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Digimon discussion - Digimon Ghost Game now available on Crunchyroll


Cute Redditmon
Ok I have seen the first two episodes of Ghost game and holy cow I was suprised.

Tamers vibes! Omg but yes the first two episodes revolving around Hiro and Gammamon, the bond they try to build up between them and being the sole focus of the first two episodes, Gammamon as the dumb and cute partner of a more down to earth than usual protagonist. It's the same as it was in Tamers with Takato and Guilmon and I really love it!

Also the setting of the series of the relationship between human and Digimon that can easily turn the series from a comedic dark anime to a seriously dark anime and the general vibes I've got from the first two episodes. What a potential!

I really really really hope they don't **** up and the series using all of it's potential. Can easily become the best Digimon series since Tamers. I am at least more excited than that mediocre attempt of a Adventure remake. And I am also scared, because the director from the remake still is in the cast of Ghost game. Trying to keep my expectations down.
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Trainer Yusuf

Today's Digimon Reference Book update features Omegamon Zwart Defeat, Black Galgomon, and Black Rapidmon. None of their artworks are new, btw.

Black Saint Galgomon isn't here, because it was apparently put into the DRB way back in 2016. There are still 3 more recolors from Digimon World - next order- remaining (Red Vdramon, Kyubimon (Silver), Taomon (Silver)). Outside of them, the other last remaining Tamers-era recolor is Black Guilmon.


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Hey Bandai look what have to say about Digimon Survive. You know the game we are still waiting for that should've been out by now. They've just stated that the game will be out sometime next year. The full statement is in the link down below. (You better release the game or else!)

Link: https://images.withthewill.net/surviveeng_october28_2021.jpg

UPDATE: Episode titles and summaries have returned fellow trainers and DigiDestined. These are for episodes 6-9.
Episode 6- The Cursed Song (November 14)
In a near future where new technology has developed... If you sing a certain song at a karaoke box, something bizarre happens. While you're in the middle of singing that song, someone's eerie singing joins in before something black and mysterious attacks you, the singer. Ruli Tsukiyono hears about this and drags Hiro Amanokawa and Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai with her to a karaoke room. They discover that the culprit is Sirenmon, who was once a performance singer in the digital world. While Sirenmon's songs were originally a weapon to her, she learned after coming to the human world that songs can emotionally move people and she wanted humans to listen to her songs. Hiro and co are forced to battle with Sirenmon, who can make musical attacks, so they stand up to her in the pseudo-digital world but...?

Episode 7- Bird (November 21)
Something aerial in the shape of a bird is seen throughout various parts of the city. At the same time, a murder of crows appears and attacks pet shops and private houses. Hiro's school and Ruli's friends are among the targeted, and pet birds disappear. What is the mysterious aerial shape that is pulling the strings behind the scenes...? And what's more, a strange young man, Daigo, appears to be in a collaborative relationship with that aerial being. What is their goal? As Hiro and co investigate the spots of the crow attacks, they come to realize Daigo and co's terrible scheme.

Episode 8- Night Parade/Pandemonium (November 28)
Something mysterious occurs on the metropolis expressway. According to eyewitness reports, monsters can be seen racing along the interstate. It came to be called the "night parade (of demons)". Ruli invites Hiro and Kiyoshiro to hang out at a racing kart ground. But abruptly, a Digimon in a race kart appears on the course. The Digimon runs around showily before heading towards the expressway. Hiro and co learn that the monster night parade appearing on the expressway is the work of Digimon, but what exactly is the reason for it?

Episode 9- Twisted Time (December 5th)
Hiro begins to mistake the time and arrive late, or is about to go to bed when several hours have already gone past without him realizing it. For some reason, only Hiro's sense of time is getting messed up. Ruli and co invite him to hang out with them at a library in the suburbs as a change of pace. There, they meet the knowledgeable Bokomon and their assistant Bakumon, who have arrived in the human world. They learn that it is the Clockmon previously encountered who is messing up Hiro's time. He was taking his revenge on Hiro. When Ruli and co leave the library, Clockmon attacks Hiro. But just then, the situation takes a sudden turn.
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Cute Redditmon
Ghost game episode 5 is out...and it's really great.

Jellymon is hillarious and Kiyoshiro in this episode made me realize how much I love these types of characters. It's incredible to say but I love all three tamer as well as all three Digimon partner which is the first time for me. In Tamers there was Henry I didn't liked as much as the other but here, none.

Also Jellymon x Kiyoshiro is real. Yes a female Digimon partner being into her male tamer. Genius.


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6 episodes in and so far Ghost Game is on a roll. Easter eggs galored in the recent episode. And so far I like the partnership dynamics with the humans and their partners, Kiyoshiro and Jellymon's in particular.

And also some Dim card news. The next Dim Card Primeval Warrior will be Wormmon centric. Veemon got one, now Wormmon does.

Lineup: https://images.withthewill.net/dimholster2primevalwarriors06_november14_2021.jpg (Also why are the Bucchiemon Ultimates?)