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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


Knight of RPGs
Gatmuz groaned in pain as he stood, wounds instantly healing in the intense Light of Miracles.

He felt his strength flowing back into him and he strode over to Nova. He knelt over her motionless body, tears staining sand and glass. She was gone. Just like Karmas and Fabian, she was gone. Life snuffed out like a candle.

And it was his fault. He had landed the fatal blow...

His tears stained her body.

It didn't dissolve...

As the Light of Miracles washed over Nova, the terrible wound in her chest from the chaotic blast healed, all her minor cuts and bruises healing too.

She gasped and opened her eyes.

He let out a gasp of his own as he saw her, living, breathing...

She was alive.

"Gatmuz," she whispered "I... you're..."

"Don't try to speak," he replied "rest for a while." He stood up, looking down at her and smiling.

"Gatmuz," she said quietly "I... heard what you said. Even in the darkness... the cold... the madness... I heard. And I... love you too."

He was struck with joy and wonder even as he fell to his knees, brought low by shock.

"You... love... me?" he said.

"I do," she replied, leaning up and kissing him.

He wrapped her in his arms and they just stayed there, kissing and celebrating even as the last radiance of the Light of Miracles faded...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom, still in MasterTyrannomon form, glanced at the two joyful digimon and grimaced. He dejectedly turned his back to them and began to walk away. Strom passed by Ranney, who was breathing a sigh of relief.

Ranney's face lit up upon seeing Strom still in one piece. "Strom!" he said with a chuckle. "Hey, I guess I'm definately the strongest dinosaur now, huh?" he added jokingly, glancing at Strom's form who was at equal height as him.

"Piss off, Ranney," he somberly snapped, completely unfazed by the golden light that seemed to be making the others so happy. Ranney blinked and was silent, looking at his friend with confusion. Strom sighed and stared the ground. "Just leave me alone..."

Ranney decided to brave up and say one more thing. "...Is this because of what happened to Karmas and Fabian?"

Strom stopped walking for a moment, not turning around. "... What do you mean 'what happened to Karmas and Fabian'?" he questioned.

The Dinorexmon quickly acted like he hadn't heard the question and he hastily walked over to the others, leaving Strom to his sulky self. Balion was scrubbing his blood off of his armour and silently swearing at himself. "Damn it... I couldn't even muster enough power for my X-evolution..."

Ranney walked up to him. "Hey, Dramon!" Balion looked up, about ready to punch out the dinosaur. Ranney continued talking. "Glad you're okay!" he said with a grin.

The UlforceVeedramon was taken off guard. "Oh... yeah. You're not as an awful fighter as your species lead me to believe."

Ranney grinned. "Hah! From you, that's a compliment," he replied, giving Balion a slap on his shoulder armour.

Balion sneered. "Hey, get your grimy claws off my armour!"

Ranney chuckled to himself and walked off to mingle with the others.

Erebus sat alone, looking at the red buff tied around his arm and watched as his blood dripped down to meet hit. The Cyberdramon gave a snarl and reached his claw under his armour to apply pressure to the wound. As he did, he looked around at the others. The only other person who he saw sitting alone was Strom, who stared off into the vast distance.

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God of Monsters
"Damn," Ajax growled. "That was pitiful."

"We're alive, Ajax," said Theron. "There's nothing pitiful about that."

"There were fifteen of us, and two of them," Ajax snarled. "And they still beat us as if we were nothing more than children. That RhodoKnightmon is dead, Karmas is...a trinket...I'm not sure if that means he's alive or dead. And to make matters worse, we were forced to use Caesar's power."

"It was the only option," Theron pointed out.

"And who knows how long it will take for Caesar to reclaim the power of Miracles?" Ajax snapped as if he hadn't heard Theron. "They were toying with us! We were jokes." Ajax stormed off, but stopped as he passed by Kairi. The Sakuyamon was hunched over, her head in her hands. He read the pain on her features, saw her broken heart. Ajax was at once struck with the desire to comfort her in his old role as leader. But he stamped it down. Weakness would only hinder him now.

"You did well, Caesar," said Theron. He placed a hand on the Magnamon's shoulder. "Of all of us, you were the only one truly left standing in the end. We would not have survived without you."

"Everything was so clear in that moment," Caesar whispered. "I still saw the numbers, the lines of data, and the equations. But it all made sense. It was all so clear."

"You're becoming more accustomed to your own power," said Theron. "Soon you won't need the Crest of Miracles to see the world that way."

"Everyone, let's go," Ajax shouted. "We've wasted enough time as is. Remember, Anubis-Teth Adam told us to seek knowledge of the beginning, and to learn of the prophecy of the Blackest Night."

"So where do we go?" Caesar asked.

"There are legends," said Theron. "Rumors I heard while within the Dramon Empire. They spoke of a frozen waste, far to the north, that holds access to the the Akashic Records, which supposedly describe everything, from the start of the world to the end. We somehow need to get there."

"In all likelihood it's protected against teleportation," said Ajax. "So Kairi's efforts won't help. We'll have to travel there ourselves..."


Don't ask questions.
Rai sighed. "Maaaan...I was gonna go all 'I am Destiny! Accept your Fate!' on that last Diaboromon there..."

Karasu stood with his hands behind his head, chuckling. "But Caesar beat you to it. That Digimon is insanely powerful...hm...I had always heard the Golden Armor of Miracles was strong...but I didn't expect it to be that strong."

"Psh. Whatever." Rai glanced up at the sky. Maybe someday, I'll be that strong too...no. I'll be even stronger! Yeah!

Suddenly, Rai realized their numbers were less than usual. "Hey, Karasu, who're we missing?"

Karasu cringed. "Well...Karmas...and Fabian...are...gone."

Rai gulped. "You mean...like...they left for a while?"

Karasu shook his head.

"Oh." Rai glanced over at Kairi, who sat alone, her face buried in her hands. He felt...sorry for her. The loss of her two closest companions...was always a difficult thing to face. He knew the feeling...


God of Monsters
The Avengers continued their trek across the continent. They had since left the desert and were once again traveling along the coastline. Ajax remembered this place. He had grown up here so long ago before war had torn the world apart. He remembered the cool sapphire waves as they washed over yellow sand under the golden sun. Now the beach was a dull, ashen grey. The sky was filled with dark clouds, blotting out the sun, and the waves were a terrible black, like thick, rolling oil. Even the trees beyond the beach seemed dull and dying.

"The world aches," Ajax whispered. "And it dies."

"Poetic," said Theron. "I thought you were trying to distance yourself from that part of you."

"Some things just need to be said," said Ajax. "Especially at times like these." He glanced to Kairi. He knew her pain, that terrible loss. This was the second time she was feeling it. The first had been when the Dramon Empire killed her husband during the Civil War. Ajax remembered his own pain; he would have comforted her had he not steeled his own heart.

"There's a village coming up ahead," said Caesar as he floated down. The Magnamon had been scouting ahead, keeping watch for Diaboromon patrols and more Black Hands as he usually did when traveling with Ajax and Theron.

"We should stop there," said Theron to Osiris. "See if they have some form of transportation. The quickest way would be to fly to the north, but seeing as not all of us can fly," he motioned to himself, Strom, and Ranney. "That's a moot point. We also don't know if we can make the flight if there's nowhere to rest."

They came upon the small village rather quickly. It was poorly fortified, there were no defensive walls or positions, and everything seemed rather abandoned, like it was just a front for a much larger settlement, especially with the number of Digimon present.

"I've seen this before with other settlements," said Theron. "They have a small village that acts as a decoy, while their real shelter is located underground. They take cover there when the Diaboromon come. We might be able to get some information there."

"Who are you?" a guard called out. It was a Leomon. More residents of the settlement came over to see the strange assemblage of Digimon. "I asked: who are you?"

All eyes looked to Osiris...


Knight of RPGs
"We are the Avengers," Osiris called to the guards "those who do not fear Dracul Samhain and fight against his Black Reign." The guards flinched at the mention of Samhain's name, spoken so openly.

"The Avengers disbanded with the end of the Civil War," a Sealsdramon called to them.

"And we reformed in the face of Samhain's threat," Osiris said "we seek shelter and transportation."

"Prove you who are who you say!" the Sealsdramon yelled "you could be imposters sent by the Black King!"

"Here's something for you!" Nova snarled "open the damn gates before I batter them open!"

"Nova, silence!" Osiris snapped "brutality will only act to strengthen their suspicions of us. Fellow warriors, we are who we say!"

"Prove it!" the Sealsdramon repeated...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom snarled and stepped forwards. "We are the Avengers..." He lowered his neck so that he was closer to eye level with the Sealsdramon. "Our team was originally created with nine members following a failed assassination mission with Ajax as our leader... throughout the battles, we had ten digimon join the original bunch. Technically six of us have died... though two were lucky enough to cheat death. Of the fallen were Karmas, Fabian, Valra, and Ragna... Do you believe me or does your knowledge of us fall short?" he said, glaring into the Sealsdramon.

Ranney sighed, glancing at Strom. "What is with him?"


God of Monsters
"Don't waste your breath, Strom," said Ajax. "You, guard! Sealsdramon! This is Balion Flamdring of the Dramon Empire. He orders you to stand down and let us pass. You can either make way for us, or we will make way through you. It's as simple as that. Imposters wouldn't have given you that choice. Now move."

"Let them pass," said the Leomon. "We might as well. They're all Ultimates and Megas. They could crush us without breaking a sweat, even with N'damin guarding us."

"N'damin?" Theron asked, remembering the name.

"Yes," said the Leomon. "A former soldier of the Dramon Empire. He's one of the only Mega level Digimon around."

"A GigaSeadramon," Theron acknowledged. He turned to Osiris. "This might just be the answer we were looking for. N'damin can surely transport us across the ocean."

"But then who will protect us?" asked one of the Sealsdramon. "We cannot survive without at least one Mega on our side."

"I hadn't considered that," Theron muttered. "I suppose...I suppose I could stay behind while the rest of you go on ahead. I'll wait for you here."

"What about me?" Caesar asked. "I will wait here as well."

"No, Caesar," said Theron. "They'll need you, and you will have to learn to live without my guidance sooner or later." He turned to the Avengers. "So what do you say?"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Balion nodded in response to Ajax. "I should have thought of that." He soon looked over at the Gaiomon. "After our losses from the last battle, it'd be a shame to leave us with only two Dramon."

Ranney tentatively looked at Theron, subcosciously scratching the ground with his claws. After several moments of thought, he stepped forwards too. "You go on ahead! I was getting tired of walking anyways," he suggested, stepping forwards.

"Ranney?!" Strom almost shouted in surprise as he swung his head around to face the Dinorexmon. The green dinosaur shrugged. Strom let out a slightly surpressed grown before murmuring. "Fine. Stay. Who needs you?"

Ranney was initially taken aback and hurt, but he soon sneered at his friend. He went into a charge and headbutted Strom backwards. The MasterTyrannomon was thrown backwards, landing on his tail. Strom cringed and looked up to see Ranney standing over him and growling.

"What the heck is going on with you, Strom?! One minute it was like when we were best friends, but now you're treating me like I betrayed you all over again or something!" Ranney exclaimed.

The grey dinosaur grimaced and looked to the side. "Forget it."

"No," said Ranney, holding his claw to Strom's neck.

Strom growled. "... We'll talk in private..."

The Dinorexmon nodded and allowed Strom to stand. They walked away from the staring group just out of earshot. Ranney sighed. "Well?"

His friend growled. "What do you mean 'well?' Why are you staying here?"

Ranney gave him a look. "To protect the village and the refugees- Theron is more of an asset to your group than I am. It has nothing to do with me not wanting to be friends with you. But why are you acting so p*ssed off at everything? And don't say it's because of Karmas and Fabian because you were angry before you found out about what happened to them!"

Strom averted his gaze. "I'm not! Leave me alone!" he snapped.

"Tell me; you're a horrible liar..."

Strom's eyes were staring at the ground, but they slowly moved towards Nova.

Ranney noticed this and his eyes lit up. "Strom has a cru-ush," he chimed, but not loudly enough for the others to hear.

The MasterTyrannomon's face tinted red. "I do not!" he angrily shot back, turning his face in the other direction to hide his flushed snout and cheeks.

"Yes you do!" Ranney said, barely able to contain his laughter.

Strom growled and glared at Ranney. "No... I-"

"Yes you do!" the Dinorexmon said again, laughing hard at the same time.

Strom's face grew even redder. "Rrrrrrgh. It doesn't matter anyways!"

Ranney managed to halt his chuckling for a moment. "What do ya mean?"

"She's in love with Gatmuz, and Gatmuz is in love with her. Besides, in my regular form I'm double her size! The relationship would never work, so just forget it, Ranney," Strom said with underlying anger and sadness in his voice.

Ranney's face grew more serious and he placed his claw on Strom's shoulder, comfortingly. Strom sighed. "Thanks, pal. I'm sorry I took it out on you. Old habits, I guess..."

The Dinorexmon grinned slightly. "Well be careful Strom. I'll be fine here and I can't have you relying on my vast strength and fighting skill to keep you alive," he joked.

Strom managed a small chuckle. "Heh... whatever, Ranney."


Meanwhile, a Growlmon guard was hovering around the Avenger's group, looking at them with excitement and awe. He eagerly approached Erebus, who was giving him a look.

"... What?" The Cyberdramon said, looking down at him.

"Oh! Nothin'! Are you guys really the Avengers?! My name's Quintus!"

"... I'm not an Avenger. But these others are... I'm merely with them."

"Oh... cool!" he said, continuing to look around at them with eager eyes.
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Don't ask questions.
Rai was getting a kick out of Quintus's staring. Finally, the Rapidmon decided it might be fun to mess with him a little bit...

"Hey, Growlmon," he said, approaching Quintus, "watch this."

In a flash, Rai vanished, and reappeared a moment later behind the Growlmon. "Did you see that? No? You must have blinked."

Karasu rolled his eyes. That show-off. If I recall, he thought, I'm the one who taught Rai that move!

The Ravemon turned his gaze towards Strom and Ranney, talking. Strom looked sad, embarrassed, and angry all at the same time...a thing only Strom could do. "So Ranney's leaving..." he murmured, "another friend lost...but thankfully...not to death."

Meanwhile, back with Rai...

"You're Quintus, right? Heh. I'm Rai, the Digimon of Destiny. And this guy," Rai pointed to Erebus, "is Erebus, but he likes to be called 'Trevor'. Hehe..."


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Quintus was impressed. "Wow! That's awesome," he said with wonder, looking at both Rai and Erebus. "I can't believe I'm talking to an Avenger! Nice to meet you Rai and Trevor!"

Erebus rolled his eyes from under his helmet. What had Rai started?

"Can I come along with you guys? I know I can be useful!"

Erebus folded his arms across his chest. "I doubt it. The foes we face are more powerful than all of us combined... so far. I won't say no, but I can tell you what you should expect from the others."

Quintus looked as heartbroken as Strom for a brief second. "But-... Aw, come on!"

Balion put his hand to his chin in thought. "N'Damin... I think I remember that blowhard."


God of Monsters
"N'damin," Theron acknowledged with a bow. The collosal GigaSeadramon rose from the water, towering over the Avengers. "It's been quite some time."

"Indeed it has," said N'damin. "Last I heard, you were in self-imposed exile. What's wrong? Don't enjoy draconic supremacy?"

"No," Theron answered. "But the war is over. And we need your help."

"Yes," N'damin hissed. "You Avengers need my help. Why should I help you."

"Because we're all on the same side," Theron insisted. "We Avengers are from both sides of the Civil War."

"Yes," N'damin laughed. "Erebus the disobedient soldier, and Balion, who failed to recognize true supremacy in the High Emperor Imego."

Ajax growled at the mention of the name. "Would you get off your high horse already?" Ajax snapped. "You can go on and on about the Dramon Empire and Imego after we do what we need to do."

"And what is that?"

"We're going to kill Dracul Samhain," Ajax said simply. N'damin was silent, shocked speechless. "And we need your help."

"N'damin, did you ever hear the rumors of the Akashic Records in the frozen wastes to the north?" Theron asked.

"I have," said N'damin. "The Three Great Dramon sent many soldiers to die on foolhardy expeditions fo find this lost treasury of knowledge. Imego put a stop to that, however."

"Yes, yes," Ajax growled mockingly. "All hail Imego and whatever. That's where we're heading. To the frozen north. And we need transportation."

"You seek the Akashic Records?" N'damin laughed. "I'm not sure if I should be overjoyed or saddened. The mighty Avengers seek a mythical treasure that is sure to get them killed. On the other hand, you might be the best hope for stopping the Black King."

"Anubis Teth-Adam told us to seek knowledge of the beginning," said Theron. "The Akashic Records are the best way to go about that."

"So now you convene with gods?" N'damin chuckled. "You are trully something else, Theron. Very well. I'll provide your transportation to the wastes, though I don't know how you'll go about navigating them. But I cannot exactly leave these people to suffer at the hands of the Black King's soldiers."

"I've volunteered to stay behind," said Ranney.

"Fantastic," N'damin said with a roll of his eyes. "A dinosaur. What is the world coming to?"

"Ironically, that's what we're going to find out," Ajax countered, putting an end to the argument before it began. "Ranney'll do. He can handle himself in battle just fine.

"'Just fine', wow," Ranney said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Thanks for the vote of freakin' confidence." But Ajax silenced him with a glare.

"My Lord!" called a Sealsdramon. It rushed over and bowed to N'damin. "We have trouble! The Black King's patrols are nearing again."

"Send everyone underground," said N'damin. "Avengers, you want my trust, then help me stop this madness and defend my village."

As the Avengers turned to follow N'damin into battle, a powerful force struck the GigaSeadramon and knocked him to the ground. That in itself was an impressive feat, considering the size of N'damin, but once they caught sight of their new opponent, they weren't quite as surprised.

MaloMyotismon...leading a horde of Diaboromon and Infermon.

"Belial," N'damin growled. The MaloMyotismon was huge, standing taller than even strom.

"I'd heard the Avengers were nearby," said Belial. "And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to outdo Lazarus and Siegfried."

"Yeah?" Ajax snarled. He spun the Dunas, gathering power within the weapon. With a roar he released his Rage of Wyvern. The attack struck Belial, but he didn't seem to mind, and a swift backhand sent Ajax flying.

"How pitiful," Belial said. His voice was terrifying, coarse like gravel and deeper than the blackest depths of hell. "Let me show you how it is done. Screaming Darkness!" The living cannons on his shoulders opened, and two beams of terrible power exploded from them. They washed over the Avengers and knocked them to the ground.

"Damn it," Ajax growled as he rose to shaky feet. "For once I'd like to have an evil-free day."

The slavering, murderous Diaboromon horde wasn't so willing to oblige, and they leapt forward...


Don't ask questions.
Rai and Karasu looked at each other and nodded. The time for battle had come...again. Both Digimon rocketed into the sky, taking their usual battle positions, which allowed them to pick off enemies at a longer range.

"Rapid Fire!"

"Blast Wing!"

Both Digimon focused their attacks on an unsuspecting Diaboromon, knocking it backwards. Two Infermon took its place, screaming, "Spider Shooter!"

The bullets of pure energy drilled into Karasu's body, and sent him plummeting to the ground. Rai managed to soar to his rescue, and caught the Ravemon just in time. Placing Karasu on the ground, Rai said, "First time they've used Infermon on us. They have a faster long-range attack than Diaboromon...could be trouble."

"Y-yes..." Karasu grunted, clutching his side and struggling to his feet. "It does...leave a bit of a sting."

"We should probably take care of them first, then," Rai pointed out. "That way the others can focus on the Diaboromon and not have to worry about these stupid spiders!"

Karasu smiled. "Good thinking. Let's go!"

Rai sprinted forward at three Infermon. He leaped over them, performed a midair somersault, and then landed gracefully behind them. "Eat this! Rapid Fire!"

The Rapidmon's missiles engulfed the Infermon trio in a fiery explosion. Karasu, not wasting any time, charged headlong into the smoke, with sword raised. He dispersed the smog a moment later with a flap of his wings, revealing three disintegrating Infermon at his feet.

He nodded to Rai. "Now, onto the next bunch!"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Quitus' ears perked up at the name 'Akashic Records'. "Hey! I know where those are!" he called out, but was pulled by one of the guards into a crowd of digimon that were heading for the caves.

At the cost of some energy, Strom digivolved back into his Spinomon form. He growled angrily and began his medium-range barrage. "Sonic Slash Rain!" he began firing the high velocity blades from his back and watched them slice into the charging Diaboromon foes. "Heh heh..." he chuckled coldly.

"Ray of Victory!" Balion called out while shooting a blue beam of energy from the 'V'-shaped crest on his armour towards a Diaboromon, searing a 'V'-shaped burn deep into its chest. He continued until that burn was a whole through the digimon, which he watched fall apart.

With a flap of his wings, Balion was zooming past Rai with his sword drawn, allowing it to slice into Diaboromon and Infermon as he flew. "Can you beat that speed, bunny?"

Erebus had also taken to the air, after shooting a glare at N'Damin. He unleashed several Desolation Claws into the crowd while aptly dodging ranged attacks. A Web Crusher attack clipped his wing and he faultered in his flying. The Cyberdramon quickly descended to the ground, much preferring a hand-to-hand battle anyways.

"Cyber Nail!" he roared, hacking his sharp claws into a Diaboromon.

Ranney jumped onto the same Diaboromon's back and impaled it with one of his giant claws. As he waited for the digimon to disintegrate, he incinerated two Infermon with one Ogre Flame.

"Hah. 'Just fine' my tail! I'm defending the heck outta this town!" he said, turning around and slicing into another Diaboromon.


Knight of RPGs
Nova and Gatmuz rose to face Belial.

"SLIDE EVOLUTION!" they called together.



As their advanced forms, they faced the towering MaloMyotismon. The two lovers nodded to one another, then Nova charged, Gatmuz readying his arsenal.

"FULL METAL BLAZE!" the ZeedGarurumon roared, unleashing his weapons in a storm of munitions that detonated with titanic booms, hiding Belial from sight behind a pillar of pitch-black smoke.

"You got him!" Nova exclaimed.

"I doubt it," Osiris said darkly, ascending to stand beside her as Raihimon.

Unfortunately, Osiris proved himself very wise. A gravelly laugh came through the smoke as it dissapated, revealing a soot-stained, but unharmed Belial. The MaloMyotismon chuckled as he opened his cannons again.


The twin darkness blasts screamed thorugh the air, aimed at Gatmuz. The swift ZeedGarurumon moved to evade, but one of the blasts clipped him and detonated, tossing Gatmuz into the ground and breaking the Slide Evolution, reverting him to MirageGaogamon.

"You'll pay for hurting him!" Nova roared, charging and raising her claymore as fiery energy gathered at its tip.


She unleashed the blast with almighty force, the orange flames lapping against Belial. He gave a mock scream, then laughed as he batted the flames aside.

"That tickles," he remarked.

"This WON'T!" Nova roared "DRAMON BREAKER!" The great claymore was swung, cutting into Belial's flesh. The MaloMyotismon gave a grunt of pain before calmly batting Nova aside.

"Cool down," he chuckled "CRIMSON MIST!"

Acidic mist, crimson in hue, poured from his cannons, engulfing Nova. She screamed as the acid began to eat into her, melting her flesh.

"Nova! Gatmuz!" Osiris yelled, terrified by how easily Belial had dealt with them. The Raihimon gave a feral snarl as he ascended. The MaloMyotismon gave a laugh as he watched Osiris.

"Another Avenger wants to try his luck?" he laughed.

"Not just any Avenger," Osiris said "one of the first Avengers."

"First, last, it makes no difference."

"We'll see!" Osiris barked.

"Frozen darkness, blackest heart, thus become Death, soul torn apart! I call on you, spirits of hate, come to me, defy your fate!"

He became shrouded in cold darkness as his body became the almighty Ancient, the God of Death, AncientSphinxmon.

"Ancient Evolution! AncientSphinxmon!"

He emerged with a great roar, facing Belial. The MaloMyotismon smirked.

"Screaming Darkness!"

"Dark Roar!"

Their attacks collided in mid-air, detonating with incredible force...


Don't ask questions.
With a flap of his wings, Balion was zooming past Rai with his sword drawn, allowing it to slice into Diaboromon and Infermon as he flew. "Can you beat that speed, bunny?"

Rai chuckled, rocketing past the UlForceVeedramon. "With my eyes closed, blue-dude!"

He fired off a barrage of missiles at two Infermon, engulfing them and decimating them completely. Rai then proceeded to blow up another few, suffering only one or two less-than-fatal hits in the process. A Diaboromon leaped at him, but soon found itself staring into the barrel of his right cannon.

"Rapid Fire!"

The Diaboromon was sent hurtling through the air, and straight into Karasu's clutches. "Spiral Raven Claw!" he shouted, ripping through the enemy Digimon.

Rai hurled himself into the midst of several Infermon, exploding the entire bunch with his missiles. He emerged from the smoke a moment later, with charred armor, but little other damage. "Heh. These Infermon aren't so tough..."

He was interrupted by a Diaboromon that attacked him from behind, and pinned him to the ground. "...but their Diaboromon cousins are pretty good!"

Rai smacked the Diaboromon across the face with his arm cannon, knocking it backwards, just enough so he could get back on his feet. "Alright, Diaboromon! Come and get me!"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Strom stomped through the crowd, allowing a few less-than bright Infermon who tried to get the jump on him be impaled on his spikes. He bashed any surrounding foe away with his tail and claws as he stormed towards his target, Belial. "I'll destroy him..." he whispered to himself, the metal inside of him beginning to quickly heat up.

"Blue Prominance!" he released the torrent of sapphire heat energy from his mouth and it struck into the 'Sodom' cannon on Belial's left shoulder. The MaloMyotismon winced slightly and briefly turned his attention to Strom.

"Pandemonium Flare!" he shouted. He fired two massive beams from his cannons towards Strom, who quickly ducked and used his metal back as a shield.

"Damn..." Strom winced, feeling the burning pain. "Sonic Slash Rain!" he growled, shooting the blades which were heated by Belial's attack, back at the Black Hand.


Rai chuckled, rocketing past the UlForceVeedramon. "With my eyes closed, blue-dude!"

Balion grinned competitively, flying after him to match his speed. "You can't kill if you can't see, rabbit."

Immediately after saying that, a Diaboromon got in front of Balion just at the wrong time and he went crashing into the creature. The UlforceVeedramon swore as he rolled along the ground, but he quickly got to his feet to face the Diaboromon who was also shaking himself to regain his senses from the blow. Balion charged and plunged his sword into the Diaboromon's chest, before activating his beam shield, slamming it vertically down, and decapitating it with the edge of the shield.

"Now where did that damn golden bunny go?"


Don't ask questions.
Rai grinned underneath his helmet. "I'm over here, Ballyhoo!" he exclaimed, blasting a Diaboromon with his eyes closed. "And I guess I can kill if I can't see--whoa!"

He was interrupted by another Diaboromon that attacked him from behind. Rai was sent hurtling a few feet away. He skidded to a stop, and fired off two missiles, both of which were dodged by the limber Digimon. "Oh, a smart-guy, huh?" Rai muttered. He streaked forward, and clotheslined the Diaboromon with his arm cannon (a thing he enjoyed doing).

Rai halted just a few yards away from Balion, and shouted, "Hey, Ballyhoo, how many have you killed so far? I've got twelve!"

Meanwhile, Karasu was slicing and dicing several Infermon into little, tiny spider bits. He was bringing a whole new meaning to 'itsy-bitsy spider'. A Diaboromon lunged at him, but was dodged, and then decapitated by Karasu's sword. The Ravemon then turned to his next victim...and repeated the process.


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Balion sneered. "Eleven..." he said. Immediately after, he sliced an Infermon down the middle. "Twelve... Belial counts for fifty... And call me 'Ballyhoo' again and you'll be my thirteenth!" he threatened.

Balion was hit in the back by a Web Wrecker attack and was sent sprawling across the ground. He flipped onto his back just as a Diaboromon was lunging at him. He bashed the Diaboromon away with his shield and the creature flew towards an unsuspecting Rai.

"Oops... Ray of Victory!" he called out, hoping to blast the Diaboromon before it hit Rai...


Erebus and Ranney were surrounded by foes. Erebus looked around cautiously, waiting for one of them to jump at them. "... Dinorexmon... follow my lead."

Erebus jumped and glided upwards, over there encirclement. Ranney lunged after him, following suit. One Infermon jumped up to catch Erebus in midair, but the Cyberdramon slammed his claws downwards, and the Infermon fell like a comet to the ground. Both he and Ranney landed on the otherside of the circle and they turned around.

"Desolation Claw!"

"Ogre Flame!"

The pair opened up on the crowd, barraging them with continuous, powerful ranged attacks of fire and energy. Many of the foes tried to get around it, but Erebus and Ranney's teamwork was precise, constant, and effective. They ceased firing and both were panting heavily, but there were none left battle-worthy.


God of Monsters
Belial roared forward. He grabbed Osiris with both giant hands and lifted the Ancient over his head, threatening to rip him in half. Osiris fought back, but Belial possessed strength on a cosmic scale. As he ripped at Osiris, data particles began to bleed away from Osiris and swirl into the air.

"I don't think so," Theron growled. He leaped up onto Belial's shoulders and stabbed the deadly Kiku Rin scimitars into the back of his neck. "Gaia Reactor!" he roared. Power detonated from within Belial, and the Demon Lord let out a howl of pain. "Rinkazan!" Theron jumped back and brought his swords down, slicing two burning lines along Belial's back, forcing him to drop Osiris. "Ajax, now!"

Ajax leaped forward with the Dunas at the ready. He swung it with all his might, slashing it across Belial's face. He struck twice more and Belial stumbled, he tripped over Strom and landed on his back. Ajax landed on his chest and pointed the Dunas at his face.

"Final Crest!" the knight shouted, blasting Belial with an intense beam. But Belial wasn't put down by the terrific combination of attacks. He surged forward, catching Ajax in his terrible hand and crushing him into the ground. Belial's Soddom cannon began to open.

"Screaming Darkne-"

"Magna Punch!" Caesar shouted. The blow sent Belial tumbling back, and the Magnamon continued his assualt. Six more Magna Punches and a Magna Kick later, and Belial was actually lifted off his feet and thrown through the air. He skidded to a stop and groaned in pain.

"Now!" Ajax called out. "Rage of Wyvern!"

"Gaia Reactor!"

"Magna Blast!"

"Twin Blades of Beauty and Truth!" Kairi added.

The four attacks slammed into Belial. The Demon Lord roared in pain as he was engulfed by fire and light. But when the light faded and the fires died, Belial was still there. In fact, he was still standing.

"Is that all you have to offer?" he said with a dark laugh. "No wonder Lazarus and Siegfried beat you so handily. You're nothing. Mental Illusion!" Cold light ripped from Belial's eyes and washed over the Avengers. The light was designed to pierce through their self-made facades, and to trap them in the world of their own desires...