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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


Knight of RPGs
"Yes," Osiris said to Balion "but Kairi needs time to ready her magic. While she does so, I would prepare for whatever is at the destination. There are probably tons of Diaboromon out there, and even a mighty Digimon like you could easily be brought down if ill-prepared."

"In other words, get your head out of your *** and help, you stuck up son of a *****," the Raihimon thought as he spoke two unfamiliar words.

His spear and shield appeared in blurs of darkness and he gripped the two weapons, holding them ready.

Nova immediately paid attention to Osiris's words, especially the chance of a fight.

"GeoGrey Sword!" she called, summoning her weapon from the earth itself. The blade appeared in a flash of flames and she gripped its handle tightly, swinging it in practice arcs.

As for Gatmuz, he strode over to Erebus.

"Well, this is certainly a... varied group," he commented "what's your story, anyway? You don't talk too much, but you seem like a good Digimon to me. I mean, some would hate you for being a Dramon... but I see differently. I judge others on character, not where they come from."

"Then how do you explain hating the stuck-up snob over there?" Nova muttered, gesutring to Balion.

"Becuase he's a noble, over-the-top ******* arrogant fool of a Digimon who is a waste of data," Gatmuz said "and personally, I wouldn't object to you or Ajax removing that thick head of his from his shoulders."


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Erebus looked down at Gatmuz. "That's noble thing to do. I guess I can indulge your curiousity in return..." He waited a few moments, trying to think of what he was willing to tell Gatmuz.

"I was a Corporal in the Dramon aerial ranks. I was told by instructors that I was a very good fighter, but that didn't matter much, since I spent most of the war locked in jail for refusing orders. The first time that happened was when I refused to ransack a village that supported you Rebels..." Erebus stalled. "That's my story..."

He quickly changed the subject. "That Balion guy was Gotungir's second-in-command for a short while. There were a lot of Dramon like him. Anyways, what about you?"


God of Monsters
"I'm surprised at your disapproval of Imego's rise to power," said Theron to Balion with a smirk. "According to your earlier remarks you seem to believe that the strong should command. Well Imego was the strongest the Dramon Empire ever had to offer. The Three Great Dramon had grown weak in their decadence. Imego was strength. He promoted the strong, like Gotungir, into positions of power. I find it odd that you, who seems to value strength so, would disapprove of his methodology."

'Take that, you arrogant ***,' Theron added silently. 'It's because of barbarians like you that I left. Such thinking will only lead to more bloodshed.' He turned to Caesar. The Magnamon had been standing silently in a corner the whole time.

"Come, Caesar," said Theron. "We have much to do, and we will need you at your strongest."

"Yes, sir," Caesar said softly but firmly. "I will not fail."

"I know you won't," said Theron. "When you are ready, Kairi, we will be waiting outside."


Knight of RPGs
"Me?" Gatmuz said "there's not too much to tell, to be honest. I didn't fight in the Civil War on a large scale, I just stuck myself training for the whole thing. I did some fighting at the end, helping the Rebellion fight off the Dramon army while the Avengers fought Imego... I sent some energy to that Ajax guy so he could fight Gog-Magog... then I just helped out the rebuilding until GranDracmon showed up and I met up with Osiris."

"Pretty much the same with me," Nova said "but Osiris... he's just a hero. He watched so many of his friends die, but he fought on with his comrades... it's inspiring."

"That it is," Gatmuz agreed "but I think the true credit for ending the Civil War belongs to that Hyperion Omega, the Omnimon. I wonder why he vanished?"

"He had no reason to," Nova said "so yeah, why would he hide away? Maybe he's so used to fighting he can't live in a world without war... except he'd be fighting Samhain if that was the case..."


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Theron had left before Balion could come up with a reply. "I don't disapprove of his methodology, I disapprove of him. He had no right usurping the throne of the Great Dramon. It wasn't until he took over did the Dramon fall to the hands of the rebels. Maybe it was best that it did fall when he was in command." Balion growled and readied his sword just in case they teleported in the midst of a Diaboromon swarm.

Erebus glanced at Nova. "That could be said for any other of these 'Avengers' that I heard rumours about in prison. Bluntly, they seemed more impressive in the hearsay, but I have yet to see their full potential. On the topic of heroes... the only true heroes are the ones who gave their lives... at least that's my opinion."

Strom overheard them talking about Hyperion. "Hyperion... The only reasons I can think of for him to vanish are either shame, cowardice, or maybe he just had enough of war and called it quits. But knowing him... two of those options don't seem very likely..."
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"Are you ready?" asked Karmas, the Vikemon wanting to make sure that Kairi was 100% ready.

Kairi took a deep breath before she held out her staff. She began to glow as she swung it in a wide arc. Soon the glowing spread to each digimon, and in a flash of light they disappeared.

(By the way, anyone is welcome to bunny my characters)


Knight of RPGs
As Osiris faded away in the blaze of white light, he thought back, back to a war he had fought in, one of the greatest wars in the Digital World.

The Civil War.

And he thought of those he had lost once more, the two he wanted to see again above all: Ragna and Valra.

The Dynasmon and TigerVespamon had added something to his soul when he had been with them, a reminder that war was not their entire life. They had forged their bond seperate to the violence and death of the world they had lived in at ther time.

And now, he reflected bitterly, they were... gone. Lives snuffed out like candles by Imego in all the dark glory of the Paladin's apocalyptic Kaiser Mode.

But did that make what they had taught those around them irrelevant?


Their message, that war was not all there was to their lives, lived on, as did Ragna's final words, the hopes for their future, a future where the world was peaceful and free of discord.

Imego had not ended that hope. Samhain could not end that hope. So long as one... just one Digimon hoped for a brighter future, that dream remained alive. And with the dream alive, so were Ragna and Valra. They lived on, not as the twisted mockeries conjured by Gog-Magog... but as their true spirits, good memories carried onwards by their comrades, those who fought for freedom.

And so, as Osiris, Nova, Gatmuz, Strom, Kairi, Karmas, Fabian, Ajax, Theron, Caesar... as every Digimon with the desire to free the world from Samhain's Dark Reign fought onwards, so Ragna, Valra and all those who had died for a bright future lived onwards...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom felt himself begin to be enveloped in the light. It was still a strange feeling, being displaced in space. Once again, his hand seared with pain.

"I never thought that Ragna'a sword could cause so much trouble."

The Spinomon looked down at his scaly claw and sighed. He wasn't in a terrific mood. Strom tried hard not to think of Braon, but it was hard to do with the news of his death so fresh in his mind. The Justimon was a real soldier's leader- always there for his troops. Strom felt he had been taken under Braon's wing during the Civil War, who was quite friendly and understanding to him when no one else was. Braon also showed Strom a few things about general tactics. He was the one rebel, the one digimon in the world even, that Strom would have trusted with his life.

But he was now dead.

If Strom hadn't forgiven Ranney, he would be at rock bottom and completely void of hope. That's not to say that he still didn't feel lower than low, but he realized that there were still people that he needed to protect.

Strom clenched his pained fist and he snarled. They would pay for what they did to Braon and the others... He was going to make sure of it.
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God of Monsters
The world of white ripped away from them all, and the Avengers found themselves standing in the middle of a desert. Wind whipped stinging sand across them, and those that were clad in armor were thankful for that protection, though they knew they'd loath cleaning the sand from their armor later. The wind howled through canyons of glass: sand melted by the intense heat of battle. The glass was sand-blasted smooth. It was an eerie sight, a world made almost entirely of glass.

But off in the distance was a giant white pyramid. It, too, was partially coated in glass; the molten sand had splashed over the surface of the pyramid and solidified.

"That must be it," said Theron.

"How utterly convenient," Ajax muttered. "We just so happen to teleport to where we can see the pyramid, yet we still have to walk to it. This doesn't smell right."

"Then let's move quicky," Theron suggested. The Avengers thundered towards the pyramid; they didn't want to be caught out in the open any longer than they absolutely had to.

"Greetings, Avengers!" a voice called out. All eyes looked upwards to the source and followed the Digimon as he slid down a glass wall. It was a Piedmon. "Welcome to the Pyramid of Kings, resting place of the great Pharaoh Amenhotep." He bowed gracefully. "I am Lazarus-"

"Are you the caretaker or guardian of this place?" Ajax interrupted.

"Ah, ah ah. You didn't let me finish," said Lazarus with a wag of his finger. "As I was saying...I am Lazarus, a humble servant of the Black King, Dracul Samhain, and one of the Seven Black Hands. Welcome to your doom, Avengers!"

At once the glass walls around the Avengers exploded, and dozens of Diaboromon spilled out. They rose up from the sand in endless waves, like a terrible infestation of monstrous insects...insects that could kill with ease. The sheer volume of the beasts overwhelmed the Avengers. They were smothered by the endless waves of bodies.


Caesar Magnus lit with brilliant golden energy, blasting it from every surface of his armor. The energy was pinpoint; accurate to a nanometer. Caesar avoided all the Avengers with this power and managed to force the mass of Diaboromon back. It gave the Avengers time to steel themselves.

Theron launched himself into battle with Lazarus, who drew two swords of his own. It was a duel of fantastic skill and furious speed. A flurry of sword strokes revealed that the two were evenly matched, as both had a sword at the other's throat. Lazarus let out a little chuckle and let go of his swords, but they remained where they were, floating in the air! He then drew his two other swords and attacked in earnest, psychically commanding the first two. Lazarus then let go of the last two swords and commanded all four swords with his mind. He simply stood cross-armed and laughed as Theron struggled to defend against four separate points of attack.

To Theron's credit, he did.

"Final Spell!" Lazarus shouted. He blasted Theron with a tremendous energy, and sent the Gaiomon sailing through the air.

Ajax saw his comrade's plight and rushed to help. He attacked, swinging the two halves of the Dunas with precision and great skill. But Lazarus possessed tremendous speed and his psychically-commanded swords held Ajax at bay.

"Trump Sword!" Lazarus called out. The four swords suddenly flew towards Ajax, and twisted around his attempt to block. Two buried themselves in his shoulders while the other two jammed into his thighs. Ajax dropped his weapons and fell to his knees, and Lazarus struck him with a powerful kick that knocked him to the ground. The swords flew back to his hands, two in each. He stood over Ajax and prepared the killing stroke.

But Lazarus was floored by a streak of gold.

With a cry of rage, Lazarus hurled his four swords, but Caesar blocked two with his armored gauntlets and knocked the other two away with a spinning kick. Then he opened his palm and emitted a brilliant beam of golden light. It slammed into Lazarus and knocked him back.

"Hmm...interesting," Lazarus mused with a smirk.

"Caesar, can you hold him?" Theron called out. He helped Ajax up. The knight's wounds were painful, but he'd live. He'd keep fighting.

"Yes," Caesar said simply. "I calculate victory at seventy-five percent."

"Good enough for me," Ajax muttered.

"We need to get to the pyramid," Theron urged.

"Osiris!" Ajax called out. "It's up to you! You're the leader, you make the decisions now. We need a path cleared to the pyramid. You have to decide who is best for the job."

A Diaboromon suddenly tackled Ajax. He rolled the monster off him and stabbed it through the middle with his spear. He then drove his axe into its skull and blasted it with his Final Crest. To his left, Theron fought another.

The Diaboromon struck savagely with his arms and pinned Theron to a glass cliff face. With a roar, Theron slashed his scimitars across the beast's arms, weakening their grip. He then raced forward and plunged both swords into the Diaboromon's chest. But the Diaboromon let out a deep, blood-chilling laugh and just blasted Theron with his chest-housed cannon. Theron was thrown back, but managed to fire off a Rinkageki that lodged straight between the Diaboromon's eyes and exploded, splattering the beast's brains out the back of its head.

A sudden explosion overhead roared and Caesar fell through the air; he landed hard on the ground. He waited, still, for but a moment, but then hurled himself back into battle. He collided with Lazarus and tackled the Piedmon through the air.

"We can't keep this up," Ajax muttered as his strength began to ebb. Three Diaboromon lay dead at his feet, but there were dozens more. They needed a better way to combat these monsters...and soon.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Erebus launched himself at the nearest Diaboromon, engaging himself in a bloodthirsty melee. He slashed mercilessly at his foe and the Diaboromon slashed back. Luckily for the Cyberdramon, he had his specially made rubber armour that was incredibly durable.

He jammed his elbow spike into the Diaboromon's face, but the digimon remained standing and managed to get a hit in on Erebus' face. The Cyberdramon stumbled back and growled in pain.

"Desolation Claw!" he roared, firing two blades of energy precisely into the hole on the face previously made by Erebus. The strike of energy going inside the skull caused the Diaboromon's head to explode.

"Rrrgh..." he growled, before sending himself towards another Diaboromon.

Meanwhile, Strom was being swarmed by the beasts. He had three attacking him similataneously, attacking his sides; two were on his left, one was on his right.

"GRRR! GET OFFA ME, DAMN IT!" he roared in pain. Strom jumped to the best of his ability and landed on his left side, crushing two of the Diaboromon under his massive weight.

The remaining one still fired at him at point blank range though. Strom could feel the hits through his tough scales.

"Splatter Hunting!" Ranney called out, lunging at the Diaboromon and managing to unhinge him from Strom. He landed on top of the digimon and prepared to deliver the finishing blow.

"Say yer prayers, you-" Before Ranney could finish, a glowing blue sword stabbed the pinned Diaboromon in the face. "HEY!" Ranney roared, immediately looking up to see Balion retract his beam sword and grin.

The UlforceVeedramon immediately flew upwards just as Ranney began spewing profanities at him.

"Heh," he said, glancing around the battlefield. Balion saw Lazarus in combat with Caesar. "He could use some help..." Just as he was about to speed towards the two, a Diaboromon lunged through the air towards him.

Balion activated the beam shield on his left arm and bashed the Diaboromon to the side. He then flew after the digimon and began performing lightning-fast sword swipes on the Diaboromon's chest while chasing it through the air. "You die now."

The Diaboromon replied by blasting Balion far back in the air with the orb on its chest. The Dramon swore and charged towards his prey, ready to plunge his sword into it.

"Ogre Flame!" A voice rang out.

A flame hit the Diaboromon's back and incinerated it. Ranney sneered through the flame at Balion, who glared back.

"Forget it. I have better prey to hunt," he said to himself.

With stunning speed, Balion began soaring towards Lazarus.

"Ray of Victory!"
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Fabian leapt straight into the battle, not wasting a moment of precious time.

"Fist of Athena!"

Several of the Diaboromon were instantly destroyed, but there were still many more coming. Fabian continued to attack the digimon around him, but for every Diaboromon that he cut down, another three replaced it.

Meanwhile Karmas and Kairi had digivolved and were teaming up against the Diaboromon.

"Avalanche Axes!"

"Womb Realm Mandala!"

The energy arcs and foxes cut through the Diaboromon, but they didn't have much effect overall.

"We're not doing anything!" yelled out Karmas as he slashed at some more Diaboromon.

"Well, we have to keep trying!" yelled back Kairi.

Suddenly they were distracted by someone calling out.

"Fabian!" cried out both Karmas and Kairi.

They jumped over the Diaboromon and saw Fabian on the ground, covered in the aforementioned digimon.

"Guys, you think you can help me?" asked the RhodoKnightmon.

"Frozen Arrowheads!"

"Reverse Izuna!"

The arrows and lightning made quick work of the Diaboromon and Fabian was freed.

"There are just too many," muttered Fabian.

Karmas and Kairi nodded their heads, but they continued to fight. They had to continue to fight.

"Fist of Athena!"

"Avalanche Axes!"

"Womb Realm Mandala!"


Don't ask questions.
Rai and Karasu stood back to back, with Diaboromon swarming them. Rai's cannons just weren't doing the job at this range. He had to get somewhere that he could pick them off without getting...picked off.

With that in mind, Rai whispered over his shoulder to Karasu, "Hey, Bird-for-brains, I'm going up. You comin'?"

"Nah, I think I'll try down here for a change."

Rai shrugged as he lifted off into the sky. "Suit yourself." Upon reaching the altitude of his desire, Rai turned back down the ground below, and aimed. "Readyyyy....aimmmmm....FIRE!"

Boom! A Diaboromon's head was blown off. Boom! Right into the foot of another. Boom! Boom! Two missiles in the shoulder of a diablo.

Meanwhile, Karasu wasn't having quite as much luck. He cleaved a Diaboromon in two with his blade, only to have one hit him from behind with its claws. Karasu toppled over, but jumped to his feet to avoid the attack of a Diaboromon. The bird Mega planted his feet and readied himself to defend. Two Diaboromon attacked him. The first lost its arm, but managed to get off a good swipe at Karasu's leg, which began to bleed profusely. Karasu dropped to one knee just as the other Diaboromon reached him.

"Die, foul beast!" he shrieked, slicing his blade in an upward motion, catching the Diaboromon in the chest. The viral Digimon staggered back, and charged once more at Karasu.

The Ravemon managed to leap out of the way just in time, and slash off the Diaboromon's leg, collapsing it. Karasu somersault out of the way of another Diaboromon that charged him. Dang it. There are just too many of them...

Up in the sky, Rai was beginning to lose his edge. Soon the Diaboromon discovered his strategy, and began firing their Web Wrecker attack up at him. One grazed his leg, slowing his movements, which led to the impact of another, this time hitting him in the shoulder. Rai plummeted to the ground and landed with a thud.

He struggled to his feet as several Diaboromon surrounded him. Ugh...I can't take this anymore...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Erebus flew over a crowd and landed beside Rai. One Diaboromon lunged at the Rapidmon, but Erebus managed to catch it, swing around, and throw him back into the crowd. He let out a snarl and prepared for the worst.

He glanced over at Rai. "It looked like you could use help."

Erebus slashed ferociously at a nearby Diaboromon with his Cyber Nail. He was a good warrior, but he was beginning to tire.


Don't ask questions.
Rai grinned beneath his mask. "Heh, thanks, Tre--Erebus."

The Rapidmon turned his attention back toward the fight at hand. One Diaboromon rushed him, but found itself staring his cannon in the face...er...barrel. Rai blew up the Diaboromon's head from just inches away, and then moved on to the next opponent.

Karasu ran a Diaboromon through with his blade. He had been fighting this particular one for a very long time now, and was glad to get it out of the way. The Diaboromon fell at his feet, dead. The Ravemon dropped to one knee again, cringing. He had lost a lot of blood...things were beginning to look bleak for him.

"No...no...I will not die again!" Karasu exclaimed. He felt his body become consumed with energy...

"Look to the air, you foul beasts, and stare. For by my power, you will fall! One by one, I will destroy you all! Ravemon Mode Change to...Ravemon Burst Mode!"

Karasu, now in Burst Mode, leaped into the sky, and barreled down again, destroying a Diaboromon with his wings. He swooped lower, and then rose up again, narrowly avoiding the attacks of a couple of Diaboromon.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
(OOC: Hooray! Karasu has a chant!)

Erebus almost grinned upon hearing Rai, as he continued trading licks with a Diaboromon. "I somewhat like 'Trevor', actually."

He cringed as the Diaboromon got a lucky strike in his collar where the rubber armour was weaker. He felt his blood drip down onto his chest. Erebus let out a deafening roar and plunged his claws deep into the Diaboromon. "GRRAAAAGHH! DIE, PEST!"

The Cyberdramon retracted his claws and got a hold of the Diaboromon's neck. After a painful grapple, he managed to crush its neck.

Strom, meanwhile was tearing through Diaboromon near where Karasu and Karmas were fighting. He threw one Diaboromon into a mound of glass, which shattered upon the digimon hitting it. The Spinomon looked upwards to see Balion speeding towards Lazarus while using Ray of Victory.


God of Monsters
"Clown Trick!" Lazarus shouted. He reversed Balion's attack, split it in half, and sent one half back on Balion while the other half slammed into Caesar. The Magnamon stumbled back and prepared to attack again only to be half-swallowed by a dozen Diaboromon. Light spread from his armor, severing limbs and blasting flesh, but the Diaboromon wouldn't let up.

"Caesar, defend yourself!" Theron called out. "Forget about Lazarus, focus on the Diaboromon."

With those words, Caesar turned his power on the Diaboromon and managed to push them from him. However, Lazarus was free to survey the battle with a roar of laughter on his lips.


"Fist of Athena!"

The sonic boom forced several Diaboromon to back off, but they soon came back. Fabian pointed Pile Buster towards the ground and let off a 'Fist of Athena'. He was launched into the air and as he started to fall the ribbons on his armour began to move about.

"Spiral Slice!"

The ribbons stabbed into 4 Diaboromon and held them where they were.

"Now guys!" called out Fabian as the Diaboromon pulled at the ribbons digging into them.

"Reverse Izuna!"

"Frozen Arrowheads!"

The electricity coursed through the Diaboromon, and unfortunately Fabian as well, as the icy arrows plunged into one of the Diaboromon. The digimon gave one last cry before it exploded into data.

"Web Crusher!" called out the other three Diaboromon.

Fabian, Kairi and Karmas were hit with cracking spheres of green energy. The trio fell to the ground, each of them slightly paralyzed due to the attack.

"Help!" cried out Kairi as she tried to get back up onto her feet.


Don't ask questions.
Karasu, now in Burst Mode, floated down to the ground. He glared at the horde of Diaboromon that stood facing the Avengers. He stepped forward into a battle position, crossing his wings. "Osiris, forgive me, but I must take the lead for the moment. Everyone, I will clear a path to the pyramid. Stay behind me, and finish off the enemies that I injure! Mourning Dance!!!"

Waves of crimson-colored energy burst from Karasu's wings as he slashed through the air, striking many Diaboromon. The enemy Digimon were blown backwards slightly. With new confidence, Karasu charged, signaling for the others to do the same. A Diaboromon leaped at him. Karasu ducked, and delivered a forceful kick in the Diaboromon's stomach, sending it spiraling backwards.

"Lightning Flash Stab!!" Karasu barreled into a Diaboromon, impaling it with his razor-sharp wing-feathers. Two more charged at him, but were halted by his powerful wings. Karasu hurled them away and continued, counting on the others to finish the injured off.

Rai rocketed forward, close behind Karasu. He 'clotheslined' a Diaboromon with his cannon barrel, toppling it over.

"Rapid Fire!!!" he barked, sending his missiles streaming towards the Diaboromon horde. Four missiles collided into one Diaboromon, blowing it backwards. The Diaboromon soon regained its footing, however, suffering only severe burns and the loss of an arm. "Yggdrasil! Why are these things so dang hard to kill?! Rapid Fire!!"

"Just keep the attacks going!" Karasu shouted over his shoulder, severing the arm of a Diaboromon with a downward slash. "We'll get there eventually!"


Knight of RPGs
Osiris stabbed his spear through the chest of a Diaboromon even as Nova beheaded it with the GeoGrey Sword.

The creature continued to fight on, arms flailing, until Osiris growled, leaping back and impaling it once again, stabbing it through the Digi-Core...

"Damn it," he growled. He saw the dozens more Diaboromon coming at thme and knew they had no choice.

"Nova! Gatmuz! Ascend to your Burst Modes! We can't win this fight without that power! And quite honestly, more Diaboromon can't be worse than this!"

"RIGHT!" the two roared over the din of battle, leaping into the air and starting to shine with blinding light, Nova bursting into flame, Gatmuz shining with golden aura...

"Blazing courage, shining light, soar higher than before, ascend beyond mortal sight! When all seems dark, my hope shines bright, thus transform, overcome the blackest night! Burst Evolution! SHINEGREYMON BURST MODE!" Nova chanted.

"Chilling honour, shrouding night, become stronger than before, a star so deathly bright! When hope fades away, call upon the light, thus transform, overwhelm the black king's might! Burst Evolution! MIRAGEGAOGAMON BURST MODE!" Gatmuz chanted.

Fire and golden aura faded away, revealing the majestic forms of Nova and Gatmuz.

Nova's armour had become crimson and white, her GeoGrey Sword now a sword of solar flames and a shield of the same fire burning as she gripped it in her left hand. Her wings had ignited too, casting her draconic form into shadow as she spread them out, raising her blade and roaring a cry of hope "TOWARDS OUR FUTURE!" Her tial lashed the air as she started to fall...

Gatmuz had changed too. His claw gauntlets were gone, he now wielded a composite weapon made of pure golden energy, one end a crescent shaped blade, the other a mace head sphere. He spun the staff in his hand, his new mane of white hair blowing in the wind, blades of golden aura glowing on his helm as he descended...

"TORRID WEISS!" Nova roared as she landed, unleashing bullets of white-hot flame from her wings. The surrounding Diaboromon shrieked in pain as the the blasts seared into the flesh, burning them. Nova lunged for one of them and slashed off one of its arms with her blazing GeoGrey Sword, making it scream with agony even as she swung again, ripping off its other arm.

Gatmuz landed, blocking a blow with his staff before lashing out with the crescent blade "LUNA HOOK SLASHER!"

The blade tore through a Diaboromon, ripping it in half before Gatmuz spun the staff in his grip and swung again, slashing through its torso. Finally, he twirled it, raising the mace end over his head...


He brought it down with a resounding burst of energy, ripping the unlucky Diaboromon to data even as he turned and sliced through another's arm with the crescent blade.

Nova snarled, kicking aside a dissolving Diaboromon and turning to Lazarus, leaping for the Piedmon.

Lazarus chuckled and immediately brought up the swords in his grip to block Nova's swing. The two blades hovering in the air slashed at Nova, but she blocked with her shield, angling the circle of solar fire to block each blow.

"You're dead, SCUM!" she roared, pressing down on his guarding blades with her great strength.

Lazarus chuckled "Clown Trick."

Suddenly, Nova was struck across the face with the very force she was putting into her own strike, hurling her back. She gave a feral growl.

Lazarus chuckled "you won't win, ShienGreymon."

"I'll have the last laugh here," Nova growled, pressing her sword and shield together "CORONA BLAZE SWORD!"

The sword and shield flowed into one almighty sword that shone with barely restrained solar power, burning in her grip as she gripped it with both hands.

"Laugh at this!" she roared, charging and raising the sword for an almighty blow to shatter his guard.

Lazarus chuckled again as he released his two swords and willed all four to attack Nova.

She was suddenly caught off guard as a sword sank into her unprotected back. With a snarl, she slashed at the blade, but missed as it sldi smoothly aside.

This began a ridiculous dance as Nova tried to dodge the strikes while also swinging to cut Lazarus's swords out of the air.

The Piedmon just chuckled as he watched her swing her great blade at the swords wildly.

"Laugh at this, chuckles!" Osiris growled "BLAZING SPEAR!"

Lazarus willed one of his swords to attack Osiris as the Raihimon lunged with his now-ignited spear. The Piedmon slipped aside and the spear missed as the sword swung at Osiris...

"Defense Shield," Osiris growled, bringing up his shield and blocking the slash from Lazarus's blade.

"This ought to be fun," Lazarus chuckled "now die, little Avenger. Final Spell!"

Osiris screamed as an almighty sonic burst erupted fromt he Piedmon, crushing him with pure sound...

He collapsed and Lazarus picked up his sword out of the air, lifting up the Avenger's chin with it and pressing the very tip of the blade against Osiris's throat.

"Die," the Piedmon said.

"You die!" Nova roared, slashing at him with the Corona Blaze Sword and slamming him into the glass floor. Lazarus cursed and stood, his four swords appearing around him and slowly revolving in the air, ready to guard against her blows.

"I was hesitant to use my power before," Osiris growled, standing and being supported by Nova, who held out a hand, still gripping the Corona Blaze Sword "but now I must and I shall. Nova, help the others. He is mine."

"But... Osiris," Nova said.

"Go," he said quietly "Nova... I won't ask again." She looked at him, seeing the determination in his eyes. "I can take him."

"Good luck," she whispered, laying a hand on his shoulder for a second before flying away.

"One lone Raihimon against me?" Lazarus chuckled "this will be quick, Avenger, and I can assure you, it will be painful."

"Oh, it'll be painful alright," Osiris growled "FOR YOU!"

His body was shrouded in darkness as he called on it, the ultimate force he wielded... the power of AncientSphinxmon...

"Frozen darkness, blackest heart, thus become Death, soul torn apart! I call on you, spirits of hate, come to me, defy your fate! Ancient Evolution!"

His body became armored in frozen darkness, Obsidian Digi-Zoid, far stronger than that worn by Raihimon, even as his body shape shifted, falling onto all fours, hands and feet becoming paws. His face became a death mask, rubies for eyes. His spear twisted like a snake, becoming his tail. His wings grew, becoming the great wings of Death, shadow of his coming.


He exploded from the darkness, the God of Death, Avatar of the Darkness, AncientSphinxmon...

The Ancient Warrior tackled Lazarus, Piedmon crashing to the ground as his swords glanced off of Osiris's Digi-Zoid hide like rain off of glass. The great sphinx stepped forwards, force of his footfalls cracking the glass underfoot.

"You are done, Hand of Dracul Samhain," Osiris growled.

"You dare speak his name?" Lazarus spoke.

"His name is fear," Osiris said "and I am not afraid. I do not fear the darkness, I AM DEATH! DARK ROAR!"

He reared up, roaring as he crashed down and launched his sphere of focused darkness with all the force of an Ancient Warrior, sphere exploding agaisnt Lazarus and almost casually hurling the Piedmon across the glass, growls of pain escaping the Black Hand's lips as he hit.

Osiris padded towards him, an unstoppable dreadnought of Obsidian Digi-Zoid, Death incarnate.

Lazarus was not impressed in the slightest.

He stood, two swords leaping into his grip, the remaining two hovering around him. He charged towards Osiris, leaping into the air, over the power of the Ancient Warrior's Necro Eclipse and onto his back. From there, he twisted, slashing his swords across Osiris's weak neckplate.

Osiris howled as the swords cut deep, blood gushing from the wounds inflicted by Lazarus's swords. The Piedmon cackled and renewed his attack, adding his telepathically controlled blades to the attack and cutting deeper.

Osiris screamed in pain, collapsing even as Lazarus leapt away. The AncientSphinxmon was forced to release his advanced form and his armour shattered like glass, his body shrinking to Raihimon, then Anubismon.

He lay there, motionless and pathetic, Lazarus standing over him with sword held high to end Osiris's life...

"NO!" Nova and Gatmuz roared as one, slamming into Lazarus and slashing him with their weapons, forcing him away from their stricken mentor even as Nova broke away to block the assaults of Diaboromon, desperate for the easy data.


"NOR WHILE I FIGHT ON!" Gatmuz roared, tossing Lazarus away with his Full Moon Meteor Impact and joining his comrade, their Burst Mode auras reflecting off the glass and causing intricate plays of light.

"Then you die," Lazarus said, standing and raising his swords "crush them."

The Diaboromon charged, and the two desperate Digimon began their last stand, standing over Osiris's stricken form, Corona Blaze Sword slashing through Diaboromon, Gatmuz hurling them away with energy bursts from his Full Moon Meteor Impact.

The combat was desperate, a fabled battle, fire and light side by side against darkness, two warriors against dozens of foes...

Their breaths became ragged gasps. They bled from dozens of cuts. Their arms were weighed down as they tired, injuries sapping their strength.

Even their incredible strength, born from their desperation and Burst Modes, started to fade, weakening them.

Nova was crushed against Gatmuz as a Diaboromon hurled her away with a sweep of its arms.

"We're dead," she whispered "Gatmuz... I..."

"We're not dead!" he snarled, slashing a Diaboromon with his staff, hurling it back.

"We can't win!" she replied.

"We can hold them off," he said "if we unleash everything we have. Are you with me?"

"Yes," she said, understanding. Gripping Osiris, they took flight, ascending over the Diaboromon.

"TOWARDS OUR FUTURE!" they called, their Burst Mode auras exploding with power as they released all their energy together...



Fire and Light exploded, unleashing a terrible star of energy that held for but one second before unleashing the power of a supernova, detonating and slamming the Diaboromon away, swatting them against the glass below, searing their bodies to nothing...

The deathly star was pure white, searing with roiling power that washed across the land, burning screaming Diaboromon to nothing, cracking the glass with intense heat, melting it...

Lazarus barely escaped, running from the blast and hurling himself into a crevice, cowering away from the white-hot power being unleashed by Nova and Gatmuz together...

Then, as one, the two turned towards the pyramid and focused their power, unleashing it as a blast that cleansed the black stain of Diaboromon, opening a momentary passagve to the pyramid.

"GO!" Nova roared through the flames as she and Gatmuz finally lost all their power, Burst Modes breaking as they fell like falling stars to land on the glass below, shrinking back into their regular forms...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom saw the opening but he also saw the two weakened digimon, Nova and Gatmuz. "Everyone! Make for the pyramid!" he roared, kicking the nearby Ranney towards the direction of the pyramid.

"So soon?" complained Balion, hacking away at a Diaboromon's arm which was clutching his neck.

"I'm not finished with these yet," grunted Erebus, who had several flesh wounds on his neck and who's armour was very scuffed up.

Strom growled. "Damnit! Everyone go towards the pyramid NOW!"

The Spinomon ran and helped to support both Nova and Gatmuz. "Good job, you two. We'll take it from here." He practically picked them up and slowly ran, while urging the others to bypass him, towards the pyramid.

After struggling to kill another Diaboromon, Balion looked back at Erebus, who was busy karate chopping a foe. "Come on, Cyberdramon. We should make for the pyramid now."

Erebus ignored him and used a Desolation Claw on the Diaboromon, sending it backwards.

"Hey!" Balion called out louder in irratation.

"Do not tell me what to do, scum!" Erebus growled back, staying focused on ripping the enemy in front of him to shreds.

"You fool, you can't take on this entire swarm of Diaboromon alone!" Balion said.

"Shut up! I can and I will. I'll purge this evil with my own two claws."

Balion had had enough of him. In a second, he was beside Erebus yanking him by the arm, and in another second, they were caught up with the others. Erebus let out an enraged growl and tried to free his arm, but Balion kept his hold.

Strom continued assisting Nova and Gatmuz, and he began to pick up his pace towards the pyramid.