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Digimon discussion - Digimon Adventure tri. now available on Crunchyroll

Discussion in 'Alternate Animé & Manga Discussion' started by FeminineCuttlefish, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    I remember being about 6 years old and complaining that Digimon stole the suffix "mon". I've really grown up since then.
  2. denizenofevil

    denizenofevil Well-Known Member

    I remember being like that too in elementary school until I actually took the time to watch a few episodes and came to love it more than Pokemon. Unfortunately, the rest of my classmates stuck to bashing Digimon and calling it a ripoff.
  3. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Pokemon: an RPG in which you can capture monsters and pit them against each other.
    Digimon: a Tamagotchi spinoff in which you can raise creatures and pit them against each other.

    Guess what they both have in common.
  4. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Yes, the superficial similarity of lots of marketable, collectible monsters. The concept of "raising your creatures and pitting them against each other" hasn't been a key focus of Digimon since the virtual pets were its sole medium and the severe limitations of the virtual pet format made the process a very, very different one than it is in a Pokémon title. The anime series and the smattering of video games have changed the focus and the message of the franchise considerably since then.

    Do we really need to go into every way, in this day and age, that the two franchises are miles apart?
  5. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Digimon never been a collectible to begin with. Sure it did became one, but that beyond the point. The point I'm trying to make is that both Pokemon and Digimon revolves around fighting creatures. Digimon have that concept as a way to differ itself from Tamagotchi. That and many other games have that fighting monsters aspects to them like Monster Rancher, or Bakugan. That is the only common ground they have. Sure you could add collectibles to the mix, but when you think about it, digimon doesn't really give you that option to begin with (in the Vpets I mean).

    Also, although there isn't much of a strategy in Digimon than there is in Pokemon, doesn't mean it wasn't a competitive game. The owner of the monster can still train it as well as he/she can raise it.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2009
  6. Buizelster

    Buizelster Well-Known Member

    I'm halfway through Frontier and I love it. I like the entire cast and it just has the same spirit of season 1.

    Right now my ranking would have to be

    Adventure 01 and 02
  7. Gamekrazy

    Gamekrazy Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, the franchises are completely, totally different, and yet shortly before me asking the question here someone had managed to pull me into a debate of weather or not it was a ripoff. Some people are really ignorant I guess.

    The only time I thought digimon copied pokemon was when I played Digimon World 3 for a while and saw they had me fight a digimon gym to get a badge. But still, this wasn't the focus of the story (or not a big part of it. I didn't play the game all the way through) and the gyms seemed to just be a way to let you access the next server.

    (Also, the Poke-Walker kinda reminds me of the Digimon V-Pets... but I wouldn't really call it a ripoff as its not as much about raising your monster (Like feeding and stuff) as the V-Pets were)
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2009
  8. 5ilVer

    5ilVer <-- so adorable ^_^

    i saw only the first season and some of the second one...

    i stopoed half way...i thought the cast was boring.....

    but the 1 season was really really great especially the dub.

    i didn't see the 3, 4 and 5 season because i really loved the original children (and their digimon) and it feels like anything else will be boring but i might watch it since everyone say those are good seasons....
  9. Buizelster

    Buizelster Well-Known Member

    Does it really matter? It's obvious the two are different series. Why are we even arguing about this if it's obvious they shouldn't be compared?
  10. Super Saiyan 3 Goku

    Super Saiyan 3 Goku Well-Known Member

    When I was a kid, Pokemon was good, but it seemed to be more about the games and cards, but I still watched the series. But Digimon in my eyes seemed way more awesome, like a DBZ type of action Anime.

    And I always collected the little figures and the transforming figures. I still have my Transforming Special edition Gold Augumon who becomes Wargreymon. =D
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2009
  11. Buizelster

    Buizelster Well-Known Member

    Just finished Frontier and I pretty much loved the season. The cast was enjoyable, it had the spirit of the first season, and it had a nice mix of digimon and super sentai.

    I'd still rank it above Tamers.
  12. denizenofevil

    denizenofevil Well-Known Member

    I have those transforming figures too! That Wargreymon was one of my favorites. I also liked the digivices but I only have the ones from the first season. I'm looking for a d power from the tamers.
  13. Yamato-san

    Yamato-san I own the 5th gen

    purple if you count Digimon Chronicles (shame that the whole X phase the franchise was going through never had a proper anime adaption... still found Digital Monster X-Evolution awesome, though).

    not only that, but having just one or two girls is a staple of Super Sentai, of which Frontier seems partially derived from.

    I still didn't like the whole "we're fighting to protect the Digital World because it's where we were reborn" crap going on near the end. This is probably where it's better to have Partner Digimon... though I would've bought it if they just said they were protecting Bokomon and Neemon's home (and several other Digimon they befriended over the series). But then again, they were only talking like that for about a single scene, so I probably shouldn't get all uppity over it.

    over 80% of the cast? You've just listed practically every majorly recurring character that wasn't reduced to a practically useless side role (and even then, you included Lopmon)... except Juri, though I could somewhat agree with wanting to punch her in the face. While I think her emoness is pretty justified for the most part, that scene where she finally snaps out of it only to leave Beelzebumon hanging... yeah (though her contemplating suicide just an episode later probably shows that she acknowledged herself fucking up badly back there).
  14. Buizelster

    Buizelster Well-Known Member

    I don't get it. What was so bad about that? I personally found it a good reason for them to fight for the Digital world, and another thing the fact that it became the "Takuya and Kouji show" around episode 38. It's no different from the first season of Adventure when Taichi and Yamato had the only two megas. So really that wasn't as big a deal as people made it. Plus the others did get to do something so they didn't really just stand around the whole time.

    Well even if they weren't cast as a side role I would have hated them anyways. Hirokazu, Kenta, Shuichan, and Juri were pretty much the worst characters in any Digimon season I've seen. Their digimon were pretty boring and useless with the exception of Leomon and Lopmon. Also remember how the adults in Adventure were actually cool? The adults in Tamers outside of Yamaki just made me facepalm continuously.

    and I know I didn't add Ai and Mako to that list but that's because they weren't very memorable, or they only served to develop Impmon and make him more badass so I guess I was pretty okay with them.

    As for Juri's depression... well that's debatable. I don't think her reasoning of "my mother died and I'm such a bad girl because I don't like my new mom" was a good one for her to be the D-Reaper's guinea pig. Honestly she probably should have died.
  15. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    I think you may have forgotten something in there. Something about seing her partner murdered in cold blood before her very eyes? I dunno, seemed important at the time.

  16. denizenofevil

    denizenofevil Well-Known Member

    Jeri's mom DIED. It's not just that she didn't get along with the new mom. Her mom died! Leomon died too. I think she had more than enough reasons to be depressed. It didnt' help that her dad offered her no emotional support.
  17. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Lets not forget about that sock puppet of hers.
  18. Buizelster

    Buizelster Well-Known Member

    Angemon died in front of Takeru. Never turned him emo. I know the circumstances are different in that patamon was reborn, but even so it still scarred Takeru less than it did Juri. Juri was just freakin' nuts to begin with.

    Leomon's death pushed it over the edge sure, but even so it was brought up constantly about how her step mom is nice and that she should like her, and that she's a bad girl because she doesn't. Honestly if it were just about her mom dying that would be one thing.

    And actually that whole thing came out of left field. To be honest early on Juri was a pretty decent character. I guess they just needed to give her a reason to go batshit insane. I'm just saying that they should have given her a better reason since she had to be the D-Reapers guinea pig. Instead of pretty much cooperating with the D-Reaper because nothing was going the way she wanted it. Just seemed selfish and in a way you could say Juri was the real main villain not D-Reaper. After all D-Reaper was doing everything based on how Juri felt.
  19. Nola231

    Nola231 Member

    Oh great someone who likes Digimon!.

    Get off the forums!.
  20. Dr. MECha

    Dr. MECha Prof. of Pokeology

    Try telling that to everyone who replied to this thread you idiot.

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