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Digimon: The Seven Seals Ver. 2.0 (PG-13) [RPG Thread]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Samayouru, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Atanamon sighed as he pulled back from his desk. Finally – at long last the deed was done and he would soon be able to rest. He cast his gaze across the marble surface, eyes lingering on each Digivice. They were such simple-looking things, how long had it taken him to finish them? Weeks? Months? Years? He was too tired to tell, and the sooner he completed this task the better.

    There was a muffled roar and several thuds from outside. Atanamon flinched. It looked like things were getting a lot worse in the Digital World, and if he’d gotten the chance he would’ve enlisted the help of his archangels in the creation of the Digivices, but they were far too busy keeping his world from falling apart. In fact he was pretty sure he hadn’t seen them properly in well over a month by now.

    The slither of power remaining in his core flickered. He sucked in a deep breath and shut his eyes.

    Time was dwindling.

    Atanamon scooped the Digivices into his arms and carried them into the main hall, pausing to gaze at the statue of Lucemon for a split second before passing into the main entrance of the temple. He’d hoped to give the chosen children powerful partners that could stop the invasion before it started, but that had proven nearly impossible. Every digimon he’d tried to instil the drive to seek out a partner was soon lost to doubt, scepticism or fear, and so he had no choice but to turn to the younger ones. Thankfully instilling desire was a lot easier with child level digimon and by now the desire was strong enough to get them to search for their partners. Once the Digivices passed through the rift, the digimon would soon follow.

    And so, content with his decision, Atanamon finally let go of the devices, each one turning into a beam of light that rocketed out of the temple and across the bleary sky beyond. It would most likely be a while before they reached the barrier and he wasn’t sure how much time it would take to reach the other world, but as his remaining power dimmed and he staggered back to his room, he was certain that at least he’d tried to help what remained of his kingdom.

    * * *​

    The clock adorning the chipped wall of the Concursus Building chimed – it was four o’clock, and hundreds of students were funnelling up the steps into the main hall, most of them eager to get out of the fading summer heat. For most of the students this procedure is just a part of their routine after returning from the holidays, but others are just reaching the end of their tour. They’ve been shown all the buildings, all the facilities and are now joining the others for the first assembly of the year.

    The sea of students soon fills up the assembly hall and with them comes the soft babble of chatter. Not long after this a middle-aged man in a beige suit approaches the podium, the voices of the others dying down quickly as a result. He taps the microphone and begins his long, drawling speech with the usual trimmings that came with welcoming new students to a school. He finishes after a while and finally tells the students what they’ve been waiting for: that they are now free until dinnertime.

    The children who are new are escorted to the Dorms and are instructed to deal with their luggage before anything else. Each one is sent to one of the four Dormitories and placed in a room with up to five other people, though it is not uncommon for there to be a few spare beds remaining after the process is done. Just above the doors to these buildings is a phrase carved into the white marble:


    “Where there is unity, there is victory”

    And for a handful of students making their way into the Aquinas Dorm, this mantra will act as the most important lesson they will ever learn.


    The adventure begins…​


    Maddison Pellerzi
    Aquinas Dormitory, 3rd Floor

    “Ah, here we are,” Maddie said as she finished climbing the stairs. “Room one-hundred-and-two.” She turned to a door to her right, reading the silver plaque that had been fastened to it. According to info the girls were in rooms on the right while the boys were on the left. It made sense and kept things organised, she supposed.

    A sigh of relief escaped her when she opened the door – there wasn’t a single person in the room, meaning she had the lion’s share when it came to choosing from the three bunkbeds in the room. While there were advantages to sleeping closer to the floor, she couldn’t help herself and immediately went for the top bunk closest to the window. She unpacked her stuff in one of the trunks at the top and bottom of the beds and brought out her laptop, placing it on the bed and waiting for it to start up. She’d check out the shower and bathroom later – right now she had work to do.

    It wasn’t long before she was typing away, sending an email to her dad as she’d promised she’d would once the tour was over to let him know she was okay. Once she was done with that she’d surf the web for a while to burn some time before dinner, waiting for her other roommates to make their entrance.
  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Tim Wolfe
    Aquinas Dorm 3rd Floor

    After the opening ceremony was over, it was time to find his dorm room. It was Tim's first time staying this far away from home. It had been his mom's idea to put him in an exchange program, and somehow he wound up at some big, fancy, boarding school all the way in England. He was both excited, and nervous. Mostly nervous. There was a lot of independence that came with not having your parents around, but at the same time, this was a boarding school. He would have to share a dorm room with other people he didn't know. He wasn't particularly looking foward to that. He hoped he could survive his time in this unfamiliar place without getting into too much trouble.

    Tim pulled out his music player, put the earbuds on, and rolled his luggage to his assigned dorm room. A familiar song started to play in his ears, and Tim's mood started to pick up.

    ♪There's music in the treetops
    And there's music in the vale
    And all around the music fills the sky
    There's music by the river
    And there's music in the grass
    And the music makes your heart soar in reply♪

    By this point, Tim finally found the room he was assigned to. Room 103, which was apparently the boys room. He opened the door, and hummed the rest of the song to himself as he put his luggage next to the nearest bunk bed, and started unpacking his things. After the song was finished, Tim took his earbuds out of his ears, and put his music player in his pocket, and pulled his Fluttershy plushie out of his bag, and placed it on the bottom bunk. Much to Tim's relief, he was the first one here. There would be peace and quiet, until some boy barged into the room... Tim quietly sat on the bottom bunk, and awaited his fate...
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  3. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Next God


    Eric truly enjoyed the opening ceremony, but was feeling somewhat jet-lagged still. He sluggishly took his belongings all the way up to Room 103. This was the first time Eric was north of the Equator, and Eric had made it all the way from his native Cape Town to... Whichever part of England he was in now. His uncle is friends with the board, hence why this young Afrikaner is now in some foreign land.

    Luckily he made it to, wherever he was in England, during the worst part of South Africa's dry season. The local flora and fauna was almost nothing like what he normally sees out in the savanna.

    He opened the door, not really expecting somebody else to be there, but saw somebody sitting this with earbuds, apparently listening to music on the bottom bunk.

    Eric tried to say hi, not expecting a response. He found a vacant bureau, and put a stuffed animal, a plush little hyena he called "Ibonakale", which is Zulu for "Spotted", on top of it.

    Trying his best to keep absolutely quiet, Eric made it to the top bunk above this other kid, and tried to relax. Now, to attempt to sleep off the jet lag.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  4. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Tobias Myhre
    Aquimas Dorm, 3rd floor

    The opening ceremony for the academy was pretty exhausting. There were people more or less everywhere, and though he was prepared for this, Tobias was a little bummed his parents couldn't make it with him there. It felt like being at a shopping center on Black Friday with the exception of physival violence; there were people chatting, bells ringing and parents or grandparents crying over their visibly embarrassed loved ones. Tobias had made sure to locate and greet all the important teachers and staff members there, and had also gotten a ton of flyers, as well as the list with his dormnumber.

    Once the assembly dismissed, the number of people inside quickly burnt out. Tobias wasn't in any hurry. He had seen videos from Black Fridays before, and what happens to those who try and bulldoze their way past the others. He shrugged by the memories of the sound of crushing bone and children crying.

    As if the huge crowd of people weren't enough, Tobias now ventured into the big world of the school building, trying to find his way to the dorms. He had been given a very poorly drawn map by the music teacher amongst all the flyers, allthough he suspected it was actually drawn by her 4 year old daughter who was sitting behind her at the time. The adventure had him accidentally run into pretty much every wrong place possible within the school walls, including the teachers lounge, the girls bathroom, the gymnasium, and that room where some nerds obviously had made a shrine to some weird deity. After a disappointingly long time, he managed to get to a crossroad outside with a sign leading to the dorms. Excited by this, he happily skipped down the brick path over to the dormitory.

    "Let's see.. room 103.." he mumbled to himself as he looked at the map once again. He was fairly certain it had been upside down all this time, and sighed. Luckily, there was a sign on the wall depicting the room numbers on each floor. "1 - 20", the sign said. Tobias stopped for a moment to process this, before letting out a huge, dramatic sigh of complaint. Looks like he'd have to find the room manually.

    Another small eternity later, he started to get on the right tracks. he had now run around the hallways like the Scooby gang while being chased by a weird monster representing financial issues, but he finally found it. Room 103! He could faintly hear voices from inside, so it seemed he would be getting a roommate. Wait.. was that more voices? How many people were in there, anyway? He sighed again, put on his smile, and ventured in. Inside were two other guys. Figured. Considering the modest size of the dormitory, it made sense that the guys and girls shared seperate dorms. He shrugged at the thought of having to share room with like 9 other people. "Hey guys!, Name's Tobias!" he said, and waved enthusiastically to the others. Both the guys looked about the same age as him. some of the beds had been occupied, so he quickly flung his bag in a lower bunk. He was only bringing a shoulderbag and a medium sized bag, so it wasn't any problem to shove the shoulderbag into the trunk at the footend of the bed, while letting the other one stand on the floor for now. "I call dibs on this one!" He said with a smile as he hurled himself down on the bed, bouncing around like an idiot for a few short seconds. He impatiently tried different sleeping positions before deciding the bed was comfortable.

    "One would think they'd spend more resources into making sure the students got more private rooms," he then said. it was obvious by the amount of beds in the room that there were going to be more students in there. Personally, he didn't really mind it too much to be sharing rooms like this, but knew that if it was gonna work, he'd have to befriend everyone, which wasn't an issue considering he was planning on doing that regardless. "Oh, and Bee Tee dubs. I snore. Loudly." he then said, before turning attention to his phone, letting his parents know he had arrived safe and sound.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  5. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Amélie Dumont ~
    Aquinas Dorm 3rd Floor

    The proceedings had gone about how Amélie had expected from British school. Stuffy, formal, full of things that she was certain were done simply because that was how you did things in England. Which was fine, she supposed. Tradition was important. It kept things stable and effective. Her former high school back home in France had been almost as formal, but there was a certain... Britishness to the stuffy air here that simply could not be replicated anywhere else.

    What surprised Amélie more than anything else was the age range on display here. This wasn't simply a high school or a college preparatory academy, some of these kids looked like they hadn't even hit puberty yet. Hopefully if her classes wound up being mixed ages then the younger kids would be the sort of advanced students who belonged in a prestigious academy and not some rambunctious trouble makers. And the dorm room would be similar as well. Amélie was here to study, not to goof off.

    She lugged her admittedly large suitcase to the top of the stairs, lamenting the fact that her room was on the third floor. At least cardio wouldn't be a concern. Room 102 was thankfully right by the staircase however which was some measure of relief after her ascent of the stairs. She approached the door to her room with trepidation, appreciating the fact that the majority of the new student rush was still on the lower floors, but nervous nonetheless. She had never shared a room with another person before. What would her fellow students be like? Would they get along? Get on each other's nerves? Amélie took a deep breath and steeled her nerves. Whatever happened from here on out, opening this door was the first step of her journey here at Patriot Academy. Time to take the first step.

    Amélie pushed open the door and entered her new dorm room. Surprisingly, there was only one other person here at the moment: a ginger-haired girl who looked to be about her own age. That was good, no kids yet. She looked like she was busy working at something on her laptop, so Amélie gave a formal nod as a greeting and claimed the bed opposite the other girl's and against the far wall by the window. She selected the bottom bunk as her own and began methodically unpacking her suitcase, organizing her reading material beneath her bunk, plugging in her laptop to charge, and just trying to make the unfamiliar place start to feel a little more like home.
  6. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Conrad Griffin
    Aquinas Dorm, 3rd Floor

    The staircase to the third floor was tall and packed with people, but Conrad made his way with the crowd, holding his suitcase off the stairs and a rucksack slung over his shoulder. Occasionally people jostled into him and made him jostle into others in turn, but a smile and a quick 'sorry' soon fixed any problems there. He just climbed the stairs, the dull speech already forgotten.

    He'd read in the welcome brochure that the rooms here were shared. That was totally new, living away from home was an unprecedented amount of freedom. He'd gone to his father's old school before since it was close enough for him to commute from their big fancy house. The Patriot Academy, on the other hand, was too far away for that and so his parents had had to let him board here. With strict instructions, of course.

    You will behave. You will excel as you have before. You will do nothing to stain our family's name. And you will begin considering a suitable university at which to continue your studies, which we will discuss closer to the time.”

    He came to the top of the staircase and proceeded into the corridor beyond. Doorways dotted the walls on both sides, girls' rooms to the right, boys' to the left, from what he recalled. Checking his room number again, he found the door to room 103 and pushed it open, pulling his suitcase through after him.

    Conrad scanned the room before its inhabitants, taking in the bunk beds, the plain furnishings and the door he assumed led to their shared bathroom. It seemed comfortable enough. He then looked over the three boys already occupying the room.

    The first bunk as he came in was already taken. On the bottom bunk was a black-haired boy Conrad guessed was probably thirteen or fourteen, at least judging by his appearance, youthful as he seemed. He wore a T-shirt and shorts and was just sitting there with a yellow and pink plushie of a character Conrad vaguely recognised from somewhere. He delivered a warm smile and then looked up.

    On the top bunk was a pale, blonde-haired boy who seemed closer to Conrad's age, doing as little as the boy below. He wore a tank top and shorts. Conrad gave him the same smile and turned his attention to the final boy further into the room.

    He sat on the lower bunk, on his phone at the moment. He again seemed like Conrad's age, blonde-haired too and wearing shorts like the rest of the room. It seemed like they were all dressed for the sunny weather better than him, Conrad mused. Unsure of whether the last boy could see him, Conrad introduced himself to the room.

    “Hello,” he said. “I'm Conrad Griffin. Nice to meet you.” He crossed the room to the untaken bunk bed, setting down his suitcase at its foot, then shrugging his rucksack off onto the top bunk. As he did so, the family crest on it caught his gaze for a moment. A golden griffin, of course, upright on a field of half white, half red cut diagonally. The symbol that had governed his life. Turning his gaze away, he unzipped the rucksack to retrieve his laptop, setting it down, then taking off his shoes and climbing up onto the bed. His mother and father would be hard at work, but they'd expect to be messaged regardless, so he pulled out his phone to text them as he booted the laptop up.
  7. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Hitomi Sakagami
    Aquinas Dorm, 1st / 2nd Floor

    When Hitomi left behind her parents' apartment in Bristol, she was fully aware that the upcoming semester would be more than just sunshine and rainbows. A new school meant a new start, yes - but it also meant new challenges, new difficulties and new people she had to introduce herself to without making a fool out of herself.

    But she was nothing if not determined to succeed. So while many others spent the last few days of their holiday outside enjoying the waning summer sun, Hitomi immersed herself in study. Piles upon piles of books on successful people and their methodologies later, she felt as prepared as one could be.

    And in case panic ever stole her memory, there were a dozen cheat sheets hidden in her person and more yet in her phone. Some contained essential phrases, some pronunciation aids for difficult words, and the rest inspirational quotes from various great minds, past and present. By now, she'd perfected the subtle art of stealing a glance down her sleeve or at her wrist when needed, and could even peek at her phone without rousing too much suspicion.

    Case in point, Hitomi felt prepared for anything that came her way.

    Except... for this.

    Shoulders slumped in defeat, Hitomi could do little but stare haplessly at the unmountable obstacle that separated her from her destination. Over a dozen steps of stairs stretched out in front of her, seeming to reach so high that she was sure they scraped at heaven's door. Somewhere way higher up, she could make out the outline of the second floor, inviting and so very, very far away.

    Her first mistake had been made long before she'd set foot into the academy, she realized. She had, without a shadow of a doubt, packed way too much stuff.

    Hitomi glanced back at the brightly coloured suitcase behind her. It was almost as wide as she was, and about half her height. Worse, a majority of its content was made up of books. She could not tell its exact weight, but she knew it was far more than she could ever lift. And yet, she hardly had a choice but to try. She could not ask for help on her first day. She had to--- to come across as strong and independent and proactive and... and like someone with even a shred of forethought.

    So, she inhaled sharply as if hoping the air would fill her arms with muscle, and then grabbed onto her suitcase's handle with both hands. She yanked the thing upwards - and absolutely nothing happened. Another yank, another similar result. Hitomi could feel her cheeks heat up from embarrassment and exertion alike. This... could not be happening. Not on her first day!

    Stubbornly, she let go of the handle and wrapped her arms around the suitcase instead. She closed her eyes and, using every single muscle she could think to move, pulled and pushed and shoved the suitcase forth. Soundlessly, the wheels left the ground, and Hitomi managed a heavy step onto the first stair. She--- she was doing it. She was going to do it. One step at a time, Hitomi slowly made her way upwards, slow and not at all steady. She kept her eyes fixed onto the next step ahead the whole way, trying her best not to count them as she went.

    At last, there was no next step in sight. She used every last drop of strength she had to heave the suitcase onto the floor ahead, collapsing onto it once it hit the ground. But despite her exhaustion, Hitomi was beaming. She'd done it. She'd done it, without anyone else's help!

    The joy of success pushed her onto her feet. A silly little smile on her face, she stuck a hand in the pocket of her hoodie and pulled out a folded map. "Let's see..." she mumbled, searching for her room number. "One hundred and two... mm, okay, so that means..."

    She lifted her gaze up at the plated numbers on the wall. Then back at the paper. And up at the numbers again.

    Realization was a hundred ton stone in her stomach, cold as death and twice as cruel.

    Ever so slowly, she turned her gaze to the next flight of stairs.

    Promising herself not to cry, she grabbed her suitcase, inhaled and waddled to take the first step for the second time.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2018
  8. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Alex Wesker
    Aquinas Dorm

    As the man gave his speech in the auditorium, Alex simply leaned back with his hands behind his head and appeared to be sleeping. Having heard this sort of speech before at the beginning of school, he didn't deem it anything important, just mere pep talk to get students pumped for the school year. Pep talk he didn't need.

    Once the speech was finished and the students were dismissed, Alex was one of the last students to stand, if not the last, having not budged until someone woke him up and told him to go with the new students being escorted to their dorm, to which he remarked, "Awww, but I was having such a relaxing nap. Oh well, if you insist," before heading off.

    After being escorted to the dorms, Alex looked over the numbers. "Room 103, Room 103. Where are you." He said whimsically to himself until he came across the number he was looking for. As he reached for the door he could here voices inside, which told him that he isn't the first one here. This put a smirk on his face knowing that he wasn't gonna be stuck waiting in boredom for the others to show up.

    Regardless of whatever might've been said before he did so, Alex opened the door and walked inside. Doing a quick head count he could see that at least four other people were in the room, and judging from how many beds there were he could expect as many as six, including himself.

    "Well, well, I hope I'm not too late for the party, that would be such a shame." Alex remarked in his usual whimsical tone. Afterwards he put a hand behind his back and bowed theatrically to the others. "Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Alexander Wesker at your service. You may call me Alex."
  9. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea 風に吹き Staff Member

    Chelsea "Cheeky" Becker
    Aquinas Dorm, Third Floor

    The opening ceremony was immensely boring, not that Cheeky expected anything else from such a stuffy, stuck up old building full of old people that talked too much and had those tired crinkles in their eyes. She hoped she would never become like them... old, and trapped. She swore it to herself as she felt the weight of Sir. Harrington in her pack, she swore that she would never get old. As the ceremony finished, she was signaled to by an older man. He smiled down at the small girl, a look of interest brimming in his eyes as he eyed the short young girl. He explained that her dorm was on the third floor, and that she would be sharing with a few other girls. Cheeky's eyes lit up hearing that there would be other people in her room, that meant she wouldn't be alone! They could have all sorts of slumber parties, pillow fights, and talk about all their favourite plushies and animals. She smiled gleefully, thanking the man as politely as she could in her high and somewhat squeaky voice.

    She hoped Sir. Harrington was as excited as she was! There was a bounce in her step as she bounded up the staircase, running towards the third floor like a crazed maniac. She noticed another girl on her way up the stairs struggling to get a suitcase up, but her determined expression and raspy breathing made Cheeky think twice about talking to her. Maybe when she had had a few moments to rest they could talk about all their favourite things. The thought made Cheeky smile wide, imagining her and her new friend talking all about various things to each other.

    As she made her way up to the third floor, she looked around for a few moments, noticing that there were doors on both sides. She thought back to the man, who had said very clearly that she was in room 102 with a few other girls. She grabbed the doorknob to the room, twisting it with a sense of manic urgency that probably frightened any residents inside the room. As she walked inside, she noticed two other girls --- both appearing older than herself. Her eyes sparkled instantly, dropping her bag on the floor and raising her arms proudly. The two girls were getting themselves organized, a cute ginger girl on the top bunk by the window playing on her laptop and a black haired girl on the bottom bunk opposite to the other girl.

    "Hi!" She exclaimed, a little louder than she had initially intended to. "I'm Chelsea! You can call me Cheeky though!" She immediately rushed to the far bed that the black haired girl was near, throwing her backpack on the top bunk. She was so excited to be surrounded by two new friends, and she certainly wanted to be as close to one of them as she could... but she certainly preferred the top bunk... monsters might grab her from under the bottom one. She shook her head at the thought, monsters are things babies believed in, and she wasn't a baby any more. Climbing up to the top bunk, she pulled Sir. Harrington out and hugged him tightly. This was an amazing start to what was going to be an amazing year.
  10. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Mackenzie Grayson
    Aquinas Dormitory, 3rd Floor

    A whirlwind of dirty sneaker feet flew up the stairwell in bounds of two or three. The mass of whipping blonde hair whirled around an older female with black hair struggling with a massive suitcase.

    “Excuse me, sorry!” Was the passing reply, as the miniature tornado ascended further to the top floor.

    An older man with gray-silver hair trudged more sedately behind with pearly white and blue-pinstriped luggage. The older Gentleman wasn’t in a rush, his great-niece was like a rubber band. She would run off and then come flinging back with delight to share what she discovered. A pleasurable delight most days, but Bernard Grayson shuddered at the resulting aftermath that could come about with a flung rubber band. He listened for his niece’s exuberant voice echoing from the 3rd floor hallway door.

    “Hi, everybody!”

    “We’re sharing the top floor with guys? Whoa!”

    “Nice to meet you!”

    Bernard resisted the impulse to facepalm with the growing storm.

    “Is this my room?!?!”


    Said door slammed shut with a boom. “Nope. I’m going to have nightmares after seeing that.”

    MISS MACKENZIE!” He uncle did not quite shout, but projected loudly with stern command. Each syllable of her name drawn out with emphasis. The child zipped to full attention in front of her uncle. She remembered that tone.

    “Yes, uncle Bernie?” Mackenzie chimed sheepishly.

    Bernard gave a painful sigh, it was difficult to be upset with her, he found. So eager to please, just poor at execution.

    “Your room is right here.” He pointed to the first room on their right.


    “Yes, now listen well.” The older Gentleman nudged his spectacles closer to his face. “I know you are capable of figuring out where your classes are and taking care of yourself.”

    “Mostly anyway,” he added as an afterthought. Mackenzie gave Bernard a funny face.

    “I will be visiting periodically to check up on you. You are here to learn and socialize, but please for the love of God, don’t traumatize your classmates.” Bernard instructed. “Also, under no circumstances are you obligated to help the staff with chores, unless you are specifically instructed to do so. Understood?”

    “No chores?” Mackenzie asked in wonderment. She always had a long list of chores in her old homes.

    “That is correct. Your studies are absolute priority.” Bernard said adamantly. He also wanted to avoid another incident with the hedge clippers. His gardener had been furious. His accountant had also rearranged his finances ahead of time in case he received any bills of compensation for property damage from the school.

    Mackenzie nodded eagerly.

    “Alright, then I shall take my leave of here.” Bernard Grayson straighten up to leave, but was a pair of slender arms wrapped themselves around his waist, hindering him.

    “I love you, Uncle Bernie.” She muttered, faced buried in his vest. Bernard bent down to return the gesture.

    “As do I, Mackenzie,” he replied. “You’ve shattered my expectations for a quiet retirement, but it’ll be an interesting one.”

    Mackenzie giggled while pulling away from her uncle. She snatched his red wool hat before he stepped back and hugged it tight. “Can I hang onto it for you, Uncle Bernie? I promise to give it back the next time you visit.”

    Bernard smiled. “Very well, Mackie, take good care of that hat for me.” With a nod and a stiff bow, her uncle departed.

    Mackenzie gazed at the threshold of her shared dorm, the reality of settling into a new place again finally sunk in. Her sheer energy from earlier was the by-product of excitement of exploring a new school and meeting new classmates. However, this wasn’t like all the other moves and house shuffles.

    The blondie plopped the red cap onto her head tight with determination. Grabbing the white and blue luggage left in the hallway, Mackenzie lugged it through the door just minutes behind another blonde-headed girl her age. Luckily, her uncle had the foresight to get luggage with wheels.

    “Hi!” Mackie called out with a soft ‘uff’. The door closed shut abruptly from the hard shove she gave it and bounced back into her suitcase. Mackie glared at the door.

    The young girl shrugged and continue, “I’m Mackenzie Grayson!” She took stiff bow at the waist, imitating her great-uncle. However, before she continued, Mackenzie’s eyes widen in pure glee.

    “The brochure didn’t say anything about bunkbeds?!” She missed that earlier, when she looked in the other rooms. Abandoning her luggage at the door, Mackenzie bounded for the remaining top bunk nestled up against the wall shared with the bathroom. Like a spider monkey, she climbed to the top bunk in record time and flopped hard. The bed springs squealed and bowed dangerously low.

    Mackenzie stared at the ceiling dazed. “I think I’m in heaven.”
  11. Samayouru

    Samayouru Rabid Dusclops Fan

    Maddison Pellerzi
    Aquinas Dormitory, 3rd Floor

    The door opened. Maddie looked over her shoulder to see a girl who looked to be about her age. Her chest slackened in relief – at least she wasn’t going to be the only older kid in the room. The girl glanced to her and nodded before claiming a bed opposite to her and Maddie tore away from putting the finishing touches to her email to watch the girl unpack. From the angle she was standing at, she kind of looked like Jennifer Simpson from the very first Clock Tower game. The only things that really broke this comparison was her clothes and her eyes – they were sharper than Jennifer’s, she thought.

    After sending the email Maddie decided to kill some time by checking out what the rest of the world was going through. She skimmed a couple of articles – apparently taxes in the UK were growing higher and there’d been a freak storm rampaging in Chicago overseas – but alas, there wasn’t a story to be found about the walking dead. She sighed. At least she could keep dreaming about it, she supposed.


    Maddie jolted a little bit, whipping around to see that another girl had entered the room while she’d been scouring the internet. She tilted her head. The newcomer had to be about thirteen and she had a fair amount of freckles on her face that really emphasised her amber eyes.

    “I'm Chelsea!” the girl said as she rushed to one of the other beds. “You can call me Cheeky though!”

    Maddie followed her as she climbed up to claim one of the top bunks and chuckled. “Top bunk – a good choice,” she said. “I’m Maddison – Maddison Pellerzi – but most people call me Maddie for short.” She smiled. “Nice to meet ya.”


    Maddie stiffened, alarmed by the sudden noise. “What the hell’s going on out there?” she said, partially to herself, and climbed back down. She’d barely reached the door when it opened for a third time.

    “Hi!” it was another girl who looked to be just as young as Chelsea – no, Cheeky – pulling a rather nice-looking luggage bag behind her. She paused for a minute and bowed. “I’m Mackenzie Grayson!”

    Maddie didn’t get very long to say anything. “Oh, hey-”

    “The brochure didn’t say anything about bunkbeds?!” Mackenzie’s eyes grew incredibly large and before Maddie knew it the latest addition to her roommates had abandoned her luggage and practically launched herself at a top bunk. She lay with her back against the mattress. “I think I’m in heaven.”

    Maddie suppressed a giggle and leaned out to see how things were in the corridor. She’d have to introduce herself to Mackenzie later.

    It wasn’t long before a clunking sound reached her ears. She furrowed her brow – what was going on? She stepped out and looked around – it wasn’t coming from any of the other rooms at least. In fact it actually sounded like it was coming from the stairs when she strained her hearing enough.

    This was confirmed when she went to investigate and it wasn’t long before the sight of a girl wearing square-rimmed glasses heaving and panting up the stairs met her line of sight. It wasn’t hard to see why the girl was struggling – the suitcase she was dragging up each step looked pretty heavy. Maddie shook her head – how that girl had managed to carry that case all the way up here without help was a mystery.

    She grabbed one of the banisters and climbed down a couple of steps. “Uh, do you need any help down there?”
  12. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou your deadman

    Hitomi Sakagami
    Aquinas Dorm, 2nd Floor Staircase

    A few steps into her second leg of ascent, the world became a blur.

    Not in an alarming way, though. Hitomi wasn't going blind or about to pass out - not yet, anyway. She was simply in a state of hyperfocus, blocking out everything unnecessary so as to not waste a single drop of energy on anything but her luggage. It was a sort of comforting feeling, actually, to not have to worry about the rest of the world. The next looming step was her entire world.

    A few people passed her by, but Hitomi was only vaguely aware of their presence; able to make out silhouettes in her peripheral vision, but entirely ignorant of details. She could tell the first person was a boy - probably. He was taller than her (as most were), but not toweringly so. He climbed the stairs in a brisk pace, disappearing from her vision as quickly as he'd come. Hitomi wasn't sure if he even noticed her.

    The next was a girl with strikingly beautiful hair. She could see a glimpse of golden locks flow behind the girl as she breezed past like wind, seemingly very excited about something that awaited at the top. Hitomi couldn't think of anything more exciting than just reaching the top, period.

    After her came a peculiar pair. A young girl even more excited than the one prior, with lungs that would've turned any swimmer green with envy. With her was her perfect contrast; an elder man with an exasperated voice, trying to keep up with her. The pair talked a lot but Hitomi heard little, her ears filled with the ring of an adrenaline rush. A little after the girl had disappeared from her vision, a loud shout and a distinct slam of a door nearly startled Hitomi into a downward spiral. W-what was that?! What was the girl doing up there?

    She'd find out if she ever got there, she supposed and kept going. One step at a time, with no idea how many were behind and how many ahead.

    At first, she didn't realize the words of concern she heard were aimed at her. It wasn't until finally she gave in to her own curiosity and looked up to see how much was left that she noticed the girl at the top of the stairs. Of similar stature and fashion, the olive-skinned teen was staring straight down... at her. Hitomi blinked, trying to crane her neck to peek behind her, just in case. She couldn't finish the motion without risking a fall, so she stopped midway through. But nobody behind her had spoken up, so that meant---

    Oh, no. She was talking to her. In a nanosecond, Hitomi rewound back the last few minutes, trying to figure out what the girl had said. 'Do you'... 'do you need', she was offering---

    "Help!" Hitomi blurted out in realization, then immediately shrank into herself. "... S-sorry. Um. I mean, haha, no help needed down here! I've--- I've got things under perfect control! I--" Her tone sounded fitting enough for the words, but her arms shook. She didn't have enough strength to talk and carry the cursed thing. But asking for help would be seen as ... lame and--- and needy and everything bad.

    Her fingers nearly slipped and in a moment of desperation, she figured that dying from being crushed by a suitcase would be even lamer.

    "-- would... appreciate it. If- if it's not too much trouble!"
  13. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Conrad Griffin
    Aquinas Dorm, 3rd Floor

    Texts sent, laptop booted up and coat shrugged off in the warm room, Conrad looked towards the door as another young man entered. This one was black-haired, his skin pale, and his eyes odd for a reason Conrad couldn't quite fathom. His shirt bore Japanese characters that Conrad couldn't decipher. He was more familiar with spoken Japanese than written, and he didn't know enough yet to work these symbols out.

    "Well, well, I hope I'm not too late for the party, that would be such a shame," the newcomer said, before delivering a rather theatrical bow, more suited to the sort of formal event Conrad's parents attended and threw than this sort of setting. "Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Alexander Wesker at your service. You may call me Alex."

    "Conrad Griffin, at yours," Conrad replied, setting his laptop aside. Catching up with the world could wait until he'd gotten more familiar with these four. He'd forgotten an important part of that already. Casting his eyes around the room, he addressed the others. "Sorry, I forgot to ask your names." He gave a sheepish smile, hoping to crack the tension a bit. Just like one of his parents' events, right? Break the ice, be charming. And here there wasn't the pressure to avoid messing up and making the family look bad.

    Just the pressure that he'd be living with these four in this room for the foreseeable future.

    Shoving that aside, he offered another question to continue hammering the ice away. "So what are you guys here to study? The usual for me, English, Maths and Science, P.E. of course." Japanese too, but he left that unspoken for a moment. Hopefully he, Alex and the others would be a best match. The thought widened his smile and brought a chuckle to his lips.
  14. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    ~ Amélie Dumont ~
    Aquinas Dorm 3rd Floor

    Well, the peaceful nature of the room hadn't lasted long. Amélie had been concerned about having to share a room with a younger, noisier student ever since she had discovered that the school had a large age range and the dorms were mixed ages in the rooms. Was that a roundabout way of the school trying to keep things civil since the boys were just across the hall? If so, that was clever. No student would be brave enough to try and sneak a significant other into a room that might become a middle school playground at a moment's notice.

    The third girl to arrive in their bunk certainly was a youngster. She couldn't be much older than twelve. With a big ribbon in her hair and a face full of freckles, she bounded into the room and offered a grin. "Hi!" She exclaimed, her volume a little louder than was really necessary. "I'm Chelsea! You can call me Cheeky though!"

    Amélie nodded in the new girl's direction but before she could decide how to respond Cheeky leaped up onto the top bunk of her bed. Well, now she had an official bunk-mate. She offered a small prayer that Cheeky wouldn't be the obnoxious sort and resigned herself to her fate. C'est la vie.

    The other girl, the one who had already been here when Amélie arrived, introduced herself as Maddison, or rather Maddie. She seemed agreeable enough. And then, an extremely ominous racket erupted from outside. Amélie began panic as the sound of running footsteps grew closer. No. Please, any room but this one. That wasn't too much to ask right? For a moment, her prayers seemed to have been answered. The footsteps stopped and there was no more shouting. But someone outside the door was talking. She held her breath.

    The door burst open to reveal another young girl. This one was every bit as young as Cheeky. “Hi!” The girl said as she drug a very expensive looking suitcase into the room behind her. She paused for a minute and bowed. Well, that was a surprise. This girl couldn't possibly be the source of that commotion a few moments ago. Amélie let out a relieved sigh as the girl continued her introduction. “I’m Mackenzie Grayson!” And immediately claimed another top bunk remarking about how much she loved bunk beds.

    Well, she may have dodged a bullet there. Maddie went out to help another girl, a rather shy looking girl with glasses, with her bag and while the two of them settled in Amélie finished her unpacking. When it seemed like no more room mates were going to arrive (at least, not on time) Amélie took a breath to relax her still on-edge nerves and stood from the bed. She nodded to the other girls, a small formal gesture.

    "I wanted to wait so I wouldn't have to do this twice." she said perhaps a bit too quietly. She subtly cleared her throat and tried again. Impressions, Amélie. You have one shot at this, so don't fret. Just be cool.

    "My name is Amélie Dumont." she started. Her English was good, but she knew she still had a bit of an accent. "I'm sixteen years old, and I'm a transfer student from France. It is very nice to meet you all." She remembered Mackinze's bow and wondered if she should reciprocate. Why not? The girl was young but she clearly came from a wealthy family. No need to risk offense.

    Amélie gave a quick, curt bow, finding the gesture awkward only after she had committed to doing it. "I take my studies seriously so I may not always be sociable. However, I do hope we can all get along this year."
  15. Andydemon

    Andydemon Nanomachines, Son!

    Alex Wesker
    Aquinas Dorm


    Even Alex had to admit the sudden shout was a surprise, and it showed briefly on his face as he looked back towards the door he had just come in through. He was actually tempted to go back out there and see what was going on when one of the other boys in the room spoke to him.

    "Conrad Griffin, at yours," Conrad replied, setting his laptop aside. What he might've been doing with it meant little to Alex, but Conrad did go on to tell the others, "Sorry, I forgot to ask your names." If this guy was hoping to try to break the ice in the room, the least Alex could do was try to help with whatever was on his mind. He didn't want things to become awkward on his first meeting with his roommates.

    "So what are you guys here to study? The usual for me, English, Maths and Science, P.E. of course." Conrad asked. Again, it was clear that he was just trying to strike up conversation. Though difficult to do with people you've only just met, Alex couldn't blame him for trying, and the question was simple enough to answer besides.

    "I'm here to study English and Science too, but I'm also taking Medicine, Music, and History." Alex answered outright. Normally he could've gone the 'you'll just have to wait and find out' approach, but he knew chances were these students were gonna be sharing classes with him here and there, so dancing around the topic wasn't worth the effort.

    Alex then heard a thud coming from outside the room. This made him curious, so he turned to the other boys and told them, "Sounds like it's getting a bit noisy out there, I for one am getting curious, so if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go brave the unknown. I shall return shortly~"

    With that, Alex slipped out of the room, there he saw a girl appeared to be struggling to get her suitcase up the stairs, and another girl heading down to help her out. At first, Alex was going to leave it assuming that the two could handle it on their own, but then he looked at the girl with the suitcase and remembered how he's had to help his sister with her bags in the past. The thought made him wonder how she was doing back home without him...

    He snapped himself back into reality quickly, now wasn't the time to be getting homesick, but now that this has reminded him of his sister, he couldn't just leave it alone. So once the girl with the suitcase accepted the other girl's offer for assistance, Alex started down the stairs a ways behind them calling out, "You ladies look like you could use some help down there~"
  16. Solsabre

    Solsabre The Reforged Soul

    Mackenzie Grayson
    Aquinas Dorm 3rd Floor

    Mackenzie reveled in the squishiness of her chosen mattress. She wiggled a bit, giggling at the squeaky springs. Her testing of the bunkbed’s integrity was interrupted by one of her roommates talking to everyone present with a strange accent.

    "My name is Amélie Dumont." the weird sounding girl introduced herself softly. "I'm sixteen years old, and I'm a transfer student from France. It is very nice to meet you all.”

    Mackenzie hung her head upside down over her bunk’s edge, a confused look evident on her face. Accents weren’t something the young girl was accustomed to. She contorted her face as though deep in thought. The little blondie’s smile widen with a big grin, she remembered a foster mate by the same name.

    "I take my studies seriously so I may not always be sociable. However, I do hope we can all get along this year."

    Mackie pushed her feet against the wall her bunk was adjacent too, literally slipping off the top bunk upside down. However, the energetic girl expertly caught herself mid slide and hung upside down with her knees bent on the top mattress, hands gripping the upper part of the bedframe.

    “Hi, Emily! Your voice sounds funny, but kinda neat!” Mackie spouted, her long hair nearly touching the ground as she swayed back and forth in her precarious position. The young girl suddenly remembered her abandoned suitcase by the door. Gripping the upper bunk tightly, she kicked her legs forward with ease and flipped to the floor with the solid landing of a gymnast (or a monkey). Mackenzie lugged her expensive pearly white and blue luggage to her bunk and storage chest.

    She popped open the suitcase noisily, quickly destroying her uncle’s careful and neat packing. All her clothes were tossed haphazardly into her chest, along with her shoes. Then the carefully pressed dresses saw the light of day, Mackie rolled her eyes. Her uncle had insisted she have a few dresses as part of her wardrobe. The pre-teen knew nothing of fashion and had stopped listening when her uncle’s maid explained the dresses were the latest trend of young girls in another country. With an ounce more of care, Mackenzie hung the two or three dresses to the underside of her bunk. Without a second glance, she tossed a tablet and smart phone, with the best indestructible casings available on the market, onto the unclaimed bunkbed beneath her. Grabbing a few other random objects from her suitcase (one suspicious looking like a pocket knife stuffed in her jeans), Mackenzie kicked her luggage under the lower bunk.

    “I gotta pee.” Mackenzie said aloud to no one in particular as she finished up and ran to the room’s bathroom. The door was left open a notch and her voice carried easily, “Cool! We have two sinks in here. That’s a lot of water balloons to be made at once!”
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  17. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Next God


    Eric realized that somebody was talking to him, and quickly gathered his thoughts.

    "Uh... I'm Eric Duiker. My uncle knows some guys on the board. I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. Nice to meet you." Eric began introducing himself. "I honestly don't remember what courses I'm taking, but I am fluent in three different languages, English being one of them, obviously. The other two are Afrikaans and Zulu."

    Eric paused to take a breath.
    "Are you guys taking certain courses? Maybe that could jog my memory."

    He heard some commotion going on down the hallway, but chose to ignore it, for now.....

    "I didn't mention this before, but I am an honorary Zulu warrior. And... I lived on a wildlife reserve for most of my life, and I helped bottle-feed some of the cutest baby animals on the savanna." Eric added. "I felt a special kinship with an orphaned rhino in particular, mostly because we were both orphaned at the same time. And yes, it was because of poachers."

    Eric didn't want to monopolize the conversation, but he wanted to hear himself think over whatever was going on a few doors down.

    "Oh, I'm sorry. I kind of went on a tangent there. So, we should all get to know each other." Eric suggested, wanting to know the other boys in the room a little better.
  18. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Slurpuff and Alcremie both deserve love

    Tim Wolfe
    Aquinas Dorm 3rd Floor

    Soon other boys started to enter the room. The minute he heard the door slightly creak open, he hid his Fluttershy plush under the covers of the bed. Hopefully no one noticed it. He knew he would never hear the end of it if anyone knew he collected plush toys based on a children's TV show about colorful talking ponies.

    The other boys started unpacking, and then a boy named Conrad started introducing himself. Here was the part Tim dreaded, actually having to talk to new people. He knew he would have to do it eventually, considering he would be sharing a room with these boys, but that didn't make it any less nerve-racking. At least somebody else started the introductions first.

    A boy named Alex was the first to respond, then he went outside to investigate the noise he heard outside their door. Oh, that's a good idea. Tim thought. It was a good excuse to get out of this conversation if he needed to.

    Next, was a blonde boy that called himself Eric Duiker. Tim's eyes widened, and he jumped up when he heard him speaking. He was the first one here, how he did not see this guy come in? Now all of a sudden he was on the top bunk of his bed. Was he here the whole time? As he heard Eric talk, Tim narrowed his eyes. He couldn't help thinking this guy was a show-off. He knew this was a big fancy boarding school, but come on. They had just met, and here he was bragging about how many languages he spoke, or how he was an honorary zulu warrior, or how he lived on an wildlife reserve and got to see exotic animals every day. Tim would kill to be able to visit a reserve himself and see all the exotic animals himself. Well, not literally kill, but he'd still like to visit one.

    Still though, hearing about animals got him excited. "Did you just say baby animals?! I love animals! We have a husky dog at home, and my mom is a veterinarian. Sometimes I get to help look after the patients that have to stay overnight for observation!" Then, he realized he had said all of that out loud, and blushed. Did he give away too much about himself to complete strangers? What if they made of fun of him for getting overly excited. He retreated back. "Oh gosh... um... I-I-I'm Tim..." He stuttered. He didn't make eye contact with one, and just looked down twiddling his thumbs. "Uh... I'm an exchange student from America..." Tim wasn't sure what to say next. "Um...I'm taking classes..." He really didn't feel like saying he was taking a whole bunch of artsy classes like music and drama. Those were his mom's idea. What if they made of fun of him for it. "Um... I'm... uh... I'm... gonna go see what Alex is doing outside... Be right back. Um... sorry..." He immediately dashed out of the room as quickly.

    "That was terrible..." He mumbled to himself. He had gone outside to take a breather, and saw a cute girl struggling to lift her heavy luggage up the stairs, and Alex along with another girl offering to help. Tim was unsure if he should offer assistance. This girl already had two people coming to her aid, did she really need a third person? Still, it would be mean to just stand there and watch her struggle without offering some sort of help. Tim took a deep breath, and approached. "Um... d-d-d you need any help? I mean... the three of you probably have this covered already, but um... you know... in case you don't... uh... I'm here?" Tim cringed, and his face turned bright red.
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  19. Schade

    Schade Nothing to report, professor!

    Tobias Myhre
    Aquimas Dorm, 3rd floor

    After Tobias had made himself at home by forming his pillow in juuust the right way to support both his head and elbows for when he would read on the be, the door to the dorm opened again. Looking up, he could see that one of the others quickly hid something under his pillow before his eyes were pulled towards the opened door. “Hello,” he said. “I'm Conrad Griffin. Nice to meet you.”. He didn't ay anytthing besides this, and awkwardly went over to one of the empty beds and claimed the upper bunk.

    not paying the new guy much attention, Tobias continued to fiddle with his phone, sending a large text regarding his situation to his parents. they would be pleased to know that he was settling in properly and not getting into any weird situations.He knw he should probably be social with th others, but the setting and situation just made everything so.. awkward, and he would rather not talk to anyone for the time being.

    The door opened once again, and another boy entered. This one seemed more enthusiastic than the guy who introduced himself as Conrad. "Well, well, I hope I'm not too late for the party, that would be such a shame. Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Alexander Wesker at your service. You may call me Alex.". Like the others, he proceeded to claim a bunk and settling down with his stuff. The whole scene reminded Tobias of those reality shows where people were making grand entrances, only to go into awkward chatting afterwards. Granted, the people in his room seemed to be nice enough based on first impression so he wasnt worried he wouldn't make friends, and he did realize he had made this entire situation worsei n his head. Sure, he was a fish out of water there, but so was most of the others it seemed, which made it all a lot easier on him.

    "Sorry, I forgot to ask your names." Conrad then said. That was true, though the people there were in the same room now, they still hadnt all formally introduced themselves to each other. He also smiled a ery fake-looking smile which seemeed practiced to Tobias, as a way of trying to break the tension in the room. If anything, it made it slightly more awkward for Tobias, but he sat up in the bed, narrowly escaping headbutting the bed above him. He crossed his legs and held hi pillow in his lap as he listened to the people introduce themselves properly. "So what are you guys here to study? The usual for me, English, Maths and Science, P.E. of course." conrad followed up his first question. that was a good question though, and Tobias fished out his list of classes as the others started.

    Alex was the first to break the silence, revealing to be here for two of Tobias' own classes, english and history. Huh great, then he wouldnt be completely alone in said classes. Then all lof a sudden, a loud noise could be heard from the hallway. After a short silence, Alex decided he would go out and investigate, excusing himself from the party.

    Another guy, introducing himself as Eric Duiker revealed not to remember his classes. A fair blooper, considering Tobias barely remembered his own. He did remember being in the english class though, so they would be in the same class as well. He then began talking about his personal life living in South Africa, which sounded very interesting to Tobias. Another guy, an obviously timid blue-clad boy then started talking, exclaiming his love for animals after Eric mentioned his backstory. Was that maybe what he hid under his pillow? A plushie? Tobias was puzzled why he would feel the need to do that, but shook the thoughts off an listened in. As if catching himself mid-sentence, his entire character suddenly changed, and his aura turned inwards, revealing his true, shy nature that Tobias had witnessed before.

    "Oh gosh... um... I-I-I'm Tim..." He stuttered. He made a big effort on not making any eye contact with anyone, and furiously twiddled his thumbs with an astonishing speed as he talked. "Uh... I'm an exchange student from America... Um...I'm taking classes...". Not quite the talker, Tobias zoomed out and started rehearsing his own speech. He barely noticed Tim leaving the room.

    "Looks like I'm next then? Coool..." Tobias said and cleared his throat. "My name is Tobiaas Myhre, and i hail from the chilly northern parts of Norway. I got placed here when my dad got a job oppurtunity nearby." he then fiddled with his poorly scribbled list of classes. "I'm motly here for the gymnastic courses, and in order to work on my english." he then made a very poor parody voice before continuing. "Me england not good eh?". he chuckled awkwardly to himself and cleared his throat again. "Uhm.. Right. I'm also doing music, social studies and history. I think most of us will be int he same class then? maybe? no?" Awkward silence. "Well it's certainly nice meeting you all and i am looking forward to hearing you snore!" he said with a huge grin.
  20. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea 風に吹き Staff Member

    Chelsea "Cheeky" Becker
    Aquinas Dorm, Third Floor

    As one of the older girls came over to introduce herself, Cheeky felt her heart swell. It turns out that sometimes older people really can be nice, she smiled as politely as she could and looked at Maddie. Just as she was about to strike up a conversation, another girl burst into the room, causing quite a ruckus as she entered. She looked young, around the same age as herself. Cheeky's eyes lit up, realizing that she certainly wouldn't be the baby of her room.

    "Wow! There's so many of us here now!" Cheeky exclaimed, watching as the other young girl exclaimed something about going pee before running briskly into the bathroom. Cheeky could hear her musings about the state of the bathroom from her bunk, but she paid little attention as more introductions went on. Her bunkmate seemed a little intimidating to say the least, she talked about not being very sociable due to talking her studies seriously. Cheeky couldn't help but feel pity rise up in her throat. There was so much more to life than just school! It was troubling to see someone who would rather be absorbed in a book than to be with people.

    However, those kind of people were Cheeky's favourite! They were the kind of people that fought against you as you tried to be as friendly as possible... but if Cheeky had one thing, it was boundless determination. She swore that she would make Amélie understand the value of other things as long as they lived in this dorm together, no matter how hard it seemed to be.

    She grabbed her suitcase, unpacking the rest of her belongings as her eyes scanned the room. "So um, what do you guys like to do for fun?" Called Cheeky from the top bunk, her eyes sparkling about all the ways she could have fun with her new friends.

    "We could have a pillow fight, or a foodfight!" Her eyes sparkled and she clasped her hands together. "Or better yet, we could play tag!"

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