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Digimon Reconnect: DSA (PG13)


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GM: goldensteambun
co-GM: Lost Requirem

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- Prologue: The awakening -

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- Chapter 1: Night of the monsters

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goldensteambun - Yukimura Zen and Terriermon
Lost Requirem - Yakumo Sakura and Lalamon
wayjun - Marion Anderson and Strabimon
Requiem's Eclipse - Heather Hope Olivier-Holston and Kudamon
SpyroxPikachu - Lauren Ashley Reid and Lunamon
Monster Guy - Tyler Kingston and Patamon
AllHailThrall - Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
Andydemon - Alexander "Alex" Wesker and Renamon
Titan500 - Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Onarax - Ali Khan and Dorumon

Prologue: The Awakening

Come to me, break me with your power.

At the beginning, it feels like a dream, a dilemma when you are being roused and moved around. It was as if you were a child again having your hand pulled by your mother down a busy street, waves of people rushing past you, brushing on you light as feather. But the voice that whispered to your ears, still echo from the distant, though feel as if it was just right beside you… it was not your mother’s. It was probing for your reply, for your answer, pulling you across the border of the two worlds. An alluring, soft pleading voice, yet sinister sounding, enchanted your walk. Your senses were numb, only the tips of your fingers were aware of the soft passing of wind, cold. You walked like a puppet pulled by invisible strings, stepping on thin air as you looked down. The sleeping you was still there, face adorned with a frown as if in nightmare, and for a moment passed, a wave of realization hit you. They were going to take you.

Suddenly your feet lost their stand. Your body felt heavy, and your senses were once again given back to you. You fell into the empty sky under your feet, until you were can no longer see anything but blankly white. And it was not until then that you opened your eyes, and found yourself in your previous state again, stirred from your sleep.

You were awakened.


Yukimura Zen and Terriermon
DSA's underground headquater, meeting room

Han Xian Hua.

Yukimura Zen’s first impression of him had been his astoundingly small frame for an operation captain. The way he smiled so naturally young, his delicate features that almost passed him for a girl in her teenage, nothing reflect that of a leader. His motions were so quiet, with badly concealed nervousness of the first timer, his hand occasionally pushed up the glass frame slightly oversize on his nose Zen thought it would cover most of the young man’s small face. It was as if he was a proper trained lady for the position of a royal fiance and not the leader of a specialized task force. A soft voice, introducing himself as DSA’s head of operation, professional offering hand gestured for a handshake. He would briefly say that he was a specialized agent from Taiwan, and were cooperated with the government in this particular case. If they did not met in situation such as this one, where he was taken to the agency’s underground headquater immediately upon his agreement, Zen would have think Hua was joking.

And then there was the tall, menacing man with a threatening look, standing there in his long and white lab coat right behind the Hua. In opposition to the much smaller man, this one was having an almost ominous aura surrounding him. Aldrius Wolfrick, that was his name. His expression was grim, lips thinly pursed together as he direct his gaze at Zen from behind Hua’s shoulders. His eyes were sharp and dark under his transparent turquoise visor glasses, openly considered Zen as if he was tearing layers of skins off of the young man one by one, to look through his soul. It might have been Zen’s imagination, but it seemed as if the man was daring him, to even open his mouth to oppose Hua’s gracious words, like a wolf protecting its territory. And even though Zen stood a few centimetres taller than him, he feared that Aldrius would actually rip him to pieces if he showed any hostility toward the younger one. If he was to see this man, assumingly a doctor from the lab coat, in any operation room before going on the surgery table, he would surely pray and hold onto his dear life in hope this apocalyptic looking person would not cut him open and leave him there.

As if understanding his pleading eyes, looking at the shorter one for help, Hua turned around and exchanged gaze with the tall man behind him. A stern, but still so characteristically soft of him, demanding the taller one to show politeness to the newcomer. The huge meeting room were empty with just them, with only the soft humming sound coming from the machines aligning at the corridor outside. As expected from a government built facility, the underground base was wide enough for them to operate, with long corridor that designed in circle leading to rooms. Zen was invited to sit at a long table, inside the meeting room with numerous of empty chairs, seemingly still waiting for their owners. According to Hua, this was supposed to be where they based most of their operations from, and where he will soon meet the latest recruitment batch which was also his rank.

“Have some tea, would you?” The Taiwanese man offered politely, and from what Zen could tell he was doing his best to relief the tension between them. He was sitting at one end of the long meeting table opposite from the door, and behind him a huge screen was flashing the logo of the agency. Zen himself had one, embroided on his badge that he just received a few days ago.

“I’m sure the other members will arrive soon enough, the one from your recruitment batch I mean. It is their first time coming here after all, so I do hope they will find their way. By all mean, I do hope our mail was descriptive enough on direction?” Hua probed him to initiate the conversation, placing a cup of tea on the table. He smiled sheepishly when Zen looked back at him. “Actually, you are all the first ever recruitment batch for this special task force. It is kind of something special, isn’t it? It is a shame you are not to tell anyone about this though.”

Zen nodded at him and offered back a smile. However, as he looked up, Aldrius was still standing there by the screen, eyes on him and teeth gritted together. He did not need a cut throat motion with his hand to terrify Zen, since the younger one already knew it might happen. The only thing Zen could do now, was to make small talk with Hua and occasionally petting Terriermon, sitting on his lap cowering and hiding from Aldrius’s menacing gaze. His hope raised that people will soon arrive, and break the awkward tension of this room.

A creaking sound, and the door opened…
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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
DSA's underground headquarters, meeting room

Kimura Katsuro was shaking in his boots. He had been invited to join this organization less than six hours ago, and he didn't feel like he particularly deserved to be here. Nonetheless, he wanted to make a good first impression for his new employers. Out of curiosity, he pulled out the note that he had been given by the man in the suit earlier today. Yes, this was the place, he mentally noted as he read the address that he was told to come to. He gave a silent sigh of relief. At least he had that correct. Now all he had to do was muster enough courage to actually enter the door. He tugged at his shirt, wincing as he approached the foreboding metal door, standing in front of him ominously, emanating intrigue. Yet, at the same time, he did not want to enter. What if he made some sort of mistake? What if he was to make the same error he did at Tokyo U? His head spun with questions, and FanBeemon, who was hovering behind him, had taken notice of this.

The yellow insectoid Digimon, wings buzzing softly as he hovered beside his partner, tapped Katsuro's shoulder with his foreleg softly. Katsuro jumped and glanced back at FanBeemon. "Don't be so hard on yourz-z-zelf," FanBeemon assured the stressed young man.

"How can I not be hard on myself?" Katsuro replied incredulously. "I'm only about to step into one of the most secret and covert places in Japan." FanBeemon shook his head.

"Relax," FanBeemon hummed softly. "You'll do fine. Just open the door and introduz-z-ze yourself." Katsuro tugged at his collar again, wincing and gulping silently.

"Well... here goes everything," Katsuro muttered, and he reached to open the door. He then stepped in, trying not to shake with anticipation and nervousness, then he bowed down quite far, hands by his side. "Kimura Katsuro. I was told to come here. It is an honor to be invited to this establishment!" he told them, FanBeemon lazily hovering by his partner and then landing on the ground next to Katsuro silently. The room seemed silent for a moment or two.
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Requiem's Eclipse

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Heather Hope Olivier-Holston and Kudamon
DSA Underground HQ

Heather didn't know what was going on. Everything was just a blur the past few weeks. First, she got this random letter about being accepted into the DSA with Kudamon. Second, she was flown to Japan the next week and now, she's standing in front of the meeting room door. She was bewildered about this whole situation. It was a wonder how she was even able to get to the DSA Headquarters since she was pretty bad at Japanese. One thing was sure, it wasn't a fluke because they knew about Kudamon, who explained to Heather that he was a Digimon from the Digital World. I mean he was a talking weasel with a huge ring on its body so, who was she to argue that point?

"So, are you going to open that door or what?" Kudamon said, as he was resting around her neck like a scarf. Kudamon was being a little impatient but, Heather didn't exactly know what she was getting into. She looked at her phone for the time.

"Soon, soon......I'm just preparing myself. I mean this is all a little fishy. How did they even find out about you Kudamon? They can be like a this secret government agency that's bent on killing Digimon!!" she answered. She was nervous which was very unlike her. She just chalked it up to the swiftness of the past few days.

" SHHHH!!! Stop yelling, they're going to hear us! Just open it, We're not getting any younger here! Jeez Heather, since when were you the nervous type?" Kudamon was reeling with excitement and was all steamed up. He scurried down off of Heather's shoulders and started reaching for the knob of the door. "Damn, I'm too short, you gotta do it Heather," and as Kudamon just finished his sentence she reached for the knob. She hadn't heard much from the room so she was kind of nervous but, she was more excited too see what was behind the door. It was like some sort of game show to figure out what was behind the door. And so, she turned the knob.

"-to be invited to this establishment" She entered at the most awkward time when someone was making their entrance as well. The boy...or man as it where, was about three inches taller than Heather. She entered from the opposite door facing him so, she was able to see his face. Definitely Japanese. She could tell immediately from his uptight posture and careful, nervous nature that he was probably not the most fun person to be around.

"Hey, Sorry to interrupt," She bowed, knowing it was customary in Japan, "My name is Heather, is this the DSA? I got this letter....." She just realized she was in a room full of men and they all just stared at her...she didn't exactly know why, maybe it was rude of her to interrupt the other guy's introduction but, Heather wanted to know exactly why she was here. She smiled and digressed, "Sorry, I really am, not to be rude but, why am I here?" she smiled sweetly and waited for a reply from anyone in the room, except of course, the other person who just did his introduction.

Monster Guy

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Tyler Kingston and Patamon
DSA Underground HQ

At long last, here he was at the DSA headquarters. Tyler had been looking foward to this moment for the longest time. Finally, he would have a little excitement after living the same old routine for so long. He took a deep breath, then confidently burst open the door, and entered the meeting room. He didn't really notice, or care that he had interupted someone in the middle of their introduction speech. "Hey all! Tyler Kingston at your service. Now that I'm here, all your problems are solved!" he boasted. He noticed that there were a few Asian guys that were likely the ones in charge of this whole operation, as well as some other people close to age in the room, but nothing he felt he should be intimidated by.

A Patamon's head peeked out from behind his shoulder, let out a small wimper, then hid behind his tamer, and began to stutter quietly. "Um...Ty, I...I don't think that was such a good idea... T...t...there all these scary looking people and Digimon here. M...m...maybe we should come back later... When there not around."

"Nah, it'll be fine. We were invited here weren't we?" He reassured his Digimon. "Besides, you need to stop being such a fraidy cat, and get out of your shell little." He then tried his best to help his Digimon do that by grabbing him by the scruff of his neck, and holding him up for all to see. "And this is Patamon. Yeah, I know what you're thinkin'. He awesome just like his tamer. That's to be expected. It's just how I roll."

Patamon was clearly uncomfortable with this. He let out a yelp, as he broke free from the eighteen year olds grip, and hid behind Tyler. "That was scary! All their eyes were on me..."

"Well, duh that's the point dude." He shrugged his shoulders. "Just tryin' to help." He put his sunglasses over his eyes, in an attempt to look cool, and stood next to a girl in the room that kind of reminded him of the girl's he knew back home. He looked in her direction, lowered his sunglasses slighty, and gave her a smirk and a thumbs up gesture.
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Sakura Yakumo and Lalamon
DSA Underground HQ - Meeting Room

"SAKURA!!!" A demanding voice rippled through the HQ, calling for the girl's name. The young woman got up from her desk, silently cursing as she was about to finish pacifying the only Phantasm Stage in Touhou. She walked in a simple fashion, making sure her steps seemed to be more lady like. Her pink ponytail swayed back and forth, her ribbons seemed to flutter. She saw Lalamon silently floating next to her, looking deep in thought.

"Is something the matter, Lalamon?" She quitely asked her partner, wondering why he was silent

"N-No... It's just new people Sakura... THi is the largest wave of recruits we've gotten... right?" He asked her questioningly, almost unsure if it was untrue. Sakura could tell he was disturbed with his flower arrangements, the only thing that Lalamon did at the DSA.

"Lalamon, it's practically the only wave we've gotten. Lighten up a little bit, these peole were chosen for a reason right? I'm sure Hua and Al chose them for a reason," Sakura replied as she gave him a warming smile, trying to tell her digimon that everything would work out fine in the end.

"Well, I'm sure you're right Sakura..." Lalamon murmured worringly before the two returned to silence, Sakura's footsteps filling the empty halls of the building. It didn't take that long to get to the meeting room, though the walk felt like an eternity. Considering that her bosses composed of a college student who more or less felt like a member instead of a boss and a slave driver even made the call even more dreading.

She walked in the room to see Hau and Aldrius meeting some of the new recruits, which were mostly all men. She sighed and looked at Al.

"Yes sir, what is it?" She asked quietly

"WE NEED MORE COFFEE!" He yelled in response

"Sir, I just brought you two more gallons, and please try and refrain from yelling at our new recruits. Did you already drink the two gallons I brought down thirty minutes ago?" Sakura asked politely, informing one of her boss that there were new people in the room. Sakura couldn't help but remember how badly the last recruitment went.

"Al... calm down please. Besides, weren't we serving tea?" Hua stepped into the conversation, trying to tone it down. Sakura felt bad for the new recruits who had to watch this circus.

"Tea...? I'm sorry it must have slipt my mind. Anyways Sakura, would you please bring more tea?" Aldrius asked politely, looking at Hua worringly

"Yes sir, but first it would be proper to indroduce myself," Sakura reminded him before turning to the group of new recruits

"Hello everyone, welcome to the DSA. I'm the head secritarty Sakura Yakumo, and this is my partner digimon Lalamon. It is a pleasure to meet you all and I look forward to working with you in the future. About what happened just now, it happens quite often, so don't be alarmed if it happens in the future. Now, if you excuse me, I'll be back with some Black Tea, I'll bring some cream and sugar for those who can't handle the taste. Well, after I'm done beting the gap ha-" Sakura quickly caught herself midspeach "I mean once I'm done filing the rest of the reports on the new recruits. I'll see you in a little while," Sakura gave her speech and bowed before heading off to beat Yukari to smitherings, with Lalamon trailing closely behind her.


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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
DSA Underground Headquarters

The door opened once more as an older girl entered, carrying two plastic grocery bags. Jeanne never had time to drop her things off at her house, having been called to the meeting the very instant she had finished shopping at the nearby supermarket. Of course, she could have left her groceries in the car, but she assumed that the new recruits would probably need something to eat; it would definitely calm their nerves during the meeting. Especially if Aldrius didn't like them. The researcher's glares were rather frightening at times, even for her.

"Hey," she said warmly in rather accented Japanese, giving everyone a polite nod. "Sorry about barging in like this, but I brought food."

She held up one of the bags, giving it a small shake to tell everyone that yes, they would not starve through the meeting, so they didn't need to worry. Meanwhile, her partner had quietly entered as well, silently shaking his head at Jeanne's lack of proper behaviour in official situations, like the current meeting. Really, if she did not want to be glared at, then she should not keep on barging into things.

Of course, her entrance was probably pretty mild, compared to those of some of the others who had arrived before her.

Although none of them looked comically evil. Her scar was annoying in that regard.

"Anyway, welcome to the DSA," continued the French woman, smiling. "It'll be good to work with you all."

Jeanne took a seat down near the edge of the room giving Hua an apologetic nod. He had probably wanted to be the one to welcome the recruits, but it looked like she, as well as Sakura, had probably taken away that chance to do so.

Huh, she was still the oldest person in the room.


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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
DSA Underground HQ- Meeting Room

Katsuro was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of people who were entering now at the same time as him. Nonetheless, he bowed respectfully to the people who had come in after him, and then when Miss Yakumo entered, he bowed to her before she left. "Thank you, Yakumo-sama," he told her, FanBeemon covertly rolling his eyes. These people and their customs, he thought silently to himself. As the older French woman entered the room, FanBeemon's antennae perked up and he turned towards the woman.

"Food?" FanBeemon asked, interest piqued, starting to hover into the air and move towards the bag, but not before Katsuro could grab his partner Digimon to keep him from moving.

"No!" Katsuro exclaimed. "Those are... not for you!" he stated, FanBeemon's wings battering his face. "Those are for... everyone!"

"But I'm part of 'everyone', aren't I?" FanBeemon tried to argue, still struggling from Katsuro's grip and wings still battering against Katsuro's face. His arms were wiggling as well, trying to squirm away. "Besidez-z-z-z, it's not every day a lady walks in with two bags full of fresh groceriez-z-z, now is it? And also, she'z-z-z offering it to us! It's only polite to take up on her offer!" Katsuro winced.

"You are a very rude Digimon, FanBeemon," Katsuro muttered under his breath, letting him go and watching as the insectoid Digimon flew straight for one of the grocery bags and started to dig through it like a child searching for his favorite toy in a toy box, leaving food everywhere. Katsuro's face fell into his palm as FanBeemon pulled out a jar of honey, dextrously opened it, and started to eat from the jar. Katsuro composed himself and stepped forward, bowing again. "I apologize for the behavior of my Digimon. I am Kimura Katsuro... and this is FanBeemon. What is your name?" he asked, standing up and smiling at her. FanBeemon was distracted by the taste of the honey and delightfully ate, ignoring the rest of the meeting. Honey was dripping from his mandibles and onto the floor, and his forearms were dripping with fresh honey. In addition, there were loaves of bread, vegetables, bottles of milk, and other miscellaneous food items scatted across the floor near the opened bag.
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Heather Olivier-Holston and Kudamon
Meeting Room of the DSA

"Should I knock him out now or later," Kudamon whispered in her ear. He somehow found a way back onto Heather's shoulder. She looked at the guy, named Tyler Kingston, who didn't exactly barged in on her introduction but, took focus away from her question...which was rather important.

"No, never, Kudamon," She patted him on the face in slight punishment but, it was really just to annoy Kudamon. Though Tyler was kind of just rude, he looked amazingly familiar. The wealthy population in Miami was a small circle but, she definitely remembered seeing him before, or maybe it was just the fact he had that Miami vibe about him. She walked toward him, hearing Kudamon whispering explicit objections to her going up to him.

As she got closer he started to look more and more Miami. He had blonde hair, light eyes and lightly tanned skin. He was almost a male version of her. It was quite freaky. The only real difference was his natural hair was a tad more blonder than her dark blonde roots, not to mention the fact that he was a boy and she was a girl. One thing that annoyed her to no end was the fact that Tyler was wearing sunglasses.....inside. That just sent her off the deep end but, she kept these feelings at bay until she finally reached him

"Hey, so my name is Heather Hope Olivier-Holston but, you can call me Heather Sunshine or just Heather and this is my Digimon, Kudamon. I noticed your little gesture across the room, though it was a nice try, you got to try a little harder and not wear those sunglasses inside, it's kind of rude,"

"I'll show him rude," Kudamon muttered on her shoulder, clearly annoyed by Tyler's presence. Also, he was probably a little annoyed about how he treated Patamon, who was clearly a little shy. Heather laughed and flipped her hair to shut Kudamon up. She chuckled a little bit to hide the fact that Kudamon just threatened the kid.

"However, that aside, you definitely look familiar....are you from Miami? I only ask because you look like you come from Miami." She was trying her hardest to be nice and she definitely pulled it off. Heather gave her self an imaginary pat on the back for not being super rude to Tyler. He was a little much for just meeting these people.


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Alex Wesker and Renamon
DSA Underground HQ

As he was walking inside the DSA HQ, Alex was nonchalantly humming to himself with his usual laid back look. Behind him was his partner Renamon, who was the reason he was called here in the first place. While they were looking for the Meeting Room she took the chance to ask Alex, "You still haven't told me why we're here, what do you need me for?"

Without even so much as turning his head, Alex simply told her "It seems some little birds caught wind of our meeting and invited us to the nest. I'm quite interested to see what the future holds."

"But you've never been interested in anything until now." Renamon replied to him.

Alex chuckled and continued "Everything has been so boring up until you appeared before me. Now a group of people say they wish to meet us? For once I'm fascinated with what's to come."

Once they reached the door Renamon told him "I don't like this Alex. They managed to find out about us and contacted you directly? I don't trust them."

"I suppose you're weariness of them is justified. Tell you what? How about I go in first and see what they're like for myself? Just remember if they ask for you personally I will need you to show yourself, understand?"

Renamon merely turned her head away from Alex with her eyes closed and replied "Very well then." Before disappearing into thin air.

Visibly by himself but still feeling Renamon's presence nearby, Alex opened the door and walked in. Not even bothering with whatever is going on, Alex stated out loud in an laid back tone "It seems I might be a little late. If so, I hope you'll forgive my tardiness."

Alex took the chance to scan around the room with his heterochromatic eyes as he looked at each person and their Digimon partners before saying "Quite an interesting group we have here, isn't it?" He then bowed before everyone in the room stating "My name is Alex Wesker. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."


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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
DSA Underground Headquarters

"Jeanne de Lagery," replied the French woman, returning the smile. "Don't worry about your Digimon. It's only one bag, after all."

Of course, despite Jeanne's rather relaxed attitude to the bee's rudeness, her partner was a different story. Although usually stoic, Kotemon found the younger Digimon's attitude an injustice, and as soon as he had finished packing all the items strewn about the floor into the bag once more, he shot the FanBeemon an intense stare, or at least, the closest one could get to while one's face is completely covered by a mask. However, he did not bother to stop the other Digimon; he assumed that its partner would berate it sooner or later.

"I'll clean up the mess later," continued Jeanne. "It's not that big of a problem."

The new recruits seemed to vary in their introductions and reactions; some seemed nervous, others arrogant (like she was back when she joined up), and a few even confidently taking everything in stride. It would be interesting working with these kids, especially with all their differing personalities.

"Is everyone here sir?" she asked, giving Hua a glance. Back when she had started, she would never have expected the shy boy to have become their leader. People changed a lot throughout the years, especially her.

Although one thing would never change.

Aldrius Wolfrick would always be scary.


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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
DSA Underground HQ

Katsuro smiled. "It is nice to meet you, Lagery-sama," he told her. "And don't worry. I will give FanBeemon a stern talking to when we are finished with this meeting." FanBeemon glanced up, hearing his name, then his antennae drooped a little, knowing what Katsuro was talking about. "Must we make a scene?" Katsuro quietly asked FanBeemon.

"I'm not making a scene," FanBeemon muttered. "No one else noticed. The only onez-z-z were you and Jeanne."

"And her Digimon," Katsuro muttered, making a quick and silent gesture to Jeanne's Kotemon partner.

"Can we juz-z-zt stick to the task at hand?" FanBeemon asked, obviously trying to change the subject away from his behavior. He started glancing around the room at the others who had recently arrived, his forearms still covered in honey. "Thez-z-ze DSA people obviously called us here for a reaz-z-zon. And besidez-z-z, there are so many otherz-z-z that you don't know!" Katsuro sighed and handed the Digimon a handkerchief, which FanBeemon used with his middle set of arms to clean his forearms and mandibles. "Thank you, Katsuro." Katsuro simply nodded and turned towards the others. He was already starting to dislike Tyler simply based on his demeanor. This was serious! The others seemed to be all right, though. He walked over to Tyler, Heather and Alex, bowing.

"Kimura Katsuro. I am honored to make your acquaintance," he greeted. FanBeemon slightly snickered and Katsuro shot him a quick glare, FanBeemon shrugging and continuing to eat the honey he had taken from Jeanne's bag of groceries.


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Yukimura Zen and Terriermon
DSA's underground headquater, meeting room

As if God had heard his prayers, people start pouring in the next few minutes as they spoke. Zen breathed out a sigh of relief, as Aldrius seemed to shift his attention to the newcomers instead of him for the time being. The German man seem to be displeased, his eyes scanning the room and visibly grunted at the chaos unfolding themselves around them. Hua, on the other hand, was quite as much pleased as Zen. The presences of these young people surely had lifted up the mood inside the place.

Most of the new recruits were men, to his observation. Fortunately, the girls’s appearance to the room seemed to adorned the place as they whisked in, looking sleek and proper in their uniforms. If anything, Zen would have thought it was a meeting for a modelling agency and not a specialized task force. He was tempted to stand up and join them to hit up a conversation, but Aldrius’s glare was so threatening that he was sure he would got tore apart if he dare to move from his spot. Terriermon sat still in his lap, though he could tell the digimon was getting excited as well by the presences of his fellow digital monsters.

“Everyone, please settle down, we can do the introduction later…” The small frame Taiwanese boy voiced out, his smile so patiently yet nervously made Zen pitied him. No one seemed to hear his voice lost among the crowds. Aldrius seemed to have noticed it too, his eyebrows pressed into a frown in pure annoyance and antagonism. To no avail, Hua was failing at getting their attentions, waving his hand softly and voicing out to them. It wasn’t until Aldrius’s frustration has gotten the best of him, as the German slammed his fist into the table loudly. Silent covered the room as everyone’s attention turned to the tall man in white lab coat, astounded by what he just did.

“Get into your seats and listen to what your leader has to say. This is not a high school reunion. You are here for work, not for mingling and socialising.” His voice was clear and loud, echoing from across one end of the room to another. It scared Terriermon to death, as the digimon scurried off back to his place in Zen’s lap and pulled back his long ears covering his face. Aldrius seemed to be quite good at intimidating people, or so it seemed, and with a leader like Hua Zen was sure they needed a person like him to do this task. Otherwise, he did not know how the small Taiwanese boy was going to manage the place by himself.

“Uhm.. right, thank you Aldrius.” Hua nodded at the taller man in appreciation, his face wary and still nervous as ever. “Well, good evening everyone. I’m Han Xian Hua, the one who had sent you the invitation letters, please call me Hua if you wish. I will take your arrival here as your acceptance of our offer, to become an agent part of this special task force… From now on, you are officially working for us, and I will be the one to provide you with guidance.”

Zen could tell Hua was trying his best to not stutter on his words, though his speech was still heavily Chinese accented. As if reading his mind, Aldrius took over for the younger one much to his relief. His voice was so menacing and full of animosity; it was like the researcher was trying to scare them off, such a huge different from Hua’s. “I hope you had all read the note carefully and made necessary preparation. You are to hand in your personal cell phones to me for configuration, and put in your proper uniform the next time you are to assemble here. I repeat, we are not a college class, we are a functional agency with designated purpose, so try to be as ‘functional’ as you could during your time here and at least show that you deserve to be here. You are to listen and obey your directors at all time during your course of work, and show them the respect they deserve. At the moment, you are to take your seat quietly and make yourself introduced so we can take attendance and go through with this briefing, is everyone clear?”

“Yes, attendance.” Hua nodded at him and began to pull out his clipboard, scribbling onto it. He tried to put on an apologetic smile to everyone and try to relief the tension again. It seemed like this duo can’t function without each other, though Zen did have to admit they made a good team. “And by all mean, please do introduce yourself. We are going to work together a team now, so please get acquaintance with each other! Oh, where are the tea… Sakura?”


Lauren Ashley Reid and Lunamon
DSA Underground HQ

Lauren was practically terrified.

She had never been given such an enormous opportunity before, and she certainly didn’t want to do anything to make them think less of her. Lunamon, her trusted companion, had practically spent her entire morning attempting to comfort the young girl and make her feel more at ease with herself. Lunamon found it quite funny that her master had only really brought two bags with her, one containing her violin, and the other containing her clothes.

“Lauren, you need to stop getting yourself so... so... worked up. Over everything. Look, they’re going to love you sweetie!” Cheered Lunamon, this seemed to take a little bit of the tension off of Lauren’s shoulders.

“You’re always so sweet Luna, some people could really take a lesson from you.” Said Lauren, a small smile dancing on the corners of her mouth.

“And they should. If people took lessons from me the world would be much more at peace.” Replied Lunamon, which got a small rumble of laughter out of her tamer.

“Not cocky at all, eh?” Asked Lauren with a smirk. Lunamon puffed up her cheeks slightly and grinned at her trainer, moving forward to stand next to her. Lauren steeled herself and opened the door, noticing many other kids and teens already there. She noticed some food items all put neatly on the table.

“Um, h-hello!” Said Lauren, her compsure already beginning to break a little. “I’m Lauren, and this is Lunamon, my partner!” She said with a smile, looking at all the other faces in the room.

“Charmed.” Said Lunamon, breaking into a smile and extending her hand to the other Digimon.


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Ali and Dorumon
DSA Underground HQ

Ali was running late, however that was on purpose. For the life of him, Ali still couldn't understand why he had been chosen, he thought he had made it clear enough that he was completely uninterested in being some DSA Agent. He had purposely seen to it that all his performance evaluations were terrible. So why invite him to this meeting. Unfortunately, it wasn't even like he could just refuse and leave, he had nowhere to turn to.

Most people may have been excited about this Digimon nonsense, Ali just wanted it to end. He figured that if he arrived late, he might make a bad enough impression that he'd be cut from the force, at the very least he could showcase his lack of motivation. They'd probably want people fully motivated to be a part of this group. And yet, even while Ali was thinking all this, a second voice was always cutting in, saying that if he didn't help out, someone else could lose their parents like he did.

"You okay Ali?" Dorumon asked, seeming to notice the inner frustrations Ali was experiencing.

"Just be quiet," Ali shot back, startling Dorumon with the sudden reply, "Also when we get in there, no trying to run around and make friends, and especially don't try and drag me into any friendships you do form. I'm just going to try and get through this as quickly and painlessly as possible. Understand?"

"Fine." Dorumon groaned, his head drooping down in frustrations. Of course how long such an agreement would last was anyone's guess.

When the two finally arrived, Ali silently stepped through the door, and wordlessly passed the girl introducing herself. He didn't so much as spare a glance in her direction. Instead he quietly took a seat at one of the far chairs of the table, making sure that there was no one else seated beside him. His eyes nonchalantly took in the situation, quickly darting around the room and taking in the varied expressions of nervousness and excitement coming from the other teens. As well as the antagonization coming from Wolfrick. Ali's face on the other hand only betrayed an expression of annoyance and perhaps even a little bit of boredom.

Meanwhile Dorumon was forcefully restraining himself from talking and quietly remained seated by Ali. His eyes were analyzing the other Digimon to deem whether they would be threats or not. At the same time though, he was trying to figure out which members would make suitable friends for Ali. Finally, the impatient Digimon let out a loud groan as he tired from analyzing and being silent. Stuff like that was far better suited to Ali.


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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
DSA Underground Headquarters

Looked like Wolfrick still had his menacing touch. Good. It would not be interesting any more if the researcher had lost his ability to shut everyone in the room up with ease. His anger was pretty much an important part to the agency's quirks, and Jeanne was pleased to see that it was still around. Of course, this meant she would have to shape up again, and hope that he wouldn't shout at her like he had done so a few years back.

There was a slight itch on the side of her cheek, but the French woman ignored it. She didn't want to disturb the ugly scar running down the side of her face any further; really, she didn't want to think about it at all. It kept on bringing back memories of the accident and all the pain involved. She hoped it healed soon; it was rather annoying how people went all quiet when they saw the scar.

Propping her head up onto her arms, Jeanne surveyed the room, studying the new recruits. There were more than she expected; usually recruits never came in droves, only trickling in slowly. This was the largest group since ... well, it was the largest group of newcomers they ever had. There were some Digimon she'd never seen before as well, like the bee from before and the ... reptile thing that was currently moaning for no real reason. Change was nice though. She always liked new things.

"Hmm ... uniforms ... I think I need a new tie."

It'd been awhile since she had gotten something new to wear for work; she would probably keep her most of her clothes, but her tie had been a complete wreck for a while, especially after the recent Koromon infestation down in the sewers. Getting a new one was a top priority.

But other than that, she simply continued to listen.


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Marion Anderson and Strabimon
DSA Underground Headquarters

’I am late, aren’t I?’ Marion asked himself, as he quickly walked down the hallway of the HQ. ’Oh no, someone will be angry. Don’t like angry people. They will shout at me and I will create a mess with my words again.’ He was not sure why he was late, but he suspected it had something to with time-zones and Strabimon fiddling with his alarm clock to allow for more time to sleep. He was worried, but the DSA seemed to be lax about certain things and strict about others; he felt as if he would never understand which ones were which. They had been rather accepting of Strabimon’s possessive nature, but Marion feared that would change once they saw the full extent of that behavior.

“Marion, it’ll be okay, I’ll protect you,” Strabimon said, sidling up to Marion. It was always near him, not-so-silently watching over him as he accustomed himself to life in the DSA; however, it sometimes interfered with others if they dared to disturb Marion.

“I’m not worried-,” Marion said, trying to deny that he was quite terrified. “I mean, if I am,” he paused here to try and decide whether “tardy” or “late” fit the sentence better, and then tangled them up, “lardy, wait, no! Tardy and late!” He had managed not to apologize, seeing as Strabimon was the sole member of his audience. He desperately desired for the people here to accept him, but he believed that he could bear it if they ignored him. Strabimon had spent nearly a year with him to encourage him to become more ambitious, but it had selectively discouraged him from gaining friends, for it did not want it to disappear from the position that it held in Marion’s life.

“It will be fine,” Strabimon said, sure of itself. It did not like the agency, but it knew that traveling in a group with other Digimon Tamers would be safer for Marion if a Digimon attacked. After all, they could escape in the chaos if need be, and Strabimon was fairly certain that it was better at fighting than most of the other Rookie-stage Digimon. Its life revolved around Marion, so what was good for Marion was good for it. “Would it be better if I spoke to everyone?” it asked, softly.

“…Yes, please, thank you,” Marion said, rather relieved. He had a habit of flubbing any and all introductions, including those that he had been given a script to read off of. He was not quite sure why he, out of all people, had been selected to join the DSA, but he felt that it was best if he could take advantage of Strabimon’s devotion and direct it toward saving people. ’Should I continue to rely on Strabimon? It is easier, and not relying on it would be terrifying. Strabimon understands me and does not force me to do things I do not want to do, so it seems to be the perfect friend, but it can be rather violent.’

The door seemed foreboding, but Strabimon opened it for Marion, sparing him a bit of grief. The pair had arrived at the meeting room to find that many people had settled themselves in already, and were silently waiting for something. ’Late, so late.’ Marion tried to slip by without garnering attention, but Strabimon noticed the food. He grabbed a seat as far away from the speakers as possible, but not directly next to anyone, as Strabimon had yet to sit down. Strabimon calmly walked next to Marion, scrutinizing the other Digimon. To Marion, its own emotions were always inscrutable, but, then again, he had difficultly telling what others were thinking in the first place.

“Marion, would you like some food?” Strabimon asked from behind Marion. He turned halfway around in his seat to face Strabimon and cocked his head, unsure if the food around was meant for the attendees of the meeting. “It’s okay—I see a FanBeemon eating honey. Everyone else may be too nervous to eat.” It smiled at Marion and went off to find something that he would like.

’Doesn’t that include me?’ Marion was still rather confused about the whole situation. Some of the others appeared very displeased to be here, but some held an expression of excitement and confidence on their faces. He was uncomfortable with this situation; he felt as if he was required to rely on Strabimon, who he trusted with his life, but if they discovered how awkward he could be at times, then he suspected that it be a repeat of high school. Some of the people appeared to be his age or younger.

“Hey, Marion, I’ve got some spicy and crunchy…things,” Strabimon said once he returned to Marion’s side, hesitating on describing the noun part of the munchies. It opened the package open carefully with it claws, trying to avoid spilling the kakinotane all over the table. Marion cautiously reached for a couple of the brown crescent soybean snacks, ate a few and discovered that he liked them. He soon began to concentrate solely on eating the snacks, oblivious of the atmosphere. “Do you want me to introduce us?” Strabimon asked, placing its hand on Marion’s shoulder. “Unless you want to continue eating—if that is the case, then you can eat.”

“Ah, okay,” Marion said. He was trying to keep to short sentences to minimize the chance that he would mess up.

Strabimon lifted its hand off of Marion’s shoulder and looked around. He was facing the majority of the people, so he began. “This is Marion,” it said, nodding at Marion, “and I am Strabimon, his partner Digimon.” It gave a slightly deeper bow to the people who seemed to be the organizers of this than the people it thought were normal. ’Why is everyone silent? Ah, it must be that stern and austere person at the front. It would probably be best to keep Marion away from him.’


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Sakura Yakumo and Lalamon
DSA Underground HQ - Meeting Room

"Uhm... Sakura? Arn't we supposed to be deliviering the tea right about now?" Lalamon questioned hesitently, looking at the clock.

"It's fine Lalamon, I already started the the machine when we got here. It should be ready right around now, you don't have to worry. It gave me a good enough window to pacifiy the gap hag as well, and man was she hard. Though, let's go Lalamon," Sakura cheerfully replied back, knowing that perfect tea and a longeer wait was better then disgusting tea ASAP.

Sakura went down into the kitchen area and started to get together a platter. First she got two ventalated jugs and poured in all of th eblack tea she made, and placed them on a tray. Next, she has Lalamon get the cream and sugar while she fetched all of the tea cups, and gently stacked them onto the platter. Grabbing Lalamon's sugar cup, Sakura gently put it on the platter, and lastly a smaller jug filled with fresh cream. She picked up the platter and made her way towards the meeting room, the journey a more soothing quiteness. When she apporached the door, she asked Lalamon to open the door for her, and the two of them walked in to see some more newcommers.

"Sorry for the wait everyone, the tea here has to be made perfectly. We have two gallon jugs of pure, black tea. While it's horrible bitter, it has a lot of caffene and is good for the body. I brought a small cup filled with sugar, and everyone is only allowed on teaspoon of it in their tea. If I or Aldrius find anyone using more then one tespoon, you and Aldrius will have a little 'talk'. I alsor brought some creamer as well, and poor just a tiny bit. You should fill up your tea cup about half way to the rim, and if you want to add creamer, it should go up to a quarter. Anyways, I shall be taking my seat here now, and I'm pretty sure that we will start attendance shortly," Sakura explained the holy ritual of tea in the DSA, before taking her bow and preparing her bosses two cups of tea. Sitting in the empty seat between the two men, she handed them the cups before opening a notebook that was on the chair, ready to document the meeting.

"Sakura... You forgot your cup," Lalamon meekly reminded her before giving her the tea cup.

"THanks Lalamon," Sakura warmly replied before giving him a pat on the head

"I-It's no problem..."


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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
DSA Underground HQ

Katsuro jumped at hearing him, bowing suddenly and quickly. "Of course! I apologize, sir! It won't happen again!" he suddenly stated, standing up straight and then sitting down, looking very serious as he looked at the two leaders of the organization. FanBeemon jumped slightly, glancing at the one who yelled, and quickly closed the jar of honey. He then flew over to beside Katsuro, landing nearby the table and watching them curiously. As Sakura came in, he glanced at her, antennae twitching, before Katsuro shot him a quick glare and he frowned, looking forward. Katsuro took one of the cups of tea and bowed gently, before glancing back forward.

He did not want to make a bad impression to the head of the organization (who he assumed at this point was Aldrius and not Hua), but he was starting to worry that he might have already made a terrible impression already. He just quietly and silently started to sip the tea, looking upset but trying to keep his cool. FanBeemon, on the other hand, was having trouble sitting still. Being an insectoid Digimon, he was used to flying around and investigating stuff, and so he was twitching, looking around, tilting his head and occasionally letting his wings buzz softly for a second or two before letting them fall silent.

Katsuro pulled out his cell phone silently, and put it on the table in front of him so they could take it. FanBeemon tilted his head confusedly but shrugged and looked forward again. Occasionally he reached for the jar, but after a glare from Katsuro he glanced down and put the jar away.

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Heather Olivier-Holston and Kudamon
Meeting Room of the DSA

After Heather asked Tyler the question, the room kind of went into a small chaos. Some late arrivals started randomly introducing themselves and others started formally introducing themselves to Heather. She got so distracted from introducing herself and Kudamon to these other recruits she sort of forgot about Tyler. She briefly said hi to Katsuro and FanBeemon. Heather just remembered he was really uptight. Heather greated him by bowing, since he was Japanese and introduced Kudamon, who kind of did a half-assed bow. The next introduction was a small boy named Alex. He was much shorter than Heather, couldn't be older than 15. He oddly bowed, odd only because he was, at first glance, white like Heather. She politely greeted him and introduced Kudamon, then bowed. It was all like some whirlwind but, still what was on her mind was what exactly all of these kids were doing here.

“Get into your seats and listen to what your leader has to say. This is not a high school reunion. You are here for work, not for mingling and socializing.” The hairs on Heather's neck stood up. She wasn't exactly scared of the man's voice but, more surprised. His name was Aldrius Wolfrick, he was tall, had dark hair and was clearly the leader. He had somewhat of a German accent, making his voice slightly more menacing. The sight of him wasn't living up to his voice though. Heather was slightly disappointed. She was expecting someone older than what she saw. He couldn't be older than 23. She surveyed the room, people were clearly intimidated by this Aldrius character, should she? She left the group of recruits she was around and tried to find a seat in the middle of the table and she did. She liked being in the middle of the action. She wanted to be in the middle so she can comfortably talk to whoever.

"That guy clearly needs a chill pill" Kudamon snarled as they quickly sat down.

"Shhhh, don't be rude, they'll explain to us what this DSA thing is all about." Heather replied to Kudamon as quietly as possible.

“Uhm.. right, thank you Aldrius.” a small boy nodded toward, Aldrius' direction. “Well, good evening everyone. I’m Han Xian Hua, the one who had sent you the invitation letters, please call me Hua if you wish. I will take your arrival here as your acceptance of our offer, to become an agent part of this special task force… From now on, you are officially working for us, and I will be the one to provide you with guidance.” Okay so that definitely answered Heather's original question. They were working for this DSA agency. Hopefully, the pay will be awesome.

“I hope you had all read the note carefully and made necessary preparation. You are to hand in your personal cell phones to me for configuration, and put in your proper uniform the next time you are to assemble here. I repeat, we are not a college class, we are a functional agency with designated purpose, so try to be as ‘functional’ as you could during your time here and at least show that you deserve to be here. You are to listen and obey your directors at all time during your course of work, and show them the respect they deserve. At the moment, you are to take your seat quietly and make yourself introduced so we can take attendance and go through with this briefing, is everyone clear?” This guy was such a sour puss. Heather wasn't really intimidated by him as the others were. She met people like this all her life. Its a class a business type personality, stern, intimidating and unemotional. She grew up around people like this so it was business as usual. So she took out her iPhone 5 from her tan colored purse and slid it across the table toward Aldrius.

A few late arrivals came in and introduced them self or.....their digimon introduced them. Heather was kind of confused so she stood up from her seat and introduced herself.

"Since this whole thing was sort of chaotic I would like to be the first to formerly introduce myself to everyone, just incase you didn't get the chance to meet me. My Name is Heather Hope Olivier-Holston from Miami, Florida and this is Kudamon,"

"Yo", Kudmon interrupted to say hi.

"I hope we can all be friends and work together nicely" She bowed again remembering she was in Japan and sat back down. Hopefully she wasn't speaking out of turn.

She hoped that broke the tension.


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Alex Wesker and Renamon
DSA Underground HQ - Meeting Room

Alex merely watched the antics of the others for the time being. He chuckled in amusement upon seeing someone's Digimon partner had raided a bag of food someone had brought. He had some disdain for the one in the sunglasses trying to act cool, but the look on his face didn't show it. Looking at everyone, Alex wondered if he would be able to act his real self around these people, or would he just be putting on the wildcard act the whole time? Either way, he was amused by these people as of right now.

The FanBeemon's alleged partner had introduce himself as Kimura Katsuro, to which Alex replied with a simple nod.

“Everyone, please settle down, we can do the introduction later…” The Taiwanese boy had said to everyone, Alex turned his vision over to him in response but it seemed that no one else had.

Suddenly the German man had slammed his fist down and shouted “Get into your seats and listen to what your leader has to say. This is not a high school reunion. You are here for work, not for mingling and socialising.” This man seemed to have scared several of the attendees and sure enough he had a frightening presence, but Alex was not intimidated by him.

Alex sat down and listened intently as the Taiwanese boy started talking again “Uhm.. right, thank you Aldrius. Well, good evening everyone. I’m Han Xian Hua, the one who had sent you the invitation letters, please call me Hua if you wish. I will take your arrival here as your acceptance of our offer, to become an agent part of this special task force… From now on, you are officially working for us, and I will be the one to provide you with guidance.”

It wasn't long before the German man, Aldrius, took over for Han again “I hope you had all read the note carefully and made necessary preparation. You are to hand in your personal cell phones to me for configuration, and put in your proper uniform the next time you are to assemble here. I repeat, we are not a college class, we are a functional agency with designated purpose, so try to be as ‘functional’ as you could during your time here and at least show that you deserve to be here. You are to listen and obey your directors at all time during your course of work, and show them the respect they deserve. At the moment, you are to take your seat quietly and make yourself introduced so we can take attendance and go through with this briefing, is everyone clear?”

Alex had taken out his cell phone and placed it on the table before saying "While we're being formal here. My name is Alexander Wesker, you all may call me Alex." He remembered Renamon having disappeared earlier as he continued "I apologize for my partner's absence at the moment. She is a bit untrusting of this group you see, but she has agreed to show herself if necessary."

Someone named Sakura and her partner, Lalamon, had set up tea, so Alex took the liberty of pouring himself a cup and started drinking it without even bothering with sugar or cream. The taste was bitter as Sakura had said, but Alex wasn't bothered at all and maintained his usual poker face.