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Digimon discussion - Digimon Adventure tri. now available on Crunchyroll

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by FeminineCuttlefish, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    Oh yeah, I swear the writers just made up Leomon to kill every series. Poor Jeri, the writers really screwed up her life huh? I mean Leomon was like a stand-in father for her because her father was a real ******* and then he went and died on her.

    Beelzemon ftw! Tamers ftw!!
  2. Buizelster

    Buizelster Well-Known Member

    Well Masaru not being a goggle boy for one thing might have caused that feeling.
  3. FeminineCuttlefish

    FeminineCuttlefish A mollusk, not fish.

    Yeahyeah, every Leomon ever dies a dramatic death at least once.

    Adventure 01: Kept on getting used by Devimon and died
    Adventure 02: Hell should I know. I don't think so, though.
    Tamers: Juri's Digimon, and he died by Beelzemon. Beelze is still awesome.
    Goddamn Frontier: Again, hell should I know. Who gives a crap about that?!
    Data Squad: Bancholeomon counts, right?
    Digimon X-Evolution movie: He died in the first 5 minutes due to the virus. Weak, Leomon.
  4. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Apparently, the person who plays the role of Kon in the Bleach dub plays Masaru in the dub. He even uses the same voice, it barely suits him. -_-*
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2009
  5. Gamekrazy

    Gamekrazy Well-Known Member

    I count 02 as an extension of 01, so I dont read it as needing another leomon death.

    In savers, both SaberLeomon AND BanchoLeomon die.

    X-Evo was indeed pathetic.

    And as for Frontier (Havn't watched much of it, but it wasn't too bad...)

    Kouji's brother counts as a Leomon, I think.

    To add to the digimon 'feel' thing, each season has one bad guy go good (Gatomon, Ken/Wormmon, Impmon/Yamaki/Lopmon, Kouji's bro, and Ikuto) Each season has at least one point in it where the two main male characters fight (because Henry was too much of a wuss despite knowing martial arts, Rika filled in for him) And the bad guy that you think is the bad guy dosn't turn out to be the bad guy, and instead it is some dude you didn't even really know about till they beat the guy they think is the main evil person.

    Aaaaaaand Savers was awesome. Brought back that dark feel to it that Tamers had. Sure, it started slow, but when it picked up, boy did it pick up ^^
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2009
  6. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Lion-armored Digimon =/= Leomon

    And Kouji lived anyway.
  7. Gamekrazy

    Gamekrazy Well-Known Member

    Well, Im sure in all the destruction that was going on during Frontier, a Leomon died somewhere in the world. Though that evo did remind me of a leomon, and even the name sounded a bit alike... I guess it should just be considered a lion digimon dying.

    And I know he lived. But he did die too! At least, in the digital sense.
  8. Electivirus

    Electivirus Not really, no.

    IceLeomon, anyone?
  9. FeminineCuttlefish

    FeminineCuttlefish A mollusk, not fish.

    Point is, Leomon exists to die and die again.

    It's kinda funny.

    O GAIZ Sunmon or Moonmon?

    I'm with the Moonmon line all the way, though I have World Dawn. :<

    EDIT: I don't know if they kept it in the dub or not, but 02 involved a lot of girl slapping, including Ken because he's feminine.

    Is it a fetish or something? ._.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2009
  10. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    So many dub voices from Bleach and Naruto, I do not know why but atleast they are good!

    Omigawd, I remember that scene is season 1:
    random person: "What are those things?"
    Tai: "They are just very big stuffed animals!"
    random person: "Well, those are the strangest stuffed animals I have ever seen."
    Or something like that.
  11. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    It's not lady-like to have your female cast members constantly slugging the males. Slapping fills the "SNAP OUT OF IT!" physical contact requirement without being excessively violent.

    We established "why" about a page ago - the voice actors are not "from" Bleach and Naruto any more than they are "from" any other production in which they've appeared, and even if you insist upon identifying them like that, wouldn't they be "from" Digimon and not "from" Bleach or Naruto given that the dub(s) of the former precede the dubs of the latter by any number of years?
  12. Cobalt_Latios

    Cobalt_Latios Well-Known Member

    True, but most people tend to compare with another show featuring similar voices, as opposed to the actual production group. I think I've only actually did this a few times, mainly because I'm not very familiar with the VA's from certain companies (except maybe 2... or 3).

  13. Lon

    Lon Well-Known Member

    I always saw Frontier and Savers as having double the Leomon-y death. Frontier had Kaiser Leomon and Panjyamon (one being a Leomon in name, and the other a Leomon in appearance), while Savers had Saber Leomon and Banchou Leomon.
  14. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Guess what, It's Digimon Adventure's Tenth anniversary in the USA. Also, Tamers is the darkest of the series (D-Reaper is pure NIGHTMARE FUEL).
  15. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    Yes Tamers was the darkest and I long for more!
  16. Anime-Ash

    Anime-Ash Well-Known Member

    Congrats for Digimon's 10th anniversary.
  17. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Anyone bring the confetti?
  18. FeminineCuttlefish

    FeminineCuttlefish A mollusk, not fish.

    D-Reaper made me hide under the covers to this very day.

    Nowait I don't have covers. Uh..sand?

    Gratz digimanz.
  19. Professional ninja

    Professional ninja hulk-a-maniac

    wow i used to play digimon 1 on my psx wen i was about 12 im 22 now lol
  20. deathseer

    deathseer Oh, u mad bro?

    Digimon Adventure was always my favorite. Tai was my hero back in the day. And he still is at the top for one of my favorite characters. The guy just never gave up no matter what and always kicked arse when he needed to.

    Kinda stopped watching after Tamers. It started to get kinda lame after that.

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