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Digimon Tamer's War. T.


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This is my original digimon fic. The world is a mixture of ours and Tamers in that Digimon is important and a big craze like in Tamers, but otherwise it is pretty much our world. Also, the rating is Teen to give me freedom, but this chapter is probably G. As a side-not, this is an introductory prologue chapter and will not be like the future chapters.

Digimon: Tamer’s War.

Prologue: Before the War.

Sunmon! My best friend dying right in front of me and all I can do is float here until I run out of energy and sink.

Wanyamon! He’s going to die from heat stroke any second and I’m not far behind and there’s nothing I can do.

Nyaromon. My best friend’s dying in front of me and all I can do is sit here and freeze to death.

Koromon, please don’t die. Oww. These thorns hurt so bad. And she’s so entangled. There’s nothing I can do to help him.

The light. It’s so bright that it burns. I can’t even see Yaamon. This light must hurt him so bad.

This wind is just so strong. I don’t think I can hold onto Yokomon or this vine much longer. But if I let go of either we’ll plummet off of this cliff and die. I’m slipping!

Stupid rockslide. I can’t move without leaving Bukamon to die, but if I stay then I’ll die too. Stupid rockslide.

Can’t find my way out. All these mirrors are confusing me and Kyokyomon’s too weak to break the way out. If I don’t escape soon I think I might pass out.

No! I won’t give up. How did I even get into this in the first place? Oh yeah…

-18 months previous.-

Digimon was one of the biggest crazes in the world. It had been running for ten years and was still going strong. There had been anime, manga, a card game, movies, Tamagotchi like V-Pets, video games, and countless amounts of merchandise. It was so big that Monster Makers, the company behind Digimon, held large tournaments for various video games and V-Pets. This story starts at one such tournament for the latest version of the V-Pet, the D-Arc. It allowed the owner to train one virtual digimon from egg to Mega. But, unlike the older models which could do the same thing, they allowed the user to scan digimon cards to give various boosts to their digimon

We join one of our protagonists waiting in line to register. “No way dude, you won’t win.” The youth said to his friend waiting behind him. The boy wore a red shirt with a dragon on it that was a different, darker shade of red and blue jeans. He kept fidgeting around with red tinted goggles covering his eyes. “If you’re lucky, you won’t have to face me until the end, but I will win it.”

“I just said that I might win a prize.” His friend replied weakly. “I mean, you get a prize just for getting into the third round. And what is with the goggles? There’s a cloud cover for Pete’s sake, why do you wear those things.” The boy shifted in his blue hoody.

“Because, the leaders in the shows wear them. That’s why.” The boy answered. “I mean, why do you wear your hoody even in Summer, Jared?”

“I don’t. “ Jared replied.

“What are you talking about? You’re wearing it right now and it’s the middle of summer.”

“You know that it is October, right? I mean, we’ve been going to school for two months now. Seriously Kyle, sometimes I worry about you.” Jared replied with a sigh.

“Hey! There is nothing wrong with me. Now stop slouching. I told you, you can’t get a girl slouching and I can’t get a girl if my wingman can’t get her friend.”

“Wingman? How long have I been your wingman?” Jared questioned.

“Ever since I decided you’d be my wingman. Now then, cut off the slouch.”

“Fine.” Jared sighed and straightened up. “Better?”

“Much. Now we can definitely get a couple of girls.” Kyle gave his friend a thumbs up. “Look, the line moved up.”

“Great. Maybe we can get out of this line soon and watch another one of your pick up a girl schemes fail.” Jared chuckled a little.


-Farther back in line a bit-

A group of three people- two girls and one guy- were talking.

“No way.” One of the girls said. She was the tallest of the three, standing at five and a half feet. She was wearing a tight, pink *** shirt with a red heart on it and skinny blue jeans. “You can’t leave now. I don’t want to be stuck with just him,” she pointed at the boy.

“Hey! What’s that supposed to mean?” The boy, who was the youngest of the group at about ten while the girls were around fourteen- questioned. He was dressed in a black suit like this kind you might see someone wear to a job interview and his hair was a bright orange, matching the girl’s hair.

“It means, twerp, that I’m not going to stand in line with you,” the girl replied, speaking as if the boy was an idiot.

“Dharma, Greg, split it up.” The other girl said, getting in between the other two. She wore an outfit identical to her friend’s. “Seriously, I don’t fight this much with my brother so why are you two always bickering?”

“Because she’s a-” Greg started before getting cut off by a death glare from Dharma. He shuddered and turned around.

Dharma smiled at her win and turned to the other girl. “So, Brooke, can I ask you something?”

“If it is to be your wing woman then no. The last time I ended up with an eight year old and had to listen to how good he was on Madden while you got his older brother.” Brooke replied, shivering at the thought of her second worst date ever.

“Come on. Please,” Dharma put on puppy dog eyes, but Brooke just turned around. “I saw a really cute guy a bit up and need you to get with his friend. If you want, it doesn’t even have to be a real date, you can just talk.”

“No, nope, no. I will not do it.”

“Hah. Can’t even get your best friend to help you.” Greg laughed.

“Shut up!” His older sister yelled.

-At the very tail end of the line-

Four people were standing in a straight line, not making any noises. They all wore and identical outfit, a loose white shirt with a symbol of a Yellow star on it and khakis. They were the famed Yellow Star group, a team of digimon tamers, as players of the games are called, who got together to train and talk digimon. In every tournament they entered one of their rank won, the mere sight of them in line actually drove away a good amount of people who wanted to enter.

The first of the four people was a tall African-American boy with very short hair. His eyes were trained on the front of the line and he stood as still as the other Yellow Star tamers. He was Damian Wayes, the winner at a local virus-only digimon tournament a few weeks previous. Damian was eighteen years old and partnered with the mischievous Goblimon.

Behind him was a fifteen year old girl. She was rather short for her age, standing at four and a half feet tall, and had long brown hair that hung down to her thighs. Like Damian, she stared straight forward, meaning she was looking at the back of Damian’s shirt. The girl was Dawn Keen, leader of the Yellow Stars and winner of the United States Championship two years running. Her partner was the strong Blackagumon.

Thirdly was a young boy, about seven with spiked brown hair. He was their newest recruit and the only tournament he had ever won was a card tournament a few months beforehand. He was Lance Keen, younger brother of Dawn. He was fairly new to the games but was lucky enough to partnered with the rare and powerful Ryudamon. Unlike the others, who were disciplined and could stand still perfectly, Lance fidgeted and looked around.

Lastly was a second girl. Unlike Dawn, she was tall, standing a few inches above even Damian. Also like Damian, she was eighteen years old. The girl was Mexican and had dark skin. Her black hair went straight down to the bottoms of her shoulder blades. Her name was Rosa Montanez, but she preferred Rose. A serious expression was on her face, which was faced right at the sign-up desk. She had won this same tournament for the last two years, but this time Dawn had decided to answer and the girl was afraid she might lose her title as champion. Her partner was Floramon, which Rosa saw as kind of fitting.

The line moved up some and the four followed it, waiting for their turns to sign-up

Unknown to anyone in the line, a distinctly non-human figure was watching from the shadows with evil, red eyes. "Good luck, digidestined," the creature hissed in a voice so deep that it could only be described as demonic. "You'll need it."

Please r+r. I'm not the best writer so don't be afraid to point out when I messed up or areas where I could improve. In fact, please be as harsh as you can be as long as you don't get flammy. Chapter 1 coming sometime either next week or the week after.
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Please, post more. What did you like about it? What didn't you like about it? Is there anything I could improve on? Anything I may be putting too much effort into actually? Anyone have a good way of describing Lunamon.


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Ok, if you insist. :)
I like the way you wrote everything, and the way everything is well put together. As far as dislike, well, I'm no great critic, and I don't have any dislike. You have done a good job.
Better than mine. I didnt use many paragraphs.


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I'd really like some more detail. I don't know why you like the way I write, or why you think everyhtin gis put together well. I needd actual feedback.

Blackjack the Titan

It’s been a while
Liking the story so far. Had a thread for a sequel to Tamers, but it closed.
Great job, though a little more originality (is that even a word?) could be inputed.
We have the main protagonist with his goggles, and the other kids, obviously his friends and some maybe not.

Can't wait to read who the Demon Digimon is (Lilitmon, Barbamon, Myotismon?!)!!!


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This isn't a sequel to Tamers. Not everyone who was introduced is actually a main character, and only Jared actually knows Kyle. Kyle chose the goggles to pretend to be a goggleboy, but he's a terrible leader and not very bright so he probably wouldn't fit the actual role. His dialogue was actually meant to lampshade the goggleboy thing. Thanks for the review. Also, even I'm not sure who the demon is, it just kinda came otu while I was typing so that'll be a suprise even to me.
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Chapter 1: Round One

Sign-ups had finished and the tournament’s official RNG has decided who would be going against who in the first round. All the contestants got a copy of the schedule and Kyle was looking over his with Jared. “Ah man,” Kyle complained. “I’m going last. This sucks. I was hoping to go first so that me and Flamemon could kick things off right.”

‘You mean by barely losing,” Jared joked.

“Hey, we have only lost twice, and the other tamer was strong,” Kyle retorted.

“It was a little girl with a Chuumon and she beat you twice. You only beat her the third time because she accidentally used an item instead of attacking.” A smug smile came to Jared’s hood covered face. “But, I did beat her, so what was that about you winning again?”

Kyle punched his friend on the shoulder before talking, “I trained all of the last few days. I’m going to win this for sure!”

“Please stop yelling. I don’t want to attract attention.” Jared sighed at his friend’s embarrassing actions. “Besides, you aren’t Taichi, Daisuke, or any of the other goggle heads and this isn’t the show, you can’t win just from pure determination, you need skill and strength. Your excess of the first doesn’t make up for your lack of the latter two.”

“Who’s Taichi and Daisuke?” the other boy asked, totally ignoring the rest of what Jared had said. The hooded boy brought the palm of his hand to his forehead and sighed before walking away from his begoggled friend.

Meanwhile, a few yards away at the same time, the four members of the Yellow Stars were talking. “Okay guys, none of us go against each other in the first round, so all of us should pass onto the next round,” Dawn said to the others, barely able to veil her annoyance at her younger brother’s twitching movements.

“I assure you,” Damian said in a flat tone. “I will get past this round, however I doubt your brother will because even with Ryudamon he has very little skill.”

“Hey,” Lance yelled, upset at the comment. “I’m plenty skillful!”

“You got beaten three times by a girl with a Chuumon. The top competitor here outside of our group uses a Strabimon, which is much stronger than a Chuumon.” Damian stayed calm while explaining this to Lance, but that just upset the boy even more.

“Hey, I beat her the last time!” Lance started to stomp like a little kid having a tantrum.

“She used an item instead of attacking and let you win purposely so that she didn’t hurt your feelings too much. Remember, we were all there to see you blubbering like a baby.”

“I was not blubbering!” Lance jumped at the older boy, who grabbed his arm and twisted it, stopping the boy.

“Stop it!” Dawn said, breaking up the two boys. “Really, what is wrong with you two?”

Lance opened his mouth to talk but was cut of by a boy in a red shirt yelling, “I’m going to win this for sure!” The four looked at the boy and his friend wearing a blue hoody before turning back to each other. Lance opened his mouth again, but was cut off a second time by Rose coming up behind him and putting her hand over his mouth.

“You’re welcome,” the girl said to the others.

In a third spot, on the other side of the room, Dharma, Greg, Brooke, and another boy Greg’s age wearing a baseball uniform were talking in two groups, Dharma and Brooke standing to the left of Greg and the other boy. Dharma was trying to reconvince Brooke to be her wing woman because the latter changed her mind after agreeing in the line. The two boys however were actually talking about the tournament.

“Look Jimmy,” Greg said, pointing to one of the brackets on his tournament handout. “You get a rematch with Amanda, that girl you battled last week.”

“Which one,” Jimmy asked. “I battled three girls last week.”

“The one with the Chuumon who beat you twice.”

“I did beat her the last time though.” Jimmy puffed out his chest like it was some big success.

“On accident. You used that mirror item instead of attacking on accident. That’s the only reason you beat her.”

Jimmy deflated as his friend finished talking. “Well I still beat her.”

A voice yelled out from the other side of the room, “I’m going to win this for sure!”

“Who the heck was that?” Jimmy asked. “And does he really think he can beat me?”

“Apparently. Hey, wanna battle while we’re waiting?” Greg suggested.

“Sure, I’m bored waiting.”

Twenty minutes later, the tournament had officially started and the first battle was underway and everyone was watching it on the TV in the competitor’s lounge. On the left side of the battle was a girl wearing purple with a matching hat named Sayo with a partner who looked like a lavender, bipedal rabbit with two sets of large, ovular ears, one set pointing up and a larger one pointing downwards. Weird purple patterns were on the large ears and an antennae like growth on her forehead went from her skin color to purple as it went out. A pink ribbon was tied around her neck with a sleeping crescent moon symbol holding it like a ribbon. Five yellow crescent moon symbols adorned her body, one on each arm, one on her neck, a thin one on her forehead circling the antennae and a large symbol on her chest under the ribbon. On the right was a boy in a red shirt and blue jean shorts with a brown vest on and goggles over his brown hair named Koh who’s partner was a small, red, bipedal tiger with a flaming headband, two wristbands with red spots on them, a flame on his tail, and a yellow tuft of hair on his neck.

“Attack card slash, Blackagumon’s Black Spitfire!” The girl took a card from a cardholder attached to one of her belt loops and scanned it through her D-Arc. A black fireball appeared in front of her partner who then shot it at the lion digimon. A small white orb appeared next to the digimon with a 22 in it which lowered to 10.

“Option card slash,” the boy said, taking a card from his own card holder. “Healing Tears.” Four large, white orbs appeared and went into his partner. The white orb from before reappeared with 10 on it which raised to a 30. “Next, Coronamon use your Flaming Fist attack.” Coronamon, the boy’s partner, ran up to the enemy, fire surrounding his fist. Then, he punched the rabbit digimon. A black orb appeared next to her with a 13 on it that lowered to 1. Coronamon then retreated back to Koh’s side of the field.

“Bad move, Koh.” Sayo said. “Option card slash, Dark Wing.” The two orbs reappeared and switched number’s, leaving Lunamon’s purple orb with 30 and Coronamon’s white orb with 1. “Attack Lunamon, Dark Tears.” Black tears appeared in Lunamon’s eyes that fell halfway down her cheeks before shooting off and hitting Coronamon. The number dropped to 0 and Coronamon exploded into data that was absorbed into Koh’s Digivice.

“Heh, good job sis.” Koh rubbed the back of his head. “Guess I should have seen that coming.”

“Especially since you gave me that card.” Sayo replied, Lunamon turning into data and returning to her Digivice.

“And the winner of round one, match a is Sayo Lunix,” the announcer’s booming voice yelled out. “The next match will start in 5 minutes between Jared Licht and Damian Wayes!”

“Your last name is Licked?” Kyle asked Jared.

“No, it’s Licht. It’s German.” Jared said, irritated at Kyle’s mispronunciation.

Because I know next to nothing about the actual card game, it’ll work differently here. Firstly, there are two kinds of cards, Digimon (who are used for Attacks when used in conjunction with the D-Arc) cards and Option cards. In the information sections from here on out, I’ll explain any cards that appear and the cards for a any digimon that appear.


All Digimon cards are set up like:

Cards it can digivolve from and requirements (If it’s Champion or higher)
DP recovery rate

20 Health
It’s just a picture of Blackagumon with a swirly purple background.
Black Spitfire 7 damage
If this digimon initiates battle with a Beast family digimon, this digimon is considered a Dragon family digimon for that battle.
2 DP

16 Health
A picture of Lunamon.
Dark Tears 3 damage
If you have a Coronamon in your Dark Zone then this digimon’s attack does 10 damage instead.
4 DP

16 Health
A picture of Coronamon.
Flaming Fist 7 damage
If you have a Lunamon in your Dark Zone then this digimon’s attack does 10 damage instead.
2 DP.


All Option cards are set up like:

DP cost

Healing Tears
20 DP
The picture is Ladyangemon crying over an Angemon that’s breaking into data.
Restore your active digimon’s health by 20.

Dark Wing
20 DP
The picture is a battered Devidramon staring at a Patamon while drooling.
If you have a Dark family digimon as your active digimon and your opponent has a Rookie level Holy family digimon as their active digimon. Switch the two active digimon’s healths.

Obviously, I haven’t explained much, but things will be revealed. If you want to know anything than just put it in your review and I’ll gladly answer it. Also, I absolutely hated describing Lunamon, so I will probably give less detailed descriptions from now on. Especially with the fact I only use official digimon, so you can always look up pictures of them online. Please, R+R.