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Digimon: Digital Destiny

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Hotshot, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Digidramon

    Digidramon Shadow Origin

    (Alright Hotshot. By the way Niedude, that Silphymon is a complete idiot if it hasn't realised that RizeGreymon doesn't Digivolve into WarGreymon, therefore removing Omnimon entirely.)
    Ami crept through the dark corridors, making sure she wasn't making much nose.

    She was following Rai, of course. If he thought she'd just leave him, he had another thing coming.

    Turns out, she actually had a good idea. Judging by the fact that she turned a corner just in time to see some weird human and bird hybrid leap out at Rai and aim a sphere of crackling energy at the Chosen.

    "RAI!" she screamed. Gaomon lunged at the Digimon, already prepared to kill it no matter what Ami would protest.

    "DOUBLE BACKHAND!" he howled, spinning into tornado form and striking the Silphymon with a volley of punches that bruised its skin thorugh the feathers. It hissed and turned.

    "Static Force!" it roared, hurling the sphere into Gaomon. There was a large explosion that hurled Ami onto the hard stone floor, grazing her knees and arms, followed by a wall of sound that threw Ami's hearing out of balance. She shook her head, trying to focus and get her senses under control.

    "GAOMON!" she cried, thrusting her arm into the air and letting the Digivice in her palm shine like a beacon "Evolve!"

    "GAOMON!" he roared, letting the pale blue light of the Digivolution Zone engulf him "WARP EVOLVE TO...!" His body transformed and the metal gauntlets clamped onto his fists, the jet boosters fastening to his back "MACHGAOGAMON!"

    He lunged out of the light, catching Silphymon and effortlessly hurling it into a wall, delivering a vicious punch that almost removed the Digimon's head effortlessly.

    "ASTRAL LASER!" Silphymon screamed. Ami tried to warn MachGaogamon as a duplicate of Silphymon burst from thin air and struck him, clawing his back. As he turned from the real one, it viciously kicked him in the back, hurling him to the ground.

    "HOWLING...!" MachGaogamon began.

    "STATIC FORCE!" Silphymon screamed, charging a ball of crackling energy between its hands. It hurled the ball into the ceiling...

    The explosion ripped the air, hurling Ami, MachGaogamon, Rai and Silphymon away from it. As tons of rock poured from above, Ami found herself pressed against a wall. The rocks poured down in front of her, trapping her in a tiny space.

    Soon the rockfall stopped and Ami was able to move. She was trapped in an area roughly two metres square, completely devoid of anything but the wall, the floor and the rocks in front of her. She was alone, trapped behind something far too heavy to move, with Silphymon who knew where.

    In short, not a very good place to be in...

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