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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


Knight of RPGs
Osiris and Nova charged together, readying their blades to strike down Samhain. They seperated an instant before impact, twisting to strike from both sides...

"Dramon Breaker!"

"Lion Slash!"

Katana and claymore slammed into Samhain's outstretched palms and the Black King spoke in tones of venom and flame.

"Wrath. Pride."

An orb of shadow formed against his left hand, while an orb of light formed against his right. Light and Shadow exploded outwards, the former crashing down on Osiris, the latter forcing Nova back.

But Samhain was not finished with them. He turned to Osiris and blasted him with howling winds of Lust, before chaining Nova to the earth with rock bonds, the force of Sloth.

"Flash Bancho Punch!" Osiris roared, slamming his fist into Samhain's flank...

"Gluttony!" Samhain roared. Hellfire and ruin burst from the earth, enveloping Osiris in molten hatred. The BanchoLeomon cried out in pain, but slashed with his katana, opening a crimson tear in Samhain's leg.

The Black King gave a roar of outrage and raised both palms, striking Osiris down with Wrath and Pride. Osiris was crushed into the earth, barely able to stand. But stand he did, refusing to let himself fail, refusing to fall to Samhain.

"Towards our Future!" he roared, charging once more. Samhain raised a hand to strike at him with another of the Sins... His lips parted to speak the fatal word and he drew in the breath... Osiris saw Death coming, but he refused to cease his charge...

Even imminent demise woudl not stop him from trying to kill Samhain...

Samhain began to speak... And then an almighty roar tore the words and made them nothing, cutting Samhain off halfway through the speech.


Hellfire tore through the citadel and enveloped Samhain, who roared in fury as he was seared by the unholy flames.

But Envy was invoked and water erupted from beneath him, dousing the flames and leaving only steam. Samhain calmly grabbed Osiris by the neck and hurled him aside, throwing him into Strom before turing towards the assailant who dared to strike him with hellfire...

Set stood, eyes eager for the battle to come. Isis stood beside him, and she only watched in silent sorrow and fear, fear that Osiris might perish in the battle to come.

Samhain glared at them both, before raising his hands.

"Pride." Light howled from his palms and struck at Set, forcing the Kimeramon back.

"Away from my gate, beast of Chaos," Samhain whispered "I have no interest in mongrel scum such as you."

Set gave a barely audible growl at this, and flames licked from his maw, brushing past his fangs. Samhain began to speak again, but Set turned and began to stalk away, accepting defeat... for now...

Isis followed her brother with one look back, past Samhain and at Osiris.

Osiris felt her gaze despite the distance, and he felt he knew this mysterious servant the beast of Chaos.

"Who are you?" he whispered. But then Samhain turned back and his attention was drawn back to the Black King.

"Trident Gaia!" Nova roared, unleashing holy fire from her claymore. Samhain smirked and raised a hand against the conflageration.

"Gluttony." Hellfire ripped the air as it burst from his palm, striking Nova's attack. Fire raged against fire as the two attacks sought to obliterate each other and strike down the attackers.

But Samhain was in command of more than one force.

"Lust." Howling winds burst from him, spurring his hellfire onwards and tearing Nova's attack apart. Nova screamed in agony as hellfire engulfed her in its folds, ripping right into her very core...


Don't ask questions.
Rai swelled with pride. It worked. His speech worked. Wow. Maybe he should run for president when this was all over. Rai blinked. For a moment, he had forgotten entirely about the topic of his speech. He shook his head, and then watched as his friends attacked Samhain one after another.

"Heh, looks like it's my turn!" And with that, he was off.

Like a golden bullet, Rai streaked through the sky, barreling toward Samhain. Again, he was too fast for the GranDracmon to utter his sinful words...but this time, Samhain was ready. He didn't even try to speak. He merely sidestepped, narrowly missing "the golden blur".

Rai turned and skidded along the ground, whilst firing multiple missiles in Samhain's direction. "Rapid Fire!"

"Sloth!" A pillar of rock formed instantly just in front of Samhain's nose. It took the projectiles head-on, sighing under the pressure, but it held strong. Samhain touched the pillar with his palm, and pushed. Like a cannonball, the huge rock was sent rocketing through the air at Rai, who instinctively hopped out of the way.

"Gluttony!" Fire ripped across the ground, leaping up at Rai's feet as they dangled below him. "Greed!" A crash of thunder resounded. The fingers of lightning reached down from their home in the skies...and all tried to take Rai as their prisoner. Rai avoided the first bolt, but was subject to the second...the third...and the fourth. Together the bolts lashed into him, sending him tumbling to the ground, and into the flames.

Samhain turned his attention now on Karasu, who was now just inches away. "Pride!" Light shone from Samhain's eyes and mouth, and struck Karasu full in the face, knocking him backwards. But Samhain was far from finished. "Lust!" The roar of the wind as it hurtled down drowned everything else. It crashed into Karasu, pinning him down with its constant force.

"Envy!" Water seemed to flow from his outstretched hands, flooding Karasu's prison of wind. The wind forced the water against Karasu, slowly crushing the Ravemon. "And now...to finish it."


Samhain turned and glanced inquisitively over his shoulder. With a swing of his arms, Rai dispersed the fearsome flames. Panting, he stepped forward, defiantly.

"I liked you better when you were wallowing in your misery. Wrath!"

Darkness enveloped Rai, but he didn't scream as Samhain had hoped. Instead, after enduring the immense pain for a moment, Rai broke free, and dropped to his knees, coughing. Slowly standing back up, Rai growled, "These...these attacks...they're nothing."

Samhain looked amused. "What was that?"

"Pain...it's nothing," Rai spat.

"Gluttony." The flames wrapped themselves around Rai, but he didn't so much as flinch. He stood his ground, glaring at Samhain. "So you are enduring the pain then? I wonder how long that will last."

"If I don't...don't believe it's...pain...then it's not. What you just did...I call that a tickle."

"Then I will show you REAL pain."

The wind and water had since lost their power, and dispersed. Karasu sat up weakly and gasped for breath. It came to him in a matter of gluttonous gulps. Cringing as he stood, Karasu turned to look at Rai, who had taken Samhain's attack without even twitching.

Karasu watched as Samhain struck Rai again and again...but on each one, the Rapidmon didn't falter. He stayed strong...or at least...he seemed to.

What is that idiot bunny--ohhhh.

It hit him. Karasu knew what Rai was doing. Distraction. Just like old times...where he always was the distraction. Now he was being...well...the ultimate distraction. Only he, Karasu knew, could take those hits...because only he was that stubborn. Karasu's eyes narrowed. Then this is when we're supposed to attack. I just hope the others catch on.

Like a spring, Karasu leaped towards Samhain, using all of the strength he could muster. He knew that if he called out the name of his attack...like normal...then he'd be found out...so instead...he thought it.

Lightning Flash Stab!


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
"Nova!" Strom roared as he watched the ShineGreymon take an awful lot of punishment. He rushed forwards but promptly stopped as Rai cut in front of him. He watched as Rai became the main target of Samhain's attacks.

"Rai, what are you doing, you lunatic?" he thought. "He better not die..."

Strom turned to see Karasu behind Samhain silently preparing his attack. It then struck him. He gave an acknowledging nod to Karasu and attempted to get the others' attention using claw signals.

Erebus looked up and nodded. Balion did likewise.

Following Karasu's example, they all thought their attacks.

"Pendragon's Glory."

"Justice Burst."

"Ray of Victory."

Strom fired the Ambrosius as the other attacks were launched. "Hang in there, Rai. If you die, I'll kill you.


God of Monsters
The attacks ripped into Samhain and he let out a terrible roar. He called upon all the elemental powers of the Seven Sins and used their might to hurl his enemies away from him. He paused for a moment, snarling silently, it was not enough to turn the fundamental forces of the world against these warriors. He would have to do more, to tear into them with the true power of the Seven Deadly Sins, and the crests of the Seven Demon Lords. For it was Samhain himself who provided the Demon Lords with their crests; he was the one who poured power into them.

He would unleash all the terrible things they held.

"Gluttony," he growled and sprinted forward. A great, piercing spike of bone tore from his palm and he stabbed it into Osiris. The others came to his aid, but Samhain was prepared.

"Envy," he snarled and his hands began to glow. His disintegration touch raked across Nova's armor, dissolving long lines across her chest. Samhain spun around and grabbed Karasu's face in his hands.

"Lust," he whispered in Karasu's ear. The powers of persuasion rippled through Karasu, and he was bound to Samhain's will. "Kill yourself...Cut your throat." Karasu had no choice but to obey. Erebus and Rai charged Samhain, but he would have none of that.

"Sloth," he said. Erebus suddenly stopped, his head slumped forward. Ensnared by the crest of Sloth, his higher brain functions had ceased, but Samhain wasn't done. He moved his fingers like a puppeteer and Erebus began to move. He drew his weapon and charged Rai, swinging wildly and madly. Balion seemed rather upset with this turn of events and charged Samhain with all the speed at his disposal, but Samhain was ready. He spun around and caught Balion with a palm-strike to the chest and forced him to the ground.

"Greed," he sneered. He opened his mouth and began to drink in Balion's aura, lifeforce, and power. In a truly vampiric act, Samhain was draining the life from the blue dragon knight. He tossed Balion to the ground like a discarded meal and turned his attention to Strom.

"Wrath," he boomed as he began to work his powers of empathic manipulation. "All you know is sin. You are the embodiment of sin, Strom. Your dark lust for Nova. Your envy of Gatmuz for Nova's love, and Hyperion for his power. Your greed for wanting more, the gluttonous nature of your race. Now all you know is wrath. Your rage encompasses you. You hate Nova, and Osiris, and Hyperion, and all the others. And thus you hate yourself. And you fear yourself. And you are consumed by this fear." His power forced Strom to his knees as his emotions were twisted out of proportion and molded to Samhain's liking. He was consumed with a tremendous fear and self-loathing.

"Enough of this!" Caesar shouted. He sprung forward and slammed into Samhain. But Samhain allowed his body to absorb the force of the attack and he wrapped his fingers around Caesar's head as the last of the seven sins was fully unleashed.

"Pride," he roared. He flooded Caesar's mind with his own mental power. He ripped into and corrupted every good and pure memory Caesar ever had. He tortured Caesar with his mind, ten thousand years of torture in a single instant. Caesar dropped to the ground, collapsed in a writhing sputtering heap.

"Don't you see," Samhain whispered in a voice so tantalizingly smooth. "You cannot win against me. I am the Heart of Darkness; the terrible primordial blackness in your soul that you stare into and realize, with sick horror...is staring back. I am the beast that lives in all of you. And when I bid the dead rise...the dead do so without complaint. Now...


Samhain's massive army of Digimon began to stir. The Infermon, Diaboromon, and the Armageddemon, groaned. Their joints creaked, and they let out their terrible roars. They obeyed the silent commands of their master. They would overwhelm their enemies, those avengers. They would maul them and tear them to shreds. It would be over in moments.

Light suddenly erupted in the sky, and a great shimmering form began to take shape. The Celestial Sphere appeared, no longer a material entity, it was comprised solely of glowing ethereal energy. And beside it floated the thousands of members of Valdor's Holy Choir, led by Reya Ophania. The holy choir began to speak a glowing oath, one filled with warm light.

"For hearts long lost and full of fright, for those alone in Blackest Night, accept our hand and join our fight, for darkness fears our holy light."

"No!" Samhain roared as the holy choir clashed with his unholy monstrosities. "I destroyed you! I crushed Heaven! It was over and done! I won't allow this! I control the dead and the damned, and I will call them all to destroy you!"

"The dead no longer heed your call," said a voice. All turned to find Theron standing on a nearby cliff, his body was glowing and ethereal, a manifestation from beyond the final grip of death. "We no longer care for the words from the Book of the Black. We are free of you, Dracul Samhain...With heroes' voice and heroes' breath, open the gates of heroes' death. Over the hills where spirits soar, I hear you all: the eternal roar!"

And the fallen brave, the conquered dead, and all those who ever stood against the Blackest Night appeared behind Theron, standing in spectral form. Samhain's armies could only hope to defend themselves against the two-pronged assault from deceased heroes and holy warriors.

For the first time in years, light shone through the Dark Reign...


"Clown Trick!" Lazarus shouted, desperately attempting to tear into the AncientKazemon that Kairi had become. But it was for naught. Kairi simply swung her swift rapier and dispelled Lazarus's magic. "Impossible!" Lazarus gasped, though Kairi wasn't sure if this was directed at her triumph or the apparent weakening of the dark reign.

Either was fine with her.

"It's over for you and your kind," Kairi said. "Heaven and the dead have all come for you, to collect payment for your transgressions against the natural order. I will collect you debt personally." She raised her rapier and thrust it to the sky. "Rainbow Symphony!" Power exploded from the sword and streaked across the sky like a rainbow. The beams of power raced over Lazarus, and the Black Hand could only barely dodge them. He couldn't even turn them away. Two of the beams pierced through his thighs while another pierced his arm.

"This is your punishment, Lazarus Bloodsword," said Kairi as she pointed her deadly weapon at him. "I do this in the name of all you slaughtered. Storm Gazer!" Her weapon sparked, and a massive supercell storm erupted around Lazarus. The storm battered him with breakneck winds, drenched him with torrents of rain, and skewered him with tremendous lightning.

The storm ended, and Lazarus dropped to his knees. He found Kairi's blade at his throat.

"Mercy," he begged weakly.

"I will show you mercy," said Kairi. "More than you showed your victims." She drew her arm back and pierced her blade through Lazarus's forhead. The deadly clown died with a hysterical smile on his face...


"Umbral Edge!" Siegfried shouted, slashing with the Damocles.

"Invincible Sword!" Ajax answered. Light and dark spewed out over the sky and forced the two knights away from one another. They were evenly matched...finally. Ajax's own firm belief in himself, and his acceptance of himself, gave him the strength to match Siegfried's might. And now that heaven had returned, rising from the ashes, Siegfried's belief began to waver.

"I will not be denied!" Siegfried shouted. "Not by you! Not by your bleeding hearts!" He lashed out with the Daedalus, but Ajax blocked with the Gungnir.

"But you are denied," Ajax said. "Denied by all who ever were. And while our hearts may bleed, your black heart breaks...and your strength is gone."

"Gone!?" Siegfried snarled. "Never! I will show you how 'gone' my power is." He gathered his weapons before him and reduced them to pure chaotic power. "This is my power, the energies of nothingness, of the Guningagap, of the days before beginning. Of Chaos!" The chaos began to glow with a terrible blackness. "Chaos Eclipse!" he roared.

"And yet you still pale before the power of my Crimson Light!" Ajax cried out. Crimson power exploded from his hands, transformed through his weapons into a beam of true light and goodness. What once had been fueled by red rage was now powered by crimson courage. And Siegfried's dark attack could not contend with its majesty. It swept through the chaos and ripped into the chaos knight.

Siegfried plummeted to the ground. Ajax slowly descended to stand over him. He turned his palm to face the dark knight.

"So you end, Siegfried, as all things do," his hand began to glow. "Crimson Revelation. Crimson Radiance." Ajax blazed with that crimson light, and his entire body pulsed gently and quietly...once...and that pulse atomized Siegfried, and swept his darkness away, and into the winds...


His Black Hands were gone. His soldiers and beasts struggled against all his enemies. Samhain was losing! This could not continue. Was he not the dark God? The new God? How could these insignificant mortals stand against him? Samhain could not comprehend the concepts of will, hope, compassion, and love. To him they were only things to be stamped out with fear, greed, rage, and death. He did not understand how those pitiful emotions and feelings could possibly manage to end his reign.

But he would crush them nonetheless. His seven sins were powerful weapons, but he had more. He would still break their world, even if it cost the power of Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Dark Crests to do so. He conjured the seven powers; the images of the seven Dark Crests appeared around him, glowing infernally. Then they were swept together and combined, and Samhain began his deadly spell.

"I give you life with Death and Sin. I break the seal that lies within. With icy terror their hearts quake. By my black hand their world shall break! Rise, Abaddon!"

The Seven Dark Crests massed upon one another and Abaddon began to take shape from their dark power. But Abaddon emerged from death and sin changed. The seal inside him that bound his true power cracked and shattered, and the monster within broke free.

The Super Ultimate.

"Rise, my great destroyer," whispered Samhain. "Rise, my killer of kings; my slayer of gods. Rise, my devourer of stars. Rise, my Worldbreaker, my Abaddon. Lay waste to all that stands before me."

The terrible bewitching beast, the super ultimate Arkadimon, let out a monstrous roar and advanced slowly towards the armies of heaven and the dead. All would suffer Abaddon's worldbreaking might...


Don't ask questions.
"Kill yourself...Cut your throat."

Samhain's words washed over him like acid rain. Karasu trembled at their utterance, but he knew he had to obey them...he had no choice. He lifted his hand to his neck...and then he blinked. The spell had broken. Why?

Karasu glanced down. That's right...I'm in Burst Mode...

"Terribly sorry...'master'," Karasu muttered, his voice dripping with mockery, "but I'm afraid I cannot follow your commands...you see...I have no sword."

His eyes rested on Samhain as he summoned the dead, and then found that they were no longer bound to his will...so instead...the Black King brought Abaddon back to life. The huge creature towered above all else...but Karasu remained undaunted.

"If you would supply me with one," growled the Ravemon Burst Mode, readying a charge, "then I would be more than happy to cut a throat...only it won't be mine!"


Rai ducked and weaved around Erebus's wild attacks. The Justimon had no control over himself, so Rai was forced to do his best to defend. He whirled around Erebus, and whacked the puppet Digimon on the back of the head and neck in a clumsy chop-motion. Erebus fell to the ground in a heap.

"Heh, I learned that trick from you, Trevor!"


Karasu dove at Samhain, narrowly missing the Black King by a quarter of an inch. Samhain was fast...but now he didn't have his Seven Deadly Sins...

Karasu smirked. It was only a matter of time. "Rai! Get your shiny butt over here and keep Abaddon away!"

Rai's sensitive ears picked up the message instantly. He shot like a rocket into the sky and flew at Abaddon at an immense speed. He crashed into the monstrous Digimon, but did little more than gain Abaddon's attention. Rai plopped onto the ground, moaning.

"Owwwww...my poor, aching head..."

He glanced up just in time to see Abaddon's claw hurtling in his direction. The golden bunny leaped away just in time, and glared up at Abaddon. "You, sir, are a very big mon. Do you work out? Or are those all from steroids?"

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No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Balion lay almost motionless on the ground. His energy... his power... even his Future Mode wouldn't help him now. He slowly lifted his head, barely able to keep it off the ground. The dragon watched the carnage unfold. He saw Abaddon rise to his next level with cataclysmic levels of power.

"No... It can't be..." Balion whispered with wide red eyes.

Again and again, he tried to stand, but he hadn't the energy in his body, despite his willpower. He was in too great pain. He clenched his eyes and his fists, feeling the pressure and the agony of his wound. "I'm... I'm sorry, mentor!" he shouted with strain.

His body was encased in light and his Future Mode vanished. He was a regular UlforceVeedramon again.

Balion fell to the ground and drew heavy, pained breaths. By reverting back, he managed to salvage some energy that he needed to fight. He looked down and noticed that his wound still remained... but he felt like he had the power he needed to be able to fight.


Erebus felt a throbbing pain in the nape of his neck. The warm trickle of blood dripped down the back of his head from under his metal helmet. His inexplicable urge to kill quickly vanished as he came to- he couldn't remember what happened. He groggily rolled onto his back and saw Rai fighting alongside Karasu against the newly reformed Abaddon.

He winced as he stood, vaguely remembering Rai's voice as he woke up. "Did I get run over by Commander Daehak again?" he thought to himself.

Then, something caught his eye... The ethereal, incorporeal spirits of the dead were fighting Samhain's hoards.

"...The flicker of light that staunches the darkness..." he whispered to himself, a grin appearing on his face.


Strom was collapsed on his knees. He was hunched over with his head in his tensed claws, to the point that the claws dug into his face... Strom's large wings were wrapped around himself, encasing him in his world of anguish and fear and self-hatred. Even the Caledfwlch wings that had a mind of their own were affected by Samhain's power. Strom's whole body trembled. He couldn't even move.

"It's true... It's all true... My hate... My envy... My greed... It's all I am..."

His emotions and feelings were distorted and toyed with, taking the true and corrupting it into their extremes. A new emotion would shift into his mind and be swapped by another in an unending loop.

"It's true..." Strom snarled. The words he spoke sounded nothing like him, his voice was that of primal, rage-filled dragon. "I hate them... Ajax, our so called knight in shining armour... Where was he when his team was being slaughtered or corrupted? Hyperion, that holier-than-thou blowhard. Why should he have all that power?! Why does he deserve to be on the right hand of Yggdrasil?! He's hailed as a hero for ending the Civil War. Pfft, hero my tail. He disappeared in our time of need to become Yggdrasil's lapdog. His power alone could have saved many! He's probably working for Samhain, for that matter! Then there's Osiris' empty ideals and notions that there's a bright and shiny future waiting for us. There is no future with friends or love, there's only darkness... though the others are to dumb to see it. Why would I want to go towards that future... 'our' future? ...How could I forget Nova with her foolish affection for that idiot mongrel? What in hell did she see in him?"

Strom sank deeper into himself. "More than she saw in me... They're all better than me. Stronger, nicer, faster ...Is that why I hate them? It's because they're better than me? ... Yes... It's because of my flaws... But I have a right to hate them! Right?!"

There was no answer. "...No... Hate... It's myself I should hate... And I do. I'm nothing... I'm not worthy of existance compared to them. Anger is all I can amount to... this rage... This damn fury and hatred! Damnit! I WISH THEY'D ALL DIE!!" Without the ability to stop himself, Strom let out a primordial roar which echoed off of his metal wings and reverberated endlessly.

The roar eventually softened to a craggy whisper, and when it did, when he realized what it was that his thoughts were, Strom felt the purest terror he had ever felt. "No... I can't be this! I'm no different from Imego or Nidhogg! I-... I-... This darkness... It's all that's inside of me. The hatred, the rage... I'm a monster! Born in the depths of hell. All that I ever was is gone because of this form!"

His heart was beating uncontrollably and he felt as if all of his insides were made from the same dark matter that the Black Hands were made of. He enclosed tighter on himself and shut his eyes. The fear was so crippling that he couldn't move if he wanted to. What was once a proud royal knight was now a whimpering heap on the ground, hiding from himself within himself.

The writhing, sweat-ridden Examon pleaded to no one in particular. "Make... it... stop..."

The emotions only got worse. He could feel bile rise in his throat and his head pound like a sledgehammer. He couldn't take the terror or the self-hatred much longer. If his lance weren't several feet away from him and if he wasn't mortified, he probably would have gladly used it to end his existance. Luckily for Strom, that wasn't the case, but he was still trapped in his prison of corrupted and warped emotions caused by Samhain.

A Diaboromon saw Strom's plight and saw an easy kill, fully intent of taking advantage of his broken state. It lunged towards him, claws prepared to gore him.

That is, until the Diaboromon found himself sliced in two by a humming blade. Strom didn't even notice.

"Strom..." said a gentle, yet earnest and self-assured male voice.

"Get away from me..." he replied with a mixture of anger and fearful concern for the digimon's well being.

"Strom," he said more forcefully while parting Strom's cloistering wings.

The Examon kept his eyes shut and still ceased to move. "I'll kill you," he said with a mixture of warning and threatening.

"Strom!" he shouted. With the words, he brought his metal hand forcefully across the drake's face.

Strom's head wrenched to the side from the mighty strike. He was forced to open his eyes and when he did, he looked up...

And saw the bright form of Braon standing over him. The Justimon grinned. "Hey, old friend..."

Even through his fear and confusion, Strom was dumbstruck. "Br-Braon... You're-..."

"Dead? Right... but I'm still here. We're all here," he answered.

Strom was not in the right mind to be asking why that was. He was too caught up in his emotions.

"Braon... I'm despicable creature who can only hate and kill... Leave me be..."

The Justimon stared down at him. "Strom... That's a load of crap and you know it."

"No, I-"

"What you're feeling right now, it isn't real. Samhain is toying with your head. Sure, you're jealous of Gatmuz and Hyperion, but you don't want them dead. The Strom I know doesn't. He can be distrusting, sarcastic, snappy, angry and all that, yeah, but he's also a great friend and he cares about his friends very much. Most importantly, he isn't a bloodthirsty monster... That's the Strom I know... and I know that he's in there under all of Samhain's mind games. So get a hold of yourself, Strom!" Braon said, firmly placing his hand on the Examon's shoulder. "Remember what Rai said. You're not alone. You have your friends... even in death, you have us."



The Justimon folded his translucent, glowing arms. "I can keep slapping you until you believe me."

A smile actually appeared on Strom's face and he uttered a chuckle. All of the weights and chains were being lifted off of him.

Braon chuckled as well. "Now what do you say we go kill some things, side-by-side, one more time, Strom? "

All of Strom's hate and fear was replaced with hope and joy at the situation. "I would love nothing more, Braon."

Strom grabbed the Ambrosius lance and stood up, ready to fight once more...
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Knight of RPGs
Osiris stood firm as he watched Heaven and the dead destroy Samhain's army. The Blackest Night was at an end... now all that remained was the Worldbreaker.

Abaddon was huge in his new form. His formerly bone-white armour had darkened to hideous dark purple, his arms now branched into millions of writhing tendrils, each barbed and tipped with hideous dripping points. His baleful gaze washed over the forces of light like a breaking wave of shadow, and his roars shook the very earth beneath their feet.

But Osiris stood firm. He closed his eyes and drew his katana.

"For you all... for the world... I shall end this," he whispered. His eyes snapped open and he leapt at Abaddon, roaring in savage pride as he clenched a fist to strike the titanic being. The Worldbreaker turned his baleful gaze upon Osiris and spoke with a voice that rolled across the heavens like thunder.

"God Matrix!"'

Power and fury ripped from Abaddon, shaking the air as it tore towards Osiris. With a harsh howl, the God Matrix struck the avenging BanchoLeomon and smashed him down into the earth, ablaze and screaming in agony as he was crushed beneath the power of Abaddon, the second great destroyer.

Abaddon's tentacles lashed, extending to tear Osiris apart. Their barbed lengths writhed obscenely as they approached, each and every limb lethal...

"No!" a voice roared "he is not yours, Worldbreaker! Dragon's Gust!"

Black claws sheathed in fiery aura ripped through a tentacle at the forefront of the group. A warrior emerged into view, spreading four great wings, his skeletal structure glowing with ethereal, pale light as he raised a fiery blade and brought it down with a legendary utterance.

"Draconis Flame!" the Dynasmon X roared "Towards our Future!" With his sword, he slashed down through several more tentacles. More tried to ensnare him, but with a roar of "Dragon Thrower!", ruby aura burst from his plam and washed over the tentacles, searing into their unholy flesh. Abaddon roared in fury and whipped several tentacles down at him, but the Dynasmon X caught the crushing force with his free hand, body shaking with his exertions as he summoned his legendary strength to hold off Abaddon's attack.

Then a female voice spoke "Royal Meister!". Two cone-shaped energy blades tore through the tentacles, ripping them apart. The TigerVespamon wielding the blades landed neatly by the Dynasmon X, who began to shine with blazing azure aurora.

"Leave him!" Ragna roared, throwing his palm forwards "BREATH OF WYVERN!"

Azure flame tore from his palm, forming into a dragon that engulfed Abaddon's tentacles and seared thorugh them. With a howl of anger, Abaddon withdrew his limbs from the attack.

The ethereal forms of Ragna and Valra both gave sighs of relief as they turned to their awed comrade.

"R-Ragna?" Osiris breathed "Valra?" They both gave slight smiles and Ragna reached out. Osiris took his hand and the Dynasmon X pulled him to his feet.

"We came back," Ragna said "Samhain's judgment has come, and we shall not allow him an escape. He has escaped justice enough."

"Indeed," Valra said solemnly.

"Will you... stay here?" Osiris asked. Ragna shook his head.

"I suppose not," he said "the dead and the living live in seperate worlds, Osiris. We must keep that rule, past Samhain's demise." Osiris gave a solemn nod.

"Then so be it," he said, holding out a hand "but this last time... will you battle by my side once again, Ragna, Valra?"

"We shall," they spoke, shaking his hand. The three readied their weapons and Osiris allowed himself to embrace his Burst Mode.

"In umbral day, in radiant night, I now shall war in this just fight. I stand by the servants of light and justice, for with Black Night's end, the future awaits us! Burst Evolution! BanchoLeomon Burst Mode!"

Beside him, his old allies readied their weapons and together they charged at Abaddon, readying their attacks as they uttered the cry that had come to inspire hope from the shadows, to rally forth warriors ready to oppose darkness.

"Towards our Future!"

Abaddon stood firm, a titan of shadow, but they were unafraid. They could end him together...


God of Monsters
The warriors of Valdor's Holy Choir and the otherworldly dead were forced to pause before the unspeakable might of Abaddon's Super Ultimate form. He plowed through the enemies of the Black King. With an angry snarl he scattered spectral warriors, driving them back from whence they came. With a roar he crushed dozens of heaven's soldiers. Abaddon had become a living juggernaut, an unstoppable and immovable force.

Samhain relished in this monstrosity. He drew ecstasy from the carnage his terrible beast unleashed upon all who stood under his gaze. All of Samhain's enemies would pay. They would perish under the indomitable power of his mighty fist. He would sweep all opposition away with the power of his Black Hand, the monster that was but an extension of Samhain's will. And Samhain spoke...

"I see your hearts and know your fears, as you cry out and shed your tears. In Blackest Night light disappears, as I seal your soul with pitch-black spears!"

"Dystopia Lances!" Abaddon snarled. All the terrible tentacles that emerged from his body hardened and extended, spearing out across the battlefield. They stabbed into the Holy Choir. Divine warriors were staked to the ground and impaled where they flew.

"God Matrix!" Abaddon roared. Invisible power ripped from his core, annihilating entire battalions of the divine and the spectral. There were no cries of pain or surprise. The bewitching beast's attack left no room for either.

Abaddon would break the world.

Samhain laughed as his monster continued to rip through his enemies. They would all fall, of this there was no doubt. Only those disobedient dead could stand in his way. Their arrival, their very appearance, was an affront to the power he had amassed. His was the will that commanded the dead, they could not deny him. They could not refuse to serve him and yet still exist. He would not allow it.

Samhain had read from the Book of the Black. He knew its secrets, of power and might from Death and beyond it. These paltry few, these misguided, defiant spirits...they could not deny him. His power was of Death, and he had power beyond it, even without the Seven Deadly Crests, and the Ragnarok. The time was fast approaching when existence itself would be recreated, and Samhain would be its architect

"You think you are strong," he whispered to the gathered dead who stood against him. "But Death is stronger. It is the pure power at the far end of existence. The emptiness of space. The Blackest Night." Samhain's eyes began to glow, exuding a monstrous black aura. "Death shall rise, the sky shall rend, and no longer shall Life offend. By my will this world shall end. For the Blackest Night doth now descend."

The ghostly undead let out wails of agony as Samhain's power washed over them, forcefully and painfully ripping them away and hurling them back into the cavernous maw of Death. The chorus of the Holy Host stood in shock, gripped with terror, as Samhain's Black Legions turned their full attention towards them. Without the immortal dead to stand against them, the Legions could more easily contend with the mortal Host. But the children of Valdor stood with strong hearts. They raised their weapons, and charged into the blackness...


The Supreme Cannon roared, its mighty blasts pounded into the thick armor of the terrible beast. The Transcendent Sword raked across the monster's skin. But the colossal Abaddon hardly seemed to notice. He swung a massive arm and struck Hyperion with a tremendous backhanded blow.

"Dystopia Lances!" the beast roared. One thousand spears ripped through the air towards Hyperion. Like a terrible cloud of death they closed on him. There was no escape.

"Celestial Blade!" Genesis howled. He swung his great weapon and severed the tentacles that sought to skewer the mighty white knight. Abbadon roared his anger, but Genesis called down Heaven's Thunder and drove the monster back.

"Genesis," Hyperion acknowledged. "You stand again."

"Barely," the red warrior said, though each syllable pained him. "Our strength wanes. The years of torture at Samhain's hands has left us weak, Hyperion. We do not have the power to finish this fight, not like you."

"I've used my power too liberally," Hyperion replied, slashing at several more tentacle-lances that raced towards him. "It's too much. The All Delete is not a power to be used so whimsically."

"No, but you should use it when the time calls for it," Genesis countered. "If it were our power, we would use it against this monstrosity and against Samhain. You could end his reign with a stroke of your sword."

"No," said Hyperion. "Samhain is unaffected by my power. It was Samhain that offered me the X-Antibody in the final moments of the battle against the Gog-Magog entity. In return I brought him Megidramon's Digital Hazard and secured his first foothold in our world. His was the hand that delivered that power to me, and his is the hand that can take it away."

"That's simply not true," said Genesis. "Samhain has no more power over you than what you allow him to have. It is your uncertainty and hesitation that allows him to stop you. Because you fear...because you doubt yourself, Samhain can defeat you. But you--of all Digimon that ever were--have no reason to doubt yourself. You who were born of a miracle, who staved off Armageddon, who serve as God's mighty right hand...What reason have you to doubt yourself?"

Were it another time, Hyperion would have had a moment to allow Genesis's words to sink in, to allow their meaning to permeate his being. He would have taken the time to carefully consider their truths and come to that supremely transcendent conclusion. But as it was, there was no time, and that conclusion was simply thrust upon him in the heat of battle, as the Worldbreaker tore into the very fabric of the world.

"If he is not stopped," said Genesis. "Abaddon will destroy the Host of Heaven, and none will be left to hold back Samhain's terrible Black Legions. And the world will fall. Samhain will break the world in two."

Abaddon's eyes flashed, and his terrible God Matrix ripped forth. It streaked towards them, an awful wave of distortion that annihilated everything in its path.

"Illumination Maelstrom!" Genesis cried out. He emptied all his reserves and let loose a massive beam of pure light. It slammed into Abaddon's attack and held it back for several precious moments. But in the end, Genesis could not overcome the unflinching might of Abaddon's darkness. It roared towards them, but the pause gave Hyperion enough time to gather the fallen Genesis and leap with him out of the attack's path.

"In fearful day, in raging night. With courage full our souls ignite. When the world seems lost and bereft of light, look to your heart, where hope burns bright."

Hyperion heard Genesis's voice, and his words reached through the darkness of the world to touch the burning heart of the white knight. His soul ignited. It blazed with a halo of burning light. Hyperion heard the awesome roar behind him. He steeled his soul and finally embraced that bright glow of hope in his heart...

And he chained himself to the deafening thunder of white-hot fire streaking across the heavens.
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Ragna and Valra were gone, torn away by Samhain's great command. But Osiris fought onwards with desperate conviction and strength born of courage. He cleaved through Diaboromon, smashed Infermon into the black earth with his holy rage and avenging might. He smote Samhain's soldiers with all his power, fighting beside the Holy Choir to ensure the Black Legions were ended. He left Abaddon to those far stronger, he knew that against such a being, he was naught but a mere insect, a thing to crawl across the earth below.

Nova fought beside him, ascended to Burst Mode and fighting with sword and shield, fighting an endless tide of howling shadow with her own strength and bright spirit, with the blazing flame that engulfed her form as she fought, driving the Black Legions down into death with her attacks. The unholy monstrosities howled in agony as the Torrid Weiss and Final Shining Burst washed over them, seared through their flesh to ravage their poisoned cores.

All around, angels and demons were locked in pitched battle. The Holy Choir were the very warriors of Heaven, and their holy might was not to be underestimated. Angemon, MagnaAngemon, Angewomon, GuardiAngemon, Piddomon, many forms of angels fought in the Choir and all fought with searing conviction and hope. Slowly... but surely, the tide was turning. Though the angels were ripped from the skies and stamped into the ground, though their numbers were far less than those of their foes, they still fought onwards through the surging tides of Hell's legions.

Swords tore flesh, arrows of light stabbed through demonic cores, claws rent anglic wings and shadow consumed light. The battle was a desperate last stand for the forces of light, no more chances awaited. All hope lay with them.

And they would not fail.

Osiris roared as he hurled himself into the enemy lines. Too late his mistake became apparent as he was faced with an almighty Armageddemon. The towering beast gave a roar of fury as it faced him, hellfire flickering in its great maw...

"Destiny Destroyer!"

Hellfire exploded from the beast and engulfed Osiris, who roared in pain, forcing himself forwards through the tide despite feeling his flesh burning, searing, layers peeling away and he felt hellfire sear into his core and the shadows began to close in around him...

And then a great cry rent the air and holy fire burst forth, a barrier against the howling rage.

"Final Shining Burst!"

Nova's flames lashed at the Destiny Destroyer, forcing it away from her ally as she stepped forwards. Her face was set in a strong grimace, her eyes blazing with conviction as she raised the sword and shield in her grip and spoke three words into the tempest.

"Corona Blaze Sword!"

Her weapon and shield broke into embers that reformed in her grip, shaping her great two-handed sword. She strode forwards, taking up the blade, fire exploding from her wings to force back the hellfire.

The Armageddemon roared again.

"Full-Scale Attack!" Hundreds of shrieking missiles tore from its back and aimed right for the ShineGreymon, who was oblivious, focused entirely on holding off the Destiny Destroyer.

But others stood on hand to help.

"Heat Viper!" Set roared, unleashing a ray of searing fire from his twisted maw. The blast tore through the missiles and forced them into premature detonation.

Isis and Set strode forth through the parting Holy Choir, but Set stopped just past the serried ranks of angels.

"Proveyourself worthy of my gift to you," he said to Isis "prove to me that you deserve Osiris back. Defeat that monstrosity." Isis nodded, taking flight. The lance weapon bullt into her right arm crackled with energy as she dived at the Armageddemon.

"Cyber Lance!" she cried, stabbing the lance into the Armageddemon. The beast howled as energy ripped from the wound through its form, but its anger was quick to show. It turned, opening its maw to engulf her in hellfire...

But Isis was prepared for that.

"Dark Roar!"

A sphere of dark matter burst from her mouth, shooting into the monstrous Armageddemon's maw. Scant seconds later, the writhing dark matter exploded. Smoke poured from the beast's maw and it howled in agony. Nova cleaved at its neck with the Corona Blaze Sword, sending rivulets of black tar-like blood sliding across its scaly flesh...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom roared a ferocious, unrestrained roar. Braon was no longer with him, but the fact that he had even seen him once more had solidified his resolve. Ragna he saw as well, though the circumstances weren't favourable for him to say what he wanted to say. A thanks and an apology. And Strom had missed his chance again...

He ran a Diaboromon through with the Ambrosius which he then fired, blowing apart a Diaboromon behind the first. Strom kicked the Diaboromon off the lance and ascended into the air. In a berserker fury, he unleashed hell from the Ambrosius lance on any enemy that came into his sight...



Erebus drove his giant electrostatic fist into a Diaboromon, sending it staggering back, stunned. He then swung his fist into the air and brought it down like a hammer onto the stunned creature, crushing it into the ground.

The Justimon heard a snarl from behind him and he swung around to see a Diaboromon lunging at him. He raised his fist to retaliate...

"Ray of Victory"

Azure force, compliments of Balion, seared into the Diaboromon's back and sent it flying towards Erebus faster. With all the strength and reflex he could muster, Erebus brought his fist back and drove it into the Diaboromon, sending it back towards Balion like a ping pong ball.

Balion was slightly shocked by this, but he prepared himself, nonetheless. He bashed the Diaboromon with the blunt of the Tensegrity Shield, specifically at the Justimon again.

Erebus sneered and changed his arm's mode. "Justice Burst!"

His mechanized forearm became regular sized. He pointed it towards the oncoming Diaboromon and fired large beam bullets at his target, forcing its fall towards him to a halt. Erebus then changed his arm to the sword function and lunged at the hapless digimon. Balion grinned competitively and followed suit.

The Justimon drove his Voltage Blade into one side of the Diaboromon while Balion drove his Ulforce Sabre into the exact opposite side. They both retracted the beam swords and brought them vertically down on the Diaboromon, leaving little to nothing left of the beast.

"What was all that about?!" Erebus asked in irritation.

Balion shrugged. "I had to amuse myself somehow. There's only so many Diaboromon you can kill before it starts to become boring, yeah?" he explained with a smirk.

"You have a bleeding hole in your chest. A load of our allies are dying. Abaddon has reached colossal levels of power. This is the battle that will determine the fates of the good and the evil. And you're concerned with keeping yourself amused?!"

"...Yeah. What's the big deal?"

Erebus stared at him blankly. Unable to express his utter frustration at the blue knight, he merely turned and began hacking away at a nearby Infermon.

Balion rolled his eyes. "Not much of a Dramon... Where's his sense of humour?"

Erebus finished with the Infermon and then laid his eyes on Samhain. He ran towards him with unquestionable zeal. The Voltage Blade was at the ready. "Today we purge your vile existance from this world!" he yelled, lunging towards him and driving the blade forwards...
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God of Monsters
Hyperion gave in to that overwhelming power and presence he felt smoldering within him. He chained himself to that unstoppable, burning comet of light, the deafening roar of white-hot fires streaking across the heavens. The light filled him, permeated his entire being, and howled in his ears. The white knight let out a cry as the radiance erupted from within, a supernova of divine energies. He felt those awful chains lash him to the power as it overtook him.

But, for the first time, Hyperion fought against it. Something within him sparked. A flash, brighter and hotter than lightning, ripped from his heart. The bolt cracked with a sound louder than any thunder, and it tore into his consciousness. Hyperion was seized by that magnificent force and his chains shattered.

Then all was still. Hyperion no longer felt the howling comet at his back, nor the chains that held him there. The comet was gone, chained and bound within his own thundering heart. Its power permeated his being, shining from his body as a fiery corona of white; a blazing halo of radiance. He had finally accepted the power of the X-Antibody, he no longer feared it; he embraced its power as his own, to strengthen his conviction, and allow him to better serve his God.

"On brightest day, in Blackest Night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let all who worship evil's might, beware my power

"God's Holy Knight!"

Abaddon turned his wrathful gaze upon Hyperion's blazing visage. The bewitching beast let out an almighty roar as his eyes lit with black flame. There was a tremendous noise, like Hell itself bursting forth, and Abaddon's God Matrix exploded forth.

"No," Hyperion whispered as he drew the Transcendent Sword. "No more." The runes along the blade's length burst into white-hot flame, and Hyperion hurled himself into the air. He flew headlong into Abaddon's attack, he drew back the blade, and a cry roared from his lips.

"All Delete!"

Hyperion shred through Abaddon's attack. God Matrix was torn apart. The white knight ripped through the air, flashing power in his wake. Light trailed from the glowing runes of his sword, and he embedded the full length of his divine blade in Abaddon's forehead, right between the monster's eyes. Oblivion flashed from the burning runes, and Abaddon was atomized by the unrelenting power of the attack. His data particles coalesced onto the point where Hyperion stabbed him, and all of the monster's data collapsed upon itself.

Gone forever.

Samhain stared in shock at the space Abaddon once occupied. The massive Digimon had been obliterated in an instant, ripped from the face of the world in the blink of an eye. But shock quickly turned to rage, and Samhain fixed Hyperion with his burning gaze. The Black King raised his hand and made a fist, attempting to strip Hyperion of his X-Evolved power. But Hyperion retuned with a defiant glare, and Samhain once again registered shock. Hyperion's power was beyond his influence now.

"This cannot be," he snarled. "This...I gave you that power! It is mine to decide when or if you can use it!"

"Not anymore," declared Hyperion. "I am a servant of Yggdrasil. Her Champion, Her Knight. I am the White Hand of God, Samhain, and your power has no more sway over me than it does over God Herself."

It was at this moment that the sky ripped open, and a terrible red light shone through. A burning sphere of red power plummeted from the sky, burning the air in its wake.

"Ah," said Samhain. "You spoke too soon, Hyperion. Ragnarok returns to me! Yggdrasil is no more!" Samhain held his hands out to the sky, but the burning red sphere didn't slow its descent or change its course. It simply streaked headlong towards the ground between Samhain and the Avengers and struck with tremendous force, kicking up smoke and dust. When the debris settled, all that remained of Ragnarok were several thousand shattered pieces off its glass-like surface.

"Do not presume victory, Dracul Samhain," said a mighty voice. Yggdrasil lowered herself through the rift in the sky. She was swathed with fire. Her once tranquil, turquoise-hued countenance had changed. No longer was she a silent deity, she appeared before all assembled as a fiery and vengeful Goddess. "Ragnarok is vanquished, your Black Hands are slain, and your army shall follow. Dracul Samhain, self-proclaimed Black King...you have lost."

"Never," Samhain snarled. "I am the Black King, the Heart of Darkness. And you are fools taking up arms against omnipotence. You rush head-on into Armageddon. So I shall provide you with a most glorious doomsday! The heavens will run red with blood. But in the end, as always, Dracul Samhain will stand triumphant!"

"Oh?" asked Ajax as he flew down to stand with the rest of the Avengers. "Is that so? I see no omnipotence in you, Samhain. Your power is as broken as that Ragnarok. You're no Black King, no Heart of Darkness. You're a thug and a beast, and you deserve only to be put down." Ajax's hands gripped his weapons tightly. "Now then, Avengers...



No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom stood firmly among the others. He cracked the bones in his neck as he tightened his claw's grasp on the Ambrosius lance, which he pointed towards the Black King. The Caledfwlch wings flapped once so that he hovered above the ground. His red armour shone brightly and his emerald eyes burned into Samhain. A deep snarl escaped through his savage teeth.

His actions and silence spoke louder and truer than any words he could think to muster.

Erebus also slowly stepped forwards beside the other Avengers. His thin white and blue suit had bloody rips and tears scattered about it. The red scarf fluttering in the breeze from around his neck was dirty and slashed apart on one end. His metal helmet and right arm were both scuffed up and seared black in some places from burns.

He made no noise other than the gentle humming of the Voltage Blade. Like Strom, he needed not to make a sound to summate his feelings. His determined, defiant and confident stare directed at Samhain said it all. Had anyone been able to see the look in Erebus' eyes, they would know that his one and only goal at this point was to see Samhain exterminated without the possibility of revival.

Perhaps the most wounded of all was Balion. Though the hole through his chest and back still bled, he was able to push himself to stand upright with pride and confidence. It was not an arrogance and sanctimonious stance like when he first joined the Avengers, but a more subdued one of cameraderie. Blood and dirt stained his armour all over, to the point where one would think that he was wearing mud. Before, this would have bothered him to no end- not being able to show off his prestine armour to others, but now, he couldn't care less if he tried. The armour around his lower waist and thighs were coated with dried blood and the 'V' crest on his upper chest was dented slightly. His blue and white skin, along with his blue and pink wings were also riddled with cuts and bruises.

As his confidence grew, he replaced the Tensegrity Shield on his left arm bracelet for a second Ulforce Sabre. He grinned and crossed his two, droning, bright, azure swords over each other, holding them out in front of him.

"Time to show this guy the true meaning of Death."
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Rai stepped up beside Ajax, beaten and battered, but still as capricious as ever. His armor had been badly bruised and disfigured, but he still kept going. He was hopeful...because today was the day that light would shine through the darkness. Shadow's ominous cloak would be ripped apart by Light's warm embrace. Night's dark canopies would collapse under Day's golden force.

Death's menacing grip would be crushed by Life's pure power.

The Black King's Dark Reign was about to end.

Rai couldn't help but snicker. His eyes blazed with the supreme might of Hope and Destiny. Swelled up with enthusiasm and the urge to battle, he felt as though he could take down an entire legion of Armageddemon...plus the Black Hands. But they were out of the way...so he was forced to focus his attention on the only remaining opponent...

...Samhain was about to get it.

Karasu stood beside Rai, staring at Samhain through his hawk-like eyes. He was determined, more determined than he had ever been before, to defeat the Black King and end his reign. Karasu had gone through so much recently...and he just wanted to kick back and relax for a change. Of course, he couldn't do that until Samhain was gone...

He flinched and glanced down at his body. Like Rai's, it had been horribly battered. Blood and particles of data oozed from a couple of gashes on his back and front, and a trickle of dried blood ran down the corner of his mouth. His legs trembled a bit, for they had nearly been broken, but he fought the pain and stood strong.

Rai glanced over at his Ravemon friend, and then at all of the other Avengers. Ajax, Osiris, Strom, Caesar, Nova, Erebus, Kairi, Balion, Hyperion, Karasu...and himself...

...versus Samhain.

"Now then, Avengers...


Karasu grinned. "My favorite catchphrase."

"Heh," Rai muttered, chuckling as he cocked his arm cannons. "Time to disassemble the Purple King!"


Knight of RPGs
Osiris strode to Ajax's side, body blazing with orange aura from his Burst Mode. His fur was blackened and burned, his skin cut and bruised, yet he held himself with true pride at those he had stood beside for so long to defeat Samhain. He tightened his grip on the katana he held, lightly resting the blade by his side as his eyes burned with a glorious flame.

Nova took her place in the group of Avengers beside Strom. Her own Burst Aura was that of the sun, and though it paled compared to Ajax's Crimson Mode and Hyperion's X-Evolution, the blazing energies banished shadow from around her. She silently seperated the Corona Blaze Sword into its component sword and shield, taking up the sword in her right hand, the shield in her left.

"Your Black Reign ends this day, Samhain," she whispered, grip tightening around her sword's hilt "for all those who suffered under your pall of night... for those who we lost to shadow and death... this ends now."

"She does not lie," Osiris called "Nova is right, and so is Yggdrasil. Your Black Hands are defeated, those you dragged from Hell slain and those you turned against us restored to their original states. Your Blackest Night is crumbling under the Light of Justice, and your armies shall soon become as dust. This is the end for you, Dracul Samhain."

And to add to the great words spoken by Ajax, he called out his own great roar of pride, of hope and justice, of the fallen and those who fought for vengeance. He roared the three words that he had long called, in all the years since Samhain had appeared, the three words Ragna had given him, the words that would always stir the fires of hope in the hearts of true warriors.

"TOWARDS OUR FUTURE!" he roared, raising his blade to the heavens...


God of Monsters
Samhain leapt away, but he was closely pursued by the Avengers. They chased after him, snarling and nipping at his heels like a pack of rabid dogs. They had sensed his weakness, smelled his blood, and they were hungry for more. Like feral beasts they clawed after him, spilling sanctimonious drivel and empty words of motivation. They were beasts, clawing their way down from heaven. They would lay waste to the earth, these order-less savages.

Samhain knew this. Their kind thrived on chaos and choice. There was anarchy in their rule. It had been so easy to twist their minds and take their world from them. Samhain provided order and stability. With Samhain there was no disease, or starvation, or poverty. With Samhain, free will and anarchy had no reign.

Ajax swung the glowing Blutgang and Samhain barely managed to dodge. The Gungnir followed, but Samhain ducked underneath its slash. Hyperion followed, and a mass of white-hot power erupted from his Supreme Cannon. It caught Samhain square in the chest and the burning explosion sent him flying through the air. Caesar was next, calling upon the warping powers afforded by his X-Evolution. He pounded Samhain, striking hundreds of blows in a mere instant and swallowing him with golden power.

"You think you are strong?" Samhain said with a bloody cough as he rose to his feet. "You think what you possess constitutes real strength? What fools you are! For Death is stronger, stronger than you shall ever be! Death is pure power and order. It is the Blackest Night; the Dark Reign. For eons I was but the instrument of Death, its avatar, its vassal...but now I am more. I am Death's terrible lover. I am becoming Death itself."

"You are delusional, Black King," said Caesar. "I can see the data, and understand far more than most any other Digimon. But I still cannot understand you. Tell me, what makes you so special? Why are you worthy of Death?"

Samhain let out a genuine and throaty howl, a roar of laughter. "Am I not Dracul Samhain?! Did I not butcher the woman who gave me birth, who force-fed me into this hell called life?! Is not the wake of my passing crimson with the blood of my enemies and allies alike?! Death is with me every second of the day! My every moment is spent in either dealing out death or worshiping it! So tell me, who under the stars is better suited than I to be Death's consort?"

"There can be no return for him," said Yggdrasil. "Samhain has read the terrible secrets from the Book of the Black, the Tome of Death. Given enough time, Samhain could undermine the very fabric of reality. This we cannot allow. Samhain must die. The Blackest Night must end."

"Finally something we can all agree on," Ajax said as he prepared his weapons.

"You're all fools," Samhain snarled. "You follow your petty beliefs like sheep. And you so willingly accept the words of your supposed Goddess. Will you turn to her to lead you when this is done? Will you make her queen of all she sees? If so, how will that be any different from my own reign? Submit blindly, Avengers."

"Enough," said Hyperion. "I will hear no more of you, Dracul Samhain. Make peace with whatever god or devil you may worship. Make peace with Death, for you will meet her soon." Hyperion raised the all-destroying sword, the weapon of the Great Destroyer, and its runes lit with power.

"Oh, Hyperion," Samhain whispered with a terrible laugh. "Oh, how narrow your sight has been. You, whose birth came only through death, whose very whisper can destroy gods; you might have been the greatest of my Black Hands. Instead you squander your power in the service of your little Goddess. You deny your nature."

"My nature?" Hyperion asked.

"To end lives," Samhain answered. "I had such hopes for you. When I gave you the X-Antibody...I saw the greatest disciple of Death that would ever be. But you disappointed me, so I was forced to turn elsewhere. The Blackest Night falls from the skies. The darkness grows as all light dies. I crave your hearts and your demise. By my black hand, the dead shall rise."

A terrible blackness erupted from the earth and spilled out into the sky. Something roared from that deep abyss and clawed its way forth. It was a formless mass. No...two formless masses. They gathered upon themselves and let out their terrible roars. Then they folded upon one another, coalescing into one single entity, a swirling mass of shadow and evil.

"You were born of Death, Hyperion," said Samhain as he stood back to admire his creation. "But only pieces of you returned from the abyss. There was a part of Tharor the WarGreymon and Jager the MetalGarurumon that truly died that day. They languished, incomplete, in darkness. I found them, and gave them life anew: life from Death, and sin, and darkness. Now Rise, my Black Knight."

The form of darkness began to speak, and whispered a chant not completely unfamiliar, "On blackest day, in brightest night, behold your fears brought into light. Let all who stand within my sight, beware my power--

"The Black King's Knight

BlackOmnimon X. The terrible shadow, the monstrous counterpart to Hyperion. The Black King's knight.

"Thanatos Omega," Samhain introduced, "my Great Destroyer. The true Black Hand of the Dark Reign. Now, my knight, lay waste."

"All Delete!" Thanatos howled. The runes along the blade of his terrible sword erupted with a burning light, and he sprung forward. Caesar was quick to warp out of the way. Ajax leaped to the side. Hyperion raised his sword and prepared himself. But Thanatos simply rushed by him. There was a terrible, sickening sound, and then a scream ripped through the air.

Hyperion spun around, and stared in horror at the sight before him. Thanatos's dark blade was stabbed through the heart of Yggdrasil. The black knight withdrew his blade and stepped back to Samhain's side. Hyperion raced over to the fallen Goddess and cradled her dying body in his arms. Her eyes were wide with shock. She hadn't foreseen this outcome.

"Death comes to you all," Samhain sneered as Yggdrasil atomized. "Even to God." Hyperion let out a roar of anguish as he quaked with rage. "Do you not understand, Hyperion!? You turned your back and I wrecked your world. I robbed your people of their powers, their hopes, their futures, themselves. What will you do when your friends, your enemies, your lover, are all Dracul Samhain? When there is one body. One mind. One will. One life that is Dracul Samhain. WILL YOU BE THE ENEMY OF ALL EXISTENCE THEN? WHAT IRONY THAT WILL BE, WHITE KNIGHT!"

Thanatos stepped forward. "Yggdrasil is dead," the black knight declared. "Kneel before the Black King. Kneel before God!"


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Rai and Karasu stared in shock as Thanatos destroyed their god with a single blow. Yggdrasil fell into Hyperion's arms, and died...

Yggdrasil was dead...

"Death comes to you all," Samhain sneered as Yggdrasil atomized. "Even to God." Hyperion let out a roar of anguish as he quaked with rage. "Do you not understand, Hyperion!? You turned your back and I wrecked your world. I robbed your people of their powers, their hopes, their futures, themselves. What will you do when your friends, your enemies, your lover, are all Dracul Samhain? When there is one body. One mind. One will. One life that is Dracul Samhain. WILL YOU BE THE ENEMY OF ALL EXISTENCE THEN? WHAT IRONY THAT WILL BE, WHITE KNIGHT!"

"I'll be the enemy of all existence if you're the existence, Samhain!" Rai bellowed, his eyes narrowing. "Heh...in fact...if you're existence...then I'm gonna be extinction!"

Thanatos stepped forward. "Yggdrasil is dead," the black knight declared. "Kneel before the Black King. Kneel before God!"

"I kneel before no one except Yggdrasil," Karasu muttered grimly. "This was truly unexpected on my part...but I should have guessed Samhain would have one more trick up his sleeve...very well...let us finish the job."

Rai grinned. "Hey, Ballyhoo! The black Hyperion-wannabe's worth a hundred points! We settle this now! Rapid Fire!"

Karasu eyed Ajax carefully. "What do we do, Ajax? Shall we go after Samhain, or defeat his minion? Perhaps both at the same time?"

Meanwhile, Rai's missiles rocketed towards Thanatos. The BlackOmnimon X unsheathed his sword, and swung it around expertly in the air, ripping the multiple missiles to mere shreds. Rai's jaw dropped within his helmet. "Hey, that's not cool!"

"Let's try it again! Only this time it's gonna be...Tri Beam!"

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Balion's jaw slackened and his crimson eyes widened in utter shock as Yggdrasil- the true one- died.

"Yggdrasil is dead," the black knight declared. "Kneel before the Black King. Kneel before God!"

"God?" Strom snarled. "The only god I have seen is gone... All I see now is a vile creature cowering behind that corruption of Tharor and Jager..."

"... And now you both must die," Erebus concluded coldly.

Rai grinned. "Hey, Ballyhoo! The black Hyperion-wannabe's worth a hundred points! We settle this now! Rapid Fire!"

Balion almost didn't hear him. The usual competitive grin of his didn't show up this time around. The seriousness of the situation was setting in.

"TODAY YOU DIE!" he bellowed at Thanatos in uncharacteristic rage. "Ray of Victory!"

He focused all of his power into his crest and fired the azure beam straight into Thanatos... though it parted upon impact.

He cast a side glance to Rai. "... Make it... one thousand points," he growled.

Erebus had no intentions of waiting around for Ajax's answer, but he wasn't stupid enough to try to get past Thanatos on his own. He needed the right moment and then he would have Samhain's head.

Strom tentatively maintained his position between Nova and Erebus. He decided it would be best to wait for a move to be made.
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Osiris roared and charged. Yggdrasil's death enraged him, and he had no intention of letting Thanatos have the luxury of facing only ranged attacks. Katana raised, the BanchoLeomon rushed towards the Black King's Knight, roar echoing from the land around.

Thanatos merely raised his left arm, angling his sword towards Osiris.

"Lion Slash!" Osiris roared, slashing downwards with all his might...

Quick as a serpent, Thanatos met the slash with his own, before unsheathing his cannon and angling it at the Avenger's chest.

"Supreme Cannon!" he hissed. Energy howled from the cannon and smashed into Osiris's gut, tossing the Avenger back in a roll across the hard ground. His katana crashed to the ground before Thanatos and the BlackOmnimon X calmly kicked it aside.

Osiris stood with a fierce growl and charged against, Burst Aura blazing around him. Thanatos readied cannon and sword once again, feet slightly apart and his stance battle-ready.

"Burning Bancho Punch!" Osiris roared, throwing a fierce punch at Thanatos's head, but fast as thought the Black Knight evaded the blow and swung his blade.

"Transcendent Sword!"

The dark steel laid open a great line of crimson across the Avenger's chest and Osiris howled in pain and rage. His eyes met those of Thanatos, the cold, black orbs of the knights eyes piercing and full of crushing malice.

"Kneel before the Black King," Samhain's Knight whispered "kneel before God."

"N-No!" Osiris roared defiantly. Thanatos's gaze became baleful and frozen, a lance of chilling malice that stabbed into Osiris and chilled his blood.

"Then perish," Thanatos hissed. He drew back the Transcendant Sword, runes beginning to glow, words coming to his lips...

Osiris saw Death coming and he stared it right in the face.

"I do not fear Death," he whispered "for I know Death like an old friend. But you... you are not Death!"

He spat into Thanatos's face defiantly. The Black King's Knight gave a roar of outrage and spoke in chilling tones.

"All Delete!" he roared, beginning to stab forwards...

Then flames bombarded him from the side, Nova's Torrid Weiss, and he was crushed aside. His sword ripped into the earth as Osiris threw himself aside, the All Delete exploding and instantly deleting the ground around it.

Thanatos roared as he stood tall, spinning and throwing his cannon forwards.

"SUPREME CANNON!" he howled. Energy ripped from the cannon's muzzle and ripped into Nova, searing her flesh black with its terrible heat. She gave a scream of agony as Thanatos stalked forwards, raising his sword.

"Transcendent Sword!" he snarled, slashing the blade across Nova's chest. Another scream of agony tore from her throat as the attack ripped into her and she fell to her knees. Her head fell forwards and she threatened to collapse, but she forced herself to stay upright as Thanatos ran the point of his sword up her body to under her neck, forcing her chin upwards so she was staring up at him.

A thin line of blood trickled down her form from where the sword point had cut into her flesh, but she had her attention forcibly fixed on Thanatos and especially his sword. He could kill her just by leaning forwards slightly and she knew it. She closed her eyes out of fear, her breathing laboured from the pain of her wounds.

"Kneel not to me," Thanatos hissed "kneel to the Black King."

"She will kneel to neither of you!" Osiris roared throwing himself onto the knight's back and grabbing at Thanatos's sword arm "you self-righteous twisted son of a *****!"

He threw his fist into the Black Knight's arm and Thanatos roared, reaching backwards and smashing Osiris down with a punch. The BanchoLeomon growled in pain as Thanatos turned, pressing the sword to his neck...


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Strom saw Osiris and Nova's plight so he kicked off the ground and flew towards them. He swung the edge of the Ambrosius lance to hit the side of the Transcendent Sword, knocking it away so that it only caused a surface-deep cut to Osiris. The Examon then kicked Thanatos in the square of his chest, causing him to step back a little.

The BlackOmnimon X swung his sword towards the two. Strom grabbed Osiris by the arm and threw him out of the sword's path. The Royal Knight then jumped out of the way himself. The sword managed to clip the wing on his right arm and he was shocked to see that the blade actually cut through his red digizoid armour.

He then landed beside Osiris and growled.

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Caesar struck, a blinding maelstrom of golden power. He pounded into Thanatos, driving fist, foot, and knee into the black knight. His clarity and reality-bending power kept him ahead of the monster that was Thanatos. Golden energy bled from Caesar's hands as he unleashed a crushing barrage of light that knocked the black knight off his feet. But Thanatos was powerful, and surged through the blasts.

"Transcendent Sword!" Thanatos roared. He slashed with his sword and an arc of power followed. Caesar warped through the world, but the energy bleed of the attack caught Caesar and hurled him through the air.

Ajax rushed forward, weapons at the ready. He slashed and stabbed, but Thanatos dodged and blocked with all his tremendous power. With a shout, Ajax leaped back and poured his power forth.

"Crimson Light!" he shouted. Power streaked through the air.

"Supreme Cannon!" Thanatos snarled. A vicious beam exploded from his cannon. It ripped through Ajax's attack and headed straight for the crimson knight. Ajax hurled himself to the side, but the blast still clipped his wings and sent him tumbling to the ground. Kairi attacked next, slashing with the deadly rapier afforded by her Ancient form.

But Thanatos was too strong, and his blade was more powerful. With the greatest of ease he drove her back and pushed his blade dangerously close to her throat.

"Kairi! Move!" Hyperion roared. Kairi glanced in his direction and leapt back. Thanatos stumbled forward. "Supreme Cannon!" the white knight roared. A beam of power ripped from his cannon and slammed into Thanatos, but the black knight positioned his sword between himself and the blast in attempt to hold it back. Hyperion's blast tapered off, and the two knights charged each other.

"Transcendent Sword!" they cried in unison. Their blades clashed together, and all the overwhelming power of their X-Evolved might exploded from between them.

"Go!" Hyperion urged, struggling, surging his power against that of Thanatos. "Deal with Samhain! I'll hold this abomination here! You mustn't allow Samhain to gather his power!"

"Do you truly believe you can stop me?!" Samhain laughed. He unleashed torrents of black flame that crushed Caesar into the ground. "I am the Black King. I am the darkness that lives in each and every one of you. Your god is dead, your world is in cinders. Face it, Avengers, I have already won."