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Digimon Heroes [PG]


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So after a long bit of contemplating, rewriting and so on, I've come to the conclusion that I am now happy with what I have written. And so I bring to you, my Digimon story ^^

There are a few notes I want to go through though. They'll only take a couple of seconds (promise).

First thing is that the plot may bare a resemblance to a RP found here. I wish to inform you that I am one of the people participating in the roleplay (Kamakaze Jazzy to be exact) and that I have received permission to use small ideas from the plots, though nothing that shows that I have scooped everything (though the plot I am taking this from is actually the one I came up with). Anyway, I just wanted to inform you of this in case I get called on for plagiarism for this.

It should be noted that the Manteiopter Judi receives in the chapter noted bears resemblance to that of the alethiometer featured in Phillup Pullman's His Dark Material trilogy. I would like to make it clear that it is not, the alethiometer as it is not powered by Dust (antimatter) and it does not operate in the same way. Where the general idea was based off this remarkably creative device, the Manteiopter as a whole was my creation.

Any Greek references that are made may or may not be related to the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. It is a source of great Greek mythology and I highly suggest you read this amazing series.

The last thing is that I just want to say that I don't own Digimon and the concepts within it. I only own the OC's and personality traits of most of the Digimon :)

Chapter I, The Beginning
Chapter II, Another One Bites the Dust
Chapter III, Dirty Little Secrets
Chapter IV, Footloose
Chapter V, For The Nights I Can't Remember
Chapter VI, Don't Talk To Strangers
Chapter VII, Hole
Chapter VIII, Love Drunk Part I / Part II
Chapter IX, The Concrete Jungle
Chapter X, Beat It

Another One Bites the Dust - Made famous by Queen
Dirty Little Secret - Made famous by The All-American Rejects
Footloose - Made famous by Kenny Loggins
For The Nights I Can't Remember - Made famous by Hedley
Don't Talk To Strangers - Made famous by Hedley
Hole - Made famous by Kelly Clarkson
Love Drunk - Made famous by Boys Like Girls
Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare
Digimon Tamers (direct quote)
Beat It - Made famous by Michael Jackson

Now, without further ado, here is the first chapter of my story.

The Beginning

If there was one thing Seger Davis was sure of, it was the fact that he was the sort of person that didn’t typically stand out in a crowd. That was most certainly the job of his best friend, Judi.

Or former best friend, now that he thought about it as he walked to school in the pouring rain that was commonly found throughout Vancouver. It was hard to find a day when it didn’t rain down on the BC coast, but Seger didn’t complain. At least he didn’t live in a place where winter didn’t occur.

His thoughts strayed back to Judi and he sighed. Judi Gretzinger had been Seger’s best friend for as long as he could remember. They had grown up in the same apartment complex right next door to each other and their father’s worked in the same law firm. How could they not be friends? Of course they fought, the fact that they were now teenagers of opposite genders made their small scraps almost daily now, but the fights never lasted long. In fact, the passing week had been the longest time Seger and Judi had gone since they hadn’t talked to each other in a very long time.

It had started simply enough. Seger had insisted to Judi that she went up to Whistler Blackcomb with him that weekend to watch him in a ski race. Judi, on the other hand, wanted Seger to go with her to her skating competition. It was the next big one before regional’s and she was hoping to place well in it. Of course, they couldn’t both attend each others events and they ended their fight on a bit of a sour note.

But that was just the beginning of the whole ordeal. This girl that had had her eye on Seger for the past six months asked him if he was going to Whistler Blackcomb that weekend (knowing fully well that he had a ski race). Being very naive and slightly clueless with girls, he had responded with a yes. The girl (Sarah Johansson), wanted to know if he wanted to ski with her but he politely declined and informed her he was racing. She insisted that she would watch.

It wasn’t long before the word reached Judi’s ears and her and Seger got into another fight.

“Oh, so you wouldn’t mind having that girl watching you ski? You know you get choked up sometimes in front of others,” she snarled at him later that day as they stood bickering on the terrace outside their apartments.

“Since when do you care so much about my love life?” Seger retorted, feeling his anger rising. “You don’t see me getting all worked up over the fact that you might consider inviting someone to watch you skate!”

Of course, that was exactly what Judi did. She casually found a boy (the good-looking Liam Carlson to boot) and asked him of his plans for the weekend. Liam noted that he was totally free and Judi commented with the fact that she had a skating competition.

“Mind if I come cheer you on?” Liam had asked and Judi had told him she didn’t mind at all.

When Seger found out, he was furious. It wasn’t the fact that he liked Judi like that, it was the fact that she had the nerve to invite someone to watch her skate, especially after he had declared to himself that he wouldn’t get angry over it.

And that was how Seger ended up heading to school on his own. His brother, Jarred, hadn’t bothered giving him a ride, stating that he was only allowed one other passenger as he had just got his permit and he was giving Judi’s brother, Morgan, a ride to the high school. That meant walking in the rain for Seger.

Things will work out, he told himself as he kicked a dirty running shoe through a small puddle. They always do. Unfortunately, Seger wasn’t quite sure he was willing to believe himself; Judi had been awfully mad at him and he had been just as angry with her.

Absently, he kicked his shoe through another puddle and felt his toe collide with something that went skidding down the sidewalk. His eyes shifted to the ground to see a walkie-talkie lying on the pavement. It had a brilliant red grip to it that seemed to warm Seger’s hands. None of the shops along the street were open yet so he simply pocketed the device. He’d try and find the owner of it later. Right now, he had other priorities to deal with; the walkie-talkie had had a clock on it and he had noticed that if he didn’t hurry he would be given a detention for being late for school.


Judi Gretzinger tugged at the laces of her figure skates. She hated getting up for the early morning sessions, but she figured that they were better than the ones that went till nine at night. The late practices were the worst, especially on days when she had lots of homework.

“See you tomorrow, Judi,” a friend called and Judi waved before tugging the skate off her foot and slipping it into one of her ankle boots. Often enough she didn’t have time to change from her skating tights and went for outfits that could hide them easily. She pulled the other skate off and sunk her foot into the other boot before packing her gear.

She hoped she wouldn’t be late for school. Her math teacher would have no problem with giving her a detention on a Monday morning, but Judi had a problem receiving it; with all the skating practices she never had time to sit a detention class. They were often just forgotten, but Judi knew that at some point in her life she wouldn’t have such an easy time being let go.

Judi lugged her bag out the front door of the arena and huddled under the shelter of the covered awnings. If she stayed inside she wouldn’t see her mom’s headlights and then she’d be even later for school. No, she couldn’t have that happening.

She was just checking the time on her cell phone (for the fifth time) when something in the downpour caught her eye. It was a slick looking walkie-talkie with a brilliant icy blue grip. Judi looked around cautiously, but everyone had left already. She propped her bag up against the side of the arena before dashing out into the rain to retrieve the device. Once she was under the shelter of the awning again did she have time to closely examine it.

The walkie-talkie seemed to be quite expensive as it most notably had an FM radio and a display screen that was flashing all sorts of data that Judi didn’t recognize. She saw the words Digimon and Digital World flash across the screen briefly, but she didn’t think much of it.

Judi was just about to turn around and head back inside to turn the device in to the lost and found when her mom pulled in to the parking lot. Knowing that she was pushing her time she didn’t dare race back inside. Instead she simply raced out into the parking lot where her mom was waiting.


The day slid past Seger in slow motion. He drifted in and out of classes, his mind flitting briefly between the lessons, the walkie-talkie and Judi. Occasionally it would stray to his ski competition that weekend, but not for too long. It wasn’t a top priority at the moment.

It wasn’t long before the entire day seemed to buzz by and Seger found himself standing outside the school waiting for his brother to come pick him up. Although the two disagreed, Seger and Jarred Davis had a somewhat healthy relationship. They supported each other, which was very important (or at least their mother thought so).

He spotted Judi across the parking lot, talking to Liam Carlson and his eyes narrowed. So that was who she chose to hang out with when she wasn’t with him? He scoffed at the idea and watched as Liam bid her farewell and made his way towards home. Judi, on the other hand, slowly made her way back across the lot.

A slick BMW had pulled in to the loop and Seger saw Sarah Johansson race towards it. She wrenched open the front door and he could just make out a girl that was probably Sarah’s older sister. They were close enough for Seger to hear Sarah blabber about her she was going to soon be dating Seger. His eyes widened at this news and he quickly turned away, looking for something to make him look occupied.

His hand strayed to the pocket where he had deposited the walkie-talkie. He pulled it out and examined it. Now that rain wasn’t splattering the screen he could see that it was flashing a few words. Most of them were numbers that danced across the display, but occasionally he saw words like Digimon and Digital Monsters flash too. He had no idea what it meant so he pressed the button for the GPS system instead.

Instantly the device started beeping. Seger, who had been startled by the high pitched noise, juggled the communicator in his hands and looked up in time to see Judi giving him a stare. Her bright green eyes pelted into his blue ones and he turned his attention back to the screen.

Something had come up while his eyes had been diverted to Judi’s. It had asked him a question for the two options that were now left on the screen were either ‘accept’ or ‘decline’. Seger wasn’t sure what the question was so he shrugged and hit the ‘accept’ button. The machine hummed in his hand and the screen flickered so that it showed the picture of a small egg that seemed to be bouncing.

“Great,” Seger muttered to himself. “Now I’m stuck looking after a virtual pet while I look for the owner of this thing.” He had never owned a virtual pet before, but Jarred had owned one when he was younger than Seger. That had been a few years back though and the toys had gone quite out of fashion.

A blue SUV pulled into the parking lot and navigated the icy roads. It honked as it passed Judi and Seger sighed. Jarred was quite fond of Judi and never really understood why Seger had never made a move on her. Of course, there was the constant insisting that they were just friends, but Jarred never believed either of them.

The SUV stopped in front of Seger and he eagerly pulled on the handle with one hand while dropping the walkie-talkie –turned-virtual-pet into his pocket with the other.

Jarred Davis looked nothing like his brother. While Seger sported a short ‘do of light blonde hair, Jarred had hair as brown as a piece of milk chocolate. His eyes matched his hair while Seger’s were as blue as the sky. They were both, however, tall and skinny and it seemed to be the only family resemblance shared between them.

“I heard from Morgan what happened between you and Judi,” Jarred said as Seger stepped into the car. “You guys are so denying each other.”

Seger’s face turned red as he told his brother he did not like Judi as anything more than a friend. He was, however, angry she had told her brother.

Judi and her brother Morgan were as close as siblings could get. They relied on each other for everything and most of the guys at school knew better than to double-cross Judi or they would be hearing from Morgan too.

“Sure,” Jarred drawled as they passed Judi on the way out of the lot again. She waved at Jarred before turning her attention to what Seger presumed to be her cell phone.

They rode the rest of the way home in silence and when they pulled into the complex’s parking lot Seger was out the door like a shot, determined to be spared from his brother’s ranting and get a head start on his homework.


A few minutes after Jarred and Seger disappeared out of the parking lot, a green Volkswagen beetle pulled into the lot. Judi smiled at her brother who had begrudgingly accepted the car after his mother had insisted on getting it for him. He said it would be passed on to Judi when she turned sixteen.

“I thought you got a ride with Jarred this morning,” Judi said as she sank into the front seat. “How’d you get the car?”

Morgan shrugged as he pulled out of the lot. “I had a physio appointment at one and mom gave me the car and took a taxi home.”

Judi nodded as they hummed down the road, pausing to stop at the red light.

“You and Seger worked things out yet?” Morgan asked, swivelling his head to look at his sister.

Unlike the Davis brothers, Morgan and Judi were quite obviously siblings. They had the same light, blonde hair (though Judi’s had more natural streaks in it than his did) and bright green eyes. The only difference between the two was height. Morgan had grown loads in the last year whereas Judi didn’t seem to be shooting up quite as much. She didn’t mind though. She was perfectly content with the height she maintained.

Judi shook her head to answer Morgan’s question. “Nah,” she replied as she pulled a banana from her backpack and began peeling it. “Things will simmer down after the weekend is over. Then things will be back to normal.”
Morgan watched his sister before turning his attention back to the road. The light had turned green and he pressed his foot against the gas. He had a sneaking suspicion that his sister wasn’t nearly as confident in her words as she would like him to believe.

The ride home was short and Judi eagerly stepped out of the car. She had a lot on her mind and a conversation with her brother wasn’t going to fix things.

She plodded up the stairs to the fourth floor before pulling the house key from her pocket and unlocking the door. She headed towards her small bedroom near the back of the apartment and slid into place behind her desk.

For her fourteenth birthday Judi had received a MacBook. It was her pride and joy and she now booted it up as she emptied her pockets of the walkie-talkie and a few stray bobby pins. Her background welcomed her and she sank into the seat, smiling as she did so.

Suddenly, the screen went blank. “No!” Judi shouted, aware that her brother had not yet made it up to the apartment. How could her computer just crash on her? She tapped the keys but nothing seemed to happen. Finally, the screen seemed to light up again and green words flashed across the screen. They seemed to be very similar to the ones that had been previously dancing across the screen of the walkie-talkie and it was then that she noticed the two seemed to be in sync. Words flashed across both of them and Judi gripped the device in her hand, staring at it. There was a beeping sound and the screen of the device was showing her a picture of an egg. It changed to two words that allowed her to accept the egg or decline it. Unconsciously, she pressed accept.

The room was filled with a blinding white light. Screaming in terror, Judi dropped her head to the keyboard of her laptop in hopes of shielding her eyes. The wind rushed past her face and she thought she heard the door knob rattle.

Outside, Morgan was trying to force the door open. He had seen the light emitting itself from underneath Judi’s door and had heard her scream, but now that he was pushing his weight against the door, he found himself powerless. There were no locks to any of the doors besides the bathroom and he couldn’t understand why Judi’s was being so stubborn. Finally, as the light faded from under the door Morgan fell through the doorway. When he struggled to his feet he swallowed a shout of surprise.

Judi was gone.


Being the type of person that loved to procrastinate, Seger was simply lying on the sofa rather than working on homework. The newest episode of House flashed across the screen and his eyes followed the credits, absently watching the names appear and disappear.

The phone rang and Jarred, who was in the kitchen making dinner, answered it. There was a pause as he listened and Seger heard him swear and the phone clatter to the floor. There was a sizzle as the water on the stove boiled over and more cursing from Jarred. Finally, with the stove off and the call disconnected, he stuck his head back into the other room where Seger was lying. The two brothers made eye contact for a brief moment before Jarred sucked in his breath and spoke.

“Judi’s missing,” he said simply.


That same day two other people had found walkie-talkies in the city. Sarah Johansson sat with hers placed neatly in her lap. The grip was a brilliant shade of pink (her favourite colour) and she watched the egg bounce happily on the screen. She had never owned a virtual pet before but she was very excited at the prospect. Maybe if she could keep it alive for a while she could persuade her parents to get her a dog. She really enjoyed those Pomeranians.

She was unaware of the happenings in the apartment complex down the road from her mansion, but she was startled when her walkie-talkie began beeping. What did it mean? Was her egg going to hatch? Was the thing low on batteries? She glanced nervously around the room, looking for anything that could make the thing shut-up. Finding nothing though, she turned her attention back to the device. It had stopped beeping but a small red light was flashing near the top of the device. She didn’t know what it meant but she didn’t have time to find out.

“Sarah!” a voice called from downstairs. “Hurry up! Dinner’s getting cold!”

“Coming!” Sarah replied, dropping the device on the pillow of her four poster bed and racing out of the room, not giving the blinking handheld another thought.


Liam Carlson was surfing the net when it happened. He had picked up a walkie-talkie with a dark blue grip earlier that day, but had dropped it into his backpack without another thought. Now, though, he decided it might be a good idea to look at it.

As soon as the device was close to the computer the monitor went blank. Liam stared at it fixatedly before green words began dancing across it. Liam’s mouth hung open and he felt the walkie-talkie in his hand buzz as if it were a cell phone on vibrate. He looked down in time to see the picture of an egg disappear and be replaced with two words: accept or decline. Shrugging his shoulders to an invisible force, Liam pressed accept.

The same bright light that had filled Judi’s room twenty blocks away now filled Liam’s. Wind rushed past his sandy coloured hair and he shielded his cerulean eyes to an unimaginable heat.

When his parents looked in on him later after he didn’t respond for dinner they were terrified to find that Liam was nowhere to be found.


Seger stood in the doorway to Judi’s room. It was a familiar place, the posters of figure skaters or cute animals and of course, her wall of goals. There were cut-outs from magazines of all sorts of things like jackets, purses and shoes that showed short-term goals as well as cut-outs of a girl in the middle of a triple axel, an apple and blackboard to signify a teacher as well as an A+ to signal grades for long-term goals. Being goal-oriented, Judi found it easier to visualize the things she wanted most in life. Seger swallowed the lump in his throat at the thought of Judi.

“...and when I finally got the door open she wasn’t in here,” Morgan continued. Seger could see that he was holding back tears, but he didn’t blame him. As Morgan and Judi were so close, it was no wonder Morgan was sick with worry. “She was here though. I heard her scream.”

“Maybe she fell out the window,” Jarred suggested absently, trying to comfort his best friend.

Morgan shook his head. “The window wasn’t open.”

Seger stepped out of the room, leaving the two sixteen year olds to themselves. He sank down on the couch in the small sitting room and rested his head in his hands. Judi was gone, but where? And how? She had vanished without a trace and that was when he realized something. Standing quickly he raced back to Judi’s room.

His eyes scanned the desk and noticed that the MacBook was gone. It wasn’t on her bed and after a quick inspection he found it wasn’t in its case, in her backpack or her skating bag. Jarred and Morgan watched him with mild interest, but when they saw the look of excitement on Seger’s face they perked up a bit to hear what he had to say.

“Judi’s laptop is gone,” Seger said eagerly. “I think we just found our first clue.


Judi woke up with a start and sat up quickly. She was in a room with a low ceiling and had been lying in a small bed. Her head throbbed and she clutched it with one hand. It was then that she realized she was still holding her walkie-talkie and that her laptop was on the bedside table next to the bunny on the chair.

Wait. The bunny on the chair?

Judi examined the stuffed animal closely. It had small, beady black eyes that contrasted with its stark white fur. Green markings dotted its complexion and it sat very stiffly, looking straight ahead.

“Where am I?” Judi murmured to herself, standing up straight and almost hitting her head on the ceiling. It was a good thing she wasn’t as tall as Seger.

Seger. Judi gulped and looked around. There was no sign of her (former) best friend or her brother and she was suddenly very scared. What was going on?

It was then that she noticed that she was not the only person in the room. Though at first glance she had thought the room to be small, it was in fact, very large. It seemed to stretch on for another ten feet before the other wall could be seen and it was there that Judi saw something very comforting.

“Liam!” she shrieked, racing across the room and almost tripping into another chair. She bumped it and the blue stuffed animal that had been sitting on it tumbled to the ground.

“Hey, watch it!” it complained, but Judi just stared at it. Behind her, the bunny hopped to the floor and made its way over towards Judi, Liam and the tiny blue creature.

The first thing Liam remembered upon waking up was Judi’s terrified screams.


So that was the end of the first chapter. I've never tried posting a fic here before, so I hope that this one's okay. ^^ I'll try and update constantly, but I don't know how often 'constantly' will be :p
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I like it Double oh platypus.So far its really detailed and cool buts its also really confusing.But that just might be me.Well anyways good chapter.


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Ha well everything to me except her dissapearing but its probabaly as I said just me. Oh and that blue stuffed animals is it just something random or completely something else?


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Oh, well it was basically about how Judi and Seger were friends, had a fight and then found their Digivices. Sorry it was so confusing for you :p

And the little blue Digimon is not random. He will be a main character. I just didn't go into much detail on him because I sort of feel like it would ruin the mood. ^^


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So here's chapter two. Sorry it's been so long, but other things became priorities and I sort of lost a train of thought. It's sort of a meaningless chapter, but I hope it's good enough ^^

Another One Bites the Dust

Morgan didn’t go to school the following day, Seger noticed.

Quite frankly, he wasn’t too interested in it either. How could he go do mediocre activities in confinement while his best friend was lost somewhere in the world? It was unimaginable.

It was later that day when Seger heard about Liam’s disappearance too. It was odd, he thought to himself in his math class, that both Liam and Judi had disappeared, especially after they had become much closer over the past couple of days. However, he decided not to dwell on the idea too much. He thought he might be tearing up at the idea of possibly losing Judi.

The egg on his virtual pet hadn’t hatched yet. He sort of wondered when it would. Weren’t these things supposed to hatch the very next day or something? That’s what he had found when he looked it up on a popular website the other day. Why was his taking so long?

Maybe it’s retarded, Seger thought. Maybe it will be born with a defect.

Of course, he knew this couldn’t be true. It was a virtual pet, dots on a screen. It wasn’t a living, breathing creature.


If Judi was sure of one thing at the moment, it was that she had to be dreaming. There was no way that anything that had come out of ‘Terriermon’s’ mouth could be true.

She had just been filled in on what she had missed after she passed out, and she wasn’t liking what she heard. Save the Digital World? Digimon? Olympus Twelve? None of these words held any meaning for the blonde figure skater and she pulled her knees tighter to her chest.

Liam, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the thought of being far from home. Judi didn’t know if it was from a bad home life or other reasons, but she figured that you had to be crazy in order to actually be having fun in this place.

“The only problem is,” the small ‘DemiVeemon’ said slowly, as if Judi and Liam couldn’t understand him, “is that there are supposed to be three of you. It was foretold that three tamers would cross over and so far, there’s only two of you.”

Judi saw Terriermon roll his eyes before smacking the little blue dinosaur-like critter in the back of the head. “They’re just late, that’s all,” he said. “They’ll come from the same area, but they probably haven’t found their Digivice yet.”

They’ll come from the same area. Judi’s throat constricted. What if it was Morgan that found the next ‘walkie-talkie’? The devices that both Liam and Judi had found were in fact called Digivices and were used for something called ‘Digivolution’, whatever that meant.

Wait, worse than the thought of her brother being here was the thought of Seger being here. She couldn’t decide if it would be more of a blessing or a curse and for who, but she couldn’t stand the thought of Seger having to live through whatever was going on now. She was too scared to face the future and she didn’t want her best friend seeing her like this.

It pained Judi to realize that the last time she had really talked to Seger had been on such bad terms, all about the boy she was sitting with now. Liam wasn’t a bad kid, but Judi knew that Seger, like her brother, was protective of her in the way that they didn’t want her getting hurt. She knew Morgan had good reason (having recently broken up with his girlfriend of two years) but she wasn’t too sure about Seger. Perhaps it was the brotherly instinct that must have come with growing up together.


The blonde figure skater bobbed her head up and looked at Liam, who had just addressed her.

“You okay?” he asked her gently. “You seem a little... out of it.”

Wouldn’t you be? She thought bitterly, but she held it in. No use fighting with the only other sane person in the world. “I’m fine,” she muttered. “Let’s step outside. I’m starting to feel a little cramped in here.” When she saw Liam exchange looks with the Digimon, she rolled her eyes. Could this be any worse?

She left the room with the others trailing behind, ignoring all thoughts of the living room and moving on to the outside world.

It scared her more than the talking animals.

With a rolling landscape and pastel colours, the world reminded Judi much of something out of a fairytale book. There were small, cute houses with multi-coloured roofs and huge children’s blocks stacked taller than her apartment complex back home. More talking animals roamed the streets and everywhere she turned she seemed to see eggs that bore a striking resemblance to the one that brought her here.

“Welcome to Primary Village,” DemiVeemon said as he gestured around. Judi felt something alight on her shoulder and turned her head slightly to see Terriermon. He had wrapped one ear around her head slightly and as she attempted to brush it off due to how silly it looked, she realized that no one would care. It wasn’t like she had the whole school here to laugh at her fashion statements.

“Who are all those Digimon?” Liam asked, pointing around at each passing creature. Judi rolled her eyes. Was this how Liam was going to be the whole trip? Totally absorbed into anything that was moving?

“They’re all babies,” Terriermon exclaimed. “This is where Digimon come to start afresh. Primary Village is basically heaven on earth.”

“This whole place is screwed up,” Judi muttered, turning slightly so she could address Terriermon directly. “What are we supposed to-“

She was cut off as a large ear was wrapped over her mouth. The skater struggled in protest as she attempted to wrench Terriermon’s ear away, but she stopped as soon as she saw what everyone else was looking at.

A young girl was striding down the middle of the pathway, except, she wasn’t really a young girl. Though she was shorter than Judi, she gave an air of importance, giving the skater a sense that she was older than she looked. Her blue hair was pleated into braids and her eyes were covered by a large helmet. However, Judi and Liam’s eyes weren’t exactly trained on what she looked like, but more like what she was holding.

Dragging on the ground from her right hand was the largest sword Judi had ever seen in TV, cartoons, books and even her imagination. It was easily the same size as the girl and was so fat that Judi was sure that Seger could have stood behind it and not have his shoulders be seen.

“Quick,” she heard DemiVeemon say. “Back inside.”

Unconsciously, Judi was pulled back inside, carefully clinging to her laptop in one hand and her Digivice in the other while making sure Terriermon didn’t fall off in the rush. She caught one last glimpse of the girl as she turned slightly to see what they were up to, but then the door of the house closed behind them and the two Digimon were ushering them towards a trapdoor that had been previously covered by a rug in the family room.

“In here,” Terriermon said as he lifted the door. Liam grabbed it from him and jumped down, dragging Judi behind him. The lid swung shut and Judi held her breath. Only Seger, Morgan and Jarred knew of her fear of small spaces.

Though they were obviously in the root cellar of the house, Judi and Liam could still hear what was going on above. A sharp rap on the door signified that the girl had spotted them as they made their hasty entrance into the house. There was a dull thud as the warrior dragged her sword across the threshold and into DemiVeemon and Terriermon’s house.

“What are you hiding?” the girl spat.

“Nothing, Minervamon,” Terriermon replied calmly. “Why would you ever think such a thing?”

“You know the rules,” Minervamon continued, as if she hadn’t heard the small green and white rabbit. “No humans. You find one, you kill one.”

“Of course, Minervamon,” Judi heard DemiVeemon say. “Except, we haven’t come across a human yet. When we do, we will certainly take the chance to eliminate them.”

There was a growl from the girl as she mumbled something that Judi couldn’t hear, before leaving the house. A silence captured the house for a moment before the door opened and Judi let out a breath that she didn’t know she had been holding.

“What was that all about?” Liam asked as he stepped out of the root cellar after Judi.

Terriermon and DemiVeemon exchanged glances before turning their attention back to the two humans. “That’s the reason you’re here,” they replied in unison.


Jarred hunched his shoulders against the cool wind that whipped through the courtyard of the high school. He had tried calling Morgan twice already but his best friend wasn’t answering the phone and this worried Jarred a bit. Morgan had been through a stage of depression before, and Jarred wasn’t quite sure if leaving his friend home alone today had been a good idea.

He tugged at the collar of his jacket and looked around. Only a few other people had decided to brave the icy weather and it was during this time that Jarred noticed something out of place in the courtyard.

A small walkie-talkie lay abandoned on the cobbled ground, bright against the dull grey. Its white body was illuminated by a light orange grip that felt just right in his hand. Jarred cocked an eyebrow as he examined the device for anything that might show who it might belong to, but after finding no such evidence he stuffed it into his pocket. He’d have to hand it in to the office later, but as the rain began to fall Jarred seemingly forgot about the device he had just found. It was almost as if it hadn’t existed at all.


Jarred hadn’t come home that day. He never even left school, if you wanted to think of it like that. Like the others before him (Judi and Liam) he had been near a computer when his ‘walkie-talkie’ called for attention.

Glancing down at it as it rested on the desk beside his computer, Jarred tuned out the teacher, something that by now, he was very good at. On the screen there was a question.

Do you accept the egg?

The screen changed again to show two choices, the obvious ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Not really thinking, Jarred hit ‘yes’.

Like Judi’s room, the computer lab was filled with a howling wind, a bright light and screams and shouts from all the students. Jarred shielded his eyes from the light emitting from his computer screen, the walkie-talkie still clutched in his hands. What has happening?

When all the hubbub died down, no one really noticed Jarred’s absence. Most figured he had gotten spooked by what had happened, and really, who could blame him? It was only by the end of the day that a few people began wondering where he went.


Like when he found out about Judi, Seger was lying on the couch watching TV when he got the phone call home. His parents had decided to take a week-long vacation in New York City due to some possible acting gig for his mother and the house was empty. Seger didn’t mind though. It gave him a lot of time to try and figure out what has happening.

“Hello,” he said into the hand-held receiver. “Davis residents.”

“Hello, I’m looking for the man or lady of the house. Are either of them in?” the man on the other end of the phone asked. His voice was gruff and sounded like he meant business.

“For now, you’re speaking to him,” Seger replied smugly. “My brother’s due to be home any minute though, if you’d rather talk to him.”

“You must be Seger then,” the man continued. “This is actually about your brother. Are your parents in?”

Seger had taken his home alone course back when he was ten; he didn’t need reminding what you told strangers on the phone when his parents weren’t home.

“They’ve just stepped out,” he announced. “Can I take a message?”

The man sighed. “No, you better just listen to it now and tell them when they get in. Is your brother Jarred Alexander Davis?”

The colour drained from Seger’s face. Was Jarred in trouble? Had he gotten in a fight or caught up in some drug scandal? Of course not, Seger assured himself. Jarred would never do drugs in his life.

“Yes,” Seger replied hastily, realizing the man on the other end was waiting for him to reply. “Like you stated, I’m his brother, Seger.”

“Right, of course, of course,” the man muttered to himself. “Alright, well, your brother went missing today.”

The phone nearly dropped out of Seger’s hand. This was the third disappearance between the span of two days! His best friend, his rival and his brother? Who would be next? Seger’s blue eyes involuntarily drifted towards the wall that separated his apartment from Judi’s. Morgan was the next closest person he knew, other than his actual family. Would be sucked into the chaos too?


Seger hadn’t realized that he was still on the phone. With a guilty look and a small lump in his throat he managed to squeak out a feeble reply.

“Just checking if you were okay,” said the man, no doubt a policeman, Seger now figured.

“I’m fine,” the boy answered. A few more words were exchanged here and there and then the phone was hung up and Seger sank to the ground, wondering what was going on in Vancouver.


A knock at the door woke Morgan up and he stumbled through the apartment in his boxers and a t-shirt, trying to orientate himself again. He had been sleeping for most of the days, hoping to forget the sorrows of losing his little sister. He had no idea what he’d tell his parents when they came home from their trip to New York with the Davis’, but he was sure that they would be quite hysterical.

“What were you thinking?” his mother would ask. “We leave you in charge for a week and you just lose Judi?”

Morgan sneered at the thought, tugging a discarded hoodie over his head and a pair of basketball shorts on over his boxers. The bell rang again and his voice carried out towards the door.

“I’m coming!” he called out impatiently. He shuffled over and yanked open the door, but surprisingly, no one was there. I guess they just got restless, he thought gruffly as he noticed a small, brown parcel on the ground. He picked it up and shook it carefully, listening for any signs of what it might be. There was no return address on the outside, only a strange stamp inked across the top right corner.

Morgan shut the door behind him and sank onto the couch, letting his hands drift over the neatly wrapped box. He hadn’t ordered anything, and it couldn’t be from New York from his parents. There would have been a name in return or something. Carefully, he slid his fingers under the paper and lifted, allowing the packaging to rip free of the tape binding it together.

Underneath the paper was a small tin box, similar to the one that Judi kept small keepsakes in. He wedged the lid off carefully and peered inside.
Nestled between a few sheets of tissue paper was a walkie-talkie. The grip around one side of it was a light green, the same colour as an olive and the buttons were painted over white. A black screen took up one third of the actual device, and when Morgan picked it up the screen flickered on. It hummed slightly in his hand and he felt drawn to it. Who would send him a device like this?

A question flashed across the screen, but Morgan barely saw it. He simply pressed the button accepting whatever it had been and watched as a small egg appeared on the screen. It bobbed up and down as if it were dancing and Morgan closed his eyes. He didn’t want some stupid virtual pet. He wanted his sister back.

Another knock at the door sent Morgan racing for it, hoping it was the same person who dropped off the package. Instead, he was surprised to find Seger.
“Oh, hey, Seger,” Morgan said slowly, opening the door wider for the younger Davis brother to stride in. He looked nervous and was fidgeting with something clutched tightly in his hand, but Morgan didn’t pay much attention to it. It was the look on Seger’s face that bothered Morgan the most.

“Somebody else go missing?” Morgan asked quietly, shifting from foot to foot. When Seger didn’t answer right away he took the silence for a yes. “Who is it then?”

Seger inhaled sharply, and Morgan realized it was another person who was close to Seger. His heart sank. There could only be one other person.

“It’s Jarred,” Seger said.


“Why is there no cell signal?” Liam whined, waving his phone around inside the house. “I mean, how are we supposed to contact people?”

Judi sighed and clicked away on her laptop, searching for an internet access point. If what Terriermon and DemiVeemon said were true, then because they were in the Digital World there should be an access point anywhere. The whole thing was basically a huge chunk of computer data; a chunk that probably had internet service.

She sighed in frustration, blowing her bangs out of her face and scrolling through menus and options when finally, something dinged. A new window had appeared on her screen, alerting her to a new-found connection point.

“Yes!” Judi screamed, sending Terriermon toppling off the table-top in surprise. Liam raced to her side and together they peered happily at the window.

“What should we try first?” Liam asked, but Judi already had other plans. She headed towards her messenger service, bringing it up and quickly logging in. Just her luck.

The computer back home was always on and automatically logged in to Morgan’s account. She brought up a conversation with him and hit the webcam invitation button. Hopefully Morgan was home and was close to the computer. If not, they would have to try again later.


A ding from the computer behind him alerted Morgan to the fact that someone was trying to start a video conversation with him.

Right now? He thought angrily as he marched over to the computer, ready to hit decline. When my sister and my best friend go missing.

However, he paused when he saw who was ringing for him. “Seger?” he called over his shoulder. The younger Davis brother crossed the room and peered over Morgan’s shoulder. On the screen was a webcam invitation from Judi.

“Maybe it’s her captor,” Seger suggested, heading along the lines of kidnapping. “He could want to give a ransom or something.”

Morgan shrugged and hit the accept button. There was a brief moment when the screen loaded and his webcam came to life, but when he saw who appeared on the screen opposite, he felt like he could cry.
Staring back at him was his little sister, Liam Carlson and two small stuffed animals.


So I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I'll try and get started on the next one soon :)


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Again I liked it double but still confusing for me and I now I know why. I think its because the characters werent really explained in the first chapter and its a little fast like judi see a walkie talkie shes in the digital world and the same with the others. But again other than that awesome!


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Very nice, Double-oh-Platypus. I rather enjoyed this one more than the first, because it had a few more twists and scary situations. I must say, I hadn't expected Minervamon to be a villain, but it's a great idea.

Now you have me wondering if the other Olympians are going to be villains.

I didn't see any major mistakes or anything, but, then again, I'm not very good at pointing stuff like that out. Great chapter, and I look forward to the third!


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Again I liked it double but still confusing for me and I now I know why. I think its because the characters werent really explained in the first chapter and its a little fast like judi see a walkie talkie shes in the digital world and the same with the others. But again other than that awesome!

If you could offer any advice for explaining, that would be very much obliged ^^

Very nice, Double-oh-Platypus. I rather enjoyed this one more than the first, because it had a few more twists and scary situations. I must say, I hadn't expected Minervamon to be a villain, but it's a great idea.

Now you have me wondering if the other Olympians are going to be villains.

I didn't see any major mistakes or anything, but, then again, I'm not very good at pointing stuff like that out. Great chapter, and I look forward to the third!

I'm glad you like the twists and stuff. When I started writing this chapter a while back I was not looking forward to it. But after I got to the part with Minervamon in it, it all picked up and I finished it easily.

I don't know when the next chapter will be up because I need to finish a character for a roleplay, but hopefully I can start it on Monday at the latest.


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Sorry it's been a little longer. However, here's the next chapter. I'm hoping that maybe more people will come and read the story, so don't forget to tell your friends about Digimon Heroes :)

Dirty Little Secrets


Judi’s screech filled the room as the fourteen year-old gazed at the screen on her laptop. Staring back at her was her brother and Seger, who were both looking mildly puzzled, but also very relieved.

“Jeez, you gotta yell so loud?” DemiVeemon asked, rubbing his pointed blue ears. “Some of us would like to be able to hear later today.”

“You’re one to talk,” Terriermon grumbled as he cradled his two, long ears in his paws. He massaged them gently, but Judi barely noticed. She was speechless with joy. Finally, something familiar; something she was comfortable with.

“Judi, where are you?” Morgan asked, peering around the screen as if it would help him gain a better understanding of the area on the other side. “It looks like you’re in a house.”

“And did those things just talk?” Typical of Seger to point out the random obvious.

“Hey! Those things have names you know,” Terriermon piped up. He stepped closer to the screen of the laptop, peering at Morgan anxiously. “I’m Terriermon.”

“And I’m DemiVeemon,” Liam’s partner replied.

Morgan and Seger exchanged glances before turning their attention back to the screen. They couldn’t both be hallucinating, could they? Morgan shook the thought away, dismissing the talking critters for now. It was certainly the least of his worries at the moment.

Remembering Morgan’s question, Judi glanced down at Terriermon for advice. Should she tell Morgan and Seger about the Digital World?

“Go ahead,” Terriermon advised. “I have a feeling about these two.”

Judi sighed. How would her brother and best friend react when she told them where she was?

They’ll probably think I’m in a mental institution or something, she thought sourly. Inhaling again, she proceeded to explain (or attempt to explain) where she and Liam had wound up.


“You expect us to believe that?” Seger asked. Judi had just finished explaining everything that happened, but how could he believe any of it? For goodness sake, Digital World? Digimon partners? Digivices?

Suddenly, the walkie-talkie in his hand felt very hot. Hadn’t Judi mentioned something about an egg?

“Did your Digivice happen to look anything like this?” he asked, holding up the walkie-talkie with the flaming red grip. He saw Judi purse her lips, a sign that showed she didn’t like what she was seeing. Morgan, on the other hand, was quite surprised.

“I just got one of those in the mail,” he said, holding his own up. “Someone left it at the door, so I don’t know who it’s from.”

Seger looked back to the screen where he saw the two critters, Terriermon and DemiVeemon, exchange pleased looks.

“You knew about this?” he asked them, not bothering to hold back his hostility.

“We’re just pleased that they arrived,” DemiVeemon replied. “Have your eggs hatched yet?”

Morgan shook his head. “I just got mine today.”

“Mine’s been dormant for a few days. I thought the thing was broken,” Seger added, shaking the device to emphasize his impatience. He was beginning to take things a bit better now that it was starting to sink in. However, he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was all just a dream. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? He was probably just stressed that Judi was gone.

Maybe that means Jarred really isn’t missing either, he thought to himself. And when I wake up I’ll be back on the couch and he’ll just be walking in through the door.

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door, though it was muffled. It took Seger a moment to realize that the knock at the door was actually coming through the computer. Wherever Judi and Liam were, they now had visitors.

He saw Terriermon hop down from the table and head towards a door he couldn’t quite see via the webcam, but could still hear the conversation.

“He’s arrived,” he heard something say excitedly. It reminded Seger of the voice his two year-old baby cousin had, young and child-like. “We have to hurry and get him inside before Minervamon patrols back around, or one of the others.”

“Right,” he heard Terriermon say. There was the soft click as the door shut and then the rabbit Digimon bounded back to the table.

“The third Tamer has arrived,” he announced, “but he’s unconscious and too big for us to handle. You two need to help us get him in here before Minervamon comes back and finds him. He’ll be killed if she knows he’s here, and if that happens then the Digital World cannot be saved.”

Judi glanced guiltily at the camera and said, “I guess this means good-bye for now.”

“Wait, Judi,” Morgan said. His voice sounded slightly strangled, like he couldn’t just end the conversation, and Seger couldn’t blame him. Seeing Judi, hearing from Judi, had lifted his spirits.

“Don’t worry,” she assured her brother. “I’m sure we can gain connection again soon. How about tomorrow, same time?”

Seger saw Morgan bite his bottom lip, contemplating whether or not to accept the offer. He watched as Liam disappeared from view, presumably to help Terriermon and DemiVeemon.

“Alright,” the older Gretzinger said. “But don’t forget.”

Seger smiled as Judi’s recognizable grin appeared on her face. “Don’t even worry about it,” she said smartly before promptly ending the video call.


Judi followed Liam, Terriermon and DemiVeemon out the door as quickly as possible. She was coming down from an all time high; the ability to be able to speak to her brother and best friend was news that easily lifted her spirits. However, she had to calm down. Someone’s life was at stake at the moment, and she couldn’t spend her time goofing off. She had to help this person or else let him fall victim to Minervamon’s sword, something she couldn’t bring herself to let happen.

The group quickly made their way through Primary Village, passing baby Digimon who stared at them in a mixture of amazement and horror.
“Won’t they report us to Minervamon?” Judi asked suddenly, realizing the danger that she and Liam were possibly in.

“They wouldn’t dare,” DemiVeemon replied as they raced between another set of closely grouped houses. “They’re miserable under the watch of the Olympians. They long for freedom.”

Sharp turns tumbled one after another and Judi soon found herself totally discombobulated. She would never be able to find her way back to the house if they continued through the maze of buildings, blocks and other child-like toys if. The skater trained her eyes on the back of Terriermon’s soft white head and followed him around another corner where she stopped, almost tripping over the last human to arrive.

“...Jarred?” Judi whispered aloud, amazed. The final Tamer to join them just so happened to the one other person besides Morgan and Seger who was practically a brother to her.

The boy on the ground stirred slightly and a small winged mammal flew to his side. It could almost be classified as a pig with wings, for that was what it looked like (or, at least to Judi it did). It was mostly orange in colour, save its underside and most of its face, which was white.

“Hurry!” it shrilled in a very child-like voice. “My front door is wide open. We have to get him there before-“

“Chill out, Patamon,” Terriermon scolded as Liam and Judi moved to sling Jarred’s arms over their shoulders. “You just got to chill.”

‘Patamon’ didn’t look like he had the brain capacity to calm down though. He flew anxiously above the three Tamers as they stumbled their way towards a small house with an open front door.

“So, I take it you know him?” Liam huffed as they dragged their way towards Patamon’s house. A large group of baby Digimon had gathered around them and Terriermon and DemiVeemon were trying to shoo them away. They couldn’t have any attractions towards them, in case Minervamon came wandering around.

“He’s my best friend’s older brother,” Judi replied. They crossed the threshold of the house, dragged Jarred to the couch and collapsed as soon as Terriermon shut the door behind them. Patamon looked like he was coming down from a sugar rush, whizzing around their heads and chattering aimlessly. However, Judi and Liam continued their conversation as they made sure Jarred was comfortable.

“Oh, you mean Seger Davis?” Liam asked and Judi stiffened slightly.

“Yeah,” she replied, a more slowly than she had intended. Liam picked it up and cast her a curious glance.

“Something going on between you two?”

“Yes. I mean, no. I mean, depends,” Judi stuttered. “I mean, we’re not interested in each other like that, but we’re in a bit of a fight right now, if that’s what you mean.”

A heavy silence fell between the two and Judi swallowed nervously. It wasn’t exactly the kind of conversation she wanted to be sharing with Liam. After all, she didn’t know him that well, even if she had invited him to watch her skate this weekend.

Oh my gosh, she thought suddenly, her eyes widening. My competition on the weekend! What if I don’t make it back?

Terriermon seemed to have noticed the look of shock on Judi’s face, for he came and sat in her lap. “Relax,” he murmured. “We’re gonna figure this out.”


When Sarah awoke the next morning, it wasn’t to the sound of Miley Cyrus blasting out of her clock radio. In fact, it wasn’t the sound of anything blasting out of her clock radio. Instead, a high pitched beeping sound radiated throughout the room and Sarah stumbled out of bed in search of the device that was emitting the sound.

She found the walkie-talkie lying in a heap of yesterday’s designer clothes, announcing to her that the egg on her screen was about to hatch.

“Oh goodie,” she mumbled, annoyed that she had been woken for the prestigious hatching of the egg. She checked the clock and scowled. Normally she would still be sleeping... for another two hours.

She pressed a button on the device to speed up the process and nearly yelped out loud when a shock riveted the device. Sarah dropped the walkie-talkie on her clothes and watched as it burst into the brightest light she had ever encountered. For a brief moment, there was no up and no down; there was no left or right, just absolute nothingness. When the light faded however, it revealed something that Sarah hoped desperately was just part of her brain acting up.

The creature lying on the floor in front of her was literally a pile of pink slime. It had two small, beady black eyes and a dull yellow beak that looked like it could possibly develop into something quite sharp if it grew. It stared at Sarah a moment before beginning to scoot towards her.

“Get away from me!” Sarah exclaimed, backing up and promptly tripping over a stack of magazines, which in turn spilled all over the hard wood floor. She landed with a thud and groaned as she rubbed her newly bruised tailbone. What else would go wrong this morning?

“Why?” the creature asked, causing Sarah to stutter something incoherent. She was too afraid to scream, afraid to know what her parents would think. They’d probably think she was crazy or something.

That’s it, she thought to herself as she and the creature moved across the floor, one trying to escape and one trying to follow. I’m crazy, I’m dreaming! When I wake up this thing will not be here and everything will be alright.

“Are you my Tamer?” the creature asked. “You must be, you must be!”

“I have n-no idea what you’re t-talking about,” Sarah stuttered as her back hit the wall of her bedroom.

“My name is Pururumon. What’s yours?”

“Get out!” Sarah all but screeched. She watched in horror as ‘Pururumon’ narrowed its eyes. Tears welled in the corners and soon the baby Digimon was crying so loudly, Sarah was afraid it’d wake the whole house.

“Shh, shh,” she said, trying to calm the thing down a bit. She was constantly listening for the tell-tale sign that her parents were waking up and moving through the house to figure out what was going on. “I didn’t mean it,” Sarah lied. “You can stay here... as long as you’d like, just as long as you stop crying!”

Pururumon’s tears stopped in a matter of moments and it stared up at Sarah with hope in its eyes. “You mean it?” she asked sweetly and Sarah almost groaned. She had never owned a pet before, so this was definitely going to be tough.

“Yeah, I mean it,” she said. “But come on, we have to start getting ready.”
“Getting ready for what?” Pururumon asked as it followed Sarah around the room. The Tamer was collecting items of clothing off her floor and making her way to the small screen in the corner of her room. Sarah loved changing behind it just because it gave her a sense of authority; something of a higher classed aristocrat than she was.

“School,” Sarah’s muffled voice replied. “You can’t stay here during the day; my mom or the cleaning lady will find you. The only other option is to take you with me.


“This is bad. This is really bad. This is so, unbelievably-“

“Bad. Yeah, I get it Seger,” Morgan muttered to a pacing Seger Davis as the two boys clustered together in Seger’s living room. After the disappearance of Jarred, Morgan had moved into the Davis apartment for the time being. Both had an idea of where Seger’s older brother may have disappeared to, but they still crossed their fingers. After all, there was a chance that he could have been mugged, beaten and left to die in the streets (it wasn’t uncommon in Vancouver).

Gathered together on the couch were two very small creatures that both Seger and Morgan assumed were Digimon. After their conversation with Judi and Liam the day before, they had become very wary of the eggs pulsating on their screen.

“What are we supposed to do with them?” Seger asked. “We both have to go to school today, and I don’t think I can just leave-“

“Poyomon,” the ghost-like Digimon replied. It grinned stupidly at Seger, who turned away.

“Yeah, whatever, Poyomon. I can’t leave him here. Who knows what he’ll do? Probably tear up the place and cause a lot of damage.”

Morgan highly doubted that two very small Digimon could do so much damage. They were just data, right? How could bits of computer coding actually ruin a whole apartment? However, Seger did have a bit of brains. They couldn’t very well just leave the two Digimon on their own. What if someone happened to pass by the window and se e them?

“We’ll just have to take them with us,” Morgan concluded. “You don’t have a half locker, do you?”

Seger shook his head. “I requested a full size this year, in case I needed to take the bus up to the mountain and therefore, bring my skis to school. I guess Poyomon will be alright there.”

Morgan nodded and glanced at his own Digimon. He didn’t know what its name was, but he figured he could deal with that later. It wasn’t really important at the moment. He just had to focus on what to do with the little thing.


All day, Seger was in a constant state of motion. It was like he was suddenly diagnosed with ADHD because he found that no matter what, he couldn’t sit still. There was just no way that he could stay focussed in class with little Poyomon crammed into his locker.

Despite how jumpy he was in class, Seger found it harder to stay calm in between classes. Every time he opened his locker, Poyomon threatened to throw himself at Seger in excitement. The boy had to open the door very slowly and thrust his hand inside to prevent people from seeing the small, white, ghost-like Digimon.

“Did you bring me food?” Poyomon whined as Seger opened his locker between his math and science class. He dumped his books onto the shelf not occupied by his Digimon and shook his head.

“It’s not lunchtime yet,” he reasoned, pulling out a science textbook and rummaging around in the bottom of his locker for homework he had completed last week.

“When?” the Digimon asked. “I’m hungry!”

Seger rolled his eyes and shut the locker door in Poyomon’s face. Luckily, the critter didn’t make too much noise in the dark (Seger figured he was scared) and he was able to leave him alone in peace.

As Seger ventured down the hallway towards his science lab, his attention was drawn towards another locker. Sarah Johansson was evidently talking... to the inside of her locker.

“Shh,” she cooed gently. “If you’re extra good, I’ll give you a cinnamon bun later.”

Whatever she was talking to apparently liked that, for Sarah slammed the locker door and peered anxiously down the halls. When her eyes fell on Seger, they widened and she flushed bright red. She obviously knew that he had heard whatever she had said to her locker.

“Talking to... my cousin,” she muttered. “On my cell phone. You know, no phone calls in school?”

Seger nodded absently. He did know about the rules for phones in school; you could only use them outside the building. It would make sense that Sarah would be sneakily holding a conversation in her locker, but he couldn’t help but shake the feeling that Sarah wasn’t telling him everything.

They parted ways at the next intersection, Seger heading off to science while Sarah scurried off to English. They hadn’t talked at all, and it was only when Seger reached his class that he realized how strange that was. Normally, Sarah would be chatting up a storm with him, but it was apparent that they were both lost in their own thoughts.


By the end of the day, Seger was mentally exhausted. This is why I’ve never owned a dog, he thought to himself as he shoved Poyomon on top of all his school books in his backpack.

“Hey!” the Digimon protested. “I’m not going in there! There’s no room for me!”

“There will be if you would just let me flatten your head,” Seger grunted. Most of the other students had already left, allowing Seger to openly shove the small Digimon into his backpack.

“No!” Poyomon shouted. “I. WON’T. LET. YOU!” He all but leapt from the backpack, causing Seger to fling himself at the Digimon. In his haste, his Digivice flew from his pocket, skidding down the hallway. It only stopped when it hit the garbage can at the far end, but when it did it emitted a strange light.

“Oh crap,” Seger muttered, but already there was too much change. Poyomon had begun to glow to, surrounded in large holographic rings.

“Poyomon Digivolve to... Puttimon!”

The light from both the Digivice and Poyomon disappeared, but the creature Seger was holding wasn’t anything like the ghost-like Digimon from before.
The new Digimon was a small, white blob with two large black eyes that stared up at Seger. He had a pointed horn-like appendage protruding from the top of his body while a pair of golden wings fluttered uselessly from his back.

“Oh my god,” Seger moaned as he raced to grab his fallen Digivice. “What just happened?”

This was not good. What would Morgan say when he found out that Seger had just blown everything? It was hard enough to keep Poyomon a secret, but now that he had grown bigger, it would be even harder.

“Wahoo!” Puttimon shouted, his voice echoing down the halls of the empty school.

Or so they thought.

The sounds of footsteps reverberated around the walls and Seger panicked. He ran back to his locker and threw Puttimon inside, despite his protests. Apparently, though, he was not afraid of the dark anymore.

“Hey! Let me out! I’ll beat you to a pulp, Seger!”

Sarah Johansson reeled around the corner, her cerulean eyes darting around.
“Was that you shouting?” she asked as she struggled with her backpack. It looked heavy to Seger, as if she had stuffed in too many books.

“Uh, yeah,” Seger said. “I’m just, uh, really happy school is over.”

Sarah didn’t seem too convinced. Her eyes drifted to Seger’s locker where Puttimon could still be heard hollering from the inside.

“Your locker is screaming at you,” she pointed out flatly.

“Uh, my cell phone?” Seger offered back. He watched Sarah’s eyes narrow. She knew he was lying because when she had asked him for his cell number the other day he had bluntly told her he didn’t have one.

“What are you hiding?” she asked, stepping forward.

The next moment happened in a blur. Sarah yelped as her backpack seemed to twist away from her. She fell to the ground, something flying from her bag and clanging against the lockers. Seger didn’t have time to check what it was, because a familiar silver light was bursting from the seams of Sarah’s backpack.

The look on Sarah’s face closely mimicked that of absolute horror that had adorned Seger’s not long ago. The thing that had flown from Sarah’s back when she had fallen was illuminated with silver light as well and as Seger squinted to see what it was, he realized it was a Digivice. It was exactly like his except the grip was a brilliant shade of pink, rather than the flaming red of his.

“Pururumon Digivolve to... Poromon!”

The zipper on Sarah’s backpack broke and a small bird-like Digimon tumbled out. Its pink wings were larger than Puttimon’s and it was apparent that they could be used to help the creature stay aloft for a few seconds. Seger watched as its beak clicked open and shut as it spluttered to find the right words and hopped around, trying to catch its bearings and causing the tall feather tucked into the back of its hair bounce.

“Oh no,” Sarah moaned. She couldn’t say anything else. Besides, what was she supposed to say? It’s not what you think? I’m not a freak?

Fortunately, she didn’t have to try to say anything else. With a very loud bang, Seger’s locker door was all but blown off its hinges. It swayed from side to side as Puttimon stared out, a triumphant look glazed onto his face.

“That’ll teach you,” he scoffed at Seger, but when he saw the Poromon bouncing around on the floor, his grin widened. “Goody!” he exclaimed. “Another Digimon to play with!”


I guess you could say it's starting to come together a bit, but I'm hoping that the next few chapters will hold a bit of excitement and a few more darker bits that sort of reflect on the plot. Speaking of plot, that should be revealed in the next couple of chapters ^^ Hope you enjoyed the chapter and I look forward to any comments and reviews :D
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Note: This review was written on February 9th, for the Dozen Red Roses movement. If chapters have been published since I wrote this and Valentine’s Day, the review will not be edited. If I find the story interesting, I will keep reviewing past chapter 1.


Seriously, though. I have read the first chapter, and aside from a minor typo (‘fathers’ and not ‘father’s’) it all worked out nicely. Jodi and Seger both sounded like completely believable teenagers, and the concepts were legitimate too. The first confusing part was Seger’s mention of the walkie-talkie – wasn’t Jodi the one who found it? You never mentioned Seger getting one, and since these are obviously the next generation of Digivices it’s a pretty important thing. Having the kids treat the Digivices more like digital pets in the real world for a while, instead of kicking them all directly into the Digital World, was also a nice touch.

My only complaint: It was long. Quite long. It got tedious sifting through all of the teenage problems, even though they were quite well-presented, so you may want to figure out how to inject a little bit more action into each chapter. Of course, since this was the first chapter and therefore the one most likely to be an infodump, that’s sort of acceptable. In any case, finding a good Digimon fic has put me in a great mood, and I’ll continue reviewing!

Chapter 2: Again, I liked the realistic attitude you took with the characters. They weren’t just “Oh, hi, mysterious talking bunny!” but actually responded to them as talking animals, otherwise known as the creepiest thing ever so far. Also again, the whole thing was quite enjoyable, your writing style has just the right amount of humor in it, and referring to the Digimon as stuffed animals is quite cute. Since this is all the chapters that have been posted as of this writing, it’s where my reviewing ends, but you can bet I’ll be following this!


We are the Digimon Heroes, whoa-oh-oh, we are the ones who gonna last for-ev-vah...

Sorry, couldn't resist.


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Seriously, though. I have read the first chapter, and aside from a minor typo (‘fathers’ and not ‘father’s’) it all worked out nicely. Jodi and Seger both sounded like completely believable teenagers, and the concepts were legitimate too. The first confusing part was Seger’s mention of the walkie-talkie – wasn’t Jodi the one who found it? You never mentioned Seger getting one, and since these are obviously the next generation of Digivices it’s a pretty important thing. Having the kids treat the Digivices more like digital pets in the real world for a while, instead of kicking them all directly into the Digital World, was also a nice touch.

My only complaint: It was long. Quite long. It got tedious sifting through all of the teenage problems, even though they were quite well-presented, so you may want to figure out how to inject a little bit more action into each chapter. Of course, since this was the first chapter and therefore the one most likely to be an infodump, that’s sort of acceptable. In any case, finding a good Digimon fic has put me in a great mood, and I’ll continue reviewing!

Chapter 2: Again, I liked the realistic attitude you took with the characters. They weren’t just “Oh, hi, mysterious talking bunny!” but actually responded to them as talking animals, otherwise known as the creepiest thing ever so far. Also again, the whole thing was quite enjoyable, your writing style has just the right amount of humor in it, and referring to the Digimon as stuffed animals is quite cute. Since this is all the chapters that have been posted as of this writing, it’s where my reviewing ends, but you can bet I’ll be following this!

Alright, seeing as I'm not skilled enough to figure out little do-dads and I'm too lazy to individually quote each little comment that I reply to, I'll just go by paragraphs :p

First thing: it's Judi... not Jodi :) And I believe I did mention Seger finding his Digivice in the last paragraph of the first section of the first chapter. It mentions him (or it should) kicking a walkie-talkie device whatever :p And I'll change that father-thing whenever I find it.

Sorry the chapter was kind of... boring. Trust me, I know how it feels to sift through all the worthless crap to find the good stuff underneath, so I'll keep that in mind. I'm not really one of those writers that's good with humour. I'm better with just the stuff that pours out from the top of your head, this included.

I was actually sort of worried that I didn't have enough emotion in the chapters. It was sort of like Judi was totally freaked out but Liam was totally fine with it (though I was hoping people could sort of imagine him being freaked out while Judi was unconscious or whatever) and then I was a little worried I wasn't putting enough stuff into Judi's reaction. I'm glad you think that there is humour in the story because, as stated above, humour is not my strong point. I find it tough to add it here and there whereas some people just have it come naturally to them. I suppose it might be because I'm not really your humourous person; I'm that calm sort of person with the good sarcastic and witty remarks.

I look forward to your reviews because (no offense to my other awesome reviewers) yours offer a lot of excellent constructive criticism that I can use to build upon new chapters and then possibly revise previous ones. Thanks for taking the time to read my story (including the ultra boring first chapter :p)


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Wow long chapter.
Well first off I liked this one a bit better than the first two. It had a few good points and its nice to see a future hawkmon. And no offense but I hate miley cyrus, sorry I just had to say that. So yeah great chapter double!
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Alright, seeing as I'm not skilled enough to figure out little do-dads and I'm too lazy to individually quote each little comment that I reply to, I'll just go by paragraphs :p

First thing: it's Judi... not Jodi :) And I believe I did mention Seger finding his Digivice in the last paragraph of the first section of the first chapter. It mentions him (or it should) kicking a walkie-talkie device whatever :p And I'll change that father-thing whenever I find it.

Sorry the chapter was kind of... boring. Trust me, I know how it feels to sift through all the worthless crap to find the good stuff underneath, so I'll keep that in mind. I'm not really one of those writers that's good with humour. I'm better with just the stuff that pours out from the top of your head, this included.

I was actually sort of worried that I didn't have enough emotion in the chapters. It was sort of like Judi was totally freaked out but Liam was totally fine with it (though I was hoping people could sort of imagine him being freaked out while Judi was unconscious or whatever) and then I was a little worried I wasn't putting enough stuff into Judi's reaction. I'm glad you think that there is humour in the story because, as stated above, humour is not my strong point. I find it tough to add it here and there whereas some people just have it come naturally to them. I suppose it might be because I'm not really your humourous person; I'm that calm sort of person with the good sarcastic and witty remarks.

I look forward to your reviews because (no offense to my other awesome reviewers) yours offer a lot of excellent constructive criticism that I can use to build upon new chapters and then possibly revise previous ones. Thanks for taking the time to read my story (including the ultra boring first chapter :p)

I do know how the quoting system works, but I also know it's a pain in the tail, so I'll just respond paragraph-by-paragraph too. :3

Judi? Dangit! D: It's not exactly the most common name on earth, so I might have been imagining a slightly more popular spelling while I read. Sorry about that. XD And as for the Digivice thing, point taken. Like I said, lots of teenage fun stuff to keep track of tends to lose your reader and make them forget the important bits.

I, too, am the sort of writer who spills out whatever she thinks of onto a Word document and calls it a chapter, but unlike you I tend to add in little funny bits automatically - maybe the way my thought process works, I don't know. I do know that not everyone has this ability - I understand where you're coming from and am not in any way implying that you must have humorous bits, but that those you did include worked well (mostly).

I'll admit I'm not the expert on teenage emotions, but nothing seemed particularly off about either of them. Like I said before, I'm the latter type of person you described, and probably your opposite - I just write whatever and people get laughs out of it, but the wierd ways my brain work make witty and sarcastic comments almost impossible. XD I've gotta think hard about those.

Okay, minor note about Minervamon and company: does canon portray them as the same antagonistic Digimon you do? :/ I am thinking of writing a Digimon fic myself, but the Olympus Twelve were definitely more benevolent that in here. I haven’t seen them mentioned in any of the games I’ve played, so… |3

Once again, good job with the characterization. I have a good picture of everyone’s personality – another thing I fail miserably at portraying in my own writing. XD Even in the middle of all the dragging-around-unconscious-Digidestined action, you still manage to keep them all perfectly in character and, of course, inquiring about believable things – such as a possible connection between Seger and Judi. Oooh. The hatching of Pururumon in Sarah’s clothes hamper was very well done, and the way she later on treats him like a pet was also pretty cute. So was the entire after-school scene, for that matter.

Question about Minervamon and company: does canon portray them as the same antagonistic Digimon you do? :/ I am thinking of writing a Digimon fic myself, but the Olympus Twelve were definitely more benevolent that in here. There’s nothing wrong with the way you’re using them if they don’t normally act like tyrants, and props for going along with canon if they do, but I’m just confused seeing as I had never seen them in games before.

Should she tell Morgan and Seger about the Digital World.

Minor typo – question mark, not period.

Maybe that means Jarred really isn’t missing either, he thought to himself. And when I wake up I’ll be back on the couch and he’ll just be walking in through the door.
‘He thought to himself’ should be in regular text, and it’s also pretty redundant – who else are you supposed to think to but yourself?

Overall, there’s not much I can complain about here except for some minor errors. Once again, good job and keep writing!
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Wow long chapter.
and its nice to see a future hawkmon. And no offense but I hate miley cyrus, sorry I just had to say that. So yeah great chapter double!

Oh, you'll be surprised. To be honest, I hated a lot of Sarah's Digimon's evolution and pre-evolution, so I changed a lot. Don't be too surprised to see the orders mixed and what-not for a couple of the Digimon, simply because I had to improvise or improve their lines for my liking ;)

And not everybody likes Miley Cyrus. I like a few of her songs, but going on the personality I gave Sarah, I figured she'd like someone like Miley. It would make more sense for her to listen to Miss Cyrus then to wake up listening to ACDC or something o_O


If you've noticed, the most common name I threw in there is probably Sarah :p If you look Seger up on babynames.com, it doesn't even come up. I only used it because I think it's unique and there's a bit of personal history behind the name. Same with Judi (well, the personal history bit).

Sorry for the confusion. Now that the whole opening part is taken care of, we don't have to dig too much deeper through teenager crap :p

...No comments for this paragraph ;)

For fourth and last paragraph (because you've seemed to have repeated yourself): I don't believe Olympus Twelve really made a big debut in the Anime or games (I don't know too much about games, never played a Digimon one). I am personally making up personalities for them, but they are subject to change throughout the entire storyline, so for your own stories or whatever, their personality is really up to you. Besides, as this is a bit of an AU fic anyway, everyone is okay to be out of character ^^

Fifth: Thanks :) I'd like to think that my in character stuff comes from my fanfictions that I don't do OC's for. That would include Beyblade (Max and Mariam) and Merlin (Arthur and Morgana). It's hardest to keep the two woman in character because they're so feisty. I was hoping that my developing skills in keeping characters in check were paying off, and apparently they are ^^

Thanks for the corrections :) The first one easily slipped past, and the second one was probably just a paragraph mass highlight and just clicking the italics button :p Sometimes I just hate HTML.

I haven't even started on Chapter Four yet, but I will probably start it after Wednesday. I have a lot of stuff that's come up in school and I need like, half a day to really think about what I want to write for it. ^^


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I tried to finish this one quickly, so I hope it's satisfactory. I will be going away for two weeks starting March 4th till the 21st (Spring Break), but my dad is considering the purchase of a notebook computer. If that happens, I'll be able to work on another chapter then. If not, I'll work as much as I can on another chapter before I go and take the time off to think through future chapters.

Anyway, enough of that. Here's the next chapter.


It had taken a lot longer to get Jarred to understand what was happening than it had taken either Judi or Liam. Judi figured it was his age; he just wasn’t willing to accept the fact that he was no longer on planet Earth and that he now had to save this world.

“You guys are crazy,” Jarred said for the millionth time, and Judi rolled her eyes. “I’m dreaming, right?”

“Yeah, Jarred,” the skater replied sarcastically. “This is all just one big dream.”

The older boy glared at Judi before dropping his head to his hands and resting it between his legs as he perched on the edge of the couch in Patamon’s house. The owner was swooping down towards Jarred before turning abruptly and flying away. He seemed too nervous to actually want to get to know Jarred in person, preferring to watch the interactions between the humans.

“How can this be real?” Jarred mumbled. “You said that this whole place is made of digital code. If that’s so, then what happened to us? Are we digital code too? And what happens when we try and go back home?”

Judi had never thought of this and she paused, thinking things through. If they were now digital code, what would happen if they tried to go back home; home where people were made of flesh and blood?

“Don’t worry,” Terriermon assured. “Nothing bad has ever happened to a human Tamer when travelling back and forth between the Digital World.”

“Good,” Liam said, but Jarred was already firing out his next question.

“And how long ago was that?” he spat.

Terriermon, DemiVeemon and Patamon exchanged looks. “Before the rule of the Olympians,” they decided, finally.

“And how long ago was that?” Judi asked, echoing Jarred’s question.

“Erm, about three hundred years ago... ” DemiVeemon squeaked.

With a groan, Jarred dropped back on the couch and buried his face in a pillow. They were doomed to live in this digital world for the rest of their lives.

“Maybe you should tell us a bit more about these Olympians,” Liam suggested, trying to divert the conversation away from the fact that there could be no way out of this deal. “What’s up with them?”

A brief silence filled the room, leaving everyone uncomfortable. What are they not telling us? Judi thought as she watched DemiVeemon, Terriermon and Patamon exchange another set of looks.

“Alright,” Terriermon said, breaking the silence. “I guess you have the right to know.”


“It started ordinarily enough, with a group of twelve Tamers and twelve Digimon, somewhat like you and your friends, except a few more people,” DemiVeemon began as Judi, Liam and Jarred crowded around him. “They were brought here to keep the peace and restore justice where it was needed. It was when they began taking their jobs a little too seriously, that things got out of hand.”

“The Olympus Twelve, as they’re called now, began getting power-hungry,” Terriermon stated. “Their leader pretty much figured that if they had enough power to bring justice and peace, why not just control the whole world?”
“So, that’s sort of what they did,” Patamon said. “Their power grew and their hearts turned greedy. Soon enough we were under their reign, and it wasn’t too bad. It’s only been about the last few years where things have gotten a bit... nasty.”

“Like all ‘family members’, according to your mythologies, they fight a lot. It never used to affect us, but now it’s gotten out of control. You’ve been brought here to help sort out the mess and dethrone them. It’s high time the Digital World went back to the way it was,” Terriermon concluded.

“So... wait,” Jarred said slowly. “If they came into power like, three hundred years ago, wouldn’t the kids be ancient?”

“They scrap their Tamers every few decades in favour of younger hosts,” DemiVeemon explained. “They’ve sort of fused with their Tamers in what we’ve dubbed as ‘bio-merging’. When fused together, the Olympus Twelve get an extra added boost to their powers. The children are apparently sent back to your world so their parents don’t get too worried, but no one has been able to figure out when. If we can figure that out, we can over-throw them when they’re weaker.”

“That means that the kids that are hosting the Olympus Twelve... could possibly be people we know?” Liam asked, the thought dawning on all of them.

“Essentially, yes,” Patamon replied.

Judi let that sink in. Anyone from school could be an Olympus Twelve. What about that girl from her math class? Alyssa Adams could potentially be hosting a digital monster within her and not really know it. Or the girls from skating? Fiona Pendleton couldn’t possibly lead the double-life as a stolen Tamer, could she?

“How do we defeat them without killing the humans?” Jarred asked, breaking Judi’s concentration. “I’m pretty sure their parents wouldn’t appreciate the fact that we’ve blown their kids to bits.”

Judi couldn’t help but smile. Trust Jarred to try and boost the mood.

“What DemiVeemon said,” Patamon chirped. “The part about catching them when they’re not bio-merged together. That’s when we can strike down the Digimon half of them and try and talk sense into the kids.”

Judi nodded. There was a lot of stuff that they had to do, she realized. It wasn’t so much just saving another world; now they had to save a group of twelve kids as well.

“What do we do now?” she asked, glancing around at the small group. “Shouldn’t we be out there doing something?”

Terriermon shook his head. “Curfew’s in a couple of hours; we won’t have time to do anything else. The best we can do is just go to bed and wait for morning.”


The long and awkward silence that had followed Seger and Sarah’s encounter had followed them back to Seger’s apartment. Morgan, who had been there for at least five minutes, was shocked to find Seger bringing home an outsider; someone who wasn’t in on their secret. However, that soon changed when he found out about Poromon, Sarah’s Digimon.

Upon finding out that Poyomon had changed into something now called Puttimon, Morgan also revealed that his Digimon, YukiBotamon, had transformed as well. Seger now had a small yellow, cat-like Digimon named Nyaromon bouncing around his apartment as well.

After a long three hours of convincing Sarah that Digimon were real and that she was not crazy and should not be enrolled in a mental institution, the three of them sat around in the Davis apartment for a long time, listening to their Digimon chatter with each other on the wonders of the human world.


It hardly felt like sleeping, to Judi, for when she awoke the next morning she felt like she had barely slept at all. Not surprisingly, Jarred and Liam felt almost the exact same.

They had a lot of time to kill before another video call with Morgan and Seger, so Terriermon decided it would as good a day as ever to take them out and show them around the village.

“What about Minervamon?” Liam asked nervously as the Digimon led the way out into the sunshine.

“The Olympus Twelve have their council meetings today,” DemiVeemon explained. “We shouldn’t run into her unless we venture close to Mount Olympus, which we are not.”

The others nodded and followed their Digimon obediently, like dogs following their masters. Primary Village was a serene place of peace and quiet, and Judi found it immensely relaxing. Unfortunately, it seemed that the Digital World wasn’t always as pleasant as the village.

“We’ll be travelling soon,” Terriermon warned. “The rest of the Digital World isn’t afraid to hurt you guys.”

“So what do we do if we get jumped by another Digimon?” Jarred asked. “By the sounds of this Minervamon, they’re not all pint sized like you guys.”
“That’s where Digivolving comes in,” Patamon explained. “But we don’t have time to talk about that now. Well, actually, we do, but who wants to?”
As much as she hated arriving in this strange world, Judi found herself enjoying her first full day in the Digiworld. They found a small pond to dunk their feet into and ate pastries from a local shop. Eventually, they found themselves in a large field a little ways away from the village. It was here that Liam suggested a foot race.

Jarred and Judi agreed to the race, finding that the three of them were pretty equal in speed; Judi had short legs but made up for it with the many strides she could take and her almost unlimited amount of breath whereas Liam was known for his track and field abilities and Jarred for his soccer.

“Can we ride on your backs?” Terriermon suggested. “As you can tell, I’ve never been one to run very fast.”

Judi laughed and allowed the rabbit-like Digimon to hop on her shoulders. He wrapped his ears around her neck loosely so as not to fall off and soon DemiVeemon found himself perched precariously on Liam’s shoulders. The small Digimon was gripping Liam’s shirt tightly and had a slightly nervous expression on his face.

Patamon, chose to referee. He flew in tight circles above their heads, instructing them that whoever could make it to the trees at the opposite end of the field first would win.

“I’ve got this one,” Jarred boasted. “I’ve got the longer legs.”

“But I’ve got the experience,” Liam added. “Who won silver in last year’s five thousand meter event at the Hershey cup?”

“I can run the fastest,” Judi countered. “It doesn’t matter if you guys get a halfway start, I’ll sprint the whole distance and get both you guys.”

The fiery intensity of a competition seemed to have brought them closer together; they didn’t have to worry about the fact that they weren’t on planet Earth anymore. Instead, all that mattered was making it to the far trees before any of the others.

“Let’s just get started,” Patamon said as the runners readied themselves. “On you marks... get set... Go!”

Each runner took off at a slightly different pace, Jarred pulling out in front, Judi tying up the middle and Liam bringing up the rear. They jogged easily enough through the meadow, tripping occasionally over small rises in the ground or giggling from the long grass tickling their legs.

At the halfway point, things changed speeds. Liam sped up, passing Judi and catching up to Jarred. Not too long after that, when the three-quarter mark set in, Judi sprinted ahead, catching both boys off guard and beating them to the trees. They were all too out of breath to complain to each other at first, but soon they were playfully arguing and laughing and generally, just enjoying themselves.

A great crack sounded from behind them and the three Tamers whirled around to see what had happened. Sliding into the meadow in a cloud full of dust was a tall Digimon that greatly resembled what Judi recalled as a centaur from Greek mythology.

The Digimon was built with the body of a horse but covered with sheep’s wool and had a long elongated torso that resembled a sheep-man. It had two long, purple horns protruding from her head and long arms that dragged down to her knees.

Immediately, their Digivices started beeping, but only Judi had the guts to move and check what it said.

“Pajiramon, Ultimate level Digimon. One of the twelve Devas, she serves the Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon.”

Terriermon, DemiVeemon and Patamon were on guard instantly. They placed themselves expertly between their Tamer and Pajiramon, watching the Sheep Deva anxiously.

“Tamers,” she hissed, her voice icy and cool. “I should have known; Zhuqiaomon predicted it.”

“What do you want?” Terriermon asked gruffly. “Stop beating around the bush.”

“The Sovereigns have come to an agreement, little one,” the sheep growled. “The Tamers must die. Their fates are written into an ancient prophecy that must not come true. The Olympians shall shape the Digital World and then destroy it, and only my Master and the other Sovereigns shall be able to save it.”

“Well, I guess you’ll just have to wait till the next set of Tamers, cause these ones aren’t going anywhere!” DemiVeemon exclaimed. “Pop Attack!” The little blue Digimon launched himself at Pajiramon, only to bounce off harmlessly. The Deva laughed.

“Foolish Digimon,” she said. “You are but a baby. How do you expect to defeat me?”

“I don’t know what he was expecting,” Terriermon said calmly. “But I know what I am. Bunny Blast!” A large blast of air pelted against Pajiramon, causing only a little more damage than DemiVeemon’s attack.

“Boom Bubble!” Patamon’s attack, much like Terriermon’s, was simply a large amount of air that caused little to no damage on the Ultimate level Digimon.

“Liam, you have to help me Digivolve,” DemiVeemon ordered as Judi and Jarred’s Digimon continued to wear down Pajiramon with their hot air attacks. “I’ll explain everything to you later once we get out of this mess.”

Judi wasn’t too confident that they would make it out of their current situation, but she watched Liam solemnly agree. ”Just tell me what I need to do,” he said.

“You need to believe it,” DemiVeemon ordered. “You need to believe that we can win this if you let me Digivolve. You have to feel our connection.”

Judi had no idea how that worked, but Liam closed his eyes anyway. He slowed his breathing, muttering slightly under his breath and gripping his dark blue Digivice tightly.

The light Judi had seen when she had been whisked away from her home and brought to the Digital World burst from Liam’s Digivice. The same light engulfed DemiVeemon, swirling bits of digital code dancing around the blob of light.

“DemiVeemon Digivolve to… Veemon!”

When the light flickered away, DemiVeemon had been replaced by an older and larger version of himself. He was still a blue dinosaur-like Digimon, but taller with a more mature face.

“Liam, you did it!” he exclaimed, his voice jubilant. “We can so take that over-grown sheep now! Vee-Headbutt!”

The newly evolved Digimon turned on his heel before charging quickly towards Pajiramon, who had just fended off a green tornado, who happened to be Terriermon. Surprisingly, the force of Veemon’s attack pushed the Ultimate-level Digimon backwards, giving the Tamers and their Digimon new hope.

“Boom Bubble!” Patamon shouted, releasing another blast of air that battered the sheep Digimon’s face. It spluttered blindly as Veemon head-butted it again.

“Terrier Tornado!” A green whirl shot past the Tamers and bashed into Pajiramon.

Judi couldn’t believe it. They were actually defeating this monster that wanted to kill them. She could tell it was obviously more powerful than their own Digimon, especially when it attacked them back. Pajiramon was able to send their Digimon flying back into the trees with one sweep of her arm, but the little ones were persistent. Finally, they managed to corner the Deva against a large oak tree.

“Foolish ones,” she snarled. “Daring to disobey the Sovereigns. However, things will change. When the Olympians destroy you, peace shall be restored and my Master will rest well.” Then, with a tremendous battle cry, she disappeared in a flash of red and gold light.

The Tamers and their Digimon stood still for a moment, resting and taking in what Pajiramon had told them.

“So, does this mean we have to deal with those Deva’s too?” Liam asked before they began their journey back to Primary Village in silence.


When they finally made it back to the village they headed straight towards Terriermon and the newly evolved Veemon’s house because that’s where Judi had left her computer and they were supposed to call Morgan and Seger in an hour.

“What was all that about?” Liam demanded, once they were safely inside the house. Judi scurried of to retrieve her laptop and search for an internet connection, but Veemon only shrugged.

“I needed you to help me Digivolve. Without it, we could have been in real trouble back there,” he told his Tamer, arms crossed defiantly over his white chest.

“But what is Digivolving?” Jarred asked as he rummaged in the fridge for something to eat. Terriermon bounded over to make sure he didn’t take too much food; they would need some provisions for the next couple days and even more when they set out from Primary Village.

“It’s simply the process of getting stronger,” Patamon explained. “As we grow stronger we Digivolve to different forms that allow us to use that power.”

“So why did DemiVeemon Digivolve and none of you did?” Judi asked as she trudged back into the room, the power cord for her computer dangling from her arms. She set everything onto the table and then glanced up, waiting for an explanation.

“I guess you could say that when we Digivolve, we have ranks,” Patamon said as he landed precariously on Jarred’s head. “Terriermon, Veemon and I are what are known as Rookie Digimon.”

“And my Digivice said Pajiramon was an Ultimate Digimon,” Judi remembered.

“Right,” Patamon said. “Pajiramon is way stronger than we are and we mostly lucked out in that battle. If DemiVeemon hadn’t Digivolved to Veemon, we would have been in a lot more trouble than we were in.”

“Wait,” Liam said suddenly. “Why was Veemon still at a lower rank than you guys? I mean, now he’s your equal, right?”

The Digimon nodded. “Veemon just hatched recently,” Terriermon added. “He’s progressing quite well. It would have been another few months before he Digivolved on his own to a Rookie.”

The terms were confusing Judi, making her head spin, and she was happy when Liam announced it was time to check in with their friends back in the real world.

Judi got her laptop up and running and quickly brought up the messenger. To her delight, Morgan was logged on and as soon as everything was done loading, she brought up a video conversation.

The screen was black for a moment before Seger appeared on the screen. He glanced over his shoulder once before smiling at Judi.

“Hey Judi, Liam...” his voice trailed off as he saw the figure standing in the background. “J-j-jarred?” he stuttered.

His brother bounced up towards the screen and squeezed his head between Judi’s and Liam’s fighting for a spot on the webcam.

“Hey, little brother!” Jarred chimed. Judi could see the forced happiness that hid the sadness in Jarred’s voice. She knew the feeling only too well.

Tears pricked at the corners of Seger’s bright blue eyes, but he quickly blinked them away. “Thank God you’re okay,” he muttered. “I thought...” he trailed off again, clearly not wanting to continue.

Suddenly, another face appeared on the screen and Judi found herself facing the very last person she wanted to see. Sarah Johansson, the reason she and Seger had been in the fight in the first place, was staring back at her.

“Erm, hi, Sarah,” Judi mumbled, shoving Terriermon out of sight. What was she doing at her house, much less with Seger and Morgan, who’s Digivices could go off at any moment?

“Don’t worry,” Morgan said, sounding more at ease than Seger had. “She has a Digimon too. They all hatched and 'Digivolved' today.” He seemed a little hesitant using the word, as if he had only just learned of it (Judi figured he probably just had).

“That was fast,” Veemon grumbled. “It took me forever to Digivolve.”

Judi could now see the group of Digimon on the desk in front of them. She had been a little preoccupied before to even notice them, but now she could see them clearly.

The one seated in front of Morgan was a strange, yellow Digimon with pointed ears and a grin that reminded Judi of a cat they had had when they lived back east. Its long tail was almost as long as its body and had purple stripes encircling it.

The one in the middle, poised in front of Sarah, had a rough pink outline, almost as if it were a puff-ball made of feathers. It had a sharp beak that clacked annoyingly and a large coloured feather protruding from the back of its head.

The final Digimon, in front of Seger, was a strange white blob with a Mohawk. It was slightly angelic looking, but the mischievous look in his eyes told otherwise.

Morgan must have caught his friends on the other line staring at the Digimon because he cleared his throat and said, “Oh, right. Guys, these are our Digimon from your left to right: Nyaromon, Poromon and Puttimon.”

“They’re all at the In-Training stage,” Terriermon whispered, hinting back to the conversation they had had before starting the video call. “They’re all at the stage DemiVeemon was before he Digivolved.”

The three Tamers in the Digital World nodded.

“So, what’s happened so far?” Liam asked. “Besides the obvious fact that you guys now have Digimon since we last saw you.”

A crooked grin adorned Seger’s face as he explained how their Digimon had Digivolved in school, resulting in the finding of Sarah.

“What about you?” he asked when he was done. “What’s been going on in your world of digital coding?”

There was a brief pause where the six on Judi’s side of the screen exchanged glances. Should they bother with freaking Morgan out and probably getting Sarah really paranoid?

“They need to know,” Terriermon decided finally. “There’s a strong possibility more Devas will be bio-emerging into their world. They know we’re here so the prophecy will be coming true. They’ll be heading to their side soon enough.”

Judi nodded. Though she hated knowing that her brother would be extremely worried, she knew that they had to know. It was probably a matter of life and death.

By now, Morgan, Seger and Sarah were looking quite distraught. They knew that whatever news that was coming their way would not be good.

“Well,” Judi started. “It kind of started with a foot race...”


So, there you go, guys. ^^ Another chapter. Comments are appreciated as well as constructive criticism and any mistakes you may find. Cheers. :)
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You write really well double oh platypus or is it you write good? Well whatever again I loved it and you have really fast updates(almost catching up with hotshot)! Sorry I dont really say anything that is of importance to you but still its better than nothing!


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I'm sorry it's been a long time since I updated but I went away on vacation and have only just finished this chapter. However, I hope there's still interest in the story :)

For The Nights I Can't Remember

The stories from the previous night’s video call left Seger tossing and turning in his bed for hours. Sarah had left not too long after the call, promising she’d see Seger at school the next day and that she’d drop by later on. Then, Seger and Morgan had left for the Davis apartment next door.

Puttimon and Nyaromon were sleeping in an old cat carrier that Morgan had found in the hall closet of his apartment. The Gretzinger’s had used it when they had had a cat, but that had been before they had moved out to Vancouver. Why they still kept it, he didn’t know.

“You never know when you’ll have another cat,” he thought he recalled Judi telling him once. It made sense, he supposed, but the carrier had only taken up space in the closet before then.

Now it was housing two foreign creatures made of digital data.

There were definitely certain parts to the conversation that Seger remembered. There was the part where Judi had told the horrific tale of them almost getting crushed by a larger and stronger Digimon than there’s. There was the story of Minervamon and almost getting caught on the first day (“You never told me that!” Morgan had exclaimed when he heard). But the thing that stuck out most in Seger’s mind was that one line Terriermon had uttered to Judi:

“They need to know. There’s a strong possibility more Devas will be bio-emerging into their world. They know we’re here so the prophecy will be coming true.”

There was an entire prophecy built around them, and now they had just set the city of Vancouver in danger. With Digimon like the ones that Judi and Jarred had described, the city would be in an uproar. They’d call in the military and then, things would start to get ugly.

All because of me, Seger thought sullenly. Why did he have to get picked for this job? Couldn’t it have been someone else, in another time or place?
But he supposed not. After all, his father did constantly tell him, “It’s now or never.”


It was sometime later, perhaps a few hours, when Seger awoke again. He couldn’t figure out why, but it didn’t really matter. His eyes had snapped open in the dark and it seemed like there was something he should be doing at the moment, but he couldn’t figure out what.

The skier slid out of bed, his feet padding across the carpeted floor of his room and out into the hallway. The house was quiet. There were no sounds from Jarred’s room where Morgan was sleeping and the Digimon hadn’t woken when he had left his room. Besides the heater, there was no sound in the apartment.

The room was stuffy and warm and Seger could barely stand it. He felt wide awake and couldn’t stand being in the apartment for another minute. Quietly, he slid on his skate shoes, threw on a track jacket and stepped outside.

Despite it being winter, the weather in Vancouver was mild. Rain dripped from the upstairs walkway and Seger found himself following small water droplets until they hit the ground four stories below.

Seger was sure he could have found himself standing against the railing all night, but something else caught his eye. It was a flickering light in the park across the street from the complex. Curiosity getting the better of him, he headed towards the elevators for the ground floor.

Looking back on it, Seger figured that he couldn’t have done things stupider. He hadn’t told Morgan and he hadn’t even taken Puttimon, though what good the small Digimon would do against the possibility of a gun, Seger didn’t know.

At ground level, the smell of fresh rain was stronger than it had been above, and now that he was standing on solid ground, Seger swore he could smell the faint odour of pomegranates.

The flickering light caught his eye again and he raced across the street and into the grove of trees forming the entrance to the park.

Beyond that was the large field with the baseball diamond and a small playground for children. At the top of the slide stood a teenage girl, probably a high school senior by the looks of it, with a large flashlight. She had pale blonde hair tied back in a ponytail and a red t-shirt with a soccer ball splashed across the front. As he stepped closer, Seger realized it was Haleigh Campbell, the girl Jarred had secretly been crushing on since grade school.

Upon hearing him approach, Haleigh turned her head in his direction. “Hello, Seger,” she said softly.

Seger was startled. How did she know him? It wasn’t like he knew Haleigh in person, only by the reputation that preceded her. She was easily the best female soccer player in their end of town and there were rumours flying that she was receiving a soccer scholarship.

“Er, hi, Haleigh,” Seger managed, realizing he had simply been ogling at her for a minute. He blushed and was thankful for the cover of darkness.

“How are you?”

The questions, the conversation, left Seger unbalanced and wary. What should he say back to her?

“Not too bad, I guess,” he replied truthfully. “You?”

“Oh, not too bad myself,” she replied with a smile. “How are you and Morgan faring?”

“Better,” Seger replied with a shrug. “Better than we thought.”

Haleigh nodded solemnly, her eyes never straying from Seger’s long and lanky frame. “And your Digimon?” she asked casually.

“They’re- Wait. What?”

He had caught himself at the last minute. With a look of confusion that was real enough plastered to his face, Seger was sure he could pull off the faking. How did Haleigh know about the Digimon? Terriermon had said that there would be three on each side of the computer screen and they were up to their grand total of six. Unless Haleigh had managed to see Puttimon and Poromon at school the other day, she wouldn’t know.

“Oh, don’t look so surprised,” Haleigh said. “I know all about your little digital pets, and don’t worry, I’m not here to take them away.”

A look of relief must have crossed Seger’s face, because Haleigh smiled a dazzling smile that seemed to light up the world around her.

“But seriously, Seger, how are they?” she pressed.

“They’re alright, I guess,” Seger replied, honestly. “I guess they’re just excited to be here, but I don’t know why. Do you have a Digimon too?”

Haleigh pursed her lips. “I do have a Digimon, though she’s not with me at the moment. Anyway, your Digimon are here to help you in the aid of the prophecy,” she said. “You must join sides, take up the fight and help the Olympians win.”

“Win what?” Seger asked, confused at where the conversation was going.

“Simple,” Haleigh replied. “The war.”


“The Olympic Flame was stolen from the top of Mount Olympus,” Haleigh instructed carefully. “The Olympians have been at war for a little over two years now but to no avail. It was once foretold that six Tamers and their Digimon would help in the end of the war.”

Seger stared at her, his mind whirling. “That means that you’re not a Tamer,” he said slowly, adding up the people. “But you said you had a Digimon.”

“That’s not important now,” Haleigh snapped. “What’s important is that you side with the right people. You don’t want to be fighting against your friends in the Digital World, do you?”

Seger shook his head and the high school senior smiled. “Good,” she continued. “When the time is right –and you’ll know when that is- you must side with the Olympian taking after Zeus, who is Jupitermon. Your friends will no doubt side with him too. After all, he is the leader.”

That dazzling smile of Haleigh’s and the fresh smell of pomegranates was intoxicating and Seger could only nod.

“Good boy,” Haleigh cooed. “Now head on back to bed before Morgan finds out you’re not there. I’ll be seeing you later, Seger.”

The next thing Seger remembered was waking up in the morning, no recollection of anything except for the fact that Jupitermon was the Olympian to side with.


For reasons Seger couldn’t remember, he was tired for most of the day. He almost fell asleep in world history twice, though a few people couldn’t blame him; Mr. Izzo was definitely the most boring teacher to listen to. When the bell rang for the end of the day, Seger left quickly with the others, making his way towards his locker.

Puttimon was waiting quietly for them, but whether that was do to the large amount of duct tape plastered across his mouth or because Seger had threatened to throw him on the streets the night before, the skier didn’t know. He shoved the rest of his books in his backpack before adding the squirming Digimon on top and heading off towards Sarah’s locker.

The girl in question was just adding the finishing touch-ups to her make-up when Seger arrived. She saw him coming in the mirror hanging in her locker before swinging the door closed and turning to meet him. “Hey,” she said in greeting, and Seger smiled in return.

“Hey,” he replied. “Morgan said he’d pick us up and we can hang at my place until Judi, Jarred and Liam call again.” The other Tamer nodded before the two of them headed outside.

Not being too late after school (only about ten minutes, really), both Seger and Sarah were surprised to find a lack of students waiting for rides home. In fact, it was almost like they had just disappeared with the snap of someone’s fingers.

“So...” Seger said, trying to start a conversation. How did he get one started with Judi? It was never as hard as this. Maybe it was the fact that he knew that Sarah liked him. Or maybe it was the fact that in two days he’d have a ski race, regardless of what was going on in Vancouver. Or maybe it was the fact that Judi and Jarred weren’t even on planet earth.

It wasn’t too long before Morgan’s green Volkswagen pulled into the lot. Apparently, Morgan was also equally confused about the lack of students, for when he pulled up in front of Seger and Sarah, his face was screwed up like his was concentrating hard.

“What happened to everybody?” he asked, looking around. Seger and Sarah could only shrug as the older boy eased his foot onto the gas pedal, but nothing happened. Angrily, he turned at the key in the ignition, but it was stuck. Something obviously wasn’t right.

Sarah huddled in the back of the car, letting Poromon out of her bag. The little Digimon hopped around in the back seat as she waited for Puttimon to join her, and when they were both together they had only to glance at each other before they confirmed Seger’s suspicions.

“There’s a Digimon near by,” Poromon squeaked. “He’s strong too... I can feel it.”

This definitely put everyone on guard and it was only then that Seger noticed a thick fog rolling in and surrounding the school. There had been no call for fog on the morning forecast, which meant only one thing...

The sound of crashing sounded from behind them, as if something had just smashed its way through the front window, of the school and indeed it had. The Digimon approaching their little car was larger than life, at least ten feet tall and horse-like, though it stood on two feet. It lumbered towards them, its eyes hidden beneath a mass of white hair.

Immediately, the three Digivices in the car went off, and each Tamer reached for theirs.

“Indramon, Ultimate level Digimon. One of the twelve Devas, he serves under the Sovereign, Zhuqiaomon.”

“Oh my gosh,” Sarah moaned. “What are we going to do?”

Morgan, who had been frantically trying to start the car again, turned around in his seat.

“Get out of the car,” he said, glaring at Seger and Sarah. “Seriously. Our best bet is to get away on foot.”

Seger knew this was probably highly unlikely. How were they supposed to run from something that could catch them in one stride? Still, he eased his door open and allowed Sarah and Morgan to follow out after him with their Digimon in tow.

“How do we beat it?” Sarah squeaked as they backed away from the vehicle. They watched Indramon sniff the Volkswagen suspiciously before crushing it flat like a pancake.

“Judi’s going to kill me,” Morgan muttered.

“You have to let us Digivolve!” Puttimon commanded. “It’s the only way we’ll have any hope of defeating this thing.”

“And do you mind telling us how that works?” Morgan hissed back. “If you haven’t noticed, we’re not exactly Digimon experts yet.”

“You have to have faith in yourself and each other,” Poromon squeaked. “We’ll use that to Digivolve along with the use of your Digivices.”

Though Seger had no idea what the Digimon were talking about, they were running out of time. They couldn’t back up forever so they had to take Indramon on head first.

“All right,” he said, grabbing hold of his Digivice and closing both hands around it. He motioned for the others to do the same and then he sent up a silent prayer.

Please let Puttimon Digivolve, he thought. I don’t want to die. I believe that he can do this; I believe the others can do this. Come on...

Poromon was the first to change. Just like at the school the other day, it began to glow ominously. Swirling pieces of digital code surrounded the bird-like Digimon and the Tamers paused to watch its glowing form change shape.

“Poromon Digivolve to... Biyomon!”

The change from Poromon was a lot more drastic than anyone had anticipated. Upon evolving, Biyomon had grown at least two feet taller and her feathers had darkened from a pastel pink to a brighter and more vibrant shade. The feathers adorning her head were tipped with blue and the legs that had sprouted from the bottom of her body were bird-like, adding to the image. Sharp claws ended her wing tips, though it was apparent that she could now fly.

However, the evolution had attracted Indromon’s attention to. It swung towards their direction and the Tamers inched away, moving around the empty parking lot.

“Can this thing not see us?” Morgan whispered. They had momentarily put off evolving Puttimon and Nyaromon for fear of attracting more attention.

Nyaromon shook its body, the equivalent to shaking its head. “It has very poor eyesight but excellent smell and hearing. It also seems to have the ability to be attracted towards energy, which isn’t going to help us in our Digivolution processes.”

“We have to keep trying,” Seger insisted. If Puttimon and Nyaromon Digivolved to be the same size as Biyomon, they could actually have a chance.

“Alright,” Nyaromon warned. “Just be ready to move out of the way after.”
Morgan and Seger nodded before closing their eyes and concentrating. They had to pour their heart and soul into this or else they would be doomed. Sarah was praying too; they needed all the help they could get.

The bright light that signalled another Digivolution snapped each of the Tamers’ eyes open. Nyaromon had been engulfed in a large mass of light and digital code and Seger sensed Morgan letting out a sigh of relief.

“Nyaromon Digivolve to... Salamon!”

Despite being more cat-like as Nyaromon, the newly evolved Salamon was more dog-like and almost as small. It was pure white, almost holy looking, with large blue eyes and rosy pink cheeks. Its floppy ears hung against the side of its head. The golden holy ring around her neck gleamed in the after-glow of the silvery light that had transformed her and her paws padded anxiously against the ground.

“Two down, one to go,” Sarah muttered as they scurried out of the way of a charging Indramon. Apparently the power of Salamon’s Digivolution had given off more power than Biyomon’s.

Making sure that they were out of harms way, the Tamers bowed their heads again.

Why won’t you Digivolve? Seger thought anxiously. I need you to Digivolve, Puttimon. Without your help we’ll end up just like Morgan’s car. Come on... come on...

The final blast of light almost made Seger shout for joy, but he refrained himself, remembering what Salamon had said about Indramon’s sense of hearing.

“Puttimon Digivolve to... PawnChessmon!”

As the light and the coding faded away, Seger’s eyes fell upon a Digimon that looked nothing like Puttimon at all.

An armoured figure stood before them, gleaming in white, gold and grey. A visor covered his facial features as the rest of the armour covered his whole body; not an inch of flesh was exposed. A shield was attached to his back while one of his hands gripped a medieval lance tightly.

“Excellent,” Biyomon chimed as they dodged Indramon’s latest charge. “We’re ready to rock and roll!”

Seger nodded meekly before looking back at their opponent. Salamon’s size worried him and the armour on PawnChessmon could limit his mobility. He didn’t know how good of a defence system Biyomon had because really, she was just a bird.

“You dare defy me?” the horse-Digimon roared, the first words they had hear him say. “You cannot hope to defeat one as powerful as I! Horn of Desolation!”

A piercing sound filled the parking lot and the Tamers collapsed with their Digimon, their hands covering their ears as they tried to block out the horrible screeching. It was then that Indramon brought one of its large arms down hard, just narrowly missing Salamon.

“Spiral Twister!” Biyomon was back on her feet first and took to the sky, aiming for Indramon’s face. It let loose a twirling mass of green energy that knocked the larger Digimon back a step.

Following Biyomon’s example, PawnChessmon was the next to let loose an attack. “Pawn Buckler!” he cried, tossing his shield at Indramon with precision. It hit the giant horse in the stomach, causing him to double over, before returning to PawnChessmon who clumsily dropped the shield before retrieving it.

“Petit Punch!” Salamon cried, using one of her paws to punch Indramon in the leg. Unlike the other attacks however, Salamon’s did barely any damage.

“A group of rookies will not take me down!” Indramon roared.

However unlikely it seemed though, the battle with Indramon turned out to be much like the one that Judi had told Seger about the previous night. Indramon’s attacks were strong, but as Biyomon, PawnChessmon and Salamon persisted, the ultimate-level Digimon fell back against their attacks. Finally, they hovered above him as he lay on the ground.

“Defying the Sovereigns will cost you greatly,” the Digimon rumbled as it sat up. “When everything is destroyed we will reign again and you will be nothing. Not even the power of the Chosen Ones will defeat us.” Before anyone could attack again, Indramon was gone, vanishing in a fiery blast of red and gold light. Slowly, the fog began to disappear and the sun shone brightly on the battlefield of destruction left over from Seger, Morgan and Sarah’s first battle.


I know, Poromon Digivolves to Hawkmon, but I believe I did mention in the OP that the evolution lines were going to be a little different than normal. It's all due to the fact that I don't like certain Digimon and whatnot. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the chapter and don't forget to review! :)