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Digimon: The Tributes. (Rated PG-15)

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by CptDrDigi, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    Digimon: The Tributes. SU Page(Rated PG-15)

    (Just before anyone asks, no this isn't in the same Continuity as my other Digimon RP Y2KV.)


    Ten years ago, our natural search for knowledge and our extreme curiosity, led us humans into pressing and probing against a border, a border we knew nothing about, a border between the Human World, and the Digital World, and thus this line between the worlds began to blur and dissipate.

    Fanglongmon, the god and lord protector of the Digital world, had decided it was time to cut off all relations with the Human world, and to do this he decided to call upon the help of a human. Out of all mankind, Fanglongmon picked an orphaned boy, a boy that had great potential for good.

    Fanglongmon took the boy to the Digital World, and gave him the knowledge in order to program a new strengthened border from the Human world. The boy successfully completed his given task, and as a reward, he got to stay in the Digital World to prevent any other humans from entering the world.

    Time passed, and the boy grew up to be a fine young man, but he has changed. He grew a deep hatred for humans, and for all those years on the streets, all those beating he would get from drunken idiots, from what he had witnessed most humans do, and how they sin.

    A secret plan was made behind the back of Fanglongmon, a plan to get revenge on The Humans, and their world. He began implanting dark thoughts of humans into the minds of The Digimon, and building an army of dark Digimon, using the old Dark Towers, which had been left hundreds of years ago, to brainwash any Digimon that wouldn't follow his lead.

    However it was not long until Fanglongmon found out about this, and war broke out. But it was all in vain as the boy was able to absorb Fanglongmon's Digicore, destroying the God of the Digital World.

    With Fanglongmon's Digicore, the boy, who was called '01', was more powerful then ever before he then began attacking the only digimon that could possibly attack him, The Sovereigns. With their Cores, '01' rule would be unchallenged.

    However, before they were destroyed, The Sovereigns sent out their data to the Human World, so that maybe, there would be heroes to represent them, and fight for the future of both worlds. And they have found their heroes in London, England, and to be more exact, The Royal Academy for Higher Learning, a school where all our heroes happen to be studying at.

    And one day, they discover strange shards with unknown symbols on them, and soon they shall encounter their partners, and go on an adventure of a life time.


    -All SPPF RPG Rules apply. If you haven't read them, please do.
    -All posts should include your character's name, Digimon's name, and current level.
    -If you join, please stay active, don't just go away. Stay and Play.
    -Please be nice to other players, it's okay to have fights in character, but please refrain out of character.
    -No Gary Stu/Mary Sues. No bunnying, you know the basics.
    -No duplicates of other people's Digimon.
    -This RP is rated PG-15, so if you don't like blood, gore, violence, and potential sexual innuendos, this RP may not be for you.
    -Please wait for my go ahead to Digivolve to certain levels, after I have though, you may Digivolve to that level as much as you want.
    -If you have any questions please send me a message either via pm/VM, and I will try my best to help you understand.


    Tributes are what I'm calling the Digidestined in this RP, there are two Tributes to each Sovereign. And those Tributes can only use Digimon that have their Sovereign's family. Here is how it breaks down.
    Azulongmon: Virus Busters and Dragon's Roar.
    Baihumon: Metal Empire and Nature's Spirit.
    Ebonwumon: Deep Savers and Jungle Troopers.
    Zhuquimon: Nightmare Soldiers and Wind Guardians.

    (EDIT: To allow so more ease to selecting Digimon, as long as the Mega Forme has a family of the Tribute it is fine.)

    Sign-Up Sheet

    Name: (obvious)
    Gender: (obvious)
    Age: (12-18)
    Appearance: (Self explanatory, at least two paragraphs please.)
    Personality: (Again, at least two paragraphs please..)
    History: (Basically your life story two paragraphs please.)
    Colour of Digivice: (Can be any colour. Our Digivice will look like this http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg244/AngelGatomon/getdigivicephp.png)

    Species: (The level you'll spend most your time in. No Ultimates or Megas please)
    Name: (Is not needed, but is definitely useful)
    Gender: (Obvious)
    Personality: (A paragraphs please)
    Digivolution line: ( From Fresh to Mega please. I also suggest to visit here for help http://www.dma.wtw-x.net/)
    Differences: (This is were you put what makes them look different from other Digimon of the same species.)

    Accepted Characters

    Azulongmon's Tributes.
    Riku Vincent and Dre the Dracomon - Charizard_Man
    Mila Amira and Kudamon - Requiem's Eclipse
    Terra Saunders and Rafe the Dorumon- Aura of Twilight

    Baihumon's Tributes.
    Travis Jones and Victor Urse the Bearmon- Digipoke1
    Jackson Hart and Lex the Elecmon - CuriousHeartless
    Tyler Pheonix and Alpha the Flamedramon - Krazy95

    Ebonwumon's Tributes.
    Lillian "Lilly" Silverstone and Aster the Palmon - Mon1010
    Patrcia Knightley and Wally the Penguinmon - GalladeOfSpades

    Zhuquimon's Tributes.
    Renato “Ren” Vargas Rivera and Itzamna “Izzy” the Hawkmon - GoldenHouou
    Drake Columbus and Goblu the Gobinmon - CyberBlastoise
    Andrzej "Annie" Grzymułtowski and Leanan "Lea" Sidhe the Witchmon - Niihyl

    Closing word.
    Yeah, I hope you all enjoyed reading this OP , I know I enjoyed typing up so if you are all interested. I'd recommend joining this RP. I also wanna Thank JunPearl for giving me permission to remake one of her old RPs.​
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2012
  2. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    May I reserve? I won't be able to finish until Friday evening, since I'm leaving. But this seems interesting!

    I would like to reserve for one of Azulongmon's tributes, I have a very....INTERESTING choice for my partner.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012
  3. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!

    I'd like to reserve a Azulongmon line please.
  4. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Hi, it's me again!

    Reserving Ebonwumon's tribute

    Does the Digimon have to be both Deep Saver and Jungle Trooper, or just one of them?
  5. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    As long as the Digimon has one of those families it is fine.

    Take for example my planned line. Poyomon - Nyaromon - Bearmon - Dobermon - Tankdramon - MachineDramon. That is perfectly okay as every level has at least one of the Tribute's Family.

    Hmm, but you do bring up a point, and as most Fresh Digimon arn't in Families, as long as the Fresh Digimon digivolves into a digimon that is in the Family, you can do that. And it will be completely legal and fine.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2012
  6. Zekshirom

    Zekshirom Herp a derpy gurl

    SPOLIER! My partner is ----mon, which has both of the qualities for Azulongmon's Tribute.

    What? I didn't say anything! Nothing about my partner, nope!

    But seriously, I can't work on my SU til Friday evening like I said.
  7. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Could I get a reserve for the Azulongmon Tribute please? I haven't watched or played anything involving Digimon for awhile, but this looks intresting.
  8. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    I'm sorry both Azulongmon Tribute slot are reserved, you could however reserve another spot.
  9. Cyber Robert

    Cyber Robert Shockingly Lovely

    I'd like to reserve a spot for Zhuquimon plz.
  10. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Sorry about that. Could I get a reserve for the Zhuquimon Tribute instead?
  11. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Could I get a reserve for Ebonwumon?
  12. TylerPhoenix

    TylerPhoenix I'm glad to be back!


    Name: Tyler Phoenix

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Tyler is a tall sixteen-year-old boy, standing at 5'07”, and weighing a mere 47kg, making him borderline underweight. However, Tyler is obviously healthy enough, as his skin, despite being very pale, shines in the sunlight and is brimming with life. His red irised eyes shine brightly in the sun with a clear happiness in them, and his grin shows his health and contentedness.

    Tyler has a mop of dark red hair that flies everywhere in a spiky mess, and hangs over part of his face if he doesn't wear a headband to support it slightly. His nose is small and pointed, and he has a thin jaw. Although not looking strong, he has muscles taking shape, and can still create a lot of pain for any opponent. His shoulders are rather wide, meaning his clothes often look even more baggy than they would on his this body, and his long arms and legs allow for him to be a fast and agile person.

    Tyler wears a black t-shirt with a red and yellow digital pattern across it, and wears shorts which look more like three-quarter lengths. He holds these up with a belt, and clipped onto it is his harmonica, a Swiss Army Knife, and, after obtaining it, his Digivice. He wears red skate trainers, with black patterning, and wears a headband that has a fire pattern across it. He also has a pair of old and battered yellow and black goggles, with blue tinted visors. He also wears a black rucksack, filled with supplies.

    Personality: Tyler is a relatively quiet boy, who spends a majority of his time by himself sketching the many Digimon he has cards of, or playing with a couple of friends, both of which he has known since birth. He is timid and jumpy, and quite fearful, but this is due to being on the receiving end of bullying from the age of seven to ten. He will trust people he knows, but is often wary of strangers and situations he is uncomfortable in often cause him severe distress. This has, however, got better over the past three years and Tyler is now coming out of his shell once more.

    Tyler is a loyal and caring person, who will put people's safety in front of his own, even those who have done him wrong. He sees it that if someone has wronged you, it is not right to commit a wrong to get revenge, although he does sometimes slip up here and there. He is a trustworthy character, but with his quiet nature, people are often left confused by him.

    Tyler is interested in art, writing and playing the harmonica.

    History: Born in Tokyo to an American father and British mother, Tyler grew up looking very different from the classmates around him, and despite picking up some accents, spoke more in the style of his mother and father than those of the local people. It was aged seven that Tyler's mother was involved in an accident at her workplace, and she decided she wanted to move back to England, to her old home of Cambridge. Tyler didn't have many friends at the time, so happily left with his mother and father to explore a new place.

    But when he arrived in London, he didn't expect to be bullied. This went on throughout his primary school education, and it left him very withdrawn and timid. It was aged 12, when he should be starting secondary school, that Tyler's father told him that he was enrolled at The Royal Academy for Higher Learning, and would be spending his time learning there until the age of 18. Tyler was nervous, but knew this would be a good choice. Tyler spent most of his time in his room, sketching, or playing football out on the field with a couple of the other boys. It was in a Physical Education lesson that Tyler was spotted for his talent scout at his school, and was placed straight into the first team as a Striker. Despite this position, Tyler doesn't talk to the team outside of matches, and is still very much a loner. He wants something important to happen that can bring him close to a group at the Academy, and wants it to happen soon...

    Colour of Digivice: Black bodied, with red detailing.


    Species: Flamedramon (Rookie)

    Name: Alpha

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Alpha is a rather hyperactive Flamedramon, eager to get moving, and always on the move, at speed. Much like Tyler, he rather timid and has trouble speaking to new faces. However when it comes to being opposed, he gets himself into trouble by not backing down or getting too aggressive. Tyler often has to force Alpha away to make sure he doesn't get his leg slashed open or get hit by a fireball when he is in a smaller form.

    Alpha is a fast and agile Flamedramon, and make use from this. He will happily move about in a Flame Rocket, and often sprints everywhere, leaping out at Tyler and scaring him. His speed and agility is countered by his lesser strength. But in a way, having less strength for more speed means he can get more hits in, so it balances well.

    He, like Tyler, has an avid interest in Football (Soccer).

    Digivolution Line: Chibomon → Demiveemon → Flamedramon → Raidramon → Cyberdramon → Imperialdramon/Fighter Mode

    Differences: As a Chibomon, Demiveemon and Veemon, Alpha has red skin. As Flamedramon, Alpha is red-skinned, and has black armor where it should be red. As Raidramon, any blue colouring is now red, and the same goes for Imperialdramon and the Fighter Forme. As Cyberdramon, all the colours are a few shades darker.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2012
  13. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    @Everyone but Krazy: Reserved.

    @Krazy95: Accepted. Only one nitpick, you gave him the age of 16, but you refer to him as 13 in his description, please fix that. you ninja, you fixed my nitpick.

    EDIT: @Everyone: You know what? I'm bumping up Tributes to Three per Person, I may bump up again if we get more people interested.

    Name: Travis Jones
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Travis stands at a rather-tall-for-his-age 5'11. His face is still young looking despite the fact that Travis has a few brown hairs growing on his upper lip. His hair is a dark Auburn and is messy-ly put together, and is rather short, not like crew-cut short, but like not-in-his-eyes-short. Speaking of his eyes, they're you know usually sized, not like a Kinkajou big, just, you know normal size. They are also a dark green, though it is hard to see them do to his glasses, which are thin and blue framed. His nose is slightly larger then average I'll admit, but you know, not like huge. He also has a slight gap between his two front teeth. He is also really freckly.

    For clothing, Travis usually wears a black T-shirt that has a simple graphic, the graphic shows two men skydiving and one man falling to his death, there is a small amount of text on it stating, "if at first you don't succeed, Skydiving is not for you." Over this he wears a red canvas jacket. He wears a pair of somewhat loose denim jeans, because, one day Travis would like to have kids biologically. For footwear, Travis wears a pair of red canvas sneakers. He also carries around a black knapsack to carry some small things, you know, like a phone, laptop, some food, some loose change. AND A DIGIVICE!!!


    Travis is quite a knowledgeable guy, he's pretty smart, smart to the point where he is in Eleventh Year already in school. However while this knowledge is good academically, it does cause Travis to get in some trouble. Mostly from pointing out flaws in people's plans and idea, and saying some stuff that can make people angry, but come on, if they say something stupid they should know and be ashamed. Due to this intelligence, Travis is capable of spotting weaknesses in enemy digimon.

    But, even though he is a I'm-smarter-then-you-and-you-know-it-guy, Travis can't really stand pressure. Sure he can takes tests and not worry about it, but when he asked to do something like drive, or babysit, he does slightly freak out meaning he is a terrible leader, unable to pick ways to go, or how to get there. But due to his intelligence he is a very good tactician, and is better made to the right hand man to the leader.


    Travis had a rather, you know normal childhood. Frolicking with sheep, rolling down lush green hills, helping dad take said sheep who could no longer frolic to the abattoir. All the things a young Welsh boy could want. And then, when Travis at the tender age of 10, his parents did the worst thing possible, they moved from the nice happy British Isle, to bloody hot America, to be more exact, the hot plains of Georgia.

    More bad news came a week or so after when Travis and his mum where in a car accident, in said accident Travis and his mum where side swiped by some drunk college frat ******* partier. His mom's face was broken in several places, and five of Travis' ribs were broken, left lung was punctured, the right one was deflated, his kidneys were bashed and his liver lacerated. But at least the drunk Douche was killed.

    After that they stayed in Georgia for about a year, but then Travis' father got a job as a doctor in London, England, much better then Georgia, because it was colder and less Bible-Thumpy. When he arrived, he was sent to The Royal Academy for Higher Learning. He excelled in a few classes of the Boarding school, Biology, Chemistry, you know that sorta stuff. The only class that has showed some... toughness...is Algebra, who the hell knows what that is about?

    Colour of Digivice: A dark grey.

    Sovereign: Baihumon.

    Species: Bearmon
    Name: Victor Ursa
    Gender: Male

    Victor is a really active guy, I mean like a gogogogogogogogogo guy. He is really overactive, though this does however decrease when he Digivolves. He also has a really strong sense of justice, always wanting to do what is best for the world and the group, and will do whatever it takes to do what is best.

    He also isn't the brightest Flashlight in a flashlight factory, Victor doesn't really think about what his actions could do, good or bad, before he does them, you can call this brashness, I like to call it idiocy. He also doesn't have the longest attention span, it usually lasts about, I dunno, a minute before he goes on to something new.

    Digivolution line: Poyomon - Nyaromon - Bearmonmon - Dobermon - Weregarurumon - Darkdramon

    Differences:There are no real differences when Victor is in his Poyomon and Nyaromon formes. However in his Bearmon forme is when the changes are most noticeable, first of all, unlike the usual Bearmon colouring, Victor is a steely grey colour and his hat and belts are a dark navy blue. In his Dobermon forme, the majority of Victor's coat is again a steely grey, his claws and collar are a dark black, and all of a Dobermon's usual brown parts, are now a navy blue. And there are no differences in his Weregarurumon forme. Once he becomes Darkdramon, all his blue parts turn the same grey colour as before, and all his pink and yellow bits turn a dark navy blue.​
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2012
  14. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful


    Name: Mila Amira

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Mila has striking turquoise colored eyes that shimmer like the water in the Mediterranean Sea. They stand out more against her olive skin tone, that always has a sun kissed glow. Mila has a small nose that has alot of freckles dotted along its bridge. The freckles also spread to under her eye area. She has flowing jet black hair that reaches to her shoulder blades. Her hair has loose curls that she NEVER straightens because she believes that the hair she has is the best hair ever. Mila loves wearing make-up even though she really doesn't need to use it. She is rarely ever seen without her eyeliner and mascara on. Mila a rather straight body, without the exception of her breasts which are rather full that are almost disproportionate to her small frame, without looking ridiculous. She stands at about 5'6", which is rather short for her family.

    Mila, who used to live in Greece, then moved to Miami doesn't really know how to deal with cold weather and, as such, only has short shorts and v-neck tees and other assorted summer clothe's with only a few jeans and and hoodies for those rare days that reach below 70. She always wears a rare black opal necklace all the time. She also has a small nose piercing on the right nostril, it's a small stud diamond. Her favorite outfit to wear is a pair of purple short shorts, a light pink wife beater with a white hoodie with a small bird on it's left shoulder. To top it all off, she wears a small messenger bag, which is more of a pouch that holds her make up and phone and other small objects and she wears white flip flops. This was the outfit she was wearing when she was thrust into the digital world.

    Personality: Mila isn't that much of an outgoing person at first. She comes off as a somewhat introverted person. She is suspicious of strangers but, isn't impolite. She has the best manners when meeting someone new but, is scared of starting a conversation so, she waits until someone invites her into the conversation. She finds that butting in is rather rude. She also comes off as rather sensitive but, that's because she has to get used to how a person acts and after getting used to that person, her real self blossoms.

    Once she opens herself up to a person she is a super outgoing person and loves to just fool around and be stupid. She is actually rather empty headed and asks rather obvious questions that can be sometimes really be annoying. This, by no means, means she is a stupid person. She is well-educated but is one of those no common sense people. It's because she doesn't really think unless she has to. So most of the times she sort of does anything by impulse but, only with a person that does the same. When she is alone, she over thinks and gets nervous and sometimes paranoid.

    History: Mila comes from a family of relief workers and doctors. This means she travels the world helping natives from natural disasters. Her Father, Omar Amira, is a Persian doctor that left Iran for College to study in America. Her Mother, Cecilia, is a relief and aide worker for the red cross and is of Russian and Greek Ancestry. The two settled in Greece once their daughter was born. Mila grew up in Crete, an island nation in Greece, however, after a massive hurricane hit the gulf coast of the US, Mila's mom's birthplace, they took off to help the Aid Relief in Miami. Mila never really forgave her parents for the sudden move to the US because she was comfortable in Greece, this is where she became very introverted and quiet.

    She was also....somewhat manipulated to be on the path of a doctor as she was home schooled until her move to the US with a severe focus on the biology of humans and such. Once she was put in the public school system, she was able to experiment with different subjects and found her almost uncanny ability to pick up music. She discovered she had perfect pitch and can, with a little study, name all notes on a piano without an reference note. Her mother surprisingly approved of her decision to be a music teacher. Her father, however, became enraged and immediately dismissed her thoughts and had her taken out of the music class. Mila's resentment for her father grew as the years went on. She became more introverted and felt more distant from her peers at her school....she wanted something big to happen....something that will change her life forever.

    And it indeed did happen, she was sent to boarding school....in, once again, a different country. Omar sent her there because she was becoming very distant and thought that forcing herself to socialize at a boarding school will help her. She was sent the Royal Academy for Higher Learning and was enrolled in strictly medical classes. However, Cecilia added music classes secretly to her schedule. Mila's resentment for her father was at a fever pitch when she learned about this. She fought her hardest to stay in Miami but, was ultimately shipped off to England...where she was not used to the weather at all. Her waiting began once again for something to change her life.

    Small Note: She is quadrilingual. She can speak Greek, Arabic, English and Russian.

    Colour of Digivice: Cream/Off-White color with a hint of Yellow body with gold detailing.

    Sovereign: Azulongmon


    Species: Kudamon

    Name: Calls him Koodie, but Kudamon dismisses the name and introduces himself as the species he is in at the present time.

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Kudamon is very educated, like Mila but, has a lot of common sense. This leads him to being annoyed at Mila's dimwitted questions. He, like Mila, is very polite but, almost to a fault. He is always very formal and comes off as slightly arrogant. It doesn't help that his voice is rather proper like a messenger speaking to an old British King. He hates spontaneity, and likes being on a strict schedule and likes to pre-plan things. Even though Kudamon finds Mila extremely annoying, he will protect her at all costs. He secretly finds her very intriguing.

    One thing that Kudamon despises is evil. Usually he won't battle unless the digimon is doing something morally wrong, or something corrupt. He also refuses to battle unless there is evil to be fought. Kudamon is also likes enforcing justice and doing what is right. He gets annoyed with Mila sometimes who doesn't necessarily do the right thing.

    Digivolution line: Pafumon -> Kyaromon -> Kudamon -> Reppamon ->Chirinmon ->Kentaurosmon

    Differences: Pafumon, Kyaromon and Kudmon all have a rose tint to their fur unlike the pure white coats their species usually has. Reppamon's fur on his body turns pure white and his mask and mane have a rose tint to them. Chirinmon's Gold tail and feathers turn into a deep bronze color while his white fur is a brilliant gold. His green mask and armor turn to a deep red color. Kentaurosmon remains unchanged except that his hair is gold.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2012
  15. Niihyl

    Niihyl Posthuman

    I've always liked digimon. Never managed to sign up for an RP about it though, oddly enough.

    A reserve for Zhuqiaomon tribute, perhaps? Would the digivolution path:

    Zuzumon -> Pagumon -> Impmon -> Witchmon -> Persiamon -> Lilithmon

    check out properly?
  16. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    @Requiem's Eclipse: Mila is Accepted.
    @Niihyl: Yes, that line would work.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2012
  17. Aura Of Twilight

    Aura Of Twilight Forever Clueless

    Name: Terra Saunders
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Appearance: Standing at a rather short height of approximately 5’4, Terra is somewhat of a spectacle. She wears the complete Gothic attire, minus the makeup, with black leggings covering her skinny legs, a black skort that almost reaches her knees, and a black V-neck for her torso with a purple tanktop underneath. A black and purple belt is wrapped around her middle. Her hair is a dark blond that can be easily mistaken as brown, set in a windswept style reaching just past her shoulders. On either side of her head there are two braids set a few inches apart respectively, as well as various strands dyed either purple or pink here and there. A ponytail taking a good portion of her hair rests between her shoulders. Tall, hot pink boots cover her feet. And reaching from elbow to wrist on both arms are black arm warmers.

    Slim hipped and barely weighing 110 pounds, Terra has pale, easily bruised skin and is rather fragile looking, making her seem younger than she actually is, but her body was built to run. Her face happens to be heart shaped, and two cerulean eyes, expressive and wide, study the world curiously behind blond lashes. Despite her appearance, Terra is far from innocent.

    Personality: To put it simply, Terra is one hell of a rebel. She absolutely hates authority and the adults who stand by it, so much so that she often finds herself in trouble because of it. Somehow she still hasn’t gotten arrested yet. Although she’s generally quiet and doesn’t speak much around acquaintances, her actions often do the talking for her and express what she’s feeling. A stare in your direction could either mean she finds you intriguing, or it could mean she doesn’t like you. Generally it’s the latter. When she smiles, that usually will imply she has something tricky planned or is fairly amused. If angry or annoyed her fists will clench, or she’ll flip someone off. Unless one is around her a lot, they generally can’t tell what’s going through her head. Even so she can also be a good form of “entertainment”. Her childish tendencies make her the class clown.

    Quite a daredevil, Terra loves to head right away into action. She’s reckless, competitive, tomboyish, and loves to preform stunts that a normal person would never do. Her motto, thus, is this: If you’re gonna die young, go out with a bang. She’s slightly trash talking as well. Because of her stubbornness she doesn’t accept help a lot. More than once she’ll defend her independence and “honor”. She keeps many people at arm’s length, earning her the title of lone wolf. However, to the few friends she has Terra is loyal and nicer than usual, despite her constant teasing, and would willingly defend those precious to her.

    Underneath this tough exterior is a very insecure and lonely girl. Never quite feeling like she has an actual place in the world, Terra constantly berates herself for being sensitive and making mistakes. She isn’t quite sure what she’s good at, and in spite of having a very high IQ, acts out to vent her feelings. Its rather ironic, considering that she hates being the center of attention.

    History: For most of her childhood Terra lived in North Dakota with her family. Her parents were influential businessmen, well known and respected in the community, successful in their field and wealthy. They were even able to afford buying one of the best houses in town, as well as a few servants to watch their children while they were away at work, which happened to be quite frequently. Terra and her older brother rarely got to see their parents as a result. Raised by a few individuals simply trying to get their paychecks, they grew up practically on their own, or at least Terra did. Her brother on the other hand thrived on the luxuries available, growing spoiled and arrogant as the years passed by. He even began to bully his little sister, and when Terra tried to tell someone, mostly her parents, they didn’t listen. In most of the adults’ eyes, they saw the boy as a role model. She didn’t even feel like she existed at that point.

    That’s when Terra started acting out, almost desperately trying to get some sort of attention, some sort of recognition, from her parents. She started doing poorly in school and got into fights with her peers, causing her to spend many of her days in dentition once everybody else went home. But it wasn’t until she was 12 that Terra finally accomplished her goal. It had just started as any other Saturday when she just…snapped. Her brother had simply been bullying her as usual, and having long ago grown tired of it, she tackled him. In the ensuing fight she managed to break his jaw with a well-aimed punch and was relatively unscathed once the servants broke it up, sporting only a black eye and a few bruises as proof. When her parents heard of this, they decided to send Terra to one of her uncles living in London, England, in hopes that someone could make the girl behave. This of course was in vain. Once enrolled in The Royal Academy for Higher Learning, Terra wanted to make her resentment clear by starting up her old antics once again.

    Color of Digivice: A dark blue with silver lining

    Sovereign: Azulongmon


    Species: Dorumon
    Name: Rafe
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Levelheaded and practical, Rafe often acts more mature than his tamer. Whereas Terra wants to immediately go headlong into battle, he’s more cautious, analytical despite his appearance. Serious and blunt, he’s, as Terra often will call him: “A killjoy who needs to lighten up a little.” As you can imagine their nearly completely opposite personalizes cause them to fight a lot. Still, Rafe respects his tamer and wants her to be happy. He also is very loyal and has a strong sense of justice. He can be a bit lazy or a bit of a snob at times though.
    Hobby wise, Rafe prefers to nap when he gets the chance, so he’s very grouchy when woken up.

    Digivolution line: Dodomon→ Dorimon→ Dorumon→ Dorugamon→ DexDoruGreymon→ ChaosGallantmon

    Differences: When in his first two forms, Rafe looks perfectly normal for his species. After evolving into a Dorumon however, there are noticeable changes in his appearance. His muzzle, paws, and the tip of his tail are black instead of the usual white. These traits carry on to his Dorugamon form, replacing all the white color with black fur all over his body. Rafe looks completely normal in his DexDoruGreymon and ChaosGallantmon forms though.
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  18. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    @Aura of Twilight: Accepted, just as we disscussed in VMs, please change your Sovereign.
  19. Handy?

    Handy? It's that one guy

    I'd like to reserve an Ebonwumon place if that's alright. I think I'll have my sign up complete today anyway, but just in case.

    EDIT: Done

    I'm assuming that the academy doubles as a boarding school. If it doesn't, I can easily make his home a flat rather than the boarding area.

    Name: Cornelius 'CD' Devon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: CD is a reasonably large child, standing at 6' and at the same time being reasonably wide, not quite at the point of fatness ('chubby', he likes to say). His eyes are a piercing brown whilst his hair is blonde, straight and quite short. His facial hair's history is uneventful, only able to reach a slight blonde fuzz which he generally keeps fully shaved. His nose is fairly average, and his eyebrows are vaguley bushy. His teeth are pretty much perfectly sized thanks to his years of brace wearing. He has a scar on his shoulder from a particularly nasty hockey incident, which he generally likes to avoid showing to others due to the embarrassment he feels for it. His shoulders are broad and his arms are reasonably muscled, and in terms of fitness, he's very much a sportsman.

    CD likes to wear clothing that isn't either in fashion or out of fashion, as he dislikes the idea of trends and having to buy new clothes every few months. His favourite outfit generally involves his black leather jacket, a shirt of his favourite band (with the words 'Two Door Cinema Club' in large text), a pair of baggy corduroys (brown in colour) and a brown and red scarf which he wears around his neck during most times of the year, unless it's ridiculously hot, in which case he will strip down to just his shirt. He often has his pair of white goalkeeper's gloves on him for easy access. His jacket has a variety of pockets in which he stores his important valuables, and the rest of his things he generally keeps in his room.

    Personality: Cornelius, known exclusively as CD as he hates his first name, is a dependent person. He is very frank when it comes to being honest with others often to the point where he offends others, which he couldn't care less about. He is a very confident person who constantly puts forwards a bravado in order to make him seem stronger to others. He will often rush into situations that he knows he has no chance of winning in order to make himself look like he's in control. In reality, he is weak in a lot of ways. He is utterly hopeless when it comes to talking to the opposite gender and will often spout out anything that he feels will improve his image. He is also very much in need of friends at all times. He can be reckless and is very arrogant over matters that he deems important. However, if someone else does have a valid suggestion, he will often go along with it and try to highlight that it was in fact a part of is own plan.

    Due to his attempts to gain some sort of image for himself, he has become a person involved in a lot of different groups and matters. He, at school, is a part of the chess club, theatre club (which he spends a lot of time in performing in productions), sports teams (specifically his school football (soccer) team and hockey team, being a goalkeeper of both though he has no real passion for either as well as the swimming team), the debating club (of which he is team leader) and even science club. As such, he is reasonably knowledgeable about a lot of things, though achieves only average grades in his subjects as he spends a lot of time involved in his other commitments. One of his main regrets in life in not learning an instrument or language as of yet. He thrives of being involved with others and is a clear extrovert, hating any time in which he feels weak or alone in life. He is a good student in terms of classes, very careful to be seen as one of the 'cool' crowd but still avoiding detentions. He despises lazy people and works through logic rather than imagination. He feels the need to be constantly doing something and has a ridiculously packed schedule that allows little time for parties or other social activities, though he does find time to read books at night.

    History: CD was born in South England, in the city of Brighton. He grew up there with a loving mother and father, his mother being an author and his father a musician. Both were good at what they did. They were rather eccentric and his name was a reflection of that. Though he inherited his parent's love of their crafts, he could never achieve in either, which drove him to try other activities. From a young age, he never sat still, constantly working on some school project with friends or involved in sporting activities. His parents were never particularly successful at what they did, but they provided enough money to keep the family surviving, though CD rarely got any 'treats' or trips with his parents. Eventually, when he reached his twelfth birthday, his parents revealed that the reason they were always careful with their money was that they were saving to send him to London to get the education that neither of them were ever able to achieve. So, he went to be enrolled in The Royal Academy for Higher Learning.

    He was given his own room in the high school's residential area, and for the first few weeks found it difficult to make any friends. Nobody seemed willing to open up and talk to him, and he didn't want to initiate conversation with someone he knew nothing about. That was until he saw an advertisement for the drama club, which he joined immediately in their production of Bugsy Malone. He built up some friendships immediately, and one of his friends invited him to Chess Club, which he joined as well. He soon found that returning to his room and being alone was the worst part of his day, so he decided to prevent it as much as possible, joining a few sports teams, the debating society and science club. His grades faltered, but he didn't mind, as long as he felt like he had a lot of friends around him and built up a name for himself. He felt slight abandonment in regards to his parents, who started exploring the world in order to build up their arts, but generally believes that it's for the best.

    Colour of Digivice: Different shades of light to dark blue
    Sovereign: Ebonwumon

    Species: Ninjamon
    Name: Isaac
    Gender: Male

    Personality: Isaac suffers from complete blindness, which has entirely shifted the way in which he lives. He is mature beyond his years and very much dislikes messing around or wasting his time. He has a real focus in keeping calm and serene, and will often meditate for hours attempting to prevent his deep rooted anger from coming to fruition. He likes to keep his feet on the ground as it keeps him rooted to reality. His hearing itself is very enhanced, and as Ninjamon, he uses his senses through meditation forms to accurately work out where everything is at any one point. He hates being dependent on others, but knows that it can be necessary. He generally doesn't even consider options other than fighting if a conflict arises, as he feels that showing strength, like his tamer, is the only real way of getting what you want in life.

    Digivolution line: Botamon->Budmon->Mushroomon->Ninjamon->Cherrymon->Eldradimon

    Differences: In his initial two forms, he looks like an average Botamon/Budmon bar his unfocussed, white blind eyes. As Mushroomon, his mushroom covers his eyes as well as his head and as Ninjamon, the piece of cloth below his hat is black and covers his eyes also. Cherrymon has the usual unfocussed blind eyes, and Eldradimon's helmet covers his eyes completely with a painted eye on either side.
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  20. CptDrDigi

    CptDrDigi Chickity China

    @Handy?: CD and Isaac are Accepted. Please let him be an awesome Daredevil Digimon.

    Also just letting everyone know; Reserves will last until Monday. After that, the slots will be reopened.
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