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Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll


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Bandai owns the rights to all five. Nothing's stopping them from appearing elsewhere.

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Digimon Reference Book has updated with 3 Ultimates and 2 Child recolors.

Modoki Betamon and Dokunemon are from Digimon World 1, Raijinmon and Raidenmon are from World 3, and Pile Volcamon has most recently appeared in Cyber Sleuth games. Pile Volcamon's artwork is new, and Dokunemon never had an official artwork prior to this despite appearing the DS games.

With these, the only World 1 Digimon remaining are Blikmon (who recently appeared in a ToyAgumon card) and PS1 version of Golemon. And the only World 3 Digimon remaining are Bemmon-line (who seems to have the same copyright issues as the V-Tamer guys), and King Hangyomon (who never appeared elsewhere, unlike Great King Scumon).
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Wow great new episode imo!

Tsukaimon is like my favourite digimon so seeing him even for a brief moment was great for me, I would have always thought demi-devimon for devimon, but Tsukaimon fits better with being patamons variant. Also we got to see holyangemon priest mode momentarily, and we saw GOLEMON from digimon world 1 mentioned above! Now all we need is that blikmon cameo, which at this rate I would not be surprised about. Im curious if theyll rename Golemon or not when they update the reference book with it.

As for the contents of the episode, it was enjoyable for the most part. Im still confused how this is going to all turn out, I was really hoping to see all the angels together at the end vs the demons but I guess theyre going a different route than that. Only two more episodes :( hope we find out when the new shadow game or whatever its called is coming out soon.

Also last thing is that Im confused about Algomon. Did he just test the digidestines or is he really bad and behind negamon or is he just observing?
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and we saw GOLEMON from digimon world 1 mentioned above! Im curious if theyll rename Golemon or not when they update the reference book with it.
(Looks up on what is DW1 Golemon) Wireframon?

Update: Here we are go. The final 3 episodes of Digimon Adventure:. Yes there are 67 not 66 episodes Bandai Europe got wrong. Only just however.

Episode 65- The Great Catastrophe, Negamon (September 12th)
Fissures and tentacles appear at the "Great Tree of Information," transforming the area into a white void as they multiply. Algomon Ultimate also appears in front of Taichi, Yamato, and the gang, forcibly separating the children from their Digimon and throwing the children into a white world of nothingness. Not only does this prevent them from being able to evolve, but they're told "This is Negamon's natural instinct. Eventually it will devour everything and turn all into nothingness." Then, two Algomon Ultimate appear, one attacking the children in the white void, while the other attacks the Digimon at the Tree of Information. Agumon and their other Digimon friends are determined to regroup with the children, and so they dodge the onslaught of the countless tentacles and Algomon Ultimate to somehow meet up with the children again, but...?

Episode 66- The Last Miracle, the Final Power (September 19th)
Negamon, their most dangerous enemy, evolves to Kuzurumon before their very eyes. Kuzurumon freely jumps between the digital world and the real world, eating all areas in its path and transforming them into nothingness. To keep their worlds from disappearing, the 8 digimon partners, starting with WarGreymon, evolve to Ultimate and challenge Kuzurumon. However, Kuzurumon's power is immense. One by one, their Digimon are blown away into unknown space. As all of their attacks fail against Kuzurumon, Taichi and Yamato Ishida continue to fight desperately even as they fall to pieces.

Episode 67- Title To Be Announced [Final Episode] (September 26th)
Omegamon appears at last, to face the monster Abaddomon (3 forms in one final boss fight!?) devouring the digital world and real world to turn them into nothingness, as well as the humanoid Abaddomon Core that lurks within its center. Among the despairing people, only the children of the world believed in Omegamon's victory. To defeat the evil enemy, the wishes of the Chosen Children, who carry endless potential, as well as their Digimon partners, bring about another miracle for Omegamon.

Also Ghost Game will premier on October 3rd.

Another Update:

First details about Ghost Game including the story, character bios, and the staff

The story takes place a bit into the future, where a new technology has been developed.

On social networking sites, there circulate rumors of mysterious phenomenon of unknown origin called "hologram ghosts."

First year junior high school student, Hiro Amanokawa, activates a mysterious device left by his father, known as a 'Digivice'.

When activated he can see unknown creatures that ordinary people can not see, "Digimon."

From the day he meets the Digimon "Gammamon," entrusted to him by his father, Hiro gets caught up in all kinds of bizarre phenomenon, such as the 'Mouth Stitching Man' who steals human time, and a 'Mummy Man' who wanders around at night and kidnaps people.

Hologram ghosts are right next to us, and out to get us.

From here on out, comes a story of the other side of the world that no one knew. Together with Gammamon and his friends, Hiro steps into the mysterious world where Digimon live.

Hiro Amanokawa
A 1st year junior high student at private school Hazakura Academy, 13 years old. He is a levelheaded boy who handles most things on his own, with others often relying on him. He never turns down a request. He has a highly inquisitive mind, and takes an interest in Digimon after meeting Gammamon.

A Digimon who came to Hiro through his father, Hokuto. He is very curious and has a tendency to try and bite everything. He is mischievous, but listens to his friends. His favorite food is chocolate, which he calls 'the strongest'.

Ruri Tsukiyono
A 13 year old first year junior high student at an integrated junior high and high school for girls. She runs an immensely popular social media account called 'Rirurun'. She is sociable and has many friends. She is looking for what fits her best and wants to be involved in everything.

A large Digimon who uses his long ears to fly slowly in the sky. He has a keen sense of hearing and can distinguish distant noises. He is always calm and has a mature personality. He knows a lot about the digital world. He likes to listen to Ruri play the piano.

Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai
14 years old and in eighth grade, head of the boys student dormitory at Hazakura Academy. He is a genius who skipped grades and graduated from grad school in the US, but for some reason is now living a student life in Japan. While he normally speaks with a condescending and arrogant attitude, he is actually quite a coward, but once his switch is flipped...?

A soft bodied Digimon with a jelly-like head. She can easily slip through the ground and walls. She is strong willed like a queen and hates to lose. She finds human activities amusing and tries to participate in them as if they were a game. She likes to scare Kiyoshiro.

And now for the cast (not in a spoiler tab):

Starting with the humans
Hiro will be voiced by Mutsumi Tamara who voiced Izzy in Digimon Adventure Tri and Last Evolution
Ruri is voiced by Yu Kobayashi who voiced Makoto in Fusion Hunters and Sahsa from Attack on Titan
Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai will be voiced by Akira Ishida who voiced Wizardmon

And for the Digimon partners
Gammamon is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro who voices Mirei in the recent Digimon games
Angoramon is voiced by Kazuya Nakai who voiced Gaomon in Data Squad
And finally Jellymon will be voiced by Yu Shimamura who previously voiced Offmon from Appmon

And here's more info in the link: https://withthewill.net/threads/gho...cter-info-plus-trailer-later-this-week.26238/
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Yeah... my interest in Adventures 2020 started high, and after the first half dozen episodes I decided to stop watching so I could marathon the whole thing once it was done airing. But now I'm kinda ambivalent about it; I was really excited to see a series use Zeed Milleniummon as the final antagonist, so it being reduced to a mid-point villain was a bit of a shame. The Xros Wars Manga remains its best depiction, in my mind.

I'm really interested in what we've heard of Ghost Game so far, though.


More info about Ghost Game on With the Will.

Ms. Tamura is on a roll on kids show. Late 2019, she played Jinpei in the Yokai Gakuen movie, remained for its series and shortly after she was done, started playing Bell on Beyblade Burst. Now, nearly halfway (presumedly) into Bell, she is voicing Bell. That's some popularity and very good talent agency

The main writer will be Masashi Sogo. Some of you know him as the writer of the infamous Ash vs Tobias episode in the Pokémon DP anime.


Man, it looks good. I like what I see of Gammamon so far. Really looking forward it.

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Baby Negamon? So Negamon is Lucemon 2.0 then. Same Digimon, final enemy, different forms with different levels. Could be wrong but still.

Edit: One episode later...

I'm wrong. The Negamon was the baby, the whale/The Imprisioned monster was another Digimon.
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You missed a few things. The reference book now adds the Ghost Game partners and their Fresh and In-Training forms.
Link: https://withthewill.net/threads/ghost-game-reference-book-update.26300/

And also some Ghost Game stuff from V-Jump, in addition to the next Card Game booster with multicoloured Digimon cards (BT4 RizeGreymon might've been an afterthought). Also DNA Digivolution is now a mechanic.
V-Jump: https://withthewill.net/threads/dig...ost-game-vital-bracelet-card-game-more.26293/

And lastly the Ghost Game Dim cards have their lineups revealed. No champions however and the Mega's are older Digimon. Probably to avoid spoiling what the Mega forms are.
Dim Cards: https://withthewill.net/threads/ghost-game-dim-cards-not-quite-complete-lineup.26294/


Angolamon can become a Leomon....

How long until he dies?

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I'll never understand why Nene as a Digimon got added to the reference book but at least Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode made it.

Anyway let's talk cards shall we? The next EX Booster is Tamers themed, just in time for the end of the year (20th anniversary and all) and its called Digital Hazrad.

And there are delays for the next booster and starter decks over in the west. But us European's get them first. Oh yeah and Sistermon Ciel is coming over instead of Noir. Censorship reasons.

EX Pack 2: https://withthewill.net/threads/car...gital-hazard-will-be-out-december-24th.26331/
Delays, and Ciel: https://withthewill.net/threads/eng...-card-delays-for-bt6-and-starter-decks.26320/


Really happy they are using Xros Wars manga stuff. It is the superior version of the story (just wish they had time to use my boy, Gumdramon)

Now, give me Shoutmon X6


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Why... Well, at least this version is wearing pants.
And seems to be older than thirteen aesthetically. That's probably a smart decision.

Still weird either way, but I'll live with it so long as Shademon Nene Ver. isn't forthcoming (it could be).