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Digimon Unholy Crusade (Discussion Thread)

Discussion in 'RPG Café' started by storymasterb, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. All this talking about tea and biscuits is making me crave some.

    As for length, methinks it has to do with a lot of subplots running about. xD Nice to know that UC's currently the 2nd longest running rp at the moment, 'specially since I don't usually get in any rps that get this long. A feat, considering how many we are compared to rpers in the longest one one.
  2. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    I'm lucky, I've got tea now. It's basically all I've got to drink besides water right now though...

    If UC is the second longest, what's the longest? And yeah, CW ended up at about fifteen pages, DR came to twenty-four and now we're on page forty of UC. God knows how long DA, AoA (Age of Apocalypse) and RW (Ragnarok War) will be... though AoA is CW/DR universe again. Speaking of which, do you think you might have a try at AoA when it starts, Tundra? I'd be glad to RP with you again, you're probably one of the best RPGers I've had the pleasure to do this with.
  3. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    If I could, I'd like to ask everyone what type of essential essence they think each of their characters represent, either with a certain attack or as a whole overall theme. I'll go first:

    Thor: Order
    Svarog: Godly Fire
    Michael: Holy
    Samael: Unholy

    The reasons for this will be apparent shortly, so for now, please indulge my vagueness.
  4. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Hm... for me:

    Bedivere: Chaos
    Caradoc: Fire
    Guinier: Light


    Bedivere: Black Sword.
    Caradoc: Breath of Wyvern is fire-based.
    Guinier: All of her attacks are essentially laser-based, therefore involve light.
  5. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Perun: A conflux of the ten elements. Alternatively, storms.
    Kheprius: Void (both with his attacks and his character as a whole, sort of.) Darkness could hypothetically work too.
    Pyra: Balance/Draconic power
    Tyr/Tiwaz: More or less the same as Svarog, but since I know what you're going for, these two are incidental.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
  6. I guess I shouldn't have to think too hard on this:

    Azur/Fenrir: Ice - even if he's the ancient of light, most of his abilities rely on ice, and both have a somewhat cold exterior
    Galic: Lunar Wind - Lunar because his highest form basically manipulates planetary class energy, and wind because of his formidable speed, not to mention he has an attack on each level except BM that relates to it

    And it's the one by IshanZ called Pokemon: A New Age.

    As for AoA, that's up for debate, but it's likely. Griff's been "subtly" nudging me to join, and I'm not exactly opposed to the idea. And thanks for the compliment, though the feelings very mutual, I assure you.
  7. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    Ah, right.

    If you do join, I for one would be glad to have you along for the ride. And I'm glad it's mutual, it makes me feel better.

    Let's get this done, people! To the Mikaboshi's defeat, and the imminent tea and biscuits!
  8. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Nah, it's okay TSR. I had a plan, but I will let you kill him off.

    As for element: Kole: I'm going to have to say Darkness, cause I don't know what else he could represent.
  9. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Well, that should take care of Yam Lotan, hopefully that whole scene is actually as cool as I wanted it to be.

    As for the alignments, I think...

    Duo: Darkness I think, or something similar.
    Lucia: Light (I would say something along the lines of Hope or Love, but I'm not sure if those would fit what you're planning).
    Trowa: Chaos (Is there really anything else a pyrotechnic cyborg bug obsessed with blowing stuff up could represent?)
  10. PeeGee

    PeeGee ROAWR!

    Okay, since Kole and Duo represent Darkness, and Lucia and Guinier represent light, and I assume that TSR will have his characters attack together, does that mean that Kole and Guinier will attack together?
  11. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    I was actually hoping to convince Sequel to have Duo and Lucia represent Death and Life.
    Duo is a Reapermon, nuff said.
    Lucia is a Minervamon, based off of the deity Athena, whose birth (and life) began rather oddly (springing from the head of Zeus). Athena was the patron of tactical warfare, not bloodlusted war (as Ares was) and can thus be seen as a sort of protector of life. Tactics are meant to limit your losses.
  12. storymasterb

    storymasterb Knight of RPGs

    It looks like that. This opposites thing is kinda hard to figure, but fortunately Kole and Guinier tag-teaming is fairly simple. I can't help but think we're going to need so major sorting-out on this issue... still, we just need Hotshot to post his three and then we can get to work on pairing the opposites. I think Bedivere and Thor were the only pre-arranged ones because of the swords.
  13. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Actually, I like Kamotz's idea.

    Death and Life would really fit them I think.
  14. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Sequel: I think we need to find something else for Trowa. He might represent more...wildness, but Chaos as a force is still a bit of a stretch.
  15. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    True, true. Maybe we should see how things start to pair up and then I can see about fitting him in somewhere. I just sort of listed them off the top of my head at the time.
  16. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Well here's our list so far:
    And here are the definite matchups:
    Then here's who's left:
  17. TheSequelReturns

    TheSequelReturns Phantom Thief

    Hmm... I may need to wait for Hotshot's characters...

    But the list is really helpful for sorting this out.
  18. Well, if we're going by pairs, does that mean if I Galic's simply "Lunar" or "Moon", does that mean he would pair up with Svarog? In any case, the only reason I chosen the combination of Moon and Wind was because I became indecisive. >.>
  19. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    Yeah, I'd originally had Svarog only as Godly Fire, b/c I figured he could match up with Sha's Neptunmon's Godly Water. But if Sha decides to stick with his other forms then Svarog-Galic could match up.

    I'm thinking Nocchi=Wood and Gigas=Lightning. Gigas would then be a good match for Pyra. If she's using positronic energy, Gigas's lightning is electronic energy. Boom. Done. Yatzee.

    @Tundra/Griff: Are you guys going to keep Perun around for this?
  20. Griff4815

    Griff4815 No. 1 Grovyle Fan

    Yeah, I think we are. Otherwise we'd have an odd number of Peacemakers on the battlefield, and that would make things difficult, wouldn't it?

    If Svarog goes with Sha and Pyra goes with Gigas, that leaves Caradoc (fire/draconic), Galic (lunar/wind), Trowa (wildness?), and Nocchi (probably wood). ... Galic is fairly plan-oriented; that might help oppose him to Trowa. And fire is a destructive property while wood is sort of a contructive one (trees grow and all that). Might be a stretch, but those are the only connections I can see with the remainders.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2010

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