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Digimon: Devil's Ascent (RPG Thread)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Kamotz, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Pyra scowled as she fired a Giga Crusher blast from the cannon on her chest into the onslaught of Jacob's missiles that poured towards her and her comrades. The missiles detonated and created an aurora of fiery explosions in the sky.

    It was then that Maximillian burst through those same flames and swooped down in front of Pyra, his avian body gushing with brilliance. "Aura Undulation!" he cawed, holy light flooding out from his body and washing over Pyra.

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode growled out in pain and was pushed back. She sensed something behind her so she spun around and aimed her cannon. The first thing she saw was a golden fist coming towards her, hitting her in the collar. The red bracelet behind it then glowed and she recieved a face full of Evangel's Amon.

    Despite her pain, Pyra still managed to fire with semblence of accuracy, and the positron laser that tore from her arm cannon went of to graze Evangel's wings.

    She growled and righted herself. "They're working together far more cohesively than we are," she thought to herself. "Though that's not exactly hard to do, given how self-involved most of us are. Maybe this is why we keep losing..."

    Pyra flapped her wings hard to the side to avoid a downward slash of Evangel's long tail. The imperial dragon spun and delivered a graceful back kick to his chest, sending the Goldramon back through the air.

    "Jacob! Cover!" Evangel said, looking up at the Aegisdramon.

    "Got you covered!" Jacob replied. "Shine Breaker!"

    Pyra watched as a bombardment of light bombs descended around her. She released a grunt of frustration as she had to focus all of her attention on dodging the shooting stars. She then felt Amon slam into her back and force her into one of the bolts of light, slamming Pyra down.

    She turned over and fired from her chest cannon to try and swallow the powerful attacks raining down from Jacob. When finished, the cannon retracted and Pyra flew towards her teammates. "Why are you attacking us?" she demanded in annoyance. "We were supposed to be working together!"

    Pyra then shook her head and resumed her battle stance. She knew that asking them why wouldn't help now. "It's just like with the Royal Knights. They won't listen to reason. But why?" she wondered aloud. "What changed?"


    Kheprius and Barachiel both looked on as Nebiros began charging them in a blitzkrieg of rage. Even in his injured state, he managed to race across the ground towards the two twin insects.

    His arms hanging at his sides, Barachiel gripped the Royal Meisters and took a step forwards. "I will handle him, Kheprius," he told him. "One offer of mercy is more than he will ever receive."

    Kheprius grimaced, watching as Nebiros ran. He could see the hate in the Beetlemon's eyes. It was that same hate he saw in him after the destruction of their village. It was the same hate he had saw in himself, too. It was the spectre of revenge taking hold, and it would not be satisfied until the ones who had wronged were punished.

    Barachiel had killed Sabnock. Kheprius now knew that Nebiros would no longer try to reason with him. The gloves were off and at least one of the three old, childhood friends would be dead before the end. Kheprius had to make sure that it wouldn't be either Barachiel or himself.

    The TigerVespamon stepped forward, but he felt a hand upon his shoulder, squeezing it and stopping him.

    "No," Kheprius said.

    "Nebiros is going to attack us whether you want to fight him or not," Barachiel replied, pulling away from Khep's hand to walk.

    "I know that, idiot," Kheprius retorted, walking faster to overtake Barachiel. "I mean... I'm going to fight him."

    "You're going to fight him?" Barachiel asked.

    "Yeah, Terrak, I am..."

    Barachiel turned, looking into his eye, studiously. "You are comfortable with killing your friend? Personally destroying such an important person to your past?"

    Kheprius quietly watched as Nebiros jumped into the air and flew towards them. After a moment's silence, he spoke. "No problem, at all," he replied calmly, raising his Gran Killers. "I don't have a problem killing him. He stabbed me in the back, after all."

    Barachiel closed his eyes. "...If he was truly your friend, the feelings you once had for him will still remain, whether you have felt betrayal at their hands or not," he said knowingly.

    Kheprius scoffed. "Yeah, well, he and me aren't exactly all buddy-buddy like you and Caradoc are," he replied. "I'll take care of him. Just go help fight Belial or whoever's left. There's only Mikey and the gaggle of fire gods fighting him." Then it dawned on Kheprius. "Where the hell is everybody?!"

    Barachiel looked over to where many of the Peacemakers were fighting the Digidestined. Kole was even in his Apocalymon form causing general chaos. "I don't know what exactly happened, but it started with an alteration involving Hira."

    "I'll tell you what happened, those damn humans betrayed is what!" Kheprius spat, jumping up and flying towards Nebiros. "Forget it. I'll deal with those parasites later. Terrak, go help the others! I'm taking this guy down!"

    "You'll die first, bastard!" Nebiros shouted. His azure horn became wreathed in electricity. "Lightning Blitz!"

    A spear of lightning surged from his horn and hurdled towards Kheprius. The GrandisKuwagamon shot to the left and continued straight ahead, feeling the static of the javelin on his arm and leg as it passed him by. As the two bugs were about to clash, Kheprius twisted his body hard and flew upside down, opposite to Nebiros.

    The Beetlemon swore and sent electricity charging into his fist, but he was too late. Kheprius' Gran Killers raked down his body, from his chest to his legs. He let out a cry of pain as the claws tore through his already fractured armour and his blood gushed down.

    However, he wouldn't be beaten. Nebiros grabbed Kheprius' ankles hard with his lightning-laced hands and pulled hard, snapping Kheprius back in the direction that Nebiros flew. The whiplash was enough to send the two crashing to the ground, dirt flying up all around them.

    Nebiros was the first to scramble up and immediately decked the kneeling GrandisKuwagamon with a savage punch to the face.

    "You two killed him!" Nebiros growled, glaring at Kheprius.

    Khep hit the ground and grunted in pain, blood trickling down from his mouth. "H...Hypocrite!" he growled. "Sabnock was trying to kill me! You were trying to kill my brother! Hell, you two killed everyone important to him! And now you're getting mad at us for killing Sab in self-defence?! He was a nutcase!"

    "Go to hell!" Nebiros shouted. "Thunder Fist!" The Beetlemon slammed his hands together and the electricity that emerged devoured Kheprius.

    A howl of agony was pulled from the GrandisKuwagamon as he writhed on the ground, pinned under the oppression of Nebiros' attack. He opened his grimacing eye and glared at the Beetlemon. "D-Damn... you..." he seethed. "Slide Evolution!"

    Khepirus emerged as a GranKuwagamon, still lying on his back, getting electrocuted, but now the electricity had much more of his body that it would need to go through. He lashed out his hind leg and struck Nebiros hard in the chest, sending him skidding across the dirt.

    Now free from the paralyzing attack, Khep rolled onto his front and stood up, quickly turning around. "Damnit, Nebiros... If you guys hadn't stabbed me in the back... if you guys didn't join up with Mephistopheles... if you guys didn't attack that chapel..." he panted, glaring at the standing Beetlemon.

    "But we did. Stop thinking about the past; this is where we are now, Kheprius!" Nebiros shouted, flaring up with electricity again.

    Kheprius scowled. "Look who's talking! Just let it go and get out of here while you still can, you idiot!"

    "And go where?!" the Beetlemon replied fervently. "Where am I supposed to go alone?!"

    The GranKuwagamon narrowed his eyes. "If only you thought about that when you gave me up for cash!" he snapped. "Bet you wouldn't have been quick to do it if Sab wasn't there! Well, now you know how I felt!"

    "No... When I kill Terrak right in front of you, then you'll know how I really feel! Lightning Blitz!" Nebiros sent snapping electricity towards the giant, black insect mercilessly.

    "Idiot! Grand Darkness!" Kheprius responded, sending the black power of the void to meet Nebiros' attack, swallowing the lightning up. "Is revenge all you care about?! Even over your life?!"

    "What's left now?! You should know this better than anyone, Khep! You were the one that started our crusade of revenge, after all!"

    Khep swore and dashed into the sky to avoid getting struck down by a torrent of electricity. "Idiot..." he whispered, beating his wings furiously. "Fine then! Dimension Scissors!"

    The GranKuwagamon angled his body down and let loose a tearing arc of energy from his pincers. Nebiros flew up, but his movements were too sluggish from his wounds to avoid it. The blade slashed into his exoskeleton and tore into his flesh.

    Still, he flew.

    Nebiros charged him and drilled his fists into Kheprius' face over and over, bashing him back. Kheprius grunted at the numbing pain and lashed out, swatting Nebiros with his large, clawed hand. Nebiros managed to remain flying and right himself.

    "Lightning Blitz!" he shouted, sending pulse after pulse of electricity into Khep's body.

    Kheprius sent dark power from his maw, causing it to engulf Nebiros, and, in the carnage, the GranKuwagamon disappeared into a rend with his Zone Black Hole move.

    Not a second later did he emerge behind Nebiros and slam into the insect man with the full weight and force of his body. He closed his pincers around the Beetlemon, shook him around violently and then tossed him aside so that he could slam his claws down on him and send him into the ground.

    Nebiros hit the ground in a kneeling position and clapped his hands together, sending spears of lightning up at the giant insect digimon.

    "Slide Evolution!" Kheprius slid into his GrandisKuwagamon form once more, using his great agility and smaller stature to deftly dodge the bolts of lightning.

    Wasting no time, Kheprius swooped down and drove his knee into Nebiros' face. He followed up with brutal slashes to his arms and legs, bringing Nebiros to his knees. The Beetlemon grimaced in pain, feeling his blood drip down his limbs, but he stubbornly drilled his fist into Kheprius' stomach, sending him staggering back.

    As his horn powered up with lightning once again, he glared at Kheprius with rage-filled eyes. "Lightning Blitz!"

    "Damnit!" Khep swore. "Slide Evolution!"

    Again, he became GranKuwagamon, and Kheprius slashed the air in front of him to create a spacial tear. The attack crackled into rend, not hitting Kheprius, who used it as a shield. When Nebiros ended the attack, Kheprius followed the lightning into the void, disappearing from sight.

    Nebiros sneered and looked around carefully. He knew Khep's tactics. His former friend would try to hit him where he least suspected.

    And he did.

    The ground below Nebiros opened up and the Beetlemon found himself in the middle of a pillar of darkness, straight from the void where Kheprius traversed. The attack tore at Nebiros' form before ending, and Kheprius emerged from the rend as well, slamming into Nebiros and sending the Beetlemon flying into the air. Kheprius flew up in front of him and drilled his claws into the Beetlemon's face, sending him to the ground.

    Nebiros growled and hit the ground in a pained heap. Kheprius beat his wings and landed some distance from him. "Damn it, Neb..." Kheprius hissed. "Stop it... You don't have to do this..."

    The Beetlemon slowly stood to his feet, his shattered form shaking and blood dripping down his body. "Yeah, Khep... I do... Need to... get revenge..." he panted.

    Without another word, Nebiros let out an enraged shout and charged Kheprius, his entire body wreathed in electricity.

    Kheprius grimaced. "...Damn it!" The GranKuwagamon ripped towards him in response.

    The two friends met and electricity surged from Nebiros into Kheprius' body. The GranKuwagamon cried out, but snapped his pincers shut hard around Nebiros' waist.

    Nebiros grunted in agony, feeling himself tight in Khep's vice-like grip. Despite the pain, he reached forwards and grabbed Kheprius' face, starting to push his thumbs into Kheprius' red eyes. Electricity began to surge into his hands.

    Kheprius swore in pain and frustration. He knew this was it. If he did nothing, Nebiros would kill him.

    He started to build up energy in his pincers. With blurred vision, he tried to see past Nebiros' thumbs to look at the Beetlemon.

    He saw the vague colours of Nebiros' form, and an image suddenly sprung to the forefront of his mind. Kheprius could see himself as a child, playing with a young Terrak, Nebiros, and Sabnock. His vision then went red as Nebiros pushed his thumbs deeper. Pain surged into his eyes and head.

    "KHEPRIUS!" Nebiros roared. "DIE!

    "DAMNIT! DIMENSION SCISSORS!" Kheprius howled.

    His pincers burned white and energy pulsed forth, burning into Nebiros' body, through his broken exoskeleton and into the flesh below. The arc of power cleaved into him, slicing his digicore, and his body, in to two.

    Both parts of Nebiros' body flew behind Kheprius, starting to fall to the ground. Snarling with rage, Kheprius flew up and looped around.

    "Grand Darkness!" he shouted, sending a beam of black power washing over Nebiros, obliterating him in a mercy kill.

    The darkness faded and there was nothing left of the Beetlemon.

    Kheprius panted and blinked rapidly, trying to unblur his vision after Nebiros tried to gouge his eyes out. He looked around and the feeling of loneliness suddenly began to cloud over him.

    He let out a short grunt and landed on the ground. "Slide Digivolution," he spoke, switching back into his GrandisKuwagamon form.

    Kheprius turned around and saw that Barachiel was standing behind him.

    "...It was his drive for revenge that killed him," Barachiel lamented, looking at Kheprius carefully.

    Kheprius looked away. "...I thought you were going to fight Belial or the humans."

    "I was planning to," Barachiel answered. "I had to make sure..."

    "That he was dead?" Kheprius asked flippantly.

    "That nothing happened to one of my teammates," the TigerVespamon explained.

    "Yeah... Well, you take Belial. I'll go deal with the humans."

    Barachiel nodded and Kheprius and flew off, heading towards Belial, while Kheprius flew in the opposite direction. The GrandisKuwagamon clenched his fist tightly for a moment before letting it go and soaring into the fray.
  2. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "Terra Force!" Burning flames roared from Vritra's hands and struck for Belial's face, clawing at his mouth and eyes with their ferocity. The King of Hell howled in answer and lashed out at the burning goddess, his monstrous fist connected and hurling her flying. She caught herself with her shield-wings, unsheathing the Dramon Destroyers and rocketing at the MaloMyotismon, carried on burning flame and raging power.

    "Pandemonium Flare!" Belial roared. Power vented from his almighty cannons and raged through the air. Vritra formed the Brave Shield before herself and struck the blasts, raging against their ferocity. Crimson lightning sparked around the goddess as she poured flame and might into the shield, straining to overcome the demon's power. Finally, flame and lightning exploded, hurling her back but ripping Belial's attack to shreds. Vritra smirked as she broke her shield back into wings, panting.

    "You say you're a king," she said. "But I am a goddess, Belial. No matter how mighty your authority or immense your realm... it cannot compare to this! My dominion of flame and drought, greater than any kingdom you might rule!" Flames blazed around her form.

    "You are nothing, god-mite," Belial rumbled. "Do not presume yourself so great, pagan." His great fist roared towards Vritra, blazing with darkness and anger, but she answered in a storm of fire and might. The two forces collided, evenly matched, straining to overcome each other.


    "Something about the children," Guinier muttered. "But... what?"

    "I don't know," Caradoc said, shaking his head. "But we have to stop them." He spread his dragonic wings and raced skywards, shooting towards the Digidestined.

    "Jacob!" Evangel called.

    "Shine Breaker!" the Aegisdramon called in response. Missiles and bursts of light erupted from across his form, racing towards the Dynasmon X. Caradoc answered with an almighty Breath of Wyvern, detonating the missiles preemptively and obliterating the light-bursts. He roared free of the explosion, only to be confronted by Maximillian.

    "Why?!" the Dynasmon X roared. "What's wrong with those children? Why are you doing this?!"

    "You can't understand! There's no time," the Varodurumon cried in response. "Aurora Undulation!" Radiant power shone from his wings and buried Caradoc in exalted light, hurling him down from the heavens like a thunderbolt. He smashed to the ground, words ringing in his ears, the aurora coating his vision.

    "I am the bringer of His hope."

    "What... why..." He rose, shaking, unsteady. This battle was taking its toll. The Digidestined were immensely powerful.

    "Heaven's Thunder!" Arcs of lightning ripped from above at Andreas' command and struck the Peacemakers opposing the Digidestined, forcing them down under heavenly might. "Celestial Blade!" The Susanoomon let loose his almighty blade, a sword of heavenly light which he gripped tightly, gazing down at the Peacemakers. "Why can't you see? Open your eyes and look at them! We're doing what must be done!"

    "No!" Caradoc roared in answer. "You betrayed us! Why else would you be trying to kill the Innocents?!"

    "They're not the Innocents!" Andreas retorted. "They're..."

    "Har-Megiddo Gate!" Hellish, apocalyptic power erupted from the blazing seal Guinier had carved in the air while the Digidestined were distracted, raging towards the Susanoomon.

    "Maximillian!" Evangel cried.

    "Purge Shine!" the Varodurumon cried, flying at the inferno. However, although the aurora cloaked him, he howled as the flames washed over him.

    "They're not evil!" Andreas realized. "They're only misguided! Purge Shine can't stop attacks with that sort of intention, Evangel!"

    "Then stop her," the Goldramon said. He raised a hand. "Awaken. In this hand, I hold Creation. Summon!" A dragon of crackling azure leapt from his bracer and struck against the power of the Har-Megiddo Gate, binding its destructive power and forcing it back under a wave of Creation.

    "Celestial..." Andreas began, turning to Guinier and raising the almighty sword. "BLADE!" He made a slash with the laser weapon, and it tore an arc of light across the heavens as it swung with a roar of thunder.

    "No!"Caradoc cried, leaping forwards and crossing his arms, pouring his strength into them. The blade slammed into his armored form and light sparked from the impact as he strained to hold off the attack.

    "Now, Jacob!" Evangel called.

    "Shine Breaker!" A barrage of shining missiles and lasers exploded from the Aegisdramon and struck, consuming the Dynasmon X and Megidramon under their power. When the blinding light of the barrage faded, the two were revealed, reduced to their base forms by the sheer power of both the Shine Breaker and Andreas' Celestial Blade striking once Caradoc's guard had broken. The Digidestined gazed down at them, even as they groaned and rose.

    Evangel looked at them silently, gesturing with his hand and causing the azure dragon to encircle Maximillian, healing the injuries inflicted by the Har-Megiddo Gate. The being of creation vanished as he spoke. "You don't understand. You're misguided by your ignorance of the truth. Can't you see?"

    "I see... you're traitors..." Caradoc growled, drawing his sword. "And we're... going to stop you!"


    Bedivere gazed at Thor, considering.

    "Is that light not already gone?" he asked. "The Royal Knights are the heroes of a past era. Their glory has faded, their virtue has been lost to the Unholy Crusade. What more can they do? At most two remain. Pelleas is misguided and corrupted. Hector... even if we find him alive, who knows what state he may be in? I see, Thor, that you are reluctant to let your father's legacy crumble, but look at them. Eleven of the thirteen lie dead. One captured. And Pelleas, misguided, twisted by lies and trickery." He paused, gazing across the field. "What can we gain from a fallen hero? Pelleas has fallen under the demon's spell, clearly. Something has been done to him." He frowned suddenly.

    "The Digidestined." His eyes fixated on the forms of the seven from across the field, witnessing five striking Peacemakers over and over, while two raced toward the Innocents. "What are they... what is this?!" He turned his gaze back to the thunder god. "They've betrayed us!" He glanced to Pelleas, considering. The knight was heavily injured. No threat to anyone. "We can debate Pelleas later. It seems more urgent matters need our attention. He nodded across the field towards the Digidestined. "The others need help."
  3. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Thor shook his head. "This is no longer about my father's legacy. I've since discovered that my father separated himself from the Royal Knights long ago. He advised them and supported them, yes. But he allowed them to travel their own paths and forge their own destinies. My father lays only in the foundation of the knights. The knights themselves forged their own legacy. By their own hands; by their own hearts."

    Bedivere had to see that. He had to understand that and take that sense of duty upon himself if he was to truly inherit the legacy passed to him. Or he would have to step down and step aside. He had to lead, be more than a Lord of an empty seat. Few understood the metaphor. The seat was considered "empty" because Artorius did not take it as a king or a ruler. It was empty because Artorius did not rule or lead from it, but instead stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Royal Knights, fighting as one, as equals. Bedivere had to see this. It was the only way.

    "You discard the past too easily, Bedivere," said Thor, still standing firm between the dragon and the fallen Royal Knight. "There is always redemption. There is always hope. There must be, if you are to continue to carry the mantle and duties they once did." He looked down to the battered Pelleas. "After all that has happened, in the eyes of the people they are still the Royal Knights. And if the light of the Royal Knights is allowed to die completely, hope dies with it."

    The discussion quickly turned to the Digidestined, and Bedivere raced across the battlefield to engage them. Thor frowned, something was clearly wrong. The Digidestined were not fighting to kill the Peacemakers, just to disable them. Their power was immense, however, and that made it hard to differentiate between the two. But why? Why were they fighting? It didn't make sense. Either way, it had to stop. Before someone got hurt.

    Thor rushed into battle, power building behind him. He moved to contain the greatest threat; Andreas. He knew the damage a power like that could do if left unchecked. He thought to hit hard and fast, before Andreas could muster a defense and prepare himself. But he underestimated the Susanoomon's ability. He was faster than Thor anticipated; he met the thunder god's charge and held his ground.

    "Of all of the, you should be able to see what we're doing!" Andreas challenged, bracing his shoulders and pushing back, sword against sword. Power cracked in the air between them, the pressure of their colliding blades solidified the air between them and set the ground on fire.

    "Why?" Thor demanded, pushing back. Swords sparked and reality buckled. Andreas flinched, staggered by the sensation. Unlike Thor, he wasn't used to fighting at such a high level; where physics broke down and thoughts became more deadly than action. "Slow down and tell us why?"

    "Don't you see!?" Andreas growled, his intent pushing back against Thor's. "Open your mind and look!" He broke off and gestured towards the strange children. Then threw his arms out. "And look at what you've done!"

    Thor dropped his guard and did as the Digidestined asked. He looked at the children with more than just his physical sight. He pierced the veil between being and un-being, between body and spirit, between heart and mind.

    And what he saw almost made him sick.

    "No," he whispered. It was impossible. How? How had he not seen it? And how had they seen before he did? After everything that had happened, he and the Peacemakers had charged right in, learning nothing from past battles, and attacked with reckless abandon.

    "You killed five Demon Lords like they were nothing!" Andreas shouted angrily. "Don't you think there was a reason for that?" He raised his sword again. "I'm stopping this before it's too late. Don't stand in our way."


    "A 'goddess', you say?" Belial laughed. He bellowed his haughty laughter to the sky. "A goddess who shares her dominion with a thousand other fire gods. But I, I am the one and only King of Hell! My domain is mine and mine alone!"

    He let loose a black salvo from the twin cannons, but Svarog interceded, alight with flame, and absorbed the force of the blast. He let out a roar, sending waves of light and flame cutting through the darkness and slamming into Belial. Then Michael struck--like a meteor, and drove the king of Hell into the ground.

    "You like your Hell so much?" Michael snarled, hand cast out. "I'll gladly send you back." He began the incantation, calling upon the exorcising Word. Belial writhed under the Word's power, screaming madness. And then he stopped, and began to laugh, loudly and terribly.

    "I'll see my Hell again, but here," snarled the demon king, and batted Michael to the ground. "I'll bring it to this world. Hell on Earth, Michael! Hell in Heaven!" He whipped his bladed tail in a piercing arc, but a strong pair of swords crossed against it. A GuardiAngemon stood, braced against the power of the demon king.

    "Who? But you're--" Michael stumbled for a moment, before sensing deeper. "Barachiel." He smiled, feeling the holy power of the once-insect. It was...familiar. Hadrael. It seemed that even death could not hold back true miracles.

    Belial struck again, but Michael ducked around Barachiel and drove his glowing fist into the demon's chest. Barachiel slashed, shimmering blades slicing up Belial's arm and across his chest. He reeled back with a roar, only to be smothered in burning flame from the two fire gods above. Svarog meteored down and drove his Phoebus Blow into Belial's face, hurling him back and into Michael's Hallowed Knuckle from the other side. He was then met with a burning slash from Vritra.

    "Heaven's Ripper!" Barachiel cried out, striking down from above, little more than a blur of motion and whirling blades. He moved with staggering speed, and Belial could do little to prevent his swords from cutting through him, slashing through him with trails of divine light.

    Belial stumbled forward and dropped to his knees, charred and bleeding heavily. He coughed through blood and spit a mouthful of red-black tar. But he laughed through it all, rasping away with burned lungs and lacerated skin.

    "It's too late," he laughed, his voice terrible. "You've already lost. You lost ages ago."


    Thor raced over the battlefield. He had to stop the Peacemakers. That thought alone sent a chill down his spine.

    The first he moved against was Gigas, stunning the huge insect with a shoulder block and holding him back as he screamed at Silas to go on. He held his empty hand to Gigas and shook his head.

    "We have to help them, Gigas," Thor said. He tried to find the words to describe what he'd seen, but they failed him, and he had no time. "I wish I could explain, but I'm asking you to trust me. We have to stop the Peacemakers from fighting."

    "Ho huh?" Gigas scratched his head. "That's a bit different, isn't it. I mean, we're always fighting each other, but...are you sure? But they're gonna hurt those kids."

    "No," said Thor, pleading. If anyone could help him hold back the Peacemakers it was Gigas, if only by size alone. "We've had it wrong. It's all wrong."

    "Hmm...I don't like it," the huge insect said. He rubbed his chin. "But I guess I'll--"

    "Good," Thor said, and he was off again.


    It was too much, even with Thor's help, the Peacemakers weren't backing down. Silas fought through Caradoc and Guinier, barreling past Sha, driving Bedivere away. Maybe it was the way the Peacemakers fought: all for themselves and wildly haphazard. No one knew what the other was doing. How were they hoping to stand against the Demon Lords in such a disorganized way?

    Tia leaped again, glowing red-hot and slashing at Liliana. The cat held a grudge better than most. Even so, Liliana was beyond patience and sympathy for the smaller cat-woman. Her desperation to reach their goal and blind rage turned her into an unstoppable force, heedless of anything else around her. She wheeled around, cracked Tia across the face, and then drove her blade through Tia's stomach. It burst through the other side. In her fury, Liliana wasn't even aware of what she'd done. She let Tia slide from the blade.

    There was a roar, and Hira--Digivolved but still bleeding profusely--leaped onto Liliana from behind. He drove his long saber fangs into her shoulder and down to the bone. Liliana howled furiously, and thrashed, trying to dislodge the DinoTigermon, but Hira held fast. Then, in her wild rage, Liliana turned her blade on herself, stabbing it through her own shoulder and into Hira's mouth. Hira let out a yowl of agony, and that was enough for Liliana to pull him away from her. She leaped onto his back and swung her arms around his neck, crushing and twisting for all she was worth. They were beyond words or curses, they were little more then snarls and muffled roars.

    Kole staggered forward, glancing to where Tia lay, grasping at her bleeding stomach, her eyes wide and wild. He felt the darkness rising up in him, but he was too weak to Digivolve. He didn't even have the strength to call his swords to him. But he still had some magic left. Enough. To avenge Tia. He let fly with a cry for vengeance and collided with the writhing lions. He placed his hands on either side of Liliana's head and sent his magic coursing through her.

    "Boil. Your. Brain!" he snarled, straining against himself. He felt his darkness sneer at the pain he was inflicting on the Regulumon, but that wasn't enough. He would kill her from the inside out. Let free. Let loose. Let the darkness have this one moment.

    "Digitalize of Souls!" a voice howled, and a sound erupted, like a cannon exploding at point blank range. Kole's world was swallowed by glowing green. The ground ripped out from underneath him, then reality flipped and went sideways and spun end over end until there was nothing left but black. The singed and charred Matadormon crashed against the mountain and slid down to the ground, unmoving but alive.

    Liliana let out a harrowing roar, and a terrible crack resounded. Hira went limp and collapsed, his neck broken. The other Digidestined paused for a moment, shock and horror etched across their features. This was more than they wanted. This wasn't right. It wasn't supposed to happen this way. But they had no time to lament their actions.

    Silas was first, he reached the nearest child and raised his blade, and with an agonized cry, he drove its length through the boy's chest. The child gasped and sputtered, coughing blood, and fell to the ground. Liliana came crashing through, and ripped her claws clean through a little girl, shredding her nearly to pieces.

    Thor stared in horror, gazing at Hira's slowly dissolving body. This is what he had wanted to avoid. But that girl...Liliana. She was out of control. She'd brutally killed Hira and dealt Tia a heavy wound. He knelt by Tia's side, reaching out with the White Sword's power, trying with all his force of will to discover some sort of healing element in the blade. But the most he could do was strengthen Tia's own life force, and keep her from death's door. And that took all his concentration.

    How? How had things gone so horribly wrong.

    Across the battlefield, Pelleas rose, dragging himself to his feet.
  4. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Gunnar watched, mortified, as Liliana killed Hira, and then went on with her friends to start massacreing the seven children. He had tried to chase after Hira when the DinoTigermon suddenly came to life and attacked Liliana with a second vigor and determination. Hira's drive had been too fast for him to stop, even in his Burst Mode.

    "Hira..." he breathed, staring with wide eyes.

    His wings were a radiant inferno, burning larger and howling stronger. The Corona Blaze Sword and Corona Blaze Shield were fulgurating madly, their flames blazing with anger and ferocity.

    The orange, sparkling fire that swelled from the vents on his back became fused with traces of grey. Gunnar narrowed his blue eyes at Liliana and her ilk.

    "He's dead..." Gunnar growled. His flaring wings roared and the dragon blazed a path through the sky towards the Digidestined. "I have had enough of your crap! You go on and on, playing the victims, looking down on us, and talking about saving the world... and then you do stuff like this!"

    A furious snarl escaped Gunnar's lips and his eyes narrowed with rage. The oranges flames on his back turned completely grey, the burst particles shimmering behind him became a mixture of black and grey.

    "Mode Change!" Gunnar shouted.

    He flapped his smoky, infernal wings and the orange tip at the end of his tail soon became the same colour. His body glowed and his armour began to change. The bright, vibrant red became a reddish-brown, like that of dry blood, and the flashy white metal dulled to a desolate grey. The Corona Blaze Sword and Corona Blaze Shield burst apart in explosions of flames and instead, Gunnar's hands became wreathed in a shadowy inferno.

    "ShineGreymon Ruin Mode!" he shouted, glaring at the Digidestined. "You want to hurt and kill my friends?! Then you pay the price, Cambion!"

    His wings and fists ignited full blast and Gunnar rammed his body into Liliana, stopping her before she turned to another human. "Torrid Weiss!" he roared, riddling the Regulumon with fireballs.

    Gunnar's body roared with flames as he turned towards Silas. He ripped towards him and drove his fist into the Alphamon's face, sending flames coursing forward and into the gaps in the armour at the neck and eyeholes.

    The ShineGreymon Ruin Mode growled and panted. While not technically more powerful, his fire and energy output was surpassing what it could do in Burst Mode, but it was raw, unrestrained power, putting enormous pressure on his body and ability to make thought out decisions. He was no mindless beast, but he acted more on instincts and attacked more uncontrollably.

    Gunnar swung around and slammed his tail into Silas' gut. Above them, Andreas' cannon sparked with energy and suddenly a giant beam blade started to protrude from the end, towards him and the other children.

    "You think that will work, dumbass?!" he roared, his wings becoming monstrous with excessive flames and burst particles being released from his back. "Final Shining Burst!"

    Gunnar dipped and weaved around the blade and got in close, his body aflame. Burning power ripped from his body and slammed into Andreas, throwing him back.

    The ShineGreymon Ruin Mode spun around, growling. "Okay! Who thinks they can take me on?!"


    Pyra watched as the chaos around them unfolded. Hira had been killed, Tia badly wounded, and the Digidestined had begun killing the "innocents". Pyra looked up at Gunnar's Ruin Mode.

    "He seems to be in more control than I had been," she muttered. "It must be of a different nature than those dark forms..."

    Pyra flapped her wings hard and dove towards the Digidestined. "We have to stop them before it's too late!"

    "Hohohoh! Can't let you do that, Pyra!" Gigas said, suddenly flying up in front of her.

    Pyra blinked and flapped hard to stop from crashing into him. "G-Gigas?" she asked. "What are you doing?!"

    "Yeah, Gig!" another voice said from nearby. Pyra glanced to the side and saw Kheprius flying over to them. "You're not honestly trying to stop us, are you?!"

    "Heya, Kheppy!" Gigas greeted his friend with a grin. "Honestly? Well, uh, yeah. I don't believe in lying, after all." He folded his four arms.

    Kheprius palmed his face. "...Why?"

    "Thor says we're making a mistake with the Digidestined and that we're not supposed to be stopping them," Gigas explained. "Something like that."

    Pyra raised an eyebrow. "Thor said that? ...But they killed Hira..."

    If Gigas had eyebrows, he would have frowned. "Well, uh..." he said, scratching his cheek with one of his fingers. "Thor seemed pretty darn sure." He looked at Pyra. "...Pardon my language, maam."

    "Right, because Thor's never wrong," Khep scoffed, folding his arms.

    Pyra frowned and looked around the battlefield. He spotted the Imperialdramon Paladin Mode kneeling beside the wounded Tia. "I..." Pyra breathed in. "I trust Thor. It... never made sense to me why they were doing what they were doing. Maybe the Digidestined and Thor know something that we don't. This could all be a misunderstanding..."

    Kheprius frowned. "And if His Godliness and these human-digimon freaks are wrong, then we can give a great big welcome to the legions of hell."

    The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode closed her eyes. "That's a chance I think we have to take. The humans suddenly reacted differently without reason all of a sudden."

    Khep rolled his eye. "Uh, Mephistopheles possessing them?"

    Pyra shook her head. "That doesn't explain Thor. If we're wrong, you can blame me, Kheprius," she told him. Pyra turned and looked into his eye. "You don't trust Thor, but do you trust me?"

    Kheprius returned the gaze and, after a few moments of silence, Kheprius grumbled and looked to the side. "...Trusting people tends to land me in deep crap."

    "I look forward to proving you wrong," Pyra told him, turning back to Gigas. "If you see him going to fight them, you're free to bug-hug him, Gigas."

    "Hey! Trust is a two way street, you know!" Khep protested.

    Pyra smiled slightly at him and looked at Gigas. "You should go stop Gunnar before he does something he regrets. I'll go tell Guinier and Caradoc," she said to the HerculesKabuterimon, flying fast towards towards the two.

    Khep looked up at Gigas. "Well, Gig, guess we'd better go start doing... stuff."

    "Roger, Kheppy!" Gigas replied, saluting and turning around to start flying. "...Hey, why is it 'Roger' and not somebody else's name like, um, say... 'Sha'?"

    Khep let out an exasperated sigh. "I really don't know, Gigas..."


    "Yeah. Right. Of course. Says the so-called King of Hell who's kneeling at our mercy and vomiting up blood," Tiwaz growled, flapping his fiery wings and looking down at the giant demon beneath.

    Barachiel flew down in front of Belial's face, inspecting the beaten down MaloMyotismon. "As long as so much as a single Peacemaker - no - a single free digimon stands against your kind, we haven't lost yet..." he explained, staring hard into Belial's eyes.

    The SlashAngemon's wings hummed softly as they kept him aloft. Barachiel closed his eyes for a moment. "Belial and Dracula... The King of Hell fused with a sick, little human who was fused with his digimon partner's data to survive," he mused. "A parasite devouring another parasite..."

    Barachiel's gaze hardened and he looked into Belial's eyes.

    He remembered blood. Hadrael's blood. It dripped all over his body as he held his dying mentor in his arms. The helplessness. The sorrow. The anger. He remembered his heart pumping and life slowly slipping from Hadrael's body, who, all the while, was assuring Barachiel that things would be okay for the anguished TigerVespamon.

    "Neither of you deserve a prayer to see you into death," Barachiel spoke.

    Belial panted and sputtered blood. It gushed not only from his own mouth, but from the Sodom and Gomorrah as well. He looked up at Barachiel with a twisted grin. "Save your prayers... for yourself, angel..."

    Barachiel raised his blades.

    He wanted Dracula to suffer. And if he couldn't see him suffer at his feet, then the digimon who was taking over his body would do just as well.

    The eyes behind Barachiel's helmet softened slightly.

    The demon's agony wouldn't bring Hadrael back. It would only turn him into something that he never wanted to be. Something that he never wanted any of the people who he cared about to see him as.

    "Heaven's Ripper!" Barachiel shouted, ripping forwards towards Belial.

    With a wide, mighty swing of his arm, his blade sliced deep into Belial's thick neck. Barachiel grunted, cleaving across his neck until the blade emerged on the other side, coated with dark blood.

    For a split moment, he heard Belial's sickly gurgles as blood leaked down his front and gushed into his severed throat and windpipe. Even when choking on his own blood, Belial managed a chuckle.

    Barachiel spun his body around as the blade ripped out. Instead of taking pleasure in the demon's pain and gruesome suffering, the angel digimon turned around to face Belial again and charged him to finish his attack. He pulled his arm blades back while flying fast towards Belial's exposed, broken and incinerated chest.

    Barachiel let out a shout of effort and plunged his blades deep into Belial's body, piercing deep into his digicore with the two holy swords. He felt the blades hit the core and fracture it.

    "Holy... Espada," he spoke tranquilly.

    He slashed the blades outwards and celestial power burst out of Belial's chest and back in a stream of hallowed light. A roar was stripped from Belial's throat as the blue, empyral power engulfed the fractured and flawed digicore, purging it into billions of motes. The light continued to burn through Belial's body from the inside out, illuminating the interior of his three mouths as the holy lambency blast through him and ripped his giant body asunder.

    The light faded and the King of Hell was no more.

    Barachiel merely stared as the data washed away in the splendor of his angelic light. He didn't revel in Dracula's death, but he felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

    He felt free... yet still slightly empty.

    His eyes closed. "So, this is what I wanted..." he thought to himself. He gripped the pendants around his neck and turned around. "I was a fool, thinking this would have been worth Caradoc..."

    Tiwaz watched with mild satisfaction as Barachiel desposed of Belial once and for all. "Well... that's done with," he replied, turning towards the bulk of the Peacemakers. "What in the blazes is going on over there? We should go check that out."

    The SlashAngemon silently nodded and flapped his metal wings, flying away from the group towards the battle. The final traces of light among the cloud of data dwindled behind him...
  5. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "No... no..." Guinier gasped as Hira was slain, his neck snapped by Lilianna's immense strength. "This..."

    Caradoc was silent. But there was rage in his eyes, terrible, blazing anger. He raised his sword and raced forward, shooting at the Regulumon. He didn't care that she was stronger than he was now, that he was weary from battle. He just wanted to stop her... to strike her down with all his power.

    Guinier didn't move. She had seen the horror on the Digidestineds' faces. The shock. Something wasn't right. They hadn't wanted this to happen. Her gaze turned to the Innocents even as the Digidestined began to slay them. What was this? Why?

    And then dark flame ripped across the Digidestined and Gunnar struck from nowhere, roaring with fury, transformed into a dark perversion of the Burst Mode. Ruin Mode.


    "No... NO!" Bedivere roared as Hira died. He glared at the Digidestined. "You bastards... betrayers!" he leveled the Ambrosius and unleashed a volley of pinpoint lasers from it. "Pendragon's Glory!" The lasers struck the Digidestined as they struck towards the remaining Innocents. The Examon swooped forward, drawing back his lance to strike Evangel. The Goldramon saw his monstrous opponent coming, and let loose with a surge of holy light which crashed into Bedivere and knocked him away.

    "Stay out of the way!" he called. "Don't you see, Stormheart? Look at those children. Are you really so blind?"

    "You just killed one of us, and you expect me to believe you?!" Bedivere roared. "No! You've betrayed us, Evangel! And for that... I'll make you pay!" He levelled the lance and charged at the Goldramon. "Avalon's Gate!"

    "Shine Breaker!" Jacob's volley of lasers and munitions struck him from the side and buried him under holy power. The Aegisdramon nodded to Evangel and turned away, aiming towards the charging Caradoc.

    Bedivere rose, snarling in rage. "I won't let you do this! EVANGEL!"


    As Belial died, Vritra was already soaring away on wings of blazing fury. she rocketed towards the Digidestined and readied her Dramon Destroyers. The WarGreymon X struck Avarina, plowing the Magnadramon into the ground with all her ferocity.

    "You," the Magnadramon muttered. "The goddess." She was silenced by a blow of roaring flames to the face.

    "You think you can simply betray us?" Vritra hissed. "That I will tolerate such a thing?"

    "We have not betrayed you!" Avarina snarled. "You're simply too blind to see the truth of those children! Look at them!" Vritra did. She looked across the field towards the Innocents, straining to see. To understand. But she could not see what they had seen.

    "What is it?" she muttered fiercely. "What do you see in them that drives you this way?!"

    "They're not the Innocents!" Avarina cried. "They're..."

    "Aurora Undulation!" Vritra howled as the holy aurora seized her and hurled her across the mountainside, sending her crashing to the dirt. Maximillian descended to Avarina's side, the Varodurumon gazing at his comrade with a concerned eye before focusing back on the WarGreymon X.

    "Go and fight another Peacemaker," he said. "I can fight this one alone, and you're at a disadvantage to her Dramon Destroyers." Avarina nodded and soared away, leaving the exalted avian to face Vritra. The goddess rose.

    "You... why are you Digidestined so full of crap?!" she growled. "You claim you're free from Mephistopheles' control! You claim you'll assist us here! And then you turn on us and try to kill the Innocents! Your actions invalidate your words, human!"

    "No," Maximillian replied quietly. "You can't see the truth of those children. They are not the Innocents."

    "Liar!" Vritra roared. She exploded forwards, swathed in flames and might. She readied her claws, only to be struck by Maximillian's Aurora Undulation. For a moment she strained against the holy aurora, and then it crushed her into the ground.

    "I'm sorry," the Varodurumon said. "But this must be done. We have to kill them... there's no other way."

    "Stop it... enough of your lies!" she howled, rising once more. "I will hear no more!" With that, she roared forward once more.
  6. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Caradoc charged, but he was slow, sluggish, and tired. Liliana was rage, explosive power, and unrelenting. She caught the Valkyrimon in three strides and knocked him clear off his feet with a single, savage blow. Claws raked through armor, feathers, and flesh. She grabbed him by his leg and swung him to the ground, bashing him over and over again before leaving him where he lay, then grabbed his skull between her fingers and squeezed.

    "Silas! Before this gets out of hand!" Evangel called out, pushing back against Bedivere.

    The Alphamon nodded, and raised his hands. Emerald energy streaked out and whipped between Liliana and Caradoc. It then solidified and expanded, pushing them away from one another. It snared Liliana and pulled her towards Silas. The Alphamon grasped his fist tightly as his energy contained her rage.

    "Liliana! Get a hold of yourself," he ordered. He pointed her away. "The children, not the Peacemakers. You've done damage enough!"

    Liliana stopped struggling, and breathed deeply. "You're right," she said, her voice her own and no longer full of snarling rage. "It's just...this form--there's so much power. It's so hard to-"

    "You don't have a choice. If we don't finish this now, it'll be too late," Silas said. He clenched his fists. "I don't know if we can even salvage the Seal. The Peacemakers might have already broken it." Liliana nodded and broke off, but was blindsided by Samael, who shoulder-checked her to the ground.

    "You want claws, girly?" Samael asked, cracking the joints in his fingers. His body sparked red. "I can do claws."


    There was madness all around, and Thor could do nothing with leaving Tia's side and letting her bleed out. But he was no healer. He could only sustain her life force, he couldn't treat the wound, and with Ivy already occupied with the wounded Shoon, it wasn't looking good.

    "Thor! What's happening?" Michael shouted, dropping over to the thunderer's side. He knelt beside Tia and instinctively spread his divine power through her. Thor pulled back, Michael could handle it.

    "We may be too late. The final Seal may already be broken," Thor said. He snarled. "This was a trick, and a masterful one. And even I didn't see it. And neither did you, because we weren't looking. We were so focused on the Digidestined betraying us, on trusting them, and on defeating the demons, that we didn't look at the children. We didn't look more closely at the demons. Demon lords, who fell like nothing before us."

    "I-" And Michael, too, gazed with sight that was not of this world, that pierced the veils between beings. He looked to the children and saw in them the faces of monsters. In the two that had fallen were Orcus and Murmur. In the others he saw Belial, and Moloch, and Haures, and Zagan. "We killed the children." It shook him to his core. That had been Mephistopheles's plan all along. He had placed the essences of the lesser lords in their bodies, and the children were placed in the demons'. That was why they had been so easily defeated, because the wealth of their power was stored in those children.

    But why? Wouldn't it have been easier to kill the children without all this show? Why make them do it? Was it just another ploy to weaken their spirits? No. There had to be more, more to Mephistopheles's plan. He just wasn't seeing it.

    "I will stay with Tia," Michael declared. "You stop the others. And kill the demons." He realized something, as the math added up. "We've only killed six. There might be room to stop this."

    Thor nodded and shot into the air, flooring Gunnar. "Svarog! Hold Gunnar back! This has gotten out of hand!"

    "Gunnar?" Svarog wondered, pushing Silas away from him. "You mean our Gunnar?"

    "We have to stop the other Peacemakers," Thor shouted. He pushed Guinier back and looked at her pleadingly. "I'm begging you, all of you, just trust me."

    Svarog shrugged and shot away from the Alphamon. He grabbed Gunnar by his tail and threw him to the ground. He held him there.

    "Boy, I don't know what you're intending to do, but I think we've all learned that dark evolutions lead to nothing good," Svarog said, standing over him.


    The Peacemakers fought with the Digidestined, all for the fate of the world, for the fate of the Seals and the fate of seven innocents. Bedivere and Evangel clashed, one determined to stop the other, the other determined to break through. They crashed against each other and pushed each other back, paused, and readied to strike again.

    But a piercing scream tore up through the air. Evangel seized up, twitching, as red-hot bolts and glowing iron barbs ripped through him. His body contorted upon itself and shattered into data. The human, Victor, dropped to the ground, gasping.

    "Savain?" he whispered hoarsely, calling out to his Digimon partner. "Savain? No. Please no." Behind where he once stood, was one of the remaining children, a sick grin spread across his face, eyes wild and glowing and full of twisted glee.

    Across the battlefield, where Vritra fought against Maximillian, ripped a similar scream. The Varodurumon thrashed and writhed under the touch of another child. Then his body shattered, and Max dropped to the ground. Avazina, too, was not spared. Nor was Silas. The children, with but a touch, shattered their bodies, annihilated their partners, and left the Digidestined as mewling heaps.

    "No!" cried Jacob. He rushed forward, but found Sha in his path. "Let me through! NO!"

    Liliana wasn't as easily deterred. She barreled past Samael and beheaded the first child to step in her way. Claws raked through a second. One managed to sneak past her rage and was running full-throttle towards Jacob. The enormous Aegisdramon didn't even see him approach, he was too distracted by Sha's interference. Liliana raced to save him, but it was too late. She could only drive her sword into the body of the child as Jake collapsed to the ground.

    One child left. And in the commotion, all had lost track of him. The chaos was everywhere. Peacemakers were stopped in their tracks, wondering just what it was they were witness to. One moment they had been fighting against the Digidestined, the next; those same Digidestined were reduced to human form, and the children they had been trying to protect were standing over them, smiling the same empty smile.

    Liliana felt a touch against her leg and then was consumed in a moment of sheer agony. She called out her partner's name, screaming against it, begging for someone to save her. But then the pain was gone, and everything was consumed by a roar, loud and righteous.

    "Give. Me. Back. My. Soul!"

    It was Pelleas, sword pinning the child through the stomach, pinning it to the earth. The child twisted and writhed, and a swirl of white erupted from the wound and flooded into Pelleas. There was a crack, as the air around him set on fire. The bloody, skin-carved runes of a demon's deal lit over his armor, but the white light burned them away, sealing and purifying his body.

    The Royal Knight stood. In his hand he held a glowing light. He held it as tightly as he could, but it seeped between his fingers and flowed back into the body of the boy he'd slain, who gasped and gurgled one more time before life left him completely.

    Then there was a sickness in the air. Foul and corrupting, and it spread across the entire sky. And there was a sound, like the opening of an enormous iron gate, and the ground beneath their feet grew dark, and blackness seeped out. The earth erupted, hot and molten, and a thousand legions of a thousand demons roared forth. They filled the air with their cries, screeches and roars of freedom. The heavy beat of their wings sounded like a hurricane, and their laughter echoed across the world.

    Only one demon did not flee the Inferno's Gate. One demon stepped toward the gaping wound in the world and placed his hand over the abyss. Mephistopheles turned to the Peacemakers and Digidestined--most of whom he'd managed to neutralize--and let out a booming laugh.

    "I will see you soon!" he cackled, and stepped into Hell.
  7. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Nocchi heard the earth-splitting roar as the gate of hell was torn open and legions of demons filled the skies, their terrible shrieks ringing in his ears. He stumbled back onto his wooden bottom beside Ivy, who had whirled around at the unearthly commotion. The two, sitting now in front of a horribly injured Shoon, were paralyzed with fear. They knew not exactly what had happened on the battlefield, having been on the outskirts for some time. But they could determine, by the sudden rip in the sky and the outpouring of demonic entities, that the last seal had, in fact, been broken. And that knowledge filled them both with despair.

    “Well, that stinks,” was all Nocchi could say in response to the turn of events.

    “But I thought-- Weren’t we-- Weren’t we winning?” Ivy stammered, tears welling up in her eyes. They had done all they could to save the innocents. She knew that. So what had happened?

    “Memphistoffle tricked us,” boomed the voice of Gigas, as the HerculesKabuterimon hurried over to them, fleeing demons soaring overhead. When he had reached them, he stood over them protectively in case a stray demon headed their way (or a satanic pigeon decided to drop a bomb, so to speak). “I don’t really understand what happened, but I overheard Thor tellin’ Michael that the kids were actually the demon lords and the demon lords were actually the kids. Or something like that.”

    Nocchi gritted his teeth, his eyes filled with anger. “So basically he made us kill the innocents ourselves. Well played, Mephistophile.”

    “Aw, man! That means I ate a kid,” Sha exclaimed, popping up beside Gigas with his hands on his stomach. “I feel awful now. They give me indigestion!”

    “We’ll worry about your stomach problems later, Sha!” Nocchi growled, leaping to his feet. He turned to shout to Thor or Michael or someone he deemed competent enough to make a decision, but they were too far away. So he turned back to the three (four including the unconscious Shoon) behind him. “The seals are all broken now, and there’s nothing we can do about that. All that’s left is to chase Mephibosheth down and tear ’im limb from limb.”

    “But how?” Ivy interjected, rising to her feet also. “He closed the door behind him.”

    “We’re running out of time,” Nocchi muttered, his eyes scanning the battleground. “There has to be another way in. There just has to be. Or we’re all screwed.”

    Sha scratched his head. “Ya know, one time I overheard a human singing a song about knocking on heaven’s door. Maybe we can just knock on hell’s door too!”

    “And if that doesn’t work,” Gigas offered, “we can take the highway.”

    Nocchi and Ivy both facepalmed.
  8. Cresil witnessed the opening of the door to hell in a different way. While he was in his shadow realm, trying to shoot the head of his dream-self off with his bullets – which only served to go through the Grademon’s head – various other demons suddenly invaded. They didn’t give him a second glance, but he could see by the expression of their faces, those of unadulterated glee and manic craziness, that the Peacemakers had failed. That the door to hell had finally opened and that demons of all kind have escaped the maddening land.

    “And once again, you have failed,” his other self said as the other demons scattered.

    “Oh shut up!” the demon man said, still attempting to create tiny bullet holes over the Grademon’s intangible body. “Failed this, kingdom that, why do I care?” he said offhandedly, gathering dark magic over his free hand.

    “You do, or else I would not be here,” the Grademon said simply, looking unafraid of Cresil’s display of power.

    “Pah!” Cresil exclaimed, lowering the Oro Salmon to throw the concentrated sphere of magic towards his conceived opponent, only for the sphere to pass right through and explode harmlessly behind the being. “You’re doing one hell of a job to make my worst nightmares come true,” he said with a roll of his eyes. So far, the being hadn’t tried to approach him or say anything that particularly struck him. In fact, he had only gotten annoyed.

    His other self couldn’t be touched, which meant any form of physical attack that Cresil tried only passed through with doing any damage at all, physical or perceived. Apparently, magic was just as useless against the Grademon. And whenever he tried to use whatever words that were thrown towards him back, the Grademon didn’t seem like he cared, like he was only saying a fact.

    “That’s because I am your worst nightmare,” the Grademon said simply, walking forward for once.

    The Astamon was about to retreat backwards, but then he remembered that he couldn’t even touch the Grademon. That meant that the same was true for his other self, so he might as well vent his anger by imagining that his bullets – which he was still shooting – were doing their desired effect.

    “You’re right, you are my worst nightmare!” Cresil announced. “You’re so boring! I can’t have any entertainment with you, and all you’re going to do is cramp my style,” he stated, no longer caring that the Grademon was getting closer and closer. “If you were my past life, then no wonder I became a demon!”

    The Grademon eye’s narrowed behind his helmet. “And you have no memory of your past life,” he said as he came ever closer. “You want to know what your true nightmare is?” he asked, raising a hand. Cresil didn’t look affected; he knew that the Grademon wouldn’t be able to touch me.

    “It is to regain your digimonity!”

    With lightning quick movements, the Grademon thrust his arm into Cresil’s head. Predictably, the arm passed through his head, giving the eerie image of a hand jutting through the back. What Cresil was not prepared for, however, was the sudden surge of memories that began to fill his mind.


    At the sudden cacophony of chaos coming from the mouth of hell, Fenrir didn’t have time to think about what happened. He hadn’t even participated in the fight between Peacemaker and Digidestined despite Azur’s insistent calls for him to. The AncientGarurumon: Samurai Mode had been all too busy trying to make sense of it all, trying to see what the children and Thor had apparently seen. The only thing that he could make out was that the so-called children looked peculiarly empty and sinister, especially with their banshee-like wails. He was, however, too late to find out what they did.

    “Dammit,” Fenrir cursed, turning to the literal hell hole. Countless amounts of creatures flew forth, each one demonic in their own way. What worried Fenrir was that they were vastly outnumbered; if the demons were to attack them right now, there was little chance of them winning.

    To his surprise, however, the demons paid them little attention, focused on trying to escape into the world that was now under theirs to torment and destroy as they pleased. He could not allow that, but even then, he was powerless to stop them all. But as he gripped his sword, he realized that that would not stop him from trying.

    The wave of dark Digimon that rushed towards him like a group of stampeding Bullmon didn’t faze him, but he would not be able to destroy all of them in a single Mondsichel attack. There was also the risk of hitting one of his companions or the depowered Digidestined, his vision soon being filled from corner to corner with demonic Digimon. The AncientGarurumon: Samurai Mode then raised his head to look at the sky. It had turned black due to all the large, wide-winged demons that took to the air. He would be able to aim properly from above and take out any surrounding airborne demons in the process.

    “Azur, take control, turn into MagnaGarurumon, and get up air and take out as many of the escaping demons as you can!” he shouted at the top of his voice, trying to raise it above the uproar of screaming, roaring and wailing demons.

    You don’t have to ask,’ the ancient of light’s descendant stated mentally.

    Within seconds, Azur began to clench his fist and tighten his muscles. He was tempted sorely to try out his new form, an AncientGarurumon Mode that was supposed to be for him. However, the reasons why he shouldn’t rang clearly within his mind, Fenrir having used it to think out a viable strategy to minimize their losses. Because that was the ultimate outcome of this mission: they lost.

    And that only made Azur all the angrier.

    He let the light of digivolution take him as his body widened and gained the rigid contours of his body armor and large armaments. The light blasted away right in time for the demons to arrive right in front of him. They were almost upon him; they were so close that he could see their merciless, red and black eyes and smell their rancid, almost-unbearable stench. But he would not let them catch him.

    He jumped into the air just as one bold NeoDevimon swung a claw to swat him out of his way. For trying, Azur pointed his hand-mounted machine gun, Strike Phantom, down at them and yelled, “Feral Fire!

    The airborne wolfman began to rain powerful and piercing bullets into the sea of demons under him, taking out a long line of demons with his attack, only for more demons to take their place. He couldn’t even tell if he had made a dent in the vast army of demonic Digimon that ignored his attack in favor of rushing forward blindly into the world.

    It had only taken a moment – just a single blink of an eye – and then all the demons disappeared, either having been too fast for his eyes to follow or having used magic, such as teleportation or dimensions. And he fell back to the ground, landing on his knees, which allowed him to drive his machine gun into the ground, unable to make his fist reach the ground due to the weapon’s longer reach.

    “Damn!” he shouted in all sorts of rage and anger.

    Azur growled and stood back up, looking around him, searching for – almost hoping for – any stragglers that he could vent his anger on.

    Calm down, Azur,’ Fenrir’s voice suddenly said, although that Fenrir at least felt something similar to what he himself was feeling. ‘Getting worked up – getting angry – is going to get us nowhere.

    The MagnaGarurumon hated it when Fenrir was right when it came to situations like these; it made him feel like nothing would get them anywhere.

    See to the others. Find out what happened,’ Fenrir told him, and scowling, Azur nodded, turning to the first person that was closest. To Fenrir’s relief, it was Pyra, and the sight of her helped his descendant to begin calming himself down.

    “Pyra!” he called out, walking over and reverting to his WereGarurumon form. “Are you all right?” he couldn’t help but ask, a bit of worry in his voice. The demons may have only been there for a second, but he had learned that a lot of irreversible things could happen in one measly second. There was also the battle they had before.

    He stopped in front of her, looking her over to see if she had any major injuries. When he saw that she barely had any worrisome injuries, he allowed himself a small sigh. He looked at her before looking around at what was left of the battle. “What happened with the humans? Fenrir was too busy trying to make sense of it to help,” he said with a scowl, his words earning him a few choice, scolding words that rang inside his head.


    Back in her original form, Aeria had immediately went to Ivy, hands on one another and over her chest, uncertain of the outcome of the battle. She had seen the door open like a monstrous mouth, letting out the hoard of demons that it held back. At first, she had felt the confidence that she had supposedly gained leave her. And then before she knew it, the demons disappeared, and her despair turned into confusion.

    “W-what happened…?” she wondered out loud, landing down beside Vritra.

    She glanced at the goddess, remembering when she had suddenly made the strong proclamation that she would protect them…or at least she thought that was what the WarGreymon X had meant. It was so different from the time – the only time – they had spoken, and Aeria wondered what had caused the change in the goddess. And then Vritra’s scowling expression reminded her that this was no time for her entertain such trivial thoughts.

    Aeria bit her lip and looked towards the mouth, or rather, the door of hell.

    “So…that is hell…?” the WarGreymon asked, her voice trembling at its sight. “But…I thought that…that we were doing well for once,” Aeria said softly, looking down at the ground beneath her feet.

    She shook her head quickly, her long hair whipping around her like a red wave. “No…w-w-we were,” she then said, trying to keep her courage and self-esteem from falling. “We…we were just manipulated again,” she decided, except those words didn’t help make her feel better. She doubted that, for a while, anything could.

    Aeria turned away from Vritra to look for Thor or Michael or even Tiwaz. She didn’t want to sit there and do nothing; it only made her feel like they had already failed. She wasn’t ready to give up yet, not now when she had finally gained a stronger power and a bit of confidence.

    “We…we need to do something,” she said, not sure if she was talking to Vritra or herself. But she knew she was right.


    He was swearting.

    He, Cresil the demon man, the one who cared only for his pleasure, for his hedonistic ways, was on his hands and knees, sweating with disbelief. It was only for a moment, but the memories that invaded brought along feelings – something a demon like him shouldn’t have. And it ultimately brought him extreme searing pain, not in his body, but over his chest.

    It was impossible. He wasn’t supposed to have a heart!

    In his mind’s eye, he could see himself. There he was, surrounded by smiling faces. They greeted him and gave him something he thought that, as a demon, he would never receive: love. It was disgusting to him, but his chest ached for the familiar feeling, the familiar warmth.

    No…he died…a long time ago!’ Cresil thought desperately, shaking his head to get rid of the image, only for it to replaced by another.

    This time, he was standing on top of a balcony, looking down at countless Digimon, all of whom were cheering and calling out his name in ardent admiration. They sang him songs of praise and made a statue in his honor. They called him their savior, their hero, their greatest kind in the history.

    “Go away!” he roared at the images in his mind.

    “Y-y-you,” Cresil muttered, looking up at the Grademon before him. “What did…you do?” he gasped, trying to ignore the images of him, a different him that looked just like the Digimon that stood over him, looking happy and content. A part of him long forgotten ached for it again.

    “I gave you back your memories,” the Grademon said, looking down at him with contempt. “I opened up the way for you digimonity to return, and the way to make your life your own living hell. No matter what you will do, where you will go, you will never be able to escape hell ever again.”

    “No…no…no!” Cresil roared, rushing to his knees to punch the Grademon in the jaw. No connection was made, however, because like before, his hand only passed through him harmlessly.

    “It’s time to start living your nightmare, former prince and king,” the Grademon then said, fading away.

    “Don’t you dare disappear!” Cresil roared, swiping at the disappearing image. “Come back and take them away! Take these vile, disgusting memories away from me right now!” he roared, trying to grab hold of the intangible Digimon.

    “I said take them away!
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    Gunnar's struggling under Svarog's foot was exhausting. Or perhaps that was all the solar grade energy and burst particles he was expending out of his wing vents during his protest.

    "Get offa me!" he objected to Svarog as a cacophony of noises from elsewhere on the battlefield ripped into the air. "I've mastered... this while ago!"

    He panted and tried to sit up, but even with his excess of power and energy, he was physically weaker than the fire god and in an unfavourable position. His energy slow dwindled and he finally resigned and reverted back to his ShineGreymon form before he lost any more energy.

    As his Ruin Mode disappeared, Gunnar felt as if most of his energy had been immediately stripped from his body. The light dragon heaved and looked up at the sky. The airspace was soon filled with screeches and roars, followed by demons.

    "No..." he said weakly. "We... Damn it...!"

    Tiwaz landed nearby, having watched the situation as it unfolded on his way over from fighting Belial. "Stop that goat!" he shouted, but Mephistopheles had already left. "Bloody... hell," he said, the last part an ironic murmur.

    He let out another growl as he watched demons pour out of a gaping chasm in the ground. Tiwaz flapped his wings and raced upwards. His cannons sent massive jets of flames into the horde and his mouth burning orbs of fire, both enhanced by his godly powers. He incinerated all the demons that he could, but there were too many. And they were getting away.

    "There's too many, Tiwaz!" Tyr told him. "We need to focus on stopping Mephistopheles!"

    "I know, but I want to take out as many as possible first! It'll make it easier for the others! Omega Corona!" he shouted, continuing to fire into the swarm of demons.


    Pyra watched grimly as all hell broke loose, literally.

    "Azur," she spoke, looking over at the WereGarurumon. "All things considered, I suppose..." She looked at him carefully. He seemed to be free from injury. She was relieved of that, at least.

    "The humans, they... I'm not entirely sure," she said, shaking her head. "Thor and the humans sensed that there was something wrong about them. We thought they had betrayed us and they retaliated. It was a complete mess, as usual. We were tricked by Mephistopheles."

    Pyra frowned and looked at the other Peacemakers. "Maybe if we worked together and communicated like a cohesive fighting unit, then we wouldn't be in this mess. Things like this never happened in the real military. ...Things are going to have to change if we want to kill Mephistopheles." The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode closed her eyes and became introspective. "No. Everything is going to have to change..."

    "But what now...?" she wondered aloud.

    "I hope you're happy!" Kheprius shouted from nearby, landing on the ground and glaring at the Digidestined. "All this could have been avoided if you actually explained what the hell was going on instead of trying to kill us! And succeeding in some cases, I might add!" He started clapping slowly. "Bravo, guys, brah-voh! Yeah, you're the Digidestined alright. Destined for idiocy!"

    "Kheprius," Pyra said sternly.

    "What?!" he snapped, whirling to face her.

    "...It was a misunderstanding," she replied, brushing aside his irritability

    "Oh, I guess we should sit back, pour a few beers, and laugh with them about this misunderstanding, then, right? Not these dataless psychos killed Hira and put Tia next in line to be deleted or anything, right?" he asked, narrowing his eye. "Think you'd still be calling it a misunderstanding if it was Azur instead of Hira?"

    "Kheprius!" she said angerly, though Pyra still grimaced. She couldn't help admit he had a point. "...There are more important things at hand right now. We need to stop Mephistopheles before more innocent digimon are killed. And that means somehow following him into that place."

    The GrandisKuwagamon folded his arms. "Fine, but I'm not working with the humans."

    Gunnar nodded, standing to his feet weakly after Svarog removed his foot. "They're pretty useless now that most of them can't biomerge anymore, anyways..." he said with a grunt, making it clear that he wasn't about to forgive them either. Then another thought entered his mind. "Shoon!" he remembered, staggering over to Ivy and the Mamemon X.

    He kneeled down beside them, partially due to sheer exhaustion. "Hey, pipsqueak... You hanging in there, I hope?" he asked, a bit of worry in his tired blue eyes.


    Barachiel landed beside Caradoc and Guinier, watching the chaos unfold. He felt a sinking feeling inside him. "This is... terrible," he spoke, watching as the demons were set free from their infernal prison. "We need to stop this..."

    He looked down at his blood-stained arm blades. He had killed his first three digimon today. Sabnock, Belial, and Dracula, technically. The SlashAngemon almost wanted to thank Belial for putting him into the dream state. Had he not faced his inner self, things could have very well gone differently...

    "I'm glad you're alright..." Barachiel suddenly found himself saying, looking at Caradoc. "You escaped Belial's nightmare, as well, I see..."

    A sad smile grew on his face and he looked away. "Mine gave me a much-needed revelation as to what I was becoming." He looked down. "I... also realized that you were right. Change doesn't have to be permanent."

    He looked back at Caradoc, which may have seemed a bit strange as he was too humble to bring up the fact that he had digivolved to a drastically different form. "Your nightmare..." he spoke, his level voice sounding as if it was treading on egg shells. "Whatever it was, I hope you do realize that it was just an illusion. ...Though I suppose that you must have figured that out or else you would still be unconscious right now, am I wrong?"


    "Omega Corona!" Tiwaz continued. He scorched and roasted about twenty more demons, but they kept on coming. "Damn muck-crawling, pieces of-"

    "It's no good. Save your energy, Tiwaz!" Tyr said, watching as the demons continued pouring out.

    "I know..." he growled, reluctant to stop, but knowing it was futile. He grunted with frustration and swooped down to the Peacemakers. He landed and tucked in his wings, raising a foreleg to adjust his goggles slightly. "We need to get into where those demon bastards are coming from."

    "How should we do that?" Pyra asked.

    Tiwaz glanced back towards the giant, glowing chasm. "Well I hardly doubt that that's a one-way exit over there..." he said. "We must be able to go through there too, eh?"

    The AncientGreymon then turned to Azur. "And you! Get that ancestor of yours out here right now! Since when did he have that new digivolution?! That's what I want to know!"
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    "Mephistopheles," Vritra muttered in an angry growl. "We need to get after him. I don't know why he's going back into the Inferno now, but I imagine it won't be any good to us."

    "The Demon Lords," Bedivere mused, stalking to her side. The Examon glared at the raging maw of the Inferno. "Don't you think they would be the first demons to break free? So why aren't they here?"

    "Unless they're still bound," she realized. "And they need his help to get free."

    "As bad as these monstrosities are," the Lord of the Empty Seat muttered, "the Demon Lords escaping would be far, far worse." He gazed across the field, picking out the Peacemakers, and the only two Digidestined who had escaped the touch of the children. Andreas and Lilliana. The other five lay in frail, weak human forms, broken by the strange children. The Examon growled and glared at the maw of Hell. Once again, they had been deceived. They had played right into Mephistopheles' hands. And even now he didn't understand fully what the demon had done. It was clear that the Digidestined had not been betrayers, that in some sense they had had some greater understanding of the situation. But he didn't understand. Were the children the Innocents after all? Or weren't they? It had seemed that they were, the gate to Hell had only opened after Pelleas had slain the last child...

    "Pelleas." His eyes burned as he glared across the field, finally picking out the Albiomon. What could be done about him now? Suddenly the question of the Royal Knight's allegiance seemed insignificant, compared to the tide of demons pouring out of the Inferno. It was a matter for the aftermath of this struggle. If there was an aftermath other than total victory for Mephistopheles and the demons.

    "What's our plan?" Vritra asked grimly. "Dive in and kill that bastard before he does whatever he's planning to do down there?" She unsheathed the Dramon Destroyers. "If so, I can get behind that. I've had enough of his games and mockery."

    "I doubt he'll make it that easy," the Examon muttered.


    "On a level, it was an illusion," Caradoc murmured. "But on another level, it was... my own lie. A lie I'd kept telling myself for far too long... a lie I needed to cast aside." He looked at his hands, which were grimy and stained with blood and soot. The Valkyrimon retrieved his sword from the broken ground, gazing with violet eyes out towards the demonic horde.

    "As for change... everyone changes, and sometimes, we don't change for the best," he said. He looked at the SlashAngemon. "I changed too... I was blind. Utterly blind to what I had... what I intended to cast aside for my own glory and gratification." He paused. "Back then, when I made that deal... it wasn't just about Hadrael. I wanted to save him... I never stopped wanting to save him right until Dracula..." he let the words trail away. "But I wanted redemption... for the Chess Kingdom. For all the ghosts I left, and all the scars my actions led to. I wanted to be free of that." The Valkyrimon fell silent.

    "The Chess Kingdom wasn't your fault," Guinier said quietly. "It was Mephistopheles who laid the trap. And it was Conquest who destroyed the kingdom." She hesitantly reached out one hand, laying it on his shoulder. "We don't blame you, Caradoc. Not for that."

    "But now... you're living with the consequences as much as I am," he said. "I threw it all aside... both of you... everything... carelessly." He looked at the gateway to Hell. "It's waiting. I can tell... somewhere in that horde there's a demon who's smiling and laughing at my fate. And in a year, whether we win this battle or not... I'm damned." He looked at the sword in his hand, remembering how he had struck down the Despair in his mind. As much as he had confronted his past, that still lay ahead. The darkness and the torment and the fate laying in wait for him.

    "Somewhere in that horde there's a demon smiling and laughing," Guinier echoed. "But that doesn't matter. You may be damned... I understand why you don't want to fight your fate." She paused. "But even if you're going to accept what's waiting for you, there's nothing stopping you from making your mark here and now." She moved her hand to his, gripping his hand as he gripped the sword's hilt. "If you want to make that demon's smile falter and their laughter stop, then fight back now. With me. With Barachiel. With all of us. We'll cast them back into the Inferno. We'll slam those gates shut behind them, and bury them back into Hell." She was close to him now, and both of them were reminded of those tranquil days before Mephistopheles had been so much as a cloud on the horizon, those lost, quiet days between calamities when they could laugh and love and live.

    Caradoc was silent for a moment. Then he spoke. "Yes... we will."
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    OOC: Feels a bit odd just jumping back in again, but better late than never I suppose.


    Duo stared up at the torrent of unholy shapes that darkened the sky and wondered just when everything had gone so horribly wrong. The Witnesses, The Chess Kingdom, The Horsemen, and now... this. Every step of the way, every time innocent lives had been put on the line, each and every time they had tried to make some kind of difference, they had fallen short. They had failed. He had failed. And what had it all come to? Hira dead, Tia on death's edge, five of the so-called Digidestined scarred, their partners killed, the gates of Hell swung open wide, and Mephistopheles plan come to its final stage. And there didn't appear to be a damn thing they could to about it now.

    "What are we even fighting for?" he wondered aloud.

    "I for one thought that was pretty clear." Trowa said. Duo couldn't remember when the TigerVespimon had come to stand beside him, but regardless, there he stood looking every bit as worn down as Duo himself no doubt looked. "We're fighting for all those who can't. Those who aren't strong enough to face the things we face."

    "Are we strong enough to face the things we face?" Duo sighed and motioned towards the rising legions with a bloodstained claw. "Look at this mess. We haven't saved the world, we've damned it."

    Trowa's eyes went to the horizon. "I don't don't know about you, but I still see a world out there and I'm not about to leave it hanging."

    "Don't you see it?" The despair that tainted Duo's voice was so unlike him, that Trowa actually turned to stare at him. "We caused this. That demon used us. And we weren't strong enough; we weren't good enough to stop it. All the tragedy, all the lives lost, and for what? So that we can stand here and watch this?"

    The TigerVespimon just sighed and shook his head. He grabbed Duo by the shoulder and turned him so that they stood side by side. "Look at her." he said, pointing off to where Lucia stood with Justin, sharpening her sword, taking practice swings, preparing for battle. "She has suffered more than you might ever know." Trowa said. "Her entire kingdom and people gone, her body stolen from her and used to kill innocents. And what is she doing? Is she giving up? Is she staring out at the sky saying 'woe is me?' No. She's getting ready to fight one more fight. She's refusing to give in, refusing to let that demon have the last laugh. And do you know why?"

    Trowa was staring right into the Gaiomon's face now, his insect-like eyes unblinking. With one finger, he tapped Duo on the chest. "Because of you. Because when all hope seemed lost, you were there to tell her not to give up. You were there to tell her that she still had a choice, that she could still fight. Well I'm here to tell you that now. You're still alive. You still have your swords. You still have us. Now stand up and be a man, if not for yourself than for her. Because the last thing she needs right now is to see you acting like your heart's been ripped out."

    Duo had nothing to say. Trowa was right. Here he was moping on about how hopeless this was, even as the others got ready to give it one more go. They knew as well as he how bad it looked, but they were ready to go in anyway. To turn into the abyss and tell it that they were going to strike it down or die trying. Lucia looked up and met his eyes, and she flashed him a smile. And just like that, he knew why he was fighting again. Evil had taken his first love from him, but it was not about to take his second. He would be sure of that, even if he had to let it take him instead, And yet... that nagging feeling was still there. The feeling that even if they got out of this alive, things just wouldn't be quite the same.

    "You're right." He finally said. "But once all this is done..."

    "Once all this is done." Trowa said with a laugh, "You can do whatever the hell you want."

    Duo actually smiled a half smile. "Yeah, I think I'll take you up on that." Trowa turned to walk off, but Duo spoke again. "And Trowa? Thanks."

    The TigerVespimon just gave a dismissive wave with his hand, never slowing his stride or looking back.


    Lucia and Justin were preparing for yet another battle. But something was amiss. "Justin, what's bothering you?" Lucia asked as she wrapped a torn piece of cloth around a cut on her leg.

    Justin was cracking his knuckles, as he had been for the past five minutes. He gave no response, only kept staring at the horde of demons in the sky, his limited features in what passed as a frown.

    "Justin? Are you okay?"

    Finally, an answer. "Hmm? Did you say something Miss Lucia?"

    "You've been staring off into space for a while. What's on your mind?" She was focused on the SuperStarmon now.

    Justin just sighed and turned towards the Minervamon. "Have you ever come to realize that what you though would be the hardest choice to make... is the only one that makes any sense."

    She tilted her head. "What do you mean?" This wasn't like him. He was usually so hyper, not somber like this.

    "Ever since that day... I've done my best to be the bravest, the strongest, the best hero I can possibly be." He held his gaze up now, proud of what he had accomplished. "You know I'd charge headfirst into that foul pit right next to you and the others without a shred of hesitation. And yet, I cannot." He looked over to where Tia lay wounded, to where the young one Shoon sat, to where the five broken Digidestined lay, and Lucia thought she saw something like compassion in his eyes, even with the shades. "They need help. They are in no shape to enter the inferno and I simply cannot leave them behind to chase after honor and glory. No, my part in this fight has passed, its time for me to stop trying to make a name for myself and start making the real heroic choices."

    Lucia couldn't help but smile. "Justin?"

    "Yes, Miss Lucia?"

    "It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks." she said. "I believe you are a true hero. It takes courage to face up to your enemies, but it takes heart to put your own desires to the side for the sake of someone else."

    Justin fought back a sniffle, wiping what passed as his nose with his gloved hand. "Lady Lucia..." He threw out one fist, holding it into the air. "I swear to you, no harm shall befall them under my watch. I shall earn your kind words and repay them three- no, four hundred fold!" He pumped his arm, bringing his fist down beside his face. "You can count on me. Now go, and show those demons that the forces of darkness shall never triumph as long as those who still believe in good continue to fight."

    And with that, he was off, heading over to the others to explain what he intended to do for them. In some ways, he reminded her of herself some years ago. Full of hopes and dreams and ideals. But unlike her past self, he was living it. He took his ideals and made them reality. And for that, Justin should be proud. She smiled. Things looked bad, certainly they did, but things were going to turn out. They always did in the end.

    There was just one more thing nagging at her however. She looked over to where Pelleas stood alone. She had crossed swords with former Royal Knight several times, and when last they met in combat she had actually bested him. She couldn't help but feel some sense of connection with the Albiomon, even after it was revealed he had made a deal with Mephistopheles. But now, that deal was broken. He was himself again. But what was he planning to do? She wanted to know.

    She slung her sword back into its holder on her back and made her way over to Pelleas, making sure that he saw her coming. "Pelleas." she started. "I don't know what it is that you plan to do, now that you have regained your freedom, but if I could ask something of you, of one who was once a Royal Knight, I would be honored." She took a breath. "Will you fight with us? Will you stand together with us this one time?"
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    Barachiel nodded in agreement and looked at Caradoc. "And... there is a way to cleanse your soul of that demon's mark..." he explained, harkening back to his knowledge of demons from what he had learned when growing up in the monastery.

    He looked towards the hole in the ground. The path to hell. "The way to destroy a demon's deal is to destroy the demon you made it with... like Pelleas did," he said, glancing towards the Albiomon. "Now that the way to hell is open, you have that chance."

    The newly ascended angel turned back to his friend. "I know you are reluctant to do so because of what it said it would do to Guinier, but..." He looked at the UlforceVeedramon. "Guinier is as strong as any of us. Strong enough to defend herself against a meager demon. I agree with her. We will fight them with every ounce of strength we can muster. ...And, hopefully, we will save you in the process..."


    The GeoGrey Sword stabbed into the ground and Gunnar leaned forwards against it, panting heavily. "Damn..." he whispered. "Ruin Mode took so much out of me... What was... I thinking?"

    Gunnar closed his eyes. "Broke my promise to you, Tyr... that I wouldn't go Ruin Mode again," he whispered again, thinking of the VictoryGreymon. "Get too reckless..."

    The ShineGreymon stopped his talking and focused on recatching his breath. His eyes remained closed, but his ears remained open. He couldn't help but listen to Justin and Lucia talk.

    Gunnar smiled to himself a little bit. It was a fond grin.

    As Justin started to head over to the wounded, the light dragon stood up straight, using his tail as a balance. He walked towards the SuperStarmon.

    "Hey, Twinkle!" he called out to him, giving Justin a wave and a competitive smile. "So, you're going to help bring these guys to safety instead of coming into the Inferno, huh...?"

    The ShineGreymon grinned a bit wider. "Looks like you're actually growing up..." he mused.

    Gunnar closed his eyes and looked away, his grin vanishing. "And maybe..." He paused, opened his eyes, and glanced back at Justin. "Maybe I should follow your example..."

    "You have a clear view of what you're doing, but me... I'm not entirely sure why I'm here. Because I was ordered to? To kill demons out of spite? To have fun? To be like the Royal Knights?" he asked, frowning a bit. "I want to believe I'm a Peacemaker for more than those..."

    Gunnar's view changed from Justin over to Shoon. "I would go with you, Justin, but I feel like I need to stay here. I need to find that resolve that you seem to have..." He grinned slightly. "You may not have me beat in awesomeness, but you do have me beat in that category..."

    The smirk vanished again and he turned to look Justin in the eyes, behind his sunglasses. "Take care of Shoon and the others, okay? I'm counting on you..."

    Gunnar gave Justin a small grin and a nod before turning around.


    Azur turned towards Tiwaz, who suddenly asked him, or Fenrir, rather, a question. Azur rolled his eyes and turned to his AncientGarurumon form so that Fenrir could talk.

    Tiwaz folded his arms and raised an eyebrow at the AncientGarurumon. "Well, mutt? I was under the impression that one couldn't teach an old dog new tricks," he said, tilting his head a little, and very eager for an explanation.

    Fenrir rolled his eyes, keeping his arms folded, which how Azur had put them in. "That's not a way to ask for an explanation, Tiwaz," he said with a short, curt tone.

    Tiwaz grunted. "I'm not about to beg. I'm not the dog here," he replied. "So how did you get that new... mode, form thing?"

    Fenrir kept himself from rolling his eyes a second time. "I've told you before, Tiwaz."

    Tiwaz suppressed a growl. "Yeah. Right. I'm sure of that. Just like you told me about you being deathly sick..." he spoke rigidly. The dragon hid a forming grimace and looked away, slightly. The words that Fenrir said to him in his nightmare state still resounded. He couldn't help but wonder which of them might still have been true. The heated, painful argument before their split, long before their ressurrection, didn't help.

    Finally, Tiwaz relented. "What do you mean you've told me before?"

    Fenrir forced himself not to get angry and looked at him. "Seriously, I have told you before. My absence has been to help Azur gain a better feel for the abilities he gained from my ancestry in a way that is easiest for him. I altered my original AncientGarurumon form in his body. The new form isn't mine Tiwaz, it is Azur's."

    "Hmph," Tiwaz responded. "I see. Looks like we have very different ways of teaching our descendants, as well..."

    Fenrir had to give Tiwaz a certain look. "Teaching our descendants, Tiwaz? So far, I haven't seen Tyr fighting at all. You've been fighting his battles for him," he said harshly, although he sighed a moment later. Tyr wasn't nearly as strong as Tiwaz; it would have been common sense to let Tiwaz fight. "If you've been teaching him anything else, then I applaud you for once, but I am not teaching Azur any more than just giving him the ability to learn and experience in a way that best fits him," Fenrir said, closing his eyes.

    An offended Tiwaz narrowed his eyes in response. "Well, I'm sorry I'm not making a form just for little old him and taking the time to tudor him in Godhood 101 while the world is hanging in the balance," he retorted. "And, besides, what's with the weird clothes and stuff on that new form?"

    Fenrir had to roll his eyes. "My original form isn't suited for his fighting style. He's like you: he likes to attack fast and hard," he told Tiwaz with a grunt. "Also, it...allows him to make use of the abilities of a light god, unlike my own form. It gives him the speed, strength and flexibility that my form can't." Then Fenrir gave him a hard look. "And what have you been teaching him? How to act like you?"

    "As if I would want that," Tiwaz couldn't help but mutter under his breath. The AncientGreymon turned and glared at Fenrir. "No, as a matter of fact. If I was, I would still be telling Tyr to access his godly spark and forcing him into a long, painful, and lonely life." The black dragon looked down at the white wolf. "No, I don't want Tyr to become a god or a second Tiwaz. I just want him to live a life that would make him the most happy. If I can help him do that, then that's what I am going to do."

    Fenrir grit his teeth. "Well then you don't understand the situation that Azur's already landed himself in. He may not be me, but he has a body like mine. Godly spark? I do not know about you, Tiwaz, but I have never needed to 'access' it; it's aways been active. Azur proved to be the same the moment he showed a bit of his power. Whether I liked it or not, I already cursed him into a so-called long, painful and lonely life, so forgive me if I'm trying to show him a side of it that isn't so bad. And make him most happy? So far, Tiwaz, I've seen less of Tyr and more of you. Is taking control of his life for him going to make him happy?"

    Tiwaz narrowed his eyes scrutinously. "Always active, huh? So you're not a first generation god... Blimey, Fen; a thousand years later and I'm still learning more about you every day! I guess that partially explains the condescension," he answered, scoffing a bit. Tiwaz then glared. "And what would you rather? That I put his sword in his hand and force him to kill? Even when he's against killing even the worst digimon? Wait, I'm sure you don't care. Anything to get rid of me, right? I bet you'd prefer if I wasn't resurrected at all!" Tiwaz growled accusingly.

    Fenrir had to growl. “You always find a way to this about you, don’t you?” he said scathingly. “And as a matter of fact, I do expect Tyr to take his sword and kill if he has to. I expect him to make the hard decisions that everyone has to make, maybe even to let a vile demon live and be free to wreck whatever else it can, or to kill it against his morals,” he said harshly despite Azur’s unsure tone telling him that maybe he’s going to far. “Tyr is so fortunate, isn’t he? That he doesn’t have to face against his morals, or even be forced to go against them in order to survive? That he has the luxury to let you take control whenever it gets too hard for him? Forunately, he has you to do that for him. Teach him all you want, Tiwaz, but you’re only teaching him to rely on you.”

    Tiwaz's snarl intensified. "I'm not about to feel guilty for wanting more for Tyr! That's another difference between you and me; you think the world is a craphole, so you just accept it and expect everbody else to go through whatever shitty past that you've had to go through. I think the world is a craphole, but I'm actually trying to make it better and not have to make the people I care about go through the things that I've had to go through. And I don't need to stand here an be lectured by some cynical mongrel! Hell, sometimes I even wonder if you batted an eye when Dunkelheit died. Or was that another one of your 'hard lessons' for Azur too?"


    It had come from Fenrir's mouth, but it was not Fenrir's voice, but Azur's. Surprise was clear in Fenrir’s eyes for but a mere second before it was replaced with cold irritation. In a flash, Azur had retaken control over his AncientGarurumon body. "Just shut the hell up and stop arguing for once in your lives!" Azur snarled, both at Tiwaz and at his descendant inside him. He turned first to Tiwaz.

    "I don’t care what happened to you, Tiwaz, but you’re right, Fenrir’s past is shitty. Whatever you’ve experienced – whatever anyone here has experienced – he’s had it worse, so it’s a gods-damned miracle that he turned out this good. But don’t you dare say he didn’t care about Dunk. Don’t you dare think you know how he feels about anything! You don’t know how he feels, but I do, so don’t you f*cking think that he doesn’t care! He’s done the best that he could for me no matter what you think.”

    "Azur! Stop it!

    Then he looked down at himself, turning back to Fenrir. “And no, I won’t stop! Whenever you let Tiwaz talk to you, you always act up! You let your own feelings take control when you keep on telling me to control mine; that is not the way to teach me, Fenrir!” Even at Fenrir’s shocked silence, he continued talking. “For one f*cking moment in your life, be honest with him, or I won’t ever let you talk with him again!”

    After a few moments, Tiwaz growled, but not with the passion that Azur mustered. "I'll stop presuming about him when you both stop presuming about us," Tiwaz snarled lowly. "You can think what you want. I don't really care." The AncientGreymon turned and stated to walk towards the large chasm in the ground, but suddenly his body stopped in its tracks.

    "Liar!" Tyr's voice shouted from Tiwaz's with as much passion as Azur. Tiwaz was shocked. Tyr was able to speak through his AncientGreymon form? "Tiwaz, you do-!"

    "Quiet, Tyr," Tiwaz snapped, cutting him off and battling him for control of their body. "This is neither your nor Azur's business!"

    "But you two need to resolve this!"

    "Whatever 'this' is was resolved after that fight with Milleniummon, wasn't it, Fenrir?" he seethed, looking over his shoulder at the AncientGarurumon. "Those three words were all that I needed to hear."

    And with that, Tiwaz asserted his control over his form and continued his walk towards the chasm.

    "Coward!" Azur called out, despite Fenrir's words.

    Tiwaz, whose back and wings had become hot and fiery during the argument, stopped and looked over his shoulder, giving Azur a cold glare. "...What?"

    Azur looked at him hard. "You're a coward, Tiwaz."

    The dragon gritted his jagged teeth hard in his mouth. "And how do you figure that?" he challenged him, turning his head forward, away from them, again.

    Azur folded his arms. "Just ask yourself that question, Tiwaz." With that, Azur turned away, reverting back to his original form despite Fenrir's words in his mind.

    Tiwaz released a defiant humph and didn't turn back around. Silently, he closed his eyes and bowed his head for a moment before opening them and deciding to continue his walk towards the chasm.

    "...Well, that was awkward," Kheprius said, grinning a little. He had been standing nearby, enjoying the show as the drama unfolded.

    Pyra looked at Azur with some surprise at all the vitriole exchanged between the parties. "Azur..."

    Azur let out a grunt, Fenrir's voice reprimanding him for what he did. He didn't feel any guilt or shame for it, though. "Sorry," he muttered to Pyra and ignoring Khep's comment.

    Pyra put her hands on her hips and sighed. After a few moments of deliberation, she decided it was time for her to say something. "This is exactly the reason we keep losing!" she said sternly, not just to Azur, but to the rest of the Peacemakers. "None of us even attempt to work together because of all these grudges, and in-fighting, and whatever else. The only time we communicate is when we're slinging insults at one another. Even if Mephistopheles wasn't smart enough to exploit this, we'd still be tripping over ourselves. We need to put ourselves above this if we're ever going to defeat Mephistopheles. That's why these humans were fighting so well..."
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    "The dragon-bug-girl has a point," Nocchi admitted, stepping among them. "Though I will say that me, Shoon, an' Gunnar worked pretty darn well up until Shoon blew himself up."

    The Puppetmon paused a moment, collecting his thoughts. Finally, he said, "If we jump into hell the way we are now, we're just gonna to get our butts handed to us again. An' this time, the whole dang world could be at stake. So we gotta be a team. That sorta thing doesn't usually happen overnight, though. An' we don't even have that much time to begin with. But if we're gonna stop Mephilistine, we have to work together. No more o' this 'me-first' business. I mean, I certainly don't struggle with that, but I know the rest o' ya do... Nyah! Dang it, Nose! Quit it!" He stopped to recompose himself. "So let's fix this, okay?"

    Nocchi turned slowly, gazing up at each Peacemaker near him in turn, and continued, "Yer arguments, grudges, anger issues, an' gratuitous displays of bravado hafta stop here. Everything hinderin' yer performance as part o' the group needs to be left behind before we dive headlong into hell itself. I don' know about you guys, but I'd hate to lose the world 'cause we couldn't work together."

    Somewhere among the Peacemakers, Sha's laugh rang out: "Cha-haw-haw! Nocchi's right, you know! If you're wearing sweaty underwear, you change 'em!"

    Nocchi rolled his eyes. "In his own...unique...way, Sha's got it right. We're all wearing sweaty underwear...figuratively. An' we need to change, or we're all gonna get rashes in weird places!"


    "Honey," Ivy whispered, gently gaining Gigas' attention.

    "Uh-huh?" the big bug mumbled back, turning away from the commotion of the rest of the Peacemakers.

    "I want nothing more than to be by your side, but this time... I think I'd better stay behind to take care of the injured while the rest of y'all head in," the Lilymon said.

    Gigas smiled. Compassionate Ivy: the woman he knew and loved. "Makes sense," he replied, grinning. "You'll be safer here too... Safer than in hell, anyway. Besides, I'm pretty sure Justin's gonna stay behind, an' he can protect you if need be. But I've seen you in action, so I doubt you'll need any protectin' anyways! Ho ho!"

    Ivy couldn't help but laugh with Gigas. Finally, she stopped and said, "There's another reason I feel I need to stay behind, though, dear."

    "And why is tha--?"

    He was interrupted as she hovered in front of his face and placed a petite finger to his lips. "Because, Gigas Kranatos," she began with a playful smile, "you're going to be a father."

    Gigas nearly sprung twenty feet into the air. Frantically, he exclaimed, "Ah! Water! Water! Somebody get water! Where's the doctor?!"

    "Ssh! Ssh! Gigas, Honey, not now," Ivy said, hushing him. "I just found out the other day, but I haven't had a good chance to tell you until now...what with chasing Mephistopheles and all."

    Gigas dropped to his knees in a mixture of disbelief and joy. "I can't believe it... I'm gonna be a daddy," he murmured, shaking all over.

    He threw back his head, without regard for the comfort of anyone around him, and thundered, "I'M GONNA BE A DADDY! HO HO HO HO HO HO!"

    Ivy laughed and tried to quiet his booming laugh. "Gigas, Gigas, Gigas, Gigas, dear," she said, hushing him once more, as she waved for the other Peacemakers to continue whatever discussion they were having now.

    "Gosh, I can't believe it. This is awesome!" Gigas said, grinning from mandible to mandible.

    Ivy smiled. "I love you, Gigas."

    "I love you too, Ivy."

    The Lilymon X fluttered up to his face once more and kissed him lightly above his jaws. "Now," she said, tears filling her eyes, "go save the world."
  14. Azur had to sigh at Pyra’s announcement. It felt…a bit hurtful that he was being used as an example by his own love, but he knew that she was right.

    I apologize, Azur,’ Fenrir suddenly said within his mind.

    I’m not the one you should be apologizing to,’ Azur replied back, the tone in his mind neutral. He still felt irritated at his ancestor, but he knew how the ancient of light felt. He himself was terrible at his own feelings. He felt lucky that Pyra understood them so easily. Or at least he hoped she did.

    He assumed that Fenrir acknowledged his words when he didn’t receive a reply. He hoped that was a good sign.

    He turned to Nocchi when the Puppetmon started talking. He grimaced when Shoon was mentioned; it felt like it was his fault that the Mamemon X had gotten injured. He was the one that asked Pyra to bring the machine Digimon to Galic. He would not have been introduced into the Peacemakers had Azur ignored the young Digimon.

    The WereGarurumon reasoned with his guilt. Shoon knew what he was getting into when he joined the battle. He could have quit anytime. He didn’t. None of them did. He sighed; maybe he could talk with Shoon a bit before they left.

    He was about to speak when Gigas’ voice suddenly rang aloud in the barren field.

    The WereGarurumon blinked. That was not what he expected to hear right after Nocchi’s speech…although it strangely struck at him.

    “Pinnochio’s right,” Azur suddenly said, folding his arms. “The faster we can trust each other to watch each other’s backs and combine our abilities, the better. It’s not only our world at stake, it’s everyone’s future too.”

    I want to be a father too.

    Azur blinked. That wasn’t Fenrir’s voice, which mean that it was his own. He closed his eyes and wondered for a moment where that thought came from.

    He opened his eyes again. He would get the luxury to ponder over that thought after they save the world.


    The moment he climbed out of the gateway he made, he could already feel it: the intense energy, the dark magic, the aura of death and malice that it radiated. He knew that if he looked behind him, he would see his former home, the land he had for so long tried to get out. The mouth of hell was behind him.

    “How magnificent,” Cresil said sarcastically, not even bothering to give it a look. He didn’t need to see something which, until six or seven months ago, he had seen for years and years on end.

    He then winced, bringing a palm to one of his eyes as if to keep it from seeing what it was seeing. It was impossible to do, but he did it anyway. After a moment of feeling the rush of guilt and sorrow – and ignored it in a way that only a demon could – he turned to look around him.

    His short stint in the shadow realm had kept him from observing what had happened in the living world. He didn’t really have to think about it though: from the looks of everyone’s grim face, he could easily tell what was going on.

    “Oh, great. More team talking,” the Astamon complained, rolling his eyes.

    He turned to the angel Michael. He didn’t even have to look around for the MagnaAngemon; divine power was something that was easily spotted and sensed for a demon like him. It was anathema to him, after all.

    “Do you really have time for chitchat? Right now, Muffy’s probably heading for the first demon lord. Time’s a ticking before it’s too late, angel,” he said, all his previous pretenses, his charismatic and easy-going façade, gone from his person. “And right now, I would like nothing more than to find that demon, squeeze his goat head until he bleats for mercy, then crush it with my bare hands.”
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    Pyra listened carefully as Nocchi spoke, and then Azur. She nodded in response, slightly glad that Azur seemed to agree with her. She wasn't quite sure what to say in response to Nocchi and Sha's... obscure metaphor, so she didn't.

    Pyra was about to speak up again, but before she could, Gigas' ecstatic laughter bellowed out.

    She, Kheprius, and Gunnar blinked and turned towards the jovial HerculesKabuterimon. "A... father?" she asked, looking between him and Ivy.

    Gunnar raised an eyebrow. "He and Ivy...?" he questioned, trying to figure out the logistics of it.

    "Poor Ivy..." Kheprius said.

    "Um, congratulations to the both of you," Pyra said to them, smiling a little.

    Kheprius grinned. "Heh, yeah, Gig. I won't ask how exactly you managed to do it, but good for you! ...I just hope they get their looks from Ivy," he said with a chuckle.


    "I would have to agree with the core of that," Barachiel concurred, walking over. "For once, Mephistopheles isn't five steps ahead of us. He just walked into the Inferno and we are right behind him. It is just a matter of us catching up to him before he releases the Demon Lords, correct?"

    Barachiel looked towards the chasm that Tiwaz was near. The SlashAngemon felt a sickly churning in his body from even glancing at it. "If it is all the same, I believe we should get moving. Justin and Ivy are taking care of the wounded, it seems. I don't know how you feel about Pelleas and the two standing Digidestined, however..."

    "How do we do that though?" Pyra asked, walking over. "I'm afraid I'm not versed in the matters of the Inferno or demons. He closed the gate behind him, didn't he? How are we supposed to follow him?"

    Barachiel frowned and looked between Michael and Cresil. "Is there some sort of holy spell that might open the gate? I mean, the angels created the Inferno as a prison for the demons, didn't they? I would assume that if anybody could open the gate once the seals were broken, it would be an angel..."
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    Michael considered the wound in the world. When Mephistopheles stepped through he had closed the Devil's Gate behind him, and all that was left was a gaping chasm of molten rock. Leaping into that would bring them nothing more than severe burns--Svarog, Tiwaz, and Vritra excluded, of course. As the rest of the Peacemakers talked, Michael ran through his options. There were few. He was a soldier, a warrior...not a magician. He didn't have the magics to calibrate a Gate of Destiny into the Inferno--very few angels did.

    He stopped himself. He was thinking only of his abilities and not the abilities of the others. He was not the only one with a stake in the outcome of Lucifer's rising. The others were just as willing as he to make the sacrifices necessary. They were just as capable. He'd been holding them at bay, acting as the aloof General instead of the loyal comrade for fear of the conflict closing in on them and taking their lives. He had thought his distance would give him clarity. It had only made him cold.

    "Sha, you can stabilize the gate if we open it again," he said calmly, with a voice that rang out clear. "Cresil, together you and I will open another pathway that--"

    "Ain't gonna work, Mikey," Samael said, he stepped forward with a frown. "You and the furminator here open a gate and you're just getting down into the first Circle--maybe another two. But that's as far as you'll get." He jabbed a thumb back to Cresil. "Bad as he is, he couldn't have been very deep if he busted out without making a big commotion. You've gotta open a path all the way down to Lucifer's Cage. Ride the lightning, if you will."

    "If it is lightning you need, I have it in excess," Thor offered. Like the others, he was grasping at any chance they had. It was haunting to see someone like Thor so lost.

    "It's a figure of speech," Michael muttered, and he saw Thor shake his head. The thunder god seemed to have suspected as much, but had hoped otherwise. "Samael is right." He looked to the Fallen One. "But then, there's only one option."

    "Exorcise a demon stained with enough sin to send them straight down to the ninth Circle, right into Lucifer's Cage," Samael said. He grit his teeth. "And ride the path of the exorcism down behind me."

    "That's madness," Svarog growled. He stepped forward. "It's one thing to follow of our own accord, but to willingly send one of our own unprotected into Hell..."

    "Didn't know you cared so much," Samael quipped with a smirk.

    "This is no time for jokes," Svarog declared. "Even if you do follow Mephistopheles into Hell, can you be certain you'll stop him?"

    Michael didn't have an answer, not a good one, at least.

    "I'll stay behind then," Thor said. "We must be prepared for anything, and though I have full faith in you," he looked to the Peacemakers, "I swore to this world that I would not leave it to face the darkness alone."

    "I will as well," declared Svarog. "I would like nothing more than to ride headlong into Hell, but the war is here now. And here is where I need to be."

    Michael was disappointed; their raw power would have been invaluable, but they were right. Someone needed to stay behind and lead the rest of the world into the darkness. Someone had to stand fast until he and the Peacemakers stopped Mephistopheles.

    "Lead well then. Call upon the Host's armies. They will be invaluable, albeit stubborn," Michael said. He turned to Samael. There was no more time to spare. "Are you ready?"

    "You better bind me, Mikey," Samael muttered, his eyes downcast. "Push comes to shove, I dunno what I'll do, or if I'll try to fight back."

    Michael nodded and formed a Devil's Trap made of glowing light beneath Samael. The fallen angel's eyes flashed red as he instinctively tore against the bonds. He snarled and roared as Michael neared, and placed a hand on his shoulder. Glowing chains sprang up from the Devil's Trap and bound Samael where he stood.

    "Sha, be ready," Michael ordered. "Cresil, step back or risk being caught in the exorcism." He looked back to Samael, who writhed and snarled against his bonds, his eyes wide and wild and pleading.

    "Let's get this over with," the fallen angel rasped. He looked to Michael, pleadingly. "And, Mikey, don't leave me in there too long."

    Michael nodded. "Regna terrae, cantate Deo."

    The Peacemakers were silent as Michael continued the exorcism. Whether out of respect for Samael's sacrifice, or from the horror of the sounds coming from him; the gut-wrenching screams--watching him writhe and shake and burn against the exorcism's power. Michael ended Samael's torture with four words:

    "Benedictus Deus. Gloria Patri." Blessed be God. Glory to the Father.

    And thus began the Fallen One's torment. Samael's body was obliterated into black smoke and pulled into the chasm of wild molten flame. It billowed around it and cracked through.

    "Sha, now!" Michael shouted, calling for now-angel to stabilize the opening. Sha pulled through, and used the power of his key-blade to keep the gate open. "We have to move quickly."

    "We'll hold the line here until your return," Thor said. He stood with Svarog, Justin, Shoon, and Ivy. Beside him stood the two remaining Digidestined, the five humans, and Pelleas of the Royal Knights. "Go, and may your gods be with you."

    Michael nodded once and led the Peacemakers down into Hell.
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    Tiwaz stared down, gazing into the bubbling pit of magma. The dense liquid swayed and the heat rose, blowing past his face at temperatures enough to fry other digimon. It made it an ideal place for him to be for when he didn't want to be approached.

    However, there was one voice that he couldn't get out of his mind at the moment. The digimon who shared a body with.

    "Tiwaz..." Tyr spoke with sadness and disappointment.

    "...What?" the AncientGreymon asked in reply, not in the mood for whatever Tyr had to say.

    "Why won't you admit to yourself that you care about him?" Tyr asked.

    "Tch," Tiwaz scoffed. "He doesn't want me or my help. I'm tired of trying with him. If he wants to be a humungous prat, fine. What do I care?"

    "Tiwaz..." Tyr spoke again. He paused for a moment. "You can be a stubborn ass sometimes."

    Tiwaz couldn't help but blink and raise an eyebrow. He'd been with Tyr for the past seven or eight months and never once did he ever hear him swear. Tiwaz was a little taken aback. "...What?"

    Tyr sighed. If he could, he would be blushing at his emergency use of a swear word. "I may not be the smartest digimon ever, but I'm not completely dense, you know. We share a body. Even if you get annoyed with him a lot, I know you don't hate him," Tyr explained.

    "Whatever, Tyr," Tiwaz said. "That doesn't change how he feels about me."

    "Tiwaz, you two wouldn't get so intensely angry with each other if you both didn't care about one another," Tyr spoke. "You'd both just brush it off."

    "...So we get mad at each other because we care about each other? Right. Yeah. That makes a load of sense," the AncientGreymon answered.

    Tyr frowned. "Don't think that I forgot about that dream you had..."


    "You know the one, I bet... It felt closer to a memory because it was so clear. It happened recently and it bled over into my mind," the VictoryGreymon explained inside Tiwaz's head.

    Tiwaz gritted his teeth, remembering the one. "I don't know what you're talking about," he insisted.

    "Do you want me to start remembering it, Tiwaz?" he asked. "I'm getting tired of all this fighting. You know that you're better at reading my mind than I am reading yours, so..."

    Tiwaz let out a low growl and Tyr started to remember Tiwaz's memories which had accidentally spilled over into Tyr's consciousness that night. Tiwaz had tried to block it out, but now the scenes and pictures and feelings started assaulting his mind.

    "T-Tyr..." he snarled.


    Tiwaz's orange wings beat with mighty flaps as he descended down to the grasslands. He was greeted by the cool breeze as he swooped down at a steady pace, kicking up wind below him. The AncientGreymon caused a bit of a commotion as he landed in the middle of a small grassland village, dissected three ways by a river. It was a quaint, out-of-the-way little place with a multitude of small buildings and houses, most of them in an oriental style. Not to Tiwaz's liking, to be honest, but he could see why he ended up here.

    Tiwaz landed on the ground, causing only a miniature tremor. He let out a soft sigh and raised his foreleg, pulling his goggles, which were garnished with dew from the flight, up and over his nose horn. He turned his head as a few digimon gathered.

    He couldn't help but feel a tinge of nervousness. Now that he was finally here, he started to feel a little bit uneasy. Then Tiwaz thought, 'No'. He was there and he was going to do this. He wasn't that weak; he refused to turn around and run after all those months of searching and asking around. He didn't fancy himself a coward by any stretch.

    "Wow..." a wide-eyed, avian form of a Buraimon said. "I don't mean to be rude, but what are you?"

    "The AncientGreymon," Tiwaz answered, smirking a bit. "Tiwaz Koenig. It's a pleasure."

    "Oh..." the Buraimon spoke, his tone noticeably lower. "So you're Tiwaz..."

    "Eh?" he questioned. He frowned as he looked at the Buraimon. "He's told you about me, then? By the look on your face, it doesn't sound like good things, either..."

    The dragon's eyes narrowed a little. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. However, he was already here. "Who dares, wins," Tiwaz thought to himself, forcing himself proceed with his plan.

    The Buraimon looked at him with a neutral gaze. "May I ask why you came here, Tiwaz Koenig?" he asked him formally.

    "You may," Tiwaz answered, grinning slightly. "I came here to see Fenrir. Can you tell me where he is?"

    The mood around Tiwaz suddenly became downcast. The dragon raised an eyebrow, but the Buraimon bowed his head slightly and stepped forwards. "Allow me to take you to his family..." he said, turning around and suddenly leading Tiwaz up a path.

    Tiwaz blinked and followed him. "Woah! Hold on just a second! Family?! You mean to say he has a wife?! And kids?!"

    "That's correct," the Buraimon told him, not turning around and still walking.

    Tiwaz laughed a bit. "Well I'll be damned... And here I was thinking the mutt was gay or asexual or something..." he said, though he didn't receive a response from his Buraimon guide.

    The AncientGreymon became a bit quiet, readjusting his goggles, and sensing tension in the air. He knew that the last time he had seen Fenrir was after Milleniummon was defeated. After their eight other friends had been killed in battle...

    He grimaced a bit. It hadn't been a clean parting... and that would have been the understatement of the millenium. They had had a massive and passionate argument, unlike any other they had before. Hurtful and heartwrenching things had been said.

    'We would never have continued adventuring together without the others.'

    'After this...we're done. I never want to see you again.'

    Blame and insults were passed. Things like that. Their ties of friendship were irreparably cut. ...Except Tiwaz was never one to give up, no matter the odds. After an incredibly long wait, Tiwaz started searching out Fenrir. He had hoped that Fenrir was like him, saying those cutting things in the grief and anger of losing the rest of the Ten. He knew that Fenrir had instigated the argument, but still. He also knew that Fenrir has as much stubborn pride as Tiwaz did. Maybe Fenrir regretted the argument, but was too proud to search Tiwaz out. At least, that Tiwaz preferred to think.

    Finally, Tiwaz found himself there. He found Fenrir's new place of residence. He wanted to get this sorted. Maybe they could go back... Frankly, given some of the things said, he wasn't too sure. Tiwaz was far less optimistic than he used to be, but he at least had to try.

    The Buraimon stopped in front of what looked to be a large dojo. "This is the Weissritter dojo. Doubles as their home. It was nice to see you in person..." he explained, giving him a slight bow before walking past him to go back the way he came.

    "Thanks for the help," Tiwaz replied, stepping up to the door. "Living in a dojo... sounds like Fen alright." He considered dedigivolving into his EmperorGreymon form, but he wasn't sure. He would be more recognizable this way and he could just revert back if he was invited in. And he had already knocked on the door rather loudly with his foreleg...

    Tiwaz took a deep breath, his heart beating slightly faster than normal. He thought about what he should say, but he was yanked out of his thoughts when the door suddenly opened with a creek.

    "Fen--..." Tiwaz began to say. Instead of the AncientGarurumon, or even Beowolfmon or MagnaGarurumon, that he expected, he saw a young - too young to be Fenrir - WereGarurumon standing at the door. The WereGarurumon looked grim, but he passed that off to being of the Weissritter bloodline.

    "Ah, you must be one of Fenrir's kids," he said with a grin.

    The WereGarurumon blinked upon seeing the giant dragon, but nodded. "You're..."

    "Tiwaz Koenig," the AncientGreymon responded with a smile.

    "I knew it," he whispered to himself. He then sighed and gave his name. "Topaz."

    "So he has told you about me," Tiwaz replied. "Err, where is your old man?" he asked, feeling a slight bit of nervousness return.

    "You haven't heard..." the WereGarurumon said, looking down.

    "Heard what?" Tiwaz asked, smiling a little bit and looking at the Weissritter curiously.

    "You just missed him..." Topaz replied, looking down.

    "I don't mind waiting," Tiwaz explained, grinning a bit wider.

    The WereGarurumon looked up at Tiwaz, his eyes locking with the AncientGreymon's. "...He died a week ago..." he explained to Tiwaz, the pain evident in his voice. "...I'm sorry."

    Tiwaz's eyes widened and he felt an intense tightness suddenly emerge in his chest. "Wh...What?" he breathed.

    The WereGarurumon simply looked into Tiwaz's eyes, indicating that he was serious. Tiwaz could tell by the pained expression on his face that he was completely serious.

    And as the reality dawned on him, the dragon’s heart broke.

    Tiwaz's eyes grew wide with shock and horror. His breathing became heavy and shaky.

    "No... No! It can't be!" he thought to himself, backing up a step. "He's... dead...?! You're... You have to be..."

    Topaz shook his head solemnly and gestured with his head, asking if he wanted to come in. Tiwaz didn't reply. He was devastated.

    The AncientGreymon backed up further, his four legs trembling. Fenrir was dead... He hadn't been able to see him or talk to him. Sadness, anger, fear, and loneliness... They all overtook Tiwaz's heart and crushed it under their weight without mercy.

    Tiwaz was the only one left. The only member of the Great Ten still alive. He had Rizalia and his kids, but in that very moment, it didn't matter. His friends were gone. First Drazion... then the other eight... and now Fenrir... He was alone.

    He felt a stinging in his blue eyes, but that was nothing compared to pain inside him. He gave Topaz one final pained look and then turned around. And took to the skies...

    For the first time, Tiwaz ran away...

    He ran away, soaring through the skies, as fast as his wings could carry him. He flew... and flew... never looking back. Tiwaz flew until he reached a mountain. It was a mountain familiar to him.

    He flew up along the cliff faces until he found a large, empty cave near the peak of the mountain, high enough to be hidden by the clouds... and high enough to be hidden from the rest of the world.

    Without another thought, Tiwaz flew deep into the icy cave and landed on trembling legs, which collapsed under him.

    "Fenrir..." he whispered, the pain clear in his voice.

    After a moment, the dragon bowed his head and looked down. Tears trickled down his white helmet and slid off, onto the ground. And then Tiwaz let out a draconic roar of pain and agony that echoed from the peak of the mountain. With enraged, tearful blue eyes, he glared and started sending fireballs from his snarling mouth into the wall of the cavern. He swung his tail, shattering stalagmites, and melted the ice with the streams of fire from his cannons.

    Tiwaz vented, taking his rage and pain out on the mountain's cave until he was exhausted, physically and emotionally. He gave a final roar and drove his tail into the rock wall, sending rocks tumbling down. He panted and heaved, gasping for air until he finally collapsed to the ground. Tiwaz lay alone on the cold cave floor, closing his bloodshot eyes and wrapping his wings over himself for warmth as he tried to fight against his emotions.

    In those pained moments, the Warrior of Flame, renowned for his bravery, wanted nothing more than to hide away from the grim reality before him...


    Tiwaz grimaced, panting a bit as the scenes subsided from his mind. "Tyr... You... saw all of that...?" he asked, blushing slightly and trying to stave off the mild pain and discomfort he felt.

    "Yeah..." Tyr said, his voice sad and sympathetic. "I'm sorry, Tiwaz."

    "Thanks, but I don't want anybody's pity," Tiwaz responded.

    "But you can't deny after seeing that that you care about him, right...?"

    Tiwaz grunted. "Fine. So what?"

    Tyr sighed. "Why don't you read that book Scharlach gave you? The one Fenrir's wife wrote. Maybe if you read it, you'll see how Fenrir really feels."

    "If Fenrir has anything to say to me, he should say it himself, to my face. As curious I am about a lot of things, that's not the way I want to find out about him, especially if it's anything else like his sickness... Damn him. If only I had known..."

    "Well if you want him to tell you things, maybe you should start the conversation..." Tyr explained.

    Tiwaz was silent.

    "...Let's just focus on the task at hand for now," Tiwaz finally answered.

    Tyr smiled a bit. It was a bit of progress. He hoped. Maybe Azur was doing the same with Fenrir.

    "Yeah. Right. Whatever. Let's forget about this sappy nonsense and kick some demon ass! That's what we're here to do isn't it?!" Tiwaz said, his enthusiasm springing back.


    Khep watched wordlessly as Samael was exorcised and sent back down to the depths of hell, thus opening a path for them to enter the Inferno.

    "Sammy's gonna be okay, right...?" Kheprius asked, watching as his ashen remains were sucked down into the fiery chasm.

    "Don't worry. I'm sure he will be," Pyra spoke, walking past him towards the chasm.

    "Who's worried?" Khep asked with an informal shrug.

    "He is your friend, isn't he?" Barachiel asked, following Pyra. He figured that his SlashAngemon form would be better suited for the Inferno than his TigerVespamon form.

    "Fellow bar-hopper, more like," the GrandisKuwagamon aloofly said, walking after them. He sped up his pace and walked beside Pyra. "Hey, Pyra. I'd be careful if I were you. I hear hell isn't all that nice this time of year."

    "Thanks for your concern. I'll be fine," Pyra said. She stopped at the edge of the chasm. It was filled with Sha's holy energy. Tiwaz and Gunnar were among the first to follow Michael into pit.

    For a moment, Pyra glanced at Kheprius. She remembered seeing two familiar foes earlier in the battle. "The Beetlemon and MetalKabuterimon..."

    "Dead," Kheprius said, his tone dismissive.

    Despite this, Pyra couldn't help but notice he was looking away from her. "...I'm sorry," she said. "You've known them a long time, haven't you?"

    "I'm fine," Kheprius assured her. "They got what was coming to them."

    "They survived that attack on your village along with you, didn't they?" Pyra said to him, raising an eyebrow. "You've known them since you were a kid."

    "Who cares?" Khep asked.

    Pyra sighed and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Kheprius, despite what you think, I can see through you. They were your friends and it's okay to--"

    "I said I'm fine!" Kheprius snapped, turning and slapping Pyra's hand away from his shoulder. He grimaced and turned away from her, towards the gate to the Inferno. "Just... shut up and focus on what's important here... I don't need you trying to play shrink with me."

    With that, Kheprius jumped into the chasm, following Michael and the others into the gate.

    Pyra frowned and rubbed her hand slightly, calmly watching as the insect digimon disappeared into the light. "Kheprius..." She sighed and shook her head. The Imperialdramon Fighter Mode reverted back to Paildramon to save her energy.

    She walked over to Azur and held his hand with hers. Pyra gave him a short nod before pulling him in with her.

    Meanwhile, Barachiel stood at the edge and watched contemplatively as the others entered. "So this is it..." he whispered, a tiny frown forming on his lips. "Give us the strength to stop him..."

    The SlashAngemon walked along the edge, over to Caradoc and Guinier, who were approaching the portal. "We'll get your soul back, Caradoc," he reassured him, his voice calm despite his trepidation at entering such a vile and unholy place. "You can depend on me."

    He gave his friend a short nod and a small smile before jumping in as well.
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    "Thank you," Caradoc replied. "Together... let's end this." He watched his friend step into Hell, and prepared to follow.

    "He's right, Caradoc," Guinier murmured from beside him. "You don't have to be afraid to fight for your soul. Even though you're scared that if you fail, I'll suffer for it..." She paused. "I believe in you. Even after everything that's happened, I still believe you're a good man. And in a time like this, we need people like that." She gently rested a hand on his shoulder. There was a still, silent moment. The two for one moment reflected on the past, before the opening of the Devil's Gate, before Hadrael's death, before the Chess Kingdom. They remembered simply being together.

    Caradoc looked at the gate before them. Beyond lay Hell and all the torments it held, but now, he did not fear those things. "If we defeat Mephistopheles and end this... what then?" he asked.

    "Perhaps, once this is done... we can go home," she replied. "It won't be the same... but..."

    "I know," he replied."Let's fight for this world, then." And with that, the two turned and stepped into Hell.


    "Let's go and take that demon's head," Vritra muttered, striding to the gate, and leaping in.

    "Farewell," Bedivere said to Thor. "Hopefully, the next time we see one another, it will be when victory is ours." With that, the Lord of the Empty Seat turned, and strode to the gate.

    "Mephistopheles... we're coming for you," he thought as he jumped into the gate, and fell into the Inferno.
  19. Azur watched with morbid interest as Samael was cursed and then banished back into the hell that all demons loathed to be in. It felt a bit ironic that he went in while the other demons went out. He wished that it would have been that easy to send all the other demons and the pain and agony they caused back in as well. The WereGarurumon then sighed and shook his head, knowing that no matter how hard he wanted that to be true, it would never come to realization. They would have to do something themselves, and then have to carry the scars caused by this war for as long as they lived. It was…harder than it sounded, he knew. After all, he still carried the scar caused by Dunk’s death…but at the very least, they were healing.

    He paused for a moment.

    Yours haven’t yet,’ he thought to Fenrir. He knew that the ancient of light could hear him, even if he did not reply. ‘Each time you argue with him, you’re only scratching at it and making it worse.

    Azur sighed and shook his head. Fenrir didn’t even try to reply to him, the only voice he could hear in his head his own.

    I know you can hear me, Fenrir. Please, don’t be the stupid one between us,’ Azur tried with a grimace. ‘You told me before that as I got stronger, you were beginning to feel weaker. I’m only realizing that now when I took control when you and Tiwaz started arguing again.

    Once again, he didn’t get a reply, and once again, he was beginning to get irritated by his ancestor. Wasn’t he supposed to be the immature one.

    Do you want to make the same mistake you did those years ago?’ Azur asked in his head loudly. ‘Do you want to disappear from this world all over again without at least trying to mend the bridge you forced yourself to destroy? Without even an explanation or confession?


    No, you don’t, Fenrir,’ Azur thought, closing his eyes and folding his arms. ‘Remember, I have your memories. And the one thing I can tell you without a doubt is that you regret not telling Tiwaz the truth...telling him your sorry…and that you weren’t able to say goodbye.

    He opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Tiwaz’s disappearing form into the gate of hell, knowing that Fenrir would be forced to see the AncientGreymon as well.

    This time, Fenrir, don’t leave with any regrets. Don’t let him believe the things he thinks of you, because you and I both know damn well they aren’t true.

    A sigh went through his mind.

    Azur opened his eyes. It was better than unending silence, at least. He turned his head at the sight of movement, seeing Pyra walking towards him. She took his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. No words needed to be said. 'I love you. We'll get through this.' Instead, he only returned her smile with a slight one of his own, squeezing her hand as she lead them towards the entrance to hell.

    There was no going back.


    There was no going back.

    Aeria bit her lip, rubbing her shoulders. She had waited for everyone to go in, not realizing until the last moment that it seemed like she was the last one there, and it already looked like Sha couldn’t hold the gate any longer. Even Cresil went in before her, looking a lot more serious than usual, especially since he was going back to the world that he had sought to escape before. He did escape, and yet he was going back in, all for the sake of getting back at Mephistopheles.

    “This is…my chance,” she muttered to herself as she took a nervous step forward.

    She wondered where her confidence went at that moment when she had been so filled with it during the fight, and even right after. Maybe it had flown out along with the demons that were now scouring the earth, looking for to cause havoc and pain in their path. The thought didn’t give her the courage to move any faster.

    She took another step forward.

    “This is…what I have to do,” she told herself, gripping her hands a bit tighter. “I…want to help them,” she whispered.

    Maybe the thought of demons in the world didn’t spurn her on, but the thought of her new friends and her allies began to. She couldn’t let them down, not when she felt like she had done so many times before. She especially couldn’t let herself down.

    And she entered the light.
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    "Well, Gig," Nocchi said, staring intently into Hell itself, his hands on his hips, "looks like this is it. It's do or die now."

    Gigas nodded solemnly. The giant HerculesKabuterimon pounded his two right fists into his left hands, sending a surge of blue electricity crackling through his forearms. "We're pullin' out all the stocks. Goin' all in."

    A grim smile crossed Nocchi's face. "It's all or nothin'. We'll stop Mephistofeces..."

    Gigas clenched his teeth. "At all costs."

    "When we find him, I'm gonna smash his sorry goat-face in. Then I'm gonna make him dance. Like a chicken."

    "I'm gonna kick his posterior around like a soccer ball."

    Nocchi chuckled. "Nyeheh. That's a new level of vehemence for ya, Gig."

    The HerculesKabuterimon grunted. "He's reached a new level of deserving."

    "Hey, could you guys hurry it up?" Sha called, struggling to maintain the gate's stability. "In case ya haven't noticed, I'm singlehandedly holding open a tear in the fabric of reality that leads to the deepest trenches of the underworld. So if you could go on through, that'd be nice."

    Nocchi rolled his eyes, picked up his hammer, and grinned impishly. "Never thought I'd say this...but I can't wait to get in there. If Philly thinks this is Hell, wait till I get ahold of 'im."

    With that, the Puppetmon disappeared through the portal, leaving only Gigas, Aeria, and Sha behind. As Aeria stepped through, Gigas looked over his shoulder at Ivy, who stood watching him as he prepared to enter. He smiled at her and clenched his fist. She clenched hers back.

    "Go get 'em, Honey," Ivy whispered, tears in her eyes.

    Gigas turned back to the gate. "I love you, Ivy."

    He stepped through the portal.

    "Cha-haw! Finally! Let's get this party STARTED!" With that, Sha shifted back into his Shawjamon form and leaped through the portal just before it closed.

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