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Digimon: Digital Destiny

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Hotshot, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    After watching Moon attack Matadormon, Raito had changed his mind about the fight. At first Raito shot a slivery blast at the digimon. Raito thought if he couldn't do anything to the digimon and Moon was getting beat, that the only thing he could do is protect Nate. He shielded Nate from the battle, making sure he wouldn't get hurt.
    Nate was stund. Raito usually fights till the end, but he had changed. Nate asked softly to Raito, "w-why are you doing this? W-why aren’t you fighting?" The dorugamon just said "I'm not sure. Must be the fact that this digimon is to strong. And the way it looked at you.....disgusting. I must make sure you are safe"


    "No buts"
    No matter how much Rai yelled at Raito to help and Nate tried to persuade him, he just stayed there and ignored them. Nate could see in his eyes that he wanted to help, but all he wanted to was protect him.
  2. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Damon watched Kappa battle the powerful and fast Silphymon. He was worried. Despite his Ultimate Level, Kappa was being outmanuevered at every turn and strike.

    Man, that Silphymon was good.

    And he was forced to stand there and watch it, with the unconcious Blaze hanging motionless in his arms.

    He loathed it. Not being able to help, beign forced to watch their only hope get beaten to a pulp.

    He wanted to help. He wanted Blaze to help. He wanted a lot, but he wouldn't get it.

    He wanted to live, but sure as dawn Silphymon was going to kill them if Kappa lost.

    He wanted to see Ami's face again. He wanted to see a smile on that face.

    "Blaze!" he cried out "just get up and help!" The Agumon stirred slightly, but remained unconcious.

    A tear fell from the boys eye.

    He would never see Ami again. His life would end soon, snuffed out by malice and hate.

    The eternal night was upon him, and there was no light to hold it away.

    (Yes, quite dark towards the end.)
  3. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Gatomon ignored Ace's extended arm, but she answered his question.

    "Once we realised that Tukhaman had indeed been defeated we knew we stood no hope against Kurobel. We hid within underground passages that extend throughout the whole pyramid. We would hope that you Chosen would come along. As you see it still isn't safe for us to come out of hiding. We're only alive because Kurobel thinks we've all been slaughtered."

    "Yes, we've noticed that this pyramid isn't completely safe at the moment," Conrad said. "So, can you answer some more of our questions? Where's the next stone?"

    "I am not the one to answer those questions," Gatomon replied. "Nefertimon has all the answers and is the best informed of all the survivors. I shall lead you to her. She will provide the answers you seek."

    "Fine," Conrad said. "Come on up," he said, extending a hand out to her just like Ace had.

    "She's underground," Gatomon replied derisively. "You have to come down here."

    Conrad looked up and down the long corridor Gatomon was currently standing in. It was pitch black. He couldn't see anything. The only thing he could see in the hole at all was Gatomon.

    "Um...won't lighting be an issue?" Conrad asked.

    "Why?" Guilmon asked. Without another word he jumped down into the hole and landed next to Gatomon. "I can see fine."

    Conrad was thoroughly annoyed that Guilmon was still being so impulsive about his actions. Some things never changed.

    "Oh, yes, you humans have such poor eyesight," Gatomon said. "I don't know how you survive without it. I can fix that though."

    She walked over towards one side of the corridor. She was almost out of view of Conrad when she stopped. She extended her paw towards something and pressed hard. There was a loud click before the whole corridor below was flooded in light. It seemed the roof, or the floor from Conrad's point of view had lights fitted in it. Now he could see clearly. Vision would no longer be a problem.

    Conrad pulled his head out of the hole and looked around at Ami, Michael, and Ace.

    "What do you guys think?" Conrad asked. He wanted their opinions before heading off again. If they had a better or safer idea then he would gladly consider it. The more input he had the better he'd be at making wise decisions. After the previous disaster his confidence was low, and he wasn't going to risk it all happening again.
  4. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Frankie couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kurobel...not the enemy? He had heard from the Sovereigns that Ogudomon was their main threat, and that Kurobel was sided with him. When he had asked Kappa, Kappa had shrugged it off and claimed that Ogudomon was mere myth. It seemed that very few Digimon actually believed in Ogudomon...

    "So," Frankie murmured, "if Kurobel isn't your boss...then who is?"

    "Heh. So the little kiddie wants to know who my master is, huh?" Silphymon jeered. "Well, I'll tell ya, 'cause you won't live much longer anyway!"

    Silphymon stopped, looked over its shoulder, turned around and inspected the boulder, making sure that there were no spies around, and turned to face Frankie again. "My master is..." it whispered, but was cut short by a forceful kick in the back. Silphymon fell to the ground in a heap.

    There stood a Digimon made entirely of wood. It folded its arms across its wooden chest and glared down at the fallen Silphymon.

    "Stupid chicken and your stupid big mouth!" it spat. "You almost gave away classified information! You stupid idiot!"

    Frankie switched on his Digivice. "Puppetmon. Mega level. Attribute Points: 2 Wild..."

    Frankie stopped and reread his Digivice. Mega. This was a Mega level? I looked like a useless puppet!

    Silphymon struggled to its feet and grumbled at Puppetmon. "It's not like they could do anything with that information anyway...I was gonna kill 'em as soon as I said it."

    "Ha! Whatever!" Puppetmon exclaimed.

    Puppetmon looked over at Frankie. He raised his humongous hammer over his head, and prepared to strike. However, it was not Frankie that he struck. Rather, it was a nearby boulder, which instantly shattered into mere dust particles with one swing of his mallet.

    "That was just for show, Chosen," Puppetmon said, grinning impishly. "Now watch as I destroy your Digimon partner!"
  5. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "What?" Damon muttered, confused. So Kurobel... wasn't their opponent after all? He was just a lackey, working for a greater force.

    Right now, he didn't have time to think. They needed to handle Puppetmon, who was apparently a Mega. And the highest Blaze could reach was Ultimate. If Kappa and Blaze worked together, there was a chance.

    But Blaze was unconcious and Kappa would have to fight alone.

    Damon felt anger and frustration rise inside him. He was useless! He just wanted to fight, to be able to actually help instead of always standing on the sidelines and watching. He wanted to know that he was playing a part in the victory instead of leaving it all to Blaze.

    He closed his eyes and saw Ami's face again. Beautiful blue-grey eyes, lips curved into a smile.

    "BLAZE!" he screamed "WAKE UP! WE NEED YOU! I NEED YOU!"
  6. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Puppetmon ignored Damon's sudden outburst and leaped into the air, swinging his hammer about wildly. "PUPPET PUMMEL!!!"

    His enormous mallet crashed to the ground, flooding the battlefield in an explosion of sand and dust. As the sand cleared, two shadowed figures could just barely be seen amid the cloud of dust. Kappa lay on the ground, holding Puppetmon's hammer up by his feet. The Puppet Digimon stared in disbelief.

    So this is the power of a Chosen Digimon, he thought. A Digimon blessed by the Sovereigns...

    Kappa smirked through the intense sweat that flowed down his face. He reached for his staff, which lay beside him, and flung it upwards at Puppetmon. The Mega level Digimon instinctively ducked, avoiding the attack, but giving Kappa the chance he needed to regain his footing.

    Puppetmon swung his mighty hammer at Kappa again, but the Shawujingmon performed a perfectly-timed back-flip, and dodged the swing. The sea monster Digimon landed gracefully a couple of yards away from Puppetmon. The Puppet Digimon grumbled.

    "Bah! Lucky!" he shouted. "Let's see you dodge this, stupid! PUPPET PUMMEL!!!"

    Puppetmon leaped at Kappa again, pounding his hammer into the ground. Another explosion of sand and dust erupted, once again covering the area. This time Kappa was less successful, as he had used most of his power to block the last attack.

    Puppetmon's lethal attack had torn apart Kappa's data in several places, and the sea monster Digimon collapsed to the ground and DeDigivolved back into Kamemon.

    "Now...let's finish it..." Puppetmon murmured, preparing one final strike...
  7. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Blaze groaned and opened his eyes.

    "Why are you yelling?" he asked.

    "Oh, no reason," Damon said sarcastically "just that psycho puppet is about to KILL US!"

    "I'd better get going then," Blaze laughed, leaping onto the sand.

    "Go get him," Damon muttered "DIGIVOLVE INTO ULTIMATE!" He raised his Digivice and watched it glow as the Digivolution Zone appeared around Blaze.

    "AGUMON WARP DIGIVOLVE TO... RIZEGREYMON!" Blaze roared, rising out of the fiery sphere as RizeGreymon. Puppetmon turned to face him, smirking slightly.

    "Do this Blaze," Damon muttered "so I can see Ami again. So we can live."
  8. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Puppetmon grinned sheepishly at the enormous RizeGreymon that now faced him. He stared up at Blaze, exclaiming, "Ah! A worthy opponent! Perhaps you'll be more fun than that stupid Shawujingmon! Now...let's play!"

    Meanwhile, Frankie had dashed to Kappa's aid. When he reached the turtle Digimon, he found that the wounds Kappa had received were not fatal, but they were close. Silphymon approached him, muttering, "Stupid this...stupid that...is that the only word he knows?!...sheesh..."

    Chichimon hopped out of Frankie's arms and timidly pecked Kappa, checking for injuries. Frankie turned his head towards Cerberusmon, but found that the dog Digimon had disappeared!

    Just then, from behind Puppetmon, Cerberusmon struck, pinning the puppet to the ground. Cerberusmon growled, and Puppetmon just scoffed.

    The Mega level Digimon easily tossed Cerberusmon into the air. He followed up with a forceful kick in Cerberusmon's stomach, knocking the Ultimate level to the ground. There Cerberusmon lay, conscious, but unable to move.
  9. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Ace considered Conrad's question. "I think we should follow her. My bet is that it's safer if we go into the tunnels. Though if it is a trap, I don't think even Coredramon is small enough to function fully down there..."

    "I say we go for it!" Dracomon said enthusiastically in agreement. "It's better than being stuck in this creepy place."

    "What makes you think it won't be creepy down there?"

    Dracomon shrugged. He jumped into the hole and pulled Ace down with him, who fell on top of the dragon.

  10. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    "Okay, let's go," Conrad said. He jumped into the hole after Ace and Dracomon and landed awkwardly by Guilmon's side. Ami, Michael, Gaomon and Kaze followed.

    Guilmon pulled Conrad up off the ground and brushed all the dirt off him. In the process he noticed that the cut on Conrad's cheek had begun bleeding again.

    "Hey, Con, you're bleeding," Guilmon said.

    Conrad put his hand up to his cheek and felt the warm blood trickling down. He quickly wiped it away and grumbled about the cut continuing to bleed.

    "I should be doing that," Guilmon said. "I did cause it after all."

    "Don't worry about it," Conrad reassured. He placed his hand on Guilmon's shoulder and looked him in the eye. "I don't blame you in the slightest. I forgive you...so forgive yourself."

    "We better be on the move, Chosen," Gatomon interjected. "We don't have a lot of time to waste."

    Conrad certainly agreed and immediately began following Gatomon with Guilmon by his side. The underground tunnels were quite small and after about half an hour wandering around in them, Conrad was beginning to feel quite cramped. The tunnels sometimes became so small that they had to crouch down to make it through them. If they encountered any enemies here, there wouldn't be room for any of them to Digivolve. They were in a vulnerable position and Conrad didn't like it. He hoped that Nefertimon was somewhere a little roomier.

    Nefertimon. Conrad suddenly realised that he hadn't informed the other group about them locating the survivors. They would still be searching the pyramid for survivors that were underneath them the whole time. He looked down at Gatomon and was about to ask her to stop when he realised that there might be an easier way to notify the others.

    "Hey, Gatomon, can we make a detour?" Conrad asked.

    "Where?" she responded.

    "Well, there are more of us here in the pyramid," Conrad said. "We were all searching for you. Do you think we could find them and then bring them along to Nefertimon?"

    "There are more of you?" Gatomon questioned, sounding surprised. She stopped and turned around to face Conrad. "Where?"

    "Um...right here," Conrad said. He pulled out his Digivice and pointed to the small group of dots to their north east.

    "What are these two?" Gatomon said, pointing at the dots representing Frankie and Damon.

    "Oh, they're other Chosen looking for...someone important."

    "Well, I don't see it as a problem," Gatomon said. "It shouldn't take us too long to reach them. These tunnels span the whole pyramid."

    Conrad nodded and pointed down the tunnel, indicating to Gatomon to lead the way. Gatomon did exactly that, this time taking many turns to make sure they were heading in the right direction. She often glanced back at Conrad's Digivice to make sure they were still on the right track. Conrad smiled, the first time he had in quite a while. For once he actually had something to smile about. Once they teamed up with the others they would finally get some answers to everything that was going on. That would be their next step on the road to defeating Kurobel, and in ending this crazy adventure. That's what Conrad wanted most. He was tired of it all. He just wanted it all to end, like a dream does when you wake up. If only it was a dream. But Conrad knew that this was all too real.
  11. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    "Do we have to look for them?" Ace complained. "I'm sure we'll meet up eventually... and I'm not all that eager to find them." He murmured the last part.

    Dracomon, however, heard and chuckled to himself.

    Ace looked down at the dragon. "So, judging by your evolution, your wings are just for show," he said with a goading grin.

    The smile instantly disappeared from the embarrassed dragon's face. "WHY I OUGHTA RIP YA LIMB FROM LIMB!" he snarled, his face growing bright red.

    Ace froze, slightly worried that he was going into his Shurunin-mode, but he relaxed when he realized that wasn't the case. He grinned nervously. "Heh, relax buddy, I was just kidding!"

    Dracomon turned his head away. "Well it wasn't funny!"

    Ace folded his arms and kept walkng. "Sooorrrrry!" he said slightly defensively.
  12. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    Now that the battle was now over, and Nate didn't know what to say for a while. When Raito turned back in to his dorumon form, he didn't look as playful as he usually is. He was still playful though. He ran to Nate asking, "Are you OK? Are you hurt? Did I let something past?"
    Nate couldn't believe this, his partner had changed from a little playful digimon, into a digimon that only cared that he was safe. No fighting at all. Nate looked sternly at Raito and said, "Yes. I am OK but, why did you protect me and not fight? You are sapost to help fight, Raito," Nate's face turned into a soft smile and continued, "I don't need protection. You need to help fight. Poor Moon was fighting by himself. How do you feel about that? What if you were the only digimon fighting a digimon stronger than you when you have digimon that can help but just standing there protecting their partners?" Nate gently petted Raito and waited for an answer. When he didn't get one he said, "Hum?"
    Raito sighed and said," well...no I would have liked that at all and...Well..." Raito fumbled with his toes, looked up at Nate, sighed again, then said," the reason I was protecting you was cause....that digimon...it was just too strong...at first I was going to fight, no matter how tough that digimon is, which is what I did till I saw it look at you. It looked at you with an evil grin on its face. It gave all the other chosen the same look but I had seen that look before. It's a look of pure evil. My uncle gave the look of pure evil to digimon he hated or wanted to destroy,"

    "D-destroy?” interrupted Nate looking startled, like he was regretting about asking about the problem.

    "Yes, destroy. A good part of my family is like that. If you see dorumon with duller fur than mine, those are them,"

    "W-wow, dose e-evil run in your family?"

    "Only part of it, not all, I'm against evil. But that part of my family dose help me sometimes"

    "It does?" Nate tried to remember the moments were Raito had looked devilish. Like when he first fought and when he first digivolved.
    “Yep, I’m guessing you kinda noticed”, laughed the digimon.
  13. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Kurobel motioned for the guards, four Sealsdramon, to allow him passage. They obeyed, and Kurobel stepped through the giant doors, leading into the interior of his main base, located just outside the Dark Area.

    He chuckled to himself as many small, shadowy Digimon scampered out of his way. Power felt so sweet.

    "Soon..." he muttered, "It will all be mine!"

    He cringed at the approaching of Beelzemon, the main general of Ogudomon's armies. The demon-man Digimon approached Kurobel nonchalantly. Without making eye-contact, he murmured, "So I heard you found a Sacred Stone, Fleshy. Don't get too full of yerself. It won't last."

    Kurobel dismissed the warnings of Beelzemon and continued walking. Beelzemon called after him: "Oh, and Lord Ogudomon sent me on a special mission. One to eliminate the Chosen once and for all!"

    Kurobel stopped a moment, then continued walking away. Beelzemon snickered. That foolish human...
  14. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    "Something's approaching," Garr announced.
    The chosen in the room jumped when the mechanic wolf said that, antecipating the arrival of a new Matadormon, or a foe just as strong.

    "From below!" he concluded after scanning the surroundings with its top notch equipment.

    Moon readied a punch and Garr took hold of its minigun, almost as if coordinated, Garr shot the ground in a circle. Following this move, Moon used its awesome strength to knock down a whole panel of hardened sand.

    A new floor underneath them was revealed.

    "You first," joked Rai, looking at Garr.
  15. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Conrad and the others continued to follow Gatomon along the twisting turning corridors underneath the pyramid. They had walked for ages. Conrad had lost complete track of time as they traversed the brilliantly lit corridors. The pyramid hadn't looked this big before. But Conrad could tell that they were steadily getting closer and closer towards Rai and the others.

    "Okay, we're almost there," Conrad said to Guilmon after a while.

    "It's about time too, Con," Guilmon responded. "I don't remember walking this long ever...even when I was walking all over the Digital World."

    "That doesn't make sense," Conrad replied. "You would have walked further then this."

    "Not in my recollection," Guilmon responded stubbornly.

    Conrad shook his head, knowing that Guilmon wasn't going to back down. Gatomon peered at his Digivice again and a few seconds later stopped.

    "We should be right below them," she said, pointing up to above them.

    "Great," Conrad said. He tapped lightly on the roof of the passage. He knew that he would need Guilmon's help to break through to the surface above. "Guilmon, think you can break through?"

    "You bet," Guilmon replied.


    Guilmon had just opened his mouth to unleash the fireball when there was a huge explosion from above them. A huge chunk of the roof fell down. Conrad instantly picked up Gatomon and jumped back along with the startled Guilmon. He almost tripped over the others who had been standing right behind him.

    "Everyone okay?" Conrad asked after the dust from the roof caving in had settled. No one had any injuries, so with Guilmon by his side he slowly walked to the large hole above him. He darted his head out and pulled it back under quickly. He didn't want anyone to have a chance to attack him straight in the face. But he needn't have worried. Looking down at him apprehensively were Rai, Moon, Sean, Ryu, Nate, Raito, and Garr. It seemed as though Moon and Garr had together broken through the floor, and in the process, almost crushing the Chosen below them.

    "Nice to see you too," Conrad replied. "Anyway, I think you guys need to come down here. We've found survivors."
  16. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    Nate looked at the other that had come in, the new enemy, and the Raito.
    "Raito. This time I want you to fight or I'll go fight myself", Nate said to Raito, looking grave faced.

    "What! You can't fight! You'll get hurt badly!" said the dorumon.

    "Then will you fight this time?" asked Nate. Raito sighed and then answered, "Alright. I'll fight. You say here and tell the others what has been going on. K?"

    "Yes sir! Now go fight and I'll tell the others," replied Nate. Nate held up his digivice and once again, Raito had turned into the dorugamon and flew up into the air and began to attack. Nate on the other hand, ran to the others who only saw them and a fight, and told them what was going on. His glasses were a little crooked from the run be he made sure that he gave them the info.
  17. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    "Trident Revolver!"

    "Puppet Pummel!" Puppetmon cried, swinging his mallet into Blaze's triple shot and making the blasts explode before swinging again and striking the RizeGreymon, sending him skidding back before he steadied himself.

    "Come on Blaze!" Damon yelled "you can't lose to that puppet!" Blaze growled in response as his wings burst out, revealing the cannons built into them.

    "RISING...!" he began, charging energy "DESTROYER!" The corona of fiery energy burst out and struck the charging Puppetmon, hurling him away in a storm of fiery devastation.

    When it ended, Puppetmon shakily stood, his body seared and burnt. But he was alive...
  18. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Puppetmon glared at Blaze, eyes unwavering. "Stupid Chosen Digimon!" he spat, gripping his hammer in both wooden hands. "I'll destroy you all!"

    Puppetmon charged at the RizeGreymon, taking him head-on. The Mega level tackled Blaze in the stomach and sent him reeling. Without waiting, Puppetmon swung his mighty hammer and struck Blaze in the chest, creating an indentation in his crimson armor.

    Frankie gulped. He wasn't usually the pessimistic type...but there was absolutely no possible way they were going to beat Pupp--

    "FEAR NOT, CHOSEN!!!" exclaimed a haughty voice, from above them. "I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU!!!"

    There, suspended in the air, was a half-human, half-bird Digimon, not unlike Silphymon in appearance, but with darker armor. Frankie read its data on his Digivice: "Ravemon. Mega level. Attribute Points: 2 Stable."

    "Heh...it's about time..." Kappa managed to say, before entering a fit of coughing.

    "I am Sorano!" said the Ravemon, landing gracefully beside Frankie. "And you two are Frankie and Damon, correct? And look, there is Puppetmon and Silphymon! Haha! Hello there!"

    Puppetmon and Silphymon eyed the newcomer suspiciously. "Do we know you?" Puppetmon inquired, still staring at Sorano.

    "Nooo..." Sorano replied, grinning, "but I know you! I am well informed on these matters! Now, which of you wishes to die first?!"

    Puppetmon scowled. "There's no way you can defeat both of us by yourself!"

    Sorano lifted his arm in the air, motioning for his troops to show themselves. Twenty Karatenmon appeared simultaneously beside their leader.

    "Chosen, you may rest for now," Sorano said folding his winged arms across his chest. "Leave this to the Sovereign's Aerial Attack Unit! Birds of Prey, to battle!"
  19. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Ace and Dracomon yelped and fell backwards, having been mere feet from being crushed into pancakes. They looked up and saw Moon and Garr.

    "...Really graceful, guys... We should get a move on in case Kurobel decides to send reinforcements here for whatever reason..."
  20. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Damon watched as Sorano and his Karatenmon battled against Puppetmon and Silphymon. His troops took on Silphymon, while the powerful Mega faced Puppetmon.

    "Spiral Raven Claw!" the Ravemon yelled, spinning into a whirlwind and slamming into Puppetmon, ripping into the puppet with his silver wing. Puppetmon shrieked as he was painfully slashed by the bladed edge. Eventually, Sorano stopped and Puppetmon fell.

    "Blaze, help Sorano finish this," Damon said quietly. His RizeGreymon nodded and took flight, charging towards Puppetmon.

    "Solid Strike!" he bellowed, swinging his revolver into the puppet and hurling him back towards Sorano.

    "Blast Wing!" Sorano cried, slashing his silver wing into Puppetmon as he drew his sword and delivered a volley of furious slashes that left the puppet scarred and battered as he fell onto the sand. Sorano pointed his sword straight upwards as Blaze began charging energy into his gunpoints.

    Violet lightning crackled around Sorano's blade as orange fire erupte dinto life around Blaze's cannons.

    "RISING DESTROYER!" Blaze roared.

    "CELESTIAL BLADE!" Sorano screamed, slashing his sword down towards Puppetmon. As the corona of fiery energy erupted from Blaze and shot towards Puppetmon, a jagged fork of violet lightning burst from Sorano's sword and added its fury to the Rising Destroyer as the combined attacks struck Puppetmon.

    The puppet screamed as he was seared and torn by the blast, not comprehending his death even as it began. He couldn't die. He was a warrior of the great Ogudomon. HE COULDN'T DIE!

    "HOW?" he screamed.

    "Do you need an answer?" Damon asked coldly "or can you figure it out yourself? Here's a hint, you're alone. We're not."

    Could that be it? Puppetmon pondered the question as he began to shatter and fall apart. Is it their companionship that allows them such power?

    He died, perhaps closer to the truth than ever in his life. Damon watched him die, seeing a flicker of recognition in the Digimon's eyes before they disappeared into the growing cloud of data.

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