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Digimon Unholy Crusade (Discussion Thread)

@TSR: Tell me if there's anything ya want me to change or edit.

Anywho, up and posted.


God of Monsters
I'll be posting tomorrow sometime in the evening. I've got class from noon-5, but I'll post a quickie after that.


Knight of RPGs
So, who are we still waiting on? Kamotz, Sequel, Hotshot, and (technically) me all need to post before we can end this once and for all, moving onto the epilogues, and finally the tea and biscuits that must fill our time until DA begins.

It's been great, all of you. It never gets old to just sit and think in my chair when I'm getting close to the end of an RPG, though that's only happened twice before with CW and DR, and remember all the great times I've had to do it. Thanks to you all, for being such great people to RP with, and once this is over, I can only wait until DA for us to bring the Peacemakers together once more!


Phantom Thief
Alright, my post is up.

And I second everything storymasterb said. This RP has been amazing, and its been a pleasure to be a part of it, and I can't wait for DA to begin.


God of Monsters
I'll post for Svarog and just mention that Sha's attacking too. Then Mikey and Sammy go, and It'll finish with Thor and Bedio


God of Monsters
@Griff: Because he is! Watch out!

Anyway, Epilogue's up, I honestly wasn't planning on offing Svarog until after I killed him. We'll see if it sticks this time. And there's a hint of what's to come. Sin and iniquity await!

See you all in Devil's Ascent...

(I'll post a signup once smb's final post is up)
...*getting teary eyed*

I promised myself I won't cry. >.<

I still have to go out within the hour, so I'll try to get my last post up when I get home from classes. I'll have a day's worth of planning to get the right epilogue. At least I hope so. xD


Phantom Thief
Alright, I've got my epilogue up.

The others are so good, I just hope I did it justice.

Anyway, its been awesome guys, and expect a few sign-ups from me in DA here soon. (Although I may have a slight change in roster).


Don't ask questions.
Well, gang, it's been great. Gigas and Sha both say, "Thanks for the memories!"

Nocchi just says, "Nyeh. It was okay."

But, for all three of them, I say, "Thanks for all the time and effort you guys put into this RPG, and thanks to all of you for sticking it through to the end! I think it was an immense success...and I can't wait to start DA!"

...and Codename: BAN-TYO.


God of Monsters
Cool. Everyone has posted. It's all down to you, storymasterb.