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Digimon Reconnect: DSA (PG13)


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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
DSA Locker Room

Katsuro had found his locker, nearby some of the other people putting on their own uniform. One of them seemed to be very interested in how he looked while the other was asking his Digimon for approval. It didn't matter what those two thought about it as much as what the higher-ups did. While he was putting on his outfit, he made sure that it was absolutely impeccable: the tie was tied at the proper length, there were no wrinkles, everything was buttoned and dressed to the nines. He pinned the badge in a prominent location on the left side of his chest, and pulled out a comb and started to work on his hair. Nothing could be left behind. He was taking a very long time to prepare for the meeting proper. However, FanBeemon flew in not too long afterwards. "Hey, Katsuro-kun! You look like a million, buddy!" Katsuro shot him a look.

"FanBeemon, please don't embarass me in front of Wolfrick-sama," he requested. "I want to make a good impression." FanBeemon looked around at the others in the room.

"I don't see anyone else worrying about 'trying to make a good imprez-z-z-zion," FanBeemon muttered. "You're really starting to make me worry. You don't uz-z-zually act like this." Katsuro sighed.

"I can't let myself fail like I did at Tokyo U. I just can't," he muttered, and walked out of the locker room.

"Katsuro, wait for me!" FanBeemon buzzed, and lifted off to fly after his partner.

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Tyler Kingston
Locker Room

As Tyler was making sure he looked good in his new uniform, a couple of other guys he recognized from the meeting walked into the locker room along with their Digimon partners. After putting on his Uniform, he went to the mirror across from Tyler's and looked at his reflection. Tyler didn't really care about what he was doing at the moment, so he ignored him. Once Tyler was satisfied with what he saw in the mirror, he gave his reflection a thumbs up, which Patamon giggled at. The Digimon knew a mirror image wasn't going to respond to that gesture, and he found it silly.

As Tyler was about to leave, he heard the a short kid with long brown hair and mismatched eyes say something to his Digimon, that he was sure was supposed to be an insult directed at him. Tyler couldn't just let that fly, so he turned around to face him. "Aw, come on now. You don't need to hate just cuz I look awesome in this!" He flexed his arms for a second. "You could too if ya tried a little harder. At least get a tan, and maybe a haircut so ya don't get mistaken for a chick..."

Patamon took one look at Renamon, and cowered in fear behind his tamer, and whispered into Tyler's ear. "Uh Ty... C-c-c-can we go now... please? She doesn't look like she wants to talk to us..."

"Naw, it's all good. We're all workin' together..." It took Tyler a second to realize that Patamon was Renamon when he said she. "Whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Your Digimon is a girl?" His eyes widened, and then he suddenly broke out into laughter. "Haha! Dude, that is just hilarious!" He had to stop to catch his breath from all the laughing before continued. He put his arm around the kid. "What was your name again?" He knew everyone had introduced themselves earlier, but with so many members, and so many people talking at once, he hadn't payed any attention to them. The only person's name he had bothered to remember was Heather's.
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Alex Wesker and Renamon
Locker Room

Alex noticed Kimura come into the room, though he paid him little mind he did notice Kimura was very meticulous about putting on his uniform. He was curious as to why Kimura would be so concerned about how well he looked in his uniform but said nothing.

Tyler had heard Alex's remark earlier and started mouthing off to him ""Aw, come on now. You don't need to hate just cuz I look awesome in this! You could too if ya tried a little harder. At least get a tan, and maybe a haircut so ya don't get mistaken for a chick..."

Alex swept his hand along his hair as he remarked "Come now my hair's not that long, and I couldn't care less about my complexion." He looked over how Tyler was wearing his uniform before continuing "And if looking 'awesome' means looking uncivilized then I think I'll be content with looking normal thank you."

Tyler's partner Patamon had looked at Renamon, who glanced back at him, prompting him to hide behind Tyler in fear as he whispered something in his ear.

"Naw, it's all good. We're all workin' together..." Tyler told Patamon. He then suddenly blurted out "Whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Your Digimon is a girl?" before laughing out loud and saying "Haha! Dude, that is hilarious!"

Renamon was losing her patience with Tyler as she started gritting her fangs in disdain until Alex put his arm in front of her, prompting her to step back.

Tyler then put his arm around Alex asking him "What was your name again?"

Alex merely took Tyler's arm off him and walked to Renamon's side telling him "It's Alex, Alex Wesker." He then turned around to face Tyler with a nonchalant smirk as he told him "And I fail to see what's so funny about Renamon's gender. Unless of course your sense of humor is as bad as your fashion sense." He then put a hand up to his chin and started snickering to himself.
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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Fumichi City Roads - Traffic Jam

"We are never going to take this road ever again," stated Jeanne, the French woman currently drooped over the steering wheel as she waited for at least some movement amongst the long line of cars that stretched for nearly a kilometre. "I don't care if it's closer to my apartment. It would have been quicker for me "

Her partner gave a shrug. Kotemon did not really care if the trip took five hours or two seconds. Compared to Jeanne, he had a greater sense of patience - after all, he had once spent an entire day stuck underneath a bush, waiting for a tormentor to leave him alone. Years of such things happening to him back in the Digital World had honed his ability to wait for incredibly long periods of time. Besides, the front seat of his partner's car was a much more comfortable place to wait than face-first in the dirt. After all, he could simply go to sleep and wake up when they had arrived.

"Okay, that's it," growled Jeanne, the scarred woman pulling back and gripping onto the steering wheel tightly. "We are heading back to headquarters."

The impulsiveness of such a decision was surprising to Kotemon, especially as it felt more like a decision that the younger Jeanne would have made. But he could not get any comments out in time, as the Camry promptly swerved to the side and did a brilliant turn, heading into a side-street and back towards the hidden DSA headquarters. He really wondered where she learnt how to drive, because he had read up on the laws of the city, and such an action was definitely not legal.


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OOC: Short Post as I'm on vacation and don't have time to write something longer.

Ali Khan and Dorumon
DSA Headquarters heading to Lockers

Ali had wasted no time in grabbing his things and trying to make it to the Locker rooms before all the others, Dorumon however had been the cause for delay. As soon as the Digimon noticed some of the other's leaving he immediately tried to go after any remaining snacks he could find, Ali nearly had to physically drag him away in order to finally leave the meeting room.

"Dorumon," the teenager sighed, speaking for the first time now that they were alone, "stop being an idiot with no sense of self control." However before Dorumon had a chance to respond, Ali shushed him when he saw Alex and Tyler up ahead, however his frustration only increased when he realized his locker assignment was behind them. Due to their chat they were just blocking his way and now he'd have to speak, he really wasn't looking forward in engaging any of them in conversation, he hoped he could get this done with as quickly as possible, the sooner he was out of here the better.

As such he resumed his walk up towards them, no delay or hurry in his steps. Upon reaching the two of them he stopped and spoke."Excuse me," he stated bluntly, no tones of politeness or aggravation in his voice, "You're in my way." The way Ali spoke it was like he was simply stating a list of facts.

Dorumon meanwhile was tapping his foot impatiently, he was very much on the verge of just shoving Ali into someone in order to try and get him to make some friends, but for now he knew it was best for him to just remain silent and still on the matter.


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(OOC: A really short post to nicely finish up any convos and transition into Golden's post)

Sakura Yakumo
Sakura's Office

Sakrua sighed as all of the reports were done and finalized. She took a breather and started to pack up things to get ready and get home. She nudged Lalamon, who instantly woke up and silently grumbled at Sakura before falling asleep on her head. She heard the door open to see one of the new recruits come in. Her name was Heath, or at least Sakura thought.

“Hey! Excuse me, Ms. Sakura?” she bowed once again without warning her digimon, causing him to almost fall of her neck. “I’m new to Japan and seeing that I’m going to be here a while, is there any chance you can give me some sort of tour? I really need to get familiar with it,” She smiled and tilted her head a little to the left.

"Sure, if you don't have a place to stay you can crash at my house for a while, if you wanted. Since it's really late here, I'm going to head home and go to bed, but I'm sure you'll just stay up all night since this is around the time Americans wake up if I remember correctly," Sakura sighed before heading towards the door. "Come with me if you want to."

The pink haired girl went to her vehicle and started to head home, drifting off towards a sleepy hazy wonderland, having a feeling a mission would start soon.

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Tyler Kingston
Locker Room

"It's Alex, Alex Wesker." The guy said as he turned around to face him. He had a smirk on his face, which Tyler thought meant he got the joke too. That changed once he started talking again. "And I fail to see what's so funny about Renamon's gender. Unless of course your sense of humor is as bad as your fashion sense." He noticed the guy snickering to himself when he said that last line.

Tyler shrugged his shoulders, and tried to play it cool. However on the inside he was seething. Tyler really hated guys like this. They always turned out to be jerkasses, and not the funny kind either. They can never take a joke. These type of guys were fun to mess with though. Seeing the look on their face was priceless. "Aw come on, I totally look awesome in this! Ya gotta admit it is a little bit funny. The other guys have guy Digimon, and the girls have girl Digimon. You're a dude with a girl Digimon. Doesn't that make you kind of a sissy? The long hair kinda helps with that." And now it was Tyler's turn to snicker.

Pattamon just looked more nervous as Tyler spoke. There was no telling what these scary people and Digimon were going to do. Tyler acting stupid wasn't helping the matter at all. He just wanted to get out of here before a fight ensued.

In the middle of their conversation, another arrogant guy decided to butt in. "Excuse me," he stated bluntly. "You're in my way." He said as though they were silly little kids that needed to be punished.

Tyler was not happy to meet another one of these guys. Wow, another one of these guys? Don't they know long hair is for girls? Seriously, What is up with the dudes in this place? Where are the cool people? The boy thought. "Really? I didn't notice!" Tyler said in an overly dramatic way to show he was being sarcastic. "Whatever should we do?! We're standing in this guy's way! I am so sorry about that, we are such bad people!" Then he rolled his eyes, and returned to his normal way of speaking. "Dude, really? If it bugs ya that much, you could just go around us. It isn't that hard. Unless you're missing half your brain."

Pattamon at least got a laugh from that. Even though he stopped soon after when he realized the other guy probably wasn't going to be happy about that. He started whimpering a little, hoping Tyler would get the message and get out of there.

Tyler really wanted to punch these two in the face. Unfortunately, if that happened a fight would likely break out, and the dudes in charge would likely get involved. The last thing he wanted was to get suspended before he went on his first mission. Pattamon was also getting upset, and he got really annoying when he starts crying. "Ugh, whatevs. I'm outta here! I'll catch you guys later." He said with a wave as he walked towards the exit of the locker room, much to Pattamon's relief. As they left Pattamon mouthed the word "Sorry." to the others. He hoped they wouldn't take it out on him for his tamer's behavior.
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Heather Holston and Kudamon
DSA Headquarters: Sakura's Office

"Oh, no, I have an apart-" before Heather can finish her sentence, Sakura was gone.

"Well that was kind of *****y" Kudamon remarked at Sakura's actions. "Who offers something but doesn't wait for a reply?" Kudamon continued. Kudamon didn't like when people were rude to Heather. Heather was the opposite she usually brushed it off

"Oh, it's just because she's tired. I'm still jet lagged so, I'm still on Miami time." She looked around for anyone else. No one so, she and Kudamon went back in the direction of the Locker Rooms.

"So I think I should at least go back to the Locker Room to get my clothes so I can wash them. Then I guess we can go home. I'm wondering when my phone is going to be done. I really need to talk to mom and dad." Heather was getting worried about her parents. They were still in the middle of a bad divorce so, Heather thought it was best she moved as far away as possible and the DSA letter came at the most opportune time for her. It allowed Heather to truly be neutral in the midst of an ugly divorce.

"I guess, I just want to start beating up some evil Digimon!" He stood up on Heather's right shoulder and started to punch the air.

"C'mon, you're not THAT tough. I have a feeling these evil Digimon are going to be quite different then the rodents you had to deal with in Miami." Heather loved teasing Kudamon. Unbeknownst to her, he had some hidden talents.

"Just wait until I Digivolve!" Kudamon argued back

"Okay sure, whatever that is," Heather replied back with sarcasm in her tone. She always heard Kudamon talk about 'Digivolving' but never quite got what he meant. He never explained.

Just as she was turning towards the locker rooms, she could hear a little bit of laughing in the boys' locker room. She just thought it was just guy talk. She just listened until the door opened. She freaked and bolted behind the corner. She and Kudamon's head peaked out from the corner to see both Tyler and Pattamon leave the room. Heather noticed Pattamon mouthing "Sorry" to whoever was still in the Locker Room.

".....He seemed annoyed." Kudamon noted as he climbed down Heather and to the middle of the Hallway.

"I would be too If I had to deal with a perfectionist and a little kid, I kinda feel bad"

"No...No you don't, he's a dou-" before Kudamon could finish his sentence, Heather scooped him in her arms and held him tight so that he can't escape. She bolted around the corner and noticed that Tyler was at the end of the corridor.

"HEY TYLER!!! WAIT UP!" Heather was just a tad loud, overestimating just how long the hallway was. Kudamon let out an exasperated sigh. He couldn't believe Heather was actually talking to Tyler. Heather had to calm her breathing down from such a burst of energy.

"So, what's wrong? It seemed like whoever else was in there upset you?"
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Alex Wesker and Renamon
Locker Room

Alex could tell he was getting to Tyler. As they continued exchanging remarks it was clear to him that they weren't getting along anytime soon. Still, Alex couldn't help but enjoy insulting him.

"Aw come on, I totally look awesome in this! Ya gotta admit it is a little bit funny. The other guys have guy Digimon, and the girls have girl Digimon. You're a dude with a girl Digimon. Doesn't that make you kind of a sissy? The long hair kinda helps with that." Tyler replied to Alex's earlier remark.

Renamon stepped forward in response telling Tyler "Whether we are of the same gender or not has no bearing on our partnership. You're being childish."

Alex simply raised his hand in front of Renamon telling her "Now now dear Renamon, if he wants to act like a child then by all means let him. I'm more than happy to be the adult in this conversation."

Suddenly someone else showed up and spoke to them in a serious tone, "Excuse me. You're in my way."

Alex and Renamon looked to see that it was Ali, they were apparently blocking him from getting to his locker. Tyler started mouthing off in a flurry of sarcastic remarks all ending with "Dude, really? If it bugs ya that much, you could just go around us. It isn't that hard. Unless you're missing half your brain."

Alex and Renamon both sighed at this and started shaking their heads at him, although Alex kept his smirk.

Fortunately before anything got out of hand Tyler finally said, "Ugh, whatevs. I'm outta here! I'll catch you guys later." and left the room while Patamon mouthed an apology to the others.

Once Tyler was gone Alex looked to Ali and said "Your name is Ali, correct? Well, sorry for getting in your way." as he and Renamon walked past him and left the Locker Room themselves.

Out in the hallway Renamon told Alex "You didn't have to provoke him like that Alex."

"You mean Tyler, don't you? Ya, but then I would've missed out on the fun." Alex responded "We should have enough time before they need us again, maybe I can catch a quick nap."

Renamon sighed at this remark as she and Alex headed back to the Meeting Room.
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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
DSA Headquarters

Jeanne locked the door of her car with a snap, and turned to make her way out of the baseball stadium's car park. Her partner was already standing nearby, holding her groceries in a rather comical fashion. It was amusing, seeing the short reptilian Digimon carrying her things, especially when they were around the size of the Kotemon. She muffled a smile, and graciously took from her partner the plastic bags. She would have to store the food somewhere in the headquarters, such as in the cupboards of the living room. Hopefully she remembered where it was, exactly. It had been a while since she had visited that room.

"Well, I think I will stay here for a while," she commented as she and Kotemon descended into the underground headquarters. "It might be better than wasting fuel on driving to and from home."

Kotemon did not reply. Not that she really expected him to - Jeanne understood how her partner worked; he would simply listen to whatever she would say, but unless he really felt like it, he would not talk. It could get somewhat annoying at times, but having someone lend her an ear was nice when all she wanted to do was rant.

Soon enough, she successfully found the living room, and had already gotten to work filling up the cupboards with the groceries. Once she finished, the scarred woman decided she would take a nap until somebody called for her. There wasn't really much to do, anyway.

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Tyler Kingston and Patamon
DSA Hallway

After Tyler and Patamon left the locker room, Tyler wandered the hallway, he was slowly heading back to the office to get his phone

"Ty, did you really need to do all that? I mean I know they were a little jerkish, but that doesn't mean you need to be a jerk back... And did you see the way Renamon looked at me?! She looked like she was probably gonna kill me... I mean us if we hadn't left when we did... Who knows what would've happened!" Patamon got chills just from thinking about it.

Tyler just sighed. "Bleh, whatever... I'm over it. Who cares about them anyway. Although, it would be nice if you were a little less of a whimp though. You could've backed me up there..."

"Back you up from what? I don't wanna get into a fight!" Patamon blushed. "But, uh...I kinda wish I were less of a whimp too... Maybe...there's a reason the two of us are together..."

As Tyler was about to respond to Patamon's comment, he heard a loud familiar sounding voice from across the hallway. "HEY TYLER!!! WAIT UP!" Heather bolted from around the corner.

Tyler eyes lit up, and a grin formed on his face. He was relieved to see a friendly face. "Oh hey there Sunshine! Heh, I knew ya couldn't stay away for long. Most girls just can't keep their hands off me."

"So, what's wrong? It seemed like whoever else was in there upset you?"

"Who them?" Tyler pointed his thumb towards the locker room. "Nah, just a couple of dickheads. Nothing I can't handle. Let's talk about something more interesting shall we?" He put his arm around the girl's shoulder. "What are you doing later today? I haven't been in Japan for very long, but there must be something fun to do here."


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Chapter 1: Night of the monsters

The first week had always been a simple one, Hua introduced himself to the batch briefly, tried to make it not so obvious of how young he is compare to the good portion of their new batch of recruitment. They seemed to get older and older it seemed. Though, it would be nice to be considered as their higher ups for once, according to Aldrius, instead of being their acquaintances. Hua didn’t think he would mind either way. And then the next came the most complicated part itself, to actually put these people into works and make assessment of their abilities.

There was a simple bass rhythm and a loose guitar riff playing on a tape recorder, layered beneath a weaving, wordless vocal melody that changes shape every few bars and couldn't decide where to go. Hua needed something especially cute for the bridge and Aldrius has always been a helpful person, in a way.

"Your eyes are like exploding volcanoes," he suggested, not even sparing Hua a glance. "And so are your butts."

Hua frowned. "I'm not writing rap music. How about: I want to feel your heart, I want to see your... "

"Butts," Aldrius said, his eyes still not adverting away from the screen. “And shouldn’t you be working on the next mission’s proposal instead of writing lyrics for some teenage pop song?”

“I give up” Hua resisted the urge to chuck the pencil in his hand at Aldrius, who was sitting so close to him that he could just poke the older male with the tiny pencil. “And I finished that already. I’m just waiting for you to finish actually, after all we are taking your car today…. Are you sure about sending them on mission to that place though?”

“Let me check this first. And yes, positively. If they don’t make it then they are probably not worth being here” Aldrius replied to him, checking over the mission proposal inside their inbox to make sure Hua had really done it. He patted the younger male’s arm in approval, as if Hua was some kind of pet to him. The mission proposal was done, and all they had to do now was to send it to the recruits.

“Let’s give our new recruits come fun, shall we?”.


Yukimura Zen and Terriermon
Forget-me-not flower shop

It has been precisely a week since they had that meeting at the DSA. Apparently, Hua had told them to wait until further instruction to be given, but so far nothing had popped up in his newly configured Digivice. The boy lifted a flower vase and set it away in the corner, sighing for a slow day of work in both the agency and the flower shop. For once, it would be nice to actually make money, seeing that he had been eating instant noodle and holding up to microwave meal for 4 days now. Life of a university student, he figured. That week had not been so lenient to him either, with the meeting at the agency, and predicates, quantifiers, and rules of inference at the university. He mentally cursed the day he decided to took mathematics, though it would only get worse once it gets to Big O notation, witnesses and big Theta classes.

The sudden beeping noise his phone made interrupted the chain of math thoughts running through his head. Secretly, Zen was glad to have his mind taken off from his classes for once, though he would probably regret it once he saw the message.

“First mission huh …” He sighed, the thing he wanted to avoid the most had finally come. To be honest, he had never been quite excited when he joined the agency in the first place. If it wasn’t for Hua’s endless persuation and their friendship, he would have refuse the offer for any cost. Fighting and battling was something he did not wish to get himself or anyone involved with, especially Terriermon whom he had been hiding and protecting for so long.

“Zen?” Tsunomon peeked at him from behind a vase of lilies, voice worrying as he could see Zen visibly troubled, a frown across his face. It was unusual for the digimon to see his tamer not smiling, since Zen was always that type of happy and optimistic person. “Something is wrong?”

“Ah, no” Zen put on a smile for Tsunomon, still thinking of how he could break it to the digimon that they were about to be fighting some other digimon at night now. Despite Tsunomon is already informed about what was going on during the meeting at the agency, Zen still did not know how well he take in the news by now.

The tiny bell jingled at the doorway of the shop, snapping Zen back to reality as Tsunomon retreated back behind the vase. He turned to the door, his welcome greeting right on spot and smile beamed almost automatically at the newly arrived customer. Mission aside, he still had works to do.

“Welcome to Forget-me-not!”


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Alex Wesker and Renamon
Narukami High School

About a week after the meeting, Alex resumed his daily life waiting for something to happen. Sometime after classes ended for the day Alex had just fought back a regular school bully.

Alex looked down at the bully laying on the ground telling him "You know Hiroshi, you really should've learned after 2 weeks ago." He then proceeded to stretch out his arms and yawned before remarking "And I was in the middle of a relaxing nap too."

The bully, Hiroshi, growled at Alex for this and shouted "You got lucky last time Alex, this time I'm gonna kick your ***!" He then got up and rushed up to Alex aiming his fist at his face.

However Alex managed to dodge his punch by quickly stepping back, he followed this up by raising his right leg and kicking Hiroshi in the jaw, sending him falling back to the ground, this time unconscious.

"You're so predictable Hiroshi, how boring." Alex said as he walked on Hiroshi's unconscious body to get to the younger student he was bullying before Alex showed up. "You all right?" He asked.

The younger student got on his feet saying "Ya, I'm fine. Th-Thank you Alex."

"Don't mention it, just try to avoid Hiroshi from now on alright?" Alex told the student before leaving the school grounds.

When Alex reached a less populated area on his way home, Renamon appeared behind him saying "You're quite the protector aren't you?"

Alex continue looking forward as he replied "Not really, I just love showing bullies how futile their attempts to make themselves look better than everyone else really are." Suddenly Alex heard his cell phones ringtone, prompting him to pull it out and look to see that it was a message. Once he read the message a grin appeared on Alex's face.

Seeing this made Renamon curious as she asked "What is it Alex?"

"Looks like we have our first mission." Alex replied, he then started laughing before he happily exclaimed "Finally, the moment I've been waiting for all week. Things are gonna get interesting from this moment on I can feel it!"
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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Living Room - DSA Headquarters

In the week that had passed since the meeting finished, Jeanne had done absolutely nothing of real importance. She was pretty much a full-time employee of the agency now, having already graduated from university. It was good to know that she had become a drone of the Japanese government - albeit a drone whose duty was to protect the nation (and possibly the rest of the world) from alien incursions. Not that she knew if Digimon were considered to be aliens or not; after all, the lifeforms were created from human data.

As she leaned back into the comfy couch that sat against the wall of the living room, the French woman idly wondered how the United Nations categorised the Digital World. Was it a recognised sovereign nation? The world leaders would have to know of it, after all. It may not have been officially recognised by everyone, but when the Digital World revealed itself (if it did), there would be quite a bit of politics going on. All the red tape ... it would probably be enough to choke a Tyrannomon.

The sound of a text message arriving broke her out of her reverie. Jeanne flipped open her phone (despite this new age of smartphones, she had always preferred the simpler flip-phones; they were easier to carry around, and much sturdier than a phone that was pretty much a tiny computer with a million applications - and besides, this was the phone she had used all those years ago; the one she had converted into a Digivice when she was a much younger agent) and quickly clicked her way to the phone's message box. It looked like there was a new mission.


It had been a long time since she had been assigned one - after all, she had basically retired to mission control duties over the years. The accident may have occurred several years ago, but the pain ... all the feelings that it had evoked ... she could still remember them well. Unconsciously, she found her hand moving to her cheek, where the ugly scar still sat. She had not moved on as much as she had thought. The French woman sighed. Would she take the mission? Did she really want to rejoin the field agents once more?

Her thumb wavered over her phone's keys. Would she do it?

The answer was yes.

Jeanne quickly tapped out a simple message, sending her reply back to Hua. She would partake in the mission. After all, it was getting a bit boring, being cooped up in the base.

"Well, time to break the news to Kotemon."

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Tyler Kingston and Patamon

Once Tyler had been given his newly converted Digivice, he had been told to wait for further instruction. The week that followed had been a boring one for him. He was just waiting around for something to happen. He was glad he didn't have to go to school in Japan, he didn't have another job, and he had been able to afford a small apartment with the money he was being paid from being an agent. Still, despite his newfound independence and freedom, things quickly got stale. It didn't help that there were very few people in town that actually knew English. Trying to get a date with a girl is hard when neither of you can understand each other (Although he still got slapped in the face by the ones that could understand his intentions.) Most of his days were either spent at the Gym. at a beach, occasionally at a night club, or just lazing around at home. Tyler was never one for organization, so the place was a complete mess. He didn't really care though because no one was there to boss him around. (As long as the rent was paid on time, the landlord was actually surprisingly laid-back.) He could usually find what he needed when he needed to, and it's not like he had guests over that often anyway. It was just like it was back home, except without his parents.

He hadn't heard a thing from Heather, or anyone else at the agency for that matter in the entire time that had passed. He had kept his Digivice phone around at all times waiting for the blasted thing to go off and something cool to happen. While he was lying on his couch, and boredly flipping through the channels, his wish was finally granted. His cell phone started beeping. Immediately, Tyler dropped the remote control, and pulled the Digi-Phone out of his pocket to check the thing. He merely skimmed the contents of the message he had gotten before clicking yes. It was a mission from the DSA, what kind of idiot would turn that down? After accepting the job, Tyler went to his room, and called out for Patamon. "Oh Patamon! We finally got ourselves a job!"

The Digimon was sound asleep on his tamer's bed, and had been rudely awakened by the yelling. "B-b-but... I was in the middle of a nice nap!" He protested right before a loud yawn. "D-d-do we have to do this right now?..."

Tyler picked up his Digimon, and shook him a little bit. "Yes we do! You've taken enough naps this week bro!" He stopped shaking Patamon, and set him down on the nightstand. "I've been craving a little fun all week. Now it's finally here, and we can finally to put you to work. Those others back at the agency will get to see how awesome you really are. We'll get to kick some digital ass while we're at it! This is gonna be great!"

Patamon didn't think it was so great. There would probably have to face big, scary or mean Digimon on this mission. Or worse, a combination of the three. And what if they didn't make it out alive? Sure, Digimon usually got reborn if they die, but what if something goes wrong and that doesn't happen? Patamon didn't want to get turned into data and cease to exist forever. The small Digimon did not like the sound of that at all, and made a gulped loudly from fear. Of course, there wasn't much he say or do about it. Tyler wasn't going to give him much of a choice.
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Marion Anderson and Strabimon
Underground DSA Headquarters, Meeting Room

Apparently, the presenters had not heard Strabimon’s request for more information, as the short one continued on to say, “I know you would not disappoint us.” Hua smiled at his audience and fished out several cards, which Marion suspected were the identification cards for members of the DSA. There were quite a few, and he thought that Hua had been rather a bit too confident in creating one for each prospective member, but he supposed that being prepared was preferable to not having the cards ready.

“This is your DSA identification,” Hua said as he passed around the cards, “You should keep it with you throughout the period of working for us. With this card you can open any doors or gates inside the headquater base within your power, and also to open your personal locker. When your rank is elevated, we will provide you with new ID card.” Marion poked at his own card, wondering how one would raise their rank. He was not particularly interested in doing so even if it held extra benefits; he was content with his privileges as they were. Strabimon took a look at the card as well, but it was not especially interesting to it.

Hua shut the monitor off and said, “Now everyone, you may want to check the locker room and your personal locker. Your uniforms and badge are inside, so you might want to put them on. Feel free to discover the headquater base as you wish and get yourself familiarized with the place while waiting for your Digivice to be configured. Please report back to this room to collect your Digivice in an hour.” Marion was curious as to where the locker room was, but he supposed that an hour was enough time to locate it and did not worry about it too much. “Everyone, welcome to the team,” Hua said, as everyone left.

“Marion, would you like to explore this place before changing?” Strabimon asked, as they walked out the door together. It was carrying the package of snacks.

Marion thought about it as the pair moved away from the crowd to a place along the wall where they would not block anyone’s path. ’I would not want to make a bad impression by being late to pick up my Digivice, so it would probably be most time-efficient to head to the locker room before traveling around the rest of the DSA.’ He then remembered that he had an hour to complete that task, so he could, potentially, slow down. ’We do have an hour, but I would rather play it safe.’ Glancing at the backs of the people leaving for what he suspected was the locker room, he said, “Strabimon, it might best to go to locker rum—I mean room, sorry—before we try to explore the DSA.”

“Alright.” The pair was confused as to where to go, so they followed the gaggle of other recruits. Some lagged behind and Marion was content to walk at their pace.

Locker Room and Hallway

The other male recruits were already dressing and chatting with their Digimon when Marion arrived. One seemed to be vain, complimenting himself on how good he looked in uniform, with his partner reminding him that everyone else would be dressed in the exact same style of clothing. He quickly got into an argument with another recruit about the gender of his Digimon partner. Marion was not exactly sure what gender or sex Strabimon was, but he considered that unimportant in the scheme of things—so what if it was male or female? It would not change his relationship with it.

Realizing that he was standing in the doorway, looking like a rather stunned girl, he walked in shyly. He was aware that he sometimes looked as if he were a girl; he had used this to his advantage before, as people (who were attracted to girls) often bent to a pretty girl’s will. Of course, this batch would know his identity, so he could not trick them.

Marion quickly located his locker, which was on the end of the row of lockers, used his ID to open it, and removed his uniform. He picked out what he supposed was the outer piece of clothing, held it aloft, and questioned whether Fumichi’s weather really necessitated an over shirt. All the same, he started to strip himself. Strabimon disappeared for a second and returned with a towel. The digimon held the towel in such a way as to hide Marion.

“Marion, you’re changing in a room full of strangers,” Strabimon said, still holding the towel, and the arguing that came from a few lockers down further convinced Marion that Strabimon was not being over-protective. Marion nodded and tried to change as quickly as he could.

After he was dressed in his new clothes, Marion rushed to get out of the room as quickly as he could to avoid any further arguing. In the meantime, Strabimon tied the DSA scarf around its waist, as it already had a scarf around its neck. He had, he thought, about forty-five minutes until he had to retrieve his cellphone from Hua and Aldrius. He thought a bit and said to Strabimon, “Strabimon, they never answered your question about the abilities of the enemy Digimon, yes?”

“Yes, but as long as I can keep you safe, it does not matter,” Strabimon responded. “Do you intend to explore the DSA in the time that we have left?”

“I would like to, but where do we go?” Marion said and thought about it. If he headed off into a place where he was not supposed to, then how much trouble would they get into? “Would she—sorry, meant should we—search for a library?”

“It’s your decision, Marion.” Strabimon was okay with nearly anything that Marion suggested, except for socializing. It desired to keep Marion dependent on it, so that it would never be left again.

They pair spent the next forty minutes looking for the library, but it was futile; their efforts, in vain. As they could not find it, they decided to head back to the meeting room in order to receive Marion’s cellphone; finding the meeting room was easier than finding the (probably non-existent) library. Marion received the cellphone-turned-Digivice graciously, and departed. He would await further instructions.

DSA Headquarters

As the DSA had told Marion’s parents that he went to Japan to study, they had to provide him with somewhere to live. His living quarters were small, but he did not mind as he did not need much space in the first place. It seemed as if it had been meticulously cleaned every day, which it was, but it was easy, for Marion was usually fastidious. He was not bored, as he could venture out into the city and quickly become engaged in something interesting, like the library. Learning Japanese was not as difficult as he had thought it would be once he got the hang of reading the radicals in the kanji (or course, he could always look them up by radical), yet nearly everything else eluded him. Compared to his normal life, this was sometimes more and sometimes less exciting, but, at least, he had a purpose. The others at the agency mostly left him to his own devices, so he could sleep past noon and eat lunch at three in the afternoon, luxuries that he did not have at home.

As Marion was practicing his hiragana, his Digivice began to beep, so he put down his pencil. He had kept it on or near his person at all times, as one could never know when it could come in handy. And, besides, he had to answer the phone when his parents called. Flipping it open, as it was one of those cellphones that were affectionately dubbed “bricks”, Marion read the message. On the bottom he noted that it said that it was an optional mission, as the Digimon was not immediately life-threatening.

“Strabimon…I just received a mission,” Marion said, unsure of whether to accept or not. He had agreed to help the DSA, yet he felt unready; he knew that going along and being unable to perform would be more dangerous for the group than staying behind.

Strabimon, who had been napping on a chair, was startled and woke up suddenly. It muttered something under its breath about whiplash and walked over to Marion’s desk. “Oh? Well, do you want to accept it? If you do, I promise you that I will protect you.”

“What if I’m the one who holds everyone back?” Marion’s insecurity was having an ugly resurfacing.

“Don’t worry, Marion, I’ll do everything that I can.” Strabimon was slightly annoyed that that Marion was veering toward whining, but it wanted him to become even more dependent on it. “I’ve some experience fighting in the Digital World.” Confident in its abilities, Strabimon was sure that it could fight well enough to protect Marion.


“Of course, so just press accept,” Strabimon said, patting Marion’s shoulder, which might have assuaged his fears had it not finished, “I will kill your enemies, so think of this as practice.”

“What? Kill?” asked Marion, even as he typed his acceptance. He was a bit stunned that the kind and gentle Strabimon could kill someone, or something as it happened to be, but he knew nothing about its past.

“Ah, I meant protect you…if it requires killing, then so be it.” That still did not mollify Marion, so Strabimon quickly read the message, leaning over the Tamer’s shoulder. It said, “It seems as if the Digimon is merely mischievous, and not malicious, so we can probably capture it without returning it to a Digiegg.” Those were not meaningless words, for Strabimon was reluctant to show its vicious side to Marion, and defeating the Digimon without killing it would be an opportunity for it to reinforce the idea that it was peaceful rather harmless.

“Oh, well, we’d best be toworff—off toward, sorry! Off toward the meeting room.” By being artificially cheery, Marion hoped that he would banish the thought that Strabimon would kill out of his head. It did not work. ’What if no one is at the meeting room and we are supposed to go somewhere else?’

Heading toward the meeting room, the pair walked in silence. Neither wanted to bring up the subject.


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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
Katsuro's Apartment

Katsuro was glancing over a pile of books, reading them thoroughly. He had attempted multiple times to study in case he decided to re-try and enter Tokyo U. However, his nervousness and stress ended up getting the better of him every single time. But he still refused to give up. FanBeemon, on the other hand, had been buzzing around Katsuro's apartment like a fly, touching and looking at everything in the rooms out of curiosity. Katsuro looked up and his eyes widened. "My room! It's a wreck!" Katsuro exclaimed, glancing over at his partner. "FanBeemon, did you do this?" he asked incredulously. FanBeemon simply looked at him innocently.

"Katz-z-z-zuro...." FanBeemon murmured to him. "I've never been here before. I had to see everything!" Katsuro simply shook his head.

"Well, you could see everything without making my room into a disaster area. Or the rest of the apartment for that matter. Do you have any idea what the landlord would think if I told him a giant digital bee did this? I'd be evicted!" Katsuro explained.

"I'm not a bee, I'm a Digimon," FanBeemon simply stated, missing the entire point.

"Just keep things tidy, why don't you?" Katsuro sighed in exasperation. He was about to look back at the book when he heard a bizarre beeping noise that he had never heard before. It was then that he realized-- it was his Digivice! With a flash he pulled the Digivice out of his pocket and glanced at it. "That's the DSA. They need us!" Pressing accept, he pocketed the Digivice, and after doing a quick minute of making the apartment not look like a tornado passed through, he slipped out the door and called FanBeemon back into the Digivice. Then, he hopped on his bike and started to pedal, heading towards the DSA headquarters.
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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Hallway - DSA Headquarters

"You are accepting a mission?"

Jeanne felt as if she could hear a hint of worry in her partner's voice, but she dismissed it. She actually doubted that Kotemon would worry about such a simple mission, especially when she knew that he was perfectly capable of taking down most rookies. They had not spent all their time as mission operators slacking off, after all; her partner was a rather intense trainer, and had spent quite a lot of time perfecting his swordsmanship during their breaks.

"Don't worry about it," replied the French woman with a smile. "It's going to be fine; just a simple mission to ease the newbies into the organisation, and maybe help us get back into the mission thing. We might be a bit rusty."

Kotemon nodded. With the influx of new agents, it was logical to start slowly so they would acclimate to their working environment. For his partner to join in on the mission as well would allow for her to mentor them, in case they were not exactly too used to such things. Despite their retreat from missions in the years that had passed, Jeanne was still a rather experienced agent (especially in the paperwork department), and the reptilian Digimon knew that she would keep the younger agents safe if they were exposed to any dangers.

"Very well," he said. "But we shall have to be cautious."

The two were already on their way to the meeting room, where they assumed a briefing would be given.

"I'm always cautious."


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Ali Khan and Dorumon
Narukami High School

Ali had merely watched as Alex pummeled a bully into the ground. As Ali had learned a week ago, he and Alex were attending the same school during their time here in Japan. It honestly wasn't too surprising that Ali and Alex were going to the same school, after all DSA had probably arranged things for the both of them. Still he couldn't say he was the happiest with the situation, an ever present reminder of his current situation wasn't exactly what he wanted.

After Alex had helped up the other student and went on his way, Ali decided to hang around school for a bit for heading in the direction of his house, which also happened to be near Alex's own. Once again, annoying, but not surprising. However there was still one thing that was bothering Ali, he had opted to leave Dorumon at the house, unfortunately who knew how much of a mess that could quickly grow into.

When he got the message for DSA, which he accepted without must thought. After all He couldn't leave any chance that collateral might occur and hurt someone. Ali knew he needed to get going. He didn't want to risk granting Dorumon any more time to wreck havoc.

As Ali was walking towards his house, with a rather quick pace. He soon noticed Alex up ahead and the boy appeared to be talking to Renamon. There's one more thing I need to take care of, his idiotic decision to just fight the bully. Ali realized upon seeing the two of them. Dorumon wasn't the only danger right now.

Catching up to Alex, Ali slowed down just long enough to talk to him. "Hey," Ali began his voice still rather emotionless, "While I appreciate your decision to stand up for the weak, fighting a bully does them no good. Instead that person is just going to be in a world of hurt the next time they run into the bully, and you're not going to be there next time either. Find some other way to help."

With that, Ali just continued walking down the street towards his home. No other indication that he had ever spoke to Alex in any shape or form. Now to just make sure that idiot Dorumon hasn't gotten himself into trouble.
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Alex Wesker and Renamon
en route to Alex's house

After Alex expressed his happiness over finally getting a mission he soon noticed someone else nearby. Seeing that it was Ali he said him "Ah Ali, fancy seeing you here."

Ali approached him and Renamon telling Alex "Hey. While I appreciate your decision to stand up for the weak, fighting a bully does them no good. Instead that person is just going to be in a world of hurt the next time they run into the bully, and you're not going to be there next time either. Find some other way to help."

Alex kept his nonchalant smile as he replied "You opened up just to tell me that? Come now Ali, you think I don't know what I'm doing? I deal with people like Hiroshi all the time, I'm not gonna let anything happen to that kid."

Once Ali had left, Renamon told Alex "Though I don't oppose your actions Alex, I believe Ali has a point. You aren't always going to be there to help someone when they're getting hurt by others."

Alex simply put his hands in his pockets telling Renamon "Well, I'm only one person right? I can only do so much on my own. But someones gotta put bullies in their place."

Alex's House

Once they arrived at Alex's House, Renamon vanished. She knew Alex didn't want anyone in his family to see her.

Alex walked up to the door and opened it before calling out "I'm home."

After he said this, a little girl who was around 8 years old appeared. As soon as she saw Alex she ran up and hugged him saying "Big brother, your home!"

Alex put his hands on his sister's shoulder and said "Haha, hey there Alice." He knelt down to look Alice in the eye before asking her "Was everything alright today?"

Alice nodded to her brother and told him "Uh huh!" Before going back into the house.

As Alex followed her inside he asked her "Is Mom home or is she working late again?"

Alice turned around to face Alex and told him "Ya, she got called in late again, she won't be back for a while." Shortly after she told him this she started coughing.

This prompted Alex to walk up to Alice and ask "Alice! Are you alright? Having you been coughing a lot today?"

"No..*cough*... just once earlier today *cough cough*" Alice replied.

Alex spent the next couple hours looking after Alice until she told him she was getting tired, at which point he lead her to bed. As he tucked her in he decided to tell her "Listen Alice, some people are gonna need my help tonight so I'm leaving soon. Will you be alright by yourself?"

As she laid there Alice smiled at Alex and said "I'll be fine, it makes me happy when you help people...Good night Big Brother."

"That's why I do help people....Good night Alice." Alex replied. He made sure Alice had fallen asleep before leaving.

En Route to DSA Headquarters

As soon as he walked outside, Renamon reappeared beside Alex and said "That girl appears rather frail, even for a child."

"Alice has been sick ever since she was a baby, she's gotten better over the years but whether or not she'll fully grow out of it is still uncertain." Alex told Renamon. Wanting to change the subject, Alex decided to ask Renamon "So this mission, think you'll be able to handle it?"

"I have much experience in fighting from my time in the Digital World. I will not disappoint you." Renamon replied.

Alex chuckled at this response and told Renamon "Now now, Let's not get too cocky my dear Renamon. If we finish the mission too soon then it won't be any fun." He stretched his arms out and yawned before saying "I wonder if I'll have time to take a nap when we get to Headquarters."

Renamon sighed at the remark as they made their way to DSA Headquarters.
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