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Digimon: Devil's Ascent (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Kamotz, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs


    Bedivere streaked from the air, trailing flame, blazing with fury. He drew the twin Fragarach from the air and struck like a burning comet. The fearsome blow impacted with the Albiomon's sword, and stopped. Pelleas gazed up at the Slayerdramon with empty eyes.

    "I'll save everyone," the knight repeated quietly.

    "No!" Bedivere growled. "You've been deceived! Whatever that demon's convinced you of, it's a lie!" He let loose with flaming power from his blades, and Pelleas was tossed back. Still, the knight landed on his feet, and retaliated. His counterattack was brutal and skilless, a vicious charge lacking the finesse and elegance he had once been renowned for. What had happened to him?

    "Alabaster... Radiance!" Pelleas called, loosing a vicious slash with his burning sword. But Bedivere struck back with his own blade, calling his own attack, and the swords collided in a burst of crimson and emerald, coruscating light washing over the two.

    "Shoryu Slash!"

    "Wrath of the Firedrake!" Eruptions of flame roared from the swords and collided, bursting into embers. The two knights raced through the rain of particles, and their swords struck, loosing arcs of dancing sparks.

    "Why?!" Bedivere roared. "Why are you doing this?! Why did you make that deal?!"

    "I'll... save you all..." Pelleas replied, straining to hold back the raging dragon knight.


    Caradoc raced at Belial. Dragonic fire and power engulfed his form, and the black dragon knight soared free, spreading tattered wings.

    "Dragon Thrower!" A meteoric fist swathed in dragonic power struck Belial, but the MaloMyotismon was unfazed. His cannons opened, and roared hellish power at the attacker.

    "Screaming Darkness!" Caradoc was struck and buried in the power, crashing to the ground. He rose, and Belial kicked him, hurling him back. The demon king sent a foot to crush the Dynasmon X underfoot, only to be halted. Caradoc strained, holding back Belial's monstrous foot with all his immense strength. A coruscating aura blazed around his form and the knight howled, loosing his power.

    "Breath of Wyvern!" Dragonic energies exploded around Caradoc, hurling Belial back several titanic steps. Caradoc rose to his feet, eyes burning with rage, armor steaming from his power.

    "You think you can defeat me?" Belial rumbled ominously. "The King of Hell?"

    "I don't care what title you bear," Caradoc replied. "Nor what delusions you might have. I'm just going to kill you."

    Belial frowned. "No. You're going to die, Caradoc Oathbreaker. And then one day, you will rise as a demon. The irony is delicious."

    "Shut up!" Caradoc roared. He erupted forwards, swathed in power. He struck the hellish king over and over. "I may one day be a demon... but before I succumb to my fate, I'll stop you and your ilk from destroying the world I hold dear! That I promise you, Belial!"

    Belial growled. "You fool. Screaming Darkness!" His cannons erupted with overwhelming hellfire, crashing on Caradoc and smashing him against the ground. "You are nothing but an insect before me, defiantly raging against the impending fate before it. You betrayed your comrades, sent a kingdom screaming into death, and broke the heart of the one you loved most. You say you wish to stop me and my ilk? Perhaps you should consider what you yourself are first, Oathbreaker." His mighty fist closed around the knight, crushing him in monstrous talons.

    "Is he... right...?"

    "How many died for your betrayals and heroics?" Belial asked viciously. "How many were lost to your need for adoration? How many drowned in the endless void of your sin? Perhaps you should see." His eyes blazed, becoming pits of endless shadow. "Mental Illusion!"

    And Caradoc fell into the blackness.


    Orcus stalked forward, but a spear of vibrant azure tore from the sky and staked his wing, making the Ghoulmon hiss in pain. His eyes glared up to where a brilliant light descended, shooting at him like a rocket.

    "Ulforce Saber!" Guinier cried, striking at him with her blades. The demon roared and loosed arcs of hellish power from his eyes, forcing her back. The UlforceVeedramon glanced back, at the seven children. "Get out of here!" she called, turning back to Orcus. Digicode runes began to shine around her body, breaking and reforging. "Future Evolution... UlforceVeedramon Future Mode!"

    Ascended to her mightiest form, she emerged, swathed in brilliant light and blazing with energy. "I won't let you take them. And I don't intend to die either. You're the one who'll die."
  2. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Sha tore away from the group, his limber body springing into immediate action at the sight of the six Lesser Lords. He could sense the demonic powers emanating from their monstrous forms. They could not be underestimated. Sha grinned, whirling his staff above his head like a massive baton, and roared, "Freak yeah! A fight!"

    He came down on Count Murmur like a streak of lightning. The Murmuxmon shifted back on his left foot and deflected the heavy blow with his forearms. But Sha used Murmur's moment of defense to keep him there, and pivoted quickly to crack the length of his staff across the Murmuxmon's shoulder. Murmur staggered sideways, but caught his balance just before Sha could bring about another blow. This time, the Count seized the Shawjamon's weapon, and the two wrestled over the staff for a moment until Sha flipped over the demon's head, wrenching it from his grasp. Before Murmur could react, Sha shifted into his ClavisAngemon form and barreled a burning fist of photon energy into his back. The Murmuxmon was sent hurtling forward, a curse on his lips.

    Sha chuckled as the lesser lord lifted himself off the ground and turned to face the ClavisAngemon. Smoldering hatred filled Murmur's eyes. Sha could see it. But the Count retained his composure. He clenched and unclenched his fists, bared the large claws on each hand, whipped his tail, spread his wings, and glared at his enemy.

    "You think yourself clever, do you?"

    Sha shrugged. "Meh. I wouldn't call it clever. Just epic."

    Murmur smiled, but it wasn't pleasant. It was full of hate. His eyes narrowed, and, in a split-second, he had taken flight, rocketing at Sha with hellish flames in his wake. The ClavisAngemon readied himself for his opponent's attack, but couldn't anticipate the lesser lord's strength. Murmur met him full-force, sending Sha skidding backwards on his toes. Then, without hesitation, he struck Sha to the ground with his elbow, wrested him to his feet again, and sent him flying with a fearsome kick.

    Sha struggled to regain his balance, but as he did so, Murmur whispered, "Gehenna Flame."

    Hellfire erupted from the beak of the bird-like visage on his torso, swathing Sha in a torturous inferno. The ClavisAngemon cried out in agony, falling to one knee before disappearing in the blazing flames. But Murmur wasn't finished. He dove into his fires after Sha and kicked him to the ground. Then, raising his taloned foot, he proceeded to stomp on the angel repeatedly, crushing his armor beneath its full weight. The ClavisAngemon coughed up blood with each blow.

    Finally, the Murmuxmon pressed down with his two front talons on Sha's torso, slowly increasing the pressure and force. He sneered at his opponent, flames rising all around him, and said, "Who's clever now?"


    Meanwhile, Nocchi dodged the treacherous lashing of Duke Haures's claws yet again. The Devitamamon wasn't quite so large as the other lesser lords; thus, Nocchi had selected him as his opponent. Unfortunately, in his haste, he had not taken into account the Duke's numerous eyes, which gave him a major advantage in close-combat. He had very few blind-spots. Nocchi recognized that his only real way to get any damage done would be to attack from directly behind Haures.

    "Easier said than done," the Puppetmon muttered, leaping over the Devitamamon's outstretched arm as he swung at his legs. Nocchi landed nimbly and kept running, hoping to get around his enemy. Haures was slow, but he had only to shift slightly to keep Nocchi from getting around him. Finally, the Puppetmon decided to try a more forward approach. Quite literally.

    With a swing of his hammer, he pummeled the Devitamamon's arm, putting it out of commission for a moment. Then, as Haures screamed out in pain, Nocchi launched himself onto the evil egg's head. The Duke snapped his jaws angrily, trying to shake the Puppetmon off, but Nocchi wouldn't have it. He attached strings to both of Haures's wings and maintained his balance temporarily while readying his hammer for another blow. This time, he delivered it to the Duke's head, earning a yelp from Haures.

    The Devitamamon was infuriated now, and used his muscular legs to leap into the sky, taking Nocchi, still attached to his wings, with him.

    "Nyaaaaahhh! Put me down or I'll scramble ya!"


    On the other side of the battlefield, Gigas had plowed into Baron Zagan the Gulfmon, and the two brutes were locked in a vicious power-struggle. Ivy, donning her Rosemon X form, had engaged Prince Moloch, perhaps too suddenly, for without backup she was quickly being thrown left and right by the demonic rabbit. Gigas could hear her cries, but couldn't wrench himself from Zagan's grasp. The Gulfmon had him pinned and was pummeling him repeatedly with his forelegs.

    Things weren't looking so hot for any of them. (Well, except for Sha...things were looking especially hot for him. After all, he was surrounded by hellfire.)
  3. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Tyr gripped the Dramon Breaker tightly as he ran into the village. He saw Pelleas, and all those feelings of confusion, anger, sadness, and betrayal returned to him. He growled slightly and glared at the so-called Royal Knight. "P-Pelleas!" he shouted, feeling just angry enough to leave out the 'Sir' prefix. "Where's Sir Hector?! Why did you do it?!"

    "Leave him, Tyr," Tiwaz told him, watching through Tyr's eyes as Bedivere raced forwards and clashed with the Albiomon. "I don't have to remind you of your track record when fighting the Royal Knights, even if this guy made a deal with the devil."

    "I know, but-"

    "Pelleas and Constantine were lame anyways," Gunnar's voice said from behind him. "I never trusted those newcomers."

    "Gunnar, that's mean!" Tyr protested, turning around, though still looking upset.

    "And you just proved my point," Gunnar said with a grin. The playful smile soon disappeared and his expression became more serious. "Tyrie, we can't afford to talk these guys to death. Things are going to get messy in this battle and you're... you're just too nice for that. I know you're a great fighter, but you should leave the killing to those who don't mind doing it?"

    Tyr frowned and looked down slightly. He knew that Gunnar had a point. Tyr wanted to grow up like Tiwaz had been trying to get him to up until recently, but at the same time, part of him was the same Tyr he was before, even after all the trauma. He still beat himself up about killing Typhon. He wanted to be more. He always wanted to be more, but...

    "...You'd kill Pelleas?" Tyr asked, looking over at his best friend.

    Gunnar shrugged with his usual easy-going bravado. "Why go for him when there's plenty of real demons for me to kill?" he asked with a dangerous grin.

    "Be careful, Gunnar..." Tyr told him, closing his eyes.

    "You too, pal," Gunnar replied, flying off and leaving a flurry of shimmering burst particles in his wake.

    Tyr thought carefully. He didn't want to be a load on the rest of the Peacemakers by pulling his punches. He nodded to himself and opened his eyes. "Tiwaz? You should take over," he told him.

    "You're sure?" Tiwaz asked. "You're okay with me killing if I need to?"

    Tyr was silent for a few moments. "...Just prioritize protecting those kids."

    "Sure, Tyr..."

    Tyr's body then glowed white and Tiwaz emerged in a blossom of flames, his body flying into the air over the village. And he saw his target.

    Moloch, the dark Cherubimon was fighting with Ivy. The dragon narrowed his sapphire gaze and soared towards him.

    "He's not a rabbit. He's not a rabbit. He's not a rabbit. He's not a rabbit," Tiwaz told himself, making damn sure to keep those thoughts hidden from Tyr.

    "You!" he shouted brazenly, closing in on Moloch in a fiery, passionate rage. "You adorable pile of rubbish!" he continued, his mouth speaking before his brain could think.

    Moloch dropped Ivy and turned towards Tiwaz with a dumbfounded expression, his eyebrow raised. "...What?"

    "Take this!" the AncientGreymon shouted, ramming into him and bashing him hard with his head. As the Cherubimon staggered back, Tiwaz angled his body down with the guns on his back aimed. "Omega Corona!"

    Two jets of fire engulfed the rabbit digimon and sent him flying back, though the dual streams were high enough to not harm Ivy. He looked down at her with a small grin. "You okay, milady?" he asked, grinning and doing his best to look chivalrous (which was rather hard, given that he was a dragon).

    "...Did you call him adorable, Tiwaz?"

    Tiwaz's grin vanished.

    "...I said 'abhorrent'! Get your ears checked!"

    "...But they're your ears, Tiwa-"

    "Grah! Enough back-talk!"

    Tyr eeped, feeling like he was getting told off by his dad or Commander Mars. "Ah! Yes, sir!"


    Gunnar flew over the village, looking around carefully to make sure he wasn't hit from the side. He spotted a certain Puppetmon struggling against a macabre-looking egg creature, who was flying into the sky with Nocchi dangling, attached by strings.

    The ShineGreymon veered off his course to go and help. "That's one ugly kite," he said with a grin, the GeoGrey Sword appearing his his hand in a flash of flames. He confidently spun it around as he flew towards them.

    Given his number of eyes, Duke Haures saw Gunnar coming towards him and promptly spun around in the air, hurling Nocchi towards him. "Gah! Don't throw your toys!" Gunnar sputtered, pulling his sword back so that it wouldn't hurt Nocchi.

    He fanned a wing out and used it to catch Nocchi with it. "That's one deviled egg..." the light dragon said to him with a grin.

    Gunnar looked over at the Puppetmon. "I don't know if you want to get on my back or make do from the ground, but either way, you better do it fast, Nocchster, because I'm about to do this," he said, looking down at his chest.

    The lens was beginning to glow brightly. "Shining Blast!" he shouted. A beam of light radiated through the air towards the demon digimon.

    "Black Death Cloud!" he replied, regurgitating a thick haze of black smog from his mouth, seeming to envelop and smother Gunnar's light attack as it grew near.

    "Urk," Gunnar growled, glaring. "That's not good. Guess I shouldn't underestimate this pit spawn. ...Don't suppose you have any ideas, Nocchi?"


    Pyra emerged in a burst of whitish-grey light, her Paildramon form now that of Imperiadramon Fighter Mode. She decided to use her Warp Imperial digivolution, skipping Dragon Mode entirely. She knew she had to pull all the stops at this point. This was the final seal and they had to stop it at all costs.

    She gracefully flew through the air and landed beside Guinier, raising her arm cannon and firing not a moment after she touched the ground to cover Guinier as she digivolved to her Future Mode.

    Orcus dove out of the way to dodge the double-helixed beam blast, annihilating one of the empty huts behind the Marquis.

    Pyra looked over at Guinier and gave her a short nod. The two female dragons had worked together very well when fighting against the Chaos Lord Mordred. Guiner's swift speed and Pyra's strong firepower complimented each other, helping to make up for the others' weaknesses.

    Orcus got to his feet and sneered, conveying the emotion with his eyes. "Well, well, well. What have we here?"

    Pyra remained silent and walked to the left, putting distance between herself and Guinier. She kept her cannon trained on the demon.

    "Not a talker, huh?" the Ghoulmon asked. "I'll make you scream yet. Explosion Eye!"

    Two rays streaked from the eyes on his hands towards each of them. Pyra sneered and flew up into the air. "Positron Laser!

    "Death Arrow!" Orcus followed up by looking at her with his main oculus and firing a blood red arrow from it towards her.

    Pyra grunted and tried to fly to the side as she fired, not expecting a third attack. The beam seared into her left shoulder and wing, knocking her backwards. She responded with a sneer and allowed the draconic mouth on her chest armour to open up. The large cannon emerged and she held it tightly in her hands. "Don't get too close, Guinier," she said calmly, though there was some pain in her voice.

    "Giga Crusher!" she called out, a pillar of dark matter ripping down from the dragon towards Ocrus...


    Khep sneered as he watched Barachiel make a bee-line for Belial. He wasn't himself lately. Kheprius could see this. They were brothers after all. Sure, Barachiel wasn't the Terrak that he remembered, but Kheprius still knew. He could see the signs of somebody who was consumed with taking revenge for a grace wrong. Even with Barachiel's shut off and detached demeanour, he knew. He saw the signs in Nebiros and Sabnock, he saw the signs in Pyra, and now he saw the signs in his brother.

    It tore him up, but he wasn't sure how to help. No words of his would bring those he loved back. Kheprius knew this better than anybody. At this point, all he could do was make sure that Barachiel didn't get himself killed.

    He sneered, flying away from his original opponent, Pelleas, and chased after Barachiel. "Damnit, Terrak, wait!" he shouted. He didn't get a response.

    The GrandisKuwagamon swore and flew faster. "You impossible idiot. I said slow dow-!"

    Electricity ripped through Kheprius' system and sent him crashing into the ground. He let out a string of profanity and got to his hands and knees, panting in pain. "Son of a! What the hell was that?!" he snapped, standing to his feet. A massive beam ripped through over the ground and hit the hut beside Kheprius, atomizing the building and sending a wave of heat across Khep's form.

    Sneering, Khep turned in the direction that the beam fired from. Then something blunt slammed into his spine and sent electricity coursing through him. He let out a winded grunt and was sent crashing to the ground again. He flipped over and saw a Beetlemon standing over him, his fists crackling with lightning.

    "Hey there, Khep," Nebiros spoke, grinning darkly. He nodded over at the MetalKabuterimon who had fired the beam at Kheprius. "Hope Sab an' me aren't too late to the party..."


    Barachiel flew through the cold mountain air with a silent determination.

    He had lived near mountains once. When Hadrael's monastery still stood and his new family still lived. All that had changed. It changed for reasons he was unable to fathom, other than that of plain and simple evil. He didn't know Mephistopheles intentions. He didn't care. He just wanted him dead.

    But before Mephistopheles, there was one who he wanted dead first. He knew he wasn't there in body, but he was still there. As long as the monster that possessed him lived, he would still be there. And that monster was in his sight.

    He didn't know that Kheprius had been trying to catch up with him. Nor did he know that Nebiros and Sabnock had showed up and attacked Kheprius either. Barachiel raced towards with Belial, desiring nothing more than to deliver the holy justice of his Royal Meisters. If heaven couldn't - no - wouldn't help them, he would rely on his own determination and skill.

    He crossed his blades in front of him and his red eyes flickered with blue as the two swords hummed.

    He watched Belial do something and Caradoc suddenly collapsed to the ground. The cold anger radiating from Barachiel's body only increased. He zipped towards Belial and flew up in front of him. "Today is the day, you parasite," he whispered, glaring at him with nothing but malice. "Now you both will suffer the way I have been suffering. Nobody will get in my way. Mach Stinger Victory."

    A V-shaped blade of energy tore from his swords and burned into Belial's neck, but the MaloMyotismon responded by swatting Barachiel hard out of the sky with his hand, causing him to crash down onto the ground. The TigerVespamon sneered and tried to sit up quickly.

    "So much anger. Your heart is turning black, insect," Belial spoke, grinning slightly. Sodom and Gomorrah opened their mouthes and dark energy brimmed inside them. "Pandemonium Flare!"

    Two beams ripped from the organic cannons towards Barachiel. He lunged into the air, flying swiftly and gracefully between the two beams to avoid them as they converged on where he was.

    "I hate all of you," Barachiel spoke serenely, as if simply stating a fact. Belial clapped his hands together, trying to crush the bug between them, but Barachiel did an aerial flip avoiding the slamming of the claws beneath him. He landed on Belial's hands. "If anybody tries to get in my way of delivering this deserved justice, I will just go through them." His eyes narrowed and he stabbed his swords down hard into Belial's wrists, twisting the blades.

    Belial snarled and punched Barachiel down into the roof of a nearby house.

    Barachiel winced and lifted his head, glaring balefully up at Belial. A soft growl came from his mouth. "This is my chance... I will not be denied again! This is my revenge!"
  4. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Sparks and arcs of flame billowed from the crashing swords as Bedivere and Pelleas fought viciously, the two knights meeting one another with their shining blades. Bedivere struck with righteous fury and justice, and Pelleas answered with blind faith and determination. Neither would back down or give in. Though Pelleas had only the one sword to Bedivere's two, he fought with immense ferocity and sheer power to counteract that edge.

    "Why, Pelleas?!" Bedivere roared. "Why would you do this?!"

    "Because I must... save everyone," the knight murmured. "That is my... duty." His blade slashed a crimson arc, and loosed roaring flames, striking Bedivere with dragonic flame. The Slayerdramon answered with his own burning rage, unleashing the Shoryu Slash, and the two flames collided, exploding into embers.

    "You're wrong!" the Lord of the Empty Seat declared. "Mephistopheles is using you!"

    "Alabaster Radiance!" Pelleas cried in answer. Crimson power flooded from his blade, hammering Bedivere and forcing him back. Pelleas ripped forwards, sword drawn back for a finishing stab, but emerald power streaked through the air and smashed him into the ground. A black-armored figure descended. The Alphamon Digidestined. The dark knight nodded curtly to Bedivere, drawing his Grade Alpha sword, and pressed his attack, charging at the stricken Royal Knight.

    Bedivere roared a ferocious cry and charged in at the Digidestined's side, raising his own blades.


    "Death Arrow!"

    "Tensegrity Shield!" Guinier answered. As the crimson blast shot at her, coruscating sapphire panels formed before her, interlocking into a shield of light. Orcus' attack struck it and broke, though the shield cracked and buckled against the sheer power of the attack.

    Guinier raised a hand, and the shield fractured and broke. "Ray of Victory!" The light speared at the Ghoulmon, who evaded with unnatural swiftness. The UlforceVeedramon's attack struck the ground and exploded in a flash of sapphire light.

    "Explosion Eye!" Dark arrows tore from Orcus' eyes, striking towards the two dragonesses, and Guinier twisted aside, drawing her blades. The beam-swords shone as she raced forwards.

    "Ulforce Saber!" She slashed at the marquis with vicious blows of her blades, and the Ghoulmon let loose with a savage punch, hammering her to the ground. His fist unclenched and the eye in his palm blazed with demonic power.

    "Aurora Undulation!" Power sang through the air, a divine aurora which shone blindingly. Orcus howled as the exalted radiance slammed into him, searing his unholy soul and effortlessly tossing him aside. A shining figure descended, with radiant wings. Maximillian, one of the Digidestined. The Varodurumon Biomerge glanced to the two Peacemakers fighting beside him, briefly nodding, then he turned his attention back to the marquis.

    Guinier rose, readying her blades. Orcus rose too, snarling.

    "I'll kill you," he growled.

    "I doubt it," Guinier retorted grimly. "We're going to stop you." She raised her hand and loosed shining power from it, a spear of radiance which lanced towards Orcus' eye. With a snarl, the marquis ripped it aside with a sweep of his hand, and fired a demonic spear from his eye. But Maximillian descended, and spoke.

    "Purge Shine." The aurora around his form solidified, and the Ghoulmon's attack glanced from it.

    "What?" Orcus growled.

    "Attacks with evil intent cannot pass through my Purge Shine," Maximillian replied calmly. The shining barrier dissipated back into light. "Aurora Undulation!" The radiance tore forward and struck Orcus again, burning him with holy power.

    "Did you think we would accept your world?" Guinier said. "Did you think we would just give in? If so, you thought wrong. We're fighting to the end to prevent Mephistopheles from achieving his aims. We'll kill you, and then him."


    Ash. Smoke. Death.

    He stood upon a sundered field, a barren ruined waste. Was this Hell?

    "Why did you let me die?" He whirled, and saw a figure. A PawnChessmon.

    "Why did you bring this upon my kingdom?" Elizabeth Balthory appeared from the ash, gazing accusingly at him. "Were you so determined to punish evil you would bring this to an innocent realm?"

    "Caradoc Oathbreaker. Caradoc Kingdombane. Caradoc Betrayer. Caradoc the Gloryhound. Caradoc the Sinner." An infernal chorus from an army of ash and dust. The ghosts of the Chess Kingdom rose, tormenting him with their endless condemnation.

    "No... I never wanted this!" he cried.

    "Then why did you come?" Balthory asked. "Why did you not accept the greater good of my actions? Were you so determined to play the hero?"


    "Why did you betray me?" Guinier rose from the ashen destruction, back turned to him.

    "Guinier... I..."

    "You said you loved me more than anything," she whispered. "And then you threw everything away for the chance to be a martyr. You... you're just an empty martyr without a cause. I should never have loved you!"


    "You're selfish! You never considered what your actions might mean to others!" Barachiel emerged from the ash now, looking away.

    "I never wanted this to happen!"

    "And yet you made the deal anyway," Guinier said. "You still threw your life away for your need to be the hero. Don't you care what it means to Barachiel? To me?"

    "I... just wanted to save Hadrael..."

    "It was never about 'saving' anyone," Balthory spat, stepping back in. "I see you for what you are, Caradoc Stern. Emptiness, desiring something to fill its own void. Greedy for redemption, graving glory, you brought pain and destruction to those you claimed to care about. Is that a hero?"

    "I... you're wrong! I wanted to save him!"

    "So you could be the hero," Guinier replied coldly. "That's what it was always about. Because you can't accept what you have... the friends and loved ones you had weren't enough. You had to be adored by more and more people. And now you stand alone, with but a year to live. You're not a hero, you're nothing. Just a martyr without a cause."

    He fell to his knees as the ghosts of his sins gazed upon him and laid bare his emptiness. "You're... wrong..."

    "You should just die," Guinier said. "Just die and let the pain for those you care about end here. Every moment you live you just hurt them more."

    And a black shadow rose behind her. It was blackness and emptiness. It was him. An empty monster adorned in false glory and redemption, bearing armor and flags adorned with legendary sigils. But it was just an empty mockery of a hero. It drowned whole nations in its desire for glory.

    The empty figure stepped forward, and as it did, the ghosts chanted their infernal condemnation louder and louder. With each step, the tide of hate sounded louder and louder. The emptiness finally stood over him, skeletally thin, the false flags waving in the ashen wind. It gazed down upon him with sad, dark, violet eyes.

    "You are Caradoc Oathbreaker. Caradoc, bane of kingdoms. Caradoc the empty. Caradoc the martyr," it whispered, and somehow he heard it over the infernal chorus of the ghosts. "And I am you."

    "No... you're not me!" he cried. "You were never me!"

    The monstrosity gazed at him for a moment, and burst with shadows. Dark, fell wings spread, a noxious haze surrounding its form. Skeletally thin, adorned in dull grey armor, the thing stood. Its head was covered by a mask-like helm, with hawk-like features, while monstrous claws adorned its hands. Dark flames blazed about its shoulders, burning on the pennants pinned to the armor. And those dark, sad violet eyes gazed at him.

    "I was always you," it said. "Now, drown in your sins, and die." And it lunged for him, raising its great claws to scythe through his body and kill him.
  5. Absolute Zero!

    Crashing right into Zagan’s side, the a sphere of cold energy blasted and send frozen frost over the battlefield. It also knocked the Gulfmon away from Gigas, freeing the large insect Digimon from the demon’s grasp. Azur, in his AncientGarurumon form, landed beside him, glaring at the lesser demon lord.

    “Get to your wife, Gigas,” the wolf knight told his fellow ally. “I’ll be his opponent,” he growled, brandishing the two weapons in his hands. Without further comment, he dashed towards Zagan, not at all fazed by the drastic difference in size. After all, the larger they are, the harder they fall.

    Zagan growled and got back to all four of his feet even before the AncientGarurumon had begun his charge, and he was already getting ready to fire back his own counter attack. The mouth below his torso was already gaping, letting out a demonic roar and forming a large orb of dark energy within it. Then the roar intensified, the orb turning into a thick, black ray that sped towards the white knight. “Black Requiem!

    Azur narrowed his eyes, gathering energy into one of the Sharpness Claymores before throwing it right at the center of the beam. As soon as he did so, he jumped to the side, watching as the beam swallowed his sword and barely miss him. He hoped that Gigas had enough sense to either go help his wife or dodge the beam as well.

    Now, Azur!’ Fenrir’s voice commanded in his head. ‘Show me how much you understand the power of a god!

    The AncientGarurumon narrowed his eyes. He was not going to be pushed aside and thrown like a ragdoll again.

    “Light,” he muttered as he braced his legs and readied his one blade. “Harness…the speed of light,” he added once again, his eyes flashing white as he pushed his legs into the ground, his body gaining a white glow as he closed the distance between him and Zagan in a matter of seconds.

    The Gulfmon didn’t have time to close his lower maw and stop his attack. Already, Azur had reached his leg and slammed against one of his front legs, and he found himself slipping, his black beam sent blasting into the air as he fell down on his side. He landed on cold ice, the floor having been frozen by Azur’s thrown Sharpness Claymore embedded into the ground right in front of him.

    Azur, meanwhile, was on the ground a distance away. He winced as he pulled himself up to his feet, his body feeling the ache of slamming hard into the Baron’s thick, muscular leg at the speed that he had used. He had aimed to stop right in front of the leg and slash; it was obviously harder than he had previously thought.

    ‘You still lack the ability to control the speed,’ Fenrir told him.

    “I learn…fast,” Azur growled in reply. It might have been stupid to use a real battle to learn the abilities of a light god, but at the rate they were going, Azur didn’t have a choice.

    ‘Then learn fast!’ Fenrir said, seeing through Azur’s eyes that Zagan was getting back on his knees, breaking the ice by stomping hard on the ground to keep himself from slipping again.

    “Don’t have to tell me twice!” Azur jumped to grab his first and then his second Sharpness Claymore, jumping far from Zagan as the Gulfmon tried to kick him away.

    He then jumped high, using his superior speed to get on the Gulfmon’s back. Zagan tried to sweep him away with his arms. Azur jumped, avoiding the first sweep, and raised his weapons into the air before landing back down on Zagan’s back, penetrating the larger Digimon’s skin before getting struck by the second sweep, unwittingly leaving his weapons implanted on Zagan’s back.

    The AncientGarurumon rolled on the ground with a yell of pain. As soon as he stopped, he pushed himself up and growled at the larger Gulfmon, who forewent removing the swords from his back in favor of running towards the smaller Digimon at full charge.

    Absolute Zero!” Azur called out as he placed his hands on the ground. Blue energy sped towards and under the Gulfmon, leaving a trail of thick, smooth ice in place of rocky stone. It caused the speeding Digimon to slip and fall back on the ground, but he had reached close enough to grab Azur’s crouched form, grabbing the AncientGarurumon with a hand.

    “Caught you!” Zagan said triumphantly despite having most of his body on the floor.

    “I…noticed!” Azur growled, trying to break free from the powerful Digimon’s vice like grip.


    “I do!”

    The voice that the exclamation belonged to was not Nocchi, but instead, a small metallic, spherical Digimon that had been hanging onto Gunnar’s tail while the fight was going on.

    “Smiley Bomb: Version Sonic Boom!” Shoon yelled from his place on Gunnar’s tail, throwing it towards the black cloud. To his chagrin, the bomb fell short and began falling before it even reached the black formation propagating towards them. In his surprise, he yelled, “Ahhhh! No! Go farther!”

    The bomb then flashed and burst, sending compressed air, an effective shockwave, in the immediate area. By sheer luck, the wave caused the black clouds to get altered, passing over Gunnar’s and his passenger’s heads instead of right at them. However, it also caused their visions to get blocked.

    “Well, great! We’re safe for now, but I don’t know how long, considering we can’t see the demon spawn anymore!” Gunnar said as he flew backwards and away from the black cloud of death.

    “Get us down!” the Mamemon X called out to the ShineGreymon. “If we stay up here with all the unpredictable air currents, that cloud attack’s only going to get harder to avoid! At least on the ground, we can create a rock shower to disperse it!”

    “If you say so, Ballman!” Gunnar replied as he shot downwards. As he did so, right through the black clouds, Haures emerged. The Duke dashed towards them with speed that belied his bulky form.

    Shoon yelled in fright. “Fly fasteeeeeer! He’s cooooomiiiiing faaaaaast!” he yelled, slamming a fist into Gunnar’s tail.

    “Then stop screaming like a girl and do something about it!” Gunnar replied, still aiming to get them on the ground.

    Doing the only thing he could think of in his panic, Shoon started throwing Smiley Bomb after Smiley Bomb at the demon charging towards them. The bombs blasted in various ways, some creating large explosions, some creating thick smoke clouds, some creating shockwaves, and some spreading out multitudes of small bombs that also exploded as well. By virtue of luck, Haures was forced to cover his face and close all his eyes, swooping right over Gunnar and crashing into the ground, creating a large crater in the floor’s place.

    The ShineGreymon landed meters away, watching as the Devitamamon rose from the depression with a roar, his many eyes trained on Shoon’s tiny form stuck on Gunnar’s tail.

    “Oh god, he’s staring at me!” Shoon exclaimed in fright, holding onto Gunnar’s tail even harder.

    “Then stare back, Shoonster,” Gunnar said, putting Nocchi down and narrowing his eyes. “But I don’t think you’ll win a staring contest, considering how many eyes this guy has.”

    Shoon shivered, definitely unsettled by all the unblinking eyes. “I-I-I-I’m not afraid!” Shoon suddenly announced, taking out one of his Smiley Bombs.

    Gunnar grinned. “Good, cause we’re heading back in!” he said, charging as his wings shone brightly as Haures roared demonically and charged right bacl.



    “Ivy!” Aeria called as she landed beside the Rosemon X. “A-a-are you all right?” she asked as she helped the plant lady up. She turned to Prince Moloch, seeing him retreat slightly to avoid the streams of fire that Tiwaz shot at him.

    “W-we should support Tiwaz,” she suggested to her fellow Peacemaker, giving her one last concerned look before taking to the air. First thing was first: she needed to see if she could get the AncientGreymon an opening. She sped towards the Cherubimon.

    The demon lord was definitely larger than her, she noted as she got closer. Moloch swiped at her as soon as she got close enough. She spun and swerved, her movements causing him to miss her. Undeterred, Moloch swung his arms around, keeping Aeria on the defensive as she literally danced around his attacks.

    The WarGreymon tried her best to get behind the Cherubimon, but the rabbit turned with her, roaring at her to stay still. When it was getting blatantly obvious that she wasn’t going to get behind him, she decided to take a chance.

    Great Tornado!” she yelled out as she once again spun around, only this time, she put her arms over her hand and didn’t stop spinning, turning into a deadly drill that raced towards Moloch’s body.

    Sensing the imminent danger that was her spinning form, the dark Cherubimon flew away. He was unable to escape, however, getting the side of his torso scraped, and the simple scraped caused the skin to get shredded painfully. The Cherubimon let out a yell of pain, but Aeria wasn’t done, swerving her body to strike him once more. Moloch, however, growled swung his hand, slamming her and sending her flying despite getting his hand injured in the process.

    Aeria slammed into the ground painfully with a yell. She raised her head just in time to see the rabbit Digimon raise a hand in the air, a red, bolt-shaped spear appearing in his hand.

    Acting faster than she could think, she raised her hands in the air, forming an orb of raw energy in her hands.

    Terra Force!” she called out as the orb grew many times in size before threw it towards the lapin Digimon.

    Lightning Spear!” Moloch called in reply, throwing his spear towards the center of large sphere heading towards him, laughing as the resulting explosion caused a shockwave that sent dust all around them.

    Aeria braced herself against the blast, crossing her arms in front of her. She let out a small sound of nervousness, unsure how to fight against someone so strong. As she uncrossed her arms, she found the Cherubimon hovering over her, smiling sinisterly before kicking her strongly, once more knocking her back into the air.

    The WarGreymon let out an oomph, finding herself slamming onto hard scaly skin instead of the ground. At the very least, it wasn’t as painful as crashing into the ground. She looked up and saw Tiwaz behind her.

    “Th-thank you,” she told the large dragon before turning back to the evil rabbit before them. She bit her lip. Looks like getting him an opening was going to be harder than it looked. “H-how can I help?” she decided to ask the AncietGreymon.


    Cresil watched as Barachiel charged Belial with unrestrained anger. He smiled and chuckled in entertained satisfaction. He would have been oh so content just to watch the TigerVespamon let his emotions get the better of him and watch him struggle in his vain attempt of revenge. It was obvious that he would get nowhere letting his rage control him, no matter how good he fought.

    The Astamon then sighed and melted into his shadow. Well, it wasn’t like he wasn’t angry himself: he had a record to settle with Mephistopheles, but until the Mephistomon showed himself, he could always join Barachiel and take his anger out on the MaloMyotismon.

    He reappeared behind Belial’s large body, using his Barachiel’s attack as a distraction. He raised his Oro Salmon and pointed at the former vampire’s back with a grin, dark energies surrounding the gun. “Hellfire,” he muttered as he started shooting with no restraint. Cresil wasn’t surprised when the MalMyotismon’s wing-like protrusions came down and took the enhanced bullets and came down unharmed.

    “You’re careless,” Belial said, not turning to him. He whipped his tail towards the Astamon, who jumped in the air to avoid it, still shooting despite the fact that it had done nothing to the MaloMyotismon.

    “I’m afraid I’ve never been known to be cautious,” Cresil replied as the tail came for him while he was in the air. He braced himself for impact, and although he was struck hard and knocked away, he was rewarded with being able to land on his feet and continue his relentless rain of bullets.

    Belial scowled and finally turned to him once the bullets started to strike him in places where his wings could not reach. The bullets did not hurt him, but they were hitting the same place on his arms over and over again. “Sodom, Gomorrah. Burn this weak excuse of a demon,” he said as both of the shoulder cannons on his shoulder suddenly spat searing hot beams at the Astamon.

    Cresil grinned widely and stopped his fire momentarily, evading the beams as he spotted Barachiel shoot towards the MaloMyotismon.
  6. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    As Azur took over the fight with Zagan, Gigas hurried frantically to Ivy's rescue, only to find that the Rosemon X had been joined by Tiwaz and Aeria. When Gigas arrived on the scene, Ivy exclaimed, "It's okay, honey! We got this! Go do what you do best!"

    If Gigas had owned an eyebrow, he would have raised it. Then, seeing the determination in his wife's eyes, he shrugged his four shoulders. "Ho ho ho! Alright, Ivy. I believe in you." The big bug cracked his knuckles and sped back to his previous opponent, who had just caught Azur in his terrible grip.

    Ivy smiled, but it quickly faded. "You can do this, Ivy. This is when it gets real."

    With that, the Rosemon X rushed alongside Tiwaz and Aeria towards Moloch, thorn whips in hand.


    Azur's imprisonment at the hands of Zagan was short-lived, for Gigas soon returned, crashing into the Gulfmon's side and sending him hurtling sideways. The HerculesKabuterimon slowed to a stop and helped Azur to his feet, cracking his knuckles with his free claws. He flashed the AncientGarurumon a grin and said, "The wife said she can handle it now. So I came back."

    His horns crackled with lightning. "Now, let's pulverize this pony! Demon! Thing!"

    Gigas thundered at Zagan, gripping the Gulfmon in his claws. With a roar, he threw the four-legged lord over his shoulder. Zagan skidded along the ground, screaming furiously. But he couldn't be kept down. With a cry of anger, he rose to his feet and glared at Gigas. A devilish grin formed across his monstrous face. And then another, much larger, grin appeared beneath the fur on his lower body.

    Gigas looked distressed for a moment. He wasn't quite sure what to make of Zagan's second smile. "That's a weird place for a mouth," he commented, looking at Zagan curiously. Then he shrugged. "More teeth to knock out."


    "Gunnar! Shoon! I got a plan!" Nocchi shouted, bolting ahead of his comrades. "Shoon, with me! I'll need yer explosives. Gunnar, bedazzle him, or whatever it is that you ShineGreymon do! Give us, like, two minutes! Shoon, get yer butt over here!"

    With that, Nocchi and Shoon ran as fast as their tiny legs could carry them around one side of Haures's crater, while Gunnar took the other, hoping to distract the Devitamamon. "Here's the plan, Shoon," Nocchi explained quickly. "We're gonna blind him. I need flash bombs. Lots of 'em. I'll handle the rest."

    As they spoke, Haures fixed his terrible gaze on them and released an ear-piercing roar (thankfully, Nocchi and Shoon didn't have ears), before leaping towards them. "Nyaaaahhh! Gunnar!" Nocchi screamed, grabbing Shoon and running. "Do something shiny!"


    A burst of light from below sent Murmur stumbling backwards, freeing Sha from his clutches. The ClavisAngemon propelled himself upward with his hands and slammed his heels into the stumbling Murmuxmon. Murmur grunted under the blow, but quickly regained his balance. The two winged Digimon traded punches for a moment until Sha decided that enough was enough, and slipped back into his Shawjamon form mid-dodge. He was much more agile now. Sliding under one of Murmur's swings, he struck at the larger demon's stomach with his knee and then turned to slam his foot into the lesser lord's crotch.

    Murmur howled and fell backwards. "You'll pay for that!" he growled, rising to his feet, wings spread.

    "Yeah, I'll be paying for a lot of things," Sha said, shrugging. "The cons of always turning into a twenty-ton alligator in populated areas, I guess."

    Murmur didn't find his joke very funny.
  7. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    The Peacemakers engaged the enemy,, who was vastly outnumbered. Powerful as the Lesser Lords were, against the Peacemakers and the ascended might of the Digidestined, things were looking bleak. Even the addition of Pelleas, Nebiros, Sabnock, and Marcus added much to their ranks.

    So why was Michael still feeling so uneasy? He floated, holding back, knowing already how easy it would be for the Peacemakers to stumble over one another trying to fight the enemy in such a close space. He held back, waiting for the opportunity to strike; when one of the other Peacemakers tired and needed a moment. He noticed Thor doing the same. Samael had already thrown himself into the fray, raking through the demons; claws and scimitars slashing with ruthless abandon. Svarog was downright reserved by comparison. He'd flown in to "assist the frog-man" though Michael was sure he just wanted something to hit.

    They were winning. So why was he still so nervous?

    "Caradoc is down," Thor shouted, he drew his sword and dropped down to relieve the fallen Peacemaker. He was suffering from some sort of delusion, caused by Belial's powers. Thor moved like force of nature, battering through stray attacks and in-the-way fighters.

    Belial turned his burning gaze towards the god, and sent the same streak of white light towards Thor as he sent upon Caradoc. It swathed the thunderer, locking him up in cracks of delusion. But the White Sword glowed fiercely, and the power broke around Thor.

    "A nice trick," Thor growled with a smirk. "But believe me, I've seen far better." He continued his charge against the snarling Demon King. Belial set his twin cannons free and loosed a spiraling beam of black power. But Thor held his ground and let fly a full-bodied blast of his own. The two attacks collided and sent swaths of burning matter spilling out into the sky.

    The children! Where were they in all this?

    Michael desperately scanned the battlefield, hoping they wouldn't have gotten caught in the crossfire. It amazed him how quickly and easily the Peacemakers seemed to forget their mission of protection and simply go for the throat. If these were the Innocents, and they died...it would all be for nothing.

    But they were just standing there. Perfectly, calm...with strange, eerie smiles brightening their faces. It was disturbing to say the least.

    "What's wrong with them?" Evangel hissed, swooping up beside the archangel. "Why don't they leave? Run? Like we told them to." Michael had no answer for him. "Someone needs to get them out of there. Now."

    Michael agreed with that much, at least. "Take Liliana and Tia. Go. Now." He would continue to survey the battle, wait and watch and remain the general.

    Evangel, Liliana, and Tia dashed forward, racing for the seven children. Marcus leaped forward and knocked Evangel to the side, but the other two raced past. They each grabbed two children and made a mad break for safety while Evangel sent a burst of light that blew Marcus back.

    "I'll get the other three," the massive Goldramon declared. "Just—" He was cut off as the four children Kole and Liliana were carrying let out a quartet of wails. Power exploded and ripped through the two Digimon. Both dropped the children. Tia cried out in agony as a terrible, unnatural power sliced through her and knocked her unconscious. Liliana let out a bestial roar and staggered back in pain.

    "These things," she gasped, her head spinning. "They're not human. They're...abominations. Monsters." She glanced to where Tia lay, shaking and in pain. "It was a trap. The Innocents. They're. No—Victor!" The Goldramon knocked Marcus away and glanced to Liliana, his eyes wide. "Victor, they're not the Innocents. It's them. They're the Innocents." She wasn't making much sense, but Victor understood. "This was a trap! These things are monsters!"

    Victor/Evangel glanced to the seven "children" standing all together and snickering.

    "Kill them," he said, his voice grim. "You have to stop them."

    Liliana drew her blade and turned to the human children, only to find Tia in her path. "Stop. Wait, what's going on?" the Digimon tried to calm the frantic Digidestined.

    "You don't understand. There's no time. We have to get them now," Liliana said. She tried to brush past Tia, but the cat-woman stood firm and pushed back. "Move!" Liliana shoved her away.

    "Stop that now!" snarled Hira. He leaped over and knocked Liliana back. The SaberLeomon growled low. "Don't you touch a hair on her head."

    "Move NOW!" Liliana roared.

    But Hira just roared back and charged her. He knocked her to the ground and they tumbled for a bit before Liliana, wild and wide-eyed, threw Hira back and impaled him with her blade. Hira's eyes shot open and he let out a screech of agony. His howl cut through Liliana's panic, and only then did she realize what she'd done.

    "No," she whispered. "Wait. I didn't--I only wanted--"

    "You monster! You killed him!" Tia snarled, leaping at the much larger Digimon. Liliana easily snagged her and hurled her aside.

    "I just wanted him to stop," Liliana said with tears in her eyes.

    "The children!" Victor/Evange called out, racing through the air. "We have to stop them. Above all else. Leave the Demons to the Peacemakers! Digidestined, with me! This ends!"
  8. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    "You don't even need to ask!" Gunnar said with a chuckle, weaving back and forth in the air, releasing shining, sapphire burst particles until he got between Haures and and the two smallest Peacemakers. "Shiny is my middle name!"

    "Sparkle Shoot!" Gunnar called out, swooping down in front of the Devitamamon. He always hated using this attack, as Sig often made fun of him for its completely unthreatening name. Despite that, Gunnar found it was a very useful utility move.

    He spread his wings out, coming to a stop and landing on the ground. The lenses on the extremeties of his wings all glowed and released a discharge of super-compressed burst particles and light. All of the sparkles flew out towards Haures, each like an intense, miniature flare.

    Haures let out a shriek as the wall of light seared his countless retinas, temporarily blinding him. He staggered back and opened his maw wide. "Black Deth Cloud!" he snarled, starting to release black, corrosive smoke from his mouth to blot out the light.

    "I don't think so! Shine Hammer!" Gunnar shouted, dashing forward and slamming his fist into Haures' snout, unleashing a flash of light upon impact, with enough force to send the demon on his back.

    "How's that?" Gunnar asked, grinning as he looked over his shouder at Nocchi and Shoon. Some of the smoke still lingered in front of Gunnar, clinging onto his hand and burning it. "Ah! Damnit! Ow!" he sputtered, whipping and waving his hand to try to get the burning smoke off.

    He jumped back and held his sword in front of him. "How much time do you guys need? Because I don't have all day here!"


    Khep hissed as he stood to his feet. Nebiros stood before him, grinning silently. "What the hell are you doing here...?" the GrandisKuwagamon asked. He turned and backed up so that his back wasn't facing Sabnock, who was stalking behind him.

    "Our jobs," Nebiros replied, narrowing his eyes. "This is it, Khep. The beginning of the end. We can't let you stop it now."

    "Oh? That's too bad, because stopping it is exactly what we're going to do," Kheprius answered, raising his Gran Killers and taking a stubborn fighting stance.

    "You're a stubborn idiot, Khep," the Beetlemon said with a sneer. "Why the hell won't you join us?!"

    "You're wasting your breath, Neb!" Sabnock called over, his hands rotating in order to build up electricity.

    "He's right," Khep told Nebiros. "I belong with the Peacemakers... not with you two."

    Nebiros simply shook his head with disappointment. "...Then it ends today," he said, his horn crackling with electricity.

    "Yes it does..." Kheprius agreed coolly, locking eyes with the Beetlemon.

    "Lightning Blitz!" Nebiros suddenly unleashed a surge of electricity from his horn. Kheprius, having been expecting it, used his X-Antibody boosted speed to dart to the right and dive at Nebiros, ducking under the electricity and tackling him by plowing into the Beetlemon's chest.

    Nebiros grunted and found his back hitting the ground. He used the momentum of the tackle to roll back, push his knees against Khep's chest and then kick hard to send the GrandisKuwagamon flying into the air.

    "Bolo Thunder!" Sabnock fired the packets of electricity he had been charging up and sent a bolas of lightning towards Khep.

    The GrandisKuwagamon saw the attack coming towards him and started buzzing his wings swiftly. He flew up to avoid it but felt the electric attack wrap around one of his ankles and send burning numbness through his leg.

    He let out a swear and tried not to fall to the ground, but soon found Nebiros fly up and drive his electrically charged fist into Khep's face.

    Grunting, Khep found himself hitting into something hard. He looked over his shoulder and saw Trowa standing behind him, having caught him.

    "...It's about time you showed up," Khep said, managing a grin. "I was getting tired of fighting these guys two on one all the time."

    Nebiros raised an eyebrow. "Terrak?" he asked, looking at the new TigerVespamon. "No..."

    "The brothers are getting along now, huh?" Sabnock chuckled from a distance, unable to make out the TigerVespamon's identity. He gott down on his hands and brought up the targeting screen on his back to aim at the two insects. "Good. They can die together! Electron Cannon!"

    Nebiros flew into the air as the beam ripped across the ground. "But it's not Terrak..." he muttered. The Beetlemon turned towards Belial and saw that Barachiel was over there, fighting with him. He also noticed one of the Peacemakers - Caradoc - lying on the ground, unconscious.

    A devilish grin formed...


    As Belial fired upon Cresil, Barachiel saw his opening. With restrained malice, he zipped towards Belial and raked his blades across his arm.

    "Pest," Belial growled, turning the Sodom towards Barachiel and firing immediately.

    Barachiel cried out in pain as his form was enveloped in the dark energy and crushed against the ground.

    The attack ended and he started to sit up but found Belial's foot on top of him, crushing him hard into the ground. "G-Gear... Stinger!" he hissed, trying to get free. He gripped the Royal Meisters and began sending energy bullets firing from the beam swords into Belial's foot.

    The MaloMyotismon ignored the pain and pressed down harder, causing Barachiel to gasp for air. "There's something not right about you, insect."

    Barachiel glared up at him and started pushing his Royal Meisters up, scratching at the soles of Belial's feet with his swords. "Not you... either... Shouldn't... exist..." he grunted between laboured breaths.

    "Somebody who's so flawed shouldn't be so holier-than-thou," Belial said. He turned to Caradoc. "What do you imagine your friend is dreaming about?"

    Barachiel growled. "Mach Stinger Victory!" A bright light came from beneath Belial's foot and the resulting blast of energy was enough to push Belial's foot upwards, giving the TigerVespamon enough room to scramble out.

    "Guess we'll never know, will we?" Barachiel heard another voice chime in.

    The TigerVespamon turned and saw Nebiros holding Caradoc's limp body by the throat. "You... Nebiros..." Barachiel hissed, feeling his anger rising.

    "Yup," Nebiros replied, examining the Dynasmon X. "Y'know, Terrak, I don't have a problem with killing the unarmed or unconscious. You probably remember that from when we cleaned out your little monastery place."

    Barachiel's hands tightened around his swords. He was still able to hear their shouts as he lay there, helpless. "I remember..." he whispered.

    "So you and the Oathbreaker here are pretty close, I hear," Nebiros said, raising a fist which crackled with electricity. "Are you gonna keep attacking?"

    Barachiel looked up at Belial and then back at Nebiros. "O-... Of course."

    Nebiros brought his fist dangerously close to the unconscious Dynasmon X's neck. "Even at the cost of your buddy?"

    "I... I don't care about him. I... won't let him get in the way of what I need to..." Barachiel said. His hands trembled and there was a strong tightness in his chest that he couldn't explain in that moment. Was it the idea of losing the only person left who he cared deeply about? He was confused; he didn't think he cared about that. He needed revenge. "I... need to do this. I need to kill you, and Belial and Sabnock..." His voice wasn't as sure as it once was.

    "Caradoc..." he whispered.

    "Fool!" Belial shouted, slamming his claws down into Barachiel, ripping against his carapace and crushing him into the ground. "Join your friend in suffering. Mental Illusion!"

    Barachiel raised his head weakly and looked over at Nebiros, who was still holding Caradoc. "N-No..." he whispered before feeling something take over his mind and cause him to black out.


    Tiwaz looked down at Aeria and then back up at Moloch. "You and Ivy are pretty fast and nimble. Can you two do some hit and run tactics on him to distract him long enough for me to go in and hit him hard?" the dragon asked. "And when I do, get out of there, because I'm not going to hold back on him and fire-based attacks can be unpredictable on occasion, even from a fire god."

    "Lightning Spear!" Moloch swung his arm and hurled a javelin of electricity at Tiwaz and Aeria. The dragon snarled and flapped his wings hard, flying up to avoid it.

    "This one's inspired by my late friend!" Tiwaz growled, narrowing his eyes at the demon rabbit. "Gaia Tornado!"

    Suddenly the earth beneath them started shaking and fractures in the ground and part of the mountain bases began to form. Tiwaz growled, closing his eyes with concentration and focus. "Just like Fenrir has a minor in being an ice god, thanks to this form, I have a minor in being an earth god!"

    Three large chunks of earth and rock were ripped from the earth in front of them and raised into the air by the Gaia Tornado, with Tiwaz controlling the so-called 'breath' of the land. Large, irregular craters were left in the ground as a result. The dragon then flew into sky with the large pieces of rock in front of him.

    "I remember," Tiwaz thought, an aura of extreme heat radiating from around his large body. "I can do more than just create flames as a fire god..."

    The giant rocks in front of him started to squeeze tightly in on themselves under extreme pressure, while blistering temperatures superheated them. With enough pressure and enough temperature, both requiring immense focus on Tiwaz's part, the rocks began to melt into magma.

    The fiery globs of lava floated in front of the AncientGreymon. Tiwaz then opened his eyes and looked at Moloch. "Try this on for size, demon-bunny!" he shouted, suddenly sending the thick lava hurdling towards Moloch.

    "Rrr. Thousand Spears!" Molonch replied, summoning a handful of red lightning bolts in his mighty paws. He hurled the bolts towards the falling globs of lava. The numerous bolts cut through the lava and surged into Tiwaz's armour, shocking the dragon badly. However, the attack didn't stop the lava from falling, merely heating the lava up more and breaking it into smaller pieces which fell upon Moloch.

    The Cherubimon roared hellishly as several large and small drops of lava rained down upon him and burned his fur and skin.

    "I hope Ivy and Aeria take this opportunity," Tiwaz growled to himself.

    "Tiwaz, look!" Tyr shouted, noticing something else in the distance.

    Tiwaz looked around and saw Caradoc and Barachiel lying on the ground, unconscious and seemingly at the mercy of Belial, who was semi-distracted fighting Cresil.

    "Damnit!" Tiwaz snarled. He knew that being unconscious during battle was trouble waiting to happen. The honourless demons wouldn't think twice about killing an unconscious Peacemaker, not to mention other Peacemakers would be at a large disadvantage having to focus on both protecting him and fighting at the same time. He had to get Caradoc out of there.

    He looked down at Aeria and Ivy. "Can you two hold Mister Ears until I get back?! Good! Shout if you need me!" With that, Tiwaz flapped his wings and raced towards both Belial and his comrades.

    "Don't forget to keep an eye on the human kids too," Tyr reminded him.

    "I know, I know," Tiwaz responded, flying faster.

    "Hey, ugly!" the dragon god shouted, seconds before crashing into Belial in a full-body tackle. He rammed the King of Hell hard, his shoulder spike slashing into Belial's skin. Tiwaz's entire body ignited in a tempestuous blaze and he started breathing fire, in classic dragon fashion, all over the MaloMyotismon, burning Belial's body.


    Pyra watched as Maximilian came to her and Guinier's aid, helping them to fight the crafty Ghoulmon.

    'Maximilian'. That name haunted her to this day. It was the same name as the ExVeemon who died during the Siege of Avalon. The one who she mistook for her Max - her brother Maximus. It didn't matter that it wasn't her brother who died. At the time, she hadn't known it wasn't. And just because she didn't actually know him, that didn't mean that somebody else in the world wouldn't feel the same pain of loss that she had felt. That was also the moment that her darkness started to take her over.

    A faint but primal roar echoed in her mind. She knew it was still there. Her shadow of possibility. It loomed over her, taunting her. Pyra had seen her potential for chaos and hatred, and even though she had attained her true Fighter Mode and suppressed those feelings, she knew that they still remained. She knew because she still wanted more. More power. She wanted the power to defeat these demons and to stop Mephistopheles. Pyra knew that her intentions were noble, but she had also seen where her quest of power had led her.

    Was the pursuit of power inherently bad? Was it wrong to want the power to protect people? How was she supposed to earn this supposed potential power her father spoke of? How could one possibly 'earn' something immaterial? Who or what would be the judge? The digi-egg? Wherever the digi-egg came from? Or was it something she had to unlock within herself?

    These questions had plagued her mind for the past few days.

    "What are you doing?!" Maximilian shouted, swooping down.

    Pyra blinked and became aware of what was around her. Blood red arrows launched from Ocrus were crackling towards her. The Phoenixmon dived down in front of her and spread his wings. "Purge Shine!" he said, deflecting the arrows in a glowing aura.

    Slowly, Pyra was starting to trust these 'children' more. "I'm sorry," she said, flapping her wings and flying over him. She aimed her arm cannon at Ocrus. "I'll stay focused. Positron Laser!"

    A laser pulsed from her cannon and spiraled towards Ocrus. The Ghoulmon flew upwards and aimed his two auxiliary eyes. "Explosion Eye!" he shouted as the blast exploded beneath him. Dark arrows shot at both Pyra and Maximilian.

    Pyra swerved hard to the left to avoid them and responded with a blast from her cannon. Ocrus easily avoided it. The dragoness quickly set up the cannon on her chest and aimed it at the marquis. "Giga Crusher!" she yelled, firing a massive black and white beam at Ocrus.

    Agains, the Ghoulmon dove out of the way and the beam slammed into the village.

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode growled with frustration. "He's too fast to be hit by my beams, Guinier. I'm only creating crossfire here," she told her. Pyra looked around, searching for a different opponent who she'd be better matched against.

    She saw Belial. Both Caradoc and Barachiel were unmoving, and Nebiros had Caradoc's body by the throat. And Tiwaz was ramming into him to aid Cresil. "Damn," she whispered. "What happened to Caradoc and Barachiel? Did he take them out that easily or is it something else?"

    Pyra frowned and pointed at the Magnadramon digidestined, Avazina, who was coming over to them. "You, take over for me," she told her. Without giving her a chance to asnwer, Pyra flew over towards where Tiwaz and Belial were scrapping it out. "Tiwaz!" she called out to him.

    The dragon in question was currently aflame and spewing an inferno over the large demon.

    Nebiros was in the process of driving his electrically charged fist back, ready to hit the unconscious Caradoc. "Not about to waste such an easy kill," he said, grinning.

    Pyra flew over and levelled a Positron Laser blast with Nebiros's back. He cried out in pain as the beam seared into his carapace, forcing him to drop Caradoc to the ground and stumble forwards.

    Belial roared in pain at the Tiwaz's fiery attacks, but wasn't deterred. "Pagan scum!" he shouted, reaching through the flames and grabbing Tiwaz by the face. "I'll have you both suffer first before I kill you. Mental Illusion!"

    Belial's eyes flashed and both Tiwaz and Pyra were enveloped by darkness.
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    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    The claws struck Caradoc. He was unarmored and unarmed, clad only in black feathers. He was cut down effortlessly, blood spilling from the wounds as he was tossed down. Pain surged through him, yet he did not die instantly.

    "I'm... not you..."

    "Yet you are me," the nightmare whispered. "Looking upon the ruin you have wrought, how can you deny your sin? Your endless greed, your lust for glory. You cannot deny these things." It raised a hand and hellfire blasted forth. "Starlight Explosion!" Dark starfire roared through the air and consumed the defenceless Caradoc. He cried out as it immolated him.

    "You are a bottomless well of greed. An endless void of sin," the Despair said. "All you have done is brought pain and misery to those you claim to love and cherish. Guinier. Barachiel. All harmed by your actions. You should just die, and end their suffering."

    "I... I..."

    "Breath of Wyvern!" Hellish dragonfire vented from the monster's form and Caradoc was consumed. He howled as it seared the feathers from his flesh and send him crashing to the ashen dust underfoot. He lay there, naked and defenceless. "Look around you, at the waste you had made. The Chess Kingdom, obliterated because of your greed. Guinier's heart, shattered by your lust. I know your sins. All of them. I commited them too. As you are I am greedy for redemption. As you do I lust for greater sins to redeem. What are you but a demon already, Oathbreaker? You already long to sin. To rage and feast and steal and lust, to sleep and envy and rule proud." It paused. "Do you not see the blackness within your soul? A blackness which only a demon should possess?"

    "No... I'm not that... I was never that!" Caradoc howled, rising unsteadily to his feet. He trembled, freezing with terror, burning with anxiety. "I'm... not... you!"

    "Ever since the day we were brought into this world, have we not borne sin upon our shoulders?" the Despair whispered. "First Father's sin, then the loss of Mother, and then Kiriel's death... have we not borne this weight together since the day Mother gave birth to us? And have I not stood behind you all this time?"

    "No... you're lying... you're a lie!"

    "Every moment of your life, every black day, every cursed sin, I have been with you," the Despair said. "When Mother vanished, I was there. When Father beat you into the instrument of redemption, I felt the cane too. I have sinned as you have sinned, and now, can you not see, Oathbreaker? You hunger for sin, that you might know redemption. Your craving for redemption is your fatal sin which drags you into darkness. And you can never escape it. Just as you can never escape your fate."

    "I could escape my fate," Caradoc growled. "I just... won't..."

    "Exactly," the Despair murmured. "You delude yourself so. But don't you understand? Your soul is already so black with sin. Nothing you do can save you from your fate. You would stand against a demon with your heart so sinful? Fool. You have destroyed kingdoms with your greed, shattered your lover's heart with your lust. And now... you must go screaming into that night. As punishment for all your sins. So die."

    It erupted forward, and its claws tore to rip Caradoc's heart from his chest. But hallowed light shone and a blazing silhouette struck from the darkness. A burning fist struck the Despair's face, and hurled it away in a rush of dragonic flame.

    "NAY!" Sir Galahad roared, standing proud before Caradoc. The Royal Knight glared at the Despair. And it rose.

    "Knight," it acknowledged. "Why do you come to defend the Oathbreaker?"

    "Because you are wrong," Galahad replied. "And this is a lie. Caradoc! You have been deceived! This is demon trickery, meant to make you doubt..."

    "Dragon Thrower!" Hellish power lanced from the Despair's palm, and Galahad was hurled sprawling back past the defenseless Caradoc. "You are a fool, Royal Knight. You would say this is trickery? Do you so openly dismiss the Oathbreaker's sins? Do you absolve him so freely?"

    "No," Galahad growled. "But neither do I condemn him." The Dynasmon X rose, burning with dragonic fire.

    "Galahad the Pure, the holiest of the thirteen, refusing to condemn a sinner?" the Despair whispered. "A sinner whose deeds have laid such waste, and caused such pain?" It grew greater and more terrible, the blazing pennants lashing wildly about its form. "You cannot defy his fate. His sin cries for punishment. And in the burning depths of the Inferno, he shall find it."

    "No. I won't allow it!"

    "You have no choice!" It roared forwards, and raised those terrible claws to strike Caradoc down. But Galahad intersected himself, and loosed his Breath of Wyvern. The Despair answered with its own terrible mockery of the attack, and two explosions of dragonflame collided, raging between the knight and the nightmare.

    "Caradoc!" Galahad roared. "You are not merely sin! You are a hero! A knight! You are a Peacemaker!" He growled, straining to hold back the Despair. "Remember them, Caradoc! All the good things you have done! Your friends! Barachiel! Guinier!"

    "Yes, remember them," the Despair replied. "Remember all that you have done to hurt and betray them. All the sins you have commited against them." Caradoc did not move or speak even as the holy knight fought against the embodiment of all his sins.


    Vritra roared onto the battlefield, swathed in divine fire. She rocketed towards Murmur, raging ferociously. The Murmuxmon turned, and hellfire poured forth. Vritra reached into her soul and loosed her divine flame. The fires struck one another, and blazed into embers. The flames engulfed her form and the visage of WarGreymon X emerged, Dramon Destroyers drawn. She roared a ferocious cry as she plummeted into the count like a blazing meteor.

    "You die now!" she roared, slashing with her claws.

    "Gehenna Flame!" Murmur answered. Hellfire poured from his hands and she was thrown back by the black flames. The goddess emerged, blazing.

    "You think you're so powerful?" she asked. "Let me show you true fire, demon." She reached into herself, and found that tiny spark glowing at her very core. She called it to the surface, and a glowing golden flame formed in her hands. It sang to her in the crackling flames, of drought and the searing sun, of the world boiled dry. Of the very essence of Vritra. What she truly was. She unleashed it, sending a corona of white-hot flame and blazing sunlight raging towards the demonic figure.

    "Solar Wind Destroyer!"


    "Go!" Bedivere called to the Alphamon. "I can finish this!" Pelleas was on the ropes. Fighting against a dual-wielding opponent had been difficult enough, but the addition of a second foe had begun to overwhelm the limits of the knight's strange ferocity. His armor was chipped and burned, the impact of swords and energy attacks taking their toll. Blood leaked down his right greave where Bedivere's sword had clipped the joint of his armor and cut into skin, and the Albiomon's cape was shredded and burned to ash. The tattered remnants flapped behind him as he moved, trying to counter the onslaught of the Lord of the Empty Seat.

    "I... must save them," the knight said, racing at Bedivere, sword ready. The dragon knight loosed his power, and Pelleas was knocked away in a surge of dragonfire. And Bedivere raised his hand.

    "Exalted Evolution! Examon!" He emerged evolved and empowered, raising the Ambrosius towards Pelleas. "Stop, Pelleas. You're not going to save anyone by helping Mephistopheles!"

    "I must..." The knight charged once more, raising his blade.

    "Pendragon's Glory!" The Examon burst skywards, loosing a flurry of lasers from his lance. Pelleas was struck by a cluster, crashing to the ground, his armor burned and smoking. But still he rose, though he bled and his armor was battered and broken.

    "I... must... save..." he said. He forced himself to his feet, raising the sword once more.

    "Digitalize of Soul!" Bedivere called out. A flurry of emerald ripped from his palm and battered Pelleas to the ground once more, fracturing his armor. "Dragonic... Impact!" Like a burning meteor, the Examon dived, and crushed down onto the stricken Royal Knight. Pelleas was buried under a hammer of fire and force and armored dragon, smashed into the ground underfoot. Bedivere flapped his wings, and took off, leaving Pelleas in the base of a crater. But still, groaning, bleeding, the knight forced himself up.

    "Why, Pelleas?" Bedivere said. "Why? What do you owe to Mephistopheles? Why do you stand with him now?"

    "Because I... must... save them..." the knight whispered in a voice wracked by agony. "That is my... duty..." He raised his cracked, battered sword towards the Examon once more.

    "So be it," Bedivere replied. "I will do what must to be done to save this world, Pelleas. If you will stand against that... I will kill you, so this world might once more be safe."


    Guinier rocketed forwards, swathed in azure power. Maxmillian and Pyra had gone, the former on Evangel's command, the latter to help Caradoc. Part of her wanted to go and help Caradoc, but someone needed to fight Orcus. She had to, now.

    "Explosion Eye!" Dark arrows rocketed at her, and she formed the Tensegrity Shield just in time. Even so, she was hurled flying back, and crashed to the ground, stopping herself with outstretched wings. Orcus stalked forward.

    "You're nothing," he growled. "I'll kill you, and take that Oathbreaker lover of yours for afters."

    Her eyes narrowed. "I won't let you... demon!" The bloody red hue came over her eyes and burned in her irises.

    "Oh?" the marquis laughed. "Perhaps I'll leave you alive, so you can watch as I gut your boyfriend and rip out his heart."

    "You won't get a chance," she snarled. That terrible red flowed onto her skin and consumed the vibrant azure of the Future Mode. Digicode runes fractured and shattered in the air around her, the power of creation giving way to a terrible destruction. "Megiddo Evolution... Megidramon!"

    That terrible blood-red serpent rose from the flame, rising high as her wings outstretched. "Die, demon," Guinier hissed. "Megiddo Flame!" A terrible, hellish fire poured forth, raging towards Orcus. Even with his speed, he was unable to avoid the cone of infernal fire, and howled as it consumed him. This wasn't hellfire. This was something even worse, purely destructive and viral. This was pure ruin.

    Guinier tore forward and lashed with terrible claws, ripping at the demon's flesh. "Die," she repeated in a vicious growl.
  10. Shoon looked back at the dragon Digimon just as he finished tying his last bomb on Nocchi’s string. “Just a few more minutes!” he called back. He looked around, double-checking if all of his bombs were placed in the right places. Each one was specific to make the most out of his and Nocchi’s combined trap. Everything needed to be just right!

    Gunnar nodded and was about to turn back to the Devitamamon, only for him to see something that made his jaw drop. Gunnar gaped as he watched Hira get run through by Liliana. “Hira!” he shouted.

    As the deva’s body started to evaporate, he glared balefully at Liliana. “You backstabbing *****!” he snarled. “They killed Hira! I knew we shouldn’t have trusted them! They were in league with the demons all along!”

    The incensed ShineGreymon saw the digidestined all start to head towards the seven children that they were supposed to protect. “No! They’re going to kill those human kids! They’re trying to break the seal!” he shouted to anybody that could hear him. He turned back to Haures and looked at Nocchi and Shoon. “But I can’t leave these guys alone with this bastard or else they might die too... Damnit!” Gunnar looked around. Where was everybody? He pointed at Samael. “Hey! Demon! Go and stop those Cambion assholes!”

    Deciding that doing what he did was as the best he could do at the moment, he turned back to Haures, his eyes glaring with all the anger that was surging in his body.

    Unfazed, Haures screeched and flew towards Gunnar, claws ready to tear the ShineGreymon into pieces. The light dragon charged back, and while the Devitamamon proved to be faster, Gunnar’s strength was superior, and the ShineGreymon rammed hard into the other demon, sending both of them barreling away from the crater.

    Gunnar threw the lesser demon lord off of him with a well-aimed kick as soon as he got on his back, sending Haures into the air. Unfinished, Gunnar gathered energy in his solar lenses. “Glorious Burst!” he roared, sending an intensely bright beam crashing into the airborne Duke, causing a midair explosion to rain all over the battlefield.

    The ShineGreymon stood back up, ready to fly as soon as the Devitamamon could be seen through all the blast smoke. However, instead of clearing up, the smoke began to turn black with the demon’s Black Death Cloud attack, and Gunnar grimaced. As the cloud grew larger, it was becoming obvious that the demonic egg didn’t plan on coming out.

    “Damn, need a plan, need a plan,” Gunnar muttered to himself. If they couldn’t bring out the demon, they couldn’t get him in the trap.

    “Gunnar! We’re good to go!” Shoon’s voice called out.

    The dragon man frowned. If his Glorious Burst could not penetrate the cloud, then maybe something stronger could. He shot into the air just as light gathered around his body.

    "Behold my holy flames of light. This awesome force, my form ignites! With burning strength and shining might, I fly, burst through, and sweep the fight! Solar Burst Evolution! ShineGreymon Burst Mode!"

    As he reached the highest part of his rise, he spread out blazing wings, gathering massive amounts of energy into his body, focusing it into the center of his body. “Take this, bastard demon! Final Shining Burst!” he called, blasting a bright white beam swathed in raging flames right down at the center of the cloud where he presumed the Devitamamon to be waiting.

    He let out one roar of victory when his attack finally penetrated the black cloud, and he let out another successive one when he heard the oh-so-sweet sound of his attack hitting the Duke hard. He dived back to the ground, landing in time to see the Duke, despite getting severely hurt, rise from the ground with enough vitality to growl and roar angrily at him.

    “Time to finish this, demon spawn!” Gunnar roared as he charged right at Haures. He slammed his fist into the Devitamamon’s maw, sending the demon right towards the crater. “Nocchi! Shoon! Demon coming your way!” he called with a large, triumphant grin. And within a second, the grin disappeared as Gunnar spotted Shoon come out of the crater in Haures path.

    “Awesome! I’m just about to-“ Shoon didn’t get to finish his sentence as the flying egg demon slammed into him.

    His flight also triggered the first of line of bombs, which was composed of Shoon’s shockwave bombs. They brought the demon Digimon and Shoon right towards the center of the crater, triggering all the other bombs in the process, as well as an outer ring of shockwave bombs that proceeded to bring all the successive and simultaneous explosions into the center. As a result, the blasts combined into one massive explosion that widened the crater as well as cause cracks to form in the ground. In a span of a few seconds, the only thing that Nocchi and Gunnar could see was black smoke from the explosions.

    Then the smoke cleared. And to their shock, Haures was still alive. His shell was cracked all over, some pieces of it having fallen off to reveal blackened and bleeding skin. A number of his eyes were shut tight and crying blood, and one of his two arms was reduced to a blackened, bleeding stump. In his other arm, however, he held a battered and bleeding Mamemon X.

    Shoon groaned, the Devitamamon’s grip causing his formerly spherical body to dent and deform. To his utmost chagrin, it was the Duke’s armored body that kept him from getting hurt from most of the blast. The only thing that caused him even greater chagrin was that the Duke was also trying to finish what the blast started.

    “You will be the first of many that I shall destroy!” Haures announced, squeezing harder.

    “N-no…you c-c-can’t!” Shoon moaned in pain, feeling his body getting crushed slowly. He couldn’t even get his bombs due to his compartments being covered by demon hand. The only thing that he could move was his arms and his sashes.

    His sashes.

    Despite the pain, he grabbed the ends of his sashes and brought them into the air. He had one last bomb in his sleeve. Or rather, two. He installed them just before he regrouped back with the others, although he promised Galic that he would only use them as a last resort. Especially since the first time he used it, he decimated twenty meters of forest and got himself bedridden for a month.

    “Goodbye, worm!” Haures spoke as he brought Shoon’s close to him.

    “Y-yeah…bye!” Shoon replied defiantly as he grabbed his two sashes and impaled the two dagger-like ends into the Devitamamon’s body, one into the wrist of the hand that was holding him, and the other onto Haures face. “Smiley Bomb: Version Decimation!

    Before Haures could even scream in pain, the two tiny blades inside his body suddenly shone brightly, turning into an blast that was twice as large as the first explosion. It blasted off his hand and annihilated the Devitamamon’s head.

    As for Shoon, he was sent flying away from the explosion, his body heavily ravaged by the explosion. He rolled on the ground quickly, his arms bent in wrong ways and his body painfully dented. In place of blood, oil covered his whole body, which was blurring and clearing up every so often. It was obvious to the one standing over him, who was Gunnar, that he was already on the very precipice of death.


    “T-Tiwaz!” Aeria called out as she saw the AncientGreymon run towards another enemy. She turned back to Prince Moloch, who was preoccupied with trying to get his body from burning because of all the lava. What should she do? She didn’t even know where to start. Even with Ivy’s support, she wasn’t strong enough to defeat him.

    And that was always the problem. She wasn’t strong enough. She couldn’t even rely on her own self.

    “I…I’m not strong enough,” Aeria muttered to herself. “But…I’m n-not going to let that stop me,” she decided as she rushed towards the Cherubimon, spinning her body rapidly.

    Great Tornado!

    Her drilling form spun towards the demon bunny. Despite the rain of lava, Moloch spotted her and growled. “Not again, wench!” he roared as slammed his fist downwards onto Aeria’s body. Screaming in pain, the WarGreymon fell back onto the ground.

    “S-still…not strong enough,” she whispered to herself as she pulled herself up. She bit her lip, noticing Tiwaz’s attack about to end. “A-again! Great Tornado!” she called out despite the pain, jumping into the air and spinning once more towards the Cherubimon. Due to the pain, however, she wasn’t as strong or as fast as before, which made it easier for Moloch, who was no longer assaulted by searing hot lava, to swat her away once more.

    And once more, Aeria slammed into the ground painfully. “N-no,” she whispered as she started to notice her vision getting blurry. “I…must not…black out,” she willed herself to say, trying to pull herself back up.


    Then take control! Stop being scared of your own power! You know you have it!

    She remembered this voice. She never noticed it, but it was always there before she fell unconscious. It was always there to listen to her last thoughts. And she had been scared of this voice. She had been angry at this voice. She had tuned this voice out and ran away from it.

    She had wronged the owner of the voice.

    Aeria bit her lip and stood up on shaky, unsteady legs. She looked like she was about to keel over any second. “Help…me…”

    Help yourself!’ the voice commanded. ‘You are strong! Feel it! Take it! Bring it out!

    The lady dragon clenched her fists and bit her lip. She closed her eyes tight. “But I…”

    Stop relying on me and take hold of your life!

    Aeria felt tears about to fall from her eyes. She was terrified, but she was terrified even more of an uncertain future where she was still weak. It was time to start becoming the woman that she had always wanted to be…to be the woman that Roman believed her to be.

    “Please! My strength!” she yelled at the top of her voice. As if in answer, her body was enveloped in bright white light. “Emerge!”

    The light broke away, her body suddenly darker than before. Her long hair had turned blonde. She was a BlackWargreymon. She looked down to herself. Despite her appearance only having changed in terms of color, there was a strange and comforting warmth in her body. She felt more energy running through her body, more strength in her limbs. But the one that she felt the most was the confidence that she suddenly felt in herself.

    She closed her eyes, feeling a tear form in each of them.

    “Thank you,” she whispered to the self that had gone so far to keep her alive. She felt it deep her heart that she would not be able to hear that voice anymore.

    She opened them and turned to Moloch. Aeria clenched her fists. “I’m…not going to let you beat me.”

    And the BlackWarGreymon took to the air.


    Azur looked at his fellow Peacemaker beat up the lesser demon. He was fortunate that Gigas had come to his aid before he could get incapacitated. Of course, that wouldn’t have stopped him from trying to beat the Gulfmon’s head off.

    Of course, that brought up one simple question: Why couldn’t he move himself?

    As soon as he stood back up and regained his weapons, his body suddenly stopped responding to his mind. He couldn’t get his arms to move. He couldn’t get his legs to start running. He couldn’t even get his head to turn. It was frustrating to no end.

    ‘Fenrir!’ he snarled in his mind. ‘Is this your doing!?’

    ‘It’s not!’ Fenrir replied back, just as dumbfounded.

    ‘Then what the hell is going on!?’ Azur asked commandingly.

    ‘Oh, just sit back and watch the show, puppy.’

    If Azur could, he would have frozen. That was not Fenrir’s voice.

    ‘Who are you!?’ Azur asked angrily.

    ‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ the unknown voice replied cheekily.

    ‘You…’ Fenrir started, already suspecting what should have been most obvious.

    ‘Oh, did the old dog learn something new?’ the voice asked in a mockingly surprised tone.

    ‘I knew it was too easy,’ Fenrir muttered.

    ‘Fenrir!’ Azur called out. ‘What’s happening to me!?’

    Fenrir started to speak. ‘When you were captured-’

    ‘I decided to tag along!’ the other voice finished. If Azur and Fenrir could see him, they would have seen the owner with a large, mischievous grin. And at that, Azur himself was already beginning to piece the puzzle. In fact, he was already growling in his mind.

    ‘Get out of my body, demon!’ Azur snarled, trying to force his body to move, but to no avail.

    ‘Ah ah ah! Behave, puppy. We don’t want you to ruin my body, do we?’ the demon asked. To Azur’s and Fenrir’s shock, Azur – or at least his body - suddenly swung the Sharpness Claymore in his hand.

    ‘No!’ Azur called, trying to regain control.

    “Hmmm,” ‘Azur’ suddenly said with a wicked grin. “Nice body. You keep yourself fit, puppy. No wonder you landed a hottie,” he said with a grin.

    ‘I suggest you remove yourself, demon, or you will regret it,’ Fenrir said with a voice that was calm to Azur’s angry.

    “Nah, I don’t think so,” he said as he raised a Claymore and pointed it towards Gigas. “Who do you think I should play with? The big bug guy?” He then pointed it towards the next closest person, Ivy. “Or maybe the bug’s wife? Yeesh, she could have picked someone better looking.”

    Don’t you dare! Azur roared.

    “Oh, I dare,” he said as he started walking slowly towards the Rosemon X.

    ‘No! I said stop!’ Azur tried, finding himself suddenly feeling vulnerably helpless. He didn’t want to feel that way ever. It reminded him too much of when Dunk died.

    ‘Azur,’ Fenrir’s voice suddenly said. ‘Consider this one of my last lessons to you.’

    “Oh, the old dog has something more to say? Come on, old man, there’s nothing you can do!” the demon said as he began to gain speed.

    ‘No one…absolutely no one can control you!’ Fenrir roared, and without warning, the AncientGarurumon suddenly shone extremely bright. Simultaneously, the demon suddenly felt the body go rigid.


    ‘I said you would regret it, demon,’ Fenrir said dangerously.

    ‘I am not going to simply stand by while you control my body!’ Azur snarled in agreement.

    “No! You shouldn’t be able to do this!” the demon roared, finding himself in the same situation that Azur had been in.

    ‘You, demon, are a being of darkness,’ Fenrir said as the shining grew brighter. ‘You lost the moment you chose to control one who controls light!’

    And the light intensified, the demon roaring in pain as a shadow wrenched itself from the body and disintegrated into the powerful radiance. And soon, the roar of pain turned into a howl of power.

    And with that howl, the light turned into a massive pillar that reached up to the sky. Inside, the silhouette of Azur’s body was changing. He wasn’t getting any larger or smaller, but the outline of his armor was changing, becoming smoother and leaner.

    “I will never let myself be controlled ever again!” Azur vowed as the light surged and flashed.

    Once the light died down, he revealed a form that he had never been in before.

    “Azur, this is AncientGarurumon: Samurai Mode,” Fenrir said, having taken control.

    He was no longer wearing his knightly armor. His muscled body and his white fur was visible for everyone to see. His lower body was covered by a black hakama that reached all the way to his ankle. Silver stripes ran down the cloth, leading down to circles that held the sign of light inside them. On his upper body, he wore a gray vest that had the silhouette of a wolf head on the back side. Around his waist was a white haramaki band that held a black sword sheathe. He wore black, metallic bracers on his forearms, which had a white sword which was emblazoned on the upper side. All that was left to be noted was silver eyes on a canine head that resembled his WereGarurumon head.

    “I had wished to refine this form for you before revealing it to you, but circumstances have forced me to use it before I was done,” Fenrir said, brandishing a single, silver katana with running wolves engraved on its blade.

    “Bear with me, Azur, but perhaps the best way to refine it…is to first know what I need to improve,” he decided, glancing at Zagan. “And I know who I should test it on.”
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    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    "SHOON!" Nocchi screamed, sprinting - nearly tripping on his own strings - towards the dying Mamemon X. He brushed past Gunnar, stumbling forward, and fell on his knees by Shoon's side. "What the heck were ya thinkin', Shoon? Ya can't blow yerself up on me like that! Ya just... can't!"

    He whirled around to Gunnar. "What're you standin' there for?! Get help! A paramedic! Somebody! Ivy! Get Ivy!"

    Turning back to Shoon's feeble frame, the Puppetmon said, "Hold on, little guy! Help's comin'! Just hold on!"


    As Moloch dueled with Aeria's BlackWarGreymon form, Ivy dashed behind him and cracked her thorn whips across his back. The Cherubimon shrieked in fury and turned to crush the Rosemon X with his giant hand. His power was great, Ivy could feel it emanating from him as he moved, but it wasn't unstoppable. She dove out of his grasp and somersaulted agilely along the ground before rising to her feet once more.

    "Roses Rapier!" she cried, hurling her weapon forward. The whip impaled Moloch in the chest like a jagged spear, earning a harsh bellow from the Cherubimon's lips. Before he could react, she turned on her heels and ripped the whip back out of his body mercilessly.

    A black liquid sprayed out of his wound, and the lesser lord dropped to one knee, cringing. His eyes widened, and he leaped towards her. Piercing lightning struck the ground all around her, throwing her backwards, legs burned from the closeness of the strikes.

    Moloch raised his arm to strike her down...


    Gigas tore into Zagan with fists, claws, and lightning. The Gulfmon staggered back under the HerculesKabuterimon's immense force. Once Gigas had started going, he seemed unstoppable. Blood oozed from Zagan's maw. One wing was torn out of its socket. One of his horns had been completely broken off. The other was being twisted backwards by Gigas's free hand. The other three were used to pin the monstrous demon down.

    Lightning poured from the sky into Gigas's body and crackled into Zagan's. The Gulfmon released horrific screams, each one cut off prematurely by another intense shock. Gigas roared in fury, his compassion for such a creature nonexistent. There were some demons - Sha and Samael, mainly - on whom he could have compassion. But not these demons. Not the demons who would threaten innocent children or attempt the destruction of the world.

    On them, Gigas had no compassion. With one final burst of electricity, Gigas wrenched Zagan's second horn from his skull and cast it aside. Then, hoisting the demon up with his smaller claws, he hammered his huge fists into the Gulfmon's torso. Gigas roared and threw the battered lesser lord to the ground. Zagan wasn't out. Far from it, in fact. The huge demon slowly rose back to his feet, a bloody gurgle rising in his throat, and a look of hate on his face. He glared at Gigas, but the HerculesKabuterimon paid him no further heed.

    "He's all yours," Gigas rumbled, acknowledging Azur/Fenrir, before stomping off to help someone else.


    Meanwhile, Sha had shifted into his ClavisAngemon form once more, and was barreling into Murmur with radiant light. The Count was flung backwards from the blast, but not fast enough to escape Sha's next attack. Rather than leaving him to tumble, Sha shot forward and grasped the Murmuxmon in both hands before rocketing high into the sky.

    Once Sha reached his peak (with the incoherent Count), he spun himself around to build up power and flung the Murmuxmon through the air. Grinning, he hurled a fist of light at the falling demon, sending Murmur reeling downwards. But Sha still wasn't finished.

    In midair, he slid into his Leviamon form and came crashing towards Murmur. Just as the Count hit the ground, Sha rocked the earth with his landing and snagged the Murmuxmon in his huge maw. Shaking his jaws back and forth, the Leviamon ripped Murmur into pieces and flung him upward. An enormous grin formed on his reptilian face just moments before his jaws snapped shut, welcoming the Count for dinner. Sha swallowed.

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    Sabnock cackled psychotically as he blasted Kheprius and Trowa in opposites directions, each taking an orb of electricity to the chest.

    Khep landed on his back and scowled, trying to shake off the electricity. He was definitely starting to gain a tolerance to getting shocked after what must have been the thousandth time. The expression 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger' seemed appropriate.

    "Damn psycho," Khep growled getting to his feet and glaring at the MetalKabuterimon. It was then that the GrandisKuwagamon noticed something. Nebiros was nowhere to be seen, and that made him very nervous.

    He quickly looked around, like an animal sensing a predator. His eye scanned the area until finding the group fighting Belial. Caradoc, Barachiel, Tiwaz, and Pyra all seemed to be unconscious, while Cresil and Thor fought Belial. "How the hell did that happen?!" Khep demanded, making no effort to hide his exasperation. Things got worse when he noticed Nebiros walking over to Barachiel and Pyra. "Son of a...!

    Khep swore and started sprinting towards them. He knew that Nebiros would have no qualms about killing them. He wasn't about to let that happen.

    "Where do you think you're going?!" Sabnock asked with a grin. "Bolo Thunder!"

    The GrandisKuwagamon found an electric bolas wrapping around his ankles, both tripping him to the ground and electrocuting him at the same time. "Gah! Damn bastard!" he growled at his fellow mercenary. Despite the volts of electricity running up his lower extremities, he managed to start beating his wings swiftly. "I have wings, dumbass!" the black insect taunted as he quickly flew towards the group.

    Sabnock sneered and started rolling his treads at high speed, kicking which pulsed with lightning.

    "Neb! Behind you!" Sabnock shouted, his eyes widening.

    Nebiros was about to spin around, but he felt something massive slam into his back from out of nowhere. Kheprius rammed into the Beetlemon, sending both he and the unconscious Barachiel sprawling across the ground.

    "Hands off," Khep hissed, his pincers glowing with luminescent energy. "Dimension Scissors!"

    A arc of energy cut through the air towards Nebiros, who was standing up and trying to get himself oriented.

    "Electron Cannon!" Sabnock called out, deciding to fire while moving despite how detrimental it would be to his control and accuracy. He lowered his head and fired from his horn cannon. The heavy recoil nearly sent him skidding on his treads but the beam passed in between Kheprius and Nebiros, enveloping the Dimension Scissors before Nebiros could be hit.

    As the beam started to dissapate, Nebiros was already charging towards Khep, using the intense light of the electron attack as cover. He burst through the blinding light with his fists raised. "Mjollnir Thunder!" Nebiros blitzed Kheprius and sent a lightning-infused punch into Khep's forehead with enough power to cause his four legs to buckle under the impact.

    "D-Damn you," Khep stammered, snapping his pincers shut hard. Nebiros flipped over the guillotine-like pincers and landed on the bug's back.

    "Lightning Blitz!" Electricity started surging from Nebiros' horns down onto Kheprius' back. A cry of pain was ripped from the GranKuwagamon's throat as he writhed on the ground.

    "You should have joined us, Khep!" Nebiros growled, pouring more of the static energy into the bug.

    "I-I'd s-sooner... Agh! Sc-screw a Numemon...!" he retorted defiantly.

    Sabnock grinned and placed his cannons on the ground. "Anti Ground Ultimate Thunder!" Electricity started ripping from the ground and engulfing Kheprius' large form, tendrils of electricity ensnaring him and burning him from the inside out. "Don't act so holier-than-thou, you bastard!" Sabnock said to him. "Just because you're a Peacemaker, doesn't mean you can forget about your past! Hell, there's a demon in all of us, Kheppy! Remember? Don't you remember when we caught up with those MetalTyrannomon? Don't you remember what it was like when we were dragging our claws through their guts? Making them scream like they made our village scream?!"

    "I... know!" he shouted agonizingly. "Not... like that... now! D-Damn! Slide... Evolution!"

    The GranKuwagamon glowed with light and shrunk back to a humanoid, causing Nebiros to fall towards the ground. While in the air, now unaffected by Sabnock's attack, Khep spun around and slammed his foot between Nebiros' legs. Khep retracted his foot and spun around delivering a high kick to the Beetlemon's face.

    He then grabbed Nebiros by the horn and swung him around, releasing him so that he went flying into Sabnock.

    Kheprius flew back, putting himself between his two ex-teammates and his brother. "I'm different now," he hissed, panting. "Now I've got something other than myself I want to protect."


    Gunnar watched in horror as Shoon self-detonated, killing Haures and horribly wounding himself in the process. The young Mamemon X landed at his feet. He didn't look good.

    "Oh... Oh gods..." he whispered, immediately falling to his knees in front of Shoon, wide eyed. "Sh-Shoon! What the hell is wrong with you?!" he cried out.

    He reached towards Shoon's body, but soon stopped. He wasn't sure if he should pick him up and move him or if that would just make things worse. Gunnar had absolutely no idea what to do. "Just... hang in there..." he said, noticing Nocchi running over out of the corner of his eye.

    He whirled around to Gunnar. "What're you standin' there for?! Get help! A paramedic! Somebody! Ivy! Get Ivy!"

    "Y-Yeah! Right!" the ShineGreymon Burst Mode stammered, immediately getting to his feet.

    Without needing to be told twice, he raced into the air, flapping his wings of fire as fast as he could. He soared towards where Ivy was fighting Moloch. ...Who was about to be clobbered.

    Gunnar dove in front of her and raised his Corona Blaze Shield high, stopping the fist from hitting her, but ended up being smacked out of the air, on top of Ivy, in the process. He let out a groan of pain and quickly rolled off of her. "S-Sorry..." he spoke, wincing in agony.

    He then remembered the situation that was at hand.

    "...Crap! Ivy! We need your help!" he suddenly shouted, pleading. "It's Shoon! He's hurt bad! We need to hurry or else he could die! Come on!"


    A low, groggy growl filled the air.

    Tiwaz's black eyelids slowly opened and he found himself looking up at the sky. It was as blue as his irises, and the sun shone brightly down on his form.

    "Ugh..." he groaned, rolling over onto his stomach and getting on his hands and knees. "What happened? I don't remember..."

    He stood to his two feet and then something dawned on him. "Why am I in my EmperorGreymon form?" he asked looking down at his bipedal, draconic body. His eyes widened in shock and he blushed. "Grah! Where the bloody hell did my armour go?!" he demanded, looking down at his naked body.

    He quickly covered himself with his hands and looked around to make sure that there was nobody around. He was in a place he didn't recognize. Well, it sort of seemed familiar to him, but he knew that it wasn't the place he ought to be in. He wondered why he was stripped of his armour and alone in a strange place.

    "Wait just a second..." he whispered. He raised a hand up to his head, where his goggles always rested. He touched his head and felt nothing there - no helmet, no goggles. He started to panic, his eyes looking around all over the grass beneath him. "No! Where are they?!"

    "Are you looking for these?" said a familiar voice.

    Tiwaz turned around and saw a crimson dragon - an Examon - standing behind him. He twirled the goggles around his index claw by their rubber strap. "

    The dragon man growled and clenched his fists, glaring at him. "You better give those back right now or-" Tiwaz's voice cut short after a few seconds of looking at the Examon. A shaky breath escaped him. "Draz...? Drazion?!"

    The Examon grinned and stepped towards him. "It's been awhile, Tiwaz..."

    "But... how?" he asked, his eyes gaping in complete disbelief.

    "Does it matter?" Drazion asked him. "I still remember the day I gave you these goggles..." He walked towards him and tossed the goggles to Tiwaz, who managed to catch them despite his stunned state.

    "You're... You're alive..." he whispered, staring at the dragon. Tiwaz suddenly beamed and gave a euphoric laugh. "Hahah! You're alive! You're alive!" he shouted, running up to Drazion and pulling him into a tight hug, not even caring about the indecent state that he was currently in.

    Tiwaz knew that Drazion had died - he had watched him die - but in that moment, he wouldn't question it. His late best friend was standing in front of him. If Tiwaz could be resurrected somehow, there's no reason why Drazion couldn't be either, right?

    "We all are," Drazion explained, pulling away from Tiwaz. The Examon moved his wing out of the way, revealing behind him eight digimon.

    Tiwaz immediately recognized all of them. Cogwej the AncientWisemon, Pavamana the AncientVolcamon, Taranis the AncientBeetlemon, Odysseus the AncientTroiamon, Boreas the AncientMegatheriummon, Tethys the AncientMermaimon, Anemoi the AncientKazemon, and Dammerung the AncientSphinxmon.

    The Great Ten. All alive and well.

    "G-...Guys..." Tiwaz spoke. He found himself blinking rapidly. "I-I can't believe it! ...Grm. Got something in my eyes. Must be the pollen in the air."

    Without hesitation he ran over to then, grinning madly.

    "Hey there, dragon," Boreas greeted with a smirk.

    "Boris!" he laughed. "You're all... okay..."

    The EmperorGreymon felt a hand on his bare shoulder. He turned and saw a female ShineGreymon smiling at him. "Hello again, Tiwaz..." she spoke warmly.

    "R-...Rizalia?" he asked. This day just kept getting better for him. He was almost unable to contain himself. He pulled her into a tight, loving embrace. "It's really you, right?"

    "It is," a voice said from behind Tiwaz. The dragon then felt a hand on his other shoulder.

    Tiwaz reluctantly released her and turned around to find an AncientGarurumon smiling at him. "Fenrir..." he spoke, smiling horn-to-horn. "You're here too...?"

    Fenrir nodded and squeezed his shoulder tightly. "I am very glad that we can all be here together like this..."

    Tiwaz grinned and nodded, overjoyed.

    Fenrir's wolf-like features darkened. "So that you can answer for what you have done..."

    The dragon's grin faltered slightly. "What...?" he asked, confused.

    Fenrir squeezed harder, until his fingers dug into Tiwaz's scales, drawing blood. The dragon grimaced and let out a pained snarl, hitting Fenrir's arm away. "What the hell are you doing?!" he asked, glaring.

    A ring of fire suddenly ignited around the group, trapping Tiwaz in there with all of them. "What the hell is going on here?!" he demanded, looking around feverishly and backing towards the flames.

    They all glared at him with dark, hateful eyes. Tiwaz started to back into the flames, but let out a surprised yelp when he suddenly found his hand getting burned by one of the embers. "What?! What's going on here?!" he shouted incredulously. "I'm a fire god! I'm the Legendary Warrior of Flames! Fire shouldn't hurt me!"

    "You're not," Drazion spoke. "Behind that godhood, behind all that armour, we know who you really are, Tiwaz Koenig."

    "You cannot hide behind that exterior anymore," Dammerung said.

    "Ridiculous!" Tiwaz protested. "I don't know what's going on here, but I'm not having it! Ancient Evolution!"


    "...I said "Ancient Evolution!"

    Still nothing. He remained as an unarmed, unarmoured EmperorGreymon. He even felt his energy starting to be sapped from his muscles. Tiwaz felt weak and helpless, and these feelings only intensified. He hated it more than anything.

    "It's your fault," Drazion spoke accusingly.

    "It's always your fault," Fenrir said, narrowing his eyes.

    Tiwaz grimaced. "What... are you talking around?" he questioned, sounding reluctant to even ask the question. Why? He already knew the answer.

    "You know why," Pavamana said.

    "You got us killed," Boreas said, glaring at him.

    "You just had to insist that we go up against Milleniummon," Tethys concurred.

    Taranis nodded. "Sending us to a battle we couldn't possibly win. Way to go, glorious leader. Heh. Fantastic work as usual."

    Each word was like a sword to his heart, twisting and turning its serrated edges around as it entered and left. "You... You guys wanted to go! I thought you did..."

    "You didn't even heed our warnings," Fenrir spoke icily.

    "I...I did!" Tiwaz insisted, backing up a step.

    "'It would be too late by the time we waited for help,' you said," Fenrir spoke, taking a step closer. "It was your impatience, your pride, your recklessness, your stupidity that killed our friends!"

    As his strength left him, Tiwaz collapsed to his knees. "I... never wanted that!" he insisted, his body trembling. "I just wanted to save people! You... can't honestly think that I wanted them to die..."

    "If you actually thought before you did something, then perhaps they would still be alive," Fenrir accused. "Good intentions mean nothing in the end. You killed them. I know it and you know it."

    Tiwaz shut his eyes hard and bowed his head, facing the ground. "...I'm sorry..." he whispered.

    Pav turned to the rest of the Great Ten. "Did you hear that? He's sorry."

    "Then I guess that makes everything A-okay, then" Boreas responded.

    "Yeah!" Taranis agreed. "Let's just hop back into our bodies and- oh. Wait a second."

    Tiwaz let out a pained hiss. "You guys... have no idea how much I miss you all... You, and Rizalia, and Drazion..."

    "Are you planning to apologize to them too?" Fenrir asked, turning to Rizalia and Drazion.

    "Apologize for what?" Riz asked. "Oh, you mean for leaving me to raise our sons while you went to die in battle?"

    Another knife to his heart. Tiwaz looked up at her, devastated. "It... wasn't like that... I love you..."

    "Yeah... but not more than you love being a hero, I guess..." she said, folding her arms.

    Drazion nodded. "And if you hadn't convinced me it was a good idea to join the military, I never would have died that day. However, you just had to be like your hero father. You just had to have that instinct that drives you to help people, even when they don't want or need it."

    "That's correct," Fenrir agreed with both of them, glaring at Tiwaz. "If it wasn't for you and your recklessness, stubbornness, and your hero-complex, they would still be alive and we could have lived happily. But now..."

    Fenrir turned around and extended his hand to gesture to the digimon behind them. One-by-one, the Great Ten burst into data, each member giving Tiwaz a final, blaming stare before they did.

    "No!" Tiwaz shouted, reaching out to them, once again watching helplessly as they disappeared before his eyes.

    "Goodbye, Tiwaz," Rizalia said to him, her form bursting into data as well.

    Drazion nodded, glaring at Tiwaz. "If only I knew that my best friend would grow to become such a pathetic, useless idiot..."

    The Examon burst into data next, leaving only Fenrir left, standing over Tiwaz's beaten down, trembling body.

    "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." he whispered, his eyes shut tightly.

    "Tiwaz," Fenrir spoke firmly, promting Tiwaz to open his eyes and look up at Fenrir. The AncientGarurumon folded his arms and closed his eyes. "...You remember our argument. The one after the battle with Milleniummon, when the rest of the Ten died?" he asked, opening his eyes again.

    "Yes..." he replied.

    "...I meant every word," he replied bluntly. "I hate you, Tiwaz. I wish that I had never met you. I never want to see you ever again. You and I were never friends and never will be, ever..."

    "F-Fen..." Tiwas whispered. His large heart was in countless, tiny pieces. He slowly looked down the ground.

    For once, he didn't fight back.

    "No, Tiwaz! Don't listen to them!" a voice shouted.

    Tiwaz weakly glanced out of the corners of his eyes and saw Tyr running to his side. "Don't listen to me anymore, Tyr," Tiwaz said.

    "Don't say that, Tiwaz!" Tyr said, stepping in front of him and raising his Dramon Breaker towards Fenrir. "This isn't Fenrir. This is Belial's mindgame!"

    "No..." Tiwaz told him. "I knew it all along... Inside... I knew."

    "Leave, Tyr," Fenrir spoke, summoning his Sharpness Claymores. "This is between Tiwaz and I."

    "No," Tyr answered, narrowing his eyes. "You aren't Fenrir! I won't let you mess up my ancestor's head!"

    "Then I shall force you out," Fenrir responded, charging at him and slashing down with his swords.

    Tyr grunted and quickly raised the Dramon Breaker to block it.

    "Tyr..." Tiwaz spoke, even in his broken state, able to be proud of his descendant's determination.

    "Tyr's right, you know," a voice that Tiwaz was unfamilar with said.

    The dragon turned his head and saw a Susanoomon clad in pristine armour standing at his side. He put his hand under Tiwaz's arm and lifted the naked EmperorGreymon to a shaky stand.

    "You're... Are you... Perun?" Tiwaz asked, looking at him bleakly.

    "I am..." he answered. "You have been hard on yourself for far too long, Tiwaz... Since Drazion's death, you have become more and more cynical. It grew worse with each friend and loved one that you lost, yet you still can't but help try and help people."

    "And look where it's got me..." Tiwaz muttered miserably. "Everybody I care about is dead and the only friend I have left hates my guts..."

    "Does he...? You have to know they don't really hate you," Perun told him. "Not even Fenrir..."

    "Yeah. Right. Sure," Tiwaz replied dismissively. He glanced at the wolf, who was in an intense sword battle with Tyr.

    "...If he did hate you as much as you think he does, I wouldn't exist," Perun explained, looking into Tiwaz's eyes.

    The EmperorGreymon raised an eyebrow questioningly.

    "DNA Digivolution. Two hearts beating as one," Perun said. "The heart of your AncientGreymon form and the heart of Fenrir's AncientGarurumon form."

    "That... doesn't mean anything," Tiwaz said. "People change. The only reason we pulled that off was because we both wanted Milleniummon dead."

    "You both managed to do it to take down Typhon," Perun pointed out. Tiwaz shook his head. "...Tiwaz, you and Fenrir are two halves of a whole," the Susanoomon god said. "The two of you being resurrected together was your destinies."

    "There's no such thing as destiny!" Tiwaz growled. "I made all of those choices that got my friends killed, not some entity! Destiny is just a lazy way to avoid responsibility and effort! You and Fenrir must have been talking."

    "Right, you believe in free will," Perun said, calmly. "You would rather fight and try to carve your own destiny than sit around and wait, correct?"

    "You could say that..."

    "So why stop now? Why stop fighting?" Perun questioned. "You're allowing yourself to be taken in by Belial's trickery. You know as well as I do that the Ten don't know Drazion or Rizalia; you kept Drazion from them and you didn't meet Rizalia until after they had died and Fenrir had went his own way."

    Tiwaz blinked. "They... don't..." he spoke with growing realization. "You're right!" he suddenly said, growling. "This isn't real! And no matter how big of an *** Fen could be, he wouldn't fight Tyr like this!"

    Tyr grinned and kicked Fenrir back, into the ring of fire. The AncientGarurumon vanished as Tiwaz came to realize the truth of the situation.

    Perun placed a hand on Tiwaz's bare, bloody shoulder. "You still have demons you need to face, Tiwaz, but that won't be today..." with that, Perun slowly vanished from sight.

    The fire died down and everything seemed to fade as Tiwaz came back around to consciousness.


    Pyra found herself standing in a cave. The cave was as giant as it was dark. The place was unfamilar to her.

    She looked around the darkness, seeing the entrance behind her. It poured bright light into the cave, which intermingled with the darkness. There was a stark contrast of light and dark.

    A rock fell somewhere deeper into the cave, causing her to swing around and raise her arm cannon towards it. Pyra halted. Why was her cannon turquoise instead of black?

    The bipedal Imperialdramon looked down at her body. She found herself clad in teal armour, but many features were similar to that of her old form.

    "It's the power you wanted, sis," a voice said from behind her.

    She spun around and saw Maximus walking towards her from the cave's mouth. "Maximus?" she asked, blinking and lowering her weapon, feeling slightly annoyed at herself for pointing her cannon at her brother. "What are you doing here? Where are we?"

    "How do you like it, Pyra?" Maximus asked, nodding at her form.

    "Um..." she replied, raising an eyebrow. "Sure. I'm eager to see what this form is capable of. Is this the Paladin Mode?" She looked at herself and realized that she had no sword like Thor did, and the colouring was quite different.

    "Why don't you test it out?" Max asked.

    "...Maybe I will," she agreed, raising her right arm and aiming the wrist mounted cannon into the cave. "Positron Laser!" she shouted, firing.

    Somehow, Maximus was suddenly ten meters in front of her cannon. Pyra's eyes widened while the beam ripped from the muzzle. "No!" she yelled, trying to aim in a different direction, but Maximus soon appeared in front of the diverted blast anyways.

    Pyra let out a mortified cry as Maximus' body was engulfed by the blast and disintegrated.

    The beam subsided and all that was left was data particles. Pyra stared with blank, wide eyes at where her little brother had been standing. Her raised arm trembled. Her legs and tails trembled as well.

    "N-No..." she whispered, the horrific realization of what she thought happened slowly sinking in. "I... Oh, gods..."

    A primal screech echoed through the cave from deep within the caverns. Had it not been so loud and chilling, Pyra probably wouldn't have noticed it.

    The teal colour on her armour slowly started to fade into black and gold, the colour of her Imperialdramon Fighter Mode form.

    The mouth of the cave slowly began to seal up, the light skrinking until there was nothing left. Darkness consumed Pyra and she saw a shadow ahead of her, stalking her.

    "Who's there?!" she demanded, firing into the cave in a rage. "Positron Laser!"

    To her surprise, the lasers didn't light up the cave interior. Even the light they gave off were swallowed by darkness. She found herself being answered by that same primal roar. It seemed to come from all around her.

    She felt something press against the back of her head. On instinct, she spun around and aimed her cannon at the thing's head. Pyra found herself looking into blood red eyes.

    Her blood red eyes.

    Pyra was looking into a mirror image of herself, except it was clad in pure black and crimson red. It was her BlackImperialdramon Fighter Mode form. She had her cannon pointed at Pyra's face as well.

    "You're... me," she whispered.

    "That's right," a voice snarled, with hatred and ambition. The voice didn't come from its mouth, but instead, seemed to come from all around Pyra, as if the cave itself was talking. "I am a part of you. I am the part of you that wants more."

    "I don't want more..." Pyra spoke sternly, her moist eyes glaring angrily at it. "Not if it means turning into you again!"

    "If that was true, why do I still exist?" it asked, returning the glare.

    "...I don't want to hurt anyone because of my greed. Not again."

    "Yet you still want power," it growled, Pyra still hearing it all around her.

    "...Perhaps I do. I want to be able to help people!" she retorted.

    "So embrace my power. Don't you remember my unrestrained strength?"

    Pyra grimaced and felt a chill crawl up her spine. "...I almost killed three of my friends when I did that... I hated myself for being so weak..."

    "I am not weak," it explained.

    "You are weak!" Pyra shouted, positronic energy building up in her cannon. "Anybody who takes the easiest and quickest route to gain power is weak! I tried that before, abandoning my morals for an evil, chaotic power, just so that I could get revenge... Real power is achieved through struggle, not cheap shortcuts."

    "I see..." it snarled. "Then struggle."

    Its red eyes glowed and blue energy surged into its cannon, filling it to the brim with power.

    "Positron Laser!" Pyra yelled.

    "Positron Laser!" it roared.

    Both beams fired and both dragons ducked to the right to avoid each other's attacks. Pyra flapped her wings to do an aerial cartwheel, and she landed on her feet, facing her darker self. Her shadow, already standing, glared at her with hateful eyes. The draconic mouth on its chest opened and the cannon started building up pulsing dark matter within its muzzle. "Giga Crusher!" it hissed, a black beam with crackling white tendrils ripping from the large cannon.

    Pyra grunted and dashed to the side, managing to dodge it, but the beam still disintegrated the side of her leg and tail. A draconic snarl of pain left her mouth, but she wouldn't be distracted by it. She knew her own form's weaknesses, so she would try to use that to her advantage.

    "Positron Laser!" it roared, the snarl becoming melodious with the scream of the positrons that pulsed from its arm cannon.

    Her shadow's targetting was spot on. The beam ripped through Pyra's right shoulder, shattering the armour and burning through her scales so that her shoulder was exposed. She let out a cry of pain but raised her wounded arm nonetheless. "Positron Laser!" she roared, firing at it.

    The shadow started to move, but couldn't fast enough while recovering from both of its attacks. The beam grazed the side of its face, melting the black armour along with some of its scales. The beam subsided and there was a crevace of melted metal along its face.

    It turned towards Pyra, glaring at her with cold, baleful, red eyes. "Giga Crusher."

    Pyra flew up in the air as a second beam the size of a thick tree trunk surged towards her in a torrent of dark matter. Her shadow raised its cannon to follow her, almost catching Pyra, but the dragoness was quick in her flight.

    Narrowing its eyes, her shadow raised its arm cannon and trained it in front of where Pyra was flying. "Positron Laser," it hissed under the shriek of its cannon.

    The second laser hit Pyra square in the chest, throwing her back into the larger beam. She let out a roar of pain as the beam shredded her wings and tail.

    The beam subsided and Pyra fell to the ground, but landed on a knee. She panted and looled up at her shadow, who glared at her as its cannons smoked. "This is my chance," Pyra thought, suddenly springing up into a dash despite her pain. "We have a slow recharge time on the cannons. I just need to get in close."

    Pyra sprinted towards it, making a fist with her left hand. As she closed in on her shadow, she poised her golden claws and drove them forwards. It had the same idea.

    Pyra felt a burning pain in her chest as she thrust her claws. Its claws pierced through Pyra's midsection and her claws impaled it through its neck. Blood trickled down their bodies and Pyra staggered back, ripping her claws from its neck, and pulling her body away from the claws digging into her abdomen.

    With an agonized snarl, she fell on her back, her blood dripping to the dark cave floor below.

    Even with the grizzly wounds in its neck, and the constant spurting of its dark, sickly blood, Pyra's shadow slowly walked towards her. It was a slow, menacing walk, yet also sure of its victory. Pyra remembered doing the same thing six months ago.

    Pyra lay there, still, as it approached, silently mocking her. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode looked unable to move in the face of her dark counterpart.

    "This body is mine," it snarled, standing over her.

    She watched as it slowly raised its cannon and pointed it at her, pausing to let the shadow of death linger.

    Pyra suddenly sprung to life, sweeping her foot out so that her shadow fell and landed on top of her. Pyra grabbed its arms and held them hard.

    The draconic mouth on Pyra's chest began to open, the cannon slowly extending and pressing against her shadow's upper body. "If you have the chance to kill somebody, take it," she told it.

    Her shadow could only watch as the cannon in front of it filled to the brim with a black and white mixture of dark matter, crackling and hissing as it waited to be expelled.

    "Giga Crusher!"

    The beam roared as it flooded from the cannon. Her shadow's head and upper body were completely engulfed by the darkness, obliterating them in an instant. The beam continued to pass through its body, going on to pierce through the ceiling of the cave behind it. Light poured in from the hole and Pyra was enveloped in complete whiteness.


    Whiteness. Pure whiteness.

    It was all around Barachiel, as far as his eyes could see. He floated in a state of weightlessness.

    Never in his life had he felt so naked, so vulnerable. He felt as if he was in his purest form, like his soul had been stripped from his body and was floating within an infinite void of firmament.

    His hand slowly ventured up to his neck. Even his scarf and necklace were gone. "What... is this...?" he asked softly, almost timidly. He sat up and looked around, this weightless, naked feeling making him extremely uncomfortable.

    "What, indeed..." a calm, warm voice spoke.

    Barachiel found he was able to get to a standing position and he swiftly turned around towards the voice.

    An Angemon stood across from him, clad in robes as white as his wings. He smiled at Barachiel. "Dear, Barachiel..." he said to him, his voice void of any sort of malice.

    Barachiel's heart seemed to skip. "H-...Hadrael...?" he asked, hardly believing what he saw.

    The Angemon smiled and nodded silently.

    Barachiel took a step forwards, somehow moving despite the lack of ground. So many emotions gushed around inside of him. He wasn't sure if he was about to laugh or break down in tears.

    He found that he was unable to either. Instead, he walked forwards, up to Hadrael, looking at the Angemon with wide eyes. He raised a trembling hand and placed it on Hadrael's chest, checking to make sure that he was real. His mentor was indeed corporeal.

    Smiling, Hadrael raised his hand and put it on Barachiel's shoulder gently. "It has been awhile..."

    Barachiel removed his hand from Hadrael's chest and then placed it on top of Hadrael's hand. "Except... this is not real..." he said, his voice wistful and distant. "You're dead... and I'm not."

    "You seem very sure of this..." Hadrael spoke to his apprentice.

    "I am..." he replied, looking down. "Somehow. I know that this is a dream, and you are not really Hadrael..."

    "...Am I not Hadrael?" the angel asked. "Isn't that a matter of perception?"

    Barachiel smiled, ever so slightly. "No... You are not Hadrael. And soon this is going to turn into nightmare. I am under Belial's spell."

    "His spell? That's correct," Hadrael admitted. "But this is not a nightmare, and I am Hadrael... in a way." He removed his hand and smiled reassuringly at Barachiel. "I may not truly be Hadrael in the flesh, but Hadrael will always be a part of you. You have your memories of him and he also resides deep within your very big heart, Barachiel..."

    "...Memories..." Barachiel spoke, looking down, "are a painful reminder of what's in the past. They bind one until that person is unable to let go..."

    "Yet they offer comfort and warmth when one is lonely..." Hadrael countered. "It is not a crime to hang onto your past..." The Angemon raised his hand and in it were the two pendants that Barachiel was never seen without. "These pendants, too, are memories, aren't they?"

    "Yes, but..." he protested, though he often found himself without words for debate when up against Hadrael. "...Kheprius won't let go of his past and look at him."

    "Your brother..." Hadrael mused. "I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, Barachiel, but you and he are not so different."

    "Hadrael!" Barachiel said, feeling insulted. "How can you say that? He's a criminal who has killed many digimon, including those that slaughtered our village, and is obsessed with trying to regain what he lost before that time! I have put my past behind me, like you told me to. I have moved on from that!"

    "Barachiel... I did not tell you to abandon your past," Hadrael said. "The past is something that one should embrace and learn from... not something to erase and run away from. ...Do you not miss your parents? The way that Kheprius used to be?"

    "Of... Of course I do, but... I also miss you..." Barachiel whispered. He looked at him sorrowfully. "...I miss you with all of my heart, Hadrael..."

    "I know... I miss you dearly, as well."

    "I've been lost without you... I... don't know what to do. I don't even trust in the Holy Host anymore... I just want to..."

    "To kill in vengeance," Hadrael said simply.

    The words cut Barachiel like a knife. "I..."

    "Dracula, Nebiros, Sabnock, and Mephistopheles," Hadrael continued, though his voice still didn't hold any blame or malice. "You want to kill them for killing me and the others... and you would go through anybody to fulfill that goal."

    Barachiel felt a sharp pain and tightness in his chest. He looked at Hadrael's face but was unable to hold the gaze, looking away out of shame. "Ha-Hadrael... That's..."

    "You, yourself, said that, Terrak," Hadrael informed him, using his old name for effect. "But... I think you realized that already... don't you?"

    Barachiel was silent.

    "And you would even go through Caradoc...? You said that you didn't care about him and you wouldn't let him get in the way of your revenge... Would you kill your closest friend, Terrak?"

    Barachiel looked up at Hadrael. A tear trickled down his face. "I... I didn't mean that!" he tried to explain. "I... just want..." He balled his fists up and his body trembled.

    "You were becoming lost in your anger... as you often do," Hadrael explained. A small, fond smile grew on his face. "Your anger and impatience was always the one thing that you could never quite temper, was it, Terrak?"

    Shutting his eyes, Barachiel wanted to hide away. "I'm... becoming... just like him..." he spoke, his voice broken. "Like Kheprius... I hate it..."

    "He isn't all bad," the Angemon said, placing his hand back on Barachiel's shoulder to comfort him. "On the contrary, you could learn a thing or two from him..."

    Barachiel looked up at him with shamed, confused eyes.

    Hadrael smiled and explained. "Say what you will about the way he used to be, but he has changed, Terrak..."

    "I... don't believe that..." Barachiel spoke. "You can't expect me to believe he'll just turn back to his old, kind self."

    "No, but that doesn't mean its not still a part of him..." he said knowingly. The Angemon gripped his shoulder. "You may be Barachiel... but you are still Terrak too. There is still a part of you that is that hotheaded Kokuwamon who lashed out at me when I told you your family was dead... and there is still a part of Kheprius who is your kind brother who would do anything for you."

    The TigerVespamon turned his head, looking off to the side. He wondered about everything that Hadrael had told him. He remembered all of those times that Kheprius had tried to reach out to him, albeit in his own, awkward way, but he had brushed him aside. He remembered Caradoc telling him about Kheprius saving Tyr, and that people may change like water freezes to ice and back.

    Hadrael looked at him warmly, seeing that he was getting through to him. "Terrak, you can't hold grudges and people can change... even people who have done some terrible things." The Angemon raised his hand and placed it on Barachiel's cheek reassuringly. "You're a very strong digimon, Terrak, and both your parents and I are very proud of you... You just need to be more accepting and a bit more independent."

    "Accepting...?" Barachiel said in a pained whisper, another tear dropping at Hadrael's words. "How can I even accept myself? I'm becoming like Kheprius was..."

    "Do you remember why I taught you to fight, Barachiel?"

    The TigerVespamon nodded. "You said that you were teaching me so that I could protect and safeguard myself and others, not..." his voice trailed off slightly, "not to actively harm others..."

    Hadrael nodded. "Creation..." he then spoke.

    An image of a tree flashed through Barachiel's mind. "Wh-...What...?" he asked.

    "You need to go down a path of kindness and creation, believing in both others and yourself, not a path of anger and destruction in the name of justice or vengeance..."

    "Creation...?" Barachiel asked.

    "I think you know what I mean, don't you?"

    Barachiel let out a grunt of pain as his mind burned and pulsed. Hadrael gestured his head over Barachiel's shoulder. The acolyte turned around and saw a massive tree, floating in the pure whiteness all around them. It had a gigantic trunk and a thick canopy reaching high and wide with its reaching branches. At the base of the tree were Barachiel's Royal Meisters.

    "I understand..." he spoke, turning back at Hadrael.

    "You did wonder why this wasn't a nightmare, didn't you?" Hadrael asked with a small grin.

    Barachiel looked down for a few moments. He then looked back at Hadrael and walked towards him, pulling him into a sudden, tight hug. "Hadrael..." he spoke sadly. A tear tricked off his chin and onto Hadrael's back. "I love you, father..."

    After a moment of surprise, Hadrael raised his arms and rested his hands on Barachiel's back. "I love you too, Terrak... I'm proud of what you've become and your parents are too. Now, go... create a future for yourself and those that you care about. Become a creator, Terrak, not a destroyer..."

    Hadrael smiled at him. "And remember what I said... It's going to be okay." Without another word, the Angemon's slowly passed through Barachiel's arms and disappeared in a glow of bright blue light.

    Barachiel silently lowered his arms and turned around, looking at the tree with determination. With the blue glow at his back, he stepped towards the grand tree, the tree that had been created over the ruins of his home. He stopped at the tangle of roots and picked up his Royal Meisters. He also noticed something hanging by one of the Royal Meisters' hilts. It was his necklace. He slowly picked it up and placed the necklace on his neck.

    "I will fight..." he spoke. "Not for revenge or holy justice, but for those who are still alive. My friends... and family. I will fight as both Barachiel and Terrak. And I will fight...

    He bowed his head and crossed the Royal Meisters in front of him. "with the power of pure creation..."

    He let out a cry as the tree became engulfed in blue light and overtook him, his mind pulsing with a crushing pain.


    Barachiel let out a pained gasp and woke with a start on the ground. The first thing he saw was Kheprius standing in front of him, dodging attacks from both Nebiros and Sabnock with impressive speed and agility, while also delivering a hit here and there.

    Around him, Pyra and Tiwaz also awoke a few minutes apart from one another. Pyra grimaced and promptly looked down at her body. "No wounds..." she spoke, remembering the very real-feeling wounds she sustained during the fight with her BlackImperialdramon Fighter Mode self. "I... won..."

    Tiwaz snarled and woke up a few minutes later. He reached up to his head and felt his goggles resting there. He sighed.

    "Tiwaz! You did it!" Tyr said happily. "You're awake!"

    "I am..." he breathed, standing to his feet. He cast a glance over to Fenrir, the one who had wounded him so deeply in that vision. He now knew that it wasn't truly him.

    The AncientGreymon's eyes slowly rested on the AncientGarurumon.

    ...And his jaw dropped. "WHAT THE HELL?!" he roared, his eyes widening as they stared at the digimon who definitely looked like Fenrir, but was obviously upgraded. "HE DIGIVOLVED?!"

    Pyra turned to see what all of Tiwaz's fuss was about. "What in the..."

    "No! I refuse to be upstaged by that mutt!" Tiwaz growled, racing towards Moloch once again. There he found Aeria clad in black armour. "...You too?!"

    Pyra merely flew into the air, watching as Thor and Cresil took on Belial. She wasn't sure whether to help them or go back to Guinier, who now seemed to be in her Megidramon form.

    It was then that she noticed that the Digidestined were all gathered. "...Something isn't right. What are they doing...?" she wondered, flying towards both them and Guinier, who was betweeen her and them.

    Meanwhile, Nebiros slammed his fist into Khep's face, causing him to stumble back and hit something hard. He looked over his shoulder and saw a TigerVespamon had caught him.

    "You again, Trowa?" he asked a slight grin.

    "Barachiel," was the reply, causing Khep to blink. The TigerVespamon released him and looked at him silently. "Were you here protecting me this whole time...?" he asked.

    "...Yeah," Khep answered dismissively, standing up on his own.

    "...Why?" Barachiel asked.

    "Thought you knew," Kheprius spoke. "You're my brother..." With that, he walked forwards.

    Barachiel closed his eyes. "I see..." he answered with a small smile.

    He beat the four wings on his back and flew up into the air, crossing the Royal Meisters in front of his chest. His mind throbbed and his digicore stirred with power. In his mind, the only thing that he could see was that one, lone tree.

    Barachiel's form slowly took on a dim glow. With each passing second, it seemed to intensify with a bright, blue radiance. His body gleamed holy light. Kheprius, Nebiros, and Sabnock couldn't help but cease their fighting to turn to see what exactly was happening.

    "Wh-What the hell?!" Sabnock asked, wide eyed.

    "Is he...?" Kheprius asked, unable to believe his eye.

    Barachiel spoke, his voice calm within the ethereal brilliance.

    "Thrones Evolution."

    His form was swathed in the sky blue light. The radiance danced upon his wings spreading out to form wider ones. The Royal Meisters seemed to fuse with his arms within the holy glow.

    From the light emerged a humanoid digimon clad in clean, silver armour His arms were still crossed in front of his chest, but they were that of massive blades. The base of these blades were blue with intricate gold designs on the metal.

    Barachiel flexed his new bladed wings, not those of an insect, but those of an angel. From his waste hung a blue, decorated sash attached to the belts around his waist. On the top half of his humanoid face, he wore a bladed helmet, which covered a head of blue hair

    "...SlashAngemon, he spoke serenely.

    The angel descended and gracefully touched down on the ground, uncrossing his blades. He looked up at his two opponents and observed them wordlessly.

    "Hadrael..." he thought. "I did it... Watch me become a digimon of creation."
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    Power ripped across the ashen landscape, tearing arcs of fire across the sky and earth. Galahad clashed with the Despair again and again, meeting it with dragonic fire and power. It answered with salvos of dark flame and sweeping brutal claws.

    "I won't let you win!" Galahad roared. "I refuse to allow it!" He loosed a burst of dragonic flame from his hand, but the Despair replied with a volley of black flames. It stalked forwards, towering and monstrous.

    "After all the Oathbreaker has done, you defend him still," it whispered. "You stand before me and protect him. Why?"

    "Because I believe that the path before him does not have to lead to Hell," the Royal Knight said. "He can escape the darkness and find the way to the dawn. You would never offer him that escape."

    "One who has sinned as he has does not deserve escape," the Despair hissed. "Even he yearns to be punished. To give into his sins and fall, never again to know the light. Would you deny him that?"

    "Yes!" the Dynasmon X roared, tearing forwards and grabbing the creature. But he found himself struck by a blazing fist. The knight was thrown back, and the Despair grabbed him. It raised him over its head with monstrous strength and hurled him aside, sending him sprawling to the ash. The knight growled as he rose, but the Despair raised a hand and black swords lanced from the air. Galahad cried out as they ripped across his form, tearing through his armor.

    "All the blood on these hands," the being whispered, raising its claws. "All the souls wailing for vengeance. Were you to know them as I do, Sir Galahad, you too would bring judgment upon this sinner's head. He dreams of them at night, tormented by their screams of agony even as they die in the fire he brought upon them. Listen." The creature raised its hand up high, and the chorus of the dead wailed as one, terrible death cries of agony and despair. Caradoc trembled as the sound tore into his very heart. The screams of the damned his actions had sent into death.

    Galahad growled and charged, but the Despair struck faster. In a blur of shadows, it struck him three times with brutal punches and kicks, laying him flat, and then it stabbed the knight with those terrible claws. Galahad howled as it buried its talons into his chest, ripping them free in a spray of blood. The creature raised its hand and dark swords formed in them. The blades were thrust down, impaling through Galahad's upper arms, two more forming to stake his legs.

    The creature turned away from the stricken knight, back to the naked, defenseless Caradoc. "Do you not yearn for judgment, that you might finally escape the torment of your past? All of those sins burning upon your soul, stabbing deep into your heart with every memory. You are a wretched soul trying to save himself and you threw yourself deeper into decadence to gain greater pleasure from your redemptions. But no more. You can no longer be redeemed. You can only be condemned."

    "No!" Galahad howled, watching helplessly. "Caradoc, no!"

    "I... want to... spare them..." Caradoc whispered in a broken voice. "Guinier... Barachiel... I don't want them to suffer again."

    "Then let death take you, and free them from the pain you have given them."

    "Mother... Kiriel... I failed them... both..."

    "They may rest in peace, knowing the one who failed them has found judgment for his crimes."

    "I am nothing... just greed... like he said..." Caradoc whispered. "I... don't deserve anything..."

    "No!" Galahad roared, but the chorus of damnation sang too loudly. He could not be heard over their infernal chant.

    "Murderer... destroyer... Oathbreaker," the Despair murmured as it stood over the fallen figure, raising its claws. "You have never once been free of sin. Deluding yourself with glory and lies, you tried to escape that fact, but you see it, don't you? The darkness within yourself. The emptiness which will always drive you onward to greater and greater sins. From the loss of a mother to the destruction of a kingdom. From the pain of a father's scorn to the breaking of a lover's heart. It will never end."

    "Lies!" Galahad roared. "Caradoc, it's a lie! This is an illusion! You must fight back!"

    "Enough of you!" the Despair growled, and Galahad writhed in agony as he was engulfed in immolating hellfire. His screams were not audible over the chant of the damned. Caradoc looked at them all. The Chessmon. Barachiel. Guinier. And a single shadow, standing alone, looking sadly at him.

    "Mother..." The shadow turned, and he slumped down. "I..."

    "Even your own mother can only turn away in shame at your darkness," the creature said. "Die, Caradoc Stern. And in death, find redemption in suffering." The claws swung towards Caradoc's neck...

    "NO!" Galahad roared.

    Caradoc closed his eyes, and as he did, memories flashed through his mind. His friendship with Barachiel. Sitting at home with Guinier, wrapped in a loose embrace. The aftermath of the battle with the Mikaboshi. His first kiss with Guinier. The battles with the Royal Knights. The day he had walked into an army encampment and met Bedivere and Guinier. The meeting with a cheerful young Biyomon. And finally, a sensation. Warm arms wrapping him in an embrace, white feathers pressed against his skin. He felt warm and comfortable and safe in those arms. And the words.

    "No matter who you become, I love you, Caradoc..."

    His eyes opened.

    Caradoc moved, and the claws swept past. He rose, and vibrant light consumed his form. The black feathers returned, along with silver armor, and then the black became white, the silver turning to burnished gold. The Valkyrimon stood, gazing at his demonic shadow with bright violet eyes.

    "What is this?!" it cried.

    "You're wrong," he said quietly. "You believed I was just sin, that my soul was eternally black. But that's not true... they don't hate me. I have sinned, and my sins have caused great pain to those I love most. But... I can't just make it all better by dying. I have to find the path to redemption... the way to dawn. I defy you and all that you are. You're not me at all. You're a lie born to make me doubt myself until I died." He drew his sword, and the blade shone with exalted light. "I found the truth. And now, I'm going to escape from this dream, and fight to absolve myself of my sins."

    "You think you can escape your sins? That any amount of redemption will wash clean the stains of your past?! You're a fool, blind to the reality of his words!"

    "You're the fool," Caradoc answered. "Because you believed I was truly alone, even here." He raised a hand, and the hellfire around Galahad broke. The swords holding the knight down rusted to nothing, and Galahad rose. "Sometimes, even the best of us need someone to tell us to stop. Sir Galahad, the purest of the Royal Knights. I am his successor, by his will. And now, we're going to end this."

    "You... you can't do this! You can't deny your sins! You can never find redemption!"

    Caradoc closed his eyes, and pictured each of them. Kiriel. Barachiel. Guinier. And finally, his mother, holding him in that warm embrace. The sword in his hand shone with the ethereal light of an aurora, as the Valkyrimon raised it in both hands. "If you were ever a part of me, you were the part which believed a lie. That we truly were meant for the glory Father said we were. And that any price was worth that." He opened his eyes. "I've come to realise that there are prices not worth paying. I will not give up those precious things for anything. And even if I must die to protect those things, I will gladly defend those I truly love. And now... this dream of yours must end."

    "No!" It tore forwards, hideous and vicious, its form collapsing into tendrils and fangs and claws and eyes. "I... AM YOU!" Galahad rushed to intercept it, but was tossed aside by a flailing tentacle.

    "I am the hope which He shall bring," Caradoc whispered, and struck. His sword, shining brilliantly, cleaved the monster down the middle and struck its baleful core. "Feral... SWORD!" Radiant light exploded from the blade and the creature screamed as holy light immolated it.

    Caradoc looked into violet eyes which were the mirror of his own. "You were me. A part of me which lived by a lie. And now, sleep." The screams grew louder and louder, until finally the creature burst into motes and was gone.

    The Valkyimon panted, lowering his sword. The blade slowly dimmed, and then Caradoc rose, gazing upon the chorus of damnation. Their song no longer weighed on his soul as he raised the sword. "I will find absolution for my part in your deaths... but I will no longer be haunted by my past." There was a brilliant flash from the blade, and the baleful ghosts were gone, blown asunder.

    "It's time to wake up, Caradoc," Galahad said. "They need you."

    "I know," he nodded, gazing across the landscape. The ash was vanishing, leaving a simple garden of grass and flowers. And across the gardern, a white-feathered Silphymon laughed and smiled. And then the green of the grass and the hues of the flowers faded into whiteness.


    His eyes opened. The roar of battle sounded in his ears, and he stood slowly, gazing around. All around, his allies fought the Lesser Lords and Mephistopheles' other minions. He spun on his feet, trying to find Barachiel, or Guinier. His eyes finally caught Barachiel as the insect ascended skyward, shining with holy light.

    "Thrones Evolution... SlashAngemon."

    Caradoc looked on in awe as his friend descended, evolved and armored as a warrior angel, shining with light and power. "Impossible..." He turned, and saw the other figure he had been searching for. Guinier fought Orcus in her crimson Megidramon, and though he longed to go and fight with either of the two, there was something else he saw. The Digidestined, plunging towards the seven children. And in their wake lay Hira, bleeding and broken, slowly disintegrating.

    "What is this...?" Galahad murmured from within him.

    "Something's wrong," the knight whispered. He could see it in the Digidestineds' stances. They were aggressive and on edge. This wasn't right. He spread his wings and rocketed towards the chosen seven, desperate to reach them and see what was wrong.


    Sword clashed with lance for a moment, before Bedivere's tail lashed and Pelleas was smashed to the ground. He tried to rise, but a hail of shells from Bedivere's Ambrosius consumed the knight in raging flames.

    "Why, Pelleas?" Bedivere said. "I don't understand. Why do you have to save them? What lies has Mephistopheles told you?"

    "I... must... save... them..."

    "No," the Examon said. "You've been deceived. But if you side with the demon, you're a threat to this world. And when I took on my mantle, I swore to eliminate such threats. I am sorry, Sir Pelleas. But this is the end." And he thrust with his lance, aiming to impale Pelleas and end the fight there...


    Guinier's claws grabbed Orcus, and she crushed him into the ground with a brutal hammering motion. Before the marquis could recover, infernal flames washed over him, and then the Megidramon's claws ripped across his flank, tearing great gashes into his flesh. He howled, and Guinier's tail hurled him bodily aside.

    "You're a monster..." he snarled.

    "So are you," she replied coldly. "A monster willing to aid in ending this world. You threatened innocent lives... I won't let you live, demon. Not while I could protect this world by killing you."

    "Explosion Eye!" Arrows of shadowy power lanced from his eyes, but Guinier effortlessly struck them down with blows of her arm-blades. She reached out and with one hand crushed Orcus down to the ground. With the other, a great circle was drawn around him, Guinier's eyes burning a baleful crimson.

    And she spoke. "Har-Megiddo Gate!"

    The circle burst with hellflame and ruinous power, loosing a pillar of destruction which consumed Marquis Orcus. His agonized screams resounded for a few moments, before there was an explosion within the attack. Data began to rise from the hellish flames, and Guinier released the attack, the pillar dissipating as the gateway to the end sealed shut. Gasping from the effort of controlling the great attack, she looked around. Caradoc streaked past her, and she followed his path, taking in the Digidestined.

    "What?" she wondered. Spreading her wings, the Megidramon took flight, shooting after the Dynasmon X towards the Biomerge Digimon.


    Vritra watched as Murmur was put down and devoured by Sha. "Excellent," she muttered, turning. Her eyes fell upon the great demonic rabbit in the distance. Moloch. Lightning hailed around the monstrous demon, striking towards his opponents.

    The fiery goddess erupted forward, propelled by blazing flames. Like a burning meteor, she raced at Moloch, who saw her coming. The great demon raised a hand, and a spear of crimson thunder formed in it. "Lightning Spear!" he rumbled. The monstrous spear struck the goddess with an almighty boom, and she was thrown into the ground. Snarling, she rose from the impact, glaring up at the dark Cherubimon.

    "Terra Force!" she bellowed, loosing a sphere of blazing flame up at him. Moloch snarled as the flames broke across his chest, and raised a hand.

    "Perish, god-mite," he said. "Storm of Judgment!" The raging clouds overhead loosed thunder and fury, a volley of lightning bolts descending towards Vritra. She formed her Brave Shield, and the wrath of the storm broke upon it. The goddess stood, shaking as she strained to hold back the storm. She dredged up her divine spark and poured her strength into her shield, blazing with an aura of almighty flame.

    "I... will not... be beaten by... a giant rabbit!" she howled. And she loosed her power from the shield in an explosion of burning mighty, hurling the lightning asunder. The goddess rose, the Brave Shield fragmenting and reattaching to her back, swathed in flames. Wings of molten flame spread behind her as she raised a hand. "Terra Force ZERO!" A lancing burst of flame exploded from her palm and struck towards Moloch. Furiously the demon retaliated, loosing thunder and wrath from the clouds above, sending a trident of screaming lightning at her. Vritra effortlessly leapt from its path, only to be met by a Lightning Spear which crushed her into the ground.

    With a snarl, the blazing goddess stood, an aura of blazing flame raging about her form. "I refuse to be defeated here, demon," she snapped. "I stand in defense of this world, and those upon it. So I cannot be defeated, for their sake. And I'll burn you to ash to protect them." She stood proudly, burning with power. "So. Prepare to meet your end, demon."
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    Thor clashed with Belial, pushing back against the King of Hell. Around him, the others fought off their nightmares, fought off the darkness of the demon's mental torture. Thor had managed to power through his without any problem. He knew tricks of the mind all-too well, and something so straightforward as Belial's were hardly up to Loki's standards. But more than that, he saw through them. Even without his experience, his vision pierced the veil Belial attempted to erect in his mind. He simply knew it wasn't real, and was able to blink it away.

    And now that it was blinked away, he saw the madness that was coming. Hira lay dying; Sha was wreathed in gore; Shoon, bloodied and in agony; Barachiel, Azur, and Aeria, ascended; demons dying, screams, fire everywhere, and--

    "Pelleas." Thor saw the knight fall. Saw Bedivere raise his lance. No. This couldn't be allowed to happen. He flung his wings wide and kicked past Belial, leaving Cresil to face the demon king alone. He wouldn't for long. Michael was watching the situation closely, Svarog was without an opponent, and Samael would be quick to slice up anything not already crying out in pain.

    Thor swung in front of Bedivere, parried his thrust and sent the dragon stumbling back with a burst of concentrated sound. Pelleas rose up behind him, but Thor snapped out his wing and knocked the knight across the face and back to the ground. Weakened as he was, it would do.

    "I can't let you kill him, Bedivere," Thor declared. He closed his wings and lowered the White Sword. "Come back to your senses before you do something you'll regret." He glanced over his shoulder to the fallen knight. "He is not beyond saving. The legacy of the Royal Knights is not beyond saving. If you end it now, you plunge the world into darkness."


    Michael swooped down as Thor raced away, alight with divine power. He emerged from the light transformed: Seraphimon. He sent a staggering beam of light into Belial's chest. The demon king swung around angrily, but was met by the burning fist of a sun god enraged. The blow lifted Belial off his feet and knocked him to the ground.

    "Look what we have here," he said, coughing as he pushed himself up. "A pagan god, an archangel, and the lowliest of demons assembled against me." He laughed, a scouring, grating laugh. "I'm almost flattered." He sprung up and fired his twin cannons; two beams of darkness cut through the air.

    Michael fought back with his own holy powers, splintering the beam. Svarog spread his flames, crossed his arms, and absorbed the blow. Allowing it to push him back before he caught his footing and regained his stance. When the beams subsided, they struck back, swathing the demon king in fire and hammering him with holy light.


    The Digidestined raced towards the seven children, weapons and claws and powers at the ready. Tia leaped forward to stop them, driving herself into the Regulumon. But she was hardly a match for the much more powerful Digimon. Liliana hardly even stumbled, and grabbed Tia by the face. She drew her in close.

    "Stay out of the way!" the Digidestined snarled as she continued to run, pausing only for a moment to slam her into the ground.

    Kole attempted to intervene as well. He threw up a wall of swords to try and stop them, but Avazina the Magnadramon simply breathed a burning cascade of fire that broke through the swords and sent Kole tumbling back. He wasn't finished, however, and called upon all his magics to bring forth a massive force-field to bar their way. But the enormous Aegisdramon--Jacob--broke through it with sheer momentum alone, and a lion-headed blast of energy from Liliana consumed him.

    Samael took a moment from enjoying the carnage and noticed what was going on. He snarled. "Yeah. Shoulda' known they'd turn on us." He flashed into his X-Evolved form and raced ahead of them, wheeling about to charge them head-on.

    "I know they're creepy," he hissed. "But aren't all kids?" He struck with all the crackling intensity of his demonic form, but a single backhanded haymaker from Andreas the Susanoomon sent him flying. He caught himself in mid-air with his emerged wings, but a blast from the Goldramon, Evangel, consumed him in purifying light and buried him in the side of the mountain.

    "Stay back!" ordered Silas, the Alphamon, as he sent a spiraling green burst of energy into Caradoc. He knocked the Peacemaker through several stone buildings. "You don't understand."

    "Out of the way!" Evangel cried, sending twin beams of light into Pyra and Guinier, hurling the two dragons away.
  15. Cresil let out a tut when Thor left, leaving him all alone fighting the much larger and stronger demon. He wasn’t so arrogant to think that he could best the MaloMyotismon alone, especially when Belial displayed such enormous amounts of strength. Oh well, at least it was hard for Belial to hit him. The Astamon avoided a heated ray that had been charged and readied for Thor.

    “Looks like it’s you and me. Fat and ugly versus the it and handsome,” Cresil taunted as he backflipped out of the way of a stomp, aiming the Oro Salmon at Belial’s head. “Hellfire!

    Six golden bullets shot towards Belial’s head, only for them to collide with the back of the demon lord’s hand as he brought it to his face. And Cresil grinned as each bullet embedded themselves into the MaloMyotismon’s armor, penetrating the armor that they had not been able to pierce through before. To the Astamon’s chagrin, however, he wasn’t rewarded with a shocked yell or pained scream. Instead, Belial looked at him balefully.

    “Pitiful. Such pathetic use of magic,” Belial said with his deep, booming voice. He raised his injured hand, and the shoulder on his arm opened its mouth. “Pandamonium Flare.”

    “Oh, provocation,” Cresil replied, jumping easily out of the way of the beam. “How very effective!” he said as more rapidly charged beams were sent his way.

    Instead of dodging, he melted back into his own shadow, letting one of the beams pass over his head harmlessly. He didn’t keep Belial wondering where he was long, however, for he chose the shadow of Belial’s head on his shoulder to come out of. He gave Belial a large, wicked grin, showing a magic-reinforced, black-aura-encased leg.

    Maverick!” the Astamon called out, dashing towards Belial’s face and slamming his leg right into his cheek. With a successful grin, he caused the MaloMyotismon to lose balance, only for him to quickly regain it by spreading his legs.

    “Slightly impressive,” Belial said, turning to face him, his cheek bleeding. “But not impressive enough.”

    He then quickly lowered his shoulder just as his hand shot towards Cresil, taking away his base to make him lose his balance. This gave the MaloMyotismon enough time to grab the Astamon in a vice-like grip.

    “Ragh!” Cresil yelled as his body was squeezed hard. “S-so you finally caught me,” Cresil noted with a hack. “What d-do you plan on doing to me?” he taunted with a defiant grin on his face.

    Belial’s eyes flashed red for a moment. “I know just what to do with you, demon.”

    “Hah! You plan on trying your mind tricks on me?” Cresil said incredulously. “I /know/ all my sins! I /enjoy/ them!”

    “All of them?” Belial asked with an ominous tone. “Even the one that turned you into a demon?”

    At that, Cresil suddenly didn’t have anything to say. Fact to say is, he doesn’t even know what he had done to turn himself into a demon in the first place. Then he grinned. It must not have been much at all if he had forgotten it already, no matter how old he had gotten.

    “Give me your worst, Belial, and then we will see,” the Astamon provoked with a large grin.

    “Oh, I won’t be the one doing that. It will be your own mind,” Belial replied as his eyes shone bright red. “Mental Illusion!

    And he dropped Cresil to the ground.


    Fenrir turned to the digidestined, suddenly seeing the commotion. He let out a grunt. He would have to deal with Zagan quickly, which would be easy considering the beating that Gigas had done to the Gulfmon. “Watch and pay attention to how I move my body, Azur. You will have to learn and make this body your own. After all,” he said, pointing his katana towards Zagan. “I modeled this body after your talents.”

    Zagan saw him and roared, pushing himself up to his feet. “You…I will…kill you!” he roared, charging recklessly towards the AncientGarurumon: Samurai Mode.

    Fenrir tensed up and then dashed, his body faster than his previous form. It was easy for him to side step out of the way before the quadruped Digimon could crush him underfoot. Before Zagan even noticed, Fenrir was already behind him.

    “This form is far more agile and lighter than the form that I used. That is because you are more used to fighting with speed, where I had armor that allowed me to take blows while I formed a plan,” he said as he turned to face Zagan, who turned back. “That means that this form sacrifices defensive ability for your speed. However, that means nothing if your opponent cannot even hit you.”

    Dark Requiem!” Zagan roared as he shot a thick, black beam towards Fenrir. Before his eyes, the AncientGarurumon: Samurai Mode’s form moved faster than his eyes could follow. A moment later, Fenrir was beside him.

    “Attack power is also not a problem, Azur,” Fenrir said, turning to Zagan with a raised sword. “Mondsichel!

    He swung his sword to the side quickly, creating a bright blue wave of light that was parallel to the ground and dashing towards Zagan at incredibly speeds. Before the Gulfmon could even move or make a jump, the wave reached his battered legs. And a moment later, he was separated from them, and he let out a roar of pain, his upper body falling to the ground as his legs began to dissolve into data.

    “No! No! I am supposed to kill you!” Zagan roared in desperation, trying to reach towards Fenrir with his arms, crawling towards the AncientGarurumon: Samurai Mode pitifully.

    “Be extinguished by my light, demon,” Fenrir said, raising his sword into the sky, holding the hilt with both hands. “Mondsichel!” he cried, swinging down and creating even a large, vertical wave that dashed and cut Zagan in half.

    As Fenrir watched Zagan and his slash wave burst into thousands of particles of light, he sheathed his katana and turned to the digidestined. It was time to find out what was going on.
  16. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    (Griff gave me permission to bunny Tiwaz here)

    Caradoc growled in pain as he was slammed into the ground by Silas' attack. Guinier crashed down near him a moment later, struck by Evangel's power.

    "What are you doing?" the Dynasmon roared up at the Goldramon Digidestined. "They're the Innocents! Why are you trying to kill them!" He stood and rocketed at Evangel, drawing back a fist, but the Goldramon loosed power and holy radiance from his hands, burying the dragon knight under his power.

    "Stand aside!" he cried. "You don't understand!"

    "Understand what?!" Caradoc snarled, shooting back towards Evangel. Silas came out of nowhere and backhanded the black-armored knight to the ground in a surge of his Digitalize of Soul.

    "The children! They're..." Guinier swept into the Alphamon and struck with a whip-like crack of her tail, slamming Silas away. She lunged for Evangel, but a fist swathed in divine might hammered into her chest and hurled her back as Andreas interceded. The Susanoomon looked at her with alarm.

    "Stay out of the way!" he cried. "These children are..." Caradoc's fist struck from nowhere and silenced him with a smashing blow to the face, knocking the Susanoomon reeling. Caradoc moved for a second punch, but holy lightning ripped from above and struck him, smashing him to the ground under Andreas' command. "They're not...!"

    Guinier barreled into him, grabbing him in her mighty talons. The Megidramon glared at the Susanoomon. "They're not what?!"

    "They're not..." Before he could finish, he was cut off by a bellow of pain from the crimson dragon as Evangel loosed holy light from his jaws, consuming her in heavenly radiance which seared into her unholy form. Releasing Andreas, Guinier fell and was crushed to the ground.

    "Damn you!" Caradoc howled, rising and glaring at the Digidestined.

    "You don't understand! Stay out of the way!" Evangel declared, turning and racing towards the children with his comrades.

    "Caradoc... I don't think something's right..." Guinier groaned.

    "They've turned on us!" he cried.

    "No... the children... I don't think there's something right with the children..." She rose, gazing at the seven. "But what...?"


    Fire and lightning roared against one another, colliding with brilliant fans of sparks and roars of crackling thunder. Swathed in divine flame, Vritra loosed arcs of fire and burning spheres of white-hot flame. Moloch answered with driving rain and howling wind and screaming thunder. The demon loosed bolt after bolt of burning lightning at the flame goddess, and though she blocked each with the Brave Shield, it was clear it was taking great effort on her part to maintain her defense.

    "Storm of Judgment!" Moloch declared. The storm exploded with lightning, dozens upon dozens of blazing bolts erupting from the pitch-dark clouds and crashing upon Vritra. Though she raised the Brave Shield and poured her strength into it, now it was not enough, and the power ripped through her, sending her crashing to the ground. She growled and started to rise, only to be met with Moloch stabbing down at her with a great Lightning Spear.

    "Omega Corona!" Moloch howled as fire exploded from behind him, a stream of molten flames washing across his back. The demonic rabbit turned, only to be met with Tiwaz. The AncientGreymon rammed into the Cherubimon, swathed in flames, and knocked Moloch reeling. The great dragon soared to Vritra's side.

    "Damn this rabbit," he muttered.

    "Focus," Vritra retorted, rising. The blazing wings snapped back open behind her, the aura of fire burning around her. The rain hissed as it struck the two fire deities, the auras of flame around their bodies evaporating raindrops which fell onto them. "We need to end this."

    "That's something I can agree on," Tiwaz said gruffly, glaring up at Moloch. The demon rose to his full height, raising his hands.

    "Die!" he bellowed. "Terminal Judgment!" The clouds exploded with power and a hail of lightning fell. The bolts lanced towards the two fire deities, who moved. They raced between the lightning bolts, their blazing wings carrying them towards Moloch as their burning auras grew white-hot. As the hail of bolts ended, they unleashed their power, Tiwaz launching a stream of fire, Vritra unleashed a sphere which shone like the sun.

    "Omega Corona!"

    "Solar Wind Destroyer!"

    Moloch howled as the flames struck him, consuming him in fire upon fire. He emerged from the inferno only to be met by Vritra. The fiery goddess ripped her blazing Dramon Destroyers across the demon's face, and he snarled in pain.

    "Great Tornado!" The goddess spun, becoming a tornado of raging flame and claws which ripped into Moloch. He growled and loosed lightning from his form, striking her and tossing her away. Then Tiwaz swept in with a roar.

    "Gaia Tornado!" A raging tempest erupted from beneath Moloch's feet, boulders swept up in the winds and smashing against the demon. He snarled and struck with a burst of lightning, striking Tiwaz's attack and obliterating it.

    "Terminal Judgment!" Howling lightning ripped from overhead and struck the flame deities, smashing them into the ground.

    "Damn this," Vritra snarled, rising to her feet.

    "Damn this rabbit," Tiwaz growled. "For Perun's sake, won't he die?!"

    "Eventually," the WarGreymon X muttered. She unsheathed her Dramon Destroyers, igniting her vernier boosters and rocketing towards Moloch.


    "Lightning Spear!" Moloch rumbled, drawing back his arm and calling forth a spear of burning lightning. He thrust with it towards Vritra, and the Brave Shield formed before her. The spear struck the shield with a boom of thunder, Vritra straining against the attack as discharge crackled around her. Moloch growled in frustration, likewise straining to break the shield and kill the goddess.

    "Omega Corona!" The Cherubimon howled as Tiwaz's burning flames engulfed his face, forcing him to break his attack. A moment later he screamed once more as Vritra struck his shoulder with a blazing Great Tornado, ripping into him with her blazing claws. The goddess kicked away and moved to hover beside Tiwaz. Moloch slumped down. His shoulder was rent and torn by Vritra's attack, leaking blood, his arm hanging limply.

    "Let's finish this," Vritra muttered. She raised her hands, a sphere of flame coalescing in them as she called up her divine spark's might. She focused on the flames. Her aura of flame grew more vibrant and brilliant, raging fiercely as sparks danced in her eyes.

    "You... I'll kill you!" Moloch howled, lunging at the two with a Lightning Spear clutched in his good hand.

    "Omega Corona!" Tiwaz roared, shooting forwards, engulfed in molten fire.

    "Solar Wind Destroyer!" Vritra shouted, erupting towards the giant demon, burning with hellish fire. The two struck Moloch's lancing Lightning Spear, and it shattered, broken by their immense power. Moloch's expression was suddenly one of shock and horror. Blazing with divine power, the gods smashed into Moloch and loosed their power. They tore through him, impaling him with fire and holy fury, and a howling inferno consumed the demon. He screamed in mortal agony as the flames raged through him, tearing through his flesh.

    The gods burst through Moloch's back and shot into the heavens. The demon howled, and slumped, collapsing even as he exploded into fire and sparks of data. Burning with divine fire, Vritra and Tiwaz glared down at the monster's remains.

    "One down, a few more to go," Vritra said.

    "Let's finish this fight," Tiwaz replied. With that, they shot off across the battlefield, the storm dissipating overhead.
  17. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    As Moloch exploded behind them after being impaled by two dragons, Gunnar turned to Ivy. "Hurry to Nocchi and Shoon," he told her. "I don't want to be around him with all this fire coming from me. If anybody can save him, Ivy, it's you."

    The ShineGreymon Burst Mode gave Ivy a weak grin and took off into the air. There was somebody else he needed to check on, too.

    Hira lay on the ground, blood leaking from his wounds. Gunnar touched down beside the SaberLeomon and became very grim. He could see Hira's data beginning to leave his body.

    "Hira..." he whispered. Gunnar took a deep breath and tentatively placed his hand on Hira's wound, pressing down on it hard to try and staunch the flow of blood. "Don't give up just yet, pal. Ivy'll be over to help just as soon as she's finished with Shoon," he told him with a reassuring smile.

    "Hell, you don't want to let Sei-Ryujin down by dying on him, do you?" Gunnar asked, trying to keep the mortally wounded Peacemaker optimistic. "And if you survive this, you'll be able to get Tia, no problem!"

    Gunnar's smile started to falter, but he covered it up by turning it into a glare, directed at the digidestined. "I knew this was a trap..." he muttered under his breath.


    Tiwaz soared through the air, trying to shake the sickly demon blood and rain from his form. He looked around, looking for his next opponent. "Who's left...?" he growled to himself.

    All of the lesser demons had been killed and Pelleas was incapacitated. Marcus, Nebiros, and Sabnock still stood, but they were already engaged in combat. Belial, however, was still standing and his only opponents were Michael, Svarog, and an unconscious Cresil.

    Deciding that he would be betterput to use fighting a alrger opponent who has less opponents, the AncientGreymon grunted and veered towards him. "That won't do, now will it!?" he growled, suddenly veering to the left and soaring towards the demon. "And don't think your illusions will work a second time on this dragon! Omega Corona!"

    Flames snarled from Tiwaz's mouth as the dragon opened it wide. A fireball launched from his maw and hurdled towards Belial. The MaloMyotismon turned his head and aimed the Sodom and Gomorrah. "Pandamoneum Flare!"

    Beams ripped from the organic cannons and pierced into the fireball, the two attacks exploding in a ball of flames and darkness. Concealed by the blast, Tiwaz tilted his draconic body and flapped his blazing wings hard. He darted to the side, flying around the blast, and arched his wings back to propel himself towards Belial.

    Tiwaz's tail ignited with powerful flames and he whipped the appendage hard across Belial's face. On impact, flames exploded outwards and engulfed Belia's head, singing his hair and putting fractures in his mask. Belial growled and turned around, blasting Tiwaz with one of his cannons.

    The salamander caught himself and skidded across the ground on his four feet. "Do you want a piece of me, demon?" Tiwaz hissed. "Oh, you'll get it, alright..."


    Pyra was sent flying back from a burst of Evangel's light. She stopped herself in the air and looked around.

    "What are they doing?" she asked herself, frowning. "This wasn't a trap; they're not even really focusing on us. Their attention is on the other humans. If they were planning to kill those children all along, then why let us come along in the first place, where we would try to stop them? It doesn't make sense. Did they suddenly come under Mephistopheles' control? Or...?"

    Pyra's sentiments were cut short when Jacob flew down in front of her, blocking her view. "Don't try and stop us," the Aegisdramon said, blocking her view. His voice sounded almost nervous.

    "You're not leaving us any choice," Pyra growled. "If you would just explain yourselves, then maybe- Agh!"

    Silas shoulder-checked the Imperialdramon Fighter Mode and sent her flying through the air.

    "Positron Laser!" Pyra shouted as she flew, dual helical beams gushing from the arm-mounted cannon back towards her attacker. The beams singed the armour covering his side and sent the Alphamon into a spin.

    Pyra flapped her wings and grouped up with Caradoc and Guinier, finding safety in numbers. She fired off a few suppressive blasts at the digidestined and turned to them. "What are they trying to do?" she asked. "Exactly what happened? None of this adds up."


    "Ter...rak..." Khep said in complete shock as the angel digimon landed on the ground. "That... doesn't make sense... You digivolved to..."

    "He's still just a Mega level," Nebiros hissed, his fists and horns snapping with electricity. "And I'm betting he'll have that first evolution stagger." The Beetlemon grinned. "You're not used to that new form, are you?"

    "Yeah!" Sabnock chuckled, his eyes narrowing. The MetalKabuterimon's arms spun rapidly, hissing with static power. "Saint Crybaby digivolved! So what? I'm still gonna clip those shiny new wings of yours!" Sabnock raised his cannons at Barachiel. "Bolo Thunder!"

    Kheprius dashed across the ground with incredible speed and grabbed Sabnock's arms tightly, spreading them out wide. "Go through me first, bastard!" he growled, forcing Sabnock to hold his fire.

    "Sab!" Nebiros said, running over to help.

    "Terrak!" Khep shouted, looking over his shoulder at the SlashAngemon.

    "Understood," the metal angel replied, flapping his wings tentatively, getting a feel for them and slowly ascending. His eyes fixed on Nebiros' form. The metal blades he had for arms crossed in front of his chest, humming with holy energy. "Holy Espada!"

    Barachiel swung his arms out and released a giant, glowing, blue X which cut through the air towards Nebiros.

    As the Beetlemon ran, he saw the holy blades descending upon him, so he swiftly skid to a stop. He crossed his arms in front of him and concentrated all of his electricity to his arms. The attack smashed into him, and he was sent flying from the pressure.

    "I've got Sab, here," Kheprius told Barachiel. Barachiel nodded and went after Nebiros. The black insect grinned and stared at his prey. He stretched his pincers out wide. "You really are pathetic, Sabnock."

    "Oh, save your speech for when you've actually got me on the ropes!" the MetalKabuterimon replied. He ducked his head just as Khep's pincers' snapped shut. Only his metallic horn got hit, which was too armoured to damage.

    Sabnock's treads screeched and he started ripping down the land with Kheprius in tow. The MetalKabuterimon drove straight into a log house one of the tamers built. Not only did the impact hurt Khep's back, but it slammed his face into Sabnock's metal horn.

    Khep grunted in pain and used the wall behind him to raise both of his legs and slam his feet into Sabnock's chest, knocking the bug in reverse. Sabnock skidded back and dug his arm cannons into the ground, scraping up sparks, but halting himself.

    He grinned. "Time for the one-two punch! Anti Ground Ultimate Thunder!" Electricity ripped up through the ground and surrounded Kheprius in a paralyzing swamp of lightning.

    As Kheprius stood, stunned and trying to get his muscles to behave, Sabnock lowered his horn cannon and levelled it with his former friend. "Electron Cannon!"

    Sabnock's form was blasted back by the intense recoil as a giant beam pulsed from the cannon towards Kheprius. With a roar, Kheprius wrenched himself out of the electric field and dove the ground. The torrent of electrons ripped through the house and blasted out the other side, destroying everything in its path.

    Kheprius panted and stood up, refusing to give Sabnock any time to recover from the attacks. "Only you... can miss somebody at that close a range," he taunted, forcing his muscles into action. The GrandisKuwagamon dashed towards the MetalKabuterimon. He bounded into the air, landed on one of the knobs above the treads, and slashed his Gran Killers across Sabnock's face.

    The insect let out a shout and bashed Kheprius off with a cannon arm. Kheprius flew back with the force, but did a back flip, flew down and descended on Sabnock, driving his knee into his armoured face. With a cry, Sabnock was lifted off of his treads and onto his back with a crash.

    Kheprius watched with glee as Sabnock struggled on his back, trying to get back up, but finding it diffucult with that form. He was akin to an upside-down turtle, and Khep would take full advantage of this.

    The GrandisKuwagamon descended and landed on Sabnock's chest. "Y'know, Sabby?" he asked, grinning down at the furious MetalKabuterimon. "Before you stabbed me in the back, I would always help you when you ended up like this. Crap move on your part."

    He then started laying into him with his claws and feet.


    Nebiros growled and pivoted his body to the right to avoid a vertical swing and then jumped back to avoid a diagonal one. He narrowed his eyes at Barachiel and electricity started to surge into his horn.

    "Lightning Blitz!" Streaks of lightning crackled as they flew towards Barachiel, who quickly raised his blades in front of himself.

    The SlashAngemon gave a restrained grunt of pain as the electricity coursed through him. Barachiel wouldn't let himself fall to a knee. He persevered through the continuous electric attack, even as it made his metal and skin red hot.

    "E...nough! Holy Espada!" he shouted, slashing his blades out, sending as 'x' of power cutting through the attack and ripping into Nebiros.

    The Beetlemon let out a cry of pain as he was blasted back, a few small chunks of armour flying off as well. Nebiros landed on his back, but used the momentum to do a clumsy backward somersault, which successfully got him back to his feet.

    Barachiel flew up and looked down at Nebiros with scrutiny. "So... it was you?" he asked.

    "'It was me' what?" Nebiros responded, narrowing his eyes at him.

    "It was you who killed everyone at my home?" he asked him. "Or did Sabnock help you too?"

    Nebiros grinned. "Oh so you want revenge?" he asked. "That's rich."

    Barachiel took a deep breath. "Just answer..."

    "Yeah... It was just me. They tried to put up a defence in the library, but... it wasn't hard to break through," he responded. "It wasn't like Sabnock didn't beg to help me kill them, though, but he had to watch you and the angel guy. Personally, I still think we should have taken you captive too, but we didn't want to jeopardize our pay by going against Mephistopheles' plan."

    "I see..."

    "We didn't know it was you, at the time, Terrak," Nebiros told him, merely stating the facts. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry about what's his face. The angel."

    Barachiel was silent. "...'Hadrael'." The SlashAngemon looked at him, "Would it have mattered if you did know?"

    "Maybe... Maybe not. Guess it doesn't matter now, does it?" the Beetlemon asked while charging up a fist of electrcity behind his back.

    "I suppose not," Barachiel agreed, hearing the sparks crackle.

    "Thunder Fist!"

    "Heaven's Ripper!"

    Barachiel immediately descended under the stream of electricity. He curled his body up and went into a somersaulting cannon ball dive.

    "Crap," Nebiros hissed as Barachiel hit the ground and started spinning towards him like a giant, bladed wheel. So sharp was he, that giant gashes were left in the ground as he ripped towards the Beetlemon. "Lightning Blitz!"

    The spinning silver wheel was struck by lightning, and even if it did hurt Barachiel, it wouldn't stop his forward momentum. Barachiel continued racing towards him.

    "Guh! Crap!" Nebiros swore, flying up above it in order to avoid the wheel.

    He wasn't banking on what happened next. Barachiel, still spinning, bounded into the air as well and slammed into Nebiros. The Beetlemon let out a shout as his armour was slashed and serrated by the countless blades on Barachiel's body. The SlashAngemon continued to tear against him, ripping blood from his form, but Nebiros refused to have it any longer.

    "Mjollnir Thunder!" Nebiros shouted angrily, giving Barachiel a mean right hook that loaded the angel full of electricity.

    Barachiel was thrown to the side. He broke the wheel formation and righted himself in the air, fanning his wings out. He felt slightly nauseous from the motion sickness and everything was spinning from top to bottom, but he did his best to concentrate and ignore it. "Holy Espada!" he shouted, not missing a beat.

    He sent a cross of holy power flying towards Nebiros, but he was off the mark due to his orientation. Nebiros simply flew over the attack that was headed more for his feet than for his body. The Beetlemon charged him and drove a sparking fist into the exposed part of Barachiel's face.

    Though his face was numb and his body was forced through the air, Barachiel quickly flapped his wings and dived downwards, under Nebiros, and flew upwards behind him. His blades sang as they swept upwards and slashed up through the exoskeleton in a storm of sparks. Then, once Barachiel's bladed feet were at Nebiros' shoulder level, he stomped down, digging his heel into the nerves of Nebiros' neck.

    The Beetlemon cried out and, when his nerves were hit, his body contorted reflexively and he plummeted to the ground.

    "Holy Espada," Barachiel spoke, sending two crossed blades of energy down into Nebiros' back sending him faster and harder into the ground. The Beetlemon's body hit the dirt painfully.

    Barachiel swooped down and gracefully landed beside him. Nebiros' fist clenched and he immediately swung around, hurling mud and rocks into the eye slit of Barachiel's helmet.

    The SlashAngemon grunted and staggered back, slashing in front of him on instinct. He raised his arms, but realized that there was no way that he could clean his eyes out with his blades, unless he wanted to blind himself permanently.

    Nebiros grinned and stood to his feet, seeing an opportunity thanks to his quick thinking. "I'm a mercenary! I'm not going to be taken out by some altar boy! Mjollnir Thunder" His fist glowed with energy as he drove it forwards into Barachiel's face, sending the SlashAngemon off balance even further. The Beetlemon charged at him, shoulder-checking Barachiel, ripping out a clump of his blue hair, and following up with an upper cut to his chin.

    Barachiel cried out in pain and was sent into the air, where he flew up higher. "Holy Espada!" He was able to see a little bit, through the mud, but his vision was very blurred. He swept his blades out and they slammed in front of Nebiros, kicking up and explosion of dirt.

    "He missed," Nebiros muttered, stepping back. Or had Barachiel? The Beetlemon couldn't see Barachiel at all due to the cloud of dust.

    "Mach Stinger Victory!"

    A bright light burned through the dust. Nebiros turned and saw not an 'X' but a 'V' streaking towards him. "What?!" he shouted. He started to raise his fists but he was too late.

    The arc of power burned into his chest and sent the Beetlemon flying back. Through the cloud of dirty came a TigerVespamon cutting through the air towards him.


    Barachiel, who could now see clearly, interrupted when he sent the tip of his beam sword cutting through the exoskeleton on Nebiros' chest. The Beetlemon started to cry out, but that too was cut off when Barachiel sent a graceful kick into his face.

    The Royal Meisters hummed, the blades flashing as they hacked through and grazed Nebiros' arms and chest. Barachiel then through the sword in his right hand aside and brought open-palm thrusted his hand into Nebiros' chin, lifting him off the ground.

    Barachiel crouched down and extended his broad legs, bounding above Nebiros, where he slammed his heels into Nebiros' face and chest, slamming him down to the ground. Still not finished with his blitzkrieg attack, Barachiel pointed his beam sword down at Nebiros. "Gear Stinger!" The Royal Meister droned and flared up actively. A barrage of beam bullets rained down onto Nebiros form. Dirt exploded all around the Beetlemon while a cry of pain was torn from his mouth.

    Barachiel landed on the ground and bent down to pick up his other Royal Meister. He walked into the cloud of dust and, as it cleared, he saw Nebiros' beaten, ravaged, and bloodied body, stubbornly trying to stand up again. The Beetlemon's slash-riddled legs buckled and he collapsed to his knees.

    His golden boots plodded over the ground as Barachiel neared the Beetlemon. He walked up to Nebiros and he crossed his swords, placing the burning edges of the Royal Meisters close to his neck. They were hot enough to burn his exoskeleton if but a millimeter closer. Barachiel looked down at Nebiros emotionlessly.

    Nebiros panted hard. Pain wracked his form and he was exhausted. He looked up at Barachiel, knowing that there was nothing he could do now. There was no trick or miracle that could save him.

    Barachiel merely stood over him, looking into Nebiros' eyes. Motionless.

    Nebiros swallowed hard and looked up at him, as he couldn't turn his head without getting his neck burned. "...Oh, give me a break," he spat, his voice gravelly. "Get it over with, Terrak! Just... hurry up and kill me."

    The Beetlemon shut his eyes and felt a tear trickle down his face. "D-Damn it..." he swore, hoping his executioner didn't notice.

    He still felt nothing. His eyes snapped open and he glared up at Barachiel. "Damnit! I said to kill me, you *******! Spare me the drama and take your revenge!" he shouted, panting with rage and fear.

    Barachiel looked down at him. And he removed the Royal Meisters from Nebiros' neck, letting them hang at his sides. "...No," he whispered. The swords trembled slightly.

    "...What?" Nebiros asked.

    "...I won't lower myself to your level," Barachiel said, looking to the side. "Not if I don't have to. I want to kill you... I want to kill you so much, but... Hadrael... and the ones you killed... they wouldn't want that." He turned and stared Nebiros in the eyes. "You have one chance. And one chance only. If you try to fight us again, I will kill you. However... I refuse to execute you now in cold blood."

    Barachiel gave him a final glare. "Consider yourself lucky... It's far more than you deserve." With that, he slammed the hilt of his sword into Nebiros' face.

    Nebiros collapsed to the ground, writing in pain and agony. Barachiel turned and saw Kheprius still in a long, gruesome battle with Sabnock. He watched carefully and his eyes widened.


    Kheprius dragged his Gran Killers across Sabnock's chest and stomped his foot into the MetalKabuterimon's face over and over again. Sabnock's armour became fractured and bloodied. He grunted and swore in pain.

    "Damnit! Get off!" Sabnock shouted. Suddenly his body became in white light and he slide digivolved into his Beetlemon form. Khep was thrown off balance by the change in footing.

    The Beetlemon growled and drove his arm upwards. "Mjollnir Thunder!" Sabnock slammed his electrically fist into Khep's groin, sending him flying off of him and shouting in pain.

    "That's what you get!" he spat, standing up so that he could slide digivolve back into his MetalKabuterimon form right side up.

    "Why... electrocute... there...?" Khep panted in a hiss. He winced in pain and stood to his feet. He was better off staying in his GrandisKuwagamon form as it was faster, better in close range, and less likely to be hit by Sabnock's ranged attacks.

    Sabnock's arm cannons rotated rapidly and he aimed them at Kheprius. "Bolo Thunder!"

    Kheprius lunged into the air. The dual spheres crackled below him. Even though they missed, he could still feel their static. They slammed into the house behind him, reducing it to rubble.

    The GrandisKuwagamon grinned and dove towards him, a black streak in the sky.

    "Why won't you die?!" Sabnock demanded, his eyes wide, reflecting just how unstable he was. He aimed his horn cannon, not bracing himself for the recoil. "Electron Cannon!"

    Kheprius soared out of the way of the massive beam, flying along its burning length. "You're just. Too. Weak!" he replied, grinning as he flew down beside Sabnock, who was quickly trying to stop his beam attack now that Kheprius had closed in.

    Kheprius grabbed Sabnock's smaller right arm - the one sticking out of his side - and snapped it back sickeningly. Sabnock howled in pain and raised his right hand cannon towards Kheprius as the beam died down. "DIE! BOLO THUNDER!"

    A raging orb of electricity greeted the GrandisKuwagamon, ripping into his body and causing his muscles to burn and spasm.

    Kheprius cried out and drove his arm forward hard, sinking his Gran Killer into the cannon, causing the thing to bleed sparks and static. Sabnock growled and swung the arm out, throwing Khep towards one of the few still-standing houses.

    He skidded to a stop, still standing, and looked up to see Sabnock facing him with his arm cannons aimed and spinning wildly for maximum electricity output. The damaged right cannon sparked violently. "Bolo Thunder!" the MetalKabuterimon shouted, cackling madly.

    "Shit!" Kheprius swore, dropping to the ground as two interconnected electric orbs blasted towards him at incredible speeds. The two orbs blasted into the house and annihilated it. Debris and rubble flew everywhere, covering the land and Khep. The brutal attack left only the stone chimney remaining.

    The GrandisKuwagamon pushed pieces of wood off of him and got to his feet with great effort. He looked up and saw that Sabnock had used the time to rip towards him. The MetalKabuterimon blitzed him, his cannons spinning rapidly as he charged. "Die, Khep! Finally die!" he shouted.

    Sabnock slammed his rotating, sparking cannon into Kheprius's face and pincers in a mighty uppercut. Kheprius was thrown into the air and his back collided with the middle of the stone chimney.

    "Bolo Thunder!" Sabnock shouted, aiming the furiously oscillating cannons. Two orbs ripped from the cannons and it was too much for his damaged arm to take; the cannon exploded in a cascade of sparks and electricity, but it still fired correctly.

    The orbs shot towards Kheprius before he could even fall the ground. The electrical field connecting the two orbs, which gave it the appearance of a bolas, hit Kheprius' chest and the electric bolas wrapped around him until the two spheres locked, binding him to the chimney. He let out a bellow of pain and struggled as he could do nothing but feel himself be electrocuted.

    Despite his pain, or maybe because of it, Sabnock laughed hysterically and slowly rolled over the house's rubble to the chimney. He looked up at the struggling, tormented GrandisKuwagamon smugly. "Well, Kheppy, you never had a chance against me," he said.

    The MetalKabuterimon's eye glinted and moved closer, pressing his horn cannon against Kheprius. The aiming screen on Sabnock's back slowly opened up and emerged. "Look at the screen, Kheppy!" he said with a malicious laugh.

    The grimacing, writhing Kheprius slowly raised his head and looked at him and the screen. The targetting system showed Kheprius' pain-wracked face.

    "Take a good look at yourself, Khep!" Sabnock laughed and sneered at him. "It's going to be the last thing you ever see!"

    "D-Damn..." he spat, watching as Sabnock's horn cannon slowly filled up with raging, pulsing electrons. He could already feel their heat against him, and he couldn't get free.

    Sabnock gave a final cackle as the cannon filled to the brim. It aimed right at Kheprius' grimacing eye. "So long, Kheprius! And don't worry, your brother will join you real soon!"

    Kheprius narrowed his eye and gave a shaky sigh. "Pyra. Terrak."

    "Electron Cannon!"

    Sabnock's eye twitched as the massive beam ripped from the cannon and annihilated the chimney. At the same time, Kheprius felt something stab into the chimney and he dropped to the ground. The heat washed over him and blood splattered all over his form.

    Kheprius slowly looked up and saw Sabnock looking down at his own, bulky body. Something white and glowing was piercing out of the MetalKabuterimon's chest.

    It was the tip of a beam sword.

    Sabnock made a gruesome, rasping noise and weakly tried to reach over his shoulder with his one remaining arm to try to pull the sword out, but he was unable to reach.

    Suddenly, the beam katana was pushed in deeper and more of the tip emerged, causing blood to trickle down. Kheprius looked up, wide eyed and saw Barachiel standing behind Sabnock, his hand gripping the Royal Meister's hilt tightly.

    Barachiel bowed his head. "Absolve, Domine, animas omnium fidelium defunctorum ab omni vinculo delictorum et gratia tua illis succurente mereantur evadere iudicium ultionis, et lucis æternae beatitudine perfrui," he whispered, Sabnock still struggling in futility.

    "D-Damn you both," Sabnock managed to choke out in a gurgling voice. Instead of trying to get the sword out, he weakly raised his remaining cannon at Kheprius. It started to spin.

    Barachiel's grip tightened and he ripped the Royal Meister up through Sabnock's body until the sword emerged from the top of his head. The cannon's spinning stopped.

    "Sab..." Kheprius whispered, watching Barachiel pull his sword away from the bloody mess.

    He looked at Barachiel, who flew up to retrieve his other Royal Meister from the chimney, which had used its positrons to cancel out the chain of electricity that had bound Khep. "Terrak... You saved me," he said, looking at him wide-eyed. "Why...?"

    Barachiel pulled his sword out and landed on the ground, his back facing the GrandisKuwagamon.

    "...You are my brother," was Barachiel's response.

    Kheprius was silent.

    Sabnock's body then burst into data.

    "No! SABNOCK!" a voice roared.

    Kheprius and Barachiel both turned and saw Nebiros standing not far off. His bloodied and beaten body was shaking with rage. He glared at the both of them. There was nothing but fury and hatred in his eyes.

    "You... You damn bastards!" he seethed, his body snarling with raging electricity. "You two... are going to pay for killing him! I'm going to make you suffer! You'll beg for me to put you out of your misery!"

    The revenge-fuelled, feral-eyed Beetlemon ripped towards them. "NOW DIE!"
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  18. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    "You're going to ruin everything!" Avazina shouted, barreling into Pyra. She grabbed the other dragon in her jaws and hurled her to the side, then swung her long tail into Guinier and Caradoc. "Stay out of this! You've done enough to wreck things already."

    The Digidestined found their way barred by Tia, Kole, Duo, Justin, and Lucia as the three dragons regained their bearings. Tia leaped at Liliana, intent on getting payback as much as she was trying to keep them held back. But the faster and more powerful Liliana knocked her out of the air with a backhanded slap and then drove Tia into the ground with a vicious punch.

    "I won't ask nicely again," Liliana seethed, drawing Tia up by her hair. "Stay out of it." She then slammed Tia back into the dirt.

    Duo barred Evangel's path, fighting weaponless in an attempt to break through the the Digidestined leader. But the size disadvantage meant it was far more difficult to contain the Goldramon; and weaponless, the difference in power was just too great. Despite Duo's protests and pleas for an explanation, Evangel was adamant in breaking through. He floored Duo with a burst of destructive light.

    Lucia wrestled against Silas, holding him at bay with the shaft of her weapon. With the intervention of the Peacemakers, they had been able to stop the Digidestineds' charge, but maintaining that pressure was difficult. They were just so strong.

    Silas tried throwing Lucia--weapon and all--away and through the air. But Lucia grabbed his wrist and pulled him with her, dragging him down. She leapt atop him and pressed the double-halberd's shaft against his throat.

    "Just stop. Just for a second. Tell us what's going on," she begged, glaring down at him. For a second she thought he would answer, that she was breaking through. But a fist filled her vision and she was thrown from the Alphamon. Andreas the Susanoomon shoulder-checked her and sent her tumbling back.

    "Don't worry, Lucia!" called Justin, leaping through the air in his Justimon form. "I've got this guy!" His right arm grew, expanded into an enormous fist and he came ripping down towards Andreas. But a massive stream of harrowing green Digitalized Soul light tore him from the air, cut a cry of pain from his throat and sent him crashing to the ground in a smoking heap.

    Lucia turned to help, but her whole world flipped and turned sideways and she found herself screaming in pain and flying through the air courtesy of a single gut-kick from Andreas. The Susanoomon then sprung back, avoiding a quartet of Kole's flying swords. Silas sent a barrage of green energy towards the Piedmon, but it collided with his magic defenses and was caught in his spell. Kole grinned and prepared to send it back at the Alphamon, but before he could, Andreas came crashing down on him from above, driving both feet into his chest and shoulders and crushing him to the ground.

    "Kole!" Tia cried out, leaping to his defense. But Andreas simply raised a hand and sent a bolt of lightning cracking through her. He then turned back to Kole and drilled him in the face with a mighty blow. He went to strike again, but found Kole's hand, his arm twisted and elongated, latched around his throat.

    There was no Digivolutionary light, or calling out of chants or names. There was just the shredding of skin and data as Kole took his Apocalymon form and literally exploded out of his own body. He grabbed Andreas in one of his many enormous claws and slammed him into the ground. There was only rage in Kole's eyes. Silent, screaming rage.

    Ok. Maybe not so silent.

    Kole let out a howl of undying rage, now more monster than man. He spread his tendrils and rose to full height and power, vast and huge over the sky. There were no words from him, just roars and snarls as he pressed Andreas deeper into the ground.

    But Silas came streaking through the air and severed the claw that held his comrade down. Kole reeled back, but exhaled a crackling wave of darkness that swept everyone--demon, human, Peacemaker, and Digidestined--up in its power.

    "This it it!" Evangel snarled, rising back up, hurling his divine powers against Kole's dark ones. "This is what we're fighting against. This is what will come if we don't stop it!" He turned and glared at the Peacemakers. "What happens next is on your heads!"

    "Total Annihilation!" Kole howled, sending torrents of dark energy burning through the air.

    "Purge Shine!" Maximillian countered, placing himself between Kole's attack and everyone else. The two forces clashed, and Max struggled to maintain his defenses against an attack so filled with empty hate and darkness.

    "Andreas, end this," Evangel ordered. The Susanoomon nodded and leaped into the air, springboarding off Maximillian towards Kole. He gathered his power, energy crackling over the length of his sword.

    "Celestial Blade!" he cried out. He sent a bolt of unbridled power tearing through Kole. It shattered the Apocalymon's form with a scream, and Kole dropped to the ground. Andreas stood over him, the edge of his sword at the Piedmon's throat. "This world would be better off without you. You'll only bring it ruin. And you won't even know it." He raised his blade.

    "Get back!" Tia snarled. She was glowing, crackling with iridescent light and bright-red flame. She tore after Andreas, slashing wildly, and he only just managed to block her strikes with his blade. She went wild, drawing on power she'd never known before.

    "Someone get her off'a me!" Andreas shouted, startled with the strange new turn of events. He managed to lock his blade against her claws. But a shooting pain erupted in his back, red-hot claws raking through his armor and down his spine.

    "Don't ever count me out, not till I'm dead," Samael snarled, his claws crackling and dripping red. Andreas dropped to one knee; Samael and Tia struck again.

    "Shine Breaker!" Jacob the Aegisdramon called out, and two enormous blasts of holy light engulfed the two Peacemakers on either side of Andreas. It smashed them violently into the ground. Samael attempted to climb to his feet, but Silas spun him around and drilled him across the face with a vicious haymaker.

    Jacob descended beside Silas and Andreas. "You okay?" he asked the Susanoomon.

    "I'll be fine," Andreas answered, rolling his neck and shoulders. He could already feel his wounds stitching closed. On top of the already-accelerated abilities of a Biomerge Digimon, his Digidestined powers healed him even quicker. "We have to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand. Why did the Peacemakers turn on us?"

    "Because they're blind," Silas answered. "Even Thor and Michael. They're refusing to see it."

    "Evangel says you two and Liliana need to take care of those kids. Now," Jacob said. He turned his massive form. "The rest of us will keep the Peacemakers back." He positioned himself between the three Digidestined and the incoming Peacemakers. "Go."

    Andreas and Silas nodded, and they charged forward, weapons raised, slicing through the gap, aimed towards the seven young children.
  19. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Ivy wasted no time. She rushed across the battlefield, narrowly avoiding a stray fireball, and skidded to her knees to join Nocchi at Shoon's side. The little Mamemon's wounds were severe, almost mortal, Ivy judged, her hands working at once to save Shoon's life. She shifted back into Lilymon, a form more suited for healing than battling, and set to work.

    Practically ignoring the Puppetmon beside her, Ivy focused completely on the task at hand, using all of her knowledge of medicinal herbs and soothing aromas to prolong Shoon's life until better help could be found. Wiping beads of sweat from her tiny brow, she said, in a hushed voice, to Nocchi, "Protect him while I work."

    The Puppetmon could only nod in reply. He shouldered his hammer and stood watchfully guarding the two vulnerable Peacemakers, determined to stand between them and Mephistopheles himself if it came to it.

    Hold on, kid, Nocchi thought. Just hold on.


    Two figures--one immense, the other cloaked in shining light--came crashing into Andreas and Silas from opposite sides. Gigas, in his X-Antibody form, rammed into Andreas at full speed, carrying the Susanoomon several hundred meters before finally coming to a rough stop. Sha, back in ClavisAngemon-form, grabbed hold of Silas and sent the Alphamon stumbling sideways.

    Sha glanced over his shoulder and gave Gigas a thumb's up. The HerculesKabuterimon X wasn't paying attention. "Stay away from those kids!" he bellowed, swinging his immense arms like maces to reduce Andreas to mush. But the Susanoomon was not so easily hit, much less mushed. He caught one of Gigas's arms as it swung toward him and used its momentum to swing himself up at the insect's face. He planted a powerful kick in Gigas's cheek, earning a grunt from the big bug.

    "You don't understand, Peacemaker!" Andreas shouted, whirling around in midair to strike Gigas across the face with his fist. "Those--"

    "Horn Buster Kai!" Gigas roared, enveloping both himself and his opponent in a burst of white electricity. Andreas released a cry and crumpled to the ground. But he didn't stay down long enough for Gigas to hit him. He rolled away just in time, leaped to his feet, and brandished his weapon.

    "If you won't let me pass, insect," the Susanoomon growled, "then I'll have to carve a path through you."

    "Ho ho. I'd like to see you try."


    Meanwhile, Sha was matching Silas blow-for-blow. The Alphamon and ClavisAngemon seemed an even match with their energy bursts. Green and white light bathed their battlefield, and stray flares streaked into the sky with each encounter. Finally, the two armored warriors charged and met with even force. They grappled, their energies surrounding them, and ultimately were flung back by the aftershock of their powers.

    Silas rose to his feet first, a glowing fist clenched. "Out of my way, Peacemaker. You're too blind to see the truth of the situation!"

    "Well, duh!" Sha exclaimed in answer, thumbing at the helmet that covered his eyes. "I can't see through this stupid helmet! But it's cool, I don't need to see to beat you. Cha-haw."
  20. So weak.

    He felt so weak. He couldn’t see anything, nothing at all, but the dark expanse of darkness before him. Yet, he could feel heat surrounding him. He could feel the battle that still raged around him. He could even hear voices around him, vague and unclear. He couldn’t comprehend the words, but he could hear them nonetheless. But none of them mattered. He could even feel the warmth of someone’s touch on him. He couldn’t concentrate on them at all.

    The only thing he could concentrate on was the ocean of pain that smothered his body. It stabbed at his face, giving him an eternal grimace of pain. It swished around his throat, making it hard for him to breathe. It chained his arms and legs, rendering his limbs immobile no matter how much he wanted to struggle and thrash. It constricted his heart, making every willful beat to live ironically cause a painful searing pain that made it feel like he was about to die.

    Why? Why did it have to hurt so much?

    Why did it have to remind him of his painful past?

    It reminded him of painful hunger after not eating for days. It reminded him of exhaustion caused no sleep for weeks because of his drunkard father’s actions throughout the night. It reminded him of the agonizing spasms of his leg muscles after having to run day after day after day in order to survive. It reminded of the fear that wracked his mind every single day throughout the first years of his life.

    It reminded him of the person that he wanted to be.

    He clenched his fists despite the pain. He suffered so much, got beat around and chased. He had aimed to become better than that. He pushed through the hardships of his life so that he could prove to himself that he was not worthless…that he was not weak nor a coward.

    That he was nothing like his good for nothing father.

    “I’m…strong,” Shoon rasped despite his protesting body. “Aren’t…I?” he asked, his eyes beginning to form tears.

    Above him, Ivy gave a relieved sigh. “Yes, you are,” she said to the Mamemon X, having done as much as she could. “Just hang on, Shoon. We’re going to find you help as soon as possible.”

    Yet despite her words, the Mamemon X still felt so weak. So incredibly weak.


    ‘How!?’ Cresil thought as he fell towards the ground. ‘How could I be affected by this pathetic attack!?’’ he roared in his mind.

    The Astamon grimaced as he landed on the ground. Perhaps it was due to his eyes not truly seeing Belial’s red, magical ones. Perhaps it was due to the enchanted mask that he kept over his demonic face. Or maybe Belial’s illusion did not really affect him. He could still see the battle that raged around him.

    He could barely move. To any onlooker, he might have looked dead or unconscious, and yet, he wasn’t. Somehow, he was able to spread one of his hands against the ground, summoning the magical energy to open the portal to the shadow area that he always frequented. He would not let the Peacemakers or the demons see him this way.

    His body melted into the shadow portal behind him, his last sight of the battle being that of Tiwaz charging to take on Belial.

    And he landed back on familiar, gravelly ground.

    Cresil gasped as the magical energies of the surrounding area began to converge in him, threatening to tear his weakened body apart. He grit his teeth and clenched his fists, trying to pull himself up into a sitting position. He would not let anything like petty wild magic destroy his body.

    “How pitiful,” a voice suddenly called out. It was elegant and smooth, yet so familiar. Then it struck him. It was his voice.

    Through sheer willpower, he was able to bring himself up to glare at the creature, at the being before him that was conjured by the dark recesses of his mind.

    “Greetings, my demon self,” his long-forgotten form, that of a Grademon, said, bowing. “Let me introduce myself properly. I am Cresil Vaynard deis Los-Norgaine, prince and harbinger of doom of the long dead kingdom of Norgaide.”

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