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Digimon: Dark Reign (RPG Thread)


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Erebus looked around and found that he stood in a plain of darkness. A black mist was all around him and not a sliver of light was visible. He felt something squirming from underneath his foot. Erebus looked down and saw that underneath his clawed foot was a frightened Dracul Samhain. The GranDracmon looked up at him with begging eyes.

"Please... Have mercy, Trevor!" he pleaded.

Erebus stared down at him. "Did you have mercy?"

Before Samhain could answer, Erebus interrupted him. "DESOLATION CLAW!"

He released two blades of energy which pierced into Samhain, who let out a tearing cry of pain before he disintigrated. As he disappeared, all the darkness around Erebus was slowly replaced with light. All the lands of the world were restored and all the evil digimon were destroyed.

A genuine smile appeared on Erebus' face. "Heh heh..."


Ranney curiously looked around and saw himself standing in front of Strom with all of the members of the Paleozoic Sovereignty standing in rank behind him.

"Ranney! Best buddy!" Strom heartily greeted giving him a pat on the shoulder.

"Hey! What's going on?" he asked looking around.

"Nothing. We just proclaimed this day 'Ranney Day'! Your species and you, especially, have been recognized as the strongest species of not only dinosaurs, but all digimon in the world! You're especially stronger than I am! And because of that..." Strom snapped his claws and two Allomon brought over a mound of food twice the size of Strom along with a gold statue of Ranney. "you get these!"

"Wow, thanks! This is awesome!" Ranney exclaimed excitedly, as he drooled with hunger, staring at the mound of food.

Strom grinned. "Nothing but the best for my best friend!"


Balion lazily soared through the sky, doing nothing in particular. He amused himself by doing a few aerial tricks. In the air, he saw Lazarus, Siegfried, and Belial. Balion swooped in and began engaging them in battle similtaneously.

"Hah!" he chuckled to himself, as he blocked their attacks and hit them with his own.

Gotungir suddenly appeared beside Balion, who continued in battling. As he swiped his sword, he looked up. "Gotungir? I thought you were-"

"Alive," he interrupted. "And so are the Three Great Dramon."

"How can that be?" he asked after beheading Lazarus and moving on to duel Siegfried.

"It matters not. They are alive," Gotungir said.

"Does that mean Imego is?" asked Balion with a sneer.

The idle UlforceVeedramon nodded. "He awaits your punishment, Balion. Also, I entrust you with the power of the Future Mode."

"I was expecting that... but then you went and died."

Gotungir folded his arms. "Yes, well, you deserve it more than I."

Balion nodded as he thrust his beam sword into Siegfried's chest. Suddenly, Gotungir was replaced by a Slayerdramon. Balion was confused, but he didn't question it.

"Nice kill," the Slayerdramon said.

"Yeah... It was," Balion replied, kicking the body off of his sword and beginning to fight Belial.

"After you're done kicking that thing's butt, wanna grab some food and hang out?" asked the Dramon.

Balion stopped mid-swing and looked at the Slayerdramon. "... What?"

"You want to, you know, like be friends?" he asked.

Balion was stunned and he stared at him. "... Sure," he replied, hiding his inner joy and surprise.

"Terrific, now why don't you finish off that digimon?"

Balion nodded. "Ray of Victory!" he yelled, firing a beam that caused his foe to explode...


Strom groggily looked around. "What the-..." he sputtered, blurry eyed.

The Spinomon looked around and he was standing in an empty desert.

A familiar voice sounded off from behind him. "Strom!"

The Spinomon immediately turned around and saw Braon. "Braon?!" he shouted in shock.

"Good to see ya," he said with a grin.

"But you're-..."

"Dead? Wrong... We're all alive."

Suddenly, next to him appeared Ragna, Valra, Karmas, and Fabian. Strom blinked in shock, and suddenly all of the Avengers were there. Nova walked forwards, out of the group and towards Strom.

"Nova..." he said in surprise.

She reached up to put her hand on his. Strom suddenly felt a wave of happiness and warmth inside of him. The two leaned in towards each other to kiss...

...But something happened with Strom's mind...

All of a sudden, he was in the middle of a shadowy desert which had black sand. The sky was a dark purple. Imego, Samhain... and Gatmuz... all stood side by side at the bottom of a black dune.

All the warmth inside of Strom disappeared and was replaced with a fury- an uncontrollable hate. He lunged towards them, claws drawn.

"YOU TOOK THEM FROM ME!" he bellowed. He first targetted Imego. Strom raised his claws and he began ripping the Imperialdramon apart in a frenzied rage. After he was fully satisfied with his destruction of Imego, the Spinomon turned to Samhain.

Strom slashed mercilessly into the GranDracmon. "BLUE PROMINACE!" he roared, shooting azure plasma from his mouth which left a gaping hole in Dracul Samhain's chest.

"SONIC SLASH RAIN!" he roared, firing his entire arsenal of blades into Samhain, leaving his disintigrating corpse looking like a sword cushion.

Strom then turned his attention to Gatmuz. Snarling, he ran forwards and raised his claws and began to bring them down...

Before he could, Strom found himself in the desert with his friends again. The warm feeling inside of him had returned and replaced the destructive hate he had previously felt. Though Strom had no knowledge that seconds before, he was fully intent on ripping three digimon to bloody shreds...

(OOC: That was fun. Strom's was probably the most interesting to me. Balion's was definately the hardest for me to pull off)


Knight of RPGs
(Alright, I loved those right up to the point where Strom saw Gatmuz as one of 'the Big Three' worst enemies for him. I don't hate you Griff... but seriously, does Strom always get ****** off with one of my characters?)

Gatmuz blinked.

He was in the middle of a vast rolling plain, with Digimon all around. Standing beside him were two Digimon, one an AncientGarurumon (OOC: Not Jager!), the other Nova.

The AncientGarurumon knelt.

"Lord Gatmuz," he spoke "I humbly grant you the final might of your kind... an Ancient Evolution." He dissolved into data that flowed into Gatmuz...

"Ancient Evolution! AncientGarurumon!"

He stood proud as the cream armoured warrior of Light, AncientGarurumon, wielding his twin Sharpness Claymore blades.

"Hail Gatmuz! Hail Gatmuz!" a crowd of appearing Digimon shouted "hail the legendary Gatmuz!"

"Legendary... Gatmuz? Has a nice ring to it."

Then Dracul Samhain appeared, a legion of Diaboromon, headed by Lazarus, Siegfried and Belial beneath him.

But the Digimon with Gatmuz stood firm.

"Save us, Gatmuz!" they called.

He did.

He charged into the midst of Samhain's legions, invincible, untouchable. His swords ripped Diaboromon to shreds.

Then he found Lazarus before him...

The Piedmon was reduced to bloody scraps of dissolving data by a few vicious strikes. Siegfried and Belial soon followed.

Finally, there was Samhain. Gatmuz beheaded the Black King and stood resolute.

He was a savior, no longer the unknown warrior...


Nova stood alone, blinking. She was in the midst of a boiling sea, and before her was a black-armoured Imperialdramon, Imego's Kaiser Mode.

"With me," she heard Gatmuz say, and suddenly, they were both in Burst Mode. They charged Imego together. The Hell Kaiser of the Digital World swung his Twilight Sword, but their weapons broke the blade and tore through Imego, destroying him instantly.

The sea calmed and they were on an island.

Around them were the Avengers, and the Digimon Nova had protected. She watched them playing, and she was happy.

"You saved them," Gatmuz said "Gog and Magog were never unleashed becuase you killed Imego first."

"I... did?"

"Yes. I fought beside you, but your blade ended him. Nova... I love you. Will you marry me?"

"I... will, Gatmuz."

They kissed and their comrades swarmed in to congratulate them...


Osiris was alone. He wandered the beautiful Digital World alone, seeing so much. Grass brushed his bare feet, plants caressing his body as he pushed through them.



And, in a second, the two Digimon he wanted to see stood there.

Ragna and Valra.

The Dynasmon smiled and raised the Wyrmflame in his grip.

"You earned it," he said, giving Osiris the blade.

"You did," Valra added.

"No," Osiris muttered "but... you're dead. This cannot be..."

"Dead?" they asked "you're mistaken. We're here."

"My senses say this is real... but at the same time... I know this is wrong."

"Osiris," Ragna said "we're here."

"This cannot be," Osiris murmured...


God of Monsters
There was peace. The warm breeze washed over him dotted with the smell of wild flowers. The sun shone bright and golden. The sky was pure, peaceful blue, the grass green. The snow-peaked mountains in the distance whispered archaic poetry. There was peace.

Theron sighed happily. He sat cross-legged on the top of a hill. He had been meditating for the last several hours, and that made the world seem that much calmer and at ease. The world seemed to whisper its happiness.

The Gaiomon stood and walked back to his campsite. His fire had long since died down, but he pointed a single finger to a new pile of sticks and brush and he had a nice fire once more. He watched as the sun set below the mountains, casting infinite shades of crimson, sapphire, violet, and gold across the sky and earth. Theron let out a contented sigh and closed his eyes. It would be a beautiful night. The stars would shine brightly and beautifully, as they had every night since Dracul Samhain's defeat.

Theron lay back. Life was good.


Kairi's attack detonated and Lazarus was blown to pieces. The clown died with a psychotic laugh on his lips, but Kairi had seen the true fear in his eyes. And as he drifted away with the wind, she let a breath escape her lips.

"That was for Fabian," she whispered. She then knelt and picked up the keychain of Karmas. She placed a glowing finger to it, and Karmas returned to normal.

"Kairi, my love," Karmas whispered as he embraced her. She leaned into him, remembering the smell of his fur, the strength and warmth of his arms, and the beat of his heart. "You did it."

"I had to have you back, Karmas," she said softly, afraid it would be little more than a dream. "Besides, you'd make an awful keychain. You'd forget your fur if it wasn't attached to you."

The shared a laugh, and Kairi sighed. Life was good.


There was war. Endless waves of enemies. Mountains upon mountains of foes. They all rushed towards him, but he was ready. The Dunas clove through his enemies. He speared them, smashed them, decapitated them, dismembered them, disemboweled them, destroyed them, and shattered them. Ajax took only a moment to catch his breath, then steeled himself as another wave came.

Ajax hurled himself into their midst. Power ripped from his very core and he slaughtered everything that came before his axe. It didn't matter who they were. Celestial or Demon Lord, Dramon or Rebel. All that mattered was that they were his foes. And he was their end.

The Crimson Form erupted from his heart and his spirit redoubled its efforts. Nothing could stand before him. Not Imego, not Hyperion, not Arahon, not Dracul Samhain, not even Fanglongmon. He was finally the ultimate warrior, perfect in every regard. It mattered not why he fought; only that he did.

Ajax let out a bloodthirsty roar and hurled himself back into battle. Life was good.


He watched everything. He saw the waves, the winds, and the flutter of Digimon halfway across the world. He felt the breath of the trees and the grass; he heard the deep songs of the ocean's depths, and the ancient poetry of the mountains. He heard the crack of lightning a world away. He saw atoms split and electrons flash. The world was perfectly. Crystal. Clear. Caesar Magnus let out a breath, and felt the world shift with it. He sighed contentedly. The world was perfect.

Only...it wasn't supposed to be.

Caesar could see that. Because he could see the entire world and all the lines of data that ran through it, he knew something was wrong. All the data was too perfect, too artful, and too artificial. Caesar opened himself up to the world, but found he could only perceive it on a superficial level. Only the surface was open to him.

"This...isn't real," he realized with dread. At once everything came back to him. The battle with Belial, his attack, this sense of peace. He understood what had happened in that moment, and though his dream begged him to forget, Caesar could do no such thing. For in that moment, he saw with perfect clarity, and he could not be dissuaded by simple illusions.

"NO!!!" he roared.

The illusion shattered away and Caesar found himself back facing Belial. Almost no time had passed; the light was just beginning to die down from Belial's eyes. The universal clarity in Caesar's mind began to fade, but his regular facilities were more than capable of processing what had transpired. His body lit with golden energies.

Belial would pay.

"Magna Blast!" he called out. Golden power ripped from his armor and slammed into Belial. The monster lost his concentration and fell back, and in that instant the rest of the Avengers began to emerge from their own illusions. Some like Kairi and Theron were heartbroken by the revelation that their dreams had been just dreams. Others like Ajax were horrified by what their heart's desires truly were. But they were free from Belial's illusions, and they were all quite angry.

"That's it," Theron growled, showing an uncharacteristic savagery (despite his name). "No more holding back. Nova, Gatmuz, Karasu...Burst Mode. Osiris, summon your ancient power. The rest of you, power up and hit him with everything. We'll make him regret that.

"I call upon the voices of dragons past. Lend to me your might amassed. As shadows fall to fire's light. You shall burn like my power, the dragon's might! Ancient Evolution!" Fire flared and roared around Theron's body. Howling and burning. "AncientGreymon!" With burning red armor and fiery wings, Theron let out a tremendous roar.

"Omega Corona!"


Knight of RPGs
Nova and Gatmuz snarled in rage, glaring at the monster who had decieved them.

They didn't focus on their desires, though thoughts of them crossed their minds.

"Blazing courage, shining light, soar higher than before, beyond mortal sight! When all seems dark, my hope shines bright, thus transform, overcome the blackest night! Burst Evolution! ShineGreymon Burst Mode!"

"Chilling honour, shrouding night, become stronger than before, a star so deathly bright! When hope fades away, call upon the light, thus transform, overwhelm the Black King's might! Burst Evolution! MirageGaogamon Burst Mode!"

They stood together as their respective Burst Modes, raising their weapons.

"Corona Blaze Sword!" Nova called, merging her sword and shield into a more powerful blade, which she gripped with both hands. Gatmuz spun his staff in his grip, before deciding on the mace end to attack with.

Osiris stared Belial right in the eye as he began his Evolution...

"Frozen darkness, blackest heart, thus become Death, soul torn apart! I call on you, spirits of hate, come to me, defy your fate! Ancient Evolution! AncientSphinxmon!"

He ascended higher, roaring his rage at the beastwho had tricked them...


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
(Alright, I loved those right up to the point where Strom saw Gatmuz as one of 'the Big Three' worst enemies for him. I don't hate you Griff... but seriously, does Strom always get ****** off with one of my characters?)
(OOC: Heh heh... Nothing personal, pal. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Strom would never intend to kill Gatmuz, but I needed to show what his rage could amount to if he was pressed enough (i.e. hurting someone on his own side)- I needed that dark, surreal moment to divide the sarcastic, lovable Strom from the spiteful, revenge-seeking Strom that we slightly saw in Civil War, but was enhanced due to something... [/mysterious]

He's just kinda p*ssed off at Gatmuz this particular day, for reasons that are hopefully clear. Don't worry, it probably won't be like Strom and Ragna's rivalry... the dinosaur is just a bit jealous. :p)

Ranney growled and wiped the drool from his snout. "You made me remember how hungry I was!" he yelled stomping towards Belial. "Ogre Flame! Ogre Flame! OGRE FLAME!" he roared as he launched multiple flames at the colossal digimon.

Erebus was also snarling ferally. He knew now that he still had work to do. He flew alongside an enraged Balion towards Belial. The two broke off in opposite directions and circled around Belial in a pincer movement. Erebus hit him from the left and Balion from the right.

Strom, however, stood completely still. He hadn't heard a single word Theron or anyone else had said. His jaw was left completely slack and his eyes wide.

"What had just happened?"

His eyes looked towards Gatmuz. At that moment, he didn't feel hate at the digimon... but a fear at himself that he couldn't explain. He was busy remembering bits and pieces of his dream. He remembered Braon, Ragna, the others who were lost, Nova... and..." A brief flicker of him about to attack Gatmuz entered his mind and then left just as quickly.

He felt his heart freeze and his eyes widen. And then he felt a burning pain in his palm again.

"...Wh-... What's wrong with me?!"

Strom then felt a sharp pain in the left side of his brain. He cringed and opened his flinching eyes.

"Damn it... Gotta focus," he said to himself. He shook himself back into reality and honed in on Belial, who he began to walk towards. The Spinomon was very insecure about himself now as he walked. What had he dreamed? What was going on with him? Why had that thought entered his mind?

These were things that he anxiously thought of, but knew that he couldn't address them now. He had to focus on Belial.

"Blue Prominance!"


Don't ask questions.
((OOC: I'll just go ahead and do some short illusions, just to show that my characters had them.))

Rai grinned underneath his helmet. A sprawling beach...the sea...the sun...and forty female Rapidmon...and they were all his...

The beautiful (by Rai's standards) Rapidmon 'babes' surrounded him, giving him complements on how awesome he was. Rai just shrugged and laughed. He knew how awesome he was. Everybody knew that. He was famous; the guy who saved the world from Imego, who mysteriously returned from the dead; the guy who defeated Samhain and the seven Black Hands single-handedly; the guy who beat Karasu and Balion in a flying race...

"Greetings, Mastah Rai," said one of his 'babes', handing him a gold trophy, "this is for defeating Karasu by twenty minutes and Balion by twenty-four hours in the race around the world!"

Rai chuckled, and brandished his huge muscles. "Aw, it was nothin'. Trust me, I'm awesome."


Karasu lay under a tree, napping. Life was good.


Rai blinked. What...what had just happened? First, he had been fighting two Diaboromon, and he then found himself in a world, where only female Rapidmon resided...the perfect paradise...and then he found himself stuck with the two Diaboromon again...

"Rats...stupid freaks..." he spat, firing off two missiles in their direction. The missiles exploded on impact, decimating both completely. He then turned his attention to another group of Diaboromon. Charging at them, Rai let loose a flurry of missiles, blowing them up. He jumped into the fray, and sent them all flying with a well-timed explosion.

Meanwhile, Karasu exclaimed, "Look to the air, foul beasts, and stare! For by my power, you will fall! One by one, I will destroy you all! Ravemon Digivolve to...Ravemon Burst Mode!"

Karasu, now in Burst Mode, hurled himself at blinding speed towards Belial. He tackled the mighty Digimon, knocking him back a mere foot. Before Belial could strike back, Karasu leaped backwards. "Mourning Dance!!!"

Bursts of energy sliced into Belial's body, leaving small cuts and gashes. "Now! Let's get him!" Karasu shouted, charging...
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God of Monsters
Power roared into the sky the likes of which hadn't been brought to bear against a single being since Imego and the Civil War. And Belial, try as he might, was no Imego. Caesar's Magna Blast and Ajax's Shield of the Just joined in the blast. The power overwhelmed Belial, and the MaloMyotismon was thrown off his feet. The Avengers gathered around him and he groaned in pain.

"We'll meet again," Belial snarled as he rose to his feet. With a roar, he leaped into the air and disappeared into the black sky. The dozen Diaboromon that he had commanded seemed at a loss until Caesar flew into their midst and annihilated them one by one.

"I think we just won," said Ranney. "Am I wrong? We did win, didn't we? Big bad and ugly flew away. Mr. Golden Fancypants just killed the rest of the bad guys. That counts as a win, right?"

"It does indeed," said Theron with a smile. He had returned to his Gaiomon form. "N'damin, are you still able to provide us with transportation?"

"I am," the GigaSeadramon answered. "It will take more than Belial to keep me from seeing the Black King dead."

Theron nodded his thanks and turned to Ranney. "Thank you. What you've volunteered to do...we wouldn't be able to make it without that. If you can, find that Growlmon; the one who said he knew how to navigate the northern wastes." Ranney gave a nod and went to search through the refugees.

"Kairi," said Ajax, finally approaching the Sakuyamon. "You've very quiet as of late."

"Sorry," she snapped bitterly. "My love was turned into a keychain and my friend was slaughtered...all by a psychotic clown. Forgive me for not leaping for joy and chatting up a storm." She stopped and looked at the ground in shame. "I'm sorry, Ajax," she said honestly. "You don't deserve my anger. The truth is, Belial showed me a world where Karmas and I were reunited. I was so happy, but then it went away. What did he show you?"

Ajax moved to reply, but the flashes of war and battle in his mind stopped him. There was no way Kairi or any of the Avengers could understand. To want such bloodshed, to want war like nothing else...

"He showed me everything I ever wanted," Ajax said.

"What was it?" Kairi asked.

"Inconsequential," Ajax muttered dismissively. "It wasn't real..."


A few minutes later, and the Avengers, minus Ranney and with the additional Growlmon escort, were standing within a transport compartment in N'damin's armor. They were resting: two difficult battles had taken their tolls on the group, and they were all pretty much exhausted.

"Get some rest," said N'damin. "You've all earned it. I'll alert you when we near the northern wastes."

Theron dropped down and immediately began to meditate. He let the serene sound of the ocean waves wash through him and felt himself drifting off into a trance. Ajax was much more restless. He kept from pacing back and forth only because he knew this would antagonize the rest of the Avengers.

"Quintus. Osiris," he said and motioned for the Anubismon and Growlmon to join him off in a corner. "Are you sure you can navigate the wastes?" he asked Quintus. "It's a barren frozen desert. How do you even know where to look?"


Knight of RPGs
Osiris realised he hadn't even considered that point. Navigation in a place like that...

Nowhere near easy.

Nova and Gatmuz sat together, Nova seeming relaxed for once in a while. Gatmuz's arm was wrapped around her shoulders lightly, and she was resting her head on his shoulder.

"What did you see?" she asked him sleepily.

"What do you mean?"

"When Belial had us in those illusions... what did you see?"

"Oh... I was in this place with you, and a load of other Digimon... I became AncientGarurumon and everyone was cheering my name... I fought Samhain and won. What about you?"

"Me... we were in our Burst Modes, fighting Imego in his Kaiser Mode... we killed him and everyone was there... even the dead... and then you..."

"What did I do?"

"You... asked me to... marry you," Nova said, blushing beneath her armour.


"Yeah... you did..." she replied, still blushing "but it was just a dream. Wonder what Osiris saw?"


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
Quintus nodded. He was still shocked to be in the presence of such famous digimon, even though they were once enemies. "Of course! I pretty much lived there for most of the time since the Diaboromon invaded, that is until I met up with some other digimon who were heading to the underground. I know about 80% of it like the back of my claw," he insisted.

He impatiently tapped his clawed foot, eager to go off and talk with the other Avengers.

Erebus was lying on his back with his hands behind his head, resting. Nearby, Balion was busy cleaning his armour. He briefly glanced up and looked at Strom, who was sitting as far away from the others as possible.

"Hey, dinosaur! What's with you? Are you finally conscious of your own foul scent?" joked Balion.

Strom didn't reply. He was either ignoring him or had so much on his mind that he blocked him out. Balion walked over to Strom and folded his arms.

He noticed the scars on Strom's chest and oddly coloured blue scars on his left palm. "Where did you get those?"

The Spinomon blinked and looked down at Balion. He first pointed at the ones of his chest. "From a Dramon interrogation..." he said coldly. Strom then looked at his hand. "And this is from my friend's sword."

Balion looked around at the Avengers. "The Ravemon's?" The Dramon asked. Strom shook his head. "The Anubismon?" Strom shook his head again. Balion didn't know who else here Strom was friends with that wielded a sword as some point. "What? So did he do something idiotic and get himself slain?" joked the UlforceVeedramon.

Strom's eyes widened and his face became filled with rage. The Spinomon swung his claw, hitting Balion into the side of the compartment and pinned him against it. "Shut up, you Dramon scum!" Strom growled, glaring into Balion.

Erebus was awoken by the loud noise. Upon turning his head to see what it was, he ignored it and attempted to sleep again.


Knight of RPGs
Osiris heard Balion's words, then noticed Strom slamming the UlforceVeedramon into the side of the compartment.

"Strom!" the Anubismon yelled, dashing over to the Spinomon "he might be a disrespectful *******, but put him down!"

"Looks like Balion finally went too far," Gatmuz commented.

Osiris glared at the UlforceVeedramon with utter rage in his eyes.

"Balion," he snarled "if you EVER insult one of my friends, dead or alive, again, I'll gladly relieve you of your mouth. I will not tolerate that disrespect towards someone who gave their LIFE to free the Digital World of your damn Empire! Let me tell you something, Balion! You know my battle cry? Towards our Future? That Digimon you just insulted inspired those words! He said them even as Imego, the Lord of your Empire, killed him!"

"I wouldn't want to be in Balion's boots right now," Gatmuz muttered.

"So, you stuck-up *******," Osiris growled "have a little respect for once. I won't tolerate you insulting those who gave their lives for the world."


No. 1 Grovyle Fan
"How was I supposed to know that he was dead?" Balion retorted. "It was just a damn joke!"

Strom kept pinning Balion to the side, still glaring into him.

"...Hey... Want to unhand me?"

The Spinomon's grip remained firm.

"Didn't you hear your Anubismon leader?" Balion asked.

Strom blinked and slowly put down the UlforceVeedramon. The Spinomon turned around in embarrassment and continued to walk over to the corner of the compartment.

"Heh..." Balion chuckled, glancing at Strom. "That look in your eyes... I bet there's a bit of Dramon blood in you, dinosaur."

Strom grimaced and sat alone, hoping to disappear in his own thoughts.

Quintus walked over to the Spinomon. "What's with you?" he asked.

"Oh great," Strom muttered rolling his eyes.

"Well?" Quintus persisted curiously.

The reptile sneered. "None of your buisness," he replied, hoping to get the Growlmon off his back.

"C'mon, tell me."

"You won't be interested," Strom continued, becoming more aggrevated.

Quintus smirked. "If I wasn't interested then why would I be asking so much?"

Strom sighed. "If you must know..."

Quintus nodded and leaned forwards expectantly.

"... All of my friends are either dead or guarding a village, I... have a crush on... someone who I can't possibly have," he said, briefly glancing at the digimon in question. "and I had a vision of my greatest desires, which was fine up until I tried to kill one of my team members, who I don't even really hate... There's something wrong with me..." he said somberly.

Quintus nodded and felt bad for him. "Ohh... That is sucky... Hey! Why don't I be friends with you! It's better than nothing, isn't it?" Quintus happily suggested.

Strom blankly stared at him in confusion. "... Uhh..."

"Oh, come on! Don't be so mopey and such a stick in the mud!"

"Err... okay, I guess..." Strom replied. "Now will you leave me alone?"

Quintus nodded. "Sure thing, buddy! We'll talk later," he said, walking back over to the otherside of the compartment.

Strom rolled his eyes and continued thinking.
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Karasu had to hold Rai back when Balion began insulting his friends. Finally, when Strom grabbed Balion in his huge claws, Rai loosened a bit, and then sneered. "I hope that guy hits his head on the way out of N'damin," he muttered.

Karasu chuckled. "Well, Rai...what would you do if I insulted your friends?'

"I'd blow you up."

The Ravemon smiled. "Good, then you're not being prejudice."

The Rapidmon laughed. "Nope, I'm over all that," he said, sitting down and leaning against the wall. "Phew...all those Diaboromon and Infermon...really wear you out eventually."

"You should try taking on two of the Black Hands," Karasu muttered. "It's even worse."

"Hey, I did better than you did against Lazarus!"

Karasu folded his wings across his chest and sighed. "This is true."

Their conversation drifted off into silence, as both had something to think about. Karasu, the fact that the Black Hands seemed to be tailing them everywhere, knowing every move they make before they make it. Rai, the fact that his forty Rapidmon 'babes' had been turned into two Diaboromon. Eww.
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Balion walked, dusting himself off as he did, and sat against the wall next to Rai. "What are you glaring at?" he asked the Rapidmon, still slightly annoyed at being chastised and grabbed.

Erebus was also up and about now. He sat across from them and draped his dark red wings around his shoulders. "You should watch your mouth, Balion. Sometime you might find yourself in need of help and there will be no one willing to help you."

"As if you're doing much better than I, Cyberdramon. It's not like you're that welcome here, either. You barely say three words to anyone."

"That may be true..." Erebus said, "but at least I give others the respect of calling them by their name... Balion..."

Balion rolled his eyes and kept sitting against the wall.
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"Would you all stop acting like a bunch of whiney children?" Ajax roared. "Strom, it's no insult to say that the dead are indeed dead. The more you cry and bellyache the less meaning their sacrifices have. You, Osiris, you should realize that we were at war. The loss of life was to be expected. But lives weren't given to save the world, they were given to save our way of life. That's why we fought against the Dramon Empire, not to save the world, but to save our own. We were no more noble than they. And Balion...stop talking. Or at least seriously consider each and every word before you speak them, or you might find yourself missing some pieces. "

"Thank you," they heard N'damin grumble. "Your thrashing around makes it very difficult to keep a straight course. But you'll all be happy to know that we've made it."

The transport compartment opened and a rush of cold air and snow stormed in. The cold was ripping. It cut through armor, fur, and scales. It sliced as harsh as any blade and left a searing pain.

"You lived here?" Ajax asked Quintus. The Growlmon nodded. "By the Sovereign, why?"

"Well," said Quintus. "It was safe. I mean, who in their right mind would go there?"

"Who indeed," Ajax muttered.

"Ajax," said Quintus. "Um. Just then, why did you say 'Sovereign'? Most would say Yggdrasil...why did you-?"

"I don't pray to a god that doesn't exist," Ajax growled.

"But he does exist," said Caesar. All eyes were on him. "I see him, when I look into the datastream."

"Then I want no part in a god like that," said Ajax.

"How can you say that?" Theron asked.

"Look at the world around you, Theron," the knight snarled. "The world is dying. What god is so cruel?"

Theron had no answer, so Ajax wrapped his cape around his body to shield himself from the cold and walked out into the blizzard. He sunk up to his knees in the snow. Kairi followed behind him, she slipped and fell on the now-frozen water that had collected on N'damin's body.

"Damn," she muttered in anger and embarrassment. "I wish Karmas was here. I'd be warm then." Theron followed after her, with Caesar behind him. The Magnamon didn't seem to mind the cold or the wind, and trudged through the snow without complaint.

"Theron, a moment," said N'damin. The Gaiomon walked over. "That Magnamon, he's one of the supersoldiers, isn't he?" Theron nodded. "Be very careful. You don't want to know what they did to him...he could end up killing you all." Theron said nothing, but turned around and rejoined the Avengers.

"So, Quintus," said Ajax as they stared out into the cold white abyss. "You said you knew eighty percent of this frozen hellhole. I find that very hard to believe. I'd also be willing to be that whatever we're looking for is in that other twenty percent..."


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Rai stepped off of N'damin, grumbling. "It's...s-so...f-f-freakin'...c-c-c-c-c-cold-d-d-d..."

Karasu rolled his eyes, and said, "But you've got all that golden armor. You shouldn't be cold in that."

Rai cast an angry glare in his direction. "My armor only covers my chest, my butt, and my...you know...moron!"

The Ravemon just laughed. Despite his lack of heavy armor, Karasu was coping quite well with the cold. Perhaps it was his feathers, or maybe even pure willpower.

Who am I kidding? he thought, tensing up in the bitter cold. This is far too cold for any of us. Willpower will only get us so far in this weather. Urgh...so...cold.

"So, Quintus," said Ajax as they stared out into the cold white abyss. "You said you knew eighty percent of this frozen hellhole. I find that very hard to believe. I'd also be willing to bet that whatever we're looking for is in that other twenty percent..."

Karasu looked over at Ajax and Quintus. "If that turns out to be so, you could send the faster of us aerial Digimon to scout out the area. Such as Rai or Balion."

"WHAAAT?!!" Rai exclaimed, glaring at Karasu. "IF I HAVE TO GO, THEN SO DO YOU!!!"


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Strom let out a surpressed growl at Ajax. "Bellyache, indeed... I'm not the one too afraid to lead again," he thought to himself. As soon as he stepped onto the frigid ground and sank into the snow, Strom suddenly began to feel very tired. "Ah, it's nice to be cold-blooded," he muttered sarcastically.

Luckily for Erebus, he had warm rubber armour all over his body. Apart from that, he had a will of steel, so the little cold that bothered him, he ignored. Balion cloaked his warm wings around himself and sighed. "Whatever we do, I say we should do it fast."

Quintus responded to Ajax. "Well, sir, you know what they say, movement is the best way to keep the blood flowing, so that's what I did. Besides, I can breathe fire, so it's like I'm a living fireplace. And only with that pessimistic attitude will the place we're looking for be in that other 20%! How 'bout a little hope from you guys?" he said grinning.

Despite his drowsiness, Strom couldn't help but smile at Quintus' enthusiasm. "Maybe I do need to act more like him..."


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Ajax waited for the group to catch up with him. No matter how foul his mood, it would be foolish to rush off ahead in such a snowstorm, especially with their guide so far behind him. He waited until Theron was beside him before he started walking. Of all the Avengers, Theron was the only one who didn't judge him...he could tell by the looks of contempt and confusion the others gave him when they thought he wasn't looking. Theron didn't judge his desire to embrace his savage nature. In fact, Theron often helped him towards that end, though this had changed once Theron had decided to look after Caesar. But Ajax didn't blame him; Caesar needed more help than anyone else.

"You seem troubled," said Theron. "I can tell. You've retreated into your head again."

"It's Siegfried," Ajax muttered. "I've never met a warrior quite like him before. He's...everything I ever wanted to be. He was so powerful."

"He was no more powerful than you," said Theron. "Siegfried merely devoted himself to a cause utterly and completely. He had no doubt or hesitation in each and every motion. He embraced a type of savagery that allowed him to retain a level head. You need to find that balance within yourself if you want to beat him."

"Maybe I don't want to," Ajax whispered. "Maybe I need to learn from him. He told me to embrace the power and rage I felt within me. I told him to go to hell, but for a moment I did what he said...and I had the upper hand. Maybe I'm on the wrong side, Theron. Maybe I shouldn't be fighting with you all."

"Is that what you really believe, Ajax?" asked Theron. Ajax was silent. "What did Belial show you?"

Ajax remembered the images of war, of blood, and of ruin and muttered, "Nothing I hadn't already shown myself."

"You don't want to serve Siegfried or Samhain," said Theron. "You want to surpass them. You want to surpass everyone. And you want that vicious edge you had long ago. But what about what you gained? What about the trust of friends and comrades? What about the voice to rally armies? Were those things so bad."

"No," Ajax whispered. "But they weren't me." Theron didn't answer him, but he looked pointedly to the rest of the Avengers.

"Are we doing the right thing here?" he asked. "Isn't there something we should be doing more than just following this one lead, blinded by snow?"

Ajax growled. "Caesar, scout ahead. Rai, go with him. Use those big radar ears of yours. Keep a lookout. Nova, Kairi, see if you can't send out some sort of warming aura before Strom turns into an ice cube. Balion...stick with the not talking. It suits you. Quintus, tell us everything you know about that eighty percent. I'm willing to bet that the Akashic Records aren't out in the open with neon signs pointing towards it. So we're likely looking for canyons, chasms, or caves." The group started moving with more purpose, but Ajax pulled Osiris aside. "I shouldn't have to do this. It's your job to lead now. I won't always pick up your slack. Their lives are in your hands now, not mine..."


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Osiris sighed.

"I know Ajax," he said "I'm just trying to get myself into that mindset."

Nova pondered Ajax's suggestion.

"Warming aura?" she murmured "I could Burst Mode...but that's a waste of energy. What we need is a fire of some kind... something warm..."

"Fire..." Gatmuz said "for fire, we need some sort of fuel... and something to light the fuel... and oxygen. You could light the fuel if we found some, you've got your flame-based attacks for that."

"We need fuel for that," Nova said quietly "hang on... I remember something. One time, in the Civil War, I was travelling with my group and we met a BlueMeramon... he said about some sort of gas locked in the frozen wastes... plants decomposing and the remains becoming gas, but then being frozen..."

"So if we cut into the ice... we can access that gas," Gatmuz said "but how deep?"

"Not too far, if he was right. GeoGrey Sword!"

The blade appeared in a warming flash of fire and she gripped it, cutting at the ice and slicing chunks out of it. Gatmuz joined her, using his gauntlet claws to break through the slippery, cold barrier.

Eventually, they started to smell something different in the air and Nova smiled.

"That's it," she said "now, stand back!" They backed away and Nova spread her wings...

"Shining Blast!" she called, unleashing bursts of flame from her wings. There was a sudden explosion that forced her back a step, then they could see a jet of fire projecting from the ice.

"Problem solved," Nova laughed. Gatmuz smiled and kissed her.

(Little fact for you all! Gas, specifically methane, can be trapped in ice, and is in fact trapped in the Siberian permafrost. Since methane is highly flamable, this method could in fact be used... at the cost of releasing a potent greenhouse gas, that is.)


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"I know Ajax," he said "I'm just trying to get myself into that mindset."
"Well then do it," Ajax growled. "Their lives are in your hands. You don't want to live with the knowledge that you allowed any of them to die under your care," he said cryptically...though Theron believed that he spoke more from experience than out of anger or bitterness.

Nova suddenly let out a blast of flame that ignited a gas beneath the ice. A jet of flame roared into the air and everyone took a step back too be safe.

"Wonderful," Ajax growled. "Now we have a stationary collum of fire that smells like the rear end of Minotarumon. Not exactly what I had in mind, Nova."

"Oh would you get off your high horse and take the stick out?" Kairi said with a roll of her eyes. She swung her staff and the flames spiraled down. Her magics took control of the fire and she used it to circle around the Avengers. She swirled the fire into a glowing ball that hovered above them, and circulated the heat in winding paths around each of the Avengers, providing them all with a makeshift radiator. "Does that make you happy, captain grumpy-pants?"

Ajax just growled and rolled his eyes silently as the group continued their (now warmer) trek through the snow...


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Rai soared over the blistering snow, straining to keep up with Caesar in the cold air. Freezing wind slammed against his unarmored skin, adding to the misery. He cringed as more icy air struck his body. S-s-s-so...c-c-c-c-old-d-d-d...

"So, Caesar," he began, searching through the dark recesses of his mind to think of a possible topic for discussion, "do you have any...dreams? Any hopes for your future?"

When Caesar didn't answer at first, Rai sighed. Guess I'd better get us going. "Like me, for instance," he began. "After all this is up and done with, I want to be respected, maybe find a nice exciting place to set up my home, and live happily ever after, being the most awesome Rapidmon in the world, you know?"

"Everybody's got dreams, right? So...what do you want to do when Samhain's been blown to bits?"


Meanwhile, down below, Karasu was enjoying the warmth from the fire Nova and Kairi had made. He walked between Strom and Balion, with his wings folded across his chest.

"Strom, Balion," he said, dipping his head to each one. "You do not mind if I walk with you, do you?"