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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


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Osiris groaned and stood, noticing Strom running towards the pyramid while carrying Noa and Gatmuz.

"Crazy fools," he muttered, remembering what he'd heard them sayh.

Still, an opening was an opening.

He spread his wings and took flight, gliding after Strom. It didn't take him too long to reach the hulking dinosaur, flying alongside the Spinomon as they ran to the pyramid and Amenhotep.

Behind them, the Diaboromon started to recover from the shock of Nova and Gatmuz's attack. They rushed after the fleeing Avengers, a sea of darkness to match any tidal wave.

"Run!" Osiris called, staying by Strom. As the largest Avger, Strom was also one of the slowest and therefore was vulnerable.

Osiris wouldn't let a good friend die so easily.

"I won't leave you behind!" he yelled to Strom "but we can't fight this many! Run with me, and survive!"


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Strom looked at Osiris, stunned momentarily. "...Thank you..." he replied, running alongside the Anubismon. He craned his head back and saw that the Diaboromon were gaining on them. Strom wanted to attack, but he couldn't while holding Nova and Gatmuz, but he also couldn't put them down.

He looked over at Osiris. "Are you okay? I saw you take some pretty bad hits."

Strom, himself, was riddled with scratches, cuts, and burns from the Diaboromon. He felt that he could dedigivolve at any moment. Luckily, they were nearing the pyramid.


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Ajax and Theron half-limped half-ran into the entrance to the pyramid with the other Avengers. When the last of them entered, Theron called out to Caesar, and a golden streak flashed through the air. He skidded to a stop right at the entrance. The Diaboromon surged forward, like a black wave.

"Magna...Blast!" Caesar called out. Power ripped from his armor: a massive beam of concentrated golden energy. Any Diaboromon unfortunate or stupid enough to be caught in the beam's path was burnt beyond recognition. With his attack complete, Caesar stepped back and into the pyramid.

At that moment, a shimmering amber field rose up from the ground and encased the pyramid in a protective energy dome. The Diaboromon were kept at bay, clawing and blasting angrily at the dome. Lazarus simply poked at the field and smirked. He stepped back and allowed the Diaboromon to continue, though he didn't seem to be in much of a hurry.

"Let's go," Theron urged. "I don't know why that happened, or how long it will hold them for, but I don't want to take any chances. Let's find Amenhotep and get out of here quick."

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(OOC: This post will be short too.)

Strom let out a sigh of relief. He stepped into the pyramid and gently placed Nova and Gatmuz onto the ground. "Well... That was lucky... Everyone okay?"

Erebus replied with an angry grunt as he stared out the forcefield at the Diaboromon, wishing to tear them to pieces. Balion retracted his beam sword and beam shield into the bracelets on his arms and began dusting the sand off of and out from under his armour.

Strom folded his cut-ridden arms. "Anyways, I agree with Theron. Let's keep moving, everyone."


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Karasu stepped into the pyramid, peering around warily. He looked back over his shoulder at the Diaboromon that were trying to claw their way through the force field Caesar had set up. He smirked. Not likely.

Rai nearly bumped into the Ravemon as he scanned the inside of the pyramid. "Ohhh...this is neat...I've never been in a pyramid before..."

Karasu's eyes narrowed. "Don't let your guard down. Lazarus could have placed more Diaboromon to ambush us in here. Did you see the way he smiled as we entered?"

"Yeahhh...clowns give me the creeps..."

Karasu shook his head. "Not that! Just the whole idea of him smiling as we escaped worries me!"

Rai chuckled. "Not me! I'll blow up anything that attacks us! So have no fear! Rai is here!"


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Strom rolled his eyes. "When 'Rai is here' is when I fear the most. Try to use your big explosive attacks sparingly or else this pyramid could collapse and be a tomb for more than just that Pharoahmon."

Erebus had calmed down. He was now leaning against a wall waiting for something to happen. He carefully checked every inch of the area they were in before going on to silently glance at his teammates.

Balion removed the last grains of sand from his shoulder plates and his armour now looked like he had never been in a desert. "Just wait until that Piedmon sees me again. Let's see just how hard he laughs when I send a Ray of Victory down his throat..." he said with a scowl.

Ranney sighed and nursed a few of his own cuts. "C'mon you lazy bums! Let's go already! Sheesh, I can't believe most of you were in the Avengers. I'm surprised you got anything done- OW!" the dinosaur was interrupted by a solid whack of the head by a certain Spinomon. "Jeez. Touchy, are we?"


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Osiris chuckled as Strom whacked Ranny over the head.

"Serves him right," he muttered, kneeling down beside Nova and Gatmuz. The two looked okay, just a bit drained, which was probably the case considering the power they'd unleashed to destroy those Diaboromon.

"Wha... where am I?" Novs groaned, opening her eyes and sitting up, holding a ahdn to her forehead.

"We're inside Amenhotep's pyramid," Osiris said "and that freak of a clown Lazarus is stuck outside. We're safe...for now, anyway."

"Good," Nova muttered, standing up slowly "GeoGrey Sword." The double-ended blade appeared in her hand with a flash of flame.

"There's nothing to fight here," Osiris commented, laying a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him.

Something passed between them, an understanding of sorts.

"I need to feel ready," Nova murmured "I need this blade in my hand, or I can't relax."

"It's a terrible thing," Osiris replied "to need a weapon in order to feel safe."

"It's the way I am," she whispered.

"You can change that," he said "one day, you'll have to put down your sword and accept that war is over. How will you cope then? Don't you have anyone you love... anyone you care about?"

"I lost everyone I cared about to Imego,"she said bitterly "when he tore the world apart, unleashed Ragnarok, it destroyed those I loved... those I wanted to protect. All I have now are ashes and memories. That's what I leave behind, Osiris, ashes."

"It shouldn't be that way," Osiris said "you should have more than war to live, Nova."

"I... have... nothing," she whispered, falling to her knees, GeoGrey Sword striking the rock below with a dull thud "my... life is.... worth... nothing. All... I am... is destruction."

"No," Osiris said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders"you are worth something, Nova. Don't ever believe you're worthless."

"It's all gone," she sobbed "all I had... all I lived for... Imego took it all from me, Osiris. What can I do but fight?!"

"You can love and care," Osiris said, hugging her tightly against his chest "all of use can love, Nova. Even I can."

"You... love someone?" Nova sobbed.


"Who? Who do you love?"

He looked at her "I love someone who is with me no longer. I loved someone beautiful, kind... someone who I cherished. Imego took her from me, like he took your love."

"We all feel pain," Gatmuz said, sitting "why can't we end the agony?"

"Becuase it's all a part of the world," Osiris said "life is pleasure and pain. You have to endure the darkness for the light."


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Strom was overhearing the conversation. He growled bitterly, staring at the scars in his palm. The Spinomon angrily clenched his fist and slammed it into the stone wall, creating a crater.

"I've endured enough damn darkness!" he growled coldly. "We all have! Why should people like Nova have to suffer?! Why do our friends have to die?! When will it be enough?! It's like we're being punished for things we didn't commit!" Strom paused for a few moments. "... Osiris, I know Ragna said not to give up hope... but that small flame in this thick darkness it growing dim for me," he said, his deep, dry voice wavering.

"Strom..." Ranney said quietly.

Erebus watched the former rebels with passing interest, but he wasn't bothered too much. If anything, it only increased his hate for the evil creatures outside of the barricade.

Balion watched with slight amusement. He could have made some cold remarks, but he had enough honour to not hit them when they were down like that. However, that didn't stop him from thinking what he thought.


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"Oh for the sake of all things stop whining!" Ajax growled. "I can't believe this is what you've all degenerated into. Osiris, you had a nobility the likes of which I have rarely seen; Strom you had an edge and a hardness like no one else. Is this what you've all succumbed to? To wistful thinking and woeful cries?" He shook his head in savage disappointment. "I was right not to seek you out when we first fought Samhain. You would have cried the whole way there." Ajax turned and stalked off deeper into the pyramid.

"Ajax!" Theron shouted, protesting his sudden departure and his harsh words. But the knight ignored him. "He means well," he explained to the others. "He seeks to sharpen himself, to regain the edge he believes he lost. It is strange that he found me, though, one who has tempered anger and savagery with patience." Theron turned to Caesar. "In either case, I did not know you could raise such a shield."

"It was not I," said Caesar. "But I sensed the data-lines shifting before it rose. Whoever protects us is very near."

"It was I," whispered a voice. The voice echoed off the walls. "Follow the path and you will find me. I have been waiting for you. We have much to discuss, Avengers." A pathway suddenly began to glow along the floor, and the Avengers followed it deeper into the pyramid. "Rest assured," said the voice. "The force field will hold."

They came upon a great chamber. Treasures covered the floor. Silver, gold, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, pearls, and precious metals of every kind were piled higher than even Strom, and the room itself was massive. At the center of the chamber was an enormous golden throne. Seated on the throne was Amenhotep, the Pharaohmon. He was twice Strom's height.

"Greetings, Avengers," said Amenhotep. "So you have come to seek the truth? Then let the story be told..."


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Karasu laid a hand on Strom's elbow (he had to reach up to even touch that). "There is always hope, Strom. In the bleakest of times, hope always triumphs."

"It's a proven fact!" Rai exclaimed, popping up on the other side of Strom. "Good always wins and bad always loses! That's the way the universe works! Don't believe me? Take a look at everything that's happened so far...we're the good guys. Light triumphed over darkness just years ago. And it will again. I swear it!"

Karasu chuckled. "Indeed. Evil will never win while I'm still alive."

"Evil never won when you were dead, either," Rai pointed out.

Karasu stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Yes, I suppose you're right."


((Darn, Kamotz just barely beat me...ah, well, I'll just add more to this...))

Rai stepped forward and exclaimed, "Hiya, Mr. Hotep! Ho--"

He was interrupted by Karasu, who grabbed him by the ears and yanked him backwards. "Shut up, Bunny-britches!" he hissed angrily. "Let Osiris or Ajax handle this!"
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Osiris felt fury at Ajax course through his veins. Was this their former leader?

Was this what he had become? Was this heartless monster all that replaced the great, compassionate warrior the Avengers had known?


He faced Amenhotep, marvelling at the room, but more than aware the place was sacred.

"Don't touch anything," he warned, stepping forwards. The Pharoahmon looked down at him with a deathly gaze, the gaze of one who has lived far too long.

"Great Amenhotep," he spoke "we seek your aid in overcoming the evil of Dracul Samhain. We must learn how he was sealed into the Black Level before. Will you aid us?"

Behind him, Nova marvelled at it all. How Osiris seemed so calm even in the face of something so huge, something so clearly powerful...

She felt great admiration for him.

He had comforted her. He had helped her.

Was it just him being the leader, looking after those under his command.


He felt the same pain, the pain of losing what you loved with all your heart, those you'd lay down your life in but a second to protect. He was but a kindred spirit, someone who shared the agony, the fierce pain of loss.


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Strom growled to himself, but looked at Rai and Karasu. "Thanks, guys... Ajax is right, though, too, despite him having the charm of a rock. I know better than to whine like that, I was acting like an overgrown Guilmon." He grinned a little bit while walking forwards. "Now let's see if this Pharoahmon is really so high and mighty!" he explained with his usual confidence and cynicism.

After following the voice and finding a room filled with treasure, Strom saw the massive Pharoahmon. "... So he is."

Ranney looked at all the assortments of gems. "Oooh! Shiny!"

"Don't touch anything, numbskull," Strom warned.

Erebus and Balion both walked into the room and awaited what Amenhotep had to say.
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Rai stared in awe at the treasures surrounding Amenhotep. "It's like...bits and pieces of me in here...so...shiny..." he murmured, wide-eyed.

"Rai, snap out of it, moron!" Karasu hissed, whacking the Rapidmon over the head with his winged arm. "Ssssh! I think Amenhotep's gonna speak!"

"So what?" Rai whispered. "I just wanna look at all the shiny--" Whack!

Rai rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay...fine...have it your way...sheesh...birds are so snappy..."

Karasu ignored the comment and focused his attention on Osiris and Amenhotep. He wanted to know just what they were up against.


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"What I tell you now, is the story of Dracul Samhain, the GranDracmon, and his rise and fall," said Amenhotep. "It was Dracul Samhain that first corrupted the Seven Demon Lords alongside Ogudomon. But the Black King was too ambitious. He sought to rule by himself and betrayed Ogudomon. However, Samhain was slain. We believed this to be the end. We now know differently."

"If he was killed, how was he sent to the Black Level?" asked Theron.

"The circumstances of his sealing are beyond my knowledge," said Amenhotep. "But there is one who knows, the being who sealed Dracul Samhain in the first place. Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead. It was he who sealed Dracul Samhain. It is he who can reveal to you the truth."

"Pointless," Ajax growled. "We can't even reach Anubis."

Amenhotep stood suddenly and raised a hand. At once, the treasures in the room lifted into the air and began to swirl around the Avengers, obscuring Amenhotep from view. The treasures swirled faster and faster until all around them was nothing but a rush of gold. Then the rush began to slow, and sand once again drifted across them. They found themselves high on the tip of a pyramid. All around, golden sands swirled, hiding the rest of the pyramid and the world below in a sandy mist. A figure faded into sight.

Anubis Teth-Adam.

He was enormous. He took up the entire sky, rising from the swirling sands.

"Avengers," he said. "You seek the truth of the resurrection of Dracul Samhain the Black King. I, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, will tell you this truth."

"It's about time we got some answers," Ajax muttered.

"I, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, judged Dracul Samhain the Black King after his death," the god said. "But he had learned the secrets of power and life beyond death. He fought back with a power even I, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, could not overcome, and I, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, was forced to seal him away in the Black Level."

"How did he get free?" Ajax demanded.

"This I, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, am not able to reveal," said the god. "However, once Dracul Samhain the Black King was freed, he set to punish the one who had killed him. He defeated the Seven Demon Lords and took the power of the Seven Deadly Crests to weaken and defeat Ogudomon."

"So the only one who ever beat Dracul Samhain is gone," Theron mused. "Not good."

"This is why I, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, revived the ones known as Rai of Destiny and Karasu Ravemon," said the god. They, like the Dracul Samhain the Black King, are now beyond judgment. It is the one thing that can allow you to defeat Dracul Samhain the Black King."

"Is that so?" said a terrible voice. It seemed to surprise even Anubis Teth-Adam, and for a moment, everyone searched for the voice. They found the source standing on a floating rock, high in the air.

Dracul Samhain...the Black King.


"Do you, Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, truly think these mortals can defeat me?" Dracul Samhain mocked.

Ajax spun the Dunas and prepared to attack.

"Stop," said Anubis Teth-Adam. " He is only a data projection of his physical self. He can neither harm you nor be harmed by you."

"Oh, that is where you're wrong, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead," said Dracul Samhain with a smirk. "I have learned many things while I was away. I must thank you for opening my eyes."

"What do you--?"

Samhain extended his right hand over Anubis and the Avengers. "Tell me, Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, how many souls have you judged? How many dark and terrible Digimon have you sent to damnation? Let's find out, shall we?" His hand began to crack with energy as he spoke. "The blackest night falls from the skies. The darkness grows as all light dies. I crave your hearts and your demise. By my black hand the dead shall rise."

Shadows suddenly began to emerge from the sands around the pyramid. They were the living dead, the evil Digimon judged by Anubis Teth-Adam throughout the eons. They had been brought back by Dracul Samhain and let loose on he who judged them. They smothered him, clawed at his eyes, crawled down his nose and mouth. Anubis Teth-Adam fought back. He let loose torrents of primordial energy, but the dead kept coming.

And the Avengers were at a loss of what to do.

"Go!" roared Anubis. He surrounded the Avengers with a great sphere and hurled them through his realm. "You must end this terror. Seek knowledge of the beginning. Seek the prophecy. And beware the Blackest Night!"

The Avengers sped through time and space as the golden sands swirled around them, and they found themselves inside the pyramid once again, in Amenhotep's throne room. Only this time, the treasure crumbled to sand, dust, and ash. And Amenhotep was little but an ashen statue. With his purpose served, he and his belongings had crumbled away...


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Rai was at a loss for words. "No...no...no way..." he murmured, dropping to one knee. "I can't believe it..."

Karasu laid a hand on his shoulder. "Anubis Teth-Adam, Lord of the Realm Between Life and Death, Judge of the Dead, is gone...it's up to us now..."

Rai shook his head. "No...it's not that..." he muttered, fighting back tears. "I CAN'T BELIEVE HE LET ME BEAT HIM!!!"

Karasu rolled his eyes. "But in doing so, he gave us a purpose, something to live for," explained the Ravemon, pulling Rai back to his feet. "Now, it is up to us, the Avengers, to set things straight in this world. Remember, evil never triumphs."

Rai nodded. "Good always wins in the end."

Karasu turned to Theron and inquired, "What exactly did Anubis Teth-Adam mean when he said...'beyond judgment'?"


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(Wait... if Amenhotep was making the force field keeping the Diaboromon out and he's dead now... what's keeping the Diaboromon out?)


Anubis Teth-Adam was... gone.


Those were the thoughts rushing through Osiris's head even as he reappeared in Amenhotep's throne room, alongside Nova and Gatmuz.

"No," Osiris whispered "this cannot be... not Anubis Teth-Adam..."

"All things have a end," Gatmuz said quietly "even he who judges the dead."

"Samhain," Osiris snarled "he did this. He turned the dead agaisnt Anubis and he shall PAY!"

"Osiris..." Nova murmured "please...be calm." She laid a gentle hand on his shouder. He breathed deeply, falling to his knees.

"We must endure the darkness to reach the light," Nova said quietly.

"And... I shall endure," Osiris growled, standing "we all shall endure! Towards our Future!"

"Hold up..."Gatmuz said "if Amenhotep was keeping the Diaboromon and that freak Lazarus out... and Amenhotep's dead now... what's keeping the Diaboromon out?"


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The same thoughts dawned on Theron, and a cold dread settled over him. He urged the Avengers to follow him, and he led them up a large twisting staircase. The stairs led to the very top of the white pyramid, and he breathed a sigh of relief to see that the golden amber field was still in place.

Then it began to dissolve.

"Damn it," Theron growled. "We've got a fight on our hands."

"No kidding," said Ajax. He separated the Dunas and swung each half skillfully. He took a deep and calming breath and closed his eyes. When his eyes snapped open, they burned with an infernal intensity.

Theron regarded Ajax warily, but drew his swords all the same. "Take it up a notch," he said, mostly to Ajax, but the rest heard him all the same. "Power up or you'll never get out of here alive."

"I just need a minute more in this form," said Ajax. "I need to cut loose."

Theron didn't like the glint in Ajax's eyes, but nodded and sheathed his swords. He had other plans. "With dragons' might and dragons' breath, open the gates of dragons' death. Over the hills where spirits soar, I hear you all: the eternal roar!" He called out. "Draconic Evolution! Dorugoramon!" Data massed around him and gathered into his Dorugoramon form. He clenched his mighty fists. "Caesar, first wave."

"Sir," the Magnamon saluted. He lifted into the air and shot down the pyramid, blazing with golden energy. He seared a glass path across the sand.

"Osiris," Theron said. "I believe there are two words to be said at times like this..."


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An enraged Strom looked down the face of the pyramid at the oncoming Diaboromon. His hand was burning fiercely. He could feel a power inside the scars that wanted to get out... but he was afraid to find out what it was. It took all of his concentration for him to keep a cool head. The Spinomon got down on all fours and adjusted his neck.

"I'm going to enjoy this... Sonic Slash Rain! Blue Prominance!"

Strom launched the two attacks almost consecutively, sending a devastating barrage of blades and a tremendous beam of burning plasma down at the hoard. After he finished firing the Blue Prominance, he continued keeping up his primary ranged attack. A smile crept onto his face as he launched more blades and watched as it tore a wounded Diaboromon to shreds...

Balion glanced over at Strom's intense attack and demeanour with interest. "If I couldn't tell that he was a dinosaur from his awful sight and smell, then I could swear that Spinomon was a Dramon," he half-joked while preparing his own attack. "Ray of Victory!"

Erebus was fully ready to take on every single Diaboromon that challenged him. With a bellow, he released several Desolation Claws which surged into a stubborn Diaboromon. He growled as a lucky laser shot hit him in the leg. "Die, scum..." he continued launching fervered ranged attacks.
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"Avengers... Assemble! CHARGE!"

With those words, Osiris lead his small force into the very heart of the onrushing wave of Diaboromon, Slide Evolving into Raihimon just before the two sides met...

"BLAZING SPEAR!" Osiris cried, impaling a Diaboromon with his igniting spear before kicking it away and rapidly blocking a lashing blow from another with his shield.

"Double Crescent Mirage!" Gatmuz called, slashing with his glowing claws and ripping into a group of Diaboromon. The foul creatures swarmed him, dragging him down...

"GATMUZ!" Osiris roared.

"GATMUZ!" Nova screamed, decapitating a Diaboromon with her GeoGrey Sword as it tried to choke her to death...

There was silence from the writhing mass of disgusting flesh but the shrieks of triumph from the Diaboromon...



Energy exploded between the Diaboromon, hurling them away as Gatmuz stood, armour dusty where his attack had seared it.

"Too many," Osiris muttered "too strong. Avengers! Towards our Future!"


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Rai rocketed in the sky, sending missiles raining down on the Diaboromon. Each blast caught a couple, but really only singed them. That was enough, however, for Karasu to take care of them. The Ravemon, still in Burst Mode, swept through the Diaboromon horde, collapsing several of them with his bladed wings.

"Die, filthy cretins!" Karasu screeched, leaping onto the face of a Diaboromon and clawing its eyes out with his clawed toes.

Rai swooped low, and clotheslined two Diaboromon with his arm cannons. He quickly swerved around and fired off two missiles, blowing up the two Diaboromon's backs.

"Heh, this isn't--" Suddenly, a claw extended from out of nowhere, and sent Rai spinning through the air. He crashed into a shard of glass and struggled to his feet. "--so hard..."

"There are lots of them," Karasu muttered. "We will all have to be at our very strongest to deal with them, I think."