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Digimon: Digital Destiny

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Hotshot, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    "Note to self: Avoid shooting the floor. Chosen Children travel there," Rai joked.

    Moon hugged his partner and jumped below.

    "Howdy," greete the boy, and soon enough locking eyes with Ami.

    "So, will someone brief me or something?"

    Behind him, Moon started to feel the fatigue from the battle besting him.
    Instead of wasting energy and resist it, he let it embrace him, feeling a refresh overcoming his body.

    In no time, he had gone back to Gabumon form.
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  2. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    Raito saw what Moon was doing and did the same. When back in dorumon form, he ran to Nate and Nate wispered in Raito's ear, "Ria is united with his girl firend". Nate giggled a bit then saw Raito staring at him as he had no clue what is going on. "I just got to have a laugh at those type of things..." Raito still didn't get it. "....It's a human thing....", Nate said quickly. "OK?" answered Raito thinking that Nate was plain crazy.


    "Ya Raito?"

    "I'm hungery,"

    "Sorry bud but your gonna hath to wait," laughed Nate.
  3. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    "Rai!" Ami yelled, throwing her arms around him. After everything they'd been through, seeing him so quickly was the best thing in the world.

    "Here we go again," Gaomon muttered, still jealous of Rai. But he was smiling at least.

    "It's so good to see you," Ami whispered into Rai's ear as she held him tightly. And she really meant it. Being forced away from him had felt terrible, but now she was with him again and the world was alright.

    "Anyway," Gaomon said "shouldn't we get moving?"
  4. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    Frankie propped Kappa up against a nearby rock and placed Chichimon by his side. Nodding to them, he crept over to where Cerberusmon lay, grumbling.

    "...Urgh...I hate puppets...I really hate puppets."

    Frankie chuckled. He pointed his Digivice at the evaporating data of Puppetmon and scanned the Mega level's hammer. That would certainly come in handy.

    "Seems Sorano's troops've got Silphymon taken care of too," Frankie pointed out. Just a few yards off, the Karatenmon had pinned Silphymon to the ground for questioning.

    Sorano approached the Chosen and bowed low. "Aha! Welcome to the end of Data Desert! This is where the vile sands end, and my country, the Mystic Forest, begins! Hahaha..."

    Frankie turned to Damon and extended a hand to the other boy. "Good work, Damon," he said. "If it hadn't have been for you and Blaze, Kappa would'a been toast!"

    "Nu-uh!" Kappa objected, shaking his fist angrily at Frankie. "I could've beaten that stupid puppet! I was just...making the fight more dramatic for everyone!"
  5. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    "Hello there," responded the boy, hugging her back.
    An awkward silence installed between the two, neither one knowing exactly what to say to one another.

    Finally, Rai thought of a semi perfect thing to say:

    "Are you hurt?"

    Beside him, Moon adressed Gaomon with the same question.
  6. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    "A bit," Ami answered, feeling the recently reopened bite wound from Vamdemon. Her fingers came away stained with blood and she shuddered, wiping the liquid onto her shirt.

    "I'm fine," Gaomon snapped, sounding very irritated. Ami glanced at him, feeling sad that he was so jealous of Rai still.

    Would he ever just let it go?

    She turned her attention back to Rai. What was he thinking? How did he feel?

    She wanted to know.

    "Rai," she asked slowly "how do you feel about me?" She wondered what his answer would be.
  7. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    Rai instantly blushed and almost lost his balance.

    "Umm, wait you mean you.. Uhmm... I mean, I really like you, even though we've known for a short time."

    The teenager babled nonstop, loosing the ability to properly build sentences.

    He took a deep breath, and calmed down his heart rate. The strange uneasiness he just felt rushing through him dissipating.

    "I really like you."

    Moon smiled a bit while on the other hand, Gaomon looked the other way.
  8. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    Ami looked at Rai, amazed. She had been right the whole time. He did like her, he had even admitted it.

    "Perfect," Gaomon muttered sarcastically "that's just what we all need, a lovey-dovey couple in the group. This is such a brilliant thing." He relived his feelings by kicking a stone into the wall.

    Ami breathed heavily, ignoring Gaomon's angry feelings as she looked at Rai.

    "Rai," she said quietly, not believing it was finally happening "I really like you too. You're kind and brave and strong, you've always protected me and helped me while I've been here." She stopped talking, feeling her cheeks get warm as she blushed.
  9. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    "Will you two get a room?" interrupted the Gatomon.

    Rai looked around, everyone in the group was looking at them.
    Again, the embarassment returned and his cheeks turned the colour of Guilmon's skin.

    "S-Sorry if we... Uhm, got a little personal here..." he excused, looking back at Ami.

    He smiled, gently, then let go of her, hating the moment he lost her touch.

    "We should hurry, for the greater good..." He started walking, slowly, not wanting to stray too far away.
  10. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    Ami followed Rai and the rest of the group, feeling annoyed at Gatomon for ruining her special moment. She made a mental note to pay back the Digimon later, before turning her thoughts to Rai again.

    "He cares," she said quietly "he really cares." The full magnitude of their conversation crashed down on her and she almost thought it was a dream, becuase the way the world was turning out seemed perfect.

    "I guess you're happy," Gaomon muttered. She looked at him, astonished by the venom in his voice.

    "What's wrong with you?" she asked.

    "Oh, just me taking second best to Rai. As usual."

    "Gaomon!" Ami snapped, finally losing her patience "you know how I feel about him! Stop it! Why can't you just be happy for me?"

    "Becuase I'm not here," Gaomon growled "at least, not to you I'm not. To you, I'm just here to try and protect you, fail and then just watch Rai play hero and save you!" Ami couldn't speak. If Gaomon had had these thoughts, why hadn't he said anything before?

    She knew why in an instant. Becuase he did want her to be happy with Rai. He had kept his doubts and hurts bottled up until he had to let them out.

    Becuase of it, they were all the worse.
  11. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    "I understand how it is..."

    Rai's quietness broke Gaomon's speech, making the dog loose his emotional momentum.

    "But you got it wrong... I... I almost got Moon killed three times in two days, and I could very well have stopped it at the time, somehow..."

    Rai felt his eyes become watery so, as a defensive barrier, he turned his head down and let his long hair fall on his face.

    "And then, I almost got her killed on the desert, several times, and then... that cloaked digimon he died too, protecting us... I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME!" he shouted, letting what he had forgotten all out.

    "I'm not trying to play the hero, I am just trying not to play the useless member!" he shouted, uncovering his face and revealing tears.

    In retrospect, this situation was almost ironic. Less than a minute ago, Rai felt like he had never been so happy before. Now, he felt like trash.
  12. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    Ami looked at Rai with despair. She couldn't understand just how easily Gaomon had reduced him to tears.

    All she knew was that he needed support.

    She stepped over to him, pulling him into a close embrace and just holding him there, letting him know she would support him, no matter what happened.

    "It's okay, Rai," she whispered into his ear "it's all okay. I'm here for you, I care."

    Gaomon kicked another stone into the wall out of frustration, but in truth he was horrified. He hadn't realised just how deeply his words had hit, nor how bad their effect would be. Not until now, with Rai crying into Ami's shoulder.

    He was such a fool! He had let his jealousy get in the way of his sense, otherwise he would have just left it alone. Now he saw the consequences of his actions and he hated himself for becomign so angry with Ami, just becuase she did love Rai. And for hating Rai becuase he had believed himself Ami's one and only protector, not seeing her own needs.

    He wasn't the type of protector she needed. She didn't always need physical protection, she needed emotional support as well. He didn't understand Ami's feelings for Rai until he had gone to far into jealousy.

    What made the whole thing humorous was the irony. Gaomon and his evolutions shared many aspects with Moon, Gaogamon bearing resemblence to Garurumon, MachGaogamon being a near-clone of WereGarurumon. Perhaps when their Ultimate (japanese Ultimte, by the way) Levels came around, they too would be similar.

    Ami held Rai close, trying to help him.

    "It's all fine now," she whispered, gently moving his head so she could look into his eyes "we're both fine."
  13. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    Rai sobbed, he felt weak again.

    They didn't understand what is was like to be useless.
    They didn't go through what he did.

    "Four years ago,my sister was just six years old. She... We were playing Hide and Seek, and I was it... I just remember hearing a car's break and her scream, she almost died and I was there, I would be able to stop it if I had just payed more attention..."

    The sobbing stopped and Rai got up.

    "I heard a car go through, I would have heard her steps getting closer to the road if I payed atention, I could have stopped it if I just payed atention... We were lucky she was able to walk after almost a year..."

    He walked away from everyone then, feeling their eyes on his back.
    They stung like needles. Now everyone knew of his pathetic true self, they all would loath him as much as he loaths that moment.

    "I need some time alone, I'm sorry guys..."

    Rai walked back the way the other group came.
    Moon followed him, but was quickly rejected.

    "Moon, I said alone," Rai somewhat requested.

    "But-" Moon drew a large breath.
    "Fine, don't take too long and make sure you scream loud enough if something tries to kill you," Gabumon answered, the sarcasm being painfully evident.

    "I just need 10 minuts, you won't even know I'm gone..."
  14. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    Ami felt terrible as she heard Rai pouring out the story and she understood, Rai thought he was useless. She didn't think any less of him for that.

    Everyone has their own bad opinions of themselves. Ami knew a girl in her class at school who always thought she was fat. A boy in the year above her always nitpicked his own performance in soccer games, beating himself up over every missed goal shot, every tackle by the other team.

    It was just natural to feel bad about some aspect of your own self, but Ami wasn't sure how she could help Rai. Clearly this was something that cut deeply, especially what had happened to his sister. She knew that Rai needed some time to sort it out himself, so she let him go.

    "Rai," she called after him "I'm here for you, okay?" She wanted him to know that she would help him, as he had helped her before. Maybe Ami couldn't help him, but she wanted him to know she was waiting for him, always ready to come and stand by him.

    "Ami," Gaomon said softly "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so jealous of Rai. I just want to protect you, and I thought I was the only person who could do that. But every time, it was always Rai saving you, or at least I saw it that way, and I just couldn't stand it. I just want you to know, I don't hate either of you any more. Maybe I hated him for always beign there, and you for just feeling safer with him, but that ends now."

    "Gaomon," Ami whispered, tearing up "thank you. I'm sorry for hurting you in the first place. I just couldn't help it."

    "Moon," Gaomon said "you've got a great partner. Just make sure he knows that."
  15. PikaCharmander

    PikaCharmander O.O I'm watching you

    Raito just standed watching the two lovers. He had no clue why they were going the color of guilmon or why they did any thing with each other in that way. He tuged on Nate's shirt and asked, "what are they doing? I never saw humans become so red or act so sweetly to each other or......" He stoped and Nate just laughed.

    "How old are you Raito?" was all Nate asked.

    "Ahhhh, I think in human time.....around 2-3 years", answered the dorumon.

    "Then that's why you don't under stand any of this. When you get older, I bet you'll learn", said Nate while silently giggling.

    "Can you tell me what this stuff is called?"


    "Love? My mother said that she loved me when I was still with her. Is that what it is?"

    "Well....something like that"
  16. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Dracomon and Ace watched the carnage unfold in shock and a bit of amusement.

    "What a bloody dramatic group this group of chosen is..." Dracomon chuckled.

    Ace grinned also. "You're kinda right about that... It'd make a good soap opera."

    Dracomon looked at him and tilted his head in confusion.

    "Uhhh... don't ask."

    "That Gaomon is more jealous than I am," Dracomon said rather loudly, quickly glancing over at Guilmon who could digivolve into a winged digimon.

    "You're jealous of something?"

    "...I was jokin'..." Dracomon replied somewhat unconvincingly.

    "The Gaomon has a point though... The last thing we need in this group is a lovey dovey couple. If it goes on too long I might just surrender to Kurobel voluntarily," he said grinning.

    Dracomon chuckled. "Too right."
  17. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    (Ace is right with his soap opera comment. That was dramatic.)
    Unaware of the events playing out far away, Damon was just enjoying the shade of the Mystic Forest. The trees were a rich green colour and the temprature, while still warm, was nowhere near the blazing peak of the Data Desert.

    "We should be near Primary Village," Blaze yawned, walking beside him in Agumon form. Damon smiled. He was getting closer to his goals, at last.

    And that meant he would see Ami again soon.

    "We are almost at Primary Village, Chosen," Sorano said. A few of his Karatenmon were dragging the captured Silphymon behind them.

    "Good," Damon replied. They stepped thorugh another thick patch of undergrowth.

    And emerged into a beautiful clearing of paradise. The trees ended just behidn them, giving way to verdant fields of green grass and patches of multicoloured flowers, the delicate petals blowing free and being pulled by the wind. In the centre of the clearing was a great tree with leaves coloured like a rainbow, casting beautiful light across the scene. Small red and purple rabbit like Digimon hopped between nests filled with eggs, making sure the eggs were safe and secure.

    Watching over the paradise was a pure white bird Digimon. Her soft down was coloured by the rainbow light and her wings were wrapped tightly around a white and purple Digi-Egg. Swanmon's eyes gazed out over her own little piece of paradise with kindness and care, love and adoration. She truely loved Primary Village, it was her home and the eggs were her children to raise and take care of.

    "Wow," Damon whispered, awed by the amazng sight.

    (I took a lot from the Frontier Village of Beginnings, in case you didn't notice.)
  18. Hotshot

    Hotshot Don't ask questions.

    ((OOC: Guys, let's not forget that romance is discouraged in this RP. I will allow characters to continue to express feelings for each other, but nothing beyond that.))

    Frankie and Kappa stared in awe at the spectacle before them. Chichimon hopped out of Kappa's arms and approached Swanmon. Cerberusmon grunted, showing signs of pain as he struggled to walk.

    "Ah, Chichimon," Swanmon said, seeing the little Digimon, "welcome back. You have not been gone for very long. Is something the matter?"

    Then she looked up to see the two humans, their Digimon, Cerberusmon, Sorano, his troops, and Silphymon. "The Chosen..." she murmured, staring straight into the eyes of Frankie and Damon. "Where are the others? Are there not more of you?"

    "We...split up," Frankie replied, fidgeting awkwardly, "So they could gather information while we...came for someone important."

    "Who is it you seek?"

    Kappa stepped forward and answered, "A Leafmon who died just a short time ago. Take me to her."

    Swanmon shook her head. "I am afraid there has been no such Digimon to hatch here. I am sorry."

    Kappa's jaw dropped. Frankie couldn't believe his ears. Konoha wasn't here?!

    "Isn't this the place where Digimon are reborn?!" Frankie shouted, arousing all nearby Digimon.

    "Yes, yes," Swanmon said, "but there has been no such Digimon to be reborn in this place."

    Kappa turned away, dismayed. Frankie wasn't so quick to give up hope.

    Thirty minutes later...

    "We've overturned every single egg here and haven't found Konoha anywhere!" Frankie exclaimed. "Where is she?!"

    "I told you..." Swanmon answered. "There is no Leafmon here."

    As the group prepared to leave, a small voice from behind them called, "Kappa! Fwankie! Damon! Bwaze!"

    All four of them swerved around to see a Nyokimon, a small, black seedling Digimon. Kappa, despite the unknown appearance, recognized her immediately.

  19. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Damon looked down at Konoha, almost feeling sorry that he was there. Surely his presence, and Blaze's, would mar the happy reunion between Kappa and Konoha.

    He turned to leave, not wanting to spoil such a moment, but found his path blocked by Swanmon.

    "Why do you turn away, Chosen?" she asked, looking at him and Blaze with confusion.

    "I don't want to spoil this for them," he said quietly.

    "Damon! Bwaze! Wait!" Konoha called, stopping Damon in his tracks.

    "Why?" he asked "I'm the reason you died in the first place. Why do you want me here?" He turned back, finding it impossible to look at the tiny innocent Nyokimon after what he had done to her. Blaze seemed to be suffering the same problem, he was looking over the fields and stealing nervous glances at Swanmon.

    "Why?" the Agumon asked, finally seeming to look at Konoha.

    "Becuase you're not bad, silly!" she replied happily "not any more!"

    "No," Damon said "we're not. Konoha, just so you know... I'm sorry for what I did to you."

    "So am I," Blaze added sincerely. He bowed his head, as did his partner, awaiting Konoha's response.

    As they waited, they heard a terrible ripping sound as the trees behind them were torn to shreds. They looked back in shock as a giant black and green tower of a Digimon emerged, cannon points across it's body launching volleys of firepower into the verdant fields.

    "RookChessmon," Damon muttered, checking the attacker "Ultimate Level, Virus Type, Puppet Digimon. Attribute Points: Two Wild. Get him Blaze!"

    "Right!" his partner growled, lunging forwards and becoming engulfed in flames as Damon raised his shining Digivice.

    "AGUMON!" he roared, feeling his body grow and change "WARP DIGIVOLVE TO...!" The molten metal rose from the flames and clamped onto him "RIZEGREYMON!"

    RizeGreymon burst from the flames, ascending rapidly before falling and leanding heavily in front of RookChessmon and safeguarding Primary Village, his revolver ready to fire.

    "Leave this place alone!" he roared.

    "Negative," RookChessmon stated in its emotionless voice "destruction of Primary Village, primary target set by Master. Identify."

    "What?" Blaze snarled.

    "Identify," RookChessmon insisted, weapons angling at Blaze.

    "Fine, Blaze, RizeGreymon, partner of the Chosen Damon!" Blaze roared "TRIDENT REVOLVER!" He launched his infamous triple burst at RookChessmon, who simly raised his arms.

    "Castle Wall," he stated as a grey energy barrier burst into life before him, stopping the Trident Revolver easily. "Rook Gatling." Every turret on his body instantly fired, hurling Blaze away. The RizeGreymon took flight to avoid harming the village.

    "SOLID STRIKE!" he roared, lunging forwards with his revolver aimed like a lance. RookChessmon simply took the blow and swung his cumbersome, but decidedly powerful, fist into Blaze and crushed the RizeGreymon against the ground.

    "Destruction of Chosen Damon, master objective. All other objectives inferior."

    "YOU WON'T PUT A SCRAP OF YOUR METAL ON HIM!" Blaze roared, forcing RookChessmon away as he stood proud, wings extending to their outermost extent and chest cannons swinging into position. His armanents glowed with pulsing orange energy as his blast charged.

    "Rook Gatling."

    "RISING DESTROYER!" Blaze screamed, hurling himself into the air before unleashing his attack, directing its full force at RookChessmon. The blasts fired by the chess Digimon paled in comparison to what had just been fired, harmlessly melting to nothing as the flames struck them.

    "Castle Wall." Another grey energy screen crackled into being, but this one wasn't enough. It struggled against the supernova heat of the Rising Destroyer and simply shattered like electrified glass, launching wild bolts of lightning as they were obliterated.

    The flames engulfed RookChessmon, melting his metal form. His systems began to shut down, as his central data was consumed.

    Final Directive: complete system destruction imminent. Initiating Power Level Omega.

    He glowed as the shard of Holy Stone within him exploded, releasing energy the likes of which were unmatchable.

    "RookChessmon Digivolve to..." His body shifted, shrinking into a smaller, decidedly female form. Her armor was jet black and she wore a pink cloak, cluching a mighty hammer in her hands.


    She emerged, vision catching onto the RizeGreymon watching dumbstruck. Her slim figure shifted as she took a step forwards. Her mechanical directives instnatly rebooted, targetting Primary Objectives. Destruction of Primary Village.

    Objective overidden, Central Objective active. Destruction of Chosen Damon. Primary Objective online, destruction of Chosen Frankie.

    She leapt at Blaze, swinging her Queen Stick.

    "Grand Cricket!" Her hammer let out booms of thunder as it struck, the sound resonating through her metal body and Blaze's armour.

    Too bad for Damon and Blaze that QueenChessmon was a Mega...

    (Hotshot, with your permission I want to Digivolve Blaze into Mega to defeat QueenChessmon. If so, I'll bring in two more RookChessmon to occupy Frankie, Kappa, Sorano and the Aerial Assault Unit.

    If not, Sorano can help Blaze defeat QueenChessmon.)
  20. niedude

    niedude Don't forget to grin

    Rai walked along the dark halls of the passage, being guided by a single torch still burning in the wall. Suddenly, he fell on his place, instantly sitting on a corner.

    "Damn it," he whispered. (OOC: That doesn't count as swearing, does it?)

    The silence around him was both eerely comforting and cruely punishing, for it left the boy's mind enough peace to think about his previous revelation.

    Unbeknownst to him, a humanoid Digimon was spying the teen.
    It was a human bird centaurian, having the upper torso of a human, and the talons of a powerful eagle for legs. In its arms grew feathers, as sharp as blades.
    The most out of place trinket on this hibrid however was not any of its body parts, but the metallic object that he wore on his eyes.

    "This Chosen, he's dark. This malificence, he must surely be Damon."

    The creature was about to reveal itself but, luckily for it, an important detail came to its mind.

    "Damon doesn't have long hair, that must be... Yes, that bandana proves it, he is not the Greymon Chosen. This is dangerous, if those two share similar feelings, they might, even randomly, call upon Omegamon..."

    The Sylphimon knew better than to leave a chance for a Royal Knight to join the enemy. Quickly, yet nervously, it jumped to the Chosen, a ball of energy between its hands.


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