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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


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Erebus lashed towards Samhain. "Never!" he shouted pulling the Voltage Blade back. "You are a darkness that must be erased!" He plunged the bright blade towards the dark being, clipping his side.

Samhain released a mass of dark power, throwing Erebus backwards. "And what would you know about darkness, Erebus? If you attempt to erase darkness then you would have to kill everybody you know and destroy the world."

Erebus growled and tried to ignore him, jumping to his feet. "Justice Burst!" The beam bullets he fired from his arm were quickly dodged by Samhain.

Strom, however, circled around him and attempted to skewer the Black King on his lance. Samhain kicked the lance to the side and sent forth a surge of dark infernoes into Strom.

"Did you forget about me?!" Balion yelled, ramming Samhain's side with his Tensegrity Shield.

Samhain sneered and grabbed the edges of the shield and threw Balion over his head, flipping him onto his back. He then stomped his foot down on his chest.

"Thunderclap[!/I]" Erebus let out a roar and slammed his sparking metal fist deep into Samhain's stomach. He then rushed forwards while changing his arm to the Voltage Blade.

Samhain anticipated this and allowed hellish fire to engulf Erebus and bring him to his knees.

"Erebus Artorius. Trained for battle your whole life. I expected better... Maybe if you embraced that darkness inside of you..." he suggested in his seductive manner.

Erebus cried out in agony as the flames burned deeper...

"Erebus!" Strom growled, rushing forwards about to plunge the Ambrosius deep into Samhain. Samhain didn't even have to turn towards him, he merely outstretched his hand and unleashed hell onto him.

The fire encircled Strom, trapping him in a shrinking sphere until the fire was upon him. The Examon fell to the ground while burning with black flames as well. He roared in pain as he attempted to extinguish himself...
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Osiris rushed Samhain from the side, attempting to free Strom from the Black King's hold. Samhain merely raised a hand and Osiris was engulfed in hellfire as well. He forced himself to struggle on through the searing darkness and power, through the agony. His gakuran shielded him from the worst effects of the flames and he was able to force through their embrace, emerging before Samhain.

"You cannot hold me," he hissed, clenching his burning fists and charging "Burning Bancho Punch!" His blazing fist tore towards Samhain, but the Black King caught it and with but a mere gesture Osiris was crushed to his knees. Samhain kicked him in the gut and the BanchoLeomon was thrown onto his back, blood dribbling from his mouth.

"But I shall hold you," Samhain whispered maddeningly "I will hold you in a prison with no doors or windows or any exit. I will throw you screaming into hellfire and ruin, and you will crawl. And beg. And die, DIE FOR DRA...!"

"'Y'know," Osiris snarled, leaping to his feet and punching Samhain across the face "I am so sick and tired of hearing your self-glorifying, 'I am the new God, bow down and praise me' attitude. And in case you haven't noticed, it doesn't scare us. So shut the ******** about how you'll throw us into hell and just shut your mouth for once, Samhain."

Samhain gave Osiris a look of pure loathing. "You shall suffer for those words, Soultaker," he hissed.

"Then make me suffer!" Osiris snarled, punching the Black King's face again "stop moaning about how you'll do it and just actually do something!"

"As you wish."

Samhain thrust his arm forwards, straight as a spear, and inconcievably, it stabbed into Osiris's chest. The BanchoLeomon was caught utterly by surprise and didn't even defend himself from the attack. Then, Samhain withdrew his now blood-soaked arm and pressed two finger's to Osiris's neck.

Hellfire ripped from Osiris's core and engulfed his whole form with malice and power. It hurt so much that Osiris was unable to even scream, let alone fight back. The Black King finished by snatching up his foe by the throat and tossing him across the room. Osiris landed against the far wall and slid down to the floor in a crumpled heap, barely avoiding the edges of Hyperion and Thanatos's swors in his flight.

Samhain turned his gaze to the other Avengers...


God of Monsters
As Hyperion and Thanatos ripped into the heart of the world, the remaining Avengers stood united--assembled if you will--against Dracul Samhain. The Demon Beast stood on his last legs, but they were terrible legs indeed. With a roar, Samhain called forth his full power. His gentlemanly appearance warped and twisted into the shape of the true Beast. The hellhounds at his waist howled and slavered, snapping their jaws. But in that terrible black heart of his, Samhain knew the end had come. He would fight, but he understood that there was no way to truly defeat all who stood against him. His powers were limited, and he would fall.

But he took solace in the knowledge that with his fall, the entire Digital World would fall as well. He had brought it to ruin, his final tribute to Death was the destruction of an entire world. There was no repairing the Digital World, not after the damage he'd done.

Perhaps now Death would finally embrace him and end his torment.

Samhain grappled with Ajax, his hands around the crimson knight's throat. Ajax's weapons stabbed deep into the Black King's chest. Samhain snarled to hide his pain and hurled Ajax through the air. But before he could even recover, Kairi and Caesar were upon him. Kairi leaped onto his monstrous back and plunged her rapier through the back of his torso. Caesar slammed into his front and drove Ajax's weapons deeper into him--all the way to the hilt of each weapon. Caesar then shot away and Ajax rushed forward. He gripped his weapons tightly and ripped them from Samhain's body. Kairi then flipped over Samhain and slashed her rapier twice across his chest in the blink of an eye.

"Magna Blast," Caesar spoke. Power erupted from his body and slammed into Samhain. The Black King was hurled from his feet and knocked to the ground. He struggled to rise, and saw the whole of the Avengers united before him.

"Do not rise, Dracul Samhain," said Ajax. "You stand against the united force of all Yggdrasil's power and dreams. We are everything good Yggdrasil ever brought to the Digital World, I can see that now. All the aspects of Yggdrasil are embodied by each of us. I am Courage, roaring with a crimson flame. Strom is Friendship, fiercely loyal, even to a fault. Erebus is Knowledge, wise beyond his years. Kairi is Love, full of forgiveness and able to see the beauty in all things. Balion is Sincerity, honesty, and truth. Karasu is Reliability, and that's all that need be said. Osiris is Hope, forever holding that one bright flame. Nova is Light, always pushing back darkness from within and without. Rai is Destiny, always driving us forward. Caesar is Miracles, when all seems lost, he still stands. And Hyperion is Honor and Duty, the true servant and guardian of God Herself. Don't you see Samhain, you cannot stand against us. Because you cannot stand against Yggdrasil. And we are Yggdrasil."


Knight of RPGs
Nova stepped forward to join her comrades even as Samhain dragged himself to his feet.

"How truly foolish you are," he whispered, though his voice was now distorted by the beastial form he now took "You believe yourselves to be worthy of those proud honours? I destroyed those virtuous ideals when I brought your world to ruin! Destroy me for all I care, but you shall never have your world back from my Reign!"

"Wrong, Dracul Samhain," Nova called, striding forth to face him "we shall heal our world. All that remains is your destruction. Torrid Weiss." White-hot blazing flame exploded from her wings as they spread, enveloping Samhain in searing radiance that made him give a roar of pain.

Nova charged and struck him down with the Corona Blaze Sword, bringing him to his knees with a pair of slashes across his chest that tore agonized howls from his lips. Then she stepped back and spread her wings to their fullest extent as she shone with the pure white fire of the solar core.

"Final Shining Burst!" she called, voice full of hope and light. Blazing fire tore from her form as her wings beat forwards, unleashing a gale of radiant solar flame that crushed Samhain against the far wall.

He was revealed, blackened and burned by Nova's attack, yet he dared to stand with his usual imperial arrogance and pride untarnished.

"He'll learn soon enough," Osiris growled, limping to Ajax's side "that bastard will soon learn just what Death really has for him..."


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Strom flapped his crimson Caledfwlch wings and took off into the stratosphere, the mesospere, the thermosphere, and then the exosphere... Once again he found himself in its silent, detached solace as he looked down upon the dark world below his feet and tail. He let a grunt as he raised the Ambrosius to his shoulder and looked down its red sight to pinpoint Samhain's exact location on earth.

"This world, Dracul Samhain, is not for you... Targeted and firing. Pendragon's Glory!"

An intense, red laser burst out of the end of the lance and plummeted to the earth. Immediately after, a second, more powerful one followed. Strom loaded a special shell into the lance and sighed. "This one is for you Braon... and all the others who are gone. ...Firing."

The shell exploded out of the lance and headed towards its target.


Erebus and Balion watched as the two lasers burned into Samhain's back. The beast let out a throaty growl of pain which struggled not to fluctuate into a roar. Then Erebus noticed the shell explode onto Samhain's back and release a corrosive mist on the Black King's fur and skin.

"Your reign of darkness is at an end, Samhain," Erebus said. The Justimon jumped towards him and readied his active arm.

"Justice Knuckle!" he roared, driving his electricity-charged fist into the jaw of the houndish face on Samhain's left shoulder. The GranDracmon attempted to bash him away but Erebus vaulted over his back and landed on his opposite side.

"Justice Burst!" His fist became smaller and radiated with light energy. He aimed it and fired all along his right side, casting bullets of light into him. The right shoulder lashed out at him, attempting to grab the Justimon in its maw. Erebus sidestepped and jumped onto Samhain's smoldering horse-like back, balancing warily on it.

"Voltage Blade!" he shouted. His fist became that of a plasmatic sword and he plunged it into the small of Samhain's humanoid back. The beast digimon roared and arched back, exposing his chest.

"My turn!" Balion said with a bloodlust-fueled grin. "Ray of Victory!"

Azure rays surged forth from his crest and burned into Samhain's chest. In a flash, the UlforceVeedramon disappeared and reappeared in front of the seared wound which still bled with blue mist.

"Hahah!" Balion laughed with frenzied voice as he raised his Ulforce Sabre. He slashed the droning blade into Samhain's flesh multiple times until his foe had enough. Samhain punched Balion with all of his might backwards, which the dramon just barely managed to brace from with his Tensegrity Shield. The GranDracmon then reached around onto his back, grabbed Erebus and threw him to the ground, where the right mouth of his beast form hungrily approached.


"Draconic Impact!"

Strom nose-dived towards the ground. He would stop at nothing. The red digizoid armour he wore heated up at an alarming rate due to the incredible friction of the re-entry of the atmosphere. Strom checked his sights and made sure he was on track. He could barely move and his tail was fully extended, with the feeling that it might rip off.

He burst through the pitch black clouds and saw his target rapidly approach. "Avalon's Gate!" he roared with ferver.

Strom steadied the Ambrosius as he continued to plummet like a meteor. He saw Erebus' plight and retracted his wings even more to hurry it. Sweat flew off his horns in mere milliseconds.

He drove the whole of the lance into Samhain's back and then he crashed his own body right next to where the Ambrosius was planted. The GranDracmon was forced to the ground by the sheer might of the attack and the resulting shockwave threw up earth all around them. Strom growled and got a hold of the hilt of the lance which was embedded in Samhain's back. Then a small muffled explosion could be heard from inside Samhain and smoke came peetering out of the wound as Strom removed the blood-laden lance.

"I'm not sure how much more this guy can take," said Balion with a confident smile on his face.
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Rai chuckled. "Heheheh...Ajax hit the nail on the head. Those traits of ours sure sound familiar..."

Karasu's eyes narrowed as he glared at Samhain. "Come, Rai...we can contemplate all of that later...we have a war to end."

And with that, Karasu was upon the Black King, hacking and slashing at the GranDracmon's wretched body using his energy waves. Samhain shielded his face with his arms, but left the rest of his body subject to Karasu's fearsome Mourning Dance. Roaring, partly in fury, partly in pain, Samhain cast Karasu aside with a powerful swing of his arm.

Rai streaked forward to follow the Ravemon's attack. A rain of missiles tore at Samhain, burying the Black King in a thick cloud of smoke and fire. With a swing of his menacing arms and a feral growl, Samhain dispersed the smog. But Rai was much too fast for the cornered vampire.

Samhain cursed loudly when he found that Rai was on his back now, with both cannons aimed at his head. "Miracle Missile!"

GranDracmon hurtled forward, blown away by Rai's attack. The rabbit's missiles dug into his back, and exploded spontaneously, sending hellfire rippling through Samhain's body. The Black King roared in anguish and anger, and leaped to his feet again, only to find Karasu at the ready.

"Lightning Thrust!"

Lightning cracked across the sky, powering Karasu's attack to the extreme. His dark purple aura took on physical form, taking the appearance of two purple swords, each gathering around the Ravemon's wings. With the wild shriek of a predator, Karasu flung himself at Samhain. His wings plunged deep into the Black King's chest, ripping open a hole in his torso. Samhain screamed and grabbed Karasu by the head before casting him aside.

"Hey! You're not out of this yet, Dracky!" Rai bellowed, rushing at the GranDracmon headlong. Samhain took a step back, and caught Rai's cannons in the mouths of the shark-like heads that protruded from his sides.

But before Samhain could launch an attack, Rai muttered, "Rapid Fire."

Dozens of missiles surged through the shark-mouths, blowing them up from the inside. A pool of blood and data surged from Samhain's sides.

"You...you fool! I am not finished with you!" screamed the Black King, reaching to grab Rai by the neck. The Rapidmon leaped away, sending another missile in the Black King's direction.

"But I'm finished with you, buddy," Rai growled, just as the missile exploded in Samhain's face.


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Sword clashed and cannons roared. Hyperion and Thanatos slammed against each other, tearing chunks from armor and ripping gashes into flesh. They crashed through the sky as explosions detonated between them. White and black, the knights knew nothing but the battle in that very moment. The two knights plummeted from the sky and smashed into the ground. They had battered each other and broken each other. They were one in the same. Whatever one could do, the other could as well.

"Supreme Cannon!" Thanatos snarled. Power burst from the mouth of his cannon and a white-hot ball streaked towards Hyperion.

"Transcendent Sword!" Hyperion answered. He struck his sword against the ball and sent it hurtling back towards Thanatos. But the black knight fired another shot and the two spheres exploded into the sky. They burst apart with such force that it knocked Kairi off her feet from over a mile away.

"This must end," Hyperion growled to himself. "This thing, this darkness, I cannot allow it to exist. It is a beast, and must be put down."

"Put down?" Thanatos laughed. "And you will do it? Come then, mighty Hyperion. Put me down, if you are able."

Hyperion readied his sword. The digicode runes erupted into burning white-hot flame, and the edge of the blade sparked with power. The white knight rushed forward, charging with all his fury. He drew back his blade and let out a mighty roar.

"All Delete!" Hyperion stabbed his blade deep into Thanatos's chest. Power and light erupted from the wound, but when the light died, Thanatos was still standing. "How?" Hyperion gasped in disbelief.

"Such attacks cannot kill me. I am of death," Thanatos explained. "There are three faces of Death. There is Death herself, 'Death as the release, as mercy, as compassion.' Then there is my Lord Dracul Samhain, 'Death as an inevitability.' And then there is me, 'Death as the ultimate opponent.' Don't you see Hyperion? I have slain your God, I am the darkness within you, and I am Death. There is no victory for you, for you face one who cannot die, not by your hand." Thanatos raised his deadly blade, and the digicode runes glowed an infernal black. "Now...All Delete!"

Thanatos stabbed, and Hyperion dodged to the side. With the blade still bleeding energy, Thanatos slashed, and Hyperion avoided the edge by a hair's width. Still, the overflow of energies spilled out through the air and sent Hyperion tumbling across the ground.

"How long will you be able to sustain this, Hyperion?" Thanatos wondered as he stalked forward. "How long until my blade sends you to the emptiness of oblivion?" His blade lit again. "Well then...All Delete!"

Hyperion summoned his own attack and sent it against Thanatos's own. The twin powers of All Delete surged, vaporizing earth and atomizing sky. Their power roared out into existence, threatening to tear the living heart out of the world itself.

"You will fall, Hyperion," Thanatos whispered. "The Blackest Night comes for you all, and Death rides on wings of fear."

"On brightest day," Hyperion growled.

"What's this? Another oath?" Thanatos laughed.

"In Blackest Night," Hyperion continued.

"Are you really going to do this?" Thanatos laughed. "Now?"

"No evil shall escape my sight," Hyperion snarled. "Let all who worship evil's might, beware my power--"

"Very well, Hyperion," said Thanatos. "So be it."

"God's. Holy. Knight!"

Hyperion surged against Thanatos, pushing the black knight back. His own fury and duty pushed him forward, roaring against all the power death could bring to bear against him. His drive was that one single image, of his Goddess, lost forever. But nothing lost stayed lost forever, and Hyperion knew this. And what was of Death, could be returned to it. If what was of Death could not be forced back into Death, then it must be ripped back into Life.

"All Create!" Hyperion roared. He slammed the Supreme Cannon into Thanatos's gut and unleashed the opposing power, the creation power. It swept through Thanatos in a flash, and then the blackness began to break away from the knight. The darkness faded from his form, and then his body folded into Hyperion's. Two were one, as it should have been.

The white knight let out a long and steady breath as the heat of his battle ebbed from his body. He felt calm, complete, and even amidst the struggle against Armageddon, even with everything at stake...Hyperion was at peace.


Samhain continued to rise, even against overwhelming odds, even though his wounds seemed too severe for any living being to withstand. But his defiance only fueled the Avengers and their desire to see him fall. Samhain spread his arms wide and let out a final, earth-shaking roar as black power crept from his body in one last-ditch effort to claim victory.

"Supreme Cannon!" Power exploded from the sky and slammed into Samhain. The Black King was thrown off his feet and crushed into the ground. Hyperion descended from the sky and took his place, standing beside the rest of the Avengers.

"Shall we end this?" Ajax asked him. Hyperion merely nodded.

"Close your eyes and open your hearts," said Caesar. The Avengers did so. Caesar moved through the datasphere, moved the essence of existence, and found what he was looking for. "Courage. Friendship. Knowledge. Love. Sincerity. Reliability. Hope. Light. Destiny. Miracles. Honor. Samhain, for all your darkness, for all the terrible atrocities you commit, you could not extinguish these virtues. I wondered why, but I understand now. You could not destroy them, because they are the only things that can destroy you."

Caesar plucked the strings of reality and warped the datasphere. The aspects of Yggdrasil embodied in each of the Avengers shone forth, from their bodies. A series of brilliant symbols, Crests to counter the darkness of the Seven Sins.

The Crests pulsed, and power drove itself into Samhain. Caesar spread his hand before the Black King, and closed it into a mighty fist. Samhain began to collapse upon himself, as if somewhere within him was a miniscule black hole. He writhed in agony as he contorted and twisted. He folded upon himself infinitely, and then, without explosion of light or sound...

Samhain was no more.

A collective held breath was released. A single ray of light found its way over the horizon and spread across the sky. Sunlight spilled across the world. The Blackest Night had come to an end. A new dawn rose over the Digital World, brighter and more brilliant than any that had come before.


And so the world began to rebuild. It would be a long and arduous process. Samhain's Dark Reign had left holes so wide and vast that they seemed impossible to fill. The Digital World was viciously scared, and billions were dead. The Digimon Samhain had corrupted simply broke down upon his death.

But the survivors would push on. Hands and arms once made strong by holding weapons and making war were put to use rebuilding homes and cities. Avengers became shepherds in this new world, and helped to guide it forward.

Ajax turned to the emerald angel by his side, his lovely Rhea. The sun shone high in the noon-day sky, clear waters ran through a bubbling brook, even the trees were beginning to grow small green leaves. And his Avengers, who had fought so hard and so long for this moment of respite, laughed and celebrated in the green fields below.

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Knight of RPGs
Osiris stood amidst the green fields. The world was restored. All was at peace once again.

Yet he could no longer fit in with this world. The struggle against Samhain... all that had rent his soul asunder, all the pain and loss had rendered him unable to just move on from what he had become. Still he looked at his soul, at his form and it would never let him leave the pain behind.

So he had decided that he had to come to terms with this loss in his own way, by finding his own calling in the world. He had tried so hard to simply move on, but he couldn't forget. The memories didn't leave him, the terrible memories of that black spear stabbed through Tytania and her death.

Despite everything, Osiris had known her so well, even despite their different choices. He had forced down his rage, calmed himself, while she had embraced pain and agony and made herself an avatar of the very violence and bloodshed that Osiris had once embraced as well.

He had loved her simply because she was like him, raw power brought forth into the world, unleashed upon it. She possessed such awe-inspiring beauty and power, like a goddess to match the god he had once been.

But no longer, no, for the goddess had been slain and the god rendered mortal by his own tragic failings. Death could not allow true blood-red rage to taint his visage, but Osiris had and AncientSphinxmon had deemed him unworthy to wield Death as his power.

So now Osiris would repent and prove himself, as Ajax had proved himself to the power that had granted him the Crimson Mode.

But before the BanchoLeomon left, he had one thing left to do. That was why he had come here.

Before him, the green fields were beautiful, something Osiris had missed dearly during the Black Reign. Standing within them was Nova, who was busy helping a group of Rookie Digimon to plant some new flowers in the field. The slight irony brought an almost invisible smile to Osiris's lips.

The group crowded around Nova were jubilant, rejoicing in their world and unaware of how dark the skies had once been, how much their saviors had suffered.

"Nova... a word please?" Osiris called. She looked at him with surprise, but calmly dismissed the Rookie Digimon and stepped to his side, slightly taller than him.

"Yes, Osiris?" she asked.

"I've decided to leave," he said "I need time to rethink things through... the Black Reign... it affected my view on things and I just need to recover from all the pain I suffered, all the loss." Nova nodded.

"I understand," she said "how long do you think you'll be gone?"

"I don't know," Osiris replied. She nodded and sighed.

"I still suffer too," she said "I lost so much as well, I lost so many friends... I lost Gatmuz..." The sadness was apparent in her eyes as she spoke.

"I just wanted to say something before I left," Osiris said calmly. She looked at him in surprise.

"What do you want to say?" Nova asked.

"Just that... Strom loves you," the BanchoLeomon said quietly "when you were unconcious after Abaddon stabbed you... Strom confessed it in a roar and fought Abaddon beside Gatmuz. I didn't want to say anything because you looked so hurt over Gatmuz... but now, I think you need to know. Make your own decision... but he'll always be there for you, regardless of what you choose. Farewell."

With that, he turned and departed, walking towards the brighter future that he and his friends had forged together...

Several days later...

He stood on the hillside that was so familiar to him, where it had ended last time... and where it ended once again. He looked down at the words carved into the stone and he whispered them to the wind as he stepped past them and to the thing he had truly come for.

White flame flickered in the wind from the holy sword as Osiris knelt before it. The Wyrmflame still burned brightly, more brightly than he had ever seen it out of Ragna's grip.

"We did it... we saved the world again," he said, standing and looking down at the runes etched onto the sword, the runes that spelled out 'future' with their length. This was the sword of the future and it had remained, endured against the shadow. Even the Diaboromon had feared to come near it, such was its holy nature, or at least the native Digimon said so.

But Osiris did not fear the Wyrmflame. He saw it as an enduring monument to all the Avengers had become, the monument to their enduring legend. It was a sign to all the Digimon of the world to always keep hope in their hearts, for hope stood ready to strike down the darkness.

Thinking of that made Osiris remember the virtue he held, Hope itself. Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, Light, Destiny, Miracles and Honor. The virtues of Yggdrasil, Ajax had said.

Hope was always destined to be there, to spring from the shadows and renew the light. You could break the sword, Osiris reflected, but someone would always be ready to reforge it once more and banish the darkness.

Hope needed a symbol. And Osiris would become that symbol, proving himself.

But first, he needed something to inspire that hope when the time came. He slowly reached out and with firm grip he drew the Wyrmflame from the ground and held it proud towards the azure heavens. White flame blazed along the blade's length as he drew his katana and slid it into his belt before sliding Ragna's sword into the empty sheath.

And with one journey at an end, Osiris turned and began another as he strode down the hill towards his own future.

On the hill behind him, the merest shadow of a Dynasmon and TigerVespamon obscured the sun, joined by a MirageGaogamon and Rosemon...


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As Rai and Karasu stood gazing over the horizon, watching as the rays of light washed over the world, Rai had nothing to say. No sarcastic comments, no witty remarks. He had nothing more to say, for all had been said and done. Shadow's ominous cloak had been ripped apart by Light's warm embrace. Night's dark canopies had collapsed under Day's golden force.

Death's menacing grip had been crushed by Life's pure power.

The Black King's Dark Reign had ended.

All Rai could do was smile. An ocean of green fields covered the land as far as the eye could see...and it was beautiful. All was at peace...and they were heroes...not like the last war...where the two of them had been killed in battle...this time, they had survived...and what was more...they had had a purpose. Rai and Karasu now understood why Anubis Teth-Adam had allowed them to live.

The Anubismon knew that they played a larger role in the Dark Reign than they realized. And it made Rai feel good...because he had always thought himself to be "just a follower"...but now...now...

...now he was a hero.

"So...Karasu," Rai murmured, glancing over at his Ravemon companion, "now that all this is over...what're you gonna do now?"

Karasu shook his head. "I do not know. I have lived for battle and war for so long...I think I'll just go find a tree and take a nap."

Rai stood silent for a while. Finally, Karasu looked over at him and inquired, "What will you do?"

"I dunno," replied the Rapidmon, shrugging his shoulders. "But, Karasu, could I ask you one favor?"

"Indeed, you may."

Rai grinned beneath his golden helmet. He stared into the sky, chuckling. "Now that the Digital World has been saved...we finally have time to settle what we started."

Karasu rolled his eyes. "Oh, very well."

Several days later...

Rai stood atop the Digital World's highest mountain, gazing down at the world below. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the bright morning sun and the rushing winds. But only for an instant. It wasn't in his nature to stay still...the time had come.

Rai looked into the sky and cocked his massive arm-cannons. "Miracle Missile!" he proclaimed, sending a shower of missiles streaking into the air. They all exploded spontaneously, giving off a display that resembled fireworks, but at ten times the size. Rai grinned. He took a deep breath...


All eyes at the base of the mountain turned to stare at the golden rabbit who stood at the top. The village that had once been protected by Rai was now rebuilding, but its villagers stopped their work to watch the spectacle.

Karasu stepped up beside Rai, and muttered, "Okay, okay, Rai...we get it. Let's just get this over with."

Rai looked over his shoulder at the Ravemon. "What's-a-mattah, Karasu? Are ya scared?"

Karasu rolled his eyes. "Yes, Rai. I'm scared."

Rai chuckled. "Good!" he said with a grin. Suddenly, the grin subsided, and he exclaimed, "Hey! You're doing that 'sarcasm' thing again, aren't you?!"

"Come, Rai," Karasu said, chuckling. "Shall we end this silly argument here and now?"

"Yup! Today's the day we finally get to see which of us is fastest..."

Both Rai and Karasu knelt lower, getting into their racing positions. Both had grown physically and mentally since their last adventure...so this would be a race like no other. Karasu glanced over at Rai and smiled.





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A Cyberdramon stood on a lone hilltop near the other Avengers. He looked over at the bright land which used to be blacker than the armour he wore. A quiet- tranquil even- sigh escaped his mouth and a smile broke onto his face. He folded his red wings across his chest and placed his arms unguardedly at his sides.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" a voice said from behind him.

Balion stepped forwards and stood beside Erebus.

"... Yes," he replied contemplatively.

The UlforceVeedramon looked down and saw a Gomamon and a Dracomon playing together in the field below. A smirk emerged on his face as well.

"What will you do now, Balion Flamdring of the former Dramon Empire?" Erebus asked with a bit of cynicism in his voice. "There aren't any ranks to be held, now."

Balion placed his hands behind his horned head and began to urge himself and Erebus down into the occupied fields. "Well... I think I'll help the others rebuild the communities. It'll be hard, but... nothing a hero like me can't handle, right?" he said with a wink. "Oh... and I plan on challenging whoever wins the race between Karasu and Rai. What about you, Erebus Artorius of the former Dramon Empire?" he asked with a broad grin plastered on his face.

Erebus turned his head and looked off into the distance. "I... will go my own way..." he replied as if he was searching for an answer as he said it.

"Solo?" the azure knight quizzically asked as he prodded the healing scar on his own chest.

"As it should be..." Erebus said.

"But what about your friends? Me, Rai, Karasu, whoever?" he asked, pointing to the two digimon in question as they passed by them. "Why would you go alone? There's nobody evil left to kill, Erebus. That can't be all you have in yourself to be!" he persisted.

"My purpose, if not to kill the evil... then what is it?" he asked aloud.

"Even white knights in shining armour have to take a vacation sometime," Balion exclaimed with irony soaking his words as he prodded the Cyberdramon's side with his elbow. "Find out your purpose with your friends."

Erebus remained quiet. He looked off over the green, lush fields as he contemplated his answer.

"... I will."


Strom the Spinomon sat alone in the green field crosslegged as he stared at the grass which blew in the breeze with his tail. Samhain was dead. Nidhogg was dead. All of his friends had been avenged.

Yet... he did not feel a sense of anger. He didn't feel the need to hunt down others to try to fill the void in his heart. He felt no wrath. The draconic spirit inside of his that he feared so greatly was tranquil and nothing to be afraid of, he learned. For this he was relieved.

However, he wasn't without grief. The Civil War and the Dark Reign had ended with many lost lives.

Valra, Ragna, Braon, Boagrius, Fabian, Karmas, Gatmuz, Tytania, Theron, Quintus, Yggdrasil's guardians, the Olympians, the Sovereigns and countless others. He would try his very best to remember them all.

He continued staring at the bright grass until he was interrupted by a voice.

"Strom! ... Strom! ... STROOOOMM!" a high voice called out, gradually growing louder.

Strom craned his head towards the voice and the sound of heavy yet fast footsteps. He couldn't believe his eyes.


A large green blur crashed into him, causing him to topple to the ground in a heap.

It was Ranney.

"Strom! You're alive!" panted the overjoyed, exerted dinosaur.

A wide smile appeared on Strom's face. "Ranney! I can't believe it!" he laughed in a merriment that he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Yeah, I'm loads stronger now too! Me and N'damin, or 'Niddy' as I like to call him, make a helluva good team! I bet I could even beat you in an arm wrestle, even if that scar thing of yours didn't act up!" joked Ranney.

"Actually, some good comes from that scar of mine..." the Spinomon said, grinning. Suddenly, he was engulfed in a bright light, from which emerged his form of Examon. Ranney's jaw dropped at what he saw. Strom merely grinned.

"Th-Th-Th... THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!" Ranney blurted out, almost in tears.

Strom laughed and placed his claw on his now taller friend's shoulder. Ranney looked around them and his eyes rested on Nova, who watched as Osiris walked away from her.

"Hey... Isn't that that ShineGreymon you like?"

"Yes..." Strom whispered.

"Where's that MirageGaogamon she was with?" the dinosaur asked.

Strom sighed. "He fell in battle as a hero."

Ranney was silent for a few moments while still looking at Nova. "Why don't you-" he was about to suggest.

"Don't!" Strom snapped. "... Don't say it, Ranney."

Ranney looked at him. "... I was gonna say 'talk to her'."

The Examon stared at him, closed his eyes and nodded. He turned and strode towards the ShineGreymon. He cloaked his Caledfwlch wings around himself and put the Ambrosius at ease as he approached her, stopping at her side. But first he had something else to do.

Strom looked past Nova at the departing Osiris. He felt obliged to say this to his friend after all that they... that Osiris... had been through.

"Osiris!" he called out, just loud enough for his cat-like ears to hear. "... Thank you."

Strom sighed as the BanchoLeomon walked off. He looked at Nova, after the previous call had gotten her attention.

"Nova..." he said quietly, looking into her eyes with his emerald ones. "Before the final battle, I made a promise to you... I promised that I would be there for you after we defeated Samhain. I care about you..." he said with blood rushing to his already crimson face.

"I... plan on carving out a part of that mountain over there," he said, pointing his lance towards a mountain in a relatively close distance to his right. "I plan to make a memorial out of it to all who have fell wrongly from the Civil War and the Dark Reign... like Gatmuz."

He turned his back to her and outstretched his wings, looking out of the corner of his left eye to her as he did. "It will take awhile to do... so if you need me... you know where to find me."

With that, Strom launched himself upwards and flew into the exosphere...

He came to a stop when all that was at his sides was the calm solace of the space and stars. He hovered there in silence for several minutes, allowing the void of it all to surround him. Strom slowly opened his left hand and inspected the still-blue scar on his scaly hand. He gently closed his fist and looked down at the ground below him.

"... Towards our future," he whispered.

With those words and a new found determination, he propelled himself back to earth, allowing gravity to take care of the rest.
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God of Monsters
The Avengers gathered in a great clearing of flowing golden grasses, carved by Strom's power. A beautiful clear stream meandered through the field and disappeared into a forest of pristine green trees. As they began to rebuild the world, the world began to come alive, and that life began to work against what Death had wrought. Not everywhere was so beautiful; there was still so much work to be done. But they would see it through. Bodies scared and whipped by the horrors of the Dark Reign now felt the cool rains and the warm sun. Hands calloused and made strong by the feel of iron and steel now joined together in friendship. Arms that once held back the tides of war now held up wood and stone, and rebuilt the world.

They stood together, Avengers no longer. They were now caretakers of the fledgling world, gardeners and shepherds. The former Avengers stood in the field with those most scared by Samhain; with Genesis Primus, Arahon Alpha, Uriel Seraphor, Castiel Cherubei, and Rhea Ophania. This great group, Avengers and avenged, would guide the world on its path. Hyperion had gathered them in that beautiful field so they would understand that fact.

The white knight slowly descended from the sky and smirked inwardly as they turned all their attention towards him. His cape flowed majestically behind him. The sun struck him and cast its brilliant light over his armor. As the White Hand of God Herself, he struck an imposing sight.

He certainly knew how to make an entrance.

Hyperion stepped forward and nodded to them, and he saw the anticipation in their eyes. What did they think of his request to join him in this field? He who was so stoic and silent...what did his comrades think of him now? Now that he had been made whole, who was he? Thanatos had been made part of him in those final moments. The pieces that had languished in darkness and were twisted by Samhain's voice had been purified and Hyperion was made whole by his own hand.

"Greetings," Hyperion said. "I asked you all here for there is much to discuss, and we have been separated of late. The world requires our attention now more than ever, but even we need a moment of respite."

"So you brought us here for a vacation?" Ajax half-joked. "Why, Hyperion, that's almost friendly of you." Rhea elbowed the knight in the side and he shut up with a huff. "Osiris isn't here, is he?"

"No," said Kairi. "I haven't seen him in quite some time. I think--I think he broke. This was all too much for him. Too many died under his watch."

"He understands now," said Ajax. "When I spoke to him of the burdens of leadership...now Osiris understands. The full impact of your inadequacy does not strike during war. Only during peace do you realize the full weight of your failures. It is the most difficult thing in the world to suffer through." He spoke with the weight of experience; he knew the inner demons Osiris battled better than any other.

"What will happen to him?" Kairi asked.

"One cannot be sure," Ajax answered. "Perhaps he will allow his rage and grief to consume him, or perhaps he will become a recluse and live the rest of his days in solitude. But...but I believe his story is not yet done. Osiris's grief is not a grief that can be shared with any of us. It is a private grief that he must burden alone. But I believe he will come to grips with his existence, and he'll rejoin us when the time is right."

"How do you know this?" Rhea asked.

Ajax turned to her and gazed lovingly into her eyes. "I just do."

"So, Hyperion," said Arahon. "Your message said there was urgent business that needed attending to. What is so pressing?"

"Always to the point, Arahon," said Hyperion. "Your role as leader has not come to an end just yet." Hyperion turned and looked out over the field. "I have given much thought to our situation," he said. "And I have spoken at great length with Caesar on what must be done. We stand now in the light of a new dawn, in the rebirth of a world. But even in this time of rebirth and celebration, we cannot forget those that lay down their lives. We mortals are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?" He turned to his golden compatriot. "Caesar, if you will."

Caesar nodded and stepped forward. He closed his eyes and plucked a single strand of reality. The ground before them began to move. It jutted into the air, a great pillar, an obelisk of the purest, whitest marble. Caesar stepped back and opened his eyes.

"It is done, Hyperion," he said. "As you requested, a memorial to last for all the ages, a memorial that might withstand whatever may yet come, a memorial to all those lost, so that none may forget their sacrifice or their names. We need only speak their names for the stone to know them, and the stone will speak them to whomever may come to remember."

And so the once-Avengers spoke the names of friends and allies lost. Oberon. Valra. Ragna. Braon. Boagrius. Fabian. Karmas. Quintus. Gatmuz. Theron. Tytania. Each name was imprinted into the data of the stone, so that while its surface remained untouched, it would speak those names to whomever passed by. That was Hyperion's hope, should any free soul come across that place, in all the countless centuries yet to be. May all their voices whisper to them from the ageless stones, "Go tell the Avengers, passerby, that here, for your future, we lie."

"The Blackest Night has come and gone. There is much work left to do," said Hyperion. "But I have ever had faith in your abilities, my friends. I see a world unfolding for you, a future brighter than anything you can imagine."

"What about you, Hyperion?" Genesis asked. "You'll be joining us, right?"

"I'm sorry, my good friend, but I won't," Hyperion answered. "I have my own oath to fulfill."

"Yggdrasil," Ajax whispered.

Hyperion nodded. "Yes," he confirmed. "Yggdrasil. I swore an oath to her, that I would defend her with my life and serve her as her champion until she needed me no more. But now Yggdrasil needs me more than ever, and I must hope that somehow, somewhere, she still exists, somewhere in the darkness."

"But...All-Delete," said Arahon. "I don't see how she could have survived."

"As she lay dying Yggdrasil whispered her final message to me," said Hyperion. "Her final orders to me were 'have faith.' And so I shall. I will have faith that even All-Delete could not truly destroy God."

"What will you do?" Ajax asked.

"I will find her," Hyperion answered simply. He turned and looked into the sky. "If there is a way, I will find her." He strode forth.

"See you again?" said Kairi.

"Pray that you do not, dear Kairi" Hyperion said. "Pray that your peace lasts until the end of time. Pray that we need no longer raise arms together. However, should we ever need to, know that my strength and my sword are pledged to you all, and I shall stand with you until the rushing crack of doom."

"I wish you luck, Hyperion," said Ajax. "I pray that you succeed."

"Have faith, good Ajax," said Hyperion. "Have faith, my friends." With that, Hyperion lifted off the ground and flew into the air. He ripped into the sky, the wind howled in his wake. Thunder roared and lightning cracked as he disappeared from view.

"I hope he finds Yggdrasil," Rhea whispered.

"He will," said Ajax.

"How do you know?"

Ajax looked deeply into her eyes, and she smiled. The knight looked to all the Avengers, assembled to remember those lost; those who had given their lives for this great peace. And he smiled, too.

"I have faith," he said.


Hyperion roared through the sky, piercing through the many layers of the Digital World. The images of his life flashed before him as he soared through existence, ascending unto the Ultimate Divine, the transcendent realm of Valhalla itself.

"I have dreamed such dreams," Hyperion whispered into the endless expanse of the Warrior's Heaven. He remembered his twin births, his twin lives, his twin deaths, his twin rebirths, and the new life that was afforded him. "I was a man dreaming I was a god. I was a god dreaming I was a man. I have known passion. I have known loss. I have known the stars. I have known failure. I have known pain. I have known war. And the end of all things." He flashed through existence. He knew not how long his quest would take, or where it would take him. He only knew that he would follow the path wherever it led. He would find his Goddess, his Queen...his love...his Yggdrasil.

"If there is a way, I shall come for you. I shall always find you. Though the world and fire and the end of all things stand between us," he whispered. "Yggdrasil. Can your soul hear me? Do my words find you, in the hearts of mortals? If they do, then hear this vow. I shall find you, though I comb the four corners of the universe in my quest...

"I shall find you."

The End.
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