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Digimon: Digital Defenders


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Hello all, this is my first fanfic, titled Digimon: Digital Defenders. It's a bit cliche, but its a pretty good read when you're bored. ^.^; Anyway, I really hope you enjoy it, as I've been working on it for awhile. Constructive Criticism is encouraged, and I'd love some reviews. Thanks.


NOTE: During this fan fiction, I tend to use a mix of both Japanese and English Digimon terms. Below are the English and Japanese terms I use in my fan fiction, to prevent confusion amongst readers. This will be updated as I write more chapters.

Terms I Use/Other Term

Digidestined/Chosen Children

In-Training/Baby II

Fan fiction Key:

/italics/: Thoughts
"text": Speech
text: Emphasized word.
>>>>>>>>>: Transition to another scene or passage of time.

Fan made Digimon:

Level: Rookie
Attribute: Data
Type: Plant Digimon
Attack(s): Sharp Petal

NOTE: Fan made Digimon, in their first appearance, their name will be typed in bold.

Disclaimer: Sorry to burst your bubble, but I do not own Digimon. Digimon is property of Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation, Bandai, and other respective owners. I am, in no way, affiliated with these companies. All fan made Digimon used in this fan fiction belong to me. You may not, in any way, use my fan made Digimon in any fashion, without my permission.


Digimon: Digital Defenders

Prologue: In ancient times, the Digital World was ruled by a powerful pharaoh Digimon, only known as Pharaohmon. He was an evil dictator and a tyrant. He was ruthless and showed no mercy or compassion for the weak Digimon he ruled over. The period of his rule was known as the Dark Age. Pharaohmon and his generals roamed the Digital World freely, leaving destruction in their wake, and destroying anyone foolish enough to stand in their way. The Digimon of the land decided they could take no more devastation and oppression, so three brave angel type Digimon rebelled against Pharaohmon and his generals. Soon, A battle ensued. The battle was rough, but the angel warriors prevailed. They sealed Pharaohmon and his generals, putting them in a deep slumber, but at a cost. The three angel Digimon sacrificed their lives in the process. For centuries, Digimon everywhere were allowed to live peaceful lives, free from fear. However that peace was short lived. You see, the seal was only temporary, and now Pharaohmon has awakened, but all those centuries of being sealed has weakened him. His new goal is to regain control over the Digital World, and return it to the Dark Age. But, there is still hope. The three angel digimon's last will was to chose three heroes to succeed them, called Digidestined. Now three, everyday teenagers are the Digital World's last line of defense. Digimon: Digital Defenders!


Episode 1: Get Up! Adventure!

/Life is so boring/ thought a teenage boy as he was walking home from school. He was tall, brown-skinned, and had dark brown hair, which looked black from far away. His common, dark brown eyes, depicted a look of tiredness and boredom. The rough wind ruffled his white, long-sleeved shirt, with a red t-shirt on top. The legs of his black, baggy jeans scuffed against the concrete sidewalk as he walked, and he bent down to roll them up.

/I'm just about the only kid with nothing to do. I need a life./ he thought. Standing back up, he continued on his way. They sky was a cloudy gray, sitting atop a very urban neighborhood, casting a shade of dullness upon the city. Cars drove by on the black tar streets. The area was lifeless, with very few people. As he came to the end of the street, he waited at the crosswalk to cross the street. People around him were enjoying small conversations, while others just stood there waiting silently for the walk sign to appear. The white walk sign blinked on, and he and the crowd of civilians walked across the wide, black street. He crossed the street onto another block of brick houses, and turned around the corner until he arrived at tall, red brick apartment building. He opened the large entrance door, and walked in. He journeyed up a mountain of stairs, which seemed to stretch forever, until he finally came to a landing. He walked across the white hallway until he came to a door. 34C read the green apartment door. /Home. Finally./ thought the boy as he reached into his pocket, and pulled out a silver key. He inserted the key into the lock and turned it. The lock clicked, he opened it and entered.


The interior of the apartment was nothing special. A couch, TV, and a coffee table in the living room, a stove, refrigerator, countertop, and sink in the kitchen, what a basic home would have. "Dad! Chris! I'm home!" he yelled aloud, but there was no response. The boy shrugged, and walked across the hard wooded floor, to his bedroom door, which he opened and walked through. With an exhausted sigh, he threw his dark blue school bag on the hardwood floor. His room was small and simple, fit with a bed, a dresser, windows, and a computer atop a desk. With another sigh, he collapsed on his bed. As he lay sprawled out on the bed, staring at the white ceiling, he yelled, "I'm going to die of boredom! Will something exciting happen already! I need an adventure!" A very long silence followed. Suddenly, his computer screen glowed white. This grabbed his attention, and he sprang up and ran to the machine. His eyes widened with anticipation, as he bent closer to the computer screen. The screen grew brighter. The light then faded away, and the screen returned to normal.

"Awwww." he moaned as he dropped his head in disappointment. "Must’ve been a glitch." He stood up and turned towards his bed, when he walked into a glowing, red ball floating in mid air. "Whoa, pretty." he said in amazement. He grabbed the floating orb, and it shined so brightly, that he had to shield his eyes from the blinding, red light. The light then faded. He opened his hand, and in the light's place was a red and black device. The gadget was medium sized, and fit perfectly in his hand. It had a black, rubber gripped handle, attached to a gray screen that was built into a red cover. the side of the cover had two black buttons, with a short, thin, black antenna on the top. "Amazing!" he said in excitement, while curiously flexing the device around in his hands to observe it. He shoved it into his pocket. Without warning, the ground beneath the boy's black and white sneakers collapsed, creating a pitch black hole. The boy fell into the hole screaming.


Deeper, deeper he plunged. The hole seemed to have no end. Various multicolored lights zoomed past him. /I feel like I'm in a giant screensaver./ He thought to himself, amazed by the whole experience. Beyond the zooming lights, he noticed a opening with light coming out. He fell faster and through the end of the tunnel, when he came into a clearing and stopped, suspended in the blackness of his surrounding. The area was dark, dotted by shining stars, a distant sun, and a gray, radiant moon. /I'm in space! There's no air! I'll die!/ He panicked, trying to hold his breath, when he finally couldn't hold it any longer and gasped for air. To his surprise, he could breathe. "Where am I?" he asked himself, confused. As he looked forward, he noticed a large, blue and green planet, that very much resembled planet Earth, but was enveloped in a bright green bubble. As he gazed upon the planet in astonishment, he was interrupted by a giant, thunderous voice.

"Halt! Who dares to trespass!" The loud voice echoed from above.

The boy looked up to see an enormous, winged bird, with two arms and legs, fit with razor sharp talons, descending towards him. It wore a black helmet, with golden, two pronged horns attached. It’s body was encased in golden armor. The boy was intimidated by the creature's size.

"I am Crossmon! Protector of the entrance to the Digital World! Who goes there!" the voice roared again. Crossmon's eyes fell upon the boy. The boy gulped.

"Intruder! State your business!"

"I uh-uh" the boy stuttered, trying to speak.

"Do you have proof of entrance!" The giant bird asked.

They boy shook his head, with his jaw wide open. He was terrified of the monster’s immensity.

"Just as I thought! Trespasser! I shall eliminate thee!" blasted Crossmon's voice.

With those words, Crossmon's body was enveloped in a golden flame. The boy was paralyzed with fear as the flames grew bigger.

"Kaiser Phoen--!"

“Ah! Wait!” Crossmon’s attack was interrupted by the boy's plea.

Crossmon stopped his attack, and the flames engulfing his body instantly disappeared. The boy fumbled around in his pocket, and pulled out the red and black device he had before.

"I-I-I have this." the boy stuttered once again, trembling. Crossmon looked at it, inspecting the gadget. Crossmon gasped.

"A D-Stryke!"

" A D-what?" the boy asked, bewildered.

Crossmon pondered for a moment, then spoke.

"I sincerely apologize. Please enter." Said Crossmon, bowing.

The boy let out a sigh of relief. The giant monster pointed at the green bubble, and a hole appeared in it. The boy floated towards the opening, and into the bubble. Suddenly, gravity pulled him towards the planet, and he started falling again.

"AHHHHHH!" the boy screamed as he plummeted towards the ground. The surrounding, which appeared as a huge blur to the falling boy, was a giant, red rock canyon, with a beautiful, clear blue sky. He kept falling until he came to a sudden halt. Beneath him was a giant, floating, white flower petal in the air. The boy and the petal floated towards the ground until it came to a stop. The petal hovered above the red earth, and the boy hopped off. The petal floated away, until it was caught by a plantlike creature.

This creature was rather short, and unlike nothing the boy has ever seen before. It had a green, thick, stem like body, that was stubbed at the end, with no legs. It had big, green leaves for hands. It’s bright yellow face resembled the sun, and showed a friendly expression. There were white flower petals around it's head. The petals rotated around the creature's head, allowing it to float in mid air. It's dark green, almond shaped eyes shone brightly. The giant flower petal shrunk, and the creature placed it in a missing petal spot on it's head. The creature giggled at the boy.

"Good job Flowamon!" exclaimed a female's voice in the distance. The boy turned to see an Asian girl, slightly shorter than him. She wore yellow overalls with a white t-shirt trimmed with bright green, under the overalls. Her shoulder length black hair was neatly in pigtails, tied with yellow bands. Round eyeglasses covered her hazel eyes. She walked with an open, yellow laptop in her hands towards the flowerlike creature. The creature floated towards the girl. They both looked at the boy. She walked up to the boy, and put one hand out.

"Hi, my name is Meilin, what's yours?"

"Chandler" said the boy, shaking her hand.

"Where am I?" Chandler asked. Meilin closed her laptop and straightened her glasses.

"You're in the Digital World." she informed Chandler.

"The Digital World, so does that mean everything here is digital?" asked Chandler. Meilin nodded.

"So who was that giant golden bird who almost destroyed me?" Chandler continued.

"That would be Crossmon. He guards the entrance to the digital world. You see that giant, green bubble surrounding this world?" explained Meilin.

"Yes." Chandler replied.

"That's the Digital world's firewall. Crossmon is the only one who can open and close the firewall. Anything can get out, but nothing gets in."

"Oh." Chandler nodded.

"This world is inhabited by creatures called Digital Monsters, or Digimon for short. Crossmon is a Digimon, and so is Flowamon." said Meilin, turning towards Flowamon. Chandler walked up to Flowamon and knelt to her.

"Thanks for saving my life, Flowamon." he said, smiling. Instantly, Flowamon darted behind Meilin's legs. Blushing, Flowamon peeked out and gave another, soft giggle.

"Don't worry, Flowamon's always shy around new people." Meilin reassured Chandler. "Hmmm, it seems Crossmon made an exception for you. Normally he destroys anything that tries to enter."

"Yeah, I showed him this." said Chandler, pulling out the red and black device again.

"What is this thing anyway?"

"They're called D-Strykes." explained Meilin, pulling out a similar device. It looked exactly like Chandler's, only the grip and buttons were pale green, and the covering was yellow.

"Oh." Chandler nodded once again.

"I have another question. Who brought me here, and why am I here?" he asked.

"Do you normally ask this many questions?" said Meilin, smiling, but annoyed.

“Sorry.” Chandler apologized.

"I brought you here." said Meilin.

"Why?" Chandler asked.

"Well, it's kind of confusing. I receive orders by e-mail from someone named MDG thedigtalworld.This person is also the one who brought me here in the first place. Well, today he sent me an commandto recruita new Digidestined. You, basically.” Meilin continued.

"So, this MDG person, who is it?" asked Chandler.

"I don't know. I've been trying to ask where to find it, but all it replies is 'You will in time.' It's really frustrating."

“You see, any connection made from the Digital World to the real world results in a Digital Portal, and it's my job to create these portals to recruit Digidestined like yourself." Meilin explained.Chandler nodded, understandingly.

/So that explains why my computer screen lit up, and how I got here in the first place./ Chandler thought to himself. Meilin curiously inspected the area around him, confusing Chandler with her actions.

"I see, so you still don't have a partner Digimon."

"Partner Digimon?" Chandler asked.

"Yes. Every Digidestined is supposed to have a partner Digimon. Like Flowamon here. She's my partner, and I’m her partner." Meilin smiled at her.

"I'm...not that special." Said Flowamon, cheeks growing red.

"Well, let's get going. We have a mission." said Meilin, as she placed her laptop in it’s green carrying bag, and placed it on her back.

"What mission?" asked Chandler.

"We're on a mission to defeat Pharaohmon before he fully awakens and unleashes destruction and chaos on the Digital World."

"So, why can't we just destroy him now?" Chandler asked. Meilin scratched her head, trying to come up with an answer.

"Heh, well, There are two problems. One, we're not strong enough on our own, and we need more reinforcements, and two..." Meilin trailed off.

"Two...?" Chandler asked.

"and two is...we don't know where he is! Eheheheh." explained Meilin, chuckling, but embarrassed. Chandler shook his head, sighing. The group of three started walking through the canyon.


"So, where are going anyway?" asked Chandler.

"Well, we're trying to travel through this canyon, into a village on the other side. But first we have to pass through a forest." informed Meilin.

"A forest next to a canyon?" Chandler asked, confused. Meilin shrugged.

"Hey, it's the Digital World, nothing is ordinary here."

As the small group of three traveled along the hard, red earth, in the blazing hot sun, Chandler started complaining.

"Ah, It's too hot! I can't take anymore of this heat!"

"Well, we're in the middle of a canyon on a sunny day, what did you expect?" replied Meilin, stopping to bend down and tie her white sneakers. Flowamon stopped with her.

Chandler walked ahead. Accidentally, he tripped over a medium sized, brown rock, jutting out of the ground. Flowamon gave another giggle. Frustrated by the heat, Chandler kicked the rock. "Stupid rock!" he yelled. Suddenly, the ground shook, and the area in front of Chandler crumbled to reveal a gigantic monster arising from the earth. The monster was brown, with long arms with fists the size of boulders. He had a mask made of metal, and appeared to be made out of stone. It's eyes were pure white, as if it were possessed. Meilin stood up and noticed the giant monster. Flowamon gasped.

"Hmmm..." Meilin hummed, and sat on a large, flat, nearby rock, with Flowamon following right behind. She opened up her yellow laptop and started using it. The humongous, stone-made monster’s roar echoed throughout the canyon. Suddenly, Chandler's D-Stryke started shining. He took it out of his pocket and examined it, then pressed a button. A small hologram opened up on his D-Stryke, which gave the monster's picture, followed by some text.

"Golemon, Virus Type." Chandler read aloud.

"He's at the Champion level. Special attacks: Golemon Punch, and Crimson Curse." Chandler stood there, puzzled. He didn’t understand what it meant.

"Golemon Punch!" yelled the Digimon, as one of his large fists fell towards Chandler.

Narrowly, Chandler dodged the attack by running away from it. Golemon's punch shook the earth as it made impact.

/I don't understand. Golemon are usually peaceful Digimon. Why would it attack?/ thought Meilin, as she typed. Flowamon nudged her.

"Meilin...shouldn't we help him?" she asked, concerned.

"No. He can do this on his own. Besides, I want to see what he's really capable of." Flowamon nodded in response, but worried about Chandler.

"Golemon Punch!" yelled the golem Digimon again, as he sent another punch towards Chandler.

"Hey, I'm sorry for calling you stupid!" Chandler apologized, once again dodging the attack. Golemon roared.

"Hey!" Chandler yelled back to Meilin.

"Aren't you going to do something!" he asked. Meilin kept typing.

"I don't have to do anything. It's your fight." she said, sharply. Chandler groaned.

"Oh, and a piece of advice. Hold your D-Stryke, and yell "D-Stryke Activate."

"Why?" Chandler asked, confused.

"Just do it." she commanded.

Chandler ran from another punch and took a deep breath. He held his D-Stryke in the air. "D-Stryke! Activate!" Chandler yelled, and with those words, two, long, red blades made out of light, shot out of both ends of Chandler's D-Stryke.

"Hey, it worked!" he yelled in triumph.

/A lance? Impressive./ Meilin thought, as she observed the battle.

"Golemon Punch!" shouted Golemon again, as he sent another punch at Chandler.

This time, the punch hit the ground, sending a wave of dust at Chandler. He covered his eyes with his arms. The gust was so strong, it knocked him off of his feet. Chandler got back up. He looked at his weapon, and then at Meilin.

"What do I do with this thing!" he asked, yelling.

"Figure it out." Meilin responded, paying attention to her computer.

Chandler didn’t understand why Meilin was being so unhelpful, but he quickly turned his attention back to Golemon. Golemon spotted Chandler, and ran at him. Chandler was frozen with fear.

/What can I do? He’s just to strong./ he thought, begining to doubt himself.

"Golemon--!" Golemon yelled, raising it's fist. "Hurry!" Flowamon yelled, worried.

"--Punch!" shouted Golemon as it's large, rock hard fist came slamming down towards Chandler.

Chandler gulped, and stood his ground. He quickly pointed his red lance at Golemon's fist. Golemon's fist made contact with the lance, and with a howl of pain, Golemon stabbed his fist on Chandler's lance. He staggered back, almost losing his balance. Golemon was overwhelmed with frustration, and went rampant. He was stomping all over the place, making the ground shake. His roaring sounded like thunder as he displayed his anger. Blinded by rage he randomly turned towards Meilin and Flowamon, and slowly running in their direction, shaking the earth with his stomping.

/He's stomping towards Meilin and Flowamon! They'll be crushed!/ thought Chandler, scared at the thought.

Golemon's large foot was right above Meilin and Flowamon. Flowamon panicked, while Meilin kept her cool.

"Meilin...we have to get out of here!" Flowamon warned.

"Just stay here." Meilin reassured Flowamon.

/There's nothing I can do! But they need my help!/ Chandler fought with himself. Golemon's foot came crashing down above Meilin and Flowamon.

"Meilin! Flowamon! Look out!" Chandler screamed, but they didn't move.

Meilin gave a smirk, with her eyes closed. Chandler yelled with frustration, and gave one big slash with his lance. A large, red blade of light ripped through Golemon. Golemon stopped dead in his tracks, and fell backwards, unconscious. Golemon moaned with pain.

/I did it./ Chandler thought to himself, with a sigh of relief.

He then collapsed to the ground, on his hands and knees. Meilin noticed a black shadow with red eyes, leak from Golemon. It silently slid across the ground, and seeped into a crevice in the earth.

/It's no doubt Pharaohmon's doing./ She thought to herself.

Flowamon gave a sigh of relief. Meilin closed her laptop, stood up, and walked towards Chandler, who was panting from exhaustion. She helped him up.

"Nice job, for your first time." she congratulated Chandler, smiling.

"What were you thinking! You could’ve been crushed! What if I didn't stop him! You guys would've been pancakes!" Chandler snapped back yelling.

"But it worked, didn't it?" Meilin winked. Flowamon giggled at their argument.

"Hmph!" said Chandler, turning his head away from Meilin.

"Putting your lives in danger to make me attack." Chandler mumbled.

He smiled, then chuckled. The group of three set off, across the canyon until they came to a cliff. Flowamon floated ahead and looked down.

"Umm...it's the forest." she said to Meilin.

"We finally made it!" Chandler yelled victoriously. Meilin smiled.


In the depths of an eerie, dark crypt, with walls, pillars, and floors made of stone, lies a golden sarcophagus, atop a stone altar. Torches in the room instantly set fire and illuminates the area. Small pictures and symbols spread across the walls are revealed in the light. It's an Egyptian tomb. Within the golden sarcophagus, two glowing, red crimson eyes open in the darkness, and a cold, gruesome voice is heard. "They‘ve arrived...It's time I set my plans into action..."

Next: Episode 2: New Allies? Casey and Bearmon!


Looks good so far. I couldn't find any mistakes but I get too wraped in storys to find them any way. I like the D-Strike's they are original. The Angel Digimon idea is simalar to one of the Idea's i am planning to use in my Fic :).


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*bows* Ah, thank you for reviewing! ^_^

You're using the three angels idea, too? Make sure to swing your fic by me when you get to it! ^_^

I'm just tweaking Chapter 2 a little bit before I put it up.


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Yay! Chapter 2 is up! You'll be surprised to know that Chandler has an interesting character quirk. Enjoy! ^_^


Digimon: Digital Defenders

Episode 2: New Allies? Casey and Bearmon!


"So what do we do now?" asked Chandler, after a long period of silence, standing at the edge of the cliff with Meilin and Flowamon. Standing before them was a lush green forest, with trees so tall; they almost touched the blue sky.

"What do you think? We go down!" snapped Meilin in response, which made Chandler flinch.

"Heh, sorry." Chandler apologized for the dumb question.

Meilin nodded at Flowamon, and Flowamon nodded back. The little flower Digimon plucked a petal from her head and gently threw it off the cliff. The petal then glowed a bright yellow, and grew into a large white petal, which floated in midair above the forest. The petal stood right next to the edge of the cliff.

"Thanks Flowamon!" Meilin thanked Flowamon with a smile, which made Flowamon's face grow red with embarrassment.

"It…It was nothing." Said Flowamon modestly. Meilin carefully stepped off the cliff onto the large white petal, and sat down. Flowamon followed, floating onto the petal. They both turned to look at Chandler.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Hop on." Commanded Meilin.

"Oh, sorry. Here I come!" yelled Chandler, as he walked back a couple of steps, and ran towards the edge of the cliff.

"No! Wait!" Meilin yelled at Chandler, but it was already too late. He jumped of the cliff and directly onto the petal. Suddenly, the petal gave way under their weight, and they were sent falling toward the ground, screaming loudly.

"You idiot! You were supposed to step on gently!" Meilin yelled at Chandler.

"Sorry!" apologized Chandler, as they hurtled towards the ground. The petal hit the slope of the cliff and began to slide down like a sled on snow. The group of three held onto the petal with all their strength, and continued to scream.

"Hey, this is pretty fun!" yelled Chandler with delight, as they continued to slide with tremendous speed. Meilin gave a sigh. They continued to slide towards the ledge at the bottom of the cliff.

“Brace yourselves…” warned Flowamon.

In an instant, they flew off the ledge, and hit the ground with a crash. The result of the crash left the three entangled in a pile of arms and legs, with Chandler unfortunately at the bottom.

"Ugh" moaned Meilin as her and Flowamon got off of Chandler, who was dizzy from being crushed by the two. Meilin brushed the dirt off her yellow overalls.

"Sorry." Flowamon apologized sheepishly.

"It's not your fault." She replied, giving a quick glare at Chandler, who was sitting up rubbing his head. He caught Meilin's eyes, and gulped.

"S-Sorry?" He answered with weak smile.

"You!" She exclaimed angrily.

Instantly, she dashed at him, and yanked him up by the collar of his shirt. Ignoring Chandler's yelling and pleading, she spun him around by his collar and threw him face first into the nearest tree trunk. Chandler slid down the trunk, and slumped to the ground twitching in pain. Flowamon gave a small giggle. Meilin grunted, and she and Flowamon continued on their way. But, little did the group of travelers know, a cluster of eyes watched the event, and soon dissapeared amongst the trees.


"So, how long is going to be before we arrive at the village?" asked Chandler.

"Who knows, this forest is pretty big. It could take about six hours at the most, That‘s if we stay on track."

"Six hours?!" Chandler replied miserably.

"Six hours." Flowamon confirmed.

The tall trees shaded the entire forest, with little cracks of sunlight peeking through their green leaves and long branches. Trees after trees were all that surrounded them. The buzzing of insects and the chirping of birds could be heard. The sound of twigs snapping and leaves crunching on the dirt floor under the group's feet filled the air.

Meilin felt a tug on her overalls. She looked down to see a green leaf of a hand tugging her. It was Flowamon.

"Meilin. I'm a bit tired. May we please take a rest?" asked Flowamon. Meilin thought for a moment, then responded.

"Well, I don't know how you can get tired from floating, but, sure, why not?" said Meilin, which made Flowamon smile.

The group traveled onward, until they came into clearing. In the clearing, was a large, flat stone, with it's bottom covered in moss. A ray of light shone down upon it like a spotlight.

"We can rest there." Said Meilin, pointing at the rock. Flowamon quickly floated to the stone and sat down.

“This looks like the brightest part of the forest.” commented Flowamon, while basking in the sunlight.

"It sure looks like it. Come on, Chandler." Meilin beckoned to Chandler, who miserably followed behind. Hearing the "rest" snapped Chandler out of his miserable state.

"Finally! A rest spot!" he exclaimed, rushing to the stone to sit.

"You know, fighting takes a lot out of you. I thought we'd never stop." Said Chandler, sitting down.

Meilin walked to the stone and took a seat, right next to Flowamon, who was relaxing, relieved to take a break. She took off her glasses, and polished them with a cloth from her pocket, then put them back on. She took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. It was pretty peaceful, until her peace was interrupted when Chandler asked her a question.

"Say, are we the only humans here in the Digital World?" he asked. She pondered for a moment and spoke.

"Well, actually--" Meilin was interrupted again by a blipping sound. She dug into her pocket, and pulled out her yellow and pale green D-Stryke. The screen lit up and projected a map. Flowamon got up looked into the map with Meilin. The map was gray, with a faint out line of the area. In a cluster, there were two yellow dots and a red dot together. They looked up on the map, to see a blue dot making the blipping noise. The blue dot was moving closer to the other three dots.

"A blue dot? Could it be?" Meilin asked Flowamon. Flowamon gave a shrug of her leaves.

"'Could it be' what?" asked Chandler, sitting up and paying attention to their conversation, confused.

Out of nowhere, a black and white soccer ball rolled out from a cluster of trees towards Meilin, which came to a halt by tapping against her shoe.

<A soccer ball?> She thought to herself. Something was familiar about the ball that gave her an idea about its owner.

The group heard a noise beyond the trees, which sounded like panting. Chandler instantly got up and became alert.

"Something's coming!" said Chandler apprehensively, turning his attention to a rustling bush.

"D-Stryke--!!!!" yelled Chandler, pulling out his device, but was stopped by Meilin.

"Wait! It's ok." Meilin reassured Chandler, finally figuring out who it was.

From out of the bushes, ran another little creature, around the size of Flowamon, but a tad bigger. It was short, and wore a blue baseball cap worn backwards. The cap had the word "BEARS" printed on it. Two little ears poked out of both sides of its cap. The darkness of the forest made it grayish-brown fur appear even darker. It had blue, belt like bands tied around its arms, with a larger one around its body like a sash. The Digimon finally came to a halt, panting out of exhaustion.

"Hi Bearmon." Greeted a shy Flowamon. Bearmon looked up to spot the source of the voice. He spotted the familiar group and gave a large grin.

"Hey guys!" yelled Bearmon, running up to them. Judging from its boyish voice, it appeared to be a male Digimon.

"Have any of you seen my ball?" he asked, scanning the area for his ball.

"Here you go." Said Meilin, picking up the ball and handing it to him.

"Ah! Thanks!" said Bearmon, as he thanked Meilin with wide eyes. He took off his blue cap, to reveal a lock of grayish-brown fur on his head, that resembled a bang of actual hair. He took the large soccer ball, pushing it into his smaller cap, and it disappeared without a trace. Without him noticing, Chandler was watching the whole event.

"Amazing." said Chandler, astounded, catching Bearmon's attention.

"Hey, who's that?" Bearmon asked, pointing a claw at Chandler.

"Oh, that's Chandler," pointed out Flowamon with a blush. "He's new."

"Oh, hi!" Bearmon greeted Chandler with a wave of his paw.

Chandler's eyes grew wide with excitement as Bearmon talked. Bearmon was a bit intimidated, so he took a step back.

"He's...so...cute!" yelled Chandler.

"What?" asked a dumbfounded Bearmon, with his jaw hanging.

Instantly, Chandler dashed at Bearmon and snatched him up, squeezing him with a big hug, rubbing his cheek against Bearmon’s.

"Awwww! He just like a fluffy teddy bear!" said Chandler smiling, still continuing his glomping assault on Bearmon.

"It's nice to meet you and all, but I can't breathe!" complained Bearmon, finally breaking free from Chandler's grasp, starting to run away from Chandler.

"Hey! Wait!" yelled Chandler, chasing after Bearmon.

"A guy who likes cute things. Weird." Meilin commented, watching Chandler chase Bearmon around the area. Flowamon giggled at Bearmon's predicament.

"You're so adorable! I could just eat you up!" said Chandler, still chasing Bearmon down.

<Eat me?!> Bearmon thought to himself, frightened.

"Help!" Bearmon yelled, his voice echoing throughout the forest. Suddenly, there was a rustle in a nearby tree. Out of nowhere, a figure jumped out of tree, like a shadow, and intercepted Chandler's chase, by jumping in front of him and punching him in the stomach. Chandler stumbled back and fell to the floor, clutching his stomach in pain.

"Chandler!" yelled Meilin, running to Chandler's aid, with Flowamon floating behind.

"Casey! That wasn't necessary!" said Meilin looking at the figure standing before them.

<Casey?> thought Chandler as he pulled himself together. He looked up to identify his assailant. The figure that stood before them was a tall, white female. She had very long, dark brown hair, tied in a ponytail, which stretched down her back, and down to her blue jeans. She wore a white, long sleeved baseball shirt that had blue sleeves, which reached a little past her elbows. She wore a backwards baseball cap similar to Bearmon's, with a long bang of hair that stuck out of the opening.

"He had it coming." Said the girl, shrugging. Her voice had a mature and serious tone to it. Chandler spotted Bearmon, who was hiding behind her legs.

"Heh, I'm sorry. I kind of have a weakness for cute things.” Apologized Chandler.

“But, I've never met a girl who could throw a punch so strong." He complimented.

"Mmhmm!" hummed Bearmon, nodding in agreement, and stepping from behind Casey's legs.

"No one can beat Casey! She's the best!" said Bearmon admiringly, looking up at Casey.

"Hmm." Casey responded with a smirk.

Finally getting up from the ground, Chandler put out his hand for Casey to shake.

"Hi, I'm Chandler." Greeted Chandler with a large grin. Casey simply looked down at his hand, and turned away from him. Chandler stood there, jaws wide open, as Casey left him to sit on the stone.


"So, what brings you here?" Casey asked Meilin, with a friendlier voice tone.

"Well, we were heading past the canyon, to the next village for supplies, when we found Chandler. You know, the new Digidestined recruit I told you about?"

Casey shot a glance at Chandler, who was staring off into space. Chandler noticed Casey, and gave a small wave of his hand.

"So he's a Digidestined, just like you and Casey?" asked Bearmon.

"Humph, that's hard to believe. Why did you bring him here?" Retorted Casey.

"I think he is. He has a D-Stryke just like you guys." Flowamon added in, blushing.

"Oh yeah." said Chandler, digging through his pockets, and finally pulling out a familiar device, and showing it to the group.

"He also defeated a possessed Golemon." Flowamon continued the conversation.

"Oh please, It probably went easy on him." Said Casey, continuing her insulting.

"Hey, it was rather difficult." Broke in Chandler, trying to defend himself.

"Okay, so you have a D-Stryke. Where's your partner?" asked Casey, returning to her less friendly voice tone.

"Partner? I...don’t have one." Said Chandler, looking at the ground.

"Then it's obvious. You're not a Digidestined." Explained Casey.

"I am too!" Chandler shot back, with an arising anger in his voice. He didn't know why Casey was being so mean to him.

"But…" Flowamon interrupted, and having the whole group pay attention to her. Flowamon blushed timidly.

"But… if he's not a Digidestined, then why would he be chosen? Why would he have a D-Stryke?" Flowamon continued, but instantly quieted down.

"It was a mistake. He's nothing more than an inexperienced kid, who doesn't know what he's doing, or about the danger we're facing." Said Casey, cold-heartedly.

"That's not true!" Chandler shot back again, more angry this time. With a grunt, he turned away from the group, running deeper into the forest.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Bearmon yelled after Chandler, until Chandler disappeared into the field of bushes and trees.

"Casey!" Meilin snapped at Casey. "That was uncalled for! I'm going after him." Said Meilin, picking up her laptop bag.

"Wait, let him go. He'll be back." said Casey, with confidence in her words, stopping Meilin from leaving.

“I hope your right.” said Meilin, worried.

Once again, the pair of clustered eyes observed the argument, and in a flash, disappeared amongst the trees.


<I deserve to be here just as much as her!> thought an upset Chandler, blowing off steam, while running through the woods. Chandler finally stopped running, to catch his breath. He spotted a tree stump, and sat down, panting. He pulled himself together, took out his red and black D-Stryke.

<What does she know? She had no right insulting me like that.> thought Chandler, debating with himself.

<But still…I have to be here for a reason.> thought Chandler, getting up from the stump, putting his D-Stryke back in his pocket. Suddenly, Chandler heard a rustling in the trees.

“Who’s there!” yelled Chandler, looking up into the trees. He spotted nothing but branches and leaves.

Getting scared, he backed up against the nearest tree trunk. He began to hear a raspy, heavy breathing from above. He looked up, to see a monster standing above him. It was a large, monstrous spider, with black bristly skin. It’s face was yellow, with cluster of nine green eyes, and two large horns protruding out of both sides of it’s head. It’s large, sharp and slimy fangs drooled saliva on Chandler’s shoulder.

“B-B-Bug…” stuttered Chandler, frozen with fear. The large spider cackled, and snatched up Chandler in a flash, who finally let out a scream. Overwhelmed with fear, Chandler passed out. Instantly, the two disappeared amidst the trees.


“AAAAH!” a girly shriek echoed throughout the forest.

“Chandler!” said Flowamon instantly. The rest of the group suddenly became alert.

“I knew I shouldn’t have let him go!” said Meilin, picking up her bag, and running off into the forest, with Flowamon floating behind.

“Hey! Wait up!” yelled Bearmon, running after the two.

“He screams like a girl? Well, isn’t he a prize.” Casey said sarcastically, shaking her head and smirking. She then started running behind the others, into the forest.


Coming back into consciousness, Chandler looked around his surroundings, to notice everything upside-down. He tried yelling for help, but his voice was muffled. He looked up at his body, to see it wholly tied up with spider webs, hanging him upside-down, from his feet, up to his mouth. He was stuck on a giant spider web, supported by two long trees. He struggled to move, but it was no use. Suddenly, a large figured stood in front of him. It was the large spider monster who kidnapped him. It’s face was right in front of his, and it began to speak.

“Hello dear, well aren’t you looking delicious today!” it said, snarling with a raspy, female voice. It’s horrible breath made Chandler‘s eyes water, and made him gag on the stench. He started thrashing his body around, trying to get loose, but instead his red and black D-Stryke slipped out of his pocket, and out of the spider webs, falling ground. His D-Stryke lit up, and projected the familiar information screen, which showed a picture of the spider monster and read:

Champion Level
Attribute: Virus
Attacks: Poison Thread, Poison Cobweb

“It’s no use, my dear. You’re trapped!” she spoke again. She then looked at the ground and noticed Chandler’s D-Stryke. Chandler let out another muffled yell.

“Oh, you won’t be needing this.” said Dokugumon, kicking Chandler’s D-Stryke away from him, with one of it’s eight legs.

“Now, if you don’t mind, I have to get ready for dinner. We’re having human!” Dokugumon cackled, leaping into the trees.

Taking a sigh of relief at Dokugumon's exit, Chandler started thinking.

<I’m going to get eaten! Look what I’ve got myself into now! I wish Meilin and the other were here right now.>

Suddenly, Chandler had a flashback of when he got angry at Casey, and ran into the forest.

<I acted like a complete brat! Maybe she was right, I am just an inexperienced kid with no knowledge of what's going on, But...> thought Chandler, and had another flashback. He noticed how Casey was acting so calm and smug during their argument.

<Wait a second! She was testing me! She was seeing how I would react!> realizing this, he looked down, well, up, in shame and embarrassment.


Running through the forest, Meilin, Flowamon, Bearmon and Casey stopped to catch their breath. Meilin pulled out her D-Stryke, and the map projected from the screen. There were two yellow dots, and two blue dots clustered together. A single red dot stood still, but was quite a distance away from them.

“He’s nearby, but he’s not moving.” Meilin announced to the group.

“Not moving? Could he be…” said Flowamon, with a tone of concern rising in her voice.

“No way. We’ve got to keep moving!” said Bearmon, reassuring Flowamon. Flowamon and Meilin both nodded, and the two started running, while Flowamon floated.

“Why are you so hung up over him?” asked Casey, who stood still, with her arms folded, stopping the three from going. Meilin and the others turned around.

Why? You know why. Because we need him. We need all the help we can get to defeat Pharaohmon.” she responded with a serious tone.

“But now, he needs our help.” said Flowamon, blushing.

“Come on Casey, you have to help. You’re the best, remember?” said Bearmon, trying to persuade Casey. Casey sighed in response.

“Fine. If he’s that important to you.” said Casey. Meilin, Flowamon and Bearmon all gave a smiling nod, and they continued running.


Branches and leaves brushed past the group as they ran deeper into the forest. Finally, they saw an opening in the trees, and entered into another clearing. The clearing was completely empty, until they spotted Chandler, stuck on a gigantic spider web, wrapped up in white webs.

“There he is!” pointed out Bearmon. The group ran up to the tied up Chandler, who was yelling with a muffled voice, nodding his head in their direction.

“What?” asked Bearmon, puzzled.

“Get away from my meal!” a voice snarled from above. It was Dokugumon, who jumped down from the trees behind them. The group turned around to face the beast.

“It’s a Dokugumon!” Flowamon identified the large spider Digimon.

“Ooh, more humans and Digimon! I’m going to have feast tonight!” said Dokugumon, cackling again.

“Hmph, so you want a fight?” said Casey, pulling a D-Stryke out of her pocket. Casey’s D-Stryke resembled both Chandler’s and Meilin’s, but hers had a blue cover, with a dark silver gripped handle. She nodded at Meilin, who nodded in return, pulling out her D-Stryke.

“D-Stryke! Activate!” yelled the two girls in unison. With those words, Casey’s D-Stryke shined blue, and Meilin’s D-Stryke shined yellow. Casey’s D-Stryke split into two, and formed two magnums (guns) made entirely out of blue light.

A curved yellow rod made entirely out of yellow light, shot out of both ends of Meilin’s D-Stryke, connected by a shining yellow string, creating an archery bow.

“Flowamon! help Chandler!” Meilin yelled to Flowamon.

“You too, Bearmon!” commanded Casey. Both the two Digimon nodded in response and turned to the tied up Chandler.

“Poison Thread!” yelled Dokugumon, spraying purple, poisonous thread from it’s mouth at the two girls. Nearly hitting them, they both jumped out of the way. A poisonous thread hit Meilin’s white sneaker, causing a little piece of it to bubble. Meilin observed her nearly melted shoe, and yelled to Casey.

“Casey! Watch out for Dokugumon’s thread! It can melt solid objects!” she informed. Casey nodded, and pointed her guns at Dokugumon. She pulled the triggers, and shot two shining blue bullets at Dokugumon. Dokugumon was shot in her face, and stumbled a few steps back. Dokugumon then lunged at Casey, knocking her down with one of her eight legs.

"Oh, you're really asking for it now, lady." said Casey, slowing getting up. Dokugumon was already advancing on Casey. Meilin ran to the side of Dokugumon, and pulled back the yellow string of her bow, causing a shining yellow arrow to materialize between the string and her fingers. She released the string, and shot an arrow directly into Dokugumon's hind, right leg, injuring her, causing her to stumble back in pain.


“Petal Blade!” yelled Flowamon, as she plucked a white petal from her head and threw it at Chandler. The petal shaply and instantly cut through the spider webs around Chandler, like a hot knife, and returned to Flowamon. Chandler was freed, and fell to the floor. Flowamon then used the same petal to cut through the webs binding Chandler. Bearmon then helped him up.

“You guys came for me. Thanks.” said a joyous Chandler, getting up on his feet.

“Well, what did you expect? You’re our friend now!” said Bearmon, happily.

“I think this belongs to you.” said Flowamon, holding out Chandler’s D-Stryke, blushing.

“Thanks!” said Chandler, as the three rushed to the battlefield.


“Little Bear Justice Fist!” yelled Bearmon, as he swung his right arm, with closed eyes, charging towards Dokugumon. His fist glowed a light blue as he swung it around. Suddenly, Bearmon tripped on a rock, and fell face first into ground. Wincing, Bearmon tried to hold back tears. Casey gave a sigh of embarrassment.

“My turn! D-Stryke! Activate!” yelled Chandler, as two red blades of light shout out of his D-Stryke, forming a lance. He then leaped at Dokugumon and striked her in her other leg with his lance, causing her to fall. He then raised his lance to strike again.

“Wait! Don‘t destroy her!” yelled Meilin, stopping his attack.

“Why not?” asked Chandler.

“Look at her eyes! They’re not glowing red!” she continued.

“So?” replied Chandler.

“So, she’s not possessed, there’s no reason to finish her off.” explained Meilin.

“You’d be killing an innocent Digimon.” said Flowamon.

“Innocent? She tried to eat Chandler!” complained Bearmon, getting up from the ground.

“She’s right. Destroying her would be pointless to our cause.” said Casey, ending the conversation.

“I’m out of here!” yelled a defeated Dokugumon, getting up and leaping into the trees, scurrying away.

“I did it! Again!” yelled Chandler victoriously. He sat down on the ground in exhaustion. He sighed in relief, and looked up to see a blue magnum pointed at his head. Paralyzed with fear, Chandler only sat there, staring at Casey, who was standing, holding him at gunpoint.

“Look kid, you may have won today, but don’t get too cocky. There are bigger and badder Digimon roaming around.” said a serious Casey. Meilin, Flowamon, and Bearmon stood there, watching the confrontation. Chandler smiled, and put his hand in front of Casey’s gun.

“I know. I’m sorry.” apologized Chandler. Casey, surprised by his action, shook her head and smirked.

"You still have a lot to learn." commented Casey, grabbing Chandler’s hand and pulling him up to his feet.

“The name’s Casey.” Casey continued, shaking Chandler’s hand. Chandler gave a large smile.

“Hey Look!” said Bearmon, pointing to an opening behind a group of trees.

“It’s the entrance to the village!” Flowamon rejoiced.

“Well let’s get going!” yelled Meilin, running towards the exit with Flowamon and Bearmon. Casey started running, but turned around to Chandler.

“What are you waiting for? Come on.” she beckoned, with another smug expression on her face. Chandler nodded, and followed Casey out of the greenery that was the forest.

Next: Chandler! Find Your Partner!


Again a good chapter. I like the way all the D-Strikes have differnent weapons like Chandlers is a lance and Meilins is a bow. Its Original and interesting storyline wise. Good job!


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Chapter 3. Booyah!


Digimon: Digital Defenders

Episode 3: Chandler! Find Your Partner!


“We’re here!” announced Flowamon excitedly, as the group exited the forest, emerging from a cluster of thick tree trunks, with Bearmon, Meilin, and Casey trailing behind her.

“So this is it?” asked Chandler, pushing away a stray tree branch while exiting the forest last. The town that stood before them was rather civilized, with houses and buildings perfectly lined up next to each other that were made of brown adobe. The dirt paved roads sent up clouds of dust as the group walked.

“Yup, welcome to Bustle Town!” welcomed Meilin, happy to find civilization. The city was full of commotion. Digimon of all shapes and sizes, walked around, conversed, and bought items at local shops.

“Bustle Town? Why is it called that?” asked Chandler again. Suddenly, without Chandler noticing, purple penguin Digimon, carrying a small brown box in it‘s wing-like, clawed hands, was sped towards him on a blue skateboard. Hearing the skateboard’s wheels rolling on the ground, Casey instantly grabbed the collar of Chandler’s red shirt and yanked him out of the way, just narrowly missing impact with the skateboarder.

“Sorry!” yelled the Digimon as it sped away. After that, a tall, hairy, slim yellow ape-like Digimon, with green armbands and strange markings, carrying a large box, ran through the group, and bumped into Chandler, almost making him fall.

“Excuse me!” yelled the monkey Digimon as it kept running. Then suddenly, a stampede of small, purple, aquatic Digimon that resembled tadpoles, with finned tails, rushed past Chandler’s feet, making him trip and land on his bottom.

“That’s why.” answered Casey in response.

“It’s called Bustle Town because everyone’s so busy!” said Bearmon.

“How surprising.” commented Chandler sarcastically.


“I’m so hungry! Fighting takes a lot out of you, you know.” complained Chandler with a grumbling stomach, as they walked amongst the crowded streets.

“Me too.” moped a hungry Bearmon, rubbing his white furred stomach.

“What are you talking about? It’s not exactly like you’ve done a lot of fight--” said Meilin, but was interrupted by her growling stomach. Meilin let out a chuckle of embarrassment. Walking with folded arms, Casey’s stomach grumbled as well, sighing in response to her hunger.

Feeling a tug on her overalls again, Meilin looked down to see a familiar face that belonged to Flowamon.

“Meilin…I’m quite famished myself.” spoke a sheepish Flowamon.

Letting out a sigh, Meilin straightened her glasses and spoke again.

“Fine. There’s this diner a couple of blocks from here, that‘s run by a Kokatorimon. We‘ll eat there, and then we‘re back on the road, okay?”

“Yay!” cheered Chandler, Bearmon, and Flowamon in unison. Casey gave a satisfied smirk, while Meilin let out another sigh.


“Well, we’re here.” said Meilin, as the group stood in front of the restaurant. Made of hard lumber, the brown restaurant was at least one story high, and gave off a very sturdy look. By the way the restaurant’s condition looked, you could tell that the owner took very good care of it, and kept it in good shape. “Tori-Tori Diner” in big white letters, is what the red sign above the building read.

“Tori-Tori Diner?” Chandler read aloud, as they pushed open the wooden swing door and walked in.

The interior of the diner gave off a very western feel. Almost everything was made of wood. Wooden stools stood perfectly lined up in front the side of the bar’s wooden counter, which stood to their right.

To the left, three large wooden tables with their own chairs had their own individual window, with a good view of outside. For a very busy city, the diner was surprisingly empty, except for a creature behind the counter.

“Why, hello Meilin and friends!” rang the creatures voice in a southern accent, as it caught the group’s attention.

“Hello Kokatorimon!” greeted the group in unison, minus Chandler, who simply gawked at the creature. The group walked to the bartender standing behind the counter. Standing around seven feet tall, the creature greatly resembled a rooster. Donned in white feathers that ruffled when it moved, it also had a Mohawk of black feathers on its head. The rooster Digimon also sported an array of red tipped tail feathers, like a peacock.

“Well what brings you here today?” asked Kokatorimon, using his wings for hands to dry an empty beer mug with a white cloth.

“We were passing through, when we deciding to get a meal.” explained Casey with folded arms.

“Oh.” said Kokatorimon, nodding his big yellow beak, avoiding Casey’s serious glance.

“I see you’ve got yourselves a new tagalong.” said Kokatorimon, eyeing Chandler curiously, with his large red eyes, who was still gawking at the Digimon.

“Yeah, this is Chandler.” said Bearmon, introducing the boy.

“He’s new.” added in Flowamon, shyly. Giving an understanding nod, Kokatorimon talked to Chandler.

“Hello, son, my name is Kokatorimon. I run this here establishment.” continued Kokatorimon, who observed Chandler, wondering why he was still staring at him.

“You’re a big chicken.” commented an amazed Chandler. Kokatorimon chuckled loudly.

“He’s a little spacey, isn’t he?” Kokatorimon whispered to the rest of the group. Flowamon giggled.

“Apparently.” said Meilin, sighing.

“Uh, what about the food?” Bearmon chimed in.

“Oh! I’m sorry! Must’ve slipped my mind! Take a seat!” apologized Kokatorimon, chuckling, and ushering the group to an empty table.

“So, what’ll it be?” asked Kokatorimon, pulling a pen and notepad out of the pocket of his light blue apron.

“I’m feeling like bacon and eggs today. Yeah, I‘ll take that.” decided Meilin.

“I’ll just take a cheeseburger.” ordered Casey.

“I’ll have a cheeseburger, too.” said Bearmon, following Casey.

“May a have a fruit salad, please?” requested a blushing Flowamon.

“You got it!” said Kokatorimon, putting the notepad back in his apron, and dashed with lightning speed, into the kitchen behind the bar.

“Why didn’t you order anything?” Meilin asked Chandler.

“Because…” Chandler trailed off.

“Because?” asked Casey.

“Because I have no money!” yelled a whimpering Chandler, pulling out empty pockets from his black jeans, aside from his D-Stryke. The whole group let out a horrified gasp.

“Here ya go!” rang Kokatorimon, running back and sliding plates of food to their respective customers.

“Thanks! Let’s eat!” yelled the group in unison, minus Chandler, who stood their, hungry.

“Wow, that smells good…” commented Chandler dreamily, as he smelled the group’s cuisine from afar.

“Say, can I have some?” asked Chandler, leaning over Casey and Bearmon’s shoulders while they were eating, who both hissed at him in return, sending him jumping back in fear. Chandler then looked at Meilin and Flowamon, who both looked away, as if they didn’t see him.

“You guys are mean.” Chandler moped, as he let out a disappointed sigh.

“Why don’t you just get a job?” asked Bearmon, while chewing his cheeseburger.

“A job? Who’s going to hire me?” questioned Chandler, miserably.

“This town’s full of busy people. Finding an odd job is easy.” explained Meilin, who took a bite out of her bacon.

“Fine. I’ll look.” said Chandler, sighing again. He then left the diner. The rest of the group simply shrugged, and continued to eat their food.


/A job? Where am I going to find one in this place?/ thought Chandler to himself, as he walked along the dirt road. Suddenly, Chandler heard grunting noise from afar. Tracking the source of the noise, he walked around a corner, and through a narrow alley, when he spotted a small, wooden cottage. The small home looked old and tattered, as if it were about to collapse. The wood looked aged and weak. Walking closer, he spotted a small, feminine Digimon, grunting and jumping, trying to reach a dusty window. She appeared to be struggling, and needed help, as far as Chandler could observe.

“A job opportunity. How convenient.” commented Chandler to himself, as he walked up to the struggling Digimon.

“Um, do you need any help?” asked Chandler, causing the Digimon to turn around and notice him.

“Why yes, yes I do.” spoke the Digimon in a raspy, old lady’s voice. The small Digimon appeared to be very old, with wrinkles covering her entire face. Her dusty gray hair was neatly tied in a bun, and her bangs covered her eyes. Carrying an old broom in one hand, she also wore a faded green robe with red and purple patterns in various areas.

“I’m trying to clean my windows, and as you can see, I’m too short to reach it! Will you be a darling and help me? I‘ll reward you for your troubles.”

“Okay, sure thing!” said Chandler, opening the old wooden fence gate and walking on the dried up, crunchy grassed lawn.

“Here you go.” said the old Digimon, passing Chandler a rusted metal bucket of water, and a tattered cloth.

“By the way, my name is Babamon. I sure wish there were more Digimon as helpful as you around these parts, although you’re the first human I’ve seen in awhile.

“I’m on it!” said Chandler, and with a fast pace, scrubbed and wiped all of the cottage’s dirty windows clean.

“Impressive! Oh, your reward.” praised Babamon, clapping her little hands. She then reached into her robe’s pocket, and pulled out a small purple purse. She opened it and pulled out a handful of little, blue computer chips. She then handed them to Chandler. Chandler also noticed that Babamon had a lot more of them in her purse.

"These here are called Bits. It's the currency of the Digital World. You'd better spend them wisely!" explained Babamon.

“Thank you, but this is too much. I can’t accept this.” replied a modest Chandler.

“Nonsense. You deserve it. Here.” said Babamon, grabbing Chandler’s hand with amazing strength, and placing the money in his palm.

“Um, thanks.” said Chandler, putting the money in his jeans pocket.

“Oh, no problem at all.” said a beaming Babamon.

“Uh Babamon? If you have so much money, then why do you live in a place like this?” asked Chandler.

“Well…” said Babamon, scratching her cheek. She then looked up at the sky.

“When you become old like me, you tend to be content with what you already have. I lived my life, and now it’s time I settled down. I still live in this rundown shack because I’m happy living here. I lived here ever since I was a little Digimon, and I feel satisfied here. You get my point?” Babamon explained to Chandler.

“Yeah, I guess.” Said Chandler.

“Good then. You see, you’re young. Chase your dreams, and don‘t rest until they come true. Always live your life to the fullest, and never give up.” advised Babamon.

“Now go! Continue your journey!” continued Babamon, rushing Chandler off of her property, continuously poking Chandler in his backside with her broom.

“Goodbye.” waved Babamon, grinning.

“Bye.” Chandler bode farewell to the old Digimon, and continued on his way.

“Kids these days.” said Babamon, sweeping off her steps with her broom, sighing happily.


“So, do you think Chandler found a job yet?” asked Flowamon, concerned with Chandler’s welfare.

“Beats me.” said Meilin. The rest of the group simply shrugged again, and continued to eat.


“Now I’m really hungry!” said Chandler, rubbing his stomach, even more famished than the first time

/Now, to find that restaurant./ Thought Chandler, thinking about all of the good food that awaited him at the diner. But his daydream was interrupted by a shouting voice.

“Hey! Get back here!” Chandler heard a voice in the distance. Suddenly, a red blur running at lightning fast speed, knocked into Chandler’s legs, making him fall on his bottom again. After getting up and rubbing his backside, he looked around to see his ambusher.

Just a few feet away from him, Chandler spotted the culprit. Rubbing its head the creature got up from the ground. The creature that stood before him was surprisingly short and scrappy. Covered in red fur and purple stripes, the creature’s long red and purple tipped ears stood up like a rabbit’s. It had nine red and purple striped tails arranged in the same style as the Kokatorimon Chandler had met earlier.

“I said get back here you thief!” Chandler heard the familiar voice again. In the distance, Chandler could see another red, legless Digimon with vines for arms, hopping towards their direction in a white apron.

“Uh-oh.” said the red clad rabbit Digimon, or what Chandler thought was a rabbit, in a gruff, but childish sounding male voice. Getting back up on its feet, the rabbit Digimon was about to make a run for it, but it was too late. The pursuing Digimon caught up with it, panting from exhaustion.

“I got you now! Return what you stole at once!” commanded the red plant Digimon. Observing the confrontation from the sidelines, Chandler noticed a long, wrapped sandwich tucked under the rabbit Digimon’s right arm.

“Pfft, fat chance!” retaliated the thieving Digimon defiantly.

“You little punk! I’ll teach you a lesson in respect!” yelled the enraged plant Digimon, raising its long, thorny vine to attack the thief. With amazing speed, the plant Digimon’s large vine came crashing down, about to lash the rabbit Digimon, when Chandler interrupted the attack.

“Excuse me, but instead of hurting him, I wouldn’t mind paying for the sandwich myself.” Chandler chimed in with a weak chuckle, stopping the plant Digimon’s assault.

/What?/ thought the rabbit Digimon, shocked by Chandler’s offer.

“Uh, sure, why not?” replied the red plant, scratching its head with its right arm-vine, puzzled. Chandler then stood up, reached into his pocket, and took out a dozen blue chips.

“Will this do?” asked Chandler, handing out the money.

“It sure will! That‘s more than enough!” yelled the plant Digimon in delight, graciously accepting the money. Finally satisfied, the plant Digimon turned around to leave, when the rabbit Digimon spoke.

“Stupid RedVeggiemon!” shouted the angry rabbit Digimon, sticking up its middle claw in a disrespectful manner.

“Why you little!” yelled the enraged RedVeggiemon, turning back around, about to attack again.

“Leaving!” said Chandler instantly, snatching up the rabbit Digimon, running as far away from RedVeggiemon as possible, who was cursing obscenities at them.


Chandler came to another alleyway, where he decided to hide for the time being, and released the captive Digimon. The alley was long and narrow, with cemented ground, and didn’t seem to lead anywhere. Exhausted, Chandler sat up against the side of the adobe house that towered over them.

“You’re pretty lucky I came along. You would’ve been toast.” said a relieved Chandler.

“I didn’t need your help.” The rabbit Digimon huffed with folded arms.

“Oh yeah, you did. My name‘s Chandler. What‘s yours?” greeted Chandler.

“I’m not telling you.” replied the Digimon, turning away in response. Chandler was amazed at how rude this Digimon was being. Fed up, he took out his red and black D-Stryke, and pressed a button. Like with the previous Dokugumon, A small hologram opened up on his D-Stryke, which gave the rabbit’s picture, followed by text.

“Elecmon. Rookie Level. Mammal Type Digimon. Attribute: Data.” Chandler read aloud.

“Hey!” yelled Elecmon, trying to reach for Chandler’s D-Stryke, but was pushed away by the much stronger Chandler, who was laughing.

“So, your name’s Elecmon, huh? Are you some kind of bunny rabbit?” asked Chandler. At those words, Elecmon became instantly enraged.

“I’m not a bunny rabbit! I’m a Kyuubi Kitsune! See these nine tails! Don’t you ever call me that again!” he shouted. Chandler wondered why he took it so seriously, but apologized anyway. With both of their stomachs growling, Elecmon took out the long sandwich, unwrapped it, and almost began eating it, just when Chandler snatched it away from him, making him bite his tongue.

“What was that for!” yelled an annoyed Elecmon.

“Well, I paid for it, so it’s mine.” replied a smug Chandler. Being considerate, he broke the sandwich in two, and gave Elecmon half, who received it with a confused expression on his face.

“Why?” Elecmon asked Chandler, who took a bite out of his half of the sandwich.

“Because you were hungry.” replied Chandler with a full mouth.

“No, why did you help me?” asked Elecmon again, with a sign of seriousness in his big, blue eyes.

“Well… because you were in need, and I’d just thought I could lend a helping hand.” pondered Chandler for a moment, and took another bite. Elecmon thought on Chandler’s words for awhile, and slowly began to eat.


“It’s getting late, we should go look for Chandler.” decided Meilin. The group, finally finished with their meals, said their goodbyes to Kokatorimon, and continued on their way.


The sun was setting, and Chandler and Elecmon were finally finished with their meal as well.

“I hate to eat and run, but I got to go. Places to be and everything.” said Elecmon, getting and exiting the alley.

“Where are you going to go?” asked a concerned Chandler, getting up, too.

“Eh, I’m a drifter. I go wherever the wind takes Me.” replied Elecmon, looking up at the orange sky.

“If you say so. I guess I‘ll see you around sometime.” said Chandler, who didn’t really believe Elecmon’s words.

“Yeah.” said Elecmon. The two then parted ways.


Coming to a town square, Chandler noticed the rest of the gang, so he walked up to them. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, Chandler was welcomed with a punch on the head from an annoyed Casey.

“Where were you?” asked Casey.

“We looked everywhere.” explained Bearmon.

“We were also worried.” continued Flowamon shyly.

“Heh, sorry guys.” apologized Chandler, rubbing his head from the pain.

“Since we’re all together now, let’s get a move on, shall we?” declared Meilin. The group nodded in unison and continued on their way.

Exiting the town and entering a wide and vast valley, with lush green grass and tall, mountain-like hills, Chandler and the rest of the group heard footsteps behind them. Chandler turned around, and noticed a familiar face. It was Elecmon, standing at the town exit, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment, and looking away from the group. He then folded his arms behind his head, and began to speak.

“Well, since we’re going the same way and all, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I let you tag along with me. After all, I did--Hey!” Elecmon shouted after Chandler, who paid him no mind and continued to walk with the rest of the group.

“Don’t turn your back on me when I’m talking to you!” continued an embarrassed Elecmon. Chandler then stopped and turned around.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Come on, bunny rabbit.” Chandler beckoned Elecmon with a cheesy grin, trying to hold back laughter. Like once before, Elecmon became angry again.

“I told you not to call me that! Why you--Sparkling Thunder!” yelled Elecmon, and sent a bolt of orange, shining electricity at Chandler‘s feet. Not staying around for Elecmon to strike again, Chandler dashed away, apologizing.

“Excuse me!” said Chandler, bumping through the group, and running away, with Elecmon hot on his trail.

“So, do you think they’re partners?” Casey asked Meilin.

“Definitely.” responded Meilin.

“I think so, too.” added Bearmon. Flowamon nodded in agreement.

“I’m sorry!” yelled a frightened Chandler, as Elecmon continued the chase, shooting electricity, and yelling in the distance.

Next: Episode 4: Don’t Go to Sleep! Prankster Prince Gazimon! (Title subject to change.)
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Good, Elecmon's attitude is exactly the opposite of Chandlers which i'm sure will make many amusing sutuations. Another brilliant cahpter, am i the only one reveiwing this?


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Milotic Master said:
am i the only one reveiwing this?


But thank you for actually taking the time to type a comment. I appreciate it. ^_^




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Dear Chanman and Milotic Master,
I do believe niether of you are a member of the Digimon Club, which is owned by The Mighty Medicham. You could both ask to join in the club section, and then find the Digimon Club. Your story is very interesting and cool.
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Sorry for the LONG wait, guys. You know how it is with school, responsibilities, and..."Writer's Block", right? RIGHT?!!!

Ahem. Yeah, so here's the fourth chapter. I don't know what to say of it, really...but enjoy!


Episode 4: Don’t go to Sleep! Prankster Prince Gazimon!

“We’re tired!” complained Chandler, Elecmon, and Bearmon in unison.

“Aren’t we all…” responded a sarcastic Casey, walking with her arms folded. She was annoyed at the two’s constant complaining. The sun was setting over the hills of the valley, casting a blanket of orange on everything in sight. The group walked along a dirt path, kicking up dust along the way.

“…Don’t worry guys, Meilin will find a rest spot soon. Right, Meilin?” said Flowamon reassuringly. She then turned to look at Meilin for a response, who wasn’t paying attention, buried in her thoughts.

“Are you okay Meilin? You’ve been spacing off for awhile.” said Flowamon, concerned, snapping Meilin out of her trance.

“Huh? Oh, it’s nothing. Let’s find a rest spot for the night, shall we?” asked Meilin, tired as well.

“Yes!” shouted Chandler, Elecmon, and Bearmon to themselves. It was about time they stopped for a rest. Suddenly, a swift breeze blew by, knocking Meilin’s glasses off of her face. Naturally, she bent down to pick them up, and there she saw it. A small pile of sand being whipped up in the breeze. It just stood there, observing, as if it had eyes. Instantly, the sand became one with the wind, and fled amongst the breeze, disappearing from sight.

<That’s weird. There’s no sand in this area…> Meilin thought for a moment. She simply paid no mind, and caught up with the group.


The sand from earlier blew through many cities and towns, and lush green forests. The sand appeared to be heading somewhere. It swished and swayed along the wind, like a piece of dangling ribbon.


After hours of traveling, it finally reached a vast, arid desert. Surrounded by an ocean of light brown sand, the sand had reunited with its own kind. But, it couldn’t stay and chat, for it was determined to accomplish its mission. Finally reaching a deep crevice underneath a large jagged rock, it quietly slipped through, undetected. Pouring through the crevice, like sand in an hourglass, it hit the hard, stone floor, sending out a small puff of dust. Instantly, it got back up, and continued on its way.


Slinking along the stone, hieroglyph inscribed walls, like a crafty predator, it stayed close to the floor, making sure it was not seen. It looped around a long, stone pillar which seemed to hold the place up. The area was rather old and dusty, with cobwebs draping from the ceiling. Light was very scarce, and the only area with light was beaming on a golden sarcophagus lying on a stone altar. Quickly, the sand crept along the floor, and up the stone altar, to the golden sarcophagus. Slipping through a crack in the sarcophagus, it flew around an old, decrepit hand, greeting its master. It finally accomplished its mission. Instantly, the mummified hand grabbed the sand, and gripped it tightly. A faint light emitted from the hand as the sand’s memories of its journey were being absorbed. Like experiencing a flashback, the mummy Digimon experienced the sand’s memories. He saw the Digidestined, and how Meilin noticed the sand. After a long period of silence, Pharaohmon’s cold and gruesome voice filled the air as he spoke.

“So, the Digidestined are finally together. It seems as if the boy has found his partner as well… Maybe now they’ll pose more of a threat…but not after I send them a little…present…” said Pharaohmon. Soon after, Pharaoh began grunting in pain, as he extracted a small portion of his data. Pharaohmon’s body twitched and writhed as a formless, black shadow materialized from a cluster of black, square bits of data. Its glowing, sinister red eyes glared at its master, and quietly slipped out of the sarcophagus. Quickly, it slid across the stone floor, and disappeared into the shadows of the tomb.

“Let’s see how the Digidestined fair today.” said Pharaohmon, accompanied with a low, monotonous cackle.


As the sky was glowing a deep orange-purple, nighttime was well on it its way. A humongous, yellow tortoise Digimon was taking a peaceful stroll through the trees in search of some fruit. The hulking beast shook the ground as it walked on its four, scaly legs. Its tall-spiked, rock hard shell swept through the tree branches. Finally spotting a bountiful fruit tree, it briskly stomped it way to the tree. Plucking a ripe, green, yellow-spotted fruit with its beak-like mouth, a look of delight washed over its face as it joyfully chewed its meal. But the giant tortoise Digimon was not alone. Another creature observed silently in another tree, completely hidden by leaves and branches.

“I hope you enjoy this, Tortomon…” whispered the creature to himself with a mischievous snicker. Moving in closer to the target, the mischievous creature made a rustle in the trees, causing Tortomon to be alert. He knew he wasn’t alone. Cautiously, Tortomon took a couple steps back, ready to make an escape at any moment. But he was too slow. Instantly, the tree spat dozens of colored, water-filled balloons at Tortomon. One balloon after another, Tortomon was bombarded by a rainbow of water, dousing him on contact. His assailant knew that Tortomon was strictly a land Digimon, and hated water. Satisfied with its prank, the creature jumped down from the tree to reveal itself.

Sporting gray, shaggy fur, and mischievous red eyes, this creature had sharp, black claws, and stood on two legs. It was small compared to Tortomon, with long and bushy ears poking out the sides of its head. Perched goofily on top of its head was a small, yellow, handmade crown, with a red “P” drawn on its front. Rudely, the troublemaking creature blew a mean raspberry at Tortomon, and quickly scampered off on all fours, cackling at its victim.

“That darn Gazimon! Get back here you little punk!” Tortomon yelled after Gazimon as he ran off into the distance. There was no use chasing after him now.


Out of breath, Gazimon rested behind the nearest stone, which was large enough to hide his presence, for fear that Tortomon would catch up to him.

“That was awesome! I wish the guys were here to see that!” said Gazimon jubilantly, but instantly became depressed. There was no fun in pulling pranks if his friends weren’t around. Getting over it, Gazimon relaxed against the stone, panting.

Things were peaceful, until Gazimon realized that he too, had some unexpected company. Right In front of him laid a black shadow, its crimson eyes glaring at Gazimon. Frozen with fear, the only thing Gazimon could do was back up against the stone. Gazimon knew what this shadow was. Gazimon’s elders warned him of a black shadow that would take over a Digimon, and turn them evil, and if he were to ever see one, he was to run away as fast he could. So like any smart Digimon, Gazimon gathered up the last of his strength, and dashed away. The shadow simply watched Gazimon flee, giving him a head start. Quickly, the shadow took after Gazimon. The chase was on.


“Help! Somebody!” screamed Gazimon as he kept running; panting wildly, but there was no one in sight. The surrounding area was bare, with just high hanging trees. There were no objects to hide behind. Gazimon took a quick look behind him, to see if was still in pursuit, and saw the shadow still hot on his trail; it eyes never moving off its target. Gazimon let out another scream of fear. He thought frantically of somewhere to hide. He thought about hiding behind a tree, but they were way to narrow. No large rocks either, just patches of dirt and grass. It was almost as if there was no escape.

<If that shadow catches me, it’s all over!> thought Gazimon. Gazimon started to slow down from fatigue, but tried to keep running. Curiously, Gazimon quickly turned around again to see if he was still being chased, and to his surprise, the shadow was gone! A little relieved, Gazimon continued running, until he tripped over a rock in his path. On the ground, Gazimon looked ahead to see the shadow move straight at him with incredible speed.

“Ahh!” Gazimon let out a scream of terror, which echoed throughout the valley.


“Well, there it is!” announced Meilin, pointing to a large, steep hill, which stood in the distance, with a big tree sitting at its summit. The sun hang on to the horizon, not wanting to leave yet, as the sky faded to an orange-purple.

“What?” yelled Elecmon in shock. He couldn’t believe he had climb up that mountain of a hill.

“That’s…pretty high. Why this place?” asked Chandler.

“Well, that’s simple. Since the hill is so high, we’ll be concealed from any dangers in the cover of night.” explained Meilin.

“Plus…there’s a great view of the surrounding area.” added Flowamon, with Bearmon repeatedly nodding in agreement.

“Unless you’d like to sleep down here, with all the evil, data-hungry Digimon roaming around, looking for a good meal. I hear roasted Elecmon is the new craze now.” said Casey with an evil chuckle, which made Elecmon very nervous.

“Never mind.” said Elecmon instantly.

“Shall we carry on?” said Meilin, courteously.

“Yeah!” yelled the rest, except Casey, with Elecmon being the loudest.


With most of the group safely at the top, Elecmon took the last step, and plopped down on the soft grass of the hill, exhausted from the hike.

“That climb took longer than I expected.” said a tired Meilin, sitting in the grass, with her legs folded. She and Flowamon both leaned on each other’s backs.

“Yeah, Flowamon was the luckiest, being able to float and all.” remarked Bearmon, leaning against the trunk of the tree. Bearmon’s comment made Flowamon’s face blush with embarrassment. Casey quickly climbed up the tree, and rested on one of its limbs, as that was her favorite place to rest.

“Whoa…” said Chandler, as he stood at the edge of the hill, admiring the amazing view. All in front of Chandler was a vast area of green. Large treetops stood all around, with hilltops dotted around the area. Chandler couldn’t help but feel an air of superiority, now that he was finally taller then the trees. To the others, this sight wasn’t really exciting, but to Chandler, it was a breath-taking experience.


Now that the sun was fast asleep, the full moon took over, which glowed a pretty silver in the dark sky. The area was quiet and peaceful, with only cricket Digimon chirping away, hidden from view. The group sat around a bundle of twigs, ready to start a campfire.

“I didn’t bring any matches. Did you?” asked Meilin to the entire group, but everyone shook their heads.

“Well how are we going to start this fire, then?” asked Elecmon. The whole group glared at Elecmon for asking such a dumb question. Finally realizing the answer, Elecmon let out a chuckle, embarrassed.

“Sparkling Thunder!” yelled Elecmon, as he released an orange bolt of electricity from his nine, red and purple tails. He gave the bundle of wood a zap, and it soon grew into warm, orange-yellow fire.

“We need keep watch. This is how it works: For a certain period of time, one person watches out for any impending danger, while everyone else sleeps. We all take turns, until the sun comes up. Is that understood?” explained Meilin. Everyone nodded in response.

“Who goes first?” asked Chandler.

“Well, since you offered so kindly, you can go first.” said Meilin. Chandler sighed in compliance, while the Digimon snickered.

“Time to hit the sack.” said Casey, once again climbing up to her rest spot. Chandler and Elecmon gave girlish giggles, and Casey sighed and rolled her eyes at their immaturity.

“Heh, she said ‘sack’.” said Elecmon, both he and Chandler giggling again. Flowamon found an ideal spot and planted her green body in the soil, and quietly fell asleep. Bearmon took off his blue cap, and reached deep inside, pulling out a fluffy, white pillow. Resting his head, he curled up and sucked one of his claws, like a baby sucking its thumb. Elecmon lay on his belly, all four of his legs spread out. Meilin took out her yellow laptop, set its alarm for morning, and rested her head on her bag.

“Goodnight.” said Meilin, and everyone but Flowamon continued in a chain of goodnights.


A couple of hours passed, as everyone but Chandler was sound asleep. Chandler was sitting at the peak of the hill, smiling as he enjoyed the view of the area. The green trees were smothered by the darkness of night, with the moon acting as a nightlight. Elecmon, half asleep, rolled over on his back and scratched his white belly. Finally opening his eyes, he spotted Chandler sitting, gazing into the distance.

“Shift’s over. You should get some sleep.” said Elecmon, rubbing his eyes, as he walked up to Chandler.

“No way, I can’t even sleep.” said Chandler happily.

“Why?” asked Elecmon, finding a spot next to Chandler.

“Well, I don’t get to see a lot of this back home, so it’s pretty exciting.”

“Eh, after awhile you get used to it. Man, what I’d give to visit your world. What’s it like?” asked Elecmon, which caused Chandler to raise an eyebrow.

“It’s not that special. There are lots of cities, and lots of people like me, and the others. And we have cable!” said Chandler, only referring to where he lives, as he’s not been anywhere else.

“Wow!” said Elecmon, amazed.

“But I like the Digital World a whole lot better. I don’t plan on going home anytime soon.” Said Chandler.

“Don’t you miss your family and friends?” asked Elecmon, reflecting back on his own family.

“Kind of, but not really. What about you?” asked Chandler.

“Uh, me? I have no family! I’m an orphan! That’s it!” said Elecmon aloud, lying.

“Hey, shut up down there!” yelled Casey, going back to sleep.

“Yes ma’am!” said Elecmon and Chandler instantly, quieting down.

“You’re weird.” said Chandler and Elecmon to each other, in unison. Both of them smirked, and gazed at the landscape. Meilin, who was listening in on the conversation, quietly smiled to herself, while lying on her side.


“Help me!” yelled an awkward, girly sounding voice in the distance, which instantly caught the two’s attention.

“Someone needs our help! Let’s go!” said Chandler.

“Don’t order me around!” protested Elecmon, but soon nodded.

“Shouldn’t we wake the others?” asked Chandler, concerned.

“No way, we can do this on our own. Why? Need a woman‘s touch?” teased Elecmon. Chandler huffed in response. Quickly, the two slid down the hill, and ran towards the sound of the voice.


“Help me! Please!” yelled the strange voice again. Elecmon’s long, red ears wiggled, as they picked up the sound. The forest looked completely different at night. Trees that were once there, turned invisible, and Chandler unfortunately ran face first into one.

“A little light, please?” asked Chandler, rubbing his aching nose.

“Heh, sorry.” chuckled Elecmon. Elecmon generated a small amount of electricity which dimly lit the area.

“There!” Chandler yelled, pointing to a tree. A pair of weird looking legs poked out of the branches and leaves. They were flimsy looking, and appeared to be made of straw.

“I’ll save her!” announced Elecmon heroically dashing towards the victim, but Chandler saw through the trick.

“Uh, Elecmon, I don’t think you should-” warned Chandler, but it was too late. The minute Elecmon got to the base of the tree; he was instantly yanked up by a trapping noose, tied around his foot.

“Wow.” said a sarcastic Chandler, trying to hold back laughter.

“Just get me down from here!” said an annoyed Elecmon, slowly spinning around, while hanging upside-down. Chandler walked up to Elecmon to untie him, when they were both pelted with water balloons from the tree. Both soaking wet, Elecmon got even more annoyed.

“Who’s there?” asked Chandler aloud, looking around. Suddenly, a head poked out of the same tree. It was the face of another Gazimon, only this one didn’t have a crown. Its natural red eyes looked even more menacing at night.

Help me! Hahaha! What a bunch of suckers!” said the Gazimon, sticking out its tongue. It popped his head back into the tree, and fled away. Elecmon, even more frustrated, started cursing under his breath, as Chandler set him loose.

“What a troublemaker!” huffed Chandler, annoyed. He didn’t take it as personally as Elecmon, who was steaming with anger.

“Gah!” yelled a familiar voice from back at the campsite. It was Bearmon’s. Both nodding to each other, Chandler and Elecmon dashed back to the campsite.


Exhausted, Chandler and Elecmon crawled back up to the hill, panting, and out of breath. Catching their breath, they ran to Bearmon, who was laughing at Meilin.

“Look at you face!” laughed Bearmon. Chandler and Elecmon quickly turned to the source of laughter, and started giggling themselves. All over Meilin’s face was squiggly lines and doodles with black ink all over.

“I wouldn’t be laughing, it’s on your face, too.” said Meilin, pulling out a handkerchief, and wiping the ink off.

“My…my…face!” shrieked Flowamon, flushed with embarrassment, for she too, had drawings on her yellow face. She quickly rubbed off the ink with her leaves. Casey mumbled with annoyance as she wiped the ink off her face.

“Who did this?” grumbled Casey. Casey heard a rustle in the same tree, and quickly shot a branch with her gun D-Stryke. Suddenly, a creature fell out of the tree with an “oomph”. It was another Gazimon like before!

“You!” Chandler and Elecmon yelled in unison, pointing at the Gazimon. Gazimon had a confused looked on its face.

“Do I know you two?” he asked, with a different sounding voice from the one before.

“Talk.” said Casey, pointing her gun at Gazimon. Scared, Gazimon spoke.

“Okay! Sorry! It was just a small prank! Harmless fun, right?” Gazimon explained.

“No.” said Casey, cocking her gun. Gazimon gave a large gulp in fear.

“Hey! Claws off!” yelled another voice, out of the tree, the Gazimon from before lunged at Casey, who simply stepped to the side and let Gazimon hit the ground.

“Two Gazimon?” said Chandler, confused.

“That’s right!” said the second Gazimon, the one who lunged at Casey. He gave a smirk, as he got to his feet.

“I’m Ga!” said the second Gazimon, jumping up, and landing in a strange pose.

“And I’m Zi!” said the other Gazimon, jumping up and doing a similar strange pose alongside of Ga.

“And we’re the Prankster Three!” they both yelled in unison. The group was silent, looking at them as if they were crazy.

“Prankster Three? But…there’s only two of you.” remarked Flowamon. Ga and Zi both gave a depressed sigh.

“We know, we had a third member, but…” said Zi.

“He’s acting a little weird now.” finished Ga.

“How?” asked Meilin, intrigued.

“Well, when we first saw him earlier today, he was really irritable. All he did was growl and snarl at us.” explained Ga.

“Yeah, he was so hostile, he even attacked us! We couldn’t believe our best friend would do something like that!” continued Zi.

“What does he look like? His name?” asked Meilin, taking notes on a pad of paper.

“Well, he looks just us, but he wears a crown that we made him.”

“His name’s Prince Mondo, the Prankster Prince! He always knows the best pranks to pull.”

“Anything else?”

“Yeah. Instead of his normal red eyes, this time they were…kind of…” said Ga, having difficulty remembering.

“They were glowing white. Don’t you remember, bucket-head?” reminded Zi. Meilin, Flowamon, Casey, and Bearmon all looked at each other, while Chandler and Elecmon remained lost in the conversation.

“You don’t think it could be Pharaohmon’s doing?” asked Bearmon.

“No doubt about it.” confirmed Casey.

“Can you help us out here? We’re a little lost.” asked Elecmon.

“Don’t you remember when you beat Golemon?” asked Flowamon.

“When a Digimon’s eyes glow white, it’s a sign that they’re possessed by one of Pharaohmon’s viral shadows.” explained Meilin.

“When a Digimon is possessed, they are infected, and act on the will of the shadow, making them evil and hostile. The shadow takes complete control of the body and it functions.” added Casey.

“But it’s not like the Digimon can help it. That’s why it’s our job to cleanse infected Digimon as well.” said Bearmon.

“You beat a Golemon?” asked Elecmon, skeptically.

“Sure did.” boasted Chandler with a smug smirk.

“Hard to believe, isn’t it?” commented Casey, with Elecmon nodding in agreement, causing Chandler to sigh.

“Do you know where he is?” asked Meilin. Suddenly, everyone heard a strange growling noise, as it got closer to the top of the hill. First, the group saw a pair of sharp, black claws, followed by a gray furry arm, as the creature pulled itself up the hill. Finally, the creature made it to the top, revealing it to be another Gazimon, with a yellow crown on top of its head. But this one looked a lot different. It looked very feral, with wilder fur, and glowing white eyes. An extreme look of rage covered its face, as it growled and walked on all fours.

“Sheesh, convenient, much?” asked Elecmon. Chandler and the rest of the Digimon nodded.

“Digidestined!” the Gazimon snarled, spotting the group, and bearing his sharp fangs.

“Mondo! It’s you!” cried Ga happily, as he ran to greet his friend. Mondo instantly went on the attack, and swung a claw at Ga, knocking him to the floor.

“Ga!” yelled Zi, rushing to his friend’s aid, but Casey quickly put her arm out, to stop Zi from running.

“Stay back. It‘s too dangerous.” warned Casey, seriously. Zi watched helplessly, as his friend lay there in distress.

“Hey, are you okay?” asked Bearmon, helping Gazimon get to his feet.

“I…I don’t believe It.” said Ga, shocked in disbelief that his own friend would hurt him.

“He can’t help it. Please don’t be mad at your friend...” said Flowamon timidly. Mondo began to get even more crazy, as he started twitching and snarling ferociously. A black shadow engulfed him, and covered him like a blanket of darkness.

“What’s happening?” asked Chandler.


“Gazimon…Shinka!” roared Mondo, as the darkness grew even larger. Strange sounds came from within the cocoon of darkness.

“Amazing! This is the first time I‘ve seen a Digimon evolve under the influence of a viral shadow!” exclaimed Meilin, taking out her yellow laptop to record the event, typing away.

“Meilin! Now’s not the time!” yelled Flowamon, but Meilin was too wrapped into her computer to pay attention.

“Devidramon!” roared a voice from within the darkness. This time it was louder, deeper, and rougher than the voice from before. Hatching from the darkness, a giant, black creature emerged. Its devil winged ears wiggled; its sharp fangs drooled heavily. Opening its four sinister, glowing white eyes, it gave another screeching roar. Thrusting its long, black arms out, it dispelled the darkness surrounding it.

“Gah! It’s hideous!” said Chandler, making an unpleasant face.

“Cool!” said Elecmon and Bearmon in unison, admiring the beast. Flowamon covered her eyes, shaking with fear, and Meilin excitedly typed away on her computer.

“Devidramon, huh? Champion Level. Virus Attribute. Type: Evil Dragon Digimon. Attack: Crimson Nail. This’ll be interesting…” said Casey, reading Devidramon’s profile aloud on her blue and silver D-Stryke.

“That’s…that’s not our Mondo…” said Ga, terrified of what his friend had become. Zi clenched his fists, trying to hold back tears.

“That’s a monster!” yelled Zi, tears streaming down his eyes. Devidramon roared again, and jumped off the hill on its long, black legs. It flapped its large, torn black wings, as it took off into the sky. With amazing speed, it came careening downwards towards the group, thrusting out its arm.

“Crimson Nail!” roared Devidramon, as its claws glowed red. Everyone grew uneasy as they prepared for Devidramon’s attack.

“Duck!” yelled Casey, as the group hit the ground. Chandler sucked his teeth in annoyance, and pulled down Meilin, who was too distracted with her computer to notice. With a swift strike, Devidramon slashed through the large tree behind them, leveling it completely, hitting the ground below with a crash. The red heat from Devidramon’s attack cooled on the tree stump, and faded to black.

<He’s not playing around!> thought a scared Chandler, as he looked at the tree stump. Devidramon rose back into the night sky, when he was hit by a barrage of shining blue bullets. It was Casey, who tried to bring down the black beast with her gun. Devidramon roared in pain, and quickly flew away, its tail catching the last of the bullets.

“Damn it!” muttered Casey to herself, as Devidramon escaped. Devidramon screeched as he flapped his wings, and flew off into the distance.

“Darn, he got away!” said Elecmon, as he also watched Devidramon fly away. The rest of the group quickly got up from the ground.

“That was interesting. Did I miss anything?” asked Meilin, placing her laptop in her bag. She stopped to notice everyone glaring at her, annoyed.

“Okay, sorry I asked.” said Meilin sarcastically.

“So, what are you guys going to do, now?” Chandler asked Ga and Zi. Ga and Zi nodded at each other.

“We’re going to get our friend back.” said Ga.

“No matter what.” said Zi. There was a rise of determination in the air, as the sun began to rise over the horizon, casting a blue and orange glow over the valley.

Next: Graceful Fighter! BloomTogemon!


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Just an update to prevent confusion:

Instead of US dollars, the currency of the Digital World will now be known as Bits. Bits are small, blue computer chips, that are used as money. It just makes more sense, since the story takes place in a DIGITAL world. =)


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You should really continue this fic .. you're really good ..


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Oh, I will, it's just that I have exams and stuff... >_>