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Digimon: Paradise Lost [RP Thread]


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Digimon: Paradise Lost
Sign Up Thread

[ The Players ]​

Courage: Eric Theron (he/him) & Elecmon - Violet (n/a ♂) [Kung Fu Ferret]
Friendship: Matthew "Matt" Pierce (he/him) & Tsukaimon (n/a ♂) [Schade]
Sincerity: Aiden Carrson (he/him) & Coronamon (Blaze ♂) [Innerflame]
Reliability: Roxie Nogh Huynh-Spencer (she/her) & Kudamon (Nue ♀) [Hydrangea]
Love: Maxwell "Max" Hudson (he/him) & Salamon (Cinderella "Cindy" ♀) [Monster Guy]
Hope: Lucas Spenser Moncrief (he/him) & Patamon (Pumpkin ♂) [Sketchie]
Knowledge: Kou Izumi (they/he) & Impmon (n/a ♂) [Liltwick]
Light: Grace Clemens (she/her) & Huckmon (Lux ♀) [TheCharredDragon]

Roxie Huynh-Spencer
Wasteland of Washington, D.C

Roxie's heart burned with a rage like no other, her parents had been felled by this beast, this horrific Digimon that was claiming itself to be a god. All seemed peaceful now, but many people had growing concerns that it would strike again, killing those that had survived the initial blast. Truth be told, the sight of the city was grim, if you could even call it a city anymore. The buildings were leveled, leaving husks of melted and torn metal in their place. Homes were gone, and fires raged on. A small camp had been set up, a meeting place and rest area for those that had survived. It had been called the W Base Camp, and was used for the survivors and the runners who still braved the larger wreckage for other survivors and supplies.

Roxie loathed Digimon. She used to love them, admiring the cute and tough creatures. But now, they had taken virtually everything from her, and she felt the disdain fresh in her mouth as she walked towards the base camp. The faces all blurred together, with her avoiding making proper eye contact with anyone. Truth be told, she wasn't here to make friends or chat with those that had witnessed the disaster --- her motivations were much more selfish. She wanted to find enough supplies to set up a research station, and work to make something like a bio-weapon that could fell that horrific Digimon.

She walked past the mass of people, only around twenty in total, and made her way to the ruins... unsure of what she may find lurking in the streets.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
Kou Izumi
Wasteland of Washington D.C.

Fighting flames of fire // Hang onto burning wires...


The acrid smell of tobacco hung in the air. It was the bitter taste of regret. It was a small thing, to drown out the flames. A dial tone rang loudly, echoing through the vehicle. Everything had come to an end... They knew one day it would come. Yet, to be stranded after the fact? It was a shame, indeed a shame.

"I'm sorry, the number you are dialing can not be reached."

The words stung worse than a quick peck of a knife. So they were genuinely stranded in this desolate waste. How perfect. Though, it was a miracle they were able to survive the onslaught in the first place. Do one afternoon run, and get out of the main blast zone. Everything else has gone up in smoke. Wonderful.


If they couldn't get through to their father, then they were truly stranded. No doubt the airport wasn't functional. They were alone in a city they had only just come to a few months prior. Fantastic.

Crushing the cigarette in his hand, he tosses it out the window. The small burn meant nothing now. No, not at all. He knew that things would never be the same. Yet, something awoke in him... As he saw blasts from the rear-view window. That self-proclaimed god... how intriguing. He simply needed to know more.

If fate had simply allowed him respite, he'd have died today. Yet, that was not the case in the slightest. Perhaps it was some cruel twist? After all, he had received a call earlier his mother was found dead in the wreckage. Most of the legislative branch was, to be fair. It was awful, but such was life. Life was a road to death... His road just didn't end today.

"May you find peace in the ever after, Haha..." they muttered to themselves.

Kicking the car into gear, it was time to figure out where to go. What to do. What people were still around in this city? Who had the unfortunate fate of surviving? No matter. He had a functioning vehicle. He could pick up some others? Drive out of here, to somewhere far from the wreckage? All he could do was drive. Think about the feelings he wished to hide. Mourn the fallen when he could. For now, he had to continue forwards. Whatever that meant.


Fire and Ice Combo
Aiden Carrson- Blaze
Holiday Inn - Virginia

Aiden was sitting in a rolling chair situated at a desk. A worksheet with barely a sentence lay ignored in front of him. The young teen clicked his pen open and close repeatedly. His brown eyes stared bored at the TV droning out the same news. Washington, D.C. was pretty destroyed by a Digimon attack, leaving countless people dead, injured, or homeless. His family was in the latter as the house and entire neighborhood was demolished. The only saving grace that their arrival there was supposed to be the day after everything went to hell. So they were not in the city when the attack happened. As the TV program began to talk about the hardships and fear of the people who witnessed the destruction of their homes around the world, Aiden's attention on the monotonous news faded. He probably should have cared a little more, but the teen already understood that life was filled with misery and misfortune.

Abandoning his pen on the table after one final click, Aiden kicked off the floor and sent his chair rolling into the middle of the room. The two-bed hotel room they had no choice but to live in was very open. Only one small partition of a wall separates the living area and beds. From his new location, Aiden could get a good view of the beds. His adopted mom, Carrie, and Cleartoyagumon were fast asleep on the one closest to the window. It had been stressful days since the attack. It was only natural that she was exhausted. Her faithful Digimon friend did her best to keep her spirits up. His other mother, Ellen, and her Lopmon had left earlier that day for something. Which left Aiden pretty free to do whatever.

Having long grown tired of news and TV, Aiden eyed the exit. A little time to stretch his legs would be plus for his mental health and focus; he pointlessly rationalizes it. The fourteen-year-old boy had lesser reasons for his actions. Hopping off the chair and shoving it back to its spot by the desk, Aiden puts on his shoes. Afterward, he checks for necessity he needs, such as the room key and his wallet. Once everything was accounted for, Aiden slipped out the door. He stretches his arms above his head as he strolls down the hallway.
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Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper
Holiday Inn - Virginia

Eric had just gotten back from a funeral, his girlfriend Yolanda lost her father in the attack. Eric had to get used to being halfway around the world, originally being from South Africa. He got changed from all black into a much more casual outfit.

He posted something on Facebook so his parents knew he was okay.

"Funeral went well, still getting used to things around here. Yolanda, I love you, and I'm sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you and your mom are going through."

After spending a few minutes sitting down, Eric decided to walk down to the hotel lobby for some reason.

He sighed, thinking to himself "Not all Digimon are bad. A lot of them are good. The media needs to realize this."
(OOC: sorry if this isn't long enough, it was early in my time zone when I posted this)
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Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer

Miami Florida​

Max was busy cooking lunch for his Grandma and himself. He was happy to help his grandma out with things like this, and was humming a song to himself. The news was playing in the background. Max didn’t care for it, but his grandma liked to know what was happening in the world. All they talked about was the mess that was going on in Washington DC. Max didn’t like to think about that. Robbie and his family died in that tragedy, along with several of his friends from school. He had been forced to move to a new city.

While he was waiting for the spaghetti to finish cooking, Max suddenly heard a loud crash. Max was startled, and turnef off the oven, and went to check out what happened. “Gram?” He called out, but there was no answer. He soon found her lying on the floor face first in the living room. Max’s eyes went wide with worry. “Oh shit shit shit.” He didn’t know what was the right thing to do in this situation and reached for the nearest phone to call emergency services. His fingers trembled as he pressed the buttons. “Hello, 911. I need help. My Grandma fell down. Can I get an ambulance here quick?”

He looked down at his grandmother. She hadn’t said anything during that entire thing, and he started to get more worried. His eyes started to well up as he hoped that ambulance would get here soon.


Some time later

Max found himself seated in the front row at his grandmother's funeral, surrounded by unfamiliar faces belonging to her friends and distant relatives. The atmosphere was heavy with grief. Max's eyes were red and puffy. He had been sobbing uncontrollably through the entire service. His beloved grandmother was gone because of a stroke. This was the third loved one he had lost in his lifetime. First his mom, then his boyfriend, now his grandmother. With each loss he experienced, the pain grew deeper.

Amidst the overwhelming grief, Max couldn't help but be worried by another distressing thought. He didn’t want to think about it, but he was grappled with the question of what would become of him now that he no longer had a guardian. Would he become homeless and have to live on the streets? Would he have to be shuffled from one relative to another? Would he be put in the foster system? Who was going to adopt a 16 year old?

As Max sat in that front row, tears silently streaming down his face, he yearned for answers and reassurance in a world that seemed to offer none.


Metallic Wonder
Matthew Pierce
New York

It was very quiet in Maryann Pierce's modest New York apartment, despite the amount of people currently present. The kind older woman had prepared snacks for afternoon tea, hoping it might spark some conversation or lighten the mood even a little bit. On the livingroom table sat a board game with a frew pieces scattered about, which Matt had brought out to see if the family could manage to distract themselves from the chaos surrounding them. The TV was on, showcasing the destruction in Washington, while Matt's father was standing next to the radio frantically dialing number after number hoping to reach anyone from back home. It felt very futile, but Matt had taken it upon himself to try and keep their spirits high, which his parents definitely appreciated, even though his efforts weren't very effective.

The news feared there might be a second attack from whatever Digimon had caused this, and reccomended everyone to either stay inside or flee the area if they could. It all felt so unreal, like he was standing on the outside of a window looking in on the chaos, instead of being in the very center of it. "Your dad will let us know if he learns anything, we should try to distract ourselves" had become somewhat of a repetetive motto around the apartment now, ineffective as it was. It was difficult getting a full grasp on the situation when everyone you knew from back home were probably dead. Neither of his parents had managed to contact their workplaces, and only a small handful of the people Matt's dad had called had actually answered, being in an even worse situation than they were.

The biggest question hanging over everyones heads were the classic "What do we do now?" According to the news, and one of the family friends they managed to contact, their old neighbourhood was no more, meaning they were quite literally stranded at square one at matt's grandmother, with nowhere else to go. It was all so uncertain. His grandmothers apartment was too small for 4 people and a Digimon. Oh yes, Maryann's Digimon partner, Fanbeemon was also living with them, although he was keeping a low profile, feeling somewhat guilty over the fact that a digimon had been the cause of all this. Maryann had been adamant, however, and repeatedly told them that Fanbeemon is not to blame for this, only Beelzemon Blast Mode, whatever that was. Regardless, Matt couldn't help but keep his distance, and look away whenever Fanbeemon tried communicating with him. He had known Fanbeemon for his entire life, but with everything going on and with all the uncertainty, who's to say he wouldn't suddenly digivolve into something huge and do something drastic? Regardless, he tried his best to act with his usual friendly and optimistic way, although it was very difficult.

Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper
Holiday Inn Virginia Hallway
(shoutout to @InnerFlame for input as to what Aiden says)

Eric noticed a kid going down the hall from him and decided to maybe talk to him. Eric walked towards this stranger, thinking about what exactly to say to him. "Hey there." He said, in his rather noticeable South African accent. "I'm Eric... How are you?" Eric waited for this stranger to introduce himself before continuing.

"Hi, I'm Aiden," he introduced himself with a big grin and hand waved. His one visible brown eye looked into his. There was an energetic vibe to his words. "I'm good. As good as you can be stuck in a hotel with your stressed, worrywart parents. And worldwide destruction. You?" Aiden questioned back. After a pause that last too long, he added, "Do you need something? I've been here for over a week, so I'm practically a local if you need directions."

"I'm doing alright for someone who just traveled roughly halfway around the world, all by himself. I'm from South Africa, by the way." Eric mentioned after everything.

Eric meanwhile began thinking about how his late grandfather's Digimon partner, Gammamon, was holding up. Eric's grandfather died when Eric was roughly seven years old, but not from natural causes. Jack Theron was a game warden on a well-known wildlife reserve, and was ambushed by poachers who were after rhinos and elephants. Gammamon lives with Eric's parents, with Eric's dad, Jack's youngest son Stephen, taking the little digital dinosaur under his wing. Eric remembered overhearing that many of these poachers were arrested by other wardens with tips from Gammamon, but others, well... Let's just say that a hungry pride of lions got to them first.

Eric hoped to follow in his grandpa's footsteps one day, in more ways than one. Protecting wildlife, maybe getting a Digimon friend of his own, and whatnot.

"That's cool," Aiden replied with a little interest pulled Eric out from his thoughts. "I've lived in a dump in New York for most of my life. It was pretty trashy." The short kid looked amused at his stupid pun joke.

Eric received a text from his girlfriend Yolanda before getting the chance to respond.

"Eric, Thank you so much for coming all the way out here. It really means a lot to me! <3"

Eric responded with, "Yolanda, you know I'd do anything for you, my love. I mean it."

"Sorry about that," Eric told Aiden. "My girlfriend just texted me. She lost her father during the recent incident and I flew here for the funeral, which happened today. One can only imagine what she and her mother are going through right now. I'm heading down to the lobby to get some food. I'll see you later!"

“Yeah, I'm going to grab something from the snack bar.” The younger teen mentioned with a disapproving expression. “The food here is subpar at best. Their spaghetti is okay but you have to really suck to mess that up."

"Oh, you're going down to the lobby, too, Aiden?" Eric said." "I might see ya there!"
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literally some guy
Lucas Moncrief
- Hope -
- Morgenstern Manor, Bavarian Countryside, Germany -
- playlist . sign-up -
(Note: when characters are speaking in German, their dialogue will be marked with << and >>.)

"We're doing fine out here, honey, we're just glad you're safe."

Lucas sat slouched on the edge of the bed as he facetimed his mom, holding his phone out away from him just enough. Elaine's face was strained with worry, but she did what she could to hide it behind a gentle demeanor. "Don't worry about us, sweetheart. The attacks were on the other side of the country, the west coast is fine. We're safe, I promise."

Lucas nodded. "I know," he said, quietly.

Elaine bit her bottom lip, furrowing her brow as she searched for the emotion clouding her son's face. "How is everything over there?"

"It's fine," Lucas said with a shrug. "Hans and I are fine. That thing didn't seem to care about anything other than Berlin, but we don't really leave the house much. No one is, really. But, it's fine. It's a big house. Lots to explore. Hans makes good food. I think he's making lunch now, actually."

"Well, that doesn't sound too bad," Elaine said with a warm smile. The smile faded as she sighed deeply. "How are you really doing, though? I know that look." Across the oceans, Elaine wished she could reach through the screen to caress Lucas's sullen face.

Lucas shuffled, pulling his legs up to his chest. He stayed silent for a moment. "I don't know--" he said, his voice weaker than he wanted it to be. "I don't know, I just feel like I've gone through so much already. I didn't think I'd have to go through the end of the world, too."

"I hear you, dear," Elaine said, pain pricking at her voice. "I'm sorry you're feeling that way, that sounds really hard. I wish I could do more than call you, I do."

"I know, Mom," he said with a little more strength in his voice. (He wasn't sure if he should say what he was thinking: "I wish you could too.")

Elaine yawned, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, honey, I'm half falling asleep on you here. I know you really wanted to talk, but I think I might have to say goodnight here."

"It's okay. Thank you for calling so early."

"Alright. I love you, Lucas, call me before you go to bed okay?"

Lucas gave a weak smile. "Love you too, Mom, I will. Tell everyone 'hi' for me and all."

"I will. Hang in there, honey, we're going to take this one day at a time."

The screen flickered to black as the call ended. Lucas leaned back, falling into the plush mattress. The four-poster bed was made of a sturdy, dark wood, which glistened in the sunlight as it filtered through the old windows. It was big, much bigger than Lucas, and perfect for moping in.

Since the attacks, all he felt like he could do was mope. He was fortunate enough that the manor was plenty big to mope around in, but what he really wanted was home. The airlines had slowed nearly to a halt because of the attacks, and with his family nearly the entire world away, there was no way he would be getting back home any time soon.

(Wanting his mother's comfort was a strange feeling for Lucas. He wasn't sure whether to push the feelings away or let them in more. He was sure he was grateful to have a mother willing to call at two in the morning.)

His emotional mulling-over was interrupted by a knock at the door. Lucas propped himself up on his elbows as Hans popped his head into the room. Hans was a tall, thin man of 45, dressed in what could only be described as 'polo dad fashion'. As a longtime friend of Isaac Morgenstern, he was made the keeper over the manor and Lucas's godfather before Lucas was even born. "Lucas?" he called, opening the door fully and walking in. "<<Lunch is ready. Would you like to eat in here again?>>"

"<<Yeah, that would be nice,>>" he said, pulling himself up to sit cross-legged on the bed.

"<<Excellent. I'll be right back, then.>>" He turned to leave, but paused and looked behind him. "<<Would you like company for lunch today?>>"

Lucas nodded. "<<Sure, that sounds, um. Nice.>>"

Before long, Hans had returned with two plates. "<<Lunch today is cucumber sandwiches, and I cut up some carrots to go with it. Seemed like a nice, refreshing meal for such a lovely summer day.>>" He handed Lucas a plate, before pulling the chair from the desk to sit on himself. "<<You know, I couldn't help but notice your great-grandfather's Digivice on your desk there.>>"

"<<Yeah, I've been fiddling with it,>>" Lucas said between a bite of sandwich. "<<But, it either doesn't work, or I just can't get it to work.>>"

"<<I'm afraid I can't be much help with it either,>>" Hans admitted, "<<I've never had much experience with Digimon. But, I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.>>"

The two finished lunch and chatted away the afternoon. After all, it's not like there was anything better to do during the end of the world.
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Tis the Hour to Reload
OOC: i apologize to @Sketchie if i was overstepping about "Great-grandpa Morgenstern" but i kinda went brrrr writing this and tried to keep it as vague as possible buy if you have any objections just tell me

Grace Clemens
A Hotel in Potsdam, Germany

To say they were lucky was an understatement.

It was just one day. Just one. Okay, maybe two or four. But still. Grace was very aware that, were it not for how eccentric Grandpa and Grunkle were about food, there was a high chance she and her family would've been among the casualties in Berlin now. The two had been chasing the rumors of an elusive "wandering chef" Digimon and had insisted on hunting it down, otherwise they wouldn't have another chance. Everyone had been fondly exasperated at their antics, but played along since there was no harm, and this wasn't the first time the rest of the family indulged one of their members, especially grandpa what with his age. And that soon turned into great satisfaction as they did manage to find the wandering chef they had been looking for.

That had soon turned into horrified realization at how close all of them had been to death were it not for that indulgence.

Yet despite that incredible stroke...

"...the number of casualties are still unknown as of this time. However, experts estimate the amount to be around the..."

...Grace couldn't help but worry.

She knew she should be grateful, but she still couldn't help herself. Her dad was out doing what he could to find them a more permenant place to stay, her mom was out there among the emergency medical forces, helping the closest hospital dealing with casualities, and Grunkle Ignis was with her, after Grandpa insisted she had some form of protectiin against any possible forces the new Beelzemon Blast Mode. Mom only gave in because, well...

"You all right, Grandpa?"

The old man jolted from his reverie. The beginnings of a smile meant to reassure her was on his face, but it was but for a moment, as he stopped and stared. Grace just sat there and met his blank gaze. Then he he sighed and said, his smile and tone rueful,

"No. I'm not."

...her grandpa was taking it hard.

"Do you really think it's him?" she said.

And by him, she meant one of the Seven Demon Lords he had faced when he was younger. Much, much younger. She still remembered all the stories of his adventures with his friends. Eight Champions of Virtue with eight Digimon partners fighting against Seven Demons of Sin and their Beast of Armageddon.

She also remembered how he had said they were defeated and banished from both the Digital and Human Worlds.

"I mean, it could always just be another Beelzemon picking up where the old one left off. There isn't only one Beelzemon."

They should know. Back in Keilhau they were good friends and neighbors with one, as he had been a nurse colleague of Mom's that was ostracized after the defeat of the Demon Lord Beelzemon for, well, being the same species as the Demon Lord.

Grandpa's smile was briefly amused before it returned to being guilt-ridden. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."


"I'd know Punk Wannabe when I see him. And it's him all right. New duds, sure, but..."

"Same vibe...?"

"Yeah. Same vibe."

Silence weighed down by possibilities.

But Grace had to ask. If not for her sake, then for Grandpa's.

"...so that means Olympos XII will do something about it, right? Like for you and your friends?"

"...yeah. They would."

Now it was silence weighed down by the unknown.

Grandpa stared at hee.

Grace frowned.


She was tempted to ask what was wrong, but she knew that look. It was that look whenever he was thinking up a new recipe. In other words, it was that look when he was deep in thought, but when make a move soon enough. So Grace waited.

And then her grandpa sighed.

"I hate to do this, but..."

Grace blinked as she stared at her hand.

Her hand holding a Digivice.

His Digivice.

"Grandpa?" she began, confused.

Then he said, "I have a feeling you're gonna need this, my little star."

She froze.



He couldn't...

He couldn't mean what he was implying, right?

"Grandpa, don't make a joke about this. Mom and Dad are gonna get mad."

Because she knew, despite Grandpa not regretting any of it, he still had nightmares about the War (yes, capital "W" included...one of the many ways Grandpa liked to cope with it: being overdramatic to the point of it being a joke).

Yet she knew he wasn't. Not with that self-hating look in his eye as he said, a bit to her confusion,

"You remember what's my Crest, right?"

Still, she was off kilter, so she played along and said, "Yeah, I remember. It was Light."

"Well... I remember talking to Morg, Crest of Hope, about it. Haha, he was one of the first I made friends with since I could actually understand what he was saying since he was, y'know, speaking German. But anyway... Ahem. I wondered what in the world was the difference between mine and his. Because..."

"Light is usually a symbolism for Hope."

"Yeah. But then I figured out what was the difference for me."

"For real?"

"Yeah, 'for real'. Hope is about finding the good in the darkness. Light is about being good, protecting good and guiding good." It was then that his smile, thought it was still rueful, took on a proud tinge. "And right now, I can't do that. But I know you can. 'Cause if there's another good thing about being the old..." To her delight, Grandpa's bright smile returned in full force. "...is that I'm now the old mentor guy so I notice things others don't."

Grace couldn't help but laugh.

Soon enough, she was joined by Grandpa.

And the two kept going and going until they could no more.

At that point, Grace was feeling much lighter. So much so that now she could look at the Digivice in a mix of awe and anxiety.

After all...

"...are you really sure I'm gonna be a Crest Holder, Grandpa?"

...this wasn't something she should be excited over...but she was. There was a part of her excited over helping to save the world from Beelzemon Blast Mode, and whatever other threat that surely must be behind him, because there was always a chance of a villainous mastermind behind world ending events. Even though she knew that she would essentially become a child soldier if her grandpa's guess comes true.

To that, Grandpa said,

"If there's one thing I've learned from being my life, as a 'hero', as a dad...and as a grandpa...is that hunches aren't something you can ignore. Why else did Ignis and I hunt after those rumors?"

A shared chuckle before she said, "All right."

Grandpa was the one of the "previous generation Chosen Ones". She would trust his experience.

"Good." Now he was in his "eccentric old teacher mode" as he said, "Looks like I gotta teach you a bunch of things now. Like manuevers for dodging so you won't get hurt and different ways of communicating with your Digimon partner so that you can still give orders even when you're far away or something and survival techniques to camp out even if you don't have camping equipment and..."

"...Grandpa. You know Mom and Dad are gonna kill you if you're right, right?"

"Not if Ignis gets me first."

Another laugh shared between the old and the not-quite-yet-but-still-new Crest of Light.

Not that either of them knew at the time.

All they knew for sure was that they were going to be in big trouble withthe rest of the family...

...before they support them with all they had.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Aiden Carrson- Blaze
Holiday Inn Hallway - Virginia

"Hey there," someone suddenly called out, and stopping mid-stride, Aiden stared back, "I'm Eric... How are you?" It was a teenager around his age with an accent; the fourteen-year-old boy didn't recognize it at all. Not missing a beat, he glanced around himself, checking if he wasn't talking to someone else... However, he was definitely the only person in this hallway. The fact that this Eric person randomly called out and asked some unknown short kid he spotted walking about how he was doing was a bit weird. Aiden didn't let that stop him, and he tilted his head upward to look at the slightly taller boy.

"Hi, I'm Aiden," he introduced himself with a big grin and hand waved. He raked his fingers through the long bangs that covered his other eye. He was energetic in his tone of voice. "I'm good. As good as you can be stuck in a hotel with your stressed, worrywart parents. And worldwide destruction. You?" Aiden answered back before returning the question back. There was a pause in the teen replying, so he added, "Do you need something? I've been here for over a week, so practically a local if you need directions." He chuckled at his own little comment.

"I'm doing alright for someone who just traveled roughly halfway around the world, all by himself. I'm from South Africa, by the way." The Eric guy answered back. He seemed to get lost in thoughts. After a few moments of silence, Aiden decided to interject once more.

"That's cool," Aiden spoke up. There was little interest there. Maybe that was where the accent was from. And why he thought it was a normal thing to start conversations with a stranger? Most New Yorkers just minded their own business and didn't bother anyone they didn't know. But then again, he might be a lonely, attention-seeking grandma-type seeking a conversation since he was so far away from home. "I lived in a dump in New York for most of my life. It was pretty trashy." Aiden joked, and he was chuckling a little in amusement.

There was another pause in the chat after his pun, where Eric suddenly got on his phone and started typing something. He finished texting, apologized, and spewed some personal troubles about the dead father of his girlfriend. It was official... he's a hundred percent a lonely grandma looking for anyone to vent to... Aiden expected such a person to have more wrinkles. "I'm heading down to the lobby to get some food. I'll see you later!"

"Yeah, I'm going to grab something from the snack bar," The younger teen mentioned with a slight frown as he remembered the food the inn provided. "The food here is subpar at best. Their spaghetti is okay, but you have to really suck to mess that up."

"Oh, you're going down to the lobby, too, Aiden?" Eric surprised reply rang out. Even though he was walking in the direction of it when he suddenly stopped the shorter boy. "I might see ya there!" Aiden could only wave goodbye as Eric continued passed him, heading toward the lobby. Aiden just shrugged his shoulders. That guy was a quirky one, he must say. They could have just walked together. They were walking toward the same place. Foreigners were strange, he thought as he gently strolled onward with Eric still in eyeshot.


Moving, Semi Inactive until mid December
Staff member
Roxie Huynh-Spencer

Wasteland of Washington, D.C

Voices, ever so present voices.

They lingered about, causing Roxie to glance around. There was a chorus, some angry, others mocking, and some even taunting her to stray further into the waste and the flames. She could hear a car from behind her, but she cared little. The voices mocked her, they mocked her family, trivializing the death of her mother and father. Sinister laughs and murmurs grew louder the further she walked in, causing her to grasp at her bat, looking around wildly. She was ready to swing at the first thing she saw, not caring if it was human or otherwise.

A black blob darted out from the brush, a blur that she swung at wildly. A cat, perhaps? She composed herself, feeling as though she was being quite foolish due to her own anxiety and the environment around her. She squatted down, hand out.

"Here, kitty kitty..." She murmured, trying to coax the creature that was probably just as frightened as her out of it's hiding place. A small fluffy black creature hopped out slowly, massive orange eyes staring up at her.

"Destined..." It spoke, though, it felt garbled in a way --- the same way that a corrupted audio file or video sounds when it starts skipping. Roxie stared at the creature for a few moments, the two sharing intense unbreaking eye contact before she swung the bat. The creature darted back into the shadows, and the voices around grew louder.

"K I L L E R"

The screeching of technology grew to a high pitch, a horrible pitch heard round the world rang out. People covered their ears and cowered in the streets, unsure if the horrid self-proclaimed God and destroyer Digimon was responsible and would act again. Roxie slunk to her knees, hands firmly on both of her ears trying to blot out the sound.

"Roxie!" It was quiet, but... she swore something called her name.

"ROXIE!" Now it was clear, she stood up, feeling like the world was still. All sounds had ceased, even the flames around seemed to stop flickering. Roxie slowly moved her hands, standing upright once again and looking around.

"H-hello..?" Roxie asked, looking around. She saw nothing, heard nothing, and felt... nothing. She was scared, wondering if she was abut to experience the late effects of a second blast. All of the sudden, quiet footsteps in the dirt could be heard.

Pat... pat... pat.

A small brown rabbit-like creature with a bushy tail turned a corner, spotting Roxie. "Finally! I finally found you!" The creature had a feminine voice, rushing towards Roxie. She pointed her bat at it, hands and arms shaking as she stared it down.

"Stay away from me!" She snarled, moving the bat sideways in a short swipe. "You... monsters! All you've done is hurt people!" The creature looked a bit hurt at her words, ears and tail drooping.

"That's not true..." Murmured the rabbit creature. It let out a sigh, glancing at the world around them. "You're not safe here, come with me!" Roxie tried running, but the creature was faster, tossing a pale grey object at her before she was transported to a lush field, surrounded by seven others like her --- and seven creatures like the one before her.

Now Entered... The Digital World

"Sorry to drag you here Roxie, but it's for the good of mankind!" Roxie scowled at the creature, "I'm Kyaro-"

"I don't care who or what you are! Take me back! I'm going to kill that stupid Digimon and the rest of you!" The creature winced, looking quite hurt. "You're all abominations! You took my parents away!" The creature seemed to get a bit frustrated and flustered, puffing out it's cheeks.

"No! Beelzemon did! And his partner, Ophanimon is destroying our world! We're in the same boat and if you or I want to fix it, we have to work together!" The creature let out a deep sigh. "I'm... sorry. We've been in trouble too..." It murmured, turning away from Roxie. "I'm Kyaromon, and these," She gestured to the seven other Digimon, "Are my friends." She turned back to face the humans, some seeming to be interested in the Digimon and others looking as disdained as Roxie. "Please... we need your help."

Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper
Virginia Holiday Inn

Originally planning to go down to the lobby for a sandwich or something, Eric heard a loud screech that caught him completely off guard. Eric went back to his hotel room to try to avoid the noise, thinking it was an alarm going off in the hallway and whatnot.

Eric reached into his pocket for the room key, and also pulled out late grandad's Digivice and Crest, which he kept in his other pocket. He realized this, and opened the door with his key.

As soon as he got in, he got a Facetime request from Gammamon, Grandpa Jack's partner Digimon.
Eric accepted, saying hi to the white ceratopsian creature.
Gammamon was clearly shaken.
"ERIC!" Gammamon cried. "There's this scary noise here! Bilbo didn't want to go out to potty! He BIT me, Eric! I have a boo-boo on my arm!" Bilbo was Eric's family dog, a Jack Russell Terrier.
Eric was puzzled. "Gammamon, I heard a loud noise here, too." Eric responded, reassuring the digital dinosaur. "And it's unlike Bilbo to bite anybody, and he usually loves going outside. I know that animals behave strangely before natural disasters. Gammamon...... This could be a sign that a dangerous storm, or maybe an earthquake, is about to happen." Eric had witnessed elephants on the reserve heading for higher ground anticipating a big flood at the start of the rainy season, and snakes leaving their nests during colder months prior to an earthquake. "Stay safe Gammamon. Tell everyone I'm fine." On the other end, Bilbo walked over to Gammamon and was visibly shuddering, with a look of regret in his eyes, and began cuddling and licking Gammamon as if to apologize for biting the cute little dino Digimon.

Gammamon felt much better, waved goodbye to Eric and ended the call with a nod and a smile.

Almost immediately after the call ended, Eric noticed something under his bed that wasn't there before. Some pink thing was twitching while muttering Eric's name.

Eric grabbed an empty suitcase to defend himself if need be. The pink flower thing jumped out and landed on Eric's head, and suddenly Eric was transported to a lush open grassland, similar to the ones he'd seen back home, but there were no lions, no giraffes, or any other species associated with the African savanna. Eric's suitcase did not teleport with him and this pink flower creature, however. But Eric saw seven other small creatures, and seven other people his age.

Eric dug into his pocket, reaching for the Crest and Digivice, and this flower thing jumped down in front of him.
"I'm Yokomon. My comrades and I need your help." The pink flower thing introduced itself, speaking in a vaguely Russian-sounding accent.
Eric thought for a moment before responding. "So, are were some sort of Chosen Ones like my grandpa Jack was?" Eric asked
Yokomon responded "Yes. Our world is in danger, and so is yours. We need to work together to save everybody!" Yokomon explained
"Knew it." Eric said, before taking in his surroundings.


Just your Sleepy FIzzy Mod
Kou Izumi
Wasteland of Washington D.C.

We don't care anymore // Are we fading lovers?


The process was slow, with most people choosing to ignore them. It made sense. To most of the people here, these were their homes. Of course, they'd rather pick through the pieces instead of trying to escape. To try and find some kind of 'salvation'. There was no time to grieve. When would there be? Even if a soul died, it would reincarnate based on its karma. All that they needed to focus on was trying to get out of there. Fate would do the rest.

Though, there was one person who interested him. A teenage girl, perhaps around his age. She looked to be frantically searching for something... anything within the wreckage. She looked back at him through the window once or twice, but he kept on slowly driving. He rather not run people over in a situation like this. The stench of death was coying now.

Yet, he soon stopped the car as he saw some sort of a blur. Then that girl from before went chasing after it. Great, this wasn't his problem. However, as that happened, his car's radio started to let out a terrifying screech. It was an echo chamber, the noises from his phone and car threatening to destroy his eardrums. All he could do was grip his ears and grit his teeth. The pain would soon pass... soon pass.

And once it did, they heard rummaging in the back seat. Looking over their shoulder, they saw one of the delivery bags open. They did take most of the food they could find from what was left of home and put it in there. Was something in there? Reaching over, they scooped up the bag and peered inside. A brown creature with a purple jester hood sneered up at them. And then they were gone in a flash.


Emerald seas of grass, crystalline blue skies. The wind was comforting, compared to the city's stagnant air. It felt familiar... Felt like home. There was a warmth in his back pocket, and he dug it out.

"Jisan's Digivice. I see," he muttered before looking around. "So this must be the digital world."

There were seven others, in both Digimon and people. He recognized the girl who was mucking around earlier, looking terrified of the one in front of her. Others looked to be of similar minds, while others still were interacting with their new friends. As for him, he could feel his creature on the top of his head.

"Spose so," he heard in response to his musings.

"Enjoy stale fries?" they then ask the creature.

"Better than that stench around you," a grumbled response.

"We all die one day," Kou tells the creature, before lighting another cigarette.

"If that's your idea of fun, you need that stick in your ass removed," the creature then chuckles before jumping in front of them. "Call me Yaamon Kou!"

"Izumi, please," he tells the Digimon. He could see it slink down a little, before bouncing right back and getting a mischievous look on its face. Oh, he was going to have a troublemaker on his hands, wasn't he?

He then looked around at the others. He could tell he was most likely the eldest out of all of them. Most of them seemed to have been through some rather rough **** already. Their eyes told it all, but that didn't bother him. If they wished to open up, it would be of their own volition. However, it is always proper to make introductions. At least he didn't have to deal with a language barrier as his grandfather did. He cleared his voice and started to address the group.

"It seems we're all tied together by these," he shakes the Digivice. "One way or another. It's best to make introductions now. I'm Kou Izumi, but please, just call me Izumi. This is my partner Yaamon."

After all, he still held tightly to his paternal roots. In Japan, it was common to refer to others by their surname, unless they held tight bonds. While in the Western world, that wasn't the case, that was something he still stuck to. It was very rare for him to hear his birth name Kou from people besides his parents. Only two people had earned that privilege in his life. Only one of them was still in it.

"Still..." they take a draft. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances everyone."

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer

Miami Florida > Digital World​

After the funeral, Max went home, changed out of his suit into casual clothes, and started crying into his pillow. The house was empty and quiet save for the sounds of Max’s sobbing. That did not last long. Suddenly, there was a loud screech that made Max cover his ears with pillows. The noise soon passed. Max sat up, and looked around wondered where that noise had come from.

Unbeknownst to him, a new creature was hidden amongst all of Max’s stuffed animals. A yellow ball with cat ears, a purple and yellow striped tail, and a catlike face. The creature bounced onto Max’s lap, and grinned. “Hiya!” And suddenly, they were gone before Max even had an opportunity to question it.


Suddenly, they were in a lush field of grass and flowers. Surrounded by other people and Digimon. Max looked around in awe. “It looks like we’re not in Florida anymore…”

“Sorry about that!” The yellow cat ball said. “But we really need your help bad. Our world is in trouble, and that Ophanimon is making me look bad!”

“Wait, is this…?” He felt something in his pocket, and pulled out the pink Digivice his grandmother gave him. His eyes started welling up. His grandmother had told him about the digital world. Never in his life did he think he would actually get a chance to go himself.

“The Digital World? Yes. I’m Nyaromon! Nice to meetcha”

A redheaded person then introduced themselves and their Digimon to the rest of the group. Out of nowhere, Max hugged Izumi, and started bawling. It wasn’t long before Max realized he was probably making them uncomfortable, and let Izumi go. “Um… sorry…” Max said between sniffles. “I’m Max… btw”

Meanwhile, Nyaromon bounced over to a boy in a black tank top. She wasn’t interested in the boy, she was more interested in his Digimon. “Ohmigosh! Tokomon! It’s you! I‘m so happy to see you. I would hug you right now if I had arms!”

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Fire and Ice Combo
Aiden Carrson- Blaze
Holiday Inn Hallway - Virginia to
Digital World

Aiden got almost within view of the lobby before suddenly a long ear-piercing screech tore through the area. It was bad enough that he covered his ears and could still clearly hear the sound. It caused a bit of panic many people scrambled to hide and brace themselves. He even spotted Eric speed-walking back down the hall. His more rational thoughts told him to do the same. But his more overpowering impulses said it was better to have some snacks before maybe meeting his possible doom.

Continuing onward Aiden reached the lobby and paused to scan the area. It was completely deserted, the staff appeared to have abandoned their posts. Which meant he could freely loot the snack bar without consequences... if he was that kind of guy. Continuing with his decision before returning to his room, Aiden when over to the wall of food items and began doing some calculations on his phone in an attempt to get an accurate price. The teen noticed several missed calls and unread texts on his phone from Carrie but was going to wait until he answered them. Not really understanding how to do taxes on a calculator, he puts in a few dollars over the calculated amount on the desk counter. Aiden then storing his bagged loot on his wrist.

He grabbed his phone to see more quickly written messages asking where he was and if he was okay. He managed a 'fine, in the lobby' when his phone started vibrating his hand. The caller id was, of course, Carrie. He was going to answer when suddenly he was tackled or rather bumped in the chest. The impact was enough that he nearly dropped the phone.

"Aiden, Aiden!!!" A high-pitched voice screamed out the fourteen-year-old boy's eyes locked on to the little dark orange creature in front of him. It was star-shaped and had a flame coming out of the top of his head. When their eyes met, the critter seemed to hop happily. "There ya are! I needja to come along with me!" The burning sun Digimon immediately got to the point.

"I think I’ve been told not to follow strangers but I'll come along, it sounds fun." Aiden agreed despite this random Digimon he just met knowing his name. His tone made it obvious he wasn't taking the situation seriously. The only thought on his mind was that he could cure his boredom. The phone in his hand vibrates once again. "Oh, first I need to let Carrie and Ellen know."

"No time, no time! We needja get going now!" Just as he pressed the answer call button, the world around him changed the Holiday Inn lobby turned into a meadow. He felt an odd warmth in his pocket and pulled out the device... that only thing that remained from his past family. A gift from his kind deceased Granduncle Ernest. He pushed that thought back as he quickly observed his surroundings more. There were several people and Digimon around but soon Aiden's focus returned back to his phone screen with the words: call failed displayed on it. As he glanced at the corner there was an indication of no service. Aiden scratched the scarred bridge of his nose...

"Any chance there's wifi around here?" That got the orange Digimon to show him a quizzical face. Aiden just chuckled to himself and pocketed the phone and device as he went on, "I guess nobody's calling me on my cellphone." There was a bit of concern in his chest about how worried Carrie and Ellen would be by his sudden disappearance. That just meant he had to get back as soon as possible unharmed.

"Sorry, Aiden..." the flaming Digimon apologized, his eyes drooping into a sad expression. The young teen's worry must have leaked out despite trying to be more cheerful. "But we really needja so we can save both worlds..."

"No probs, little fiery guy! It's probably more productive than sitting around doing summer schoolwork!" There was genuine excitement in his voice for this predicament.

"The name's Sunmon, though feel free to call me anything if that makes ya more comfortable!" The fire Digmon bounced energetically at Aiden's positive response of being suddenly spirited away. "Happy to have ya on our side!" The two of them exchange friendly smiles in a rather buddy-buddy way.

There were quite a few things happening around him as he was interacting with his new little friend; some people looking at the Digimon with fear and anger, introducing themselves, and getting a hug from a giant... oh, looking there was that lonely Eric guy off on his own chatting with a Digimon. Aiden gave him an acknowledging wave to be polite. Before bringing his attention to all the new people around him. The guy in pink and purple, a bold clothing choice in his opinion, lets go of the shorter redheaded person in tears as he tells him his name. He stared curiously, there have been tons of crybabies around nowadays.

"Wow, so lovey-dovey! My name is Aiden," he suddenly called out as he advanced a few steps closer to the intimate scene. He didn't peculiar like criers, but he had learned that people dealt with sadness differently... An idea struck him and Aiden began to rummage through the plastic bag still looped around his wrist until he pulled out a chocolate bar. The short fourteen-year-old glanced up at the much taller Max and held it out. "Like chocolate? I heard sweets make people feel better. So no more crying, it's not going to fix anything."
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Kou Izumi
Digital World

We keep wasting colors // Maybe we should let this go


The next couple of minutes were a whirlwind. First, this blonde guy who towered over him suddenly rushed up to him. And, before Kou could react, the dude was bawling while squeezing him tightly. That was.. awkward. He just gave the guy a reassuring pat on the back, before hearing a phrase that annoyed him. 'Lovey-dovey.' He's never met any of these people before. Wait, did this tall guy just say an acronym out loud? Cringe.

"He's not my boyfriend," he dryly replies to the younger boy. From the looks of it, this was the youngest kid in the group. There was some sort of instinct to protect him then. Like he would his younger siblings.

"Anyways... Max, Aiden, it is a pleasure to make both of your acquaintances," they state with a rather forced politeness.

Still, he was surprised by this younger guy's resourcefulness. Something wrapped around his wrist with candy in it? Well, that should help this guy calm down a bit. Or it would if a mischievous little blob didn't swoop down from Kou's head. Yaamon snatches the chocolate from AIden's hand, before going off to play with one of the other Digimon. Kou sighed and looked at the boy.

"I do apologize for my Digimon's behavior. Yaamon's mischievous, and I'm going to have my hands full. He was rummaging through old fast food bags in my backseat. I don't even know how he got into the vehicle. Whatever, I can tell he has a good heart," they then explain while bowing to Aiden.

"So, let's try and figure out what's going on. We're here for a reason. Aiden's right, we shouldn't be crying now. We can grieve when it's all over."

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer

Digital World​

A boy named Aiden said something about being lovey dovey, then offered Max some chocolate. Although he did not appreciate the comment about crying not fixing anything, his sweet tooth was screaming right now. “Thank you so much!” Max exclaimed with glee. Izumi’s digimon snatched it out of Aiden’s hands before Max could take it. Max laughed nervously. “Well, it’s the thought that counts.” He then gave Aiden a hug too. “I’m a hugger. What can I say?”

Then Izumi said something about figuring out why they’re all here. Max nodded. “Speaking of Lovey Dovey, my grandmother was a Digidestined.” He said looking at the pink digivice he inherited from her. “She held the crest of love. I guess it runs in my family… I don’t know about the rest of you, but that may have something to do with why I’m here.” His eyes started watering again. “I was just at her funeral, and I’ve already lost loved ones in these attacks, so I’m kind of a mess of emotions right now…”

Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper

Eric overheard Aiden and a couple other youths chatting, and decided to walk up to them.

"Oh, it looks like Aiden's here." Eric thought to himself quietly, before approaching them. "Is this... The Digital World? This open plain reminds kind of reminds me of the wilderness I know so well." Eric's inner monologue continued.

Eric clutched his purple Digivice in his hand, and waved his other hand and said "Hi." to Aiden and the others. "I'm Eric."
He saw that Max was crying, and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, uh.... I'm sorry for your loss. I know it's really tough to lose loved ones. My granddad was a Digidestined as well, but he died when I was little. He had the Crest of Courage." Eric said, trying his best to comfort Max. "Back home in South Africa, there's a saying. 'After you climb a mountain and reach the top, do not forget the shrubs that you stepped on while climbing.' My granddad always said that a lot, but I just remembered what it really meant not too long ago. 'Remember those who help you and cheer for you.' I understand that you miss your grandmother and your other loved ones, but they'll always be with you, as long as you remember the things they taught you."

Eric took a deep breath and hugged Max, while Yokomon finally caught up to Eric after the little pink Digimon realized that Eric had stepped away.
Once Eric was finished with the hug, he apologized to Yokomon.
"Oops! Sorry about that, Yokomon. I was excited to see other humans here!" Eric said.
Yokomon nodded. "No problem." The flower Digimon responded. "I'm Yokomon by the way." The Digimon smiled.

Eric looked around again, taking in his surroundings even more. "So this is the Digital World, huh? It's quite lovely." He said. "It's quiet, but that's not necessarily a bad thing."


Fire and Ice Combo
Aiden Carrson- Blaze
Digital World

Aiden's show of generosity to hopefully end the tears was immediately thwarted as a purple demon-headed blob pounced and stole the candy bar. This results in the Izumi guy apologizing and Max settling with an 'it's the thought that counts' notion. He gratefully pulled the smaller teen into a hug as well. Not accustomed to sudden hug attacks, Aiden stiffen for a second before somewhat easing into it. He even wrapped his arms around too and gave him a gentle pat somewhat awkwardly. While he was pulled into him, the younger boy couldn't help but notice how well-built he was... The light orange-haired boy did not give him jock or bodybuilder vibes.

"Even if Yaamon isn't bad, stealing is a huge no-no!" Sunmon was less forgiving of his Digimon acquaintance's actions. His cheeks puffed up in anger. His upset glare pointed in the direction the Digimon fled. The flaming sun digmon jumped unhappily up and down before fully turning, "I'm gonna properly tell him." With that, Sunmon hastily bounced away toward the troublemaker.

Aiden eyes followed him momentarily before he was finally released and the conversation progressed to why they were there. Max mentioned his grandmother holding the crest of love before the waterworks were about to begin once more. Something about it just annoyed him so much... more than that there was some anger and... melancholy stirred in. He was suddenly remembering the sobbing silhouette of his mother. Drowning her sorrow in alcohol, blaming everyone and everything for her unhappiness while never doing anything to change things. Every time he dared to approach, dared to try to help there was nothing but a teary disdained look in her eyes.

He must have zoned out there for a moment because now Eric was here giving Max encouraging words and a hug. He took several very deep breaths to it calm himself and his hands, which he didn't realize were tightly squeezed closed, relaxed. Aiden hoped that everyone was too distracted by weepy Max and lonely foreigner Eric's intimate moment to notice whatever weird face he was probably just making.

"Oh, so this is the Digital World? I thought would have ya know a bunch of codes and numbers and wavy glitchy stuff." Aiden just immediately grabbed onto a sentence and randomly blurted out something as tried to push away that memory. "A place like this definitely won't mega-byte." He laughed as scanned around the lush green field that they were standing in, in a seemingly joyous mood.
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Kung Fu Ferret

The Usurper
Digital World Meadow

Eric heard Aiden's pun and laughed. "Oh, Aiden! That was some clever wordplay!" He exclaimed after a few seconds.

Yokomon began to laugh, too, and floated up to Eric's shoulder.
"So, uh, Yokomon, I wonder what you will be like when you Digivolve." Eric said to his pink flower-looking Digimon partner.
Yokomon looked at Eric puzzled.
"I won't know until it actually, y'know, happens for the first time." The Digimon responded.
Eric began to think about possibilities. "Maybe you'll end up Digivolving to some sort of purple, honey badger-looking Digimon that can zap our enemies!"
Yokomon's eyes lit up.
"Ooh! A honey badger sounds lovely. Uhhhhhh, what's a honey badger?" Yokomon asked.

"It's something that lives in parts of the human world, Yokomon. They aren't that big, but they can be vicious and very clever. A lot of other animals tend not to mess around with them. Trust me, I would know." Eric answered. "My family helps out at a wildlife reserve back home in South Africa."

Eric then suddenly remembered the one time he saw his grandpa's Gammamon Digivolve into his Champion stage, WezenGammamon. Little did Eric know at the time, that would be the last time he would se his grandfather alive, as he would later be ambushed by the very poachers he was tracking down. Gammamon hasn't Digivolved even once since that day, but the little Digimon stays with Eric's family and has become a sort of local celebrity on the reserve, even helping to raise and rehabilitate orphaned baby animals.