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Digimon: Devil's Ascent (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Kamotz, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    "To tell you the truth, I'm still trying to sort all this out." Trowa said, an uncharacteristically serious look on his face. He crossed his arms. "But it seems to me, that if these 'Cambion' are the bad guys, then what better way to accomplish their mission than by making it seem that they're really the good guys."

    Lucia nodded her agreement. and motioned towards the assembled "Digidestined". "Just look at them, they have the crowd eating out of their hands. We can't challenge them publically now or risk having the people turn on us. In their minds, the Cambion were their heroes when we, the Peacemakers, couldn't save them. I'm afraid if we want to keep the public support, we have no choice but to go along with it for now, at least publicly." The Minervamon frowned. "But don't get me wrong, I don't like this. I don't like it at all."

    "One problem goes away, and two new ones grow in its place." Duo closed his eyes for a moment, as though reflecting. "Things are moving to quickly, the pieces falling to place before we can do anything about it. I fear that we simply cannot win if we continue to go about it this way. We're just chasing the bait on a stick, no matter how fast we run we can't catch up to it."

    "You know, sometimes I wonder why I even came back." Trowa said with a halfhearted laugh, "Things were so much easier when all I had to worry about was us lowly mortals." He caught Lucia's glance and gave a dismissing wave of his hand. "I'm just saying. Don't get me wrong, I'm here until the bitter end. I'll just be glad when all this angels and demons and gods crap is done with."

    "I think we'd all welcome a little bit of normalcy." Lucia said with a sigh.

    Duo was silent for a moment, eyes still closed as if in thought, before speaking. "Regardless of what their endgame is, I don't think now is a good time to try anything. We should rest while we can and keep a close eye on these 'Digidestined.'"


    "And I agree completely." Justin said as he walked up to where Gunnar and Tyr were standing. "I cannot stand idly by while those... those charlatans disgrace the title of 'hero'. I won't allow it."

    The SuperStarmon looked over the two for a moment, before rubbing his nose with his glove. A gesture made all the more odd by the fact that he didn't have a nose.

    "I... um, I don't suppose either of you have a plan, per say, on exactly how to confront them?" He adjusted his shades. "Of course, I'd have no problems coming up with a grand, heroic plan, I just wanted to make sure you didn't already have one yourselves. Politeness is a standard for heroes after all."
  2. Azur didn’t say it, but he could hear Fenrir thinking about the times he didn’t seem to mind back in their adventuring days. In fact, the Weregarurumon could even remember the memories himself, having inherited his ancestor’s said memories.

    Sometimes Tiwaz simply confused him.

    The WereGarurumon turned away from him. He was tired, and all he wanted to do was rest. That would be a hard thing to do, considering he didn’t do well in situations where the supposed enemies were close by. There was also the fact that it meant that enemies would be also be closer to the ones he loved. And speaking of the ones, he loved…

    He turned to Pyra, spotting her speaking with Kheprius. Once again, the feelings of being abandoned and betrayed threatened to grab his heart and break down the walls he had so painstakingly put around it, to break the lock that he had carefully placed so that he wouldn’t have to feel all that hurt again. The wolfman took a deep breath, willing himself not to panic and telling himself that he had to trust Pyra and her love for him.

    He walked over, already hearing what the black insect was telling her.

    Azur grunting, grudgingly admitting to himself that what he said was true, albeit in a different sense. Of course, he was a bit wiser now.

    “Doesn’t matter as long as you have someone you trust watching it,” Azur said as he approached Pyra from behind and as Kheprius walked away. He didn’t know whether the GrandisKuwagamon heard him. The WereGarurumon offered his fellow Peacemaker and love the tiniest bit of a smile when she turned to him.

    “Azur,” she replied, returning the smile with her own.

    The WereGarurumon felt a bit of his fears dying down when he heard her say his name. He reached out his arms to embrace her in a hug that he wasn’t able to do when he saw her again back in the fight with the Horsemen. To his relief and pleasure, she returned it.

    “Are you okay?” he couldn’t help but ask. He suddenly felt stupid for asking; hardly any of them was all right in any sense of the question. “Nevermind…stupid question,” he then said, sighing and pulling away a bit.

    “As much…as I hate to admit it, the bug is partially right,” he then said, glancing at the Cambion.

    “I’d…rather have you close…in case a fight or something like it happens,” he said as he turned back to look at her. And then he looked a bit embarrassed, remembering how much she didn’t like being treated like a helpless little girl. “Not that I don’t think you can handle yourself,” he quickly said.

    “I…I just…” he started, trying to think of a way to word his thoughts without offending her.

    And then he just sighed and closed his eyes. “A little over half a year together with you, and I still don’t know how to talk around you,” he couldn’t help but mutter.


    “Aeria! There you are!”

    The female WarGreymon, tired and sore all over, turned her head at the sound of her name and a familiar voice. She recognized the ShineGreymon and the Sakuyamon that were walking towards her, and she let herself smile at them.

    “Cerina, Sadira,” she greeted them as soon as they got close.

    “I’ve told you before, Ria, call me Sadie,” the Sakuyamon reprimanded the WarGreymon jokingly, smiling at her widely. Blushing a bit, the WarGreymon nodded at her and turned to the ShineGreymon.

    “It’s good to see you well, Aeria,” Cerina told her as she looked the other Greymon over. “At least well enough to stand up and talk with us properly; just what kind of battle did you all go through?”

    Aeria bit her lip a bit. “It was…hard,” she decided to say. She didn’t want to say anything that might cause them to worry, although she did notice something that made herself worry. “What about here? Where’s Rosa?” she asked with a concerned expression.

    “Well, we’re fine, obviously, but Rosa got herself kicked in the behind by the attackers,” Sadie said, obviously not as worried as Aeria, if at all.

    “Do not worry too much, Aeria,” Cerina said, giving the Sakuyamon a reprimanding glance. “She is being treated in one of the medical bays; her injury isn’t too severe.”

    “She was well enough to start telling me about watching my back better and that my fighting stances are off,” Sadie complained as she folded her arms. “Really, she’s the one in the bed getting fixed up, and she tells me off for not paying attention.”

    Aeria didn’t mention that it might have been because the Garudamon was watching out for her; it would only make Sadira feel bad, and if she recalled correctly about the things she talked over with Rosa, she didn’t want the Sakuyamon feeling bad.

    “S-still,” Aeria said before Sadie could continue. “It’s good to know that none of you are s-seriously hurt,” she said with a smile.

    “It’s thanks to them,” Sadie said with a grin, pointing at the Cambion.

    Cerina nodded in agreement. “It was astonishing how easily they were able to fend off the attacking enemies; with them, winning this god-forsaken war doesn’t seem as improbable,” she said with a note of admiration.

    “R-right,” Aeria said a bit nervously, rubbing the back of her neck. The ShineGreymon before her noticed and raised an eyebrow at her; Aeria could only look away. Sadira, however, did not.

    “It’s too bad they’re humans; some of them looked cute,” she said, glancing at the Cambion. “Hm, which reminds me, you have a few hot teammates, Ria. Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked, turning to the other Peacemakers.

    The first ones to catch her eye were a SuperStarmon and a couple of Greymon, a VictoryGreymon and a male ShineGreymon, one of whom she locked eyes with. She winked and raised her hand to give Gunnar a quick hello and ‘come hither’ look before turning to Aeria again. “How about those two?” she said, gesturing with her head. “We can go on a triple date; Cerina can have the SuperStarmon” she said, giving the WarGreymon a wide grin.

    Aeria instantly blushed a deep red. “W-well, I-“

    “Behave, Sadira,” Cerina cut in, folding her arms. “I’m sure Aeria and the other Peacemakers have better things to do right now. Right, Aeria?”

    “U-um…right,” the WarGreymon replied, not really sure what they were supposed to do next.


    “I say sneak up on them!” Shoon said, appearing behind Justin and the other two Greymons. “Or get one of them and make him spill the beans about what the hell is going on!” the Mamemon X said, rubbing his palms in a conniving way.

    “One of you can do the grabbing,” he said, pointing at Tyr and Gunnar. “I’ll find ways to make him talk!”

    Then he paused. “Then again, that isn’t very hero-like,” he muttered, rubbing the side of his metal body and glancing at Justin.

    “Oh, I know!” he said, slamming a fist against a palm. “Let’s pressure them into revealing it! Keep on asking hard questions until they can’t handle it anymore!” he said with wide eyes. “Or…or…or maybe just say something about Mephistopheles right in their face and see how they react! Maybe we’ll get something out of them if we do,” the metallic Digimon suggested.
  3. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Caradoc gazed at the forms of the Cambion, surprised, wary. "Heroes... them? How can that be?"

    "Different," Caradoc murmured. Different... it was true. There was something changed about the seven, more than their new forms. But like Barachiel, he couldn't put a finger on exactly what had changed.

    "I'm as well as I can be, after that battle with the Horsemen," the Valkyrimon replied. But though he said this, the words still echoed in his head, scornful and accusing.

    "It was your own wretched soul you were trying to save."

    "As for my opinion," he said, trying to wrench his thoughts away from Famine's accusations. "We cannot confront them directly about who they are, not when they're regarded as heroes. But this is strange. One day, they're servants of Mephistopheles, the next, they're defeating his soldiers and claiming to be the saviors of legend." He narrowed his eyes. "Those crests seem more real than those of the last group to claim that." He recalled the 'Digidestined' during the war with the Royal Knights, and their crests of colored cardboard. "But at the same time... this feels too good to be true. And them of all people... this may be another trick by Mephistopheles. Making the Cambion act the part of legendary heroes... but how does this benefit him? Is there a seal which needs the Digidestined?"


    "Who do they think they are?" Bedivere muttered, glaring daggers towards the Cambion from across the city.

    "The Digidestined, apparently," Vritra deadpanned from beside him, causing him to shoot her a glare. "This is far too convenient to be true. The Cambion were Mephistopheles' last major asset besides Belial. For them to turn over to our side and be revealed as the Digidestined is too good to be true."

    "Vritra's right," Guinier nodded. "I can't believe this is true. Something's not right about this whole situation."

    "Mephistopheles," Bedivere growled. "He's weaving another scheme. I know he is." He clenched a fist, as though yearning to draw his sword and confront the Cambion. "But damn it! We can't confront them now. Not while they're the heroes of the people."

    "That's likely the aim of having them save the city," Vritra muttered. "If the Cambion are seen as the Digidestined, then we can't attempt to interfere without appearing to be jealous of their newfound popularity with the people." Bedivere looked at her, surprised by this insight and moderation. "That means the chances are, if Mephistopheles has sent them as part of a plan, their mission is something they can't afford to have us interfering with."

    "In which case, we need to find out what's going on without calling the Cambion out," Guinier noted. "Doing that would just alienate the people against us."

    "A tricky situation," Bedivere mused darkly. "Thor, do you have any idea what we should do? Certainly, we need to do something to try and find out what the Cambion are doing here and why they're saying they're the Digidestined."
  4. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    "If Mephistopheles is counting on receiving the blind adoration of the masses he's sure to be disappointed," Svarog muttered. He crossed his arms and stared up at the Cambion, who stood at the top of the steps to the Council Hall. "True, they've saved this city, but we have done far more. 'Thanks' is more readily given than 'trust'. And the people are not blind to Mephistopheles' machinations." He looked to Thor. "We've made sure of that."

    "Do you suggest confronting them now, in the open?" Thor asked. He was already trying to formulate a plan, to call together some semblance of a tactical maneuver that would both reveal the Cambion's past attrocities and not portray his group, the Peacemakers, as inept protectors. "It would be all to easy for them to paint us as jealous and spiteful. Mephistopheles would have prepared them for us." Unless he had been counting on the Horsemen finishing them off...but no. That wasn't likely. Expecting the Horsemen to kill all the Peacemakers before consuming themselves left too much to chance.

    "I don't think it matters either way," Svarog said. His fiery eyes tracked the movements of the Cambion as the Digimon of Anatolia swarmed them and thanked them. "Confront them in the open and reveal their duplicity...they might call us jealous and incapable of defending Anatolia, sewing the seeds of doubt. Or they attack us; and dozens--if not hundreds--of innocents are caught in the crossfire, and their confidence in us as protectors is shattered."

    "Then confront them in private?" Thor wondered. He'd come to much the same conclusions as the war god, but hearing them from someone else made him feel more sure of his own choices. "There are issues there as well."

    Svarog nodded. "In private, we cannot expose them for what they are," he said. "If we begin fighting then, the people won't even know that much. They will just see their old protectors fighting against the new. The confusion and panic that results will do us no favors."

    "What if they are the Digidestined?" Thor asked, as much to himself as the others. "The Crests they wear, the power and sigils that glow across them...there's real power there. It's more than tricks."

    "Are you sure?" Svarog asked.

    "I know tricks," Thor insisted, thinking of Loki. "I know them well, and this is...no trick." He fixed the Cambion, the Digidestined, with a glare. "Can you not see it Svarog?"

    "Not all of us have your eyes and sight," Svarog muttered. He clenched his fists, refusing to let down his guard.

    "The burning eyes of Rod were not just full of rage or power," Thor said. "The eyes of Rod were wisdom as well." He placed a hand on Svarog's shoulder. "Look."

    "Don't tell me about my grandfather," Svarog growled with a smirk. But he did as Thor asked. He closed his eyes and let his sight give way to more. More than sight and thought: feeling and understanding. And yes. There was something there, glowing in the souls of the Cambion. Something more than demonic influence.

    It was then that Victor, now calling himself "Evangel," looked to the Peacemakers. He did not smirk or smile or grimace. He simply frowned and furrowed his brow. He nodded once and motioned subtly towards the interior of the Council Hall. Then he and the others turned and led the way in.

    "It seems like the choice is being made for us," Svarog said. He pushed his way through the crowds and made a path for the Peacemakers to follow, eager to get to the bottom of whatever was going on. He had no time for games. "Be on your guard. Do not let them Digivolve. They're powerless without it."

    They found the seven humans and seven Digimon standing around the center hall. Victor stood at the head of the group, obviously taking command. He was their leader, that much was obvious, and had been obvious during their struggles before. As the Peacemakers approached the meeting hall, Victor gave the seven Digimon a slight nod.

    "Go," he said.

    Svarog prepared to attack, but instead of swathing themselves with light and joining forms with their partners, the Digimon gave Victor weak nods in return and exited the room. It was clear they were uncomfortable with it, but Victor's command gave no room for disagreement. They respected him. It wasn't fear.

    "We have a lot to talk about," he said, staring up at the much larger Digimon standing before him. "We know you have your suspicions...and you probably should." He led the way into the war room, where the huge circular table and map of the Digital World stood.

    "Why did you send your partners away?" Svarog asked. He took his place at the table, Peacemakers circled around most of one side, the...Digidestined along the other. He knew the answer; he just wanted to know if they would admit it.

    "To try and convince you and show you that we don't come with hostility," said Andreas, who had once been Andrew, who was partnered with the Agumon and could Biomerge to EmperorGreymon...now Susanoomon.

    "We're free from Mephistopheles," said Victor/Evangel. "And we know how to stop him."
  5. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Nocchi, Gigas, Ivy, and Sha followed the other Peacemakers into the center hall, where they found the "Digidestined" waiting for them. Nocchi gritted his wooden teeth, eyeing the humans with distrust. He narrowed his gaze, tightened his grip around the shaft of his hammer. He didn't have the godly sense of Thor or Svarog. But he knew that these humans were once their enemies. It didn't feel right. It didn't feel wrong either.

    But it still didn't feel right.

    He looked to Sha, who seemed lost in thought. Or wherever it was that Sha went when he donned that blank stare on his froggy face. Nudging the demon, Nocchi hissed, "Sha, whad'ya make o' these punks?"

    Sha shook his head slowly, as if emerging from a trance. Turning his head toward Nocchi, the Shawjamon chuckled, "Cha-haw-haw... I dunno, Nocchi. Maybe they realized that the dark side didn't have cookies after all and decided to join the us!"

    The Puppetmon rolled his eyes. "I don't think that's it, Sha."

    "Seems pretty likely to me," Sha replied, shrugging.

    Both Digimon tensed up when they heard Victor say, "Go."

    They relaxed a little when they realized it was a command for their Digimon partners to exit the room. Evidence that these "Digidestined" genuinely meant the Peacemakers no harm. They wanted an audience.

    After several moments of short discourse, the leader of the humans finally stated something that caused the whole room to go still.

    "We're free from Mephistopheles," said Victor/Evangel. "And we know how to stop him."

    Ivy froze, eyes wide. Nocchi glared at the humans, his mind racing. Sha grinned. Gigas stopped in mid-nose-pick.

    A hundred thoughts flashed through Nocchi's head, but one dominated all thinking. Eyes narrowing, the Puppetmon voiced it: "How do we know we can trust that?"
  6. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    "That is the only outcome that seems logical in my mind," Barachiel replied, nodding. "For them to even make a deal like that in the first place... Whatever the reasons, they had to know it was wrong, yet still went through with it... They can only..." He trailed off.

    It was full five seconds before Barachiel realized what he had said and who he had said it in front of. His eyes widened and he quickly turned to Caradoc. "I-I did not mean..." he spoke hastily, trying to find a way to correct his faux pas.

    He had forgotten what exactly Caradoc had done. He, too, had made a deal with a demon, but so that they could find Hadrael. His mentor and father figure, not Caradoc's... He knew that, at first, he had questioned who Caradoc really did do it for, but Barachiel had since dismissed all those things that he said in the heat of anger. However, he knew that Caradoc had not.

    He grimaced and bowed his head. "I apologize, Caradoc," he said genuinely. He brought a hand to his forehead, still wincing slightly. "I did not mean what I said. I... don't know what is wrong with me lately. I feel like... I am losing sight of what is around me."


    Pyra listened to Azur as he talked, stumbling over his words like he often did. She had to admit, he was right in thinking she didn't like being viewed as helpless.

    "Azur..." she finally said, looking at him. "I know what you meant. Just... talk like you normally would. You wouldn't ask me to change for you, and I wouldn't ask you to change for me, either," she told him, smiling slightly.

    Pyra looked at him. It wasn't pity she felt for him, but understanding. She knew the pain he went through and was still going through. His spirit had been all but broken recently and she was the only thing propping him up. She would be there in his darkest hour as he had been for her.

    "Don't forget that it was that awkward but sweet WereGarurumon I fell in love with..." Pyra said to him, holding his hand. "...And still love."

    She pulled him into a tender hug and her hands patted his back. Pyra spoke softly in his ear. "Remember that confidence you showed in the ice dome? When you were trying to get through to me under all that hate I felt? It was thanks to that determination that I was able to hear your voice and speak to you, if only for a few seconds." She closed her eyes, holding him closer. "...If that wound I received soon after had been fatal, I would have died happy, having heard what you said to me..."

    Pyra pulled away slightly to look him in the eyes. "I know that you're still as strong as you were then, whether you believe that or not... But even if you still have doubts, you also still have me," she told him with a warm, genuine smile. "And that's something that will not change..."


    They both looked over at the SuperStarmon and Gunnar grinned. "Well, glad you're with us, Sparkles," the ShineGreymon said, turning to Tyr with a proud smile. "Hey, Tyr, you should have seen us two tag-teaming in that last battle."

    "...I thought 'Sparkles' was Justin's name for you, Gunnar," Tyr observed, innocently scratching at his cheek with a finger.

    "...What? Crap! Well we're both sparkly! He's a star for Buri's sakes," Gunnar stammered dismissively.

    The light dragon rolled his eyes. "We can always count on you, champ," Gunnar replied smirking, but not wanting to admit to his competitor that he had nothing.

    It was then that the always-eager Shoon came over and added his two cents. "Woah, woah, little guy. Let's not do anything too drastic," Gunnar said. However, he wasn't looking at Shoon when he talked, he was looking at the attractive Sakuyamon making eyes at him. "Guys. Hottie at three o'clock. Totally wants me."

    Tyr turned around to look, but as he wasn't very good at telling time, ended up facing the wrong way. "...Gigas?" he asked, facing the HerculesKabuterimon, blinking in shock. "Ivy won't like that, Gunnar."

    Gunnar, deadpan, grabbed him by his nose horn and pointed him towards the Sakuyamon. The ShineGreymon started walking over to her, and at the same time, Thor and Svarog seemed to be following the self-proclaimed digidestined inside the palace, with the other Peacemakers following.

    "G-Gunnar," Tyr said. "We're moving again."

    "Yeah, I'll just be a minute, pal," he replied, walking over up to her and immediately putting on the charm.

    The VictoryGreymon shook his head and sighed, walking with the others into the hall.

    "Looks like you're not the only Greymon who has some growing up to do, Tyr," Tiwaz quipped, annoyed that Gunnar was putting his needs over what would turn into a fight with the Cambion.

    Tyr looked around at the other Peacemakers as they walked into the Council Hall. Kheprius was walking slightly ahead of him with Trowa, Duo and Lucia. He also walked behind Gigas, who abstructed his view quite a bit. This made him all the more edgier and he was ready to wield the Dramon Breaker at any moment.

    Finally the Peacemakers entered the war room, where the two groups aggregated on different sides of the table. Kheprius and Barachiel both eyed them suspiciously, but the former more obviously than the latter. Tyr seemed surious and Pyra was diplomatically stoic. After a tense while, it was then that Victor, now Evangel, spoke.

    "We're free from Mephistopheles," explained Victor/Evangel. "And we know how to stop him."

    Tyr and Khep (and Gunnar, who had just entered then) were the only ones of the four who had clear reactions of shock and/or disbelief.

    "...You expect us to believe that?!" Kheprius responded, agreeing with Nocchi, and certainly not needing to be prompted in making his opinion heard. "I know you and your master must think pretty lowly of us, but come on!"

    "Kheprius," Pyra barked, glaring at him. She looked over at the Cambion. "However, you can hardly blame us for being suspicious of you, given the fact that we've met in battle on various occasions. You seemed to have no qualms about fighting us then, and, for all we know, this could be one of Mephistopheles' clever ploys. What reason do we have to trust you?"

    Barachiel, however, seemed to have something else on his mind. "Those forms..." he said, staring at the Cambion calmly. "You did not have them before. How did you get them?"

    "Not our top priority, bro..." Khep muttered to himself, teeth gritted and rubbing his forehead. "So you guys, the Cambion, are supposed to be the great Digidestined? That's quite the turn around: a demon's lapdogs to the so-called heroes of a so-called prophecy?"

    "I have trouble swallowing that too," Tiwaz thought to Tyr. "When you live as long as I do, you tend to get cynical."

    "But they could be telling the truth too," Tyr muttered.

    Gunnar shook his head and murmured to Tyr. "Anything pitspawn touch tends to get pretty tainted..."
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2012
  7. “Looks like they’re moving, Aeria,” Cerina suddenly said, looking as Thor and Svarog led the group towards the Cambion. “You should probably go with them.”

    The WarGreymon woman nodded. “I…I should,” the dinosaur Digimon said with a small smile. “I’ll…see both of you later?” she asked, turning to them. It felt nice to have friends around; she didn’t really connect with the other Peacemakers…although that might have been her fault, too.

    “Yeah, you go while I try to score us a date with those cute guys,” Sadie said offhandedly as she spotted Gunnar walking towards them.


    “U-um,” Aeria started, unsure of what to make of the Sakuyamon’s comment.

    “Just go on ahead, Aeria. I’ll deal with Sadie and your…friend,” the ShineGreymon said, folding her arms.

    “O-okay,” she replied as she hesitantly walked towards the hall, a bit worried of what Sadie will talk about with Gunnar. She hoped Cerina could keep Sadie in line…although it was a question whether she could do the same for Gunnar.


    Azur didn’t know what to make of Evangel/Victor/whatever’s sudden declaration. His immediate reaction was to not believe it; he’s gone through far too much to be able to trust in the lackeys of a demon man, former or otherwise.

    I’ve told you not to act rashly, Azur; assuming is a foolish action that is often greatest warriors own undoing. Give them the benefit of the doubt,’ Fenrir’s voice suddenly said in his head. ‘Remember how easy it is for Mephistopheles to manipulate others.

    The WereGarurumon grimaced; he was reluctant to follow Fenrir’s instructions. “I still don’t trust them,” Azur muttered to himself.

    You do not have to trust them to listen what they have to say,’ Fenrir replied.

    Azur sighed. It really wasn’t like it was his choice on what they were going to do next, and on one hand, Nocchi and Kheprius were doing a well enough job making a point of what he was thinking.

    Azur’s ear twitched. He turned to Gunnar and made sure that the ShineGreymon could see him. “Watch what you say, Gunnar,” he said lowly. “Not everyone that has been under a demon’s hand was under it willingly,” he informed the ShineGreymon before looking away, realizing just how true his words were.

    He sighed.

    “What you know about Mephistopheles would be good, too,” Azur pointed out. If they were going to be listening to them, he at least wanted to hear something they could use to their advantage.
  8. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Nocchi was the first to voice his concerns, but he wasn't the last. Khep, Pyra, and Gunnar were equally skeptical, distrusting both of their claims to be the Digidestined and free of Mephistopheles. But Victor held his tongue and let them voice their concerns. He silenced the protests of is fellow "Digidestined" with a stern look. Thor recognized that sense of control, of responsibility; a sense that their fate was their own. It was a look that hadn't been there before when they'd fought.

    "You probably can't trust us," Victor said. He sighed. "Not that we're untrustworthy, but because after everything we were made to do, I wouldn't trust us either if I were in your position." He looked over the Peacemakers and glared at Khep. "And I don't much care if you believe us or not. We're not here to ask for your help, or even offer ours."

    "We're here to tell you what we're going to do," said Jake Talley, the former JumboGamemon, who--in his new Aegisdramon form at least--was calling himself Jacob. "We're going to stop Mephistopheles. We're going to pay him back for everything he's done and everything he's made us do. Whether you get involved or not is entirely up to you."

    "That's only fair," Victor nodded in agreement. He looked to the others, wondering where to start. In the end, what could really be said about Mephistopheles?

    Thor remained quiet, watching the display. Whether or not they were indeed the Digidestined meant little to him. He had never been too concerned with that particular legend. Maybe it was his pride, his skepticism of any legend beyond the control of Digimon themselves. Or maybe it was his father's words: "make your own destiny. Be your own heroes." Regardless, he was much more concerned with what they knew.

    "Let's start with a bombshell, I guess," Ava, who--as Magnadramon--was calling herself Avazina, said. "Biomerge Digivolution: the next step in human-Digimon partnerships...Mephistopheles created it. Designed it. Built it from the ground up. Every pair of partners that can Biomerge...that's a Mephistopheles 'product.'"

    "Makes sense," Svarog muttered. "It always seemed perverse to me."

    "It's an experiment he first started with Dracula," Ava said. "Old fang-face was once a sickly little Tamer, and Mephistopheles came to him; offered to make him better. He ended up killing his partner and fusing their data. The Tamer was turned into a Digimon, and Dracula was born."

    "But now he's possessed by Belial, so even he didn't make it out of Mephisto's plans unscathed," said Max, who was calling himself Maximillian as a Varodurumon. "Serves him right, I guess, but Drac would be easier to take down than Belial."

    "But how did Mephistopheles spread the Biomerge condition and ability so quickly?" Thor asked. "We know that not every human who can Biomerge made a deal with him."

    "Right," said Victor. "Mephistopheles wasn't necessarily planning on Biomerge getting so...widespread." He seemed to struggle with the word. "I think it actually really ticked him off." He glanced to the others and the seven shared a proud smirk. "I think he wanted the impact of revealing it when the time was right. But with everyone knowing about it, and half of everyone being able to do it..."

    "How did it spread?" Thor wondered.

    Victor chuckled. "That was us." He motioned to himself and his six fellow Digidestined. "We were the first."

    "Explain," Thor demanded.

    Victor told them their story, how ten years ago, each of them was faced with some horrible fate: trapped under a rock slide, buried under an avalanche, lost in the desert, starving in the wilderness, confronted by a seemingly-unbeatable foe. And when things seemed most dire, a voice came whispering in their ear. It offered them power and the chance to overcome their adversity with their own hands, to forge a greater destiny and make a difference.

    "It was accept or perish. And all that voice asked for in return was a favor, ten years down the line. 'I will call upon you to do something for me,' it told us," Victor said. He shook his head and sighed. "We did what we had to do. Each of us, separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, all made the same choice: live."

    The voice manifested before them, not as the demon Mephistopheles as they now knew it to have been, but as a man in white-and-gold robes. And confronted with such a glowing and pure figure, how could they have suspected anything sinister? The figure cut himself and dripped a single drop of blood into their mouths.

    "That was the key," said Lily Harmon, who called herself Liliana as Regulumon. "The blood was the key to Biomerge and how Mephistopheles laid claim to us."

    "We weren't just human anymore," said Scott, who--as Alphamon--called himself Silas. "And we weren't Digimon either. We were both. At the same time. Even before we Biomerged, we belonged to both worlds."

    "And none," Andrew muttered.

    "But Mephistopheles didn't foresee that we'd be able to share this power," Victor said. He gave the others a disapproving stare as if to scold them for pitying themselves. "Digivices...they transmit data all the time. You can connect to another person's Digivice and share maps and secret locations and data on different Digimon species and information on different places. These link us to the entire world." He held up his Digivice. "They also--though we didn't know it at first--transmitted the ability to Biomerge. So each person we linked with unlocked that function, and then each person they linked with, and so on and so on. And before Mephistopheles knew it, Biomerge wasn't as big a deal as he'd hoped."
  9. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Caradoc felt a stab of pain at the reminder of his deal. What it had cost him.

    "It was your own wretched soul you were trying to save."

    "People make deals for all sorts of reason," he mused. "For love, for friendship, for greed, for desire... can we really tar everyone who makes such deals with the same brush?" He paused.

    "I feel that too, almost," Caradoc murmured. "It's almost like in the lies and deception Mephistopheles is crafting, we're all losing sight of reality." He gazed across at the Cambion. "Will we ever find the truth?"


    "Biomerge... is because of Mephistopheles?" Guinier gasped.

    "That power... so the demon was behind even something that widespread?" Bedivere mused. It seemed almost strange. Although Biomerge Digivolution seemed strange, even unnatural at times, there was a concept to it which was understandable. Two hearts, beating as one. Two souls, united in purpose. Two bodies, joined into one. Perfect harmony between two souls, and yet those souls were a human and a Digimon. Was the objection to such a thing a subconscious objection to Mephistopheles' creation? And yet, that one question came back once again.

    "Why?" Caradoc wondered aloud, answering the question which hung in the air. The Valkyrimon was clearly uneasy in the presence of the chosen seven, hand never far from his sword's hilt. "Why would Mephistopheles give you that power to begin with? What could he stand to gain from marking you as being in his debt?"

    "More importantly," Vritra said. "Does Mephistopheles still hold you in his debt? Did he formally consider your side of the bargain upheld for all you did while under his command?" She paused. "Be wary of him. A demon's deal is always stacked in their favor."

    "All of this... why does it feel like we're missing the pieces?" Guinier mused. "How? How did you become free of Mephistopheles? Did he end your deal?" She pondered for a moment. "And Barachiel's right. You didn't have those forms before. How did you get them?"

    "What's different?" Bedivere wondered. Like Thor and Svarog, he could sense the shift in the Cambion, the something different about the seven humans. But equally, he could not see what lay within them.
  10. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    "Makes sense," Kheprius muttered aloud. "Any form of evolution that melds human DNA with Digimon if obviously against nature. Almost as bad those human biohybrid freaks. ...That said, ideals don't win wars, do they? You biomergers are more powerful than your regular demon counterparts. If you guys are actually serious about biting the hand that feeds you, and I'm still not sure you are, then I guess that could be a useful tool, especially given these new forms."

    Barachiel inwardly bristled at the name 'Dracula', although his outward exterior remained unchanged. "So that is who he is... A pathetic mite of a human who had to feed off a demon to better himself. And now he is possessed by Belial; that is why he did not recognize me. It looks as though I will have to kill Belial to kill him."

    As the 'Digidestined' continued their story, Tyr began to trust them more. Tiwaz, Pyra, Gunnar and Barachiel, however, still weren't sure, as they still felt there were things they didn't know. Kheprius, the most cynical, while not as hostile, still didn't trust them at all.

    "I'm with Guinier. Because that's the Mammothmon in the room, isn't it?" Khep spoke. "How can we ever be sure you're actually free from Mephistopheles?"

    "Typically, a demon's deal will only end when you complete your obligations to the deal or you kill the demon who holds your contract, am I wrong?" Barachiel asked. "So unless you did the former, wouldn't you still be under his control, regardless of your intent?"

    "Also," Tiwaz asked via Tyr. "What makes you think you lot are the Digidestined? Who told you that, if anybody, and why?"

    Pyra folded her arms and looked at Victor/Evangel. "Assuming you are telling us the truth and all that is irrelevant... What happens next? What do you plan to do and what is this way of yours to stop Mephistopheles?"
  11. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    "He has...a plan for everything," said Scott. He ran a hand through his hair. "From what we've been able to figure out, there's something...a lock, we think--that he needed us to open. Those who were neither human nor Digimon."

    "And that's us," Lily said with a shrug.

    "I think it's the Devil's Gate," Victor said, his brow furrowed. "But there's no way to really be sure. Mephistopheles plays things his hand close to his chest. He didn't exactly share his plans. But everything he's been building towards this whole time has to be the Devil's Gate. That's where he's gonna reach into the Inferno and let the Black Host loose."

    "We didn't exactly make a contract, not in the typical sense," Eva said. She leaned back against the center table, looking over her shoulder at the Peacemakers. "Mephistopheles controlled us through the blood-pact. We never kissed him, is what I'm saying. It's a different kind of agreement. Technically, he could have controlled us for as long as he wanted. There was no limit to our obligation."

    "So how are you here?" Thor asked, his arms crossed.

    "Mephistopheles sent us and the Lesser Lords to attack Paradise," said Andrew. He pointed to the map, towards Rome and then Megiddo. "He figured you'd be busy with the Horsemen, and if you weren't, there was no way Heaven would call you for help."

    Thor nodded, it made sense; they hadn't actually been cooperating with the Host so closely. Even Michael was frustrated with their lack of coordination. They wanted the same things, didn't they?

    "The Lesser Lords were a distraction," Victor said. He continued; he and the other six were sent in covertly to strike the Seven Sacred Angels, the embodiments of the Host's ideals while the Lesser Lords distracted the forces of Paradise. The seven were able to defeat the seven angels in combat and Mephistopheles silenced the Metatron, the voice of God. Upon defeating the Sacred Angels, however, something changed.

    "We were supposed to defeat them," said Victor. He scratched his chin. "And we did...but..." He sighed. "No one had planned for what came next though. The angels, they..."

    "They gave us their powers," Lily finished. "They gave us the seven crests of Virtue."

    The seven of them raised their hands, and a glowing insignia appeared on the back of their palms; a different one for each of them. On Victor's hand was a gold symbol, a sun sitting atop a pedestal. Jake's symbol was a silver-grey cross. Andrew held an indigo symbol, two circles joined together. Scott had an orange sun, while Max had a single blue circle with two curved wings. Ava had a pink stylized heart, curling in on itself. And Lily had a bright green teardrop-shaped symbol.

    "These are the crests," Victor said. "According to the Sacred Angels, only the Digidestined can wield them. And that's why Mephistopheles wanted us in the first place. Because we are the Digidestined. Corrupt us, control us, and he controls the fate of the world."

    "But they set us free," said Max. He scratched the back of his head. "Until then, we all heard incessant 'voice' or something, just whispering over and over, urging us to do whatever Mephistopheles wanted. But once the angels freed us...we didn't hear it anymore."

    "They gave us this power, access to those higher forms, and told us what we were," said Andrew. "Digidestined. Heroes. And they told us to repent for what we'd done while under his control."

    "We knew he was sending a force here to Anatolia, so we left as soon as we could," said Lily. "So things worked out kinda how Mephisto wanted, but..."

    "Some things didn't," said Ava.
  12. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    "The crests of Virtue... that must be it," Barachiel thought, wincing slightly as he stared at them. "Could that be what I am feeling and how I knew they were different? But... why? Hadrael had taught me of them and the Sacred Angels, however... that doesn't equate..."

    Barachiel had been tempered to think things through, carefully analyzing them, as opposed to simply trusting his baser instincts. However, a feeling in his gut, with no evidence at all, had brought him to his conclusion.

    "Perhaps some things cannot be explained..." the golden, humanoid insect mused.

    "That story's precious and everything," Kheprius said, "but I couldn't give two craps about what some angels did to you. They're regular, flawed digimon just like the rest of us; I happen to know one. Just because they said you're the digidestined, doesn't make it true. Unless I'm missing something and all angel digimon are omniscient... in which case, why haven't we won the war?!"

    "Isn't it possible that you guys just killed them and took their power yourselves?" Gunnar asked.

    Pyra shot both digimon looks. "Kheprius. Gunnar. Your distrust isn't helping us. After hearing what they've had to say, I think they're telling us the truth."

    "So do I," Tyr piped up.

    "I'm not too sure yet..." Tiwaz thought to himself, watching them through Tyr scrutizingly.

    "You're not exactly the best judge of character, Tyr," Khep said, looking at him blandly. "Your vote doesn't count."

    "I speak for only myself when I say this, but I think it would be in all of our best interests to work together," Pyra said, looking between the Peacemakers and Cambion. She then closed her eyes pensively. "Even in the off chance they aren't genuine and are leading us into a trap, we'll at least have something to go by instead of sitting around here, twiddling our thumbs... And if they are genuine, they seem to have information that could be very useful to us."

    "I'm with Pyra on that," Tyr agreed. "Even if my vote doesn't count."

    "Tyr..." Gunnar murmured, looking over at his friend.

    Barachiel looked over at Cambion. "So... do you repent for what you did?" Barachiel questioned, wanting to here their answer. The fact that the Sacred Angels willingly gave their power to them after being defeated meant something to him, as did seeing the crests with his own eyes. He was feeling less leery than before about them, but he still needed to hear their answer.

    Kheprius, however, wasn't on board with believing them, let alone working with them. "It's going to take more than that to win me over... I still don't know how humans could be digi-anything."
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  13. storymasterb

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    "I trust them," Caradoc said.

    "Why?" Vritra asked, glancing at him. The BurningGreymon still regarded the seven Cambion warily, embers burning around her hands.

    "Because all the evidence so far suggests that they're telling the truth," the Valkyrimon answered. And truthfully, he could sense the power around them. It was still mysterious, but he felt it wasn't the demonic might Mephistopheles had given to the Cambion. This was something new. And those Crests...

    "I'm with Caradoc," Guinier said. "They seem trustworthy. And their story does make sense, if they are the true Digidestined."

    It was a fair point, Bedivere mused. They seemed to have more backing them up than the last group of 'Digidestined'. But at the same time, he couldn't trust them as his allies did. The memories of what these seven had done before still haunted him too much.

    "I don't trust you," he said simply. "Tell me, what do you intend to do to strike back at Mephistopheles? What could you do that would harm his plans?" He paused.

    "If there is a way we could be of help, I would be glad to do something to hurt Mephistopheles," Caradoc added, clenching a fist.

    "I am the gauntlet about His fist."

    He glanced around, trying to find the speaker, but as always there was nothing.

    "Are you okay?" Guinier asked.

    "I'm fine." He brought his gaze back to the Cambion. What were these words? What did they mean? And... who was speaking them?
  14. Aeria gazed on them curiously. She had to admit, they radiated a different kind of feeling than the times they usually fought.

    "I...I think we should trust them, too," she said, mustering up the courage in her voice. "I-if it means...ending this war as soon as possible, then I...I want to believe in them," she said a bit shakily. She didn't know if she trusted them, but she was willing to put her faith in a way to stop the bloodshed.

    Azur grunted. He had to admit that he agreed. He didn't feel like he could trust them yet. They were still strangers to him; he couldn't place his trust in people he did not know. In fact, they were just recently freed from Mephistopheles' clutches, or so they said, and were now going back to 'repent', which meant going after their former captor.

    "In short, they're getting revenge," he said shortly and to himself, folding his arms. He wasn't judging them but making an observation; he would have most likely done the same thing if he were in their place.

    'Azur,' Fenrir's voice reprimanded lightly, causing the WereGarurumon to sigh and shake his head.

    "Not only that. How do we defeat him once and for all?" Azur asked in a calm but clear voice.

    He gave Evangel a serious look as Fenrir started to ask questions in his mind. "And more: What's keeping him from having a second set of Cambion? Did he say that he could control you because of that pact? And if he did, how do you know he wasn't lying?" he asked, not missing a beat with each question his descendant was asking.

    "Mephistopheles...always has a back-up plan," he then said, using his own words once more. "He might have one if you all escaped him. And it's usually a plan that's more drastic than the ones we've experienced," he noted, closing his eyes.

    "What...can we do about that?" he asked.

    "Duh!" Shoon's voice suddenly called from behind.

    "We'll beat him, that's what we'll do!" the Mamemon X yelled, pumping a fist in the air. "He may have won the battle- uh, battles, but he hasn't won the war yet! And we won't let him!" he said confidently.

    "If only it were that easy," Azur muttered, his voice low and nearly inaudible.

    'Have faith, Azur,' Fenrir suddenly spoke in his head. 'Losing that means you've lost half the battle.'

    Wordlessly, the WereGarurumon nodded in understanding. That didn't mean that it was easy to keep his faith in what seemed to be a losing battle.
  15. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    All the questions, the debates, the demanding of answers and plans, it reminded Lucia all too much of her time spent in the Chess Kingdom's council rooms, watching the noble's bicker over some issue or another. A sudden pang of sorrow ran across her face as she remembered what had happened to her kingdom. That sight was one she would never see again.

    "Something wrong?" Duo asked her.

    "I thought you were focused on the back and forth." she said, turning her eyes back to the discussion, her face returning to its usual mask.

    A smile tugged at Duo's lips, but the weight of what was happening kept it at bay. "Doesn't mean I can't focus on something else. What's bothering you?"

    "Really, its nothing." He didn't look convinced, so she hastily added, "I'm more concerned about the issue at hand. Tell me, what do you make of this?"

    He was quiet for a moment. "I think the only choice we have at the moment, is to trust that they are telling the truth."

    "I hate to admit it, but I think he's right." Justin said, crossing his arms, his limited expressions broadcasting his version of a scowl.

    "Nice of you to join the conversation." Duo said.

    "Yeah, well, its not like I have much to add. If you ask me there's still something fishy going on here." As if for emphasis, he adjusted his shades. He sighed. "But, I see your point. Right now we just have to play along and watch our backs."

    "Yes, that's the spirit!" Justin threw his fist into the air. "As long as we don't give up, I'm sure we can find a way to win this fight and defeat that demon once and for all."

    "Speaking of which." Trowa said, finally speaking up. He let his gaze wander around the room, on both the Peacemakers and the Digi-Destined. "All we've been doing is interrogating these kids. And while I'd like to know why they suddenly went turncoat as much as the rest of you, I think we're missing the point. This is only one of two things, if the Big M saw this coming and prepared for this, then he's got a backup plan already, just as Azur said, in which case nothing has changed."

    "But," he continued, "If he got a little too confidant, and he didn't make a plan for these kids to suddenly join our side, then we could be wasting our best chance to strike back at him. Every second we spend here trying to make these humans answer for every possible contingency is another moment that demon has to prepare. So if its all agreed that these kids aren't going to stab us in the back," he let his gaze rest on the Digi-Destined, Mephistophele's former Cambion, "Then I say we stop interrogating and start planning."

    He leaned back, "I'm not saying we trust them with our lives just like that, and hell, I'm still gonna keep on eye on them, but if any of you has a better idea I'd love to hear it."
  16. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    The Digidestined--if indeed that was what they were--made convincing points, of that much Nocchi was sure. He regarded them carefully, observing as the other Peacemakers around him mused. Indeed, they seemed sincere. Perhaps they were. But was not Mephistopheles perfectly capable of puppeting them even in their sincerity? Could he, even if the Digidestined were, in fact, out of his total control, be still pulling the strings? Hadn't he been behind all of this all along?

    The Puppetmon cursed himself and his thoughts. He was so boggled by everything that he didn't know what to do. Maybe they were on the side of the Peacemakers. Maybe they weren't. But one thing was for sure, Nocchi couldn't bring himself to trust them.

    Gigas's comforting claw patted him on the head, earning a glare from the startled Puppetmon. Gigas smiled down at him. "Don't worry about it too much, Nocchi," he said, in his deep-yet-jolly voice. "Ya can't always have everything figured out. Sometimes ya just gotta try somethin' an' hope for the best!"

    "I wish it were that simple, Gig," Nocchi muttered in reply. He sighed. "Look, these flesh-bags might mean well...but who's to say that all o' this isn't part o' Philly's plan!"

    Ivy appeared next to the Puppetmon and HerculesKabuterimon. "I'm not sure anyone can answer that right now, Nocchi," she said, frowning sympathetically. "But I do know that we can't just sit around. We have to try."

    "Take a chance! Take a leap of faith!" Sha exclaimed, hopping onto Gigas's shoulders. With an agile flip, he maneuvered himself so that his legs were wrapped around Gigas's horn, and he hung upside down in front of Nocchi. "I say we team up with the humans. An' if they turn out to be liars, I'll eat 'em! If they turn out to be truth-ers, then, well, good for us!"

    The Shawjamon let himself fall to the ground, landing on his hands. Holding himself there, in a perfect handstand, he continued, chuckling, "Cha-haw... What could possibly go wrong?"
  17. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    "It's Host scripture," Scott said with a raised eyebrow. "Or do you not know anything about the Digidestined legend?" He rolled his eyes. "It's a Host prophecy. Tamers are chosen by the Holy Host, that's how humans receive Digivices and partners. The Digidestined are the Tamers foretold to protect and save the Digital World. And until very recently our identities were a carefully guarded secret...even from us."

    "Which makes one wonder how Mephistopheles learned of your identities," Thor muttered, his brow furrowed. "Though I suppose that's not the most pressing question at the moment."

    "Maybe he does," said Victor. He glanced to the others. "I wouldn't be surprised. He's planned for everything so far, it seems. Though I can't imagine this working in his favor."

    Thor had to admit, the man had a point. The Digidestined had seven new, powerful forms; and knew more of his operations than Mephistopheles would obviously like. If they could clue them in on his next moves, they could put a stop to things before the final Seals broke. He just wished Michael...and Samael were here to provide their much-needed expertise.

    There was a twitch at the edge of his senses, deep beyond sight and sound and touch, at the edge of the sense of knowing. Thor turned his head as a pillar of light whirled down from the sky with a piercing whistle and slammed into the Hall courtyard. Two pulses traveled down the pillar before it broke apart and drew back into the sky.

    "Michael and Samael," Thor said, feeling and knowing their presence before he could see them with his eyes. It was a very useful new development.

    True enough, Michael and Samael had descended from Heaven. They rushed into the Council Hall, bringing the dire news of the war in Paradise and the Sacred Angels fall...and they almost attacked the seven humans upon sight. It was only when Thor explained the situation that the two calmed, and though they were as suspicious as the rest (perhaps even more so), they begrudgingly accepted the humans' presence.

    "I still say we gut 'em now to be sure," Samael muttered. He clicked his claws together. "Ain't nuthin' a good butcherin' can't solve. Gimme..." he thought for a moment. "Forty-nine seconds and I'll have the truth."

    "Tempting as that offer is, right now it's best to see if they can provide us with information and Mephistopheles's next move," Svarog said. He crossed his arms and turned expectantly towards the Digidestined.

    "I don't think you understand," said Victor. He shook his head. "We're not here offering our allegiance or telling you to follow our lead. We called you here to ask you not to stand in our way. You can't beat Mephistopheles. None of you can."

    "I came pretty close," Svarog said.

    "Close doesn't mean a thing," said Victor. He glared at the Peacemakers. "He's prepared for each and every one of you. He knows you inside and out, he knows your flaws and faults, your strengths and what drives you, he knows what makes you tick. And he'll use that all against you. Besides." He stepped back and motioned to his six comrades. "It's our...destiny to stop him. He's got one Seal left."

    "One? You didn't think that was important to mention first?" Svarog growled.

    Victor ignored him. "He's got one Seal left, and all you've ever done is trip over each other and make a mess of things. We're trying to figure out what the last Seal is. As soon as we do, we'll know where he's going and how to stop him."

    "Well then, isn't it fortuitous that I discovered the name of the final Seal," said Michael. He stepped forward and glared at the Digidestined. "Before you and Mephistopheles launched your attack on Heaven, I was busy digging through ancient tomes of information. For it is written, that the final Seal shall break upon the death of seven innocents."

    "One for each sin," Ava muttered.

    "My thoughts exactly," said Michael.

    "You said 'innocents,' right?" Lily asked. "That was the word your texts used?" Michael nodded, and she looked wildly to the other Digidestined. "Then we know who we're looking for."

    "Mephistopheles always referred to humans as 'innocents'--in that snide, condescending tone, of course," said Jake. "Death of seven innocents, that's seven humans. I'd bet my life on it."

    "Seven humans, out of how many hundreds or thousands?" Svarog growled. "Again we're searching for sand in a desert."

    "Not if you know where to look. We don't need to know the exact 'innocents' just where they'll be," said Victor. "Tamer Camp: open home to all Tamers. It's a makeshift village northwest of here, near the Rhineland. It's where most Tamers and their partners gather. Especially once Artorius and the Royal Knights started attacking us. It became a safer haven. If Mephistopheles is looking for 'innocents', that's where he'll go."

    "Then what are we waiting for?" asked Scott. He pulled out his Digivice, gripped it in the hand that glowed with his crest-power, and ignited the shining silver device. "Biomerge!"

    "The Digimon are in the other room, Scott," Ava said. She rolled her eyes.

    "Whoops," the young man scratched his head sheepishly. "Guess I got carried away there."
  18. 'Innocents?' Azur had to repeat in his head. He wondered how it was easy for them to connect innocents to human children. There were hundreds of other innocents that weren't human. At the very least, they could have listed others being the possibility.

    'At ease, Azur,' Fenrir's voice echoed in his mind. 'For now, we shall accompany these Tamers,' he told the WereGarurumon. It was not like they had any better leads at the moment.

    Azur sighed. "Fine," he muttered after a while, folding his arms.

    'By the way, Azur,' Fenrir's voice suddenly said, seriousness in the voice and turning the WereGarurumon a bit tense. 'If you can, try to inform Tiwaz through Tyr to keep an extra eye on the Digidestined. Try not to alarm anyone else, however.'

    His ancestor's request confused Azur a bit and made him raise an eyebrow. From the looks of it, the Digidestined didn't need anyone looking out for them, other than to see if they really were free from Mephistopheles' control, and Azur had to admit, that he himself was beginning to believe that they were.

    It still didn't mean he trusted them though.

    He would wait until everyone was gone to talk to Tyr, if he could do even that. He doubted they would get the chance to stay and lick their wounds for a while; from the sounds of it, they needed to be at the Tamer's Camp as soon as possible. Well, maybe after the meeting then.

    He walked over to the VictoryGreymon. "I need to talk to you. When we're all outside," he told Tyr shortly with a nod before walking to where Pyra was.

    As he did so, Shoon suddenly piped up. "So we're heading out now? We don't even get to rest up a bit?" he asked out loud. "Not that I want to rest!" he added, folding his arms despite the fact that he got his metal behind handed to him in the battle before.
  19. Griff4815

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    Tyr blinked and wondered what Azur wanted with him. They may have been cousins... or relatives... or something - Tyr wasn't entirely sure how they were related aside from the fact that Tiwaz had a son and Fenrir had a daughter who married one another - but they didn't talk as often as Tyr would have liked.

    "Um, okay, Azur," he politely replied, following the group as they left the war room and eventually the palace.

    Azur broke away from the group upon going outside and walked down the street, sighing as he did. Tyr looked around - seeming rather conspicuous and suspicious in the process - and ran off to follow him. Tiwaz made a mental note to give Tyr acting lessons in the future.

    The dragon man ran up to him and gave him a small smile. "Hey, cuz," he greeted warmly. Despite the fact that he wasn't sure if Azur was actually, technically his cousin, he felt like Azur was close enough to him that he considered him his cousin. Both him and Dunk...

    Azur looked over and turned to him. "Mm," he said, nodding and folding his arms. "Fenrir wanted to tell Tiwaz something."

    "This ought to be good," said Tiwaz's voice bitterly through Tyr's mouth, the fire god momentarily taking control of Tyr to show that he still wasn't happy with Fenrir for lying to him for all those years. Even if it was justified, Tiwaz was still very stubborn and didn't necessarily agree that it was.

    In embarrassment, Tyr quickly cupped his hands over his mouth, in case Tiwaz made any other biting comments. "...Sorry. That was Tiwaz. He's a bit grumpy," Tyr explained from behind his large hands.

    Azur rolled his eyes. "He's not the only one..."

    "Azur..." Fenrir chided.

    Azur sighed. "Whatever..." he said before turning back to Tyr. "Fenrir wants you and Tiwaz to watch the... kids."

    Tyr folded his arms and tilted his head slightly. "The kids...? You mean the digidestined?" he asked, looking over at the humans in question as they left the building with the Peacemakers.

    "The so-called Digidestined," Tiwaz corrected.

    Azur waited for Fenrir to confirm Tyr's question, which he soon did. "Mhm," Azur replied.

    Tyr nodded. "Oh. Tiwaz was already planning to. He doesn't trust them either," he explained.

    "...It's not for that reason," Fenrir told Azur.

    Azur raised an eyebrow at his ancestor's words. "...Fenrir says he wants you watch them for another reason."

    Tiwaz, talking through Tyr again, spoke up. "Another reason?" he asked curiously. Azur rubbed the back of his neck, getting unnerved by Tiwaz's voice coming out of Tyr's body; he was also glad that Fenrir couldn't do that with him.

    "The prophecy stated seven innocents. Though they may not be 'innocent' in a way that they're free from the bad deeds they have done, they are chosen by the angels," Fenrir explained, to which Azur relayed the words.

    "So... what's he saying? These ex-Cambions might be the seven innocents we're trying to find? Yeah... that's certainly possible. Mephistopheles did pick them after all... If that's true, though, the Holy Host has a pretty loose definition of 'innocent'," Tiwaz countered.

    Fenrir made a sigh in Azur's head, which Azur also copied. "Tell him it's still a possibility," he said to his descendant.

    "Fenrir says it's still possible." Azur started thinking to himself, observing what the theory would imply. "And with them on the frontlines..."

    "Ugh," Tiwaz groaned, making Tyr palm his face. "You're putting us on babysitting duty when these kids could very well stab us in the back? Great. Thanks a lot, Fenrir. Fantastic..."

    "...If you don't want to, you don't have to do it," Azur said acidly; this time, the words were his own.

    "Azur, calm down..." Fenrir told him.

    "Why bother? If he doesn't want to do it, don't force it. It'll only make both of you angrier at each other," Azur spat, huffing.

    Both Fenrir and Tiwaz were struck silent by his words.

    "...We'll do it," Tyr suddenly spoke, talking in his own voice with his own decision.

    Azur sighed. "Whatever..." He turned and walked away.

    "Azur..." Fenrir said. He then sighed and said nothing more.

    "...Hmph. What's with him?" Tiwaz muttered.

    Tyr merely twiddled his fingers and followed Azur, both heading back to the Peacemakers.


    Meanwhile, among the bulk of the Peacemakers, Kheprius walked up beside Pyra.

    "Hey," he greeted, striding beside her and looking over with a smirk. "Your guard dog isn't with you, nipping at your heels with every step. Does he finally trust you to off all by yourself? Or... cripes, tell me he didn't mark you as his territory."

    Pyra rolled her eyes. "You're hysterical as usual, Kheprius," she replied with emphasized sarcasm.

    Kheprius chuckled in response, always finding it amusing trying to get a rise out of Pyra. "I like to think so. When one's looks are an acquired taste, it's good to have charm."

    "Charm?" Pyra asked with a small smile. "I think you're giving yourself too much credit..."

    "You've stuck around me this long, haven't you?" he asked, grinning. "I think you enjoy our witty banter."

    "Only because it beats the alternatives: listening to in-fighting and Gunnar and Justin's competing," the Paildramon responded with a smile. "You must be happy that Trowa is back with us."

    "Yep. As far as TigerVespamons go, I'll take him over Terrak any day," Khep replied. "It's just too bad we haven't had the time to hit the bars like the good old days. Or get some rest for that matter."

    Pyra nodded quietly. She cast a quick glance at the Cambion kids and then looked back at the black insect. "You wouldn't be a very good diplomat, you know."

    Khep shrugged. "I call a spade a spade. I don't trust them. When you get betrayed, you tend to have a more objective view of people afterwards."

    "I think Tyr might argue that..." Pyra noted.

    Grinning, Khep shook his head. "You're probably right about that. Once a naive idiot, always a naive idiot."

    "Well, working with these humans is our best bet right now. They seem to know what they're doing."

    "And I wonder why that is? Because Mephistopheles is telling them what to do," Kheprius argued.

    "Even if you think that, keep a lid on it," Pyra told him. "Whichever the case, it's better that they think we trust them."

    Khep rolled his eye and raised a hand in aloof compliance. "Yeah, yeah. Gotcha, Pyra."

    "Speaking of betrayal..." Pyra said, her red eyes locking with Khep's. "Those two from before... 'Nebiros and Sabnock', was it?"

    At the mention of their names, the GrandisKuwagamon's face grew darker than it already was. "What about them?"

    "Why are they fighting with Mephistopheles?" she asked.

    Khep closed his eye, thoughtfully. "...Same reason we took all of those immoral jobs when we were the Black Pincer Company. Money... Not knowing what to do with ourselves... And, most of all, survival."

    "I see..." she said, her tone soft. "...Are you going to be able to fight them? To the death?"

    "Course I am," Khep said apathetically.

    Pyra frowned and looked him in the eye. "Right... And is this you talking or your aloof, 'badass' front talking?" she asked scrutinizingly. "...Even if they did betray you... are you sure you're okay with cutting away such a big part of your past?"

    Khep opened his eye and glared at her, revealing to her his anger. "You don't know me as well as you like to think you do, Pyra..." he told her coldly. "Typical woman; we kiss once and now you think you have me all figured out."

    The Paildramon's expression remained unchanged. "Says the guy who keeps saying we have a connection..." she internally said. "Besides, I didn't even return the kiss."

    Although Pyra said nothing, Khep knew by the way she was looking at him that she wasn't convinced, even with his flippant slight. "Don't worry," he assured her. "I'll be able to kill them. We're past words now..."

    Pyra placed a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. "You don't have to do it alone, you know..."

    Kheprius closed his eye and raised his hand to place it on top of hers. His hand lingered there and gripped it... and then removed it from his shoulder.

    "It's my past... Mine and Terrak's..." he told her. "If anybody's going to face them it'll be us. I know he won't want my help, but... damned if I'm going to let him fight them alone."

    "I understand..." Pyra replied, turning forwards.

    Khep nodded and continued walking, glaring ahead of him. "This time, it isn't for revenge..." He looked over at Barachiel, who walked ahead of him with Caradoc. "It's for him..."
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  20. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    There was no time to lose, and even less to waste. Michael knew that much. Mephistopheles was beginning his end-game, building towards the conclusion of his plans, and ready to crack open the Devil's Gate. If the Cambion--the Digidestined--were to be believed, there was only one Seal left. The "Death of Seven Innocents," which they insisted referred to humans. Humans partnered with Digimon. Human Children.

    Michael didn't know what to believe. These humans before him were supposed to be the Digidestined. The Sacred Angels were supposed to have know that. They were supposed to have given them their powers and crests...but how had Mephistopheles learned of it? How had he managed to manipulate thse evens so precisely? There had to be an explanation.

    But he didn't have time to dwell on that. Heaven was in disarray. The Sacred Angels had survived once Mephistopheles' control over the humans had broken, and the Metatron had expelled the demons from Paradise, but the command structure was in tatters. And Mephistopheles was getting closer.

    They had to act now, before letting that come to pass.

    "I still think we should gut 'em, just to be sure," Samael said, calling up from below, where he raced along on the Behemoth. He'd opted for the bike instead of flying.

    Michael shook his head, not sure whether Samael was speaking to anyone in particular, or just out loud for himself. He wouldn't be surprised at either. Even Samael was on edge. The stirring in his blood, he'd said. He could feel the power of the Inferno growing, the Seals weakening, and Hell leaking into the world. It was making the fallen angel much more volatile, and Michael more desperate.

    In front of them flew the seven Digidestined, Bio-merged with their partners. It was an imposing sight, for sure. Alphamon, Susanoomon, Goldramon, Magnadramon, Varodurumon, Aegisdramon, and Regulumon...these were Digimon forms of the highest level and calibur. Even inexperienced and newly-Digivolved, they would be a nearly-unstoppable force...to say nothing of the power-accelerant of Bio-merging. And the Digidestined were far from inexperienced. Alone, each was an army unto themselves...their individual powers likely rivaled Tiwaz or Thor's in sheer quantity.

    Michael hoped Samael's suspicions of them were wrong. Because they would make tremendous allies...and be hell to fight.

    The so-called "Tamer Camp" was far from Anatolia, closer back towards Avalon. It was no surprise. With the seat of the Digital World's power moving, the humans most suspicious of them would probably stay behind. There was still bitterness held towards the actions of the Royal Knights.

    But knowing as he did now, Michael could understand. It was on the humans that the opening of the Devil's Gate hinged. It was their presence that allowed for the Digidestined, the Cambion, and the Devil's rise. Artorius had only done the best he could. He'd stayed true to his vow to protect the Digital World...he'd just lost his way when it turned on him.

    "Are we any closer?" Thor asked, flying up beside the Goldramon...Michael couldn't remember his name. And at that point, from what he understood, the humans were changing their names every few minutes. It was more than he could keep up with. It was like those strange Digimon who changed their names depending on the forms they took, naming themselves after those forms. Strange indeed.

    "It's just past those mountains," the Goldramon said. He was their leader, this Michael was certain of. The others all deferred to him. At least it wasn't the Alphamon. The symetry there would have been...painful. "The camp extends all long the west face of the mountain and down into the valley. It's defensible, but not ideal."

    "Then we should hurry," Svarog said. He flew up beside Thor and glanced back to Michael. "How weakened did you say you left those demons after the battle?"

    Michael sighed. "Not as injured as I would have liked," he said. He and Samael had put up a valiant fight. Especially two-against-six. But it was very difficult. "Not enough to have made them a non-issue. But hopefully enough to have slowed them down."

    But at least the Horsemen were taken care of, at least they were out of the picture. Michael had made sure to ask over and over. Thor had assured him, but was less certain each time. Michael didn't like that. But there was nothing else to do at that point but move on.

    They crested the mountain and he caught sight of the sprawling camp below. For an impromptu village it was rather impressive. The buildings all looked quite stable...mostly, and well-constructed. Most were made from lumber, with sheet-metal roofs. But others had rather complicated stonework, especially the further one looked up the mountain. The Tamers had obviously expanded their building techniques as the camp became more permenant. It even looked as if they had a running-water plumbing system and a series of generators.

    Impressive, by any standard.

    "We're here first," Kole said, floating down. "That's new." Hira snarled something under his breath. God, what was with those two?

    "Let's start evacuating," said the Goldramon. "We want them out of here ASAP." The humans and Digimon below had already spotted them. Some looked up at them warily, while others waved at their newfound Digidestined heroes and shouted their praise. Thankfully, none of the seven seemed to let it go to their heads.

    "Are we awesome or what?" the Susanoomon exclaimed with a smirk. The other six shot him a look that told him to shut up.

    He'd spoken too soon.

    Still, Michael couldn't believe that they'd made it there before Mephistopheles. Sure, they had the humans' help, but the demon must have considered that and accelerated his schedule, right? It's what Michael would have done, and he didn't have half the information that Mephistopheles did.

    A figure stepped from one of the huts below, and Michael's breath caught in his throat. They hadn't arrived first after all. Mephistopheles had already sent someone. Pelleas.

    The knight stepped through the blanketed doorway and stared up at the Peacemakers and the Digidestined. He made no moves to confront them, or draw his blade. He simply continued on, and seven young children followed behind him.

    "What is goin' on?" Tia wondered. "This is--that's Pelleas, right? Former Royal Knight? The guy we were fighting for a while? Who betrayed Hector? That's him, right?" She voiced the disbelief and confusion they all shared. "And he's walking away with seven kids, and not killing them? Do we...do we have any idea why?"

    "No. We just need to stop him," the Alphamon said. "There might be a ritual or something involved. We can't let him just take them away."

    In this, at least, Michael was in full agreement.

    The Alphamon drew his shining sword and charged down through the air with a roar. The other Digidestined followed. Screaming for the other humans to get out of the way, calling down to those seven young children to run and get away from the knight.

    "Artorius?" Pelleas whispered, in a voice even Michael could hear. The knight was still in a dream-state, still ensnared by Mephistopheles' power. How? How had both he and Constantine succumbed? What hold did the demon have over them? That kind of power, it could only have been a deal...but would a Royal Knight make a deal with a demon?

    Pelleas danced back as the Alphamon slammed into the ground. The Digidestined threw his arms to the side and placed himself between the former-knight and the young children. "Stay behind me," he ordered.

    "You shouldn't have come back, Artorius," Pelleas groaned. He shakily drew his sword, fighting against the power over him. "It's all too much. I thought we could stop it, but...I told you...warned you...why didn't you make them listen...why didn't you save us? Me and Constantine? Why didn't you save us?"

    Pelleas charged the Alphamon with a roar, but it was a wild charge, lacking any of the training and finesse of the knight's past, and the Digidestined was easily able to parry the strike and push him away.

    "They've come," Pelleas whispered. "For the end of the world. They're going to kill us all. Unless I kill them first. I'll save you, my lord. I'll save everyone."

    And then they rose up, the demons. Belial, Haures, Moloch, Murmur, Orcus, and Zagan. The Lesser Lords of Hell, second only to the Seven Demon Lords themselves. And Michael would have sworn they were led into a trap if Belial hadn't fired his Pandaemonium cannon right into the Alphamon.

    "We're here for the children," said Orcus, a squat, grey Ghoulmon. "But we'll take your lives just the same."

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