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Digimon Reconnect: DSA (PG13)


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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Outside Meeting Room - DSA Headquarters

"Should we enter?"

Kotemon did not reply. His partner was prone to making such comments when attempting to decide on what choice of action to take; even if they were questions, it was not for him to answer them - Jeanne would find her own answers without any input from him, so speaking would be a waste of breath in such a situation. Although, it seemed as if his partner was taking longer making a decision, which was strange, as he usually found himself whisked away mere seconds after her comments.

"Kotemon ..."

There was hesitance in Jeanne's voice, as if the French woman was beginning to doubt something once more. The reptilian Digimon understood perfectly; even though his partner had made the decision to participate in a mission, it had still been a long time since their last, disastrous attempt at stopping a rogue intruder from the other world. Would they be able to truly handle such a duty again? Did he want to risk the safety of his partner once more to assist the younger agents in bringing justice and peace to the city?

The answer was obviously yes, but he would go along with whatever choice Jeanne made.

"So ... this is it," said the French woman quietly, gazing at the door to the meeting room.

Kotemon nodded. "Yes."

"Where it all began ... and where it will begin again ..."

Another nod. His partner had obviously made the decision.

"Well, let's go Kotemon. Can't keep them waiting too long."


Solar Panels
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So, let's see how well I can keep this living.

Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Outside Meeting Room - DSA Headquarters

There are some people who can think incredibly quickly.

Jeanne is one of them.

In the second before the French woman reached for the door to the meeting room, where she would reclaim her title as a field agent of the great organisation that was the DSA, a million thoughts had instantly rushed through her mind. It was true that she had already gotten over her gripes with returning to duty, but there was more to her thoughts than a simple reluctance to jump into danger. She would willingly fight against the invaders from the Digital World, but what could she do after? What was she going to do after she took up the position of an agent once more? Her future would be uncertain once more. She was not a teenager any more; she liked to know how her future would hold. The greater certainty was comforting.

But she had already made her choice. No matter what would come after, she would definitely continue to fight for the agency to keep the city, and the world, safe. Jeanne had never been satisfied with staying as mission control for the field agents. In her heart, she had always been on the front-lines, defending the city. The risks did not matter to her, as long as the people were kept safe. It was what had really kept her going after the accident, knowing that she needed to make sure people were safe, even if she no longer could fight in the field.

Her hand grasped onto the doorknob. It twisted, and she pushed the door open.



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Kimura Katsuro and FanBeemon
Inside Meeting Room - DSA Headquarters

Katsuro slipped on his jacket, fitting him perfectly, of course. He had just finished tying up the tie and attaching the badge to his lapel. FanBeemon was helping him with the proper procedure, like it or not. "Why doez-z-z-z it have to be absoultely perfect, Katsuro-kun?" he asked quietly. Katsuro sighed.

"I need to make a good impression for Wolfrick-sama. He and Hua-sama will be judging us as we work," Katsuro replied. FanBeemon shrugged.

"If you insiz-z-zt," FanBeemon buzzed quietly, looking rather disinterested in his work. As they were working to finish up the last touches, FanBeemon heard the door swing open. "Someone's here!" he exclaimed, flying over to where he heard the door knocking and fluttering about like a happy butterfly. Except for the fact that he was a hornet and was thus buzzing rather loudly. Upon seeing the woman enter, he grinned (as well as he could, given his jaws opened sideways). "Well, looky here! It's Madame de Lagery!" Katsuro raised his eyebrow.

"Madame de Lagery? When did you learn French?" Katsuro asked. FanBeemon simply smiled.

"I once harvested an online French dictionary for data," FanBeemon hummed cheerfully, and then turned around, talking to her in a very friendly manner, presumably in French but since Katsuro knew very little of the language he only understood bits and pieces... namely, bonjour. Not much else. Katsuro sighed.

"FanBeemon, please, stop embarassing me," Katsuro groaned. FanBeemon rolled his eyes and flew over to Katsuro again. Then Katsuro walked over and bowed respectfully to her. "I apologize for my partner, Lagery-san. He can get rather... carried away." He then stood and smiled. "I'm wondering what they are going to ask us to do. I read something about... attacks on people, but all the Digimon I met have been friendly so far. For the most part."
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Alex Wesker and Renamon
DSA Headquarters

Alex and Renamon were heading to the Meeting Room, both had their uniform and scarf on respectively, when Alex said out loud "So the message said we were heading to Fumichi forest. I've never been there before so it should be fun to actually go there."

"All you ever talk about is having 'fun'. This isn't a game Alex, you could get hurt." Renamon told him in response.

Alex chuckled as he replied "It's so sweet that you're actually worried about me Renamon."

"We're partners, I'm supposed to protect you. Though I'm not accustom to working with others, I understand that much." Renamon explained to Alex.

"I see." Alex said "So by that logic I have to protect you as well right?" He then pulled out his switchblade, unfolded it and started tapping his finger against the flat side of the blade as he continued "I may not be much help against Digimon but I'll be sure to pull you out if you're ever in a bind."

"I won't let it come to that." Renamon stated.

Alex put his switchblade away telling Renamon "Don't make promises you can't keep Renamon, if I remember correctly you said you came to the human world when you ran from a losing battle. There's always a chance your opponent will be stronger than you."

Meeting Room

Having reached the door to the Meeting Room, Alex opened it and walked into the room with Renamon following him inside.

The first thing Alex noticed was Jeanne and Kimura along with their Digimon partners in the room, prompting him to say "Well hello there everyone." He looked around the room to see they were the only ones there before stating "So no one else is here yet? That means I have to wait. How boring."

Alex then stretched his arms out and yawned before saying out loud "Oh well, I'm tired anyway, this is a perfect time for a nap." He then sat down at one of the chairs and laid back against it with his eyes closed telling Renamon "Would you mind waking me up once everyone else gets here Renamon?"

"If you were tired then why didn't you think to take the time to rest at your own house, especially if you hate waiting." Renamon didn't get a response right away. "Alex?" She asked, wondering why Alex didn't say anything. Upon hearing him breathing calmly, she realized that Alex had already fallen asleep in his chair.

Renamon sighed, embarrassed by her partner's behavior as she asked out loud "You act perfectly normal when you're at home. So why do you behave so differently around others Alex?"
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Jeanne de Lagery and Kotemon
Meeting Room - DSA Headquarters

"We will probably be asked to neutralise a possible threat," replied Jeanne, giving the younger agent a smile as she closed the door behind her. "Although our partners are rather congenial, most Digimon do not exactly possess this trait, which is why we must stop them before they pose too much of a threat to the innocents residing in this city."

She politefully returned the bow. It was nice to see the younger generation so affable, although that could have just been Kimura's own personality quirk. Every agent possessed some sort of unique trait, which was rather strange, now that she thought back on it. Was there something about the more eccentric people that made them more susceptible to protecting the world from the Digital invaders? Possibly; when she had been a teenager she was ... especially energetic (an understatement, as she was an incredibly reckless and exuberant person).

"So, how did you get in touch with the DSA?" she asked, gently brushing the ugly scar on her cheek.

Talking about the agency seemed to make her disfigurement itch all the time, possibly because of the memories associated with it. There was probably no actual itch, but rather a more psychological effect. Not that she was a qualified psychologist of sorts - she had really been more of a literary student. The sciences never really held her attention as much as the themes and qualities of writing.

It was at this moment however, when another recruit had entered, before promptly plomping down onto a chair and taking a nap.

Didn't even give her time to greet him.