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Digimon: The Tributes (PG-15)


Chickity China
Ten years ago, our natural search for knowledge and our extreme curiosity, led us humans into pressing and probing against a border, a border we knew nothing about, a border between the Human World, and the Digital World, and thus this line between the worlds began to blur and dissipate.

Fanglongmon, the god and lord protector of the Digital world, had decided it was time to cut off all relations with the Human world, and to do this he decided to call upon the help of a human. Out of all mankind, Fanglongmon picked an orphaned boy, a boy that had great potential for good.

Fanglongmon took the boy to the Digital World, and gave him the knowledge in order to program a new strengthened border from the Human world. The boy successfully completed his given task, and as a reward, he got to stay in the Digital World to prevent any other humans from entering the world.

Time passed, and the boy grew up to be a fine young man, but he has changed. He grew a deep hatred for humans, and for all those years on the streets, all those beating he would get from drunken idiots, from what he had witnessed most humans do, and how they sin.

A secret plan was made behind the back of Fanglongmon, a plan to get revenge on The Humans, and their world. He began implanting dark thoughts of humans into the minds of The Digimon, and building an army of dark Digimon, using the old Dark Towers, which had been left hundreds of years ago, to brainwash any Digimon that wouldn't follow his lead.

However it was not long until Fanglongmon found out about this, and war broke out. But it was all in vain as the boy was able to absorb Fanglongmon's Digicore, destroying the God of the Digital World.

With Fanglongmon's Digicore, the boy, who was called '01', was more powerful then ever before he then began attacking the only Digimon that could possibly attack him, The Sovereigns. With their Cores, '01' rule would be unchallenged.

However, before they were destroyed, The Sovereigns sent out their data to the Human World, so that maybe, there would be heroes to represent them, and fight for the future of both worlds. And they have found their heroes in London, England, and to be more exact, The Royal Academy for Higher Learning, a school where all our heroes happen to be studying at.

And one day, they discover strange shards with unknown symbols on them, and soon they shall encounter their partners, and go on an adventure of a life time.

-All SPPF RPG Rules apply. If you haven't read them, please do.
-All posts should include your character's name, Digimon's name, and current level.
-If you join, please stay active, don't just go away. Stay and Play.
-Please be nice to other players, it's okay to have fights in character, but please refrain out of character.
-No Gary Stu/Mary Sues. No bunnying, you know the basics.
-No duplicates of other people's Digimon.
-This RP is rated PG-15, so if you don't like blood, gore, violence, and potential sexual innuendos, this RP may not be for you.
-Please wait for my go ahead to Digivolve to certain levels, after I have though, you may Digivolve to that level as much as you want.
-If you have any questions please send me a message either via pm/VM, and I will try my best to help you understand.

Accepted Characters
Azulongmon's Tributes.
Riku Vincent and Dre the Dracomon - Charizard_Man
Mila Amira and Kudamon - Requiem's Eclipse
Terra Saunders and Rafe the Dorumon- Aura of Twilight

Baihumon's Tributes.
Travis Jones and Victor Ursa the Bearmon- Digipoke1
Jackson Hart and Lex the Elecmon - CuriousHeartless
Tyler Pheonix and Alpha the Flamedramon - Krazy95

Ebonwumon's Tributes.
Lillian "Lilly" Silverstone and Aster the Palmon - Mon1010
Cornelius 'CD' Devon and Isaac the Ninjamon - Handy?
Patrcia Knightley and Wally the Penguinmon - GalladeOfSpades

Zhuquimon's Tributes.
Renato “Ren” Vargas Rivera and Itzamna “Izzy” the Hawkmon - GoldenHouou
Drake Columbus and Goblu the Gobinmon - CyberBlastoise
Andrzej "Annie" Grzymułtowski and Leanan "Lea" Sidhe the Witchmon - Niihyl

Travis Jones
Mr Jenkins' Year 12 History Class
The Royal Academy for Higher Learning

"And it is at this point in 334 BC, Alexander's army crossed the Hellespont with approximately 48,000 soldiers, 6,000 cavalry and a fleet of about 120 ships" said the bald and aging teacher of Travis' history class. However the majority of these words fell on deaf ears as Travis was busy doodling a stick figure in a book.

'My god, could this guy be any more boring?' Travis thought to himself, now Travis didn't mind learning, it was one of his favorite things to do, but he hated it when it was boring.

' I wish something interesting would happen, I don't care what it is, as long as it's interesting.' Travis thought as the teacher continued with his lecture.

"After an initial victory against Persian forces at the Battle of the Granicus, Alexander accepted the surrender of the Persian provincial capital and treasury of Sardis and proceeded along the Ion-" The teacher's lecture cut off by the school bell. "Oh, I guess I got a bit sidetracked by the lecture, anyway, we'll continue this on Monday." The Teacher said puts his papers together in a folder.

"Finally," Travis mumbled to himself as he got out of his seat and picked up his backpack, he then walked passed Mr Jenkins. Slightly adjusting his school uniform's plaid tie, god how he hated things touching his neck, Travis walked out of the classroom and down the corridor to get out of the main part of the Academy.

He took a deep breath of the slightly fresh air as he looked around. There was a small fountain in the middle of a walking path that split into three, one path leading to the main learning facility, and the path on the left led to the boy's dormitory and the right led to the girl's, each about three stories tall.

Travis obviously walked down the left path, as he is neither a girl nor a pervert... well maybe a slight pervert... Anyways, he continued walking into the dormitory and opened the door.

It was relatively quiet, I guess most of the other boys were still walking around the main facility, or maybe they were outside running about, I don't know. Travis walked up a flight of stairs and made his way to his room on the second floor.

Travis' room

There was a few posters up on the walls, mostly of Pokémon and other video game character and creatures, a bed in upper right corner with a TV on a table in at the foot of it, a book case behind it. And then just to the left corner, there was a desk and a computer. Travis pulled out the black swivel chair in front of it and turned on the computer.

Travis couldn't find his mouse for it however, and began looking for it. "Maybe it fell back down here..." Travis said to himself as he looked down behind the computer, all he found was strange grey sim card looking thing.

"What the hell?" Travis said holding it up the light, it appeared to have some strange markings on it. "Where the hell did this come from?" Maybe it was from one of the old boarders.

'Hmm... What could be the harm?' Travis said as he took the sim card out of his cellphone and slid this new one into it. He then opened up his phone and saw..... Nothing, and to make matters worst, it appeared to be stuck in his phone.

"Goddamnit!" Travis said as he flung his phone onto his bed. "Great, now I need a new phone, just great..." Travis said as he went on Craig's List 'maybe they have a cheap one on here.'

Little did he know that a strange things were now happening to his phone, it began glowing a grey colour, and then was followed by a flash of light. And then finally a large steely grey egg appeared on his bed.

"Holy crap..." Travis said as he spun around his seat and saw the egg. "Where the hell did that come from..." Travis said as he slowly approached the large egg. As he got with in about three feet, it cracked, and a small grey yoke thing slid out.

"Helloooooo." Said the now floating grey jellyfish thing with like a wobble effect in it's voice.

"HOLY CRAPBASKETS! ITSPOKE!" Travis shouted at the thing. "Okay I must be on Punked, or something I mean... This is unbelievable!" Travis said freaking out.

"Nooooo" It said with the same annoying wobble effect "I am a Digimon... A Digital Monster..."

"And what is that?"

"I am a Creature from another world, a world that is in danger, a world you must save, Traaavissssss..."

"Okay, wait a second, another world? Like Pluto!?"

"Noooooo... a world closer to you whatever that is.... A world in the digital universe...."

"Okay you are now not making any sense..."

"I don't need to Traaaavisssss... All I need to do it to get you to this placeeeeeeee...."

"What place?"

"A place not far from hereeee.... the wooded pond behind your schooooolllll...."

"Okayyy....How did you know my name?"

"....Muffin Buttonnnnnnn...." The grey thing said.

"... That makes total sense... What is your name might I ask?"

"Victor Ursa the Poyomon...." Victor said as it hovered over to Travis. "We need a way to get there with out being noticed..."

"Hmm... You could hide in my shirt?"

"That'll workkkkkkkk..." Victor said as he flew down Travis' shirt.

"Gah, you're cold!" Travis said as he walked over to where he chucked his phone, what he found had no resemblence to his Motorolla, it now looked like a thing you'd see on a tv show, it almost entirely grey except for the screen, it just kept having Binary code running across, Travis picked it up and then walked out of his room, and down the stairs of the dormitory.

As soon as he exited the building he hung a right and began walking behind the school, eventually ending up at a small pond, no bigger then ten foot in diameter.

"So Victor, why are we here?"

"To wait for the othersssssss..."

"The other what?"


(Post you introduction to your partner, and get to the pond!)
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I'm glad to be back!
Tyler Phoenix
Art Class - AS-Level Standard
The Royal Academy For Higher Learning

A small dash there, a quick sweep of the red brush there, and... done! Tyler smiled at the canvas in front of him. He tweaked his headband, flicking a stray strand of hair away from his eye. He stretched slightly and started to clear away a few artistic tools, and put his hand up.

"Uh, Miss Landon, could you come and look at this? See if it needs to be improved?" he called to his teacher. Miss Landon turned and looked over at him, and smiled.

"Give me five minutes Tyler. I'll be right there." she called back to him. Tyler nodded, smiling back, and stared at the image. It was a picture of a football pitch, with a boy holding a sword by his side. A dragon was flying overhead, and he had a few wolves nearby, growling. In his other hand was a fireball. He laughed before commenting on it's wackiness. Too much Skyrim, Tyler. Too much Skyrim... He went and grabbed his mobile from his pocket to text a friend, and was surprised to find it missing. He frowned, and dived into his rucksack. Scraping around the contents of his bag, and not finding the mobile, Tyler frowned again.

"Where the hell is it?" he said out loud. A student next to him laughed. Tyler was known for losing things. He blushed and turned away, embarrassed. It was then he felt an urge to leave lessons.

Go to your room... I am waiting.

A voice echoed in Tyler's head repeatedly, the same line repeating again and again. He blanched, and darted out of the room.

"Need the toilet!" he shouted, grabbing his rucksack, before rushing out of the door, slamming it shut. Miss Landon wandered over, puzzled.

"That boy... taking his rucksack too... Uh..." she stared at the canvas. "...he plays too much Skyrim."

Tyler's Room.

Tyler slammed the door shut, pale. He scanned the room, searching for any sign of break-in.


He searched around again, moving objects, and searching in small gaps where someone could be found. He once more panicked, and lashed out at a pillow. It was only then he saw his phone, lying on his desk, it's back open.

"I'm sure it wasn't like that earlier..." he mumbled. Approaching it, he saw the SIM card was missing and, placed inside it, was a small metallic shard, SIM-like, with small scrawlings and symbols over it. Someone must have painted his SIM as a joke, or brought a fake one. Whatever it was, he wanted to be sure of it's safety. He closed up his phone, and plugged it into the laptop via his USB charger.

He noticed his laptop flashing up straight away

Memory Drive [Digi-Bank/DATA://E] installed..

Digi-Bank, What? Tyler stared incredulously. That is NOT my SIM. As Tyler stared, his laptop flashed up with a download bar.

[UPLOADING DATA to Digi-Bank://E/] - 30 seconds remaining.

Tyler grabbed the USB charger, trying to rip it out. However as he touched it, and electric shock ripped through his body, and he let go. He watched his phone flash up brightly, and his laptop started to stream error codes and the screen hazed slightly - Tyler could just make out what it said.


Transformation? Digi-Bank? Chibomon? What the hell is going on!? As Tyler panicked, his Laptop suddenly rebooted and a flash of blinding light burst through his room from his phone. It seemed to have uploaded data then fried. Tyler then noticed the screen of his laptop, despite being turned off, flash up with an information bubble.

Device may be safely removed.

Tyler laughed nervously. "So, I won't get shocked now? that's relieving..>" He unplugged it cautiously and held it in his hand.

"I BET IT IS!" someone shouted from his bed behind him. Tyler jumped, startled, and spun around sharply. On his bed, next to his phone... wait, what was his phone and was now a black and red device, was a blue blob-like creature, bouncing on his pillow. It's small red eyes shined, and it was smiling, a single spiky tuft of... fur? sticking out from the top of its head/body/whatever it was.

"What are you? How'd you get here? Are you a type of screwed up insect?" Tyler sad, shouting at the blob, backing up against his door.

"Me? No! I'm a Chibomon!" the blob replied. It smiled again, and bounced of the bed towards Tyler, who swiftly withdrew further against his door.

Chibomon... the data? What the... "Are you the data my computer installed onto my phone, which now appears to be non-existant?" he asked it, relaxing slightly.

"I sure am. Are you Tylermon?" it asked back.

"Uh, no, I'm Tyler." Tyler stated back.

"But, don't all Digimon have 'Mon' at the end of their name?"

Tyler frowned. "Digimon? I'm a human!"

The Chibomon stared at Tyler, then at the phone, then back at him.

"Ohhhh... So Tylermon wasn't a Digimon, he ws just Tyler, who is supposed to help me?"

"Help you?" Tyler asked. "How?"

Chibomon leapt in the air. "You have to meet with some other cool non Digimon guys! And help save the world and stuff, and I, Alpha, have been assigned to help you on your fantastically super-awesome journey!" Tyler sighed. The critter was hyperactive, and frustrating. VERY FRUSTRATING.

"So, if I'm meant to help you Alpha, regardless of my lack of knowledge of anything, where do I go?" Tyler asked. Alpha stared back and smiled.

"You go to the-" the school bell rang, signalling the end of lessons.

"Oh, CRAP! I never went back!" Tyler yelled in frustration. "I gotta go back!" Tyler stared at the small Chibomon, it's blue body bouncing on the floor in front of him. "Right, where are we going? I'll take a detour on the way."

"The pond, Tylermon, I mean, Taylor, wait.. Uh, Tyler, yeah?"

"Yeah, Tyler. Now, hop into my rucksack, and stay completely and utter;y quiet, okay?"

Tyler grabbed his rucksack, and opened it, letting Alpha hop in.

"Completely silent. You won't hear a word."

The Royal Academy of Learning - Art Corridor/Pond

"Miss Landon? Are you there?" Tyler called into his classroom. He waited and heard footsteps, before the door opened.

"Ah, Tyler, are you here to collect your work?" She asked, glaring at him. Tyler stared at his feet, shuffling slightly.

"uh no Miss, I came to apologize for my sudden absence, and not returning. Truth be told, after I went to the toilet, I figured with only ten minutes of lesson left and already knowing the homework, there was no point me coming back..." Tyler mumbled. Miss Landon obviously heard him, and relaxed a little.

"Okay, but no doing this next time. Here's your artwork." She passed over the canvas and Tyler squeezed it into his rucksack. As he forced it in, he heard a rather loud "OW!"

"What was that, Tyler?" Miss Landon asked curiously. Tyler laughed nervously, quickly closing his bag.

"Oh, it was nothing, just me.. Caught my hand on the bag, you know... Hehehehe..." Tyler said, smiling maniacally at his teacher. She frowned, but dismissed it. Tyler smiled once more, then sped down the corridor, determined to get outside.

"I said to be quiet!" he hissed at Alpha.

"Sorry, but paintings hurt... although it's pretty." Alpha remarked back. Tyler didn't speak, only shaking his head and running more. As he burst into the pond area, he saw there was no normal hustle and bustle of smokers and lovers as there would normally be at lunch, only a single boy, with a rather unusual lump in his top. Another Digimon perhaps? Tyler peered casually, before walking over to him. He stood there in silence, occasionally glancing at the boy, but too nervous to speak, in case the boy was a normal kid, and had no idea what he was talking about. So he just relaxed, sitting nearby.

What could possibly go wrong?

"Hey, I smell Digimon! Let me out!"


Ultimate Trainer
Riku Vincent
Advanced Biology, Room C-2

The Royal Academy for Higher Learning

"Now, can anyone tell me why the assumption that all carnivores are predators is not entirely correct?" A middle aged asian woman looked up slowly from her computer monitor, her lecture notes being projected on to a large pull down screen at the front of the large class room. She tapped her pen on her desk a few times impatiently, and took a few steps to cross her arms and glare at the entire room. Now, Mrs. Chu was an attractive woman for her age, and when she glared at the classroom all the males in the class would melt in their seats and stay silent. She would mistake this as a sign that no one was paying attention and repeat the entire lecture over again, which is both a hassle for the class and for her. She was relieved to see one solemn olive skinned hand raise into the air.

"Because while most carnivores are hunters, some are classified as scavengers."

"Very good Riku. Good to know someone is listening here, now let's go into more details about carnivores..."

The boy's hand fell slowly back down onto his desk where his notebook lay open with a wall of notes written on the paper, the hazel eyes behind his black framed glasses lit up as the prettiest teacher in the school smiled at him. He adjusted the folded up sleeves of his uniform blazer, all the while still completely focused on the lecture.

"Nerd~" A petite voice teased from behind as the person the voice belonged to proceeded to poke Riku in the back of the head with a pen. The boy smirked a bit as his head was pushed down, he adjusted his glasses before leaning over his desk to glare playfully at the person behind him. Tifa Chu, Mrs. Chu's daughter. She was a spitting image of her mother, only younger and cuter - at least, in Riku's eyes. She playfully stuck her tongue out at him and he chuckled quietly then turned back around. He looked down besides his desk to see his black bag laying on the marble floor, the word "Superdry" printed across the bag in white. He brought out his biology book and placed it on his table, they weren't using it of course but its thickness would provide the perfect cover to use his iphone. With the most devious smile Riku could possible make, he searched Tifa in his contacts and sent a text message.

"Have you noticed all the weird stuff around the city? :O"

"Yeah! It TOTALLY ruined my weekend! I'm so sad! :'((("

"Well, you know what always cheers me up? :)"

"Hmmmm. Nope! Tell meee! ^__^"

"Netflix, oreos & milk, laying on Stitch's soft fluffy body. And you know, Stitch is big enough for two people to lay on :)"

"Iss this a datee??? :D"

"LOL....yes. :)"

"Then...yes. :)"

They exited the classroom as soon as the class was over, he pushed the glasses higher up on the bridge of his nose as he was playfully shoved by Tifa. After a walk to her dorm, they shared a hug and he watched her walk passed the doors and he turned around once she was out of sight and had the biggest smile he had ever had on his face. He put on his headphones, and without even thinking much about it played the happiest songs he had on his phone. It was strange when he thought of it, he never usually acted like this. He was never outgoing, per say, and he would never talk to any human being the way he talks to her. He was nearly skipping, and held his phone up to adjust the volume when he stumbled a bit and dropped his phone on to the ground. The iphone 4s he had gotten from his grandmother smashed in half, the back half popping off. Mouth gaping, he quickly recovered the remains of his phone and hurried back to his dorm.

West Side of Campus, Boy's Dormitory

2nd Floor/Room 13, Riku's Room

Now changed into a comfortable pair of green basketball shorts and a white "The Hundreds" tank top with a white and black panda wooden chain, Riku frantically fiddled with the inner workings of his phone. He could not return to his grandmother and present her with a broken phone...again. He lifted a couple of tiny wires with a small screwdriver and his eyes narrowed at the sight of a small, onyx grey shard of some sort. He took his glasses off and placed them on the desk he was on, he narrowed his eyes and poked at the small cartridge shaped object in his phone. He was no Steve Jobs, but he was sure that didn't belong in there. He positioned the flat end of the screwdriver below the foreign object and attempted to pull it out of his deceased phone, but as soon as he applied the slightest bit of pressure the object heated up and send a small shock through the tool into Riku's hand. The boy jolted a bit at the sight of blue sparks.

He rubbed his fingers, making sure everything still worked properly and then noticed a slight light reflecting off of the polished wood of his desk below his phone. He lifted the phone and noticed the regular start up screen was being displayed, whatever he did managed to work and so he placed the back lid on and the case he bought but never used - it seemed he had a use for it now. Everything was going according to plan, Riku was feeling pretty good about the phone. That is, until the phone displayed a bright blue screen instead of the normal home screen. Tons and tons of binary code started to flood the screen and fly by at unimaginable speeds, it continued to speed up until the screen turned black and the numbers changed into a bright green and eventually all clumped together into the center of the screen.

The small clump of binary code seemed to grow larger and larger until, Riku had to widen his hazel eyes to understand what was happening, the code seemed to pop out of the screen of his phone. He rolled back on his chair and left the phone facing up towards the ceiling as the clump of green code completely popped out of his phone and stayed afloat for a couple seconds. It grew larger, into what seemed to be a large egg. It continued to grow, the egg was causing some sort of disturbance with all the electrical appliances in his room. His clock was going haywire, his desktop constantly flashing on and off, his laptop playing random news clips at super high speeds. Everything suddenly stopped for a second and a split second after the ceiling light burst, his entire room lit up with a blinding white light. It could be seen from the girl's dormitory if anyone were to be looking. There, left on his desk was a large, teal shaded egg with red zebra stripe looking patterns spread across it. Riku looked around his empty room, in disbelief of the giant egg that lay on his desk. He rubbed his hands together, his toes underneath his socks pointed together out of sheer uncertainty whether to approach it or not.

Riku looked around, in a panic really, until he calmed down and stared at the egg for a couple of seconds. Without warning, Riku lifted an xbox 360 controller and chucked it at the egg. The black controller bounced off of the egg, and managed to spread a thin crack that circled the entire egg. Riku perked up a bit, and the egg completely cracked open. Two glowing purple eyes looked straight into Riku's hazel eyes, and after a few seconds of silent eye locking strangeness...a small teal ball of life darted from the inside of the egg onto Riku's face. "GaAAAAhhhHH!" The olive skinned boy frantically tried to tear the scaly creature from his face, who was holding onto dear life with its tiny wings which it wrapped around Riku's head. Finally managing to tear the creature off, he threw the small reptillian looking thing against the wall of his bed. It fell softly down onto his pillow as it used its tiny wings to slow its decent.

"What...the fu-"

"FUN! THAT WAS FUN! Throw me again!!" The small ball of scales smiled greatly, showing off its tiny fangs as it flapped its tiny wings and ran around on its tiny purple claw...foot thing. Riku raised an eyebrow at the creature, it looked so scary - yet it was so childish. Well, it did just hatch from the egg. The small creature fluttered around his room, managing to knock around a few small objects. But no real damage, the thing was harmless really.

"Uhhhm. What...exactly are you?" Riku tapped his fingers together nervously, not wanting to upset the creature and trigger some angry fire breathing rampage in which case Riku would hide in his closet and cry.

"Oh right!" The creature smiled and sat still on the rolling computer chair where he ended up, "I'm Petitmon! A Digimon, from a place called the Digital World. I've been sent to find you Riku! Because the Digital World needs your help!"

"Digital. World?" Riku fell to his knees and scooted over to talk to this alleged Petitmon. He didn't want to believe this, in fact he was thinking this was all some sort of hoax. But when a small green dragon pops out of a giant egg that appears from your broken iphone, you listen. The small dragon nodded with a smile before flapping over to his iphone, Riku quickly followed.

"Yeah, see?!" With a light tap of his wing, Riku looked over to the screen of the phone and saw a black screen with green digital writing. It looked like a digital clock, and read "Digital World STATUS://OPEN" Riku picked the phone up and looked at the screen, there wasn't much to look at but he was just more in disbelief than anything. "Digital World..." He mumbled, and sighed. "Okay, I'll bite. What do you need?" Riku stood up and looked sternly at Petitmon.

"Yeah, that's what I'm talking about buddy! We need to go some place nearby."


"The pond."

"Here at school?"


"You'll be seen."

"I'll hide."

"I'll bring a hood."

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Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
Terra Saunders
Random empty hallway
The Royal Academy for Higher Learning

Standing on the tips of her feet, Terra stretched her arm up further to continue her work on the wall. Various cans of spray paint, perhaps at least ten in number, were lying around the teens’ feet, empty and hollow on their sides. The strong smell of fresh paint permeated the air, constantly making her eyes water before she forced herself to blink.

Almost…Pale fingers pressed down on the nozzle, determined to force more of the red substance out. Almost there… Terra managed to add just a little more coating, when, suddenly, the continuous spray of color abruptly stopped. Great.

She scowled, shaking the can only to be rewarded with a loud rattle. Empty. Of course! And that had been her last one too! Fuming, Terra stepped back a few feet to regard the unfinished project that she had been working on the last hour to complete instead of going to History class.

Depicted on the wall before her was a comedic cartoon version of her nemesis since day one, Mr. Thompson, the current principal of The Royal Academy. He was the stereotypical British snob, which she hated more than anything, having an ego the size of Manhattan and a mustache that looked like a squirrel (which many of the students had named Bob) to match. Unfair and almost always sneering, the man was a total prick in a fancy suit and tie. He always seemed to have one goal in mind: Make his students miserable. This week he had been particularly bad; often handing out detentions for the most stupid of reasons. The few teens that he didn’t torture were his favorites—the good looking, obnoxious popular kids, all of whom usually the first to all of the meals and snatched all the good food before anyone else could. They bullied everyone else. Jerks.

As far as graffiti art goes, the art wasn’t bad, but it was nothing compared to some of the master pieces Terra had seen in the alleys of London. Like what she intended, the image of Mr. Thompson looked ridiculous: Balloon sized bald head, eyes that were the size of tennis balls, his signature mustache (which she made look like a squirrel as much as possible), and the suit. The only thing missing was the red tie. Sure it was rather childish, but at that moment the rebellious teen could’ve cared less. She hadn’t got caught yet now, had she?

Besides, once everyone saw this, the whole school would be laughing. She suddenly considered adding a speech bubble to her creation, saying something like, I suck eggs or even I wanted to be a ballerina instead of being in charge of you brats, but perhaps it’d be better to wait until another time. Who could say?

Wondering how much time she had, Terra looked anxiously at the nearby clock. There were still twenty minutes left before the period ended; good. At the most it might take five minutes to get to the dorm and back. She could make it if she hurried.

After picking up her things, Terra glanced around to make sure no one was coming down either of the hallways. Then she ran, occasionally looking behind her to see if she was being followed.

Terra’s Room

Once in the girl’s dorm, Terra slowed to a walk until she approached her apartment. She pulled the key out of her pocket, silently opening the door then closing it once entering. The room hadn’t been disturbed since she left this morning, everything still in place as it should be. The white walls were sparse of any decoration, but various pieces of furniture dotted her living quarters: The small bed lying against the upper right corner, a chest full of clothes and other personal possessions at the foot and a wooden dresser at its side; the wooden desk sitting center alongside the opposite wall with a laptop on top of it; a bookshelf full of books in the lower left corner and the small fridge sitting next to it on the floor. There was also a closet.

Kneeling down next to the bed, Terra reached for the large box underneath that held her stash of art supplies, quickly retrieving what she was looking for. She smirked and was beginning to leave the room when a thought occurred to her. Her cell phone. She should take a picture of her masterpiece to reminisce on its success.

Remembering where she had left it earlier Terra went to the desk. It was at that moment that she noticed something odd. The back of her cell phone was open and…empty?

“I don’t remember doing this.” Terra said with a frown. She picked up the blue sim card lying next to her phone and looked at it closely, eyebrows raised. Hadn’t it been gold before, and smooth too? She didn’t recognize the intricate pattern on its surface at all. Had it somehow been stolen from some random electronic store? If so, by whom? Terra might’ve been many things, but she was certainly no thief... right? It hadn’t been a prank at least, considering how few friends she had.

Not even bothering to be annoyed at that sudden train of thought, the teen rubbed the strange item between her thumbs. Out of curiosity she compared the sim card with the empty space on the back of the cell phone.

“It doesn’t even look like it’d fit any way.” Terra grumbled, yet as the words left her mouth she tried fitting the card in. Surprisingly it actually did, and seeing if anything would happen, she turned the phone over to press the start button.

For several seconds nothing occured. When Terra was about to throw the phone though, the entire screen suddenly lit up with color. Tons and tons of what must’ve been binary code flashed across its surface at incredible speeds, the flash of blue light so bright it was blinding, forcing her to close her eyes. Without warning, the phone started shaking in her hands. She yelped out of surprise, dropping the phone in the process before she accidently fell backwards and hit her head on the wooden desk on the way down to the floor. Luckily the floor was carpeted, and instead of being completely knocked out, the teen only happened to be stunned momentarily. A soft groan escaped her lips. Once the pain passed she forced her eyes open, sitting up on her elbows and then completely after she realized the blue light had faded.

“What the hell just happened?” Terra said, rubbing the back of her head.

“I finally found you.” A stranger’s voice replied. Terra’s head shot up at the sound, her eyes scanning the room but was unable to locate its source. Could she just have imagined it?

“Umm…Hello? I’m sitting right in front of you. Look!”

As soon as the girl’s eyes settled on the purple blob a few feet before her, she blinked, not quite believing what she was seeing. The strange creature looked like an experiment gone wrong—having the body of what seemed like a mere cat head with its ears still attached, minus the nose, two large bug like orange eyes, and even a patch of white fur on its “muzzle”. Yet, in a strange way, it was kind of cute.

“Okay…” Terra began, slowly. “What the heck are you?”

The blob smiled—or at least, that’s what she thought it did, but it was really hard to tell with the shape of its mouth. The strange creature could have been baring its teeth at her for all she knew.

“I’m Dodomon!” The thing proclaimed, its eyes sparkling. “A digital monster from the Digital World, which by the way, needs your help Terra!”

Well then, the little guy’s certainly blunt. I’ll give him that at least. Said girl thought, still confused. How does it know my name?

“Digital World…?” Terra repeated in a somewhat incredulous tone. “But you came out of my freaking phone!”

A nod. “Yep.” The blob “Dodomon” said causally like it was just talking about the weather.

Silence. She could’ve sworn crickets started chirping right then.

God I’ve had too much Red Bull.

“Uh, how do you know my name?”

“I just know these things. Say, let’s go to the pond in the woods!”

Creepy. Little. FU—

Terra cleared her throat. “Why?”

“So we can meet the other heroes Terra!” Dodomon practically whined.

“Heroes? What do you—”

“Go! Let’s go already!”

Terra considered for a moment. On one hand she would be able to figure out what the neck the little critter was talking about, but on the other hand she had a project to complete!

RING! The school bell echoed faintly in her ears, signaling the end of the school day. Guess that was out the window.

She sighed, her shoulders slumping for a moment. “Let me get dressed in my normal clothes little guy. Then we’ll go.”

Once ready, Terra looked down at Dodomon who was currently still on the floor. Next to the little creature she noticed her cell phone, but it looked…different. Picking it up, she frowned for a moment at the strange device before putting it in her pocket. She grabbed the black back on the bed.

“Jump in.”

“But’s it dark in there.”

“Uh-huh. That’s so no one will see you on the way there.”

“I’m really not going to like this, am I?”



Andrzej "Annie" Grzymułtowski
A2-Level Chemistry Class

"Hess' law is the fundamental basis behind the calculation of all thermodynamic quantities. The principle can be applied to ionic systems by considering the different energy changes required to get from one situation to another. When Hess' law is applied to the standard enthalpy of formation of an ionic lattice, the different stages form a cycle, called a Born-Haber Cycle."

Ms. Tiedemann continued to drone on about ionic compounds, enthalpy and Born-Haber cycles. The board behind her was covered in markings, a collection of symbols and diagrams that would seem downright arcane to the layman. Around Annie, a couple of students were hurriedly filling in their homework sheets, scrawling messy formulae and diagrams onto the papers on their laps. Annie rolled his eyes at them. A-levels were supposed to be difficult, but the class was really just a trite, insipid waste of time. He wasn't going to become a scientist - nor a historian, writer or musician - so most of his classes were pointless, weren't they? And far too easy to boot.

Of course, there were several blank homework sheets in Annie's bag, but that was rather beside the point.

The ringing of the bell freed the boy from his musings, and he stood, tugging his bag over his shoulder.

"Please leave your homework in the tray on your way out," Ms. Tiedemann called to the class. Annie ignored her and began heading for the door. "Andrzej!" the teacher continued.

A couple of the other students glanced at Annie. Annie shooed them away; he couldn't speak well with everyone staring. He put a smile on his face and turned towards the chemistry teacher's desk. "Yes, ma'am?"

"Aren't you going to leave your homework before you go?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, I haven't finished it."

Ms. Tiedemann sighed, pulling off her glasses. The rest of the students had already filed out, so the two were alone. "Andrzej, you're a bright boy. I've seen the work you can do at exam time. But you have to develop a better work ethic. You can't keep blowing work off and only doing tests. That's not a good life strategy."

Annie's face was struck with contrition, and his dark eyes glimmered. "I-I'm sorry ma'am. It's been five years, so I really should have adapted to schooling. It's just not the same as private tutoring, is it? I'll try to do better."

Ms. Tiedemann smiled at him. "Try, Andrzej. You're a bright boy, and I don't want to have to fail you."

"Thank you Ms. Tiedemann!" Annie smiled once more before exiting the room. The smile faded instantly away, replaced by a neutral expression. Dealing with the teachers was simple. Unfortunately, he'd have to finish a couple worksheets at least. Wouldn't want Ms. Tiedemann snooping about. Perhaps an injury was in order, so that the erstwhile chemistry teacher would be replaced by an incompetent substitute for the next couple of months. Perhaps a look at her car's brakes was called for.

Annie was so deep in thought that he didn't even notice the dark-haired girl in the slightly too-short skirt. In fact, he ran right into her.

"Annie!" Catalina laughed, stepping swiftly aside as he stumbled to the ground. She picked up his glasses and pulled him back up.

"Sorry, Cat, I was thinking," Annie said with a light chuckle. "Er, can I have my glasses back?"

Catalina examined him for a moment, then popped the glasses back onto his nose. "Yep. You're cuter with glasses on. Maybe even cuter with only glasses on."

Annie raised an eyebrow. "Really now? While I'd be interested in further… research, I have business to take care of right now."

The girl pouted. "Business? Secret work in her Majesty's service, I assume?"

"Of course," Annie said. "Oh, don't look at me like that. You have a boyfriend."

"Yeah, but Mick's a git who has no idea what a woman needs."

"Aren't I?"

"At least you can follow instructions." Catalina gave him one last look, then chuckled. "Fine then, go off with your secret business. If you're assassinating people though, make sure you take a potshot at ol' Jenkins for me."

"Of course, milady." Annie kissed Catalina on the cheek before heading off for his room. He enjoyed Catalina's company, true. More so than many of the daft bastards that were his 'friends'. Perhaps he even liked her. But business always came first, no matter how… tempting the alternative.

Annie's Room

Annie quickly headed for his safe, twisting the dial clockwise, then counterclockwise, then back again. With a click, the black door opened to reveal several small phones. They were all disposable, prepaid cell phones. He'd given one to each of his 'agents' so that transmissions could be sent and received in secret.

He grabbed a random phone and tried switching it on. The device's screen flickered, revealing the 'zen garden' background. Unfortunately, the top corner displayed zero bars. No signal. Annie frowned and flipped the device over, opening up the back. The SIM card was missing. He reached around in the safe, finding a little grey chip. The boy plugged the chip in without a second thought, replacing the back cover. He reset the phone, turning it entirely off and then back on.

And all hell broke loose.

Long strings of binary code rushed past the screen. The room's lights flickered and Annie's computer turned itself on, along with all the other phones in the safe. The binary code burst free of the screen, like the world's most effective 3D screen. Soon, Annie's room looked like a scene out of the Matrix.

The strings of code began to converge at a point above the glowing phone, forming a glimmering, oblong shape. An egg? The egg seemed to be leaking its yolk; a yellowish substance was dripping from the cracks on the surface.

"Interesting," Annie murmured, using a pen to poke the egg gently. The egg cracked, and a little yellow blob bounced out of it. The creature had red eyes and a rather unsettling smile.

"And what might you be?" Annie asked it, attention drawn to the large purple-and-gold device now sitting in his hand.

"Leanan Sidhe, human. I am currently a Zurumon, a digital monster." The creature spoke in a surprisingly feminine voice, sly and wily. "You're cute, so you can call me Lea if you like."

Annie raised an eyebrow. "You're a leanan sidhe? A muse? A fairy that takes a mortal lover?"

"Well, my current form - a Zurumon - is rather distasteful and weak. I assure you, I'm normally quite the beauty."

"Well, would you like something to drink? A meal?"

Lea paused. "Hmm, we should really be meeting the others. There's a world to save… oh, world be damned. I could never refuse a dear boy's hospitality. Just a drink, and then we can go."

Annie opened his fridge, drawing forth a few bottles. "I have beer, of excellent Belgian make. Rather strong though, especially for someone of your size. Coca Cola and lemonade are available as well."

"Coca Cola, then. Just drop the bottle here."

Annie shrugged and dropped the bottle onto the little yellow blob. Lea devoured the drink, glass bottle and all. "Quaint. Humans make interesting drinks. I do like this fizzy feeling. Now, come, pet. We have work to do."


"The digital world is in danger and all. Some crazy sonova***** is trying to take over. So, the powers that be decided to hire a bunch of human children, because no one saves worlds quite like human children."

"Another world? How… interesting." A genuine, sinister smile split Annie's face. "This will be very fun."

Lea glanced at Annie and chuckled. "Hahaha! Oh, I like this one. Now, to the pond with you. I'll sneak along behind."

Requiem's Eclipse

Hopelessly Hopeful
Mila Amira
Room A-22, Honors Operatic Technique Year 10
The Royal Academy For Higher Learning

~+~: "Song Mila is Singing"

Mila liked ticking of Madame Udine with non-classical operatic songs. She specifically chose this song for that specific purpose. Madame Udine, whose real name is actually Penny Winsterson, forced them to call her Madam Udine. She was an old cat lady, or what they would call a spinster here in England, and an old bitter woman from one man in her 20s and so, she dedicated her life to opera. Mila always suspected she envied the young female singers in her classes...especially the sopranos, which Mila had the bad luck of being one.

As she sang, Mila studied her crone of a teacher. She had short pale blonde hair on the verge of being white that was straight and stunningly long. Her face, surprisingly was still soft and had little to no wrinkles but, you were still able to tell she was well over 50. She wore those kinds of glasses you can hang around your neck and were gold rims, ironically they were antiques from like the 1930s. She always dressed in red, trying to desperately hold onto the old days when she was the hot sensual ingenue. She was still rather attractive; tall, lithe, had an amazingly put together body but, her years of being a diva got to her and her personality is perpetually sour. It was ridiculous the amount of things Mila was able to criticize her about. Mila wasn't a critical person though...well only to people she disliked and "Madame Udine" was on top of them. As she sang the last note, which wasn't that hard to hit but, because of her attention to her teacher's appearance, was slightly flat. It was the only note in the whole piece that was off center pitch....Mila knew what was about to come.

"How dare you! You with so much talent so much-" Madame Udine went on her usual rant about how Mila is unappreciative of the opportunity. She just thought about how this class was so overrated because of the teacher. Madame Udine, who used to be a Soprano, a Coloratura at that, being able to do melismatic runs and riffs in her music, is now an alto. Her years of using wrong technique ravaged her voice and caused her voice to drop a whole octave. "Furthermore!!!" her shrill raspy head voice cut through Mila's thoughts and brought her back to reality. However, it quickly returned to the drone of 'blah blah blah' until her grade was given to her.

"A-, although it isn't a operatic song, you did a splendid job with putting it into the Opera style. The one flat note and your nonchalant attitude about the song kept you from getting an A+" Madame Udine said as only her eyes looked at Mila, waiting for some reaction, as her head was tilted down as if she was writing on her score sheet. Maybe it was also the fact Mila chuckled every time Madam Udine made an r sound, as Madame always rolls her rs. Madame dismissed her. The students still in the room, especially the Sopranos, were stunned at the grade as Mila usually got B's and C's because of the same reasons but, something was different today in the eyes of Madame Udine.

Mila took her bag and went straight for her room to change out of her drab school uniform, which she hated. There were no bright colors only dreary unsaturated colors.


Mila's Suite
The Royal Academy for Higher Learning

She was finally out of those drab school clothes and opened the window. It was the stereotypical dreary rain day in England. It was really depressing. It was a mild day however so she put on her short shorts and tank top with her hoodie with some sandals and was set. She was one of the few students with a suite room. Her parents were able to afford it and so, she got it. She was the only person in it so, she didn't have to bother with roommates. Half of her was sad about it but, in the end, it was much better for her. It was hard for her to meet new people.


Mila began singing her favorite song, Songbird. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard. She opened a window straight away because she heard a bird singing outside. A strong gust of damp air burst into the room. Mila's hair flew behind her and a small puff ball blew into the room from the outside. The instant it passed her face she knew it was alive. She quickly turned around and watched were the Puff landed. It landed right near her laptop and she jolted toward the small animal.

"Ow....that hurt!" the small puff ball had said. Mila was stunned. This animal was speaking english right now. It was also speaking with a rather proper accent.

"Ah, Mila Amira? Pleased to make your aq....ak...awk..acquain...acquaintance! That's the word!! My name is Pafumon!" Mila was taken back by the small creature's utter cuteness. It's not everyday a small puff ball decides to drop by and introduces itself. "And I'm..........BA DA DA DAH!!!!! A digital monster!"

'Kill me right now, it's too cute!' she thought to herself but, she snapped back to reality. "Digimon? Wait a second...." she looked behind Pafumon and found her cellphone had been replaced with an odd colored device resting behind him. It was rose colored while the sides were a pale cream color, the rose matched the coat of the "Pafumon" sitting right in front of her. "What exactly is going on here?" she couldn't follow anything going on right now.

"To long to explain but, we have to go to the pond!!!" Pafumon hopped from the table and began gliding in the air towards the pond. Mila followed the puff ball fearing for it's life, she also grabbed the device as well. What was in store for her? She had no clue but, she felt like she needed to go to the pond.

Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
OoC: I know nothing of the British education system...so here's my best attempt.:(
Drake Columbus
C2-Level Mathematics Class?

“And that should cover the material for today,” a teacher stated in front of a class of mostly bored teenagers. Only one of this group seemed to be paying attention to him. He was sitting up front, his notebook chock full of notes from today's lecture in math. This young man kept writing as fast as he could on all the materials including what was on the whiteboard in front. Every note, every theorem, everything was compiled into this one notebook. He eventually found himself heading on into the next chapter and had already started taking notes on it. He kept focused on the notebook until “Mr. Columbus, unless you have a question, I would suggest that you leave.”

Drake looked up from his desk to find that all the other students had left. The only other person inside the room besides himself was the teacher. “So sorry, sir. I'll be on my way then.” This was his last class of the day anyways, and he would always be the last to leave, usually for that reason. The hallway outside the classroom was almost as empty as the room he had just left. The man kept thinking about the various things that he would need to know for tomorrow's lectures. Soon, his mind was preoccupied while his body was subconsciously walking towards his next destination. That was until he bumped into something...or rather someone.

“Ah, Drake, there you are. I've been trying to get ahold of you.” Standing in front of him was a much taller man. He had the same shade of brown hair that Drake had, though he wore it a lot neater than Drake. Though unlike Drake, he had a much warmer expression on his face.

“Hello, Mr. Columbus,” Drake stated as politely as he could. “What is it you need?”

“It's after hours, Drake. You can just call me 'Ben',” the older man said, with a hint of annoyance. “I was wondering if you would like to join me for some nice dinner. I hear that the new sushi place is quite divine.”

Drake adjusted his glasses before saying, “Thank you for the honor, M- er...Uncle. But I'm afraid I need to head back to the dorms and study first.”

Ben just looked at Drake with a bit of disappointment and muttered, “You're your father's son alright.” He then stated aloud, "You need to learn to relax for a bit. I suggest you put down the books and start living life a little. Having a little fun won't kill you. I mean, I'm a teacher here and I'm very relaxed."

"I'll...try," Drake said. It was true that Drake was a lot more serious about his studies, but ever since he moved in to this academy that his uncle taught in, he learned to be a lot more relaxed than he was before.

"Haha, though I may try to get ahold of you later. Make sure you have your phone on you." Something about Ben's smile does make things feel a lot less stressful here for Drake.


Drake's Room
Drake entered into his room. The room was full of books, notes, and the like all over the floors and walls. Drake carefully stepped around the mess on the floor to make sure not to get any unwanted dirt on his items before tearing out the notebook paper that all his notes were written on. He opened up one of the desk drawers and pulled out a thumbtack. He looked carefully at the wall beside him for a good clean spot before sticking the notes on the wall.

After he closed the drawer with the thumbtacks in it, an item on it caught his eye, his cellphone to be exact. Odd...last he remembered he had his phone on the dresser, though he could've absentmindedly placed it on the desk without realizing it. Ben did say that he would try to get ahold of Drake later, so he picked up the phone. The phone's back felt very loose like it was about to...TWAK! the back of the cellphone hit the ground. Drake looked at the phone for a bit and noticed something. The SIM card was completely gone. Did someone break into his room? He looked at the papers on the floor. If they did, they also did a good job at keeping all evidence of entering here. Upon closer examination, he noticed there was a silver SIM card on the papers. Perhaps it would contain a clue as to what happened to his. He placed the card into his own phone and suddenly...nothing.

The phone was completely void. There was nothing on it at all. "Of course it wouldn't be that easy," Drake stated to himself. He reached to the back to get the SIM card out...but it was being stubborn. He set it on the bed to see if he could use both hands to get it out, that was when the glow from the blankets surrounding the phone caught his attention. He flipped the phone back over. It was reading all sorts of numbers, well 1s and 0s. Binary coding to be exact. The phone wasn't the only thing acting weird. All the lights around him started to flicker. His fan buzzed and stopped periodically. He wondered if anyone else was having this problem too. He got up from his bed before seeing that.

A large egg sat on his bed. He knew that that wasn't there before. Why...and how did it get here now? This thing was larger than any egg he had seen before. Hell, it was larger than an ostrich egg, and those things were large. That's when it started to crack...and crack...whatever this egg was, it was hatching.

A small puffball jumped out of the egg and onto Drake's head. The shock caused him to fall onto his bum. The puffball started...to laugh? "Wh-What are you?" Drake said. He reached for a text book, preferably one with a softback so he could bat it away without injuring himself.

"You're so funny! I think I'll like you," the thing said. It hopped off of Drake's head and onto the bed. "I'm the prince of pranks, the king of fun itself, GOBLU THE PUWAMON!" It yelled very loudly. Drake got a better look at the creature. It was a small brown fluffy ball. The only facial features it had were two large eyes and some sort of three-pointed star. This thing didn't even seem to have a mouth to talk with...how was it talking at all?

"I...I must be hallucinating. Ben did say that I would crack from all the stress," Drake muttered to himself.

"Oh, this is very real alright," the Puwamon said. "As to what I am...well, the way I was told was this. I'm a Digimon from a place you humans call, the Digital world. I was sent here to partner up with you, Drake."

"Digital...world? Like computers?" Drake said. Nothing this little fluffball said was making any sense to him, yet he felt compelled to listen more to this...Digimon.

The Puwamon just shrugged off Drake's comment, "Beats me. But listen, I'm supposed to tell you that we're supposed to meet others by some sort of pond around here?"

"Pond? The only one I'm aware of is in the woods," Drake answered.

"THAT'S IT!" the fluffball's fur started to raise dramatically. "We need to go to that pond!"

Drake sighed and said, "And what makes you think that I'll go?"

"Aren't you at least curious?" the Puwamon asked without missing a beat. Drake at first was going to decline, but then he realized. He was a bit curious about these Digimon, and if there were more people with them...he could perhaps study these creatures. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he did want to at least see what this creature was talking about.

"Okay, you have yourself a deal," Drake said.

"EXCELLENT!" the Puwamon yelled. He started to run off...or rather...crawl? This thing didn't have feet either, how was it doing that? Drake started chasing it outside the dorm and towards the great unknown.
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Renato “Ren” Vargas Rivera
School Gym, PE Class
The Royal Academy for Higher Learning

“Dude, are you crazy? Pick up those weights, what if Moonhill sees you?” One of Ren’s newly found friends hissed at him, nervously glancing over at the school gym’s door. Any minute now their drill sergeant of a teacher might return, and that’d just spell trouble for them all, especially for the Spanish boy standing in front of one of the wall-covering mirrors fixing his hair instead of working out like they were supposed to.

“Yeah, come on, we don’t wanna hear all that yelling either man, just pick up those weights!” Another boy piped up from the middle of his bench pressing regime, but Ren just shrugged, an amused smile on his face. Without turning around the Spaniard let out a chuckle, continuing to poke at his hair like there had been no interruption at all.

“Don’t worry guys, I’ve got a real simple backup plan,” he assured the two, finally tearing his gaze away from the mirror and plopping to sit down on the floor. He gave a longing look at the equipment storage some distance away and sighed. Too bad it was locked. If only their teacher would’ve left it open, he would've had no problem finding things to do. But as things were, he was bored out of his mind. One would think that for someone as social and hyperactive as him, PE would’ve been his favorite class by far. Running around in loose clothing, all hung up on adrenaline, competing and most importantly – winning all day? Awesome. Or so he had thought when he had checked his schedule for the day this morning. Turned out Mr. Moonhill’s PE classes were all about warm ups. Exercise. Bench presses ‘till you dropped. Boring shit Ren wasn’t going to participate in.

He shook his head, starting to think that maybe switching schools was a bad idea. Everyone in a high class school like this was just so damn stiff.

“Fuck!” One of the earlier two students suddenly gasped, his eyes now wide as all hell. “Dude, you might want to put that plan into motion right about now, ‘cause-“

“Renato!” A voice so loud it could have easily carried across a football field – a full one, with all the cheering and shit from the fans in the bleachers included – with relative ease. Or so Ren believed, anyway. His classmates were giving him vary stares, but he just shrugged and raised his hand into a salute.

“Sir!” He spoke with mock seriousness before he let his face fall into a grin. The teacher, a man closer to seven feet than six, walked right in front of him and crossed his arms across his chest. His icy stare was fixed down on Ren, who just stared right back up with a smile. “Somethin’ you want?”

“What I want, young man, is for you to pick up those weights and start working out like the rest of the class. You aren’t special, and I will not treat you as such. Now move it.” The man said, his arms still crossed and his voice strict, but not vile. Too bad. Ren would’ve loved to get into a small fight. At least that would’ve given him something to do.

“Nah, don’t wanna, shit’s boring. It’s no fun to work out if there aren’t any chicks watching,” he informed the man with a shrug. “But thanks anyway.”

“You seem to have misunderstood the purpose of our school,” Moonhill rumbled, “We are not here to have fun, we are here to learn.”

“Correction!” Ren replied in a singy-sangy voice as he finally stood up, half a head shorter than the man in front of him. “You are here to learn, I’m here to have fun.”

The teacher’s eyes flashed.

“You will go pick up those weights and start exercising like the rest of us.”

“I don’t have to.”

“And why would that be?”

“’Cause-,“ Ren began, raising a finger just as the school bell rang. “The class’s over. Better luck next time, yeah?”

And with that, in the very short instant Moonhill turned to curse at the clock, Ren slipped past him and escaped into the locker room, his laugh echoing from the empty walls.

Locker room

That was your backup plan?” One of the guys questioned in disbelief, shaking his head as he opened his locker. “The bell ringing?”

“Hey, it worked, didn’t it?” Ren mused as he stepped into the room from the showering area, drying himself as he walked up to his respective locker. “’Sides, I told ya it was simple.”

“Geez, you’re playing with your life, bro,” another boy commented jokingly, and Ren just grinned in return.

Having dried himself sufficiently enough he started to put some clothes on, only for something foreign in his locker to catch his attention midway through. There was a small, silverish chip laying on one of the shelves where it definitely hadn’t been an hour ago. Had someone rummaged 'round his locker? Nothing seemed to be missing though. Not that… he really would have had anything worth stealing in there.

“Hey guys, this some sorta prank?” Ren called out with a laugh to the rest of his class, turning around and waving the chip in front of the suspects. Everyone just blinked at the tiny object, none of them willing to confess. Naturally. He would’ve been very disappointed if someone did spill the beans just like that.

“We have a little more class than that!” One guy called as he slid into his shoes. “If it were me, I would’ve stuffed a frog in there.”

“Yeah, real classy,” another guy groaned, and while the two went on to argue over the matter, Ren realized his phone was missing. Odd. Had he left it back at the house? That would’ve been a first, how in the world was he gonna live through his History class now? Ugh. Maybe he’d just doodle in the book or something. Or just skip class, sounded easier to do. But whatever, that was then, now was now, and right now he wanted to find out what this suspicious SIM-card held.

“Hey, guys, someone throw me a cell. I wanna see what’s in this little fucker!” He called out, but only received varying degrees of ‘nope’ in return. Oh come on. Then he’d have to get one through force.

And, as if on cue, he heard the sound of a received text message from the corner of the room. Turning, he saw Martin sitting there, hiding behind his phone like always. He was one of the unpopular nerds plaguing the school, always staying away from all the fun and complaining about noise and ****. He was so stereotypical too, with those ridiculous glasses and scrawny arms. It was like he didn’t even try.

“Yo, Marts!” Ren shouted over at the kid, startling the poor thing half to death. Without a second’s delay, the Spaniard waltzed up to the boy, ignoring his attempts to inch away from his arm when he wrapped it around his victim and brought himself sitting right next to him. “Whatcha readin’ there? A text? Like someone’d text you, come on. Lemme see-“

With that Ren pried the cell from the boy’s hands, holding it high up past the kid’s short reach and started to read out loud.

"'Howre u been, just got back from-'" He paused. "Ohh, well isn't this interesting~ 'got back from-'"

“N-no, don’t do that!” The boy gasped, desperately trying to pull Ren’s arm closer so he could reach the device, but in vain. Ren grinned.

“Oh, you want me to shaddap, do ya? Well alright, I will, since we’re such good buddies and all,” Ren mused as he stood up from the floor and dusted himself off, cell still in hand. Martin looked confused, but as the taller boy spoke again, he realized what he had in mind. “But you know, since we are buddies, I need to borrow your cell for a bit, ‘kay? I’ll bring it right back unharmed, promise. That’s okay with you right, bud?

Not daring to do otherwise, the boy nodded his head slightly.

“Great!” Ren cheered and spun around on his heels, facing the rest of the class who were following his actions curiously as he took out the old SIM-card and threw it over at its owner. With the SIM-slot empty, he brought the chip close and was just about to press it in place when he suddenly stopped. “Actually… Imma do this in private. Who knows what I’ll find inside!”

Accompanied by a chorus of disappointed shouts, Ren waltzed into the toilet, locked the door and sat on the toilet seat. Without wasting another second he poked the SIM-card in, closed the back and turned the device around. Man, this phone was expensive. ‘Course, his was even more expensive, he was probably more loaded than any of these assholes her-

Ren’s thoughts were completely cut off as the screen suddenly lit up, but instead of the usual screen asking your pincode, what flashed up were numbers, ones and zeros that swirled past the screen so fast it hurt his eyes. And slowly, he could have sworn the numbers took the form of an egg, one that grew ever bigger and came ever closer, almost seeming like it’d bust right through the screen.

“The hell is th-woah!” Ren exclaimed and reflexively threw the device on the ground as he felt a small surge of electricity hit his hand. What the hell was up with that? Had someone done this on purpose? ‘Cause if someone had actually meant to hurt him, he might just have to drown someone in the toilet he was sitting on. And he wasn’t even kidding. Nobody made fun of him like that. Wasn’t like it’d be the first time someone was sent into the hospital because of him anyway. Just, this time, it'd the morgue instead. No biggie.

Ren stood up, shaking his hand and trying to flex his fingers. Damn, it felt numb. The cell had broken into pieces on the floor upon impact, at which he just shrugged.

“Guess the more expensive stuff ain’t always the best, too bad,” he mumbled to himself, just about to open the door and walk out when suddenly, he heard a cracking sound, like someone had just broken an egg against their kitchen table’s corner. Confused, he turned to look down at the remains of the phone, only to see a pink, slimy creature laying there, its tiny beak sniffing the air and its small, black eyes looking up at him with curiosity.

Ren blinked.

“Holy shit, man, I’m seein’ things. And I’ve been sober the whole day, too,” he mumbled as he bent closer to the thing, only for it to… well, jump against his bare chest and hold on for dear life.

“I found youuu!” It exclaimed happily, rubbing its slimey cheek against his chest. Ick.

“Eww, gross, just after I took a shower too,” Ren complained, trying to pry the thing off, but with no luck. “No wait, more like, why’s my hallucination able to touch me anyways? Couldn’t I have hallucinated a hot chick or something? Hey, creature-!”

“I’m not a creature, I’m your Digimon! My name is Itzamna, I’m a Pururumon and we’re supposed to save the Digital world together!” The thing said, buffing up its cheeks. Ren nodded very slowly. This all felt so bizarre.

“…Right. I’m Ren, the what-the-hell-is-this-shit-mon. Now scra-“

“Dude, everything alright in there? You talkin’ to someone?” Someone called from behind the door, and it was then that Ren realized most of his class was probably out there, waiting to hear news on the strange SIM-card. Well, yeah, fuck, he was screwed. They’d think him a loony if he told them he was taking to a pink slimebird harassing his chest.

Itzamna blinked curiously at the voices, turning to Ren and tilting its… head. If it had one. “Are those your frien-“it began, but a hand to the face silenced it pretty effectively.

“Hey, turn down the volume, ‘kay?” Ren hissed, “I don’t want them hearing me talking to someone like you. No offense.”

“Aww, but I wanted to meet them… “ Itzamna pouted, but quickly regained its happy expression. “Well, I guess it’s okay, we have other people to meet now anyways.”

“Other people, you say? Right. Are they pink too? Where do we meet ‘em?” Truth be told, Ren was starting to find this bizarre situation kind of… fun in all its ridiculousness. He had wanted something a little outta the norm, and this, if anything, definitely wasn’t normal. He had no idea what the hell was going on or what the creature was, but he figured he might as well play along ‘till he got bored.

“No, they are humans like you and um… near a pond, behind the school!”

“’Kay, look, Thing-“


“Fine, Izzy, look, I’ll play along with you, okay?” He whispered, having given up on trying to pry the thing off his chest already. For a slime, it had the grip of a gorilla. “But on one condition, a’ight? You gotta stay hidden. You find a way to hide so that those guys back there don’t see you, and I’ll take us to that pond of yours and save your world and whatever. Deal?”

Itzamna looked overjoyed, and quickly nodded its head, extending a tiny arm. “Deal!”

Ren shook hands and stood up straight, glancing at the door and then back at the slime. “So… you got ‘em ideas on how to get you past those guys?”

“Yeah!” The Purumon nodded, determined. “Put me down your pants.”

“…Yeah, blowing off this deal right now.”


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Jackson Hart
Some Junior Maths Class (I don't know the British Education System and I'm not gonna look it up)
The Royal Academy of Higher Learning

Jackson finished up his notes on what the teacher was saying. He knew that if anyone else was to look at the notes they would only get half of the needed information, but he could fill in the blanks when he studied. He looked at the clock placed above the board in the front of the room. Only about two minutes until class ended.

"OK class," the teacher said. She looked at the clock as well. "It seems we have only a minute left, so get ready to go. The students got their stuff together and the bell rang as they finished up, well most of them some were still working on it. Jackson hurried out of the classroom and back to his room, he had something important to do.

Jackson's Room.

Jackson entered the room and sat down at a desk (OOC: I'm guessing it's a two-person room and probably has a desk for homework and whatnot.), taking out his laptop. He turned it and opened up a webchat program. He waited for it to open, and waited a few more minutes.

"Maldito," he swore to himself. He learned the word from a friend of his who spent a couple of years in Spain and used it as a way of cussing around teachers. He restarted the program, and it worked this time. The face of a middle-aged woman appeared on the screen. "Hey mom," Jackson greeted.

"Hey Jackie," she said back. THe picture was a bit choppy and slow, stupid slow connection.

"Happy birthday, mom. I sent a card the other day, did you get it yet?"

"Not yet. How's school? Have you made friends yet? And how are your grades?"

"School's fine mom, and I've made friends. I'm doing pretty good too. How is dad?"

"He's doing gr-" the picture flashed and then went black and a pop-up appeared.

Error: Lost connection. Jackson swore to himself and closed the laptop. He started to turn around when he saw something sitting next to his laptop. A red sim card with blue on the edges. His roommate must have left it laying around, but why he would have a Sim Card and why Jackson didn't notice it before both bugged him. Until Jackson decided not to worry and tried to test out the Sim Card. He took out hsi cell phone and replaced the sim card with teh new one. A red light came out of the phone and a large red egg appeared on his bed. Jackson was surprised, to say the least, but he was also curious. He approached the egg and put a hand on it. The egg cracked open.

A small red blob sat in it.

"What are you?" Jackson asked.

"I'm a Digimon, Digital Monster. I came from the Digital World for you. I'm a Punimon, and my name is Lex, nice to meet you." Jackson sat down in the chair at the desk.

"Digimon, Digital World? I've read some pretty crazy things, but this is just unbelievable."

"So you mean you can't trust me?" Lex put on some rather impressive sad eyes that made Jackson regret his words.

"No, I believe you, it's just so weird. I'm Jackson, by the way. Nice to meet you, too." He managed to stand back up and pulled out hsi cell phone to see that it had changed into some weird new thing. after meeting lex, it didn't surprise him. But it did make him a bit angry, he had to pay for that phone himself! "So, uh, what should we do now? Want some soda?"

"Sure, but later. Right nwo we have to get to the lake to meet the others."

"Others? You mean there are more of you?"

"Not exactly, there are a lot of species of Digimon. But yes, there are other Digimon here, and they have also chosen human partners from the students. Come on, the lake is behind your school. I'll hide in your backpack." Lex climbed into Jackson's backpack and he shouldered it. He left a note to his roommate that he would be gone for a while, he promised the other boy he'd help him with some math homework and thought it would be rude to not tell him he went somewhere. And then he left to find the pond.


After a few minutes of searching and walking, he found the pond. When he arrived, he noticed there were other students and they all had different Digimon, but they were all reather small like Lex. "Hey everyone,' he said.


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Patricia Knightley
The Hallways

"-and I was like 'NO', and she was like, 'YES', and I was like 'OH NO YOU DIDN'T', and she was like 'OH YEAH I DID', and then we started brawling on the floor of Mr. Reynolds' classroom. In the middle of Geometry Class!" Patricia spoke into her cell, all the while looking for someone who had similarities to her... someone like... her mother.

"Wow! You've been there for... what, three days? And you've already made a name for yourself! I can see it now: Patricia Knightley, Brawl Girl! She'll brawl with you even during class!" the female voice on the other line said, laughing afterwards.

"Yeah. That's nice and all Cindy, but I don't think detention on my first week is worth it." she sighed. She had been hopelessly wandering around the school for about half an hour now, looking for her room, while looking for her lost mother. God, this place is so confusing! Like those temples in that videogame I used to play. She thought.

"Oh lighten up, Patz! You're in the best school in Europe! Me? I'm stuck with my idiotic boy. Cindy complained.

A male voice was then heard over the phone. "Oy! I take offense!"

"We don't care, Greg." Both Cindy and Patricia replied, laughing after they realized they said it at the same time.

Patricia's cell started beeping. It was probably low on battery. "Sorry girl, I gotta hang up. I'm low on battery. Ciao!"

"Ciao." Cindy hung up.

Finally, she found her room and went inside.

Patricia's Room

Patricia looked for her charger, while taking out the back of the cellphone. For some reason, there was an error while manufacturing this specific cellphone, putting the USB port behind the SIM card, meaning she had to take out both the battery and the SIM card to charge it. It worked fine anyway, though. How it worked, however, was a complete mystery.

After she started charging the cell, she looked around her room. The entire room was painted black on the left side and hot pink on the right side. Obviously, the right side was where Patricia's stuff were. Pastel Pink Posters decorated the wall, nearly covering one of her walls. Hundereds of little figurines that symbolized the characters from various fairy-tales were on the desk, the closet door, the bed... It was like an eight-year-old's room.

Knowing that her phone charged a bit quickly than other phones, she disconnected it from the charger, sliding in a pink SIM card and the battery and putting the back on. She then turned it on.

That's when she remembered her SIM card wasn't pink.

She turned to the desk, seeing the red SIM card there. If that was there...

... what did she just put in her cell?

As if answering her question, the screen flashed multiple 1s and 0s, similary to a binary code. She put the phone close to her ear, so that she could see if there was any sound.

The result was her head getting shocked, making her hair stand.

A binary code suddenly came out of the screen, slowly gaining the form of an egg. Once the form was gained, the egg landed gently on her bed.

Then it started to hatch.

Out came an adorable blue fitoplancton... thing, that gazed at Patricia with it's bright red eyes.

"Wh... Wha..." was the only thing she could say at the weirdness of the situation.

"Now, calm down." It said. "I know this is probably a shock to you, but if you give me the time to explain, I'll-"

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO MY PHONE?!" she yelled- scratch that, ROARED in anger, as she showed the fitoplancton thing the white device with the Hot Pink grip and buttons and black lining.

The little creature was taken aback. "I-if you could let me-" the sentece, just like the last one, would go unfinished.

"BRING. ME. BACK. MY. PHONE." she looked like she was about to strangle someone.

Moral of the story: Don't turn a teenage girl's phone into a strange device.

After waiting a few minutes to calm down, Patricia finally took a good look at the little creature.

After a few more minutes of her nearly squeezing the poor thing to death, the creature finally explained itself.

"My name is Wally. I'm a Digimon." he smiled. "My current species is called a Pichimon. I have come from the Digital World to find you, Patricia."

"Eh? You know my name?" Patricia asked, suprised.

"I'll tell you how later. Right now, I need you to take me to the pond." Wally said. "The others are waiting."

Patricia decided not to ask about the others and simply stood up. "Alright, if you say so. Man, this feels like I'm in a real fairy-tale!" She had a gleam in her eyes as she opened the door.

"WAIT!" Patricia closed the door again. "What now?" she asked.

"It's probably best if you hid me. Who knows the cataclysm the world would receive if anyone but those entrusted with Digimon discovered us." Wally, er, jumped torwards Patricia, who proceeded to scoop him up.

"Well what better way then to hide you in plain sight? I could always just say that you're a plushie." she noted, opening the door and leaving the room. "Just stay quiet and still."

And they were off.

Monster Guy

Fairy type Trainer
Lilly Silverstone
Literature class

Literature had always been her favorite class. Unfortunately, not everyone else in the class seemed to enjoy it as much as she did. While the teacher lectured on about the works of Shakespeare, it was clear Lilly was the only one listening. Most of them were hiding their cell phones, texting away behind the man's back, their fancy iPhones hidden underneath a textbook. They probably thought they were being so clever about it too. She rolled her eyes. Did people really need to be in constant communication all the time, that they couldn't shut up and listen to a lecture? Were there brains going to explode if they were alone for more than five seconds?

Eventually, the bell rang signaling the end of class. As the students hurriedly put their stuff away and prepared to leave that room in a hurry, the teacher had one last thing to say.

"Class, please remember to read "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by Monday, you'll be quized on it."

The entire class groaned.

"Great!" Lilly cheered, and the rest of the class gave her dirty looks. She just rolled her eyes again. What is it with people and tests? It isn't really that hard if you just do what your supposed to. Of course, Lilly had read that story many times, and knew it like the back of her hand by now, so her weekend plans weren't disrupted at all.


Lilly's room

After navigating her way through the noisy and crowded halls of The Royal Academy for Higher Learning, she pulled a book out of her bag, threw the bag on the floor, plopped onto her bed, and opened the book. "Ah, some peace and quiet."

Of course, the quiet wouldn't last very long, her not smart in the slightest phone which was sitting on her desk started to ring. This was why she hated phones, they were so annoying and disruptive. The only reason she got this one was because her mother insisted on it so they could contact her, but, that's what E-mail was for. What could you possibly have to say that is so important that you just have to interupt my time to tell me it? She was certain that was not a family member on the other end, they never call at this time. So, she angrily got up, pressed a button, then hung up without looking at who was calling, or talking to the person on the other end. Then something strange happened.

The screen on the phone started filling up with binary code, the code suddenly came out of the screen, and appeared on her bed, slowly gaining the form of an egg. Then the egg started to hatch. And out came some sort of creature covered with long hair.

"Ok, what is that?!" She then noticed that the device in her hands was no longer a cell phone. It was now an unfamiliar red device with green grip and buttons. She wasn't particularly upset about the loss of her phone. It was a cheap cell phone, far more primitive than the fancy smartphones everyone seems to have. She barely talked on it anyway. There were words on the screen.

Lillian, this is your partner Digimon. Aster. Please go to the pond at your school for more details.

"Oh sure, I'm going to do what some weird device that used to be my cell phone tells me to do. Even though it could very well lead to trouble. What's the worse that could happen?" Her words were laced with sarcasm. She then chucked the device into the trashcan. At this, the small creature on her bed let out a loud cry.


Lilly had to put her fingers in her ears to keep her eardrums from shattering. She then fished the device out of the trash can, and the thing shut up. "Ugh, looks like I'll have to get rid of you." She picked it up. The creature looked at her with innocent eyes. Lilly simply threw it into her bag, and went off to the pond.
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Travis let out a Small shiver as Victor slid out of his shirt. Travis then looked over to see a group of teenagers, all around the same age of him walking over to the pond, some had their Digimon walking all out and about, some had their Digimon hidden down their shirts.

"Looks like we got company..." Travis said to Victor "These the other heroes?"

"I dunno..." Victor replied in a half asleep tone, complete with a yawn.

"Ah, great, so these could possibly be people trying to kill us?"

"Maybe, but they look like fun." The Poyomon said as it floated over to the group. "Heeeeeyyy everybody..." He happily said to the group.

"Victor, not wanting to ruin you social life..." Travis said to the grey floating thing "But why the hell are you here? Or any of these Digithings?"

Victor turned around to look at Travis, his face looked slightly annoyed. "A evil dark guy took over our world, and now want's to destroy your world. There you go." Victor huffed as he turned around back to the group. "Yay, were all here now and we can have fun!!!"

"DIDNT YOU JUST SAY SOMEONE WAS GOING TO DESTROY OUR WORLD?!" Travis shouted at Victor, how could something be in a happy mood at this time.

"Silly Travis, we're going to be fine!" Victor said in a happy mood.

"And how do you know that?"

"BECAUSE WERE HEROES!" Victor said as he tried to pose heroically, well as much as a jelly fish could.

"This is just great..." Travis said as he went and sat on a rock by the pond, taking out the weird device from a pocket.

"So what is this suppose to do?" Travis asked looking at the device.

"MAGIC! Press a button, and I'll show you!"

"Okay..." Travis said as he pressed a button on the device and watched as a white light shoned on Victor.

"Poyomon, digivolve toooooooo." The grey jelly fish said as it began to turn around in a circle, small ears popping out of the top of it's head, and a tail sprouting out. "NYAROMON!"

"Holy crapbaskets, what happened?" Travis asked his now cat like partner.

"MAGIC!" Victor said victoriously.
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