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Digimon for Serebii Members?


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Music to my ears XD Still remember my favorite little Rookie, I see.

I was about to say Kudamon for you, or Falcomon. Not sure whether you like the newer look of Falcomon or not. As for a Digimon you remind me of, it would certainly be something along the lines of Terriermon's curiousity and playfulness.
I actually don't mind it. The only thing that's a let down is Peckmon. That things just disgusting. :x One more for you guys..

Hakura May; Lopmon, Salamon, and Lalamon/Raramon would all fit well with her.

zonic the hedgehog

I'm like Dorumon, because I'm always sad and feel like commiting suicide. =P

Heh, JK.


Old Coot
I said I like Lucemon Fallen Mode. Not Satan Mode. :p

Cherubimon? Which one? The non-corrupt or corrupt one? XD

And Beelzebumon does sorta suit me. ;x


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Well, the non-corrupt one looks kind of like a circus freak >.> And far too happy most of the time. Corrupt all the way!


keep battling on!
Nylf said:
Typhlogirl, MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Piedmon and Machinedramon. 'Nuff said really.

Nylf, whenever I think of you in the context of a digimon, I think of Sleipmon. o-o;; I dunno why. I just think Hey! Nylf = Sleipmon!!




Future Scriptwriter!
Super Shadow reminds me of Omnimon