Only Lazarus and Siegfried were left.

This, Samhain could not forgive.

But before he could act, Caesar bombarded him with a brilliant salvo of golden energies. The golden light swallowed him and hurled him across the face of the world. He crashed into the earth.

"Do you truly think you can defeat me?" Samhain snarled, his voice laced with venom. "You may have taken Ragnarok from me, but I will not be denied!" Caesar came streaking towards him, a glorious flash of gold. The Black King extended his hand.

"Gluttony," Samhain growled, and a wash of terrifying red flame burst from his hands. Caesar let out a howl of pain as the flames seared into him. "Greed," Samhain snarled. Lightning ripped from his fingertips and lanced into Caesar. The golden knight dropped to his knees in agony.

"Haven't you heard," Samhain taunted. "I stole the crests of the Seven Deadly Sins. I have more power than you can possibly know." He extended his hand once again and made a fist. "Sloth." The earth rose up, and Caesar was crushed between two massive chunks of stone. "Wrath." Darkness roared from his outstretched palm and slammed Caesar into the ground.

"I will show you a terrible truth, Caesar Magnus," Samhain whispered. "And I will tear this world asunder..."
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The crimson light emitted from Ajax shone upon Balion's azure body. He let out a strained grunt and a trickle of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth as he stared at the Gallantmon.

"Thank... the Sovereigns..." he managed to say. He lifted his head and looked down at the sizable bleeding hole in his chest.

With a pained cry, Balion sat upwards and slowly staggered to his feet.

Erebus, in his golden dramon form, watched this and attempted to protest. "Balion-"

"No!" the wounded UlforceVeedramon responded.

The dramon stubbornly walked to Ajax's side and glanced over to him. "Years ago, you and I would have been on opposite sides of the battlefield. You and my mentor dueled and you were victorious, but now you and I, former opposites, stand against this slime." Balion turned his head to look at Siegfried.

"I understand where it is that my power comes from... With it, I have the potential to change the world for the better." Balion looked at Ajax again. "Ajax, I would be honoured if I could give you what power I can, but I understand that this is your battle... You're the one who will choose how you want to fight it. I'm in bad shape... but I will assist in any way that I can, should you wish it."

With that, Balion, clutching a hand to his badly bleeding wound, reversed a step, allowing Ajax to choose as he will.


Strom watched with hope as he watched, from a far, as Karmas returned. For a few split seconds, he was overjoyed at the prospect of his comrade returning from that awful fate of his, and in the AncientMegathuriummon form. However, that burst of hope was snuffed out as he watched Lazarus fatally slash at his side.

The Spinomon's face crumpled, flooded with despair. "Karmas..." he whispered.

Strom watched on, but was shocked to see that his power was being transferred to Kairi. The previously stamped out hope took to a slight flicker as he watched Kairi part Lazarus' attack. That slight flicker was helped as Ajax took to his Crimson Mode. The Spinomon still felt miserable, but he knew that there was a chance that they might be able to win this. It didn't help that he could barely sit up, but he would step in if he needed to.


Erebus looked over to see Nova in her RizeGreymon form, appearing to be wounded from her previous fights. He knew that he would be no use here, at the moment, so he took it upon himself to fly over to her to help with her wounds and similtaneously test out his potential healing abilities.

He floated in front of her, holding up his right hand bearing the Umon of Creation. "I am going to attempt to heal some of your wounds," he matter of factly stated. "Summon."

Erebus forced a dark violet energy out of his bracelet and into a concentrated, rather shaky, ball in the palm of his hand. "This better work."

Without giving a chance for Nova to object, he allowed the healing aura to spread into her wounds.

"It doesn't seem to be killing her- at least that's a good sign."

(OOC: Feel free to have Ajax deny Balion's help, if you want. I know you probably want to have the Gallantmon vs. Gallantmon battle, which should be awesome. I just had him suggest so that I could develop Balion's character.)
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Nova felt power surge back into her body as Erebus called upon his powers of creation. Her wounds healed and closed, strength returning anew. With a burst of white light, she became ShineGreymon once more and summoned the GeoGrey Sword.

Glancing out across the fields of battle, she could not decide who needed aid. Ajax had returned to the Crimson Mode and seemed capable of handling even Siegfried's Chaos Mode, and she felt that Lazarus was a fight for Kairi alone.

In the end, watching and waiting became her decision. Until her aid was required, she could ready herself. But at least she could do something to inspire some hope.

Power surged into existence, as Nova combusted with solar fire, flames forming wings and weapons arond her...

"On brightest day, on blackest night, evil is purged by fire's might. Let all who need a hopeful light, look to us for hope so bright. Burst Evolution! ShineGreymon Burst Mode!"

She stood as ShineGreymon Burst Mode, a beacon of flame stark against the shadows of Samhain's desolation. Her sword flashed with solar light as she readied it, ready for war.


Osiris still lay unconcious in Cerberumon form, unaware of events around.

But stalking towards him were beings with no allegiance to Samhain, nor to any bright cause. They were forgotten, eclipsed by greater evils, yet they still endured on the world.

The first of this pair was colossal, immense. His form was a chaotic maelstrom of Digimon melded together in no logical order, the head and torso of Greymon, helm of Kabuterimon, arms of Devimon, Kuwagamon and SkullGreymon, wings of Angemon and Kuwagamon, legs of Garurumon and tail of Monochromon.

Yet for all his chaotic hideousness, the creature's eyes gleamed with dark cunning and intelligence.

He was a God, in truth, a God of Chaos. He was Kimeramon. His name... was Set.

Stalking beside Set was a lesser being, servant and sister to the God of Chaos. She had long lived in another form, but death had taken her and Set had reclaimed her, forging her form anew. Now she walked as a Darkdramon, just another servant of Chaos.

Set stopped, towering over Osiris, but unnoticed in the midst of war. His bestial eyes gazed down at the fallen Digimon warily.

"Do I grant you life or take it?" he whispered. Set's voice was both soft and harsh, loud and quiet. It was like his entire form, chaotic and unfixed. It possessed not the regal superiority of Imego's voice, nor the seductive hiss of Samhain's. No, Set's voice was a terrible, cold thing, piercing and direct.

Osiris did not stir.

"Should I let you live, my foe, or destroy you now?" Set continued "you could be my greatest foe... or my greatest servant..."

At his side, the Darkdramon drew a slight breath, yet it was not unnoticed by Set. His eyes flickered to the side as he glanced at his servant, his sister.

"What troubles you?" he asked.

"Nothing, brother," the Darkdramon replied. Set reached out with his Kuwagamon arm and forced her to lift her chin. His eyes flashed with brief irritation.

"What troubles you?" he repeated, voice suddenly harsh. The Darkdramon flinched.

"Osiris... he could serve you too...?" she whispered. Set's mouth slowly curved into a hideous smirk that displayed his serrated teeth.

"Indeed, sister," he whispered "Osiris could serve me. And he could be at your side... just like he was before your death." A cold laugh escaped Set's lips at the thought of it.

"Then... you shall save him?" the Darkdramon asked.

"I shall," Set confirmed "if only for the benefits he could provide in my service." He turned back to the fallen Osiris and reached out with both Devimon arms and began to speak, eyes flickering with shadow.

"God of Death, I bring black demise. Anew as my servant, you shall rise. By my power, my foe now dies. And he becomes the blight of the very skies!"

Shadows swirled around Osiris's form, transforming his Cerberumon body into something new. A gasp of pain escaped Osiris as he was reforged and remade, becoming a new form.

Throughout the hellish process, Set kept a cruel smirk on his face as he watched Osiris become another being.

The shadows broke and Osiris was revealed anew. A black gakuran was slung across his shoulders, and a katana was sheathed at his belt. Orange fur coated his form and his features were leonine.

The God of Death had fallen and become a mere mortal once again. He was no longer AncientSphinxmon, nor Raihimon, nor even Anubismon.

He was now BanchoLeomon...

Set laughed and turned away.

"I await you, Osiris Soultaker," he said, amused by his success. The Darkdramon turned to follow her brother, but she couldn't help taking one look back at Osiris.

"I will see you again, my love," she breathed.

For Osiris was the love she had been lost to. She had been made anew by Set, yet her love endured. Her name, briefly remembered, came to her lips. She hardly spoke it any longer, the very mention caused pain.

"I am Isis, my love. And we shall be together once more..."


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Erebus flew away from Nova as she evolved and proceeded towards Strom. As he glided over the unholy soil, something caught his eye. He realized that Osiris's Cerberumon form had turned into a BanchoLeomon.

"By the Sovereigns, his body compromised itself..." he thought to himself, glancing at Osiris.

The holy golden dragon continued soaring through the air before halting in front of the large carnosaur. "Summon." Erebus held out his palm and allowed the dark energy pour over Strom. Within seconds he felt rejuvinated and ready to fight.

"You're a fast learner," Strom remarked.

Erebus nodded. "Adaptability is something that I was taught. It's the key to survival, I learned."

"Uh huh, terrific," the Spinomon retorted. "Through the scars of the blazing Wyrmflame, ascend me th’ground with exalted wings and draconic vein. Carry me to avenge the fallen and deliver justice. The future awaits us... Drake Evolution... Examon."

As Strom transformed in an aura of crimson light, Erebus couldn't help but notice that his words seemed duller and less inspired.

"Where are you going?" Erebus asked.

Strom craned his red head towards Samhain and Caesar and pointed with his winged arm.

"Going to help the Super Soldier?" Erebus rhetorically questioned.

Strom silently nodded. "...We may be the Warbound, but there's still one more friend that has to be Avenged..."

"The Justimon."

Strom nodded again. "Braon... If it weren't for him, I probably wouldn't be here. Are you coming?"

Erebus nodded.

Strom turned his back to him and glanced back at Erebus out of the corner of his eye. "Then you might want to be in a form you're more used to."

As the Goldramon reverted to his Justimon form, Strom flapped his large wingspan and took off. He set his green eyes on Samhain and flew faster towards him. The Ambrosius was tight in his grasp. Nothing could stop him...

But something caught his eye... The power being radiated from Nova's awe-inspiring Burst Mode. Strom felt his Caledfwlch wings force him to fly towards her, only deviating from the path to Samhain a little. He pointed the Ambrosius lance away as he approached, not slowing down nor speeding up. As he passed by Nova, he decided to speak. He felt obliged.

"I'm always here for you..." he whispered just as he passed by her face. Without a chance to hear any response she might have given, Strom was soaring away from her- towards battle. His face was flushed red as he caught up to Erebus, who was jumping through the air. He thanked the Sovereigns for his naturally crimson scales so that Erebus wouldn't notice.

Erebus glanced over and nodded. "We'll erase Samhain's darkness and avenge your friend, Strom."

The Examon stoically nodded. "Yes, we will."

They entered the battleground. Strom flew around Samhain to the right and Erebus landed in front of Caesar. "I guess even super-soldiers need help sometimes," the Justimon said with a half grin. He extended his hand to help Caesar to his feet.

Meanwhile, Strom continued around Samhain, firing at him from all angles with the Ambrosius lance. "You're fighting a losing battle, Dracul," Strom said, going out of his way to impudently call him by that name.

"And yet I have the upper hand," calmly replied Samhain with a sadistic tone in his voice. "Wrath." Darkness surged from his hands and slammed into Strom, sending the dragon knight spiralling into some of the castle ruins.

Erebus lunged at Samhain from behind. "Voltage Blade!" He rended across the GranDracmon's back diagonally. Samhain growled in annoyance and bashed him away with his hand. "Greed." Electricity welled from his and coursed into Erebus as he stood up. He let out a strained growl of pain as he was stunned in the static charge.

Erebus focused himself and managed to get out of the continuous surge of electricity. He sneered and raised his right arm, which was now a regular metal fist. "Justice Burst!" Energy bolts shot from his fist towards Samhain.

Strom had also gotten up and was flying towards him, preparing to pierce him with the Ambrosius lance. "Avalon's Gate!"
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"I can't allow that," Ajax said to Balion. "We'll need all our strength to defeat Samhain. Go now...go help Caesar and the others. Leave Siegfried to me." As Balion turned, Ajax stopped him. "Balion...thank you."

"Are you through with your sentimental pleasantries?" Siegfried sneered. "This is why you will never defeat me, Ajax Ouranos, because your heart drives your actions. I am cold, above simple useless emotions. I am not weak!"

"No, you're not," Ajax admitted. "But your strength is empty. Your power stands on pillars of salt and sand. I have seen the red rage that drives you. I have become the same terrible beast, that blood-red dragon, which lives within you, Siegfried. But the blood-red shadow of rage no longer hangs over me. My heart burns with a crimson light, a crimson courage to stand against all the ravages your chaos can bring to bear. Because of this, Siegfried Hellduke, you will never win."

Siegfried let out a monstrous roar and charged, brandishing the Daedalus spear and the Damocles sword, but Ajax met his charge with his own weapons. The two great knights slammed together and a wash of crimson and onyx energy erupted and roared out over the sky.

"Invincible Sword!" Ajax shouted, lashing out with the Blutgang sword.

"Umbral Edge!" Siegfried answered with his own blade. Power ripped between the two and hurled them away from each other and across the sky. Siegfried recovered first and struck, pouring power into his spear. "Ebon Dusk!" he shouted, stabbing with the weapon. But Ajax caught himself and answered in kind.

"Final Justice!"

Light and dark roared through the sky, casting the world below in eerie shades of grey.


Samhain raged against Strom, against Balion, against Nova, against Erebus, and against Caesar. He conjured the power of the great sins, bent elemental fury to his will. Darkness followed Wrath. Lightning followed Greed. Fire followed Gluttony. Earth followed Sloth.

"Lust," Samhain whispered, and hurricane-force winds exploded from his core, throwing his enemies into the ground. "Sloth." The earth ripped upwards and pummeled the five Digimon. He turned to Nova. "Envy," he whispered. A powerful jet of water rushed from his hand and smothered Nova's flames. "Pride," he roared. Light howled from his mouth and eyes and slammed into Caesar, forcing him into the ground.

"Do you truly think you can contend with my might?" Samhain hissed. "I have yet begun to wield the power of the Great Sins."


Don't ask questions.
"Do you truly think you can contend with my might?" Samhain hissed. "I have yet begun to wield the power of the Great Sins."

"Hey! Don't count your deadly sin-chickens before they hatch!"

Samhain glanced over his shoulder as four missiles streaked towards him. "Sloth," he growled. A moment later, the earth rose up in front of him like a shield, protecting him from the exploding projectiles. Rai appeared above him a moment later, moving at speeds previously impossible. He had changed. He was faster. He was stronger. He was...

...destined for greatness.

"Rapid Fire!"

More missiles rocketed through the sky, all aimed at Samhain's head. The GranDracmon scowled, and unleashed a bolt of lightning to scatter the projectiles with just one word: "Greed."

But the lightning didn't stop there. It surged towards Rai, and nearly caught the Rapidmon...but Rai vanished entirely, and reformed on the ground facing Samhain. "Tri Beam!"

Samhain dismissed the attack by murmuring, "Lust."

This time, the GranDracmon was ready. He raised his hand and hissed, "Wrath." Instantly, the shadows gathered from every corner and reached for Rai. The Rapidmon was fast, but he could not escape darkness...for it was present everywhere. The savage arms of the shadows grabbed at him, pulling him down, strangling him. He struggled and fought, but he couldn't escape the Wrath.

Samhain clenched his fist tightly, and the shadows squeezed harder, constricting Rai. The Rapidmon fell limp, and Samhain let him fall to the ground in a heap. He turned to face his earlier opponents, but noticed a blur of black and purple from the corner of his terrible eye. "Gluttony."

A huge reddish fireball leaped up from the ground and nipped at Karasu's heels as the Ravemon rocketed towards Samhain. Finally, the flames gathered together, and seemed to spring upon him, catching the Ravemon in a hellish inferno.

The Ravemon screeched in pain, and rushed out of the blaze, charging recklessly at Dracul Samhain. The GranDracmon rolled his eyes and whispered, "Envy."

From his palm rushed a torrent of fearsome waves, each smacking against Karasu dead-on. But the Ravemon didn't let up, he kept coming, despite the deadly waves, the hellfire, and the pure fear of death. He sliced his way through the rapidly-rising tide, dispersing the waves with his wings. He leapt into the sky, narrowly avoiding a Greedy lightning bolt as it struck the place where he once stood. Soon another bolt came down, and another. Karasu dodged them all.

Like a bullet he streaked forward, tearing through the darkening skies. His wings cut through everything that Samhain through at him, until he reached the big man himself.

Karasu was a lucky one, to say the least. But his luck had just about run out. Disgustedly, Samhain said, "Pride."

And just like that, Karasu was flung backwards. He hit the ground hard, rolling and tumbling. Finally, he stopped, and groaned.

Glancing up, Karasu scanned the area for his comrades. They were still alive, as far as he could tell...though he couldn't see Rai.

"Ya freakin' vampire!" Karasu heard the angry bunny yell. "Don't you dare touch my friends!"

"What will you do?" Samhain inquired, tauntingly. "Will you try to destroy me from the inside, as you did with Marduk?"

Rai jumped into the air and hovered there for a moment, with both cannons poised to fire. "No offense or anything...but I'd rather die a thousand times than see what's inside of you."

"That can be arranged."


Knight of RPGs
Osiris growled in pain and slowly his eyes slid open. He forced himself into a crouched position, body shaking with pain, fire searing through his veins like acid. Every single piece of him burned in agony.

He looked down at his hands, at the golden fur, at the black gakuran slung over his shoulders, at the katana at his belt. He felt revulsion rip through him as he realised what he had become.

"I... am... Bancho... Leomon..." he gasped in horror,. His hands clenched into fists as his whole form shook, disgusted at his form, at becoming that traitor's likeness...

His fist slammed into the ground, sending cracks through the earth. Energy coursed through him, burning and searing.

"No... I cannot be this... not again..." he whispered "I... am... Death... what happened? What have I done?"

He recalled the rage of bloody red, the anger he had felt, the screaming, blazing hate towards Siegfried and Azazel, towards Samhain...

"With blood and rage of crimson red..." he whispered "I tore myself and rendered my soul dead." Death had deserted him out of disgust at this rage.

Osiris stood, clenched fists shaking. He felt so ashamed, that he had dishonoured all of his fallen comrades and friends by embracing blood-red hatred in their names.

"I avenge no longer," he snarled "I am unworthy. I fight for the living, not the dead." He gazed at the bastion of Samhain and his choice was made.

In an instant, he was sprinting for the tower, gakuran flapping in the onrushing wind, katana unsheathed and in his grip as he leapt.

The world below fell away as he summoned his strength for the leap...


"Wrath," Samhain spoke, his voice brimming with malice. Darkness and power ripped from him and struck Nova like a breaking wave, crushing her into the earth. The Demon Lord stalked forth, another word coming to his lips.

"Greed." Lightning ripped from the heavens and set Nova ablaze with fiery blue aurora, the ShineGreymon howling and screaming in pure agony, held inert by sheer pain and the searing spear of thunder Samhain had called forth.

The lightning ended and Nova fell to her knees, sword and shield falling from her grip, body smoking and crackling with remant discharge.

Samahin opened his mouth once more, another deadly word coming to his lips, but even as he spoke...


Osiris landed hard, fist striking Samhain in the shoulder with enough force to throw the demon off-balance. The BanchoLeomon followed with a second punch that sent Samhain skidding across the floor.

"You," Samhain spat, standing majestic and proud.

"Yes," Osiris answered "me."

"Osiris Soultaker. Osiris the idealistic. Osiris," Samhain whispered "Osiris the Avenger." Osiris shook his head.

"I am Avenger no longer," he growled "there is only the present and the living for me to fight for."

"So you have begun to learn," Samhain purred, amused "yet you still face me and hope to win? Such a foolish decision!"

"No," Osiris breathed, charging and raising his katana. Samhain smirked and spoke.

"Gluttony!" Fire ripped from the earth and engulfed Osiris, but the warrior was shielded by the gakuran and charged through the flames, gripping his blade with both hands and raising it high...

"Lion Slash!" he cried, slashing downwards with the blade...

"Sloth!" Samhain roared. Rock tore from the ground and shielded him, the katana sparking off of a solid barrier before Samhain gestured, his barrier exploding outwards in a hail of sharp rock that slammed Osiris against the far wall of the room.

"You never learn," Samhain spoke with sheer dry amusement "you never realise that you cannot best God."

"You... dare... call... yourself... God?!" Osiris roared, standing in a single brutal, furious motion as he became ablaze. "You, Samhain, are no God! You are nothing compared to Yggdrasil, and now I will show you just how pathetic you truly are!"

Golden flames exploded into being around his form, heralding his first evolution into Burst Mode...

"I am the force that ends this night! I am the hope of millions bright! Let all who fear a shadow's might, look to me for a savior light! Burst Evolution! BanchoLeomon Burst Mode!"

The black gakuran became crimson red. Golden flames blazed around Osiris as he roared with all the pride of a king lion in full fury.

He strode forwards, raising his burning fists before beginning a savage charge.


He swung a blazing fist at Samhain, who caught the punch and winced as flames tore through his flesh, but even as Osiris swung the other fist, Samhain was prepared.

"Light? You are Light?" he laughed "I'll show you light!"

"Pride!" Light tore from his form and Osiris cried out as he was crushed into the dust, forced to his knees before Samhain.

"Kneel before me, Soultaker," Samhain spoke "show me respect."

"I'll show you pain!" Osiris roared "Burning Bancho Punch!" He hurled a punch into Samhain's flank, but the Demon Beast merely smirked.

"Then burn, you disobediant dog," he said "Gluttony!" Hellfire ripped from his fingers and engulfed Osiris, who screamed as he was forced down by the hellish power of Samhain's demonic attacks.

"No!" Nova roared, charging "Corona Blaze Sword!" Sword and shield flowed together into one great blade and she swung it at Samhain, who merely raised a hand.

"Envy." A jet of surging ocean water exploded from mid-air, smashing Nova back to the wall and dousing the flames of her Burst Mode with ease.


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"I can't allow that," Ajax said to Balion. "We'll need all our strength to defeat Samhain. Go now...go help Caesar and the others. Leave Siegfried to me." As Balion turned, Ajax stopped him. "Balion...thank you."
Through his agonizing pain, Balion muscled a grin on his blood-stained lips. He turned his horned head and nodded. "Anytime."

With that, he flapped his wings and was off towards the others in moments.


After Samhain was finished with Nova, he turned back towards Rai. He raised his hands and a malicious grin crept onto his face.


A strong voice cut him off.

"No you don't!"

Erebus brought down the Voltage Blade, fully intent on lopping off Samhain's arm. The GranDracmon, however, retracted his arm just in time. He grabbed Erebus' weapon-laden arm with his left hand and grabbed his neck with the right.

His grin grew a little wider. "Greed" Lightning surged throughout Erebus' body, forcing the Justimon to yell in pain.

Samhain didn't let up. He continued transferring the electricity into the writhing digimon. He wasn't going to stop until he was dead.

"Erebus!" Strom yelled.

"'Erebus'?" Samhain mused. "That's an... interesting... choice of name, wouldn't you say?" he asked, looking at the wretching Justimon he held before him.

Erebus couldn't respond. He could barely turn his head to stare at the GranDracmon.

"No matter. If I was in the fashion of remembering those that I sluaghtered, your name would be at the top of the list. However, I'm not."

By not, smoke seeped from Erebus' right arm and his whole body, for that matter.

"Ray of Victory!" Balion yelled out. An azure, V-shaped beam burst from Balion's armour crest and burned into Samhain's back, forcing his grip on Erebus to faulter. "I'm with the bunny... hands off my friends, ugly," the blue knight taunted, coming to a halt in the air as Samhain dropped Erebus and swung around.

"Well, well... You are the cocky one if you think you have a chance against me with a gaping hole in your chest... or at all, for that matter," the Black King replied, amused.

"What I lack in guts, I make up for in spirit!" he half-joked, casting a quick glance down at his bloody wound. "And if I can't beat you... well, I'll be happy if I can at leat help my friends."

"Noble... or pathetic. You'd make a good wall trophy," Samhain said. "Sloth!"


Knight of RPGs
Nova and Osiris charged at once, Nova raising the Corona Blaze Sword, Osiris clenching burning fists. They struck Samhain past immense boulders the demon tore from the earth and together they struck at him.

"Burning Bancho Punch!"

"Corona Blaze Sword!"

Burning sword and fists crashed down on Samahin and the demon snarled in rage, calling out a lethal word in his fury.

"Wrath!" Darkness tore from his form and slashed at Nova and Osiris, a million lethal blades that forced the two Burst Digimon back from Samhain. Blood dripped from dozens of cuts across their bodies and a slight smirk came to Samhain's lips before he parted them once more.

"Pride!" Light exploded from his outstretched palms and crushed the two into the earth as Samhain stalked forth, arms falling to his sides as he looked down upon them.

"You pathetic, shallow souls," he spoke with all the air of a proud dictator in his self-assured superiority "to believe you can stand against a superior form such as I is such an illogical stretch of your unrealistic, idealistic imaginations. Surely you would realise that defeating me is impossible?"

"Then we die trying!" Osiris roared, lunging from his poisition and striking with holy rage and blazing fists. "Burning Bancho Punch!"

Samhain merely raised a hand and spoke in the merest instant before Osiris struck him.

"Lust." A howling gale burst from his palm with the strength of the greatest hurricane, and Osiris was hurled back. Samhain spoke once more, summoning another of the four base elements of the world to his cause.

"Sloth." Rock tore from the earth before him and mighty boulders hurled themselves at Osiris, slamming the warrior to the ground. Still Osiris dared to stand and face Samhain, skin ripped and fur stained bloody crimson. Samhain spoke again.

"Envy." A great surge of water burst into being and crashed down on Osiris, shattering the great warrior's Burst Mode and forcing him to kneel. As the water faded, Osiris stood once more and Samhain spoke his final word.

"Gluttony." Fire consumed Osiris, enveloping him in howling agony as he burned, on his knees within the hellish demonic flames around him. His terrible screams of pain filled the air as the flames ripped into him.

"No!" Nova cried, standing shakily, her Burst Aura shattered, but her resolve strong. She raised the GeoGrey Sword and charged Samhain, who turned his attention to her and spoke.

"Greed." Lightning flashed in the heavens and earthed with a great roar, crushing Nova down into a crater, which became glass in but an instant, vitrified by the almighty heat of the spears of heaven...


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Both Nova and Osiris' efforts were put down by Samhain, elliciting a growl from Strom. The winged knight swooped down at an arching angle, hoping to run through the GranDracmon with the Ambrosius. Samhain noticed this and merely extended his hand.


Earth and rock was torn from the ground and hurled towards Strom. The Examon had no choice but to break his charge. He sharply turned and used his left wings to protect himself. His durable digizoid wings managed to withstand the attack, but he was knocked back from the attack and was pushed off course, leaving him vulnerable.


Water surged forth and slammed with tremendous force into Strom's back. A windless gasp escaped his snout before he was slammed into the ground, almost rolling into the glass crater. The Examon propped himself up on the lance and rose to a knee. He glared with his menacing green eyes towards Samhain, who approached him.

"You killed my friend..." Strom growled in a hoarse, hatred-filled tone.

"I killed many," Samhain replied simply.

"I am going to avenge him. I will show you no ounce of pity, for I know you showed him none."

Samhain chuckled at this. "The very thought amuses me."

Strom sneered, now standing to his feet. "Be amused while you still can. Soon the only feeling you will recognize is agonizing pain and the hope for the release of your data being dispersed into the void."

"Heheh..." Samhain laughed in what was more of a growl. "Let's say, by some impossibility, you or one of your comrades does kill me..." The tone in his voice was not that of amusement or anger, but now one of malevolent seduction.

The Royal Knight held the Ambrosius ever at the ready while still glaring at him.

Samhain continued. "Well if that happens... will it really bring them back?"

Strom looked at him in confusion.

"Your friend... all these other digimon that you say you're trying to 'avenge'... Killing me won't bring them back." He smiled. "They're gone for good... Never to be seen again... Do you really expect them to just appear good as new with my demise?"

Strom didn't answer. The word slammed into him like an avalanche of boulders.

"You knew this all along, didn't you? You just wouldn't admit it to yourself. You ignored it by crusading along with these other fools in trying to defy my rule- using your revenge-lust to try to deal with the fact that you would never see your precious friends again. Isn't that right?"

The Examon continued staring at Samhain as if in a trance. The Ambrosius sagged in his hands a little, facing more towards the ground.

Samhain smiled, finding amusement in pushing his buttons. "And if you managed to defeat me... what then? There's nobody for you; what will you do when you're all alone? Will you try to forget your woes by blaming their deaths on someone else, so then you can go after them? And if you killed them, you'd just go after another and then another... and then another. I'm willing to bet that they'd be what you would call 'innocent'. This is because, under that noble demeanour is a vengeful monster who can't handle the fact that his friends are dead."

The slightest bit of horror and despair showed on the Examon's collected face. Inside of him, his emotions and thoughts were twisting and turning

"...N-no... I-..." Strom cut himself off with silence.

The jagged end of the Ambrosius fell into the earth and the royal knight stood there as he internally battled with himself. Samhain's lips curled into a malicious smile. "Wrath."


Erebus rammed himself into Strom's side before the attack could strike and the two went tumbling into the glass crater. They rolled over one another, hitting a few glass mounds along the way until they came to a stop near the center, around where Nova was. Strom landed on his back and Erebus managed to halt in a kneeling position with his knee on Strom's chest.

"Strom, what's wrong with you? Why did you just let him attack you?"

There was no answer. The Examon stared blankly up. He was too busy with his internal struggle to notice what was going on around him.

Along with Samhain's soul-rending statement that his friends really were gone for good, many questions plagued him. Was what Samhian said true? What would he do if they beat him? Was he really alone? Was he really just a vengeance-driven monster? The fact that he almost decided to kill Arahon who was still in Nidhogg led him to believe that this was true. And the fact that he had called Ragna the traitor for an extreme period of time... and the long grudge he held against Ranney...

The Justimon looked down at him. "Strom? ...Strom?!"


Balion lunged forwards with his Ulforce Sabres. He brought down the two swords of light onto Samhain, which barely cut into him before he yelled. "Envy!"

Torrents of water struck into the azure knights wounded chest. A howl of pain echoed from his throat as he was thrown back against some rocks.

"H-... How nice... You cl-cleaned my wound for me. I knew you were just a big softie underneath that slimeball exterior," Balion joked as he slowly forced himself to his feet. "Ray of Victory!"

Blue power in the form of a 'V' was hurled towards Samhain. The Black King, however, leapt out of the way and retaliated. "Gluttony!"

A deadly bolt of fire shot towards Balion, but before it could get close, the UlforceVeedramon was gone in a second. He reappeared behind Samhain and slashed at his back.

"You forgot... I'm the fastest digimon alive!" he yelled. Balion followed through on the slash, ignoring what he assumed to be Rai's objections.

Samhain growled and grabbed him by the wound and cracked armour, causing a throaty growl of pain from Balion, before throwing him along the ground. Balion groaned and rolled onto his back. He looked down at his wound.

"I'm not sure how much more I can take... but I don't want to have to cauterize it..."
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With much difficulty, Rai staggered over to Strom, and stepped up beside the large draconic Digimon. "Don't listen to him, Strom. You're not alone. You've got us. All of us. We're your friends...and nothing...not even death...will ever change that."

Rai grinned up at his huge friend. "Trust me. I've been there."

His gaze scanned the battlefield, where he saw many of his friends lying on the ground. Then his eyes met Samhain's. For a moment, the two were locked in heated combat...through their eyes. A few seconds longer, and Rai couldn't stand it anymore. He dropped to one knee, panting.

But he wasn't finished. Samhain had a menacing glare...and some fancy moves...but what Rai had was better.

He had hope.

"Strom, Karasu, Trevor, Ballyhoo, Caesar, Osiris, Nova!" he roared, brandishing his arm-cannons. His golden armor gleamed with a newfound light, and let off a distinct aura. "Together. Together we'll take this guy down! Together we'll knock his block off! Together we'll...we'll...we'll pulverize him!"

He shut his eyes tightly...and then reopened them slowly. They zeroed in on Samhain...and...in a flash...Rai was gone. Despite his injuries...despite the broken bones and ripped flesh...despite the pain and suffering...despite every obstacle...Rai kept going.

"In the words of a friend of mine..." he said, as he hurtled towards Samhain. "TOWARDS OUR FUTURE!!!"

Karasu followed Rai's charge. He could tell that if they were going to defeat one such as Samhain, they would have to do it together. All of them. In the blink of an eye, he too had vanished, moving at lightspeed.

And then...louder than he had ever uttered anything before, Karasu shouted, "TOWARDS OUR FUTURE!!!"

Both Digimon crashed into Samhain before the GranDracmon could even begin to utter a word. He staggered back a couple of feet, before batting them away with his superior strength. Rai and Karasu were sent tumbling backwards. As Rai stood back up, he shook his head. The others just weren't getting it. He and Karasu had a sort of...telepathy...a link in the mind. They had nearly always acted as one...but the others hadn't.

And if they didn't...then they'd all be killed. Suddenly, an idea struck him like a lightning bolt. Wait...that's it.

Throwing his head back, he roared, "STROM!!! If you don't get your big dino-butt over here...we're all gonna die!!! BALION!!! Prove you're faster than me by beating the pants off ol' Purple-Britches!!! CAESAR!!! You call yourself a super soldier? A super sorry soldier's more like it! Get your shiny-hindquarters in the game!!! TREVOR!!! Don't make me call you 'Erebus' again!!! NOVA!!! Get your act together! Toast this guy! OSIRIS!!! I don't care what form you're in! Lead us into battle!!!"

"And Karasu...thanks...for always being there."

Karasu chuckled weakly. "No thanks necessary, friend."


Knight of RPGs
Osiris growled and stood, raising his katana.

"I will lead you," he said to Rai "even if this is our last battle, I will fight it with all of you."

Nova stood up too, readying the GeoGrey Sword.

"I won't give up," she whispered "Samhain will die this day." And with that, she enveloped herself in a light of evolution, of change and of more power...

"In radiant days and umbral nights, we shall call on a million lights. Become true Avengers and deliver justice, for the night ends now, the future awaits us! Slide Evolution! VictoryGreymon!"

She became VictoryGreymon and stepped forwards to stand by Strom, raising the Dramon Breaker.

"You die now, Dracul Samhain," she spoke, levelling her blade towards him. He merely smirked in amusement.

"You believe a few words, a tiny shard of hope, can let you defeat me?" he whispered, and his voice was terrible. It chilled their souls as he spoke, it killed the hope growing in their hearts. "Oh no, there is no hope. All that remains is I." He seemed in that moment to become greater, a terrible shadow devoid of even the weakest light.

"We... will end you!" Osiris roared at him.

"I shall drag you to Hell without an exit or end," Samhain whispered, reinforcing his former speech "when I face you now, it is with eight billion bodies. When I crush your hearts with my words, I speak with eight billion lips. When I break you with my gaze, it is with sixteen billion eyes. When my hands strike you down, it is with the strength of eight billion. Nothing like me has stepped on this world before, and nothing like me shall come again. I am God, and this body is my church. And you shall crawl. And beg. And die, DIE FOR DRACUL SAMHAIN!"

"No," Osiris whispered, his voice growing stronger against the shadow. He seemed to grow to match Samhain, light against shadow, hope against despair. "You are no God. We have met God. She fights for the same cause as us. And your faliure to destroy Yggdrasil just proves how wrong you are. You can speak ten billion words for all I care, but I shall not despair!"

"Neither shall I!" Nova roared "your Black Hand took Gatmuz from me! But I will fight because this world can be saved! Every Digimon you have made into your soldiers can be saved!"

"Is that so, Nova Solais? Do you really believe such pathetic souls as you and these Avengers can save billions of Digimon when all those Digimon desire your deaths?"

"It's not them we're facing," Nova replied "it's only you. And you're outnumbered, outmatched."

"Outmatched? No, I don't quite see myself outmatched yet. You insignificant insects cannot possibly come close to matching my power."

"That's where we prove you wrong," Osiris said, stepping ahead of his allies, making himself the target. "because we are all hope and all that's bright. We are the thing that preserves holy might. We come to end the Blackest Night. So behold us now, one true light! TOWARDS OUR FUTURE!" He roared Ragna's words to the heavens, truly feeling the great power they held, the hope they granted.

And he knew that they could overcome Samhain...


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Strom blinked. His emerald eyes came to life again. As did a spark in his heart and soul. Rai's words... his passion and genuine belief in the way he said them... brought his mind back. And with Rai's next, more harsh speech came Strom's fighting spirit and more importantly... hope.

"Thank you, Rai..." Strom said before lunging to his feet beside the battle-ready Nova. "...I won't forget this."

"Not a bad speech... I guess he truly is the digimon of Destiny," Erebus said with a faint grin, also standing up.

"You heard the rabbit; let's go!" Balion shouted. He readied the Tensegrity Shield on his left bracelet and the Ulforce Sabre on his right. He rushed forwards- the crest on his armour glowing. "Come on! Ray of Victory!"

Balion flew to the right of him while Erebus ran to the left. "Justice Knuckle!" Erebus fired a barrage of beams from his hand while running towards Samhain. Immediately after ceasing the attack, he switched to the Voltage Blade.

Strom flew vertically upwards and steadied the Ambrosius from over the GranDracmon. "Targeted... Pendragon's Glory!"

Their trinity of attacks slammed into Samhain, who was forced back by the powerful blasts, but remained standing firm.

"It will take a lot more than that to take down God!" Samhain shouted, snarling now. "Wrath! Lust!" he yelled in quick succession.

Howling winds threw Balion backwards from his charge and a dark bolt slammed into Erebus, throwing him briefly to the ground before he jumped back up just as quickly. Balion and Erebus took the blows in stride and continued their steadfast determination.

Strom looked down at the GranDracmon. "Hope is more powerful than any unholy weapon you have, Dracul Samhain." Echoing his comrades, he whispered, "Towards our future... Draconic Impact!"

And Strom charged alongside his friends towards the Black King who was to be dethroned.
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