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Digimon: Digital Destiny

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Hotshot, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    For many, many years, the Digital and Real Worlds were at peace. Humans and Digimon could freely travel between the two worlds...until the Digimon discovered the humans' true intentions: to take the Digital World's power sources, in order to cure the Real World's power problem. The Four Sovereigns, Azulongmon, Baihumon, Ebonwumon, and Zhuqiaomon used much of their power to seal off the only known way into the Digital World. However, there was another being, a Digimon far more powerful than the Sovereigns, who reopened the sealed entrance. That Digimon...was Ogudomon...

    Ogudomon's true intentions are currently unknown, but the Sovereigns fear that he will try to destroy their beloved Digital World, out of pure evil. Ogudomon succeeded in twisting the mind of Kurobel, an average, ordinary politician, and has sent him on a mission to retrieve the Digital World's only remaining power sources...the Seven Sacred Stones...


    Kurobel struggled to sustain his balance atop the enormous Digimon that served as his current method of transport, a Digimon called Mammothmon. His trembling hands held tight to the mammoth Digimon's huge ears. Kurobel doggedly wiped the sweat from his brow and peered below at the hundreds of smaller Digimon that marched alongside his Mammothmon. There were all sorts of Digimon: Shamamon, Candlemon, Goblimon, Vilemon, Ogremon, Fugamon, and Sukamon.

    The politician gazed up above him and saw the Aerial Force of his small army: DemiDevimon, Devimon, Devidramon, Airdramon, Bakemon, Soulmon, and Boogeymon. In all, his small army numbered somewhere in the hundreds, and consisted mostly of Champion level Digimon.

    They were traveling through the Data Desert, which just so happened to be the location of a Sacred Stone. Kurobel was sure of it.


    Meanwhile, in the Celestial Castle, which housed the Four Sovereigns, a lone Digimon dashed down the castle's many halls desperately. It was a Pandamon. The Pandamon stopped in front of an enormous archway, which led directly into the center of the castle, where the Four Sovereigns waited earnestly for a report.

    From the darkness of the unlit room, a voice boomed, "Pando, what news do you bring of Kurobel's whereabouts?"

    Suddenly, a stream of blue light burst through the room from the speaker, illuminating the entire castle in a deep blue hue. The speaker was none other than Lord Naga, the Legendary Azulongmon. Pando bowed low to the ground and said, "My scouts have informed me that Kurobel is leading a small force of about three hundred soldiers into the Data Desert in search of a Sacred Stone."

    Suddenly, another stream of light, this one red, burst through the room, revealing another Sovereign, Lord Phoenisia, the Legendary Zhuqiaomon. Lord Phoenisia spoke in his hawk-like manner, which involved much shifting of the head. "This is grave news indeed, but I have no doubt that Tukhaman, Guardian of the Data Desert's Stone, can finish them off."

    Two more streams of light, white and green, also shone forth, allowing Pando to see the Lords Sabre and Pohon, the Legendary Baihumon and Ebonwumon. Sabre spoke in a low, growling voice as he inquired, "What were the levels of most of these Digimon?"

    "Most of them were Champions, my Lord."

    "Hehehehehe..." chuckled Lord Pohon's two heads, "Is that all? Three hundred Champions isn't what I've come to expect from our nemesis, Ogudomon..."

    "We must act swiftly nonetheless, Brother Pohon," Lord Naga replied. Then, turning back to Pando, he said, "Go, good servant of the Sovereigns, and summon to our presence Alphos the Alphamon."

    "Yes, my Lord."


    "You summoned me, Lord Naga?"

    "Yes, Alphos," boomed the loud voice of Naga, "You are to travel to the Real World in order to complete a task that is crucial to the protection of this world."

    "...T-the Real World, sir?" inquired Alphos timidly. He bowed low to the ground in order to hide his confusion from the Sovereigns.

    "Rise up, young Alphos," Lord Sabre growled, stepping forward, "You are to bring twelve Chosen humans to us."

    "Humans, Lord Sabre?"

    "Yes," answered Phoenisia, "They are the Twelve, spoken of in the prophecy, who are to put a stop to Ogudomon's terror. Now, go!"


    A fourteen year-old boy was seen jogging down the sidewalk. His uncombed, black hair brushed against his eyes in the wind. He hastily swiped his hand in front of his face, pushing his bangs out of his eyes. Said eyes were blue, and his skin was very tan, due to his often exposure to the sun while playing his favorite sport: soccer. He was garbed in his soccer team's blue uniform. Several green stripes ran down his team shirt, which was decorated with a small logo, that read "Tsunami", his team name. Oddly, he was wearing his Tsunami blue and green cleats as he jogged on the cemented sidewalk. He had a brown backpack, with a small bag attached to the side. In this bag there was a soccer ball, but not just any soccer ball. It was his MOST prized possession.

    Little did the boy know that he was being watched at that very moment...

    "Francis Torrent," boomed a voice, which seemed to emit from the very space around him, "You have been chosen."

    In the blink of an eye, everything around him vanished, and Francis Torrent found himself surging into a deep abyss of darkness...

    ((OOC: Your first post should be nothing but how your character is taken into the Digital World. The Digimon partners will be introduced later.))
  2. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Ace idly dribbled a ball against the wall of his room. He was doing anything to avoid doing the math homework in front of him.

    "When am I ever going to have to use circle trigonometry OTHER than in math class?" he muttered to himself.

    He sighed and stood up. Ace walked out of his room and ran down the stairs and to the front door.

    "Hey, Dad? I'm goin' out for a walk," he called.

    "Okay, Ace. Get some milk while you're out, okay?"

    Ace walked out and closed the door. As soon as he got to the sidewalk, he heard an omnipresent voice.

    "You have been chosen..."

    Ace turned around in confusion. 'What the-"

    And then he was gone.
  3. Demon of Light

    Demon of Light The Pumpkin King

    ((OOC: Whoohoo!))

    Jamie sat at his computer, adjusting his glasses. The blond 17-year-old planned to work on his new project, making a hack for a video game. With his parents and younger brother out of town visiting his grandparents (he opted out by pretending to be ill, as he hated those visits), there was no one who could disturb him. His dog, Joshi, was busy munching on a dog toy on Jamie's bed, and wouldn't have disturbed Jamie too much in any case.

    However, the universe had other plans. Just as Jamie double-clicked on the shortcut to his hacking program, his computer abruptly shut itself down. Joshi suddenly stopped playing with his toy and stood up, barking.

    "Oh, that's just great..." Jamie sighed. He tried to turn the computer on, to no avail. Sighing again, he swiveled around to face his frightened puppy. "Joshi, it's okay, the computer just crashed, it's nothing to be scared of... what's wrong?"

    Suddenly, he heard a booming voice, which seemed to come from everywhere. "James Longan... You have been chosen."

    Joshi whimpered, hiding under Jamie's blanket. "Wha...?" Jamie mumbled, fear in his green eyes.

    Without warning, everything around him vanished, and Jamie felt himself being pulled into pure darkness.
  4. Krug

    Krug .

    Arab troops moved across the countryside, riding on camel mounts they stopped just a few feet before their target, the Chinese city of Bejing. "The game was going well," Nathan smirked as he looked at his computer screen. The game was Civilization IV and Nathan was the Arab empire.

    Nathan's desk wad clean cut and not very cluttered. In fact it probably was the only part of his room that was the least bit ship shape. That, and his poster wall of course. The very wall which Nathan turned to admire his hero, Moshe Dayan. The famous Israeli commander, was on poster that hung on Nathan's wall, with the Flag of Israel in the background. "Too bad the closest thing we get in an unmodded Civ 4 to Israel is the Arabs, eh?" Nathan told the poster. Knowing there would be no reply, Nathan got up to get some Sun Drop.

    Most people his age would just bring back to their rooms a glass of the North Carolinian Soda, but, Nathan, always being excessive took the whole bottle back. However, not all was fine and dandy in this kid's room.

    "Civilization 4 has encounter a problem and needs to close. Would you like to send an error report, yes? No?" Nathan murmured looking at his screen.
    "OH, COME ON!" Nathan yelled at the sky, then followed by him saying, "Oy Vey..."
    However, as if to answer his cry, a Roaring voice sounded!
    "NATHAN KRONENBERG!" The voice boomed
    At first thought Nathan thought his own poster was talking to him,
    "M-m-m-Moshe?" Nathan said slowly turning around in fear. The voice roared out again, a bit quieter this time,
    "YOU, Have been chosen!"
    "F-f-f-for W-wha-" Nathan was going to finish, but his mind, just zoned out, the world around crumbled, and he started to fall into darkness...
  5. rotrum

    rotrum Ice Cold

    *I suck at beginning posts*

    Michael was playing on the computer boredly. He had nothing to do and it was searing hot outside. He went from one of the websites that he knew to another. None of them held anything new, and the ones that did were unimportant. He turned on a fan and decided to look at his email. He typed in his username and password and, of course, there was nothing new here either. He wanted to go back to sleep at this point, when suddenly his computer glowed with a bright light.

    " Michael Reiki You have been chosen, I have come for thee" A voice said from somewhere inside the Computer.

    "Where have I heard this before..." Michael said. Then he realied what had just happened, he jumped onto the bed behind him and grabbed the closest thing that he could use to attack someone, his hand found a metal clothes hanger. But before he could move again he was warped into darkness.
  6. Gold E Lox1

    Gold E Lox1 Elegent Power

    Sean took a left into an ally way. There were footsteps behind him and a grip on his shoulder. He spun around pushing it off. Behind him was the football teams quarterback and four other players.

    "What the hell do you want now?" Sean spit at the QB telling him to get lost.

    "Freak, your going to play for what you did at lunch." Sean remebered at lunch he shoved the QBs face into his lunch. He rolled his eyes.

    "Maybe next time pick on some one your owns size. Instead of a freshmen." The QB smiled.

    "You mean like you?" The QB and the others slowly approuched him cracking their knuckles.

    "Get ready for a world of pain, freak." Sean backed up he could probably take on the QB but not all five of the football players. He gulped and put his hands up.

    "Sean Zyron. You are a chosen one." A voice boomed. All of them looked around. Sean took this as an opertunity to attack. He charge the five. The QB turned around looking at Sean scared and backed off.

    "What game are you playing at?" Sean didn't stop he kept charging. The ground beneath him gave out and he fell into a void of blackness.
  7. Teebird

    Teebird Well-Known Member

    It was a dreary day, and Marik was stuck in Math class for detention.

    "You do know why you're here don't you Marik?" asked his math teacher Mrs.Eby.

    Marik was silent as he remembered the food fight that had taken place at lunch earlier that day, then with a sigh he replied, "yes."

    Mrs.Eby walked away after handing Marik a worksheet that was to be completed at the end of the day. A few minutes later a bell sounded, and Marik rushed out of the class after handing the teacher an uncompleted paper filled with drawings of creatures.

    Just as he walked outside something strange happened.

    A very ominous voice called, "Marik Kurah, you have been chosen."

    suddenly the rest of the world around him disapeared and he was hurteling through a dark void.
  8. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    Rai Tsuki lay on his bed, listening to his little sister playing in the next room as he fiddled on his cellphone.

    "What is the point in having one if I barely even use it?" he thought, dropping it on the covers.

    "Rai, have you seen my ribbon?" asked the little girl as she stormed into his room.
    Since the door was open, Rai did not get offended, instead he calmly told her he had not seen it all day.

    His sister turned his back at him, planning to go look for her little treasure.

    "You are chosen..."

    "Oh, Rai," started the little girl, quickly turning around to face her brother. However, she found nothing in her stare.

    "Rai?" she stated, frightned.
  9. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    One day when Nate was home alone....

    "Almost there! Almost there!" said Nate playing his favorite racing game.

    His car almost pasted the finish line when sudently, the power went off. "Darn it! " said Nate, "Those dumb people. Crashing into power poles making a 14 year

    old kid lose his power and the race".

    He took his first volume of Naruto manga off the shelf and started to read. When at the 3rd page, a strange voice said.

    "Nate Folcart......you have been chosen".

    "Wha-", said Nate looking around.
  10. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Conrad Bulstro sat at his computer desk in his small cramped room, staring idly at the large flat screen monitor in front of him. He was wearing his typical red shirt with a black vest over it, as well as jeans that were slightly too long. He brushed his hand through his short blonde hair as he thought about what had happened earlier that day at school.

    Conrad had been picked on yet again at school that day by numerous people. This was because he was easily the skinniest kid at the whole high school. He normally ignored the bullies, but he was becoming increasingly aggravated by them. He had come up with several meticulously thought out plans to make a truce with the bullies, but hadn't put any into action. Putting the thoughts out of his mind, he instead turned to his Calculus homework.

    "That should be an easy A plus," he mumbled, grinning slightly at the neat stack of papers before him. "3D Vector Calculus is a breeze."

    Conrad then turned around to his monitor again, and started loading up his favourite computer game, when he suddenly heard a deep ominous voice all around him.

    "CONRAD BULSTRO!" the voice said. It shook Conrad to his very core, yet oddly enough, he wasn't too scared. "You have been chosen!"

    Conrad stood up, trying to find the source of the booming voice. But suddenly everything around him turned black. He tried to yell out, but no sound came out of his mouth as he fell into the surrounding darkness.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2008
  11. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "Get out!"

    Damon Raiden stormed out of the classroom, making sure to slam the door behind him. He stood against the door, fuming.

    "I just talk," he muttered "she does the same thing and no one does a thing. I talk and she goes Viking on me."

    "Hey Damon," another kid said, passing him. A few minutes later a large group of girls in hockey uniforms passed by.

    "This sucks," Damon muttered.

    "Damon Raiden," an imperious voice said "come!" Damon felt the ground fall away and he slipped into a void of darkness and green numbers dancing through infinity...
  12. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Danielle walked into her house, having walked the way back from hockey practice.

    "Hey Dad, I'm home!" called out Danielle, dumping her hockey bag by the kitchen table.

    Her father didn't answer, he was probably still at work, so Danielle grabbed a couple of clothes and had a shower. As she finished drying herself off and putting on her clothes a voice boomed out.


    Before Danielle knew what was happening she disappeared in a flash of white light.
  13. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    ((OOC: Sorry for the delay. My internet wasn't working yesterday. Ah, the joys of living in a third-world country...))

    Frankie stood up and found himself in the midst of a forest...but not just any forest. It was a forest with eyes. Of course, we could easily identify these trees as Woodmon and Cherrymon, but Frankie knew not of such things, so this was a rather perturbing experience for him. The soccer player leaped to his feet, holding his soccer ball over his head in an offensive position.

    The surrounding trees merely chuckled amongst themselves at the boy's antics. One of these trees (a Woodmon) began lifting an arm in a threatening motion, but was interrupted by a white and black blur, which, in a split second, had pinned the Digimon to the ground.

    "Is that any way to treat one of the Chosen Twelve?!" growled the black and white creature, who, upon closer inspection, resembled a panda with a scarf.

    "Owowow...s-sorry, Pando!" answered the Woodmon timidly, cowering on the ground, "We didn't know!"

    "...Fine. I'll let you off with a warning this time."

    With that, the surrounding trees scurried off, leaving Frankie and Pando alone. Pando was the first to speak, as Frankie was...scared out of his wits. "Hehe...Welcome, Francis Torrent, you're the first to arrive. Let's wait for the others."


    Several hours had passed, and one by one each of the Chosen Twelve arrived in the Digital World. Pando led them to the great castle of the Sovereigns, where the Four Holy Beasts explained the situation to them. Upon hearing the last of the explanation, Frankie exclaimed, "And you expect us to just go along with this?!"

    The Sovereigns nodded.

    "Don't we have a choice in the matter?!" Frankie shouted, stepping forward, "You can't expect us, just a bunch of kids, who don't even know each other, to suddenly start working as a team to beat the most powerful 'Digimon' in the 'Digital World'! You expect us to lay down our lives to go who-knows-where and fight an entire army of who-knows-what, all with the motive of stopping who-knows-his-name from getting his grimy hands on a bunch of rocks?! Well, maybe I don't want to!"

    "You don't have a choice," Lord Naga said, unperturbed.


    "I said, 'you don't have a choice'."

    "Why not?!"

    "It is your destiny. All of you are the Chosen. It is written in the prophecy that twelve humans will save the Digital World from the terror of an unstoppable foe," Naga replied. Then, with a wave of his tail and a wink of one of his four eyes, he added, "And also, the twelve of you won't be alone. We, the Sovereigns, have assembled a group of twelve Digimon. They are to be your partners in defeating Ogudomon."

    As Naga spoke, twelve small figures stepped out from amid the shadows. Each figure approached a specific human. They all bowed respectfully, at least, all but one, that is. The one who did not bow was a large turtle creature who wore on his head a helmet that covered his eyes. He was trying very hard, Frankie could tell, but the poor turtle just couldn't get himself low enough for a good bow. After a full seconds of attempted bows, the turtle fell over on his face. Frankie helped him up and gave him an inquisitive look. The turtle just smiled.

    "Hey there, I'm Kappa. What's your name?"
  14. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    Rai had yet gathered the courage to utter a single word, for the four gigantic creations above him, or simply just the glow coming out of them was intimidating enough to paralyse the boy.

    When the moment came for him to be introduced to his so called "partner", some undescribable thing approached him.
    This creature was reptilian in appearence, holding a spiked tail, a weird snout and a crest depicting some ancient secret on his belly. However, the creature also hold a coat of obviously mamal caracteristics, being stripped white a blue, bringing to Rai's mind the idea of a wolf, for who knows what reason.

    The most interesting and inexplicable thing this chimera had was a horn. This organ was completely yellow and was divided in itself with numerous lines, making it seem disconectable.

    The creature bowed out of a sign of respect for this youngster, but the bow didn't last long.

    "Tailmon got your tong?" he asked after th boy spoke nothing for over a minute after they met.

    "The what?"

    "Am I suppose to fight alongside this guy or babysit him, for the love of Yggdra?" he asked back to Baihumon, the gigantic wolf/lion/tigre/whatever thing which Rai couldn't grasp.

    "You know you talk to much for a thing who wasn't suppose to talk anyway, did anyone ever tell you that?"

    "Did anyone ever tell you how its rude to stare at strangers?"

    "Not really, no," answered the human, quite honestly.

    "Then get a haircut," snapped back the creature.

    "HEY, I'll have you know it took more than a year to get my hair to look this perfect!"

    "Only my hairdresser knows best..." commented the creature.

    "How are you even suppose to know about that?"
  15. Demon of Light

    Demon of Light The Pumpkin King

    Jamie just couldn't get any of this. He was whisked away from his home, landed in a forest of living trees, led by what seemed to be a talking panda to a castle, and was now standing in front of four gigantic, animal-shaped creatures with glowing orbs all around them. And they just told him that they were "Digimon", and he was in another world called the "Digital World", and he was supposed to save it somehow from an evil "Digimon" with eleven other kids.

    It sounded too much like a game to be real. But it felt real. That was an incredibly frightening thought.

    But then, one of those gods, a gigantic blue eastern dragon, said that they will have Digimon partners. Said Digimon, who were now bowing to them, were much, much smaller than the gods, and even smaller than the panda Digimon. Jamie was completely unsure if they had the power it takes to save the world, but... if HE had the power, and if all these kids had the power, then he shouldn't judge those Digimon based on looks. Maybe they had the power too.

    He looked curiously at the small Digimon who bowed to him. He looked like a little purple imp, with a forked devilish tail and large ears, one of them with a notch on it. He wore a red bandanna and gloves, both rather tattered.

    And he was the same height as Jamie's brother.

    The small Digimon stood, and looked at Jamie with intense green eyes. "I'm Impmon," he said. Jamie was taken aback; the small Digimon's voice was very high and childlike.

    "H-hi," Jamie mumbled. "I-I'm--"

    "I don't care about your name," Impmon cut him off impatiently. "I'm only here because the Holy Beasts told me to. Just because you're my partner doesn't mean anything."
  16. Gold E Lox1

    Gold E Lox1 Elegent Power

    Sean jumped and grabbed another branch lifting himself u to about half way up the tree. He looked out and noticed that nothing was the same. H'd never seen this place before he just needed to get out of here. He heard a cracking but ignored it. He felt himself get heavier then it broke. The branch broke undernieth himsending him tumbling to the ground. He landed on his butt on a rock. He stood up and noticed it wasn't a rock at all but a creature of some sort.

    "What the hell are you?" He didn't expect and answer but ine came.

    "I'm a Ryudamon. Your my human." Sean looked at the thing and got down at eye level.

    "Your a two legged dog with arms that can talk and I'm suppose to be with you for how long?" He was waiting for an answer.

    "That's what I though Puppy." Sean began to walk away.

    "Don't turn your back on me Sean!" Sean stopped in mid-step. He said Sean.

    "How the hell do you know my name?" He walked over to the Ryudamon and asked him again.

    "How do you know my name Puppy?"

    "Stop calling me Puppy! My name is Ryudamon!"

    "Just tell me how do get out of here."

    "Follow me." Ryudamon began walking with Sean right behind him.
  17. Teebird

    Teebird Well-Known Member

    This was to much for Marik to wrap his mind around. He thought he was dreaming. First, he was almost killed by a tree, then led to a castle, by a so-called 'Digimon', commanded to save the Digital World by four giant beasts, and now a worm bigger than than any worm could possibly be on Earth, with a scar over his right eye, six legs and four arms, was now eager than he had ever seen anybody.

    "Hey, hey, what's your name? I'm Sting and i'm a Wormmon." said the green worm like creature.

    "Uh....i'm Marik Kurah" said Marik in a very shy tone.

    Sting was staring at Marik with his large sapphire eyes and said, "You don't seem to happy,"

    "Yea.....i'm just kinda shy"

    "Oh....well that's alright! I'm sure we'll be great friends."

    "Maybe." said Marik, a bit more confident than before.
  18. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Ace stood staring into the red eyes of what seemed to be a small, blue dragon. He sighed to himself. "I knew I shouldn't have let Dad order us pizza from that 'new' place. They probably put hallucinagenic mushrooms on the pizza and now I'm seeing things!" he said to himself.

    The dragon tilted his head. "This ain't a dream, Ace. This is all real!" the dragon said in an Australian accent.

    "This isn't a dream, and I'm talking to a baby dragon from Australia... Right..." he said, unconvinced.

    "Oi, I am NOT a baby! My name's Dracomon and you and I are partners. ...And what's Australia?"

    "I see... Well, I'd may as well make the most of this. I'm Ace," he said, outstretching his hand.

    Dracomon shook it with his claw. "Nice t' meet'ya!"
  19. Krug

    Krug .

    Nathan looked at the small yellowish creature at his feet. It obviously looked amphibian, and was carrying a small headband in its mouth. Looking around he could easily deduct that the people around him were gaining these "Digimon" as companions.
    "Always wanted a pet Salamander, but I never expected something like this...Oi Vey." Nahtan sighed, the creature, a bit agitated, spit the headband out,
    "I'm no pet!" The amphibian roared, "I'm no Salamandermon either, the name's Modoki Betamon, but you can just call me Saul!"

    "Saul, eh? First King of Israel! Awesome name, Saul! My name, is Nathan, lord of all that is awesome." Nathan ranted, enjoying his self-given title.

    "You?" Saul questioned, "Give, me a break, if anyone's the greatest thing in here, besides the 4 Great Beasts, its me!" Nathan thought for a moment, and then decided,

    "Look, if both of us are so much better than the rest of the Bozos in here, then how about we team up, and truly become the Greatest thing ever!" with this Saul smirked, he liked the idea of having a tamer who thought the same as he did. So obviously,

    "Sure!" Saul smiled, and they shook, hand and claw. Nathan pointed his finger up in the air, and yelled,
    "I now proclaim our team, THE DEMOLITION DUO!"
    "Why the Demolition duo?" The Modoki Betamon asked,
    "I don't know," the Teen shrugged, "Sounds cool"...
  20. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    Nate looked around curiously, thinking he was in one of his favorite video games. When he saw thease creatures called "digimon", he got all excited. When he learned that it stands for, digital monsters, he got even more excited. He didn't say a word though. He had no clue who the kids with him were and he had no clue if the digimon would hurt him. His bashful personalities kept him quiet. A purple digimon came up to him. It was a furry two-legged digimon that wore a black bandana with blue tiger stripes over his neck.
    It bowed down to him then said, "This is my partner? I know we will be the best of friends!"

    At that comment Nate asked "will you hurt me?"

    "No way! I would hurt a friend! Me and you are partners!" said the digimon. "So what's your name?"

    "Nate, you?”

    "Raito the dorumon"

    "Raito? That's the Japanese name of one of my favorite anime and manga characters", said Nate.

    "What's anime and manga?" asked the curios dorumon.

    "I'll tell you latter", replied Nate

    "OK", said Raito.

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